Is June the new January? - the Fledgling Flyers are doing their flaming best

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Welcome old and new fledglings to the June Fledgling FLYers thread! smile

Thank you very much to castlelough for leading us expertly through May - I shall try not to be too haphazard with June, although I make no promises wink

If you're overwhelmed by clutter and general household grub then join us as we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system or languish in the naughty corner hoping to do better tomorrow grin

As usual, we will be following the Flylady three-pronged approach:

1. Baby-steps (a daily step to establish routines)
2. Then baby-steps + 15 mins daily decluttering
3. (And once decluttered) babysteps + daily missions and maybe even detailed cleaning in the weekly zones

For more information have a look here, although to avoid a cluttered inbox, we advise not signing up to the Flylady emails. The basic principle is little and often and don't worry about perfection (no chance of that here!).

Don't worry if you are behind; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

All the links for the babysteps and missions will be posted here every day and we'll all be here to cheer each other on and chat our way through the month.

NarkyNamechanger Fri 31-May-13 21:42:30


Hi pmpy ( am I the only person who reads Pumpy when I see that appreciation?) smile

NarkyNamechanger Fri 31-May-13 21:43:09

Damn you autocorrect! Abreviation!

Right then - with mere hours to spare before the first of June here are the links...

We start the month with babystep No 1 shine your sink . For anyone unfamiliar with the Flylady system an explanation of the babysteps is here

As it's the start of the month we're in zone 1, which is the entrance, front porch and dining room.

Every day the steps and missions are all set out in the Flight Plan, which (hopefully) should update automatically.

The habit for the month is drinking water. Personally I'm a bit dubious as to the scientific basis for recommending that people drink 4 pints of water a day, but heigh ho, if it works for you....

Saturday is Family Fun Day, always a favourite!

No missions as it's the weekend so get out and have fun with your families whether you want to or not grin

Hi Narky - that's better than Pimpy, which has been mentioned before!

Castlelough Fri 31-May-13 22:03:52

Thanks * pmpy* !
Loving the thread name btw - of course June is the new January!!! grin
gringrin at 'pumpy' and 'pimpy'!

They don't really get better when you write them next to each other grin blush

Marking spot for tomorrow.

More thanks all round.

MercuryRising Fri 31-May-13 22:41:02

Hi all!

I know I have been awol for months but I need to return to the fledgling fold. My house is definitely suffering with CHAOS and my ironing pile is as tall as me blush

I have been accepted for teacher training and start in September grin but now Im worried how I will manage to keep the house tidy whilst training when I can't even manage it now!

So I really, really hope I can make June the new January and hope this thread and you lovely ladies can help me get organised!

ToffeeWhirl Sat 01-Jun-13 00:10:34

Thanks for thread leading this month, PMPY.

Have already shined my sink today <smug smile>.

Welcome back, Mercury, and well done for being accepted onto teacher training.

MercuryRising Sat 01-Jun-13 00:27:02

Hi Toffee

Im looking forward to catching up with you all.

I can't believe how easy it is to slip back in to bad habits but I will definitely be shining my sink tomorrow!

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 03:12:33

<dances into the thread singing>
<decides to reopen the naughty corner bar for a little party>
Any one else still awake is welcome to join.
Just do not expect much life before lunch.

SilveryMoon Sat 01-Jun-13 04:46:15

<stumbles in half asleep>
Just making place. Thanks pmpy

SilveryMoon Sat 01-Jun-13 08:05:51

Up and make beds done
Get breakfast done
feed cats done
laundry done
clear breakfast
bath and dress
swish and swipe
clean litter trays
rubbish out
bit of ironing (20 items a time)
wrap present for party ds2 is going to
menu plan and write shopping list
online food shop
take ds2 to party
what's for dinner?
pop to tesco for bits needed today
hang washing out
sort dry clothes
non iron away
change bedsheets
glass shelves
windows/mirrors/tv stand etc
washing machine drawer
bleach plugs
hoover cat beds
stray items away
lay out clothes
shine sink
quick clear of car
clean fridge
make next weeks sandwiches for packed lunch
babysit at friends house

Anything that doesn't get done today will roll over to tomorrow. List in no particular order.
Better get a move on. Catch you all later smile

DorisShutt Sat 01-Jun-13 08:13:22

Morning all!

Well, my sink was shiny when I woke this morning as DH returned from GP with a "textbook" case of tonsillitis so he's on drugs to sort it as it's been over a week. (I'm a little concerned as it can be contagious and I now have a sore throat <sigh>) anyway, as a result of the drugs he was comatose on the sofa at 8pm grin so I got the TV to myself and was able to tidy up the kitchen.

Today we're off out to get DS a hair cut, and then the local fair to wander round. I'm also going to try to get up to the local Argos to buy storage boxes for DS room so I can start moving things out of the living room to his room.

Morning, morning lovely fledglings smile

Welcome back mercury smile

Quick to do list for today...

Shine sink
Dye hair
Washing x 2
Fold and put away laundry
Top up shop
Sort DS' clothes
Go to tip
Weed top border
Go to garden centre

NarkyNamechanger Sat 01-Jun-13 08:23:07

Holy cow that's a long list silvery

I'm still in bed watching Friends. Will get up in a minute and write a list. Once DH has gone to work, I really want to crack out the paint and start on the hallway. smile Am I crazy? Yes.

Trazzletoes Sat 01-Jun-13 08:33:41


ComradeJing Sat 01-Jun-13 08:42:11

Marking place. I'm GOING to get stuck in.

Trazzletoes Sat 01-Jun-13 08:42:30

Not expecting to do much flying today but I have finally got my head in a place to do some decluttering. Our hallway looks so much better now (managed to free cycle DH's guitar and accessories which have been sitting there since the Great Storage Evacuation in September...). The only thing left is a set of golf clubs to move to the garage.

We have a little porch as well and that's where all (well a lot of) the post sits. And sits. And sits. I sorted through a huge pile last night while watching Les Mis and so that area looks much better too.

I need to get back on board with the baby steps this month and I have to confess to not usually bothering too much about zones and missions... So what am I doing here? No idea!!!!

I am really excited to be seeing rubbish go out the door and I'm really hoping some of it will rub off on DM who is a hoarder. She keeps trying to cling on to stuff and stop me from throwing it out. I will not be defeated by her hoarding ways!!!

Engelsemama Sat 01-Jun-13 08:49:31

New month, new start! Morning all!

Thanks for leading us in May Castle thanks

Great news on teacher training mercury - well done. Are you doing PGCE or GTP?

You're very right sc - the end of the school year is in sight. Only one month to go and I'll be packing our bags for our trip to NZ grin

Managed to get a fair bit done yesterday. Today is a mix of house, school and me!

Ta da
DS and I up and dressed
Long chat with my best friend in NZ

To do
Put away yesterday's washing
Wash on
Washing up
Shine sink
Take DS over to nursery for and hour or 2 - it's Circus day apparently!
Set of marking while DS is asleep
Spend 15 mins on school emails
Hotspot (dining room table) is driving me nuts. Today is the day!
Work out how to use my fancy new tablet/order cover/case
Get outside - gardening or walk to play park
Sign up for 15k in November and maybe a trail running day next weekend if I can find someone to go with me
Digital decluttering (my inbox and school files need some culling)

Engelsemama Sat 01-Jun-13 08:51:46


Great decluttering trazzles Our hallway is FULL of rubbish - a broken toddler chair, drill, shoes/boots, bags of disorganised school stuff, play mat, shredder, box of toys we got given my BIL, washing basket. It's frightening me to even look at it, but maybe now it's the start a new month it's time to tackle it!

ToffeeWhirl Sat 01-Jun-13 09:09:00

Well done on the decluttering, Trazzle! I am just like you with the post. I hate dealing with it - it's so boring - so it tends to pile up in the kitchen hotspot blush.

Went through my kitchen cupboards yesterday evening and listed what's in there, so I can menu plan accordingly. Have also been reading through threads in the Food section to get some ideas for saving money on food.

We are going to the local farmer's market this morning (hmm, that won't save us money) and then taking DS2 to the hairdressers as his curls are out of control.

Hope you all have a good day.

Castlelough Sat 01-Jun-13 09:53:05

Good morning!
Everyone is very motivated today! smile

To Do

-Ironing (5 items)
-shower, hair, makeup
-pack bag
-abandon DH until Monday evening (am going home grin) : 3 hr drive!
-buy a bday and an engagement card
-celebrate my sister's engagement with her without her noticing that I am not actually drinking any of the champagne myself. .... hmm

Trazzletoes Sat 01-Jun-13 10:03:28

Haha I have been purposefully avoiding the playroom though... Joe is so massively spoilt at the moment. Plus he makes loads of craft at the hospital. I don't know where to start with it all!

GoingGoingGoth Sat 01-Jun-13 10:39:26

<Slopes in late>

Good morning all.

Quiet day for me as heading out to work in an hour, but flat looks tidy and laundry basket is almost empty.

Congratulations Mercury

Good idea Bitchy wine cheers! <fluffs cushions and plonks arse down>

Excellent decluttering Trazzles, agree that craft stuff can pile up, would Jo be happy if you task photos of his work and made a folder of it? Then he would still have something physical but it would take up less space. I can get away with keeping photos of DD's paintings on the iPad, but there's a rocket and a horse spacesuit(!) that is starting to disintegrate and she's still keen on them.

Waves to everyone else.

Trazzletoes Sat 01-Jun-13 11:02:35

I'm the problem, not Joe!!! I think it's because he's sick I really struggle emotionally to get rid of anything to do with him. I guess because there's a real possibility that he's not going to be here filling the house up with his projects for the next 15 years or so.

MercuryRising Sat 01-Jun-13 11:23:04

Good Morning lovely ladies grin

Big wing flaps to castle,trazzle*,*goth*,*pmpy and silvery

Im going to be doing a SCITT course engels, which I think is like the old gtp. Im really really excited but also very nervous about the workload. To be honest I just want to get started now.

Wow silvery your lists are still amazingly long! Im very envious! At the moment I think even if I manage to keep up with the routines it will be a massive improvement as I have done so little for so long blush

It sounds like Joe is doing really well Trazzle. I am really pleased for you all.

Im going to try to get some more sleep as I didn't get in from work until 6 and Im back in tonight but when I get up I plan to:
S and S
Wash load in
Sheets off line
Iron dcs uniforms (that is how rubbish I have become - they have been off for a week and I havent managed this!)
Run the hoover round
Post Office
Visit Dmum
Go to work

I hope everybody enjoys the sunshine bbl.

MercuryRising Sat 01-Jun-13 11:50:03

Trazzle we x posted I was refering to Joe learning to walk with his frame. Having just read your post I feel like a completely insensitive bitch I am really sorry if my careless comment offended you.

NarkyNamechanger Sat 01-Jun-13 11:59:54


Can't get motivated whilst dh is still here. He leaves at about 3.15pm for work so will get going then.

The boys are currently tidying their rooms and putting away laundry and dd is being really well behaved for a change. smile

So a list might help...

Empty dw
And refill it blush not a great start huh?
Put mine, dh and dds laundry away
Make lunch
Dd to pick up toys- she has covered the sitting room
Put up curtain pole (have 3 to do but don't get carried away)
Put up curtains (again three lots but won't hold my breath)

Waves to you all. BBL.

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 12:22:06

There might be fuck all flying going on here today <sits in corner very very quietly>

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 12:22:46

And HQ lied!!! They said that stupid ad was only here until the 31st! It's still sodding here!

CaptChaos Sat 01-Jun-13 12:35:16

May I join in? I used to FLY a while back, and it really helped me to get rid of all the rubbish I seem to clutter the house with.

Having people to cheer on (and hopefully cheer me on) might help. DH and I will be working together on this.

Asheth Sat 01-Jun-13 13:01:22

Can I join? I seriously need to take control of my house! Will try to get the DC to help as well! So today -
Washing - lots of (got back from holiday yesterday)
15 mins decluttering in DS2's room - done!
Clean toilet
2 min hot spot work
Empty and put away things from the holiday, currantly piled up in the hall.
Will be back tomorrow to (hopefully!) tell you I've done it all!

IsSpringSprangedYet Sat 01-Jun-13 13:02:07

Can I join too? I have about three of these threads in my watch list, but taking the plunge this time. I need to get cracking though as the house is a tip. So much stuff everywhere.

To do:
Fold and pack clean washing, new load in
Strip beds and new bedding on
Sweep through hall
Start clearing dining room table (shock at state of dining room table!!)

I have emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, and general clearing away

Best get on then!

GoingGoingGoth Sat 01-Jun-13 13:19:33

Trazzle <hug> sorry didn't think of it like that.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 01-Jun-13 13:24:31

Welcome Newbies <mwah ha ha ha>

Capt like the idea of your DH being involved from the start, mine just went "you're shining the what?" Although he is used to the flat being tidier now.

Asheth if you can face the Flylady site there are missions for Flykids, my DD will occasionally do them, although she does love the 15 minute timer.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 01-Jun-13 13:27:49

IsSpring whoops hit post too soon blush, you've got a great 1st day list.

Sounds like you've got a good idea of the baby steps and routines, just take it steady, as it's easy to overdo it in the first lot of enthusiasm.

Must go do something now.....

Hello. Can I join in too please? I have tried to fly in the past but get side tracked.

We are in midst of having most of the white gloss paintwork redone at the moment as it all yellowed really badly so Dulux are kindly paying to have it done again. So upstairs is a mess as we have even moving in and out of bedrooms as they are being done. So I am decluttering bedrooms as we go. Porch and dining room desperately need attention too though!

So far this morning I have emptied the dishwasher although not yet started to reload.
Done three loads of washing including DSs uniform which I didn't get done during the week
Washed down the shelves in the walk in wardrobe
Put some of my clothes back in wardrobe
Tried on some clothes and sorted into lose half a stone, lose a stone and charity shop piles!
Helped DH dismantle the old bed in preparation for new bed coming on Wednesday.

Still to do today - continue putting clothes away
Hang final load of washing to dry
Hang out dogs towels
Load dishwasher
Wipe down kitchen worktops
Vacuum kitchen/dining area
Remind DH to brush dogs
Put dry washing away
Put DSs sports kit in his bag

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 14:33:47

<hides from the scary list and brews a very large batch of Bitchy's special brew>
<takes a deep breath>

right you horrible lot!!!!!! LISTEN UP VERY CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU are ALL doing this WRONG let me explain the ethos behind this and you NEED TO LISTEN!

The fat fairy designed this system to:
1. Build in little steps that make the stuff that builds up cos it is ignored just done
2. To build up SLOWLY as it takes over 28 days to make a new habit
3. To create days which the focus is on spending time doing fun things with the family

Today is FAMILY FUN DAY that means you don't do long lists. YOU spend the day doing stuff with the family that is FUN. make a model, make mud pies in the garden, whatever. But really if you are not getting this principle then you really do need to go read sink reflections and enter the sodding big tent to read the testimonials and her explanation on this!!!

I know I don't always stick to this but I don't have ds every weekend and chose to do chores so that I can spend the evening during the week doing something with ds. And I do still try to take time out at the weekend to do something fun for me.

This system is not about only doing housework and chores

Get a fucking grip people. There is more to life then house work!!!!!!

<wanders off muttering clutching a very large VAT sized cup of special brew coffee>

elliepac Sat 01-Jun-13 14:43:24

Is it June already. Another month of signing in, another month of abject failure.

And chb, way too much family fun been going on here to fly recentlywinkgrin.

Going to catch up. Might not be back today as am currently debating whether to go to school reunion tonight. My BF from school (the only one I am in rl contact with) is not going but there are some lovely ladies who I have seen on and off since school who I would like to see who are. Can't decide. I know I will go and realise why I haven't kept in touch with these people (because they are twats) but have promised to go and see these ladies. Hmmmmmmm.

Noo! It's June and the Karcher ad is still there!

Hate that ad!!!! angry

Oh and Hi everyone!! Too busy in the local pub having family time for any list from me today! grin <missionary halo has most definitely slipped!>

SilveryMoon Sat 01-Jun-13 15:12:24

Afternoon. Not much done on the list as of yet. Been at a birthday party with ds2 this morning and now dp wants to go to the park which is nice, but God forbid he does anything with them without me. Which means we'll all go to a park and have a really stressful afternoon because he'll be whinning at them which stresses me out so I start shouting. Much better if we do things with them separately, which is quite sad.

Very quickly, before I catch up properly, Trazzles Great job on the decluttering.
Mercury Congrats on the teacher training, fab news
Welcome to this months newbies <waves> grin

NarkyNamechanger Sat 01-Jun-13 15:13:42

Chb we've just had half term- nothing but family fun!

Just marking spot, we've been away with patchy wifi, just got back. I haven't read through this thread, hope to catch up properly tonight.

Unfortunately DS broke his arm yesterday sad. Other than that we had a great week. smile

SilveryMoon Sat 01-Jun-13 15:36:13

Wtf? Did I miss the point of this thread becoming a judgemental bitch-fest?
Isn't the point of this system to find a way to keep on top of the things we want to do to keep our homes the way we want them?????
We don't know the ins and outs of each others situations so I don't think anyone else should judge on what we as individuals aim to achieve.

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 16:03:25

But the whole point is that FLY LADY is supposed to combat perfectionism. That it doesn't actually matter if you have a bad day or not. You don't beat yourself up about having a bad day. you just move on and jump in exactly where you are. You are never behind always moving forwards. That you didn't take 1 day, 1 month or even 1 year to get into the state/situation it is. It won't take that to get out of it.

So many people on this thread are coming on saying I only I haven't done much perhaps not but you HAVE done something. And that is fly.

FLY actually stands for FIRST LOVE YOURSELF and those wishy washy baby steps are actually part of trying to change the ethos from perfectionism at all costs to progress is progress.

FLY is not about a list system to ensure life gets controlled it is about finding a system that enables life to be enjoyed and not a chore. It is supposed to be fun. It is not supposed to take all day. It is a little bit here and a little bit there. It is about understanding that Perfectionism is actually the greatest harm there is to success. Simply because too many people fall into the Perfectionism or nothing frame of mind.

That is what this thread is about. That is why we have a naughty corner bar. Why it doesn't matter if you have done a lot or nothing at all if you want to pop by for a chat. And why this was never an intense flying thread at the beginning. You want perfectionism then perhaps you have the wrong attitude for the thread because even the laws of science state there is no such thing as perfect and it goes against the very nature of existence.

As for a bitch fest. Nah that it is not. But equally sometimes a reality check is needed before we all sink too far into the perfectionism at all costs mind frame. We can all be guilty of it and then give up. Most of us have failed at flying at one point or another for exactly this reason. And we want to stop falling of the fly wagon, so thus need to remember this.

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 16:06:35

Oh and if you don't like swearing then you most definitely on the wrong fucking thread. Cos I can and will swear. I do in real life and ain't changing it for anyone. my username does serve as a warning but perhaps I need to swap back to it's full version for a bit. Just so you fully understand.

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 16:12:25

Tbh we do welcome all and we are very supportive but some of us have been here from the beginning of time the start of the thread 4 or 5 years ago. we have seen posters come and go. we have seen the reasons for falling off the thread/fly lady and generally they are the same reasons again and again and again. The others would probably saying it in a less bull in china shop approach but as harsh as it seems the points I have raised about forgetting fun stuff, and perfectionism are the reasons again and again that people fail. The system has built into an understanding that life gets in the way. Fly lady's motto is "You are never behind, jump in where you are" is evident of this. But it is habit to feel guilty about it, and guilt is heading towards perfectionism. And perfectionism can kill motivation. Really is that simply.

DorisShutt Sat 01-Jun-13 16:14:57

<huggles Bitchy and grabs out UN Peacekeeper hat>

Okay, we all have different perceptions. I am with Bitchy on the lack of perfectionism and weekends being about family fun coz I'm a slattern that makes any excuse.

However, I know a friend who works at weekends and this treats them like a weekday so she can have her "weekend" during the week. It's whatever works for your family I think.

Either way, Bitchy drop the brew, grab the wine and join me in the naughty corner so we can ignore the enthusiastic people and not do anything wink

LillethTheCat Sat 01-Jun-13 16:16:17

<walks in, passes out cake>

I did start off the beginning of 2013 with these threads, but slipped away. Ive also lost some habits shining sink being one of them and need to get back on track. Plus its always a good feeling having a list and seeing it all done by the end of the day. Im stating from the begining and taking it slowly ish I see the habit for this month is drinking water, I already do drink quite a bit anyway so will make my habit shining the sink.

Today's list
Shine Sink done
2 loads of washing done
put washing away.
Walk dog

Tomorrow's list
Shine Sink
Long Run
Chapter 2 of textbook for AAT course (I went away and have a couple of chapters to catch up on)
walk dog

Hope everyone is well.

SilveryMoon Sat 01-Jun-13 16:22:07

I hear what you're saying bitchy, I just don't think it's forany of us to judge. We are here to support aren't we? And for me personally, as I have stastated before, this system stops me doing everything every day and I intend to use the system to how it suits me and my perception of it.
Swear away mate, doesn't bother me at all, what does bother me sometimes is when things are said in a way Iother than supportive, encouraging and helpful.

