Making a New start, Stepping into the New year

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BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 28-Dec-12 04:28:55

Hi all, After a pretty rough ride last year (2012) I think I feel ready to start again with babysteps
So who's with me for the journey?

Old and new steppers are welcome!

Lets do this one small step at a time!

Chottie Fri 28-Dec-12 05:53:07

Yes please, can I join you? It's the amount of stuff and dust that gets me down...... and tiredness and lack of time

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 28-Dec-12 06:00:27

Hi Chottie, smile I know exactly what you mean, I need to do a lot of de-cluttering here.

I will pop back later.

bessie26 Fri 28-Dec-12 07:36:21

<marks place>

Karbea Fri 28-Dec-12 08:07:02


My houseis such a mess after Christmas!

I've tried flying before and ended up mucking it up, but happy to try as a group if you'll have me. When are we starting?

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 28-Dec-12 08:46:12

When would you like to start?

We could start on the 1st if you like or if you want to start today we could. I will be busy this morning though so won't get on here till later.

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 28-Dec-12 09:01:58

I'm off to get dressed next --so thats babystep 2 taken care of-- wink
I will hopefully shine my sink later today.

Allice Fri 28-Dec-12 10:01:17

I really need to do this to regain control! I'm itching to take the Christmas decorations down but my kids would never forgive me!

thekitchenfairy Fri 28-Dec-12 10:04:51

I so need this yes please can I join in?

Can I join in please? I have a week where it all goes well and then it all goes wrong again.

I think I need some motivation and company.

ZebraInHiding Fri 28-Dec-12 10:09:53

Marking place. But I am rubbish at keeping up with these threads!

Karbea Fri 28-Dec-12 10:21:44

For me the 1st would be better. We've still loads of family running about to do, and doubt will be home for any amount of time till then.

I'm going to go and strip our bed now, thats a bit of a start haha!!!

AdoraJingleBells Fri 28-Dec-12 12:46:36

Hello all <waves> hope everyone had a good Christmas.

I need to get back to decluttering. Managed to talk the DDs out of buying yet more teddy bears on Christmas Eve. Problem is I like to collect the expensive hand made ones, can't afford to now of course, and 11yr olds think I like all teddy bears. And if mummy likes teddy bears then daddy must like them too. Most gifts this year were either small items or consumables- see I'm learningwink. House isn't too bad, kitchen does need my attention today though. I must do something while DD's are still slumbering, lazy pairgrin.

Some0ne Fri 28-Dec-12 14:51:38

I'll join! In January though, I'm still dealing with the aftermath of Christmas for now! I've been struggling since I came back to work after DS, but I need to face the fact that this is the way life is going to be in future and I'm just going to have to get everything done, no matter how little time I seem to have!

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 28-Dec-12 14:53:40

Hi all and welcome smile,

We could start from the 1st Jan although I have a few jobs to do before then like clothes washing etc and there's always the "everyday stuff" like washing up, cooking etc.
I have taken down a few Christmas cards already as I got sick of them falling over.

Gonna spend some time today doing family stuff.

LadyL82 Fri 28-Dec-12 17:05:02

I'll join in. DC3 due in Feb and if I don't start something soon I won't be able to find him amongst the mess and clutter when he arrives. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do though. Just doing the getting dressed stage is a challenge with my massive bump. Hopefully I'll start nesting and find it all a doddle.

bessie26 Fri 28-Dec-12 19:14:35

I think restarting from 1 Jan makes sense - it will make it a lot easier to remember where we're up to on the babysteps!

I need to continue with the decluttering I started before Xmas - DD2 will be moving out of her cot into a bed soon, so I have to stop using her room as a dumping ground & just get rid of things!

I'm going to start 1st of jan too. I've never looked at that site before but it looks not too frightening.

CollieAndTheEyeV Fri 28-Dec-12 19:34:04

I'd like to join too. I've been reading A Squash and a Squeeze to my DCs for one of their bedtime stories, and oh my god, it's how my house makes me feel at the moment. I long to have an emptier house. All this STUFF is doing my head in. A hand-holding decluttering thread is what I need.

What's the first baby step?

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 28-Dec-12 20:41:54

Please see the link below for the first babystep

babystep one

I think most of us are agreed on starting on the 1st of January but if anyone wants to start now please do so. smile

Not sure if I will be able to link everyday as the DC are still off school for another week or so yet.

Chottie Fri 28-Dec-12 20:49:41

BlackCatinCC thank you for taking control of us all...... I have had a little look on FlyLady and her 15 minute plan seems like a really good one.

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Fri 28-Dec-12 21:04:29

Evening all,
a couple of years ago I managed to get to grips with things with flylady
life collapsed and I haven't been back on the wagon since then.

I really really want to sort things out this year.
Babysteps from 1st.. am on it!!


roundabout1 Fri 28-Dec-12 23:07:17

yes please can I join. I started flylady last Jan and it all went well for afewmonths then I stopped and didnt get into againsadmust try harder this year!

AdoraJingleBells Fri 28-Dec-12 23:57:17

Collie I have that book too, long time since I've read it though. I know what you mean, my OH is bit of a hoarder and I'm a born again minimalist.

I'm just keeping on top of things here, not really thinking about the steps. Today was spent out, OH had an overnight in hospital, all is well and we managed a little shopping. DDs are getting rid of excess energy in the pool right now.

icovetthee Sat 29-Dec-12 00:20:44

I'm with you.

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Sat 29-Dec-12 08:06:25

Morning all, just been having a look at flylady. They also work in zones so if any of you fancy having a go here is the link**
It seems they recommend that you just start off with decluttering the current zone rather than doing a full clean.

The 15 minutes at a time rule is good.

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Sat 29-Dec-12 09:18:02

Can't believe it! DH forgot to put the rubbish out and this is after we had been talking about which day the bin men would come all week!! shock
Now we will have 2 weeks worth of rubbish pile up in our back yard!

Just had to get that out of my system.

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Sat 29-Dec-12 09:19:56

I'm off to get showered and dressed.

SpangleMaker Sat 29-Dec-12 10:12:14

Can I join??

I've tried flylady before and it worked when I stuck to it, but fell by the wayside. I ended up taking days off work to get everything straight for Christmas and don't want to let all the hard work go to waste.

Blackcat we also forgot to put the rubbish out as they changed the day with the bank hol so it's a trip to the tip today - great!

Can I join in too?

My house is a mess, washing everywhere but my room is by far the worst, it get used as a dumping ground, it's cluttered and needs a bloody good clean. I've started tackling it today and took photos but I don't know if I'm brave enough to post a photo

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sat 29-Dec-12 13:30:11

Started today
Sink shiney
Washing load on
Dishwasher on
Going to do 15 mins in my bedroom.

Well I've not officially started so my sink isn't shiny but I have started to put the Christmas decs away and I've put a wash on. Oh and I got dressed to my shoes (not lace-up smile ). Does all that count?

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sat 29-Dec-12 13:44:32

ah.. not dressed yet.. can try that on day 2 smile

My bedroom is done woohoo, looks lovely now but really do need to declutter my bookcase or store them in the attic. Downside my son is now storing his new bike in my room now hmm

I even cleaned the bathroom and did some washing today so I have achieved something, quite proud of myself

Hi all

I'd like to join in -though may not exactly follow Flylady. I'm the opposite to most of you though. I'm back to work on 2nd Jan and want to get as much as I can done before then - whilst still having some fun time off!

I have fibromyalgia so have to pace myself quite carefully. I know once I get back to work I'll have limited time and energy for household things --and I have been reading several "how to make your house beautiful in the country at vast expense" magazines and so want mine to look good too! I do find they inspire me to get on with something for at least - oh - a whole 10 minutes or so!

Ok, so yesterday I cleaned my bedroom really thoroughly and slept an started 2 bags off for the charity shop, one for decent stuff and one for rag!

Today I have done a big food shop, slept for 3 hours and done a batch cook of a carrot and lentil hot pot.

I need to (at the very least):
sort my music out for tomorrow morning;
take rubbish and recycling out;
clean up the kitchen;
deal with a work email (no rest for the self-employed!);
hang out washing on airer before I have an underwear crisis ;
empty dishwasher when it has finished;
eat (from batch cook previously mentioned!).

I'd like to find some time to do some craft stuff too but the above list looks rather long!

OK - here goes! hmm

So far:
--sort my music out for tomorrow morning--;
take rubbish and recycling out;
clean up the kitchen;
--deal with a work email (no rest for the self-employed!)--;
hang out washing on airer before I have an underwear crisis ;
empty dishwasher when it has finished;
eat (from batch cook previously mentioned!).
iron dress;
clean boots.

Ooops I mean:

So far:
sort my music out for tomorrow morning ;
take rubbish and recycling out;
clean up the kitchen;
deal with a work email (no rest for the self-employed!) ;
hang out washing on airer before I have an underwear crisis ;
empty dishwasher when it has finished;
eat (from batch cook previously mentioned!) .
iron dress;
clean boots.

Better get on with it then I guess!

BlackCatinChaos Sat 29-Dec-12 21:37:27

Hi all, I haven't managed to start on anything much yet. Was thinking about decluttering my living room but haven't got round to it yet.
This morning I went back to bed for a while as I felt knackered worn out. Must have needed it!! then this afternoon we went to visit mum so most of the day was used up.
Will try again tomorrow! wink

Welcome to all new people joining us! smile Nice to see all those who were stepping last time too! smile

AdoraJingleBells Sat 29-Dec-12 21:50:02

Not much done here today, just my bathroom and food prep. DDs put together OH's new office chair together for him. Too hot to walk dogs, or do anything really. This evening I will continue with a little decluttering. May cook something sweet from my new book, Xmas gift, with the DDs.

bessie26 Sat 29-Dec-12 22:33:14

Today I managed to tidy up a bit in the living room, cleaned the hob & got the DDs to wipe the kitchen cupboard doors down, & steam mopped the kitchen floor while DD2 napped & DD1 watched the gruffalo.

Tomorrow, I want to give the sink a really good scrub so I'm ready for baby step 1. I'm back to work on the 2nd too arti sad

Scout19075 Sat 29-Dec-12 22:35:09

Can I come back? Away for the holiday (and still away for another week yet, I think), but am itching to get back to it and find my house!

Please can I join in?
My house is full, bursting at the seams full, has barely any storage, and is in permanent need of a vacuum.
The mess and sheer volume of stuff in the house causes a lot of tension between DH and I.

DS (19mo) hates it when I clean or even wash up and tantrums and pulls me away from the sink, so maybe if I just did it more he'd get used to the idea!

SpangleMaker Sat 29-Dec-12 23:35:49

Well, I wasn't going to start until 1st Jan but thought what the hell and shined my sink smile. I'm very good at initial bursts of enthusiasm but I really need to keep it up this time.

I will try my best to remember to get dressed as soon as I get up tomorrow. I've got a bit too used to lounging in pjs this Christmas! We're out at BIL's tomorrow so won't get much done around the house - just planning on a bit of washing and sorting a bit of paperwork.

LadyL82 Sat 29-Dec-12 23:49:51

I too now have a shiny sink! And will get dressed as soon as I get up. It's a good start grin

TitHead Sat 29-Dec-12 23:57:06

Oh yes count me in for the 1st to please. All the christmas mess and clutter is driving me mad.

CollieAndTheEyeV Sat 29-Dec-12 23:57:54

Our bins are emptied every fortnight - green recycling bins one week, usual black bins the next. Black bins were meant to be collected on Xmas Eve (2 weeks rubbish), except they weren't. Next collection of anything is 7th Jan! We took some cardboard out of the recycling bins, the contents of our kitchen bin and the nappy bin from the bathroom to the tip today.... except we stopped off at a play centre on the way. NEVER DO THIS. <BOAK>

We drove to the tip with windows wide open and the kids didn't complain about the cold. Strange that.

CollieAndTheEyeV Sun 30-Dec-12 00:19:24

And how's this for ridiculous? Last night I sleep-walked (slept-walked?) and put things in straight lines on the coffee table and put a towel wash on.

I actually got things from the kitchen to line up on the lounge table, so I untidied in an organised way, and then did housework, which woke up my DD at 5 am when the washing machine went into the spin cycle.

I'm in the laundry zone but shooting myself in the foot elsewhere.


I sorted DSs toy basket this evening, which is possibly the most pointless task I could have chosen, since he'll have it all out and mixed up again by breakfast time. Daft.

Collie it might be time to start wearing mittens to bed so you can undo all your good work during the night! smile

AdoraJingleBells Sun 30-Dec-12 01:05:07

Collie my OH sleep walks when he's stressed. Are you a bit stressed about the state of the housework? How about making a list of chores and deliberately leaving it in the kitchen, tell yourself that it is not to be viewed until tomorrow

We walked the dogs, at 8pm it was still 29C. It's getting hotter here each yearshock

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sun 30-Dec-12 10:44:32

morning all,
dishwasher done
washing machine on
cake delivered

still to do
get dressed
tidy sitting room

inlaws arriving after lunch

TheOnlyPink Sun 30-Dec-12 11:05:10

I usually only lurk on MN, but I would love to join in here. My house is a nightmare and find it very hard to keep up with it all. I tried it last year, but I had just had a baby and was very easy to find a million excuses. He is now 1 and my 5 year old is at school, so no more excuses!

I will start on the 1st too, although I am going to sort DS1 bedroom today, he is getting a new bed and other furniture and space has to be made. Have been putting it off since thursday!

FleeBee Sun 30-Dec-12 11:29:13

Please can I join? I tried last year but wasn't really prepared due to issues with DD2 things hopefully will be better now! I'm visiting family until 3rd so will catch up with everyone in the New Year smile

CollieAndTheEyeV Sun 30-Dec-12 11:47:09

Definitely a bit stressed Adora, and the house is definitely a part of that. It's the bit that I feel is within my ability to control. Well, kind of, if the DCs and DH were a bit tidier too! I do usually keep on top of the laundry though, except it's gone to rack and ruin over Christmas so perhaps that was the motivation for my latest sleep-walking.

DH and I de-cluttered some toy boxes yesterday when DCs at GPs. They've not noticed what's gone smile
More to do upstairs though...

BlackCatinChaos Sun 30-Dec-12 11:55:18

Anyone is welcome to join, just jump on board! smile

Today I need to:
do shopping list
do lunch
load washing machine --something I have been neglecting to do lately--
put away dry washing from last time
"what's for dinner?"
and some decluttering

<leaves welcoming biscuits and [brews] for all>

BlackCatinChaos Sun 30-Dec-12 11:55:48


Scout19075 Sun 30-Dec-12 13:02:27

We're at the in-laws until next weekend (after the New Year) so not much flying can be done. I did, however:

* dry a load of laundry (having been here a week already and another week to come some washing/drying was in order), fold said load and put it back into our bedroom
* tidied away some of SmallBoy's trains/tracks (not all over them, since they're played with almost constantly, but the bits that were scatted around and not used)
* went to Asda (we don't have one near us so it's a novelty for me) and bought some heavily discounted wrapping paper (that's us sorted for Christmas 2013!) and a new DVD for me SmallBoy (it's SB's really but it will help save my sanity)

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sun 30-Dec-12 16:03:22

right made a bit of progress
sittingroom tidy and hoovered (not decluttered though)
dressed smile
Hung out washing - but as it is now dark going to go and get it in.. hope it has dried abit

Inlaws here. Trying to work out how to have a money conversation with them.
they offered something a while ago but not mentioned it since. we now need to work out if they were serious and how it would work.. how to do that without sounding moneygrabbing

I de-treed and hoovered my living room and swept the hall.
Made lunch
An making dinner
I got dressed

That's about it today. blush
I spent the rest of the day playing with ds2 and crocheting some leg warmers for dd.

bessie26 Sun 30-Dec-12 17:48:58

Oooh lovely to see so many old & new flyers here! grin

Have been out today so haven't done much, but have just shined my sink <polishes halo>

LadyL82 Sun 30-Dec-12 19:48:09

My sink is still shiny! I'm planning on doing 15 mins de-cluttering when kids in bed. Feeling very positive about fly lady! Even got DDs to do the kids daily challenge of picking up paper clutter from bedroom floor. Recycle bin was nearly full when they had finished! Hopefully they will pick up these good habits and keep them into adulthood.

oooggs Sun 30-Dec-12 19:58:35

It would like to join in and give this a try please...... Sink not shined (didn't know this was step 1) but I have just washed the kitchen and utility floors and now can't get to the sink!!!!!!!

