Stepping through April and beyond

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BlackCatinChaos Fri 05-Apr-13 01:17:24

Hello and welcome to the shiny new babysteps thread.

This is where we have a go at following babysteps, support each other and just pop in to chat about our day and whatever life throws at us.

Old and new members are welcome. smile

The main thing is to take it one step at a time! wink

AdoraBell Fri 05-Apr-13 01:43:56

Hello Cats thanks for the new thread.

So, dinner is done, dogs fed and DDs in bed on timegrin I'm having a rather nice vino and the sandwiches will be made in the morning. I'll be back to report progress tomorrow.


AdoraBell Fri 05-Apr-13 14:02:08

Ta Da's

Morning routine, plus
Sandwiches made for packed lunch
DDs shoed out the door for school run
Cleared away breakfast detritus
My breakfast
Decanted 3 open packets of biscuits into 1 zip lock bag
Ooooh, biscuits grin made another coffee and sat down to MN

Leaving laundry for the weekend as DDs are both going straight to friend's houses for sleepovers this arvo. Must make SD (Soap Dodger) hand over her gym kit for washing this weekend before it sprouts legs and climbs into the WM on it's own

liveinazoo Fri 05-Apr-13 17:05:49

<puts kettle on..makes beverages and refill hot water fess up.who stole spring?my house is FREEZING and fed up of having fire on all chuufing daysad>

thanks for the new thread cats<polishes it lovingly>ive been struggling to get it to the very long old one!

scoutcat has stated in today and done lots face rubbing.he better with teh kids and seems ok,as long as not outside then he becomes fearful and wary,poor chap.hoping a few more days and he will be ok.he used the litter tray for first time in 4months this morning rather than go out<forgot how much cats buttock smell!>

todays ta dahs
cleaned litter tray<before we all choked!>
fed cats
fed kids
popped shop for bread and milk
made hot water bottles and hot choc all round when we got back.its a 5min walk but the wind went right through ussad
cleaned living room floor
cleaned kitchen floor
emptied bin
swished bathroom
dcs went to play upstair so i sneaked back into bed for a bit with myH.W bottle and read!grin
made an omelette for lunch-i dont think i used enough eggs for the volume of new potatoes,red peppers and ended up like kinda scambled egg with bits,but tasted nice!we had that with pittassmile

this p.m we settled down under snuggle blanky and watched willy wonkas chocolate factory on dvd and ate sweetsgrin-the perfect antidote to the cold! theres a seriously huge black cloud outside now<has been sunny>and i suspect we are in for a bit of rain<rather than the snow flurries we seem to have had forever>.im told it will be mklder but wetter this that better?hmm

i am now off to make a courgette and cashew risotto and a kids curry<ds doesnt do spicy and dd2 not very excited bout courgettes,so little zoo gets a bit of both,ds get the risotto,dd2 a spoonful risotto adn curry>.the risotto is oven baked<coz im feeling too lazy to be bothered to keep stirring/stop it burning>

hope everyone finds us shortly!!!

Scout19075 Sat 06-Apr-13 08:30:18

I went all guns a-blazin' Thursday but slowed it down on Friday so I didn't burn myself out. SmallBoy and I spent four hours out yesterday afternoon -- walking to the park, playing in the playground, walking around the park, playing Pooh Sticks and walking home. The sun was lovely but the breeze (and there was breeze!) had a cold nip to it. We were in our winter coats but it was so nice to go out and run. There are also signs of spring -- buds on the trees, and a few trees had buds that were bursting with leaves or flowers.

I'm tired of being cold.

Lots of little non-flying things to do this weekend. I have emails to catch up on, samples to finish, pieces to trace & cut out, bottles to cut down (I'm recycling drinks bottles rather than buying loads of pots for seed planting) and labels to create -- all for S&N club next week. Tomorrow we're going to Pizza Hut in YOUT with my Seniors, so that will be nice to catch up with them. SmallBoy saw me booking the table on-line so he's excited and thinking we're going today.

MrScout is still sleeping. I think SB and I will get dressed soon and walk into town to take the glass to the recycling and to go to the stationary supply shop to see if they have CD cases. Maybe I can wake MrScout up just before we go and convince him to meet us in town and treat us to hot drinks at the café before we come home.

BlackCatinChaos Sat 06-Apr-13 09:59:53

Morning all, just gonna read through while I have breakfast.

BlackCatinChaos Sat 06-Apr-13 10:09:22

Not much to report here but have done the basics. In holiday mode still!
Might pop back in later on. smile

bessie26 Sat 06-Apr-13 13:20:25

<marks place>

AdoraBell Sun 07-Apr-13 02:26:35

I hope you got that hot drink Scout

Just a few Ta Da's as we've been out today, so

OH brought me coffee in bed- bliss
Up and showred/dressed
WM on
Emptied WM
Went to collect DDs from their friend's houses
Into town to drop off recycling and get supplies for OH's office
Spot of lunch
Back home, loaded visiting truck with furniture we no longer use
WM on
DDs emtoied DW
Clean clothes hung out and dry towels folded
DDs sent off to bed
Sat down with tea

AF arrived last night and by this arvo I was feeling drained, struggling to keep my eyes open now just after 10 and everything aches- even my shins. OH fed the dog's, and vacuumed after chairs had been removed, just as well really because I couldn't bend to scoop food out of the bag. I'm going to finish this tea and crawl into bed. I might update tomorrow, if I can muster the energy.


BlackCatinChaos Sun 07-Apr-13 04:46:34

Adora I'm the same here, I was in bed by 9 last night as I could take no more. Felt completely worn out. Now I am up early (before everyone in my house) grin and enjoying the peace and quiet. smile

My kids are driving me round the bend and back again --can't wait for back to school--
It's the sibling fights that really get to me. and DD is very "I want mummy" all the time which is cute but becomes very wearing after a while.
DS is at the pre-teen kind of stage and has all the attitude that goes with it. sad
He is also jealous of DD because she wants mummy and he kind of feels left out. I love them both but DS doesn't make it easy to love him when all he seems to do it back chat then he wonders why we tell him off.
DH is going to try and give him some one to one time today as they are hopeing to go on a bike ride together. smile

on the housework front we are kind of staying afloat. <ignores all the jobs waiting to be done>

Hope everyone is o.k. smile

liveinazoo Sun 07-Apr-13 06:58:39

cats-your house sounds like mine<but with less kids>-fight.wanting mummy etc<sighs at joys motherhood>.one week and its back to the the zoo house i think thats the problem.mine like routine -move it and all hell breaks loose!
i was up at 4.30<assumed no one else would be here>so decided as i couldnt sleep to wash the living room,kitchen and hall floors.the cats go out when i surface to stretch legs etc and i almost fainted with joy at be able to wash a floor and no one walked on it before was dry leaving little feet/pawprints!<realise that makes me need a life!ha ha>

got a lift to aldi yesterday and played zoolets<lazy day

cats are now in <and fed>time to feed the troops!

will pop back later if get a chance

scout hope you got that drink

<passes adora a double red bull with shot expressogrin>

AdoraBell Sun 07-Apr-13 21:40:32

Cats your two sound a lot like mine, and mine are both the same ageconfused hope the bike ride with OH helps

Thanks for that XX large caffeine boost Zoo grin

Feeling much better today, slept like a log and woke up around 9, OH was cleaning cars so I had a coffee before waking DDs up and doing breakfast - shop bought waffles with strawberries and maple syrup.

