Stepping into June, tentatively

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AdoraBell Thu 30-May-13 01:03:53

Cats, Zoo, Arti, Bessie, Scout, anyone else?

How are things going, Sinks shiny?

Plodding along here at Chez Adora, sinks have remained shiny, laundry under control, most rooms still presentable, garden battered by a storm but house remained dry. My back is giving me gip and estate agents are bringing the hoards at the weekend, open house.

liveinazoo Wed 05-Jun-13 20:03:03

im here adora-damn netbook had a hissyfit but think fixed now<fingers x>

bin plodding on.....

dd2 has gone off on her first trip today-3 day residential camping,first time away from home.ive beenstalking the twitter feed and when see a picture i shed a few tears<saddo>

sinks doing ok.will pop back in tomorrow and hope you have been back lovelysmile

AdoraBell Thu 06-Jun-13 04:32:41

Hope DD2 enjoys her trip Zoo

I really should be in bed but still need to put DW on and food for packed lunches in the fridge. Had an afternoon out, business lunch then browsing in the swanky new shopping mall. It's in a very impressive building that towers over the city. OH had a meeting there and refused to go to the office, on the 53rd floor, so they had to meet in the coffee shop!

Got laundry done in the morning but it's still on the lineblush, least the puppies can't shred it now that OH has built a pen for them, which needs cleaning tomorrow.

Oh well, best get on otherwise I'll be prepping brekkies before I've been to bed.

liveinazoo Thu 06-Jun-13 16:33:48

i miss her soo much!we domt even have grandparents tohave them overnight so are with me all the time.ds and lil zoo went into school today olding hands and was like imhold tight so dont loose you too!

ive been stalking the school twitter pageblush<gorgeous pic her last night in the tents,clutching mumkey(a sock monkey i made to take that i told her was stuffed with mums love and was the key to mums love if she was scare or homesick!)>

on flying front-

2loads laundry done,fold and out away<just waiting for the soft toys to finish dry to make it 3 loads>
fed,watered and got litle one ready and off to schoo
school run
#swish and swipe bathroom
#my breakfast
#deep clean front room-moving everything and wipe behind,polish and wash floor
#clean loo
#clean out fridge<it fills up with icky smelly water at the bottom where the salad drawers use to be and i dont look down and notice til it start smell and look mildewy<boak>
#cleaned out litter tray
#bath<in peace>
washed kitchen and hall foors
school run

its warm here today so we popped co op on way back and t
picked up ice lolliesgrin
its a nice change to see the
sun and not need a coat a s summer here so far has been dismal!

AdoraBell Thu 06-Jun-13 23:43:02

I know what you mean Zoo, fortunately my DDs had stayed at friends before their first school trip. Fab idea , the sock.

I cleaned my DW this morning. DDs have been getting lazy about scraping food off stuff before it goes and having cleaned the filters it looks like I'll have to clean out the hose from the machine to the waste pipe. Not something I look forward too.

Also did some deep cleaning here, skirting boards, door and picture frames, light switches and anything else with a horizonantal edge was dusted. Bathrooms were S&S'd and kettle descaled.

Tomorrow I need to look at how to deal with the DW and clean my fridge, ditto on the manky water.

liveinazoo Fri 07-Jun-13 11:43:25

<passes chocolate medal>
i hate teh icky jobs
<<makes note must do drawer of WM again>>

ta dahs<so far>
fed cats
fed kids
packed lunches
school run
2nd load washing is in,1st loads nearly dry
swish and swipe bathroom
stripped beds<in machine>
hot spotted front room
washed kitchen floor again<damn cat dragged his breakfast across it and chewed little bits everywherehmm>

i had a vousher put through my door last bight -if i tuck it in the letterbox today<hanging out>get free sample granola<<thanks very much mr kelloggsgrin>>

today its still pleasant and itching to get a big bear hug from dd2 and snuggle and watch tv tonight together<sad soppy mum alert>

debating if i have the strength to tackle the dreaded cupboard under the stairs-it seems to become a dumping ground almost overnight and it reached that can barely shut door and open it carefully as stuff trying to cascade out at me!!!
<think may leave that for another daywink>

off to get some lunch-i have the hungry evils today.may need to declutter sme strawberry and white chocolate cookies i acquired too!grin

AdoraBell Sat 08-Jun-13 03:16:23

<tucks chocolate medal away for tomorrow as didn't manage To get DW hose done todayblush >

I Did the básica today

Packed lunches
Had my breakfast
General tidy up
Swished round bathrooms
Sorted dogs
Sorted fridge - one done, one To go
Popped out
School run
Tríed To sort out iPad and PC, no can do tonight.

I hope you got an extra big Bear hug Zoo and well done on decluttering those cookies, brave effort there. We are currently decluttering vinogrin

liveinazoo Sat 08-Jun-13 07:52:54

MY BABY IS BACK!!!!!!!!grin

she had the bestest time and last night was a blur as she told me all they had done and i made tea,washed the little ones and helped her wash her hair as she smelt like a huge bonfire!!!!

we have had breakfast and she has been on the schools twitter feed and explained the photots the teachers had tweeted-so much better than in my day when you went away and parents heard nothing til you got back!smile

thankfully her clothes are no worse than a trip to the park after rain<slightly muddy knees on joggers etc>so whilst we were warned stuff may get trashed its all washablesmile<she did take very old stuff in case but nice didnt have bin anything>

so its laundry day at chez zoo but i doubt much other than basics will get done today!

hope you didnt have soo much vino you suffering this morning adora<bit hope had enough to enjoy it!wink>

AdoraBell Sun 09-Jun-13 02:55:16

Just typed my post and lost it. I'll try again.

Glad DD is back and excited about telling you about her trip.

DW is now sorted, so I've had my chocolate medal, thank yougrin

Been out most of the day, took recycling, went bowling with DDs, dropped them at friend's for birthday party and sleepover. DW has been loaded but not enough to put it on.
Hand washing done and hung out, but not brought back in blush
Dogs fed and running around garden before bedtime.

We've had dinner out, with a pisco sourgrin
OH has to feed DD2's turtle tonight and in the morning, apparently DD1's turtle is sorted already.

Tomorrow after collecting DDs we need to bath the dogs, rebuild dog house in garden and DDs need to do their laundry. I will do general tidying to keep on top of things and prep packed lunches for Monday.

AdoraBell Sun 09-Jun-13 02:57:43

I never have too much vino these days, if I do it stops me sleeping and that's not good.

liveinazoo Mon 10-Jun-13 14:49:22

thats a sign of old age lovely<harks back tothe days in my teens when i could easily scoff a large bag sweets,2 large chocolate bars and a bag sweetened popcorn and still have room for marshmallows-these days half of that would give me dreadful indigestion!!!!!

i have managed to wash the bonfire smell out of dd2s belongings and done the towels but mainly i have just coasted nad spent time with the kids this weekend.its been dry and intermittantly sunny<only around 17oc though>.dd2 had here first parade with girls brigade sunday.she looked so lovely in her uniform<proud mum alert>
she is seriously lacking sleep-had a nap saturday and nearly fel akip in the grass at the countrypark sunday afternoon,napping in the car on the way home dp was sooo shocked!shes blaming the hard floor,cold tent and an persistantly hooting owl for waking he i the night,but i suspsect its also teh early starts and late nights!!<one of the accompanying teachers looked like a zombie when they all trooped off the coach!!>

on the flying front for today

-fed cats
recycling out/bin out
-woke dd2shock and fed dcs
-made lunches
-chivvy them to get ready/sorted little zoos hair and wrestled ds unruly mop into a bobble
-school run
-pop shop for bread nad milk
-my breakfast in peacesmile
-washed girls room floor,polished,wiped windows
-ditto ds room
-cleaned bath,sink,loo,washed floor
<ignored stairs as back is bit stiff and dont want to seize up dragging the hoover around>
-tidied front room
-emptied rest dd2 bags and put stuff awway
-washed kitchen floor
-3rd load laundry n WM,2 loads dried and folded/put away

i must trundle off to get them now.they have magazines each month and it smag night tonight so i shall be treated to the delights of moshi monsters,peppa pig and dinomite<dinosaur mag> these evening.wish me luck.......

AdoraBell Mon 10-Jun-13 16:40:32

shock I am not old, how very dare you insinuate such a thing? If I could still muster the energy I had ten years ago I'd be angry hmmph!wink

My OH was amazed at how tired DDs were following sleep overs, he actually thought they would sleep, LOL. Glad the parade went went.

Ta Dah's so far

Assembled packed lunches
Shooed family out the door
My breakfast in peace
OH's second breakfast post school run, another coffee
WM on
WM emptied and reloaded
Scrubbed face and applied face pack

Still need to hang washing, get this green stuff off my face and go out for errands but I feel elevensies coming on.

AdoraBell Mon 10-Jun-13 16:41:44

Good luck with magazinesgrin

AdoraBell Wed 12-Jun-13 16:26:34

Spent most of yesterday running round for other people, meeting OH for lunch because he's feeling down, back here for school, back out again for book day costumes I couldn't get after looking locally, and this morning DD2 told me 'don't forget I need something for the secret gift on Friday" she seems to expect me to go to the shops, but I'm staying put.

Breakfast and packed lunches done
Got DDs to put their washing on
Family shooed out
OH back, second breakfast for him
Emptied WM and put a sweater in to soak
Sat and chatted about money and moving, going round in bleeding circles currently.

Still need to hang DD's washing
Emtpy DW
Do more research on line
Shower, DD's washing finished of the hot water so I'm waiting for it to replenish.

liveinazoo Sun 16-Jun-13 04:07:38







AdoraBell Sun 16-Jun-13 04:16:27

Oh dear, can you open all the windows, or will the cat Get back in?

I've not been doing much this week, too much running around for everyone else and not enough energía left over.

Tomorrow DDs need to finísh their laundry, DD1 has an attitude about this but that's the reason she's doing it in the first place.

OH has requested a quiet father's day at home Tomorrow so I'm doing salmón salad for lunch, Then packed lunches for Monday.

