The Fledglings' nests will be clean in 2013!

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superfluouscurves Mon 31-Dec-12 21:44:39

(With many thanks to Jdub for title inspiration!!)

If your house is a mess and you are strugging with C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome) and S.T.U.F.F. (something that undermines family fun) then this is the thread where we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system (in our own, unique, relaxed style) with lots of chat, support and wine along the way.

This little-and-often system is designed so that you can follow a series of steps and routines each day (which gradually become second nature) in weekly designated zones of the house; defining and minimising housework - which in theory should leave you with more time to do other, more interesting things instead!

At the same time it is intended to reduce that panicky "rabbit in headlights" feeling when you are overwhelmed and everything needs doing all at once. No problem if you miss a day or two; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

We advise not signing up to receive the Flylady e-mails as you will be inundated (although some Fledglings find the compilation e-mails helpful)! All the information you need will be linked here on a daily basis.

From the first of the month, we will be following Flylady's steps and routines using a three-pronged approach (dependent on the stage everyone is at):

- start or repeat baby steps

- repeat baby steps + do 15 mins a day decluttering in the current zone

- reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.

[And if you are really enthusiastic and have finished decluttering - you can go on to detailed deep cleaning in each zone.]

More info here on getting started and Flying lessons. Here's the launch pad for more experienced fledglings. Don't be put off by the barf-tastic language of the site - the underlying system is sound (and you may discover a few of our subversions of the vocabulary along the way).

Huge thanks to Lauren for being our incredibly reliable and organised shining star in the East and leading us throughout the very busy month of December!!

Happy New Year Fledglings!!

All welcome!!

Jamillalliamilli Mon 31-Dec-12 22:01:43

Happy New Year! smile

thanks and wine for Lauren and more thanks and wine for SC.

superfluouscurves Mon 31-Dec-12 22:13:44

[Yes it's me SC btw]

Just snuck away from my visiting family to post first step of the year ...not that we intend to be up too late tonight ... am totally drunk shattered ...grin and dh has early flight in the morning.

Hope you are all having lovely evenings ...


OK inspirational fledglings (and any newcomers) here we go ...

Tomorrow's baby-step, no 1, for 1st January 2013 (whey-hey!!!!) is here! shining your sink.

If you are a beginner, this is how you do it.

Here are the January zones.

So tomorrow, until January 5th, we will be in Zone 1: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room here

If you want to know more about zones in general, read here

If your Zone 1 is already decluttered, you can progress to detailed cleaning here

You can find tomorrow's daily mission and all the missions for this week here (scroll down) (15 mins spent eliminating fingerprints from windows and walls of dining room)

The daily focus for Tuesday is planning which couldn't be more appropriate for the first day of the year ...

The habit for January is (if it's the same as the previous two years) shining your sink more info here (scroll down) but personally, I think I may be concentrating a bit more on body clutter issues blush


If you are a newcomer, have a look around the Flylady site if you have any questions (or don't hesitate to ask here).

Hope that is not all too confusing!! Remember: you don't have to understand the whole system all at once at the start. Everything will become clear as you follow the baby-steps. The only thing you have to really remember for tomorrow is shining your sink, possibly doing 15 mins decluttering in the current zone and if you have already done that, the daily mission + errands.

Oh and btw, it is always good to remember that we are NOT aiming for perfection. We are just building up to doing the daily routines: small step by small step.

As usual, I've made it sound a lot more complicated than it really is!!

Here's to a productive new year everyone!

superfluouscurves Mon 31-Dec-12 22:14:09

Yay!! Justgettingonwithit wine thanks!!!!!

LadyDeidreWaggon Mon 31-Dec-12 22:38:47

So glad I found this thread !
Have been sort of following the Flylady for a year or so but must admit that the barf-inducing language kept putting me off. Now I can get with the programme without having to think about 'blessing my house' when all I really want to do is walk through it without shutting my eyes to avoid seeing the mess.
Count me in for 2013.
And Happy New Year to you all.

pootlebug Mon 31-Dec-12 22:55:00

I have looked at the Flylady site before but looked away again due to barf-inducing language and lack of enthusiasm for wearing shoes in the house. But I really need a system for keeping on top of house stuff.

Count me in if I'm allowed to do it in my slippers?

ComradeJing Mon 31-Dec-12 23:08:38

Happy new year!

I joined in half hartedly in December but had too much unpacking to do.

I still do really but the house is now tidy enough to keep clean so I'm starting!

I need to rejoin you sc after my spectacular fall off the flylady wagon this year.

NickNacks Mon 31-Dec-12 23:21:06

I've only bloody found you!!

I accidentally hid the December thread and couldn't find you for the last 10 days, I trust you all had lovely Christmases and happy new year for 40 minutes time.

I feel I've come home to you smile

MrsPennyapple Mon 31-Dec-12 23:24:56

I'm in! December was a bit half-hearted for me too, but I'm going to get properly stuck in in January.

Jamillalliamilli Tue 01-Jan-13 00:00:07

Happy New Year to all. smile

laurenamium Tue 01-Jan-13 00:44:21

Happy new year everyone! Thank you for being brave enough for the January thread sc thanks

<waves to newbies and oldies!!>

Off to bed, sober but happy! Be back tomorrow!

Happy new year fledglings smile

A bit 'shattered' myself so off to bed!

feetheart Tue 01-Jan-13 01:00:41

I'm in but battery about to die, will be back later (much later smile)

Happy New Year Fledglings

MercuryRising Tue 01-Jan-13 01:05:21

Happy new year fellow fledgings Im going to try and finally escape the CHAOS in 2013.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Tue 01-Jan-13 01:08:33

Happy New Year everyone.

GoingGoingGoth Tue 01-Jan-13 01:25:59

Happy New Year, just marking my place (actually laid in bed- so not sure if dedicated, sad or a little bit drunk) wine

Imabadmum Tue 01-Jan-13 01:35:24

Glad I found this thread, god knows I need help. Gonna do this flyady thingammywotsit.

Happy new year fledgelings!
Thanks for running the Jan thread SC! And thank you for looking after us last month lauren

And good morning. 2013 seems to be having an early start around here. Wet bedding anyone? On a plus note it is the first wet bed since i was mean and took all dry nights etc away from ds on the 28th. Considering he was previously going through 3 or 4 in a night and not showing any sign of being dry this has to be an absolute bonus. See you all later.

<stocks the naughty corner with gallons of water, and a pile of pain killers and indigestion tablets>
<considers if bacon sandwiches would help or hinder the suffering>

superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 02:52:22

Still up here too (unfortunately) Bitchy and now perfectly sober and wide awake (unfortunately) too grin. Got drawn in to referee position during heated debate between guests which was not very sensible as have to be up with crack of sparrows to get dh off to airport ...oh dear ...

Oh and purleeeease refrain from wafting bacon aromas over here 'cos I will be desperately in need of one or three bacon sandwiches in the morning and I will instead be chasing a grapefruit segment around a plate ....grin

Revamped bedroom sounds lovely btw smile

A very warm welcome to LadyDeidre and Pootlebug (and no - don't worry - baby step no. 2 entirely optional!!)

And another warm welcome to I'mabadmum (although us fledglings might try and persuade you very gently to change your nickname when you feel ready 'cos I'm certain you are not and at risk of sounding like wierdy -cult-- leader see baby-step no.5!! wink smile)

Great to see all the old-timers back too ...Bitchy Goth Whoknows Mercury Feetheart Pushme Lauren Justgettingonwithit MrsPennyapple Nicknacks (glad you found us smile!!! but sorry you lost us earlier) Makingchanges and ComradeJ

Cuddledup my mother died on 5 January last year so have some inkling of what you are going through. Glad that arranging funeral is proving a comfort and hope you are bearing up x

and hellooooo to Trazzles PA (if you happen to be lurking) Swan Toffee Honu Ellie Castle and Carpe and anyone else who may arrive in a while!!

Bit worried I am not on top of recent name changes so apologies if I've got anyone mixed up with anyone else or mentioned you twice by mistake!!

Right, staggering off for a bit of shut eye ...see you in a couple of hours!!

superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 02:55:16

Forgot to say hello to Jdub (who thought of title) and loads of others ... sorry!!!

LadyDeidreWaggon Tue 01-Jan-13 04:36:55

Awake at 4.33 AM with cystitis.
Only took 15 minutes to find the horrid granules you dissolve in water to drink, does Flylady have anything to say about organising medicine cupboards ?! Or possibly just dealing with hoarding DH who won't throw ANY medication away (even stuff inherited from elderly family members).

KatyJ26 Tue 01-Jan-13 05:10:09

I'm in! Joined this time ish last year and then due to DC3 fell off the wagon! I'm back and I'm going to do it and stick with it. I ordered some luffly new sofas yesterday, so now I need the tidy house to be able to show them off and enjoy them. Happy new year everyone, I look forward to getting to know you all smile

SilveryMoon Tue 01-Jan-13 06:28:13

LadyDW, the medicine cabinet is due to be cleared out in zone 3, so week after next wink

I've been up for hours. Gonna be a long Day.
I'm going to start b baby steps again.

to do
Morning routine
zone work
Baby step
Room rescue
Afternoon routine
Before bed routine

Doesn't look like much. Just the way I like it.
Think my routines are too long. Might have to look at that as time goes on.

Hope everyone wakes feeling fresh and not too hung over smile

superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 07:51:58

[inserts match sticks in to eye sockets]

Morning all! Happy New Year!!

DD and I have just packed dh off this morning with a large hunk of Christmas cake in his bag; icing still slightly squishy but I think it is nicer that way and hardly anyone eats it anyway ... dd is settled with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I think I am going to ignore the state of the kitchen sneak another half hour in bed.

I have been virtuous this morning and rejected the delicious cougnon (special Christmas fruit bread) that was on offer at the breakfast table and had a tiny brown roll without butter or jam instead.

Hello Silvery may I say you are displaying a rather worrying impressive knowledge of the baby-steps!! grin grin! Yep, small and do-able is definitely the way to go. Hope you can catch up on some sleep tonight!

Sorry you are suffering LadyDeidre Cranberry juice is good for cystitis (or I imagine cranberries themselves) if you have any around ... . Hope you feel better soon.

A very warm welcome to KatyJ26

Back later when hopefully I will feel a little less wretched ...grin

Pinch, punch and first of the month and all that ... .

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Tue 01-Jan-13 07:55:55

Hi! <waves to all>

Gosh I must have been away longer than 2 weeks - I clicked on the thread and didn't recognise ANY names!

Here's to a shiny sink this month. I will do it, I will... Won't I? <sigh>

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Tue 01-Jan-13 07:58:07


superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 08:00:42

Yay Trazzles!! In the circumstances I think you definitely definitely deserve a special 'intermittent' Flying pass or that should probably be a "no-Flying" or "totally delegate Flying to someone else" pass!! Use whatever spare second of time you have to pamper yourself girl!!

SpanielFace Tue 01-Jan-13 08:16:43

Hello! Can I join? I am so bad with housework, my DH tends to do most of it - but as I am on maternity leave until August, and then returning to work only 2 days a week initially. I feel guilty that the house is always a mess when he gets in, but I seem to be incapable of getting myself organised to get on with it, and I seem to create clutter around me all the time! I know having a newborn is some excuse, but DS is now 4 months and has started to nap regularly, so I do have free time in the day. But I was just as bad before he was born - I always seem to end up on MN or Facebook, drinking tea and eating biscuits, instead of getting on with jobs! We also have a springer spaniel and a cat, who add to the general mess.

I have read the Flylady stuff (never heard of this website until today!) so will start the baby steps (although a slightly modified version - slippers in the house for me, and getting dressed first thing doesn't really work when you have a baby to breastfeed first!).

Looking forward to getting going - so all I have to do today is clean and shine the sink, right? I feel like I want to be doing more than that!

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Tue 01-Jan-13 08:21:00

<waves to Spaniel> pull up a pew!

Yes, all you need to do is shine your sink. It's all about setting up routines and that is the first step.

sc we actually have a couple of weeks at home before DS becomes an in-patient for months (hopefully) so we desperately need routines in place!

elliepac Tue 01-Jan-13 08:25:56

Happy New Year everyonesmile . No hangover but am ridiculously tired as I can't seem to sleep for love nor money at the momenthmm.

Thank you Lauren for last month and to sc for taking over this month. I am going to start the year exactly how I don't want to carry on by having a lazy PJ day todaygrin .

Cuddledup Tue 01-Jan-13 09:11:41

MOrning all! I slept like a baby last night - thanks to a little pill ! and now for the first time in a week or so I feel human and up and ready to go.
Here's the link for today in case anyone (i.e. me) needed reminding:
(I know it's not in the right format)

*Ta da*:
UP and dressed to shiny shoes
Washing on

To do
clean kitchen
Go for walk and pub lunch
Plan rest of week
Tackle ironing mountain
Clear hall of crap
Get to bed at decent hour as it's back to work tomorrow

happy new year fledglings! am thinking about hopping back onto the branch (or making dh do so by proxy!)grin

IWipeArses Tue 01-Jan-13 09:40:05

I'm in. I'm only going to 'do' babysteps and decluttering. Everything else fly can be as and when, I have endless lists, but getting the babysteps in place is pretty essential for me and where I always fall down.

Happy New Year fledglings, here's to a productive year!

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Tue 01-Jan-13 09:50:41

IWipe - I'm with you - baby steps are crucial for me! I NEED to get them sorted!

SilveryMoon Tue 01-Jan-13 09:57:28

Managed to get a couple of Hours, but now dp's up, everyone knows about it.
sc I'm a bit of a sad loser like that. Am sure that clearing the meds is a mission in zone 3, it sticks in mind because my meds are kept in the kitchen so was always a misplaced mission.
Hi Trazzles this time of year always brings loads of us newbies. I am determined not to fall off thread again.
spaniel the good thing with this system is that everything is timed and is such a little amount of time. In the years I've followed this system, everytime I've looked around in a depressed panic about how cluttered or untidy the place has got,
I just remind myself that it didn't get that way in a day and set my timer. Jump right in if you want to, do the sink shining and 15 mins decluttering in the hall/entrance. But absolutely no more than that smile
ellie a pj day sounds good. I'm going to run a nice hot bath, take my book then put pj's back on.

Dp is cooking a roast today. He cooks a mean roast, excited! I always mess up the potatoes blush
Feeling a bit guilty about not doing much with the dc's this school holidays. Need some inspiration on what to do with themthat won't cost much

Morning all,

I slept like a log last night (finally got the DCs to bed at about 12.45). DS got up at 8.15, I got up at 9.30, DD at 10, DH is still in bed, he is the biggest lier-in in the world. I have been sleeping really badly for the last couple of weeks, so it was great to finally get a solid sleep (only had one glass of wine last night).

We're away until Thursday, in a cottage on the Isle of Wight, so no proper Flying for a few days, just washing up etc. Weather looks much better today but think it will be a lazy one, the DCs are on the sofa with duvets watching Muppets Christmas Carol for about the 20th time this holiday.

Welcome to all the new faces/returners, it is very motivating to see so many posts so soon.

swanthingafteranother Tue 01-Jan-13 11:38:54

Hello [waves feebly from corner] a very very late night last night...

Just to say SC I have eaten two slices of oaty bread, a kiwi and a black coffee so far. Don't over do the dieting please! The quickest way to fall off the wagon imho. Once I decide I'm fine, and my only method is to cut out snacks and alcohol. It worked last time, it WORKS!

I was going to give myself a challenge, only go on Msnt when I have done a morning run. But maybe this morning doesn't count grin

Spaniel hi, I love Springers, at least you don't suffer from lack of exercise blush

My resolutions this year are:

socialise more
write more letters
walk more dogs
swim more
read more
and Sew More (also to finish those blasted curtains blush) and generally start enjoying being middleaged instead of being in denial!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 01-Jan-13 11:39:50

Happy New Year to you all. Had a lovely evening with neighbours last night, drank champagne and am not hungover today. Hurray!

Did a crisis clean before the guests arrived and even shined my sink, so I have started the New Year with the first babystep smile.

Going for a long walk on the Downs soon.

swanthingafteranother Tue 01-Jan-13 11:40:29

Also to spend more time with 2 year old niece, despite family politics!

laurenamium Tue 01-Jan-13 11:57:05

Hello all!

Just dashing by with a quick list! Not been back from the stables long so haven't done much yet!

To do:
sort horse, muck out etc
walk dogs
Clean walls and radiator in entrance hall
Sort bedroom hotspot
Visit family
Put wool jumpers away
Dog poo
Empty bathroom bin (should have done this yesterday)
Take snow flakes off windows and clean all inside windows
Put dry bedding away


laurenamium Tue 01-Jan-13 11:58:06

Ooooh New Years resolutions!

I'm going to carry on losing weight
End 2013 in a more financially stable position than I am now!

laurenamium Tue 01-Jan-13 11:59:10

spaniel another springer owner here!

Just want to pop my head around the door and shout "Happy new year" to you all. Sorry I have been missing, I am finding it hard to keep up with you all and once the thread gets too big it won't load anyway.

Just arrived back after a couple of days away relaxing and chilling. We are all totally sunburnt and exhausted now!! Not a morsel to eat in the house so just had to go and get some food in to get us by until the morning. <badly disorganised before we left>

For those of you who remember me, I must tell you about our Christmas celebration here. Now remember the people here dont do Christmas, they don't know what is "normal" and most children have never seen Father christmas. So DH was asked to be santa for a show we held. He got into the role quite well after being called on for a couple of appearances. One appearance in front of 300+ people and on a large stage he jumped onto the stage and was dancing around rather un-father -Christmas-like. Unknown to him, but caught on video, his trousers ripped all down his front on his first jump onto the stage, so there he was flashing away all he has to 300 people!! I am sure the Cambodians now have a very warped sense of what a santa is!!! hmm

I hope you all had a good Christmas and I wish you every happiness for 2013. Not promising to stick around too much for January as I know hte thread normally gets very full quickly, but I will try to keep up with you all a bit....

ComradeJing Tue 01-Jan-13 12:16:49

grin positiveattitude that's fab!

The day is almost over here and I've finished quite a bit on my list. Sink is shiny and kitchen clean. Evening routine is working so far! Night all.

laurenamium Tue 01-Jan-13 12:19:22

grin pa that is so funny! Good to hear you are well and enjoying Cambodia!

grin pa.

despite my fears that today was starting at 2am ds went back to sleep thus allowing me to do so. He crashed out at 7:30pm so it was early nights all around. Much needed tbh. And having had around 12hrs sleep in all, despite being awake for a couple of hours in the middle I am feeling more ready to deal with the challenges of the day. taking it at a slow pace atm though. might have to drink another coffee and get cracking. Got a huge list that needs doing today.

ta da
15mins in the hall
gather all recycling for going out
gather remenants of last nights party into kitchen/throw out party popper bits
try not to shout at ds
continue taking down the christmas decorations - 15mins done
not kill ds despite him having attack the jule log before i got up and being on a sugar induce madness spree
encourage child to eat lunch.
empty and move book case
1 load washing on.

Jamillalliamilli Tue 01-Jan-13 12:59:36

Hello to * LadyDeidre, Pootlebug, I'mabadmum, (bet you’re a great one really!) Katy, and Spaniel, and great to see so many others.

LadyDeidre do you know if he’s hoarding them because he sees the medication as ‘part of them’ / ‘all that’s left’, and can’t let go, or if he believes they’re useable/irreplaceable/ wrong to throw away?

PA thank you for updating us on Cambodian Christmas and your families influence. Maybe we should try and create a ‘keep it slim digested events for PA in Cambodia thread’

Trazzles Hope you get your routines and wish, but you can only do so much in those circumstances.

Bitchy would he cope with 'not to be shouted at' written on his forehead? -Not that I once wrote ‘I love you really’ on one of my teens heads while she slept, so I could cope with the hormonal stropy madam.-

Hope to get back later and catch up with everyone.

Still to do
Try for orthodontist appointment -try not to chuckle at d/s Mick Jagger mouth-
Launderette for drying
d/s English
d/s revision: core maths /mechanics/physics
De cluttering
Check flood defences
Make more cards for/and thank you’s
Listen to friend

just grin grin I didn't laugh loudly at that. Oh no. Not me grin Bloody brilliant.

There is only just so many times you can tell someone to put some clothes on before you get bored. Today it took over 4hrs to achieve this. Have also been trying to get him out of the house to urn some energy. Still failing at that.

Working on growing that to do list. Although ds is telling his dad he had a brilliant night last night so I did achieve something. grin Always nice to know cos he doesn't tell me this stuff.

bakerofcakes Tue 01-Jan-13 14:08:34

Happy New Year to all. Welcome to all newbies, I only joined for December, but had been lurking for a couple of months and feel I have now established morning and evening routines and have achieved quite a lot of decluttering. Still a lot more to go though.

Having a lazy day today, was at work yesterday, then went to a family party last night. Came home about ten though with 2 year old grandson, as the party was just too much for him. His dad picked him up about 11.30 this morning.

Ta Da

Morning routines
Monday's living room mission
Washer on
Planned finances and paid some bills
Emptied kitchen/bathroom and bedroom bins now dustbin has been emptied

DP is out playing golf, so am spending the afternoon knitting, whilst sitting on the sofa watching Great British Bake Off on Good Food channel. Might even have a glass of Bailey's smile

elliepac Tue 01-Jan-13 14:09:12

grin gringrin just, you're a genius.

gringringrin pa

Have actually managed to get dressed but dc's still in pj's and we are going to watch

GossipWitch Tue 01-Jan-13 14:57:42

Afternoon all, my house is mad and crazy and has no signs of improving, the kids are crazy atm too and have given me a massive headache due to the shouting wailing and laughing, at least they are happy.

We may hopefully have a swap soon so I really need to get on with the decluttering of the house and I intend to start today, the bathroom still hasn't been done after I broke it, but it is on dp's to do list along with the tidying of the gardens, I also have another driving test next week which I'm panicking about again. So all is busy in the gossip household !!!

NickNacks Tue 01-Jan-13 15:09:29

Well we've just got back from visiting family for new year. Very proudly have unpack the car straight away, DH hopped in the other car to go food shopping and washing machine in on! Fly lady rules here!!

Nice to see all the newbies and big waves to oldies, pa that sounds hilarious!

Small list

One more load of washing
Take tree down
Make up dd's bed
S and s bathroom

Hmm that'll do!