SilveryMoon Sat 01-Jun-13 16:29:01

We are all on a journey and are all at different stages. Maybe some of us do have issued with perfectionism and maybe one day we'll be able to move away from that but I couldn't help take your post as a personal attack, hopefully I was wrong but I am finding what works for me. That will no doubt continue to change as I find other ways but at the moment I'm happy and I'm loving myself whilst still trying to love my home

MercuryRising Sat 01-Jun-13 16:44:07

Hi Silvery Thank you. How have you been?

I understand your point about not aiming for perfection Chaos. For me coming back to the fledgling fold is important because it will help me reestablish routines to get organised so that my family life isnt constantly being upset by things like a lack of school uniform, clean pants and that sinking feeling when somebody unexpected knocks at the door. Completing the routines and lists does actually help me to be more relaxed and fun for my dp and dcs to be around as Im not constantly stressing about housework.

Anyway.... Quick ta da before I head back to work:
Sheets in off line.
Washload in.
Washing put on line.
Hoovering - lovely dp.
Ironing kids uniforms - dp said he will do this this eve - not completely convinced it will happen but fingers crossed.
Sand S.
Off to see Dmum in a minute.

I failed to get to the post office, but did catch up on some sleep, so Im happy.

I will catch up with you all later.

I sort of get what you are saying Bitchy. But we all need to find what works for us. Saturday would not be a family fun day here as DS is generally at school. So it's sort of a normal day. I like the idea of having a family fun day on a Sunday but neither DH nor DS would co-operate I think! I do try not to do too much on a Sunday although if the weather is nice we do tend to work in the garden just because fine days have been few and far between.

NarkyNamechanger Sat 01-Jun-13 16:50:36


CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 17:54:02

"Wanting to improve any part of our lives is a good thing. The trouble is when "better" stops being the goal, and "perfect" takes its place. Gradually, we concentrate only on what we do wrong, no matter how much we do right."
"Trying to be perfect is the most imperfect goal imaginable. It is not achievable. It doesn't exist...If that's the only thing that will make you happy then you might as well decide to live a life of misery now"
"Everyone likes to feel like a success. That's pretty much a no-brainer. After all, who wakes up in the morning and says, "I can't wait to fail at everything I try today! Nobody"
"Sometimes good enough IS good enough."

Don't fixate on the issue of family fun day. The real issue is the obsession to perfection that is developing on this thread and what was cause the initial meant to be light hearted rant.

KatAndKit Sat 01-Jun-13 18:47:49

Well we have had family fun today - chosen wedding rings, out for lunch and then visited the inlaws. a very nice day. Sod all done at home but not bothered about that today.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 01-Jun-13 18:49:17

<offers calming wine to Bitchy>

I think we are all trying our best here, Bitchy, and doubt that anyone thinks they will achieve perfection. I'm just relieved if I've managed to do anything!

Haven't done any Flying today and it was a Family Fun Day, but that was more by accident than design.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 01-Jun-13 18:50:43

KitAndKat - congratulations on your impending marriage! How exciting!

elliepac Sat 01-Jun-13 18:55:31

Evening all. So I have decided I am going to go to the school reunion so am shortly going to go and get ready in the vain hope that the last 20 years haven't aged me at allwinkgrin.

Fwiw, I think chb was just trying to say in an entirely lighthearted non-judgey way that we should try and remember that flylady encompasses an attitude to life not just the housework and that balance between fun and work must remain. I speak here as a fledgling who has failed to complete the babysteps in a 4 and a half years on this thread. silvery it was not a personal attack on you, more an observation on different methods of flying. This thread was started as a thread which welcomes all and a safeplace for all of us who were a little scared of the full FLY threads. And it still is. I am proud of this thread and the friendships I have formed and the friendships i hopefully will continue to form in the future. The point about perfectionism is a valid one but at the same time we all have our different approaches, always have and always will.

The spirit of this thread is babysteps, support and encouragement. That is why I love it. It is not about endless lists and beating yourself up about what you haven't done. It is a place to unwind, congratulate, commiserate and have a good old chat. It is more than FLY and I for one hope it remains so because I luffs you all.

Right, off to go and get a bath and drink wine.

NarkyNamechanger Sat 01-Jun-13 19:02:14

Oh Ellie rather you than me! Not sure I'd be brave enough for a school reunion - I've put on far too much weight!

Engelsemama Sat 01-Jun-13 19:11:59

Ta da
Phoned best friend and dm
Took ds to circus fun day at nursery
Played on tablet while ds and dh were sleeping and did not have tantrum trying to turn off predictive text
Washing up
One load washing
Cleaned bathroom floor because ds managed to poo in the baby bath

wine o'clock!

Engelsemama Sat 01-Jun-13 19:13:33

Have a gd time ellie. I'm going to a uni reunion in August and am really looking forward to it.

elliepac Sat 01-Jun-13 19:13:40

narky don't be so impressed until I report back tomorrowgrin. I have actually lost loads of weight recently so I think am more or less same size. But those wrinkles.......

NarkyNamechanger Sat 01-Jun-13 19:26:55

They do say you have to choose... Arse or Face - you can't have both! Ha ha!

Ta da!
Coerced DS2 into having passport photos taken
Nagged Talked DH into putting up the blind so bathroom finally finished smile
Dumped some tools and stuff back in the shed
Played too many games with the boys (actually probably not enough!)
Coerced DS2 into having a hair cut (would have been better before the photo but hey!)
Beer and pizza for tea.

And best of all, nobody actually killed anybody else!

<Clinks glasses with Ellie, Engelse and Toffee>

NarkyNamechanger Sat 01-Jun-13 19:30:33

Well boys (and I) am delighted with lovely curtains up in our new rooms. smile had to swap them all round to support the bedroom swap but unfortunately that included the poles too so big job (3 windows). Pleased it's done now though. smile

Castlelough Sat 01-Jun-13 20:29:30

Oh dear I didn't mean to offend anyone.
It was me that mentioned the wishy washy babysteps.
I'm glad they are there, they allow a little breathing space.

<leaves many bottles of wine in the naughty corner in the hopes that things will calm down around here confused>

Jamillalliamilli Sat 01-Jun-13 20:40:47

Smells winewinewinewine and heads to source!
Waves to everyone, welcomes Lileth home, and hello to CiderwithBuda, CaptChaos, Asheth, and IsSpringSprangedYet.

thanksto Castle for last month and thanks PMPY for this one and the thread title!

Todays been dedicated to fixing vehicle after it forced it’s way to the front of the queue of things needing doing, loudly and caring little about fun days.

Shiny sinks aren’t really compatible with oily battered hands needing scrubbing, so it’s been and gone..

Peers at Bitchy. What’s this 28 days? I was rather hoping 28 months might get me there.

KitAndKathi and congratulations, that sounds like a very nice day. Congratulations.

WhoKnows, sorry to hear about ds's broken arm.

Still to do
File remains of broken nails
Oversee systems mat revision.
Call friend.

Trazzletoes Sat 01-Jun-13 20:46:18

Mercury a little belated but DON'T BE DAFT!!!!! Joe IS doing really well at the moment. If it wasn't for the tube in his nose, patchy hair and not being able to walk(!!!!!!) you would think he was any normal boy.

Focus on the positives grin there is still a chance he will live to 90!

Goodness me what an eventful start to the month. I'll post tomorrow's links first then attempt a round up!

It's the 2nd of the month so the babystep is get dressed to lace up shoes. Not one I hold by personally. and that's not just because the only lace up shoes I have are steel toe capped boots.

We're still in zone 1 and the Flight Plan is here

Sunday is renew your spirit day. I shall be renewing mine with a trip to the gym followed by a toddler party.

No missions as it's the weekend. Hooray grin

Re perfectionism and lack of same I think it's probably worth a quick recap of the Fly Lady flying lesson for baby steps...

'Your home did not get dirty in one day, and it will not get clean in a day, either. You have been living in clutter and CHAOS for many years; you are not going to get your home clean in a day. I do not want you to crash and burn. If you try to do this all at once, you are going to be mad at me, because this will be like every other “get-organised” method you have tried. I want you to take your time. As you establish one habit, you will very easily be able to add another one to your routines.'

The basic rules for baby steps are:
1) Establish small routines first and then work up to more items. Don’t try to do a full-blown routine the very first day. Pick three things for the morning and three things for the evening.

2) Consistency is the key. Routines do not happen over night. It is the result of tiny changes over several months. If you try to accomplish this without taking the BabySteps, your habits will not be everlasting. BabySteps are the key. Yes, you can do your routines by looking at a list of things to do, but they have to become automatic, a part of you, for them to be life changing.

3) Take your time and enjoy the process. Don’t feel pressured to do it all at once. This is worth going slow. It takes 28 days to establish a habit. It doesn’t matter if you miss one day; just get back on your horse and keep taking those BabySteps. It is the practice that makes it work.

Obviously all of us on the thread will be at slightly different Flying stages, but many (probably most!) of those of us who have been here a long time are not particularly good at housework by nature. But, the Fly lady principles of 'a bit at a time' and just doing something (anything in my case!) are good ones. It's about small sustainable changes that mean I no longer have a 2x3 m pile of crap behind my sofa that is 'hidden' with a grubby throw. I will never have a show home (as if grin) but I'm no longer too ashamed to let the man in to read the meter!

One of the nicest things about this thread for me is that it is very friendly and open and like ellie I have made some great friends on here over the past few years and look forward to making more in future smile. I feel like I ought to make some sort of intelligent point now, but I've got Mojitos and I haven't had my tea yet so I'll just smile benevolently and wander off to the naughty corner as usual smile

And the first June roundup...

Welcome back mercury and lileth I am the champion of the in again out again school of flying. Well done on the teacher training mercury

Silvery posted a mammoth list and has had a busy day of toddler birthday parties and the park.

KitKat chose wedding rings - I'm all nostalgic now

Goth went to work with a tidy flat and an empty laundry basket

Toffee shined her sink by half 10 and was feeling pretty smug, but Doris is ahead of the game and got it done last night while her DH was poorly - hope he's feeling better today.

Narky's boys have tidied their rooms. Mine on the other hand emptied out his toy basket and shouted 'Mess Mummy mess. Mummy do it!' I think I need a lesson.

Bitchy was up late in the naughty corner bar and reminded us all in her own inimitable way that the fly lady system does not require or promote perfection in housework

engels is signing (has signed?) up for a 15k run, which makes me feel tired just thinking about it!

Castles is put having a sneaky non-drink to celebrate her sister's engagement. Wonder if she's been rumbled? grin

Whoknows DS has broken his arm - poor boy, I hope it's starting to feel better today. I've broken a few many bones and they do generaly settle after 24-48 hrs. Is he in plaster? How long before he's expectd to be able to use it again?

Trazzles is starting to declutter the hallway. II think it's very natural that you don't want to get rid of Joe's craftwork. I hole punch pictures and keep them in lever arch files which helps keep on top of it a bit without throwing things away. I have stackable tuff crates for larger items and shove them down the back of the piano

Just is heading for the wine. Don't blame her wink. There's always another day to shine your sink!

ellie has gone to a school reunion this eveing. Braver than I am, am very afraid of the interveining 20 years. Have had a bit of a FB search for people I was at school with though and was very happy to find that at least 50% of them have fared visibly worse than me. So I am at least average grin.

Welcome to new flyers CaptChaos, Asheth. IsSpring and Cider. Don't be scared off - most days are much less eventful smile

Blue and PA still hate the Karcher add. I've blocked it myself, which I would highly recommend. I think there is a link on how to do it posted on the May thread, although I can't remember who posted it and i'm not sure <helpful>

Hello to everyone I've missed and any lurking flyers smile

MercuryRising Sat 01-Jun-13 22:52:40

Thank you Trazzlesflowers

ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Jun-13 00:11:03

Think that was me, pushme. The link to Adblock Plus for Firefox (to get rid of annoying Karcher ad) is here for those still wrestling with those distracting moving graphics.

Thanks for the links, reminders and round up, pushme.

Off to bed now. Night all.

<turns light out in naughty corner>

MercuryRising Sun 02-Jun-13 04:07:34

I am desparately trying to stay awake at work so I thought I would post todays list.

To do
Load/unload dw
Sand s
Make bed
10 pieces ironing
Hang washing out
One load of washing
Read with dcs
Make sure everything is prepped for dcs going back to school on Monday.

I think thats more than enough for a Sundaygrin

CHBitchy Sun 02-Jun-13 04:43:25

More then I plan to be doing today.
to do:
Renew spirit: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
make ds' bed
collect ds

KatAndKit Sun 02-Jun-13 07:18:22

Getting up to an epic poonami at 5am was not on my list. However it does mean that my dishwasher has been emptied and the sink and worktop have been wiped. Looks like a lovely day here so hopefully will go to the park later. Got some wedding admin done last night. It is easier when you stop endless research and just order the stuff you need.

Lovely day here too. I am not normally up this early on a Sunday, but DS (who usually gets up and sorts his own breakfast) can't manage it with his arm in the cast so I am up with him. He seems much chirpier than he did yesterday.

As regards getting up, I have made a June resolution to stop taking my phone or Ipad upstairs with me, I started doing it when I had an operation in Sept and the habit stuck, MNing late at night and staying in bed as late as I could get away with reading more nonsense. Hopefully I will get up earlier and get on with things instead, and sleep better too.

Welcome to all the new people, and welcome back to Lilleth.

Kat - sorry you had a 5am poonami to deal with. I agree totally, not just WRT weddings, that you can waste an awful lot of time researching stuff and not really be any better off than if you made a snap decision.

PMPY - thank you for taking over this month, and thanks to Castle for last month.

OK, got most of the unpacking done yesterday, need to finish it off or the last few bags will be sat around for weeks. More washing to do too. We didn't leave the house in a great state before going away, so I want to get it tidy enough to do a proper home blessing tomorrow. DD(7) got a tissue and dusted my bedside table while I was reading to her last night and commented on how dusty it was blush.

Morning everyone smile

To do
Wrap presents
Return borrowed clothes
Weed rest of top border
Plant plants
Toddler party
Room rescue DC rooms

KatAndKit Sun 02-Jun-13 08:53:00

I have had one of those eureka moments this morning. The reason I was feeling down about stuff was not really to do with not getting enough done round the house. It was more because I haven't been looking after myself well enough. And I guess if you look and feel a mess you don't feel that your living environment ought to be tidy if you haven't even done your hair.
This morning I washed my hair and properly blow dried it, not just a five minute blast so it wasn't soaking, I used clips and everything and spent 15 minutes doing it in section. Then I put a dress on for a change. I feel great as a result. It definitely isn't just about housework, making the time to sort yourself out first does make a difference to how you feel.

And I have been good so far, I have re-booted my washing machine and cleaned the toilet.

On this thread it says zone 1 but on the website it says zone 2 which is the kitchen. Do you do things in a different order? I might do kitchen anyway as it needs it more.

Trazzletoes Sun 02-Jun-13 09:08:27

Kat as far as I understand it, that's the fly lady ethos!

I'm having a lie in this morning but later on will be taking the DCs to a party. I'm sure it will be lovely but am in a state of anxiety that DS will catch something off another child or that his line will be pulled out or something. I need to get a grip!

I will probably wash the bedding today but that's about it!!!

Managed to identify a big pile of books last night that can go to the charity shop too. And am now working on a plan to read through the (many) still on the shelves that I haven't yet read blush

ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Jun-13 09:13:01

I agree with you, Kit, and so would Flylady (very keen on getting dressed first, putting on make up, pampering yourself, etc. - will find a linkie in a mo). Glad you feel great now.

We follow the same zones as Flylady, in the same order, but maybe her website has clicked onto the next zone now.

WhoKnows - sorry to hear your DS broke his arm sad. I hope it doesn't take too long to mend. Very funny about your DD dusting your bedside table, btw!

Mercury - are you in a different time zone or on night shift?

CHB - hope you get plenty of time to 'renew your spirit' before your whirlwind DS returns.

Have to do a tidy up in the house this morning, as MIL is coming round today so that DS1 isn't on his own. DH and I are taking DS2 out for the day and visiting a friend and her baby. Fortunately, I have an extra day to get ready for school as it's an INSET day tomorrow, so will do all that prep tomorrow.

Gorgeous weather here - hope it's good for everyone else too.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Jun-13 09:16:27

Flylady essay on the importance of pampering yourself here.


Kat- Flylady is skipping Zone 1 this month here. I think it causes confusion when the 1st of the month falls on a weekend.

Thanks Toffee. He is a bit fed up at the prospect of no sports for a few weeks, but at least it should be mended by the time school breaks up.

elliepac Sun 02-Jun-13 09:31:40

Eugh, morning all. Feeling a bit worse for wear this morning. School reunion went exactly as expected. Really nice to see a few people, others had a quick catch up with and some whom I wouldn't care if I never saw againgrin. Nobody had changed, the quiet ones were still quiet, the gobby ones were still gobby and everybody sat with those people they had been friends with at school. It was gratifying to see the person we all fancied has turned into a balding irritating dickhead who spent all the night unsuccessfully trying to chat up the beauty of the year who he had had a crush on all those years ago. She still blew him outgrin. Like you pmpy, i am about in the middle success wisegrin.

Today is renew your spirit day and in honour of that I am going to do very little. Have washing to do and washing-up plus a food shop but other than that am going to take it easy.

whoknows sorry to hear about ds but glad he is a bit perkier this morning.

kitkat it really helps doesn't it if you feel better about yourselfsmile.

Have a good day everyone. It is beautiful here as well.

Oops yes sorry, I suppose it is technically the kitchen! I always change zones on a Monday so I keep the last week/first week as a living room/hall combined.

Asheth Sun 02-Jun-13 10:18:14

Well I had a lie in this morning - does that count as renew your spirit?
I did complete yesterdays lists. But am going to keep it to a minimum today as it's the last day of the holidays and want to have time to take the DC out to enjoy the sunshine! So -
15 mins decluttering
2 min hotspot.
Sort clothes for tomorrow
I don't own any lace up shoes so might have to skip that bit - plus I like wandering around bare foot in the summer!

Engelsemama Sun 02-Jun-13 10:32:01

Have been monumentally rubbish at personals the last month so will try to do better in June!

Looking at the rubbish in my hallway and whether to wait until we’re back in zone 1 (typical that there’s no zone 1 the month I think about doing it!). Drinking water is a good habit for me to work on, especially days I’m at work.

Kat I totally agree. When I make the effort to blow dry my hair or wear something nice to work, I feel so much better. I was trying to pamper myself last night with a face mask while supervising ds (19 mo) in the bath, but then he did a poo in it so had to hastily wipe off to tidy up!

Trazzles every now and again I make a half hearted attempt to get rid of books but I find it very hard. Managed to shift a lot f teenage fiction to my school library last year, but they don’t really do charity shops here (in the Netherlands) so always at a loss what to do with –trashy—paperbacks.

Sorry to hear about your DS’s arm whoknows

Gorgeous here too Toffee

ellie sounds like a proper school reunion then grin

My lists for today are short

Ta da
10k run in sunshine into town and along river (left the house at 8.15, DS and DH still sleeping. Got back at 9.30 to find them still upstairs so had a peaceful breakfast and coffee too)
Skyped parents

To do
Go outside and enjoy the garden, do some pottering, plant rest of tomato plants, will perhaps manage to read while DS is napping (am re-reading Pride and Prejudice now for the first time in 10years)

Have just realised that have now been on Flylady for a year, so wine all round smile

Have a lovely day everyone

ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Jun-13 10:59:01

Ta da :

Sparkling kitchen!

Off to work on my face and hair now, before we go out. Am looking grotty. Thank goodness for make up...

elliepac Sun 02-Jun-13 11:12:13

Ta da:-
Restored order in kitchen (I am sure I did that last night before I went out so I didn't have to do it this morningconfused DHangry)
Washing on
Dressed to shoes
DC's told to tidy their rooms
Taken drugs to take away headache

Not sure how much else will get done. About to have a scout in cupboards to see if I can get away with not doing the food shop until tomorrow.

toffee make-up and the existence of make-up is all the proof I need that God may be a woman after all grin

LillethTheCat Sun 02-Jun-13 11:42:56

Morning everyone. Lovely sunny day here in North Yorkshire. Got one load on the line and just waiting for the machine to click to open so I can get my next load dry.

todays list
Bedding - Just waiting for machine to click so I can open the door it should be done by now, but Im in a different room
Shine Sink - tonight
Long Run - this afternoon
Bath - not before I go running
Chapter 2 of textbook for AAT course (I went away and have a couple of chapters to catch up on) - tonight
walk dog - after my run

Got a poorly DD2 today, full of cold and dribbling lots. If she didn't have all her teeth Id wonder if she was getting another one. She is just crying and tearful today. DH is trying to snuggle her right now. Bless her. She's only 20 months old and can't understand why she feels so crap.