Laundry's done - 4 loads today
DW emptied by DDs
Showred and washed hair
Lunch, DW on again
DDs have stuffed crapula into bags tidied up their rooms
Dogs have been fed
Clean dry things inside and sorted
bathrooms S&S'd

Just need to do dinner and tomorrow's packed lunch, after another cup of teagrin

liveinazoo Mon 08-Apr-13 07:27:44

yesterday was fun in paradise.NOTsad
dd2 and ds were on a mission to wind each other up so we spend a sustantial amount of time ot walking<as it was sunnny and a bit less cold!>
they still bickered and in total we racked up 6hours walking<i dont dawdle either>by our return they were exhausted into submissiongrin
we then watched a dvd together and i then got on a few basics while they played killed each other
bathroom s+s
kitchen floor washed<atticus has taken to dragging his food around the kitchn and drop bits everywhere<boak>>
1xwashing done
TD washing,then fold and put away
wiped work surfaces
made dinner<tired so simple pasta veg and cheese>

i put all the kids up together at 7.30<lil zoo normallt up 6.30,ds 7>
dd2 decided to start a game giraffe world with lil zoo and they were bouncing around pretend to b giraffes at 8.30<<sobs>>

riot act read.silence resumed.colapsed into bed

dd2 was up at 6,little zoo just after so anther day of tired kids.stating to feel like groundhog day!

put some apples in to bake for breakfast
bins/recycling out
fed cats
put some harpic in loo

am now ready to eat my lovely apple with some natural yogurt and flaked almondsgrin

i shall be pop out with zoolets for a walk after<might rain later so will do that first>then we shall be flybaby/home blessing<hard labour to rein in the troops!ha ha>

back later

AdoraBell Mon 08-Apr-13 15:15:06

I've rebelled! After my morning routine plus changing duvet cover and washing my sheets, scouring the house for excess pictures for OH to relegate to the garage, turning off all the lights DDs left on, my breakfast plus coffee and toast for OH post school run, emptying DW - I decided to leave DD's dirty breakfast bowls in situ and go for a walk, on my own, because I need to.

Only managed 47 minutes fast-ish, but then I was only aiming for 30. I'm embarrassed to say that after growing up not doing any sports or activities, trying a little whilst working, then moving here where walking isn't advisable I am, in medical terms, knackered. I'm trying get fit enough to enjoy an active life. Which means ignoring what everyone else wants and expects me to do and doing what I need.

Still need to empty WM and put another load on, vacuum bloody dogs with their muddy paws then go into town to pick up something for OH. Then school run, I'm not cooking tonight as OH is booking an estate agent to take pics at 9am tomorrow, I'll buy pizzas and some salad.

Zoo your breakfast sounds delish and I am seriously impressed with your 6 hours walking (see aboveblush ), sorry Zoolets were playing up though.

liveinazoo Mon 08-Apr-13 19:01:44

<brushes tumbleweed off thread>

<sniffs hopefully for spare slice pizza adora>

i love walking-i cant drive and even if kids are revolting<in more ways than one ha ha>i still find a long walk relaxing!

we strolled for an hour after breakfast along the river in places then back for some toast before we dug into chores-

kids sorted laundry into bins/put toys away<properly> and polished rooms while i washed cat food off my kitchen floor<again>
checked they had done it properly<they no if its on the floor i will bin it<<hard wench emoticongrin>>>
washed bdroom floors and windows

got new hoover out and wiped all paintwork on stairs and hoovered them<i havent swept them for a while due to back pain <,at least since janblush>this is a lovely light little number that can handle pet hair so did a grand job!
washed hall floor and did hall paintwork/doors/light and power point switches

washed living room floor
hoovered lampshadeshock and fireplace<getting carried away dya think?>

polished and cleaned windows-this is now at very leaast a weekly job as cats are starting to dribble at the abundance of birds and it gets all over the glass<euurgh>

3 loads washing-2 dry and put away,third still in TM

made a gorgeous beetroot soup for lunch that kid friendly<want recipe anyone?>

and for dinner a mushroom and blackeye bean stew which was also delish

zoolets scoffed everything!!!

dd2 due back shortly from trampolining.little ones in bed

my time nowsmile

hope someone has returned by tomorrow!

Scout19075 Mon 08-Apr-13 19:53:34

Anyone around to help me keep my sanity?

Bloody time change!

SB is exhausted -- awake until 9ish last night after a long, exciting day, awake two hours overnight, up around 8 this morning and pushing my buttins awake and constantly rolling around and out of bed since 645 tonight. Normally he's asleep by 7, 715 at the latest.

Scout19075 Mon 08-Apr-13 19:55:34

Bit ons positive note, he did two poos on the toilet today. grin

bessie26 Mon 08-Apr-13 20:25:45

<awards SB sticker>

I am on holiday & am enjoying not being able to even think about doing chores!

scout DD1 & her cousin are sharing a room & were awake until 10pm the other night! <yawn>

Scout19075 Mon 08-Apr-13 20:37:39

Twenty past bloody eight he fell asleep. ARGH!

AdoraBell Tue 09-Apr-13 02:04:03

I'll swap you a slice of pizza for that recipe Zoo

So, drove (see, that's my problem) into town - 80KM round trip (my other problem) for OH's errand.
Back home then out again for school run -30 KM round trip
Snack before shopping as DDs were starvin'
Back home
Helped OH hang pictures
Washing in off the line
Cleared away
Rubbish put out
DDs sent to bed
Sat down with a tea, but still need to sort packed lunch for the morning.

