Support group for those trying to get their house sorted

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CatwantsaTidyHome Sun 03-Feb-13 05:32:03

Hi all, I know it's a crap title! I'm just fed up of living in an unorganized mess!

Tried to do Flylady but got sick of it, I need a less rigid way of sorting my house as and when the mood takes me. grin
I have paperwork chaos, tons of washing to get through and I find the washing up tedious! --so it tends to pile up--
Add to the mix 2 children and an untidy husband and I think you get the picture.

Anyone else living in Chaos want to join?
I won't get on here often but will try my best, Hoping there are others like me so we can support each other in trying to get sorted! smile

Yamyoid Sun 03-Feb-13 06:14:53

You sound just like me! I tell myself that spending time with my dcs is more important than a tidy house but I still don't seem to have much time with them, and it's hard to ignore the mess.
My house is currently pretty tidy because I had visitors on Friday and Saturday but it was such hard work! Dd is 9 months and doesn't entertain herself so housework is difficult.
I much prefer going to friends houses and finding a bit of a mess, makes me feel normal.

Yamyoid Sun 03-Feb-13 06:16:06

What's flylady?

CatwantsaTidyHome Sun 03-Feb-13 06:27:37 I have linked it. it is a website. I had been trying to do it for over a year but just found that I would get so far along each month and then I would give up. So I have decided to try a different more relaxed route.
Some of her ideas are good but I just couldn't stick with doing certain jobs on certain days etc. I would rather just do things as and when I feel up to doing them. wink

So far today I have had some breakfast, --played on MNet-- and sorted a small amount of paperwork --into the bin--
I have decided to try and keep all passwords for different websites in one note book as I did have random bits of paper lying around.

poachedeggs Sun 03-Feb-13 06:43:22

I think doing things as and when I feel like it is the reason my house is a bombsite. I never feel like it!

A friend of mine throws out ten things every week. She says it doesn't matter if it's a piece junk mail or a sofa, it all counts! Her house is all always tidy.

Today I will finish the laundry, put away the box of random homeless Christmas gifts, and shove a hoover round.

Ooo, I'll join, I can't keep up with the flylady threads! My main problem isn't a lack of time, I'm just really lazy and use the fact that I have two small DC as an excuse not to do much when I'm here on my own with them during the day blush The youngest is 17 months, so I really should be able to just get on with it but I have such a lack of motivation sad
The house is not looking too bad at the moment but it doesn't take much for it to unravel sad I vaguely follow flylady but like to ignore her a lot too blush one thing that has helped me though is the evening routine of sorting the kitchen after dinner and a similar one after breakfast while the DC are still eating.
Not sure what I'm going to get done today yet!

Oh, and I haven't done anything yet today, I'm still in bed grin It's my turn for a lie in, so naturally, I can't sleep hmm

chubbymomie2012 Sun 03-Feb-13 07:17:18

just joined flylady. thanks for the tip..

WannabeWilloughby Sun 03-Feb-13 07:20:37 just described my actual life!! ha.

My issue is the washing, it goes like this....dirty clothes in basket, dirty clothes get washed and dried, clean clothes get folded and put on stairs to be taken up to wardrobes, clean clothes don't actually make it to the wardrobe, rather just sit on the stairs til needed whereupon I may iron them if absolutely necessary!

We also need space....desperately!! This became especially obvious in December...DS1 turned 3 and then a week later we had Christmas....we had toys EVEYWHERE!!! It was crazy!

Will have a look at flylady though, might inspire me??! Nahhh probs not x

poachedeggs Sun 03-Feb-13 07:45:34

Wannabe I have the solution for your clothes on the stairs problem. Don't put them there, it's a fire hazard. Instead lay them in piles on your bed. Voila, no sleep until they're put away!

Now,in exchange for that pearl of wisdom, tell me the secret to getting the dry clothes folded please! It's the DC's clothes I hate most, all those tiddly pairs of socks and awkward elasticated waistbands. Ugh!

ThenWeTakeBerlin Sun 03-Feb-13 08:02:13

Can I join please?

I've been naturally untidy my whole life. I'm becoming interested in minimalism, thinking if I have less stuff, it's literally harder to make a mess? Am I deluded?

I've got stuff lying around all over the place and no motivation to deal with it hmm

chubbymomie2012 Sun 03-Feb-13 08:32:30

Was happily sitting here feeling very smug that washing is up to date and i have some Cif so was about to go out and shine my sink a la Flylady, when, from upstairs i hear my dd2 being sick, run up to discover the entire bed covered in vomit. now feeling guilty that my first thought was "bloody hell more washing" rather than oh bless poor lamb is ill! on further inspection said vomit is up walls and furniture also. Dh is snoring in bed I WISH I WAS A MAN!!!!!!

WannabeWilloughby Sun 03-Feb-13 10:03:30

Ha poachedeggs, good idea! Also, if I left clothes on bed and slept on top it would solve my ironing problem! This is genius, why did I not think of this earlier!!

As for the folding, I find it therapeutic. I enjoy the folding just hate the putting away. DS1 now assists with pairing up socks, hence my children have been known to wear odd socks. Never massively obviously odd just slightly different shades or a stripy Thomas The Tank sock with a spotty one. Ive got bigger fish to fry though than odd socks...still have Christmas decs boxed up in our bedroom waiting to go back up the loft. smile

fuzzpig Sun 03-Feb-13 10:13:34

I'll join you! smile I don't get on with flylady either.

We managed to declutter quite a lot last year but still have a long way to go.

I got ill last year and that is what made me determined to sort my house out - I realised how much harder my life is made by living in clutter.

Yamyoid Sun 03-Feb-13 10:22:04

I took a basket of clean clothes upstairs and PUT THEM AWAY just now. Maybe there is hope.
I don't like the sound of flylady.
I think it would be easier if I did little and often instead of purt

Yamyoid Sun 03-Feb-13 10:22:57

Oops... Putting up with it until it's a bomb site.

Yamyoid Sun 03-Feb-13 10:25:43

I also have a new idea to declutter and deal with our lack of storage space - go upwards! Lots of high up shelves with storage boxes for toys/art materials/kitchen stuff. Just need to get round to it...

Yam, that's what flylady is, very little and very often. It does work, I am just a bit rebellious and refuse to do bits like shine my sink very often grin
Wanna, I have a DS who was 3 in December too! He is actually relatively useful compared to the 17mo whose main aim in life appears to be trashing anything that crosses her path hmm
So, today I have cleaned up the basics in the kitchen, done a load of washing and put it in the drier. I'm currently lying with17mo waiting for her to go to sleep, then I need to tidy the living room. FIL (aka tidiest man in the universe) is coming round later, I love having my ILs over as it motivates me to get it done grin

vvviola Sun 03-Feb-13 11:23:16

I'm in smile (although with time zones & stuff I'll probably be talking to myself a lot!)

I've had some success before with something called Habithacker - may try it again (when my parents leave on Friday - they've been with us for 2 months. A huge help, but totally undid the few small routines I had).

Biggest issues here are the washing (never ending) and the bloody sand getting everywhere (summer in NZ = lots of time at the beach).

CatwantsaTidyHome Sun 03-Feb-13 13:39:20

Hi everyone! smile

I went back to bed earlier cause I got up too early. Then when I got up DD was hogging the computer so I couldn't get back on here.
Anyway have showered and dressed and put one load of washing in the machine.
Need to get lunch and sort what else I have to do today.

I agree with putting dry washing on the bed cause you have to then do something about it.

Little and often is the way to go and yes it is very much what Flylady says but I just don't like to do things on set days rebelious or certain rooms when I am told. Much rather do a bit here and there.
I do need to spend less time on the computer and watching tv though so that is a habit I need to kick.
Will try to pop in later.

DeathMetalMum Sun 03-Feb-13 14:15:23

I think I need to join. I have dc2 due in 6 weeks so I am franitically trying to do as much as possible before hand to make things easier afterwards. I had a bit of a read of fly lady but half of the things seemed pointless to me (on the 30 day intro).

Productive ish week last week and trying to continue next week given myself a bit of a day off yesterday and today but will be back to sorting out frantically tomorrow.

I think decluttering is the first important step, we have done loads of this over the last couple of years, such a relief smile Still a long way to go though, especially since DC bring a certain amount of crap stuff with them. Why was my 3 bedroom house not perfect before they arrived?! confusedhmm

I can't do the putting washing on bed thing because if DH gets to bed first, he moves it all onto the floor or on top of something or something else annoying angry

I have killed the thread already blush

Ah well, will just keep chatting to myself grin Got quite a bit done today and DH has put some extra cupboards in our tiny kitchen diner so hopefully can get that a bit more sorted as it is bursting at the seams grin

CatwantsaTidyHome Mon 04-Feb-13 05:55:35

Whispers You haven't killed the thread grin I'm still here anyway! wink

I don't always manage to get on here that often but I will try my best! smile
-- I get distracted by facebook-- blush or The DC hog the computer.

Anyway I only have this morning/this evening to do things at home today. So far on my list I have:
breakfast me and DC
get dressed me and DC
sort everything needed for school
school run
washing up/drying up
general tidying/decluttering/hoovering/ washing/cleaning in small amounts everywhere hmm
deciding what's for dinner --hopefully before dinner time--
get DC ready for bed
chill out hmm at some time today.

Good luck everyone! smile

That's a very comprehensive list, cat grin

Not sure what I want to achieve today. Think the flylady zone is the kitchen, so will see how I go. Have got a load of washing on now and the dishwasher running smile

Yamyoid Mon 04-Feb-13 21:00:21

Thanks for the flylady link, I should've looked before dismissing it. Maybe I'll have a peak.
I have the same problem with the washing on the bed - Dh will chuck it on the floor or sometimes just gets in bed and ignores it. Then I end up putting it in a basket. In fact, that's exactly what will happen tonight.

So, Cat, did you get much of your list done?
My house is messy again now because I've been out all day and Dh was working late so I also need to sort out the kitchen from dinner. I'm feeding dd to sleep at the moment and really tired so don't feel like doing anything.

Are we married to the same man, Yam?! wink In fact, we could be the same person, I have a dd that I feed before she sleeps and lying in a dark room for a bit is a massive motivation killer to do anything after the DC are in bed!
I've just done the basics today, although I did manage to get the washing done this morning put away this afternoon grin I usually put it off as I have to take the DC with me and they run amok upstairs and I end up with more to do than I started with hmm
DS is at preschool tomorrow all day, so hopefully I'll be able to get something extra done while DD has a nap smile

vvviola Tue 19-Feb-13 09:50:00

Is anyone still here?

I'm starting properly tomorrow. Using a home routines app to remind me to keep doing different rooms (I "tidy" in the sitting room a lot in the ad breaks blush)

Jojobump1986 Tue 19-Feb-13 10:08:08

Can I join too? I need a support group to guilt trip me into doing things! My issue has been that I've had depression since I was a teenager so I never had the energy to get into good cleaning habits - we're talking wearing dirty clothes after a spritz of febreeze & using anything I can find as a plate rather than washing up level! Been married 5 years & DH has pretty much always done all the cooking/housework while having a full time job. I'm pregnant with DC2 & have been ill for the first 4 months. At 25 weeks I'm suddenly feeling energetic & am blatantly nesting. I've decided that enough is enough & I'm going to use my nesting period to develop some good habits & gradually become the good housewife/mother I've always dreamed of. I shall start getting into the habit of doing at least one thing each day. We've even planned a strict schedule so I can remember what happens when & not put things off.

Today, I've shined my sink! grin I'm not really planning to follow flylady very strictly but I guess it's as good a place as any to start!

Iheartpasties Tue 19-Feb-13 10:52:55

I'm in! I've got 2 dc's under the age of 2 and that is my main excuse for the place looking like a bombsite. I dream of having a place for everything and having everything in it's place. Sometimes though it takes me 6b months to find a place for something and then it doesn't 'work' so I find somehwre better!? blush eventually certain things get a place to live though - I need a rocket up my arse and then everything will have a bloody place to live!!

If I put stuff on the bed, when I crawl into bed (utterly knackered) I just dump it all on the floor. Down the side of my bed is always a a disaster zone.

Tomorrow morning (it's evening here in oz) I shall clean the shower and sink in the bathroom and empty the bathroom bin out. I am also hoping to go to office works and buy some storage for paperwork and whatnot so that I can sort one of my cupboards out a bit. I do actually love buying storage boxes, baskets, drawers, etc etc (saddo!)

issimma Tue 19-Feb-13 11:30:21

I'm trying to sort a room a day. Yesterday was kitchen, today is hall and downstairs loo. Not sure if it'll work, as the rooms won't stay clean for long (toddler plus clingy baby).
Also have set routines of daily laundry wash and dry, and dishwasher on.
I plan to add getting clothes out for next day to this, and swish&swipe (yep, a fly lady fail too!).