Will start properly on the 1st when in a better frame of cleaning/tidying mindwink

TheOnlyPink Sun 30-Dec-12 20:42:36

Got alot more than I planned done today. DS1 room decluttered, just need the last few odds and ends done tomorrow.
Got my kitchen gleaming after dinner, have my sink sparkling now!

Need to do a good grocery shop tomorrow. Along with getting more organised around the house I want to start budgeting better. Have been doing a meal plan for years, so now want to do a more economical one.

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sun 30-Dec-12 22:13:02

ok, dinner done, dishwasher on again.
money conversation started, harder than I thought!!

Some progress this evening - cleared and cleaned under the sofa, we had a whole cupboard's worth of stuff stored under it, now it's completely clear and ready for DS to shove his toys under .
We want to order a new sofa soon so this has been nagging at me for a while, nice to have got it done! smile

Tentatively dips toe into thread.

bluecarrot Mon 31-Dec-12 01:25:55

I'd like to join please. I've been getting the emails for about a month but at the minute I'm only picking bits to do ( mainly decluttering and Kelly's missions.) I've also started getting bits together for a control journal type thing though perfectionism is rearing its ugly head!

Will be baby stepping properly from 1st though smile

Step minus 1 (ie. tomorrows task) is to set up a filter and route all the testimonials into it. I hate those things.

AdoraJingleBells Mon 31-Dec-12 01:40:34

I did some flying this eveninggrin, we'd been out and took DDs to the cinema among other things. I'm feeling the need to excersise and so did 20 minutes vigorous vacuuming and moping as we got back too to walk the dogs. Did that yesterday.

BlackCatinChaos Mon 31-Dec-12 04:28:45

<Waves to carrots> smile

Everyone seems to be off to a great start! grin
I got a few bits done yesterday and even made some biscuits. Just need to keep going with it now but must remember to take things slow.

Scout19075 Mon 31-Dec-12 07:15:36

BlackCat, why were you up so early?

I woke up feeling a bit bluergh so a rest this morning when MrScout is up to take over SB might be in order. However, my goals for today are:

* go to the town center for the bank
* go to HobbyCraft
* place Amazon order for books
* place curriculum order from US site (may involve phone call for international shipping)
* trace & cut out finger puppet pieces for next 5-10 letters of alphabet/phonics
* repile, maybe even pack (!) pile of Santa presents in bedroom (they were piled but it seems to have spread/tipped and it's driving me nuts and tripping me up in the dark)
* email friend from home to thank her again for presents
* write Congrats card to friends who had baby girl just before Christmas

Doesn't feel like much today but that's what happens when I'm at the in-laws.

Scout19075 Mon 31-Dec-12 07:29:30

I forgot to mention all the usual stuff of:

* getting SmallBoy and I up & dressed
* keeping SB fed and watered (a bit easier when we're at in-laws as MiL does most of cooking
* emptying bathroom bin of nappies and taking them out to big bin

SpangleMaker Mon 31-Dec-12 07:47:02

Sounds like lots of progress is being made smile

I was out most of yesterday but got a bit done - washing/hoovering/cleaned kitchen worktops. I forgot to shine my sink last night though blush you won't kick me out, will you??! I've always been much better at morning than bedtime routines: I relish the 'me' time after DC are in bed, get engrossed in something then suddenly realise it's late and rush off to bed. I'm determined to try harder this time as it would give me a much better start to the day ahead.

Anyway, today's tasks:
- shower & dressed (not done that yet, another 'oops' - brew and t'internet more appealing)
- Sainsbury's for top up shop
- pick up parcel for post office
- pay milk bill
- order a birthday present from Amazon (and maybe sneak in a book or two for me)
- tidy & hoover our bedroom

Have a great day, everyone!

SpangleMaker Mon 31-Dec-12 07:50:51

Scout reading your list just reminded me I need a congrats card for a friend who had a baby just before Christmas.

Your alphabet finger puppets sound interesting. How do you make them?

PeppaPrig Mon 31-Dec-12 07:54:07

Marking place to join and catch up later.
Happy New Year!

TheOnlyPink Mon 31-Dec-12 09:18:27

SpangleMaker, thats my downfall too. Once the kids are in bed I have no interest in doing anything. Some nights if the living room is a state I will give it a quick going over, but thats purely so i can chill out and not have it making me feel guilty. More often than not i just move the stuff to the dining room!

Going to take it slow today too
~Go to doctors appointment (had been putting this off for a few weeks, so using flylady and not procrastinating!)
~Find a home for the Christmas presents that arent open yet (theres too much out as it is, i'm not letting them add to it.)
~Shine my sink after dinner

Clarabumps Mon 31-Dec-12 10:24:27

Can I join??I've never used fly lady properly so I'm hoping this might be it for me?! Really need to de clutter and properly gut this house. There seems to be stuff everywhere.
I really think it affects my mental health then the house is a total bombsite..

Clarabumps Mon 31-Dec-12 10:24:50

*when the house is a total bombsite

bluecarrot Mon 31-Dec-12 10:53:34

Morning ladies smile feeling like I should do a mix of crisis clean and home blessing today. A thin layer of stuff has settled in our home as we have spent a lot of time away from home this last week.

First, I'm going to pamper myself by quickly moisturising from head to toe, then by 11am ill be setting the timer

Kitchen - recycling needs washed and surfaces cleaned.
Laundry (new wash in wet stuff hung up, dry stuff folded and put away)
Bathrooms - no clutter, just cleaning
Porch, Hall stairs and landing. - clutter
Den - clutter
My bedroom - wrapping station still on floor from yesterday.

Daughter is in bed unwell (asleep since 7pm last night when nornally sleeps 11-8 at most) so ill not have music on - even earphone as ill want to hear her if she calls me- and I won't vacuum yet. Maybe in the hour and a half it'll take me, she will wake up.

Morning everyone. Well I've unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and done breakfast. I've also finished making some bed socks for ds2.

Still to do:
Sort laundry
Tidy my bedroom
Hoover the bedrooms and stairs
Go to Sainsburys.

I'm going to try to get dh go to Sainsburys as I'm really not in the mood.

I suffer from SAD and am finding it really hard to get motivated but I'm kind of looking forward to starting the babysteps tomorrow. I'm hoping it will give me a boost.

Hope your dd feels better soon bluecarrot.

<waves back at Cats>

<waves to Scout and Adora too>

<Looks for bessie>

BlackCatinChaos Mon 31-Dec-12 13:17:26

TheOneWithTheHair You are not alone, I also have had depression but am (hopefully) on my way to getting better.
Scout I was up so early as I just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I did go back to bed though later on.

I haven't done my shiny sink yet but then we officially start on the 1st wink. I am dressed though --but should be at this time of day-- grin

BlackCatinChaos Mon 31-Dec-12 13:28:19

Gonna have a go at decluttering the living room again it has become over crowded with toys etc.

Well I did manage to persuade dh to do the shopping and he's making pizza with the dcs for dinner so I don't have to do that either. grin

I have done the hoovering and laundry though and tidied my room. I've got dressed and as extras I've washed up and changed all the bedding.
I haven't been too lazy.

Time to sit down now. grin

So far today I have:

swished and swiped the main bathroom
cleaned all the kitchen worktops thoroughly
cleaned the kitchen sink

Dh has:

unloaded the dw

Dd has:

hoovered the hallway and kitchen
tidied away some of her Christmas loot

Ds has:

not even got dressed or cleaned his teeth yet <sighs>

grin Is your ds a teen carrots? I have one of those. He's 16 but he's up and out already. shock

bluecarrot Mon 31-Dec-12 14:15:23

No TOWH. She just turned 10 but hasn't slept much different since she was three ( perhaps a trade off for baby her that slept through the night right from day one, except for feeds)

She's managed to drag herself downstairs and log onto moshi monsters ( bought a membership with Xmas money) but looks white as a ghost. Still, I stopped my crisis-blessing to make her food as she hasn't eaten in days but asked for eggy bread. Just so glad to see her eat.

Porch halls and landing.
1 bathroom.
Beds stripped and one set bedding in machine now.
Dry laundry sorted.
Recycling sorted

To be done

More laundry
Tidy my room
Tidy DDs room ( wouldn't normally, but she's not well and the books and toys are piling up on floor around her bed. Will take 5 mins)
Bring stuff upstairs and put away.
Other bathroom sorted - currently has plant pots soaking so no hurry on that.
Clean bikes while sun shines.
15 min declutter
Mission from the other day- sort decorations I didn't use this year.
Clean fridge out.
Finish wrapping gifts ( have purchased gifts and cards for all occasions up til end March)

Sorry I meant corrotsandcelery. grin

Glad your dd is feeling well enought to eat something though bluecarrot. I have one of those too. She's 9 and her bedroom is ok atm but I have picked everything up off the floor and put it in bin bags before now. She got it back a carrier bag at a time when she was good but she had to put it away properly. She was not amused!

Paintyourbox Mon 31-Dec-12 15:19:41

Hi everyone- can I join?!

<waves at Bessie>

Today I decided to attack the bathroom- recycled 2 black bags of old, hard towels. Cleared out the old products that were well and truly past their date and swapped some other stuff that I hadn't opened.

Now for DDs room...

Helenagrace Mon 31-Dec-12 15:44:03

Professional organiser dropping in to wish you all well. I often recommend Flylady to clients and also recommend the Home Routines app. It's not very expensive and gives you customisable lists for morning, evening and zones. It's easy to use and just resets itself. I use it myself.

AdoraJingleBells Mon 31-Dec-12 17:28:03


I've looked for that app a few times before but can't find it. This could be because of my location, or my general uselessness with technologyconfused

Anyhoo, hi Ya carrots, thought you'd disappeared for good for a while there, good to see you backgrin, is Zoo around?

I have decided to concentrate on me for the next few weeks, but not exactly abandon the housework. I need to excersise and have spent enough years allowing other people's demands to stop me. So, I walked one of the dogs before my breakfast today - can't handle all four together - and will do the same each morning despite protests from the family. Other than housework I need to prep food to take to a BBQ later. Will report back in tomorrow.

Happy New Year everyone.

Helenagrace Mon 31-Dec-12 18:04:52

Hi adora I just found it on the App Store. I just searched for home routines. It's been upgraded but it's still there. Maybe it is your exotic location!

SpangleMaker Mon 31-Dec-12 18:06:03

Done everything on my list bar hoovering our bedroom, that will have to wait until next year grin

helena I have the home routines app and it's very good for reminding me what I should be doing on a particular day, my problem is doing it! It beeps at me every night at 10pm to tell me to do my evening routine but I ignore it more often than not. I think with me it's a case of shaping my routine to fit the reality of my day. I tend to imagine there are more hours in the day than actually exist!

I hope your DD is feeling better bluecarrot

Happy New Year everyone!

BlackCatinChaos Mon 31-Dec-12 18:15:27

<Leaves out some wine and brew for everyone>

Happy New Year to all! Lets hope it a good one!!!

ChristmasKnackers Mon 31-Dec-12 18:21:53

This looks brilliant. Can I be in too.

CollieAndTheEyeV Mon 31-Dec-12 19:09:18

TOWTH I suffer with SAD too. I used to take ADs for it, but in recent years I've been trying to manage with just a lamp as I was trying to conceive or subsequently breast feeding. This year I've had a bad time and it's dawned on me I don't need to suffer like this anymore as I'm not doing either TTC or BF. Today I made that call to the GP and have arranged an appointment to see if ADs are suitable given I'll be feeling this way for another 3 months - halfway through my usual SAD shitness.
I guess that fits in with Flylady's anti-procrastination?

Other achievements today:
Dog given a long walk (in torrential rain!)
De-cluttered manky bath toys.
Bathroom cleaned from ceiling to floor. It's sparkling. smile
Aldi shop done.

Still to do:
Make Singapore noodles. (I like cooking so this is a treat dish before the post Christmas diet starts tomorrow).

Onwards and upwards (except for weight, hopefully that will go downwards!)

TOWTH - my ds is only 8 but can be a bit tricky (mental health issues). He did eventually get dressed and went off to play at a friend's.

He is back in his pjs now though wink

I have just remembered the load of washing I put in this morning.

Ah sorry carrots. It just sounded teenagery to me.

Collie did you find the ADs helped. I'm a bit scared to go down that route. Was it long before they kicked in?

I've done everything on my list. Yay. I like that feeling. I can relax house guilt free this evening. smile

XBenedict Mon 31-Dec-12 19:25:51

Can I join? I plan to have an organised new Year! Will start tomorrow although my washing machine is broken so laundry is tricky at the mo sad

grin No worries TOWTH - one of the specialists did comment that many of his traits are very teenage! grin He is currently hanging upside down from the sofa so there is still some 8 year old in there too. wink

CollieAndTheEyeV Mon 31-Dec-12 19:45:27

ADs definitely helped in the past TOWTH, but I usually started them in September as it took a few weeks to kick in properly. I was on fluoxetine before. I'm hoping the doctor can prescribe something that'll be effective sooner this time. I don't recognise the parent I've become. I don't like myself and my kids deserve better.

SAD doesn't help with the house being kept clean and organised. Luckily DH is very supportive of how I feel and is really putting the effort in. Before children he didn't notice mess, now he does and he does something about it. So I am not trying to get everything done on my own. smile

TeaOneSugar Mon 31-Dec-12 19:55:21

Can anyone recommend an android app for getting organised?

I would love to know how you get on Collie.

Carrots I'd hang out with him anytime. I love watching tv upside down. grin

TheOnlyPink Mon 31-Dec-12 20:18:57

TeaOneSugar, I havent come across any, but would love to get an answer to that too.

I got everything on my list today. And i even managed to get my grocery bill down by €40! Got some great tips on the credit crunch board.
I also bought a notebook and started some to-do lists for the next few days and things that i need to remember.

Scout19075 Mon 31-Dec-12 20:25:34

My Ta Das for the day:

go to the town center for the bank
go to HobbyCraft
place Amazon order for books
place curriculum order from US site (may involve phone call for international shipping)
trace & cut out finger puppet pieces for next 5-10 letters of alphabet/phonics
repile, maybe even pack (!) pile of Santa presents in bedroom (they were piled but it seems to have spread/tipped and it's driving me nuts and tripping me up in the dark)
email friend from home to thank her again for presents
write Congrats card to friends who had baby girl just before Christmas
posted said card for new baby
get SmallBoy and I up & dressed
keep SB fed and watered (a bit easier when we're at in-laws as MiL does most of cooking)
empty bathroom bin of nappies and taking them out to big bin
scrubbed toilet in family bathroom (the one we use)
gave SB a bath with headwash
cleared out kitchen of all of my containers, foodie bits like icing coloring, etc
emailed Mom

Was going to trace the puppets but seem to have left the patterns at home. hmm Will make the fun foam projects instead but might leave it until tomorrow.

This evening I will:

* email my BFF at home
* email friends thanking them for SB's presents (had written them a letter with paper & pen but forgot to bring it with me so is already two weeks old, add another week before we get home and then approx ten days for airmail and it will be over a month old)
* respond to Mom's email
* wash a load of laundry (SB had a nappy fail today that required a complete change (jeans, tee-shirt, sweatshirt, socks) so don't want to leave that hanging around)
* dry said load of laundry
* fold said load of laundry
* clear up SB's train track and convince MrScout to create a new layout for SB to investigate in the morning

We're watching Spooks tonight, too, and will ring the new year in quietly (we are boring) and head to bed soon after midnight.

Happy New Year!

Scout19075 Mon 31-Dec-12 20:43:33

SpangleMaker, I have a book from back in the day when I was a teacher that has activities/songs/etc for each letter in the alphabet. There's also an animal story and a coordinating finger puppet for each. SmallBoy and I have been making them out of felt (and wiggle eyes, pompoms, etc) only not making them puppets (by not putting the back body piece on) and have been hanging them up on our refrigerator instead. Because it's felt I do the cutting out and he glues the pieces to make the animal.

BlackCatinChaos Tue 01-Jan-13 07:35:43

Morning all, Happy New Year! smile

Welcome to all the new people who are joining us. smile

*Here is the first link baby step one*

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Some of us have had a go at this before. wink

Good luck everyone!!

Karbea Tue 01-Jan-13 09:42:22

Morning all,

I'm ready to start, house is a Christmas holiday TIP!!

Going to go and have a shower, guest dressed, have breakfast then I'm starting! Will report back!

Good morning everyone and happy new year!

The sun is shining and I can actually see some blue sky. grin

I'm ready to shine my sink after breakfast and I have laundry and kitchen cleaning today.