I also enjoy walking Zoo, but here it's just not a good idea. As much as I try not to I look forrin, so people have tried to nick my bag/purse in town and unfortunately any woman walking locally is subjected to aggressive whistling and jeering. I'm okay right here because we're in a kind of secure community, I just can't actually go anywhere on foot.sad

Glad you're enjoying your holiday Bessie

Scout I hope SB settles into the new time soon, and well done for the poohs <have another sticker SB grin >

Scout19075 Tue 09-Apr-13 06:55:35

And he stayed in his bed until 630. He had finally started staying asleep all night in his bed then he started coming in again & chatting for hours. <<yawn>>. However, I've been awake since 5. hmm

SB and I talked about toilets and no nappies last night and I think he might be on his way this time. I'm going to use pull Ups for a few days but constantly regularly put him on the loo and see how it goes.

liveinazoo Tue 09-Apr-13 16:42:46

well done SB<passes another sticker> on toileting!

adora that sounds go nuts if couldnt walksad
kid friendly beet soup
1onion,peel and chop
1tbsp oil
2x200g pks cooked beets<vacuum packed>
4 carrots,chopped
3 sticks celery,wash and dice
900ml veg stock sprig fresh thyme<or good pinch dried>

saute onion in oil til transparent.add beets,carrots and celery and continue saute couple minutes.add stock an d thyme.boil and simmer uncovered for 20-30 mins til veg are tender<add extra stock if nec>
blitz and serve
<i could only find 300g packs beets so added extra couple carrots>

fed cats
fed kids
s+s bathroom
washing on
washed up
wiped surfac es
wandered to library and had cuddles and storiesgrin
washed floors<kitchen and living room>
washing into drier

zoolets were champing at the bit to go out again as was sunny but with a cool<rather than arctic>breeze so we wandered along the river bank and along a cycle path for an hour<saw lots different birds,a bunny<lil zoo asked if was the easter one!>a ladybird,and horses grazing> we then detoured off to the stables where ds rides and saw the horses.its not far from a farm shop and they have a pig an donkey out front so we ambled up to see them too<dd2 pig obsessed>-it was in the sty as was quite chilly there in an exposed spot but we could see her snout peeping out! then into a round circuit along and back home.took 3hours!!!!!

made a quick spinach and almond soup
ate mountains-we werent back til 2 and were all absolutely starving!

i am now officially very tired although i can hear they have recharged after a brief rest and are playingtrashing upstairs

scout mine are all over thte place with sleep too.lil zoo is best at settling but still rises at 5.30/6ish<<she exhausted and in bed by 6.30> however the other too areanother matter and we have had some issues with very late nights<9-9.30>ds and dd2 runnign around shoutinginstead of sleeping and me being turning into a moaning banshee/fishwife rant they wake up lil zoo with their shenanigans<plus i want to go to sleep>

hope it all settles down again for both of us soon!!
bessie im envy-if its near sea side can we have some rock?!

Scout19075 Tue 09-Apr-13 17:07:05

So... SB has been happy to sit on the toilet whenever asked. He's done a poo and one pee and has gone through three pull-ups. I don't mind that, honestly, as the sitting on the toilet bare-bummed is a huge step and the fact that he did a pee at all is ace. BUT, and here's where I'm confused as to what to do next, the last time he was on the loo, just when it looked/seemed like he might pee, he started to cry and kept saying "Get me off!" Since then I can tell he's done another pee or two but when I ask he says "no" with the look on his face of "yes I have, but I don't want to go upstairs/sit on the toilet again." So I think he knows when he's doing a pee but something freaked him out?

Should I encourage him to sit one more time before bed (and just ignore the toilet between now and bedtime) or give up until tomorrow?

Other than that it's been a good day.

Lots of decluttering the kitchen
loads of recycling and rubbish taken out to the bin
more seeds planted
finally got the potatoes planted
menu planned
grocery list written
bits for S&N photocopied
bits for S&N printed
cut the tops of 21 bottles for S&N and washed them out
stayed on top of the washing up
played lots of board games with SB
did lots of dirt digging with SB
SB & I went to feed the birds (we have a green space/wasteland across the road from us, so went to put out bread crusts and birdseed)

Tonight I hope to go to the supermarket. I will also trace & cut out the last bits for S&N, and glue some of the bits together (the project is a bit fiddly for younger fingers so I'm gluing the pieces together on some so little fingers just need to glue the final things onto their boards).

AdoraBell Tue 09-Apr-13 18:32:43

Thanks for the recipe Zoo

I'll update later, had a bit of a lazy afternoon blush

Scout I would probably leave SB off the toilet and try again tomorrow.

AdoraBell Wed 10-Apr-13 02:18:44

Okay, 90% of what needs to be done for the morning is done, just DD's disaster zone of a den to be done in the morning. I could do it tonight but I have toothache and I've decided to have a beer instead.

Still to do in the morning,

Morning routine
Throw sarnies together for packed lunches
Shove breakfast things into DW
Clear and clean den, check bedrooms & bathroom upstairs

Estate agent arriving to do photos at 9am.

Must get to my dentist tomorrow, this pain is radiating through the bone.

Scout19075 Wed 10-Apr-13 09:24:02

SB put himself on the toilet last night then pinched his bits and sobbed to get off for his bedtime nappy. He clearly knew he was going to pee but panicked. Have started over today with rewards and so far dry pull up and one pee in the toilet. We're going to do errands and SB has said he wants to take his toilet seat to pee at the cafe. We shall see what happens!

AdoraBell Wed 10-Apr-13 12:12:26

Aw, bless. It's all so new and confusing for them isn't it? Just take it slow and keep rewarding SB with stickers, he'll get there.

Mine have been shoe'd out the door, with lunch, and I now need to blitz their rooms. Had my breakfast already, blueberry waffles (shop bought) with maple syrup grin.

I'll update after the agent's been, but the kitchen is looking bee-yoo-tee-full today.

Scout19075 Wed 10-Apr-13 17:13:23

We seem to have made a break-through of sorts this afternoon. There were pees in his pull-up to/from town, but I wasn't surprised given the distance/time we were out. However, he quite happily sat on the toilet at the café, even when someone used the hand-dryer. This afternoon he told me "uh-ho, I'm wet, Mater's gone (the disappearing character on his pull-up). I need to pee on the toilet!" and off we ran upstairs to the toilet and sure enough, as soon as he was on the loo he peed. Wahoo! Later this afternoon I suggested going upstairs and he said "The flowers are still there, I'm dry!" and ran upstairs. Mid-flight he said "I need to poo in the toilet!" He did a pee and a poo in the loo (and proceeded to tell me he had more poo to come when I asked him if he was done).

Sorry, I know this is boring for everyone, but I'm home alone and the thought of toileting SB gives MrScout the heebee-geebees and makes him feel a bit queasy so I can't share the little triumphs with him the way I can other mums (I do anyway, but I can tell he tunes out because it really does make him feel a bit ill -- why, I don't know, but it took him six months to start changing nappies so to me this is slightly easier than that).

Other than toileting stuff I have:

gone to town to the bank, the pound shop, and Tesco
at Tesco we did the recycling and got dinner stuff
SmallBoy and I have done a shedload of arts & crafts today
we dug in the dirt
kept up on the washing up
chatted with neighbors, watched diggers & ride-on lawn mowers

Hasn't been a productive flying day.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 10-Apr-13 21:46:42

<Wanders back into thread>
Sorry about my abscence, things have been a bit full on here and we have had a couple of internet hiccups (hopefully getting sorted).