I'm still here, glad I didn't manage to kill the thread completely grin

We've been out most of the day today so I haven't got much done but on the plus side we haven't had a chance to mess it up either grin

DeathMetalMum Tue 19-Feb-13 21:13:25

I'm still here too though slightly slacking. Have decluttered a lot but dd1 had her birthday last week so house looks a mess again.

Does anyone have any tips on storing toys? Dd is only two and we spend most of the time downstairs, what things do you store in dc's bedrooms and what do you store downstairs?

I do a lot of rotating toys, so only some books, craft stuff and puzzles are permanently downstairs, and then the other toys such as all the food play/kitchen stuff, toy garage and cars, duplo etc get rotated when the DC start getting bored. I've got several vessla boxes with lids from ikea which fit well under DS's bed smile
We actually have loads of storage in our house, we're just really really bad at using it well sad

Iheartpasties Wed 20-Feb-13 01:31:40

This morning I
1. Cleaned shower, and toilet, emptied bin in bathroom
2. put a sausage stew in slow cooker
3. put a load of towels on to wash
4. bought plastics drawers x2 to organise paperwork in messy 'stationary' cupboard

Iheartpasties Wed 20-Feb-13 01:53:18

But I still need to
1. Hang out wet washing
2. bring in three loads of dry washing, and then fold and put away
3. bring in my newly bought plastic drawers and unwrap them and then make room for them in the cupboard and decide what I want to put in them.

vvviola Wed 20-Feb-13 07:13:07

Today I
- put on & hung out a wash
- half tidied the playroom
- cleaned the oven (repairman arriving & it was disgusting)

I was hoping to force myself to iron tonight but I discovered mould in the water tank of my iron blushblush and my attempts to sort it with vinegar & hot water failed. I think a new iron might be needed.

I was supposed to (according to the app I use) be cleaning bathrooms today. Oops.

Is it the homeroutines app you have, viola? That's the one I have too but been really rubbish at using it lately sad I am supposed to be on my bedroom and miscellaneous cupboards this week hmm

vvviola Wed 20-Feb-13 19:14:51

Yep Whispers, that's the one. I set it up ages ago using the habithacker system (which is a bit like flylady in some ways - baby steps etc - but less sparkly and more sweary grin).

Haven't used it properly in ages, really need to get going with it again.

Today's task is getting a new iron....

DeathMetalMum Thu 21-Feb-13 17:58:47

Thanks. Today I have managed to sort out dd'd room (v nearly finished). I sorted out the wardrobe and put a clothes rotation system in for doth dc, basically a box with next size up things at the bottom one for each of them. Cleared a lot of things that were just hanging around and sorted out a large bag of clothes to go. Charity shop and friends dc's.

Dp took loads of toys upstairs while me and dd we out yesterday - good it was him I would have been more picky. Dd hasn't noticed anyway, and she has actually played with them in her bedroom now there is more space.

I also made space and put away sheets for moses basket and spare blanket in our bedroom.

Tomorrow continuing with upstairs more decluttering icluding finishing off the pile for music magpie so I can send it off.

Ooo, habithacker, will have to look into that, flylady does make me cringe sometimes! I've been out all day so not got much done and the motivation to get much done this evening has gone since the people who were supposed to be visiting tomorrow are not coming anymore! Why can I only get motivated for other people but not for my own family?! confused

DeathMetalMum Thu 21-Feb-13 18:58:11

I am the same whispers. If my mum sis or bros are coming round I don't have any motivation to clean/tidy. Anyone else an it really motivates me, I need to find some more visitors!

Me too, deathmetal grin Although I am equally motivated by my dad and ILs, the only people who don't benefit are my mum, DH and DC! I would love to have more people dropping in, but sadly I don't seem to make friends with the dropping in kind sad

vvviola Thu 21-Feb-13 20:33:01

My parents visiting is a huge incentive to tidy up - as we live in different countries so it's always a big thing. Unfortunately they then stay for a while so it's pretty obvious that the tidy state was just a once off!

The most recent time they visited, we hadnt seen them in nearly a year - and the week before they arrived I had a small car crash and ended up with a sprained neck & bruised shoulders. House was even worse than usual - AND they had to help clean it up because I couldn't lift anything blush

Oh no, viola!

My mum once told me that she was ashamed that my ILs saw my house in a state sometimes in case they thought badly of her!! shockhmm

Thankfully it is a lot better since then, I would only be mildly embarrassed if someone dropped in uninvited rather than deeply ashamed! blush

Iheartpasties Thu 07-Mar-13 10:13:58

Are we still all keeping on top of things??! smile

I love buying storage and buy and buy and buy it, I love ordering stuff from hong kong (because it's always a bargain) and then it takes about 4 weeks to arrive so I always think I'll be dead organised when all the new storage arrives. well I never am! I just acquire new storage ideas and once in a blue moon use it!!

I am terrible for only really going over the top and getting things spick and span when we have visitors coming. today I just did not have time to do everything before they arrived though - so I gathered up huge piles of stuff and put them in bedrooms and closed doors!! I had a stack of dirty dishes in the spare room blush

I am honestly slowly slowly slowly getting better than I was. It's just small baby steps for me. Today I have done pretty well all in all. I have done loads of laundry and put some of it away. I have cleaned in the kitchen, when normally I would leave it all because I'm knackered at this time of night (down under).

Ah, I'd forgotten about this thread! So glad I didn't totally kill it grin

I'm actually doing ok at the moment. I am the same as you, iheart, we have loads of storage, cannot complain about that at all, but just aren't using it effectively. My current 'project' is to try and encourage as many visitors as possible as it's the only thing that motivates me to keep on top of it all blush I'm doing well, I had a friend and her little girl over last week, that one was a baptism of fire as she's a very curious girl so she and my DS spent a lot of time upstairs where visitors don't usually venture! It was ok though, I just said they weren't allowed to play in my room smile Have got a different friend and dc visiting on Monday and hopefully an older friend from the village sometime over the next week smile Also my mum is here for the weekend but she doesn't count wink

How is everyone else doing?

Iheartpasties Fri 08-Mar-13 04:12:48

Whispers - that's a fairly good strategy. I sometimes tell myself 'quick tidy up someone is coming to visit' to try and trick myself into being tidy, it doesn't work!! I'd love to be able to tidy the day before they were due to come and then on the morning of a visit just do a last few little bits so that it's looking extra good. One day I'll crack it!

To be honest my mum was a very strict tidy person when I was growing up and even now has a very tidy (almost sterile) house, I hated it, as tidying and cleaning seemed to be more important than other things. She always looks pained if she comes here and I always feel she is uncomfortable because she wants to clean my place up, but it sort of puts me on edge so it's not even enjoyable to see her. I wish she could relax about it a bit, there has to be a happy medium. I tidy up before she comes over, but its obviously not up to her standards. She doesn't even call in to see my brother because she knows she wouldn't be able to stand 'the mess', so she misses out on seeing them to a certain extent.

So anyway I aim to be a bit more tidy and a lot more efficient in my approach, but I do not want a clinically clean household like hers, and I don't want my kids feeling that a bit of a mess is the end of the world.

I'm doing laundry atm, then I shall get up off my bum and fold up dry laundry and put it away, then I want to change the bedding on my dd's bed. Then I shall pick up her wooden puzzles and put them away (in the a4 plastic folders that I bought for them to live in, a top tip I picked up from MN), then because it is sunny here, I shall wash the bedding. I shall pop back here if I remember and see how I am doing with this list!!

Iheartpasties Fri 08-Mar-13 04:41:29

dry laundry folded and put away, took less than 10 mins smile
another load in washing machine smile

dd's bed next on list, just gotta feed dd2 first.

Iheartpasties Fri 08-Mar-13 05:29:35

Dishwasher emptied, and half full again!
Bed stripped, and made up with fresh sheets.
Wooden puzzles packed away.

I'm feeling like a reward! I wish I wasn't on a diet smile

MrsHoarder Fri 08-Mar-13 05:41:19

I might need to join in. Once I've got off MN and done my coursework that is...

vvviola Fri 08-Mar-13 06:19:51

MrsHoarder, I actually find the the more imminent my assignments are, the tidier my house gets. Case in point: this morning I was meant to be writing my dissertation proposal. Instead I scrubbed the fridge, did 2 loads of washing, cleaned the toilets and washed the floor in the bathroom & en suite.

I finally sat down to study after lunch!

LovesBeingWokenEveryNight Fri 08-Mar-13 06:29:52

Hi I'll join, can't promise to post lots but I do need try try and sort this out.

FadBook Fri 08-Mar-13 06:52:05

Vvola- my house was the tidiest it had ever been when I did my post grad qualification grin it's funny how ironing in front of the tv is so much more appealing than starting a 3000 word assignment grin

Hi I'll join! im a terribly messy person and my OH isn't so we clash a bit. not arguments, more a subtle pointing out of stuff that needs doing.
to make matters worse we've just moved so yay... bigger house but boo...boxes everywhere, wardrobes not up yet, no decent storage in spare room. I want to tidy but have nowhere to put anything.
I might have to get that app..sounds handy! I have used some flylady tips in the past but I actually have a life outside of cleaning my house!
I have managed to put a wash on and tidy the kitchen this morning. just having tea, then up to fetch dd (she's just woken up). I AM going to hoover today. smile

dry laundry folded and (mostly) put away. put a wash on. Got DD up changed and dressed stripped and remade DD's cot. Added the newly washed bumper. sorted out 3 of her drawers of smaller clothes ready for friends dd. hung her dresses up in very cramped small wardrobe. sad
Right, time for breakfast, then hoovering!

Mum just rang and now I've lost my cleaning mojo. angry
Are we a sweary bunch? wouldn't want to offend anyone just in case (nearly let loose with many fffffs!)
so now I'm faffing around on here instead. sad

I don't mind a good swear so feel free grin

Iheart, sounds like you got loads done the other day smile

I have no mojo today, think it is partly the weather, I just want it to be warm and sunny out so I can fling all the windows open and not just want to curl up under a blanket sad

Not sure I'll get anymore than the basics done today but I did a bit yesterday so it's not a disaster if I don't smile

I know what you mean about the weather. grey and miserable. sad If I can fling the windows open and get a breeze through it would deffo help.
Right, enough lazing, as long as I hoover I can faff the rest of the day. A Plan! smile


I am going to attempt hoovering later too smile need to get off my arse to make a packed lunch and leave to pick DS up from preschool in 30 mins smile

Fucking bastard arsing bollocks poo bum willy wank.
Hoovered all downstairs, tidied kitchen, dishwasher on, made a brew while cleaning the downstairs loo, then open the door to find dd had tipped a whole beaker of blackcurrant all over the peach coloured hallway carpet. Been on my hands and knees scrubbing the stain and its bought up the smell of wee from where the previous owner had pets that must have pissed on the carpet.
AND now my tea is cold and too strong so have to make another one. angry
So seriously fucked off now.
Also just found out my phone recognises swearwords but won't suggests them on predictive. shock

Ohh, that is the type of incident that would finish me off sad

I have picked DS up from preschool and we have all been to a messy play session, I love those as the kids get to do something constructive but someone else cleans up the mess grin
Back on the sofa and they are both in front of the tv blush

Oops, might have killed it! Hope not. sad
Has anyone made progress? I've been a right lazy bastard since the incident of the spillage in the hallway.

I have been terrible this weekend as my mum's been here sad
Got friends visiting tomorrow though, motivation please!!

What would you prefer Whispers?

"Go on, you can do it, just one job at a time, you'll be done before you know it"


"Get off your arse and tidy up!"

Haha grin

If you could arrange to come over and watch the DC while I go and do it, that'd be great grin

I have cleaned the kitchen and hoovered the living room now, so that's something smile
Is it bad that I am hoping that we will have a big snowfall overnight so she won't be able to come? blush

PoppyWearer Sun 10-Mar-13 16:28:48

Can I join, please?

(BTW it's Mother's Day so none of us should be even thinking about this!)

I am normally über-organised but a combination of DC2 getting active last summer (at 13mo) , my having a few weeks of work last summer and health problems after that until Christmas means that I lost control. And now I can't get back on track.

I still have some latent health issues and to make matters worse DC2 is a terrible sleeper at nights, it's a wonder I have the oomph to do the laundry most days!