Hope you can Get the smell out of the Bed, do you have bicarb?

liveinazoo Sun 16-Jun-13 04:18:32

Its very early BUT NOW IM AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

im sorry ive been missing adora-damn dongel is playing up and taking a month of sundays to load,but hopefully later in the week we are getting broadband and it will be much faster to popin!smile

hope you have had a busy week<sorry about the old thing>

its been flying basics here
ds had a school play friday-circus theme.he was a lion tamer so i had to make costume from an old t shirt-as it was for school i put his name on back in lashings of glitter,mess being their problemgrin!

this mornings escapade with atticus has forced the issue regarding the my shoe box sized room without storage-ive lost 3 cookery books and 1 of my 50 shades books to cat vomitsad

i have around a foot space around my bed,plus a kinda step where stairwell invades edge my room,sadly this is not wide enough for a chest of drawers-i have a blanket box for my clothes that perches on that but rest my stuff<mainly books>scattered willy nilly and cds and day to day stuff<deodorant etc> inhabit on and under a tiny bedside bed is too low to store stuff under itsad
any ideas?

i shall now stumble of and continue reaading tess of the d,ubervilles that i went to bed reading last night for a bit and as i suspect i shall still be awake when my alarm goes off at 5 i shall then do some uiet flying in relative peace to dcs start maraudingsmile

if stupid dongel accepts i shall pop back with progress later!
<<hoping you are still popping in and havent abandoned me!>>

liveinazoo Sun 16-Jun-13 04:22:54

i have a cheap duvet,so i shall launch it-problem solvedwink

my dp working -has done a sleep over tonight so we wont see him for fathers day-kids gave him cards they had made yesterday when he popped in with a new tv<ours packed up day before>.salmon sounds nice!we all ate vegetarian last summer when dd2 switched but a little fish has returned to some members at chez zoo<namely all but her>ds is partial to a bit of ham too when she isnt around as she is a bit of a food nazi!ha ha

liveinazoo Sun 16-Jun-13 04:30:36

the playmobil pirates in the corner as starting to annoy me<ds has treasure island and most rest piratey playmobil stuff >it lives in teh box cut open and stuck together to make a large area with a 3" lip thats meant to contain it-right now it isnt and i had an incident yesterday<namely a pirate holding a dutlass under my foot-needless to say i never said shiver me timbers!!grin>and i have a tendancy to tidy it into a respectable play set up<ocd type thing>i think this shall be my starting point of reference this morning,but first i shall indulge in another chapter of tess-im am not that au fait with the calssics but im really enjoying it and stunned that it was written so long ago so beautifullysmile

AdoraBell Sun 16-Jun-13 04:42:10

I can't help with the storage thing right now, sorry - tired.

I haven't read that book yet, also not up on the clásicos but have downloaded a few. Had to reset my iPad and seem to have lost all my downloads. That's another Job to start on Tomorrow as I wanted to watch some thing to night but couldn't. Right, I'm off to Bed now, will check in late Tomorrow probably.


liveinazoo Sun 16-Jun-13 06:06:40

ok lovely.nitesmile

well my plans went out of the window-ds was up at 5,little zoo at 5.30.i am just about to get off internet-found article bout a girl called jack-does budget meals that very yummy and i got seduced into pinching some ideas!

iam now definately coming off line for a while and i shall now attack the pirates<although im now a bit tired>

i fear today is going to be a long one!

AdoraBell Mon 17-Jun-13 00:14:14

Sorry you had Such an early start after Such a late night Zoo

I had To wake DDs up, then they had To wake OH up at nearly 10 with breakfast and gifts. We went out for a bike ride and stopped for a snack which threw lunch out. Just had the salmón for dinner.

Not much done inside today but DDs have cleaned up a toy workbench (DD1) and the dog pen (DD2) while OH sorted the car with snow chains. We're having a few days away South of here and it's winter so snow is almost garuanteed where we'll be.

Laundry has been done but it's been damp and misty all day so it's drying inside. I need To sort the last load before I go To bed. Feel shattered now, the bike ride really took it out of me.

AdoraBell Mon 17-Jun-13 00:30:24

Forgot to say, that blog is inspirering, I just hope she starts getting paíd on her book deal soon so she can start feeding her son and herself better. Fantástico that she has done so Well on too little money, but long term it's not enough food. I'll definitely buy her book when it's published.

I've had no luck with downloading my films, will have to do a complete reset.

liveinazoo Mon 17-Jun-13 05:57:36

sounds like a tiring but sucessful fathers day-hope OP appreciated it!smile

we went shopping yesterday-i hadnt he strength for our usual 40 min each way walk to morrisons so we just popped to local shops for essentials

realised hadnt washed uniforms-good job remembered today and not tomorrow-so they got washed.also did the neverending pile towels.all done,dried and put away.

other that was abit of a coaster-fed kids etc.i did try and sneak in a nap but it wasnt happening-eerytime i shut my eyes some one start scream or cry!decided better to give up than get increasngly irritable trying.optd for an early night instead!

if you note the time you will see i am up at some god forsaken hour.ds seems to have set his summer body clock to wake around 5am,and if i dont get up he will wake others<who need longer>

to this end i have already spent 30mins in the dreaded cupboard under the stairs and bagged up the paper recycling<old pictures etc>ready to put out in a bit along with rest of rubbish<bin/recycling day>

atticus appears to be very awaree of yesterdays faux pas and has kept a very low profile,just pop up a tthe window t be let in for food then clearing off again.ive forgiven the daft little herbert now,but he an anxious kinda fella so will probably avoid me for a day or two more!!!

i always think of you in a hot sunny climate so the thought of ou need snow chains seems really wierd!shockits nice to get away from things sometimesmile

if get a chance will pop back later.i cant remember at the moment if its today my friend is coming back to recallenge me at scrabble-i shall have to text her when it becomes a civilised hour!ha ha

AdoraBell Wed 19-Jun-13 04:06:30

DD2 realised on sunday night that she'd missed her school skirt when she did her washing, had to wear it grubby as this was 10pm and I don't have a dryer that works.

Did your friend come round for scrabble? And is Atticus better now?

We thought someone was coming to View the house Today so everything had to be done again and of course I didn't sleep last night worrying about detalles, so not like me but we really need to sell, and when I was only half awake and making breakfast DD1 told me she'd wet her Bed. I could have críed. She stripped it and opened her Window but I could still smell it an hour later. She'd sprayed perfume on the duvet, also wet, instead of bringing it down.

So, all DD1's bedding got washed and hung outside
DD's bate room blitzed and mine wiped down.
DD1's overflowing línea basket got emptied straight into the machine and washed
DD1's Bed remade once I'd located a presentable alternativa duvet set, and duvet of course
Clean clothes that were still to be dealt with bunged in a bag and hidden in the car
People delayed úntil pm
Lunch with OH
Back home to put outside cushions on chairs, put dogs in pen, re-mop doorstep.
School run and shopping, decides to keep DDs out for the Viewing (type of people) had snack with DDs, got shopping, returned home, people hadn't shown upangry
Did dinner
Got DD1 to take out her last load of washing and hang inside to dry
Cleared away
Sat down to MN

Currently having tea made buy OH grin and need to put away left over pizza for packed lunches. I even baked apples to make the house smell goodangry off to Bed in a minuto. Oh, and dealt with números calles and requests for DD2 to go to classamate's after school Tomorrow which included being advized to lié to the schoolhmm, it's not happening.

Hello everyone!
Just found you again on Good Housekeeping when I was avoiding work taking a break.
Today as well as the obvious (but still takes energy in my fibromyalgia'd state) breakfast shower, dress, dry hair, I have taken car to the garage to get it MOT'd and done an hour's lesson prep. Just about to get another hour done! I've also been and sat in the sun for 10 mins. Any longer and I would burn, but I am determined that I will get outside for 10 minutes on every sunny day this summer as I usually suddenly realise that the summer (such as it is) has gone and I've not been outside as much as I wanted! It must be doing something for my Vit D levels anyway!

AdoraBell Wed 19-Jun-13 13:31:31

Hello arti <waves> How are things? I fell off the decluttering wagon and lost track.

Glad you are getting a few minutos in the sun, I have to take DD2's turtle out Today if the míst burns off.

Usual rutina done, plus prepping ('orible) packet soup for DDs packed lunches. Had my breakfast and am now contemplating another coffee.

Still to do,

Copy all the notes on my iPad, Then reset the bleeding thing completely
Bring Pirate in on lead to help me find a missing turtle -DD1 left hers unattended, it's been a saga!
Go talk to someone at the equistrian centre, didn't manage it yesterday
Few other things that I can't think of right now

liveinazoo Wed 19-Jun-13 14:33:06

<waves to arti>
<hugs adora>-oh lovely what a pain in the dd prone to bed wetting or is it just a one off?id be veryangry after all that that didnt come to view!

its been very humid here last couple of days and i get really lethargic and dizzy when its like thatsad

as far as im aware atticus is ok-he still avoiding me for all but food<not unusual when he been shouted at> tho he is rub and purring while waiting for his nosh<cupboard love!>

scrabble did occur and i won 3 out of 4 <losing by just 2 points> was a lot of fun win or lose and im hoping to arrange another session asap<even better is that we play til its time to get the kids and then she gives me a lift on her way home to the school so i only have to walk back!>

on flying front-
yesterday i sat and slowly worked way around the front room srting hotspots<more forest fires reallygrin> and moving furniture/wash floor as i went.took a good 4+ hours but im very happy with the resultsmile

yet more washing/dry/folding
and fed and watering of kids and animals!

today im in a school they have been advertising a book fair for the past week,poiinting out all books half price and will be gifted books to the school by the company depending on sales.the leaflet showed some books that they wanted so we got ready for school in super speed mode and went to look before school started-id already promised certain books.none were at the price on the leaflet and i felt pretty irked as the school were left to run it so there was no representative to rant at the unfairness of it as my kids champed at bit for new storiessad
ds was most upset he didnt get all the books promised especially the hobbit-i told him our lovely friend MR AMAZON will out it right nextweek when i have more funds!

fed kids
s+s bathroom
washing on
packed lunches
fed cats
washing on
early school run
quick bread and milk shop
my breakfast
washing in dryer<no washing linesad>more on to wash
crafty napblush-i waiting for blood results on aneamia thats the only excuse i have!
washed living room and kitchen floors

i have just been and put a load washing away and discover one my lagest irritations-drawers full of clothes all higgledy piggeldyangry
spent an hour going through everyones stuff folding and rearranging,tough i doubt it will last at least,for now,i can get all the washing thats clean into the damn drawers!

dd2 has girls brigade tonight and is having dinner at a friends that lives nearby venue so only 2 to collect form school and fed,without vegi nazi bemoaning ds request for fish for tea!smile

So far:
Taken car to the garage to get it MOT'd
Two hours work
Packaged up batch chilli I made yesterday and put in freezer
Just about to get more work done!

AdoraBell Wed 19-Jun-13 20:03:45

I'm finding myself really tired today, after hareing around yesterday and no sleep the night before I just can't muster any energy. Going to bung some towels in the WM and decide what to do about dinner and then I think I'm done after collecting DDs. I do need to give the turtle his sun time but i can sit down to do that!