GossipWitch Tue 01-Jan-13 15:15:41

ladydiedre I suffer with cystitus (sp) alot but can never seem to keep cranberry juice in the fridge (ds1 drinks it like its going out of fashion), and cannot stand the crystals, so I buy the cranberry capsules form holland and barrat, I take four at first and then 2 every four hours after, by the end of the day the symptoms are gone smile hth.

So today is the hallway, I may have to evict dp from it somehow as he is on the computer (I have a desk in the hallway), any ideas? its not too bad in here to be honest, just bits of rubbish and washing to be cleaned up, the desk could do with a deep down clean, and toys could be taken up, but on the plus side I have managed to get the boys upstairs and tidying there room !!!!!!

SilveryMoon Tue 01-Jan-13 15:29:27

Dropping in for a list update
to do
Sleep done
Morning routine done
zone work done
Baby step
Room rescue done
Afternoon routine
Before bed routine

Dp cooked a lovely roast. The ds's even ate a bit!
Just spent some time playing new games witht he boys whilst dp watched Mary Poppins on his own.
Now going to do the sink bleach thing and then feet up until it's time to do dinner. Sandwiches tonight so nothing too stressful

So. Ds got a lesson in following instructions. he was ordered into his roller blades and kicked out of the house until he had down five continuous there and backs to his boundary. Should have taken him less then 10 mins. 35 mins of yelling screaming, shouting and generally throwing himself all over the place because it wasn't what he wanted, he has not only hurt himself, gotten very cold, and is very tired from doing at least double no because he couldn't follow a simple instruction. And until he followed it he wasn't coming back in. Tomorrow i guess we are doing it all over again. It isn't that he couldn't do it, he is more then capable. It was the fact it wasn't what he wanted that thus he refused. A battle of wills! Needless to say i am not ds' most favourite person right now!

I did manage to get nearly half the car cleared out whilst this performance was going on. But would rather he hadn't screamed half the neighbourhood down in the process. <sigh>

Imabadmum Tue 01-Jan-13 15:53:30

I have commenced my new years housework routine, tidied the ds's bedroom, done the porch, dining room, hallway and living room.

Going to try to stick to the fly lady routine, although got a bit ahead of myself today.

New year new start. Must say I am enjoying the house being tidy shock it's a new experience!!

GossipWitch Tue 01-Jan-13 16:00:54

Hoorah!! 2 of the chilluns are out of the house playing, and ds1 even got on his scooter (he fell off it on xmas day and grazed his knee and hasn't been on it since) now to just get dp off the friggin comp so that I can clean it, have told him I need potatoes for tea but he's still in his dressing gown, have also hinted at the rubbish outside but still he sits there, bloody skyrim and geeky men!!. the boys room is now passable, and we can move in there also had to sort out the dirty washing from clean washing and had to send a full basket back up to be put away, lazy lazy boys !!!!

ta da
15mins in the hall
gather all recycling for going out
gather remenants of last nights party into kitchen/throw out party popper bits
try not to shout at ds
continue taking down the christmas decorations - 15mins done
not kill ds despite him having attack the jule log before i got up and being on a sugar induce madness spree
encourage child to eat lunch.
empty and move book case
3rd load washing on.
battle of wills with child
sand door frame
ring various family members for happy new year messages
Get car half emptied of rubbish
Get recycling out
get child into and eventually out of a hot bath
nail backs on book cases waiting for fixing
run computer virus check

to do
sand door
cut wood for fixing door and glue into position
paint door and door frame
repeat 15mins work on hall as it seems to have been rejunked
take rubbish out
tackle the kitchen
tackle the landing hotspot
confirm arrangements for tomo
put ds' clothes away
hoover landing
finish taking christmas decorations down.

SilveryMoon Tue 01-Jan-13 17:38:43

Wowzers bitchy just reading your list I'm exhausted.
Well done you!

IWipeArses Tue 01-Jan-13 18:21:45

grin Missed Bitchy's lists.

I have tackled all three kitchen hotspots, including the medicine box and I glued the wooden train that's been waiting for about 6 months. grin
Pots have been washed several times, shouldn't take long to finish them up after grown-ups supper later. As long as I do it! I can't actually do the sink shining, due to the material it's made of, but I'll get it clean.

SilveryMoon Tue 01-Jan-13 18:42:18

to do
Sleep done
Morning routine done
zone work done
Baby step done
Room rescue done
Afternoon routine done
Before bed routine done
Ironing - think I'll leave it til tomorrow

Pretty happy with my day and got most of the things done I wanted to. Not sure what's happening tomorrow, will probably take the boys to see a friend.

elliepac Tue 01-Jan-13 18:42:34

Ta da :-
Sit on bum all day watching films
Shout at dc's who dared to interrupt above process with the suggestion I should play with themhmmgrin
Watch DH cook dinner
Play on dc's new tablet.

To do :-
I think I might actually shine my sink (after the pots have drained to save expending energy on drying up)

On the theme of New Year's Resolutions:-


Actually follow a whole month's babysteps for the first time in over 3 years of fledglingness
Never look at bitchy's listsgrin


Lose 2 more stone ( 4 down)
Attempt some form of exercise
Give up smoking blush

And, this is the most important one for me..... be more appreciative of what I/we have. I am a very lucky lady and need to stop worrying about stuff so I tend to stress about things such as money (when compared to many we are comfortable), the state of the house ( in need of decoration in many places but a warm and happy home) and housework ( accept it will never be my strongpoint and do what I can). Oh and stop trying to be superwoman. A full time teacher with leadership responsibilities plus young (ish) dc's means sometimes I stuff up. Accept it and don't stress about it.

Back to the sofagrin.

SilveryMoon Tue 01-Jan-13 18:48:00

All sounds good ellie
I'm a worrier too. I tend to over-think everything.
I'm trying hard not to think about anything!

loveinidleness Tue 01-Jan-13 18:49:03

hello, I'd like to join in please if that's ok? I have looked at the website and get it I think...

We've had quite a good tidy of the house for Christmas guests/party etc and I'd like to keep it up (though it's already sinking back a bit blush)

So is it as simple as someone posts what to do and we do it?

My big thing is evening time, I run out of steam. Make dinner, eat it - and then don't do anything much more about it. When I have guests I'm much better about cleaning up after. How to motivate my self to move the fat arse..?

ok will get washing out and put more washing in, that can't hurt...

LillethTheCat Tue 01-Jan-13 18:49:26

Can I join in or is it too late? Will it be too much for me to do today's and tomorrows in one day? Although just looked up thread and I had a big clean of dining room anyway today and I never even knew that was today's task grin

I assume most of you have started today so I would like to be in the same place as other people if that is possible, or is everyone at a different stage.

I half tried Flylady a couple of years ago (was never really into it too much), but have since moved and I promised myself that a new house would mean a nice new clean start, but I can see things getting on top of us again. Even though its not as bad as the previous house has been I think that it would be useful to have a good routine to get this done.

So tomorrow my list is to:
- shine my sink
- 15 mins in the hall tidying shoes away (now does the hall inc cupboards?)
- make sure I get dressed properly (which I do anyway, dont wear shoes in the house though)
- Plan (I have been keeping a task list on and off for a while anyway, but have been neglecting it for the last couple of weeks)

Does that sound ok for someone who is just starting out?

I also intend to do some homework for a course I am doing too.

Don't know what you are talking about Ellie my lists always contain some hidden gem or 6 of non-flying at it's best winkgrin

ta da
15mins in the hall
gather all recycling for going out
gather remenants of last nights party into kitchen/throw out party popper bits
try not to shout at ds
continue taking down the christmas decorations - 15mins done
not kill ds despite him having attack the jule log before i got up and being on a sugar induce madness spree
encourage child to eat lunch.
empty and move book case
3rd load washing on.
battle of wills with child
sand door frame
ring various family members for happy new year messages
Get car half emptied of rubbish
Get recycling out
get child into and eventually out of a hot bath
nail backs on book cases waiting for fixing
run computer virus check
Measure ds for a new coat. bloody weed for a child
Look up some A'level syallabuses on the internet, get scared by the maths one and hide in the chemistry one.
sort out arrangements for friday
disinfect ds' bin yuck
make mistake of opening eyes and actually seeing the state the bathroom is in.
room rescue the bathroom
Sand door
Cut and glue wood for fixing bookcases - need to get a few screws to finish job off so will have to wait until tomo before I can claim bookcases fixed.
Load and run dw
Paint door and door frame.
Be declare the best by ds - not entirely certain how i earnt this status today confused

Will be back later.

Oh and also done more washing - bath towels/cleaning rags/old towel etc
start to fold the clean washing mountain created earlier

laurenamium Tue 01-Jan-13 19:09:45

Hi all! Lots of chat as expected grin

I mostly post from my phone so ill be skimming reading and list dumping mostly. I've not done a great deal today, spent most of it either with the horse or at my mums. I've done my routines though smile

Ill be back tomorrow with a small list!

superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 19:15:27

Aagghhh ... only 40 or so messages to catch up with before my last post this morning ....!!

Sorry. Have been busy with visitors today ...hope you have all had a good day.

Ta da list is only:
shined sink (but needs doing again now I have cooked for everyone)
cleared dining room table hotspot
had a two hour nap whilst visitors were out when I should have been tidying and cleaning blush
15 mins tidying boudoir
made felt hedgehog pincushion with dd
searched for and found half finished patchwork quilt project
read a book
made healthy soup
various happy new year phone calls
resisted alcohol and coffee
rabbit husbandry x 2

tonight: sewing on sofa instead of snacking!!
& must go to bed reasonably early

To do list for tomorrow:
morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s, rabbits
exercise - starting slowly - 20 min brisk walk
sort ironing mountain in to people specific piles
French study!!
meal planning for weekend
clean kitchen bin
prep two canvases with gesso
get exercise clothing organised for week ahead + Ipod + pedometer etc etc
prep lamb cous-cous dish for supper
buy ingredients to make gingerbread house (promised dd - still haven't done!)
draw up weight loss chart/goals and objectives etc
start painting
start on essential laundry: school uniform, ballet, gym kit, art etc etc
start prepping New Year cards
15 mins tidying/decluttering in boudoir

Considering I have started/been following this thread for ahem quite a few years now, I am starting this year in really bad shape. I'm really disappointed with myself. I'm overweight and feel heavy and unfit. The house is exploding with clutter and mess (on every floor) and I just need to do better this week, this month, this year!! That's it really.

Back in a bit with personals!!

SilveryMoon Tue 01-Jan-13 19:15:29

Lilleth There is no being behind. You could do today's and tomorrow's tomorrow, but just jump in and do tomorrows, forget about today. A big thing of the Flylady system is to accept that you are not behind.
I try not to carry lists on to the next day, if it doesn't get done (like today's scheduled ironing, it just doesn't get done until the next slot. I have ironing on my list every other day. I do 20 items at a time and then stop.

LillethTheCat Tue 01-Jan-13 19:25:10

Thanks for the tip Silvery I'll try to remember that

NickNacks Tue 01-Jan-13 19:42:36

Quick list dump for tomorrow. In back at work in the morning so house needs to be a bit tidier to welcome my gorgeous 18month old mindee back. He's lush and I've really missed him over Christmas smile

Mop kitchen and dining room
Tidy and declutter hall
Sort role play chest
Good tidy of playroom
Take tree down (failed today!)
Take lights down
Take wreath down
Xmas toys and books away
Thorough Hoover downstairs
Dust sitting room
Net curtains back up
Load car of charity bits

superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 19:44:07

Good to hear lots of you have managed to catch up on a bit of sleep

A very warm welcome to Spanielface Flying with a bfing baby and a 4 yr old + pets is hard going so don't be too hard on yourself! Small bites is the way to go. Yes, all you have to do atm is start to familiarise yourself with baby-steps (having adapted them to suit yourself) until they feel routine. Then you can start on 15 min decluttering per day in current zone and maybe start on one mission per day. Get the baby-steps under your belt first though.

Trazzles yes, can see how routines will help.. guess the ideal thing (hard though it will be) is to try and keep the baby-steps going if at all poss (then you at least have the reassurance of knowing the basics are covered) Arrgh - just seen you have posted upthread that you are going to do this!!! Hope you can get some support with it though.

Hope you are feeling better today LadyDeidre

Thanks for posting flight plan Cuddledup forgot to do that in my befuddled state last night grin HOpe work goes well tomorrow

Ellie your resolutions sound typically pragmatic and achievable .. need to follow suit.

Yay - is that my Mummy I see before me???!!!! grin grin Great to have you (or your dh) back Droitwich!!

Sounds like a really good strategy Arses

Silvery enjoy your roast and definitely not 'sad loser-ish' at all! On the contrary it demonstrates dedicated Flying!!! Maybe something useful to keep dc occupied in following websites The Woodland Trust Activity Village ichild and DLTK

Whoknows enjoy the rest of your holiday

Swan ditto here (meant to start exercising today and slept instead!!) Have managed to resist alcohol and coffee today though and found my half-finished patchwork quilt (which means I will concentrate on that- hopefully - instead of food when cravings strike!)

Yo PA arf at the flashing Father Christmas startling the hoardes!! That's hilarious!! Great to "see" you and good to hear you have managed a few days away. Feeling really guilty because I haven't got back to you properly yet. Sorry - has been a bit hectic over Christmas. Will do so soon I promise!!

Huge waves to Toffee Lauren and ComradeJing

OK going to post this bit before I lose it ... more to follow ...

SilveryMoon Tue 01-Jan-13 19:47:29

Thanks for the links SC off to have a look now grin

Cuddledup Tue 01-Jan-13 19:53:15

This list is SO inspiring. I'm hoping to maintain the baby steps for a whole month so I get into the swing of things.
My to do list is pretty much done.... The hall is now TIDY!
If the dishwasher is running and you've got a pile of dishes - do you go ahead and do them in the sink just so you can claim to have a shiny sink OR do you ignore it until the morning ? (Be honest now....!) grin

Off to do 15 mins of ironing whilst watching 4 Weddings - which always makes me roar with laughter. xx

SilveryMoon Tue 01-Jan-13 19:55:43

cuddle I don't have a dishwasher, so any dishes that are 'left over' in the evening go in a storage box in the cupboard under the sink. This is also where things go during the day so I don't have a pile up of dirty dishes. The children put their plates,cups etc in here when they clear up too.

DoubleMum Tue 01-Jan-13 19:59:29

May I join you? I have attempted Flylady before but reading the emails made me lose the will to live so I stopped.
I will definitely be baby-stepping and already did some massive and long overdue clearouts in the last part of 2012, but it's a constant battle isn't it?!

Hi can I join in? I inadvertently started cleaning the understairs hellhole space. I'm a mega procrastinator and liked the flylady idea but I really can't stand the way its written!

superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 20:08:20

Catch up part two:

Blimey Bitchy you have started the new year with a bang as ever!! grin Good luck with the humungous list. Great your ds had such a brilliant time yesterday!

Justgettingonwithit (Notes 'I love you really' tip for when dd becomes teenager)

Gossip good luck with swap decluttering prep. How did the hall clearing go?

Nicknacks I'm always impressed by speedy unpacking (speaking as someone who itripping over half full suitcases on the landing 3 months after returning home!!)

Bitchy¨well done for getting ds out of the house which is no mean feat... dd is sometimes very resistant to getting up and off and out and I find goading her in to action absolutely exhausting so have some very small, minute inkling of how tough it must be for you. You did better than me today - dd spent most of it in her pjs - and weather was lovely and sunny outside so I feel guilty for not getting her outside.

Brilliant going I'mabadmum (don't like writing that!! smile cos I'm sure you're not!!) Small steps and all that ...

Good Flying start to the year for you too Arses

A very warm welcome to LoveinIdlesness and Lilleththecat

Loveinidleness yes, just start with baby-steps which are posted here every day concurrent with date, and once those have become second nature, you can start decluttering 15 mins a day in current zone and/or doing missions. Best just to get to grips with baby-steps first though. I know what you mean about motivating oneself to get off the sofa (especially late at night). The only solution I have found that works is not to allow myself to sit down until all the chores are done. Once I sit down, I've had it!!

Lillethecat that sounds plenty to start with. There are quite a few 'revision' or 'do what we have done up to now' type of baby-steps early on which allows for a catch up if you need it. As Silvery says though, the whole Flylady system is based on the fact that you are never really behind because you can just jump in where we are at! Little and often is the mantra - only do 15 mins of decluttering in current zone to start so if you can't get shoe cupboard done in that time then don't start it, it will come around again ifyswim. Oh and banish all thoughts of perfectionism! Good enough is good enough etc etc

Hope return to work goes well tomorrow Nicknacks

Huge waves to Bakerofcakes Silvery and to anyone I've missed.

Back later with tomorrow's links...

superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 20:15:46

x posts

Cuddledup I'm in exactly that same position tonight having cooked for seven and I should be unstacking and stacking dishwasher again (having shined the sink already once today) and leaving everything clear for the morning. As we're still on holiday tomorrow though, and don't have any deadlines tomorrow, I probably will start again in the morning. On an ordinary weekday 'work'/school night I would do it though. Honest! grin Tbh I think regularity/consistency and "little and often" overall is more important than specifics though if that makes sense. Well done for completing your list btw!

Hope they prove useful Silvery

A warm welcome to Doublemum and Wewereherefirst Yes, the Flylady site (barftastic language and all) can be off-putting and seem overly complicated. Little and often is the way to go. Good luck!

KatyJ26 Tue 01-Jan-13 20:33:50

Felt very virtuous for cleaning my sink in preparation for the shining stage as per Flylady website, it is now being soaked in bleach - then I read bitchys ta da list blush

I did spend some time this morning looking at the flylady website, as last time I didn't know what all the terminology meant, so this time I have printed out stuff I didn't know [loser emoticon!] I am also trying to explain it to my husband (who in fairness is very good about doing housework). He thinks I have lost the plot, but is humouring me and helping me for the time being!

I go back to work at the end of this month and whilst the house is not that bad, I want to feel completely on top of it and know I can manage it. Spent quite a lot of today trying to get the kids new toys into their bedrooms – feel much better just knowing I am trying to be a domestic goddess even if I’m not quite cutting the mustard

superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 20:33:56


Baby-step no. 2 for 2nd January is the controversial one getting dressed to shoes Personally, I find it works for me (am always dashing in and out of garden and stops me from curling up on sofa and going to sleep too!) but I know others find slippers more than sufficient!

Here is the reasoning behind the theory if you are interested essay here!!

We are continuing in Zone 1 until the end of the week: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room here

Try and declutter for 15 mins in the current zone per day.

If your Zone 1 is already decluttered, you can progress to detailed cleaning

Tomorrow's mission is here 15 mins decluttering entrance hall.

Wednesday is anti-procrastination day here Do something you have been putting off!

The habit for January is (if it's the same as the previous two years) shining your sink more info here

And if I've missed anything or you want a quick reference to tomorrow's tasks, have a look at tomorrow's flight plan here which should update daily.

Have a good one! And gently does it: it's very tempting for beginners to do too much at the beginning and burn out. Small step by small step is the way to go!

************************************************************************ *********************************

Yes tis me sc (love the latest name!)
My mission for today was to do the washing - done
Find the sink - failed!
Tomorrow - shine the found sink....
Knit - have a angel blanket to start (might start it in bed in a few mins grin)

Oh - I'm going to add the daily mission to DH's list of jobs each day as I am not over-impressed by his SAHD efforts thus far!

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Tue 01-Jan-13 21:09:55


At least I'll have managed 1 babystep this year!

I second what sc said about burning out. Although she is posting daily missions, actually doing one isnt until babystep 15 or something. The most important thing at the start is the babysteps and they add all the rest of the Flylady ethos in.

Am I alone in quite loving her? I honestly quite enjoy the email roundup, it makes me feel all motivated.

I'm at work tomorrow, so still have a couple of jobs to do tonight so that I'm prepared in the morning, but at least the sink is shiny...

superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 21:10:53

x post KatyJ26 don't be put off by long lists - we are all at different stages of Flying - and Bitchy's lists are notoriously scary detailed!! grin

superfluouscurves Tue 01-Jan-13 21:16:47


Great to have you back MummyD grin Good idea about adding mission to your dh's task list. Tbh the thought of my dh become responsible for domestic chores fills me with horror (not that I am really in a position to criticise atm tbh with the house being such a pit!) He would need firm guidance (to put it mildly)! Hope it works out for you both!

Wise words from Trazzles [and I can see her sink shining from here wink]

I'm off to rejoin my guests and try not to eat chocolate, or Christmas cake, or cheese or anything else for that matter. [Grabs patchwork and starts sewing madly!)

See you all tomorrow!

DoubleMum Tue 01-Jan-13 21:29:01

OK am with you all in spirit on my first day, but am in lots of pain (long story) so am sitting it out tonight and going to bed with dishwasher not emptied/refilled and sink not shiny. Will treat tomorrow as my first day and hope I feel better.
As my anit-procrastination task tomorrow I'm going to clean the letterbox which has had sticky tape residue on it for about a year.

Ah yes forgot to prefix for the newbies ignore my lists I have a few attention span issues and am either flying around like a crazy person sometimes assisted by coffee or struggling to keep up to date with the most basic of tasks. There seems to be little in the way of achieving a mid point and I keep my life scarily busy. Sitting down is a skill i struggle with actually stood up at the computer to type this.

