There will be no soot in the Fledglings sacks as they FLY through December and into the New Year

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laurenamium Thu 29-Nov-12 19:30:51

If your house is a mess and you are strugging with C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome) and S.T.U.F.F. (something that undermines family fun) then this is the thread where we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system (in our own, unique, relaxed style) with lots of chat, support and wine along the way.

This little-and-often system is designed so that you can follow a series of steps and routines each day (which gradually become second nature) in weekly designated zones of the house; defining and minimising housework - which in theory should leave you with more time to do other more interesting things instead! At the same time it is intended to reduce that panicky "rabbit in headlights" feeling when you are overwhelmed and everything needs doing all at once. No problem if you miss a day or two; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

We advise not signing up to receive the Flylady e-mails as you will be inundated! All the information you need will be linked here on a daily basis.

From the first of the month, we will be following Flylady's steps and routines using a three-pronged approach (dependent on the stage everyone is at):

- start or repeat baby steps

- repeat baby steps + do 15 mins a day decluttering in the current zone

- reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.

[And if you are really enthusiastic and have finished decluttering - you can go on to detailed deep cleaning in each zone.]

More info here on getting started and Flying lessons. Here's the launch pad for more experienced fledglings. Don't be put off by the barf-tastic language of the site - the underlying system is sound (and you may discover a few of our subversions of the vocabularly along the way).

Many thanks to blue for leading the thread through November (and sc for such a good OP, which has been cut and pasted twice!) thanks and I'll post the first babysteps and mission tomorrow evening.

All welcome!!

I'm in!

ToffeeWhirl Thu 29-Nov-12 20:30:01

Me too! Thanks lauren.

Thanks Lauren!

NickNacks Thu 29-Nov-12 23:28:04

Hello Lauren, thanks for new thread.

Ahh December!

<wanders over to the naughty corner and starts the vat of mulled wine and puts some christmas biscuits on a plate ready for the hordes to arrive>

Trazzletoes Fri 30-Nov-12 07:53:15

<grabs mulled wine despite it being before 8am>

Thanks Lauren.

Trazzletoes Fri 30-Nov-12 07:53:35


Kirk1 Fri 30-Nov-12 09:13:45

Desperately clutching at straws, since her first step (shine your sink?) seems to be the one I find hardest to achieve.... But I really need help I do suffer from chaos and we don't wear shoes in the house so I don't get the lace up shoes thing. Is it important?

ToffeeWhirl Fri 30-Nov-12 09:23:43

Kirk - the shiny sink thingy is to give you a confidence boost. I certainly don't do it every day and I don't suppose I'm the only one. And many of us on this thread don't go along with the lace-up shoes thing either (it's meant to put you in a 'work' frame of mind). I think we all pick and choose a bit and some habits stick, whereas others don't.

But if you are feeling overwhelmed by your house, Flylady is definitely worth a try. My house is certainly more tidy and less cluttered than it was when I started following Flylady.

Purpletoes Fri 30-Nov-12 09:37:31

Can I join have a 9month old ds and a small flat need something to get into a routine before we go under! grin

Jdub Fri 30-Nov-12 09:44:19

Good morning! I've followed this thread for a whole year and it has really, really inspired me into action! Having marched down to the charity shop yesterday with 4 bags, I can start to see light at the end of the tunnel! (that's not 4 bags for the whole year, you understand, as that would be really lame!) The little-and-often approach really, really helps me not to feel swamped, and I think I have really become addicted to trying to keep on top of my filing!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 30-Nov-12 09:48:57

Welcome, Purple and Jdub.

<puts out biscuit and brew for newbies>

NickNacks Fri 30-Nov-12 09:51:13

I've only gone and hired myself a bloody cleaner for the new year! Whoop whoop!

Jdub Fri 30-Nov-12 09:54:15

Thank you very much! I won't make any crumbs!

Kirk1 Fri 30-Nov-12 09:56:13

<grabs biscuit> Thanks Toffee! so it makes sense to substitute something else, like perhaps clear and clean dining table, something to make it feel like its achievable every day. Jdub, that's encouraging smile I'm just hoping I can do this even though my older DC and DH are not going to be helpful confused

NickNacks Fri 30-Nov-12 09:57:03

Welcome to newbies. brew anyone?

ToffeeWhirl Fri 30-Nov-12 10:04:45

NickNacks - Congratulations on the cleaner! (Will you ask her to follow Flylady rules? wink).

Jdub - very glad to hear it! Crumbs are only allowed in the naughty corner (frequently occupied by those of us falling off the Flylady wagon, as you will know if you have been lurking).

Kirk - it's up to you, but, if I were you, I would do the shine-your-sink step to start with, even if it just involves putting crockery away and giving it a quick wipe down. I think Flylady is right in her thinking that having a clean and tidy sink gives you back a sense of control and cheers you up. Then you can drop that step as you move on, if you don't think it's necessary. Just do what works for you.

Really must get on with some home ed stuff with DS1 now (we are reading 'A Christmas Carol' to get into the seasonal spirit), but will grab a brew and biscuit before I go.

nightshade1 Fri 30-Nov-12 10:38:06

im here!
after failing at any flying last seriously i hid in the corner with the gin and chocolate, i will endeavour to do better ahead of the big day.
but the decorating should be completed this weekend hopefully so at least im not competeing with that mess aswell - although that did act as a great excuse to avoid any sort of housework.

thanks for the brew

laurenamium Fri 30-Nov-12 11:56:32

<waves> to all the newbies smile

Will be back later with links to baby steps zones and missions for tomorrow!

strictlycaballine Fri 30-Nov-12 12:33:32

Thank you Lauren thanks - very kind of you! [Hoping for lots of equine references thoughout month]

And mahoosive thanks to Blue for steering us through November thanks - much appreciated!!

A very warm welcome to Jdub Kirk and Purpletoes

Great news about the cleaner Nicknacks

[Just resting my bunions and swigging *Bitchy's* mulled wine parking my mop and bucket here for a moment]

Mahoosive waves to Trazzles Toffee Whoknows and everyone else

strictlycaballine Fri 30-Nov-12 12:33:59

Forgot to say hello to Nightshade too!!

IWipeArses Fri 30-Nov-12 15:33:17

Signing in while I contemplate my grubby house. grin Sorry for my extreme slack thread-keeping-upness, but I've been sort of keeping up with the house.
Getting into routines certainly helps, we've been working on those lately.

Honu Fri 30-Nov-12 15:34:20

Just putting on the expresso for those who need it. See you all tomorrow.

MercuryRising Fri 30-Nov-12 16:32:49

Hi ladies! I need to rejoin you, after flying for half of October I completely fell off the wagon and haven't managed to clamber back on. I am crazily busy at the moment but really need to get out of the CHAOS Im in before Christmas so I can start 2013 a little more in control - well thats the plan hmm

NickNacks Fri 30-Nov-12 19:22:54

Is it a tad premature to post my list for tomorrow?

Well here goes...

One load of laundry
Clean bathroom
Hoover downstairs
Get boys to start writing Xmas cards
Get school slips and cheques written
Mop kitchen
Send childminding newsletter to parents
Spend a couple of hours getting ready for our night out (DH 30th birthday celebrations)
15 minutes decluttering

laurenamium Fri 30-Nov-12 19:43:40


Tomorrow is the first of the month so the first babystep is to shine our sinks . I swear by this as one to definitely do, as clean definitely spreads!

It's Saturday tomorrow so there are no missions, but it is Family Fun Day .

For tomorrow and Sunday we are in zone 1 which is the front porch. For those who are up to detailed cleaning and fancy a spot of weekend cleaning, the detailed cleaning lists are here


laurenamium Fri 30-Nov-12 19:46:56

I should have added, for the newbies- don't be scared off by the detailed cleaning lists, many of us never make it to these but I find they are handy to have to dip into if the mission of the day doesn't apply to me.

The fat fairy recommends that new flyers concentrate on babysteps first so they become routine and second nature, so don't feel overwhelmed by all of the links!

laurenamium Fri 30-Nov-12 19:49:22

Wow lists already nicknacks grin very organised! Have a fantastic night out tomorrow night, I'm out too so we can be hungover together on Friday wink

Off to get my nails done now BB tomorrow!

laurenamium Fri 30-Nov-12 22:25:56

Argh just read my last message. We can be hungover together on sunday blush

dizzyday07 Sat 01-Dec-12 00:20:31

Checking in for December.

Kirk - I didn't get the shining sink thing at first and what it means to me is(trying) to make sure I tidy up the kitchen/wash the pots before bed instead of leaving them steeping in the sink overnight.

As it was DH's birthday last Wednesday and he was away in London, I think we are going to try and do something "en-famille" over the weekend. {Please forgive me if I've written the wrong thing in French - languages aren't my strong point blush}

Right is a crazy day here:
wrap christmas presents ready for delivery
print out maps for where heading
finish making present (yay I know blush )
pick up the presents that I missed. - there is one good thing 90% of my shopping will be done and delievered by the end of today! So I can spend december relaxing.
Road trip, good food and hopefully good conversation and not being puked on again by 2mth old! grin

Doesn't seem alot but need to leave in around an hour for the road trip... Coffee, shower and moving it is going to HAVE to be. would much rather close my eyes and go back to sleep as ds is still sleeping

laurenamium Sat 01-Dec-12 08:40:17

Have a fantastic day and safe road trip bitchy

Waves to dizzy and anyone else around!

Just a quick list dump, have lots to do today, most of it isn't flying though blush

To do:
Walk dogs
DD laundry- in progress
Put clean bath mats down
DD laundry away
Pack DD overnight bag
Bath small dog ready for his sleepover
DD to Christmas crafts event to mark first day of advent

If it looks like I might have time...
Move cabinet and Hoover and clean skirting boards behind
Take down picture
Put up tree grin

BB this afternoon with list updates and tomorrows links!

Our tree went up yesterday Lauren. Looking forward to taking it down again. bloody thing is in the way <grump> Ds has already rearranged the decorations several times.

IWipeArses Sat 01-Dec-12 09:17:02


- laundry - whites, nappies, one more
- try and keep DD chilled while I attack the kitchen! sink, pots, counters, stovetop, table, floor
- put clean washing away
- bathroom cleaning progress
- Zone 1 decluttering, tidying and cleaning (ie. stare despondently at paperwork, sweep floor grin)
- Christmas tree sad
- Shine sink
- Don't go to bed unless kitchen floor is mopped.

Purpletoes Sat 01-Dec-12 09:56:14

Morning. Thank you for all the welcomes. I didn't manage to do my sink yesterday as had dentist and a crabby baby but today is the day.