Feeling very positive this morning!

tacal Tue 01-Jan-13 10:13:25

Happy new year to you all. This sounds like just what I need to get my house organised this year. I made really good progress in 2012. My house is decluttered but I often struggle to keep on top of things and it does get me down. Hopefully these baby steps will help me. I am away to shine my sink!

Scout19075 Tue 01-Jan-13 10:35:23

SmallBoy had me up at the ungodly hour of 6:37 a.m. This is a fairly normal time for him so to be expected. But I was up to the very late 1:32 a.m. watching Spooks. I'm soooooo tired.

But, being up means I've done some of my to do list:

SB & I up and breakfasted
shower & dress (and dress SB who had a bath last night so does not need one this morning)
dried clothes I washed last night
wash remaining clothes
dried all clothes
folded all clothes
dry towelling robe (it's in the dryer now so I'm counting it as done!)
put clothes back into our room
draw foam projects for Ii, Pp, Nn (one for each upper and lower case)
cut out foam projects for Ii, Pp, Nn
(extended) family pub lunch
make cranberry sauce (use up cranberries before they go off -- I don't want to freeze any more whole berries!)
separate sauce into portions for use later since the recipe makes loads (some for cranberry liqueur, some for Easter, some for turkey dinners later in year)
find and save recipes (--cranberry liqueur--, cherry brandy, sloe gin, damson gin)
give SB his presents
IM with Mom (given the time difference that's not until tonight)
write thank you cards (Aunt/Uncle-in-Law, MrsGuiderFriend)
find & print coloring pictures of steam trains
encourage SB to color pictures (to be used as his Thank You notes)
try to upload (download?) more pictures from Christmas for Mom&DadScout to see
sort out presents

Holiday? Who says today is a holiday? wink

Happy New Year everyone!

Karbea Tue 01-Jan-13 11:31:29

Ok, so far I've packed the dishwasher and put a wash on.

CollieAndTheEyeV Tue 01-Jan-13 11:32:07

Good morning and Happy New Year to you all!

My to-do list:
Get showered and dressed
Clean & shine sink
Wash a load of laundry
Wipe chocolate handprints off walls on stairs (who leaves a 2 yr old eating chocolate on their own? DH that's who)
Take DCs and dog for a run about in the park
Dry laundry
Put away laundry dried yesterday

Well I've done my sink. It's not shiny as it's meant to be matt black grin. It is wonderfully clean though.

I've done a lot of my kitchen while waiting for the bleach to work.

Still to do

Exercise the youngest dcs
Oh and get dressed. blush

bessie26 Tue 01-Jan-13 13:05:33

Happy New Year everyone!

<gives carrotsandcelery a big bosie> lovely to see you back!

My sink is matt black too theone grin

I have realised i have to do everything after putting the kids to bed & before letting my arse hit the sofa or I would get nothing done!

bessie26 Tue 01-Jan-13 13:07:04

Oooh forgot to wave at paint - welcome to the thread!! When does your 100 day challenge begin?

Shinyshoes1 Tue 01-Jan-13 14:26:20

Can I join. !
I started today . I haven't done much tidying or cleaning on the run up to. Hristmasbarkingside and then it was Christmas which was one big long rest fest for me . I am still with a cold but not as bad . I really need to do this

So far today I have
Cleaned bath , sink , upstairs loo , I didn't realise the upstairs loo was that bad. It's normally shiny white but there is brown stuff and a dirty water mark down the loo . I'm so embarrassed . I have left a mountain of product down the loo to shift it . Hopefully it'll do the job .
Washed bathroom floor and emptied overflowing bin .
Emptied kitchen bin , swept and mopped floor. Wiped dining table
Changed DD's bedding
Put wash on

That's it for me today . I'll crack on with sOmemore tomorrow . I'm off work until Saturday so can take baby steps

AdoraJingleBells Tue 01-Jan-13 15:52:08

Of course you can join in shinyshoes! Welcome aboardsmile

I predict minimal flying here today as we didn't get home until 3am. Lovely party with lovely food and lovely companygrin. Everyone's on a go slow today though. Managed to get dressed, do breakfast and empty DW. Topped up teh salt and reloaded, need a coffee now.

Ok I've done my list.

I know it's short but I have to start small at this time of year. I look at some of these lists and they make me want to crawl back under the duvet.

We did have a lovely walk and we're now waiting to watch the Octonauts special. smile

Hope you all got on ok today.

AdoraJingleBells Tue 01-Jan-13 17:11:15

Don't worry about short lists TOWTH I also feel slightly intimidated by what some people achieve in a dayblush

tacal Tue 01-Jan-13 18:10:55

I cleaned and shined my sink. I didn't know it could look so shiny! Apart from putting the dishwasher and washing machine on didnt get anything else done. Took DS out on his new bike and watched toy story 3. Do we do baby step number 2 tomorrow? Never done this before.

Thanks Adora. smile

I haven't either tacal but I'm assuming so.

Paintyourbox Tue 01-Jan-13 18:27:47

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

I have the worst cold ever (after having norovirus at Xmas then an infected wisdom tooth!) my luck isn't great right now!

Bessie I started my challenge yesterday, took loads of stuff to the tip and now my bathroom looks loads bigger!

Despite being in bed until 2pm today I have managed to recycle all the Christmas cards, package and store all the decorations (also got rid of some broken ones)

Have decopaged some letters for DDs room (hoping that making something pretty will inspire me to sort her room!)

bessie26 Tue 01-Jan-13 19:32:20

Am kealous of your lie-in paint I was up with DD2 at 5am <yawn>

SO glad I have already scrubbed my sink, as i have loads of stuff to do once DD1 is in bed. It's my first day back at work tomorrow, so i need to have a bath, do my hair, sort out the hem on my trousers, make my packed breakfast & lunch, update my blog, and declutter some chocolate & wine grin. I have already packed the DDs bags for nursery tomorrow.

Don't ever get worried about other people's lists - some of us have been here a loooong time!! (it is 2 years since I found Fly Lady) & we all have different amounts of time & energy available.

Right, had better crack on!

Paintyourbox Tue 01-Jan-13 19:52:33

Haha it was only a lie in because I have a fever and an awful headache! I didn't get out of my PJs yesterday. Luckily my sis is here to help with DD!

AdoraJingleBells Tue 01-Jan-13 20:47:51

Paint hope you fell better very quickly.

The idea with the baby steps is that you add them on each day, so tomorrow do steps 1 and 2, then 1,2 and 3 and so on.

I've managed to wash a duvet, hand wash my stuff, throw lunch together - very hot today so I did cheese & crackers with other nibble bits. DW has been on again and needs emptying again DDs are in the kitchen making mess using the fake flowers as a runway and airport for the mutant toys and cleaning out the chocolate bowl, we've done choc covered preserved orange. Still need to prep dinner if I can stay awake

PeppaPrig Tue 01-Jan-13 21:29:51

I have shined my sink <ignores state of rest of kitchen>.

Day 1 is a success grin and I plan to do the missions instead of any Steps involving post-its and affirmations. Am also on the decluttering thread, so here's to a spic and span 2013.

BlackCatinChaos Tue 01-Jan-13 22:43:35

Hi all, I had a busyish day here. Have taken down all the Christmas decorations and tree. Did have the living room looking quite good at one point --until the DC trashed it again--

I will try and pop in with the next babystep in the morning.

Night all. x

CollieAndTheEyeV Tue 01-Jan-13 23:41:45

I didn't get round to shining my sink sad as it was filled with dishes. I did the dishes instead and left them to dry on the draining board.

I'll do it tomorrow instead.

I did get laundry done and went for a good walk with kids and dog.
Also uploaded a photo to my tumblr account. I've decided to upload a photo every day for 2013 in a bid to learn exactly what my DSLR does & to get into the habit of bringing it with me and using it. I bought it last year in the January sales and have used it 4 times in 2012. Just wrong!

BlackCatinChaos Wed 02-Jan-13 06:03:21

Morning all,

Collie don't worry about the sink, I didn't get mine done either. wink The beauty of this though is that you just try again the next day, don't beat yourself up about it! smile
I used to get really down with myself if I didn't get everything done but have learned the hard way. It really doesn't matter! smile
Just start again today, I will --try my best anyway-- . It's hard though some days to juggle everything.

Off to get breakfast in a mo and will link the next babystep. x

BlackCatinChaos Wed 02-Jan-13 06:10:22

*Today's babystep* day 2

I will do this after breakfast. wink

Good luck today everyone!

ChristmasKnackers Wed 02-Jan-13 07:59:02

Hi, I'm new to all of this, but I did shine my sink yesterday! Very nice it looks too.

TheOnlyPink Wed 02-Jan-13 09:10:10

Didnt manage to shine my sink yesterday, but i did sort the mountain of laundry, so i think it might balance out!

Todays will be easy, i have to go out to tax the car sad, usually do it online, but its my first time taxing this car.

Morning everyone. I have been looking round the website. I like the zones idea.

Does anyone actually keep that journal thing? Does it help?

Today I'm going to

Get dressed
Do a washing load
Put Christmas decorations back in the loft
Shine my sink
Do 15 minutes in my hall.

I like the idea of setting a timer too. We'll see how much I get done today.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 02-Jan-13 09:28:14

Hi all, I am dressed to slippers wink Only do shoes if I know I am going out.
I have had breakfast and done 1 x washing up.
I am feeling a bit bored and lonely this morning. DH first day back to work and DS is still asleep --might have to wake him up soon-- .
DD is up but she spends a lot of time playing imaginary games --in her own little world-- and it's a bit hard to have sensible conversations with a 4 year old.

Think I had best go and sort some washing to go in the machine.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 02-Jan-13 09:35:37

* TheOneWTH* I have tried the control journal in the past but didn't find it worked for me but I do make To do lists and keep a diary and calender for important dates.
You just have to see what works for you, everyone is different. smile

BornInACrossFireHurricane Wed 02-Jan-13 09:54:54

hi all, do you mind if I join?! I have been reading through a few threads on here the past few days and feeling inspired to declutter and keep on top of housework (I do struggle to get everything done as I have toddler twins who are into everything!)

So for today I need to:

Finish putting christmas decorations away
Sort toy boxes and baskets in living room
Hoover downstairs
Put washing away
Clean kitchen sides and keep sink clean and clear
Mop kitchen floor
Sort crafts out

Happy New Year everyone smile

SpangleMaker Wed 02-Jan-13 11:35:25

Grr, just wrote a long post and lost it!

Collie there's a great website called blipfoto where you can upload a max of one photo a day. But be warned, it can be addictive!

The DC are in nursery today and I have a day off grin I plan to do a major overhaul of the toys in a vain attempt to home all the Christmas (and DD's birthday) presents.

Done so far:
up and dressed to socks(!)
DC up and ready for nursery
Breakfast things cleared, worktops cleaned and DW on
Wash on and hung
Clean washing put away

To do:
Collect and put out rubbish and recycling from around the house
Major declutter/reorganisation of toys
make hm pizza for tea
clear out handbag and work bag

DH has gone out to take DC and run a few errands but am hoping later today he will sort through a big box of paperwork that's been cluttering up our bedroom for nearly a year, grr!

HellesBelles396 Wed 02-Jan-13 12:59:21

Hi, I'm on day 2. I put a towel in the bathroom last night to help me get straight in he shower this morning (something I only normally manage on workdays).
Loving having a shiny sink and am giving it a wipe over after every use to keep it that way.
DS and I decluttering our bedrooms today. Think I'll be redecluttering his once he's done. Sticking to 15 minute stints with 15 min breaks. Using the breaks for quality time - so far we'vre played dominoes, cribbage and whist.

Thanks BlackCat.

Today so far I have

got dressed
washing on and dried
supermarket shop
dishwasher loaded and on
washing up done
cleaned boots from muddy walk yesterday

Still to do

Shine sink
Put Christmas decorations in the loft
Do 15 minutes in my hall

I seem to have done a lot that wasn't on my original list. It's still something I suppose.

Hope the lonely feeling doesn't last long BlackCat.

AdoraJingleBells Wed 02-Jan-13 14:20:23

Cats hope you feel better, could you go out for a walk, is your weather conducive today?

Sinks are looking grubby but I am too, took, tooooo tired today. OH suggested watching a DVD to DDs last night, we were up until 11, DD1 fell asleep and missed the end of the film. Then mosquitos came a buzzing round my head, so I didn't get much sleep at all. We didn't need that after Tuesday's late night.
Okay, whinge over.

I need to,

Have breakfast, yes I know, it's 11.30 am and all I've had is coffee,
get groceries a bit later,
S and S bathrooms,
attend to kitchen (DW, clear and wipe sides, check fridge & cupboards for shopping list, rubbish out & clean bin etc etc)
get towels and swim suits washed
put yesterday's dry things away
do meals
get my excerise in, I think I'll wait for it to cool down and go about 8 ish this evening
make a plan for the week for DDs, they default to TV and computer too quickly
Speak to vet
Find dog's vet records which are not where I thought I'd put them
Book DD's dental appts.
collect DD's dental X-rays
Do dinner
Prep for tomorrow

HellesBelles396 Wed 02-Jan-13 14:31:01

DS has given up on decluttering. unfortunately, he just pulled everything put rather than doing a little at a time so I am now going to put all hos stuff away! only because he was annoying me so I sent him out to play he worked hard on sorting through everything and already put his rubbish in the bin.

Struggling a bit today. I had a difficult time yesterday and am struggling to fight off a headache today. I have to start work again today (self employed)and I have one student to teach later. I've given myself a very slow start this morning but have got up, showered and hair washed and dried and I'm dressed ( in scrappy clean the house type clothes - will have to change before teaching later) . I've put on a load of washing and have set dishwasher off and emptied it once finished. I've also tidied up a bit of junk in the hall.

so now I'm off to give myself 15 minutes to clear personal clutter on desk, folowwed by an hour of work, followed by another 15 mins of household stuff etc. I'll let you know how I get on.

Hello everyone! Cats my dh is back to work today as well. I am really missing him. To distract me the children and I have trashed the kitchen making "stuff" so I have a fair bit on my hands tonight. I am just letting them get on with it just now though.

Ok so I did 15 mins of personal admin and an hour of work and some messing on mn .

Just off to do another 15 mins of personal admin/housework

BlackCatinChaos Wed 02-Jan-13 17:07:38

Hi all, didn't go to bad today, made some cheese scones to keep myself busy and then this afternoon we all played with the lego. Am cooking tea next as DH is home.
Will pop back in later.

HellesBelles396 Wed 02-Jan-13 18:20:50

blackcatinchaos I was interested in what you said about control journals. when reading about them, I couldn't see the point in them as long as you have a family calendar and a tasks list. what was it about it that didn't work for you? do you think it's possible to do flylady without it?

AdoraJingleBells Wed 02-Jan-13 18:53:15

I've never done the control journal because I'm an anti-control freak it just feel like something that would work for me.

So, I've showered and breakfast and lunch are behind me now, ordered DDs to empty DW - they do light chores to earn their pocket money.
Garden has been cleaned - don't ask
2 loads of laundry done and I've escapedgrin. Left DDs in the relative cool sat in front of TV , OH is home going quietly mad with end of year accounts. I'm at the supermarket, having a sneaky coffee before actually getting the shopping.

Cats glad you found ways to occupy yourself.

oooggs Wed 02-Jan-13 20:18:38

Sink shined
Dressing up clothes sorted and sold the too small ones on Facebook!!
Tidied our bedroom (we can now see the carpet)
Did a bit of hoovering
Taken down the Christmas cards
And I have been to work (dh had the dcs)

Sitting down now for a rest

I did everything! Yay!

I also found myself tidying things as I went along. To numerous to mention and all small but significant to me. Sitting down now. smile

bessie26 Wed 02-Jan-13 20:47:13

First day back at work today <blurgh> but after tomorrow I'm not in again until tuesday <hurrah!>

I do have a Control Journal, because I do love a good list! grin - I don't see it as anything controlling though, more of a list of reminders & I don't get upset if I don't do them all.

Collie I am trying to take a photo of my garden every day this year to give me a better idea of what plants we have & where the gaps are - unfortunately I forgot this morning, but I shall try again tomorrow!

HellesBelles396 Wed 02-Jan-13 20:48:47

theonewiththehair that's what I found, doing one little thing made me want to do more. So far so good.
Going to wash my tea-cup, shine the sink, put a bath towel beside the shower and go to bed.

TheOnlyPink Wed 02-Jan-13 21:12:20

educatingarti, hope you are doing better this evening!

Still havent gotten my bloody decorations down, but I did shine my sink and got two loads of washing washed dried and put away. Thats a pretty big thing to me, i have a tendency to leave all the clothes next to the drier and pick as i need things!
Got the car taxed and spent the rest of the afternoon out with a very rare lunch trip minus the kids! grin

Dont think the control journal is going to be for me either, seems like a lot of faff.