Scout You're not boring us at all. it's not that long ago I was training DD and we still have a bit of work to do with her (gaining confidence to go on big toilet) --she still likes her potty chair-- She is in big girl pants now though all day but I use night time pyjama pants as she still not cracked that one. I have just learned to be layed back about it all --after nearly having a breakdown for various reasons-- They all get there eventually.
Sounds like you are and SB Scout are doing fine. smile

Still in holiday mode here but doing hoovering and washing fairly regular. wink hope to get more done next week with the return of back to school etc.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 10-Apr-13 21:51:17

zoo we are also having sibling issues with fighting, hitting climbing on each other etc. Hope things calm down next week otherwise I may need to seek some guidance!

I do find though that things seem to be worse between them when we are indoors so trying to get out and about with them when possible.

AdoraBell Thu 11-Apr-13 02:38:36

Wow Scout, SB is doing really well, what a star, give him another sticker from megrin. My OH also doesn't "do" bodily functionshmm

So, the agent couldn't make it today, and I've been hyper all bloody day. Did 4 loads of washing, plus 1 of handwashing before driving into town to meet OH for lunch, arrived 30 mins late. Then topped up groceries as I was there, straight on to school then home to bring washing in, sort the shopping, do dinner and prep for tomorrow's packed lunch. Also plonked some beets in a pan to do that soup of Zoo's, haven't seen them pre-cooked here, and finally sat down at 10.15 pm and no, my sink is not shiny!

OH has made me a chamomile tea and I'm trying to relax before going to bed.

<wanders off mumbling about bloody estate agents and bloody selling bloody houses>

Scout19075 Thu 11-Apr-13 11:34:48

So far so dry, including a massive pee this morning when we took his night time nappy off and a pee & massive poo when we got home from taking MrScout to work. I'm running S&N club most of the afternoon so I'll see how the rest of the day goes.

AdoraBell Thu 11-Apr-13 15:20:12

Mr Tidy Up put the alarm clock away yesterday. He remembered this morning when he woke up, 30 mins late. I don't wake up without the alarm but wasn't about to go hunting for something which doesn't need to be put away when I went to bed last night. He was already asleep.

Anyhoo, I had already prepped packed lunches so only had to assemble them as DD were encouraged to eat up and get a move on.

Yesterday's towels have been put away and I'm in the middle of sewing buttons on various articles of clothing. Apples are baking. I have some seedlings emerginggrin, couldn't get sage so I bought seeds. Instructions said to sow and leave, they 'll grow the next year. But they've sprouted after a month.

We have fog this morning and I'm hoping we get the sun that's forecast because the laundry yesterday used a lot of the water, but it needed to be done. Everyone's linen baskets were overflowing. Oh well, back to buttons.

liveinazoo Fri 12-Apr-13 12:08:56

<wanders in smiling>

well done SB-scout you are not boring him.toddler triumphs need to be celebrated!grin

i had 6 whole hours off yesterday<sighs with joy>-dcs went with dp to see walking with dinosaurssmile..i lounged around and read/ate chocolate.was just what i needed!

on flying front<yesterday>
2 loads washing done,dried and put away
kitchen surfaces wiped
litter box cleaned
kids fed and watered<breakfast and lunch before they went>
fed cats
hot spot front room
s+s bathroom

adora over here vac pack beets are with salad veg?bit a bugger if you cant get them,although roast beets are yummy!

zoolets got back just after 7 last night,tired and hungry.jacket potatoes were waiting,along with a bean stew, and wolfed down in a frenzied fashion that could put pirahnas to shamegrin!they then flopped into bed and that was that!

todays tadahs
fed cats
litter tray checked and sorted
fed zoolets
hot spot front room<still 2 piles kids drawings/toys etc to sort later>
s+s bathroom
wiped surfaces
snuck in half hour t.v while kids play upstairs
made snack<my kids must be growth spurting,permanantly ravenous no matter how busy we are>
wiped outside front door<*scoutcat*insists let himself in by leaping at the handle and as he comes down wipes muddy paws down white front doorhmm>
wrote and posted a letter<had a bag revels with 3 "naked" raisins-i felt cheated of chocolate!
printed some maths sheets for the kids and checked their attempts

its dd2 birthday tomorrow<9> so i need to start think some fun things to do for the others to enjoy a sshe can be quite demanding and wont let anyne touch new things<dads diva gene>

will pop back later if get a mo!

Scout19075 Fri 12-Apr-13 12:30:33

SmallBoy only had one small pee in his pull-Ups yesterday, dry the rest of the day, and we were out most of the day. He's been up since 4:30 <<cries>> and told me this morning when he needed the loo. He's now playing Lego In BIG BOY PANTS. He wanted them (I was going to wait until after my biopsy on Monday). Eek!

AdoraBell Fri 12-Apr-13 14:05:03

Sounds like SB is embracing this new stage in life with gusto Scout grin

Zoo glad you had some free time yesterday and hope DD's birthday goes well tomorrow.

Not much done this morning, feel like I have the latest cold doing the rounds. Really need to go back to bed but I'm waiting for a delivery and no idea what time to expect.

Morning routine done, made sarnies this morning to fling in the lunch bags. DD1 was at a classmate's last night, another parent dropped her home just before 9, so that's when she had dinner. Too late for everyone and she struggled to get up this morning. Tomorrow we have a forced fun day at school to attend. This school isn' just a school you see, it's a Big Family.

Scout19075 Fri 12-Apr-13 14:32:40

So far so good but I have been constantly asking him or suggesting the toilet. But he's done a pee every time I suggest it. I wish I was brave enough to leave him to it.

I feel like I've been hit by a truck. SB and I have watched a lot of television and eaten junk. My brain hurts so much I can't even feel guilty.

AdoraBell Fri 12-Apr-13 17:42:22

Delivery arrived, still can't go back to bed as too close to school run now. Currently watching chefs on TV

Hope you feel better Scout

BlackCatinChaos Sat 13-Apr-13 11:20:39

Morning all, so need to get out of "Holiday mode" ! <still sat in pyjamas>

I have lots of washing to do today, at least the sun is out.

We all seem to be on the verge of catching another cold. Need to stock up on orange juice.

This may be a short and sweet post as DD is wanting my attention.

I think I may need to visit Flylady. <in need of inspiration>

Just gonna do what I need to do over the weekend and hope to get back into flying mode next week.

Happy birthday to zoo's DD < hope I have that right. x > smile

< Leaves party snacks and drinks for all > grin

AdoraBell Sat 13-Apr-13 23:01:28

Hope the birthday went well Zoo

Hi ya Cats i agree, do only what needs To be done over the weekend. We have a cold too, OH is asleep and I'm kinda cooking, potateos are in the oven and the bol part of spag-bol is on the stove.

Had a bit of a set To with bloody preteens DDs this morning. Getting ready To go To the school thing, they showered and left their detritus all over the bathroom, then DD2 got narky over the fact that DD1 had inadvertantly put the wrong towel in the linen basket. I wasn't going To go with them but OH can't get his head around that concepto, I'm going To have To spell it out for him. Anyway, i had a delicious beer there. A neighbour is from the Chec República and has started making Chec style beer, it has grapefruit and has a really fresh taste.