DS can spend quality time with dp!

Also on list for today.

1 load of washing
Put away clean laundry
Batch cook a lasagne for freezer.
Wash the kitchen and dining room floors
Declutter my wardrobe
read up more on fly lady
Think that will do for the day

Leaves ☕ and pancakes for all

Kirk1 Sat 01-Dec-12 10:09:13

Morning! Oh joy, it's a nappy washing day sad what possessed me to use cloth nappies? Is it acceptable to force older dc to do the 15 mins decluttering? It's mostly their mess in this area anyway....

Washing: nappies, uniform, underwear.
Clear kitchen floor. Don't think shine sink is a real possibility today unless I don't cook. My inability to keep the sink clear for more than two days was why I gave up this time last year. (I do get why shine sink, it was the lace-up shoes I didn't get. I just can't seem to achieve shine sink)

IWipeArses Sat 01-Dec-12 11:01:41

I honestly think the shiny sink is very achievable for those with dishwashers only. There's always a dirty dish here.
Same as getting a whole load washed, dried and put away - if you have a dryer.
Both are totally normal in the USA, not a luxury like here.
If we're moving towards better efficiency and cleanliness we're doing it right. <she says who barely posts blush)

MercuryRising Sat 01-Dec-12 12:16:06

Morning! I completely agree IWipeArses (brilliant name by the way) its almost impossible to get a load done and put away at this time of year - washing hangs around for days in the Mercury residence and I bloody hate it!

Ive only just woken up after working a night shift so haven't done anything or got as far as lists but if I manage the morning routine today I will be ecstatic as its more than I have managed for weeks blush On a positive note the sun is shining - have a great day ladies

laurenamium Sat 01-Dec-12 13:23:38

I must admit I have adapted my sink shining to suit the way I work, I don't bleach etc everyday, only once a week. But I took it to mean just to wash up and put away dishes, clean out the gunk out of the plug etc every day. I don't have a dishwasher but wash up 2 or 3 times a day, there is only me, DD and assorted mindees though and we all eat together so I get chance to wash up whilst they are finishing their meals.

I do have a tumble dryer though and I love it

I think everyone adapts the baby steps to suit their house and find a way that works for them smile

You can shine your sink once a day and then refill it throughout the day, that's what i do. We have a DW, but there are always a few bits that need hand washing, lunchboxes (they warp in the DW), water bottles ditto, though I do put the caps in the DW. I don't wash up as I go because our hot tank is a long way from the kitchen and takes several mins to run hot to the tap, so it all gets popped in the washing up bowl in the sink, done in the evening and left to dry on the drainer, then in the morning put away, shine sink and start again. We have a little sink in the middle so use that for any rinsing, handwashing etc during the day while the main bowl is being filled, it's easy enough to lift out the bowl if you need the main sink for something. The shining bit does get missed out when I am being slack, but it is definitely possible this way.

Engelsemama Sat 01-Dec-12 13:28:03

Checking in for December.

My to do list for today is....
Enjoy MNing and lsumbering on the sofa while DS naps. Went out for sinterklaas last night and my head is not happy

That's the extent of my flying today grin

I agree about td ladies. We got one last year just after DS was born and now I can't imagine being without it.
We don't have a dishwasher, but Flylady is the one who's got me into a routine of doing the washing up religiously after dinner so I start with a clean kiwtchen every morning most of the time

castlelough Sat 01-Dec-12 13:38:30

Morning all, and welcome to all the new fledglings! I've been flapping since May, but have been spending increasing amounts of time in the naughty corner, so am hoping for an improvement this month.

Aiming low to start with today:

Morning routine
Call to see dMil
Grocery shop/errands
Bake bread for school cake sale
Cake Sale
Relaxing evening
Before Bed Routine

Wasn't feeling well last night so have stayed in bed, hence slow start to day and morning routine left to do blush

laurenamium Sat 01-Dec-12 16:47:22

Hi just quickly flying by with the links for tomorrow!


Tomorrow it is babystep two: Dressing to shoes . Some fledglings do this, some don't. I just make sure I'm not in my pyjamas grin

It's Sunday tomorrow so there are no missions, but it is Renew your spirit day .

We are still in Zone One which is the front porch. For those who are up to detailed cleaning and fancy a spot of weekend cleaning, the detailed cleaning lists are here


Have a lovely night everyone!

ToffeeWhirl Sat 01-Dec-12 17:58:22

Blue - I forgot to thank you for leading us on the other thread blush. But thank you for all your links and posts and keeping us on the Flylady path.

Woke up to a freezing house this morning: the boiler has stopped working sad. So there is no central heating or hot water in the Toffee household this weekend. Luckily, we now have a log-burning stove in our sitting room, so we have all huddled in there when the cold got too much in the rest of the house. That is, apart from DS1, who is able to withstand an unheated bedroom provided he has his XBox to keep him warm confused.

The heating engineer has form for never answering my phone calls, so we may have to put up with this for several days.

Kept warm this morning by decluttering, as DH suddenly announced he was going to the dump. This is an opportunity not to be missed, so I disappeared into the loft and hauled out a variety of unwanted toys/boxes/duvets/car seats, etc. It was very satisfying to see them all disappear. We just need to keep up the momentum.

Am going to try and keep up with the routines this month, so will shine my sink this evening before bed.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

Kirk1 Sat 01-Dec-12 22:24:14

Well, I managed to wash the nappies but total fail on the resthmm maybe I should just resign myself to the fact that I'm a crap housekeeper and I'm destined to live in a shit hole for my whole life. Can't even see my sink right now so shining it isn't an option. Anyone any suggestions?

Evening all,

Well, quite a productive day here, DH is still helping out more than usual with the housework so he hoovered this morning and has done several loads of washing. I have had a decluttering session with the DCs. DH told them to tidy their room this morning and they started wailing that there was nowhere to put anything so I seized the moment and told them that if they wanted to get even more stuff for Christmas they really ought to get rid of some things now. We went right through their bookshelves and all the boardgames and jigsaws, resulting in 6 carrier bags to go to the charity shop. DS was very enthusiastic at the decluttering, DD less so, I was amazed how many books they agreed to let go.

This afternoon we took them donutting at the local dry ski slope, there is a separate slope and you go down sitting inside big rubber rings, they really enjoyed themselves and have agreed they'd like a joint birthday party there (both birthdays are fairly early after New Year so parties need to be planned before Christmas).

Heading off to bed shortly, just wanted to thank Blue for last month's thread and Lauren for taking over this month.

Toffee - hope you get the boiler fixed ASAP.

Kirk - don't despair, you did the nappies and that is better than nothing. It really is one small step at a time with Flylady, every single one of us slips back from time to time but the beauty of the system is that you can pick up again no matter how bad things get. Maybe tomorrow try and shine the sink, browse the Flylady website and take it from there.

Kirk1 Sat 01-Dec-12 23:11:25

Thanks for the encouragement. I was hoping for progress rather than continue as I am doing just about enough that family has enough to wear and eat. Slipping back is one thing but I don't seem able to get one foot on the ladder! It's totally demoralising.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Dec-12 01:08:04

kirk - it's impossible really hard to keep up with the housework when you have a small child, so please don't be downhearted. I remember how hard it was to get anything done in the house when my two were little. I confess that I came to a compromise with myself by using cloth nappies in combination with disposables, so that I had less washing.

WhoKnows - well done to you and your DC on all that decluttering.

castle - hope you are feeling better now.

No word from boiler man, as expected. However, the log/coal-burning stove is fantastic and has made our sitting-room feel very cosy.

IWipeArses Sun 02-Dec-12 09:15:35

Morning! I got the floor mopped, so allowed myself to go to bed, but it wasn't a good one, DD had me up for 2 hours in the early hours. confused

Toffee, enjoy feeling cosy with your fire. Really hope the engineer gets out to you soon though.

WhoKnows, sounds very satisfying.

Kirk, washing the nappies is priority, to me getting the nappy bucket emptied is more essential than a shiny sink. Trying to be too rigid with it has defeated me for years. For instance, I will never wear shoes in the house! grin

Engels, that's a good to do list. I hope I can get into the routine of getting the kitchen clear after dinner. It's my Achilles heel.

Castle, hope you're feeling better.

To do -
breakfast for all
laundry - rinse and spin load that's in, put another load in, put clean washing away
bathroom cleaning
out for dinner
home for tea
shine sink
finish tesco order
do some list assessment

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Sun 02-Dec-12 09:45:01

IWipe I refuse to wear shoes indoors as well... I found a pair of flip flops I got free with a magazine and wear them instead because slippers aren't quite the same.

It's about being up and at them really though - I have fallen out of the habit of being made up (sleep is more important at the moment!) but that's what makes me feel like I'm actually ready for the day.

ZebraInHiding Sun 02-Dec-12 09:55:45

I would love to join you but I am terrible about checking in daily and catching up with personals, so I am mostly marking my place so I can read along...<waves weakly> blush

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Sun 02-Dec-12 10:07:59


Come along in.

Feel the love.

I'm sporadic at best.

NickNacks Sun 02-Dec-12 10:17:29

Welcome zebra

I'm also waving weakly this morning but for different reasons. I'm ever so slightly lie lie lie it's huge hungover this morning.

Unfortunately I have some jobs that must be done today so will grab some tea and toast and crack on.

How are you this morning lauren ?

swanthingafteranother Sun 02-Dec-12 11:19:35

Aha! I had forgotten it was December, and we had to remind Ds2 to start his Advent Calendar this morning...cue a lot of Lego when he was meant to be getting ready for church hmm Written last whingy post on Nov thread. Thank you Whoknows

So, a typical Swan morning from the house hurricane of doom. Dd has departed for snowboarding in a flurry of gloves that match, that's not warm enough...where's L's present? have you any cash.?. Oh, so you were meant to be in netball too!!!Why didn't you let them know?shock [Luckily turns out no more fixtures till 13th Jan...but only found that out when picked up by snowboarders hmm
Sons emerged in various unironed items (despite there being smart clothes in drawer for church), where are your coats...oh there are none...have a mansized anorak instead or a football top covered in egg over your ironed shirt...husband combusting...why did he ever decide to miss out on the Emphemera Book Fair and offer to take them to church, poor fellow...blush

so this morning
make lunch
sweep floor
wipe table
hoover up something horrid in playroom
hang out clothes
another wash in

breakfast in sink
assembled lasagne ingredients
protein for breakfast
dd piano practice
present for friend
all gone to Mass
lay table for lunch

Kirk1 I remember washing nappies, it was an incredible sense of achievement and so much less rubbish to take out! So a little bit of a saving there in housework stakes. Uniform also takes up so much energy doesn't it? It would be easy if they didn't have to have any other clothes, or just one set for weekends.
purple batch cook lasagne...I will dream on..I never seem to get ahead to that stage.

swanthingafteranother Sun 02-Dec-12 11:23:58

Toffee why or why do they always clunk out when it is cold weather..I suspect it is overload when we try and put on everything at once. TG for your beautiful new stove. Is there a lovely swimming pool you can go to for showers etc? Our immersion has been broken for a long time, I dread to think what will happen if the main boiler goes.