I shall be back later, DW has been on but not emptied and I've managed both breakfast and lunch.

liveinazoo Thu 20-Jun-13 14:53:50

i have finally got blood results back-very low iron,very low iron stores.shall have see g.p.1st appointment available is monday at 10 so stuck feeling like ive been hit by a bus a bit longersad

on these weary grounds ta dahs will be a bit lacking but i shall be sitting on sidelines at least looking at my pom poms as havent energy to wave the beggars!!!!

so todays tadahs

fed cats
fed kids
made packed lunches
school run
popped to local shop that wighs clothes and buys for cash
littl bit food shopping
my breakfast
ring gp for results
pop in here

it is now emitting large thunder style spots of rain form teh heavens and the omminous black clouds accompanying it are indicating that i am in for a soaking on the school run...the tiing of such things is impeccable!!hopefully this will alleviate the horrible humidity we have had here so i shall be hoping and grateful for that!smile
<<deposits some chocolate for all those also flagging today and trundles off to look for umbrella!>>

Car failed MOT sad - will cost best part of £200 to get fixed plus cost of MOT. It is booked in tomorrow to get the work done!

Zoo - I've been taking a tonic/supplement called feroglobin plus which supplies iron and other goodies in an easy to tolerate form. I think it has helped me have a bit more energy. could you get some so that you are feeling you are doing something over the weekend to help? ( though I think it takes a few weeks for iron to build back up!). I got mine from Holland and Barrett.

AdoraBell Thu 20-Jun-13 16:28:41

Oh no, for the lack of irón and failed MOT, good luck with both, both.

Turtle sitting Today. DD2 wasn't home early enough yesterday to give Barry his daily hour in the sun, asked me to but I couldn't Get him out of his tank. So, trying again Today but it's only just crept over the zero C mark -11am, so I can't take him outside yet.

Ta Dah, not impressive so far.

Morning rutina
Prepped soup ( from a packet) for packed lunches
Cleared away and had my breakfast in peace
Got dressed and went outside in the freezing cold to Get loo roll from our stockpile in the garage.
Currently sitting on my Bed squinting with the turtle buy the Window because I rememberd that this Window has the wrong glass, hence the bleached carpet.

Last night I collected DD1 from school, numero 2 was at a classamate's studying. Came home and brought in dry ítems from the línea.
Did dinner
Emptied DW
Made a tea and sat down, then DD2 finally got home. I had Said she couldn't go because collecting them meses up things like meal and Bed times, but the other mum kindly Said she would drop her off at 7. After números phone calls they set out at 9pm, so DD2 was home just after 9.30.

I'm feeling a little moré lively today.

liveinazoo Fri 21-Jun-13 13:45:19

oh dear arti-cars can be an expensive nuisance<bit like kids reallyhmmgrin>

well i slept best part 10hours last night,thus oversleeping and having wolen "foggyheaded" i kinda staggered around in a daze this morning.good job everyone knows the routine and ive proved today i can do it all but asleep<ha ha>

ta dahs
fell out of bed in a fluster!!!
make zoolets breakfast
fed cats
made packed lunches
brushed little ones hairs,braiding little zoos as nits are doing the rounds<again>
school run/stagger
my breakfast in peace
2hour napblush
put some rubbish in the outside wheelie bin
hot spotted front room
declutter some chocolate<purely for energy purposes>

i have been pratting around on net for 30mins hunting for egg free muffins as i hav found i have a bag bananas hid from ds<he can at all but his body weight in the damn thngs if left to own devices>that are just this side of black and in desperate need of baking with<like i need an excuse for cake!grin>,but i have no funds or eggs til sunday!

i finally found one here at MN-typical!i shouldve started my search here!!!!

i am now going to eat some marmite toast<hmmm toast> and then set about making banana muffins for after school snack as the zoolets seem to have lost their apetites and found a <? what the collective name for a group of donkeys?brains failing!> donkeys each!

AdoraBell Fri 21-Jun-13 15:21:14

Zoo, so, 10 hours sleep plus 2 hour Náp eh? Irón defiency will do that To ya! See if you can get the stuff Arti mentioned once you have some funds. I've used Floradix, but I don't know if it's as good as the other one in terms of irón.

My morning routine is done
Had breakfast while MNing
Toast & tea for OH post school run
Just rinsed a handwash sweater
Kitchen looks like a disaster as DW kept going wrong and switching off so second load didn't happen last night.

DDs Did micro wave choc cake last night, stank. I mean really bad, I thought one if the dogs had left a little surprise for meshock smelt better once they cooled and DD's said they where fine, but they are preteens and this was chocolate cakehmm

DD2 seems to have roped me into turtle care, she's supposed to be doing it herself.

liveinazoo Sat 22-Jun-13 10:07:27

steady with that adora-ds started with "help me sort my laundry"<whites/colours/darks> and beofre i knew it i was doing it and bring it down for washing-<now wise up and say if littlezoo can do it so can you!grin>

made another batch of egg free banana muffins for breakfast today<slim pickings til tomorrow>-kids are eating that and supermarket super cheap rice pudding as i type!<good job not a school day as we would be very late.not helped by some joker tail end our road having a very loud party til after 3 this am.dd2 woke at 12 when a fight spilled out into the street and lots drunken shoutinghmm-mustve been very loud as they all usually capable of sleeping with the dead!>

tadahs so far
made muffins
fed cats
fed kids
put some rubbish in bin outside
hotspot front room

we had lots rain yesterday evening and a bit more this morning.the air is much fresherand that haas helped perk me up a considering attacking the front gardenthis morning-i can sit on the path and pull weeds while dd2 ferries them to the wheelie bingrin-i got some slate chips before easter but have been waiting for lilly of the valley to appear and then go over so i can move them before i lay liner and slate chip and put nice log border round it<currently around 14 inchhigh jungle of weeds!>the soil here is very heavy and clay like so whilst takes time when wet when dy its solid and unyielding so now is the time really to deal with it as the weatherman says we may have a few pleasant sunny days 20oc heat approaching so it will return to concrete mud if i dont get a wriggle on!>

hope everyone has nice plans for the weekend-i may pop in later to catch up/update!

liveinazoo Sun 23-Jun-13 16:42:38

<<looks round for signs of life>>

i did attack the front garden-half filled wheelie bin with weeds and while i ran out of steam before it was fully cleared i can see where ive been!grin

dd1 came to visit.took stroll local shop and the little ones showed her a play that ds had done at school in assembly.all very cute!
she is making plans for college<i feel very old>-it seems such a short time ago i held her forthe first time and yet here she is all grown up and ready to go offinthe the world and lead her own life<sighs>

wwe walked her back to her dads,slowly as was sunny and the kids need to get out for a bit

dd2 was very tired and had an early night so had rare oppurtunity to sit with ds for a bit alone.we watch a tv show called wierd weather-all about firenados,lightening balls and volcanos having storms and smoke ringsshock!was amazing watching what nature has the power to do and we both really enjoyed it.a nice end to the daysmile

today we had to go shopping.ds has a fever and huge tonsils/glands so insisted riding in the buggy i take along to haul shopping on the way,and took much longer to walk each way so am very tired now,but glad we did it!


made sunshine breakfast buns<pineapple,carrot ad sultana rolls>
planned menu,wrote shopping list
cooked now proved buns
fed cats
fed kids warm buns with butter<big hitgrin>
went shopping
made lunch<wraps>
decluttered some chocolate<purely for energy giving properties!>
put shopping away
hot spot front room
supervised dcs doing home work
washed school uniforms<now in drier and will be folded and put away as soon as it stops>
put dcs bedding into wash<near broke neck on ds dinosaur strewn rooom.had squawking mum moment<be tired doesnt help me be patient/rationalsad>made then tidy rooms!
am now really wanting to have a nap but i have baths to run soon and hair to was and nit check...
tonights dinner i am going to have first attempt at making falafel and will serve with nutty couscous and green beanssmile

<<wanders off to find recipe.>>
had lunch

AdoraBell Sun 23-Jun-13 21:16:07

Had a day out today, just heading home so will try To update later but, I found DD1's turtle grin, been missing since June 14th, that's 9 days out of water.

AdoraBell Mon 24-Jun-13 03:28:48

Well done on the garden Zoo no wonder you need a náp. I've never made falafel, How did it turn out?

Not much flying here Today, got up late and collected DD2 from a sleep over Then headed into town for bowling, lunch and a little shopping. DDs bought tank decorations for the turtles and OH splashed out on electrónica.

DDs have done their laundry, under duress
Dinner done and cleared away
DD2 made a microwave choc cake for school Tomorrow
Packed lunch is sorted but needs assembling in the morning
Swept the kitchen, after the cake making
Put DW on and bruised my knee on the córner of the door as I closed it

Currently sitting with an ice pack on my knee and a tea at my elbow.

<leaves fresh coffee and pastries for brekkies>

bessie26 Mon 24-Jun-13 07:28:01

<nabs pastries and runs away again>

<grins at bessie and hopes she is going to share>

My top 5 targets for today:

1. Do at least 6 hours work
2. Do a bit of ironing and tidy ironing stuff away so living room can be used for parents to wait in tomorrow.
3. Find some time to pray
4. Make bed and tidy bedroom
5. tidy kitchen and clear some of the surfaces that have become clutter magnets!

1. Do at least 6 hours work (done 1)
2. Do a bit of ironing and tidy ironing stuff away so living room can be used for parents to wait in tomorrow.
3. Find some time to pray
4. Make bed and tidy bedroom
5. tidy kitchen and clear some of the surfaces that have become clutter magnets! (a little bit done!)

liveinazoo Mon 24-Jun-13 14:01:47

<wishes had strength to chase bessie for a pastry!grin>

<hopes she returns with something yummy from her blogwink>

ouch adora ive done that many a time!

well done arti keep plod on there!smile

i went gp today and horrible doctor ive never met before demanded i eat meat with my iron tablets despite me telling him i veggiehmmam so cross ive posted on am i being unreasonable!

other than that to days ta dahs

#fed cats
#put recycling out
#fed kids
#made packed lunches
#s+s bathroom
#made beds and cleaned dcs bedroom windows
#washing on
#hot spot front room
#braide little zoo hair
#school run
<can you tell ds was up earlywith his sore throat by my chore level by 8.30!>
#doctor appointment<including 40min walk each way>
#late breakfast/ brunch/pig out
#napped<like glutted piggygrin
#folded dry laundry
#put more on to wash

* our foray into the wondeful world of falafel was goodgrindd2 wanted to help and i needed to add cumin and as i onlly have seeds i entrusted her with my beloved marble pestle and mortar<break it and i will break your legs<joke>>she lovingly ground some up and grated the carrot.together we mashed everything together with a brand spanking new potato masher and somehow we have bent the handle to a right angleshock-i shall be returning that to morrisons tomorrow!!!
i havent the patience for shallow fryin-someone always starts a fight and i end up burning either myself or the food,so i sprayed them with oil and bunged them in the oven for 15mins...they were excellent and very easy to make ,so much so that dd2 has requested be allowed to make them next time<one less job for me although i suspect eh kitchen may suffer as a result!ha ha

AdoraBell Mon 24-Jun-13 17:08:27

Zoo if I were you I'd post in Food-Recipes for veggie típs. I do know red meat gives us irón but if you are vegetarían you need some thing diferent.