<ignores the party snacks because of already consuming a 200 g bar of choc after this morning's argy-bargy>

BlackCatinChaos Sun 14-Apr-13 19:18:10

<counts down the minutes till bed time> grin
Just about hanging on to sanity here! --don't care if that makes me sound like a bad mummy--

Scrap that they are tipping me very close to the edge!

<remembers the washing in the machine>

BlackCatinChaos Sun 14-Apr-13 21:05:32

Both DC in bed asleep grin grin

See ya'll tommorrow --if anyone returns to thread-- wink I'm off to play!

Scout19075 Sun 14-Apr-13 22:45:51

Biopsy tomorrow so I expect I'll be out of commission for a few days (notes from the hospital say no lifting for 48 hours). SmallBoy doing well with his big boy pants -- a couple of accidents but nothing major and it hasn't deterred him (he was upset yesterday and kept telling me he was sad at being wet but he asks for his pants in the morning and may say "no" when we ask him about the toilet but he always runs to it when we mention it). It's nice having a boy -- makes pee-ing at the park (with no toilets) easier.

AdoraBell Mon 15-Apr-13 02:29:34

Good luck for tomorrow Scout

Did the laundry today, only 3 loads so as not to use up the hot water. OH has worked out that the system is circulating the hot water back out and around the solar panels over night, so we currently only have properly hot water in the later afternoon/early evening.

Not much otherwise. Walked the dogs, after a fashion, did meals and then had my own walk on my own terms after dinner. Too hot before dinner so I went out at twighlight. Showered and sent DDs off to bed. Tomorrow's packed lunch is prepped, just needs to be assembled in the morning. I'm almost ready to crawl into bed, just need another tea firstgrin

BlackCatinChaos Mon 15-Apr-13 12:36:58

Afternoon all, < wipes away cobwebs >

I'm here if anyone else is. < sips tea brew and makes lunch >
bit late in the day but I think I'm ready to get started. --have been awake since two am--
I had a cat nap this morning and was almost late to pick up DD blush
also been out to do shopping.

BlackCatinChaos Mon 15-Apr-13 12:38:15

Scout hope everything goes well today.

AdoraBell Mon 15-Apr-13 17:15:22

Hi Cats

Just thinking about my lunch here, think I'll have an omelette.

Morning routine is done
DDs shoe'd out the door
My breakfast
Dogs fed
3 loads of laundry done, one still to hang out
WM done and ready to onload
Vacuumed upstairs, worked around pre-teen detritus today as CBA sorting it.
Just showered - waiting for water to warm up
Squirted Veet down the shower plug hole

Not much more needs to be done today as I tidied and vacuumed over the weekend. DDs wound me up so much with their nit picking that I decided to cancel the weekend and leave them to it.

AdoraBell Tue 16-Apr-13 15:25:50

Today the estate agent came to do photos, she was impressed with the changes we've madegrin

After my morning routine I had a quick whizz around,
Towels are washed and ready to hang
DW is nearly finished
Fridge has been sorted and cleaned
Case of Czech beer put away in said fridge grin grin
Dogs fed, leftover chicken added so I had to help Pirate guard her food from Teddy Bear. He's getting too big for his boots, second day he's nicked food off the Pirate.
Old bottles of sauces etc from fridge emptied and rinsed ready for DW later
I've had breakfast and am now on elevensies, a twixblush

I think DDs both forgot their gym bags today. Both left them here, but I'm sure they needed to take them today. Oh well, that'll learn 'em not to sneakily watch TV after I've sent them to bed.

So, how's everyone else doing?

Scout19075 Tue 16-Apr-13 18:09:11

I didn't do much today but SmallBoy and I went to the park to play on the playground and play Pooh Sticks.

AdoraBell Wed 17-Apr-13 02:01:31

That sounds like my kinda day scout

Quick update

Emptied DW and put emptied glass bottles/jars in
Went out because the house vibrating due to local army base testing makes me uneasy
Had a snack
School run
Shower - water finally hot
Cooked dinner- I wasn't hungry
Collected DD1 from classmate's house, joint homework
Back home
Nuked some food for me, DD was fed at classmate's house
DD2 realised she had neglected to bring me her gym gear when I did the laundry on Sunday, so I put the WM on before eating, at 8.45
Spilt food down myself, whipped my jeans off and flung 'em in the WM
Tried again, actually finished my dinnergrin
Decided to not bother cooking chicken that's marinating for packed lunches, they can have tonight's left overs.
Emtpied WM
Cleared away and out DW on
Made a tea and swallowed a multi vitamin, feel like I have OH's cold thanks Hun

Finally sat down, just before 10pm

Scout19075 Wed 17-Apr-13 10:28:18

I feel like I'm living in the bathroom today. At least SB is getting better at telling me he needs to go, not just me guessing/reading signs/forcing him.

AdoraBell Wed 17-Apr-13 14:47:29

That's progress for you Scout, as you say, at least he is telling you.

few Ta Da's here

Morning routine
assembled packed lunches
shoe'd DDs out the door
my breakfast
Emptied DW
Cleared away and reloaded DW
WM on
Tea and pastry, don't care that it's before 11

I've been having a problem with my legs itching for a few weeks and last night I realised that it could be because I bought a different washing liquid, they didn't have my usual one for black clothes. So as it seems to be only me I'm going to wash my jeans, only thing of mine that goes in the dark wash, without detergent until I've used it up

Don't know what else I'll get done today, might pop back later.

Scout19075 Wed 17-Apr-13 16:31:48

In fact, he's told me often then not today. Wahoo! We're not long home from (our monthly HE meet-up at) soft play and even there he told me when he needed the toilet. No accidents! WAHOO!!! Today was a test -- being someplace exciting, with lots of playing.

AdoraBell Thu 18-Apr-13 01:50:21

Wow Scout I am seriously impressed with SB, he deserves an extra sticker.

Latest Ta Da's

2nd and 3rd loads in WM, hung out
S&S'd 2 bathrooms
Fed dogs
Went into town for errands
School run
Dropped friend's DCs home
Brought all the clean washing in
Dinner, pic-nic stylee tonight
Interupted dinner for vet to remove Teddy Bear's stitches
Resumed dinner
Cleared away
DW on
Got DDs to bed
Sat down with a tea, still need my multi vitamin to try and combat this cold.

Tomorrow I should be home all day so will see what I can get done, oh, kitchen sinks are shinygrin

AdoraBell Thu 18-Apr-13 14:01:43

I've run out of steam, today will be mostly spent perusing t'internet and making lists for next week. Morning routine is done, I've had breakfast, OH put the dustbin out and I'm washing clothes he needs for a trip, but not much else.

How's SB doing today Scout ?