Otoh tomo sees a troup of visitors and the house is still a bit of a bomb site from the decorating. Also with normal crazy busy life kicking off on the 7th of Jan with a busier then normal schedule, i would like to be on top of a certain amount before then. Also will be continuing to tidyup for another hour or two yet as partook in a bit of late afternoon coffee drinking that I am beginning to regret. Only way to combat the caffine is to work it out of the system. i am also notoriously bad at the early to bed babystep too You have been warned!!!!!

ta da
15mins in the hall
gather all recycling for going out
gather remenants of last nights party into kitchen/throw out party popper bits
try not to shout at ds
continue taking down the christmas decorations - 15mins done
not kill ds despite him having attack the jule log before i got up and being on a sugar induce madness spree
encourage child to eat lunch.
empty and move book case
3rd load washing on.
battle of wills with child
sand door frame
ring various family members for happy new year messages
Get car half emptied of rubbish
Get recycling out
get child into and eventually out of a hot bath
nail backs on book cases waiting for fixing
run computer virus check
Measure ds for a new coat. bloody weed for a child
Look up some A'level syallabuses on the internet, get scared by the maths one and hide in the chemistry one.
sort out arrangements for friday
disinfect ds' bin yuck
make mistake of opening eyes and actually seeing the state the bathroom is in.
room rescue the bathroom
Sand door
Cut and glue wood for fixing bookcases - need to get a few screws to finish job off so will have to wait until tomo before I can claim bookcases fixed.
Load and run dw
Paint door and door frame.
Be declare the best by ds - not entirely certain how i earnt this status today confused
Fold all clean washing created today
put ds' washing away
rescue my books from ds' room
do one load of not dw suitable items
cook some hard boiled eggs in prep for egg mayo for salad tomo
Manuver my washing into room without hitting wet paint on door frame and put away
Iron the ironing pile created today.
wash up the pots
make banana cake loaves.
Sort plans for tomo
watch the ice hockey match on the tv <does a little happy dance>
Retape stick and sort ds' kits out for various activities
Lay out ds' clothes for tomo

ToffeeWhirl Tue 01-Jan-13 21:53:49

For the first time in eight days, we have a guest-free house tonight (apart from the visiting dog, who goes home tomorrow). It feels very quiet. One of our New Year's Resolutions is to get the boys to bed earlier, which we achieved tonight, much to their annoyance. Am hoping we all get a good, long sleep tonight and have lots of energy for taking down and packing the decorations tomorrow.

Am planning on lots of decluttering in the New Year, plus trying to stick to the Flylady routines again. Am also starting Pilates next week and have paid for a course, so I will have to go.

Welcome to all the newbies. Waves to all the regulars.

Night night.

Happy new year! Waves now from my parents' house! Plan of travelling on New Year's Day worked a treat - everyone else too hungover busy to be on the roads and we sailed through all the usual bottlenecks. grin

Will catch up properly tomorrow...

swanthingafteranother Tue 01-Jan-13 22:54:17

not done
no sink
no routines
no decluttering
no s & s

delicious lunch (squash risotto with fried chicken, brocoli)
long walk in park
found a friend for ds1
took dd to cinema to see Pitch Perfect (tis good) but she is 10/11
walked back from cinema, a looong walk, so more exercise
stayed on the Perrier! and away from sweet things but I did have a few chips at the cinema...

ta da
15mins in the hall
gather all recycling for going out
gather remenants of last nights party into kitchen/throw out party popper bits
try not to shout at ds
continue taking down the christmas decorations - 15mins done
not kill ds despite him having attack the jule log before i got up and being on a sugar induce madness spree
encourage child to eat lunch.
empty and move book case
3rd load washing on.
battle of wills with child
sand door frame
ring various family members for happy new year messages
Get car half emptied of rubbish
Get recycling out
get child into and eventually out of a hot bath
nail backs on book cases waiting for fixing
run computer virus check
Measure ds for a new coat. bloody weed for a child
Look up some A'level syallabuses on the internet, get scared by the maths one and hide in the chemistry one.
sort out arrangements for friday
disinfect ds' bin yuck
make mistake of opening eyes and actually seeing the state the bathroom is in.
room rescue the bathroom
Sand door
Cut and glue wood for fixing bookcases - need to get a few screws to finish job off so will have to wait until tomo before I can claim bookcases fixed.
Load and run dw
Paint door and door frame.
Be declare the best by ds - not entirely certain how i earnt this status today confused
Fold all clean washing created today
put ds' washing away
rescue my books from ds' room
do one load of not dw suitable items
cook some hard boiled eggs in prep for egg mayo for salad tomo
Manuver my washing into room without hitting wet paint on door frame and put away
Iron the ironing pile created today.
wash up the pots
make banana cake loaves.
Sort plans for tomo
watch the ice hockey match on the tv <does a little happy dance>
Retape stick and sort ds' kits out for various activities
Lay out ds' clothes for tomo
Unload, reload dw and run again
Set the alarms for tomo.
take down the christmas tree.
deal with various injuries that need treating <sigh>

Give up and decide that bed before midnight is a good plan!


You'd hope with a list like that I would have managed the babystep. blush

feetheart Tue 01-Jan-13 23:42:38

Haven't caught up but hello to Fledglings one and all.

My sink is shiny..........long may it continue.
Admittedly it has been shined, everything put away, surfaces cleared etc as we are off to my parents at the crack of dawn tomorrow leaving the cats confined to the kitchen. They do have access to outside and a friend coming in twice a day to feed them but they will be bored and I want to give them as little temptation as possible. It looks lovely too, something to aspire to when we return maybe hmm

I will try and keep up from afar but we may be out a lot as my rather OCD stepfather will be twitching at the 'mess' within 24-48hrs. We have a hire car and a lot of geo-caching to do smile

I will return to the Flying fold on 7th, don't all burn out before I come back and get to know you. That is obviously aimed at the very keen newbies, I trust the rest of you to keep up the appropriate level of chat vs Flying smile

dizzyday07 Wed 02-Jan-13 00:01:59

Blimey you lot. Just nearly the end of Day 1 and we are on Page 4 of the thread already!

We were away last night at my sisters. Pretty quiet evening, chinese ordered for tea, guessing game undertaken designed by DD, a few drinks (I even had a glass of bubbly - but it was horrid), watched John Bishop after the fireworks and then bed @ 1.30am

We all went out for a walk mid morning and I then washed the pots after sis made lunch. Home late evening but i put a load of washing in which is now hanging to dry.

DH back to work in the morning (shirts already ironed) and I've booked tickets for DD and I to go to the cinema. We need to go shopping afterwards as the cupboards are bare, and if she feels brave enough will take her to a trial at the swimming club in the afternoon.

My resolutions include trying to be a better housewife, losing weight, getting fit and doing more sewing

GossipWitch Wed 02-Jan-13 00:47:13

Hallway didn't happen dp went out as I was loading the dishwasher, ill do it tomorrow. Have done my resolutions, and the move is now very unlikely to happen, as she posted on house-swap on facebook, which means that now there are 20 people who want to swap with her in my town and there is bound to be a house she likes better than mine, I have even tried appealing to her soft side and explained that I need the extra room for ds1 (ADHD poss asd) in a pm to her but I dont think it will work, I think I may have to get my wand and broom out and see if I can do a little gentle persuasion lol.

ComradeJing Wed 02-Jan-13 00:59:16

Morning all!


Put clean washing away
put clean clothes from holidy away
Reload laundry
Sort DDs old clothes into reuse for DS and donate

MercuryRising Wed 02-Jan-13 01:38:34

Hello allsmile

Im ashamed to admit I didnt even manage to flutter let alone fly today. I hadfar too much to drink on NYE ( I really should know better) and spent the day at work feeling sorry for myself. I then had dinner and went to bed with dd at 7pm blush Typically I am now wide awake and struggling to get back to sleep so I can have a more productive day tomorrow.

However, like DoubleMum I have decided my 2013 flying will begin tomorrow!!

Night all. I look forward to catching up and reporting some actual progress tomorrow.

SilveryMoon Wed 02-Jan-13 05:04:47

List dump
to do
Get up make beds
Shower and dress
Reload washing
Get out the house
Room rescue
Clean fridge
Routines x3

Add parenting and playing into the mix and that'll do for today. Now back to sleep.

madwomanintheattic Wed 02-Jan-13 05:22:31

It's still the first here!! <waves> Happy New Year!
I vacuumed the living area and the hall, and then mopped the hall and stairs to the basement, and did three loads of laundry. grin

I am doing reasonably well at keeping living room clutter free (although there is a large pile of empty Christmas boxes that I keep moving to the middle of the floor, in the hope that the owners of the said boxes will take the hint... So far, no good).

Guests still around, but ds1's birthday tomorrow (well, today in the UK.) I am working, but dh, mil, fil, sil and dd1 and 2 (and ds's friend from next door) are going snow tubing at the local ski hill. Mil is 70. grin...

I am buying cake. grin

Righty, peppermint tea and then off to bed like a good wee fledgling. Am largely knackered as have been sleeping spectacularly badly. I am the only one that has to get up early tomorrow, which I know means I won't sleep at all until 5.30 am for fear I will oversleep, then I will wake in a panic at 5.40 am. <sigh>

Dh is back at work on thurs, so he will be getting up too, and he manages it every day, so I won't panic so much.

New job going v well though.

Am planning on getting to grips with body clutter. Will be stalking Ellie. wink

<and yes, I did laugh at how many posts there are on Jan 1st. Please tell me you aren't going to do a split team again this year. I can't keep up!!>

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Wed 02-Jan-13 07:02:34

Split team?! What the heck??!

Newbies, Flylady's mantra is to do housework little and often so you set a timer for 15 minutes and if it doesn't get finished - ok. She tells you not to get out more stuff than you can put away in 15 minutes etc and you also get 15 minutes you- time (though that's never happened with the DCs around!).

It is easy to burn out at the start but if you just focus on the babysteps and 15 minutes at a time.

"You are not behind, just jump in where we are!"

Yes, yes, I get the emails...

Cuddledup Wed 02-Jan-13 07:06:07

Morning all - I can't believe that it's 7am and other FLYbabies are already up and about. Also slept badly - which always happens when I have to go back to work. Here's today's link...
Are we really meant to be doing two zones ??? hmm

Today will be a trial as I never know how to work and do FLYing all in the same day. I think this is called Time management smile
Have a good day all.

elliepac Wed 02-Jan-13 07:32:10

Morning! The plan for today is to restore the house to some sort of normality and for this I think I need list:-

To do:-
All xmas decs down and away
All remaining homeless xmas presents to be found a home
Thorough clean of living room
Clean of hallway
Washing x 2
Putting away
Skip trip
Clean of dining room
Mop floors
Change beds
Shine sinks

Things are a little tricky chez moi right now. Our best couple friends (Dh BF for years and his wife who is now my BF) have split up. Sad in itself but we now have DH BF staying with us and has been for a week. It's all a little awkward and whilst I know he has nowhere else to go it's starting to annoy me. We don't have a spare room so he is staying in DD's room. He's not doing anything particularly annoying he's just there iyswim.

swan your done list sounds far nicer than your not done listsmile.

feet i promise i will maintain the chat bs flying ratio. It's a tough job but for you, anythingwinkgrin.

dwm how very lovely to see yousmile, sc misses her mummy when you're not aroundgrin.

madwoman i've never had a stalker... how excitinggrin. Just follow the lettuce leaves.....

Talking of body clutter, got on the scales this morning after 10 days off and have only put on 2lb. Quite pleased with that as I have eaten like a pig. Back on the diet I go this morning.

I must also say that whilst it was a pita finishing so late for xmas I quite like the fact that I still have 5 days off now. Enough time to get organised etc and have a proper rest.

Welcome to all lovely newbies and big waves to all regulars.

DoubleMum Wed 02-Jan-13 08:16:02

OK I don't much feel like flying, think I have lead wings, but I can't put it off again. Two zones today is my entire downstairs really apart from the toilet which is a bit off-putting, don't think that's going to get done!
To be done today:
* Morning Routine:
-Get Dressed to Shoes including Hair/Face, Brush Teeth - done
- Make Bed - done
-Swish & Swipe - would do if I knew what she was talking about
-Empty Dishwasher - done
-Reboot Laundry (a Load a Day Keeps CHAOS Away)
-Check Your Calendar
-Check Your Control Journal - I don't even want to know what this is
-tidy all shoes on shoe rack in hallway
-vacuum downstairs and on the stairs if feeling up to it

Will also clean front door.

laurenamium Wed 02-Jan-13 08:18:45

Morning all!

Just a list dump before I get out of bed

To do:
Clean around the doorway and windows in tiny entrance square thing
Buy packaging for post item, print label, post said item
DD to rhyme time (if its on)
Clean bathroom
Wash bathmats and towels
DD laundry away
My laundry
Walk dogs
Clean out guinea pigs


NickNacks Wed 02-Jan-13 08:22:45

Just say having a quick cuppa before mindee arrives. House is reasonable on the surface but lots of jobs are desperate. Kitchen hasn't seen a mop since before Christmas hmm

On the plus side my cleaner is coming to have a starter visit next week with a view to starting the week after. That alone is keeping me sane grin

elliepac Wed 02-Jan-13 08:34:48

Double mum swish and swipe basically means getting a cloth and wiping all the surfaces down in bathroom/toilet and popping a bit if bleach down the toilet. The theory is that it keeps on top of things until you are zone cleaning in theresmile .

A control journal is basically a folder you are supposed to build up as you get to grips with the fly lady system in which you place all your routines, all appointments, phone numbers etc. Some of these lovely ladies have got them all laminated and everything, I've been here over 3 years and still not done one. It is part of the baby steps though so all will become clearsmile .

Purpletoes Wed 02-Jan-13 08:37:29

Morning everyone
I joined last month but haven't been on a lot in the last 2 weeks due to being at DM's house and DMIL's over the holidays but back to mine today.
determined to de clutter and have a clear home in 2013.

I also have to find time to train for a10k in April not done any running since DS and pregnancy. smileshock

Can't believe how quickly the thread has gone will catch up later.
Hi to everyone. Leaves steaming brewbrew out for all.

To do list
2 laundry loads
Clear kitchen
Clean fridge
Wash floors
Put away online shop
Make dinner
Play with DS
Do exercise

DoubleMum Wed 02-Jan-13 08:47:43

Thanks Ellie. OK I shall add swish and swipe to my list of jobs. And sink shining, don't think that was there! Am just going to pretend there is no such thing as a control journal for the moment.

Ooh it's great to see there's lots of other fledgling fledglings here smile I have the in laws visiting today so the to do list:
downstairs vacuum,
Make beds
kitchen floor mopped
Another load of washing
Tumble nappies and restuff
Swish and swipe
clean doors in porch and hall hmm
Possibly clean the porch windows too

Id better get on if I'm to fit being the hostess in too, they'll be here before lunch- eek!

MercuryRising Wed 02-Jan-13 09:32:23

Dashes in grabs brew gratefully, eyes washing mountain and decides she best not stop but get on with the morning routines. Have a happy, productive day allsmile

superfluouscurves Wed 02-Jan-13 09:36:47

Morning all. It certainly is busy on here! Can't keep up!

Hope you are all OK.

Can I ask, when is everyone taking down their decorations please? I'm dithering because they only went up on Christmas eve so haven't had that long to enjoy them, on the other hand, want a clear start to next week...
It's got to be tomorrow hasn't it really?

I'm like a bear with a sore head this morning (not down to drink unfortunately!). It is just more apparent when dh is away that everything in this house (and I mean everything) is set up for his convenience; from the heating, the way all the clutter pots and pans and herbs and spices are arranged in the kitchen, the second unnecessary fridge which takes up too much space, the height of the counter tops, the configuration of the sitting room, etc etc etc I almost don't feel like it is my house. I think this is why I find cleaning and looking after it so hard, because I don't feel that I get to feature in it that much ifyswim (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it wink).

Heigh ho, I do believe that's my first rant of 2013 (newcomers beware - there will probably be many more throughout the year! grin) I know, I know, I should be bloody grateful I have a house and stop feeling sorry for myself!!

How are all of you today?

First of all can I say a special "Hello Mummy" now that Droitwich is back grin (That was especially for you Ellie btw!! grin grin´)

[Hands Bitchy golden feather duster award for most tasks accomplished in a day!!]

Hope you are OK Doublemum and in less pain today ...oh yes, see upthread that you are busy working through a list ...but we are in one zone only atm - Zone 1 - the entrance, porch, dining room so don't be too hard on yourself! And as Ellie explained, don't worry about s& s, and control journal yet, they will be coming up in forthcoming baby steps pretty soon.

Enjoy your quiet house Toffee and ditto with the decluttering this month. Hope you did catch up on sleep last night btw.

Huge waves to Blue (safe journey back)

Swan your risotto sounds d-e-l-ic-i-o-u-s!

Enjoy your trip Feetheart and oh for clear kitchen surfaces!!

Dizzy you sound really on top of things at the moment - top marks! And snap, my resolutions are exactly the same as yours!

Good luck with the spells Gossip (and the hallway!)

Hope you are feeling more energised today MercuryR

Madwoman happy birthday to your ds! Hope you all have a lovely day! Great that the new job is going well and

Trazzles and Madwoman no, don't worry, don't have plans for split team this year although won't be able to do many round-ups next week when I start back to work/acad.

Cuddledup see my post last night at 20:33 - we are in Zone 1 now until the 5th. Good luck juggling work and Flying today!

Elliepac will also be following the lettuce leaf trail (unlike you - I can't fit in to my trousers). Hope your house guest finds alternative accommodation soon so you can enjoy the rest of your well-deserved holiday!

Nicknacks hope it goes well with cleaner this week and good luck back at work today

[Falls on Purpletoe's brew] Good luck with the 10K training!

Invigorating wing flaps to ComradeJing Silvery Lauren and anyone I have inadvertently missed!!

Had better get on with my list for today from yesterday ...

superfluouscurves Wed 02-Jan-13 09:39:39

x posts

Waves back to MercuryR and good luck with your list wewereherefirst

SecretSantaMN164 Wed 02-Jan-13 09:42:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NickNacks Wed 02-Jan-13 09:43:27

sc I'm taking mine done today and they went up on the 9th if that helps. I'm done with them and need the space to childmind. smile

SecretSantaMN164 Wed 02-Jan-13 09:45:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SC decorations come down on the 5th normally -Twelfth Night is the Right and Proper Day to do so - but we're not back till the 6th this year so it'll have to be then.

So the early night thing was a total fail. ended up being up until past 3am. blush

needless to say I wasn't up with my alarm and am slightly panicing about the stuff not done and visitors arriving.

to do
stuff stuff from landing into box and hide box
stick ds' bedding on to wash
make sure ds' duvet has a cover on it. I think i forgot to do that in the middle of the night as he needed the spare one.
throw the bits of christmas tree that are down into a box and remove box from lounge
run hoover over landing lounge and kitchen
and double check ds' room is suitable for visitors.

all completely doable in less then an hour right? especially with needing to get up and have breakfast too.... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

DoubleMum Wed 02-Jan-13 09:52:43

SecretSanta my children (who are 10 & 7) are going to be doing tidying, shoe tidying and vacuuming. They don't know it yet.
I took my decorations down on Sunday but they were up in the first weekend of December, I'd had enough of them but love having them up early.
Right am going to sweep floor and swish! If I can get out of the chair.

superfluouscurves Wed 02-Jan-13 09:57:09

Hello SSMN164 (See you have been doing typically kind deeds smile)
Glad you are feeling less sleep deprived and good luck with your list. [Sniff at holiday dog returning home.]

It is frustrating trying to do chores when dc are demanding attention. If it's any help (although much easier with just one dd I knnow) the only way I find it works, is to really focus on dd for a good hour or so in the morning (in the holidays this is) doing exclusively what she wants to do and then she is happy to do things with me or on her own thereafter. I've tried doing housework first and then promising a joint project in the afternoon, but it just doesn't work because she gets so impatient. Speaking of which, I must go and attend now ...

Oh and think I may need to rationalise my own Christmas decorations. Have 8 boxes!! (Two of those are empty and form basis of crib though!!)

Thanks re: house. Thinking it over, I do have a few changes in mind!! Need to employ a handy man first.

Thanks Nicknacks reckon the deed must be done by the end of Friday.

SilveryMoon Wed 02-Jan-13 09:58:11

SC That sucks re how your house is set out. Can you not move a bit of furniture? Is it your dh's intention to have the house set out only for his needs? Does he know you feel like this?
My tree came down the day before NYE. My excuse was that the cats had knocked down a juice bottle that one of the boys had left on the table, so I had to mop etc.

SecretSantaMN164 Wed 02-Jan-13 09:58:27

Oh bugger. blush blush blush.

Will sneak back in normal guise later.

superfluouscurves Wed 02-Jan-13 09:59:14

Good luck Bitchy!!!

and Doublemum (and your helpful dc)

NickNacks Wed 02-Jan-13 10:00:21

Ta da list

Took tree lights down
Took tree down
Boxed up decs
Window lights down x2
Voiles back up x2
Boxes upstairs
Text DH for brown tape
Breakfast for 4dc
Reopened blocked up door
Wreath down
Tidied hall to use blocked up door
Car seat to car

That's so far - still tons to do plus watch 4 children. smile

superfluouscurves Wed 02-Jan-13 10:03:07

SecretSanta arf!! grin

Silvery thanks, don't get me wrong, he is a terrific dh, great with dd, does loads of cooking and shopping despite working horrific hours. But it's wierd really, he doesn't seem to be very interested in the house at all, but at the same time, it just occurred to me this morning, that for someone who isn't interested, it is set up to meet his needs ifyswim. Don't worry - he knows about it - I groan on at him all the time. I just need to start taking action instead! grin

Crikey, is that the time? Must go ...BBL!

Hope eveyrone has a productive day

superfluouscurves Wed 02-Jan-13 10:04:24

Well done Nicknacks

'See' you all again tonight!

Honu Wed 02-Jan-13 10:32:18

Happy New Year all. How can I stick to my '15 min only' on mn if we are on p6 already and it's only the 2nd Jan? Also struggling with namechangers. Hello newbies - just do babysteps at first and don't bother with the rest, or you will be in danger of crash and burn. My sink is shining. Slow and steady does it!

As for very slow and steady - am pleased to announce a 6lb weight loss since we started this body clutter thing. Can't remember when we started but it was ages ago.

Lovein I empathise totally with the 'rubbish in the evenings' feelings. Clearing up after dinner is the hardest task of the day (except decluttering, but that's a whole different story.

After inspecting the veg crate I am now making Dying Veg Soup.


GossipWitch Wed 02-Jan-13 11:21:17

Morning all, so far today I have:-

unloaded the dishwasher
loaded the dishwasher
washed clothes
folded clothes
got dressed

to do:-
tidy lounge
get boys to put toys upstairs
take tree down
put washing away
have driving lesson
tidy hallway
do mission of the day

ToffeeWhirl Wed 02-Jan-13 11:25:05

Ah ha - have found something that the boys can do whilst I Fly: write their thank-you letters <mwahahaha>.

LillethTheCat Wed 02-Jan-13 11:50:31

How much has this thread grown since last night? Is it always this busy or are we all trying extra hard as its January?