I have just enough childcare to allow me to get the day-to-day stuff done (basic cleaning and tidying) but boxes of stuff have been chucked in the study every time we have visitors and I need a couple of clear child-free days to get it sorted (not happening).

I am currently trying to clear out all of the old baby stuff and baby clothes through ebay and its going well, but slow-going, and in the meantime the spare room is also a no-go zone, with some overspill into our bedroom hmm. But once it's all gone, there will be a load of space in the loft where we can put old paperwork and so on.

It makes me feel awful, it's not how DH and I like to live and I feel like I have all this baggage. I am contemplating sticking DC2 into nursery for a full week (he currently only does a couple of days) just to get it done, although it would cost am arm and a leg.

I have also bought a load of "storage solutions" from Argos and Ikea to try to get stuff sorted, but of course I can't find the time/energy to unpack them and now they are part of the problem...

Welcome Poppy smile
I really sympathise with the lack of sleep, that makes a massive impact on my motivation to get cleaning done sad
I'm guessing you have a DC of a similar age to mine? (Now 18 mo). It's a really tough age IMO as they can cause maximum destruction but cannot help with cleaning/organising in any way hmmsad DS who is just three is a delight in comparison, he put all his own clothes away the other day gringrin

PoppyWearer Sun 10-Mar-13 20:32:22

Yes indeed, he's 18mo! DC1 is 4yo and will at least tidy up when asked.

Plus I am discovering the delights of messy/active boys with DC2 versus DC1 who is a girl and much tidier overall.

And the tyranny of the school pickup, having to drop whatever I'm doing by 2.45 and head to school...such a pain!

Hi Poppy, welcome.

my dd is also nearly 18 months, I'm only out the room two minutes and there is an inevitable bang that I have to investigate. Or it goes too quiet-see previous post about drink spillageshock
Poppy, you'll get there, try one box at a time, even if its putting together some storage.
Whispers, well done for getting jobs done! was it the enthusiasm or the kick? grin

OhMyNoReally Sun 10-Mar-13 22:13:47

I would also love to join. I'm good at routine but often find I'm watching Sarah and Duck or Ben and Holly and the kitchen is still a mess and the laundry needs done. Plus there's the bf 4 month old and the 4 mile daily school run. We also move in a year so I must not accumulate junk.

Dust and crumbs are my enemy.

Hi Ohmy, welcome!

that kids TV is addictive! I found myself watching Mr Maker the other day, even when I knew she'd been asleep in my arms for 10 minutes!grin

Welcome Ohmy smile

Maybe there is a theme with us all having 18 month olds hmmgrin

Actually the first year of DD's life was the worst as she was a proper Velcro baby so I couldn't get anything done without her screaming her little heart out sad
Things have improved so much since then smile I think the first year was hard because of the sleep deprivation too, that's a massive killer of motivation for me sad

I was going to wakj into town today but its very snowy...but if I stay in, I need to do housework.
Decisions, decisions!
Whispers, is there enough snow your end to put your friend off?smile

walk stupid phone

vvviola Mon 11-Mar-13 09:02:34

~waves to the newcomers~ welcome aboard!

I'm another with an 18 month old who doesn't sleep. She also has a new favourite game of upending boxes of toys hmm

I'm at university 3 days this week instead of the usual 2, and when you add in the temperature (25 degrees here & muggy) it's a recipe for getting nothing done. Although I did manage to get sheets washed & dried today, to add them to the ironing mountain!

Tomorrow's plan for my 40 minutes between getting home from lectures and heading out for school run is mopping the floors. Although a power map on the couch may be the reality... wink

Well, the bad news is that my friend isn't coming because of the snow sad The good news is that I had already cleaned like a whirlwind before I read her text, so the house looks beautiful for any unexpected visitors hmmgrin
It actually feels really good for it to be clean, although I do need to clean the floors still. I should definitely try and pretend she is visiting every week grin

vviola you iron sheets? shock
They flatten out on the bed (told you I was a slattern) grin

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 11:13:42


Can I join? My whole life needs to be sorted but I'll start with the house lol!

So far today I've...

Got dressed (although only an old tracksuit).
Had a healthy breakfast.
Taken am vitamins.
Unpacked dishwasher and repacked.
Put a wash on and put away tumble dried clothes.
Hoovered and tidied upstairs, made guest bed.

Have made downstairs more of a "bombs hit it" by bringing down misplaced stuff from upstairs and dumping it in the hall ;)

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 11:14:21

Oh and I got out some sausages for dinner tonight so that we don't end up having takeaway again!!!

vvviola Mon 11-Mar-13 11:26:19

Goodjambadjar: I just can't help myself grin I love the feel of crisp cotton sheets on the bed. If I won euro millions I'd employ someone to put freshly ironed sheets on my bed every night.

and if I didn't iron sheets I swear my mother would know & would fly half way around the world to tell me off


OhMyNoReally Mon 11-Mar-13 11:31:14

So I've bf the youngest, done the school run, shouted a lot, spoken to a heating engineer, folded the laundry and filled and put on the dishwasher. Not a lot, just wish sometimes that more of my d. We're in school grin

hi Karbea, good going! I've made DP lunch, tidied and re-messed the kitchen sad and put a wash on. we're both dressed do that's something. I'm currently faffing on here instead of going into town. wink

notso Mon 11-Mar-13 11:50:36

Hello, can I join you please. I am a failed flyer and my pigsty is making me miserable.
I have 4 DC ,the youngest two are 2.3 and 11 months and seem intent on destroying my house. So far the two year old has wiped muddy hands on the hall wall, pulled all my folded laundry over and covered him and the baby in sudocrem! Oh well at least I won't have to bath them this evening hmm.
My trouble is I don't know where to start, I seem to just spend most of the day prepping/cooking/washing up after meals do a bit of washing or run the hoover around and then have no time for anything else except MN.
Any advice please.

vvviola Mon 11-Mar-13 11:57:57

Notso - have a look at habithacker. A little like flylady in some ways, but sets up a lovely system that helps me cycle through the various things that need doing rather than focusing on one thing all the time. If you've a smartphone there's an app called home routines that works very well with it, and has the added fun of being able to tick things off grin

Are you sure its a pigsty? smile
I thing flylady is right on the 15 minutes a room, but since becoming a mum I've cut it to 5 mins!
I also tackle a room clockwise so I don't get distracted by other jobs.
Maybe make a list of the bits that are really annoying you, try and tick something off each day? even if its just wash whites or clean cupboard doors.
don't give yourself an unrealistic goal. Maybe until the end of March? That's nearly 3 weeks.
or make a list per room and tackle a job in a room everyday?

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 12:14:10

I could never keep up with flylady and the emails were all a bit too schmaltzy for me.

Ok, stairs hoovered and 4 shelves restocked in the utility room.

Stopping for lunch now.

Next is the living room...

notso Mon 11-Mar-13 12:18:29

vvviola thanks will have a look at habithacker, I have an Ipod so maybe could get the app on there.

goodjambadjar It is pretty bad at the moment. I am ashamed to say that apart from some ferocious nesting episodes it hasn't had a 'proper' clean since I got pregnant with DS2 almost exactly three years ago.
My parents are coming to stay and look after DC for a long weekend in May as DH and I are going to Amsterdam (yay!) and I want to be in a better position by then.

Have put one wash in the dryer and another one on.
Am going to mop hall and peel potatoes for tea.

MrsTwgtwf Mon 11-Mar-13 12:24:55

Hello, I'd like to join. I am mostly chucking stuff out. grin

And trying not to just move stuff from one place in the house to another, or to the garage or to the loft.

obrigada Mon 11-Mar-13 12:26:03

Hi all, haven't had a chance to read through but want to mark my place on this thread, my house is a tip, I work full-time and am what can be termed an "ad break" cleaner, this needs to change but it's hard to break a 20 year habit!

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 12:26:42

put another wash on smile

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 12:30:15

And dining room now looks like Chinese laundry with drying clothes that can't be tumble dried, I really need to sort out the utility room as once I've moved all the paint and decorating stuff back to the garage I can move the wet clothes in there...

MrsHoarder Mon 11-Mar-13 12:37:48

Beds changed and wet bedding on the rotary drier outside (with everything pegged down 6 times: its windy!) Machine on again and I'll have a swoop around the kitchen whilst DS finishes his lunch (leftover soup, thanks to DH).

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 13:33:47

Lounge hoovered, tidied and dusted.

Onto one of my nemesises (sp?) the downstairs bathroom.

MrsHoarder Mon 11-Mar-13 13:59:49

Brought the first lot of washing in, got the second lot out (as DS got steadily grumpier), just come in and its bloody snowing. Unlikely to settle though so I'm leaving the washing where it is. The wind should get it dry anyway, right?

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 14:04:46

It's snowing here too, but the ski is really dark, think we might have a storm...

I'm loosing momentum and getting bored, done the bathroom. Now in the study, the windowsill has mud on it as does the wall, darn cats!

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 14:05:07

Ski, sky obviously!!!

I went for a walk, mainly to avoid looking at the kitchen. smile
Home now, I can't feel my legs despite two pairs of trousers. using it as an excuse to have a cup of tea instead of putting dinner on. blush

Oh, welcome to the new people smile

Argh!!! Wrote a long post before that one and it has lost it sadangry I haven't got the energy to write it again!

You are a better person than me, Mrshoarder, I don't put washing out unless it is warm and bright sunshine blush

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 14:48:01

Sorry for posting so much but it's stopping me slacking feel like I'm actually doing something!

Ok, all I've left to do now is mop the hall and little loo floors. Muck out the kitchen, put the utility room back together (take decorating stuff and other randoms to the garage) and clean the dining room once it looks like a dining room rather than a Chinese laundry.

I'm going to keep going till 5 then do an hour of wrapping (my ebay sales) then start on dinner. Been totally skanky today and not yet had a shower so going to treat myself to a bath tonight.

Tomorrow I must get to the post office and then I've got my first bootcamp session (yikes), but I need to think of a way to keep on top of the house. I'd love to do a little every day rather than these manic sessions, any tips????

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 14:49:48

Nor do I, it has to be perfect conditions.

God I'm knackered. Having a nice tea break, although drinking proper tea with caffeine which I shouldn't be sad

notso Mon 11-Mar-13 15:20:12

Right well I've done the potatoes and mopped the hall floor, and as a bonus folded another load of washing and done pots. Also signed up for habithacker.
Now realised I'm late for DS1!!

MrsHoarder Mon 11-Mar-13 16:05:17

WhispersOfWickedness it was glorious sunshine and blowing a gale when I started

And I should stop cleaning and do my coursework due this week...

MrsHoarder Mon 11-Mar-13 16:05:49

Sorry, meant to say Karbea, you need a imminent deadline for a diull task. Get loads done!

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 16:17:06

The problem is, I let it get so bad then it depresses me and I get mega tetchy then I do it, it would be nice if I could just keep it nice and then I wouldn't get depressed about it :S
Umm would need imminent deadlines all the time :S I don't intend to go back to uni at my age just to keep my house nice lol!!! Need something else...

Handy thread, I feel that now I've commented I have to do something every day

Welcome newcomers!

RE nasty jobs. my suggestion is that we post our days horrible job, then check in at about 4pm to boast/encourage. Feel free to hand me my arse on a plate!
I did actually do stuff today. the walk into town was for tonight's dinner, to check out toddler groups and rhyme time. All done! Got back, thawed out me and prepped veg, put the chicken in, tidied the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher and put stuff away, reloaded and started it again and put new batteries into DD's ridiculously loud and annoying ride on zebra (been putting it off for about 3 weeks!) Need to put the washing machine on to spin and hang stuff up to dry. More snow on the way by the looks of it so clothes horse and radiator hangers. hmm Also need to fold and put away clothes currently on the horse.
PS if I ever type watching machine, its because that's what we call it! DD loved the spin cycle! grin

MrsHoarder Mon 11-Mar-13 16:32:47

Well I've brought the washing in (as it was still blizzard-like and dark). I had to carefully unpeel the frozen clothes from the line. The neighbours must think I'm mad! They're now all hung in the kitchen so will finish drying there.

DS is napping so can't hoover upstairs yet so when I've finished this brew and have defrosted a bit I will have to do some work.

notso Mon 11-Mar-13 17:27:27

Picked up a miserable DS1 from school late - Bad Mummy.
Made list for internet shop.
Dinner nearly ready.
Folded yet more dry washing and put on a towels and bathmats wash.

Need to ring holiday villa owner ASAP
Put away folded washing, will attempt to rope older DC into this.