Glad the falafels worked out Well, I may give them a whirl even though I don't like beans. Really trying to Get good things like beans etc into my diet.

Not much to reportblush

Morning routine, plus-

Got DD1 to put a load of washing on, I loaded the machine
Had my breakfast in peace
Did second breakfast for OH post school run
Thought about putting towels in WM but decided on another coffee and discovered the leccy had gone off. Had to do my coffee the old fashioned way, pan on the hob.
Emptied DW and put breakfast things in
Emptied WM and rinsed hand washing ítems, put that lot outside, kicked a dog out of the kitchen five times during the process of hanging washing.
Leccy came back on so towels are now washing.

I really need to Get the dogs showered, they pong, then Get some shopping and collect DDs.

arti hope you've found the time and energía to Get your things done

Ahem, Bessie, Those pastries were for sharing wink

AdoraBell Mon 24-Jun-13 18:57:51

Teddy Bear, biggest and smelliest dog, is now clean but my back is sore from trying To keep him still while using a cup To splash water over him. OH has done something with the hose pipe fittings and it won't attach. The other dogs got let off today.

Towels are clean and ready for haning out
I've showered and am having yet another coffee while I decide if I want some lunch or not.

AdoraBell Tue 25-Jun-13 03:29:22

Got DDs from school and dropped off friend's DCs
Went shopping
Came home
Brought in nearly dry things to dry inside & put towels out as too soggy for indoor drying
Made dinner
Cleared away
Un packed shopping
Sat down with a tea
Decided to do packed lunch in the morning as too tired now.

See you in the morningsmile

<leaves out extra strong coffee and raspberry filled pastries>

Morning all! <injects caffeine intravenously and munches on pastries>

Yesterday's achievements:

1. Do at least 6 hours work done grin
2. Do a bit of ironing done smile and tidy ironing stuff away so living room can be used for parents to wait in tomorrow.[not done - will have to be done today before 5.00pm]
3. Find some time to pray - hmm sort of
4.--Make bed and tidy bedroom-- done
5. tidy kitchen and clear some of the surfaces that have become clutter magnets! - not really - maybe a bit!

Today's 5 most important things

1. Do at least 6 hours work (again!)
2. Make bed
3. Tidy ironing and mending stuff from living room
4. Get washing (currently in machine) out on line and bring in when dry.
5. Time for prayer (already done smile )

AdoraBell Tue 25-Jun-13 13:25:58

Ooooh, look at you Arti numero 5 already done, way to Go grin

We all over sept. just a bit, DDs still left for school with enough time and a packed lunch
I'm on my second coffee and have had some cereal
Still need to clear sandwich making detritus and breakfast things, empty DW and Go round opening curtáins to let some light in, among other things

I'll report back when I have something to report.

1. Do at least 6 hours work (again!)
2. Make bed
3. Tidy ironing and mending stuff from living room
4. Get washing (currently in machine) out on line and bring in when dry.
5. Time for prayer

AdoraBell Tue 25-Jun-13 16:23:10

I seem to be unable to leap into action, despite the caffeine.

DW has been emptied and reloaded with breakfast things, tea has been drunk, too much coffee dehydrates me and so I was feeling parched. Curtains are open and sunlight streaming in. Swept up crumbs from kitchen floor. Last night's shopping has been put away

I could do laundry, maybe. Meh. I want to go back to pilates, will text the tutor and see what can be done. Need to get a bit more shopping, forgot a few things, and just generally get out of the house.

Zoo how're things today?

and where's that Bessie, anyone seen her since the pastry incident?

1. Do at least 6 hours work (again!)
2. Make bed - meh!
3. Tidy ironing and mending stuff from living room ( got half way there and forgot until parent arrived - they survived!!)
4. Get washing (currently in machine) out on line and bring in when dry. ( will do before bed!)
5. Time for prayer

AdoraBell Wed 26-Jun-13 03:55:55

Finally mustered up the energía to collect DDs, one of whom had to go and study with a classmate.

Had a snack with DD2
Got shopping for dinner
Back home
Brought in yesterday's towels
Made dinner
Ate dinner
Went to collect DD1
Back home
Fed dogs - OH working late
Sent DDs to Bed
Packed up food for Tomorrow's lunch
Had a tea
Sent DDs to Bed again
OH arrived home
Did him a tea and nuked food for him, then did a cheese sarny as he was still hungry.
finally Sat down with my tea at 10pm

Earlier I did a face mask, just need to wash the day's sunblock and grime off - air is filthy this time of year.

AdoraBell Wed 26-Jun-13 04:22:25

And I put DW on.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 26-Jun-13 10:00:13

<Wanders in>

Hi all, had quite a long break away from Mumsnet but I may return ?

My house is a tip but I'm kinda managing --not really a tip just not as good as it could be--

DD is still full of mischief! Nursery are taking her on her first visit to school this morning so I hope that goes well.

I still have days where I find it hard to be motivated, am still on the AD's and counselling. Trying to get going but some days if seems harder than others.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 26-Jun-13 10:17:44

Right I am going to try today but I won't post lists of what I have done unless I feel like it wink .

Gonna start with 15 mins at a time with breaks in between doing whatever.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 26-Jun-13 10:41:59

Things seem to have changed on Mumsnet. I can't see anyway of logging out. --fears I will be logged in for ever-- Also the inbox seems to have vanished!

<Feels a bit worried> shock hmm

I have missed you guys though! smile

Morning everyone!
Welcome back Cat. Great to see you!
The in box is still there - up at the top right hand of the page by the purple thing that says "my mumsnet". It also gives you the opportunity to log off there too!

Struggling to get going this morning. After two not such bad days I feel like I've hit a wall! Just about to get started on the caffeine!!

My top 5 for today:
1. Do 6 hours work <exhausted smilie>
2. Cook sausage couscous thing at lunchtime and freeze remaining portions of casserole.
3.Put in a repeat prescription
4.Find an item to declutter
5. Empty dishwasher and fill with more dirty stuff!

liveinazoo Wed 26-Jun-13 14:30:31

<<hugs cats welcome back!>>
arti im very impressed with tuesdays ta dahs<passes gold star>
<passes another star to adora for managing to wash a large dog with a cup!shockgrin>

so tuesday was manic-heres the ta dahs
rushed round like an idiot to-
#make berry breakfast bars
#feed cats
#make beds
#make lunches<when bars had cooled enough to handle without crumbling>
#fed zoolets
did little zoos braids
#school run
#my breakfast
#attacked front garden

since easter i have had the necessary stuff to overhaul at least part of my front garden but have been waiting for reasonable enough weather and the donkey power of dp to merge together and finally here we are!grin
#square patch to left of the garden path<full view from living room window that i weeded satiurday>had had lily of the valley dug out by dp and couple other copius ground covering,deep rooted suckers have been evicted,along with roots of several bramblesgrin

#dp dug out a rouge fence post thats not attatched to anything and an egde so i could follow behind and tap in a nice little log border
#covered with binbags and tipped over 12 sacks of plumcoloured slate

<discovered that wasnt enough
#trip to homebase for 3 more sackshmm
#tipped and spread.lovelysmile

i now have splendid tidy view from living room window--but need to turn a blind eye to the other side of garden path where the weeds and hedge merge as one!-- as fly lady says baby stepsgrinwink!!!!

#food shopping<hurrah as dp had car no drag it back home!>
#late lunch
#read paper with dp
#collected dcs
#made pizza with dd2,cooked and ate it-yum yum

that was as far as i got.back was seizing a little and was totally wrecked but so pleased with what achieved!

liveinazoo Wed 26-Jun-13 14:43:24

rogue? ment rogueblush

todays ta dahs
#fed cats
#fed kids
#made packed lunches
#put washing did yesterday but forgot to dry into drier
#washing on
#braid little zoo hair
#school run

<ds has been invited to have tea and play at friends house next wednesday-his first invitegrin>

#my breakfast<in peace>
#started tidy hot spots front room til scoutcat opened front door and dashed in making it very clear wanted some attention NOW and climbing all over me purring,shedding,rubbing he deposited himself on me so had sit and fuss himhmm
<cat vacated to kitchen for a snack and resumed flying>
#ds room-polished,cleaned visible paintwork,wiped grubby light switches,doors and handles
#dds rrom-polished,cleaned visible paintwork,grubby lightswitches and doors/handles.tightened screws on little zoos toy kitchen doors<all but hanging off!>
#swish and swipe bathroom
#bleach loo
#washing into dryer
#cleaned outside downstairs windows
#late lunch

dd1 then text me from driving centre all excited as had passed test<4th attempt>i then rang her as she was gong on to work some overtime from there.bless her-she was so happysmileim very pleased for her naturally and also glad as she is accompanying me to ds and dd2 sport day friday and if had failed wouldve scared small children with her thunder face!!!

finally finished hte front room hotspot
rubbish in wheelie bin
recycling out in to crates

have now officially run out of steam!am making pasta bake for tea<easy> and other than that i suspect very little else will happen!

tomorrow pm is little zoos sport day so am hoping ot have time to squeeze ta dahs in before i go.friday i shall be literally flying before school as i have dd2 sports day in morning,ds in afternoon so most chores will have to be done before i leave the house!shock

keep up the good work

<looks for *bessie,the phantom pastry snatcher but to no availgrin>

AdoraBell Wed 26-Jun-13 15:14:40

Hello Cats <sends hugs> welcome back. when you log in now there's a tick box to stay logged in, untick that and you'll log out as before when finished.

I didn't get much time out of the house yesterday, so I'm going out today. We have fog and it's 5C so I'm going to the swanky new shopping centre. I don't mind cold as long as it's not damp.

Morning routine done
My breakfast in peace done
Breakfast things cleared
Toast for OH post school run done

Need to empty DW and look for recipes but t'internet is playing up, posting this on phone.

Zoo congrats to DD for her driving test and hope the sport days go well.

Arti hope you get over your wall soon

<wears gold star proudly and tries to pretend she is working not browsing MN >

1. Do 6 hours work <exhausted smilie> -done 1 1/2 hours - unlikely to meet target!
2. Cook sausage couscous thing at lunchtime and freeze remaining portions of casserole.
3.Put in a repeat prescription
4.Find an item to declutter
5. Empty dishwasher and fill with more dirty stuff!

AdoraBell Thu 27-Jun-13 03:57:56

Went out, had a mooch around nice shops and bought some socks, now I can Get rid of worn out ones.

Other Ta Dah's

Emptied and reloaded DW, flicked switch
After shopping, back home
S&S'd bath room
Had a tea
School run
Back home
Made and ate dinner
Out again to collect DD from classmate's house, working together again
Back home 10pm by this time
Fed dogs - OH went to Bed at 7.30 with a headache
Fed DD1 who had told me 15 minutos before that she wasn't hungry
'frdged food for packed lunches
Emptied DW
Cleared away dinner things and sorted pots from lunch bags
Put DW on
Made a tea

DDs are in Bed and I need to put the dogs in their penn before I Go to Bed

Going to try and see a woman about a horse Tomorrow, not buying one though. And pilates tutor, also need to put spare dosh in bank, practicaly next door to pilates.