AdoraBell Mon 22-Apr-13 14:29:28

Thought I'd update after a weekend of next to nothing in terms of housework grin

Ta Da's so far

Morning routine plus school run
Towels washed and ready to hang out
My sheets etc in WM
Dogs fed
Me fed

Need another coffee before I continue, then DW needs emptying and breakfast stuff needs clearing.

bessie26 Sat 27-Apr-13 23:28:50

Hello, sorry for going AWOL. Hope someone has been shining my sink for me? xx

Scout19075 Mon 29-Apr-13 14:16:42

I have a migraine. I am not impressed.

AdoraBell Tue 30-Apr-13 02:00:58

I wouldn't be impressed either Scout, hope you feel better in the morning. I used to get them, horrid things.

Bessie I'm sure my sink shining will have rubbed off on your sink too, don't stress over itwink.

Well, someone wants to view the house tomorrow, it's basically okay, but a new table delivered today was not assembled, OH is away still and I can't lift a 2M x 1M x 1 inch thick piece of glass on me tod. It's in pieces in the hallwayangry. Anyhoo, once I've dropped DDs at school I have 1 errand in town then I can get cracking on making everything look shinygrin then collapse, but not until after dinner

AdoraBell Tue 30-Apr-13 15:36:05

Ta Da's so far

Morning routine and school run done
Dustbin out
My breakfast
Last bit of rubbish taken out to dustbin
Cleared away breakfast things
2nd load in DW
Sorted recycling to take later

Still to do

Flick switch in DW
General tidy up room by room
More laundry
Move chairs and table base bits to garage
Clean terrace
Hose down outside, bleeding dusty here
Clean bathrooms
School run

I'm sure there will be more coffee in there somewhere.

AdoraBell Tue 30-Apr-13 19:03:19

So, upstairs is spotless, dogs escapted and I lured them away from the rabbit hole with roast chicken. Dropped and egg while trying to make an omlette, got Pirate to clean that up for me, she likes eggs.

Still need to get this furniture out of the hallway before I do the PM school run.

AdoraBell Tue 30-Apr-13 19:04:11

I did mop the floor after Pirate had licked up the egg, btw.

bessie26 Wed 01-May-13 07:25:18

Are you getting many viewings adora?

Hope the migraine didn't stay too long scout - I've only ever had one once & I hope I never have experience it again.

House is vaguely under control, but garden is eating into available decluttering time.

AdoraBell Wed 01-May-13 12:47:13

Bessie not many, estate agents here are not "active" IYSWIM. What we're finding is that unless a buyer walks in to their office and specifies which house they want to look at nothing happens. That's why we've gone with this British agent who has set up here. She's worked in a few countries and actualy tries to sell the properties on her books.

Scout, hope you are feeling much better now.

Oh, and decluttering the garden is still declutteringwink

liveinazoo Thu 02-May-13 12:24:52

sorry ive been MIA...
dd2 had a lovely birthdaysmile
sadly playing in the park the day after i made mistake allowing her to drop from a wall<less than knee high one> into my arms and swing her back made a ping feeling and i thought nothing of it til next day and i was struggling to lift my feet by lunch and in lot pain
tuesday morning i could barely move and i sat by fire hoping heat would help.i got stuck as totally seized up ad couldnt even turn toturn off fire!i had to wait for 2 and half hours til dp finished work to come and rescue me<by which point was almost at fainting point from heatsad>
i rang gp and spoke to them and she confirmed i did some muscular damage and would be a week of pain and a bit longer to regain mobility
its been horrible,i wasnt able to sit,except on arm of sofa so could get up again,for long orshuffle around,couldnt lay flat and laptop was in cupboard i couldnt get at so was very lonelysadsad
zoolets were amazing-dd2<now 9> was on food duty.good job we all love sarnies adn cerealgrin and putting little zoo to bed with a story as the stairs were like climbing everest!
ds adn little zoo were great getting mummy things and putting toys away so didnt snap neck as shuffled around

anyway,started feel better middle last week and began reclaiming from health hazard to bearpit status

friday i had planned to chack back in here after picked up the zoolets..
then dd2 came out very distressed a classmate was threatening to stab here!!!!!!!shockshockshockshock

i was so furious i didnt trust myself to speak teacher there and then so rang school when got in<she had left for the weekend despite it be less than 15mins>
i went in to see her monday early and she was like i spoke to cild involved and told her wasnt nice and to apologise.
i wasnt happy that was dealt with properly as this child and dd2 have a year long list of she did this/she did thats and sindce term started she was responsible for dd2 drop from play equipment and have huge lump back head<think between golf and tennis ball and you have the idea> and a 2 day headache,following week pinched her crisp at lunch

anyway i withdrewdd2 and sounded off a warnign letter to head if had happened out of school wouldve called police,still will if isnt resolved to my satisfaction...

dd2 saw behavioural learning mentor yesterday and she encourage her to stay on grounds she will be mediator and her playroom will be a haven for dd2 and 2 friends for lunch and break for the rest of this week

i see head today and he was most apologetic for class teachers response and he hs spoken to her.other kids mum was called in yesterday.he was surprisingly helpful so hoping it will blow over

sory for the essay i needed to vent it all at someone as ive been close to breakdown<esp as dd2 was so hysterical ds and littel zoo are now kicking off looking for attention and unsettled by the change in dd2>

rant over

liveinazoo Thu 02-May-13 12:31:37

on flying front
ta dahs

fed cats
fed zoolets
made pack lunches
pop co op for bread and milk etc<the police were there as were robbed at gunpoint last night of ciggies and money>
have cleaned bathroom
2x washing-one dried and folded,other almost ready to TD
cleared toys back from front room to bedrooms
made beds
made batch sultana and sunflower seed cookies<yum yum>

i am now going to go and feed my face then crack on ...hoping to deep clean front room before zoolets come home!!

hope everyones ok
noted SB doing a great job.happy days scoutsmile

AdoraBell Fri 03-May-13 15:59:07

Zoo what a nightmareshock I'm glad the head is taking it seriously and hopefully with the other mum involved it will get resolved.

Glad your back is getting better. I have a problem with my back muscles if I get too stressed, they just go into spasm and I'm stuck in whatever position I'm in when it hits until the muscles relax, sometimes for weeks.

My recent Ta Da's

Yesterday I was out in the afternoon doing errands after vacuuming all over. No laundry as cloudy with rain forecast. It rained heavily, and audibly, over night and the ceilings upstairs seem to be dry-yay.

Morning ruotine
Assembled packed lunches and threw together croissant sarnies for snacks
School run
Back home and fed dogs
My breakfast
Cleared away and put DW on

Still to do

Look for DD1's tooth, came out yesterday but she dropped it, and the carpets are oatmeal coloured.
Sort clean socks and put away
Make some jam, got frozen blueberries to use up the sugar that's sitting in the cupboard.
General tidying
Feed myself
School run
Collect DD2 from friend's house later
Feed all of us, and dogs again
Chase up vet guy for deworming pills-looks like Floppy has picked up something on hunting trips between deworming treatments sad , but the bloke is never there. He can't delegate and wants to please everyone so he delivers everything, will run around going to people's houses to do vaccines etc rather than inconvenience the owners by having them take pets to him. This means when he says he'll be an hour it frequently means he won't get here that day. But, but, if he was in the office everyone could get what they need. Okay, mini rant over.