My big problem at the moment is what to do with young DC when I need to do jobs upstairs. They sleep upstairs so can't do much when they nap, and when they are awake I can't leave them, to meddling and potential smacking from DS2 hmm. Last time I tried having them with me DS2 broke an ornament and fell down the stairs and DS1 just screamed at being imprisoned in his cot!

That is a great idea, goodjam! (Mind if I call you jam?)
My job that I have been putting off is wrapping up Christmas presents to send to two friends abroad... I know, it's nearly three months ago blushblushblush so, I will do one tonight and one tomorrow and you can all nag me if I don't grin

hi whispers, jam is fine. I was going to call you WoW!

sorry, didn't really get to finish. my mum, currently in Spain, needed help with the resort quizhmm
If you see me faffing on here tomoz, PLEASE give me a kick up the arse. grin
I need to hoover upstairs and steam the bathroom and kitchen floors. sad

OhMyNoReally Mon 11-Mar-13 18:23:01

Well my heating is broken, so I've hidden in the living room with two oil fired radiators on and let the kids scatter playmobil everywhere and eat and get sticky fingers on surfaces and crumbs all about.

No hot water so dishes piling up and the school run took way too long, I was late thanks to screaming 4 and 2 yr old dss chucking wellies and coats about, just because they wanted the right pair.

Ah well, I folded laundry and filled the dishwasher.

This housework malarcy is a bit like snakes and ladders. I was doing so well and then oops right back to the beginning. I think it might be a scrow until my 4 dc leave home.

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 18:37:56

All done, tmr I need to wash kitchen and hall floors and get the ebay stuff to the post office.

blimey Ohno, that's all a bit rubbish! So at some point the most important thing to get clean will be you? wink grin

Eek, Ohmy, no heating is horrible sad

Jam, WoW is fine, I have had that on here before grin

Right, DC are asleep, off to sort these parcels out! My other massive job this week is that I've got an NCT sale to do on Saturday so need to get everything washed and ironed for that hmm on the plus side, hopefully it will get rid of a load of clutter grin

PoppyWearer Mon 11-Mar-13 19:50:03

I've had an incredibly busy day, hardly sat down all day, but the reality is that I have accomplished very little on the "sort out the house" front. A few more of DC1's baby clothes successfully ebayed and in the mail. Ikea delivery turned up (storage for DCs' bedrooms) but the plastic-box inserts did not, so no point putting it together until they do! In the meantime it sits on the living room floor.

Made some cakes for Red Nose Day sale at school/nursery.

Oh and I cheated and got an oven cleaning company in blush

notso Mon 11-Mar-13 20:31:59

Quite pleased with myself today.
For once had dinner done and dusted by 6,
3 out of four DC in bed by 8,
Holiday lady rung,
Clean clothes put away not plonked on the bed to be plonked on the floor when I go to bed,
Dishwasher on.
Am going to iron while I watch Broadchurch and have put cleaning stuff in the bathroom to do a quick clean when I get ready for bed.

Jam I like the nasty job idea.
Ohmy poor you with no heating, hope it's sorted soon.

notso Mon 11-Mar-13 20:33:13

Poppy am most envy of professional oven clean. Mine really needs doing.

Bonsoir Mon 11-Mar-13 20:34:46

"Oh and I cheated and got an oven cleaning company in."

Outsourcing is not "cheating".

Karbea Mon 11-Mar-13 20:40:08

I've cleaned up the kitchen after dinner :angel:
I outsource my ironing I hate ironing!
How much did it cost to get your oven cleaned?

PoppyWearer Mon 11-Mar-13 20:46:47

It cost £55 for the oven and worth every penny!

I've had my ironing done once and that was worth it too, one time when I was totally overwhelmed.

I'm back smile

I hit a brick wall with the parcel wrapping when I realised there is something else I need to buy for both of them first hmm But I did clear and organise the present cupboard, emptied a washing basket full of random stuff that I had dumped in our room when we had visitors blush and emptied the bin in our bedroom which hasn't been done for about two months blushblush

PoppyWearer Mon 11-Mar-13 21:47:49

I did make one small-but-important step forward today. My Ikea delivery also included some "Godmogren" (sp?) perspex shelf organisers and my make-up no longer jumps out of the bathroom cabinet at me when I open the door! This pleases me very much and will save me a fortune in face powder.

Makes note to steer MIL away from messy study and to admire tidiness of bathroom cabinet next time she visits.

Well done everyone! I'm knackered, so off to bed to dream about sparkling sinks and fresh smelling bathrooms. Then I'll wake up to reality. sad
Night all!

Godmorgen, Poppy? It means good morning, which you will hopefully be having plenty of now your make up doesn't leap out at you every morning grin
Not sure what plans I have tomorrow as it's one of the busier days of the week. Will decide in the morning smile

Night all smile

MrsTwgtwf Tue 12-Mar-13 00:34:53

I bought a load of crates at Staples. so I can move the junk around

Shelf organisers! Now you're talking.

Ooo, we should share our storage tips smile
I have those ikea fabricky boxes in my underwear drawer to separate everything, they are good. And billy bookcases, they're good too. Actually, I'd better not go on or it'll look like I'm on commission from Ikea blush

Turnipsoup Tue 12-Mar-13 06:53:22

and the ikea plastic white kitchen storage. You can write on them with whiteboard markers too.

Can I join? We are all habitually messy, in the middle of a very long house rennovation project (think over a decade) and just have too much stuff!
Today I plan on going home and going to sleep for a couple of hours (I'm just finishing my night shift) then playing with DS2 until it is time to get DS1 from school, and not making any more mess.

I love the throw ten things away tip!

GreenLeafTea Tue 12-Mar-13 07:25:53

Can I join in too?

Kids have been sick and the house is a bomb site again, even though I am getting there slowly.

We moved not that long ago and the spare room is still full of boxes. It is mostly children's clothes (waiting to be eBayed or grown into), my craft stuff, and loads of paperwork (some of which is quite important).

I really could use some sturdy storage boxes for things like Christmas decorations, material etc Has any used the Ikea Samla boxes? Are they any good?

Bonsoir Tue 12-Mar-13 07:44:03

Ikea Samla are excellent for craft bits (the smaller ones) and things you don't need to get at everyday - I have a huge one for storing light bulbs, and another for cables, on the top shelf of my housemaid's cupboard.

Bonsoir Tue 12-Mar-13 07:45:17

Oh yes, my Christmas decorations are stored in two large flat Samla boxes, on a top shelf of a walk-in wardrobe along with suitcases etc. The decorations are very well preserved in them.

Morning Turnip and Green

Welcome. Hope we can all work through it together.

WoW, I have those fabric drawer organisers. my undercarriage area has never looked so tidy >sniggers<

So today I've folded dry washing, I've got a load in the machine, I've tidied the kitchen from last night (but that's another storyangry ), made OHs lunch and coffee and am currently having a brew
today I have to put the clothes away, hang the wet load up, and sort DDs 3 bags of too small baby clothes into piles for 2 friends.
NASTY job or at least, the one I'm not looking forward to is unpacking the boxes under the stairs. 3 large boxes, full to the brim with Xmas stuff, camping gear, board games and random bits and pieces. I'll be back later to report progress.

At some point I also need to find my Wellies so DD and I can play in the snow!

PoppyWearer Tue 12-Mar-13 08:14:49

Morning all!

I have a large load of washing done and in the dryer, my main task for today once the DCs are dropped off is the ironing. Note to self: put it away once ironed, Poppy!

If DS naps later I want to get some more of my clutter lovely things listed on eBay.

I have tomorrow earmarked as a major attack-the-mess day, or as much as I can do between 10am and 2.45pm <curses the school run again>.

Karbea Tue 12-Mar-13 08:44:13


Dishwasher (although thought I put this on last night) and bed linen stripped and washing machine on. Breakfast eaten, and now I need to get ready for bootcamp!
Things today are ebay postage, wash hall, kitchen utility floors, Hoover lounge and bedroom. Oh and wash DH stinking ski stuff that he in ally unpacked last night, he was impressed with how tidy the house was smile

MrsHoarder Tue 12-Mar-13 09:34:31

Well yesterdays washing is folded, I don't iron (DH does his work clothes, nothing else really needs it) and I have hoovered for fear if what the ocado man would think of the house.

Ignoring the washing up for now though.

notso Tue 12-Mar-13 10:08:37

Morning all, I'm about to attempt day one of Habithacker and polish my area!
However can't decide which area to prioritise big dining table or side board. Swaying towards dining table as it is needed if we want to eat as a family rather than in two sitting at the kitchen table.

I ironed last night and have almost put it all away.
Need to
hoover stairs, am hoping my Sister is coming round and can watch little DC while I do it.
Wipe down kitchen
Put washing on/in dryer,
Internet shop URGENT it's like Old Mother Hubbards here!

Nasty job is sort out the cupboard under the sink.

My storage tip is Wilkinsons packs of 4 storage tubs for a £5 my junk cupboard was transformed just before Christmas and has stayed that was thus far.

well done not so.
>sniggers at polish your area< grin

Karbea Tue 12-Mar-13 10:24:57

I'm such an idiot! Bootcamp started at 9 not 9:30 so I missed it, this is an example of how disorganised I am.

notso haha! Enjoy polishing ;) think I'd go for something like the dining room table as long as it means you start using it.
I HATE eating in front of the tv but my kitchen table is normally so disgusting and full we can't eat there, but last night it was bliss just need to keep it tidy, so if you polish your area everyday, I'm sure it'll put a smile on your face :snigger:

So anyway I jogged for 30mins when I got home from the car park :rolls eyes: at least that was something.

Right shower and ebay will report back when I'm back from the post office!

I've hung my washing up and actually put the clean stuff awayshock
just realised I forgot to put the dishwasher on.
Is it pathetic that the job I'm looking forward to today is oiling my new wooden chopping board?

obrigada Tue 12-Mar-13 11:37:39

Karbea, we eat in front of the tv too as kitchen table is constantly cluttered, maybe I should make that my priority this evening?

Morning all! (Just)

Welcome to the newcomers grin

Definitely in a can't be arsed mood today sad I've managed some laundry and done the preschool run and gone to a class with dd. Got to leave again in an hour to get back for my cooking class though, argh!

Really need to look into habit hacker to see if it suits me better than flylady...

PoppyWearer Tue 12-Mar-13 12:40:15

Well, I got the ironing done. Not all put away yet, I lost half an hour to a couple of chatty friends after dropping off the DCs.

I have sorted out the recycling, which was threatening to rise up and takeover the kitchen. A load has gone into the outside recycling bin and then three huge boxes of paper and card sitting in the utility room (won't fit in my car).

Oh and I outsourced the gardening, so I now have some lovely trim bushes <snigger> to look at if the sight of my bomb-site house gets too much.

I have now picked up 18mo DS. He spent his morning in childcare having a lovely sleep hmm. So I will spend the rest of my day picking up after him now, and putting away the Ocado shopping due to arrive in a minute.

obrigada Tue 12-Mar-13 16:12:14

Had a quick look at habit hacker and it suggests choosing a "special place" to clear for Day 1 - so kitchen table it is for mesmile

I've had a crappy headache all day so been a lazy bint. I sorted the washing out, loaded the dishwasher and oiled my wooden chopping boards. My box emptying will have to wait til tomorrow, bending down with a headache makes me feel sick. I might even put off bath night to tomoz if the painkillers haven't kicked in. sad
Did anyone else get their nasty jobs done?

Jam sad hope your head feels better soon.

Have checked out habit hacker and I should be getting my first email tomorrow grin You lot have to bully me to actually do the things they say though grin

I am collapsed in a heap on the sofa. DH informed me tonight that my car is booked in for its MOT on Thursday so I've got tomorrow to clean the car out while DS is at preschool and DD has her woefully short nap hmmsad

Karbea Tue 12-Mar-13 20:16:05

Wow I need to do our car, my pathetic effort was to fill an ikea with all the cr@p and leave it in the boot.

I didn't do anything today really I took back some stuff to ikea that's been taking up space in the hall and got some extra large jars for pasta. Then I went to Westfield and got some new dermalogica and Lush stuff.

notso Tue 12-Mar-13 20:50:08

<<comes in all Kenneth Williams like>>
Ooh Matron, my areas are well and truly polished! grin
We actually ate dinner around the table today all 6 of us together AND I cleaned it properly afterwards, it is looking pristine with a runner on it as I speak or er type.

Kitchen is tidy, dishwasher on and hob clean.
Didn't get round to hoovering though and my nasty job is still lurking.