Engels 15K run in Nov, well done. Im hoping to build up to do a 10 miler in November too. I do plan to do a half marathon or two next year.

ellie glad the School reunion went well. I dont think Id like to go to one. Ever.

Whoknows Sorry about DS's arm. Hope it doesnt get him down too much, but good to hear he should be ok for the summer holidays.

Kat That would probably explain why Im not always in the best of moods as I tend to do the basics in a morning. Quick shower, throw on any clothes and brush my hair. Perhaps I need to rethink my morning schedule to include a little bit of a pamper in the mornings to lift my spirits.

Trazzle Sorry Ive not really kept up on how Joe is doing. Hope all is going as well as it can. In regards to the craftwork hope you manage to come up with a solution.

Can I just add my thoughts to the whole perfectionism talk that was going on yesterday. If I am ever looking around at something or in the middle of trying to do something and its not as good as I would like it to be I remind myself of something I read and that is Perfection is the enemy of achievement IOW you are not going to get anywhere if you try to be perfect. Just do what you can. I often say that to myself in a lot of tasks, not just housework. Its a good flylady motto to have IMHO.

Anyway hope everyone is having a good day and renews their spirit.

DorisShutt Sun 02-Jun-13 11:56:21

Feeling grotty so DH has taken DS to the park - GP's for me tomorrow.

Loads of washing (literally) so getting through it and getting it hung up outside.

I've been flicking through the FlyLady site so I think I need to organise my days with cleaning lists using my HomeRoutines app and get organised ready to go back to work more regularly and then I can spend days when I should be working slobbing in front of the TV.

Trazzletoes Sun 02-Jun-13 12:02:37

Wish me luck... I've just put my (beloved) flip flops in the washing machine...

GoingGoingGoth Sun 02-Jun-13 13:05:01

Checking in

At work again, but it's a beautiful day, the cricket is on so no 'pitch n putt' so no messing about with flags today.

Bowling green set up, so going to make myself a salad wrap and sit out on the grass with a book. I did say my job is great, didn't I. I just don't know whether to put my 'work issue shorts' on. It's not a good look.

Washing put away
Dd shower ( saves Dh bathing her tonight before I get home)
Planting up some flower seeds with Dd to go on our tiny balcony

CHBitchy Sun 02-Jun-13 14:03:15

Good luck trazzles.
The ex is a twat. that is all.
Not slept as long as I could but have slept. Spoken to the ex and about to grab some lunch and a drink.

NarkyNamechanger Sun 02-Jun-13 14:09:12

I've got a great big scabby coldsore so have smothered it in Blistex as part of pampering.

Does that count? hmm

DorisShutt Sun 02-Jun-13 14:31:16

Narky try getting one of these.

Cuts my cold sore duration in half, and on occasion it has killed it off before it's really appeared (if I get it at the first tingle). It's changed my life!

NarkyNamechanger Sun 02-Jun-13 15:28:10

Thanks Doris. Tbf this is only the second one I've ever had (first came after a trip to the dentist!).

fireandblood Sun 02-Jun-13 15:54:18

I'm still lurking , start of the month and weekend nightshift for me!worked my last every sat night wine grin so happy! only be doing a sunday 6-6 and tue 6-2 so more family time woopee! hope everyone good wont get anything done today as just getting ready back into work but hopefully jump right in tomorrow and ths month goes better than last !

LillethTheCat Sun 02-Jun-13 19:26:08

Evening everyone.

Today's list
Bedding - done
Shine sink - just about to go do now
Long run - did 8 miles
Bath - done
AAT book - after sink
Walk the dog - done

Tomorrows list
Ring council regarding strange noise when the toilet is flushed
Ring to pay vets bill
Shine sink
2 loads of washing
Go to AAT course

I think that's it.

KatAndKit Sun 02-Jun-13 20:00:11

Aaargh baby bedtime shenanigans tonight. We have had a nice day though - walk in the country park, play in the playground, quick tesco shop, looking at photos we want to get printed.
One load of washing has been done, the dishwasher is on, £12.80 has been retrieved in coins from the bottom of my bag, washing up is done. Need to do the online shopping and put the clean washing away.

Tomorrow will be a busy day but all I have to manage to do is 15 minutes of kitchen decluttering so I am sure I can manage that on top of putting the kitchen appliances on. Actually I also have to tidy the spare room a bit as my mother is coming to stay on Tuesday. But that will mostly involve hiding the crap somewhere else. I am not ready to tackle that weekly home thingy yet so that will wait.

Swanhilda Sun 02-Jun-13 20:32:09

Am lying in bed with suspected kidney infection. Or maybe not.

Still not feeling great.

Whoknows aaargh! Been there, done that. Still I think it makes the bones stronger, according to physio wink Sooo annoying, but as usual one is relieved they are just safe and nothing worse occurred. I still have to organise the pin taking out of ds1's arm, but not sure whether to go through all the upheaval of 3rd op again for him. Also for us, it worked well when he broke his arm because he didn't have to do his holiday homework before secondary (which was a complete faff and I'm dreading doing it with ds2) Small mercies.

Half term improved. Had a screaming fit yesterday against dh for being a plonker who didn't understand the nuances of English (we were as usual discussing the education or otherwise of the kids), partly I think in revenge for him forcing me to give away four kittens (one at least should have stayed) but now he is being a star as usual when I'm ill.

elliepac Sun 02-Jun-13 20:48:50

Done nothing else. Am currently in bed watching tv on laptop. Had a nice day. I only really went to the reunion to catch up with one friend in particular who i was really close to (weddings, christening, birthdays etc.) but hadn't seen for about 2 years. We said last night that we would try and meet up for coffee soon and lo and behold she texted me this morning and we met up at the park, dc's played, we chatted and had coffee. It was lovely, one of those friendships where it doesn't matter that we haven't seen each other for ages, we chatted for 3 hours non-stop. Lovely. Then sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine whilst eating the traditional Sunday Roast of beans on toast.

There is a reason I don't drink very oftengrin.

Evening all,

Sorry you're not feeling so well tonight Swan. Yes, DS's arm could have been worse, it is his left and he is right handed, it could have been his leg, it could have been at the start of the school holidays (he is gleeful that he is going to miss his spelling test tomorrow).

Ellie - those sort of friendships are really ones to treasure. I have been very bad at keeping in touch with my oldest, closest set of friends the last couple of years, really must do something about that.

Lilleth - well done on your run, I am an intermittent runner, but slow and short distances only due to injuries.

Goth - envious of any job that lets you sit on the grass reading a book, even if the uniform is dodgy.

Doris - hope you feel better soon. I keep thinking I should get ones of those cold sore zappers, I only get them once or twice a year, but they are a real nuisance.

Lazyish day here today, 5 loads of washing done and dried on the line, a mountain of putting away still to do. Took DS to Sainsburys this afternoon, then DD to her swimming lesson, and my parents came round for a couple of hours. DCs off to bed now, I really ought to do some of my OU work, in danger of falling behind with it at the moment.

Tomorrow - I have to get DS booked in with the GP as soon as the surgery opens and then get him booked into the fracture clinic ASAP (by Tues), so envisaging quite a lot of waiting around. Also got to get DD to school and arrange for someone else to pick her up if I get stuck at the hospital with DS. Hoping also to get the home blessing done and more tidying, plus the weekly food shop.

Links for Monday 32rd June....

The babystep is to do what we're already doing (sink and lace-up shoes) and explore the flylady website. Particularly the Launch pad, which is basically a handy links page to all the key flylady bits.

We're in the kitchen (probably!) and the mission is to look up and clean the cobwebs. I usually take the opportunity to clean my cookerhood as part of this mission (although it is sometimes a mission in its own right) as otherwise I can't guarantee I'll get it done. As always the flight plan is here.

The daily focus for Monday is the weekly home blessing hour or house bleurgh as it is more commonly known grin. I would really like to get my house bleurgh off the weekend and back into the week but I find it almost impossible with working full time. It tends to be split between Saturday morning and sunday evening here (dH is hoovering as I type!)

Have lovely Mondays and don't forget to keep drinking water smile

kat has had a F.L.Y (first love yourself) epiphany and is groomed and glowing, but a little confused by my lackadaisical approach to zone management. Oops sorry blush

Fortunately whoknows has tactfully explained grin and had a self-described lazyish day, although it sounds quite busy to me <very lazy>

trazzle has washed her flipflops (hope they survived!) and gone to a toddler party. It must be so nerve-wracking letting Joe out into the germy outside world. We have a little of the same with DH's brother who sort of half lives with us and is immunocompromised following chemo a year or so ago. I am neurotic with the hand spray. Boots do an antiviral foam which I think is effective against tummy bugs as well as colds and lingers on the hands for a while and we do seems to have had far fewer bugs since we started using it - might be worth a try for peace of mind if nothing else.

toffee has got a sparkly kitchen and has been out for the day with her DS2 and DH.

Asheth finished her list yesterday and is enjoying the sunshine today

Engels is having her flylady anniversary wine flowers and in the true spirit of the thread is celebrating by not tackling her front porch grin

lileth has a snotty grotty DD. Hope she's feeling better soon. it's horrible when they're so little and you can't make it better.

Goth is at work and I think I want her job smile

Bitchy's ex is a twat. But most of us probably knew that already!

fire does not have to work any more Saturday nights. Hooray. more wine grin

Doris and swan are both feeling poorly and narky has a cold sore. [tea] and flowers for all and hope you're feeling better in the morning.

ellie is also feeling a bit grotty, but it is entirely her own fault grin. I bet it was worth it to see high school stud man as a mid 30s (presumably if it's 20ish years?) balding unattractive fat man (can you tell I've been there?)

Toddler parties here today as well. All lovely and pretty much the family fun day that we didn't quite manage yesterday. Apart from a small reappearance of some bright green buttercream in the car on the way home (I knew I should have stopped DS eating that second cake). back at work tomorrow after a couple of days off and really not keen. Only 4 weeks until our holiday though. Just about holding on by the skin of my teeth!

Oops, brew fail!

CHBitchy Sun 02-Jun-13 22:11:32

Ahhh lovely. Mission for tomo is done. Only because someone else decided to paint the kitchen ceiling to use up some of the paint from painting the bathroom ceiling grin

I did my to do list. Tomo is a bit more insane but half term for another week yet so have ds underfoot. Although wondering if the ex sent home the wrong child as this one says he wants to spend tomo tidying his room shockhmm I am going to treat it like the weather and believe it only when I see it grin

to do
empty car
car to garage
something fun with ds
paperwork -filing at least 15mins worth!
sort kit for Tuesday
sort stuff that needs to go in the post
print important forms off and fill in

MercuryRising Mon 03-Jun-13 00:53:32

Hi ladies <whispers>

I can't sleep so I thought I would get up, have a brew catch up with the thread and plan what I need to get done tomorrow. Toffee I do currently work nights, I have handed my notice in so only have 7 more weeks to go and I can't wait to come off them. I only do 2 or 3 a week but they really mess my sleeping pattern up.

Goth your job sounds perfect especially in this weatherenvy

I completed most of my list today although I didn't get round to reading with the dcs as they were busy riding their bikes. DS has just learnt to ride without stabilisers and is slightly obsessed at the moment.

My Ddad came for dinner so I dragged him round the shops to get some bits for the garden. My mission this summer is to try to create a back garden I want to sit in rather than escaping to my Dmums evertime the sun shines. So far I have planted hanging baskets and several pots and have started to paint the fence, but there is so much more that needs doing. I really don't have green fingers so if anybody has any good hints and tips I would be very grateful.

I have waffled on for ages - sorry.

*To do*:
Make beds
Dcs ready for school
Dw unloaded/reloaded
Washing hung out wm reloaded x2
Home bleurgh
S and S
15m declutter top of microwave/ freezer
5m clear hotspot on windowsill
Pick up parcel
Go to post office to post student finance forms
Iron 10 things
Paint at least one fence panel
Cut grass
Dd to dancing
Pop to shops to change Dds school uniform which I ordered in the wrong size.
Plan dinners for the week
Walk dog

I actually think it will be a miracle if I get all this done but I guess at least it gives me something to aim for.

ComradeJing Mon 03-Jun-13 05:12:08

Morning all,

Todo: Bleurgh hour
various phone calls
spare room
Put clean clothes away

Morning everyone smile

To do
15 mins in garden
Oil worktops

Fast day today. Cba but I'll probably get in to it.

Engelsemama Mon 03-Jun-13 07:45:58

CBAitis is striking today

Yesterday was lovely in the garden, BBQ, reading P&P. No housework done, no gardening done either for that matter.

Today I should ...
Washing up
Go into town to get glasses adjusted, choose some new running gear
Do one set of marking while DS is asleep
Tackle the hotspot
Have some outside time

Whether I will do ANY of that is up for debate...
Mercury sounds like a good plan. We are STILL working on our garden even though I have been here 6 yrs and DH nearer 15!
My favourite, very low maintenance plants in our garden are actually herbs. We have sage, thyme and chives that are all thriving and have lovely flowers this time of year (especially the chives). This year we have sweet peas for the first time but they’ve been off to a slow start because of the cold spring so am hoping I won’t get back from holiday to find them all dead! At the moment everything looks very green because of the rain we’ve had the last 2 weeks, combined with a bit of sun. The lilies of the valley are out, the ferns have exploded and the strawberry plants have shot up. I love gardening but am not very good at getting out there every day or week.

pmpy great round up!

Time to step away from the laptop and lick this house into shape!

Oops, forgot

Meal plan
Online shop

superfluouscurves Mon 03-Jun-13 08:02:38

Ha, found you! Good morning everyone!

Glad to see the thread has got off to an "emphatic" start! grin Absolutely no chance of perfectionism here wink

Love the new title Pushme - thank you for setting it all up!

Great to see newcomers, returnees and regulars alike!

So sorry to hear about your ds's arm Whoknows - hope he isn't in any pain now

Hope those of you like Swan Toffee and Doris, who are feeling grim (and various dc) all recover quickly! Take it steady all of you!

(And you Castle wink)

Glad to hear end of nights is within sight for you Mercury (and great to have you back) and you too Lilleth!

Applauds Ellie's bravery in attending school reunion

See your ds has caught the Flying bug Bitchy

Am impressed by the running Engels

Waves to Silvery, PA, Trazzles, Just, ¨*Feetheart*, Blue, Narky, ComradeJ, Goth, Kat, CaptChaos, Asheth IsSpring Cider Blue Honu and everyone I've missed!

So, having got a frantic but enjoyable weekend out of the way (final bits of baking bonanza, hair cut, school fete, dd performance, supper with friends on Sat followed by relaxing walk in the countryside, hwk supervision, friend for lunch, concert in the evening on Sun) June really is the new January in this house. In fact, I don't know what I have been sodding doing up to now grin Have precisely 26 days before start of summer holidays to knock this house in to shape (and quite a few of those are booked!). Yikes!!

Going to ignore Flylady zones this month and stick to my own variation, according to urgency. So it's the boudoir and a little storage room for me this week. And I am going to try and do one decluttering task in the kitchen per day as well. Also have to focus on exercise and food intake to get me in some sort of shape for the holidays.

To do:
morning routine inc s&s, wm, dw, rabbits done
catch up with thread done
quick tidy ground floor
continuous laundry
meal planning out of sync after socialising this w/e so must sort fridges, and sort supper tonight
quick shop over lunch time
research handyman
appt with builder
med appt
start making garden makeover plans
find detailed boudoir "restoration" plan
rest of time = BOUDOIR [cackles hysterically]
afternoon/evening routine inc hwk supervision
early night

Have a productive week everybody!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Jun-13 09:14:59

Swan - so sorry you are ill in bed with tonsillitis. It's such a painful thing to have. Gargling with soluble asprin and sucking on ice cubes both help, whilst you're waiting for the antibiotics to work.

Mercury - sympathies on the night shifts. It must be really hard to cope with that. Glad to hear you are counting down to the end of that.

Mercury and Engels - we are still working on our garden and we have been here for 11 years! We have managed to tidy it up, fill some hanging baskets and throw some wild flower seeds into the flower beds. That's about the limit of our gardening expertise. Oh, and I bought a tree in a pot last year which has, miraculously, just flowered in spite of me neglecting it all winter. Can't remember what it is, but it has pretty small lilac-coloured blossom and smells gorgeous.

You sound very motivated with flying and fitness, SC! I have just started using to track my calorie intake and it's been a revelation. I'm aiming to lose a pound a week until July.

Good morning, Comrade, pushme and all the other fledglings.

Last day of half term here, as we have an INSET day today. DS2 has just informed me that today we are going to the pottery cafe, making chocolate brownies and writing a story together. So, my to do list looks like this:

Wash PE kit
Sort DS2's socks
Polish DS2's school shoes
Iron DS2's school shirts
Lay out uniform ready for tomorrow
Dry PE kit and put back into PE bag by front door
Complete DS1's school application form
Walk into town to work off two oat bars and to get cash
Pottery cafe
Make chocolate brownies
Write story
House bleugh

Gorgeous weather here. Hope you are all enjoying sunshine too.

Mercury - herbs are a very good idea, chives look and taste lovely, we have a big rosemary bush in a border. Other reliable things for us (south of England, chalky soil) are geraniums (the perennial sort, not the pelargoniums that you grow in pots for the summer, although they are nice too), lavender, bulbs (need to plant in autumn though), buddleia bush (grows rapidly, but you prune it hard every year, attracts lots of butterflies and smells gorgeous), French marigolds and nasturtiums.

In fact if you are looking for something easy and fast to do now, esp. with DCs as the seeds are huge and easy to handle I would say get yourself a pack of nasturtium seeds and poke them in to all the gaps in your garden, you will be rewarded with masses of orange / yellow/red flowers on beautiful leaves in a few weeks. If there is still a danger of frost where you are leave it another week or so though.

Waiting to go to the GPs now to get DS booked into the fracture clinic. Twiddling my thumbs a bit.

Ohh, nasturtialums. Good idea, WhoKnows

OK, am procrastinating madly. Need to get my act together and do some work!!

CHBitchy Mon 03-Jun-13 10:44:43

Tbh though nasturtiums will take over a bit so be careful if you don't like the rustic country garden. We have tones of Canterbury bells which self seed ready for a new year if you leave the dead heads on. We have lots of low maintenance plants although the keria (sp) known as the pompom plant around here does require regular hard pruning.
My favourite plant in the garden is the twisted hazel and the acer tree which is a glorious red colour
Need to get some seeds planted with ds. Looking for getting runner beans done. Soaked the seeds ready for planting and then promptly forgot about them so suspect a new batch of seeds might be needed blush

SC don't be so hasty to declare ds a fly baby. grin Lets see if there is evidence rather then just intent designed to avoid the tv ban he currently has. wink grin

Agree the nasturtiums take over a bit, but they have very distinctive leaves and shallow roots so are easy to spot and remove, in my case I like anything that fills gaps and prevents weeds getting in as I am a lazy weeder.

I've got the canterbury bells all along the bottom of the hedge next to our drive, they are very pretty but take over a bit too, I am always having to pull them out of the house airbricks and find them growing randomly on the drive. I don't deadhead though as it is difficult to kneel in the gap between the car and the hedge and I CBA to move the car just for that.

CHBitchy Mon 03-Jun-13 11:24:06

grin Shall I add welsh poppies to the mix of self seeding cottage style low maintance but take over a bit kinda plant list. Love their yellow colour so cheerful.

Reminds me I promised to pull the rhubarb and make a crumble. Can get ds to do this for me he will love that job.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Jun-13 11:27:55

The great thing about nasturtiums is you can add them to salads too. Ds1 loves the peppery taste.

I have done some household chores, sorted the kitchen, put the rubbish out, finished the washing and spent too long on MN. Was persuaded to pay £2.50 to DS2 for a bottle of his homemade lemonade hmm.

<leaves homemade lemonade in naughty corner>

KatAndKit Mon 03-Jun-13 12:02:35

Lovely day here. DS and I have been picking daisies in the front garden. Fairly good start to the day. Showered and dressed, brushed hair, put a pretty dress on. put a load of washing on but the clean stuff is in a big heap and not yet put away due to DS having pathetically short nap. Letters that need posting have been posted and my 15 minutes kitchen decluttering resulted in two carrier bags full of crap getting into the wheelie bin. Most of it stuff that DP has hoarded since before I even moved in here. I think one of the problems is that the house gets full up with hoarded crap and he is often not keen on parting with stuff.

LillethTheCat Mon 03-Jun-13 12:53:27

Morning, not been on here today.

Another lovely day here again, got 2 loads on the line now.

Todays list

Ring council regarding strange noise when the toilet is flushed no noise today and as we are out all day tomorrow due to having no electricity Im waiting until Wed
Ring to pay vets bill done
Shine sink to do when I get home tonight
2 loads of washing both on the line
Go to AAT course leave at 5PM

Jamillalliamilli Mon 03-Jun-13 13:09:42

Jalopy fixed! Really important here, as without it I’m entirely trapped so it gets to the front of every queue.