<leaves out fresh coffee / tea and pastries with a few extra in case Bessie the pastry bandít is about>

Morning all!
Drinks coffee and tries to ignore pastries as really Needs To Lose Weight!

Yesterday's updates
1. Do 6 hours work <exhausted smilie> Ha ha - managed 5
2. Cook sausage couscous thing at lunchtime and freeze remaining portions of casserole.
3.Put in a repeat prescription
4.Find an item to declutter
5. Empty dishwasher and fill with more dirty stuff!

Today's priorities
1. Sort computer problem done ( hopefully)
2. Go to this morning's appointment
3. Put in repeat prescription that I should have done yesterday
4. Put on a load of washing and put out to dry after
5. Do 5 hours work!
6. Find a couple of items from spare doom to declutter

BlackCatinChaos Thu 27-Jun-13 13:55:40

Hi all, not much done here yet today as I been out up until lunch time. Gonna have a cup of tea then get cracking! .

BlackCatinChaos Thu 27-Jun-13 13:57:28

Thanks for the welcome back smile x

1. Sort computer problem done ( hopefully)
2. Go to this morning's appointment
3. Put in repeat prescription that I should have done yesterday (about to)
4. Put on a load of washing and put out to dry after
5. Do 5 hours work! (Only managed 4!)
6. Find a couple of items from spare doom to declutter (about to!)

AdoraBell Thu 27-Jun-13 22:52:34

I didn't manage to see the woman about the horse or the pilates tutor, t'was blowing a hooley this morning and I didn't leave home úntil just before school run time. Will try again Tomorrow as I really want to do it this week.

Still need to do dinner and sort out DDs for school Tomorrow. Laundry is pilling up but no point washing úntil the rain stops, it's all heavy things I don't want making the house damp.

Managed to Google a few brekkies Recipes but have neither ingredients ñor energía to do anything about it Today.

AdoraBell Fri 28-Jun-13 14:45:41

And the rain continúes. I'm going back to Bed for a while.


Raining here too Adora - and this is midsummer!

bessie26 Fri 28-Jun-13 19:06:05

<shuffles back in looking embarrassed, but with huge plates of chocolate chip cookies & breakfast cookies>

grin Thanks Bessie!

I need to start some work tonight but I'm finding it hard to get going. I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and then I must get on!

AdoraBell Fri 28-Jun-13 19:46:32

Oooh, Thanks Bessie , just the thing after my rather long napsmile

Been tired all week and last night I was disappointed when it remembered it was Thursday. I so wanted to not have to get up this morning.

So, other than snooze I've managed to

Complete morning routine which included prepping a packet soup for packed lunch
Have breakfast with lot's of coffee, it didn't work
Make an omlette for a late lunch

Nearly school run time now. Rain has abatatad for now but is forecast to continúe later and over night so my Montt Washmore is still looking impressive.

bessie26 Fri 28-Jun-13 21:42:13

Sorry for going AWOL for so long, I am struggling to find the time to get on here lately!

I have pretty much fallen off the fly-lady waggon. I'm still doing some things, still S&S, laying out (kids) clothes & doing a load of laundry every day, but my poor sink hasn't been clear for a long time!

We're on holiday next week, so I'm hoping that will give me chance to rest & attempt to get back on top of things when I return.

zoo you've said before about your iron levels being low & I don't understand how they can be when you eat so well!? Do you have much caffeine? It can stop you absorbing iron (sorry, you prob know all this!), whereas Vit C aids absorption. Have you tried floradix? (Possibly spelt wrong) - my acupuncture lady recommended i take it to boost my iron levels after a MC. It's supposed to be 'natural' and nicer than the pills the dr gives you, perhaps you could take it as well?

AdoraBell Sat 29-Jun-13 01:35:22

Hope you enjoy your holiday Bessie

Zoo, Bessie's coment re Vit C has reminded me of something I read in relation to irón. Having Vit C at the same meal with your irón Rich foods dobles the amount of irón absorbed, but dairy halves it. So, fe, a spinach based salad followed by a yoghurt gives you very little irón, swapping the yoghurt for an Orange = much moré irón.

bessie26 Sat 29-Jun-13 22:17:21

oooh I didn't know dairy did that too adora! the DC are going to have their yogurt puddings reduced!
<prepares to be unpopular>

AdoraBell Sun 30-Jun-13 03:19:27

Can you trick them by being creative with fruit Zoo?

Not much done here Today as we went out, but I have managed to make a dent in Montt Washmore, Two small landslides into the WM, outside and now back inside. There'll be moré Tomorrow if the dry weather stays.

I have also decluttered an aged pack of cooked sausages I'd forgotten outblush - the dogs love treats like that. Currently decluttering red wine with OHgrin

AdoraBell Sun 30-Jun-13 19:29:11

5th load just about to come out of WM
I've showered and washed hair
Decided next week's meal plan, cheating and copying off t'internet
DW has been Emptied by DDs
DD2 was very pleased with herself, did her own scrambled eggs
Cleared breakfast things
Lunch is under way but will be a late one
DD1 is doing carpentry with daddy, rebuilding the front of the dog kennels where puppies have chewed.

Still to do, dinner and Tomorrow's packed lunches
Get all the dry stuff in
Declutter some moré vino.

AdoraBell Mon 01-Jul-13 02:56:02

6th load washed, all dry and almost dry stuff brought in
Food eaten
DD2's toe attened to, ingrown nail
My boots sprayed with waterproofer
Movie watched
Vino decluttered
DW emptied, again
DDs shooed off to bed

Still more laundry for tomorrow, but I'm not thinking about that yet.

Morning all - struggling to get going today!
Just making coffee!

Top priorities today
1. Do 6 hours work
2.Hang washing on airer
3. Eat healthily at lunchtime
4. Either vacuum hall or do more ironing
5. Do some back exercises ( back and hip really painful at the moment!)

AdoraBell Mon 01-Jul-13 17:15:15

Hope you get your back and hip feeling better Arti

Morning routine completed
2nd load of washing has just finished
DW is ready to go on
Browsed a few recipes but no money for shopping until tomorrow

I think I need a snooze, limbs feel a bit achy, after I've put the towels on the line, and another wash on.

1. Do 6 hours work Did 7!
2.--Hang washing on airer--
3. Eat healthily at lunchtime
4. Either vacuum hall or do more ironing
5. Do some back exercises ( back and hip really painful at the moment!)

Can I go and play now!

AdoraBell Tue 02-Jul-13 02:41:56

Yes Arti, off you gogrin

Had a nice long snooze
Ate lunch, after a fashion hmm yesterday's left over spuds with cheese grated over and nuked.
Brought dry things in and put yet moré washing on the línea
Got a little shopping before school run
School, dropped freind's DCs at home
Time with DDs
Straightened DD1's hair
Currently decluttering the last of the vino, only so I can put the bottle in recyclingwink

Morning all.

Top 5 priorities for today:
1. Do at least 6 hours work
2. Empty dishwasher and hang out washing to dry when it has finished in machine.
3. Find some time to pray
4. Back exercises
5. Either more ironing or vacuum hall.

AdoraBell Wed 03-Jul-13 03:21:59

Reporting rather late_blush

Morning routine
Assembled packed lunches before OH whisked DDs off to school
My breakfast in peace
Toast for OH post school run
Decided not to put WM on as needed to Go out
Actually got some errada done Today grin
Paíd money into bank
Call in at pilates studio but was too late, will call
Zipped into town to Get replacement turtle tank
Lunch with OH
Grocery shopping
School run
Picked a couple of forgotten ítems
Back home
Helped DD2 sort out her in grown toe nail
Made dinner
Cleared away and put DW on
'fridged food for packed lunches
Made tea/coffee
Caught up on MN

No vino tonight, it's all been declutteredshock wink

Morning all.
Adora you've done loads!!

Update on yesterday
1. Do at least 6 hours work
2. Empty dishwasher and hang out washing to dry when it has finished in machine.
3. Find some time to pray blush
4. Back exercises hmm
5. Either more ironing or vacuum hall.

Today's top 5

1. Do at least 6 hours work
2. Do dishwasher
3.Have a general tidy up and take out rubbish
4. Pray
5. Back exercises

bessie26 Wed 03-Jul-13 21:11:44

Hello again!

Glad to see you are keeping up the good work while I am drinking gin relaxing on holiday!

Zoo I just did some googling on iron & dairy - it seems like a little dairy is good, but too much is bad (sadly it appears to also the same with cocoa <wails>) linky here

AdoraBell Wed 03-Jul-13 22:09:11

Hi bessie hope you're having a good holiday

Ta Dah's

Morning routine
4 loads of laundry
S and S'd bathrooms
Excersise, I did about an hour and twenty minutes brisk walking, although I may have slowed down just a little during the last 20 mins, just a little bit.

Now I need to get things off the line as it's beginning to get dark, shower quickly and do school run.

AdoraBell Thu 04-Jul-13 02:33:19

Forgot the DW,

Emptied this morning, breakfast things in, then lunch, flicked switch.
Contacted old pilates tutor about re-starting
Collected DDs and OH took us out to eat

Have taken bread out of freezer, the poor deprived DDs are having sarnies for lunch Tomorrow.

Have just squirted Veet in DD's bathroom basins, they appear to be using Those as binsangry

Tomorrow I need to prep the house for estate agentes to show lots of people around on Saturday, Friday they are coming to tell us what still needs getting rid of. DDs have a hockey match early Saturday, natch. I need to call the vet to book dogs in for Friday night/Saturday. I also need a few moré days between now and Friday if someone could arranged that for me please, TÍA.

liveinazoo Fri 05-Jul-13 13:48:15

im sorry adora no can dosad-sounds manic,hope they actually turn up this timehmm

its been insane at chez zoo
little zoo had sports afternoom<loved the welly wanging!grin on Thursday
dd2 was up all night thurs sniff and cough.made app see gp just before lunch and packed her off to school assuming sport day cancelled as pouring down...sadly this was not the case nd I stood in the chuffing rain for best part of an hour until I lied we had to go down and wait to see a gp and we cleared off!gp not sure a cold or hayfever so gave antihistamines and packed back off to school.i then went twn with dd1 in search something to do with little zoos best friend who was coming for tea <and I had hoped to go to the park>.picked up some cafty things and dashed back to collect them!
lil zoo had great time making paper plate masks with friend,decorating fairy cakes dd1 made and making pizzas with pitta bread ofr bases as well as play half toys they possess!when friends dad arrived to collect her the house was a total bearpit,buried in a sea cake sprinkles,sequins,chibbled paper and many toys!!!he visibly breathed out when commented mess meant fun and was nothing a broom wouldn't fix!ha ha
saturday we went to te farm.lovely day out together with dp
sunday was shopping day and took zoolets to the park as was hot and sunny

liveinazoo Fri 05-Jul-13 13:58:52

Monday-dp had day off so went out for a while as still sunny
Tuesday-ta dahs
attacked now huge mountain washig<did 4 loads,dry,fold and put away>
fed cats
fed kids
school run
pop shops
hot spot front room
s+s bathroom
baked-banana muffins and rock cakes for a heavily pregnant friend,fairy cakes and choc cookies
cleared off for a walk for a bit with friend as STILL sunnyshock
school run
decoratd fairy cakes with zoolets
took zoolets to the park
made tea
collapsed in heap!

spent all morning deep cleaning front room til almost immaculate

one place didn't go<behind 1 sofa> engineer wanted to go as thought connection was thereblush<cue mountain crapulence uncovered.sigh>

dashed to pick up lil zoo as was late
made gingerbread cookies together<peppa pig make and bake magazine recipe>

<<dd2 was at a friends for tea then onto girls brigade.ds had 1st invite to tea at a friends so we had some lovely time on our own[grin>>

fed lil zoo
ds and dd2 returned bubbling over with excitement and managed to stay awake til 9.45 running amok upstairs!!!!!