SpangleMaker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:19:35

Done everything on my list apart from clearing out handbag and work bag, but I did also sort through a couple of kitched drawers - I'm terrible for getting distracted but it all needs doing. All the toys now pretty much fit in their designated places and there's now a huge charity pile in the hall - must get rid of that before the DC start poking around in it.

DH disappeared off to work (he has his own business) for most of the day but has promised to sort through his papers tomorrow hmm

Just got to shine my sink now and that's me done.

SpangleMaker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:26:50

I tried making a control journal (probably about this time last year) but I've hardly looked at it. I had a complicated system last year involving two diaries and flirtations with various apps on my iphone. I've had an A5 filofax and wads of paper for Christmas so will try to use that. I've made a section for each month to house to do lists etc. Hopefully that will work. It's not very portable, but I can't seem to get on with just using my phone.

HellesBelles396 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:41:21

All set for tomorrow: sink shined, towel beside shower ready for me to step straight in in the morning smile

Scout19075 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:58:55

Have done nothing on my list but:

get SB & I up & dressed
keep SB fed & watered
make cranberry sauce (in slow cooker now)

We went out today and this evening I've just been vegging in front of Spooks, doing some lists and emails playing games and cruising Pinterest.

Tomorrow is another day!

bessie26 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:59:53

DD's bags packed for tomorrow. My lunch & breakfast made. Washing up done & sink cleaned.

Spangle I do like the HomeRoutines app (I use the timer on it alot!), but it just doesn't quite work for me. Mine is now a spreadsheet which I used to print out & tick off, but alot of it became habit, so I stopped bothering. I should probably update & print out again!

I just spent a lovely few minutes catching up on Pinterest, but off to bed now.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 02-Jan-13 22:08:19

I'm a bit like you Spangle in that I made a control journal last year but found a lot of the time I didn't look at it. I still have it in the cupboard.
I find what works best for me is I have a clipboard and I attach my To do list to it and cross things off as I do them. This tends to stop loose pieces of paper getting lost amongst the clutter as a clipboard is big enough to find --most of the time-- grin.
I use a diary or calender for any dates I need to remember and I have started a separate book for any bills I physically have to pay (school trips etc).
Everyone is different though so what works for one person might not be right for someone else.
It might take a while to figure out what suits you!
Some of us have been doing this for over a year. smile For various reasons I have had to take breaks from trying Flylady, That's life though, shit happens!
I am hoping now though things may start to improve and I am really trying this time! smile

Sorry that was a bit of a ramble! blush I get a bit carried away sometimes. grin

Hope everyone is getting on o.k.

It's lovely to have so many new people join us! smile

<Waves to HellesBelles and everyone else>

BlackCatinChaos Wed 02-Jan-13 22:15:32

Here is babystep 3

It's up to you whether you do this one or not but some of us don't.

Not sure how much I will get on here tomorrow so thought I would do the link tonight.

Must get off to bed soon, it's been a long day.

AdoraJingleBells Wed 02-Jan-13 22:18:30


Shopping done and put away,
E-mails done
3rd load of washing on
Had a snack
Currently watching DD2 in the pool before I do dinner

I may not get my walk in this eveningsad as I now have back ache (AF type), but I shall try. Off to do dinner now, need to make my bed too, only 1 set of sheets and those are on the line.

See you all tomorrowsmile

Sephy Wed 02-Jan-13 23:24:45

I'd like to start! Made the sink very shiny this evening and also managed to do the gettin up thing (by chance, as I only found this thread this afternoon) so I'm almost caught up on time for day 3!

AdoraJingleBells Thu 03-Jan-13 01:06:03

Well done Sephy and welcome.

Update on my update, I managed my walk- 40 minutes with 1 dog. It was a cool 24C when I set off at 9pm and a positively chilly (did you see what I did theregrin )22C by the time I got back. Back feels a little better for it.

Rubbish has been put out, DDs stayed up playing basket ball with OH. He survived his year end accounts, now knows exactly how much in the red the accounts are. Last wash is hung out. DW is on, thanks OH

HellesBelles396 Thu 03-Jan-13 08:36:02

Up and dressed to socks. Bed made. With my phone no longer allowed in my bedroom a tidy house there's nothing to put me off getting up!

BornInACrossFireHurricane Thu 03-Jan-13 09:23:36

Morning all

Had abit of a rubbish day yesterday, hoping to get more done today!

I have been trying to declutter and really need to continue with this. So far I have at least 4 bin bags of clothes sorted (mostly baby clothes) and have more to sort through. Also need to sort out kitchen drawers and sort through paper work, but this will be a job for when kids are in bed!


Hoover downstairs
Clean kitchen sides
Sort top of dresser in dining room
Put some washing away
Wash on
Clean kitchen after meals and dining room table
Mop kitchen floor
Sort car insurance
Send parcel

Have a good day everyone

Pink -thank you. I did manage better as the day went on. I did a total of 4 hours work plus some bits and pieces of housework.

Off to put a load of washing on before I go out. I've got lots on today so unlikely to do much housework-ish type stuff but I 'm hoping to do more tomorrow!

TheOnlyPink Thu 03-Jan-13 11:07:46

Arti, glad to hear you had such a productive day in the end.

I'm not going to do step 3, i know the site pretty well, been getting her emails for a while now!

Sink is shined after breakfast, definitely taking the decorations down today. I've been putting it off saying i'm too busy, but they are annoying me now. Will wash the living room floor once they are down.
I want to keep on top of the laundry too, need to put clean stuff away and get another load done.

Have a good day ladies!

HellesBelles396 Thu 03-Jan-13 11:35:38

Pink Taking down my Christmas decorations and putting them in the loft is my goal for today too.

So far, I have taken down and packed the decorations and tree and hoovered round. I'm a bit scared of the loft blush so I've decided to reward myself with Africa on iplayer before I venture up there!

AdoraJingleBells Thu 03-Jan-13 13:06:49

I'm up and showeredgrin
Dustbin is out

My goals for today are
Feed dogs
Rouse DDs
Get DDs enrolled in beach volley ball, if there's still space
Put away the last of yesterday's washing
Maybe take down tree and decos, depends where OH has put the boxes. we keep them in the loft of the garage and I really don't like going up there

Probably need to do other things which I'll remember as I go along.

Have a good day everyone.

Casualty Thu 03-Jan-13 14:52:13

Can I join please? I just feel exhausted with the amout of clutter and mess in every room sad I've been receiving emails from Flylady on and off for 2 years now, but I think it doesn't work for me as no one is checking up on me and just reading this thread is motivating. So thanks for that and now I'm off to do 15 minutes in the hallway!

BlackCatinChaos Thu 03-Jan-13 15:00:20

Hi all, Just checking in, Hope everyone is o.k. Gonna read through today's posts^

BlackCatinChaos Thu 03-Jan-13 15:16:31

Welcome to all new people smile,

I'm taking things slow today. I did manage to get myself and 2 DC dressed by 9.30am though so that is progress! grin

Went out this morning with DM. DD spent some of her Christmas money on a few toys.
I have done lunch (earlier) and done a bit of washing up, more to do though.
I find it a bit hard to concentrate on getting things done with the DC still off school.

Gonna make a brew in a mo as I feel I need to motivate myself again.

Everyone sounds like they are of to a good start so "Well done!" smile

<Leaves out cakes and brews for all>

ChristmasKnackers Thu 03-Jan-13 16:21:29

Christmas decorations down today.

That's enough for one day! I'm probably a bit dim, but what is baby step 3 About?

HellesBelles396 Thu 03-Jan-13 16:43:00

christmas not a clue!

Karbea Thu 03-Jan-13 17:00:04


I've done none of the steps yet, but I have done all of upstairs and my lounge. Today I tidied and swept/steamed the hall floor and hoovered the stairs.

Yesterday I also tidied and ordered all of my shoes and clothes.

Scout19075 Thu 03-Jan-13 17:23:20

I think babystep three is to read one of the emails from FlyLady but not sure. I get the emails but must admit they bore and/or frustrate me so I don't read most of them.

Hello all ("old" and new)!

Today's list includes:

SB & I up and dressed
Letter Foam Projects -- draw (--Ii--, Pp, Nn)
Letter Foam Projects -- cut (--Ii--, Pp, Nn)
email friend
tidy up presents upstairs
fold all clothes upstairs
make cranberry sauce (to freeze)
separate cranberry sauce
freeze cranberry sauce
wash up slow cooker and put away for trip home
print train pictures to color
have SB color pictures (thank you notes!)
upload pictures from Christmas
upload pictures from skating
write thank you notes for mine presents (x3)
town center for stamps and to look at shop
start to pack suitcase with Christmas presents
empty trash bin of nappies
reline trash can

Slowish start to the morning since I didn't feel very well. SB & MrScout are building Lego and I'm surfing the web.

GirlOutNumbered Thu 03-Jan-13 17:50:42

ah, okay thank you
ChristmasKnackers (name changed)

oooggs Thu 03-Jan-13 19:35:15

Adora - where abouts are you? <<<< very nosey emotion>>>>>>>>

AdoraJingleBells Thu 03-Jan-13 20:05:15

Ooooooh, you nosey individual oooggs wink I'm in Chile.grin

oooggs Thu 03-Jan-13 20:09:05

Wow!!! Jealous of your sunshine from a very wet Cornwall

TheOnlyPink Thu 03-Jan-13 20:18:17

BlackCatinChaos thanks so much for the motivation!

Got the decorations down. Living room looks miserable, but got the floors washed and a good tidy while i'm at it. Sink is shined after dinner.

Adora make us jealous, how hot is it in Chile?

XBenedict Thu 03-Jan-13 20:37:46

OK sink is soaking ready for a shine in a hour! Off we go in the XBenedict household smile

Micha54178 Thu 03-Jan-13 20:47:11

I love the idea of this, I would love to have the picture perfect show home but with three kids, two dogs and a cat I've no chance. I always set myself a huge list of tasks and spend the whole weekend trying to fix everything!! Very frustrating and hardly ever works!! Does it matter if I start on Monday? Procrastination at its best!

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Thu 03-Jan-13 21:02:00

Hi all
had a reasonable day,
dishwasher done
washing machine done
sink shiney
one bag of paperwork sorted and filed into recylcing or files.

Going to get another bag done tomorrow.
been with Dh he had an operation on his eye this afternoon.
tomorrow need to have boys haircut before going back to school next week.
Also need to double check all uniform and stuff is ready.

AdoraJingleBells Thu 03-Jan-13 22:02:45

I like Cornwall, haven't been there for quite a few years though.

it is currently around 32C outside, too hot to do much. Should start cooling down in an hour or so, when I collect DD2 from a friend's. Then I need to do dinner. WM is on it's second run and DW needs emptying. Sinks were shiny this morning but the day has messed them up again. Tree and decos are still in situ.

Never hope DH isn't too sore after his op and he recovers quickly.

BlackCatinChaos Thu 03-Jan-13 23:03:26

Hi all, just popping in before bed --must try and get out of the late nights habit and go to bed earlier--

Here is babystep 4

Things don't really get going yet but then the whole babysteps thing is about taking small steps.

Micha Hi, you will be fine to start on Monday.

I think I must make an effort to get some laundry done tomorrow.

AdoraBell Fri 04-Jan-13 00:26:18

Micha absolutely, start on Monday, and if you fall off the flying wagon just climb back on when you feel ready. No guilt heregrin.

Well, OH went to collect DD2 so we've eaten, cleared away- OH emptied DW and washed up, I put the towels on the line. Currently watching TV with DDs not MNing at all, not me

Micha54178 Fri 04-Jan-13 08:07:45

Thanks black and adora, I shall start on Monday. I'll post then. Have a good weekend

Morning everyone. smile

Yesterday was ok. I shined my sink and did the DW and WM. I also cleaned down the kitchen surfaces.

Today I'm out and about so I'll fit it around that and I want to do 15 minutes in my dining room too. I've managed to keep the bits of hall I did clear too.

Can anyone explain swipe and swish to me? Is it just about cleaning the lavatory?

TheOnlyPink Fri 04-Jan-13 09:10:19

TheOne, hope this helps [[ Swish and Swipe]]

So feeling very productive today. I've stuck to my to do list all week!
I'm up and dressed, sink is shiney after breakfast. Need to keep on top of the laundry and do 15 mins declutter in the dining room. Its my biggest "hotspot"

TheOnlyPink Fri 04-Jan-13 09:11:38

Aw, link didnt work! lol!

Paintyourbox Fri 04-Jan-13 09:20:32

Hi everyone,

Not much done yesterday- sink looks great but still feeling ill. Did manage a yoga class though.

SpangleMaker Fri 04-Jan-13 09:37:57

Morning everyone! Haven't had a chance to catch up on everyone's posts yet but will do so later.

VERY busy day yesterday - back to work, fortunately working at home but loads to do as I have a big deadline in mid-Jan. Cleared what I needed to do and cleaned out work bag. Then I stupidly decided to sort through a huge pile of last year's papers (turns out the pile dated back to Sept 2011 blush ). Important things like car insurance certificate and long lost cheque book mixed up with DC drawings and letters from nursery. Took me until midnight but it's done now, phew!

Not working now until Tuesday and DH still off so a more relaxing day. Just need to do laundry, clean bathroom then DS's school application this evening.

I'll be back to catch up properly later.

Thanks Pink. So basically a quick clean of the loo and then wipe down the bathroom.

I need to check uniform today too. I don't think I'll get it all done today. I'm so not in the mood.

HellesBelles396 Fri 04-Jan-13 09:44:46

Putting in a bid for most northerly on this thread: Northumberland. Very grey today sad

Up, dressed to socks and bed aired and made smile

Breakfast dishes washed, dried and sink shone smile

1 Hotspot cleared smile

Next on list: haircut grin grin grin grin (down past bra-strap due to lack of interest in own appearance. I noticed I was looking longingly at scissors, hedge shears, etc so made an appointment)

Also to do:
shopping sad. made list smile
tidy fridge/freezer (i'll do that first)
prepare for tutoring tomorrow
prepare for scout leaders meeting tonight
hang calendars

I'd also like a 15min declutter in the study (needs a 15 day declutter)

bessie26 Fri 04-Jan-13 11:16:08

hi everyone. Had a hectic 2 days at work this week & am pleased to be home with the DDs today grin

I suspect I am the most easterly - about 10miles away from the sea in East Anglia.

spangle I did DD1's school application on weds - I put the 3 schools down I was always going to put down, so not sure why I left it so late! If I'd known you could go online & change your mind I would have done it months ago!

well done on the yoga class paint - take it easy if you are still poorly though.

WM has probably finished by now, so will move that to TD & put another load on soon. We have walked round to the local shop to buy some milk. Lunch is in the slow cooker & I have washed up the mess I created making that! shock Just remembered I put some descaler on the taps upstairs earlier - had better go rinse it off!

Struggling to get going here!

Having lunch and then seeing how I get on!

BlackCatinChaos Fri 04-Jan-13 15:55:35

Hows everyone doing now? Did you get going Arti?

Today I have:
made bed
got showered and dressed
been shopping
and swish and swiped in bathroom so not exactly done things in the right order.

Just stopping for a tea break now.

HellesBelles396 Fri 04-Jan-13 16:03:07

So far today:

hot spot
shopping (with list based on meal plan smile )
tidied fridge and freezer
put bin out
got hair cut
made sandwiches to freeze for next week's packed lunches grin

Still to do:
prep for tutoring tomorrow
prep for section leaders meeting tonight to plan next term's cub meetings

and my sink's still shiny smile smile smile

BlackCatinChaos Fri 04-Jan-13 16:07:33

Well done HB ! smile Sounds like you doing great! smile

I'm off to sort dinner in a bit, haven't quite got my head around meal planning.

BlackCat - I've managed to do 2 hours work and a 20 minute job re-potting 2 plants! I'm off to have a bit of tea and then do a 15 minute blitz on the living room before doing some more work. Feeling tired!!

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Fri 04-Jan-13 19:01:08

yay eveyone sounds like you are doing brilliantly!!
arti once you got going you were on fire!! well done you smile

it was a joy to get up to a shiny kitchen
dishwasher done
washing machine done
bathrooms cleaned except for floors
another bag of paperwork sorted

Boys haircuts done (YAY!!!)
both boys in bed and asleep
DH making bread
me munching dinner

chaos tbh I have found meal planning the most straightforward of my tasks.
I start with looking online at what deals the supermarket have on, Sainsbo's is particularly good with recipes for ingredients

I allow cassarole/chilli/bolognaise to have 2 meals 1 main and one lunch
anyroad if you want a planner to start from I have one I can email you (someone here mailed it to me a few years ago)

grin Thanks NKUnderstood!