GossipWitch Sun 02-Dec-12 12:14:22

Hello all, well its all going off since I last posted, so sorry for all of you who are having a hard time. sad

So just out of interest who has done all there christmas shopping?
despite me having a flychristmas journal and being incredibly organised about it I haven't, as finances have proven tough and were still waiting on certain monies to come in before we splurge, which is really annoying as I have the majority of presents done by september, normally, and it looks like I will be doing an xmas dash on christmas eve!!

cranverry Sun 02-Dec-12 14:22:53

Can I join please? I have a baby and a toddler and our house seems out of control with toys, books, random pieces of food, laundry... We are moving in 4 months and I'd like to be moving with as little clutter as possible.

swanthingafteranother Sun 02-Dec-12 14:30:23

lasagne made and eaten
food defrosting for next proper meal tomorrow (pork)
soup to use up old carrots in progress for supper
recycling out
hall rescued
ds1 music homework (Indiana Jones)
dw on
washing hung out

now I am off shopping again for presents. Little and often maybe.

strictlycaballine Sun 02-Dec-12 15:10:20

Eh up everyone. Shiver me timbers. Woke up very early this morning to the sound of dd shrieking with excitement and a blanket of snow on the garden (unfortunately snow is now being washed away by freezing drizzle) but rabbits were very bemused (they had never seen it before) and left lots of maniacal circles of paw prints all over the lawn before returning downstairs to their indoor quarters.

Had lovely (rare) 5 hrs alone with dh yesterday as dd was at a party but felt unwell (dizzy and wierd) in the evening and had to go to bed (which was quite stressful as I kept thinking about all the things I should be doing).

Really battling to get anything done atm. There's just so much stuff to sort out in addition to the usual cooking, cleaning, domestic stuff (twice as much now home and office cleaners away for Christmas). So just came on here to say "yaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh"!! Ah..... that's better grin

A very warm welcome to Cranvery Zebra

(and to Kirk and Purpletoes again)

Don't feel badly eveyrone - Flying with toddlers and babies is tough going - just little steps is all that is required - 15 mins at a time - or 5 mins here and there.

And don't worry about posting regularly either - dip in and out as much as you like! smile

Respect to those of you using environmentally friendly nappies too.

Toffee so sorry to hear about your heating - thank heavens you have a lovely real fire (something we aspire to one day)

[hands over double espresso to Nicknacks]

Great to see Arses Mercury Honu Dizzy and Nightshade back!!

Swan respect to you for ploughing on through your hectic Sunday and producing lovely home-cooked food at the end of it [SC thinks guiltily of the all the veg in the fridge that are stillwaiting to be turned in to soup]

Hey Trazzles your house sounds cosy - I would get frostbite if I wore flip-flops here grin

Whoknows well done re: the decluttering - donutting sounds like fabulous fun btw!

Hope you are OK Castlelough Take it steady x

Bitchy bloody well done on having finished all the present buying/making/wrapping and delivery on 1st December [doffs hat]

PA if you are out there and can access Internet - hope your house move went ok and you still have cleaner!!

Lauren thanks for links and hope you are not feeling too down x

Mahoosive waves to Feetheart Ellie Carpe Madwoman Justgettingonwithit Sowornout and eveyrone else I have inevitably missed!!!

Keep warm everyone and enjoy the rest of your Sundays!!

strictlycaballine Sun 02-Dec-12 15:17:14

oops, that should have read Cranvery and Zebra

Missed out Engels too!!

Incidentally, think I could just about survive without a td (just one 9 yr old dd) but absolutely could not live without a dw. They use less hot water (especially teh way I do the washing up) and end up paying for themselves in the end. It sterilises everything at 60°c too. I put everything in it: pots and pans, toothbrushes and combs, rabbit bowls (not together obviously).

Kirk1 Sun 02-Dec-12 15:58:44

Thanks everyone for words of encouragement! Just arrived home from hectic morning and afternoon activities. I've been face painting (with toddler in towblush) for the children's centre Christmas fair. Only two hours but busy! Am now exhausted but feeling happy to have accomplished something worthwhile.

Swan, thanks for the reminder of why I'm doing the cloth nappies, I was always terrible about emptying the bin regularly and I'm sure disposables smell worse than just the baby odour of the cloth nappies. Right-o, I need to take advantage of baby nap time to get dinner done....

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Sun 02-Dec-12 16:27:26

Kirk just to say that I'm watching you <menacing glare> and noted fashion photographer MISTER Nigel Barker is STILL mine no matter what thread we're on... <growls> grin

laurenamium Sun 02-Dec-12 19:28:17

Hi all, I have a hangover from hell! sad but it was definitely worth it last night was a fantastic night! How was your night nicknacks?

toffee what a nightmare about your boiler! They always seem to wait for what seems like the coldest weather before they pack in as well!

kirk I agree with the other flyers, and definitely prioritising things like nappies over having a shiny sink sounds like the best idea!

Well done on the decluttering whoknows sounds like you got loads done this weekend. smile

Huge welcome to zebra and cranverry, come on in the naughty corner is always cosy!

Gossip my christmas shopping is just about finished, I have been following the bargain christmas threads since they began in October and I have managed to save a fortune using discount codes etc that others posted on there!

sc you deserve a flylady medal for flying in the office as well as at home so close to christmas! A day just you and your DD sounds lovely though. I love days like that smile

<waves to iwipearses, trazzles, swan, engles and everyone else I have missed!>

laurenamium Sun 02-Dec-12 19:48:05

Links for tomorrow...


Tomorrow it is babystep three: [[ checking out the big tent]] . This is one to avoid. Don't sign up to the emails or you will be swamped!

Decembers monthly focus is pampering . Sounds good to me!

Mondays daily focus is the home blessing hour . My favourite grin.

The mission is here. Hopefully it will update over night as it is still on this weeks missions.

We are moving into zone 2 the kitchen. For those who are up to detailed cleaning the detailed cleaning lists are here


laurenamium Sun 02-Dec-12 19:49:09

Sorry babystep three is checking out the big tent

NickNacks Sun 02-Dec-12 20:49:46

Thanks for the links lauren

My night was also excellent apart from the 3 toes which have no skin on them due to shoes rubbing sad so I've been hobbling around today.

Looking forward to tomorrow. smile

MercuryRising Sun 02-Dec-12 21:26:07

Hi all I am very pleased with myself. After putting off decluttering the dcs room for months inspired by you all I have finally done it! 3 black bags of crap later and it is looking fab smile I also cleaned under the TV cabinet which is exactly the right height to showcase the dust bunnies that had taken up residence beneath it blush and decluttered the microwave!

Gossip I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet but DP has the day off tomorrow so we are hoping to finish buying for DCs then we only have family and each other left to buy. I really hoped to be done by now but because of other financial commitments the rest probably won't get done until the week before. Oh well at least it will feel lovely and festive when I'm running around like a maniac.

Jdub Sun 02-Dec-12 22:11:36

Evening all! Been a weekend of really fun children's parties (at other people's houses) but tonight, at least, I have washed my kitchen and hall floor, filed a load of school stuff and cleared the mantle piece of ds2's birthday cards in preparation for the Christmas ones!

Tomorrow's to-dos include amongst other things, the completion of thank you cards!

Time for a cuppa! Night all.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 02-Dec-12 22:13:18

May I join in, have lurked for the last thread, about time I got off my arse and did something.

laurenamium Mon 03-Dec-12 08:37:48

Morning all!

Welcome to the thread goinggoing

Just a list dump here, I finish work at 1:30 but have LOTS to do after a really lazy weekend!

To do:
DD and mindee to playgroup
Home bleugh
My laundry
DD laundry away
Wash bedding
Front room hotspot
Put tree up and associated cleaning
Wash inside of windows and put snow flakes up in front room and playroom
Tidy playroom
Walk dogs
Food shop
Wash dog beds
Invoices and newsletters
Put things in summer house now the floor is down
Pay council tax
I don't have a kitchen bib for mission so will clean out my cutlery drawer

I think that's it hmm BBL!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Dec-12 09:36:55

Our boiler is back on - we have hot water and central heating again grin.

Kirk1 Mon 03-Dec-12 09:55:08

Morning! today's aim is:

2 loads of washing,
Put out the bins for tomorrow they come early....
Find the kitchen floor. I know it's under there somewhere. Any idea how I train the family to PICK UP things they drop/knock over? I always seem to end up with drifts of discarded stuff in the corners especially in the kitchen.

Trazzle still not willing to share the lovely MISTER Nigel Barker? sad I'll have to let him down gently then...

IWipeArses Mon 03-Dec-12 09:56:07



done -
washed all the pots shock

to do-
everyone dressed
hang laundry
load in
DS to school or no?
clean fridge
Tesco delivery
today's mission sad

do for now

GoingGoingGoth Mon 03-Dec-12 10:06:26

Time to dive in

Beds changed
Rubbish out
1 load washing
Yesterday's washing ironed

To do
Wash pots
Clean windows
Online shop
I'm sure this list will increase

Jdub Mon 03-Dec-12 11:03:51

My Monday looks something like this at the mo:

1 bathroom swish and swipe
load dishwasher
everyone dressed and fed
me - to work
bank stuff

to do:
take stuff to charity shop
make tea when I get home
finish thank you cards for DS2's birthday (this involves much cutting and sticking!)
load Advent calendars with tomorrow's treats
Receipt sorting
Feed my Christmas cakes with brandy
Locate and retrieve Christmas decs that can start to be put up (not the tree just yet though)

I think I shall treat myself to a spangly new duster at lunchtime and some new Mr Sheen!! And I'm looking forward to all of tonight's Christmassy chores!

feetheart Mon 03-Dec-12 11:16:54

Toffee - hurrah for hot water and warm house smile

Welcome to the newbies, take it slowly, it will get better <<mutters mantra repeatedly in hope that it works after nearly 3 years here blush>>

Need to be quick as have lots to do this week and the quicker I finish work the quicker I can start doing more fun stuff! So:

Ta da
- All up and out
- Leaflet re school disco in for copying/sending out
- Stuff to Treasurer (School Assoc related)
- On-offer gammon bought

To do
- Work - Invoices, VAT, bank rec
- Into town for vests for DC (all far too small blush), sparkly leggings for DD, things for MN Santa parcel, 'door present' for DH for breakfast networking meeting this week
- Look on ebay for coat for DS

That will take till school pick-up time

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Dec-12 11:48:09

Yes, it's so nice to be warm again, Feet! Am really appreciating the hot water in particular. Was able to have a proper bath this morning instead of making do with a kettleful of hot water. Have felt very Victorian this weekend grin.