So here is my Tada list
- Washing machine on
- Washing up from last night done (am going to start doing this as soon as DCs are in bed from today)
- Sink cleaned (so it wont take too much to shine later)
- To Do list started (just need to add tomorrow's task)

To do:
- Drying
- Take clothes upstairs
- Wash DD1's Snow White outfit (its covered in Glitter, which gets everywhere)
- hang up said outfit
- Turn on washing machine while empty to get rid of any glitter. Use Salt Crystals
- hallway
- wash up 2X
- Shine Sink
- Coursework
- Fill up washing machine ready for tomorrow

It looks quite a lot, but a couple of them will only take a minute or two. I think its about an hours work all in excluding the coursework. Ive also added the usual things I do anyway eg laundry tasks and wash up.

Jdub Wed 02-Jan-13 12:01:57

Happy new year everyone! I feel very honoured to have inspired a thread title! Will have to work extra hard this month!! Off to inlaws so have a good day one and all xx

GoingGoingGoth Wed 02-Jan-13 12:12:23

Afternoon all, I think this month I should perminantly move into the naughty corner. All I seem to do is sleep! Will have to get my act together when Dd goes back to school. Have been keeping up with missions and ironing though.

And tree away after last weeek's incident with Dd. shortest time up ever! Normally would take down on the 5th.

to do
Put away clean clothes
Do ironing
Put another load of washing on
Today's mission
Nip to grocers for a few veg
Prepare dinner
Shine sink etc.

LadyDeidreWaggon Wed 02-Jan-13 12:37:48

Hello All

Just - my husband won't throw anything away that might 'come in useful'. We inherited the results of a lifetime's hoarding by a friend's Father who had a sideline in hypochondria. I have been sneakily throwing out packets of plasters and bandages on a weekly basis for over a year.

Cystitis is just about under control and have persuaded the gp's surgery that I really deserve an appointment for antibiotics so hopefully will be better in a day or two. Thankyou for the cranberry extract suggestion upthread, I never bother with the juice as drinking enough to fight cystitis means imbibing so much sugar I would end up with thrush ! so tablets would be ideal.

Ta Da
15 mins spent clearing outside of fridge, faded magnets, out of date school notices etc all gone. Calendar and things that do live on fridge now all moved around.
Planning - filled in the 'Organised Mum' (Ha Ha) calendar for 2013 with term dates, after school activities, birthdays etc.
Washing done and out to dry x 2
Bread made
Each child has to done 2 thank you letters for Christmas presents.
Sink spotless
Hotspot clear

To Do
15 mins clearing hall/coat racks.
15 mins removing fingerprints from walls.

ta da
stuff stuff from landing into box and hide box
stick ds' bedding on to wash - including duvet
make sure ds' duvet has a cover on it. I think i forgot to do that in the middle of the night as he needed the spare one.
throw the bits of christmas tree that are down into a box and remove box from lounge
run hoover over landing lounge and kitchen
and double check ds' room is suitable for visitors.
take out rubbish
put kitchen bins into disinfect

I am currently playing ref to ds and his friend because ds is very stressy and struggling.

SilveryMoon Wed 02-Jan-13 13:08:52

Lilleth Your list looks good. Think a major part is actually writing a list and taking a good look at it to realise that really, it's not actually that much iyswim.
It normally is very busy in january, but people tend to fall off the thread (guilty) either through lack of time once everyone gets back to work/normal life etc (guilty) or from taking on too much straight off and burning out.
IIRC, last year, this thread was split into 2. One for the people who have been here for a while and another for the newbies. There are posters on here that were here when I joined the very first time nearly 4 years ago. i drop in and off every now and again but am going to try to stick it out, is so much easier to follow the system with this kind of support than alone.
What course are you studying? I'm doing a level 3 award in supporting teaching and learning. I've been a SEN TA for 2 years and thought it was about tile I went for a qualification. Don't know why I didn't go straight for the certificate though. Probably because I'm not that intelligent wink

Managed to drag the boys out, just down to Tesco, but we got out. they now want to make cakes, so that's us this afternoon

LillethTheCat Wed 02-Jan-13 13:56:34

I am doing 3 courses. NVQ in Business and Admin (just started and waiting for some work experience in the new year), ECDL (All computer stuff that I can do, but with a certificate I can prove it) and AAT (Accounting course). I have worked in accounts previously, but was made redundant a couple of years ago and had another baby and moved house, so now looking to get back into work. The few interviews Ive had have given me good feedback, but there was always someone else who had more recent experience or who had proper qualifications so I decided to do something about it. I am still looking for work at the same time, but hoping that my courses will make me more employable.

Good luck with your course Silvery Im sure you are that intelligent or you wouldn't be a TA. DS has a couple of TAs (he is statemented and has autism) and they never struck me as not being intelligent.

Right Ive been procrastinating on the laptop for too long, best get some coursework and housework done.

Hi all smile

After a fly-free start to the ny I am aiming for better things today and embarking on my annual deep clean of the kitchen. Have started at the sink and am working my way clockwise round the room

Nice to see so many old and new flyers, BBL with hopefully a Bitchy-esque ta da list!

SilveryMoon Wed 02-Jan-13 14:14:17

Thanks Lilleth I meant it in a kind of, not intelligent enough to realise that I'd have to do it all again when I sign up for the certificate. At the time I didn't realise the award was lower than the certificate and that I still wouldn't be fully qualified, so when this is done, I have to enrol on another course, pay out more money, to do the work again that I am doing now. It will have to be with a different college so will just resubmit what I've submitted for this one, iyswim.
It's ASD that I'm working with atm. Right now I'm in KS1 but my comfort zone is early years, hoping to get back into that next year.
Your courses sound very impressive, you must be so busy! Well done you. I struggle to find the time, i subit a piece of work once a month.

ta da
Get up make beds
Shower and dress
Reload washing
Get out the house
Room rescue
Clean fridge
made cakes

to do
cook dinner
get boys to bed early (ds1 has hospital check in morning - nothing serious)
decorate cakes
wipe inside fridge
put non-iron clothes away
look at next assignment
go to bed properly (by this I mean not pass out on the sofa and climb into bed at 5am)

laurenamium Wed 02-Jan-13 15:30:52

Hello! Just flying by with a list dump!

To do:
Routines - ongoing
Clean around the doorway and windows in tiny entrance square thing
Buy packaging for post item, print label, post said item
DD to rhyme time (if its on)- wasn't on so had a play date instead
Clean bathroom
Wash bathmats and towels- washing
DD laundry away
My laundry- waiting for washing machine
Walk dogs
Clean out guinea pigs
Planning and newsletters


elliepac Wed 02-Jan-13 15:43:16

Can't be arsed to scroll back to see what my list was as am on phone but.....

Elliepac and her DH's ta da list:-

Xmas decs down
Xmas pressies found homes for
Living room cleaned and restored to normal
Dining room cleaned and restored to normal
Hall cleaned and restored to normal
Bedrooms cleaned and restored to normal
Bathroom cleaned
Washing away
Washing on

I have another new year's resolution to add to my list. Next year, sod the nice smell I want a tree that has been chemically treated to within an inch of it's poor little life which won't leave me with a carpet of fecking pine needles. Those things are called needles for a fecking reason and everytime I think I've got all the fecking little bastards they fecking spring out of fecking nowhere. Remind me of this next year please.

Rant over. As you weregrin.

bakerofcakes Wed 02-Jan-13 15:51:53

Had an enforced day of idleness due to a tummy bug, hoping it is not the dreaded noro virus. Managed to wash pots and put a load of washing on, that's all. Just going for a long soak in the bath so hopefully that will liven me up.

MercuryRising Wed 02-Jan-13 16:00:03

Hi all!

I think Im going to have to get in here a couple of times a day just to keep up with the thread it is soo busy!

Im feeling reenergised thank you SC

So far today I have taken the dcs for a walk with the dog through the muddy forest. The dog is asleep but my dc are still managing to argue constantly despite having my friends dd back to play!

Anyway quick list dump:

Ta da:
Dress to shoes
Make beds
Dw - load, unload, reload
Small pile of ironing
Pairing laundry
Hanging washing out
2nd wash load on
Wipe sides/ clean kitchen after lunch

To do:
Put laundry away
Put ironing away
Clean hall doors
Hoover throughout
Make dinner
Unload / reload dw
Wash pots
Shine sink
Reading with dcs
Collapse onto sofa with dpsmile

superfluouscurves Wed 02-Jan-13 16:40:42

Hello everyone

Well done to those of you who have completed or almost completed their lists for today such as Mercury, Lauren ,Silvery Bitchy LadyDeidre, Gossip and Ëllie

And thanks for reminders about thank you letters (Toffee and LadyD) need to get dd cracking on those ...

Have you tried a Nordmann Ellie? Sorry, explanation here in French but basically it doesn't shed as much as an Epicea (or whatever that is in English) and the needles aren't as spikey, apparently...

Hope you feel better soon Bakerofcakes

Good luck with your studies Silvery and Lilleth

Lilleth don't worry - thread always mahoosively busy in January - and usually er, calms down, later on ...that's been the pattern for several years anyway.

Good luck with the kitchen deep clean Pushme - mine desperately needs the same treatment!! Won't be far behind you!

Glad you are feeling better LadyDeidre V. impressed by your calendar sort and fridge door clearance etc. Must do the same.

You were really busy before Christmas Goth so you probably need the sleep! Good idea to enjoy the rest while you can!

Enjoy your sojourn with yr in-laws Jdub!

Hope you survive the playdate Bitchy

Hope driving lesson went ok Gossip

Honu arf at 'dying veg soup' (a regular on the menu chez SC too!) And a massive well done on your weight loss!! (Not easy over Christmas!)

Today has been a bit frustrating and I have been a bit shouty with dd. Still working through yesterday's list ....

However, I'm heading out in an hour (we are an hour ahead of UK here) with visitors so won't be back on here before tomorrow.

Posting steps before I go though ...

Have a good evening everyone!! Huge waves to anyone I've missed!


Baby-step no. 3 for 3rd January is here repeat first two steps.

We are continuing in Zone 1 until the end of the week: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room here

Try and declutter for 15 mins in the current zone per day.

If your Zone 1 is already decluttered, you can progress to detailed cleaning

Tomorrow's mission is here sweeping porch area, entrance mats, wiping down front door etc. (Sure I read up-thread that someone was wiping down their font door today but can't remember who!! They are ahead of the game anyway!

Thursday is errand day here

The habit for January is (if it's the same as the previous two years) shining your sink more info here

And if I've missed anything or you want a quick reference to tomorrow's tasks, have a look at tomorrow's here which should update daily.

If you are a newcomer and don't understand anything - don't hesitate to ask!
******************************************************************** ****************

superfluouscurves Wed 02-Jan-13 16:41:31

Blue sorry - missed your post earlier. Yes, thx, definitely need to take them down before 12th night ...must stop dithering and decide!

superfluouscurves Wed 02-Jan-13 16:44:03

Oops - error - penultimate sentence of links post

should read 'have a look at tomorrow's flight plan which should update daily!!

DoubleMum Wed 02-Jan-13 16:54:17

Yay! I have wiped down my front door! This may be the only time in 2013 I am ever ahead of a cleaning schedule.
Ta da list
swished and bleached toilets and bathrooms
vacuumed and swept downstairs
unpacked, repacked and unpacked DW
made 2 loaves of bread and some rolls (well, they're rising but they will be made!)
tidied living room as that's next to hallway, rather than dining room.
put laundry away, and about to reload WM
done grocery order
wasted time on pinterest

To do list
shine sink without fail!
clean cooker
clear hotspots - table and kitchen worktop
figure out what to cook for PILs at weekend
figure out what to do for summer holiday

LillethTheCat Wed 02-Jan-13 16:57:04

That sounds like a bit of a pain having to do the same work Silvery, but at least the hard part will be done and you should fly through the course. My courses sound better than what they are. The ECDL and Business and Admin courses are very straight forward for me as I have worked in offices since 2001, Im just using them to hopefully become more desirable to perspective employers as Im having a hard time trying to get a job. The AAT requires me to think a bit more, but even that Im not finding too difficult at the moment, though this will change if I can stay on to do the further 2 years which are obviously harder.

Sorry to hear you haven't been very well bakerofcakes

Right Im getting on ok today.

So here is my Tada list
- Washing machine on
- Washing up from last night done (am going to start doing this as soon as DCs are in bed from today)
- Sink cleaned (so it wont take too much to shine later)
- To Do list started (just need to add tomorrow's task)
- Drying
- Take clothes upstairs
- Wash DD1's Snow White outfit (its covered in Glitter, which gets everywhere)
- hang up said outfit
- Turn on washing machine while empty to get rid of any glitter. Use Salt Crystals
- hallway
- Coursework
- Fill up washing machine ready for tomorrow
- Washing up after lunch

To do
- wash up
- Shine Sink

Will hopefully come back on later with tomorrows list so I know what I am doing when I get up.

Right off to take the dog for a walk and to get muddy while DH cooks Spag Bol.

LillethTheCat Wed 02-Jan-13 16:59:16

Just got to say I just read this: unpacked, repacked and unpacked DW unpacked, repacked and unpacked Darling Wifegrin Took me a while to realise it was dishwasher. Wish I had one of those, it would make shining the sink before I go to bed a whole lot easier envy

GossipWitch Wed 02-Jan-13 17:36:04

to do list that has been done (not by me but dp- starting to wander if he's psychic or been snooping on my comp?)

tidy lounge
get boys to put toys upstairs
take tree down
put washing away
have driving lesson
tidy hallway
do mission of the day

NickNacks Wed 02-Jan-13 18:03:33

Ok I'm done! Shattered doesn't come close to how tired I'm feeling.

Ta da list

Took tree lights down
Took tree down
Boxed up decs
Window lights down x2
Voiles back up x2
Boxes upstairs
Text DH for brown tape
Breakfast for 4dc
Reopened blocked up door
Wreath down
Tidied hall to use blocked up door
Car seat to car
Hoovered downstairs
Decluttered medicine box
Declutter alcohol
Charity bag to car
Make up travel cot
Helped ds1 with homework 
Tidied utility room
Chased one invoice, one to go
Lunch for 4dc
Arrange ds2 to go to friend's house
Changed 3 pooey nappies
Folded clean clothes
Tumbled towels
Put a wash on
Made lasagne
Washed pots
Loaded dw
Put shopping away
Hung wet clothes up
Folded towels
Travel cot away
TD on again

elliepac Wed 02-Jan-13 19:00:24

I have actually shined my sink shock shock shock.

i am tempted to write a list of every minute thing I have done today so I can rival bitchy and nicknack's impressive and scary lists but I can't be arsed. Suffice to say I have cleaned the whole house, cooked dinner for lots of people, cleared away from dinner and shined the sink. With a little help from DH;)

I am jiggeredgrin. I would have wine but am back on the mfp bandwagon so I can't.sad

I posted a massive message but lost it. Grrr i'm not retyping it all, just to day visiting children and DH at home hampered my flying today so only limited success but tomorrow will be different.

SC I am taking my decs down on Sunday but am itching to do it earlier...but to do it earlier means the end of christmas

I didn't get half the things I wanted to as DS2 was a boob monster and then our guests arrived. So still have most of the jobs left to do, so my evening won't be too relaxed.

I've also got to find places to store the new toys the boys were given today. I think I'll need a new unit for DS2.

How does everyone deal with procrastination? I need to change my ways.

SilveryMoon Wed 02-Jan-13 19:15:19

ta da
get up make beds
Shower and dress
Reload washing
Get out the house
Room rescue
Clean fridge
made cakes
detail - I polished the bathroom tiles and scrubbed round the taps and shower head (I added the bathroom to zone 1 so I could use zone 3 to concentrate on the boy's bedroom)
decorate cakes
went to the park
cook dinner
wipe inside fridge
get boys to bed early - ds2 might have been thrown out the window otherwise
put non-iron clothes away
layed out tomorrows clothes
stray items away

to do
(thinking about) ironing
washing up away
shine sink
look at next assignment
go to bed properly (by this I mean not pass out on the sofa and climb into bed at 5am)

Ds2 (3.11yo) is being especially challenging. Everytime I talk to him he yells "NO" very loudly. He's spent most of the afternoon telling me he's sad with me.

GoingGoingGoth Wed 02-Jan-13 19:22:46

shock at the size of the lists posted today! I think Nicknack may be the winner and deserves wine

Put away clean clothes
2 loads of washing on- small ones but wool was did include DD's winter coat, need to get yogurt stains out confused
Did wrong mission, but front door (& lounge & bathroom doors-got carried away) look great.
Went to Morrisons for a few bits
Fed ducks & went to play park with Dd
Prepare dinner
Shine sink etc.

Also planned 10 days of meals - just got to stick to it now

Still to do
Will do some ironing in front of tv tonight.

GoingGoingGoth Wed 02-Jan-13 19:25:41

wewere no problem with procrastination, I can do it for hours grin

I find listing here helps.

LillethTheCat Wed 02-Jan-13 19:30:31

Phew Im done and my sink is shiney. For the first time in a long time on a night. shockgrin

So here is my Tada list
- Washing machine on
- Washing up from last night done (am going to start doing this as soon as DCs are in bed from today)
- Sink cleaned (so it wont take too much to shine later)
- To Do list started
- Drying
- Take clothes upstairs
- Wash DD1's Snow White outfit (its covered in Glitter, which gets everywhere)
- hang up said outfit
- Turn on washing machine while empty to get rid of any glitter. Use Salt Crystals
- hallway
- Coursework
- Fill up washing machine ready for tomorrow
- Washing up after lunch
- wash up
- Shine Sink

Now tomorrow's list:
- Washing Machine on
- 2nd load of towels (have discovered DD1 has put muck on one and another could do with a wash)
- Drying
- take laundry upstairs
- wash up 3X
- Shine Sink
- Mock exam for my AAT course
- Wipe down front door
- Wipe down Kitchen window sill (I know its not technically in tomorrow's list or that its not even in zone 1, but Ive got no errands to run,plus it will take 5 mins as Im shining my sink)
- Fill machine for Friday's load
- Make out lists for Fri, Sat and Sun

That looks like quite a long list, but it will take 4 hours max to do it all.

WhatKatyDidToday Wed 02-Jan-13 19:49:10

God, I feel ill just looking at some of the lists on here!
I have kept on top of the kitchen and delegated shining the sink this evening!
I got dressed to slippers shoes this morning
<polishes halo!>

Also just had a read of the thread that is slating 'Flylady' - those people just don't get it and I couldn't be arsed to grace them with an explanation!

<waves to everyone>
Got to fly! can't resist a bad joke!

MercuryRising Wed 02-Jan-13 19:49:55

Well done everybody there are loads of really impressive ta da lists today!

I finished everything on my to do list and also gave the dw a thorough clean as the plates didn't seem to be coming out very clean. I also have a shiny sink for the first time in ages like Lilleth

I have started taking the cards down Sc but the tree and the decs will come down on Sat. I want the house all tidy and organised for the dcs going back to school on Monday.

Im off for a well earned rest and brew Vigorous wing flaps to you all grin

elliepac Wed 02-Jan-13 20:09:46

Finally I am sat downgrin. Have been turfed out of the living room as DS has a friend sleeping over and as DD and DS are sharing a room at the moment ( see earlier post re DH's BF) it was the best option for their DVD marathon.

Actually, it's quite a marvellous solution. Complete splendid isolation, phone to mn on and tablet to watch tv on.

Have a good evening everyonesmile.

swanthingafteranother Wed 02-Jan-13 20:31:16

two meals cooked
washing up in progress
friends round earlier!
run with ds2 (and stayed away from snacks, although I did have some chestnut pudding at supper, delish)
muddy excursion to park with friends; my children are rubbish at football! Tackling is not knocking someone over (which is ds1's technique sad

so first two NY resolutions achieved today - socialise and keep fit!

SC if it is any comfort I sometimes think this house is set up for no-one's convenience, although dh likes it this way; he is after all a collector of curiosities, not of an engineering functional mindset. Now to persuade him that it would be to his advantage to move things around. I'm hoping if he trips over the washing every day it will remind him that the kitchen is not big enough for the washing machine.

Ellie splendid isolation. a shiver as I remember that was something to do with Palmerston and history A level...sad maybe I'm wrong...

Silvery most TAs I meet are very intelligent. They are often very wise people too!

swanthingafteranother Wed 02-Jan-13 20:35:29

Ps we are still enjoying the decorations! We will wait till the children have gone back to school I reckon, to tackle them.

Silvery hope ds1 has sweet dreams and enjoyed the cakes, and is more friendly tomorrow.

DoubleMum Wed 02-Jan-13 20:52:15

Very impressive lists upthread! Perhaps that is something I can aspire to in a few years' time. Well I seem to have spent the last 2 hours researching holiday possibilities so I think realistically I'm done for tonight, but without fail I will stack the dishwasher and shine my sink. If I could book a holiday too that would be good, am a bit fed up with it now TBH.
Tomorrow's to do:
Have to pick up dry cleaning
Take DS to playdate
Pick up DS, go to friend's for lunch
swish and swipe
make a cake
make more social arrangements for children

elliepac Wed 02-Jan-13 21:01:48

Oooooo swan you are right. I remember that boring me to death at A level History too. Miracle I went on to a history degreegrin. See, am even quoting history in inane ramblings over the tinternetgrin.

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Wed 02-Jan-13 22:15:56

Honestly don't worry about the lists - it's all about getting the routines in place and babysteps.

I was at work today so not much flying but the washing up is done, SINK IS SHINY AGAIN!, bags packed for the morning and most of the secs are down.

See you all tomorrow.

SilveryMoon Wed 02-Jan-13 22:27:14

Thanks swan smile I just woke him for a dose of anti-biotics and he screamed "NO" at me. Little monster!
Let's hope he's in a better mood in the morning.

List dump for tomorrow
To Do
Morning routine (get up, make beds, get breakfast, shower and dress, swish and swipe, laundry, feed cats, clear breakfast, room rescue, hotspot)
Check links for tomorrows babystep and mission
Do mission/detail
Do babystep
Ds1 to hospital for hip check
Afternoon routine (laundry, dry clothes sorted, non-iron clothes away, start dinner and fill sink, feed cats, wash up after dinner, clean kitchen, sweep floors, boys in bath, stray items away, stories, boys bed)
Menu plan next week and write shopping list
Before bed routine (lay out clothes, shine sink, go to bed)

Think that'll do. May need to add other bits on the morning, but let's hope not!
Hope everyone is having a nice evening. I have just watched Frost/Nixon. I ordered it from LoveFilm (not sure why) but I actually really enjoyed it. Will have to now (well, not now) google the real thing and watch that.