^Scout* how are you feeling now? And how is SB doing with his potty training, still being a little star?

bessie26 Sat 04-May-13 20:16:18

Oh zoo! Hope the head gets it sorted & that your back sorts itself out soon. Great to hear the kids are helping out so much (don't rush back to full fitness too soon! ;-)

Good luck finding the tooth adora!!

scout hope you & SB are both well (& covered in stickers!)

DD2 turned 2 the other week (DH's cake creation is on blog) & has done a wee on the potty every day this week! Total coincidence/good timing of course, but is lovely to see her so excited about it & of course about getting a sticker! grin

I need to do meal plan... I have wine & chocolate though, so I should be able to get through it....

AdoraBell Mon 06-May-13 03:32:08

Found the tooth! Not by stepping on it either which was a reliefgrin

Not much going on here housework wise. Yesterday we ended up being out all day and today other than cooking we've chilled out and watched TV. Had to wait until nearly 5 for hot water for showers and didn't put the DW on until after we'd all showered. It's almost ready to go on again now, just prepped tomorrow's packed lunch and I'm having a tea. Had a beer earlier so no wine tonight, I have to do the am school run. Dogs are fed, DDs are in bed, we've spoken to OH, lunch is prepped but the kitchen is borderline disaster zone. Table's clear though so I can do breakfast.

Bessie belated happy birthday to DD2 and well done on the weeing on the pottygrin

AdoraBell Tue 07-May-13 23:22:15

Grrr, do this new estate agent hadn't collected the signed contract and isn't answering the phone.

On the flying front

Morning routine
School run
Back home & swapped cars over
Back out To get petróleo and shopping
Back home --To check if I'd turnes into a yo-yo, haven't
Fed dogs -at last
Emptied DW
Put WM on
Roasted chicken for dinner
2nd load in WM plus hand Washing
School run
Snack at home

Now need ti bring in laundry
Do dinner & packed lunches
Feed dogs again
Get organised for the morning.

Scout19075 Wed 08-May-13 13:56:27

I have fallen off the wagon. sad

AdoraBell Wed 08-May-13 15:39:43

Would you like a hand up Scout, or are you comfy down there?

Done my morning routines and school run
Had my breakfast
Fed dogs
Looked at kitchen, made another cup of tea
Sat down to MN

I'm going to have a bit of a rest, waiting for water to heat up so I can wash my hair.

liveinazoo Thu 09-May-13 14:38:30

<tries to entice scout with lashings chocolate>

im fed up!

school now feel its sorted and they should play togetherhmm
ds fell off his bed tuesday morning whilst wrestling himself free of his onesy and manage do backward roll and land on his anklesad
swelling nad screaming determined not brokenand after best past 2 days wearing a bag peas on his foot he is now back in shoes and returned to school<good job,as i had to see the head today regarding attendances>

he says they all have attendance around 80% and as such education welfare ar echamping at his neck...he wants to see them in everyday regardless and if i am worried for him or family support worker to decide whether they should be there.what happenened to mums know bestsad
on flying front ive been having a go at sifting through old toys recently<not past two days as have been at hoppalongs beck and call>.its very slow and soul sapping...

managing to do at least a load a day washing,and the bathrooms is another story!!!

im bored with mundane cereal breakfasts and have been searchign something different.current faves in the zoo house are
carrotcake oats-oats covered in water and left to soak in fridge overnight<or 20mins on side if forget>then add pinch cinnamon,grated apple and equal amount fine grated carrot.nuts and raisins optionalsmile
bagels split and toasted and spread with cream cheese and topped chop dry apricot and slices banana

<wanders off to see any cream cheese left in fridge for snack before pick up!!.....>

AdoraBell Fri 10-May-13 15:24:07


I hope DS's ankle is much better now. One of mine is back in a support boot, second week now, turns out she (and DD2 too) has hyper mobility. Not so much that it's dibiltating, but she keeps twisting her ankles and knees. Now I know why. I really hope the situation at school improves, you need to keep an eye on it though.

I'm having a slow start. DDs woke me up for the school runblush, luckily their lunches etc were already packed and ready to go. DD2 and I are up early again tomorrow. Dropping her at school at 7.30 am for cross country. Then I'm coming home and going back to bed. DD1 is staying at her BFF's tonight.

So, Ta Dah's not a lot
Morning routine and school run, I took coffee with me and the cereal out of DD1's lunch bag from yesterday, to have in the car. Got DDs to school on timegrin.
Back home
Fed dogs
Spoke to OH
Sat down.

One of the puppies has caught a bird and is now wondering around trying to find a safe place to hide it, 'cos his sister wants it. They aren't hungry so he's clearly planning on saving it for later <boak> disgusting creatures

Scout how are you doing?

AdoraBell Fri 10-May-13 15:25:10

Zoo I like the sound those breakfasts, might give them a whirl.

bessie26 Sun 12-May-13 23:20:01

good luck jumping through required hoops zoo - remember, they have these things in place for good reasons, however ridiculous they are in your situation.

Your breakfast sounds like what I take to work - half a cup of oats + half a cup of milk + whatever I fancy & leave in fridge overnight. <yum>

adora - I know nothing about hyper mobility - is it being "double jointed"? Is there anything they can do to stop the twisted ankles?

Am struggling with house stuff atm - am very tired & have recently started doing a keep-fit class every week, which is eating into my time for "getting stuff done". Did list something on gumtree this weekend though (although none of the 5 people who have emailed me has actually come to look)

DD2 has been sleeping ok the last couple of weeks & my getting-to-sleep has dramatically improved since "giving up" tea (** excluding first cup in the morning) so why am I still so tired & unable to do proper joined-up-thinking? (I know it is late now, but am usually in bed by 10pm)

Will stop winging now & go to bed!

AdoraBell Sun 12-May-13 23:55:56

Bessie yes, I think it is the same from what I've been reading. I hadn't actually heard of it until recently despite being 'double jointed' myself. Last night OH told me that as a child he was told his knee joint moved sideways as well is the normal movement associated with knee joints. All that can really be done to help is to strengthen the surrounding muscles, so leg muscles for DD1, which means doing more excersise.

Glad to see that DD is sleeping better, and you too.

On the housework front I've done nada today as it's mothers day here. DDs brought me breakfast in bed and OH took me out for lunch, I'm still full but DDs have done food, managed to persued them do to cheese and crackers rather than a full meal. I will do packed lunches a bit later.

Scout19075 Mon 13-May-13 12:01:39

I have jumped back on the bandwagon. I'll update and respond to previous messages/posters appropriately later. (If I stay on the computer too long right now I'll loose my mo-jo.)

AdoraBell Mon 13-May-13 16:01:58

Glad you've found your mo-jo Scout

My back is hurting today, no idea why, so housework is slipping down the agenda.