Both DC are at home with me today. We all have colds, so the heating is doubly welcome.


Phoned school because DS2 woke up with a cough and cold
Hot bath and hair wash grin
Physio appt
Put rubbish out

To do:

Home ed
Sort out kitchen

That'll do for now.

nightshade1 Mon 03-Dec-12 11:56:56

im going to attempt to sort out the kitchen today, it looks like a bombs gone off with piles of dishes, and general clutter and crap.
- we finished the sorting and decorating of the living room and hall and stairs over the weekend but unfortunatly although they are all neat and tidy and organised the kitchen has become the dumping ground for all the excess stuff - bin bags at the ready!!

GossipWitch Mon 03-Dec-12 12:38:30

Haven't read the thread, sorry but just have to quickly fly around the house as my father will be turning up to sort out the bathroom I broke, I have managed to remove the majority of the paint around the bath whilst peeling fablon off the walls, ready to gloss, but now i cant gloss the walls because they are no longer smooth !!! aaaggghhhhhh did try and get hold of manshape but his phone is off !!!!!

Purpletoes Mon 03-Dec-12 14:21:19

Thanks for the support and will keep repeating mantra small steps

List for the day
Online shop ordered
Nursery contacted about start date
Dishwasher on
Counters wiped down

To do
Quick wipe of bathroom
Dinner and dessert (friends coming for dinner)
Quick clean of floors
Declutter hallway
Back to work forms
Get ds to have afternoon nap
Empty dishwasher

Wish me luck

Have a caffeine fix brew

GossipWitch Mon 03-Dec-12 14:59:43

manshape is home, and says its not too bad a job which is good smile

Tbf manshape is still a god awful term. Is it necessary?

Last week's misadventures are catching up with me. Ds off school and I am spending the day asleep as much as possible. Flying? what flying?

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 03-Dec-12 16:04:17

Afternoon all,

Having trouble keeping up with the thread but it's lovely to see so many new people joining in. I'm trying to limit my time on MN a bit but failing.

Yesterday DS was decidedly out of sorts (he is very rarely ill) but this morning seemed quite perky and decided to go to school, I told his teacher this morning and said please send him home if necessary. He came out saying they had had a different teacher this afternoon and that he had said he didn't feel well but the teacher had said see how you are in a while and then forgot. He came out looking quite tearful. I think he will be having a day off tomorrow.

Anyway, ta-da!

A bit of cleaning and tidying
Some paperwork
One load of washing
Smile nicely to bin men and ask them to bring my wheely bin round from the back as DH forgot to put it out and I am still not strong enough, the man was nice and even put it back away afterwards (usually find it lying halfway down the road).
Wrapped up the presents that need posting
Ran out of paper
WEnt to town for haircut and odds and ends
School run.

Still to do

More washing
Clean bathroom
Let DS get on the computer, BBL.

Engelsemama Mon 03-Dec-12 18:28:04

I could never call DH manshape Bitchy (coz with his lovely bellt he looks a bit more like me at 5mo pg grin )

Engelsemama Mon 03-Dec-12 18:28:20

belly not bellt blush

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Dec-12 18:31:56

I hate it when they do that, WhoKnows. My DS1 came out of reception class white faced once, fell asleep on the sofa for hours as soon as he came home and had to be carried up to bed. I took his temperature and it was about 103! When I told his teacher and asked why she hadn't phoned me, she said, "Oh, he was probably just tired!" hmm angry. I think some teachers assume that children are just fussing when they say they feel ill. In fact, one of the reasons my DS1 became worried about school in the first place was because they would never phone me when he said he was ill, so he lost any trust in them.

Gossip - you are doing brilliantly dealing with the bathroom DIY. Am all in awe, as I am hopeless at practical stuff like that. Incidentally, my DH's phone is usually off too - are they trying to tell us something? wink (ps - I have to agree with Bitchy about that term, by the way).

Bitchy - glad to see you are getting your priorities right and putting sleep ahead of Flying.

Well, I managed one of the things on my list, ie lunch. Home ed was called off because DS1 felt too ill. At first, I tried to be brisk and chivvy him along, then I looked at him properly and realised he couldn't breathe through his nose and looked white as a sheet, so I despatched him to the sofa to sleep instead.

Didn't get any washing done either and the kitchen is still a mess blush, but I did manage a walk into town when DH came home and started my Xmas shopping (phew). Then came home and spent some time reading to DS2 and chatting, which was much more precious and fun than housework grin.

Engelsemama Mon 03-Dec-12 18:32:40

Ta da:
Did errands in town
Online banking
One load of washing, dried and folded
Changed DS bed
Made dinner (lasagne) and did washing up
Made cappuccino cheescake (in the oven right now!)
Ordered more clothing labels for DS
Replied to a few emails from friends
Put bins out for tomorrow
Sent a mass of work emails to colleagues and students

Glad the hot water is back toffee

Waves at one and all, old (and I mean that in the nicest possible way grin ) and new.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 03-Dec-12 19:03:27

Yes, it was silly of me to make him go in today really, I've made this mistake before and poor old DS has not felt he could ask to go home and the teachers are so busy they only take notice if someone actually throws up or something (no disrespect to teachers, but when there are 34 in the class I guess someone being a bit pale and quiet really doesn't stand out). Hope DS1 feels better tomorrow Toffee.

We have had a nice tea, just need to get the DCs off to bed early I think, then I want to write some Christmas cards / do some OU work / drink wine and watch telly (delete as applicable). I will have to take the day off work tomorrow I guess as DH is too busy at the moment.

Back later (again)

BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Mon 03-Dec-12 19:28:22

Have just put on my Christmas nickname <twirls>.

Couldn't afford a new one sad.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 03-Dec-12 19:46:35

Beds changed
Rubbish & recycling out
1 load washing
Yesterday's washing ironed
Wash pots
Clean windows
Online shop- including forgetting verified by visa password & then completley messing up re-doing password blush
Cleaning bin
Plus clearing sides and mopping kitchen floor (away Thursday & Friday, so thought I'd squeeze a couple of extra tasks in today)
Watched DD do homework
Shine sink
DD in bed!

To do (tomorrow)
Clean windows

GoingGoingGoth Mon 03-Dec-12 19:48:32

Love the nickname Toffee

swanthingafteranother Mon 03-Dec-12 20:41:22

not much to offer in the way of housekeeping except

the cleaning lady tidied my kitchen beautifully
and changed two beds
and did all the ironing blush so I'm just enjoying that Monday evening feeling [by Tues the mess has returned]

drove ds1 to school with violin
I counted money for church all morning
did weekly grocery shop (still finishing frozen stuff from Ocado order two weeks ago shock
I cooked lovely supper (pork and mushrooms)
dw/washing machine/washing up from supper
dcs went to football/choir
made two three difficult phone calls [phew]
made dcs finish birthday cards for their Dad

Everyone is watching Variety Performance...I hate that sort of thing so I'm on Msnet.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 03-Dec-12 20:53:41

I hate it too Swan - didn't know it was on actually but I will continue to not watch it now I do know!

Cards, must write some cards.

laurenamium Mon 03-Dec-12 22:01:37

Hi all, have read the thread but I'm too tired and my heads too confused to post anything other than links. I will be back tomorrow to catch up properly!

Links for tomorrow...


Tomorrow it is babystep four: starting a control journal . Lots of the fledglings have control journals but I have never got round to it blush.

Tuesdays daily focus is planning.

The mission is cleaning your counter tops

We are in zone 2 the kitchen . For those who are up to detailed cleaning the detailed cleaning lists are here


I've never got round to a control journal either, Lauren.

Glad the heating's fixed, Toffee.

Not much flying done today or expected tomorrow, but will wave to everybody and get well soon to poorly kids.

coostoonettle Mon 03-Dec-12 23:13:50

<sneaks in sees lots of old friends, downs some mulled wine and runs around the thread reading titbits> <throws tinsel and holly all around>

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 03-Dec-12 23:15:38

Nettie! Good to have you back!

coostoonettle Mon 03-Dec-12 23:18:51

I'm sure I added a message but I can't see me grinshock hiya xxx

coostoonettle Mon 03-Dec-12 23:24:06

<sneaks rather loudly spreading chaos and tinsel all around whilst downing a huge vat of mulled wine> grin

Nettie grin told ya. New vat of mulled wine is on the go.

I need to be up in a few hours. I can't sleep. whoops?

ComradeJing Tue 04-Dec-12 07:15:08

Can I join please?

Living in serious CHAOS as we have just moved country so the house is full of boxes, downsized so way too much junk, have a toddler and newborn AND blush it's the first time I've ever not had an Ayi (cleaner/housekeeper type).

Looking forward to getting stuck in!smile

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Tue 04-Dec-12 07:40:02


brew on the breakfast bar.


NickNacks Tue 04-Dec-12 08:01:34

Quick list dump

Wash on
Empty dw
School run
Hoover downstairs
Load dw
15 mins in kitchen
Pre school Xmas fair
Watch mindees nativity
Home for lunch
Shop for DH birthday present and cards
Home for dd nap
Dry washing
Clean clothes upstairs
Wipe out fridge
School run
Cook lamb for 8
Tidy kitchen
Mop kitchen
Homework with DS
Bath to pamper!
Write some Xmas cards

laurenamium Tue 04-Dec-12 08:42:32

Waves to nettie

Welcome comrade!

Good luck with your huge list nicknacks!

<waves to everyone else>

Just dumping and running!

To do:
Wash dog beds
Put my laundry away
DD and mindee to gymnastics
Walk dogs
DD to CM
Riding and horse jobs
Tea party for my gran at the home
Invoices and newsletters - I will not be distracted this time!
Put bedding away


GossipWitch Tue 04-Dec-12 09:58:39

Sorry about the manshape reference, it only ever pops up when he annoys me by not being around for the manly advise that I need, will be back to dp now anyway as he is going to fix the bathroom for me.
Ds3 is ill again!! he must be a magnet for every virus going, at the minute its a cold, along with chapped lips a temp and conjunctivitus, so while he's kipping on the sofa I am planning on doing more decorating by glossing area's that the kids cant touch until tonight when I will be glossing areas that they can but will be in bed so they wont.
I also have a driving lesson today, and I didn't do much flying yesterday, I think I caught one of ds's virus' so I slept it off, but feel much better for it now.