#woke very tired ds and dd2
tantrums galore getting ready for school
made lunches
breakfeast for kids and cats
sang happy birthday to cats!!!
school run
hot spot front room
wash up breakfast things
spent day playing scrabble with friendsmile
picked up kids
donned hardhat for multiple rows and various tantrums
declared early night at 7-all akip by just after 8
watched tv in peace for an hourgrin

liveinazoo Fri 05-Jul-13 14:08:02

I have finally worked out how to get back into MNgrin and it takes mere seconds rather than 40 minutes to get in here now I don't need the dongal-i now have no excuses I don't have a minute to pop in and update ta dahs!grin

tahdahs<so far>
#cleaned out cupboard above toaster
#empty surface toaster lives on.cleaned thoroughly and returned necessaries back to position,put away stray items that been cluttering
#made breakfast
#made packed lunches
#little zoo hair braided and brushed and contained ds hair in bobble
#drew humorous pictures on paper lunchbags
#school run
#scrubbed 2nd kitchen surface,having removed all items
#put back necessaries and put away clutter
#wiped all cupboard fronts
#cleaned microwave
#cleaned oven
#cleaned hob
#wiped exterior WM and TD
#cleaned "cat food corner"
#changed cat litter
#bins out
#hovered stairs,wiped baseboards/lightswitches/hovered up cobwebs
#went down for a stroll to shops with dd1<who came to show off car as passed test Tuesdaygrin>
#washed kitchen floor
#washed living room floor

still to do-clean bathroom before collect zoolets and congratulate myself on a good days flying with declutteringof chocolategrin!

Afternoon everyone! I am struggling to get going today!

AdoraBell Sun 07-Jul-13 02:24:37

Congrats to DD1 Zoo, and glad you now have broadband.

I am shattered.

Yesterday I sorted and cleared, to the boot of the car, anything that didn't fit neatly into wardrobes, general clean around, collected DDs from school, had final meetings with estate agents anead of today's thing and then went out for a business dinner. Home must after midnight but slept very poorly.


Up early for hockey
Breakfast and prepped snacks for hockey
Took DDs to school
Back home to pick up OH and leave house in the hands of estate agents
Back to pick up DDs
Stopped for snack post hockey
Went home
Went out again, had a bite to eat and DDs met and played with a classmate
Back home again, agents were finíshed and clearing their things away
At tended to D2's ingrown toe nail
WM on
Watched a movie with DDs
Did food, cheese and crackers
DD1 hung her washing and DD2 put her's on to wash, then hung it

Estate agents were pleased with the event and a couple of people have shown an interest, we have our finges crossed.

bessie26 Sun 07-Jul-13 16:53:36

Great you've had interest in the house adora, and that you have broadband zoo!

I have been decluttering the garden today! Am, sweaty & dirty, and have HUGE pile of stuff for DH to take to the tip! (Will have to wait until next weekend now)

Am just enjoying a few minutes peace sitting in the garden with a cold drink while DH & DDs watch the tennis (the girls were getting so hot I sent them all indoors)

I'd better go get tea sorted now. Need to do meal plan, online shop, drink wine and get to bed early tonight!

AdoraBell Mon 08-Jul-13 03:06:35

Had a much moré relaxing day Today.

Up late, OH brought me a coffee when he got up for the F1, it was cold by the time I actually woke up.

Ta Dah's

Harranged DDs to shower
Did 1 load of washing and hung it out
Hand washing, hung that out
Cooked lunch
Ate lunch and loaded DW, flicked switch
Brought washing back in damp as OH decided he wanted to Go out
Went out and mooched around shops, he bought what I thought was birthday presenta for DDs but gave it to them Todayconfused
Back home
Cooked dinner
Dealt with DD2's ingrown toe nail, it's a problem now
Got DDs to Bed
'fridged food for packed lunches
Sat down with vino

Currently catching up on MN

Bessie Well done on that decluttering

Tomorrow I have pilates at 9.30

Morning all

Today's top 5
1. Pray grin
2. Do at least 6 hours work
3. Make the most of the weather to get washing done.
4. Book hair and Dr's appointments
5. Do a packed tea to take out with me, rather bhan buying unhealthy stuff from the cornershop!

AdoraBell Mon 08-Jul-13 16:38:11


Ta Dah's

Morning routine
Assembled packed lunches
WM on
Cleared away breakfast things
Just coffee and fruit juice for me as going to pilates and prefer to eat later
Got dressed for pilates, t'is freezing where the clases is held
Hung washing inside, thick fog outside
Pilates grin
Back home
Breakfast in peace.

Still to do

Get changed out of excersise gear
Empty DW
Compile shopping list an plan meals
Loads of other stuff

Morning Adora (and anyone else around!)

Update on yesterday

1. Pray
2. Do at least 6 hours work Just!
3. Make the most of the weather to get washing done.
4. Book hair and Dr's appointments
5. Do a packed tea to take out with me, rather bhan buying unhealthy stuff from the cornershop! - forgot about it until it was too late blush

Today's top 5
1. At least 6 hours work
2. Tidy and vacuum living room and hall
3. Empty bins and recycling
4. Cook at lunchtime
5. Find time to pray

Adora - you seem to be doing loads - especially exercise!

BlackCatinChaos Tue 09-Jul-13 12:18:20

In need of motivation here. Really struggling to get going. I don't cope well with the hot weather. --I must stop making excuses--

HELP ME!!!! someone. <drinks more tea>

--dd has got me addicted to xbox--

liveinazoo Tue 09-Jul-13 13:27:48

cats this pointy stick is for you----------------------------------->>grin

<<waves motivational chocolate medals also>>

just 15minswink

we had a fab weekend out and about in the sunshine.dp was off yesterday also so we had some time together and went out for a walk which was nice

ta dahs over weekend were basic with laundry<of course>

Monday made a start under the stairs-an hour in and I had had enough but I can at least now enter about a foot and nothing is toppling out so a good startgrin

todays tadahs
#fed cats
#fed zoolets
#packed lunches made
#washing on
#hunted for a clean t shirt for little zoo<scoutcat had laid on the laundry waiting to be put away with muddy oawshmmin this weather I have no idea where he found any mud!!!>
#braiding to prevent nits of little zoos hair
#pop shops<trailing kids as ran out cartons as been hot they are taking extra drinks>
#school run
#my breakfast
#washing into drier/washing on
#cleaned bathroom windows
#cleaned all tiles in bathroom/shower/bath/sink
#washed bathroom floor
#decluttered empty shampoo bottles etc from window sill box in bathroom
#cleaned windows in both kids rooms
#washing folded and put away,more into drier,more on to wash
#hot spot front room
#wash living room floor
#wash kitchen floor
#change litter tray

I need to sort back gardena nd invest in a washing line.its all but criminal to be using my drier in such lovely weathersad

my stratergy in the heat is to work hard and fast til 12 then chill all pmgrin

ive also adopted the patented hot spot in an ad break approach to cleaning!grin

AdoraBell Wed 10-Jul-13 03:50:27

Hi Ya Cats

Now Get off the bleedin' Xbox and Go declutter something (HTH)

Ta Dah's

Morning routine minús the breakfast, DD1 had a seriously bad attitude this morning and I responded by switching off the porridge that was half cooked. DD2 went off with a bag of cereal in her pocket and OH had porridge after the school run.

3 Loads in the WM
Hand washing - all hung out
Emptied DW and reloaded
Out for shopping
Bak for school run
Dropped friend's DCs home
DD1 was at a classmate's, DD2 was starving as missing breakfast messed up her snack quota.
Snack with DD2
Shops to Get something she needs for school Tomorrow
Clínica with DD2's ingrown toe nail
Farmacia for DD2's antibiótico
Back home
Brought in washing
Brought in shopping and sorted chilles things
Back out to collect DD1
Back home
Fed dogs, this morning's porridge
DDs to Bed
OH home after late meetings
Nuked left over for OH
Poured a vino
Collapsed, ignoring the shopping that hasn't been put away yet.

Tomorrow I'm having a rest, at Pilatesgrin

liveinazoo Wed 10-Jul-13 14:09:07

whats wrong with dd2 adora?

I like the idea of resting at pilates by the waygrin

last yesterdays ta dahs
made couscous,almond and sugar snap salad <as still very warm here>
folded last load washing from drier
made ginger biscuits with little zoo

the zoolets hav e become very lazy with putting laundry in baskets etc so I went online and made some reward charts,usng trips to the park,dvds and popcorn and board game night<free thingswink> as bribes incentivesgrin

ta dahs
fed cats
fed kids
made lunches
remembered to nag dd2 to put washed p.e kit back to school<has pe this arvo>
packed lunches done,remembering to pack dd2 with extra bottle for watr as they don't get offered drinks in the heat<are expected to take ownhmm>
washing on
sorted little zoos hair
checked they had all put laundry in basket and made bedsgrin
checked ticked only boxes had achieved today so farhmm
school run
pop shops for bread and milk
my breakfast
washing into drier
load number 2 on
cleaned bathroom

I got ambushed when I heard a noise from the girls room by a very pleased to see me atticus-he has clearly decided now is the tim to forgive me for evicting him form my bedroom after the vomiting all over my ned incident<that boy holds grudges!>.I sat on little zoos bed and he leapt up knocking me onto my back and proceeded to paddy paw me<like kittens suckling>whilst purr at top his lungsgrin.overwhelmed by the return of his affection I lay there fussing him and he settled down and for the first time ever he decide to go to kip on me<nice but but a bit hmm as I was in the middle of trying to get cleared up>I then got all soothy trying to decide whether to move him and I fell akipblush.woke an hour later to find him now laying beside me stretching and headbutting me in the hope of a bit more fuss!!!

got up leaving the lazy little bugger there and resumed cleaning!

hot spot front room
moved out sofas and cleared debris from under them<odd tissue,maiinly lego bricks and playmobil>
polished front room
put rubbish out intowheelie bin
wiped kitchen surfaces
washed up

I am now heading back into the kitchen to make some muffins before I collect the zoolets and make cool cats<veggie hot dogsgrin> and coleslaw for tea as dd2 has her last girls brigade meeting before the summer break<we have 2 weeks left before the 6wk hols start<gulp> and I want to be on top of things by then<fingers crossed>>

AdoraBell Wed 10-Jul-13 22:30:16

She has an ingrown toe nail that's become infected.