Just as I started my 15 minute living room blitz my DM phoned to tell me what a difficult day she had had and how she felt unsupported! Now she is living with my very disabled DF and it is a stress but he has a live-in carer. I guess she was just feeling a bit low and several things had gone wrong today (nothing disastrous) and I think she's probably quite tired but it makes me cross sometimes because I live over 140 miles away and there's not a lot I can do practically and I was only just with them last week!!

It s hard when I have difficult days too. I don't tell her about them because she'd stress about it and also whatever I said, her day would have been worse!! I have sympathy for her situation, but I can't manage any more than I am doing!

OK -rant over!

I did manage to put away some Christmas decs etc from the living room and sort out a whole load of catalogues and magazines and put them in the recycling.

I'm going to make another cup of tea and do another hours work (have to have lessons planned before tomorrow morning!)

NK understood - does your meal planner actually have recipes or is it a blank one for writing in. (I'm interested in recipes already planned out so I don't have to think!!)

HellesBelles396 Fri 04-Jan-13 19:52:10

it makes me cross sometimes because I live over 140 miles away and there's not a lot I can do practically and I was only just with them last week!!

Arti it is hideously painful to hear that someone we love is suffering and feel powerless to help but maybe she just wanted a whinge.

Come on here when you need to offload grin if only flylady gave advice on how to deal with relatives!

grin HellesBelles !
<Sets timer for 15 minutes and phones DM> "Hi DM; you've got 15 minutes to winge but when the timer goes off I have to get onto the next job!"

oooggs Fri 04-Jan-13 20:56:34

feeling in control of the house at the minute!!! but the food always causes me problems.

Dh works shifts (days then backs weekly) so I need a fortnightly plan to work around his shifts and the after school clubs that 3 of our 4 children do. The thought of doing it makes me feel dizzy.

Yet I know that when it is done everything will slot into place

HellesBelles396 Fri 04-Jan-13 21:02:00

arti grin. good plan

ooog (hope I got he right number of I'd can't see originals on my phone! the school I work at has a fortnightly timetable. If the slt can do it for 2300 kids and 150 staff, an mn-er can defo do it for 1 family!

Scout19075 Fri 04-Jan-13 21:26:47

I went out this morning, to the big town in Parents'-in-Law-shire. Had nearly two hours out (could have stayed out longer but had the car seat and MrScout wanted to take SmallBoy out) alone -- Bliss! Bought some presents for 2013, a couple of things for me and had a drink. Honestly it was bliss.

Besides the usual dress/feed/water SmallBoy and me I have also:

Gone to big town in Parents'-in-Law-shire
Ran errands in Parents'-in-Law-shire
started packing up presents
started packing up clothes
tided up bedside table (where we keep SB's books) and cleared out ones he doesn't read any more
wrapped niece's birthday present
updated presents spreadsheet
worked on to do lists for when we get home
menu planned/grocery list

Am now watching Spooks and surfing the web.

HellesBelles396 Fri 04-Jan-13 21:30:34

scout? presents spreadsheet? what is it? how does it work?

FleeBee Fri 04-Jan-13 21:39:02

I've just started due to being at my parents house for NY. Washing, ironing & nearly all put away. Off to shine my sink, then bed. Night all

oooggs Fri 04-Jan-13 21:48:01

hells - you have given me an idea, the school have a 4 week meal planner, off to use that as inspiration!!!!! - my children have packed lunches wink

HellesBelles396 Fri 04-Jan-13 21:51:18

Feeling grumpy and not caring about 2 unwashed glasses or putting the rubbish out or getting put a clean tea-towel and dish cloth.

oooggs hurrah! you're halfway there - it'such easier to strt fron something rather than nothing.

Scout19075 Fri 04-Jan-13 21:57:33

HellesBelles, the presents spreadsheet is something I created years ago. I have a tab for every holiday -- Christmas, Birthday, Easter (as a family we exchange eggs), miscellaneous (for Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc). On each sheet I have cells listing each person/family member, rows by family unit (for example, my SiL, her husband and their children are listed in a line but each with their own cell).

I also keep a list of presents I want to make and when I need to make them (for example, to give chutney I need to make it in advance to let it mature). One of the presents we give my Mom is a stack of puzzle books you can't get in the US that she loves, so I list (on a separate tab) which ones I get as I get them so I don't duplicate. I also have a list/tab of all of the Brio sets and specialty items SmallBoy has, which ones we have "in reserve" (as in, already bought but not given) and when we've given them/are going to give them.

Gift ideas (as in, things we know we're going to give but have not yet bought) are in italics. Presents to be made by SmallBoy in blue bold. Edible presents to be made typed in red bold. I make Christmas cake/puddings/mincemeat in September/October time because we're away a large portion of November (and if we're not we're getting ready to go away or suffering jet lag from return). Things that need minimum 4-6 weeks to mature I make in October due to being away.

HellesBelles396 Fri 04-Jan-13 22:11:26

Oh my word, scout, you don't need flylady - you ARE flylady!

bessie26 Fri 04-Jan-13 22:25:33

shock and envy at scout's present organisation!

I thought I was good having Amazon wish lists for me, each of the DD's and a private wish list for xmas present ideas for other people, which I mostly ignore for 10 months of the year.

I ordered a whole room full of (sale) bedroom furniture for DD1(4) yesterday which should arrive tomorrow, so will probably be spending most of the weekend building flatpack grin

DD1 and I had a really good tidy-up this afternoon & she vacuumed up the mess she made in the living room - ok, so I had to re-do it, but I was very pleased that she happily attempted to do the whole room, so then we made some cakes

I have a veggie meal plan for the whole of 2012 if anyone's interested?!!

Scout19075 Fri 04-Jan-13 22:42:33

Oh yes, I have Amazon lists, too. A .com and a set. The US ones are for me and one for SmallBoy. Actually, SB has two US ones -- a toys one and a books one -- and I have two -- one for things I like and one of books for teaching. My UK lists are more extensive -- two for SB (same two as above), my two (same as above), a gifts idea list (ideas so not on the spreadsheet until we decide that's what we're getting) and a supplies list (if I'm making things or thinking about making things I use amazon as a base price to do costings).

I try not to put what's on the SB's US list onto the UK list to avoid duplication. The US list is generally smaller/lighter weight items because they will inevitably either need to be shipped in a package or brought home in our suitcase. My US one is mostly Snoopy things and DVDs of series that haven't necessarily made it over here (or that can be a lot cheaper to buy in the US). My teaching books list is generally bigger in the US because there a lot more curriculum options in the US.

BlackCatinChaos Fri 04-Jan-13 22:52:41

I am impressed by how organised some of you are! As you may of guessed from my nn I tend to be quite unorganised and leave things till last minute. blush

We are having trouble getting DD to go to sleep lately and she has gone back to waking me at least once a night. (she is 4) She is still awake now shock But hopefully in bed.

BlackCatinChaos Fri 04-Jan-13 22:55:34
Scout19075 Fri 04-Jan-13 22:55:53

Deep down I am organized but I live with a hoarder in a matchbox of a house. Hence the FlyLady for me. I am a maker of lists. I like them. I like being able to tick things off of a list as I do it. Hence the very detailed lists I often have of every little thing. It keeps me on track and makes me happy. However, most days I have a couple of things that haven't been done. They don't bother me and just get carried over to the next day. Life's like that sometimes.

bessie26 Fri 04-Jan-13 23:35:15

Sorry to hear about your DD's sleep going wonky cats - the same thing has just happened to a friend of mine - any idea what is causing it? fx it is just a temporary thing.

DD2(1.9) has slept through for 4 nights on the trot now - this is a record since last August when her sleeping got broken by teeth. I also had my thyroid meds increased a few days ago (low thyroid makes me v.tired) so am feeling decidely perky today compared to the last few months! grin

How is the decluttering going scout? Slow & steady?

Babystep 5? Meh. I don't have time to listen to any negative voices wink

Scout19075 Fri 04-Jan-13 23:59:26

bessie, proper decluttering/flying went to pot in October when we came down to Parents-in-Law-Shire for SB's birthday (we stayed for the week MrScout was in California). We were then home for a week before flying out to the US for nearly three weeks. MrScout then went to DC for work for a few days. He was home for two weeks when we came down for Christmas. We're here until Monday morning. For me proper FlyLady flying starts again on Tuesday.

AdoraBell Sat 05-Jan-13 03:36:08

Today I was out almost all day with DDs, running errands then clothes shopping, then grocery shopping, so not much has been done here at all. Dinner was mega late and I still need to 'fridge the bolognaise because I'm just too tired to freeze it sensibly. Had a productive day overall, but it's left me too tired to get myself in gear. Will try to catch up again tomorrow. Dustbin won't be going out in the morning, there's hardly anything in it anyway.

TheOnlyPink Sat 05-Jan-13 11:26:27

BlackCat I feel the same! I am very disorganised too, and tend to put things on the long finger. I look at things around the house and say "oh i must do that tomorrow" and i dont, meaning it gets worse and worse! The ladies here are very organised!

I feel like i'm doing well. I havent made many changes really, but I have kept up with the ones I have. My sink is shiney, my laundry is put away once its dry and not left on the floor in the drier. I've started to put away the toys twice a day, so it never really gets the chance to take over the whole room!

Today I have done my 15 mins in the dining room and i also cleared out one of my kitchen cupboards. Kids are off to my parents for a "sleepover" tonight, I am SOOOOO excited! Too broke to go out, but will have a takeaway and a few drinks.
Have the kids clothes ironed and ready to go!

BlackCat ds2 is the same. He's never slept though. He's 4 and plays in his room from 7.30 until 9.30/10.00 most nights. He then wakes between 2 and 4 times a night. We have tried everything and I'm resigned to the fact that one day he'll be too embarrassed to want to come in anymore. He just doesn't seem to need the sleep.

Yesterday was busy as we had a lunch for my niece and after I had to take ds1 to collect some stuff from his dad's as he's decided he doesn't need his toxic dad in his life anymore. That was not a fun afternoon.

All I managed was to get dressed, wash up and shine the sink. Today is already better. I've tidied up the younger dcs' bedrooms with their help, loaded the DW and got dressed.

Still to do, Hoover upstairs, 15minutes in my dining room, go shoe shopping for ds2, take dd to a party, dinner, shine sink.

I too am amazed at how organised some of you are. I dream of bring like that but just the thought depresses me. I don't know why.

Sorry for the massive post.

HellesBelles396 Sat 05-Jan-13 14:12:21

I, too, have several amazon lists - one for things i want, one for things ds wants and one for utility items/gifts for others.

TheOneWithTheHair it sounds like you've done loads. Don't forget, entertaining and emotional events take up LOADS of time and can be draining. Stop beating yourself up.

Thus far today:
Showered and dressed to socks upon waking.
Bed made.
DS bed stripped and in washer.
Drying swapped (no drier just radiators and airers)
Tutoring session (3 hours).
Made an early start on swishing and swiping
And my sink is still shiny grin

bessie26 Sat 05-Jan-13 15:39:28

DD2 was up 230-330 last night. <kicks self for mentioning, & so jinxing the good run!>

Thanks HellesBelles. I'm ok usually. The sun is shining today so I feel much more energetic. Dd is at her party and ds2 has new shoes. I also have done dinner and my 15 minutes.

Just have to Hoover and shine my sink. It feels good to tick things off. It's a good reminder of what you've achieved especially on days when you feel like you've done nothing. smile

HellesBelles396 Sat 05-Jan-13 17:10:29

I did completely different things than on my to do list. I have ironed school uniforms and done repairs but they weren't on the list so I'm going to add them on so I can tick them off!

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sat 05-Jan-13 19:09:58

evening all
have had a productive day
after being up all night with a poorly boy
done dishwasher - kitchen gleaming
washing load done
10 minutes in dining room allocating toys back to bedrooms
another carrier bag of paper work has been sorted and filed
bathrooms will be ss'd when the boys are out of the bath.

been out for lunch which blew my daily calorie limit but it is the last weekend of the holidays so I decided to relax.

ooh and most excitingly (for me) I remembered that ds2 has a superhero day at school on Thursday and bought him a cheapo spiderman outfit when we were in town (would normally be flying round the house on Wednesday evenig trying to fashion somthing remotely superhero like!!) grin

BlackCatinChaos Sat 05-Jan-13 21:49:14


Hi all, sorry I've not posted much today, been a bit busy with other stuff.

SpangleMaker Sat 05-Jan-13 22:39:55

Sounds like everyone is doing well and making progress. TheOnlyPink I think that's the point, to make changes slowly but stick to them. I need to remember that - I am great for initial bursts of enthusiasm but tend to fizzle out. I really want to stick with it this time. Am pleased that I've kept my sink shiny, got up and dressed first (if not particularly early, but hey it's the holidays!) and swish and swiped the bathroom every day. I definitely feel more in control even if the house doesn't look radically different.

bessie I was dithering about the school application because I wanted to include one that's in the next county and I wasn't sure how to do that - actually it was really easy. Anyway, I feel a bit of a weight off me now that's done.

scout another one who's envy of your spreadsheet keeping skills. I am quite organised about Christmas but birthdays sneak up on me. It's my step-mum's next Saturday and I have no idea what to get.

blackcat I hope your DD sleeps better tonight. My DS is 3.9 and has suddenly decided he's afraid of the dark. He was a dreadful sleeper up until about 2 but has been really good since then, so I hope this is a phase that passes quickly.

I'm trying to re-instate my weekly housework routine. Today's task was to change sheets and towels and tomorrow's is to dust and hoover bedrooms. The dusting alone is a major task in our room!

AdoraBell Sun 06-Jan-13 01:50:50

Cats I hope DD is allowing you to sleep now.

I'm also a list maker, but not as well organised as Scout because I find long lists frustrating. I make short lists daily on paper and recycle once they're crossed off. I keep things like birthdays etc on my phone.

Another day out, so hardly any flying done-again.

S&S'd my bathroom
Pulled back my bed to air
DDs emptied DW, I reloaded
Then we went out, came back to find Houdini up to her old tricks (for anyone who deosn't know about my saga I have a canine escapologist)
We've eaten, picnic style dinner, I just need to open a vinogrin

Artie I hope you feel better. I know exactly what you mean about competitive whining, MIL does it. The best worst was when FIL had a knee replaced. She was enraged that the Dr said her hips where still good for another 20 years and so she couldn't have them replaced. I struggled to keep a straight face while she was whinging. I really like your ideagrin

WM is all set for the morning and DW will go on before I go to bed. We're at home all day tomorrow so flying will be done.

HellesBelles396 Sun 06-Jan-13 09:26:52

For the first time this year, I did not smile when I went into the kitchen. I came in late last night (midnight is late for me) and did not wash the couple of dishes I created nor shone my sink before bed.
I did it this morning (took less than 5 minutes) but thought it was interesting how much it disappointed me despite the kitchen being in a better condition than at almost any time over the last 12 months!

CollieAndTheEyeV Sun 06-Jan-13 09:27:12

Hello everyone!I haven't posted in a few days but I have been keeping up with the thread to find out what the baby steps are and what you're all up to. Lots of action I see! scout I also marvel at your spreadsheet organisation!

Yesterday DH and I tackled the mammoth task of moving both DCs into one bedroom. DD is 2 and has started to climb out of her cot. She was in the larger bedroom that used to be DH's study, so had computers etc in one corner. DS is 5 and in the box room. We've moved DS into DD's room and turned the box room into the study. It took hours and my back was really aching yesterday. Both rooms look great. Our bedroom on the other hand doesn't. It was the transitional area, the contents of DS's room went into ours while we cleaned his empty room & moved the study in, then we moved his stuff into the newly cleaned DC's room. We still have some of his stuff piled around the room.

Today I will do:
A thorough cull of DC's books - so many no longer read
Iron school uniforms for the week
Another wash load
Dry above wash load
Look up how to joint a whole chicken
Joint a chicken
Make dinner
Clear a hotspot on a table downstairs

I've also kept up with my photo a day blog. Need to get out with the camera today too.

Best get started!!