Hope your head is better Jam
WoW only good thing about me not driving is I don't have to clean the car.
Karbea shopping sounds much more fun!
Poppy I do like a tidy bush!
Obrigada hope you enjoy the clear table as much as me!

MrsTwgtwf Tue 12-Mar-13 23:18:59

I have chucked away some stuff (hooray!) but have come down with a stomach bug (boo!) Still, rather pleased with the teeny baby steps so far. smile

GreenLeafTea Wed 13-Mar-13 04:50:39

Thanks, I picked up some Ikea boxes today and have started filling them with material.

I did my car the other day. I have to say it makes me smile whenever I get in but it doesn't stay that way for long.

This evening the kitchen and living room both need a tidy and there is a small mountain of stuff beside the sofa that needs sorting and putting away. I would be so pleased if I could get that done.

Hope everyone is feeling better sad

vvviola Wed 13-Mar-13 05:57:32

It's too blooming hot here and I'm too stressed about study to have got a lot done today, but...

The kitchen is clean
The floors are mopped
Dinner is halfway done for tomorrow (I love doing a roast for that reason!)
The living room & playroom were tidy but then DDs & DH descended on them.

I may iron a little later, but it's a bit hot, so if I can find clothes for everyone without doing it, I'll go with that wink

envy At viola being too hot, we had a scattering of snow again last night hmm
I met someone yesterday who has never been to Ikea confusedshock I wanted to say to her 'Where on earth did you get all your furniture from?!' grin
So, got to polish my area today... Which area should I pick?? Am slightly daunted by the prospect of having to do it every dayblush

Karbea Wed 13-Mar-13 08:44:03

Do you have to do it with actual polish? I don't think I own anything that needs actual polishing...

No, it's just one place to clean and tidy and then to keep clean and tidy in the future confused I have a LOT of choice hmm

Karbea Wed 13-Mar-13 10:02:59

Ok I need some inspiration of where to store something, Ive a big crate filled with clothes, scourers, sponges etc in it. Currently it's on my kitchen windowsill. It looks messy, any ideas?

Karbea Wed 13-Mar-13 10:04:13

Cloths not clothes, stupid iPad!

I've got all that stuff under the kitchen sink. I've got it vaguely divided between little baskets and it's one of the few cupboards that is actually tidy at the moment!!
I've attempted to clean the car out, it didn't look much different after half an hour sad what it really needs is a good Hoover out but I didn't want to wake DD by rummaging in cupboards for the Hoover, so might have to do it in the dark tonight hmm I sprayed lots of anti bac spray around so it smells a bit cleaner at least grin
Still not picked my one place to polish... Somebody inspire me!

obrigada Wed 13-Mar-13 10:20:35

Failed miserably at clearing my kitchen table last night, so it's on the agenda for this evening!

IsThatTrue Wed 13-Mar-13 10:22:50

Right I've been lurking for a few days and really should jump in. I've got our first inspection in rented house on Monday (after 3 years hmm) so I need everything ship shape. And if I can de clutter in the process all the better.

I've been on the frugal threads recently and have bulk bought food and cleaning stuffs so sorting the kitchen is a bit like playing Tetris atm. But it's mostly done. I need to sort 1more cupboard (baking cupboard) just to organise it a bit better. Then the kitchen is done. I'm hoping once things are more organised they are easier to keep clean hmm

So today (as I have a lady coming to do baby massage and my mum coming down later) I have cleaned the kitchen and swept (not mopped as font have time right now). Hoovered my bedroom landing and stairs (kids rooms need tidying by them before I can Hoover them. Swept all of downstairs and cleared/cleaned the table.

As for 'my area' <ahem> this really should be my desk as its in the middle of the living room and is always a state. If that is tidy it should really help the place look less messy!

So once I unlatch ds2, I shall get on with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

vvviola Wed 13-Mar-13 10:24:15

WoW - I use my kitchen counter as my polish spot. We've a breakfast bar type set up & it's where all the clutter ends up.

Attempting to Clearing it off each day helps keep it under control in theory

WoW, why don't you polish your console in the car? Next time you sit in it your dashboard and handbrake will be lovely to look at. You can put in extra work on the gearstick so you have a nice shiny knob in your hand when you drive. smile

Karbea Wed 13-Mar-13 10:38:51

I don't think your supposed to polish your knob or steering wheel.

Ok wow what do you keep under there because mine is full to the brim and couldn't fit the crate in. I hate that space no shelves so it's lots if bottles balanced on one another, I do t even have my daily cleaning stuff in the as that's in another crate on the utility room work surface.

I'm just about the get dressed, today is BAD!

sorry Karbea, I was being smutty. wink

Karbea Wed 13-Mar-13 10:42:26

The - to.

Karbea Wed 13-Mar-13 10:43:22

Oh blush I'm not with the program today.

Karbea Wed 13-Mar-13 11:28:37

Right I'm going to go and fresher up upstairs I need to do something to get me started...

Karbea Wed 13-Mar-13 11:28:50

Freshen! Annoying!!!!

PoppyWearer Wed 13-Mar-13 11:38:08

Trying to tackle one huge nasty job today - the study where everything has been dumped since last July, when I started having some health problems (now resolved).

I have moved everything moveable into the kitchen and vacuumed the floor in there, now begins the onerous job of "sorting". I have a black bin bag at the ready. Got stuck talking to a neighbour earlier but have just had an early lunch and I have 3 hours to attack it before I have to leave for the school run.

Will report back this evening (if not, please call the emergency services as the boxes of crap will have overwhelmed me!).

<rolls up sleeves, ties back hair>
<reaches for a fortifying chocolate bar>

Well done Poppy.
I've hoovered (partly) up and down and steamed all the tiled floors. I've also done a wash and hung it up to dry, and folded the freshly washed things and put them ALL away! I have loaded the dishwasher and put it on, and have tidied the kitchen.
dd has just fallen asleep on me so I'm going to make her comfortable, and me tea!

Karbea Wed 13-Mar-13 13:28:15

I did some work... Need to get back to the cleaning.

OhMyNoReally Wed 13-Mar-13 14:02:18

Yeah, heating is sort of working so I've done the school run bf the baby, done 3 loads of washing, tumble drying and folding, tidied a bedroom, hoovered the hall, the dss bedroom, the study, I then fixed and cleaned the Hoover as the belt went and the bag exploded. I cleaned the kitchen, done the dishes, filled the dishwasher and cleaned the living room and finished hoovering downstairs, I put out the recycling, I polished all the glass doors (there are 6 downstairs) I've tidied the dining room and cleaned the table and polished.

I've also told off the toddler for drawing on my ipad case and have tried to remove the pen with a baby wipe. Sort of successful.

I'm now having a cuppa and cuddling a sleeping baby as he won't sleep by himself he just screams and cries. When he wakes I'll make supper and clean the kitchen again. Joy of joys how its continual grin

beautyfades Wed 13-Mar-13 14:06:30

Love this thread smile off to do bedrooms from this morning!!

Blimey Ohno, you're putting us all to shame!

PoppyWearer Wed 13-Mar-13 14:26:49

I can see the floor of our study! Much work still to do, but the crap has had a first sort/bin and is now restacked in a way that means we can get to the desk/computer/printer.

Car load of card and paper ready to go to the tip tomorrow.

The amount of paper/crap generated by my 4yo DD is just mind-boggling.

Karbea Wed 13-Mar-13 14:32:51

Right I'm all done for today, I've tidied, dusted and hoovered every where, I need to wash my kitchen and hall floor but my steamer is knackered and I can't be bothered, anyone want to recommend me a new one?
I want to do under the sink but I don't know how to make it better :/

GreenLeafTea Wed 13-Mar-13 14:50:50

I cant imagine never having been to Ikea.

By the way it took me three days to get the car cleaned inside due to various interruptions but got there in the end so keep at it. Ours was so muddy from the snow.

Today I wanted to do the living room and kitchen. Instead I did the hallway (dumping ground), living room (even though the mountain of stuff waiting to be sorted is still there so it looks really weird in the tidy living room) and half of my sons room. I got inspired when starting my son's room that the Ikea boxes were the exact perfect size I have been looking for for his car tracks and they were. They even fit perfectly in his cupboard so now I need more boxes for downstairs.

I did well though so will hopefully finish the kitchen tomorrow.

Keep up the good work though everyone!

notso Wed 13-Mar-13 21:02:20

Hello all, gasp at never visiting Ikea, if you took away all our Ikea stuff we'd have a carpet and a piano grin hmm

Not very good day today, DS3 was up until 2am very unsettled, then he did a massive poo which leaked all over him and me and promptly fell asleep! Got everyone cleaned up and slept for an hour when DS2 woke up with night terrors.
Knackered today.
My place is still polished, I swooped on DH before he dumped his keys, laptop bag etc on it.
Might tackle the nasty job in a minute, Tesco delivery tomorrow with lot's of Plenty and cleaning stuff so need to make space.

All go on here since this morning! Am really impressed by the efforts of Poppy, Jam, Ohmy and Karbea!! envy

I think my polish spot will be the kitchen counters too, I already do them every day (and it makes a massive difference) so that's easy! blush

Right, under my sink, there is; all cloths, scourers, sponges, antibacterial wipes, floor wipes in one basket, bin bags in another basket, shoe cleaning stuff in one basket, misc stuff in one basket, dishwasher stuff (tablets, salt, rinse aid), all cleaning bottles (except for bathroom cleaners, they are in bathroom grin), all misc bottles, so viakal, antibacterial spray, 1001 spray, etc, dustpan and brush(x2), washing up bowl, rubber gloves, spare hand wash, washing up liquid, swarfega. I think that's it!! It's a double cupboard under the sink, so not that big, I'm not really sure how it all fits confused I am envyenvyenvy about the utility room though, if I could have one more room in my house, that would be it!!

Green,what ikea boxes do you have? I'm always on the lookout for new storage solutions grin

We have loads of ikea furniture too, think the main things which aren't ikea are the beds, dining table and the sofas! Although the dining table is shortly to be replaced by an ikea one grin

GreenLeafTea Thu 14-Mar-13 08:30:52

The Ikea boxes are called Samla. They seem pretty sturdy which is what I need for DS's room as he has a tendency to tip them out and jump on them. He broke all the boxes that used to be there.

Good luck for today.

They look good, green. We have the vessla storage boxes which are brilliant for toys and really good quality for the price.

We've got a day at home today... It could go one of two ways really, either I'll get loads done because we're here all day or i won't be able to crow bar myself off the sofa without the motivation grin
Have already got the dishwasher and washing machine on though smile

vvviola Thu 14-Mar-13 09:45:35

We have no ikea here. It's desperately sad, but on the plus side I don't buy lots of random "clever" kitchen things that never get used or candles that sit in the cupboard.

Boy do I miss the meatballs though...

Today was a total disaster, DH was working late so by the time I got the kids to bed I was too tired to even tidy up properly. I am sure I will regret it when I stand on plastic animals in the morning...

Ha, viola, that reminds me a bit of my MIL. She is like Wonder Woman, she bakes, cooks, sews, gardens, knits etc etc and her home is always immaculate. She once admitted, in the same sorts of hushed tones that one might use to admit they had once been a drug addict, that when her dc were small she sometimes didn't tidy up their toys at the end of the day hmm

I remember before we lived together and had dd, DP would always compare my untidy flat to his parents immaculate house. I gave him a look hmm and reminded him that his parents were retired and only went out a couple of times a week whereas I worked an hours drive away and worked 12 hour days. angry

My PIL are both super organised and tidy people. Sadly DH didn't inherit this trait from either of them sad

So, today has been a bit hit and miss. We didn't do much this morning but this afternoon I was brave and let the DC do some painting. I have also cleaned up after painting grin have got one load of washing done, need to put second lot in the tumble drier. Dishwasher is up to date. Floor still really needs cleaning sad have also got washing mountain to fold and put away.

How is everyone else doing?

Dry washing folded and put away shock
Wet washing hung up
Dishwasher unloaded and reloaded and on
Dismantled the shower head to see why its not working properly
Went into town to pick up a package and do some shopping (and buy a new showerhead)

Did it at a very brisk walk and hurt myself so have spent the afternoon resting. sad
I need to tidy the kitchen (5min job!)
Reattach the shower head.
rinse the bath out from DDs splashathon last night.
Clean the loos.

I should really get off my arse and do that. grin

notso Thu 14-Mar-13 16:47:29

Well done everyone.
Another sleepless night here sad.
Have done messy job and tidied the undersink cupboard, it's not brilliant but it's much better. With all the cleaning equipment I have it should be pristine here!
Have done a load of washing it's in the dryer,
tea is done just needs reheating,
two prams sold on Ebay, glad they will be out of the house but they have gone for fuck all, DH will be moaning.
Kitchen is minging and tesco delivery is all over my 'area' so need to do that ASAP!