Will update later as need to do the school run.

AdoraBell Thu 11-Jul-13 03:08:56

Aww, so glad atticus has forgiven youhmm.

Ta Dah's

Morning routine, with porridge for breakfast Today
Dried hair
Dressed for Pilates
Left for Pilates, had time to spare so picked up veg and milk en route
Pilates boy am I feelling it now
Back home - starving despite having porridge at 7.30, so had cheese on toast
Emptied DW and reloaded
3 loads in WM
Hand washing- hung inside as too damp outside
Browsed t'internet for Recipes
Chopped Chicken and made a honey mustard marinade
School run
Back home
Cup of tea
Cleared away while family Spent time with dogs
Put DW on
Looked at DD2's toe and gave her the last antibiótico for the day
Made tea
Fell onto the sofá

Tomorrow I'm waiting in for people to do things related to solar panela then pop out to Get Dr. Appoinments, I can't seem to make it work on the phone.confused

liveinazoo Fri 12-Jul-13 06:56:49

aw.poor dd-very painful and unpleasantsad

dd1 is off to uni September<exam results pending> and we spent the afternoon baking,teaching her much loved recipes to take with her when she needs a bit of home/comfortsmile

Thursdays tadahs
fed cats
fed kids
packed lunches
help little zoo get ready
school run
take quote on relocating my back garden from a wilderness<think waist high grass and you have the ideablush>-another one coming to view and quote Friday,but Im very happy with this one that I found on <whispers>netmums google made me go there
my breakfast
s+s bathroom
wash up and clear worksurfaces
hoover stairs and wash hall floor
another 30mins under the stairs-making progresssmile
stroll to shops with dd1 for ingredients
relaxed afternoon baking<and keeping on top of washing up/mess dd1 relished in as wasn't at dads househmm>
made-jam tarts,apricot and sultana scones,cherry muffins and chocolate overload cookiesgrin
school run
walked her back to her dads<she was working last night>
made dinner<roasted peppers and onions with pasta,green beans and cheese>
washed up and wiped surfaces
helped dd2 wash hair<well I just checked her rinsing>
stories and songs for little zoo
endless moaning at kids to go to sleep<damn heat and light nights>
ate junk and watched tv til fell asleep!

Morning all

I banned myself from MN for 2 days - got loads more work done blush though not much housework!

AdoraBell Sat 13-Jul-13 00:00:57

Well done Arti

And Well done Zoo for teaching DD1 How to bake treats instead of wasting her student £s on shop bought rubbish.

Thursday's Ta Dah's

Morning routine
DDs had Apple pancakes for breakfast (Jamie O's Recipes as I can't use weighing scales and this is 1, 1 and 1)
Cleared away
Let blokes in to do work on eléctrica /solar paneles etc, had to bring dogs into kitchen to do that
Did porridge for OH post school run
2 Loads in WM
Sat in kitchen drinking tea and making sure dogs didn't wreck anything úntil 1pm when I could let them out
Emptied DW, can't do with dogs in kitchen as they lick the clean plates-yuck
Ate lunch
Brought dogs back in
Moré dog watching
School run- had to leave dogs in kitchen
Back home
Dog watching
Ate dinner
Let dogs out, blokes had gone by this time
Decided to do sarnies for packed lunch, in the morning
Checked DD's toe
Sent DDs to Bed
Cleared away
Made tea
Slumped into the sofá
Went to Bed


Morning routine, porridge all round
Made sarnies
Got dressed for pilates
Did toast for OH post school run
Went to pilates
Errand at bank
Into town for moré errands
Booked 3 diferent Dr. Appts for DDs
Picked up supliese for a short breakfast next week
Back home
Got changed
Lunch out with OH
School run - DDs are now off for 2 weeks, winter hols
Back home, dogs are in the kitchen again
Made drinks
Dog watching
WM on
Currently MNing, waiting for blokes to finísh and leave, aparentes they need to come back on Monday, so that I can let the dogs out and put the rubbish out.

liveinazoo Sat 13-Jul-13 16:33:52

well done arti-don't abandon us though-we have pointy sticks and shiny stickers as incentives bribes grin

adora having to keep animals in as a nightmare-*scoutcat*is black and has no road sense so isn't allowed out at night,but for all the tea in china he wouldn't come in last nighthmm<blames heat,still high 20s here.cant remember the last time was so warm>

ive not slept well this week as its too warm at night so I got up at 5 on Friday morning and then pronmised myself a siesta at lunchtime

ta dahs
wiped kitchen surfaces
fed cats
did litter tray
washed kitchen floor
washing on
cleaned bathroom
washed hall floor
washed livng room floor
hot spot front room
fed kids
packed lunches
remembered dd2 was off on school trip to the zoo<not our housegrinand needed to take hat/suncream and lunch in a disposable bag>
school run
waited for coaches to leave and waved off dd2
pop shops for milk/bread
late breakfast
another 30mins under the stairs

got up and intended to do some work in my rrom,then an unexpected visitor appeared and I "lost" and hours worth of workhmm.made a yummy carrot syrup traybake for a friend<lowfat>
school run
wander along to the shops trailing hot tired zoolets as not time to go home and go back to school whilst waiting for dd2 coach to return
made wraps for tea<hot and nasty case cant be arsed>
made carrot traybake for us with dd2
had man come to do 2nd quote on back garden-twice price an spoke to me like using a strimmer was an art form.needless to say he wont be doing the job!job set for Monday 22nd july at 8.30<day before zoolets break up>

collapsed watching tv with iced drink!

liveinazoo Sat 13-Jul-13 16:41:36

todays tadahs

another hot day-temp expected to reach 30+ and humid so another early start here

hotspot front room
fed cats<after managed to locate them...running the taps in the kitchen seem to alert them to the fact im up as it gushed down outside drain.much better than calling them at 6am and waking the neighbours!>
cleaned bathroom
washing on
pop co op for milk for breakfast
fed zoolets
went shopping for food that requires minimum cooking<if at all>
supervised flybabiesgrin
hovered stairs
took girls to shops hunting for bobbles for hair as we have mislaid the last few and as they all incl ds have long hair it a necessity<ds was horse riding at this point>

when he got back we found a voucher in the newspaper for new monsters inc film sticker book so strolled to get that <and sidled into the petshop whilst there to see the kittenssmile>


kids then cleared off upstairs and I have had an hour reading papers in peace<height of luxury> aided by the fact they have been allowed Nintendo ds to play with which a rare treat

I really should get off and interact with them for a while now.we wont be going out again today.its too hot for dd2 as she crisps even in sunblock at the sight of a ray of sun!

AdoraBell Sun 14-Jul-13 04:15:35

I'll catch up properly tomorrow, eyes are aching even though I've been sleeping, dunno why.

Tried to walk the dogs today, OH got pulled over by 3 of them so we put two in the pen and walked the puppies, then went onto town. Currently trying to pick up things I've downloaded from the clouds, we're having a few days away and I want some entertainment for DDs.

liveinazoo Sun 14-Jul-13 16:58:11

had a relatively quiet day here in the zoo.its still hot and im reaching capacity-shall be better when temp is back down to mid-low 20ssmile

fed cats
fed kids
wiped surfaces cats insist on laying onhmm
washing on
cleaned bathroom

had a nap while kids played at my ankles with lego


brief walk to get kids out-too hot and gave back after 10minssad

watched harry potter dvd and decluttered large bag randoms between uswink

dd2 just realised hasn't finished homework du in tomorrow.little ones are back at the lego while I pratt around on here for a bit before making tea<pitta pizzas>

AdoraBell Sun 14-Jul-13 23:49:27

Hope it cools down soon for you Zoo

Had a quiet day here, up late-ish
Breakfast in peace arfter DDs had cleared off upstairs, they did their own because I allow them evil sugary cereales in holiday time
Laundry, 3 Loads plus a little hand washing
Lunch - curry with a jar of Patak's
Cleared away
Brought washing in

Currently mulling over what to do about dinnerconfused

Zoo How do you do your cool cats?

Right - I need to really get on with stuff today! So therefore - No more MN today apart from this thread (from whence I hope cheers and shouts of encouragement will come wink ) and the m thread!

Step one - put some washing on then do an hours work!

Step one - done

Step 2 - eat something as starving ( no idea why), vacuum living room and hall and then do another hour's work.

Step 2 Done ( including the hated job of renewing tax credits)

Step 3 Have lunch, hang out washing, check whether sleeping bag needs washing before I go camping. Do another hour's work

liveinazoo Mon 15-Jul-13 13:51:31

arti you are doing a grand job<waves low fat carrot cake with vanilla syrup in your direction>

adora cool cats are dd2 name for veggie sausage in a bun with coleslaw or ketchup<as opposed to hotdogs?!>

sso another hot day threatened so I got up at 4.30 and blitzed

#washing on
deep cleaned the front room moving all furniture
washed living room windows
fed cats
did litter tray
cleaned bathroom
cleaned bathroomw indows
put out recycling
put out bin for collection
bleached work surface scoutcatthinks is his bed in the heathmm
hovered the staris<twas now after 7am>
cleaned bannister and wiped photo frames on stairs
polished dds room,cleaned windows
polished ds room and cleaned windows
cleaned windows on front door
fed kids
made packed lunches
did kids hai
wash in drier/washing onr
school run
pop shop for some more milk
my breakfast
washing in drier
read paper
fold all washing and put away<time now 10.30grin>

just got up and declutttered some chocolate!

read paper

Zoo - could you please attach that carrot cake to some string and dangle it in front of me, just out of reach! Don't worry about the syrup drips the kitchen floor desperately needs cleaning anyway!

You have an amazing tadah list 4.30am <faints> I came too at 7.00am with alarm and just about managed to get myself breakfasted/showered and dressed by 8:30!

AdoraBell Mon 15-Jul-13 15:12:43

I tried to post but t"internet had other ideas.

DDs are still fast asleep, 9.50, first real day of school holiday and they are exhausted. In this school system they have to pass the exams each year in order to move up.

So far my only Ta Dah is pouring water onto the coffee OH had put in the mugs.

Thanks for that Zoo, haven't seen veggie sausages here but I can't bear DDs eating hot dogs.