GoingGoingGoth Tue 04-Dec-12 10:31:33

DD to school
Errands run
Phone calls made
Washing on

To do
Washing away
Clean windows
Wait for online delivery (and put away)
Wrap some presents and post them
Collect DD from school
Make dinner (no idea yet)
Shine sink

GossipWitch Tue 04-Dec-12 11:27:37

You'd have thought that a professional painter and decorator, who has taken an impromptue day off, would take the paintbrush off me to avoid mistakes that he would inevitably have to fix.....

swanthingafteranother Tue 04-Dec-12 13:08:04

this morning
I have
exercise, bus journey
walked a dog
bought some art supplies for Dh
argument with Dh blush
3 kids in school!

now pondering how to make a cheesecake with minimum of mess/ingredients. Dh wants a German baked cheesecake for his birthday. All recipes seem to be for 10 people! maybe a critical mass baking issue. So why tell me to go to hairdresser if he wants a cheesecake!?

tomorrow is his birthday. So il est tres grumpy. About lack of preps.hmm Plus he has to go back to dreaded Hampstead.

Parents' eve confusion too, still waiting to hear what is going on with that. Plus clash with drinks party. Which I don't want to go because it involves lookign smart.sadsmile

<Hands swan a soothing brew >

Yay, Trazzle! I have also finished Christmas shopping today. smile

Waves to Nettle and Comrade

Need to get off the computer and go and stick a curry in the slow cooker for later...

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Tue 04-Dec-12 15:19:29

Welcome Comrade - which countries have you moved to and from (if that's not being too nosy?).

Swan - What's the difference between German and non German cheesecake? I have just found a recipe for individual strawberry cheesecakes baked in a muffin tin that I am looking forward to trying.


Very little. DS is off school, but perky. My mum came round this morning so I could go to work, I got back about 1.45 and have just been hanging out with DS and catching up with emails etc. DD will be home any minute, then we need to get her off to ballet and Rainbows, DS is well enough to come along but he is going to give Cubs a miss.

To do - sort out ballet and Rainbow uniforms. Think about dinner. Write more Christmas cards (done one so far). Shine sink, put washing in dryer. general tidying.

nightshade1 Tue 04-Dec-12 16:55:50

well i can say flying is on track so far this month,

today ive;
school run
washed the dishes,
done 3 loads of washing
re-proofed my winter coat
put anti flea stuff on the cats
baked the xmas cake - yes i know its late, i dont like it so forgot blush
sorted dry washing
found the floor again in DS room - the carpet is infact blue, who knew shock
cooked dinner for DD & DS

to do
bathroom - its really grotty
do some online shopping for hats, scarfs, gloves, proper winter clothes, and decent warm snow boots for me and the children.........i am never prepared and will be this year (and whats the betting it stays mild and we dont see any ice or snow!

NickNacks Tue 04-Dec-12 20:32:55

I am so bloody happy!! I got every single thing crossed off on my list! First time for everything eh?

I have a question for those with a cleaner...
My house is quite grubby blush hence the need for a cleaner but do you think I should make an effort to do some spring cleanibg before she starts so it's not too overwhelming? I 'm talking about things like cobwebs in the corners, dirty baseboards in kitchen, mildew in the bathroom. I'm rather shamed to be writing this but I know you lot will understand!!

Or do you think I should spend the tone decluttering?


NickNacks Tue 04-Dec-12 20:33:21

Time not tone!

laurenamium Tue 04-Dec-12 20:49:29

Hi all!

I haven't done much flying today blush so will have things that was on todays list on tomorrows... I do have a small ta da though ignore the fact most of it isnt flying! wink

Ta da:
DD and mindee to gymnastics
walked dogs
washed dog beds
DD to CM
horse riding and stable cleaning
me and DD to my DGP birthday party in the home

Is there any cheesecake left for me swan? I love cheesecake!

I dont have a cleaner nicknacks but my friend has her own cleaning business and I helped out when she went on her honeymoon. I would say decluttering is most important, as long as the surfaces are clear then the cleaners can get in to do their job smile

laurenamium Tue 04-Dec-12 20:58:26

Links for tomorrow...


Tomorrow it is babystep five: writing nice things to yourself

Wednesday is anti-procrastination day

The mission is cleaning taps with a toothbrush and getting in the nooks and crannies.

We are in zone 2 the kitchen . For those who are up to detailed cleaning the detailed cleaning lists are here .


NickNacks Tue 04-Dec-12 21:17:52

Thanks Lauren Will crack on and up the decluttering then. I find it hard though...

ComradeJing Tue 04-Dec-12 22:08:37

Thanks for the welcome smile

whoknows I lived in India (and boarding school) as a teenager and moved to China when I left school. So I really never have had to keep anything clean or tidy and also haven't learnt to drive. Just moved to Sydney where we have bought a house. Problem is it's not exactly a low maintenance house so I'm going to battle dust and cobwebs on a daily basis I think. Hoping that flylady will help teach me the routines I need to keep a nice house.

Todo today:
Put empty boxes on drive.
Reschedule pool cleaner.
Get through some more washing (everything smells from the shipment).
Start sorting and throwing sheets.
Start opening boxes in the bedroom.

We have a skip coming this weekend so have to have all of the boxes unpacked by then in order to get rid of them.

NickNacks Wed 05-Dec-12 08:14:47

Wow it's quiet here ATM where are you all??

Engelsemama Wed 05-Dec-12 08:23:43

Morning all.

Should be at work right now (teaching Drama to my 1st years) but am still fighting a virus/cold and my voice has given up the ghost!

So will be spending today at home. Not well enough to teach 6 lessons...but maybe well enough to do a bit of flying grin

Plus DS is at nursery so this is a blue moon occurence - an empty house! (just a shame it comes with a side serving or phlegmand a swollen throat!).

Am not going to make a to do list as would prob make me give up and have a film fest instead (I also have cheesecake - we got given a cheescake book last week so made cappuccino cheescake on Monday night. Had to use a whole kilo of marscapone shock It definitely needs using up before it goes bad grin )

Everything I get done today will be a bonus.

I took a few days off to regroup from last week but today i have to be back with full force. Laundry crisis here hmm

Engelsemama Wed 05-Dec-12 09:18:08

Okay, have had enough of sitting on the internet my arse. Have called in sick (or croaked in sick I should say) and now have a nice lot of Christmas films downloading to enjoy this afternoon.

So in the meantime I am going to....

Do the washing up
Tidy lounge - inc toys, dining room table, clean coffee table, dust, water plants, empty paper recycling
Take down remaining balloons from DS's bday (in October grin )
Hoover house
Change beds
Washing away
Do a load of washing
More stuff needs to go up in loft

And when it's all done...put up Christmas tree to surprise DH when he gest home grin

If I feel up to heading outdoors...
Post GF's birthday card
take glass bottles to recycling

It's the last day of Sinterklaas today before his ship 'goes back to Spain' and we normally put up the tree/decorations after the 5th of December but I can't pass up the opportunity of having the house to myself.

laurenamium Wed 05-Dec-12 09:26:16

Morning all, just a list dump here. Working until 4 so will have to squeeze things around that...

To do:
School run- 1 done 1 to go
Clean bathroom
Walk dogs
My laundry and put away
Put things in summer house, write a list of things it needs
Shine sink and taps as per mission
DD and mindee to singing
Tidy playroom
Put silvanians in loft
Make up party bags for DD birthday


WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 05-Dec-12 09:31:08


I'm at home instead of work too, DS isn't well enough to be at school so I am going to work at home this morning. I'm supposed to give blood this afternoon but haven't got anyone to mind DS, he's coughing and spluttering and it probably wouldn't be right to take him along.

Anyway, I might manage some Flying.

Comrade - we really are a global thread now then. We have Fledglings in Canada, several in mainland Europe, one in Cambodia who is probably your nearest "neighbour".

To do:

Make brew
Sort out PTA night out
Book pub for friends night out
Get DS to write some Christmas cards
Write my own cards
2-3 hours paid work
Clean bathroom
Phone plumber - our heating header tank was overflowing yesterday. Need to go up to the loft and inspect it first.

Just be careful whoknows!

GoingGoingGoth Wed 05-Dec-12 09:43:07

Already done
DD off to school
Washing put away
Another load put on
Quick tidy in DD's room
Tidied my underwear drawer (I honestly don't know how I get it in such a state blush

To do
Post parcels wrapped yesterday
Pack for tomorrow
Clean sink with toothbrush
Prepare dinner - shepherds pie
Take DD to library

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 05-Dec-12 11:14:27

It's Ok Bitchy - we have a pull down ladder and the floor is boarded up there.

ComradeJing Wed 05-Dec-12 12:21:53

More washing
Sorted DDs clothes
Tidied kitchen
Play room tidy

So ivedone bits of my list but not all.

Night everyone!

BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Wed 05-Dec-12 14:56:25

Have been trying to work with DS1 all morning. It's like wading through mud. We'd have it over with in an hour or so if he didn't prevaricate so much.

New cooker arrived this morning (old one stopped working a few weeks ago). We have bought the wrong type (built in instead of built under), so it will have to go back sad. What a palaver. Hope we can sort it by Christmas or we'll have to eat out on Christmas Day (hmm, nice idea actually....).

There are too many Christmas things coming up and I haven't done any proper shopping yet. My head feels a bit frazzled. All I'm really worrying about is the LEA woman coming next week to look at DS1's work.

School run beckons.

strictlycaballine Wed 05-Dec-12 15:52:38

Hello eveyrone

[Glugs Nettie's mulled wine - great to have you back ! (And not just for the alcohol grin!!)]

A very warm welcome to comradeJing and GoinggoingGoth

Thanks for links Lauren nice to hear play house taking shape

Hope you feel better soon Engels and that your dss recover quickly Whoknows and Gossip

Sympathies x 50 on the prevarication front Toffee (love the new festive nn btw). It's reached that time of year here again where school exams and ballet demonstrations are looming and every ruddy activity (or piece of revision) is accompanied by dragging resistance, wails of protest, full blown crying (like tonight). As you say, it's all the running around beforehand that is draining: once they get down to the actual thing it takes no time at all!!

I'm familiar with the pattern of the term now and I know it will all be over and done with in the next fortnight (when they will be having a full week of games at school). At the same time I know the immediate overall stress is getting to dd and it's a lot for a 9 yr old to handle, but it took me every ounce of restraint not to lose it and shout this evening.