'see' you all tomorrow. Goodnight

Ok - DH managed to put out the bin, take kitten to vet for spaying and to change a lightbulb. In a whole day hmm. DS (9) tidied the lounge. Tomorrow's list will be longer...

MrsPennyapple Wed 02-Jan-13 23:10:17

Hello Fledglings, just a quick wave as I'm on my way to bed - been trying to get an early night for ages and this is the nearest I've got! I haven't been on the thread much but I have been doing stuff, honest!

ToffeeWhirl Wed 02-Jan-13 23:17:06

Am very impressed by all these lists. I had a long list written down in my 'to do' book, but have only managed about half of it. Still, I did get the tree down and packed away the decorations. Also managed to sling out a load of broken decorations so the rest fit into one box (was it you with about nine boxes, SC?! There's a decluttering challenge for you!).

Also did today's mission and cleaned my sink, as well as the usual daily routines smile.

Managed to get the boys to write two thank-you letters, but it involved me coaching and cajoling them, so didn't give me time to Fly. Never mind, at least there will be two relatives who can't complain now (I always start with the ones who complain earliest of not receiving a thank you, then work backwards to the least demanding).

Following up our New Year resolution of early bedtimes, we got the boys to bed at a decent time, but neither would settle <sigh>. Might have to dust off some old reward charts.

Aiming for more decluttering and tidying up tomorrow. Off to bed now.

<sleepy wave>

<falls into nest>

<snores loudly>

Kirk1 Wed 02-Jan-13 23:36:12

Hiya, Coming back for another try. My DH gave me the awesome xmas pressie of helping me empty the kitchen and completely clean it! I am now going to attempt to end the day with completely clear sides. If I can keep it up for a month there's a chance it might become permanent smile

I have shined both my kitchen sinks, although a nasty pan is currently soaking in one of them...

Dishwasher is on,
washing machine, alas has died on me sad Poo
Sides clear and wiped,
Dining table cleared.

I'm not even going to attempt Bitchy's level of list! I am also not going to feel bad about it because I want to concentrate on the baby steps now I can have at least the starting one covered smile

loveinidleness Wed 02-Jan-13 23:56:09

I'm still at the babiest of baby steps atm I think, though the hallway and dining room do look better smile

Kirk my washing machine gave up the ghost in the summer, was a bad week or so. Do you have a neighbour who would give you the use of theirs for an hour or so? Though ours had a happy ending, because I got a lovely new machine which I actually enjoy using, and it works so much better than the (very) old one I had before. Hope you have a happy ending too!

Night night x

Jamillalliamilli Thu 03-Jan-13 00:06:59

Wow, so many, so much! Just about keeping up!

Lady Dierdre
Best chance I know of getting a ‘might come in useful’ hoarder to chuck medications is to prove they’re not of use/ potentially dangerous etc. Asking if they’re safe to give to a child (not as a theory) can bring different responses than asking if they’re safe for you.

SC Not before 12th night here.

Kirk1 Thu 03-Jan-13 00:17:34

loveinidleness I have a new machine arriving on Friday, and a lovely friend is going to wash the load for me that was in the machine when it gave up! I'm dropping it round tomorrow morning smile

Also, Kitchen floor mopped! It was clean for all of two hours...

Deckthecastle Thu 03-Jan-13 04:47:30

Blinks blearily.
Happy new year everyone blush !

Deckthecastle Thu 03-Jan-13 06:04:20

Have just managed to read through the thread! So busy!
Got up to say goodbye to DBIL as DH was bringing him to the airport for his flight back to Australia. sad Out of our six siblings there are three in Australia and one in London (we are in Ireland). Was so lovely having everyone home for Christmas, and sad to see them return.

To Do:

*Go back to sleep (only a little sleep, so tired these days, sleeping badly)

*Prep guest room for my brother and his girlfriend who cheerfully texted last night to say they would be here by 12 - what am I going to do with them all day in the rain had expected them at dinnertime...

*Babysteps, reboot laundry, make ensuite presentable as there is no shower/shower attachment in bath of bathroom in this pit of a rented hovel.

New Year Resolution: get money sorted from somewhere to finish building our own house, and get in to our own house. smile

Will be back later!

Lauren thanks for Dec thread. Did you get your summerhouse finished?

SC Thanks for once again taking on the thread leadership wink.

thekitchenfairy Thu 03-Jan-13 06:41:55

Yesterday I shined sink and formfirstmtime in years got up,to make morning cuppamtomfind kitchen sink empty and counters clear!

The hall is also clear, my menu for the week is done so now I will drink my cuppa and check in with fly lady site and trymto figure out what the zone is today..

SilveryMoon Thu 03-Jan-13 08:32:48

Morning. Had to set the alarm this morning because we've got to be out by 9:30. This holiday has got to be the first time ever that I still haven't been up between 6 and 7. The 5yo and 3yo are finally understanding lay-ins! yay! grin (dreading Monday when school starts again)
Now to check the links and get cracking. Have a nice day everyone.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 03-Jan-13 09:07:10


Cuddled DS2
Refused to give in to demands for XBox from DS1
Drank tea

To do:

Get dressed
Swish and swipe
Shopping with DS2 to spend his Xmas money
Wednesday's anti-procrastination task (procrastinated yesterday blush)
Bedroom rescue
Thursday mission
Spend some time with DS1

That'll do for now. Hope you all have a productive, happy day.

laurenamium Thu 03-Jan-13 09:08:58

Morning all!

deck the summer house looks amazing! I will put the photos on my profile grin

I think I might have ringworm envy <--- sick face! (I'm not unclean honest! But there are a million places I could have got it from) I've rang the doctors and they are going to give me a telephone appointment hmm not sure what they can do when they can't see it!

To do:
Friends this morning for play date
Walk dogs
My laundry
Dog poo
Other friends this afternoon for play date 2


Morning all!
deckthecastle you've been building your own home- how have you found it?

SilveryMoon how lovely that you've had great lie-ins! Hope you feel refreshed!

Today it's just me and the DC's at home so I've got no real excuse not to get something done, but DS2 is 11months and has been a little whirlwind this morning.

Hope everyone has a fab day!

To do:

Clean down kitchen sides
Swap toys from sitting room to front room
Put cardboard into recycling boxes
Make phone calls for clubs/classes/appointments.
Play with DS1
Go to the park
Clean front door and inner door
Swish & swipe
Wait for shopping delivery
Hoover dining room to appease DS2
Washing and drying
Remake DC's beds
find time for a hot choc with brandy when DC's are in bed. grin

LillethTheCat Thu 03-Jan-13 09:22:07

Its just after 9 and Im nearly half way through my list grin a lot of things left I can't do now anyway. Its only my revision I can get on with, everything else needs other things to occur (like eating or the washing machine to finish) first.

ta da
- Washing Machine on
- washed up
- Wipe down front door
- Wipe down Kitchen window sill (I know its not technically in tomorrow's list or that its not even in zone 1, but Ive got no errands to run,plus it will take 5 mins as Im shining my sink)
- Make out lists for Fri, Sat and Sun

to do
- 2nd load of towels (have discovered DD1 has put muck on one and another could do with a wash)
- Drying
- take laundry upstairs
- wash up 2X
- Shine Sink
- Mock exam for my AAT course
- fill machine for Fridays

I am definately enjoying keeping the kitchen sink nice and clean as I go. Its only been a day and a bit so not sure if its developed into a habit just yet, but hopefully it will get there by the end of Jan then I can work on another habit.

elliepac Thu 03-Jan-13 10:07:47

Morning all. After yesterdays exertions there isn't a whole heap to do today. List looks like this :-

Washing on done
Dryer on done
washing away
kitchen tidy
make beds
plan dinner
think of something to do with dc's this afternoon

Have a good day everyonesmile .

WhatKatyDidToday Thu 03-Jan-13 10:34:58

Ta da
Breakfast done and tidied away
Up and dressed to slippers done
shop put away done
quality time with DCs 1&2- moon sand sad crap idea, whole house now covered in sand, DC3 face planted on laminate floor, cried and cried. Moon sand semi tidied away and hoovered. Feeding DC3 and hoping she'll have a good nap so I can
Swish and swipe bathrooms and
Flick Hoover round and put
Wash on

This thread does keep me motivated though!

Jdub Thu 03-Jan-13 10:36:05

Good morning everyone,

Back to work for me today (and it's blooming freezing!)
DCs have been taken to my folks for 2 days, so tonight's plan of action includes....

a stealth toy/book cull from both bedrooms
under the bed hoover and duvet cover change
upstairs bathroom clean
fold and put away washing

ta das...
so far very thin on the ground but later on, just watch me go!!!!

Some kind soul here is just making another round of warm drinks to huddle round, while someone upstairs sorts the heating!

Have cosy days one and all x

DoubleMum Thu 03-Jan-13 11:06:14

made packed lunch for DH who then informed me he had meetings and lunch was provided - so that's tomorrow's lunch in the fridge then
unpacked dishwasher
took DH to work
washing machine on and washing hung up
picked up dry cleaning and gave in to begging to buy dragon fruit

To do:
tidy kitchen
make pizza dough for visitors tomorrow
put chicken curry in slow cooker
go to friend's house for lunch and kids' play afternoon
swish something or other
shine sink

<tiptoes in quietly>
Still got half a christmas tree to take down, didn't do very much yesterday and had terribly irrasponsibly late night last night. As did ds. He had fun though. Pj day today. Am just about to consider being awake.
Should have a massive to do list to day but atm cba.

Lauren - irrc ring worm is an issue when working with horses and other cattle. Hope you can get sorted. Must be a right pain.

As you can see my mammoth list was a bit of a one off and my sink is yet to be shiny. Kitchen floor wash shiny yesterday after it got flooded. But need to wash it again as i missed spots in the clearing up.

In this house the clutter generally comes in book form! Or crafting stuff/wips.

First stop i think is going to have to be coffee

superfluouscurves Thu 03-Jan-13 12:19:57

Morning everyone.

Good luck to those of you returning to work today. Hope it's not too onerous an experience!!

And well done to all of you who have been working solidly through their lists! The enthusiasm of newcomers at this time of the year is always good for us oldies ...!!

DD has had one of her white and trembling "turns" this morning and although she is OK now (propped up on sofa eating cream crackers with Philadelphia) I am booking yet another doc's appt and insisting on blood test and visit to cardiologist this time, just to stop me worrying if nothing else. She just doesn't seem to have any energy and seems to be on the verge of fainting all the time. So serious Flying not really happening apart from a bit of laundry and a few basic routines.

Tell you what though, have done 15 mins decluttering/tidying in outrageously untidy boudoir for two days running (about to do third) and even that little bit has made a difference. So don't despair everyone - small steps really do work!

The diet - which I've been following for precisely one day - went to pot last night though in the face of delectable mezze feast in wonderful Lebanese restaurant. Ate healthily but far too much and had wine as well ... . A pitiful performance!.. And am knackered cos was out far too late.

Am supposed to be doing hwk for academy too and haven't even started yet. Oh dear.

Anyway, how are all of you?

Ah Doublemum it was you who was one step ahead of the missions!! Well done! V. impressed by bread-making too.

Lilleth arf at mistaking dw for dear wife!! Must admit, think a dishwasher is worth its weight in gold. (Regulars will know that I drone on about this all the time.) It pays for itself eventually too cos you use far less water and sterilises everything at 60°c. Would be one of the first things I would try to save in a fire. Well done with getting through your list yesterday - you are obviously on a roll today too - glad the system is working for you!!

Crikey Nicknacks you had a humungous day yesterday!! Top marks - a real blitzer of a list! Think you win the golden duster!! (Closely followed by Ellie and Silvery!!) Was wondering though, precisely how your alcohol was decluttered wink grin

Good going with the meal planning Goth

Oh Ellie you obviously have much more self-discipline than I do (re: wine) (and Flying for that matter!) which is why you have maintained/lost weight over Christmas, and I have ballooned blush Need to get serious about this and go back on MFP too. Enjoy your afternooN.

Wewereherefirst would love to be able to offer advice on procrastination but am Olympic standard!! Flylady system definitely helps and some people have also found a book by Brian Tracey called "Eat that Frog" useful - think there is another called "Kiss that Frog" - can't remember which is the original. Check it out on Amazon. Like the last item on your list today btw grin

Silvery a humungous list from you too yesterday! Btw, if it's any consolation, I seem to recall that dd went through a mahoosive "no" phase around about 3 yrs - think it is a natural stage of development don't take it personally, although I remember it being rather demoralising at the time! Hope your ds is feeling better today!

MC despite all my good intentions to get organised for next week, decorations are staying up here until 5th by request of youngest of the house!

[dons dark glasses whilst looking at WhatKatydid's shiny sink and halo grin don't get demoralised by other people's lists - we are all at different Fly stages ...and little and often is better anyway!! Oh dear re: moon sand smile Hope it can be hoovered.

Well done Mercury you sound very on top of things!

As do you Trazzles!

Crikey, all of you are putting me to shame on this thread. Better get my act together grin

Swan yes, must admit that huge part of house is also arranged with no-one's convenience in mind. Most bits of furniture are situated where they are because someone has staggered up the stairs as far as they could and dumped them in easiest place!! Well done re: fitness drive!

MummyD definitely see what you mean about extending your dh's 'to do' list!!! grin Great that your ds is chipping in though!

Toffee oh lord yes [just remembering how wearisome getting dd to write thank you letters is - about five times more wearisome than doing it myself]

Kirk1 Phew that you have a new wm arriving shortly. You don't won't to be without a spin facility in January!! You are dead right re: baby-steps and what a lovely dh you have!! (It never occurs to mine to even wipe down a kitchen surface never mind deep clean ... and as for what he does to bin lid [shudders])

LadyD if it's any help, the pharmacies here (mainland Europe) will accept/take back old out-of-date medicines/pills and dispose of it properly for you. Don't know if it's the same in the UK (if you are in UK that is!) but maybe worth asking.

Happy New Year to you too Castle!! Sounds like you had a fab family Christmas all together! We've seen family in dribs and drabs this year so I'm hoping for an "all-together in one place" Christmas in 2013. Hope you enjoy your brother's visit!

Hope you caught up on sleep MrsPennyApple

Hello KitchenFairy glad baby-step one is working for you!!

Lauren [ohhh - excited to see summer house] Sorry about ringworm - hope the doc can sort it out.

Keep warm Jdub!!

Huge wing flaps to Gossip, Loveinidleness (good luck with baby-steps), Justgettingonwithit and anyone I've forgotten.

Hope I haven't missed anyone out - got a bit confused by double posts and scrolling up and down - obviously drank more than I thought last night!! grin

Hope you all are having productive days!!

Swan - how has taking the calendar been going. I am finding the fact that it is not on the wall is actually making me less stressed atm. I still have then and they are kept up-to-date but the simple fact it is not one the wall is helping.

superfluouscurves Thu 03-Jan-13 12:23:28


Here's a brew Bitchy Nowt wrong with having fun!
Don't talk to me about crafting clutter ....[whimpers]

Doublemum [hovers expectantly] some delicious cooking going on in your kitchen ...

Better get back to dd ...

superfluouscurves Thu 03-Jan-13 12:28:32


Kirk that should have read "you don't want" (not won't) Sorry - rushing!

Will proof read 'before' posting next time!

NickNacks Thu 03-Jan-13 12:32:22

I wouldn't get too envious of my lists! I've been flying for two yrs now and still fail more times than I succeed! For the newbies who don't know I am also a childminder so my house has more toys and baby clutter than most and so needs keeping on top of so I have a presentable house to welcome the mindees and their parents. We don't want them thinking I look after their children in a hovel.

Well no mindees today so taking things a bit slower.

Ta da so far...

Hoovered sitting room
Emptied dw
Nit checked 3dc hmm
Dropped ds2 to friend's house
Made tuna rolls for lunch
Went to co-op for few bits
Put a wash on
All clean clothes away
Chased an outstanding invoice

Happy errand running Thursdays everyone! smile

MrsPennyapple Thu 03-Jan-13 13:01:17

Hello everyone, reasonably successful morning:

Ta da:
2 x washing done (still need to get dry though)
TV stand dusted
Kitchen tidied
15 min declutter
Xmas decs taken down (still got to dismantle tree though)

Haven't really got a list today, am just doing bits as I spot them.

LadyDeidreWaggon Thu 03-Jan-13 13:45:56

Afternoon all
Back at work from yesterday so trying to remember what I need to do each day to continue FLYing.
Current plan is:
AM Swish and Swipe, hang out washing, ensure dcs and dh clean, dressed, fed, have what they need for day, get self to work.
PM (After exercise, cooking meal, eating, supervising homework, dc2 to bed) 15 mins in Zone, clear hotspot, shine sink, do one cleaning job (usually hoover or mop), load dw & put on timer delay, ditto washing machine, ditto breadmaker.

Have also been trying new system with ironing. Each evening I iron anything that was in the previous night's wash, anything I can't get away with putting away creased that is wink. It has taken all of 15 minutes, max, and means no ironing mountain at weekends.

My ultimate goal is to have no household chores to do at weekends .......... is this feasible ?

madwomanintheattic Thu 03-Jan-13 14:01:56

sil goes home today, mil and fil here until the end of the month. Am working, and dh is back at work today, so kids are hanging out with grandma whilst fil takes sil back to the airport. Kinda neat - they don't get to hang with her v often, what with them living a 9 hour flight away!

Lovely friend is due back from her mum's today with her dd - unfortunately, when she left the house on 27th to go to the other side of this big ol' country, her husband took the opportunity to move out... She hasn't told her dd yet (he is the dd's stepfather, and the dd was visiting her dad, and friend didn't want to ruin her time over Christmas with her father as she doesn't get to see him often). So she gets to break the news to dd on the way home from the airport, and then they have to go home and see what's left, as no one has been there since he cleared out...

I am worried sick for her. She did a stint in rehab, and has been dry for so long. Am hoping she's strong enough for this. I think she is, but it's going to be v hard for her. She moved her dd thousands of miles from her dad to be with him, and now he's walked.

Apols for completely an utterly unflying nonsense. grin

I now have an hour to remove the piles of ironing from the living room where dh was ironing last night, else mil will do it all today <compulsive>.

And shower and go to work. Yes, I'm mning in pjs. No I don't have my shoes on. grin <eyes naughty corner>

Tonight the ironing marathon continueth.

madwomanintheattic Thu 03-Jan-13 14:03:09

Am also green at deirdre's plan. Fly lady's exhortations for renewing your spirit and family fun, to the MAX. Sounds lovely.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 03-Jan-13 14:05:20

Lady - I think Flylady suggests we still do laundry on a Saturday and usual routines every day (swish and swipe, for example), but otherwise the system is meant to help us get everything done in five days, leaving the weekend for family time and relaxation.

Took DS2 to the playground, then shopping to spend his Xmas money. He now has a new wooden footbridge for his Brio train set and another wooden village. I am about to push the dining-room table back to the side of the room, so he can build a city grin.

Next step is to tackle our bedroom, which is full of all the stuff we threw in their when tidying the house for Xmas. I think I will have to do it in 15 minute bursts or I will burnout.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 03-Jan-13 14:07:13

Madwoman - your poor friend and DD sad.

Also, sympathies on the ironing mountain. I suspect I will have acquired one once I have finished in the bedroom.

madwomanintheattic Thu 03-Jan-13 14:14:20

I haven't even started in the bedroom. <wails>

I echo what Toffee has said. sad

SilveryMoon Thu 03-Jan-13 14:20:00

I have a huge ironing pile too. I'm about to kivk the kids out of the living room so I can have the tv to myself to help me through it.
Toffee That's the way to do it, 15mins at a time.
I have huge paperwork piles that I'm trying to organise. Am using my room rescu and hotspot time to do it in. So that's minutes a day.

Think I'm getting some sort of cold. Head is banging and I ache all over.
What's worse, an old friend has just called and asked if he can visit. He normally stays for a few days. I don't have a spare room, so it;s sofa for him. I did just text him and tell him I'm not feeling great so to expect to find me on sofa with a blanket, hoping he'll leave it until tomorrow, but doubtful!

Anyway, enough of my whining

Morning routine (get up, make beds, get breakfast, shower and dress, swish and swipe, laundry, feed cats, clear breakfast, room rescue, hotspot) done
Check links for tomorrows babystep and mission done
Do mission/detail
Do babystep no
Ds1 to hospital for hip check done (been given all clear)
Babysitting in process
Afternoon routine (laundry, dry clothes sorted, non-iron clothes away, start dinner and fill sink, feed cats, wash up after dinner, clean kitchen, sweep floors, boys in bath, stray items away, stories, boys bed)
Menu plan next week and write shopping list
Before bed routine (lay out clothes, shine sink, go to bed)

LillethTheCat Thu 03-Jan-13 14:25:30

Sorry to hear about your friend madwoman hope she will be ok.

I didn't think MNers Ironed confused I learned how not to iron on MN and now only iron school uniforms or the odd thing that looks a bit too creased. Takes me an hour a week during school time (broken up into 2 half hour slots) or 20 mins a week in the school hols.

Is it ok to come on here a few times a day to update my list? I find it easier, hope that's ok if I keep coming on here.

ta da
- Washing Machine on
- washed up 2X
- Wipe down front door
- Wipe down Kitchen window sill (I know its not technically in tomorrow's list or that its not even in zone 1, but Ive got no errands to run,plus it will take 5 mins as Im shining my sink)
- Make out lists for Fri, Sat and Sun (excluding any daily tasks to add on later)
- 2nd load of towels (have discovered DD1 has put muck on one and another could do with a wash)
- Drying
- Mock exam for my AAT course (got 93%, need 70 to pass)
- fill machine for Fridays washing

To do
- take laundry upstairs (when DD2 gets up from her afternoon nap)
- wash up (after Tea)
- Shine Sink (after Ive last washed up)

Some of us like ironing Lilleth! <sticks tongue out>

Oh Madwoman, your poor friend, I will send her some strength to get through this time!