Still to do
Try and find puncture on wheelchair and fix.
Take documents to be scanned
Pick up food
Clear contents of insurance unit, into different unit.confused
Oversee physics and psychology revision
Catch up HE diary
Call friend

CHBitchy Mon 03-Jun-13 13:13:03

ta da
morning routine
laundry x3
bread dough in bread machine forgot to put the seeds in though blush
car to mechanic
print paperwork and fill in. -*few bits left to check then fill*
help ds with writing his letter
go through paperwork ds needed to fill in himself
put plastic recycling in to soak
10mins in my room
turn dough into bread
Sort out where and whens for this month

Jdub Mon 03-Jun-13 14:15:42

What a beautiful day!! Been away, so back to reality today!
Yesterday I finally got all the clothes put away, and hoovered the newly revealed floor!
So today, I'll endeavour to dust and get my filing back in order! And get outside after work!!!
I'm still in shock that it is June already, but pleased that the sun is making it feel like June (for today at least)x

Swanhilda Mon 03-Jun-13 14:22:15

toffee no, not tonsilitis, suspected kidney infection. But people tell me if it was that I'd feel much much worse, so I think it was just a brief dose of flu. I'm taking it easy though.

money counting in church for 3 hours
bit of grocery shopping
and it's already 2pm..drat.

So now I need to
make a lamb stew
hang up my clothes

This house is a complete and utter tip after half term. I feel it is going to take a week to scratch the surface. And I promised ds2 I'd do a chemistry experiment with him of some kind when he came home aargh!!! The weekend was v busy, I spent most of it in church dealing with communion rehearsals and mass. Dh spent most out with kids in park, but we are both pretty worn thin now.

CHBitchy Mon 03-Jun-13 14:31:38

Cornflour and water Swan keeps ds occupied for hours. A bit messy so outside on a day like this is good.

OK, not getting much done here. Been to the GP, DS is booked into the fracture clinic tomorrow, which is conveniently timed such that we can fit in his speech therapy appt first (different places unfortunately). The clinic even said that because he has AS they will see him as fast as they can and to remind them when we arrive, which is great because he really doesn't like waiting unless he knows the exact time something is going to happen a bit like me then. While were at the GP I chased up a physio referral I was supposed to have had a few weeks ago for my tennis elbow and got a phone call all of a sudden offering it to me tomorrow, obviously can't go, but am now booked in for Thurs. Between all that and fielding calls and texts from concerned grandmothers and DH not much Flying has been done.


Morning routine
Three lots of washing
Food shop
Phone to cancel DS's swimming lesson (he was due to start private lessons under a scheme for SN children tonight)

To do

Hoover patio (a glass shattered out there yesterday and can't get it all up by brushing)
Finish unpacking food
Get DD from school
Sort out fridge
Water garden - hooray that we need to!
Prise DS away from the Simpsons
Get summer duvet from loft and make our bed
Clean bathroom

Better get on I suppose.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Jun-13 15:28:36

Fantastic news: DS1's appointment with the psychologist who specialises in OCD has just come through! Can't believe it! We were told he was tenth on the waiting list, but he seems to have just shot to the top confused. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.


That's brilliant Toffee grin

Trazzletoes Mon 03-Jun-13 15:56:40

Great news toffee and whoknows

Trazzletoes Mon 03-Jun-13 16:00:37

DD is at home today so I will be achieving... Nothing at all grin I should make her a cape and call her Limpet-girl. I really hope she figures out walking soon so maybe I won't have to carry her everywhere. Another GP appt this week to look at her gammy ankle and probably be told it doesn't matter at all that she can't stand anywhere near straight on her foot.

I'm just trying to get through the laundry while the sun shines and that will be enough of an achievement for me today having had to visit 2 different hospitals with DS this morning - 1 for treatment and the other for a meeting.

elliepac Mon 03-Jun-13 18:08:13

Evening allsmile.

Crazy day, little flying yet. Just trying to get back into the work swing of things.

No help on gardening front from me I am afraid. I am allergic to itgrin.

toffee add me on my fitness pal. Same username as heresmile.

Got to go. Cubs run beckons. Back later.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Jun-13 18:57:55

Have just added you, ellie. Would be good if we can keep each other off the high-calorie stuff.

<eyes homemade brownies>

Trazzle - it must be so exhausting having to carry DD around. I remember seeing a seat that you wore on your hip to carry toddlers (might have been in the NCT catalogue, but it was a long time ago), but I expect if you bought it she would start to walk immediately and it would be redundant.

WhoKnows - good news on all your appointments.

Swan - sorry, don't know why I thought you said tonsillitis. DH had a suspected kidney infection recently and felt terrible. I think I knew you had something one of us had had and then misremembered which particular ailment it was. You don't sound as if you are taking it easy, by the way <tuts>. I hope you feel better soon. And my house is a complete and utter tip now too. There is a week's worth of Lego all over the sitting-room floor and all over DS2's bedroom.

Sorry, no time to scroll back through the rest of today's messages. Will try to come back later and catch up, but must get DS2 to bed in good time tonight as it's back to school tomorrow. Have ironed his uniform and laid it out all ready. PE kit ready too.

Anyone got any ideas of what I can turn a spag bol sauce into? Both boys complained that they didn't like it tonight (it's only mince with tinned tomatoes, oregano and veg), but I have loads left. I can't turn it into a cottage pie because they won't eat that either <sigh>. There must be something I can disguise it as, surely?

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Jun-13 19:01:42

Trazzle - there's a hipseat available on ebay

I had one of those hipseats, the problem was that when you got to wherever you were going you were stuck with this seat and no pushchair to put it in. I ended up being one of those mums who get tutted about on MN that let their DCs stay in the pushchair for rather longer than they probably needed to for my own convenience, but it doesn't seem to have done any harm long term.

Toffee - chilli? lasagne? Filling for enchiladas?

CHBitchy Mon 03-Jun-13 19:55:07

Had a productive day but really cba to write the ta da list as I still have to finish off making crumble, packing up the garden and finish off making the bread and jam. Although tbh I think the jam might just wait until tomo so I don't fuck it up.

Yay for all the appointments that have been sorted
wine and brew for all in the naughty corner bar.

Hopefully will actually discover a bed to sleep in soon. very tired and have an early start tomo. night.

KatAndKit Mon 03-Jun-13 20:52:00

Well, good day here - loving the nice weather! Place is looking reasonable for my mother coming tomorrow. Decluttering session in the kitchen was productive, a bit of a tidy in the spare room and a five minute room rescue in my bedroom. Doing ok here. So pleased I haven't tried to go into overdrive mode "omg house is a tip must do it all asap". Hopefully this system may be sustainable for me. And i have remembered 4 times today to drink some water - have been having far too much coffee recently.

KatAndKit Mon 03-Jun-13 20:52:56

Put a tin of kidney beans in the spag bol, the type of kidney beans that have the chilli already in the sauce and hey presto you have chilli con carne.

MercuryRising Mon 03-Jun-13 21:08:32

Hello everybody smile

Despite only managing to sleep for about four hours last night I managed to have a very productive day. I conpleted everything on my list bar fence painting and dog walking. I also managed to buy all of the dcs uniform for Sept except logod jumpers and cardigans and cut the grass. I am feeling exhausted but rather pleased with myself this evening.

Thank you for all your flower recommendations. Dp has agreed to dump the dcs old playhouse at the weekend so I can get some trellis up and start digging a new flower bed at the back of the garden. I have to confess that with the exception of the herbs, budleia and geraniums I have no idea what any of your suggestions look like so I will be searching for images of them online later.

Toffee that is fantastic news about ds appt. I hope they are able to help him overcome his OCD. I have a friend who had therapy for her OCD and it really helped her to manage her compulsions.

SC I can't believe how close the summer holidays are.Ds starts middle school in Sept - it is crazy how quickly time flies! I think we have about 7 weeks until dcs break up but I really need to achieve a reasonably organised and decluttered house by then hmm

Quick list dump for tomorrow then bath and bed for me.
*To do*:
Unload/reload dw
Washing hung out
Monday and Tuesdays missions
Make beds
Volunteer in school
10 pieces of ironing
Paint one fence panel
Weight Watchers meeting
Declutter craft cupboard in kitchen 15m
5m hot spot - bedroom windowsill

Links for Tuesday 4th June....

The babystep is to stick the previous steps on post it notes on your bathroom mirror. I have never done this. The theory is that it established the building blocks for your control journal, which we come on to later in the month.

We'rel stil in the kitchen and the mission is to wipe the front of your cabinets. As always the flight plan is here.

The daily focus for Tuesday is planning. Fly lady suggests meal planning, wardrobe planning (ha ha ha), family fun time and date night planning (does it count that my plan is to go out without mt DH on Friday?)

Enjoy your Tuesdays and drink water grin

ComradeJing Mon 03-Jun-13 22:15:03

Morning all.
Plan today:
-Take DD to ballet
-Collet parcels at PO & drop of post
-Mop floor
-Spare bedroom

Shouldn't be too hard to get it all done!

Only a quick 'fly by' from me tonight i'm afrad as I still have quite a bit of my to do list to get through before bed and have no real wish to be sweeping the corner cobwebs at midnight!

Mercury is planning her garden, ably assisted by just about everyone grin. Herbs seem to be a thread favourite (and here - yum!).

Engels is suffering CBAitis and *blue is procrastinating. Must be the weather grin

Whoknows is steeling herself for a plethora of medical appointments over the next couple of days. Do you play tennis or have you (like me blush ) managed to acquire tennis elbow through over zealous computer use?

bitchy has had a very domesticaly productive day and her DS may show promise as a flybaby. The thought of home made bread and jam is making this fast day very hard to stick to!

SC is flying her own furrow and tackling her bedroom. I think bemoaning the state of your boudoir is my first memory of you on the thread. I imagine it as a cavernous treasure trove filled with antique furniture and many jewellery boxes and similar.

jdub is dusting and filing

swan has had a busy and poorly weekend and is taking it easy. Don't you hate it when people say 'oh, it can't be flu/kidney infection/insert other ilness as appropriate. You'd be much worse if it was'? Drives me mad. I always want to respond with a passive agressive put down about how I obviously don't make as much fuss as some people.

Just is getting things sorted and hopefully is now or soon will be on the sleeping part of her list smile

lileth dropped by with a mostly achieved list before 1 pm. Very efficient smile

Toffee has been fleeced for £2.50 by her enterprising DS2. So pleased the appointment has come through - that must be such a relief smile

Kat has been decluttering whilst her DH isn't looking grin

ellie flew by on her way to cubs. The first day back is always a killer!

Trazzles has had her day hampered by a clingy DD. I empathise - DS still insists on being carried most places and at 2 years old it is knackering (I can't push a pushchair due to a combination of carpal tunnel and prolapse, but have a very strong left bicep). Fingers crossed that the physio appointment will help get her on her feet (ho ho!).

Ta da
Dentist for root canal work. Is it wrong that I genuinely appreciated it as a welcome chance for a lie down?
meal planning
online shopping
hanging basket planted
swish and sipe (a surprise appearance at this house!)

To do
Exercise (looking doubtful)
Fold laundry <sigh>

x-post - hellow comrade smile

or hello even!

Toffee - great news about the appointment. Re spag bol, my boys like it better as a pastitio - layer it up with cooked pasta and bung a white sauce on the top like lasagne.

WhoKnows - good news re appointments too.

Not much flying done here today, but will try and do the mission tomorrow...

Big waves to all. Night!

PMPY - I took up tennis a couple of years ago, but stopped playing last year when I developed a prolapse. After the surgery I had for that I needed low impact exercise so I took up swimming and I am pretty sure that's what did it, so it's really swimmers elbow. TBH I have seen 3 GPs so far and none of them have committed to actually giving it a name, I have just been saying tennis elbow because it gives everyone a fair idea of what it is. The GP who forgot to refer me for this physio phoned up this afternoon and apologised profusely, which was nice.

elliepac Tue 04-Jun-13 06:42:24

Morning all. Another beautiful day here and have made the most of it and been out and done C25k wk 7 run

Did manage some flying yesterday with the help of DH and this morning am going to attempt to get morning routine back on track.

Yay for all those appointmentssmile.

Boo to kidney infections, broken limbs and tennis/MN elbowswink and clingy DD's.

Better get cracking. Quieter day post work today so hopefully evening routine will work it's way back into contention.

Have a good day everyone!

Morning ellie smile

Beautiful day but I went to sleep far too late and am knackered.

To do
Work (inc. 2 deadlines and a meeting)
Clear out fridge (if I get to it before the online shop arrives)
Polish living room mirror
Swish and swipe ensuite

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 07:28:24

Morning all! Loving all the talk of herbs and plants on here! [Surveys rabbit-wrecked garden] Twisted hazel one of my favourites too Bitchy (and am v. envy of your home grown rhubarb)

Hope everyone OK and that those who are ill are starting to feeling much better!

Thanks for links and round-up Pushme Glad the dentist wasn't too rough with you!

How embarrassing blush but yes it is entirely possible that the boudoir has been in a total mess for x years since the beginning of this thread!! blush (Sadly not filled with priceless antiques and jewellery (I wish!!)- but all of our clothes and loads of homeless junk stored in various second hand brocante style wrecks of wobbly chests bits of 'brown' furniture, in cheap chests of drawers from Ikea, in piles on chairs and stacked in laundry baskets (waiting to be given away) and on the floor. In my defence, the room in which dh and I actually sleep (unless he is snoring) is, by default, very tidy because it contains only a bed! But it's nowhere near a bathroom, hence current inconvenient/messy/jumble sale vibe!

Didn't make significant in-roads yesterday either [sigh]

Congrats on a mahoosively productive day yesterday Mercury

Enjoy your ma's visit Kit

Trazzles hospital schedule sounds gruelling brew hope gp can give you some answers with regard to your dd's ankle

Toffee great news about appt for ds1 coming through earlier than expected

Good luck with all the medical appts Whoknows

Big wing flaps to everyone else!!

[Warning ...yet another big whinge-fest coming up!!....]

Feeling a bit miffed on two fronts this morning:

(a) because dh has only just felt it necessary to inform me that he is going to be away this weekend at a conference in Blighty and, I found this out from my sister with whom he is going to be staying because she happens to live near the University where the conference is being held [anger] This has been arranged for weeks and neither of them thought to mention it to me shock (To be fair to my dsis, she obviously assumed dh would have told me!) Can you believe it???!! Even worse, we can't go with him now because dd is committed to attending a party and a church event here both of which we're unable to pull out of. Dh just showed me his conference schedule (which admittedly is stuffed full) and said it didn't occur to him that I would want to come hmm, no thought of the fact that I would have enjoyed seeing my dsis! Grrrra!!!!§§§"""****hhhhh!!!!

And (b) dd has started brewing a cold/temp overnight and so we're keeping her home for the morning and seeing how she is and I just know I'm going to get a cat's bum reaction from the school when I ring them in two mins, with no mention of the fact that the dc were required to rehearse for school play all hours last week, do huge amounts of hwk on top, never got to bed before 9.30pm and was required to be at school for over 8 hours on Sat ...and then they wonder why dc succumb to colds ....

Ahhh, rant over, that feels better!!! Going to take my angst out on the boudoir as I won't be going out now dd is at home ...

Anger is always a good motivator I find!! grin

Have a good day everyone!!

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 07:32:00

were required

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 07:32:55

V. impressed by early morning run Ellie

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 07:33:14

[Better than early morning ranting blush]

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 07:49:55

[Oh the shame, I have just logged 300 calories shock on MFP owing to last night's Haribo gummy bear intake] Thank heavens today is a fast day ...

Quite understandable that you feel miffed in the circs, though, SC. <proffers soothing brew >

LillethTheCat Tue 04-Jun-13 08:25:36

Just popping in quickly while I can. They are doing some electrical work in our village today and turning our electricity off all day. So today is a list of going out.

Today's list
Go to garden centre to spend vouchers on BBQ and outdoor furniture
Go to town for some food
Go to supermarket for top up shop
Shine sink
Go running

Hope everyone had a good day, will catch up later

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Jun-13 09:42:38

My DH would do something like that, SC, and not mean any harm in it. He once booked a trip to Chile and forgot to tell me about it until I mentioned we'd been invited to dinner that weekend and he said, "Oh, I can't come. I'll be in Chile."

It is very annoying though and you have my sympathies!

Also, sorry your DD is ill and school are being so demanding.

I have just joined MFP and it is a whole new world to me. As someone who used to be able to eat anything without putting on weight, it's been a shock to realise I'm not that person anymore and have to become calorie-conscious. How do you do a fast day, SC? Do you literally eat nothing or are you allowed fruit or soup?

Lilleth - electricity off all day shock. Good idea to make it an errand day.

pushme - <hands over coffee> Sorry you went to bed too late. I do that and then am so annoyed with myself the next day when I feel crap.

ellie - am very, very impressed by your early-morning run. Very. <whispers> My exercise today will consist of walking to the library blush.

Ta da :

Up and dressed in good time
Before-school routine done on time
DS2 at school early shock
Washing on
Swished and swiped in bathroom
Kitten cuddles

To do :

Hang washing out
Walk to library to photocopy forms and return books
Get passport-sized photo of DS1
Finish DS1's school application
Home ed
Room rescue - sitting room
Collect DS2
Excursion to pottery cafe with DS2
What's for dinner? Sausage and pasta, I think
Pilates class
Bedtime routines
Plan home ed for rest of the week

Jdub Tue 04-Jun-13 10:13:43

Morning all-another golden day - marvellous!

up,dressed,fed and out - all with correct stuff for the day!
packed lunch done
clothes away

to do
make tea
meal plan
washing off line and away
bag up charity shop stuff (be ruthless)

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine if you have it xx

DorisShutt Tue 04-Jun-13 12:24:20


Just getting over a D&V bug that struck yesterday. Thankfully it seems to be a 24 hour bug and I don't feel as bad now as I did. Managed to get DS's nursery to take him today so I can recuperate and DH didn't have to take time off work.

Anyway, bug 1 - flying 0 hmm

feetheart Tue 04-Jun-13 12:37:05

Hello all, made it at last.
BIG thank you to castlelough for May and for pushme for taking on June.

A day out on Friday and decent weather since have made life more bearable re builders. Its not even as if it's a big extension - it's a 3mx3m 'fill-in' bit at the front that will give us a downstairs shower and toilet and a larger hallway but the mud.......oh my..........! Thank you for the sympathy though.

I haven't caught up yet - 7 pages in less than 4 days shock so hope I haven't missed much.
Have 25mins to hang out 2nd load of washing and eat before heading to school to read and do second-hand uniform sale.
Best get moving and catch up later.

Enjoy the sunshine if you have it.

Back from the fracture clinic. We've got to go again next week for another x-ray and a decision as to whether it needs to be pinned, in which case DS will be admitted there and then. Feeling a bit down about it all TBH. This is all new territory to me, having never broken a bone in my life.

Hi Feet - good to see you.
Lilleth - boo to no electricity.
Doris - hope you feel better soon.
SC - grr at lack of infprmation from DH. That sort of thing happens here too, although not on quite the same scale.
Toffee - I'm on MFP too, although haven't logged for a couple of weeks. I tried the fasting for a couple of weeks and lost 4lb, but found it incredibly hard, I could get through the day on no food (if I didn't forget and have breakfast) but once I started in the evening found it almost impossible to stop at 500 calories.

KatAndKit Tue 04-Jun-13 14:03:22

well some good decluttering happened last night. DP is one of those people who instead of doing a quick and easy job (hide clothes in cupboards so mum can sleep in spare bed) decides to sort out the wardrobe entirely. So that is one excellent lot of decluttering done and I got two carrier bags out of the kitchen this morning. CBA with washing the cupboard doors though - reckon I've done enough for one day as I have also done walking, done my morning routine and taught a new mum how to use a sling. Going to watch Derren Brown tonight so that is my fun element planned!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Jun-13 14:03:44

Sorry you are feeling down about the fracture, WhoKnows. I hope the op won't be necessary. DS1 has had a broken finger and a broken toe (both caused by friends hmm), but never anything as serious as a broken arm, so I haven't had to go through that particular saga <crosses fingers>.

Welcome back, Feet. Sorry you still have the builders in, but envy at you having a second loo (we have to fight over our one in the morning).

Jdub - well done on the decluttering to the charity shop. You have reminded me that I have some old clothes to go too.

Haven't managed much of my list this morning, but have had a nice walk in the sunshine with DH, so I don't care really. Bought lots of low-calorie meals in Waitrose smile.

Just filling in the application form before I go off to collect DS2 from his first day back at school. He will say it was 'terrible', as usual.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Jun-13 14:05:58

Kat - X-post. envy at you seeing Derren Brown. Please report back!

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 14:29:41

Thanks for the cuppa Blue! smile

Oh dear, sorry to hear your ds's break is more complicated than expected Whoknows, that must be stressful for him and you, partic not knowing whether to plan for op or not.

Feetheart sorry, managed to miss the fact that you had the builders in plus attendant mud-fest, poor you ...hang in there brew "Ca vaut la peine" as they say over here.