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sun 06-Jan-13 10:17:49

morning all
following the guidance of fl I am going to bless my spirit today.
I have a strong Christian faith but DH is agnostic, he has agreed that he will come to church with me and the children for each of the family services at church.
I am reallly looking forward to it. smile

Morning everyone. Just writing down my list for today.

get up and dressed
make bed
Load DW
Put a wash on
washing up
Hoovering that I didn't do yesterday
Sort out uniform for tomorrow
Sweep and mop kitchen floor

Will check back later. smile

TheOnlyPink Sun 06-Jan-13 12:01:59

Hi ladies!

Feeling a bit lazy today, but have my load of washing on and my dishes clean after breakfast. Not washed or dressed myself yet tho! Last day of the holidays, tbh i'm looking forward to getting back into the usual routine tomorrow.

I like todays babystep, feels like i'm on the way to actually doing something to tackle the house! My 2 biggest hot spots are the side of the couch just inside the living room door and the kitchen table.

Todays list:
~--Fill out form for eye tests--
~ Load of washing from machine to drier
~ Dont leave dry clothes in the drier
~ Clear off the couch hotspot
~ Get uniform ironed and ready for tomorrow
~ Do weekly meal plan

HellesBelles396 Sun 06-Jan-13 12:14:37

Today's list:
up and dressed to socks
make bed
readings at church
go shopping for food for next weekend's scout camp
pre-cook and freeze it
shine and spray protector on school shoes
prepare tomorrow's slow cooker contents

BlackCatinChaos Sun 06-Jan-13 12:59:25

Hi all,
List update, Today I have:

made bed
got dressed
sorted some washing
loaded washing machine
done 15 minutes paperwork hotspot
had lunch

Still need to get everything ready for back to school tomorrow. Off to buy some new school shoes for DS this afternoon.

I might not pop in again till this evening as there is lots to get done.

Hope everyone is alright. x

HellesBelles396 Sun 06-Jan-13 19:04:42

update to my list:

have now done the scout shopping and cooked a mince dish and butternut squash soup for 15 ahead of scout camp next weekend.

oooggs Sun 06-Jan-13 20:37:27

we have had family time today with fun at the pool, a Natural Trust property wink and lunch out

but I have done the
got out all the uniforms for tomorrow
got out the bookbags
made up the pe bags
take down ds1's school trousers
tidied around (working tomorrow so not much time)
done the menu plan for the next 4 weeks, it starts tomorrow!!!! but I haven't shopped for it yet blush

Scout19075 Sun 06-Jan-13 20:53:27

Today I have:

washed, dried, folded and packed a load of laundry
packed all of the clothes for me, SB and MrScout
packed up all of the Christmas presents (SB's, mine and MrScout's)
wrote two thank you cards
got SB & I going (up, dressed, etc)
kept SB fed & watered
helped MiL with shopping

MrScout is going to pack up all of the Brio/trains. I need to get the empty suitcase out of the boot of the car so we can load as much as we can tonight to leave early-ish tomorrow.

HellesBelles396 Sun 06-Jan-13 21:36:51

final update to today's list (though I missed the 2 min hotspot - unless sorting out my work bag counts?)
I have not sprayed protector on our shoes but ds school texted today to say that tomorrow is a teachers training day so they can be done tomorrow smile
I have cooked 39 portions of food today and left the kitchen clean, tidy and shiny grin grin grin
hope everyone has a victory to take away with them!

TheOnlyPink Sun 06-Jan-13 21:45:04

Scout Safe trip home!

Helles well done you!!! thats fab!

Had a pretty good day, got all my list done! Even got my meal plan sorted for lunches and dinners.

HellesBelles396 Sun 06-Jan-13 21:49:46

fantastic pink is your list longer than the babystep list? mine seems to be growing uncontrollably though I have started dividing it into must, should and could!

BlackCatinChaos Sun 06-Jan-13 21:51:01

Well done everyone! smile Sounds like you're all doing great.

I am just having a bit of chill out time now before bed. Have done everything I needed to get done to be ready for tomorrow, just need to get DS school jumper dry by the morning.
Can't believe DS has size 6 feet shock and he is only nine years old shock.
He is going to be tall and have bigger feet than me and DH! grin

AdoraBell Sun 06-Jan-13 22:16:43

NKU I'm glad you are doing something for you, it's very important.

I feel like I haven't done anything today but we've all eaten, both breakfast and lunch, nearly time for dinner now. All the laundry is clean and either back inside or still drying on the line. two storage boxes have been sorted, rubbish binned and recycling put away. Excess crimbo decos have been weeded out for recycling, tree is still in situ though. I've showered- this morning- and the rest of the family are playing in the pool. We had the bolognaise that I didn't freeze t'other day for lunch but I don't know what to do about dinner coz me plan has gone kaput I have lot's of veg to use, it may turn into a stir-fry.

Tomorrow I plan to do bathrooms thoroughly and vacuum at the very least. Tuesday DDs start volley ball and I'll spend that time in the gym. I'm finding with the dogs I get a pleasant walk but not fast enough, but I'm not fit enough to run with themsad.

Well done everyone for today's achievements, I'm off to chop veg.

See you tommorow.

BlackCatinChaos Sun 06-Jan-13 22:29:40


See you all tomorrow as I must try and go to bed now. --have to break my late nights habit-- wink

AdoraBell Mon 07-Jan-13 02:21:24

Cats I also have a late night habit I need to break. I find I need a little time for myself after everyone is in bed, then I get stuck on MNblush, it's beginning to impact on my health now so I really need to make a conscious effort. Tonight I'm going to bed at 11.30 because DDs were up until 10.30. School hols and OH keeps suggesting watching a film.

DW is on, I just need to remove tea mugs and biccies from the lounge and brush my teeth before I hit the pit.

Thanks for the baby steps

<leaves fresh coffee and pastries to start tomorrow off properlywink>

HellesBelles396 Mon 07-Jan-13 07:04:37

adorabell you're doing great. it said somewhere on flylady that we try to do too much in one day and give up because that level of effort is unsustainable. that's why we need baby steps. it's good that you feel you've had leftover time (despite having done loads) because you'll be able to keep going smile

BlackCatinChaos Mon 07-Jan-13 09:18:30

Morning all, DC are back to school/nursery so I have 2 hours alone time. Gonna have a coffee then get started on some jobs.

So far I have:
made bed
breakfast for all
got everyone dressed
done school run
now need to make a to do list.

Morning everyone. Mine are back today too. It makes a real difference having to get dressed and go out it think. We did nothing yesterday. We sat and watched Harry Potter all day! Three and a half films. blush
It was great to be still for a while though. I got loads of my crochet done. smile

Today I have:
Done breakfast
Made the bed
Got everyone dressed
Put on a wash
Done school run
Put above wash in the dryer

To do list:
10 mins in the kitchen.
Put washing away
Washing up
School run to pick up
Take ds2 to football
Take dd to Brownies
Shine sink

I've been looking at Flylady's plan for the kitchen this week and I think it's going to work really well for me. I tend to get carried away when I start cleaning something and then run out of time. It's almost like I have permission to stop now and I don't have to get everything perfect all the time. It feels overwhelming sometimes.

I think I like Flylady's philosophy.

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Mon 07-Jan-13 10:09:25

morning everyone.
yesterday we got all the Christmas decorations back into their boxes so we are clear today to clean down the sitting room.
washing. ironing, dishwasher sitting room and getting everything ready for school today.

boys are having one final pj day before going back tomorrow.
TOWTH I think you are totally right, flying does seem to get to grips with the long term clutter whilst not insisting that you are spending all your time preening and polishing your home.

Morning all!

Yesterday I managed a 15 minute blitz on the kitchen and another one on the living room. I also managed to do a bit of art/craft work which really pleased me ( tends to get squeezed out!)

Today so far I have gone to a Drs appointment and done an hours work. Just off to do another 15 min blitz on the living room and set the dishwasher off before doing another hour's work

This is what frustrates me. A week last Friday I really blitzed my bedroom and it was lovely to have it all clean and tidy. I then managed to do quite a bit of cleaning and sorting in the kitchen but it still needs more (wiping down doors and cleaning floor). Ididn't manage to get any work done in the living room while I was still on holiday but managed 15 minutes yesterday. I'm pleased with what I have achieved...

However, whilst I have managed to keep my bedroom fairly tidy, the dust is beginning to collect visibly on surfaces again and it annoys me.

I haven't even started on my workroom, spare room, or bathroom but meanwhile the stuff I started by doing needs doing all over again!!

Does anyone else find this? What's the answer?

I have fibromyalgia ( so limited energy) and I work full-time so I'm limited in what I can manage.

Adora- I'm feeling somewhat better thank you. Your MIL story made me smile. When my DM phoned on Friday she asked if I had time for a chat. I said I was trying to get jobs done but I had 10 mins or so. She said "Well I've got 3 minutes" confused She then proceeded to talk for about 15 mins! Competitive busy-ness I think!

NKunderstood ( or should I just call you John Lewis!). It's great that your DH is willing to come to the family services. I feel happy for you grin

Collie - well done on moving rooms ( and all the cleaning involved!)

HellesBelles - it sounds as if you are doing really well!

Whatnameforme Mon 07-Jan-13 11:37:55

Well as promised, I have started today. All be it with a name change, new year, new name.
I have spent about ten minutes starting the sink shine and everything is now soaking in bleach. Kind of handy as ds1 started to cry and needs a feed. Kids are back at school at last.
So far I have
Dressed dd2 & ds1
School run
Made beds
Put on two loads of washing
Dried one load
Folder and sorted one load
Tidied kitchen
Started sink shine

I still need to
Do 30 minutes exercise
Cook healthy meal
Put washing away
Finish sink shine
Sort a few more eBay things. I'll aim for three items
While caring for ds (3 months)

Oh my shock that looks like quite a lot!!

TheOnlyPink Mon 07-Jan-13 13:00:27

Helles My list is a little bit longer than the babysteps. What i have every day is basics like one load of laundry, dried and put away, dishes after every meal instead of leaving them until after dinner and doing one big wash up, clearing up the toys twice a day instead of leaving them take over! I love your idea of making the could and should lists, might push me on to do a bit more!

I started babystep 7 last night. Only DS1 is in school, but have to take DS2 with me, so like him to be washed and dressed too. Was soooo much easier having everything laid out!

Did my to-do list last night and i have most of it done already, i'm so pleased with myself!

Bathroom swished and swiped
washing is dried and put away
Fridge is cleared and rinsed out
grocery shop is done and put away
living room is decluttered and tidy
toys were put away at lunch time
kitchen table cleared away

Just need to
Sort clothes for tomorrow
Make soup

Have a lovely day ladies!

TheOnlyPink Mon 07-Jan-13 13:02:04

whatname Thats an impressive list, especially with a 3 month old! Well done!!

Whatnameforme Mon 07-Jan-13 13:13:38

I seemed to have slowed down now. I can get loads done in the morning, but he cluster feeds in the afternoon and seems to be permanently attached from 3pm. I have managed 20 minutes exercise and a shower! I might get to finish the sink shine when dh gets in?! Oh well, I can but try! I will have to try laying the clothes out the night before, I do it for dd2 I don't know why I don't do it for me and ds?

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Mon 07-Jan-13 13:16:10

must must must get off bum and do ironing.
have hoovered through sittingroom
fed boys lunch
think there is about 1 hours ironing to do and really want it done before DH comes home from work.
also want boys to do one last thank you letter to my parents who took us to the panto yesterday for our christmas pressie.

TheOnlyPink Mon 07-Jan-13 13:29:36

whatname my ds2 is 13 months and find the mornings the easiest too. Its bloody hard being tied to the chair with them. Still, you have gotten absolutely loads done today, you can sit and enjoy the cluster feeds guilt free!

XBenedict Mon 07-Jan-13 17:35:09


I haven't done much today sad DCs back at school tomorrow so I start properly then. Yesterday I sorted the lounge, Xmas gone, back to normal and blitzed it properly. Need to do the same to the kitchen tomorrow although I am going to make an effort to tidy up tonight rather than leave a kitchen full of pots and pans for the morning.

KatoPotato Mon 07-Jan-13 17:37:10

Hello all! Full of super good intentions with my new house, and NO MORE PROCRASTINATING...

Now, where does one aquire 'shoes that tie' (TM)

HellesBelles396 Mon 07-Jan-13 19:59:44

another batch of soup cooking for scout camp.
tomorrow night's food for the slow cooker is prepared and in the fridge.
shattered now but still have tasks to do:
hot spot
clean ds shoes for school tomorrow

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Mon 07-Jan-13 20:02:53

Yay to super good intentions Kato.. without them you really will get nowhere.

have done kitchen - all shiney and ready fr the morning
boys school things ready for tomorrow
1 hour ironing done (sadly still over an hour left to do)
dinner made (brilliant mix of the leftover veg we had roasted in the oven with some bacon)
Thank you letters done

hope everyone has a good night.. back tomorrow

I completed my list today. Unfortunately there was no Brownies so that was a wasted trip. blush

I think I'd rather turn up when there is none than miss one though. Dd loves it.

I'm going for a long, hopefully child free, soak in the bath!

TheOnlyPink Mon 07-Jan-13 20:22:05

Sounds like we all had a good day today!

I've just sat down after putting the kids to bed. The house is so tidy (well, the downstairs. And as long as you dont look too hard!). Kitchen is spotless, lunches are made, uniform and dh work clothes are ironed and put out, DS1 school bag ready to go, toys are put away, have a yankee wax tart burning and the house smells lovely!

BlackCatinChaos Mon 07-Jan-13 21:41:59

Hi all, Sorry I don't get on here much. The DC use the computer quite a lot for playing games so I don't always get chance to get on it and Mnet.
I have done small amounts of different jobs today so some progress has been made.
Jobs I have done include:
shopping, paperwork sorting/shredding, washing up/drying up, cooking dinner, helping DD on the computer, bathing DC and bedtimes.

Having some me time now and Mnetting. wink

BlackCatinChaos Mon 07-Jan-13 21:42:53

<passes round chocolates>

bessie26 Mon 07-Jan-13 22:01:50

<scoffs chocolate>

Well done everyone, it sounds like you've all been making great progress!

arti I know what you mean about the dust messing up the bits you've actually cleared! angry Once I have cleared somewhere I try really hard to keep it that way & having an area clear does mean it's easy to just quickly wipe over with a damp cloth - but I don't live in an old draughty house, so where does it all come from?!

We spent most of the weekend assembling flat pack furniture for DD1's room, moving her old stuff into DD2's room & putting everything we need to get rid of into the dining room - I have a well used For Sale board at work, so will be advertising a variety of cupboards up on there this week! I've also sorted some of the kids clothes, 2 bags to go into the loft & 1 to sell at the second hand shop.

I've just had a bath & done my hair. Bags are all packed for tomorrow, just need to pop downstairs & make my lunch - am hoping that DH has done the sink!

Scout19075 Mon 07-Jan-13 22:30:11

Today has not gone as planned. I didn't get home until gone 9:30 p.m. I am tired.

CollieAndTheEyeV Mon 07-Jan-13 23:49:02

Evening ladies, thought I'd check in before I go to bed. I'm impressed with everyone's successes. I shall add my own..

My ta da list (love that phrase - read it up thread):
Breakfast made for everyone
School run done
Washed and dried 4 loads of laundry grin
Lunch: soup made out of leftovers and DD really enjoyed it
Walked dog and DD
Cleared a massive hotspot aka kitchen table
Returned all dressing up stuff from all over house back to DC's room
Afternoon school run
Made homemade pizza for kids dinner
Bathed kids
Wrestled with ironing a king size duvet - way harder than I thought! Is there an easy way?
Checked school & nursery bags for tomorrow

And that's enough for today! Work tomorrow will be interesting as I have a voice like the blonde girl from Captain Caveman. Zowie Cavey! Throat not sore, just sounds very hoarse or squeaky depending on if it actually makes a sound at all. Odd. DS finds it hysterical.

Hello again everyone. I know I don't get on much but I am following my routines and adding bits and bobs most days.

I am impressed by the lists I have seen. I haven't managed to read the whole thread but I just wanted to say Hi! and to say that I am still with you all, doing my bit to control our wayward household.

AdoraBell Tue 08-Jan-13 02:00:29

Thanks Helles, I am learning to break things down and pace myself, much to my OH's bafflement. Today I vacuumed downstairs, cleaned bathrooms and washed towels and bathroom mats, which are still on the line but it's so hot here they'll be dry by the time we've had breakfastgrin. DDs emptied DW and it'll go on soon.

Other than that I've spent time sorting uniforms and finally got around to watching a film that DD1 was desperate to watch. One of the Twighlight things, she's in preteen love with Robert Pattinson and OH can't watch anything even vaguely occult so she's had to wait for him to back to work. after the film we went out to get uniforms for the next school year, starts in March, had a spot of lunch then did the supermarket run for the week. Got home just before 9pm.