I too like ironing! It's cathartic for me and stops me attacking the nutty cupboard when the boys are in bed grin

To do:
Clean down kitchen sides
Swap toys from sitting room to play room
Put cardboard into recycling boxes
Make phone calls for clubs/classes/appointments. *partially done*
Play with DS1 done
Go to the park done
Clean front door and inner door
Swish & swipe
 Wait for shopping delivery waiting now
Hoover dining room to appease DS2
Washing and drying done
Remake DC's beds done
find time for a hot choc with brandy when DC's are in bed. *bloody looking forward to this!*

I must finish this list today, so id better get on while I can!

MercuryRising Thu 03-Jan-13 14:55:25

Hi all,
Just a quick list dump as Im working 6-6 tonight and have been up since 8 so I want to try and get an hours nap in before I head off to work:

Ta da:
Dress to shoes
Make beds
Pop to sainsburys for top up shop
Park with kids and friends.

To do:
Wipe sides
Reboot laundry
Hoover throughout
Quick room rescue dcs room, living room and kitchen
Make dinner

Its only the bare essentials but its enough to stop the house descending into chaos.

I will catch up with everybodys posts later when Im at work.

GossipWitch Thu 03-Jan-13 15:10:51

Afternoon all, I have done naff all all day as I have been supervising children to stop arguing over the ps3, at the moment there all rolling on the floor laughing at ds3 singing/shouting/growling to santa got stuck up the chimley (thats how he sings it) I have decided to cook lasagne for tea which means I'll be adding sins tonight, bolognaise just tastes crap without the sauce. Hallways still passable for tidying, I'm very glad my pokey little house doesn't have a dining room right now, or I would be struggling with my laziness.

right finally up. lots of strong pain killers and coffee today!

ta da
get up
sort out plans for sat
Load dw and run
get load of washing on

LillethTheCat Thu 03-Jan-13 15:12:48

Didn't realise people that liked ironing existed grin Well I suppose we all like doing our own things.

superfluouscurves Thu 03-Jan-13 15:29:05

[Jumps in car with four paniers of ironing and races off to Bitchys house ....]

SilveryMoon Thu 03-Jan-13 15:34:15

I hate ironing. I'm really rubbish at it too, I'm sure everything looks worse after I've ironed it, but I just can't allow myself to put clothes on (or on the children) that I haven't ironed. I know that sounds really stupid, but it's something that just is iykwim.

GossipWitch Thu 03-Jan-13 15:38:12

I cannot stand ironing, and haven't used the iron for years, I have a cool setting on the tumble dryer that makes clothes less creased, and the only time use the iron is for the boys shirts smile

Well I have just updated the calendar (the on that sits in the drawer for referrence) and so far I have 6 days in Jan with nothing written in (and had 2 of those days), 7 in feb(although I know i will lose 3 of those just waiting to confirm which 3), march hasn't been filled in properly BUT it isn't going to be much better... <sigh>

I seem to like crazy busy!

SilveryMoon Thu 03-Jan-13 16:17:31

Morning routine (get up, make beds, get breakfast, shower and dress, swish and swipe, laundry, feed cats, clear breakfast, room rescue, hotspot) done
Check links for tomorrows babystep and mission done
Do mission/detail done spent 15 mins bleaching the grouting in bathroom
Do babystep no
Ds1 to hospital for hip check done (been given all clear)
Babysitting in process
Ironing done
Afternoon routine (laundry, dry clothes sorted, non-iron clothes away, start dinner and fill sink, feed cats, wash up after dinner, clean kitchen, sweep floors, boys in bath, stray items away, stories, boys bed) starting now
Menu plan next week and write shopping list groan
Put ironing board and ironed clothes away
Before bed routine (lay out clothes, sweep floors, shine sink, go to bed)

elliepac Thu 03-Jan-13 17:00:04

<follows sc over to bitchy's* house but gets there before her as sc lives millions of miles away whereas elliepac only has to navigate some hill, dumps her ironing and sticks her tongue out to sc>

I need a fanfare please..........I have done the fecking mission. It may seem inconsequential to many but those of you who have been here a while know that I very rarely manage the babysteps, let alone the mission shockgrin. I am feeling super smug wink.

Ta da for the rest of the day:-

Morning routine shock
Washing x 2 (I have NO WASHING LEFT TO DO shock)
Online food shop and meal plan
supermarket for bits and bobs
swept floors
Dinner prepped
General pootling around the house keeping on top of things.

Feeling remarkably on top of things at the moment. However we all know that I can fly whilst on holiday but the minute teaching kicks in I am shit. Cue next monday grin.

madwoman I hope your friend is as ok as can be. But whatever happens at least she has a fab friend like you looking out for her smile

bitchy you wouldn't know what to do with yourself if you had days spare wink.

To add to the ironing debate, I have perfected the art of taking things out of the dryer just at the right time. The only things that get ironed here are uniforms and my work stuff if I don't catch the dryer right. DH works in construction so doesn't need suits etc. It is my most hated chore and that is why I don't do it grin.

Better go and cook dinner!

If i had days spare i might be able to knock my to do list into something approximating a findable of end kinda list!!! hmmgrin never said i wouldn't be doing stuff but sometimes it is nice to have days when you don't have to be out with activities. Actually looking forward to March being over blush

laurenamium Thu 03-Jan-13 17:41:46

<sneaks in, sets up camp in the naughty corner...leaves baileys and cake on the side>

I've done nothing today apart from buy DD a cardi and visit friends...

Be back tomorrow!

DoubleMum Thu 03-Jan-13 18:24:43

Sorry for your friend madwoman sad
I'm not an iron-er either. DH does the ironing in this house, given that it's almost entirely his shirts.
Well I can't report much Flying success today, as have been out almost all the time, but I suppose at least that means more mess hasn't been created. I got back to find an enormous box on my doorstep which is the fruit of my Christmas money - a Lakeland heated airer. I'm almost pathetically excited about switching it on.
I need to have a look at what Flylady wants me to do tomorrow as I have extra children here and it's likely my house is going to be trashed, let's face it.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 03-Jan-13 18:29:18

I have found a lot of ironing in our bedroom sad. I know what I will be doing tomorrow.

Silvery - I agree - 15 mins a time. However, I set the alarm, worked on and on in our room, thinking it was a long 15 minutes, only to realise (after about an hour!) that I hadn't pressed the button blush.

I have made a good start on our bedroom. Found an awful lot of washing and ironing <sigh>, but at least I have cleared a space.

Spent an hour with DS1 watching him play on his XBox. I'm afraid I just find the shooting games boring, but it was nice to spend time with DS1. Bring back Flambards, I say.

Drinking wine now.

<leaves opened bottle in naughty corner>

MrsPennyapple Thu 03-Jan-13 18:46:30

Hi all, I've had a surprisingly successful day, in terms of FLYing. I basically blew my top this morning when I realsied that every single thing I looked at was either dirty or piled high with junk that shouldn't be there. It sounds worse than it really was, but the dining table hotspot hasn't been clear for weeks, and now it is.

More ta das:
Vacuumed lounge
Cleaned hearth
More decluttering
Cleaned mildew from round bedroom window (so glad that's done, horrid job, been putting it off ages)
Watered plants
Emptied bins & compost bucket

Sorry for that shouty last one but it was an unexpected added bonus, done on the spur of the moment whilst dinner was cooking. Desperately needed doing too.

SilveryMoon Thu 03-Jan-13 18:57:57

Well done ellie grin
I've done that plenty toffee I'm pretty sure I spend more time checking how much time I've got left than I do actually clearing.

Morning routine (get up, make beds, get breakfast, shower and dress, swish and swipe, laundry, feed cats, clear breakfast, room rescue, hotspot) done
Check links for tomorrows babystep and mission done
Do mission/detail done spent 15 mins bleaching the grouting in bathroom
Do babystep no
Ds1 to hospital for hip check done (been given all clear)
Babysitting done
Ironing done
Afternoon routine (laundry, dry clothes sorted, non-iron clothes away, start dinner and fill sink, feed cats, wash up after dinner, clean kitchen, sweep floors, boys in bath, stray items away, stories, boys bed) done
Menu plan next week and write shopping list tomorrow
Put ironing board and ironed clothes away done
Before bed routine (lay out clothes, sweep floors, shine sink, go to bed) done just have to go to bed.

My friend arrived with a bottle of vodka, a 48 crate of beer and 2 bottles of wine. Not sure how long he plans to stay...............could be a late night! For him anyway, I plan on polishing off a bottle of wine and passing out.

LillethTheCat Thu 03-Jan-13 19:30:08

Well Ive done everything again grin

ta da
- Washing Machine on
- washed up 3X
- Wipe down front door
- Wipe down Kitchen window sill (I know its not technically in tomorrow's list or that its not even in zone 1, but Ive got no errands to run,plus it will take 5 mins as Im shining my sink)
- Make out lists for Fri, Sat and Sun (excluding any daily tasks to add on later)
- 2nd load of towels (have discovered DD1 has put muck on one and another could do with a wash)
- Drying
- Mock exam for my AAT course (got 93%, need 70 to pass)
- fill machine for Fridays washing
- take laundry upstairs
- Shine Sink

Tomorrow Im a bit busy so its not going to be a long list and there wont be any missions for me, just trying to keep up with my usual things and baby steps.

To do
- Wash up 2X
- Shine Sink
- Turn Washing Machine on
- Drying
- Fill Washing Machine for Saturday
- Go to the Supermarket
- Appointment in town

Have a good evening everyone.

Engelsemama Thu 03-Jan-13 19:41:31

Happy New Year fledglings old and new!

Just back from our week in the UK visiting family.

9 PAGES AREADY?!! It may take me sometime to catch up.

First on the list tomorrow will be doing washing, finding homes for all of our Christmas presents, unpacking and taking down the Christmas tree.

GoingGoingGoth Thu 03-Jan-13 19:47:15

Wow, this thread is speeding along!
Finally got my arse self out of bed at a almost reasonable time.

Marched Dd to the shops to complete this week's food shop, including getting her Christmas cheques in the bank
Prepared dinner with enough to freeze for another day
Tackled cat litter tray (don't normally list this, but he scattered litter EVERYWHERE today!)
Vacuumed bathroom, hall & lounge
Load of washing on
Applied for 3 jobs - am now adding these to my lists as some can take ages
Did Wednesday mission, as I got them the wrong way round yesterday!
Washed dinner pots-Dh dried
Shined sink

to do
Fold washing & put away, no ironing today grin
Watch Big Bang Theory

swanthingafteranother Thu 03-Jan-13 21:18:32

Toffee just to say, of course Flambards is about a parent wishing their son would do healthy outdoor things like horses, instead of designing airplanes in his bedroom wink Not much has changed...

Have suffered death by homework today.
We did do loads of exercise though, took children to gym to learn how to use the treadmill sad what a pretty pass is life that we have been reduced to this to get dses to do regular sporty stuff...Also decided to bite bullet and pay for a tennis lesson for them as they had been begging to learn properly.

Oh and car has broken down at Health Club, kind friend rescued me and brought me home, will have to call AA tomorrow.

Also have been dancing to Beegees.

better go and clear up mess now..

superfluouscurves Thu 03-Jan-13 21:39:45

[watches in disbelief as Ellie overtakes at high speed ...does dejected u-turn and head homes with creased thermals [sticks bottom lip out emoticon]]


[swigs Lauren's Baileys and snaffles cake]

Evenin' all. Hopeless Flying day today but a rather stressful one too. DD ill (again) with mystery illness but have doc's appt tomorrow am thankfully. Mil ill too. No excuses though - could have done far more than I did - I don't know what I am waiting for!!! Bit of a false start to the new year frankly blush
I bet you've all been v. active though and putting me to shame as usual ...

LadyDeidre really impressed by your schedule, your ironing system (would love to get rid of the back-log so I can achieve that) and your ultimate objective of having weekend free. That roughly correlates with Flylady system (just basic baby-steps at w/es and Sat and Sun designated as 'family fun day' and 'renew your spirit' day respectively) so definitely feasible!!

Well done re: your productive morning MrsPennyapple!! Can really sympathise with your frustration as you look around the house. Same here with knobs on!! Can also sympathise with procrastination - I spend hours and hours looking at stuff and dreading doing it - but when I actually get down to it - it's not half so bad!!

So sorry to hear about your friend Madwoman that's so awful for her and dd (at any time but especially over Christmas). Hope she will be OK. Good luck balancing work with ironing pile.

Toffee [ahhhh... dreams of Flambards...spent my teenage years pretending I was Christina Parsons - madly in love with Dick the groom [sigh] grin Congrats on 15 mins x 4 in bedroom!!

Silvery glad you got the all clear at the hospital and hope you are not going down with something - and if you are - hope your friend takes the hint! (Although I like the sound of his presents!!) Well done:re list!

Lilleth congrats on mock exam results and post away with lists as many as you like - whatever motivates smile You've got loads done today - well done!

Wewereherefirst never thought of ironing as potential weight loss tool - that's a brilliant idea!!! [scribbles frantically in control journal]

Mercury that sounds like a hard shift tonight - hope you managed to get some sleep beforehand

Gossip cooking lasagne and supervising giggling dc is NOT nothing in my book!!

Bitchy another one doing impressive calendar planning

Cue trumpet voluntary commemorating Ellie's completion of the mission!!! And, and... wait for it...[more trumpeting] (in the politest sense of course grin) reaching the bottom of the laundry basket!! Yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!

Ellie/Gossip and others ... obviously need to investigate use of the tumble dryer and 'non-iron' settings etc which I have ignored to date. Like Silvery I have a compulsion to iron (even pants) but through this thread have weaned myself off that (well, I only do dd's now) Eh, hem, well my twice-fortnightly ironing lady does dd's I should say (when she is here that is - she's on hols for over 2 mths currently - hence current pile of huge proportions). In the really grim past, had compulsion to wash all pants, towels and dh's shirts twice or three times too (have no idea why) but definitely CBA to do that now thankfully!!

Have fun with your Lakeland purchase Doublemum we are huge Lakeland obsessives fans on this thread!

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar Engels!! And how was Blighty? (And what are you hiding in your suitcase: Marmite, s&v crisps, a swede perhaps???)

Good luck with your job applications Goth

Vigorous wing flaps to Nicknacks and everyone else!!

Back in a mo to post links!

superfluouscurves Thu 03-Jan-13 21:43:49

x posts
Swan it's being active that counts (which you are doing a lot of!) not necessarily the activity - so don't be too despondent!

superfluouscurves Thu 03-Jan-13 21:58:13


OK everyone! Baby-step no. 4 for Friday 4th Jan coming right up

although this is one we generally ignore Personally don't feel the need to stick post-it notes everywhere to start cj.

Btw, we recommend not joining the Big Tent or you will be inundated with e-mails (although some Fledglings find weekly summary beneficial).

Tomorrow will be our last week day in zone one here

It might be helpful for newcomers to look at this about the current zone and see how the system fits together eg decluttering for 15 mins in the current zone, and once decluttered, the detailed cleaning etc

Friday's mission here (Toffee please look away) involves cob-web-busting in the dining room!

The daily focus for Friday is declutter your handbag(s) and car day

As you probably know by now, the habit of the month is shining your sink!!

And as it's Friday, I'm including some reminders here Can be quite useful to read through once in a while.

If I've forgotten anything, or you want to look at a quick of the summary of the above, click here for Friday's flight plan, which should have updated by then!

Keep going everyone! May the fourth be with you [sorry] grin


swanthingafteranother Thu 03-Jan-13 21:59:10

SC re: ironing, I just did the "put everything in the drawers unironed and hope we all wear jumpers over them" thing; I had good intentions and made a optimistic ironing pile, but have given up on that particular good intention, when the cat started sitting on it, as it was the size of mattress [ahem]

re: the washing everything twice, I think we all go through that stage. I remember as a teenager having a compulsion to wash everything by hand.

floor swept
laundry brought down
worktops tidied
dishwasher loaded
stew eaten
3 particularily shouty messy kids in bed, thank goodness

And ds2 has discovered a new pursuit with his cheap camcorder, Stop Animation with his lego. He wants to upload onto Youtube, unfortunately we are not tech savvy enough to turn it into a film, as he is showing it to us stop play stop play on his camcorder. It is thrilling stuff...grin

swanthingafteranother Thu 03-Jan-13 22:00:40

P.S.Hope dd better soon, don't put yourself down for not being busy enough, it sounds as if you are very busy with worrying about that.

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Thu 03-Jan-13 22:11:23

Sink is still shiny!

And I have done some discarding of wrapping paper and putting away of toys.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 03-Jan-13 22:12:40

SC - no, no - it had to be Mark, the rogue. (Did you know there is a fourth book in which she gets together with Mark?). And, by the way, you couldn't be Christina because I was Christina! (or Christina-a-a-ah <hums tune happily>).

Yes, Swan, you have a point. Making airplanes is not quite as graphic as shooting zombies on XBox though, although Will did end up shooting people for real in WWI, poor thing.

How come your DC are allowed to use the gym, Swan? DC are not allowed to join till they are 14 here. Instead, DS1 has agreed to do climbing lessons and take up swimming again. I agree with you that it's tiresome that we have to be so proactive about something that should be natural and desirable though.

Silvery - blimey, that is a lot of booze! I hope it's not all for him!

MrsP - well done on clearing the dining-room table and cleaning the kitchen windows grin. It is a good feeling when spaces and clean spots appear, isn't it? <looks ruefully at kitchen hotspot>.

Ellie - has your guest gone yet? We are guest-free for the first time in nine days and our little house suddenly feels quite spacious! It was lovely to have friends/family here, but it's also nice to be just us again.

Sorry, I can't read anymore - it's all a bit overwhelming here at the moment (SC - you are doing a wonderful job at rounding up), but everyone looks as if they are doing brilliantly.

Managed to get DC into bed in good time again tonight, although DS2 was still wailing that he was scared/too hot/not sleepy until a few minutes ago. I don't know what else we can do to settle him down. He really wants me to sleep with him, which I'm not doing, although I did nod off with him tonight. I woke up with a start a few minutes later, mumbling that he had won the best legs competition. DS2 thought this was hilarious (he has dear little-boy stick-like legs, so I don't know what that was all about confused).

Going to have a little browse, then off to bed at a decent hour.

Night all.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 03-Jan-13 22:15:19

SC - oh, I did tomorrow's mission with the cobwebs on Wednesday <proud>. No spiders in them though <phew>.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 03-Jan-13 22:17:32

Oh, and good luck at the docs with DD tomorrow, SC. I suppose they have checked her out for diabetes, have they?

superfluouscurves Thu 03-Jan-13 22:18:33

Swan how strange - loads of parallels here!!

One of my rabbits likes to sit on my pile of table-cloths (which have been washed and ironed unfortunately) stored under a side board. One day, I was laying the table for Sunday lunch, unfolded one of my best linen numbers, only to discover four sets of nibbled holes ...she has been banished from that area ever since.

And before she felt unwell, dd was filming a story set in her new Playmobil house. She has asked dh to upload ... but like you ... we are a bit stumped which may be a blessing actually.

Well done re: your list and fitness drive!

superfluouscurves Thu 03-Jan-13 22:29:25

Can see the glow from here Trazzles!!

Arf Toffee see you have a more adventurous taste in men than me!!! - (I tend to go for reliable types with tweed jackets and straw in their hair grin!!) Yes, have read the whole lot and re-read them plenty of times too. Can't wait to share with dd!!

Crikey - thanks - hadn't thought of diabetes... will add that to the list ... this will be the fourth time (I think) that we have visited doc for same thing so intending to be a bit more assertive than usual.

Well done for being ahead of the missions and for following through with early bed strategy!!

Arf at best legs competition grin!!!

G'night all ...

superfluouscurves Thu 03-Jan-13 23:00:31

Have just come across this blog which could prove useful.

G'night again!

madwomanintheattic Fri 04-Jan-13 03:45:53

Ha. I just found the decluttering thread, and was reading through it tonight. grin have decided to run it in parallel to this one. grin <thread slut>

I like that the blog is new... It feels shiny. grin

On an embarrassing note though, I got home from work to find that mil had indeed done a pile of ironing as suspected (honestly, she is compulsive), and <bites nails> cleaned my frigging oven.

She. Cleaned. My. Oven. <disappears in pool of never ending shame>

She is on holiday. She was lovely about it. But omg.

Ahem. Anyway, lovely friend's dd was here when I got home (she is friends with dd1) and had invited dd1 to sleep over. I took them both home and had a long chat with friend. She is pretty tippy, very on edge, but holding up. She has managed to talk to her h, but is pretty determined that it is over. House was fine, he's moved to work (they have staff accom) and she is starting to talk about disentangling finances etc. she says she just needs to sleep. She's not slept properly since he told her he'd moved out, but obviously today she told her dd what had happened on the way back from the airport, and got home, and so all the 'pending' stuff is done and she can try and regroup a little. Both she and dd are teary, but so far, as good as can be expected. Thanks for all kind words today, you are all fab. She's supposed to be back at work tomorrow, but has spoken with her boss and they've agreed she should just see how she feels, whether she manages to get some sleep etc. I think it will do her good from a distraction pov, even if she can manage a few hours.

So, mil has done my flying for today. blush and dh is cooking dinner.

Don't do post-it's. grin

MakeNoResolutions Fri 04-Jan-13 06:00:02

Morning all,

We're back from our night away; it was lovely and relaxing. We're now on the countdown to back to school. DH has an extra week off so I'm hoping that he'll run a few errands for me each day.

Christmas cards down and ready to take into school for collages next year
Majority of decorations down and ready to be packed away
Dishes done
Sink shined
Purse decluttered
Separate spending diary prepped and started
Burning last of Christmas oils now so house smells lovely

To do
Washing x 3
Bring in dry washing
30 mins of ironing (might have to do two bursts!)
Sew button onto school uniform
Sweep kitchen floor (possibly mop depending on how it looks post-sweep)
Children's bedding
Christmas tree down (boo! Hate this part of Christmas)
Dust shelves were Christmas cards had delicately hidden dust smile

Quite the list and that doesn't include the zone so might pop clean dining room window on there too. We're going bowling later so best make a start.

Enjoy your day!

SilveryMoon Fri 04-Jan-13 09:08:03

Morning all
Re keeping up with thread and current business: it must be quite hard for all of you that have been here for ages just suddenly being invaded by newbies! I think we're all in the same place thinking how are we going to keep up, so I don't think anyone will be overly offended if they didn't receive personals until everyone gets to know each other.
Don't get me wrong, I am trying to keep up and fully read each post, but sometimes it just have to be skim-read.
As a newbie (returning after a year), I feel welcome here and motivated.