So, I folded the washing but not put away yet. Got an evening of ironing for the sale to look forward to now hmm It's somehow worse that I don't normally iron, it's one of my worst jobs sad

Karbea Thu 14-Mar-13 19:46:19

I've done nothing today apart from sort out the menu for dinner at the weekend when our friends stay.

Oscarandelliesmum Thu 14-Mar-13 19:57:45

Thank god I found you guys!!
The housework is killing me and it never, ever ends. I have three dc, 6, 3 and nine months. Just seems like I never get peace to get on with it and we have way too much stuff for our pokey flat so it's just like playing tetris with the mess as someone else said!
Add to that smelly dog and messy husband and just gahhhhh!!!shock grin

Oscarandelliesmum Thu 14-Mar-13 20:01:33

Made bread and banana cake with littlies today.
Toddlers in the morning
School run
Breakfast, lunch and dinner plus all those dishes.....BUT , I just cannot bring myself to go back into the kitchen now to sweep and mop. Am just a slattern.

O&Esmum, sweep but don't mop. it'll be fine. smile

notso Thu 14-Mar-13 22:00:44

I am a disaster zone today, have smashed a glass only a nutella one though, smashed the soap dispenser in the bathroom and cracked a door shelf from the fridge.
I did clean the fridge out before I put the shopping away though, doing it when it's empty is a top tip!
Just forcing myself to do the pots sweep the kitchen and finish putting the shopping away.
All I really want to do is crawl into bed.
Oscarandelliesmum can I have your banana cake recipe pleasesmile

Welcome o&esmum grin the floor definitely looks better after a sweep, the mopping can wait smile you're doing well though, I cannot cope with housework at all when I have babies, mine is only just starting to get more organised now the youngest is 18mo blush

Oh, I did all the ironing for the sale grin just got one night to do the labelling now hmm

notso Thu 14-Mar-13 22:25:06

Still lurking around and not doing my list, some one tell me to bog off please!

notso Thu 14-Mar-13 22:25:48

And well done for doing the ironing WoW it's my worst job too.

vvviola Fri 15-Mar-13 03:41:46

I had a relatively productive day - 2 loads of washing done & hung out, 3rd ready to go when DD1 gets back from swimming so I can throw her towel in. Ironing basket emptied (but it'll be full again when I take all this washing in hmm), kitchen cleaned & DH assigned dinner duty wink

Once the kids are in bed I'll throw together some muffins (I bake a lot - partly because treats are so expensive here and partly because DD2's allergies means she can't eat shop bought stuff).

AND I got to have a lovely lunch by the sea with DH as he was working from home today.

Of course, I was meant to be studying.... shock

DC up at 5 this morning hmm

Am writing this here so I remember, I have got to ring the tyre fitters today to rearrange Tuesday's appointment as DH arranged it for the exact time DS finishes preschool hmm I also really need to at least sweep the dining room floor, it's terrible sad

PoppyWearer Fri 15-Mar-13 07:36:09

I had a day off yesterday. It was needed!

I have DC2 all day today so what I do accomplish will have to be done during his nap.

Good luck with the sale, WoW, I've done a couple recently myself. Hard work, but worth it!

Thanks Poppy smile I've done a few before and volunteer at them as well. I don't sell that much, but it's nice to get out of the house without the DC as I'm a SAHM grin Also get first pick of the bargains grin

My third habithacker email didn't reply, what's up with that?! confused

notso Fri 15-Mar-13 09:41:07

I didn't get the third habithacker either WOW I looked it's telling you to find a place for your keys and always put them there.
I am on day four and polishing my place twice a day bit hmm I don't think it needs doing twice, perhaps I should introduce another place instead.

Have to do the kitchen floor today it's rank in DD's words.

Oscarandelliesmum Fri 15-Mar-13 09:50:57

Morning all.
Didn't sweep or mop, decided
poor neglected dog needed a walk more.
today being met by 24 hr ingrained porridge on the floor.
Have popped dd infront of cbeebies for an hr and will try to....
Tackle breakfast mess
Laundry on, wet laundry out to dry
Make beds
Clean loo
Am just doubtful ds will tolerate these shenanigans.
Will report backgrin
Well done all for more productive evenings!

Excellent, I already have a place for my keys grin

DD is having a nap and I am studiously ignoring the kitchen floor. She only sleeps for about 45 min so will attempt to do it when she is up. I have started doing it with the Hoover as it's quicker blush I do go round the squishy bits though grin

I do that WoW. I hoover the kitchen a couple of times a week, and steam clean it once a week or once a fortnight. I try and spot clean any food DD throws around but I sometimes miss bits. I love my steam cleaner, its made my life so much easier!

notso Fri 15-Mar-13 11:03:24

I did too WOW!
jam what steam cleaner do you have? Mine isn't very good, or maybe I'm not good at using it!

I don't even spot clean thrown food, that's why it's so disgusting blush

I'm interested in a steam cleaner too, what have you got? smile

notso Fri 15-Mar-13 11:34:33

Mine is a Eubank one, it was quite cheap, well free with clubcard points. It's good without the nozzles on to clean small areas but as a mop which is what I wanted it for it doesnt seem so good.
I don't spot clean either and I stopped using plastic mats under the highchairs as I ended up with loads of manky ones shoved in a carrier bag blush
Maybe with four DC two of them under 3 my expectations are too high.

Hi all, sorry for the late reply, all day play date then bed time means I've been busy all day.
I'm here now though!
My steam mop is the X5 that's advertised all over the place. It wasn't cheap (£100) but I had some Christmas money.
The reviews looked good and you get a load of extras, like the nozzle, brushes,etc. I chose an add-on pack of extra cloths for a bit more money which has proved really handy.
The cord is lovely and long and it gets the floors clean really quickly.
Oh, and an added bonus is that the carpet steamer attachment can get furniture dents out of carpet. grin

notso Fri 15-Mar-13 20:47:33

I sit zombie like through the ridiculously long advert for that X5 when DS2 is up at 4.30 grin

Got my steam cleaner out today but have lost a major nozzle so couldn't even attempt mopping. I swept and hoovered, then made Comic Relief flapjacks with DS2 and messed it up again.

That sounds like me, notso, I had a mat under the high hair but food just used to go under it and go mouldy blushblushblush I still haven't managed to clean the floor today and am out all morning tomorrow at the sale. Have got a lot of things labelled up, will just have to leave the others for now.

Jam, I am sooo envy about the x5, I love the advert!! Is it as good as the advert, as amazon has very mixed reviews...

vvviola Fri 15-Mar-13 23:20:12

Our dining area is carpeted (nt by choice - rental house!) so I spend an awful lot of time hoovering around the bottom of the table, even with a may down for under where the DDs eat.

It only went and rained on my washing last night!! They officially declared a drought yesterday, it's been months since it rained, and typically I decide to leave washing overnight on the line & it rains!

Today's major task is rearranging the walk-in wardrobe to fit my study desk & rearranging furniture in both DD's rooms. I suspect the house will be even messier than normal by this evening!

GreenLeafTea Sat 16-Mar-13 01:07:29

I'm still here, still plodding away.

My last house was laminate all through so a steam mop really helped but I rarely use it in this house. Our kitchen is tiny so it's too much hassle. I just wipe the floor with a cloth.

My house is strange because I have really clean areas and really messy areas.

Weekends are hard to get anything done so will try and stay on top of it. I have been good at keeping the clean areas clean so I need to keep chipping away at the messy areas.

Ooo, carpet in kitchen/dining areas and bathrooms give me the rage!
Green, what steam mop have you got? We have laminate in the kitchen and dining area and tiles in the hall, so definitely think we would use one.

GreenLeafTea Sat 16-Mar-13 08:03:12

Mine's a Shark. It's just a steam mop though. I really wish I had the two in one Shark that converts to a handheld steam cleaner. It's still good though.

I did a fair bit of the kitchen this morning. I need a de-clutter of the kitchen shelves.

PoppyWearer Sat 16-Mar-13 09:53:36

<Googles steam cleaners>

I had another day off from the mess-sorting yesterday, had to pay some attention to DS and also to our finances and admin whilst he slept. Having sorted our study on Thursday I found some paperwork that needed my attention. (Oops)

DH and I have resolved to assemble some of the sitting-in-boxes flat-pack storage furniture this weekend. Hopefully our marriage will survive! grin

My sale went well grin Sold a fair bit which I'm really pleased about have also bought a bit, but never mind blush

Will have to have a chat with DH about a steam cleaner, he is as addicted to the x5 advert as me, so hopefully he'll be easily swayedgrin

Karbea Sat 16-Mar-13 16:40:46

greenleaf I've been eyeing up that shark steamer, mine is a cheap Lakeland one and it's not up to the job, most of my downstairs is tiled. I'm really tempted by the Shark...

I wonder, looking at the negative reviews for all steam cleaners, if people are expecting too much from them or not using them properly? <hopeful> None of them seem to have no negative reviews at all...

PoppyWearer Sun 17-Mar-13 10:24:05

WoW you have to buy stuff at a sale too, tis the law. Well done!

Another wasted day here yesterday as DH indulged his sporting hobby then DD had a birthday party, then it was the Six Nations.

DH has set about the flat-pack furniture already this morning, however, so there is hope! DD's room should be able to be tidied up considerably by the end of today.

<surveys bombsite living/playroom>

I have finally cleaned the floor grin and have decided that should be my place to polish. It's my worst job, it will be much easier if I stay on top of it, right?!
To add to the general chaos, dd has decided to start potty training herself. Feel like I am in a never ending potty training circle of hell, DS has only just got it sussed at 3.3 hmm <arms self with lots of cloths and 1001 spray again>

Well done everyone!

I haven't done much as MiL is here today. We haven't got an oven atm so dinner was microwave lasagne.grin
I'll catch up tomorrow.

As for steam cleaners, I don't think you'll ever find a perfect one.

I chose the X5 mainly because it was a hand held and seemed more suited to what I needed over the Vax or Karcher. I didn't know about the Shark!
In our old house we had wooden floors in the hallway and dining room, and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. It was also a really hard water area, so the glass shower screen would get really built up with limescale in just a week. I was constantly waging war on it in the loo and sink. sad
the steamer cleaned the sink no problem but the screen needed vinegar or lemon juice before cleaning with steam.
I bought the extra pad pack for the coral pad as I didn't want the steam in close contact with wooden floors as we were renting.

I find it easier than getting the mop and bucket out. All I would say is read the specs and a good mix of reviews and decide.

maishoffwcingras Sun 17-Mar-13 19:59:35

Can I join please? I'm not bad at laundry, hoovering, cleaning bathroom & kitchen surfaces, but never hardly ever dust and always seem to have mountains of clean clothes that need putting away. Plus stacks of papers that need sorting & miles & miles of DH's cables for god knows what

what do I need to do?

Hi Maish.

Everyone is welcome, nice to see you.

I would stick DHs cables in a box for him to sort out.
Try and put your washing away as soon as you've done it. Piles of clean clothes are also my downfall. sad
I find the rule "don't put it down, put it away" has really helped me get on top of things and get into good habits.
I have cardboard folders for my paperwork and I put it all away when I get a chance. I want to get a filing cabinet so I can put it away straight away.

Good luck, let us know how you get on. x

maishoffwcingras Sun 17-Mar-13 20:37:29

Hi GJBJ, I've tried putting the cables in a drawer / carrier bags / boxes but that's where they remain. I bet he doesn't even remember what half of them are for. I am so tempted just to chuck it all - I bet he wouldn't even notice (until he needed something then I'd be in trouble).

Whenever I'm tackling a pile of washing to put away I always say to myself that I'm going to put it away as soon as it comes out of the tumble dryer, and I do sometimes, but then another time something will come up - doorbell, phone, DCs, meals need cooking etc then it gets left & the whole cycle starts again! (or visitors/weekends away bugger it all up). I'll try the don't put it down, put it away thing.

Filing cabinet's a very good idea but we just don't have the space. Am thinking of maybe getting an in&out tray for the kitchen (which is where all the papers accumulate), but I want a nice looking one..

vvviola Sun 17-Mar-13 20:46:37

Totally wasted day yesterday (Sunday). First we went into the city for the St Patrick's Day parade - which was then cancelled due to rain hmm (would never happen in Ireland wink).

Went grocery shopping instead - without a meal plan, I'll regret it later in the week.