Oh no Doris sorry to hear you have been ill, good to hear you are feeling a bit better but take it steady

Jdub you put me to shame, you are always so cheerful! It's lovely and sunny here too!! smile Getting loads of washing dry!

Toffee I'm really not the one to advise (like you, used to be thin as a rake and able to eat anything, now very wobbly/porky, and useless at dieting consistently) but have started the 5:2 here but am only on second proper day of fasting. I'm allowed 500 calories on fast days (Tues & Thurs in my case) So usually have ordinary breakfast, cup-a-soup type thing for lunch and salad leaves for dinner and try and walk loads. Can eat what you want (within reason) the rest of the week. So far have acute acid indigestion for my sins!! grin

Thanks for sympathetic words re: dh everyone. I know it just boils down to men = hopeless communicators but boy is it infuriating. It's the same with dd's teachers (she has had two male form teachers for the first time ever this year). The teaching is just as good (well in one instance, perhaps not, but that's a separate issue) but the communication between class and home is utterly useless/virtually non-existent - one of them never even looks at the homework agenda but it is regarded as bordering on sacrilegous if we, the parents, don't sign it every night. Such a contrast with the female teachers who seem to be much more conscientious. (I know this is a sweeping generalisation - I am sure there are v. conscientious male teachers out there - this has just been my personal experience this year.)

Btw - just a little non-Flying conundrum for you all. Happened to speak at length to another parent at school fete on Sat, who is moving their child to a different school this Sept. She cited too much homework, too much pressure, course-work moving too fast without time for proper absorption, and that "she had become enemies with her child, forcing him to study every night when he is already tired from an intense day, when that's not my job, I am his mother not a policewoman". Part of me agreed with her wholeheartedly, but part of me thought well, perhaps "policing" is part of our job too. I'd normally feel happy with a balance between the two, but she was so emphatic that it was destroying her relationship with her child, it made me question everything. What do you reckon?

DD's temp has shot up so she is still at home and I don't know why, because she is occupying herself watching TV/dozing, but I'm not getting through the Flying as I should. Better go and and salvage the rest of the day ...

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 14:31:08


well done with the decluttering Kat!

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 14:57:36

pushme have just caught up with thread properly and now I feel guilty for posting so much and making your job harder, esp as you are so busy at work and with looking after your bil (hope he is doing OK btw). Promise to rein in the whinge-fests in future!! And thanks for round-ups so far.

Right, really must go and do something productive now ...

superfluouscurves Tue 04-Jun-13 16:12:53

Toffee I've just gone and eaten a cheese roll and I'm already over my 500 for the day blush Hopeless

Oh no Pushme I've just gone and posted again!

blush grin blush

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Jun-13 17:38:51

And I have just gone and eaten the tuna sandwich I bought for lunch tomorrow, SC blush.

elliepac Tue 04-Jun-13 18:26:07

Evening all. I have a ta da list gringringringrin.

Ta da:-
Morning routine (i forgot how much nicer coming home from work is when I do it)
Dinner on
Putting away x lots
Washing x 2
Washing up
Packed lunches made
Clothes laid out for morning

Starting to feel back on track.

sc grin at promising not to post anymore and then doing exactly that. As far as DD is concerned (if I remember she is somewhere close to DS in age 8-9ish) it is a hard decision to make. However she does always seem to be working very hard whenever you post and it does seem to be a battleground for you. My opinion is split. I know the Belgian schooling system is very different to ours but there does seem to way more pressure on her than there is DS with his sats looming next year. He only has two pieces of homework a week (maths and literacy) and i think his school have the balance right. Yours sounds too much at a young age and I speak as a teacher! Have you tried leaving her to it with some gentle reminders and then letting her take the consequences if she doesn't do it? I have taken this approach with DS recently and after losing a couple of playtimes he soon learnt his lesson and it took away that flashpoint between him and I, placing some of the responsibility on him which is a valuable skill to learn in preparation for senior school. Is she thriving at school otherwise? That may also be an indicator if a change is necessary.

toffee the biggest thing i realised when i started mfp was portion sizes! I couldn't fast, it would kill me.

NarkyNamechanger Tue 04-Jun-13 18:29:38

My word you lot can talk!

I'm starving waiting for two for Tuesday dominoes dinner and reading about all your eating is not helping.

Dh has tackled our garden today and it looks fab. My job is now to keep the hanging baskets alive. I kill them every year blush

mercury my DS also starts middle school in September, it's a big step for them isn't it? wondering if we live in the same borough

Bbl pizza's here...

MercuryRising Tue 04-Jun-13 21:14:19

Hello all!

I haven't achieved much on the flying front except the morning routines, although I do plan to do some ironingwhilst watching tv. However, after struggling for months at Weight Watchers I have finally lost a stone grin

Narky I live in Milton Keynes. Are you in Buckinghamshire?

Quick list dump before I begin to tackle my ironing mountain (sorry for the lack of personals):

Make beds
Dw load/unload
5m bedroom windowsill hot spot
15m craft cupboard declutter
Mon, tues, wed mission
Volunteer at school
Water garden
Walk dog

NarkyNamechanger Tue 04-Jun-13 21:16:46

Close, Berkshire. I didn't realise there were so many middle school areas until I read a thread on it just now. smile

CHBitchy Tue 04-Jun-13 21:49:12

Ds and I had a family fun day. He is away this weekend. A getting stuff done kinda day tomo. Very much needed I think.

Links for Wednesday 5th June....

The babystep is to to stop listening to the negative voices in your head and be nice about youself. In the words of the fat fairy "you deserve happiness".

We're still in the kitchen and the mission is to clean out the fridge. Unlikely to happen here as shopping day is Tuesday so it will be full (if the bloody shopping man ever turns up!) As always the flight plan is here.

Wednesday is anti procrastination day. Haven't decided which of my many procrastinated tasks to attempt yet - might be cleaning the fishtank as suggested by Flylady, but then again it might not!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

GoingGoingGoth Tue 04-Jun-13 22:15:21

Evening all, finished work for 4 days- yay, now I can't start Flying hmm

Supposed to have been a fast day for me, and I did really well, until DH greeted me with a largish Baileys (well it would have been rude not to drink it) on the plus side I haven't snacked at work today, which is a first, and have lost 4lb since my last weigh in 2 weeks ago.

LillethTheCat Tue 04-Jun-13 22:37:32


Well the electricity was supposed to come back on by 5, it came on just before 6. When I was picking DS and DD1 up from school another mum said that another village previously had it turned back on at half 11 at night shock So we weren't too bad.

So today was a day very much out of the house.
Go to garden centre to spend vouchers on BBQ and outdoor furniture done furniture being delivered on 1st July so I apologise now for the rubbish summer coming
Go to town for some food done well we did have to eat
Go to supermarket for top up shop done
Shine sink done
Go running not done, but have got clothes out ready just incase I wake up early and decide to go before the rest of the house gets up

Tomorrow's list
Shine sink
2 loads of washing
ring council
appointment in town

Toffee/SC Im on MFP, but haven't logged on for ages. I probably wont either. I like the idea of the 5:2, but never managed it. My problem is boredom and DH. He's constantly eating and also is a diet disbeliever. Ive decided that should I eventually get a job Im going to try it then. I should find it much easier to keep my calories low if Im working. Just got to find that job.

Kat My DH is the same. He's not one for tackle something for 10/15 mins a time, but to just say right lets get that sorted and pow he gets it all done. This either leaves bags of stuff in other areas or a shitload of stuff to the skip.

I'll give a quick wave to everyone else. I did mean to go upstairs and catch up on some TV I have waiting for me on Sky + and its getting a bit late now. Will see what time DH is thinking of bed and I might watch something or just go to sleep.

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow and that sun continues to shine for the washing (it better had since I missed a day today and with 3 children under 10 I need to do at least one load a day)

Asheth Tue 04-Jun-13 22:37:53

Not a very productive day yesterday - well the weather was so nice it would have been silly not to have headed to the beach after pre-school! And a stack of boring, but necessary paperwork took up the morning.

Much better today. Completed mission and yesterdays mission, 15 mins dexluttering. I'm not decluttering the kitchen as that's the one room in the house that doesn't need it! Downstairs toilet cleaned. Plants watered. Washing done and dried. One hotspot very nearly cleared! Various forms comleted for school. And still had time to take the Dc to the park after school!

Today's roundup...

Today most of the posting has been done by sc wink, who is understandably annoyed with her DH for forgetting to tell her he is going to stay with her sister in the UK for a work thing. Don't blame you - I would be very annoyed too.

Toffee's DH has previously done something similar and both Toffee and *SC are doing the 5:2 and eating sandwiches. Me too grin. I found the first month very difficult and didn't manage to stick to it very well, but it's much easier now I'm used to it. I tend to skip breakfast and have a cupasoup for lunch if I'm starving and then have a reasonably normal but low carb tea. definitely don't worry about posting too much sc - I can always summarise you down to a couple of sentences if necessary grin

Doris is on the poorly list with a tummy bug. Hope you're continuing to improve. I might have to put a red cross on the door and declare this a plague thread if we keep dropping at this rate grin

lileths electricity has been off most of the day. Hope it's back on now.

feetheart has made it into the june thread and still has builders. My sympathies - after our loft conversion last year I truly hope never to have builders again!

kat has been decluttering and is off to watch Derren Brown envy

whoknows has been to the fracture clinic with her DS and is waiting until next week to find out whether his arm needs to be pinned. My two haven't broken anything yet (although there was the burns unit incident. And the glass eating incident), but as a personal expert in my own many and varied broken limbs I can confidently say that they have without exception healed very well and I have no problems with any of them as an adult. You're bound to feel a bit down about it, but I'm sure that within a week or so he'll be running around trying to use his cast as a tennis raquet grin (needless to say I'd advise against this!).

narky has pizza and hanging baskets smile

mercury may be struggling on the flying front but has lost a stone. Well done flowers. I think I may have it...

bitchy has had a family fun day with her DS as he is away at he weekend smile

ellie has a ta da list on a weekday so is one up on me wink. I aree about the routines though - so much more nicer getting up and getting home if you can keep on top of then. Very hard when working though!

Big wing flaps to Jdub, blue and anyone and everyone i've missed. Online shop has just arrived so I'd better go let him in.

Castlelough Tue 04-Jun-13 23:20:21

Ooh add me on MFP * Toffee* (and anyone else who may have just joined up!) - I'm castlelough there too. Unfortunately my good news a couple of weeks ago was premature sad (scan tomorrow should confirm the worst) so I will be getting myself back in action to prep for all these weddings this summer as soon as I feel right again (hopefully very soon).
Sorry I've been missing in action, I've made inroads on the laundry but the place really, really needs a good WHB. Have taken tomorrow off so if I'm up to it I will try and give that a go in the morning.
Waves to everyone! x Castle

PS: PMPY you are doing a wonderful job - especially on the round-ups!

feetheart Wed 05-Jun-13 07:17:34

Quick one again!

Just picked up about Whoknows DS's arm. My DS has had a broken leg aged 3.6 and a suspected broken wrist at 4.6 (has made it to 7.6 with nothing else broken though it is probably only a matter of time. He is one of those children hmm)
I found the initial 2 weeks with the leg really hard emotionally - he was in pain, he needed a lot more doing for him, etc. That was when I started running as I needed some time out for me and a natural high.
My advice to anyone with a child with a broken limb is 'look after yourself as it can be tough' so feeling down about it all is completely normal in my experience.
As soon as he wasn't in pain there was no stopping him and I have the photos to prove it smile It did get much easier after that but was still difficult/tiring/draining at times.
Haven't picked up how your DS has taken it though saw the bit about the fracture clinic and waiting.

Also, don't be surprised if you get a call from a social worker/health visitor about it. It seems to be standard practice but I was very glad I had been warned.

feetheart Wed 05-Jun-13 07:20:08

Also has anyone mentioned Limbo water-proof cast covers. They make life SO much easier.

Honu Wed 05-Jun-13 07:26:24

Hello - late as usual but still here! Am obv v slow as 28 days doesn't make a habit for me. However a year seems to have got some of them in place - laundry once a day (although don't always remember to bring it in), make bed, dw - and s&s mostly. This does NOT however mean in any way a calm, clean, organised house, just that it's slightly less awful than it would be otherwise.

Thanks as always to those who run the thread - I may not post much but I do read.

Trazzletoes Wed 05-Jun-13 07:27:49

My dishwasher has broken <sob>

NarkyNamechanger Wed 05-Jun-13 07:32:00

Hah castle I'm so sorry to hear that <hugs>

NarkyNamechanger Wed 05-Jun-13 07:33:15

Sorry that was supposed to be Ah. Not sure where the other H came from. sad

Oh castle I'm so sorry xx. Look after yourself. Will be thinking of you today. Fgs don't fly unless you find it helps.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 05-Jun-13 07:47:02

So sorry, Castle. Best of luck with the scan today and be kind to yourself afterwards.

Drinking coffee to wake myself up. Was up till 1.15am this morning, finishing the school application form, then DS2 woke up and needed cuddles. Not sure when I finally made it to bed, but am feeling the effects....

Another gorgeous, sunny day here again.

Trazzletoes Wed 05-Jun-13 07:53:10

Oh gosh Castle I'm sorry I missed your post.

So sorry (((hugs)))

superfluouscurves Wed 05-Jun-13 08:42:26

Morning all (this will be one and only post of the day I promise grin)!!

Sorry I didn't get back on here last night, dd wasn't too well.


Castle I'm so so sorry to hear your news. Sending lots of love and prayers your way. Take it steady. Pushme is right. Forget the Flying for today and be good to yourself. Thinking of you xxx flowers


Ellie Well done for getting back on track!

On subject of schoolign: thank you so much, I really appreciate your advice, esp coming with your both your professional and parental hats on! V. interesting to hear how much hwk your ds receives too. I think a balance like that is important.

The system over here is v. pressured across the board so we would have the same issues wherever we go to some extent (unless I move back to Blighty specifically over schooling) but we have piled extra pressure on by having her study in two langs other than her own (being cruel to be kind but not that unusual over here) which instrinsically adds more work.

To balance that, she does enjoy school very much (by the end of term anyway - adjustment from hols always rather painful) and they are brilliant at finding individual strengths of each child and building on them. Great 'esprit de corps' within school as whole too and loads of other interesting stuff going on aside from study. In some ways, I am more stressed about this than she is, because she has never known anything different ifyswim.

The school has offered exactly the same advice as you about (gradually and with support) putting the responsibility on her with natural consequences and things have just (literally in the last week or so) started to improve. Think we are going to wait to see how the exams turn out at the end of this term and then take a decision. Thanks again - your perspective has really helped!

Pushme grin at last night's round-up!!

Drat about the dishwasher Trazzles

Honu are you finding Flylady systems any easier post-building work ie with your downstairs reconfigured (although far from easy I know)?

[strong coffee] for Toffee Arf at simultaneous sandwich violations yesterday!!

Hope you have the power back on now Lilleth Have identical battles with food as you do btw!!

Congrats on your productive day yesterday Ash

Well done with the fasting yesterday Goth

Congrats on stone lost Mercury!

Waves to feetheart Narky Engels Blue kat Bitchy PA Jdub ComradeJ and everyone else!

OK yesterday I failed woefully (and I mean as woeful as woeful can be) on both the Flying and Body Clutter front. I can list any number of excuses (dd being ill, starchiness with dh, general boredom with housework) but it basically boils down to the fact that I have absolutely no self discipline. Keeping off the screens today and going to try and do something productive! Going back to basics with a timer and the 15 min rule and then going to go for a walk in the sunshine!

Have as good a day as you possibly can lovely fledglings!

KatAndKit Wed 05-Jun-13 11:28:34

So sorry to hear your bad news castle i hope you have a speedy recovery. Such a horrid thing to have to go through no matter how early on it is.

slow start here today. Am wearing ironed clothes at least. Yet another nap fail so grumpy baby. I think a long drive is called for this afternoon. I did a bit of kitchen decluttering and i have washed up too and stuck some towels in the wash.

derren was great last night smile

GoingGoingGoth Wed 05-Jun-13 11:29:42

Castle huge <hug>

SC one post is not enough.

Not much of a list so far, who knew a large Baileys on an empty stomach would have such an effect! everyone over the age of 14

So a slow start this morning, but did get DD to school on time and made it to dental appointment for a filling sad lovely gorgeous young dentist, but I can't believe how much local anaesthetic I've been given, all of my right side of my face still feels numb, could never cope with Botox grin

MercuryRising Wed 05-Jun-13 13:03:30

Just popped home for a spot of lunch and to put last nights ironing away.

Im really sorry to hear your sad news Castle I am thinking of you and your family.

Back to school in a minute, catch up with everybody else later smile

CHBitchy Wed 05-Jun-13 14:56:33

Sorry to hear that Castle sad

A non flying day. Hospital appointment. Knee is a write off again. Seems dancing in heels is not a good plan when you have knee problems. Oopsies blush

DorisShutt Wed 05-Jun-13 15:01:06

<<< Castle >>> Take care of yourself.

Non-flying day as the lurgy still isn't over. I'm more or less sorted but still feeling like a wobbly day old fawn. Suspect it's mainly due to two days with only two bits of toast to eat. Still, the diet is doing well wink

Sorry Castle flowers. I had two early mcs before conceiving DS and was heartbroken, it is a horrible think to go through.

Feet - not sure what I put about DS on what thread now confused. He slipped off a rock on holiday last week and fell awkwardly with his arm on another bit of rock, broken his left radius (fortunately he is right handed). So, could be worse. I was given a leaflet yesterday about the Limbo but assumed it was only splash proof, sounds as though it is better than that, think we will get him one. It must be a lot harder with a leg break. He went back to school today.

Will catch up with the rest of the thread later.

Swanhilda Wed 05-Jun-13 16:55:09

SC in the end it is what you as a family can stand. Imo, if it was unsustainable you WOULD move her, but as you are managing okay, it is probably alright grin If you felt the same as your friend deep down, you would be moving her like a shot, but as you say she seems happy. If the homework was too much I suspect she would start hating school, refusing to go.

I have a moral problem about school myself. Ds1 has the yearly letter about Sportsday. Last year he was made to sit and watch people competing as were 20 per cent of the pupils, and not allowed to do any form of exercise himself. They had to just sit and watch for 6 hours straight. Ds' only entertainment was going back and forward to the looblock grin which apparently was a long distance from spectator area. This year he begged me to keep him away from school that day. I feel very angry and want to complain, but I also want the chance to keep him off school, and if I complain they'll know it is not a genuine sickday when I do keep him off. What do I do? I don't know other parents in same situation although ds told me there are 5 other boys equally p**ed off, otherwise I would rally the troops and complain en masse. Ds asked teacher last year why they weren't allowed to Do ANYTHING (say a crosscountry run round field or Tug of War) and teacher said there were too many children to organise that way.
On second thoughts I'm not going to rant, they probably just are hoping some parents keep their children away as less people on the sportsfield sad

Castle flowers

Swanhilda Wed 05-Jun-13 16:59:13

SC to counter my previous words, if it was me I wouldn't be able to stand that amount of homework. But you are you, and you are different and seem very conscientious and motivated on dd's behalf. Personally I do anything to avoid homework. Having had loads as a child, put up with it, and yet have become a shiftless and idle adult!!!!

ToffeeWhirl Wed 05-Jun-13 19:15:30

Swan - I would keep my son off if he was in your son's position. Really unfair of the school to make him sit and watch for hours whilst others compete. Poor boy.

By the way, you don't sound at all shiftless or idle!

Our kitten is sick again sad. He has a high temperature, an eye infection, keeps sneezing and sleeps all the time. He is also underweight for his age. Vet thinks it is a recurrence of cat flu. I have a bagful of (unbelievably expensive) medicine for him and have to take him back for a check up tomorrow. He seems to think he'll be all right. I don't know what DS1 would do if he wasn't - he is besotted with him.

If the symptoms come back again after this, vet will check for other diseases...

Castle - thinking of you.

fudge74 Wed 05-Jun-13 19:25:57

Hi all (hugs to castle)
I've got a bit better at this flying lark now - sold a load of old baby stuff at a market at the weekend and have drawn up a morning and bedtime routine list which is on the bathroom wall.
I also cleaned the fridge today - yay!
Will see how long I can keep it up, it's great to have this thread to post on thanks for all the support from you ' lifers' ;-)

fudge74 Wed 05-Jun-13 19:35:25

Ps mercury I'm a MK girl well nearby anyway - loved the schools there but I'm up north now and its wierd how schooling is so different! Last year ds1 didFOUR different School entrance exams for the good schools- why don't they just do 11 plus!!! And don't get me started on the church schools...

fudge74 Wed 05-Jun-13 19:36:52

Better go and do something now grin

GoingGoingGoth Wed 05-Jun-13 19:38:05

WhoKnows ouch! That sounds painful.

Swan more than a bit crap having to sit around all day. Could he take a book?

Toffee fingers crossed for poorly kitten, I'm sure he'll be ok.