List dump
to do
Morning routine
detail cleaning
afternoon routine
menu plan for next week
clear out purse and bag
polish shoes
before bed routine
Put together new bed that came yesterday
Put a new deadbolt on front door as friend managed to break it
Go for a spin in my new car................

.......................yep, dp is getting me a car today (hopefully, or tomorrow). I failed my test last week, but only just. was so close, so dp's decided to get me a car so I can drive to build up confidence before my next test which will hopefully be soon.

I'm not going to everyday type out individual jobs that are included in my morning/afternoon/bedtime routines. I have them written down here, although it is noce to see a mahoosive list with the word done next to every item!

Have a good day everyone, bbl

laurenamium Fri 04-Jan-13 09:17:33

Morning everyone!

Shiny new car sounds great silvery what you getting? <nosey>

grin at your MIL cleaning your oven madwoman! You should start leaving her a list when you go out wink

Just a quick list dump before I get out of bed started!

To do:
Food shop
Walk dogs
Pick up prescription and get it from chemists
Post parcel
Get petrol
DD laundry and put it away

That will probably be it! BBL!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 04-Jan-13 09:18:37

I like that blog, SC. Thanks for the link. Oh, and I don't actually have a more adventurous taste in men (DH actually possesses a tweed jacket!) - I think Mark was more of a girlish fantasy smile. And he was more exciting than Will or Dick, I thought. I did love that bit in the book where Dick kisses her though - omg, the height of my teen fantasy, that was!

DS2 is still very happy that he won the best-legs competition in my dream grin.

Madwoman - I feel so sad for your friend and her DD. A friend of mine's not-so-dear husband left her and sleep was her problem too. She just couldn't sleep at all. In the end, she had to go to the GP and get sleeping tablets.

I know what you mean about mil helping. I feel the same when mine does stuff. It makes me feel so ashamed. I suppose we have to remember that they are not trying to make us feel like that, they remember what it's like to run a home and care for DC and are simply trying to help. Your MIL was probably very happy to do those things for you.

Makenoresolution - that's a good list. Hope DH helps! Enjoy the bowling later.

Must go and throw some clothes on as one of DS2's school friends is coming round shortly. Am hoping they will play nicely together so that I can carry on tidying in our bedroom. If I need to keep an eye on them, there is a big pile of ironing to do jdownstairs <sigh>.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 04-Jan-13 09:21:32

silvery - that's fabulous about the new car. Did you know there's a thread in chat about learning to drive? The first poster recommends buying a car when you're still learning, so you can practise (I have read the thread because I am still putting off learning to drive <terrified emoticon>, but it would be so useful if I could).

<waves to lauren>

bakerofcakes Fri 04-Jan-13 09:31:14

Not much flying done yesterday as still poorly, apart from throwing copious amounts of bleach down the loo and swishing and swiping every five minutes. grin

Did manage to do normal morning routine and Wednesday's mission, couldn't do Thursdays as it would have involved getting dressed and going outside to clean the front door, hadn't got the energy for that.

Feeling a bit livelier today, but not well enough for work, so hoping to catch up on ironing this afternoon and the dog needs walking. Also need to take the tree and decorations down and put back in the loft at some point over the weekend.

thekitchenfairy Fri 04-Jan-13 09:37:53

Mornin ladies...

I think I am almost getting ths right <whooooopie emoticon> but i am having trouble keeping up with the thread... It's moving so fast

Ok I have a shiny sink
Menu done til Sunday
Tonight's dinner ready
A clean hall and kitchen, daily swish of bathroom
Dining room was tidy but now has all manner of bath, taps etc as bathroom to be installed v soon. Not v fly but have to close door on this room and press pause.

Today.... Clean out purse tackle laundry to be put away.... Am I missing something?

Can someone please post a link to de cluttering thread? Downstairs ok but upstairs is a shed after 6 months of life in boxes as roof and electrics fixed. <runs off overwhelmed to find brew>

MrsPennyapple Fri 04-Jan-13 10:26:44

I'm on the decluttering thread too, it's very motivating and I find it's helping to run the two together as you find so much dirt as you get rid of ! Can't link as am on phone but it's help called Anyone want to join me in a minimalist journey

elliepac Fri 04-Jan-13 10:39:47


Quick list post from me this morning.

To do:-
Morning routine
Get DS to tidy his room
General maintenance tidy throughout house

DS has a friend coming over this afternoon so want to get all this done this morning but have been very lazy so far!

Back later.

lorisparkle Fri 04-Jan-13 10:51:35

could I come and learn to fly here too....

I've been trying for the last year or so but can't get into the swing of it.

I'll endeavour to keep up with the thread and see if it helps. smile

SilveryMoon Fri 04-Jan-13 10:58:24

lauren it won't be a new car, just a £500one off autotrader. Little run around.
toffee a thread you say? Must have a look at that later.
I was convinced I wasn't ready for test, my instructor really pushed me and I started breaking down in lessons and messing up really badly, he'd tell me to stop acting like a child and was quite mean the day before test so I told him I was done that I couldn't understand why he was pushing me to do something I wasn't ready to blah blah.
The next day he was due to pick me up at half 12 for a drive round before test at half 1. At half 11, I was still saying I wasn't doing it.
Got on top test, bumped the curb early on then came out too early at a roundabout.
At the end of the test, I had 4 minors and he said if it wasn't for the roundabout, he'd have let me off the curb bump.
So close, such a stupid mistake as well.
Hope you feel better soon baker

DoubleMum Fri 04-Jan-13 11:30:31

Congrats on the new car Silvery, that's a great incentive. I was a mess on my first test. A huge lorry had broken down backing up all the traffic at a junction and it threw me completely.
I wish my MIL would come and clean my oven. I'm not proud! One day soon cleaning the oven is going to have to be included on my list but it won't be today (or tomorrow).
The DCs have tidied the living room and their bedrooms as they have friends coming. I have cleaned the hob.
My sink doesn't appear to be very shiny but my tap is gleaming!
To do:
make pizzas for lunch (dough done, and DCs will make their own)
clean under doormat
clear out car & handbag
try to find half an hour to read my book
shine sink
clear cobwebs from behind radiators and cupboard in the dining room. It's like a scene out of The Hobbit behind the cupboard, am a bit scared.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 04-Jan-13 11:36:12

Silvery -here is the link.

Morning routine done. DS2 and his friend chatting non-stop and not needing any parental intervention at all, so am starting on the ironing mountain...

Orchidskeepdying Fri 04-Jan-13 11:54:56

Hi Everyone,
Just found this thread, i've been doing this since new years day and i love it! I actually cleaned out my car today! Me - who never cleans out her car! and it took 15 mins! I even hoovered!!!!! smile)
Cleaned skirting board in the dining room! Very happy with myself!


SilveryMoon Fri 04-Jan-13 12:38:03

Doublemum My oven is horrid. I mean really grim, I am embarrassed that I allow people to eat food that is cooked in there!
I started cleaning it with my steam mop (the h2o x5) attachment, but the mop broke. I was doing 15mins a day with the plan to get it clean and then incorporate a quick wipe daily after we'd eaten dinner (oven still warm but not hot)
Thanks for the link toffee
Well done Orchid is a great feeling isn't it? And she is right, you can get anything done in 15mins!

My friend is still here. Him and dp put up the new bed this morning and have now gone to buy a new lock for the door. Dp is looking at a car later so may not actually get it til tomorrow.

Am still feeling a bit under the weather, the pain in my neck is the hardest (no, not talking about dp wink)

to do
Morning routine done
RR done
hotspot done
detail cleaning
afternoon routine
menu plan for next week
clear out purse and bag
polish shoes done
before bed routine
Put together new bed that came yesterday done (not by me)
Put a new deadbolt on front door as friend managed to break it
Go for a spin in my new car

Quick list from me:

Swish and swipe done while bathing DC's
Load dw partially done will finish after dinner
Put slow cooker on done
Strip & remake bed done
Washing x3 done
Sort dry washing and put away partially done
Nip to town to get few bits for DS packed lunches
Vac through downstairs
15 mins decluttering

DH was up before dawn and won't be back until the DC's are in bed and they're rioting today -- I want to hide under the stairs! --

Engelsemama Fri 04-Jan-13 14:03:26

Forgot to stock up on Marmite sc but have one jar left to get me through till our next trip grin (and they do sell it in Albert Heijn, albeit at a ridiculous price). We were feeling so full after a week of way too much English food we hardly got anything at our supermarket stock up at the end of the week (plus we have been given a million tins of shortbread to get through).

Doublemum and anyone lese ashamed about the state of their oven, I have cleaned mine twice in the last 5 years. This may explain the combusting ciabatta last summer blush

Have just dispatched DH out to do food shopping so I can finish tidying house.

Ta da
Christmas tree packed away
Christmas decorations packed away in new box
Unpacked most of luggage
Put away most of presents
Bagged up baby toys
Moved playpen and plants to new spot in lounge
2 lots of washing done (2nd lot in td)
Coffee with ILs
Hoovered lounge
Emptied waste paper for recycling

To do
Fit car seat
Take baby toys and Christmas decorations upstairs
Put Christmas tree down in cellar
3rd lot of washing
Put away Christmas crockery
Tidy last few presents from dining room table
Order play carpet
Water plants
Write thank you cards
Order birthday present for friend's DS

So many things to do!!! BBL

lorisparkle Fri 04-Jan-13 14:31:33

I'm envy of all the things everyone gets done.

I have....
emptied and filled dishwasher
put away a load of clothes , put a load in machine and tumbler
tidied and Hoovered lounge
washed up and put away
emptied bins, put them out, and put bags in all bins
stopped ds1, 2 and 3 from killing each otherhmm

to do...
make scones
tidy kitchen
101 things I have not even thought about.

lorisparkle Fri 04-Jan-13 14:33:52

dh might not help much but he does clean the oven grin he might moan about doing it and the fact I don't do it but I don't care as long as he does it wink

MercuryRising Fri 04-Jan-13 14:58:08

Afternoon all smile

I survived my night shift. My friend had the dcs today so I could get some sleep which I was extremely grateful for. Im doing the same hours tonight and then thats it for another week.

Silvery congratulations on the car and almost passing your test. It really sounds like you will pass next time. I passed in the summer and it was the most incredible feeling.

Im going to do the basics again today just so the house doesnt descend into chaos. I think that is the key to the flylady philosophy as it makes you realise that a little housework is so much better than nothing and it really does help. Before I always felt if I couldnt clean the house from top to bottom there was no point doing anything.

Im off for a brew and to try to wake up. Have a lovely afternoon.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 04-Jan-13 15:02:39

Mountain of ironing done grin.

Thank-you letters an ongoing struggle...

superfluouscurves Fri 04-Jan-13 15:23:22

Hello. Just dashing in and out.

DD had all clear (again) at docs this morning but I did insist on blood test just to check so will be interested to see results. Of course, this morning, she looked absolutely as healthy as can be when I took her in - rosy cheeks and everything (not the pale limp thing of yesterday).

But 3 mins after blood test she slumped in her chair and turned white, so we had to get her over to lie down on doc's examing couch pretty sharpish. Doc was very "oh that's a totally normal reaction after a blood test" and she's probably right - dd's still highest percentile in height and lowest percentile in weight and growing like a weed so that probably explains it all.

May take her to my cardiologist just for an added check (doc doesn't think its necessary but you can self refer here) and I know I'm probably being terribly PFB about it but dd doesn't faint in church, or assembly - or at usual times when people usually faint - so just want to be sure.

One visitor leaving tonight, last one tomorrow. Not sure about dh's movements as mil still quite ill.

Must dash but just wanted to say to Silvery thanks for your kind words about round-ups smile. The thread is always busy at this time of year and is forever changing with different people coming and going. Round-ups may not be so detailed next week when work/art acad/school/extra-curric stuff starts again but newcomers always welcome and loads of experienced Flyers on here who can answer questions. And everyone takes turns leading so not a problem!


Castlelough Fri 04-Jan-13 15:24:18

Ooh talk of oven cleaning! Mine is so bad I can't use the grill without smoking out the house. I just hate the fumes off the spray oven cleaners....has anyone got a more environmentally nostril friendly method of cleaning ovens??? I bought soda crystals ages ago but haven't tried them on anything ....could they work?

My visitors have left and I am contemplating packing up all over again to go home (3 hr drive) to see my sister off (back to Australia). House is a lot tidier than it was before the visitors arrived (let's not measure cleanliness, for now tidy an improvement!)

To the person who asked about house building and how I am finding it (apologies I can't remember who!) - It would all be wonderful if we had been sensible and gotten a mortgage at the start, but instead we put all our savings into starting the house, borrowed a small bit more (€8k) and ran up a credit card/OD (€8k) trying to do what we could without a mortgage. Then we got stuck for money, and the bank won't deal with us until we have cleared the €16k (€10k left to clear). So we are renting nearby and it is head wrecking! We have electricity in our house, but haven't started the plumbing so there is no water/sewerage/finished close, but not close enough! And ironically DH is a plumber! Hopefully by the end of the year I will be flying in my own house! :-)

Wingflaps to everyone, better get flapping myself...

Ps: SC I hope it goes well with dd today.

superfluouscurves Fri 04-Jan-13 15:28:12

x posts thanks Castle! Sorry you are going through all those house-building stresses.

Will be back later to do proper personals. Hope everyone's day is going well!

superfluouscurves Fri 04-Jan-13 15:33:06

Forgot to say, a v. warm welcome to Orchidskeepdying

and LorisSparkle (sorry if you are a returnee and not a newcomer - it's taking me a bit of time to familiarise myself with newcomers/namechangers etc) Hello anyway [smile!]

LPlateFlyer Fri 04-Jan-13 16:08:36

Cuddled - so sorry about your news. Expected or not, it must still be devastating losing a parent.

Just - so sorry about your friend’s phone call. It’s not the one that you spent all that time helping, is it?

PA - grin at the rude santa!

Big hello and a (slightly belated) Happy New Year to everyone! Tried to catch up, worked my way through December but had to give up at the end of 1 January, too much chat!

Just got back from France, walked into the house and my heart sunk at the state. I had managed to get it acceptable for Christmas, but it all got messed up again trying to get ready to go on holiday.

Holiday was badly mistimed. Dealt with DS1 having chicken pox before we went away and a badly sprained and bruised ankle (foot, shin and calf). Chicken pox went before we went away, foot still in a lot of pain, but on holiday DS2 succumbed to chicken pox. Fortunately it cleared up before our return today. But my foot .... thank goodness for ibuprofen and paracetamol....

So time to get the house in order. Obviously missed zone 1 (which badly needed it!) so guess will move straight onto zone 2 and other crisis cleaning.

lorisparkle Fri 04-Jan-13 16:22:19

thanks, I have tried flying before but have found the I am so piled under with basic day to day stuff that anything on top is impossible.

lorisparkle Fri 04-Jan-13 16:23:29

sorry cross-posted.blush

Lori I am in the same position of struggling with the day to day stuff at the moment. Is there anyone who can muck in and help?

lorisparkle Fri 04-Jan-13 16:37:57

unfortunately I use up all my dm's generous childcare on working part time and dh is exceptionally stressed with his work at the moment. I just know it won't last forever and should reduce my expectations of myself!

LillethTheCat Fri 04-Jan-13 16:46:15

Phew, just turned on the laptop now. Just popping on the net for 10 before I take the dog out

To do
- Wash up
- Turn Washing Machine on
- Drying
- Fill Washing Machine for Saturday (mostly, wearing some clothes I want to put in)
- Go to the Supermarket
- Appointment in town

to do
- wash up (after tea)
- Shine Sink (after washing up)

Anyway got to go, DD2 has just started whining about her cold, poor little baby girl. I feel so bad for her.


Engelsemama Fri 04-Jan-13 17:07:09

List update

Fit car seat too dark to do now but have taken it out of the box grin
Take baby toys and Christmas decorations upstairs
Put Christmas tree down in cellar done
3rd lot of washing on
washing-up done
Put away Christmas crockery done
Tidy last few presents from dining room table
Order play carpet done
Water plants am going to do it as soon as I've posted this!
Write thank you cards
Order birthday present for friend's DS done

To do
put away dry washing
read car seat fitting instructions
find DS's other drumstick
clear away stuff on bed
bedside table
put up photo of DS
have a long hot shower and treat myself with all the lovely smellies I got for Christmas followed by delicious pear cider brought back from UK (must find out if they sell it here!)

I should start thinking about my marking but am in denial (will start tomorrow while DS is napping and DH is out doing DIY at his parents). blush

lori I find that I don't end up doing the missions and 15 min decluttering every day or week for that matter but Flylady has got me to do things in small steps. I've got the habit of always doing the washing-up straight after dinner and it has made the world of difference to my house and my state of mind. Just doing that one thing means I'm more likely to do all the other stuff that needs doing.

Sorry to hear your foot is still painful Lplate - rest up! (I know it's easier said than done!)

DoubleMum Fri 04-Jan-13 18:10:33

Not an entirely successful day - did vacuum and clean hob and kitchen and tidy, before 2 separate sets of the DC's friends came (with their mums, nice chats for me!), but then they made their own pizzas, cue big mess in the kitchen, and I made them popcorn, cue big mess all over the living room floor. I don't think I have the heart to do it all again at the moment, so I will concentrate on getting the washing up done and having a nice shiny sink before I go to bed.
Re. oven cleaning, I hate it with a passion all-consuming and what works well for me is to have a heavy-duty silicon mat at the bottom of the oven. This catches all drips etc and can be taken out and washed or even put in the dishwasher. So at least the bottom can stay clean once it actually is clean.
Mental note take out the disgusting-looking silicon mat at the bottom of the oven and wash it!

GoingGoingGoth Fri 04-Jan-13 19:00:10

Have today SC you're doing a brilliant job on the updates and I hope your Dd is better soon.
Short list today
Morning routines
1 load washing
Daily mission
Set up our printer
Walked Dd (might as well have a dog!)
Collected up & packed away missed Christmas decorations
15 minute declutter in bedroom
Dh did dinner smile

To do
Wash pots & shine sink
Drag DD off the How to train your dragon website & stick her in the bath
Complete another couple of applications

SilveryMoon Fri 04-Jan-13 20:08:53

Not a very successful day FLYing wise. No detail, no afternoon or before bed routine.
New bed is up, lock is on door and car is outside.
Will be back tomorrow with a list and to catch up.
Have a good evening everyone and a wine we all deserve it!

WhatKatyDidToday Fri 04-Jan-13 21:47:01

Hanging in there with my babysteps! Will try and catch up on thread and what everyone has been up to properly tomorrow. smile

No FLYing here at all, in fact I couldn't even manage the usual basics as the Dc's were tag teaming on getting me in a twist and DS2 has hit the first clingy stage. I need a sling.

If I can't catch up at the weekend I will have to start afresh on Monday when DS1 heads to school.

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Fri 04-Jan-13 22:29:29

Sink still shiny and have being getting dressed to make up.

Cleared off some of the desk, cleared the coffee table and put away more Christmas presents. It looks better now anyway!

DS in hospital for chemo tomorrow so limited flying but the sink will stay shiny! It will!

lorisparkle Sat 05-Jan-13 00:20:07

I've definitely been more motivated today although making scones created much more mess but I have done lots of things I have been procrastinating about all holiday. here's to a shiny sink tomorrow!

ta da
It's a short list today absolutely Fuck all

<heads over to the naughty corner bar.> <pours large stiff drinks>, <gulps>, <realises on huge amounts of pain killing meds and passes out for a much need night's sleep>

MercuryRising Sat 05-Jan-13 01:34:35

Just catching up with this thread whilst at work.

I hope everything goes as well as it can for you and ds tomorrow trazzle. You will both be in my thoughts.

<tucks bitchy in and tiptoes out back to work>

trazzle hope tomo goes as well as it possibly can.

madwomanintheattic Sat 05-Jan-13 04:55:00

Today, mil tidied dd1's half of the girls' bedroom, the utility room, did more ironing, and altered a dress to fit dd1 for a party on Sunday.

I feel a bit queasy. She has apparently managed more in two days than I manage in a week/ month/ year if we are talking about the damn cooker.

Tomorrow they are all off skiing though, and I have cried off, so am going to use the time to sort out the bedroom, and go through all the clothes and get rid of vast swathes of unnecessary and restricting stuff. There are only five of us, and we have enough clothes to cater for the average orphanage including staff.

I intend to get to the point where I can vacuum and dust. I have two drawers of stuff in my chest of drawers that has not been sorted out since we moved in 18mos ago.

Hugs for tomorrow Trazzles x

<props up against Bitchy and finishes her drink, whilst pondering mil's supernatural ability to finish tasks>
<pours another one>

Lovely friend is ok, btw. Joined her for a curry tonight (no washing up wink) and she made it to work today and feels a bit stronger. Will not have helped with my body clutter ishoos, but was better for mh ones. grin

SilveryMoon Sat 05-Jan-13 05:27:00

Thinking of you trazzle hope today goes smoothly for your ds.

Loads to do today
Clean kitchen from yesterday
General straighten up of flat from lack of flying yesterday
Morning routine
Meet friend in pub for brunch
Quick menu plan and shopping list
Weekly clean
Food shopping
Afternoon routine
Before bed routine

Uh-oh. Ds2 just yelled no from his bed. Looks like it'll be one of those days.
Have a good morning all

superfluouscurves Sat 05-Jan-13 06:52:57

Yes, good luck today Trazzles to you and Joe

Sorry I didn't get back on here last night. Rl a bit busy. Posting step for today, then going to airport, and back for personals later (promise!)


Baby-step no.5 for Sat Jan 5th is here re: banishing negativity. Bit of a 'meh' one in some respects, not in others in that there's no real point in feeling guilty about one's past Flying performance ...more productive to focus on here and now and all that.

NB we suggest you don't join Big Tent in case you get inundated with e-mails

No zones or missions because it is the weekend.

Saturday is family fun day

Flight plan summary here


Have a good day everyone!!

superfluouscurves Sat 05-Jan-13 07:01:16


PS Just for info/or if anyone wants to get ahead, next week's zone will be:

Zone 2 the kitchen

usually comes around first full week of the month


TrazzleMISTLEtoes Sat 05-Jan-13 07:25:17

Thanks all - it should be fine today. This chemo is milder than previous ones and is just to encourage stem cell production so just a long day in hospital, that's all really.