Then, just as I was about to start getting a few things done... we had an earthquake. Admittedly small, but enough for DD1 to feel it and freak out and for DH to (finally) have the "who should do what in case of another one" discussion.

By the time everyone had calmed down I decided the day was a washout and played dollies/trains with the DC until bedtime grin

Hoping for a slightly more productive day today!

We have a 2 drawer filing cabinet and still have piles of paperwork everywhere blush

I seem to be admitting a lot of my housekeeping sins in this thread, it's very cathartic grin

I think you're right about the steam cleaners, Jam, there is no such thing as a perfect one sad I don't think we'll get one for a while yet (probably until after dd has stopped flinging food hmm) so there's plenty of time to mull it over yet smile

So, I have bought the extra bits I need for the parcels. I need to send, so will be packaging them up tomorrow ready to send on tuesday morning smile

Not sure what else I'll get done tomorrow, am at home all day so hopefully get on top of the washing and a few odd jobs.

Hope everyone else is doing ok smile

Sorry, welcome to Maish grin

PoppyWearer Sun 17-Mar-13 21:38:19

4yo DD's room looking SO much better - a good-old-Ikea Billy bookshelf has been assembled by DH and attached to her wall at the end of her bed. Double-whammy of hiding her crap stuff from view as you walk in the room (much to DH's delight) and keeping her precious crap things out of reach of 18mo DS. Oh and her old bookshelf can go to DS now, so his room will be better soon. <does victory dance>

Otherwise we've made Easter bonnets and I've added to the clean-laundry piles on the landing (must sort tomorrow).

Hosting a play date after school tomorrow. Then a friend and her DC over Tuesday, so big incentive to clean tomorrow!

GreenLeafTea Sun 17-Mar-13 23:59:43

Welcome Maish!

I did a bit more at the weekend. I am so almost finished my son's room. Just a handful of toys to do. Tomorrow I will Hoover and wash all the bedding and it will be done!

Today my husband wanted to chill at home so I did a bit more of the front room where all my boxes from moving house are waiting to be sorted. I have made 3 piles now. Toys, clothes and paperwork. I feel it is doable.

I did a bit more of the kitchen and living room too.

My kids play upstairs after their bath and before bed so I use this time to sit on the bed and fold all the laundry and put it away. I find having a set time to do it means it doesn't pile up. Ironing is a different story though but I don't iron much.

In feeling a lot more organized in my life in general. I have been making lists and dealing with stuff as it comes rather than putting things off all the time. It's a good feeling!

Iheartpasties Mon 18-Mar-13 08:32:57

wow I haven't checked in for a couple of days and the thread has moved along pretty fast! I have been very good this week.

I have put a few old baby clothes toegther, I need to find a few more and then get rid of them for free or maybe sell them on my local selling thingo on FB. Maybe it would feel nice to get a couple of dollars for them?! I have also got a few maternity bits that I'd love to sell on.

Ikea deliver?? really? sounds utterly fab. I'm in Australia and I dont think they delivery over here.

my dinng table has been clutter free for almost a week! this is unheard of in my house smile i'm very proud of me and dh smile <pats self on back>

also i have started putting recycling straight into a bag ready to be taken downstairs, rather than my usual pile-it-up method which means it gets ignored, when its ready to go in a bag it actually gets taken downstairs pretty regularly.

I'm going to pack away some of dd's toys in an underbed storage bag that i bought. need to claean under my bed then as its gross. we have lamenate flooring in there (we rent)

PoppyWearer Mon 18-Mar-13 09:38:46

Yes, Ikea deliver in the UK now and it has Revolutionised My Life Storage.

Right, Operation Clean-This-Shithole starts now just as soon as I've unpacked the shopping, cooked sausages to have cold for play date tea and had a brew and a biscuit.

maishoffwcingras Mon 18-Mar-13 09:44:39

thanks for the welcome everyone. I signed up for that flylady thing yesterday after reading about it on here and have already been bombarded with 6 emails of things to do. I can't cope with it, way too stressful!

So far this morning I have cleared the decks in the kitchen & hoovered the kitchen floor. Tumble dryer is on and as soon as it's finished I am going to fold the clothes and put them away. Bins are out too.

I am not allowing myself to have a much needed cup of tea until the clothes in the dryer have been put away & the bed has been changed upstairs.

I have an hour and a half before I need to go out so in that time I will

1) change duvet
2) put 1 lot of clothes away
3) put a wash on
4) water plants
5) work out what's for dinner tonight

PoppyWearer Mon 18-Mar-13 09:57:36

<applauds maish>

I shouldn't be having my brew yet but have to do some urgent computer admin (just realised) so can combine the two.

I have survived the nursery/school run in the rain and done the food shop, two lots of laundry done, one lot dried. Bed stripped and ready to wash.

Just need to get on with the actual cleaning/tidying...

Hello, can I join in?

I really have to get my house sorted now - I've been using the fact that I'm about to start a new job as an excuse (had lots of training to do for it) but now that has fallen flat on its face and there is no longer a job for me sad I have no excuse not to crack on...

Plus, DS1 came into my room yesterday and said in horror 'What a messy room! You can't tell us to tidy our rooms when yours is this messy!' blush He's right of course but I did have a quick comeback along the lines of 'If I didn't spend so much time cleaning up your mess in the rest of the house I'd have time to tidy my own bedroom!'

Anyway, I need to seriously declutter as well as do the general housework better. So today my goal is to fill a bag for the charity shop, put on a couple of loads of laundry, tidy the kitchen and my bedroom. I'll be back when I've done something productive grin

maishoffwcingras Mon 18-Mar-13 10:30:49

you see this is what happens - have just been on the phone to my mum for about 45 mins so I now only have about half an hour before I need to leave! AAGH
Am having my brew now though because I did manage to put a wash on and strip the bed whilst talking to her. Have also put the clothes away that were in the tumble.

2littlemonkeys sorry to hear about your job, how disappointing.
Our bedroom is always the worst in the house too. It's such a mess with far too much shit. It's too much to tackle at the moment.

Welcome monkeys grin

I've had quite a productive morning, onto second load of washing, bathed myself and two dc (separately), quickly whizzed the mop over the kitchen floor to get rid of muddy paw prints hmm and hoovered the living room grin I'm currently enjoying the peace and quiet while DD has a nap, DS is watching cbeebies grin

PoppyWearer Mon 18-Mar-13 11:32:24

Sorry to hear about your job, twolittlemonkeys hmm

My morning has gone totally pear-shaped. Did the really-urgent admin then unearthed some more in my inbox, then spent ages on hold on the phone (during which time I did manage to stick another load of washing on).

So I've opted for an early lunch (eating now) and then I get a clear 3 hours to blitz the house before school pick up. I would rather have that then get started, get the adrenalin pumping, and then have to stop in a hour. 3 hours is loads of time to sort a 4-bed detached house, right? <hopeful>. I will focus on downstairs, then DD's bedroom. Must. Focus.

I've washed and hung up one load, another load of washing in. I ought to strip the bed and wash bedding too, but that's my least favourite job so am leaving it til the laundry pile has diminished slightly grin I have also managed to sort out my wardrobe (everything was shoved in, drawers bulging, complete mess, could barely shut the doors blush. Anyway it is still more full than I'd like it to be, but is more organised and I have a very full bag of stuff for the charity shop and I can find what I want now. I have waaaaay too many clothes and yet still can't put a decent outfit together (how is that even possible?)

I have to tackle the kitchen next. There's so much of the DC's stuff in here that I don't know what to do with - school work, little cards and things they've made for me etc. What do you do with all this stuff?

PoppyWearer Mon 18-Mar-13 13:32:25

I have just the kitchen left to do now too. We can get through this!

I have a huge box in our study which is full-to-the-brim of my 4yo DD's "artwork" etc. I need to go through it, photograph the good bits and take the rest for recycling. But I can't quite bring myself to do it....[sappy so-and-so emoticon]

I do have a "memory box" up in the loft but it's also full-to-bursting. Long-term my plan is to use the DCs' toy boxes for this sort of stuff. But at the moment their toy boxes are still rather full! I've been thinking about buying two of those toy-trunk things from Ikea.

OhMyNoReally Mon 18-Mar-13 13:37:18

Well after spending time with the dc and not doing house work over the weekend I have just tackled the study. Send shivers just saying study, it's like Burt opening the trapdoor on trapdoor, not sure what might crawl out. But it's done, thankfully all I found were some cards I can use and a load of junk. It's now ready for the sofa bed to go in.

I also did under the stairs, another scary dimension but now the old uni and paperwork is in there with summer shoes and wet weather gear. Not bad so far.

I put some things upstairs and moved some chairs around, did a bit in the kitchen, oh and scrubbed some crayon mark off the wall thanks to 2yr old ds. Great tip is to spray lynx deodorant on the mark and it comes off super easy.
Now I'm watching scooby doo and having a lovely mug of tea.

Not doing anything else except make cheese pie for tea.

I will do ds bedroom tomorrow and vacuum, perhaps upstairs as well as downstairs. Lovely. I swear its a perpetual torture, I think this must be akin to purgatory. grin

PoppyWearer Mon 18-Mar-13 14:40:26

Well done OhMy, our study is definitely my least favourite room to sort.

I am done. <collapses into heap>. Wet-mopped flops just drying. Play date tea ready.

Laundry has been dumped on the spare bed for now as cleaning took precedence, so ironing etc will have to be done tomorrow. But getting that admin done earlier was, as it turned out, quite important!

Not even time for a brew, got to get to school for pick-up!

TommeeTipsy Mon 18-Mar-13 15:53:53

Hello, can I join in? I was on a really useful declutter for Christmas thread and it really helped. Things have slid again since then. DD2 is now doing 5 mornings a week at nursery but this is really my work time (self employed) and I've had a few deadlines to meet.

I need to sort out all the crap in the loft so I can actually put some stuff away. My sister is travelling for 6 months so all her clothes are up there which doesn't help.

On the plus side I have tackled the washing mountain today...

maishoffwcingras Mon 18-Mar-13 18:16:22

welcome tommee well done on washing mountain. I've washed 3 loads, dried and put away one. One lot in the dryer, one lot still in washing machine to be dried.

Bed stripped but still not changed - DH can do that when he comes home from work, he's taller than me so doesn't get lost in the duvet cover

Once DCs are in bed I'll clean kitchen (again), put away the washing and that's it for today. Got a cold so CBA

Welcome Tommee smile

I have tackled a bit of washing today and got most of it put away too, that has got to be some sort of record grin

Tonight I need to make sure the kitchen floor is clean, find a shit spot to shovel as per habit hacker advice, unload and reload the dishwasher and put a wash on timer for it to start in the morning. Oh, and wrap these bloody parcels!!

Will report back later grin

Oops, I thought I'd done quite well but the only things I managed were the kitchen floor and the dishwasher. The rest of the time was spent lazing on the sofa blush
Ah well, tomorrow is another day grin

GreenLeafTea Tue 19-Mar-13 06:19:26

Yesterday I finally finished the kids room. It won't stay like that for long but it looks great for now!

Today DS and DD were playing outside so I got all the dead leaves and rubbish that had accumulated over winter swept up. However the kids managed to get themselves so muddy so I really do need to scrub the hallway tiles and clean the bath now.

Kitchen is a bit messy bit living room is a total disaster zone. I'm trying to muster the energy to do it.

One of my Ikea Samla boxes was for kids memory box. I need to get another as their stuff is everywhere.

Hi, My plans changed yesterday so I got nothing done.

Today I need to strip the bed, do some washing, unload and reload the dishwasher, hoover throughout and steam the kitchen and bathroom floors.

And I REALLY need to sort out the car insurance, its got to be done by the end of the week and I keep forgetting about it. blush

Luckily I have planned dinner to be something in the slow cooker so that can sit on the side without me having to fuss.

JakeBullet Tue 19-Mar-13 07:50:40

Can I join you? House is a pigsty and I literally don't know where to start with it. Have tried FlyLady but can't keep up with it.....too disorganised to cope with it.
Definitely have too much books etc so have two bookcases....they never look tidy but there are books I can't part with.

I am sick of seeing other people's organised living rooms.....even if its organised chaos. Mine is disorganised chaos and I need to get rid of stuff but don't know where to begin.
Kitchen is cramped and tiny....not enough cupboard space. Do I start by going through cupboards and sorting stuff out so I have storage space? Or will I then look round at the chaos outside the cupboards and still feel despair.
DS is autistic but high functioning.....he loves Lego and its everywhere. Jus want to cry when I look round as I feel so overwhelmed by it all.

Where do I start?