I dunno. I find this the single most difficult thing about parenting: whether one is being too strict or too soft. In the long run, I guess it's better to be the former than the latter [hardens heart].

Sorry for the rant! I'm feeling frazzled because the house is in a truly pitiful state and I'm behind with everything. Pathetic but can't seem to handle art acad and everything else. Laundry routine, meal plans, shopping plans, cleaning routines have all gone to pot. I need a miracle bolt of energy from somewhere to sort it all out. First of all, need to clear the sitting room so that Sinterklaas has a clear space in which to leave out presents tonight ....(yes it's that bad).

Feel badly too on the Flying front because had five huge boxes of toys ready to take to a charity and we have failed to do so before the deadline of 5th Dec. Stupidly relied on dh to drive me there (won't fit in my tiny car) and of course he didn't have time. Could kick myself for not organising it properly myself.

Nicknacks your list of things that needing doing in the house make me feel I am not alone!! (The only thing we haven't got is mildew owing to the force one gale sweeping up the staircase but cobwebs and dust we have a-plenty) Agree with Lauren that decluttering is priority before cleaner comes. Hope it works out well for you!

A very happy birthday to your dh Swan!! Hope you are having a lovely day. (And thanks for the cookign inspiration the other day - finally made my winter veg soup)

PA if you are lurking - hope house move went well and that you are settling in OK.

Big stonking wing flaps to Trazzles Lauren Feetheart PA Bitchy Mercury Castlelough Nicknacks Gossip Honu Justgettingonwithit Nightshade Blue Purpletoes Jdub Arses Kirk Ellie Madwoman¨Carpe Cranvery and Zebra and anyone else I have inevitably missed!!

It's so dark in this house I can hardly see what I am doing, but had better stir my stumps and try and do something productive before close of play...

madwomanintheattic Wed 05-Dec-12 16:19:06

Ah, well, as it's anti-procrastination day, I've got a fair bit ahead of me today... grin

I am in the middle of the week from hell, so will either be posting non-stop, or doing a Tasmanian devil impression in the background. The jury is currently still out whilst I drink my tea.

Dh is away, I have meetings every night this week, and am also trying to juggle the most-extra-curricular-activities-ever-children amidst it all. Case in point, we ate dinner in the back of the car on Monday, waiting for dd1 to finish her activity, which was the fourth event since 4pm. blush

To do:

Kitchen (pretty much in entirety, but it is all surface crapola)
Laundry (third set of wet bedding this week, inc duvet. Urgh)
Admin for meeting
Dd1 dance
Dd2 dance
Dd1 guitar

No time for any other flying today.

I am at present unclear how to coordinate my meeting and the children various. I have asked dd1 if she can catch a ride home with a friend (she is checking today), but still need to determine whether I will a) take the other two with me and park them in the corner, or b) rustle up a last minute babysitter.

On top of all this, I ended up writing to the bank manager and saying 'heeeeeeeeeelp'. So I don't actually have any money for a sitter, but I may not have an option!

Am expecting a call back re work. One of my referees was called yesterday, so I should know in the next few days.

And we had a huuuuuge dump of snow overnight. Took the dogs out at 7am and it was beautiful. Am waiting for it to be properly light (and hoping for blue sky) so I can get some pics up on fb grin. << just remembered it is anti-procrastination day. Maybe not. blush

elliepac Wed 05-Dec-12 17:59:27

I'm in. Love being the first to post on a new thread unlike those slackers who waltz in 5 days late. I am going to be so brilliant this month winkgrin.

Welcome to those who have joined us and a big welcome back to nettiesmile.

No flying to report. Decorators in doing the hallway so dust reigns supreme and currently the smell of plaster is predominant.

Back later when I have had a nice cup of tea.

Jamillalliamilli Wed 05-Dec-12 18:54:59

Like your style Ellie
Waves to all the new folk and all the old folk (that’s not sounding right!) and jumping, or more like falling back in.
thanks For Blue for getting us through November and more thanks for Lauren for volunteering for December.
I’ve been stuck on my back the last few days and depression over what’s happened, and that I can’t get our home sorted for Christmas, hit me like a ton of bricks the other day, and apart from the home ed, and daily listening to friend and all her woes, I stopped and stayed stopped and became JustNot GettingOnWithIt.
I’m re starting tonight, but it’s going to be a bit cursory.

Slides into naughty corner under vat of mulled wine, puts tap on slow drip, and opens mouth. A new career as December’s naughty corner drip tray is tempting!

madwoman pretty please put a picture up on here too... I want snow!

Err done lots. Drunk far far too much coffee so will end up doing loads more later. But decided to paint my nails so just waiting for the had to be redone nail to dry off so I have a full set of dry nails for bedtime. After which i will do the nails on the other hand because I hate being unable to do stuff and thus this way always have a hand to prat about on the internet grin

However, I have been procrastinating and probably need to fix that. Considering signing up to go back to school not sure yet. Need to consider finances and time demands carefully. Got the paperwork for credit transfer/course details downloaded earlier to look into it properly though.

elliepac Wed 05-Dec-12 20:05:14

We have snow bitchy grin. Just a dusting but snow nonetheless!

Still no flying to report although have done some washing as DD needs her nice dress for her costume for nativity.

Both DC's in bed. DH still out at work, outside bless him. It's unbearably cold here.

<eyes up the mulled wine in the naughty corner. It's a school night. Decisions, decisions>

<glares at Ellie>
Well you could have sent some over the hills you know <sulks>

Ds is in bed, nail varnish is all removed as i spoilt it again and cba to remove and refix. About to head into the garden for a nice freezing bonfire. I am currently munching my way through ds' sweetie box contents <bad mummy>

laurenamium Wed 05-Dec-12 20:13:37

Ducks in to dump links

Tomorrow it is babystep six: tackling hotspots . Definitely a good one!

Thursday is errand day

The mission is cleaning large appliances .

We are in zone 2 [[ the kitchen]] . For those who are up to detailed cleaning the detailed cleaning lists are [[ here]] .


laurenamium Wed 05-Dec-12 20:14:18


We are in zone 2 the kitchen . For those who are up to detailed cleaning the detailed cleaning lists are here .

Jdub Wed 05-Dec-12 21:00:45

Today has whizzed and my to do and dones are few and far between (nursing poorly ds2). I think that if I at least put an hour in before bed, all will not be lost! A cuppa first though!

elliepac Wed 05-Dec-12 21:32:27

bitchy, I have blown it your waygrin.

<does snow dance for bitchy>.

still no flying to report but have had lovely evening with BF who popped round for a coffee. Thankfully she is the kind of BF who I don't worry about coming round when the house is a shit tipgrin.

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Wed 05-Dec-12 22:28:59

Oh good god, please keep that snow away from Leeds! I'm setting off for hospital at 6am and it was already icy when I got home this evening.

I'm really hoping for just a light dusting at worst rather than the 5-10cm forecast

So, at hospital all day and night tomorrow and all day Friday means my ta-da is:

Stay alive.
Write Christmas cards.

Very much hoping its achievable!

Ooooo thank you Ellie grin grin

I have had a not very productive couple of hours. and i suspect sleep is the best step forwards and then massive amounts of coffee and chocolate tomo. to do list is looking a tad insane atm.

That's ok Trazzle. i don't want to share the snow shock it's mine. Allllllll mine grin

Kirk1 Wed 05-Dec-12 23:02:12

Hello! Checking in to say I'm still here.... I have a pot of mulled wine on the hob, a car full of party food and five Santa presents to wrap for our stay and play Christmas party tomorrow morning. I lost most of today and yesterday in this preparation. I don't expect to accomplish more than sweep under dining table and clear living room floor tomorrow! I like the idea of clearing hot spots, but no sooner do I get rid of a pile than another appears in another place.

madwomanintheattic Thu 06-Dec-12 00:16:08

Totally failed on absolutely everything. By ten am I was throwing up and I spent the rest of the day in bed, with intermittent trips to the loo. (TMI)

Am chugging dioralyte and feeling a little better, so will try for happy snow snaps tomorrow. <oh, and er, yes, the flying. That too> groan.

I resemble that remark, Ellie. wink

<retires to bed>

Why am I sick when dh is away? Gah.

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Thu 06-Dec-12 06:06:14

Phew - no snow in Leeds this morning. Thanks Bitchy!

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Thu 06-Dec-12 06:06:41

Sorry madwoman I hope you feel better soon.

strictlycaballine Thu 06-Dec-12 08:05:09

Hope you have a (relatively) easy commute to the hospital this morning Trazzles (well as easy as is poss when it's dark, freezing cold, and you could, I am sure, do with several more hours in bed! brew Hope you find little J in good spirits - and good luck with your day-night-day shift x

Oh poor you Madwoman. Hope you are feeling better today x And take it steady (not easy in midst of week from hell I know)

Jdub hope your ds2 is feeling a little better today too

And wishing speedy recoveries to everyone who is feeling poorly (and/or their dcs)

There's snow on the ground this morning and light flakes falling from the sky. Have been up since the crack of sparrows as St Nicolas has visited during the night and left presents (so as not to be out of step with her friends, dd gets to celebrate both St N and Christmas lucky girl)

Engels any offers on 5.30 am??? grin (That was when we heard "Slecht weer vandaag's" hooves on the roof apparently; even though she knows full well it is me who is bringing the presents - anything seems possible at that time in the morning I suppose!!)

All sounds very festive over at yours Kirk

Treble espresso for bitchy¨this morning methinks ...(I am attempting to give the stuff up atm btw - day three and I am crawling up the walls)

Good luck battling the plaster dust Ellie (Thank heavens for those sort of friends btw)

thanks for Justgettingonwithit no wonder you are feeling low what with everything you've had to contend with (and are still contending with). Arf at naughty corner drip tray!! Could you just get one room looking decent for Christmas and stuff the rest by any chance?

Thanks for links Lauren

Right, I am knackered but had better get on with it (an invisible list this morning as I don't want to scare myself). [Desperateforcaffeineemoticon]

Have a good day everybody!!

laurenamium Thu 06-Dec-12 08:06:41

Morning all! We had snow here yesterday but luckily it hasn't laid! DD was looking for the snowman, I think she thinks the snowman delivers the snow grin

Get well soon madwoman!