Not seemed to get much done at all this afternoon
few bits of shopping
DD from school
Laundry in off line
Dd to Woodcraft Folk - lots of fun doing parachute games in the park

To do
Stick DD in bath
Wash up and shine sink
Load washer for the morning

Swan - at what point will DS know whether he is competing or not? Or was that in the letter. I am very much against keeping DCs off school in general, but my blood would be boiling over this. Do you think DS would be able to keep up the pretence of having been ill if you kept him off?

SC - sorry, haven't followed all your posts completely and have lost track, but sympathies over what sounds like a difficult problem.

Toffee - fingers crossed for recovery of your kitten. Our neighbours new one made its way into our garden for the first time today and is adorable (I sneaked a cuddle while helping him get back onto the garden wall to go home, he had jumped down but couldn't get up again).

Doris - well done on your double fast day! Seriously, hope you feel stronger tomorrow.

FLying - I was at work today, but managed a bit after the school run this afternoon, tidied up downstairs floors and ran the vac round, er that's about it. Also did a few admin chores, which seem endless.

Oh, and good news from me, I passed my last OU module, got the results today and am getting back on track with my current one, had slipped a bit the last few weeks.

Engelsemama Wed 05-Jun-13 20:19:35

Castle I'm so sorry to hear your news. Sending you a huge hug. x

Swanhilda Wed 05-Jun-13 20:32:23

Who brilliant news about the module.

20 percent or maybe less of the pupils have been told that they will be spectators and not competing. On the other hand I can imagine the logistics of a big Sports Day are such that no PE teacher will be very interested in my PFB sob story, so I can't really be bothered to kick up a fuss. I pointed out to Ds1 that the unmusical pupils were forced to listen to him sing for two hours at school performances, but as he said that is only two hours, and they get to sing SOME of the hymns. The main criticism is that not only did they not get to do any exercise at all on Sports Day, but were also confined to the same spot throughout and not allowed to go and see different events.

Luckily ds1 is going on a Outward Bound trip with school this weekend to Isle of Wight so at least he gets a few chances to do sporty things which aren't competitive.

cat has been for her neutering op, she is fine, staying overnight for a tenner so they can check her in the morning as well
a bit of Beavers helping
cooked chinese pork meatballs but soy sauce awol angrygrin at last min
took ds2 for hearing test, they have referred me to Auditory Processing, but his hearing is complete normal mechanically ifysim - more boring referrals
cleaned kitchen
shopped for lots of groceries with ds2 on way home, he is v helpful!

Toffee I feel so relieved when I hear how much you love your kitten. I worry terribly that if my kittens develop some ailment their owners will ring me up vengefully or that they have just taken on a chronic condition they cannot afford to manage. I worry about FIV as their father was a roaming tom. Hope your beautiful kitten feels better soon. Ive told all owners to ring me if any illness develops so I can reinburse them or if necessary take kitten back. It is difficult to control nature and impossible to guarantee health I suppose, without locking a cat in a gilded cage.

LillethTheCat Wed 05-Jun-13 21:09:22

Evening everyone.

Sorry about your news Castle Hope you managed to take it easy on yourself today.

Todays list
Shine sink done
2 loads of washing done
ring council done
appointment in town done

Tomorrows list
Shine Sink
Man from council coming to inspect source of noise
Ring RE volunteering position
Running club
possible baby step, depending what it is.
2 loads of washing again

swan Id be tempted to keep him off and actually tell the school why. Its not as if he'd be learning anything is it. Although I dont know how much trouble you would get into for that.

Toffee Hope your kitten gets better soon sad

who Well done on the module.

Doris One of the few good things about feeling ill, the not eating much. Although you will need to eat when you can to regain some strength. Hope you feel better soon

Fudge Well done on the lists and decluttering. I should really make lists and I know its what Flylady says, but I find it easier to just have my own list and I use this thread for that. I should buy another book I think.

Bitchy Whoops about the knee. Hope it feels better soon.

Right got to dash DH is hounding me about watching something now.

See you all tomorrow everyone

KatAndKit Wed 05-Jun-13 21:27:26

Well most of the flying today was done by the cleaner! I love every other Wednesday smile However, as a result of my decluttering missions she has been able to clean areas I normally keep her away from smile I am looking forward to when master bedroom is the weekly zone as there is far too much clutter in there.
The load of washing first thing every morning is working well and I have almost cleared the backlog by doing this. Sorting clothes for next day before going to bed isn't happening yet though but I'll work on that next week.

Links for Thursday 6th June....

The babystep is putting out your hotspots. A hoptspot is one of those areas of your house where clutter tends to accumulate. A key one here is on top of the fishtank. This babystep is one I do try to keep up with as I find it really makes a difference and spending a couple of minutes a day putting things back in their proper places helps keep the CHAOS at bay. The official flylady definition and advice is here

We're still in the kitchen and the mission is to wipe down the worktops. Even the bits behind the toaster/cereal boxes etc. As always the flight plan is here.

Thursday is errand day. Probably won't be many errands run here, although that's partly because I did most of the outstanding niggly ones today as part of anti-procrastination day.

Hope you're all remembering to drink your water grin

fudge74 Wed 05-Jun-13 22:21:11

hey lilleth you are rightabout making your own lists - I copied out fly lady's lists but have already changed them to suit me more! and as kit mentioned the daily load of laundry really is a great idea - I'm adding that to my morning and night routines! getting clothes ready really helps esp on Work days grin
flying is fab!
(sensible night time means I must go now)

I hope no one minds too much but I think I'm going to have to skip the roundup tonight. I've got a threatening migraine so I should probably go to bed and try to sleep it off.

Big wing flaps to all, and (hugs) for castle - been thinking about you today. Hope you are as well as you can be xx

Asheth Wed 05-Jun-13 22:44:57

Thinking of you tonight Castle So sorry to hear your news.

So today - sink shined, washing done, 2 min hotspot done, 15 min decluttering done, fridge wipe done (not a huge task this one as we cleared it before going away last week!) and huge pile of clothes put away! And finally wrote the email to my brother about our parents wedding anniversary that I've been meaning to do for ages....

Thursday's not a great day for errand day, as it's one of the days DS3 isn't at pre-school so anything out of the house takes ten times as long as it should! So might have to swap the days around a bit!

elliepac Thu 06-Jun-13 06:51:53

Morning all.

Bad flying day yesterday with little achieved really but today is another

castle I am so sorry to hear your news. Take your time and take care of yourself <hugs>

whoknow congratulatons!

swan I would keep him off I think and I am a teacher as you know! I would be fuming about that! It is ds's sports day tomorrow. At his school, they make sure that everybody gets a race by practicing beforehand and placing them in groups according to speed. DS is in the bottom group, he is not sporty at all. However they also do a tug of war and they practiced this yesterday and he was the strongest! Bless him, he was so chuffed to come home and tell us he had been picked for something and that everybody thought he was really good at it. He normally complains that the 'football boys' are mean to him so he was beaming from ear to ear that he was better at something than them.

Better go and get ready.

Have a good day everyone!

MercuryRising Thu 06-Jun-13 07:30:04

Quick list dump:
Make beds
Hoover downstairs
Dust downstairs
S and s
Dw load etc
Night shift
Hot spot - living room
15m declutter junk drawer

Bbl to catch up with you all - have a great day!

Jamillalliamilli Thu 06-Jun-13 08:30:53

Just about keeping it together here, it's an exam a day so everything else limping behind that as priority.

Castle thinking of you

Swan memories of d/s being told his 'team role' was to be the audience.

KatAndKit Thu 06-Jun-13 08:33:07

Fairly good start today but awake far too early (another 4.30 nappy incident - am I giving him too much fruit or something?) Washing is on, DP has emptied dishwasher, sink and toilet have been S+S and the bed is made. Wearing ironed clothes again and have sort of done my hair.

To do:
Top up grocery shop at Aldi - walk will be my exercise
Make lunch
Put away clean clothes - perhaps iron 5 items if I get the time
Do worktop cleaning mission - shouldn't take long as some were done yesterday
Keep on top of washing up plastic baby items
Go to volunteer training course
Find driving licence. Where the heck could it be?
Go to hairdressers for colour and cut smile smile smile Long overdue.

If I get the chance I'll have a look in another kitchen cupboard and try to chuck out 10 items of clutter but our wheelie bin is full and isn't collected till Monday. CBA to drive to tip.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 06-Jun-13 10:52:27

Katandkit - enjoy your colour and cut. I always regard going to the hairdresser as a mini-holiday smile.

Just - an exam a day sounds stressful. That's sad about your DS being told his 'team role' was to be the audience sad.

Ellie - how's the calorie counting going? I have shocked DH by giving up drink for the moment! Too many calories.

Mercury - great list - Flying, exercise and sleep are all on there!

Asheth - looks like a very productive day for you yesterday smile.

Our kitten is a bit brighter this morning. He even found his voice enough to protest at being shut out of our bedroom. He's still not eating much though, so I'm heating up his food to make it smell more attractive to him.

No list today because I don't want to scare myself. The house is a tip. I think I will just do 15 minutes in each room in rotation and see where that gets me.

DorisShutt Thu 06-Jun-13 11:05:55

Cuddle day with DS today with CBeebies and DVD's.

Feeling much better but still wobbly, so taking things easy.

Hope you all have good days!

ToffeeWhirl Thu 06-Jun-13 11:21:26

Cuddle day sounds lovely, Doris. Good idea for you to take it easy after your nasty bout of D&V.

KatAndKit Thu 06-Jun-13 11:35:26

Grocery shopping done
Lunch served
Driving licence finally located under a humungous pile of paperwork in my bedroom. When it is that zone my shredder will be getting a serious workout!

Jdub Thu 06-Jun-13 11:57:51

hello everyone,
Well - LOTS to be done and not much headway actually made - my youngest has chicken pox so we are on spot counting duty!!
Hope you are having productive days xx

superfluouscurves Thu 06-Jun-13 12:17:52

Yes, take it steady Doris and you too Castle if you happen to be lurking flowers

Glad the small wee furry beast seems a bit better today Toffee

[Strong coffee for Kitkat]

Hope exams go well in your household Just My nephew takes his second A-level tomorrow.

Hope migraine withdrew its threat Pushme and that face is less numb following dishy dental treatment Goth

Glad the system is working for you both Fudge and Katandkit!

Whoknows many congratulations re: the module!!!!

Hope you are feeling better Swan and that you find cat OK on collection. Agree with Ellie and others. I would definitely definitely keep ds1 at home for sports day. It's not as though he didn't give it a go and try and support all the others last year. And 6 hours is far too long to be excluded from everything else, aimlessly wandering about. The school have mismanaged it. At the very least, those who weren't competing last year should be doing so this year. Or they could split it in to form or gender groups to make the even more manageable. Or if that's not possible for some reason, then pupils could take it in turns being "games makers" and "competitors" - the games makers could organise, adjudicate, act as starters, measure jumps and throws, make and serve refreshments etc. Absolutely no benefit to be had in feeling excluded for a day. Yep, quite angry on your ds's behalf just thinking about it actually! I would keep him at home and send a forthright letter as to why (always easier to advise someone to do this, then actually do it yourself though I know!!) Think you are totally justified keeping him at home whether you are honest about it or not though.

Thanks for your advice re: dd. I'm really not that conscientious and motivated (honestly!) I've just sort of found myself having to do lots more than I would ordinarily have expected to do, owing to the system here (and believe me, I do far less than some parents!) . (And it takes much longer because my head is stuck permanently in various language dictionaries!!) Also, much easier with just one child to focus on. We have had some attempts at school refusal (usually at the beginning of a new term) but she does seem very content to go now. I don't know, it's the overall system that worries me I suppose, death by rote learning and fact sheet, and when she says she is not allowed to ask questions. Will keep pondering ....!!

Waves to Mercury Ellie Asheth Lilleth Honu Bitchy and everyone else!!

Well, I spent the morning waiting for hosp consultant appt, in clothes that are far too hot (too fat to get in summer ones). Stumped home feeling ravenously hungry, hot and bothered and fell on the only edible thing in the fridge which was a bowl of last night's pasta. Looks like I am going to fail on second fast day too!!

Still not speaking to dh either except when absolutely necessary (very immature behaviour I know!) because he refuses to apologise. And am being plagued by people on the phone asking me to buy things, and people at the door wanting me to give them money - the sunshine must bring them out. On the positive side, it is a glorious day and fortnightly ironing lady has worked her magic!! Need to sort out supper tonight and try and impose some kind of order on boudoir (woeful progress made during wk blush)

Hauling my stumps away from the screen right now ...

superfluouscurves Thu 06-Jun-13 12:19:13

xpost Jdub sorry to hear your youngest has chicken pox - it is obviously doing the rounds atm. [Hands over camomile lotion]

superfluouscurves Thu 06-Jun-13 12:22:25

Oh no - it's Jehovah's witnesses at the door now

CHBitchy Thu 06-Jun-13 12:34:27

Today is not going to be productive and whoever is going to hair dresser today has just reminded me that I have left my patch test too late for getting my hair coloured before the weekend sad Bugger.

DorisShutt Thu 06-Jun-13 13:02:02

Can I have a random rant/brain dump?

People up the road from us (three bed like us but totally different size and layout plus we have a seperate living room & dining room plus utility) are flogging their house for overs over £240k.

We laughed at the price as the bedrooms are the type where you put in a double bed sideways and you can't walk round it. Muttered something about "living in dreamland"...

It's only bloody well under offer!

GoingGoingGoth Thu 06-Jun-13 13:30:19

Doris rant away grin, but not too much, you're supposed to be taking it easy.

SC if it helps you can tell the JC or Mormans that you don't want them to come back, I think they have a list of addresses. When they asked me why I told them I gave blood.

Lovely day again, so I'm not doing missions but instead washing my curtains and getting them shortened. I just slung them up when we moved in last year, so they're getting re-hung properly now.

2 loads laundry (washed last night) hung out
Dd to school
Raced to catch bus to Ikea
Bought 2nd pair of curtains for bedroom (just 1 set is a bit skimpy)
Only picked up a couple more things despite there being a sale on.
Brought in curtains from washing line
Ironed & re-hung curtains in lounge
New curtains in washer (in case they shrink)

To do
Washing up.
Hang out new curtains on line
Shorten lounge curtains
Nip to supermarket before...
Collect DD & friend from school
Make coleslaw.
Feed ravening horde (there may only be 2 of them, but it sounds like more)

Enough to be getting on with I think


ToffeeWhirl Thu 06-Jun-13 14:05:47

CHB - surely you still have time for a patch test? I do mine 48 hours before my hair appointment, which means I'd do one today for an appointment on Saturday. I have forgotten in the past and it's enfuriating.

DorisShutt Thu 06-Jun-13 14:10:08

Next random question - would you need a patch test for highlights? I've got some booked for just before the holidays and I don't know if I need one?

CHBitchy Thu 06-Jun-13 14:56:09

Hair needs to be done for sat morning for going out all day. Decided 43hours ish was long enough for a patch test as if am likely to react it will be in that time. Gives me the option to get up and do first thing. but will probably say fuck it and not bother with the dye and sleep in the extra 2 1/2hrs it would take me.

CHBitchy Thu 06-Jun-13 15:22:10

Right ds is beginning to annoy me and I have now drunk two or 3 cups of coffee - no idea lost count already.

ta da
catch up on sleep
paint nails
patch test
start organising plans for sat
organise plans for tomo
decide meal plan for tonight
admire ds' multi coloured death star built from lego which has spent the last hour being run around the house blowing stuff up.

Plan of action get up as have been having a pj day sort out tea and ensure paper work ready for delivering tonight. Some laundry and rescue the lounge from the grips of chaos. or just drink more coffee. winkgrin

ToffeeWhirl Thu 06-Jun-13 16:01:50

Infuriating not enfuriating blush.

Glad you are still getting the colour done, CHB (if you don't sleep in, that is. Tough one: sleep or hair? Hmm. Depends how sleep deprived you are feeling).

Kitten has been sleeping on DS2's bed all day. He hasn't even been downstairs to use the litter tray or eat/drink. His initial brightness didn't last, sadly. Am relieved I am taking him back to the vet for a check up this evening.

Managed to get some stuff done by using the power of the timer. Have restored order in the kitchen and sitting room, done the washing and hung it up outside, and worked on Biology with DS1 (which conveniently included Maths because it was using pie charts). Even managed a sneaky 20-minute nap with kitty.

So sorry to hear you news, castle (hugs)

swan I'd be having words with the school - totally out of order to keep that many kids kicking around with nothing to do all day.

Been very bsuy for the last day or 2 but hopefully getting back to normal now. Did some hotspots today because friend was coming over. She didn't in the end but at least they got done. Also done some gardening, Aldi shopping and sitting in the sunshine. smile Oh, and work too. And DH is home tonight after 3 days on a course. smile

ToffeeWhirl Thu 06-Jun-13 18:30:46

Just back from the vet. Kitten's temperature is down, so that's good. Vet said it was normal for him to avoid food at the moment and not to worry too much. He did a blood test to check for feline aids sad. Poor kitty came back with a shaved patch on his neck.

And this is costing us an absolute fortune. I couldn't believe how much a consultation and a blood test cost today!

Well done on all the hotspots, gardening and shopping today, Blue, as well as work.

Am allowing myself one glass of wine tonight, but have calorie counted and will still be under my limit. smile

fudge74 Thu 06-Jun-13 21:21:42

Hi everyone! Did your migraine go away pushme?
My FLYing today has consisted of my morning routine, only <creeps off to naughty corner for the first time> <with a bag of Doritos>
I DID go to work tho, and have just recovered from a 1 1/2 hour session of trying to get DD to sleep (she is now - yay!) so I'm gonna do a 2 minute hotspot (I like the name hotspot, I've always called them dumping grounds but hotspot sounds much nicer) and then crash, via bedtime routine! Sorry kitchen but nothing done in there today.....
I continue to be impressed by everyone else's lists!

Asheth Thu 06-Jun-13 22:13:07

Hope you're feeling better today pushme. And that your kitten gets well soon Toffee.

So today - i wiped cleaned the kitchen surfaces, did 15 mins decluttering, finished clearing the hotspot in the hallway - was actually able to hoover the whole of the corridor in one go! Did load of washing and cleaned bathroom. Only errand was to post a couple of letters on the way to the park.

Then made parents anniversary cake - note to self - next time make cake in the week before doing the kitchen zone! grin

I did, well, not a lot really.

Email / admin stuff
Washed dishes etc
plus routines. That's about it really. No washing, non needed doing.

Also went to physio. She thinks my arm problems might be originating in my back or neck, so I have exercises to do for my upper back.

Oh and took delivery of two outdoor beanbags, I thought it would be nice for DS to have something so sit on in the garden as he's supposed to be resting a bit and the first thing he did was throw himself on to one and if I hadn't been stood in front of it he would have crash landed onto the patio for another broken arm. So they have been designated as mum and dads beanbags and moved onto the grass. To be honest, he has been playing football non stop for the last couple of days, I don't think rest is going to happen. They are very comfy!

Goth - I never thought about the giving blood thing WRT getting rid of JWs. I will try it next time. Although to be fair, the two nice little old ladies are always perfectly polite when I just say I'm not interested thanks.

Haven't read through all the posts properly, hope all the unwell people are starting to feel better.

Hi everyone smile

Fortunately I have recovered (hooray!), but am still at work (boo!)

I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to let you all down on the roundup again sad as I have another hour or so of work to do before I can go home <fecking clients>.

Here are the links for tomorrow.....

It's the 7th so the baby step is picking out your clothes the night before. I know lots of us swear by this one, but I have to admit I don't do it blush. I do kind of plan what I'm wearing though, which definitely saves time, but I hate havng clothes out in the room overnight - just feels like more clutter.

As you've probably noticed we're in the kitchen and the mission is to mop the floor thoroughly. I should do this really as I am lackadaisical mopper the rest of the month.

Friday is declutter your car and bag day. That would take more than a day here. I'm sure it used to be date nght, or was that another day? Date night was more fun. My car is properly messy.

Big wave and wing flaps to sc, ellie, bitchy (I am never organised enough to patch test blush ), Doris (glad you're feeling better, my hairdresser doesn't ask for patch tests for highlights as they don't touch your skin), Goth, Blue, Asheth, just, fudge, jdub (I am expecting chicken pox imminently it seems to be everywhere atm. Hope your DD has a mild case) and of course castle and everyone I have missed.

Wish me luck and a not too late night smile

superfluouscurves Fri 07-Jun-13 07:48:14

Glad you are feeling better pushme! (No one is expecting round-ups every night btw!! Think I only did about half a dozen, if that, last time I ran the thread.) Sorry you had such long day at work yesterday - hope today is easier.

Toffee/Bitchy Just out of interest - how do you do a patch test? (I know I should know this blush) Doesn't it involve opening the main bottle of dye and putting the colourant in? If so, is it still usable after 48 hrs then?

Sympathies over vets fees toffee Costs more for rabbits to have dental check and pedicure than it does for me!!!

Whoknows hope you can get your back sorted. Your ds sounds very gung-ho saying he has a broken arm!!