Tomorrow DD are starting volley ball, I'll be in the gym and then they'll spend a bit of time swimming. I have no idea what flying I'll get done tomorrow.

Collie I hope your voice recovers quickly. My DDS always love it when I get laryngitis, the evil little monsters.

Hello Carrots

HellesBelles396 Tue 08-Jan-13 08:30:06

too tired to post. still on track.

BlackCatinChaos Tue 08-Jan-13 09:15:25

Morning all,


Will try to pop in later, a bit busy this morning. <Waves to all> smile

Sephy Tue 08-Jan-13 09:16:02

Adora hope your OH is baffled in a good way! Mine is really pleased with my new found enthusiasm and has really got on board with "beelady" which he thinks sounds nicer. He's also doing a 2 minute hotspot with me, and volunteered to vacuum the kitchen ceiling(!) yesterday...

He's always been more organised than me, and somehow doing it together has made everything more enjoyable.

One thing that's been worrying me though - have you guys seen the 'anal behavior' thread that's now in classics? Are we baby stepping our way into our future DDILs' worst nightmares?!?

Whatnameforme Tue 08-Jan-13 10:23:35

Hey all! grin
I didn't manage everything on my list from yesterday so I need to carry over sorting things for eBay. I was very good and sink shined before bed. I got dressed this morning, naked school run is not pretty, including lace up shoes ( do trainers count) even bothered with hair and make up. However I am soooooo tired! Ds did not let me sleep, I think he is on a growth spurt.

Today I MUST post sold eBay stuff
Cook healthy dinner
Two loads of washing, dry and put away
Ironing -maybe wink
Sink shine

Good luck ladies smile

HellesBelles396 Tue 08-Jan-13 10:24:45

I hoovered the kitchen ceiling last night!

feeling a bit brighter - left kitchen shiny this morning, slow cooker on for tea and house definitely can have anyone over.

completed must list and flylady lists last night.
despite ds losing bus pass, still managed to get sorted and out on time.

I'm really liking the kitchen zone but find I'm not finished in 10minutes so I carry on a bit longer.

Yes to a bemused dh as well. He told me last night that he thinks I do a good job anyway and he's never embarrassed to ask people over. Bless him, he looks but doesn't see iykwim.

So my list today:

get dressed
do breakfast for me and dcs
school run
DW on
WM on
10 minutes on kitchen cupboards
washing in tumble dryer
empty dishwasher
Put clean washing away
clean downstairs bathroom
school run again

lunch and dinner

I'm doing ok with this I think and I love that it makes me focus on it.

Thank you for letting me join in. I think you lot are really going to help me. smile

Chocloate - yum! Thank you cats!

<waves to Carrots>

Bessie - sounds like you have done loads. Nothing like a furniture move from room to room to get you chucking the clutter.

Adora - the thought of you baffling your dh made me smile.

Sephy - vacuuming the ceiling?! Do you have giant spiders webs or something? Great that your dh is helping. I always find housework is much more pleasant if 2 people do it together. I sometimes think people should form a housework co-operative. I go round to friend's house and do 2 hours housework with her. Later in week she comes and does 2 hours work with me - that kind of thing. Much more fun, especially if it involves biscuits!

Well I massively overslept this morning blush I think I probably really needed it but it will not be so good in terms of the work I need to get done!

Two of my students have GCSE module exams this week and I saw both of them yesterday. Great lessons but I'm feeling a bit nervous for them!!

OK - off to get at least an hour's work done before lunch [gulp]!

TheOnlyPink Tue 08-Jan-13 12:13:08

Hello ladies!

Day not going as well as planned, had to take ds2 to the doctors this morning, he has a little skin infection. got there right after the school run at about 9.15am, and got home at 11.45. He's having a nap now and i'm having some lunch. Will try and get a few bits checked off while he is asleep and before the school run.

Todays Tada (love that too!)
Wash windows in ds2 room
Sort out a bag of clothes to see what can be donated and what needs to be dumped
Go to post office

Will prob add to that as i go along, but i would be very happy if i could manage that!

AdoraBell Tue 08-Jan-13 13:40:27

Ta Da's so far

Up, showered & dressed
Roused DDs
Breakfast for everyone
DW on- left it last night so as To put breakfast plates in
Dropped DDs off for volley ball
5KM in 35 mins on the gym bike- couldn't manage moré than that but I will by the end if the week.
Currently having a tea whilst waiting for DDs

Still To do

Shower again
Wash more towels
Bring dustbin in-OH put it out
General tidy up
Help DDs put away new uniforme
Catch up this thread

Hope everyon's having a good day

AdoraBell Tue 08-Jan-13 14:09:20

I've seen the analíty of ILs thread, I'm not turning into one of those MILs because I don't expect everyone To do as I do, but OH is on a slippery slope and I've posted Such on that very threadgrin

His being baffled is not in a positive way, but that's his problem.

HellesBelles396 Tue 08-Jan-13 17:09:34

Ok - feeling up to sensibly appraising where I am at today:

Ta Da!!!! (Whoever came up with that was a genius by the way - do you think we could get a fariy wand smiley to go with it?)

Up, showered and dressed
Bed made
Sink Shiny
Slow cooker on
Packed lunches for DS and me
Left the house un-chaos'd
Hotspots are currently clear

Plan tomorrow night's cubs meeting
Prepare tomorrow night's dinner
Get tent out of loft
Bake brownies for camp
Shine sink, fresh tea-towel, empty bin
Get out tomorrow's clothes

Wipe kitchen cabinets

Pack for scout camp

Ta da!!

My list is done!

I'm trying to get stuff done and organised as I'm working on Thursday night so I will have to sleep while the dcs are at school on Friday. Friday is bare minimum day for me. smile

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Tue 08-Jan-13 19:55:28

Yay for all the tada's
kitchen sparkling
macaroni cheese devoured
boys in bed
bedroom cleaned
bathrooms ss'd
sittingroom however looks like we have been burgled
am helping in school tomorrow and making a birthday cake (my job) so not sure how much time I will have to get anything else done.

DH back up to hospital for another little op at 4 so will be chief nurse when we get back smile

HellesBelles396 Tue 08-Jan-13 20:08:05

Just tomorrow's cub meeting to plan and then bed smile

Scout19075 Tue 08-Jan-13 20:16:43

Gah, my list:

remove carseat
Forest School Tuesday with HE friends
pack lunch
pack other bits for Forest School
shine sink
clean kitchen drain
put Lego instructions/diagrams into binder (add plastic pockets if necessary)
photo copy (writing paper (x26), mazes, dot-to-dot, letter tracing, steam train coloring page, steam train activities for C, --steam train thank you cards for SB to do--)
print (Alerting Activities Cards (Pinterest) on card, --Steam Train coloring page--)
write out letters for tracing
SB to color thank you note/picture for C
SB to color thank you note/picture for Great Aunt & Uncle
SB to color thank you note/picture for Guiding friend
make bags of ice (x3)
wash dishes, breakfast
wash dishes, lunch
wash dishes, dinner
wash pots/pans
address envelopes for thank you cards(--C--, Great Aunt & Uncle, --Guiding friend--)
empty diaper pail
put diaper pail contents outside bin
take out kitchen trash (to bin)
take out recycling (to bin)
update presents spreadsheet, games books
restock diaper bag
Tesco for rest of groceries
call L re: Forest School meeting tomorrow
upload pictures from today
email (--Mom & Dad and S re: pictures--, MiL, HE friends, Y re: skeletons, Y re: MiL details)
sausages from freezer to 'fridge to thaw (Wednesday dinner)
empty SB's suitcase
put Forest School things away

My printing & photocopying didn't happen due to technology issues. I'll have to go to the library to do my copying and have MrScout sort out the problems with printing from the computer at the weekend. MrScout isn't long home so is having dinner. When he finishes I'll do more in the kitchen. Until then I'm going to fire off some of my short emails.

TheOnlyPink Tue 08-Jan-13 20:29:46

had a bit of a bad day. Didnt get a whole lot done, my ds2 was really cross. But, i did manage to get my "basics" list done, which is an achievement, I would have just left it before!

Sink is shiny
Clothes are ready for tomorrow
Lunches are made
Toys are put away
Laundry is done
Got to the post office

HellesBelles396 Tue 08-Jan-13 20:47:17

well done pink. it's hard to be satisfied with that because of our perfectionism I suppose flylady would say!

I keep panicing because there are things still on my list at the end of the day BUT my flylady list is done AND my must list is done.

you still deserve a ta da grin

BlackCatinChaos Tue 08-Jan-13 21:38:42

Another busyish day here but I'm too tired CBA to list it all. grin
Just remembered I have washing in the machine so I had best unload that before bed.

Will be back to do links in a mo.

BlackCatinChaos Tue 08-Jan-13 22:02:03

* *babystep day9 **

HB I like how you split your list into must do, could do etc. smile

I still can't get my head around going to bed earlier. I think I enjoy "alone" time when the DC are asleep. But then I find it hard to get up in the morning. confused

AdoraBell Wed 09-Jan-13 01:44:29

I ground to a halt this afternoon.

Did a little shopping and returned home around 1pm and then spent the afternoon on the sofa. It's too hot, still 28C at 10.30 pm. We ate at 9pm, DDs had cheese and crackers earlier but I couldn't face eating. I may give the excersise a miss tomorrow as the forecast is even hotter for tomorrow, as much as I need and want to excersise it makes no sense to make myself ill.

The house is looking okay so lounging around eating ice lollies won't hurt for a day or two.

HellesBelles396 Wed 09-Jan-13 06:33:54

reading in bed (i use a slightly dimmer bulb to help make me sleepy). radio playing soft music. cuppa on the bedside table. bliss!

shame I overslept this morning - gtg!

ScubaSarah Wed 09-Jan-13 07:00:37

Am I too late to join in? I'm 10+3 with DC1, naturally untidy and have a 5 hr daily commute (2.5 each way). I'm feeling like I'm losing control of the house as I'm tired and nauseous and need a plan. This sounds fab, I'd not heard of FLYing but it sounds a good plan and website looks good.
Not sure if being on here will help, hinder or make me feel worse for being 9 days behind tho?!

HellesBelles396 Wed 09-Jan-13 08:14:38

Morning Sarah and welcome, you're not behind at all. Just update on here with your ta da's and to do's.

HellesBelles396 Wed 09-Jan-13 08:19:46

Today is a tough one as I have cubs and scouts so don't get home til about half nine.

ta da:
smile up, showered, dressed
smile bed made
smile kitchen tidy
smile most of sink shiny but over slept so there is a little bit of porridge in the plug hole.
sad left dining room light on (only noticed as drove away and running late so left it)
smile put tent, scout uniform, ds scout uniform, equipment for cubs into car

prepare tomorrow's dinner for slow cooker
swap over drying on surer
put wm on
make another sandwich for freezer as brought two to work today (one for lunch, one for tea)
buy milk

get out clothes that need packing for camp
take parcel to post office

ScubaSarah Wed 09-Jan-13 08:41:15

Thanks HB

Ok, here goes, today is my wfh day so I am aiming to make a good start...

smile dishwasher unloaded and reloaded
smile shoes and bags put away

Must Do:
Get showered and dressed!!
Clear kitchen table
Shine sink
One load of washing
Unpack suitcase from New Years hmm

Could Do:
Take parcel to collect plus

Morning all!

I had a bad day yesterday - managed my work ( although didn't do as much as I would have liked) but apart from that I managed a grand total of doing one load in the washer and setting the dishwasher off!

OK. I'm going to start small and just see if I can get 15 mins of housework done today ( as well as work and a music practice this evening).

I'm aiming to:
Put another load of washing on
Unload dishwasher and start reloading with dirties
Vacuum living room and hall
Empty kitchen bin and take out recycling (a pain as I'm in a first floor flat!)

Right - off to do an hour's work now!

Welcome to Sarah and well done to all of you doing loads and loads of stuff!!

HellesBelles396 Wed 09-Jan-13 10:44:25

good lists!

Whatnameforme Wed 09-Jan-13 11:07:09

Woo Hoo, all I need to do today is sink shine and get dressed. I haven't managed getting dressed yet! Oh well!
I have done
School run
Made jelly - random
Shopped for jelly - I don't know!
Posted eBay stuff

Still need to
30 mins exercise
Shine sink
Shower and dress
Fold washing
List more eBay stuff

Good luck ladies,

TheOnlyPink Wed 09-Jan-13 12:11:19

helles you are right, the perfectionism set in! Bad days are going to happen! Sounds like you have a mad day ahead of you, good luck!

Sarah welcome hun! not too late at all, just jump in where we are!

Having a much better day today, sitting enjoying nap time peace guilt free cos i have most of my list done.

Up washed and dressed on time
Kitchen table cleared after breakfast (thats a new one on my essentials list, its nice coming in from the school run with the dishes cleared and no weetabix going hard in the bowls!)
Washing done and in the drier
Toys cleared away after the morning play
Kitchen counters cleared
Floors swept
15 mins in my living room
DS1 bedroom windows washed

Post letter
Pop out for top up shop
Put away clean laundry
Sort out bag of clothes to see whats to be donated/binned.

Whatnameforme Wed 09-Jan-13 13:23:40

Wow theonly! You've done loads, I still haven't managed to shower yet!

HB you sound super organised.

Hi Sarah grin

Hope everyone else is doing well today.

AdoraBell Wed 09-Jan-13 14:20:08

Hello Sarah and welc

AdoraBell Wed 09-Jan-13 14:33:48

Welcome (excuse sausage fingersblush )

As has already been said, you are not behind, or late. There's no guilt here for taking a day off either.

Ta da's

Up & dressed
Roused DDs
Breakfast for family - i didn't feel like eating
Set DW To run
Took DDs To volley ball, had a coffee with OH while they played
Back home, fed dogs
Refilled ice lolly moulds
Currently snacking on walnuts and apricots while DDs splash about. The pool is at 27C with no heating other than sunshine, I'm hiding in the shade

Still haven't done andy of my list. I have 20 minutes before I have to go out!
Just on to it now!

ScubaSarah Wed 09-Jan-13 17:27:02

Thanks for all the welcomes ladies!

smile dishwasher unloaded and reloaded
smile shoes and bags put away

Must Do:
smile Get showered and dressed!!
smile (mostly) Clear kitchen table
smile Shine sink
smile One load of washing
sad Unpack suitcase from New Years - do not know why I can't get around to this one. Dog is using it as a travel bed so will have to wash everything now sad

Could Do:
sad Take parcel to collect plus

I now have a load of work work still to do as I spent too much of wfh day getting excited about getting shit done shock

well done to everyone on working through their lists x

AdoraBell Wed 09-Jan-13 19:31:00

We've had a late lunch, DDs have emptied DW and eaten ice-cream, they are currently using laptops. It's about 43C and even the dogs CBA to move. Dinner will be the meat I cooked last night, enough for two meals, and salad. I actually want a cauliflower/egg curry, but even I'm not daft enough to start cooking in this heat.

<leaves tea, coffee and pastries for brekkies>

bessie26 Wed 09-Jan-13 20:09:29

Good lists everyone! I have set my timer for 30mins playtime on the laptop - then it's time to try my new pilates DVD!

Whatnameforme Wed 09-Jan-13 21:14:37

Oh well I'm a bit disappointed in myself today.
I didn't manage to shower hmm
I didn't do 30 minutes exercise hmm
I didn't fold and put away washing hmm

I've done very little hmm

I did list a couple of eBay things smile
Emptied and reloaded DW smile
Fed baby lots smile
Made muffins and jelly smile

I'm so bad. It'll be better tomorrow

bessie26 Wed 09-Jan-13 21:57:49

Feeding the baby & making muffins sound like top priorities to me WhatNameForMe! grin

scuba when we get home from holiday I empty the suitcases onto the bed & put them straight away as it forces us to sort the stuff out there & then, otherwise the cases will be there annoying me cluttering up the house for weeks (and the cats will use them as beds)

Pilates DVD done, WMx2 TDx1, tomorrow's lunch made, sink clean, kitchen hot spot dealt with, clothes laid out, Nail Envy applied (hopes paint is impressed by that one)

Need to dig out my old "control journal" sometime, but right now it's time for a soak in the bath (will hang wet washing while it runs) & to do my hair ready for work tomorrow. Must remember to do the weekly pamper mission tonight (adora this appears to be timezone dependent, so you should see something different to the rest of us!)