To do today:
Pay for rest of DD birthday party
Post office
School run *2
Get petrol
Walk dogs
Write party food list
Clean bathroom
Clean rubbish out if car
Put silvanians in loft


strictlycaballine Thu 06-Dec-12 08:07:35

Btw - for anyone who has dcs who are reluctant to shower on cold mornings - St Nic brought dd a shower radio as one of her presents - it works a treat!! wink

strictlycaballine Thu 06-Dec-12 08:13:34

aw at your lo Lauren grin

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Thu 06-Dec-12 08:17:19

Thanks sc it was fine - just frosty. But having got up at 5.50 to battle through the non-existent snow and with a broken fridge here so I can't even have a cup of tea, I was less than impressed at DH's melodramatic eye-roll and strop because I forgot to put a freezer block in his lunch <I'm not a PA emoticon>. Still, I don't have to see him til tomorrow evening so that's ok grin

strictlycaballine Thu 06-Dec-12 08:30:56

Oh dear Trazzles must be so stressful for both of you.

Hope they get that wretched fridge fixed soon.

Very impressed you are even making your dh lunch at that hour btw never mind the ice block!!!

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Thu 06-Dec-12 08:41:58

No it was leftovers from last night - kindly cooked by a friend. It was a delicious homemade curry that I knew he would love but he didn't have any yesterday because he was in here. I prepped it all last night so only had to get it out of the fridge this morning.

But you know, rather than: thanks for bringing my lunch in, I get <eyes raised> and why the hell didn't you bring a freezer block.


I know, I know. Just his way of coping but still...

Jamillalliamilli Thu 06-Dec-12 10:08:34

Trazzles I guess you're right about the coping mechanisms but slightly suprised he's not wearing it. grin
Wishing the weather to be considerate to you.

Jamillalliamilli Thu 06-Dec-12 10:18:22

SC not looking like it's possible to have even one room salvaged in the time. Things aren't drying out and it's looking like insurance is dissolving as we speak. 'Bedinshed' needs it back for Christmas visitors and at the moment I don't have a clue what to do.

Jamillalliamilli Thu 06-Dec-12 10:26:05

Right now dump list is:
Suppress panic
Storage company
Citizens advice

swanthingafteranother Thu 06-Dec-12 11:13:06

Just a quick post to say Toffee remember you are doing Home Ed your way, not to impress LEA lady..there must be loads of convos and stuff you cover which cannot be written on a mere piece of paper.
SC lovely image of St Nick on the roof
Madwoman equally lovely image of wolves dogs gambolling in the blue light of dawn..

No snow here. Dh and I had a massive row on his 50th sad culmination of much aggro. Row has now morphed into a Christmas row hmm
Can't actually see this ever improving, may just have to wait until Spring as Dec is a tinderbox of bad feelings, generally. And always has been. Les Arrangements, one might say, never suit.

Despite this, and you may say I am crazy, I am enjoying Dh working from home!!! So that is good. He is also enjoying working from home (as long as I am not in it!) - he loves his study and the view, and the freedom to come and go as he pleases, minus the evil commute!

A beautiful fluffy cat is sitting on the kitchen table, looking adorable, about to drape herself over the computer..and I must now organise some new jumpers for ds1 who has given up hope of finding the two he has lost, and it is now really very cold so I shall have to buy him one [grrr]

swanthingafteranother Thu 06-Dec-12 11:17:36

Oh yes, and ds1 at home today, says he is ill. I suspect it is because he hates D & T (everyone else's favourite subject) and this is contributing to loss of morale/glands.. Dyspraxia saga drags on. GP managed to reduce me to tears asking me to bring him to assess for referral...AGAIN, yet another assessment, back and forth like a badminton shuttlecock..hmm School lady sending a letter, so maybe things are moving forward a bit.

Jdub Thu 06-Dec-12 11:45:33

Good morning! December always seems to be the busiest month of the year. When you're a child it drags it's heels, but as an adult, it whizzes by way, way too quickly.

My to do's
after work -
surface clean in each room in anticipation of cards and Christmas decs
make chocolate brownie for Christmas fair
downstairs hoover (if I can be a**ed)
possibly start wrapping but that all depends on how poorly boy is feeling.

Ds2 to docs (hold off on antibiotics unless cough worsens)
me to work
plough through list of jobs here!

BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Thu 06-Dec-12 12:29:20

Swan - yes, I know we don't have to impress the LEA lady, but it's my school-girlish desire to win approval coming out blush. We have just changed the date so I have more time to get sorted now, so am panicking less.

Sorry about DS1 being referred again, Swan. I know it's hard, but it's best for your son if he gets the help he needs.

Just flying in and out, but your post caught my eye.

DH is home and shouting up at me to phone for a taxi for his mum, who has been in for tea. Why he or his mother can't phone for a taxi themselves is beyond me. They are both downstairs (near the phone) and I am upstairs.


GossipWitch Thu 06-Dec-12 13:37:38

good afternoon all been busy with friends and have joined slimming world, so I will hopefully have updates of body clutter going down as well as house clutter smile decorating is still a painstakingly slow process but we now have white banisters just 5 doors, frames, and a bit of skirting to go, the carpet to be laid then the hall way should be done.

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Thu 06-Dec-12 14:46:33

Just it would have woken up the rest of the ward grin

swanthingafteranother Thu 06-Dec-12 15:31:02

phew, did John Lewis order, why can I never find anything to buy online and when I physically shop it is all so tempting???
Anyway scraped together some items, and Ds's school jumpers. So a few presents down, including Duplo for niece. And one for Brother. smile

Trazzle I suspect grumpy irrational husbands are why Santa was invented.
Hope your day has improved.

Well ds is listening to a very festive Guys and Dolls soundtrack..what sounds like Bing Crosby singing Sky Masterson, definitely not Marlon Brandon wink Hope this is not cover for him sneaking off elsewhere to watch telly..

time for a cup of tea. Another pretty well wasted day apart from the jumpers.

strictlycaballine Thu 06-Dec-12 16:06:36

Hi all; sorry, only just got back on here

Day has disappeared in the blink of an eye as usual without much to be shown for it either.

Just dashing through as have to pick up dd from tennis, and then deliver St Nic presents ...

Toffee meant to wish you well with LEA lady this morning and forgot. Good to hear you have a bit of a reprieve ...

Trazzles (now have image of your dh wearing chicken korma on his suit) Hope your day improved x

Swan Sorry about referral and how you are being shuttle-cocked back and forth by everyone - must be really tough. Sympathies re Christmas tensions too - agree - this is always a very tense time of year (esp with extended families in different countries). DD has so far lost a hat, a glove, a jumper and two work books this term btw if it's any consolation. Hope your ds1 recovers soon. Great to hear that home-working for your dh is proving a good thing for you all!!

Jdub cor blimey yes - the month is speeding past ....I need someone to halt time for just a week or so, so I can catch up ... Hope your ds feels better shortly.

Justgettingonwithit so sorry to hear about insurance situation. Can you get the place condemned as 'unfit for human dwelling' or whatever the correct legal phrase is. Sorry if I am stating the bloody obvious and that you have already broached a million times, but if things are not drying out then it sounds like it is v. unhealthy/unfit for habitation... Aren't there laws about this sort of thing?? Hope Citizens Advice can help.

Gossip well done on weight loss initiative. Need to do something similar. I am the heaviest I have ever been (83 kgblush) atm.

Had better go ....waves to eveyrone else!

laurenamium Thu 06-Dec-12 19:31:52


Tomorrow it is babystep seven: laying out the next days clothes

Fridays focus is cleaning out your car and purse

The mission is cleaning the kitchen floor

We are in zone 2 the kitchen . For those who are up to detailed cleaning the detailed cleaning lists are here .


laurenamium Thu 06-Dec-12 19:38:41

I have read the thread but I'm going to be rubbish and just post my Ta Da and run.

Just want to say though that I'm thinking of justgettingon sad I can't even begin to imagine the nightmare you are dealing with so close to Christmas too!

Ta da:
Paid rest of DD birthday party venue
Went for petrol
Post office
Walked dogs
school run *2
Took DD to visit santa
Cleaned rubbish out of car
Tidied playroom
Put things in summer house
Silvanians in the loft
My laundry and towels away
Written a shopping list for ikea trip at the weekend grin

Off to eat takeaway and watch rubbish TV. Be back tomorrow

BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Thu 06-Dec-12 20:15:35

Another post and run - sorry.

Did home ed with reluctant DS1. We are studying healthy eating in Biology, which has made me horribly aware of my own unhealthy eating blush (all DH's fault for coming home from Tesco with large packet of chocolate marshmallows).

Have made a 'to do' list for every day up until 21st because my head was spinning with everything to be done. I'm not sure if I'm now feeling better because I know what has to be done when or worse because there is so much to do confused.

Hope to get back for personals soon.

feetheart Fri 07-Dec-12 00:00:12

I should be in bed but seem to have caught DC's excitement and can't settle yet - they met Tom Daly tonight shockgringrin. He's filming some sort of Strictly Come Diving type programme at our super-duper new pool and was in the dry-diving bit talking to the kids when we turned up for DD's lesson.
Neither can quite believe it but have autographs to prove he was real smile

So sorry for those with grumpy, argumentative DHs, stressful Christmas arrangements and poorly people. Extra special thoughts to Justgettingon, I am in awe at how you are living up to your name, makes me quite humble when I think I've got stuff to moan about.

I will gloss over today's Flying attempts as they are few, maybe a list for tomorrow will help hmm

- All up and out
- Washing (put in machine and forgot to turn on today, only found out when came to hang it up tonight blush)
- Tea towel and craft money sorted (School Assoc related)
- Menu plan, shopping list, shop
- Buy toy for party
- Christmas crafts sorted for next week - cutting card and glueing calendars!
- School disco - set up, act as bouncer/trouble shooter, pack away!
- Collapse in heap

Not much Flying on there hmm May I join the request for time to slow down please?

Sleep now I think...

Evening. Didn't need the coffee. Was ill so slept. been out this evening. Aparently your side of the hills is in the middle of a maasive dump of snow Ellie and yet we have not. Sleety rain. And it is too warm for snow with a whole 1.5C showing on the car thermo. sad Looks like there won't be snow for me for a while. Not that I am jealous or anything. wink

Need to do some flying tomo. Hopefully will feel better after tea and some sleep.

ComradeJing Fri 07-Dec-12 06:11:50

Really annoyed that I posted this morning and my message disappeared!

Going well with morning routine here, largely ignoring babysteps blush and not yet managed 15 mins in the zone. Ah well, so so much to do still here. All boxes must be unpacked by Monday morning so heaps to do before then.

Updated todo list:
Put away handbags
Unpack suitcases (to where???)
Unpack the rest of the clothing boxes.
Put away clean laundry.

I'll be thrilled if I can get through that tonight.

elliepac Fri 07-Dec-12 06:33:23

Morning! Still no flying to reportgrin. More a case of survival at the moment, i really need the end of term to come fast!