Well done on those Ta Dah's

Choc chip cookies baking in the oven, can you smell them?

Step 3: done plus sleeping bag washed ( on super-quick wash - it really only needed a freshen up) and on line!

Step 4: another 45 mins or so work, plus grapping something healthy to eat before I go off to teach so that I am not tempted to stop at corner shop and buy ice-cream.

<plods on inspired by curious smell of baking choc chip cookies!>

Step 4: Done - Dashes out to teach GCSE science and maths!

liveinazoo Thu 18-Jul-13 10:51:59

adora we have linda McCartney sausages
articake is dripping over your floor as we speak<fresh one of course>

its been so damn hot ive been beavering away at ridiculous oclock and then resting in a fetid heapsad

dd2 got sunburnt face at school Tuesday coz she wasn't allowed to go back indoors to apply more suncream!sadsad

todays tadahs
bathroom cleaned
kids hair all washed<think sweaty damp dogs<shudders>when they got up>
cats fed
litter tray changed
washing on
kitchen wiped
living room hotspotted
bins emptied into big bin
recycling added to outside crate
hall,living room and kitchen floors wiped<I hate mops and pref hands and knees!>
fed kids
made lunches
washing in drier
school run

a friend had a baby at lunchtime yesterday and was down school this amshock I got a cuddle grin<baby,not mum!ha ha>

folded dry laundry and put away

prep and cook tonights dinner<roasted peppers,onion and garlic cooked and added to cooked pasta and chick pea all tossed in pesto and in fridge-baked apples also done and cooling ready for the fridge

I am now going to make my friend a congratulatory coffee cake<her favouritegrin>

<licks lips at thought of cake>
Step 1. Get off MN and do a hour's work, then vacuum bedroom floor having picked up all the cr*p from it first !

bessie26 Fri 19-Jul-13 12:37:06

<passes round ice lollies>

liveinazoo Fri 19-Jul-13 14:51:26

<<sucks up lolly puddle with a strawgrin>

ta dahs
clean bathroom
feed cats
feed kids
packed lunches
hotspot crapulence build up on the stairshmm<coz almost slipped on it>
gathered spare clothes and towel for ds funday afternoon and named everything<knew I forgot to do something yesterday!>
school run

sports day for ds


sat eating lollies with dd1 and talkingblush

I must now go and get the zoolets-i cant clean in the heat so as I wasn't available during the coolest part of the day it aint got done<but im sure it will still be waiting for me tomorrow!>

liveinazoo Sun 21-Jul-13 09:28:33

<<looks around anxiously for anyone else>>
Saturdays ta dahs
clean bathroom
fed cats
hotspot front room
pile washing up
fed kids
supervise flybabies
washing into dryer

first day in ages its cloudy and a bit cooler!
we spent an hour at local church<dd2 getting into religion>and the topic was on the beach-they had sand and water outside and some pictures to pop glue on an dust with dry powder paint<sandcastles etc>,inside other crafts included cut and stickers to decorate fishes and puzzles.then had the story of the wise man built his house upon the rocks and they had props and sounds the kids loved it and we sang the song.90mins of fun for free! then we went onto the school fete which wasn't as good,the highlight being head teacher in the stocks and for 50p three wet sponges to throw at himgrin!
we bought some candyfloss and popcorn and after a late lunch watched
harry potter on tv with snacks-a good day!

dd1 text me at 5 she had blacked out at work and was shaky and dizzy/nauseous.they suspected heat exhaustion and gave her a cold lucozadesadI had no text credit so spoke briefly on landline.she stayed at boyfriends last night as its his birthday Monday and was having a big bbq.i text her today and she a bit better.if its not one you worry about its another!

hope everyones ok<and hasn't abandoned me>

Not abandoned but trying not to spend too much time on MN grin

liveinazoo Mon 22-Jul-13 14:46:22

<<heaves sigh of relief that my billy no mates had passedgrin>

I was up early today as its guna be hot again and I have a friend coming today!

todays tadahs
cleaned bathroom
washing on
fed cats
cleaned front room<sometimes I hate having laminate-everything rolls under the sofashmm>
wiped kitchen surfaces
fed kids
packed lunches
school run
made beds
hovered stairs
washed hall,living room and kitchen floors

scrabblefest with a friend-I won 2 games to 1grin

I shall trundle off slowly to collect zoolets shortly.a man came today and sorted my back garden.its gone from waist high grass to a space the zoolets can enjoy from Wednesday<if weathermen are wrong and the thunderstorms aren't raginghmm>grin

dd2 has trampolining tonight to its a quick tea<pizza and salad> as she has to go out ealy.i shall then do precious little else tonight!hee hee

A weird day today - not a normal routine for several reasons but still done 2 1/2 hours work and just off to teach!

AdoraBell Mon 22-Jul-13 19:53:47

We're back from our trip to the wilderness grin

After a 9 hour drive yesterday we all slept in today, OH went out for provisions and we had brunch around middayblush

2 loads in WM are done and drying, DDs have helped OH clean the car, they vacuum and he washes and inspects. Looks like off roading has chewed up the tyres.
DW has been loaded but need to get the detergent for it. OH was lead by his stomach this morning so we have loads of bread and cheese but not much else.

We all had fun but I got nervous on our second go at whizzing through the trees when OH made me feel that I was going to fall, note to self "do not go before OH again" angry

Hope Zoolets enjoy the new found garden Zoo

Off to meal plan for the week.

Morning all. I really need to get going with some 20:10 today! I feel rubbish and really lacking in motivation! sad
Off to pray and plan my day a bit and see if that helps!

I have already dyed my hair this morning ( only semi-permanent stuff that takes 20 mins) set the dishwasher off, put a load of washing out to dry and got some more in the machine and caught up on MN so not actually so bad!

AdoraBell Fri 26-Jul-13 22:13:30

Not much going on chez Adora this week, tons of loads in the WM, DW has seen daily action despite lot's of meals being eaten out. Had two days running round with DDs for Dr checkups etc so "a quick flick" is all anything has had.

Tonight OH and I are out and I'm trying to get washing done and dry but it's a damp grey day here, not the best day to be washing duvets DD1.

Just been to the shops for packed lunch food, they get to choose on the first and last days of term and both want spag bol for Monday, although DD1 wants fetuccini and DD2 wants fusili.

Hope all is well with everyone

Scout19075 Fri 26-Jul-13 22:14:55

I lost you all and couldn't find you!!! I found you!!!!

AdoraBell Fri 26-Jul-13 22:23:02

Hi Scout how are things chez you? I'm having a short skive while DDs google box upstairs for a few mins.

Yay Scout!

liveinazoo Sat 27-Jul-13 07:21:30

<<hugs scout and passes chocolate>>
hows smallboy?

its been utter carnage here-last day of term<tues>ds dropped with runny bum and wasmadly trying to find someone to drop/pick up the girls and take in teacher presents<thatl teach us to leave it to last dayhmm>

after that it just went tits up frankly kids wrecking havoc and leaving a trail of toys and mess in their wakesad

I threw them all out in the garden Thursday for a bit<ds was feeling a bit better> just to escape the noise!

Friday I decided I cant live in this mess for 6 weeks and retain last shreds of sanity<plus cats have fleas and ive been bitten few times and want to de flea the housesadsad>

Fridays ta dahs
frontline 2 very indignant animals<scoutcat was like why are you doing this im very offended at the mere suggestion I might have fleas!grin>
feed cats
feed kids<then lob out in the garden>
attacked front room<flea spray says they can "hide in clutter" so I have no alternative but to be ruthless
-pulled out sofas<cleaned under,behind and under sofa cushions>
-pulled out all other furniture and cleaned behind
-washed floor

lunch<in the garden so no crumbs in the housegrin>
-my room
-under the bed<retrieved a carrier bag of paper recycyling,a treasured book that's been missing in over 6months and lots odd socks!>-its very hard to get under it as its low and dominates my room as I switched with the girls to givethem some room
-tidied all way round edge of bed<yes I can now walk all the way around<just>-first time in well over 4 onthsblush>
-wiped all skirting boards
-cleaned windows

-made kids tea
-collapsed in an exhausted heap!

liveinazoo Sat 27-Jul-13 07:31:14

<was having trouble with my message so thought best post it before it was eaten by cyberspace and then continue!>

adora how was the trip?
arti-are you feeling anymore motivated<sharpens pointy stick in anticipationgrin>

I forgot to mention the zoolets have been very excited by the birth of a future king.cant resist the crownsmile

todays the day I exterminate the fleas!!!!!!
I need all rooms clear and then I can spray liberally round tidy skirting boards<hurrah for no carpets>,quick flick over floors,the stairs<carpeted> and beds/sofas etc...then have evacuate for 30minshmm

so todays tadahs <so far>
up early
-fed cats
-emptied litter tray<scout comes IN to use ithmm>
-cleared and bleached kitchen surfaces<he likes laying on themangry>
wiped all tiling in kitchen
-rinsed surfaces thoroughly,dried and returned wiped items<toaster/kettle etc>
-cleared window sills,wiped and returned plants<I have a jalepino pepper plant and a tomoato plant basking on them along with my herbsgrin

I am now about to feed zooloets then we are going to flybaby til their rooms are ready crosses fingers they really did make a start yesterday when asked
wish me luck!!!

AdoraBell Sun 28-Jul-13 02:37:30

Hope the baby flying went well Zoo, our trip was lovely but f f freezinggrin

Had peeps viewing the house today, clients of OH in fact, so much clearing, wiping and nagging done this am. Viewing turned into afternoon tea, cake brought by visitors. Then we headed out for errands, dinner and a little fun for DDs, they did elastic tight rope stylee thing. Back to school on Monday.

Scout19075 Mon 05-Aug-13 12:44:37


bessie26 Mon 05-Aug-13 22:08:02

Hello! <lays out breakfast cookies & strawberry smoothies ready for the morning>

Sorry for not popping by much, too much RL getting in the way of my MNing these days! Hope you are all well (*scout*???!!!)

We are spending every moment we can outside atm. DH & I are attempting to make some of our wide borders narrower (by turfing) so they are easier to maintain. I have been partially distracted by helping DD1 learn to ride her bike without stabilisers.... Balance is going well. Starting & Stopping need some work. grin

I am almost keeping on top of the house stuff. S&S and weekly home blessing are doing the trick. Am trying to declutter a bin bag a week. Haven't deep cleaned anything for yonks. <shrugs> I have started doing exercise classes again though, so am feeling much better in myself. grin

AdoraBell Tue 06-Aug-13 02:56:24

Good to see you Bessie and glad to see that DD1 is doing well on the bike. I started a new thread as thought the 'June' title was a bit old wink.

We've had people view the house on Sat, Sun, and again today so I've been doing everything everyday for the last 3 days, I'm exhausted! People like the house but want to pay much less than the market price.

<nabs a cookie before going off to bed>

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