Morning routine is done, sandwiches hurriedly put together and chucked into lunch bags.

Family shoed out the door

All upstairs lights switched off after DDs left

DW has been emptied and breakfast things cleared.

Scrubbed rust spots of the sharp knives from DW.

E-mails checked, text messages sent, sorted out which brand of canned fruit to avoid. Pears were so hard we couldn't cut them with a knife, but DDs had served them so I had to sort through the cans for the name.

I really need to go through my cupboards and plan meals but that means bending so it may or may not happen today. Towels and underwear need folding, I should be able to manage that once I'm done MNing

AdoraBell Tue 14-May-13 03:24:24

Well, the towels are folded but still in the kitchen. Underwear is put away.

Laundry has been washed and hung out
Picked up DDs and dropped friend's DCs home
Back home
Laundry back in
Dinner has been done
DW loaded and switch flicked

I may unload and refil the DW when it finishes, or I might not - haven't decided yet.

AdoraBell Tue 14-May-13 18:21:53

Didn't do the DW last night.

Morning routine us done
Family shoed out for school
WM on
My breakfast
Made tea & toast for OH and sat down with tea
Told OH that he had to look after all four dogs when he's home. not sure he fully understands
WM on for 2nd, 3rd & 4th washes, 3 hung outside
Put chicken in oven for later
Cooked plums and apples for a crumble later
Tríed To have a bath, water not hot enough
Checked e-mails

Now contemplating lunch, don't know what To eat thoughconfused

liveinazoo Fri 17-May-13 05:47:11

adora little zoo had hyper extending kneecaps as a baby<is that the same thing?>-she couldnt stand as when on her feet<supported>her knees bended backwards<boak>little support boots gave her the help she needed and shes ok now.dd1 and i are very flexibe in the hip joints<she can bend her leg so foot touches bum then pull the foot round to teh frontshock> so i suspect these things run in families adn some "suffer" more than others

on the flying front i need a serious kick up the bum to reroutine myself.
i spent a substantial chunk of yesterday fighting with a cupboard full of antssad

i need to popto the website and then start posting at least once a day as this commits me not to procrastinate!!!

<ps i know its early,ds has a "dress as an animal day" and will be doing craft activitites allday and we have a dragon that you step into and slide braces over your shoulders and he is very excited!!!!
next week he will be doing SATS and he is starting to stress over them-i dont think school help by telling them they will be hard and they arent allowed to use any equipment and have to be silent.hes only 7 for goodness sakesad

<<notices cats absence of late>>

bessie me time is important,can you not deligate anything to dh?on the tired front have you been tested for low iron/thyroid problems?

i shall pop back at lunchtime,hopefully with a decent ta dah!!!

bessie26 Fri 17-May-13 12:25:00

<give zoo kick up bum as requested> I need to re-routine myself too - sink has not been shiney for a looooong time

I've felt a lot better the last couple of days, perhaps it's just taken me a while to 'catch up' on my sleep? Thyroid was ok when tested 2 months ago & iron levels are always high (was congratualted on them during both pregnancies!), but will defo get tested to check if I get tired again.

As for getting DH to do more ? <snort!> He is very good at doing washing up & putting the bins out, but asking for anything else is a waste of time - for the amount of mess he generates, I do wonder some times if it's worth having him around!

liveinazoo Fri 17-May-13 14:11:12

<rubs sore butt and passes bessie a bar of g+b chocolate for the motivationgrin>

<wishes i had a washer upper and bin emptier-that said i agree men<and kids> generate ridiculous amounts of mess!!!>

<im so envy you have good iron eat my body weight in green veg,dry apricots,rememebering to eat a bit vit c with meals,avoiding tea/coffe and wholegrain bread to prevent inhibiting phylates.stamps foot!!>

ta dahs
made breakfasts<bagels with cream cheese adn dry apricots/banana>
mae packed lunches
helped little zoo get ready<bit tired and not in full co operation mode today>
braided her hair/wrestled ds unruly mop into a pony tail<makes note his hair needs a trim,we like it long but its tatty at the ends>
school run
grabbed milk/bread/cat food from shops
my breakfast in peace
hot spot front room
attacked cupboard under stair for an hour<beat a path in there,may need a few more goes but its too soul sapping to do in one hit>
cleaned bathroom
made all beds
cleaned outside kitchen window<cats paw it with muddy feet to get in and snort all over it and was disgraceful!-typically rained as soon as it was done!>
locate recipe for baked syrup sponges for pudding tonight and messed around on net for a bit
i am now going to wash the floors<hall,living room and kitchen> as both moggies have cleared off out for a bit beofre i go get the zoolets!i shall also shine my disgusting sink!!!!

Scout19075 Fri 17-May-13 16:19:28

I've run hot and cold this week. Today has been wasted other than spending a lot of time playing & reading with Small Boy. So not a waste, really, but not attacking the clutter & crap.

AdoraBell Sat 18-May-13 17:30:21

Zoo yes, I think the hyper mobility us the same as your DD. my DD2 can lick her own elbow <eeeuwww> and her hip was a bit loose as a baby but no actual diagnosis until DD1 saw the Doc a few weeks ago.

Bessie hope you feel better soon. I'm tired too from too much pressure trying to keep the house spotless because of selling, the 4 dogs and 2 DCs plus school runs with OH away for three weeks. I'm embracing my exhaustion and leaving OH to get on with thingsgrin

So, today's TA Da's got up and dressed
Made tea while OH moped outside the front door, dog's muddy paw prints
Ate breakfast, OH put yoghurt in a bowl and I chopped nuts,

Yesterday I tidied in the morning for an agent to visit at 9.30
Did some laundry-not much- then headed in to town on my quest for arch supports and bunion correctors for DDs. Picked up DDs, russled up dinner for DDs before out for business dinner.

Scout time spent reading and playing with DCs is time invested / not wastedwink

I'm very envy if that G&B chocolate.

We're off out to do errands and get food for a BBQ tomorrow.

AdoraBell Tue 21-May-13 03:29:02

BBQ was a success, house still okay afterwardsgrin I must vacuum tomorrow but the last couple of days I've just been keeping on top of things. OH started building a pen for the dogs today. Laundry is half done, no rush this weekend as DDs are off school until Wednesday. Need To do some deep cleaning too.

AdoraBell Tue 21-May-13 23:09:48

Laundry is finished, bathrooms are sparkling, plug sockets, light switches and picture frames are dust free. Kitchen looks like a laundry due to short damp day and OH has yet to find a home for the dozen steak knives & forks that came free with car insurance. He has finished the dog pen though so gets a gold star for that. I was going to vacuum but DD's school bags are piled on top if the vacuum cleaner, so I swept instead as was angry at everything I need to use being under clutter despite me throwing almost everything away decluttering.

DDs are back to school tomorrow so I need to prep packed lunches, do dinner and then collapse. Oh and put DW on for 2nd time today.

How's everyone else doing?

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