Thanks for excellent JW repellent tip Goth!! [Hope no one on this thread is Jehovah's Witness btw and taking offence!] It's just that there seems to be a constant queue of people at the door currently.

Asheth cake sounds delicious - hope your parents have a lovely anniversary!

Doris good news about value of your house going up!

Fudge you did morning and evening routines on top of work, so you definitely do NOT qualify for naughty corner!!

Castle still thinking of you x

Waves to anyone I have missed!!

Dh actually came home last night (supposed fast day) armed with ingreds, ignored my prepped veggie dish, and proceeded to prep and cook home hamburgers on barbecue which I then proceeded to eat. [Not too proud to eat his food even though I am not still not speaking to him.] And of course we then had a little wine to wash them down.

Oh dear, on't think I am ever going to have the self discipline necessary to lose weight.

I am doing so badly on the Flying and Body Clutter front atm that I actually daren't post much more as it is too shameful blush

Suffice to say that, today, inspired by Goth and her curtains, I am going to take advantage of the sunshine and wash some soft furnishings (chair covers) etc and then put some netting up to protect blackcurrants and tayberries from rabbits, squirrels and woodpigeons who ate the entire harvest last year.

Enjoy the sunshine if you can everyone!

KatAndKit Fri 07-Jun-13 08:54:05

Hair appointment was lovely - two whole hours off duty smile And then I came home and thought about remembering to drink my water but accidentally substituted water with an entire bottle of pinot grigio. Oh well - it was nice.

Boring day today and probably not much FLYing - certainly unlikely to attack my car but I can do my purse and handbag. Super boring bank meeting this morning to go and discuss thrilling topics like life insurance and mortgage. Can't wait.... Washing is on though and I would empty the dishwasher but forgot to put it on last night so it is still going. Swish and swipe done.

To do today:
Go to bank
Empty dishwasher and reload
Declutter handbag
Put more clean clothes away as didn't do them all yesterday
Floor was mopped on wednesday so will do a sweep up and see if it needs doing again or not.
Get fancy hole punchers out and make a bit more table confetti
Also have a couple of phone calls to make.

DorisShutt Fri 07-Jun-13 09:22:44

Morning ladies - not really got time for personals today (not that I ever really seem to have - sorry! blush ) as work is being a bastard even more complex than usual. Anyone want to work out why my sales figures are buggered for me??!?? (Please!) However, I'm glad pushme is feeling better. Hoping castle is too.

Today I'm feeling more like myself, so am hoping to get a load of washing on, hit the supermarket and then play with DS in the afternoon. DH is hoping (ha!) to have a half day to spend with us, but I'm not holding my breath. Still, even an extra hour will make DS's day. My handbag is (thankfully!) all good from the last time I did it but as we're off to the supermarket, I do the car mission as there is a load of sand in the back seat. I also need to inventory what is in the car as we'll be off on holiday soon (yay!) and so I want to find out what we need; any suggestions gratefully received!

I also desperately need to lay away washing - I've been keeping on top of it but the clean stuff is all in crates as I was too shattered to lay it away - so when DS goes for his nap then I am setting a 15 minute timer and doing it.

Lay away clothing
Play with DS
Car mission?

Right, better see if my IT man has any clue about my sales... I suspect I know the answer hmm sad

CHBitchy Fri 07-Jun-13 09:32:53

SC patch test is just opening the colour tube and applying neat colour to a small patch of skin behind the ear. If you mixed it with the developer it would not be usable 48hrs later.

PMPY is did used to be date night. At one point she had it as both. Guess she has to be a bit more politically correct or something.

Doing some fun stuff with ds as he is away this weekend but will also need to pack his stuff for going so to do list will look like this:
Get up
contact mechanic about car
Fun stuff with ds
pack ds' stuff for wkend
take ds to meet his dad
early night

Jdub Fri 07-Jun-13 09:40:51

hoorah - it's sort your bag out day!! Goodness knows mine needs it!
My little chicken pox lad is spotty but in good spirits,so we are having bbq tea and marshmallows!
LOTS to do, but need to wash the floor first!
Have a good wknd xx

superfluouscurves Fri 07-Jun-13 09:56:13

Thanks Bitchy will do that from now on! [Seem to be getting more allergic to things as I get older!]

Aw bless your ds Jdub!

Glad you have your energy back Doris and hope your dh manages to take this afternoon off (sorry - am useless with figures - wrong person to ask about playdates)

Waves to Katandkit (why are you making table confetti btw? - [nosy emoticon] and eveyrone else!

My cleaner has turned up shock! Had given up hope! She is busy doing home bless downstairs, then will clean bathroom, and so I am using her disciplining presence as a motivating factor and doing 15 mins on and off in boudoir.

Have also coiffed Barnet Fayre and applied fake tan to wobbly bod so I can actually venture out in to the sun this afternoon without repulsing the public at large! grin

superfluouscurves Fri 07-Jun-13 10:00:03

Doris sorry! I've finally lost my marbles! Playdates????

Meant to say ... sales figures!!! confused

Confused? ..... I am!! grin

Btw always seem to have about five handbags to sort out - all stuffed with junk - and no where to put them afterwards ...

I'm sure I've asked this before, but where do you all keep your handbags?

LillethTheCat Fri 07-Jun-13 15:30:30

Sorry Ive not been around, been really busy. Just need to pop on quickly now before the school run as I could use some advice.

Ive kind of been offered a PT job, one day a week working in accounts (which is what Im studying for). Its 45 min drive away (plus £2 a day parking), Im not sure of the pay (I will find this out in an email). Its every Friday unless Im needed another day instead one week, which may happen, but not often. Anyway in my head its great, it can only boost my CV, it may lead to more hours (he's already said that he is looking to expand and it would go up to 2 days in time and possibly more). But there is something my gut is saying not to go for it. My head says yes, but my gut says no. Ive not told DH yet as he would say dont do it, but I can only think whats the worst that would happen? What do you think. On paper it sounds like I should, but Im just not sure. Hope I make sense there.

CHBitchy Fri 07-Jun-13 16:11:19

I think the maths has to add up 45mins is a long drive for one day's pay. might end up you working the first few hours just to pay the petrol, and then child care. CV wise it might be a good boost plus it is what you are training for. So what is the support like? Are you the only person there? Is spending time away from dc that causes the issue? Lots to figure out. plus how does it affect any tax credits etc etc. Could you pop into the Citizens advice /brave the online calculator for a better off calculation?

elliepac Fri 07-Jun-13 16:18:17

Afternoon all.

Bit sad this afternoon as I have just said goodbye to the loveliest pupils I have ever had the privilege of teaching. They are the reason that, despite Mr Gove's best efforts I love my job. They all gave me some lovely feedback and i nearly cried when giving them the last 'you can do it' speech. Will actually really miss them!

No flying donegringringrin.

lilleth was going to post some sage advice but chb has said everything I would say so I won't botherwinkgrin.

Lilleth - Bitchy has given good advice, I know how keen you are to find work and to be honest it sounds like a good opportunity (provided the practicalities can be dealt with). However 45 mins is quite a commute. But then again its only one day a week. Probably the worst that can happen is that you end up leaving again and have to answer awkward questions about why you left at subsequent interviews, especially if you leave fairly soon after starting. Is there any chance of a trial period?

LillethTheCat Fri 07-Jun-13 18:24:52

Thanks for the advice. Thanks as well for not just saying well its a job so I should do it. If I were to take it and decide it wasn't for me and left after a month or less I dont know if I would put it on my CV, or I could and state that I tried it, but found the distance too much or something.

Right reasons for:
-Its a job (no other explanation needed)
-Will boost my CV
-Will give me some income
-Who knows where it may lead? Initially its one day a week, but where will it be in 10 years. He did say he was wanting to start proactively try to gain new clients and was hoping he could extend my days to 2 a week in the near future.
-Can start to do 5:2 diet (I know its a silly reason, but I would find it easier to do the 5:2 eating plan if I was working)
-Can avoid the school run (another silly reason, but I cant help thinking it. I dont have a problem with doing it, but Id rather not)
-Whats the worst thing that can happen? I mean I can always give it a go for 3 or 4 months and then leave. Thats only 17 or 18 times at work depending on how many Fridays there are in each month.

reasons against
-Its 45 min (20 of that on A1) drive on a good day. I will be working predominately Fridays and the roads are always worse on a Friday afternoon/evening time
-There is just me and him in the office. Id rather work in a team of more people.
-Cost of getting there and back. Also what if I have a problem with the car
-My gut feeling is not to do it
- Im not sure we'd get on. I didn't feel very comfortable while I was there, but I suppose people just need to give each other time. There was nothing bad about him, we just didn't click IYSWIM

So there are 7 reasons to go for it and 5 not to, but the 5 not to are quite big and 2 reasons to go for it are little things that aren't a real reason at all. Of course I dont know how much he wants to pay me as Im still waiting for an email so I can't even factor that one in. I guess for now I will have to think about it over the weekend and see how I feel on Monday. Thank you for listening and advising.

Right off to do another post now regarding flying as this one is getting too long.

LillethTheCat Fri 07-Jun-13 18:36:57

So in terms of Flying. I didn't make a list today, but I will make one now see what I have done and what I still need to do

Washing done
Shine Sink in a bit
Go to see about this job done
Weekly shopping done
Tidy out handbag done and didn't even realise it was on Flyladys list
Sorted out clothes for tomorrow done
homework once DCs are in bed

Tomorrows list
Watch Wreck It Ralph with DCs
Puzzle with DD1
Shine Sink

SC Im not feeling too good about trying to lose weight either. I need to be more strict with myself. Im getting addicted to Coke (the drink kind) again. Last year I did really well and drank lots of water, but Ive noticed over the last week or so Ive been reaching for cans of coke blush Im hoping to start the 5:2 in the next couple of weeks though so I might be able to give you some encouragement over here (though I might join a 5:2 thread)

ellie sad about your pupils.

Toffee fingers crossed about the test results. Good news about being able to have a glass of wine and still being under your calorie goals envy at sticking below calories without the wine never mind with it grin

Waves to everyone else as Ive just noticed the time blush


CHBitchy Fri 07-Jun-13 21:03:59

shock The wise one agreed with me? shit must be slipping.
Mind you am about to go to bed for sleep. shock
There is clearly something seriously wrong...

elliepac Fri 07-Jun-13 21:16:35


fudge74 Fri 07-Jun-13 21:18:22

Hi everyone <waves>
What a lovely day today! I took the day off as it is DHs birthday today, which meant lots of nice time in the sunshine and a lunch out with no kids - yay!
I did my morning routine, altho I had to iron my shorts (should have done that last night) they only needed ironing coz DH had hung that load out to dry and left them all crinkled (grrrr)
I have not done the kitchen tasks at all this week bar the fridge and boy does it need it, but we are having a bit of a do tomorrow so my excuse is that I will clean AFTER everyone has gone....
As someone (sorry it was prev page) said there is no point in cleaning BEFORE baking....
I have done a hotspot as well this evening, the pile at the top of the stairs which has been there FOREVER. That reminds me, there is a great book called "The Pile Of Stuff At the Bottom of the Stairs" by Christina Hopkinson, has anyone else read it? It is a great satire on a wife who tries to keep tidy and a DH who drives her mad!!
Re handbags, I have a large african basket and a large picnic style basket on shelves in the bedroom full of handbags, and the most used ones hang on a hook on the bedroom door.

fudge74 Fri 07-Jun-13 21:20:51

I think everyone who is trying to lose weight is doing really well even to try - big cheer to you all - it is really hard I know. I lost 2 stone in about 1 year, just by cutting out the cr*p and cycling loads. It's hard but I just decided I could not keep on eating like a twenty-year-old!
Keep it up, it's worth it in the long run (although my fave jeans no longer fit..)

fudge74 Fri 07-Jun-13 21:24:05

Whoops meant to say Lilleth - hope you come to the right decision about the job - it sounds like it would be worth a try, because you never know how it may work out or what it might lead to. If you keep in mind what you want out of it and put forward a nice assertive front, you'll do great, I'm sure!

superfluouscurves Fri 07-Jun-13 23:49:16

Fudge/Lilleth Thanks for (much needed) weight loss encouragement Much appreciated!!

A belated "happy birthday" to your dh Fudge! You certainly had lovely weather for it!!
[remembers dim and distant past when it was possible to wear shorts]

And thanks for handbag storage advice!!

Lilleth just on my way to bed and read your posts about potential job. Congratulations on earning such a great opportunity!!
I probably shouldn't say this because I let my heart rule my head all the time (hence bulging waist line and untidy house!!) but I wouldn't totally dismiss your gut feelings. Don't want to sound discouraging at all, but, fwiw, alarm bells ring for me when you say "I didn't feel very comfortable while I was there". I would trust that instinct and perhaps use this opportunity to say "right, I've won that position but it's not quite right, I'll use the confidence gained from the experience to find a similar position nearer home working with someone with whom I feel more comfortable". Dunno! I am probably talking through my hat as usual but if there's only the two of you in the office then personal chemistry is going to be an important factor!! Good luck with whatever decision you make! And congratulations again on winning the opportunity in the first place!

Ellie bet your pupils were sad to say goodbye to you too!

Waves to Bitchy Whoknows and everyone else ...

Trazzletoes Sat 08-Jun-13 07:09:36

Morning! I've just caught up with the thread. Sorry I haven't been on much this week, RL has got in the way but I have mostly been keeping on top of stuff.

My washing baskets are <whispers> empty! And I've finished going through the bookcases. We then got a charity bag through the door on Friday for collection Monday morning for stuff to sell in the local hospice's shops so I am excited to get all this stuff out of the house and bless someone else with it.

Joe only has one more radiotherapy appointment, so only 1 more get up at 2am to stop his overnight feed for his anaesthetic. Yessssssssss! As a result, and because he is feeling so well, I am hoping to go back to work on Tuesday...! It will be the first time since mid-January <gulp> and I'm a little nervous that I have forgotten everything again.

Anyway, today his godfather is coming to visit which will be lovely. But I'm waiting on our shopping to arrive first so I can make the sausage rolls for lunch. Ooof I really ought to drag myself out of bed!

Trazzletoes Sat 08-Jun-13 07:38:59

Oh and the mother of all spiders that was living in our downstairs toilet has kindly died so I can go back in there now grin

ToffeeWhirl Sat 08-Jun-13 09:27:37

Trazzle - well done on all your decluttering and on emptying the washing baskets. I haven't seen the bottom of ours for many years.

And I'm very impressed that you let the spider live out its natural life. I'm afraid it would have gone up the hoover wouldn't have lasted so long in our house.

SC- am still laughing at your phrase: 'simultaneous sandwich violation'. Managed to squeeze a glass of wine into my calorie allowance yesterday grin.

Lilleth - wise words from everyone re your job offer. And well done for getting the offer, which bodes well for future work opportunities.

fudge - congratulations on losing all that weight. I am only just coming to terms with not being able to eat like a skinny 20-something (am in my 40s now, so long overdue!).

ellie - you sound like such a lovely teacher. I'm sure your pupils were very sad to say goodbye to you too.

<waves to Bitchy, WhoKnows and everyone else>

Have to go and get ready now, as MIL is babysitting for DS1 whilst we take DS2 and his best friend out to the woods for the day. DH wants to dam streams and build dens with them. Am hoping I can sit nearby and drink wine but I fear I may be in the water with them.

Hope you all get out to enjoy the sunshine.

Morning everyone smile

Went out last night for about the first time since September so I haven't had a chance to post the links yet but will be back shortly.

In the meantime as I'm sure you all remember Saturday is family fun day! Have Fun dammit!

CHBitchy Sat 08-Jun-13 09:44:42

oh I intend to pmpy but will skip the family bit ds is away grin Off to a near by town to see a very lovely lady or two for the day and evening Really looking forward to it.

Hello trazzles yay for final treatments, yay for empty washing baskets and grin at regaining access from the pesky spider.

Aw den building is fun.

Realised this morning as I stood abscent mindedly folding a basket of laundry whilst waiting for the kettle to boil for coffee and my breakfast of boiled eggs to cook. That perhaps this flying thing might finally be working. Otherwise why the hell would I be folding washing at 8am on a sat morning when I am supposed to be going out? confused
alternatively I repeat my statement from last night that something must be seriously wrong...

Trazzletoes Sat 08-Jun-13 10:16:59

Applause to everyone for your successes!

J still has other treatment for the next 6 months but its nice to celebrate each one completed.

The spider was too enormous to go anywhere near. I'm not certain it would have fitted up the Hoover also, I can't bear vacuuming them in case they run out when I'm sleeping and come to exact their revenge.

superfluouscurves Sat 08-Jun-13 10:27:23

Trazzles BRILLIANT news that you are nearly at the end of the radiotherapy tunnel and night feeds and top top Flying marks for being on top of the laundry and decluttering at the same time!! That is mahoosively impressive on all fronts!!

Toffee luv - where are you on MFP? I keep looking out for you in our group but can't find you. I'm useless with finding my way around those sites though so could be looking in wrong place.

Bitchy your ruthless efficiency is scaring me wink grin Have a great time tonight!!

superfluouscurves Sat 08-Jun-13 10:28:07

Waves to Pushme and everyone else!

Belated links for Saturday grin

The baby step for the 8th is to [ establish routines]]. I am quite good at my routines now - they really have become, erm, routine. I have too many things in thm I think though, and not particularly the things on Flylady's list blush

We're still in the kitchen (!) and the flight plan is here. No missions because it's the weekend.

We're having family fun today by visiting the local agricultural show. Really looking forward to it and for once there isn't driving rain!

V pleased for Joe trazzles grin

Big wave to sc, bitchy, toffer, fudge, ellie, lileth and everyone else smile

Oops link fail blush


elliepac Sat 08-Jun-13 12:18:31

Afternoon all!

Had family fun morning as went to dmum's for brunch which was lovely. Do need to get some stuff done now though so i can have family fun evening as well.

On a positive note though just got a letter from hsbc saying they are going to pay me several thousand pounds in ppi reclaim money. Wooooohooooo. Money earmarked for new boiler but still a serious shopping trip to be hadgringrin.

trazzles yay for Joe, yay for everything else. Lovely to see such a positive postsmile.

fudge well done on the weightloss. It is hard, incredibly hard. I have lost 5 stone in the last 11 months, still going but motivation comes and goes doesn't it. Slow but steady wins the race though.

chb sounds like you have a lovely day planned.

Better get cracking on the tidying up and flying. Back later!

LillethTheCat Sat 08-Jun-13 13:19:22

ellie Several thousand pounds shock grin I know boilers are boring, but happy spending with the rest. kind of puts my £2.90 win on Euromillions to shame

superfluouscurves Sat 08-Jun-13 13:50:53

5 stones in eleven months Ellie shock Congratulations!!!! That's not slow and steady, that's... that's ....mega-awesomely-incredible!!!! Congratulations!!! flowers

NarkyNamechanger Sat 08-Jun-13 13:56:57

Fab news Ellie, we had one last month from nationwide. Not quite as much (£1800) but still welcomed!

Can anyone give organisational tips for me to ease the shock of middle school? Ds1 is off in September and dd is starting preschool so I'm going from two in 1 school to 3 in 3 schools. Argh!

Main problems:
- Going from leaving at 8.30 walking with me to 7.50 leaving on his own to catch bus.
- homework and book organisation.
- calendar dates, timetable and school letters/ communication
- uniforms, kits, bags, lunches

It's so simple at first school. They only read and have occasional homework, free hot dinner, and school very relaxed about uniform. Just call me at home or catch me at school with any messages. Ds1 has a terrible memory and organisational skills aren't the best (always remembers on the morning of mufti day etc!) and I won't be in the playground catching the news!

Help pleas I'm scared sad

superfluouscurves Sat 08-Jun-13 14:14:00

Waves to Lilleth!

Putting on my best Joyce Grenfell and trying to make the most of lovely weather but dd is not cooperating. So have come on here for a 5 min breather.

She is over-tired and sad that dh is away on father's day (she'd made a card and practised her omelette-making skills) - not that we usually make a big thing of mother's and father's day tbh but the school does. We've already done tutoring, some hwk, and errands this am and now she won't be persuaded to go out again, bake, or sew. But she is not too tired to be restless ifyswim. Kicking myself for not arranging a playdate. Think it might be time to get out old blankets/throws/sheets/clothes pegs and make a tent in the garden ... .

I don't, as a rule drink, when dh is away but tonight might be an exception!!

superfluouscurves Sat 08-Jun-13 16:34:58

xpost hello Narky

that does sound logistically challenging - sure others more experienced/competent than me will be along to advise soon

NarkyNamechanger Sat 08-Jun-13 16:44:19

Thanks sc. how are you? smile

ToffeeWhirl Sat 08-Jun-13 17:47:16

Just back from a very lovely day in the woods with DH, DS2 and DS2's best friend. Did have a few hiccups: firstly, my flipflops broke, so I had to hobble back to the car and get my wellies. Then got completely lost trying to find my way back through the woods. This did mean, however, I was getting lots of extra exercise to burn off the calories.