Engelsemama Sat 05-Jan-13 08:21:47

Sending you strength for today trazzles (and well done on that sink!)

Madwoman I frequently get the cleaning urge when I staying at someone else’s house for any length of time. Whenever we’re in the UK I normally end up cleaning my mother’s fridge/bathroom/clearing out cupboards. I do things that I haven’t done in my own house for months. When I was a kid I used to tidy up my cousin’s playroom (I was VERY jealous that they had a playroom to tidy!). Glad your friend is doing okay.

Not sure what to do today. I did a lot of tidying away downstairs yesterday. DH is decorating his parents’ lounge today so am on my own with DS.

Things I really should do…
Put away last lot of washing from yesterday
Do 2 lots of washing
Fit car seat
Post letters and thank you cards (got them done yesterday!)
Move ols toys and Christmas decorations upstairs to loft
Change beds
Do some marking when DS is asleep sad
Skype DM
If I’m feeling brave take bike to bike shop to be repaired
Investigate framing photo of DS
Hoover upstairs
Weigh myself <shudder>
Do some exercise – can do Shred <<double shudder>>
Digital declutter and back up files
My new year’s resolution is get outside more…could do some gardening/go for a walk/just take DS out in the garden for half an hour
Investigate and order museum year card (DH and mine Christmas present to each other)
Label DS clothes
Call GPs

So actually there is rather a lot to choose from today!

Happy flying smile

LillethTheCat Sat 05-Jan-13 08:41:44

Morning everyone

Good luck for today trazzles sorry to hear you are having to go through this. Hope your DS gets better.

- Washing Machine on

to do
- Drying
- Take Clothes upstairs X2 (have got yesterdays washing to do too)
- Delegate Wash up to DH (I should be out now, but slept in and he would have washed up anyway so I refuse to do it grin)
- Wash up 2X
- Sign Sink
- Start 1000 piece puzzle with DD1

Was in a right pickle this morning. I enjoy running and there is something called Parkrun. Basically up and down the country at 9AM every Saturday morning there is a timed 5K run. To go I would need to leave at 8 so there is plenty of place to park and I hate rushing. So I would need to get up at 7, but at quarter to 7 this morning the house was quiet and I felt guilty getting the house up just so I could go for a run. Especially as we were tired yesterday due to having a rubbish night sleep Thurs night (DD2 15MO is just getting over a cold and we didn't get to sleep till 3AM Fri Morning) so I decided it was more important to let the house sleep.

Though thinking about it now I could have got up and walked the dog, got back at got myself sorted leaving DH to deal with the DCs. That thought never occured to me earlier so now Im even more annoyed with myself. Oh well I know what I need to do next week now. Get my stuff sorted downstairs and get up myself. Normally DH would do the early morning dog walk while I sorted the DCs, hence why I thought I would be getting the whole house up.

Anyway sorry about the rant, just wanted to let it out to feel better about missing out on something I like to do.

Have a good weekend everybody.

Orchidskeepdying Sat 05-Jan-13 09:03:42

shock feel lost without a mission today!!

lorisparkle Sat 05-Jan-13 09:08:45

I'm hopeless on keeping up with things when reading threads on phone - sorry. however
hope all goes well today trazzle
lilleth - sorry you had a frustrating morning although I am impressed with your energy
madwomanintheattic - my mum has an amazing ability to do all the things I should have done when she is over but then I think of the additional things I have to do which stop be from getting jobs done.

to do
take down decorations

that is about it as we are off to my parents later

hope everyone has a good day

MrsPennyapple Sat 05-Jan-13 09:31:04

Morning people . Just a quick. One from me today. Stupid phone makes. Posting really. Hard work.

Re oven cleaning - if you have a dishwasher.put grill pan and shelves in there to wash. They might have to go through twice but then any gunk that's left is so much easier to get off. We don't. Use our dw much but it's it's. Worth having just for that.

Orchidskeepdying Sat 05-Jan-13 10:41:36

Giving myself missions instead

Emptied dishwasher

To do
Sort out clothes going to the charity shop/binned
Bedroom hot spots
Living room hot spots
hoover upstairs
Take down christmas cards
Hoover living room

Dreading cleaning my oven next week sad

dizzyday07 Sat 05-Jan-13 11:16:52

Operation De-Christmas is my task today plus I need to blitz the house as the out-laws are coming for lunch tomorrow. So I WILL be posting a Ta-Da list today!

laurenamium Sat 05-Jan-13 11:19:18

Morning all!

<heads over to join bitchy in the naughty corner!

I need to put my laundry away, and ill be spending most of the day watching the retro CITV programmes. In fact this is scheduled in all weekend grin

Ill be back at some point!

MrsPennyapple Sat 05-Jan-13 11:30:44

Right, on laptop now so might actually write a post that makes sense!

Ta da:
Vacuumed stairs
Stripped bed
Laundry on

To do:
More laundry
Put clean stuff away
Probably lots more.

Sorry I'm not very good at personals, I find I can spend too much time on MN so try to just scan the thread and make a few responses, and dump my lists.

lorisparkle Sat 05-Jan-13 11:33:14

well I've taken down most of decorations now need to blitz the mess! off to mums now so will have to wait.

Orchidskeepdying Sat 05-Jan-13 12:32:38

To do
Sort out clothes going to the charity shop/binned Done
Bedroom hot spots Done mine..not DHs
Living room hot spots Done
hoover upstairs Done
Take down christmas cards Done, and christmas tree... livingroom looks bare
Hoover living room Done

Pats self on back! grin

Hope today has gone well Trazzle

Ta da:

DS1 haircut
DS1 new school shoes (and DS2 clothes for birthday)
Dishwasher loaded and on
Nappy wash

To do:

Empty dishwasher
Take down Christmas cards
Write list of who we received from for next year
Take down decorations and trees
Count baubles on tree for DS1 homework
Hunt for hidden baubles by DS2
Dry nappies
Hoover sitting room
Swish and swipe
Sort dinner
Force DH to work (he doesn't want to go tonight) grin

LillethTheCat Sat 05-Jan-13 13:18:36

Time for a quick recap

- Washing Machine on
- Drying
- Take Clothes from yesterdays wash upstairs
- Delegate Wash up to DH
- Wash up

- wash up after tea
- Sign Sink
- Start 1000 piece puzzle with DD1
- load washing machine for tomorrow
- take todays laundry upstairs

So Im halfway there. Right off to have a go at this 1000 piece disney puzzle with DD1. Father Christmas was ever so kind to bring her a puzzle we can do together grin

Got CITV on the TV. Just applied to do the Great North Run. Im a bit scared about it, but I got from nothing to 10K last summer and can comfortably run 5K now so 13.1 miles should be easy in 9 months shock Then again I might not get on. Last year they had 105,000 people applying for 55,000 spaces and it might be worse this year with the olympics and people might have taken up running last summer.

GossipWitch Sat 05-Jan-13 13:27:50

Afternoon all, dp let me sleep in again which means that I have not long got up but I am dressed, I am also full of cold atm, which isn't helping with my laziness.
I have a fair old list to get on with though which is:-

unload and load dishwasher,
clean kitchen,
tidy lounge
tackle mount washmore
deep clean bathroom
hoover and mop hall.

You know I think I may just spend the weekend doing a house blessing, I have a busy week next week and will hopefully pass my test so may spend the rest of the week aimlessly driving around :D

DoubleMum Sat 05-Jan-13 13:31:28

Hope it goes OK today Trazzle.
emptied and filled dishwasher (but now want to put my oven shelves in there!)
done washing
made bread and soup for lunch, and rolls for packed lunches next week
taken DS to his new karate class (he liked it, phew!)

To do:
put remainder of decorations in the loft now my jumbo bags have arrived from Dotcomgiftshop
vacuum. Floors are yukky.
shine my sink so I come down to super shiny taps
tidy the kitchen, it's a mess

ToffeeWhirl Sat 05-Jan-13 14:04:02

Another one wishing you all the best today, Trazzles. Am very impressed that you are still managing to Fly in between hospital visits.


Completed the washing up DH said he had done last night confused
Wiped down kitchen surfaces
Put rubbish bag out
Put out recycling
Spent some time with DS2
Long soak in a hot bath
Swished and swiped in bathroom
Shopping for dinner tonight
Cleaned muddy wellies
Cooked lunch for DS1 and his friend

Glad the missions are in the kitchen next week, SC - my kitchen needs it.

Was up at 5 this morning and am feeling a bit tired and achy today, so might sneak off to have a nap shortly. DH has taken DS2 out and DS1 is busy playing on the XBox with a friend, so no one will notice I've gone AWOL. Not exactly Family Fun Day, but at least we're all happy grin.

Hope you all have a good day.

Procrastinating here.

Good luck today Trazzle

Haven't read all the thread, just having a rabbit in the headlights moment with all the Christmas presents that haven't been found homes yet (we were away Boxing Day until Thursday). We opted for lots of small stuff (books, games, DVDs etc) this year instead of big presents but it has all got find somewhere to live. DS started doing some unprompted decluttering this morning (bless him!) but DD just wanted to keep everything.

DH has just taken the Christmas tree to the tip sad and I have boxed up the decorations to go back to the loft also sad, the house looks very dull (as well as untidy). DCs are colouring and listening to one of the new CDs, I really ought to go and get on with stuff <sighs>.

bakerofcakes Sat 05-Jan-13 14:35:33

Hope today has gone well for your little boy trazzle
Just been to visit DD and her partner, they are both glued to CITV too lauren, kids were clamouring to watch Disney channel, but no chance grin
Feeling a lot better today, just very tired, but DD partner is now ill, we were supposed to be going to see the Hobbit tonight, but he doesn't think he will be able to go so we will have to put that off until next week.

Ta Da
Usual morning routines (make bed, swish and swipe, tidy kitchen, washing on, wash any pots etc)
Been shopping
Visited DD and partner

To Do

Walk dog
Get boxes out of loft to pack away christmas tree/decorations
Put stuff back in loft together with new camping table I have just bought
Thursday and Friday's missions
Think about doing some ironing
Cook tea
Wash up again and tidy kitchen
Watch DVD/TV with DP
Have long soak in bath, then nightime routines (quick tidy up, get clothes out for tomorrow etc)

Don't forget to tell us about your new car silvery

Just about awake. Just
Meds completely wiped me out last night. knew they would and the sleep was much needed. Pain control is looking like it is going to happen which is good. However, ability to function is sorely lacking atm.

Suppose to be getting so much done today too. hmm

Going to start with a small to do list and an even smaller ta da list.
To do:
Get up and breakfast
Room rescue my room
unload, reload and run dishwasher

Ta da
cancel this afternoon's plans - lovely friend was very understanding
sort out tonight's plans -although i might have to cancel if functioning doesn't improve sad
Consider what needs to be done before tomo evening - need to put this into an ordered plan of action though as it is just random thoughts atm

lorisparkle Sat 05-Jan-13 15:29:23

hope you are feeling better bitchy.

I'm planning on updating my morning routine and would live to see other people's if willing to share grin

Morning routine:
open eyes
throw clothes and food at child
get showered and up
throw packed lunch together
take child to school
come home, drink coffee

In that precise order. I am NOT a morning person so morning routine contains as little as physically possible

WhatKatyDidToday Sat 05-Jan-13 16:29:04

trazzles hope today goes ok
Engelsemama that’s a v long list – good luck! Can’t you just pick a few things to do?!
LillethTheCat well done for even thinking about a run! I need to get back on it next week. Hope you manage to squeeze one in at some other point…I’m sure ranting is cathartic, rant away!
MrsPennyapple - thanks for tip re oven cleaning – my oven is vile, but doing that would help a little!
Orchidskeepdying arf at setting yourself missions! <aspires to get to the point where I miss missions!>
laurenanium I have recorded all the CITV programmes and cannot wait to watch them later with or without the kids
GossipWitch jealous of your lie in! My DC3 doesn’t ‘do’ sleeping and I go back to work soon, so would kill for a lie in right now!

Have to go now, will come back and finish looking at thread and dump very short list later!

MakeNoResolutions Sat 05-Jan-13 16:37:24

Hi all,

A productive day here as I'm back at work tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see if I can stay on top of things when the term is in full swing again. This week is a fairly easy one as we get everyone back into the swings of things.

Washing x 3
Line dry washing
All ironing (empty basket for the first time in three weeks!)
Tree down and Christmas put away for another year
Two lots of uniform repaired
Hoover throughout
Sink shined
Swish and swipe of bathrooms
Clean sheets
Nails done (my bit of me time)

To do
Read my book smile

GossipWitch Sat 05-Jan-13 16:45:04

trazzles hope ds's day goes well and for you too
bitchy hope you have decided to have a chilled out day certainly sounds like you need it.

Well my day started with full intentions of house cleaning and has ended in stripping paint off walls in the bathroom, but I did clean the paint up after so that counts doesn't it ?

Off to cook tea now, I will catch up with you all later!

Engelsemama Sat 05-Jan-13 16:59:54

Have had a peaceful day without DH Katy so managed to do quite a lot.

List update

Put away last lot of washing from yesterday
Do 2 lots of washing
Fit car seat and register
Post letters and thank you cards
Move ols toys and Christmas decorations upstairs to loft
Change beds
Do some marking when DS is asleep put off till tomorrow
Skype DM - not home!
If I’m feeling brave take bike to bike shop to be repaired not brave enough today
Investigate framing photo of DS
Hoover upstairs should go and do now
Weigh myself not as bad as expected given what I've scoffed over the ast 2 weeks
Digital declutter and back up files not time but the night is young
My new year’s resolution is get outside more…could do some gardening/go for a walk/just take DS out in the garden for half an hour fail!
order museum year card Label DS clothes
Call GPs
activate gift card

Hope today has gone well Trazzle.

I can't kerep up with the thread at the moment but we're back home tomorrow so will dive back in then! Will join WhoKnows in wondering where on earth to put all the stuff!

It's my mum's birthday today so we've been out for a lovely pub lunch and spent most of the afternoon playing Uno. DS1 is a tad obsessed, but fortunately the set is staying here!!

Big waves, brew, biscuit and wine all round.

SilveryMoon Sat 05-Jan-13 17:31:24

Gossip Of course it counts! Good luck with the decorating. I need to do it too, but it'll wait.
MakeNoResolutions I have the same issue, during holidays is fine, but once beack at work, I struggle a bit. Really going to try to stick with it though, although I didn't do any detail cleaning yesterday blush
lori My morning routine: Get up and make beds, load washing machine, get ds's breakfast, take dry washing off radiators and replace, shower and dress, swish and swipe, 2 min hotspot, 5 min room rescue, feed cats.
Whilst I'm doing that, the boys (3 and 5) are eating breakfast and getting themselves dressed. Then it's out the house at 7:15 exactly.
Bitchy Hope you're feeling a bit better.

ta da
Morning routine
Pub for brunch
Menu planned for next week
Food shopping
Cooked dinner (ds's)
Fed cats and fish
Cleaned litter trays
Dusted and polished
Cleaned glass shelves and cabinets
Changed bed sheets x3
Took car for a spin
Cleaned car

to do
Cook dinner (me and dp - pizza)
Clean down kitchen
Load of washing
Sort dry washing
Non-iron stuff away
Lay out clothes for tomorrow
Boy in bath
Boys in bed
Stray items away
Shine sink

So today I drove to the pub and then to Tesco and home. Was ok. I nearly took out some bins at the petrol station, but dp helped me reverse and steer round them blush
I am quite nervous having the ds's in the car, but I figured that as I only just failed, and it was a really silly mistake that happened because I'd allowed myself to get flustered, that my level and quality of driving is ok, and even if I had passed, I'd still not be driving alone without someone with me, it's just a confidence thing and my instructor is putting me in for test again soon.
I've decided not to drive for longer than 20mins at a time for now, its just enough for me to stay focused enough, but no doubt will improve as I do it more.
The boys were really good and stayed very quiet, but no doubt they'll get bored of that soon!
They especially enjoyed getting the dust buster and rags out to clean the inside (was a bit grim). Ds1 especially enjoyed cleaning the car and is telling me so, so guess what his job on a friday is? wink
So I had 2 20 min sessions in the car today. Dp said I can drive to and from work on monday (eeekkkk).
My friend went home today, so have got my flat back and can walk around in my pj's again!

elliepac Sat 05-Jan-13 17:59:42

Evening all. Spent all yesterday moping about with a headache so didn't really get much done. It took a long walk this morning to clear it as we took dc's out to blow out some cobwebs. A bit of fresh air and exercise did us all the world of good apart from DS who sprained his ankle trying to do tricks on his new stunt scooter!

Ta da today:-
Washing up
General maintenance tidy x lots
Outing to local stately home and gardens
Afternoon watching CITV and reliving my childhood/Charlotte's Web
Dinner cooked
Dinner tidied away.

To do:-
Marking of Year 11 Controlled Assessment ( clearly i have had 2 weeks to do it and left it till the last minute)

trazzle hope today went ok.

Did anybody else watch Fraggle rock and feel 6 again. Made my daysmile.

elliepac Sat 05-Jan-13 18:01:52

Meant to say silvery I too struggle big time when working. I must keep to my routines or it all goes pear shaped. My house has been really quite tidy these holidays as I have been a good fledgling but back to work on monday so we shall see.

madwomanintheattic Sat 05-Jan-13 18:02:45

To do:

Sort clothing

Deliberately small list as I want to actually achieve it! It's 11am, and I'm on my own until at least 4pm.

Ta da:

Get me, I was out of bed, dressed, and at the copy shop when it opened, as I needed to send 15 ski instructor contracts and tax forms up to the ski hill as our temp staff start today. grin

I am dead chuffed with myself on a Saturday, I tell you. Normally I'd still be in my pj's a wandering!

Righty, bank. grin

madwomanintheattic Sat 05-Jan-13 18:23:53

Oh god. Just thought I'd change the laundry over before I left for the bank, and I've just found an entire load of my fine wool do not tumble dry work clothes in the tumble dryer, having been superheated.

Feck. I think the trousers are okay, but I won't know until I iron and try them on, but my tops and favourite skinny cardigans look like they might fit dd2. I did not need that expense in January, and I have few enough work clothes as it is. <groans>

So, now I'm ashamed that mil has done my blardy housework, and cross because she's toasted my clothes (but mostly cross with myself because I should have hidden the damn things so she couldn't get to them and washed them myself) Feck feck feck.

madwomanintheattic Sat 05-Jan-13 18:25:16

Wy did I leave them in the laundry basket? Argh.

Oh no, madwoman!

SilveryMoon Sat 05-Jan-13 18:59:25

ellie I know what you mean. During the summer holidays, my place was spotless, I did everything and was determined to keep it that way. A few bad days at work put an end to that though.
madwoman Oh no!!! That sucks. But, well done for this morning, nice positive for the day

to do
Cook dinner (me and dp - pizza) doing
Clean down kitchen done
Load of washing done
Sort dry washing done
Non-iron stuff away done
Lay out clothes for tomorrow done
Boy in bath done
Boys in bed done
Stray items away done
Shine sink
wine doing

Ahhhhhh, that feels GOOD

LillethTheCat Sat 05-Jan-13 19:37:26

Just a quick one tonight, Im meant to be watching TV with DH.

- Washing Machine on
- Drying
- Take Clothes from yesterdays wash upstairs
- Delegate Wash up to DH
- Wash up
- Start 1000 piece puzzle with DD1
- take todays laundry upstairs

Not washed up after tea or shined sink blush will have to go to the naughty corner for tonight I think. Been on the phone to my dad then my mum. To see how they are doing (dad is in hospital after having an operation).

tomorrow's list
- wash up 3X
- Shine sink
- finish coursework
- change bedding (only doing ours as DCs will get done Monday)
- Go for a run
- Fill out petrol form (I get petrol money back for one of my courses if I send in my receipts)

Hope everyone has a good sat night.

SilveryMoon Sat 05-Jan-13 19:41:25

Lilleth No one said anything about washing up. Where did you get the idea you had to wash up to shine your sink? During the next advert break, pop in kitchen, take plates etc out of sink, rinse the sink, dry it off and bring out the window cleaner. Will take 3 mins tops, and you'll still get to start tomorrow on a good foot.
I have a plastic box in the cupboard under my sink where washing up goes that I can't be arsed to do. That way, no one has to see it smile

SilveryMoon Sat 05-Jan-13 19:42:44

Completely missed the second sentance there. I can be so ignorant. I'm sorry. I hope your Dad is ok and recovering well.

LillethTheCat Sat 05-Jan-13 19:49:03

I just feel as though its not done properly if there's still dishes to be washed.

Dad is ok, but needs some tests. Im worried about both my parents really, but unless they need my DNA there's not a lot I can do apart from being there for them. Think Im going to drive down tomorrow to see how my mum is, but not sure cos I think my mum will prefer me to stay here with my own family (its a 90min drive each way).

SilveryMoon Sat 05-Jan-13 20:00:48

Lilleth My mum's like that. She always tells me to worry about my own family, like just because I had dc's she doesn't count anymore, but I understand what she means.
I hope they are both ok, keep us updated.

Re: sink shining and terms such as "not done properly", we are taking babysteps.
And for most of us, the reason we have let things slip into CHAOS is because we allowed ourselves to be controlled by things that needed to be done 'properly' and ended up getting overwhelmed by standards we had set ourselves that we could not meet all of the time.
What's the worst thing that can happen if you shine your sink without washing up? You'll have a nice clean sink (remember you soaked that in bleach for an hour not a week ago and scrubbed it clean) and a pile of washing up, that won't go anywhere, won't breed (although it seems to), but will get done tomorrow.
It's these high and unreasonable standards that have brought us here. Forget them. Recognise the negative voices in your own head (to quote some shite i read on FLYlady's babystep plan/testimonial) and close them down, they do no good.
Just go and wipe your sink with window cleaner and be done with it wink grin

GoingGoingGoth Sat 05-Jan-13 20:19:13

Lillith' hope your Dad's ok soon

Trazzle hope every thing went ok at the hospital today.

My ta-dahs for today:

Washing away.
Dd to library & fed ducks again.
Dinner made, still sticking to meal plan, pots washed & shiny sink smile
Somehow I managed to have no washing kicking aroun