Wow Jake, you sound despairing. Welcome, we'll try and help as much as we can.

Is your DS OK with you tidying up his Lego? I confess I don't know much about AS so I wouldn't want to suggest things to disrupt him. sad
Have you got a kindle or app on your phone/tablet/ PC? I have used mine to replace a lot of my books as and when I can afford it. I also can't bear to part with books but have managed to get it down to one bookcase. its taken a year!

It might be time to bring out the Black BinBag of Doom!

Flylady can be a bit intense and isn't for everyone. I use a couple of the rules but don't live by it.
I used to live in a terrible mess but have managed to clear it and keep on top of it. If it helps, my rules were:
Be ruthless. If its broken or not used, bin it or charity shop it.
Don't put it down put it away. (although I still have problems with this and don't always stick to it!blush )
The clockwise room. tidy a room clockwise from where you step into it.
15 minute bursts per room. use a timer. clear as much as you can, then have a 5 minute break. then start again in another room.
Keep on top of the daily stuff. washing, washing up, etc. Tackle the other stuff afterwards, or you'll get even more behind.
Storage. only buy it for what you need. pick a job, realise what you need and then get the appropriate storage otherwise you might be throwing money at another pile of stuff to sort out.

Would your DS like to sort his Lego by shape/ colour? Lots of places do the compartment storage so he could have his own Lego box. He can cover it with stickers if he wants!

I've found that putting my daily intentions on here has helped get my arse in gear, plus I can log on at night and check I've done it all. grin

Good luck. Hope that helps. x

JakeBullet Tue 19-Mar-13 09:25:01

Thank you. A, going to shine the sink today and clean both loos....washing gong to be put away.

maishoffwcingras Tue 19-Mar-13 10:06:36

morning all & welcome jake

I don't have much time today, so only have half an hour to do stuff. My goals are:

- empty dishwasher
- refill dishwasher
- put clothes away

This evening I will:
- pay 2 bills
- mop bathroom floor
- clean toilet

Karbea Tue 19-Mar-13 10:25:19

Morning ladies!

I need some inspiration, someone tell me what to do today :S

JakeBullet Tue 19-Mar-13 11:22:58

I am too new karbea but hopefully someone more experienced will be along.

This morning I have done the living room half of the main room.....going to tackle the dining room bit later. All looks much tidier now....the dining room bit has all the books though.....

morning Karbea.

Can you hoover/dust?
clean the loo?
make a meal plan and shopping list for next week?

Well done Jake! are the books tidy on the shelves?

JakeBullet Tue 19-Mar-13 11:26:53

More or less.....they are n the dining room part......I tackle that next today. I will also clean the loos today. Sink is not shone yet but will be done before I go to ned tonight....although I am out this evening so we will see....the loos are more important a bit anal about those lol.

PoppyWearer Tue 19-Mar-13 12:38:56

Hello to the newbies!

After my clean-the-whole-house exertions yesterday I started sorting out my wardrobe yesterday evening once the DCs were in bed (why?). Actually took out a fair bit. Another bagful for the charity shop, and a few god bits for eBay. I have decided that I now own enough sparkly/festive clothes (think Christmas jumper, velvet tops) to merit putting them in a box in the loft on their own, to be brought down each November. That cleared out enough space to be able to hang up most of the things which had been draped over my shoe rack.

I also went online and bought some of those wardrobe/cardboard box things for when you move house. I am currently a SAHM but have a load of work clothes in DS's wardrobe (I do hope to return to work one day) so will pack them into one of those and stash it in the loft.

I also found a local lady on eBay selling some clothes rails and bought those off her, they can also go in the loft for storing out-of-season clothes (wrapped in dry cleaning bags).

I have managed to empty a decent chunk of the loft by selling baby stuff in recent months, so may as well use the newly-empty space to get things from under our feet!

Anyway, one thing at a time, DS is currently napping so I need to tackle the ironing pile. I only wish I had more time/energy this week to get everything sorted properly!

notso Tue 19-Mar-13 12:39:30

Hello everyone new and old!
Everyone sounds so busy, well done!
Nothing much going on here, DS3 11 months has turned from placid pudding into velcro baby overnight! Trying to get on with everything whilst balancing him on my hip.
Is anyone else doing habithacker? I'm finding it ok but not sure about all the stuff about sorting my appearance out I need extreme makeover for that I think!
Fingers crossed DS3 is dropping off so I might have half an hour to do a bit now.
Washing is on and dryer is on,
need to polish my place,
fold dry clothes,
clean kitchen worktops.

Jake my top tip for bookshelves is to organise books in colour order. I read it in a magazine and tried it and even though I only got rid of one book, DH, MIL, DM and my friend all said how great the shelves looked!

notso Tue 19-Mar-13 12:41:28

Poppy Im very envy of you having a loft, we had to convert ours when we had DC3 and 4 and I really miss the storage.

PoppyWearer Tue 19-Mar-13 17:26:07

Putting in a decent loft ladder and boarding it out was one of the first things we did to this house. Worth every penny!

My fantasy loft would have Velux windows, white-painted walls, tiled flooring and wall-to-wall steel racks to store everything. <comes over all unnecessary>. Not gonna happen! It will remain a cobweb-filled dingy labyrinth with a socking great water tank in the middle.

I got most of the ironing done, and when putting away the DCs' clothes was struck by the urge to sort DD's wardrobe and DS's drawers. More clothes for the charity shop!

notso Tue 19-Mar-13 19:40:10

I am so crap at this, I am the Queen of Procrastination, the Lady of Good Intentions and consequently shit at being tidy and organised.

notso I also did EFF all today. I put a wash and dishwasher on and sorted the car insurance.
But I have the excuse of a little shadow who wanted to play and cuddle. Snuggles vs hoovering? No contest!

maishoffwcingras Tue 19-Mar-13 22:18:26

well I have done none of the things I said I would this evening - forgot I had a meeting. Should get it done tomorrow after school

Long term goals: really need to sort out DCs clothes and put ones that are too small in the loft. Also need to clean fridge & have a freezer sort out

GreenLeafTea Wed 20-Mar-13 01:26:46

Hello and welcome 2littlemonkeys and Jake.

I have tried things like Flylady but I honestly think you are better just getting stuck in. Make a list and tick things off!

Well, yesterday I got the bath done and I washed the living room rug. It's mainly just the living room and kitchen so I'm going to keep plugging away at those areas.

Also scrub the hallway tiles, Hoover and wipe the stairs. Keep on top of the other areas.

I can't imagine just sitting down in the evening with nothing left to do. That would be my dream! It must be so heavenly.

I absolutely must hoover today as I'm busy for the rest of the week.
I need to put a wash on and unload the dishwasher.
I also need to make a shopping list and a meal plan.
Put my mother's day flowers in the compost. sad
Clean the bath ready for DD to have a splash tonight.
Take the pram box upstairs to put in the loft.
Empty the food caddy for the compost.
I might have to come back later for a kick up the backside!

notso Wed 20-Mar-13 09:31:01

It is written therefore it will be done!

I've not done any of that yet. angry

notso Wed 20-Mar-13 13:38:32

I cleaned the kitchen floor huzzah!
Going out now to
pick up holiday money,
buy nappies and swimming nappies,
buy something for tea
wish me luck!

PoppyWearer Wed 20-Mar-13 14:06:06

Today for me has involved cleaning and sticking stuff on eBay.

I have cleared our bedroom of piles of clothes. It's all in the spare room for now, clearing that is next week's task! (I have to do it, got guests for Easter)

Next up is vacuuming our bedroom and changing the bedding, then the school run.

GreenLeafTea Wed 20-Mar-13 22:50:19

Yay, I almost finished the kitchen!

Does anyone else find the more you do, the more you realize you have to do?

I feel like my house is more tidy than untidy now. If I can deal with the mountain of stuff waiting to be sorted through which is still sitting in the corner of the living room I will be so happy!

I also have a few boxes waiting to be photographs and eBayed and a box of work clothes waiting to be sorted and put away.

JakeBullet Thu 21-Mar-13 09:04:29

I do....cant believe how much there is to do !

House is looking tidier though and that is good.

maishoffwcingras Thu 21-Mar-13 10:17:27

Morning. I've did bugger all in the house yesterday although I've managed to keep the kitchen clutter free and clean & tidy (need to mop the floor in a bit though).

Today I need to get through loads of washing as we're away at the w/e then visitors arrive next week. Will get spare bedroom sorted today so that I don't have to do it on Sunday night.

I think I AM getting better though because DH came home yesterday asking if we had had anyone over (which is normally the only time the place looks clean & tidy) grin

PoppyWearer Thu 21-Mar-13 13:01:02

Well done everyone, sounds like we've had a good couple of days!

I do feel that things are getting better here, but at the same time I am breaking a few "eggs" to make the omelette. Our bedroom now immaculate but excess clothes heaped in the spare room for now. I realised the perfect piece of furniture for the hallway to tidy the clutter there was in the playroom. Hall now looks great but playroom a get the picture!

Anyway, it's progress. I think!

Today is my "cheat" day, my once-a-fortnight visit from the cleaners. So I've had a good tidy up as much as possible in readiness for them.

GreenLeafTea Thu 21-Mar-13 23:47:51

Maish, that made me laugh! My husband never comments on the house no matter how tidy or clean it is. He never helps either though.

I finished cleaning the kitchen!!! Just the living room to go now then the house will be clean and I can start on the decluttering.

maishoffwcingras Fri 22-Mar-13 10:38:55

My DH helps but I've noticed recently that he says things like 'I've cleaned the kitchen for you' hmm

well done on the kitchen. Everything gone pear shaped here as DD is ill so I'm spending all my time tending to her & washing the vomit drenched clothes/cushions/bed linen

GreenLeafTea Fri 22-Mar-13 11:52:38

I'm just cleaning up the remains of DS trying to make a banana milkshake without putting the lid on the mixer. The living room is getting worse and worse. It will be my next priority. I hooveres the hallway and cleaned the toilet and bathroom. My clean areas are clean my messy areas are very messy.

I hope your DD feels better soon. It's awful when little ones are sick.

vvviola Sun 24-Mar-13 11:03:15

DH & I had a screaming row about various things at the weekend including the state of the house. I'm currently alternating between teenage style "can't make me do it" and "crap, really need to get this stuff sorted" wink

I thought I was being clever, hanging washing out this evening (I'm at uni in the morning and the best drying is in the morning). It is currently absolutely thundering down with rain hmm.

But in positive things, despite my sulk (& my first period in over 2 years hmm ouch), I'm all prepared for the morning, the kitchen is sparkling & all the sheets & towels got changed & washed over the weekend.

PoppyWearer Sun 24-Mar-13 11:27:25

vvviola hmm. It sounds like you re making progress, but if something else in your life is a bigger priority at the moment than sorting out your house, I hope your DH understands that? I'm currently emerging from 6 months of poor health, some of which is resolved, some of which is ongoing, and DH has just had to suck up the state of the house in the meantime (given that he does feck all about it himself).

At least my DH had the good grace yesterday to say he could see progress has been made (he likes that our bedroom is tidy, even if he tends to use the floordrobe angry) AND he agreed to my plans for rearranging the playroom, so I must get on with ordering the stuff from Ikea for that.

I'm doing some laundry today, and some ebaying (some big clutter-up-the-place items have finally sold and will be departing the house today and over coming days, woop!) but that's all.

Plan for the week ahead is to sort the spare room for Easter visitors. Spare room is current dumping ground for surplus clothes and unsold stuff from last nearly-new sale, so I am hoping to take several bags to a charity shop, give lots away to friends, and then get the rest stored away in the loft or in boxes for ebaying.

vvviola Sun 24-Mar-13 19:46:07

To be fair to DH, PoppyWeaver, it was really one of those "you don't appreciate everything I do" conversations - on both sides. And the housework just got caught up in the whole thing. It's all good again - he let me choose a movie without using his veto once last night, so I think he was feeling bad that we'd fought wink

I actually left the house relatively tidy this morning - even got stuff in the dishwasher before I left. Miracles happen grin

GreenLeafTea Tue 26-Mar-13 03:43:55

Well done on the progress. It's so hard when you have kids as the mess is just so relentless.

Yesterday I finally cleared the mountain of stuff that has been sitting in the corner of my living room. It took me all day doing a bit at a time but it looks so good. I'm really pleased.

I've mostly been keeping on top of things.

Next up is kitchen shelf de-clutter then I have no excuses not to finish the room full of boxes.

I have to hoover throughout today and clean the kitchen bathroom floors and sinks. I've got a nasty cold so don't relish the thought of strenuous activity. sad

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