Then, just as I found the others, my mobile rang. It was a panicky DS1 saying they'd lost the kitten <eek>. Turns out DS2 and his friend had left the back door wide open. DS1 and MIL were both almost in tears, thinking the cat had run away, but eventually found him trembling under DS2's bed, obviously terrified of the big wide world that had suddenly been revealed to him. Phew.

We then spent an afternoon building dens, before finally returning home with two very tired little boys (neither of whom had stopped talking for the entire day).

So, apart from the hiccups, a very happy and successful day.

Narky - apologies, no advice, but will watch with interest. If DS1 goes to school again, it will mean my children are in two different schools and it will be impossible for me to be there for them both. I think I am going to have to employ a childminder for DS2's school pick ups.

SC - have PM'd you re MFP. <hands over restorative wine>

ellie - glad you have had such a great day. Whoohoo for the money! grin

pushme - hope you have also had a great day.

Trazzles <shudders> at giant spider.

CHB - hope you have a good time with your friends tonight.

Off to check on kitty now. He is testing out his new electric blanket [soppy cat-owner emoticon] blush.

superfluouscurves Sat 08-Jun-13 18:35:10

Toffee thanks for wine and cheers!!

Phew - glad the kitten is safe and sound!! And thanks for pm! Glad you had a lovely day in the woods!

Fine thanks Narky! Hope you are too (aside from forthcoming school worries) Still miffed that dh is away for w/e (having seen him for all of 7 minutes this week) but glad today is nearly over in terms of "playing" duties (horrible mother emoticon) ...tomorrow is taken care of thank heavens as we have church/choir commitment in the morning and dd has a party pm.

[is it wine o'clock yet ... have allowed myself 1.5 glass ration!!]

wine Cheers everyone! [Nice couple of bottles of prosecco open on the naughty corner bar ...]

ToffeeWhirl Sat 08-Jun-13 19:48:52

Oh goody, I can drink virtual wine as well as the real stuff without going over my calorie allowance.

<glugs Prosecco>

elliepac Sat 08-Jun-13 20:30:40

You can drink as much virtual wine as you wantgringrin.

Turned out to be quite a productive day all in all.

Ta da:-
Brunch at mum's
Washing x 4
Cleaned kitchen
Tidied/dusted living rooms
Tidied hallway
Cleaned bathroom
Tidied/polished our room
Dc's tidied their rooms in a fashion.
Changed our bed

About to go and have a nice long soak in the bath I think. DH has fallen asleep already and dc's are watching a dvd so all is quiet. Blisssmile.

narky as the owner of a very disorganised Year 5 and the teacher of very disorganised Year 7's when they first start i believe the key is routines. They will probably have a homework timetable and a class timetable. Take a copy of both and pin on a noticeboard somewhere maybe in ds's room as well. Homework done night he gets it. Bags packed checking timetables night before. Get him something in which he can place all his schoolbooks in on a desk maybe? Practice getting up earlier before September and practice the bus route and the time it takes him so he feels confident come September.

elliepac Sat 08-Jun-13 20:32:58

Forgot to add narky, schools normally publish calenders on website so get a copy and either pin that up or fill in your own family one with things which will be relevant to ds.

Narky - mine are both in the same school but we have just had two years of one in infants one in juniors (DD moves up in Sept thank goodness) and practically all dates and times are different for each of them. Check the school website, write down any dates that come home in letters IMMEDIATELY (I keep the calendar on the wall above the pegs where school bags go,) and put them on a safe pinboard immediately. I also sometimes take a quick photo on my phone of things like homework timetables that will need to be used regularly over several weeks. What age is middle school? We have Key stage 1 (infants, yrs R to 2) and KS2 (juniors, yrs 3-6)

NarkyNamechanger Sat 08-Jun-13 21:06:45

Thank you all- have just had a peek at the new school's website- not entirely sure why that don't occur to me before so thanks ellie

whoknows middle school is years 5-8 so he is (and will be) 9 when moving up. So young. It's a school service bus route so can't practice it but bus stop is 2/3 minutes along our road and bus takes them straight to school (and the reverse route). He will have friends locally doing the same journey so should be ok. I know have the term dates, thank you for that smile

NarkyNamechanger Sat 08-Jun-13 21:07:47

* now blush

Ah, the same age as my DS then, going into Yr 5. My DS goes to and from school by himself (with me following 5 mins behind with DD) but it is only 5 mins walk away and only one quiet cul-de-sac to cross. I do feel a bit weird about it I must admit, but it makes him feel grownup and confident. I'm sure your DS will be fine.

Swanhilda Sat 08-Jun-13 21:31:51

Today my Flying dones were
load of laundry
wipe worktops for a visitor
move some rubble

otherwise, nothing houseworky at all hmm Dh has done cooking and breakfast and dw loading. Best of all he is watching the dreaded Britain's Got Talent with two dcs.

However, I have done extra-murally
take dd for an assessment at new secondary
long busjourney and train journey to Richmond area and back
bought some Outward Bound wear for twins
bought a new light tent Yay! I live in hope that I will actually do some camping this year somewhere other than the back garden blush
a new sleeping bag
had neighbour round for coffee, slightly nerve wracking as dh hates her. He hid upstairs shock

Ds1 is in the Isle of Wight. So lovely and peaceful with two here, and no homework to supervise. And next week there will be two away!!! (They are off to PGL)

SC and Whoknows Dh has set me a goal to lose three pounds in 2 weeks, and my reward is to be that he sets foot in the leisure centre where I take kids far he has never once seen them swim except on hols. And of course his reward will be my increased beauty [ho hum] I feel as if I have been medicating mild anxiety with food for a while, so I need to find other solutions!!!!

Swanhilda Sat 08-Jun-13 21:43:02

Mine have walked to school all this year NN (year 6). My heart sank when I saw the road situation at her new school though. Bus stop is opposite school, but crossing is a long way down the street. What on earth is going to prevent them dashing across a pretty dangerous road when they are late for school? I am going to have to redouble my efforts to make sure she knows the crossing code. There is a hideous roundabout feeding traffic into the road just before the bus-stop too to make things worse.

School is an oasis though, all green and lovely once you get inside, buildings dotted around the "campus". My cynical side thinks, how long before all this gets built on and replaced with tarmac for "benefit" of the school facilities. Her school felt v warm and welcoming though and headmistress came and talked to parents table table by table. Quite different from ds1's Boys school, which was also welcoming but so much more corporate and gung ho in presentation.

Tomorrow is more church events so not quite the slobby day I had envisaged, but everything is going calmly for once grin.

Toffee we were always losing kitten[s] only to find them tucked into bookcases or under beds. I don't think kittens genuinely get lost unless someone takes them physically and moves them to a new street/town. Or maybe I am being too optimistic. I think they have a very strong sense of territory early on as long as they are given a chance to settle in any new place for a week or two at least.

Evening everyone smile

Glad you've all had good days. Lovely day here at local show where DS joined a throng of captivated toddlers in the pig tent. Peppa has a lot to answer for grin. Then tea at my parents (hooray for no washing up!) and both fell asleep in the car on the way back so good result all round!

Links for tomorrow are as follows:

Baby step is here, and is the 5 minute room rescue - a personal favourite smile

The flight plan is here. It's our last day in the kitchen and the daily focus is renew your spirit. I shall be renewig mine with the gym followed by gin!

Evening all,

Family fun day today at the local park, where they were having a family fun day. I was helping on a stall for some of the afternoon, otherwise it was uneventful, these things are much easier now the DCs are a bit older and more sensible and I don't panic if they go off for a few minutes on their own. Ate far too many calories worth of picnic but didn't have any proper dinner tonight, so hopefully not too bad.

Managed three loads of washing this morning but CBA to put them away now. Did an hour of gardening this evening once it was cooler which was nice. Also spent quite a lot of time lounging on our new patio beanbags, which are incredibly comfy (our outdoor furniture previously was limited to table and chairs and a wooden bench, none of which were great for lounging and reading in). No space for proper loungers, so these are just the ticket. Can see me spending a lot of time on there when I should be Flying.

Night all.

Asheth Sun 09-Jun-13 00:20:40

A good end to my first week flying! Have completed all missions. A lot of clutter cleared and bare spaes where there were hot spots! And had a lovely afternoon swimming and barbecuing with DC, DH and DParents!

Narky - I sympathise - my DS1 starts secondary school in September and I am seriously not ready for this! Although he probably is.....

CHBitchy Sun 09-Jun-13 03:29:02

Morning. I am clearly sticking to the early bedtime by going to bed early, well in the morning early grin
sooo much fun has been had. going to pay for it tomo. I suspect hideous burn out so hoping that a good sleep will help but expect to do fuck all tomo. which is a problem as need to have exam stuff ready to go and school stuff ready to go for first thing Monday morning so ideally sunday night. Ah well far too mushed to even consider it now. night.

KatAndKit Sun 09-Jun-13 06:52:25

Yesterday i had fun at a beer festival and today i will be renewing my spirit with a day out smile
still cant toss any more clutter till bin collected but i did sort out a couple of drawers anyway. Keeping on top of laundry and washing up nicely which makes a huge difference to how the kitchen looks.
this week i will be tackling the baby's room and doing something about the outgrown stuff rammed into thecupboard. The bathroom is passable as there is only one cupboard to sort.

NarkyNamechanger Sun 09-Jun-13 08:39:08

Thank you for all the help, tips and reassurance. I have a plan for the school holidays which now includes organising DS room to accommodate book storage, timetables and homework space! Being a childminder he is going to have to start his homework upstairs in the quiet of his bedroom until mindees go home at 6pm.

Quite jealous of all these lovely days out! Dh is working this weekend so I've had to do ll the dc running around and take them all along with me. I did get the paddling pool out so that was fun for them smile

Today I need to go to Wilkos to get some Father's Day crafts for mindees. Our only local one is in the town one over from us which is rank (nationally!) so will have o be brave.

superfluouscurves Sun 09-Jun-13 09:33:45

[brews extra strong double espresso for Bitchy wink ]

Morning my lovelies! Lots of early birds about today. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine drinking can do for one's energy levels! grin

Loving all the talk of country shows, beer festivals and family fun days!

[Warning: bunny digression]
Had a bit of anxious night/early start as could only get one of the buns to bed yesterday evening. The other decided she wanted to spend the night grazing al fresco, and refused to be locked up. I conceded defeat after a 50-min chase around the garden But there she was at 5.45 *am this morning, safe and sound, pushing her furry nose up against the kitchen door, looking as though butter wouldn't melt etc!

Sounds like a good plan Narky and that bus stop is in the perfect place in terms of safety!

Congrats on completing all missions this week Asheth and on the drawer sorting Kat!

Whoknows ditto re: child supervision and summer fetes! Same situation at dd's school where they make it clear that you are in charge of your child because you are present, but you are stuck volunteering on a stall, and they are on their turf, thoroughly over-excited and running around in feral packs. (And I only have one to track!) However, as you say, much less stressful as they get older!

Good luck with the weight loss Swan! (I'm ashamed to say that I share your dh's loathing of leisure centres and public swimming pools and avoid them at all costs blush)

Ta da:
rabbit check, morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s
quick tidy kitchen
dd hwk supervision
sort present and card

To do:
make carrot soup
church/choir event
dd to party
sort 'Walking for fitness file'
bake cake
make greek dishes
garden if time
prep white wash (school shirts)
collect dd
last bit of hwk if any left over
evening routine inc shoe polishing
early bed

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!!

superfluouscurves Sun 09-Jun-13 09:34:30

Forgot to say hello to Pushme Toffee Feetheart and everyone else!

superfluouscurves Sun 09-Jun-13 09:37:58

And Ellie Goth Blue Engels Honu Trazzles Jdub Just ComradeJ Lilleth Fudge CaptChaos, Lplate Cider
and loads of people I've forgotten!

Hope you are as OK as you can be in circs Castle flowers

Big wing flaps to all!!

superfluouscurves Sun 09-Jun-13 09:40:51

oh dear ; missed out line from very tedious bunny para which is whole point of it

'worried about foxes but there she was'

I'm sure that was riveting ....blush

ToffeeWhirl Sun 09-Jun-13 10:00:05

I enjoyed the bunny roundup, SC grin.

Dull day outside. Am planning to tackle our bedroom, do some washing and ironing, and walk into town to buy food. Not sure which bit of that will renew my spirit hmm.

Hope you all have a good day.

elliepac Sun 09-Jun-13 10:29:25

sc pmpy will be having a heart attack, 4 posts in the space of minutesgringrin. And I for one love your rabbit storiesgrin.

Quiet day here. Have done morning routine and about to cook bacon and egg sandwiches. DS is bag packing at morrisons later with cubs and that's about it.

Might go for a run......might notgrin.

CHBitchy Sun 09-Jun-13 12:32:41

<hugs sc and snaffles the double expresso she was left>

Morning. Feeling a bit worse for wear for too much walking and too much coffee and a very very late night last night. I suspect I will feel it most tomo which will be a problem but hey ho.

Pain killers and water are my plan for the revive soul part. I think I might just grab a hot bath and slowly tackle the laundry mountain that has gathered downstairs. should enough coffee be consumed there is also lego that still needs to be finished being dealt with and moved to ds' room.

superfluouscurves Sun 09-Jun-13 12:47:38


[delivers copious supply of wine for Pushme tonight] blush

precise, short and concise are my middle names don't you know wink

God slot and lunch have been crossed off list. DD getting ready for party and I will soon have 2 blissful hours to myself in which to cook ....

Ellie if we have friends over for brunch on Sunday, dh will sometimes go to his favourite bakery and buy an extra-long baguette known as a "restaurante" which he then proceeds to slice open length-wise, butters very lightly, layers with bacon, and then about six fried eggs (with smears of specially imported HP of course) then remaining half goes back on top. Then everyone gets a slice off the joint no wonder I am the size of a house. It's really good!

The other bit of the story is that said bakery is next to hotel where lots of Japanese tourists stay who sometimes ask dh to pose with his bread - to them he must appear to be a true native Belgian proudly clutching his extra long baguette no innuendo intended grin

Oh lawd, I've gone and and done it again ....[hastily backs away from screen]

Waves to Toffee and all!

superfluouscurves Sun 09-Jun-13 12:48:14

x posts [big wing flaps to Bitchy]

superfluouscurves Sun 09-Jun-13 12:49:40

[pours extra reviving bubbly stuff in Bitchy's bath]

elliepac Sun 09-Jun-13 12:54:33

3 posts in 2 mins gringringrin

CHBitchy Sun 09-Jun-13 13:02:38

grin SC

ellie dear you can stop counting not sure it is helping wink

elliepac Sun 09-Jun-13 13:20:31

chb sc should know that I love and adore her and her posts and would never want her to changewinksmile.

CHBitchy Sun 09-Jun-13 13:39:34


LillethTheCat Sun 09-Jun-13 13:59:26

What a lot of posts from SC you all.

Well I did plan on going for a run this aft, but its not a very nice day and Ive been sat MNing for too long now.

Today's list
Bedding currently drying
Pamper bath later
shine sink tonight
Homework this evening
Make a list of things to do this week and on what days

Toffee Every time we lose our cat it turns out he's asleep somewhere unusual for him. One time DS had left his wardrobe door open and the cat was curled up at the bottom.

SC mmmm that bacon, restaurante thing sounds lovely.

Well I suppose I should actually do what I came on the internet to actually do and stop reading threads on MN.

<waves to everyone>

NarkyNamechanger Sun 09-Jun-13 14:27:16

sc you are hilarious! Love your weird and wonderful stories.

Ds1 is eventually sitting down to do some homework. It's painful getting him to get on with it. Very bright but completely unmotivated. sad

Ds2 is in bath as he was moaning about being bored. smile

Dd is chatting to ds2 whilst pooing on the toilet hmm

Good god, I can see I will be corralling rather than rounding up tonight grin

Jamillalliamilli Sun 09-Jun-13 16:12:58

Waves to everyone and scoots into naughty corner as body's given out again, but really popped in to say SC don't change, please! You cheer me up more than you know. thanks

ToffeeWhirl Sun 09-Jun-13 17:04:30

Arf at SC's DH and his extra long baguette grin.

Sorry you are poorly, Just. Hope you can rest and recover.

Narky - neither of my boys (even the teenager) have any self consciousness about being on the loo. I feel sorry for visitors sometimes.

Lilleth - oh, I like the sound of a pamper bath. Might add that to my list too.

ellie - good for your DS to be bag packing at Morrisons for the Cubs. Did you go for your run?

CHB - has the hangover tiredness worn off yet? Early night for you tonight <stern look>.

pushme - roundups are entertaining, but not essential, you know. Don't worry.

Burned loads of calories today by walking into town to go food shopping (though I may have inadvertantly stumbled into some clothes shops on the way hmm), then carrying three bagfuls of stuff uphill to get home again. Was properly exhausted by the time I arrived home. Bought some Weight Watchers wine. Tell me it won't be disgusting, please <hopeful>.

Am planning on tackling the ironing in front of the telly tonight. I did this the other night and ended up watching all sorts of entertaining stuff: the Graham Norton show, Father Ted and then an episode of 'The Tudors'. Have finally found a way to stop ironing being so boring!

Toffee - yes, I always do ironing in front of the TV! When I do any at all

HAve been suffering from acute grumpiness and CBA this weekend so have achieved neither flying nor family fun nor a refreshed spirit. Hey ho. May next week be better!

Big waves to everyone... Better get the boys some tea.

elliepac Sun 09-Jun-13 17:15:49

errrrrrm, no toffeeblush Cba kicked in. Tomorrow morning methinks.

NarkyNamechanger Sun 09-Jun-13 17:28:35

Ha ha toffee true- except this was dd, granted she's only 2 but still, poor DS was trying to relax in the tub. grin

Swanhilda Sun 09-Jun-13 17:42:53

SC I wish I had a little camera tracker to show me what my cats get up to at night. They are always waiting at dawn to come in again.

after a nervewracking start to day, when ds2 refused to go the Mass I was meant to be helping with (DH was out all day), it all went v well. Dd mopped floor after Going Forth Party which I have to say is a first for her, anywhere in the universe and Ds2 managed to enjoy himself instead of having a breakdown about how no-one was "playing" with him, and also be helpful in a fashion.
We then resorted to buying more clothes for the Outward Bound course next weekend; how one girl can expect to wear so many clothes for a muddy adventure trail is beyond me hmm Ds1 wore his new North Face fleece, and kept saying, "I feel terribly hot...why am I so hot?" grin I kept pointing dd to kit list which said, OLD TROUSERS, but she said that none of her old trousers fitted her; convenient that.

So we staggered home, and then ds2 played Darts with Dh shock

made stew
made banana cake
and I'm keeping to my diet, which is no snacks except strictly timed ones!

LillethTheCat Sun 09-Jun-13 18:39:44

Toffee I always have a pamper bath on a sunday. Its part of my renew my spirit day after having a long run which didn't happen today

ellie CBA kicked in with me too about running, though come 4 I was annoyed with myself for not going. It was dull and cloudy earlier, but now its lovely.

elliepac Sun 09-Jun-13 18:47:56

Exactly the same thing happened here lilleth !

Me too, had good intentions of running this morning but it was all dull and windy and I didn't bother. Spent most of the day shopping, I haven't bought any new clothes for ages and most of my everyday stuff is falling to pieces. I hate clothes shopping but it badly needed doing. Back later.

superfluouscurves Sun 09-Jun-13 19:31:03

grin grin grin everyone

[leaves out valium for *Pushme]

In that case I'll tell you the one about dh and his catering size mechanical prong another time wink grin

Swan look out for this on Beeb 2 this Friday

Toffee I love Fr Ted!!! (Also cackle at the Tudors but for all the wrong reasons)

Waves to Lilleth Narky Just Bitchy Ellie and everyone else!!

G'night all!!

superfluouscurves Sun 09-Jun-13 19:34:21

pppsst Swan, sorry, but what is Going Forth party???

DorisShutt Sun 09-Jun-13 20:03:55

Evening all - fairly AWOL this weekend as I took the fat lady's instruction about family time seriously wink

My house is erm... a bit of a tip. Living room is mainly toys, and the rest of it is mainly due to me having been ill. I shall do penance and crisis cleans all next week - except Monday and Wednesday when I am working in the office.

Never mind. In four weeks I shall be on holiday in rural France and hopefully imbibing wine

See you all tomorrow!

CHBitchy Sun 09-Jun-13 20:12:15

toffee ma dear, I have every intentions of passing out early tonight. The alarm is set for stupid o'clock. Just going to get some tea and find a hot water bottle. Ds has finally stopped screaming about how much he hates school and is settling down to go to bed. I know exactly why he doesn't want to go back to school. He has no idea who his teacher will be when he gets back.

DorisShutt Sun 09-Jun-13 20:19:00

<faints at the thought of CHB bring early to bed>

LillethTheCat Sun 09-Jun-13 20:24:16

Well after being annoyed with myself for not going out for a run earlier I have just had a productive few mins planning a control journal for me. Is it sad that Im actually quite ex