HellesBelles396 Wed 09-Jan-13 22:19:42

whatnameforme you said earlier:
Woo Hoo, all I need to do today is sink shine and get dressed.
All the other stuff was extra:
^I did list a couple of eBay things
Emptied and reloaded DW
Fed baby lots
Made muffins and jelly ^

And point of order here YOU are not bad. YOU are doing something amazing for your family - you are retraining yourself to improve everyone's home. That's fantastic! smile

Update on my list now:
ta da:
up, showered, dressed
bed made
kitchen tidy
most of sink shiny but over slept so there is a little bit of porridge in the plug hole. took porridge out of plughole
left dining room light on (only noticed as drove away and running late so left it)
put tent, scout uniform, ds scout uniform, equipment for cubs into car

prepare tomorrow's dinner for slow cooker - will do
swap over drying on airer - might do
put wm on - unlikely
make another sandwich for freezer as brought two to work today (one for lunch, one for tea) - not a chance
buy milk Ta Da!!

get out clothes that need packing for camp - not a chance
take parcel to post office - not a chance

Ah well!! Tomorrow is another day

ScubaSarah Wed 09-Jan-13 22:38:36

Bessie I really should've done it but we got home 9:30 pm and this being up-the-duff lark has me too blimmin knackered :-(
Still shoulda done it tho hmm
Tomorrow night!

bessie26 Wed 09-Jan-13 23:06:45

Ah scuba I remember that pg tiredness well - shouldn't you be tucked up in bed by now? <gives stern look & puffs pillow>

My pampering plans have gone to pot - DD2(1.9) started crying the second I put shampoo on my head, DH is out, so had a very rushed wash & am now sitting with her...

ScubaSarah Thu 10-Jan-13 06:24:12

Bessie completely right but ended up glued to OBEM hmm
Regretted that when alarm went at 5:55!

Must do for today:
Complete 3 reports for work on the train to work
Survive 9-4pm back to back meetings
Get on 5:30 train home so I am home for dinner
Persuade DH it's his turn to cook, again grin
Shine sink

At least I'm up and dressed but the shoes are warm Uggs not lace ups wink

BlackCatinChaos Thu 10-Jan-13 06:34:55

Morning all, Not managing to post much but I'm still here with you all. smile

PLEASE don't beat yourselves up if you don't get things done! I have learned the hard way that the most important things are your's and your family's health wink

I must get breakfast in a mo then I will try and pop back to do links.

Well done everyone! smile

BlackCatinChaos Thu 10-Jan-13 06:48:47

I like today's babystep. It's one that I find is the most useful! smile

* *babystep 10 **

Will try to pop in later on, have a good day everyone! smile

Loving all the emoticons! grin

HellesBelles396 Thu 10-Jan-13 07:23:54

Tired after marathon wednesday when I have school, cubs and scouts back to back!

Ta Da!

Up washed and dressed
Bed Made
Slow cooker on

Pack for tomorrow's camp
Find compasses for tonight's tutoring session
Shine sink
hot spot (dining table ahead of tonight's tutoring session)
wash and dry scout uniforms ahead of tomorrow's camp
Make sandwich for work tomorrow


bessie26 Thu 10-Jan-13 08:02:30

Today's BabyStep is a good one.

Have a good day everyone, I'm just having breakfast (in peace - DH & the DC have left already) before going to work. MUST remember to do some errands on my way home!

Morning everyone. I'm been feeling a bit low the last couple of days as there hasn't been anything but grey sky all week.

I'm completely lacking in self motivation so I've decided that until I see some blue sky and start to feel better my must do list reads like this.

Up and dressed
Bed made
Breakfast done
School run
Washing up to date
Shiny sink
Dishes done
Lunch and dinner

I'm not doing a should do list as I feel rubbish if I don't do things on it. It's psychological really because it means anything else I do is a bonus rather than having a list of things I haven't done. I hope that makes sense.

HellesBelles396 Thu 10-Jan-13 10:05:16

TheOneWithTheHair I hope you'll still do a TaDa list of the extra things you do though - it might give you a lift.

Good babystep today. It really works as well. It's amazing how much you can get done in that time.

Whatnameforme Thu 10-Jan-13 12:37:20

Thanks for the boost. I could do with it today. I am hoping for an achievement filled day!

So far I have
Up and dressed, warm uggs here too
School run
Took little ones to play group
Made lunch

Need to
Go to mortgage appointment
Make healthy meal
Shine sink
Bath two little ones
Lunches for tomorrow

Hubby isn't in till late so we will see what can be achieved with a baby attached to me?

Theonly, your list still looks plenty long enough! It's a good idea to list all the other things you do.

AdoraBell Thu 10-Jan-13 13:33:01

Right, whatname <pushes sleeves up> I wanna word wiv yoo.

You've got 3 things on your Didn't Do list and 4 on your Did Do list.
So you've done moré than you've not done, see.wink

As for my Ta Das

Got up & dressed
Roused DDs
Breakfast OH got his own while I Did drinks because he's a clever boy
Harried DDs To get washed before dressing
OH dropped us off for volley ball - which meand we're walking home
E-mailed a friend while enjoyong a coffee and the view

Still To do

Oh, load but the heat us defeating me!

Ta Da

Put another load of washing on
Unload dishwasher and start reloading with dirties
Vacuum living room and hall (sort of)
Empty kitchen bin and take out recycling (a pain as I'm in a first floor flat!)

to dos - not much as rushing from one thing to another!

Oh - OK I lied ( inadvertently)! I haven't taken the recycling out yet

TheOnlyPink Thu 10-Jan-13 20:53:10

TheOne i'm sorry to hear you arent feeling good hun, I hope it passes quickly. I think it makes perfect sense to only have a basics list! Good luck with it, I hope you will still post your extra TaDas!!

Mad busy here today, was SERIOUSLY tempted to leave it all, but so glad i didnt!

Up, washed and dressed on time
Breakfast table cleared before leaving
Laundry washed, dried and put away
Hoovered the car
Toys cleared up
Floors swept
Sink shiny
Clothes ironed and laid out for tomorrow
Lunches made

Havent done, but really have to do it tomorrow
sort out the bag of clothes for donation/bin. (been on my list all week and still isnt done!*
Floors washed

Well here is my tada list. It's longer than my basic list so I've done well I think.


Up and dressed
Bed made
Breakfast done
School run
Washing up to date
Shiny sink
Dishes done
Lunch and dinner
Cleaned my kitchen work surfaces
Swept my hall and kitchen
Washing up

I'm working tonight so hope to be sleeping after the school run tomorrow. It's meant to be sunny this weekend so I will have to get out for a walk if I can.

Everyone else seems to be doing really well. smile

HellesBelles396 Thu 10-Jan-13 20:54:47

I am feeling grumpy and disillusioned. With myself not flylady.

I have dishes in my sink (I KNOW!) and CBA to wash them because I know, once I do, I also have to pack up the food in the slow cooker for freezing AND pack for WinterCamp tomorrow AND tidy around AND actually that's it. I'm just a wimp.

Meant to say thank you for the encouragement as well. It helps to keep me going. thanks

HellesBelles396 Thu 10-Jan-13 20:57:34

You've done really well TheOne it's amazing what you can achieve once you get started.

ScubaSarah Thu 10-Jan-13 21:21:31

Ta Da's

Must do for today:
smile Completed 3 reports for work on the train to work
smile Survived 9-4pm back to back meetings
smile Got on 5:30 train home so I am home for dinner
shock Persuade DH it's his turn to cook, again NO - went for curry blush

hmm still to Shine sink

bessie26 Thu 10-Jan-13 21:39:36

did anyone get chance to try out today's babystep?

I didn't, but plan to do it tomorrow when sorting out the kids books!

Scout19075 Thu 10-Jan-13 22:04:25

This not having a car business is for the birds -- we've been out more than in (walking everywhere and trying to fit all errands/activities into one trip to save a bit of time) and so I haven't been able to do nearly as much as I hoped/wanted to/need to. But SmallBoy is happy and exercised.

Whatnameforme Thu 10-Jan-13 22:28:23

Adora - ok, ok... I'll be good!
I did everything on my list except for healthy meal, I love nandos!
I didn't sink shine, but my lovely hubby did! wink

Tomorrow I will
Not burst in to tears while out with baby hmm (not my greatest moment)
Go to work for a couple of hours
Go to baby massage class
School run
Dress various family members
Sink shine
Be nicer to myself smile
Cook nice meal

I might
Do what I can and not sweat the rest!! grin

Whatnameforme Thu 10-Jan-13 22:31:57

Theone I think you did great! smile
Super, you truly are! smile
HB you are amazingly organised! smile

Whatnameforme Thu 10-Jan-13 22:34:35

Everyone is doing great!
I couldn't cope without my car! (Hangs head in shame, I'm a lazy arse) sorry for all the little posts. I forget everyone's names and have to keep going back and forwards. I also have the memory of a goldfish! I wasn't like this before the baby hmm

HellesBelles396 Thu 10-Jan-13 22:58:30

Not really WNFM I haven't done anything except pack for camp and I'm on MN way past my bedtime to avoid going to bed so that I can avoid getting up to a messy house tomorrow.

Your illusion is shattered blush

Whatnameforme Thu 10-Jan-13 23:43:05

Hhhuuumm a day off for HB, while the rest of us would stay on MN or just go to bed you will tidy and sink shine! grin

HellesBelles396 Fri 11-Jan-13 07:28:58

Sadly,no. Went to bed and got up to a messy house. But! With camping gear everywhere, the sink was the least of my worries.

I will try to keep my tent flylady shiny but suspect that's unreasonable so will make sure I have shiny teeth instead.

Catch you all Monday. Stay Shiny!

Have a good time HellesBelles. smile

TheOnlyPink Fri 11-Jan-13 11:42:07

helles Have a great weekend, the house will still be there when you get back! A few days wont make any difference!

whatname you poor pet crying with the baby. Its happened me a few times while out with ds2. He is 13 months now so we are much better, but at the start i found him really hard to manage. Hope you are feeling ok now brew

Its naptime here and i'm sitting in my tidy living room. Havent done much yet today, really have the friday feeling! but because i've stayed on top of things all week, it only took 15 mins to get the living room gleaming! theres alot to be said for this flylady!!! grin

BlackCatinChaos Fri 11-Jan-13 12:25:49

Hello all, I'm a bit late getting on here today blush.
Hope everyone is o.k.

I am fairly busy again so will probably pop in again near bedtime.

Must get some lunch!

BlackCatinChaos Fri 11-Jan-13 12:27:50

* babystep 11* **

Whatnameforme Fri 11-Jan-13 12:54:34

Bye HB speak to you on Monday, you never know the fairies could clean up while your gone!
Hi theonly, I've been much better today. I've been to work, am going to baby massage shortly and will tidy when I get back.
I'm looking forward to getting to the point like you when the flylady kicks in and 15 minutes fixes the lounge.
Well done all
Hi black welcome
I'll check in later

Scout19075 Fri 11-Jan-13 14:35:45

Hi everyone!

The last few days have not gone the way I had hoped. Today is the same but for a different reason. I thought we'd be out this morning at "gymnastics" then to Tesco then home, so home by about 1 p.m. SmallBoy was all excited about gymnastics until t was actually time to put on shoes and coat and decided he didn't want to go but wanted to stay home and play with trains. Given the busy, out most of the day every day, week I said "why not" and we've stayed in. I then thought "oh, I'll get some of my list done and tackle some flinging, etc. Nope, wrong. I have spent most of the day doing the train sticker book with SB (one of those DK ultimate sticker book books where you match the picture to the shadow), making homemade iced tea and clearing up dishes and pans that needed some elbow grease, making/eating/clearing up lunch (which I need to finish doing) and then lots of crafts with SB. We made a snowflake (popsicle sticks, glue and sparkles) and a rocket (SB got to practice his cutting -- we've only started with scissors at the new year -- then did gluing and sticking and marking).

I have decided that today is more about just being with SB rather than running us here/there/everywhere. I think we've both needed it. I'll put the television on in a little bit (as I tend to use it more in the late afternoon when we're both a bit flat and need a cuddle and quiet time) then sort out his dinner and prepare for SB's bedtime then do dinner for MrScout & I.

I'll post my list later, when I actually sit and look to see what did I accomplish today (I have done a bit, it just doesn't seem like much).

Scout19075 Fri 11-Jan-13 14:36:07

Just curious, since I've lost track, how many Guide and/or Scout leaders do we have in here?

bessie26 Fri 11-Jan-13 15:07:56

scout sounds like you've done loads - even if it wasn't on your list! Have you seen the Kumon Cutting book? It is fab - DD1 loves it.

Managed to get more more stuff (including all the 'out of rotation' books) out of DD2's room into the dining room this morning using my 15min timer - Some of it needs to go, some of it just needs to find another place to live in the house, but the priority at the moment is to get DD2's room as empty as possible before we move her from cot to toddler bed (probably next weekend)

AdoraBell Fri 11-Jan-13 15:36:54

Aw, whatname I remember the days of crying with the babies, it's the hormoneswink hope you feeling better today.

Scout a well excersised Small Boy, or Girl, is fine thinggrin, glad you're having a fun day at home with SB today.

Helles hope you have a great weekend

Just a few Ta Das so far

Woken up by noisy monsters family (it's my birthday so they made a racket, a coffee would have been much better)
Opened cards and pressents
Got up
Cooked breakfast
Showered and dressed
Dropped DDs at volley ball and had coffee with OH
Walked back from volley ball as OH went to work taking the car because he's evil so I got a bit of excersise in.

Still to do

De-tree the lounge - OH finally got the box down
Go out shopping, postcard for a UK MNer's school project, poss shiny new shoes for me, if they're in the sale, go for ice-cream with DDs, general birthday type mooching.

We're out for dinner tonight, so no cookinggrin

Cats and arti how are you doing today?

Bessie I'll have a look at the pampering link from t'other day a bit later. We've had a heat wave and I wasn't in a pampering kind of mood.

Hope everyone is having a great Fridaygrin

Scout19075 Fri 11-Jan-13 15:57:26

Oh, thanks bessie, I've seen that one but don't have it. We have a couple other books of a similar nature, though, some I had from back in the day when I was a NQT and young and optimistic and a teacher of three year olds. Right now SB and I have been working on trying to open and close the scissors with one hand (I have teaching scissors with extra holes so we can cut together). He sat on my lap with the scissors and paper and we cut shapes for his rocket picture (just squares and triangles). Then he glued everything down and put sparkly star stickers on. He's very proud of it and when I asked if we should hang it up he ran into the kitchen saying "Oh yes, on the refrigerator big door!" And so it's hung up (I'm big on hanging/displaying all most of his projects and the only time I can't is when we have days where he draws 15-20 masterpieces in a sitting).

I'm trying to persuade myself to do some tidying in my workroom. It hasn't been working till I read this thread and now I feel kicked into action a bit inspired!

Off to capitalise on the enthusiasm!

PS - I have got rid of a big bag of stuff to the charity shop!

Whatnameforme Fri 11-Jan-13 16:21:22

Scout it sounds like you have had a very full day plus the bits you don't realise you've done until you sit down later!!
Adora - another fruitful day for you I see
Hey All, hope everyone has had a great Friday and happy birthday.
The hormones are great, sadly I have pnd at the moment but working through it! smile

~I've just spent an hour tidying 3 drawers at my desk! blush

I've done it properly - only putting back things that I use almost all the time and so warrant being so close to hand. I've chucked some stuff - sorted a "stationery" drawer in another cupboard (to take the not so frequently used stuff). But I've still got some random stuff to get rid of or find other homes for!

Does anyone want some compatible ink cartridges for use with a Canon Pixma iP4200/52005200R ? [grin} I haven't had this printer for over a year!

I need another cup of tea!

Scout - could you get something like this for when Small Boy does loads of pictures in a day. Then you could just slide pics in, he can have fun looking at the "book" he has made and you can replace with new pics as he does them!

bessie26 Fri 11-Jan-13 21:39:09

Well done arti - there's one job you won't have to re-do for a while!

I've cleared the sink, laid out clothes & packed the bags for swimming tomorrow. Time to relax with a wine & Miranda I think! grin

grin Bessie
It's taken me half an hour to tidy up after tidying out the drawers!

Whatnameforme Fri 11-Jan-13 22:54:32

A good clean out educating, well done. I might get one of the books for my little one, that's a great idea!
Hi Bessie swimming is my plan for tomorrow also, I haven't been as organised as you though!

Today I have
Unloaded and loaded dishwasher
School run
Showered and dressed
Hair and make up
Quick blitz on kitchen
Cooked healthy meal
Baby massage

Hopefully a more productive day tomorrow, smile