On a positive note i am nearly done xmas shopping and have been quite the bargain hunter this year. I have also realised how spoilt my kids must normally be as looking at those threads on how much you spend i realise that the amount i have spent because we are skint is the amount a lot of people spend all the timeblush. A lesson learnt!

bitchy if it helps, the massive dump didn't reach me and we now have a massive dump of rain instead.

just and trazzle i continue to be in awe of you mental strength and composure in such different but trying timessmile.

I can't remember anymore as it is early and am on phone so can't scroll back!

Have a good day everyonesmile.

strictlycaballine Fri 07-Dec-12 07:50:33

[Brrrrrrr, returns from school/bakery run, stamps snow from boots and lays out tray of warm croissants and scalding coffee in the naughty corner for one and all]

Crikey, it's cold out there, 0°c to be precise. A huge blanket of snow has fallen and blizzard type snowstorm in progress atm. DD went to bed at 10.30 pm (ridiculously late for a school night) because we had an unexpected visitor for supper (fortunately one of those ones aforementioned by Ellie who doesn't mind the mess) but felt somewhat embarrassed as I removed dd's socks, books, magazines, pens, biscuit crumbs, DS cables and chargers etc from a sofa in order to be able to offer him a seat blush. Anyway, too much wine was drunk and we are all bleary eyed and grumpy this morning. DD needed delicate handling to get her out of the door poor thing. And I've cancelled the cleaner (again) as the place is too messy to negotiate. Not sure this is the wisest of strategies - it's certainly a waste of money. Oh dear ....

Have written out an action list to get me through the weekend and like Toffee so aptly put

>"...not sure if I'm now feeling better because I know what has to be done when or worse because there is so much to do." "Hear, hear" to that!!

Huge waves to Ellie - top marks for the bargain hunting, have a good day yourself!

Just and Trazzles ditto what Ellie and Feetheart said

Good luck with the unpacking ComradeJ Just out of interest - where do you keep your handbags if you don't mind me asking? Mine are all floating around the house driving me mad.

Hope you feel better today Bitchy

Feetheart wow about Tom Daley!! How brilliant for your dc to meet a true Olympian in the flesh!!

Lauren¨had wierd vision of you ushering a Sylvanian family up the loft steps in to the roof yesterday ...grin

Oh lawdy, marmite on toast and tea has been consumed. I can delay no longer. Better get on with it.

Have a productive day everyone!!

Morning all. Have done no flying for days but the kitchen floor really needs mopping so will try to do that at least.

Big waves to all and brew on bar...

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 07-Dec-12 08:55:02

I need to mop my floor too, and dust cobwebs form corners, several loads of washing, OU work, Christmas cards.

First though a brew thank you Blue.

It's snowing here. Proper big flakes. Doubt it'll settle as the ground is very wet, but it's very cold, icy wind.

GossipWitch Fri 07-Dec-12 10:49:51

Good morning all, have just been out for breakfast, yes I can still have breakfast providing its at whetherspoons as they dont fry anything, and I can omit butter and sausages. day 2 of diet going ok, I'm not eating my arm, and I'm getting used to the taste of sweetners, ds1 has a school trip and was in a flap about it this morning as per, panicking about being late and buses leaving without him but on the plus side he got up early and helped the other two with breakfast and managed to get ds2 to get mostly dressed, which is good because even we struggle in that department grin.

Today I'm totally child free, so I will be bombing around the house making it all sparkley and clean ready for any visitors we may receive over the weekend, and dp will be laying the bloody carpet this weekend so I need to rip some more of it up and put it on mount trashmore and he may just get the hint that it needs doingsmile

Right need a ta da list
Fold socks
school run
attempt nap (mostly fail but now feel like one coffee and the world will be ok)
speak to ex.
break diet again and eat the chocolate bought for baking hmm
try to find some trousers in my wardrobe that fit lost a bit of weight and the current one were falling off
put load of washing into dryer.
Strip ds' bed
pin school jumper for mending
finish craft project out for immediate finishing today
pack ds' stuff for going away

Now I need coffee and 15mins to think alternatively I need to just keep going.

Engelsemama Fri 07-Dec-12 11:37:52

Same here sc Has been snowing since I got up at 8 and shows no sign of stopping. Braved the blizzard to post something to NZ for Christmas (not sure if it'll make it in time!). Popped into supermarket to get bits for making soup this afternoon but managed to lose onions somewhere on the way so when everythign thaws someone will find them blush

Was planning on putting the Christmas tree up now, but DS is screaming upstairs and for some reason refusing to go to sleep.


GossipWitch Fri 07-Dec-12 12:29:40

upstairs tidied, not cleaned though, then I fell on the computer again, darn the internet !!!

swanthingafteranother Fri 07-Dec-12 15:25:42

today has been slightly better grin

wrapped addressed and posted two parcels to Germany done
paid for AA renewal done
more Xmas stockpiling of groceries done
sorted out Xmas day plans with Dh re: family coming over, time of meal etc
where to buy Xmas tree and whendone
civil words with dh done
John Lewis order arrived done...beginning to feel a lot like there are some presents in the house
giant declutter of pile of papers/stationery in pile in kitchen - have hit on brilliant idea of one bin bag just full of Xmas STUFF..then I can categorize it later...blush done still thrown out loads in process though
spoke to mum done
plucked up courage to ring CBT person done

Dd is off to sleepover this evening, so just have to have courage to take her there at a dual carriage way. Hence thinking again about CBT to beat the driving paranoia..hmm

Ellie that thread alarmed me too. I think we have over last few years spent upwards of £200 annually on each child, although that includes outfits, which perhaps would come under general clothes shopping in the rest of the year. Last year dd got a netbook which was a total pricey misjudgement, as it was too small for her to enjoy fiddling on, so I bought it back off her, and she used the money to buy a camera instead in August shock I'm holding out on the electronic equipment now because they just break or lose it [or worse still lose the instructions]

laurenamium Fri 07-Dec-12 21:26:25

Hi all, it's been a long day here work wise and I'm exhausted. Not going to switch laptop on so will just link to tomorrow's baby step from my phone (fingers crossed)

Tomorrow is family fun day

Baby step seven is writing down your routines and starting control journals

BB tomorrow, I'm going to ikea tomorrow with DD so won't have much of a list but will try to catch up!

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 07-Dec-12 21:35:15

Evening all,

Quiet on here tonight, hope everyone is relaxing. Our snow only lasted 5 mins but the DCs were very excited.

Swan - hope you managed to get DD dropped off at her friend's ok.

Gossip - hope you are in sparkly and clean surroundings tonight.

Engels - did you get your tree up?

I had a fairly good Flying day, mopped floors, de-cobwebbed ceilings, 4 loads of washing and a good tidy up of toys. Also managed a couple of hours OU work and caught up with where I'm meant to be.

Took the Dcs to see Father Christmas at a local garden centre after school which was lovely (made the mistake of going on a Saturday last time and had to queue for an hour in the cold). They both asked for stuff which they haven't been bought so a bit of hasty Amazon ordering coming up (nothing too expensive luckily). I haven't added up what I've spent on them this year as it is all little bits and bobs rather than one main present, but I will probably put some things aside for their birthdays which are coming up soon after New Year. We will be going out to get a tree over the weekend. On the downside we've all got colds now.

Must write cards, must write cards, must write cards. Night all.

elliepac Fri 07-Dec-12 23:12:38

Evening allsmile. Just finished watching The Walking Dead. toffee and anyone else who watches it, i hate stupid american mid season breaks. I sat like this shock all the way through!

Still no flying to report. Decorating is ongoing. Plastering all done so painting next week. Got to go out and get paint. Still undecided on what colour. Any advice on a small, dark hallway stairs and landing?

Back tomorrow when i may have some flying to reportblush.

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Fri 07-Dec-12 23:38:11

Hi all.

Been discharged this evening, house looks like a bomb has gone off, as usual after DS has been in...

DB is visiting from the US with DNeph next weekend.

Epic flying tomorrow...

BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Fri 07-Dec-12 23:40:40

Ellie - I agree with you about American mid-season breaks angry. It was a good episode though, wasn't it?

Glad you are home, Trazzles.

Off to bed now. Xmas shopping tomorrow.

GossipWitch Fri 07-Dec-12 23:51:22

The house was nice and tidy when I came in from the school run but then children happened, the children went to bed and I finally finished the glossing !!!! only 3 syns on the diet today so I'm doing well !!! but have a major craving for chocolate right now !!!

madwomanintheattic Sat 08-Dec-12 00:27:26

Oo, Engelse, we are going to do our tree tonight... (Maybe. Dh is on his way home from the airport)

Have been absent for a day or two Organising My Life.


Bank manager has been really helpful, done a blend and extend on our mortgage to reduce payments, changed payment dates, cancelled some non-essential savings things until we are back on our feet, and arranged for us to access the actual savings we have to tide us over (more complicated than it sounds, as the account is an education savings grant tied thing)... And I got offered a sensible job that will actually help, rather than the last one. Yay! We just have to go into the city to get all the paperwork signed tomorrow.

So, Christmas is back on. grin and dh got paid today, so we can eat, which is always nice!

Now I have to sort out sensible after school care for ds, so that he has some boundaries and a sensible routine. But at least I'll be able to afford it this time!

My sole plan for tonight is Wine, Dinner, Tree, BUDGET. Which means the annual 'omg, what are we going to buy your mother' routine. This is a vast improvement on where I thought we were going to be, though, which was 'omg, no one is getting any presents'. grin so, all good!

I've decluttered the dining room and kitchen, too, today. It's not exactly clean and shiny, but there's only a limited amount of crap about, so I am content. I have a pile of shredding to do, as well, as I went through all the loose papers and filed it all in the right place.

Right, WWIII appears to have broken out. <sigh>

Have a lovely weekend - glad you are home, Trazzles x

Honu Sat 08-Dec-12 06:55:05

Aaargh! Have raised head from extension-related stress (anyone got a voodoo doll of a plumber?) to notice Christmas.

NO presents bought yet and present list has a lot of empty gaps as in 'wtf can I buy for X'. Why are males over the age of 8 so sodding difficult to buy for? And why are 90% of the people to buy for male? Cards? Where's last year's list to crib from? Cards already arriving here!

I have my mother coming for a pre-Christmas visit tomorrow (cue frantic buying of presents; food thankfully already planned), a party here in 1 week's time (planned when finishing day for extn was 4 months ago!), and ditto for a different group of friends a week later. Crisis cleaning will take on a whole new meaning.

And paper clutter! I am really bad at this when times are easy, but now.... this will definitely have to be the 'elephant' task of 15min/day.

Have gone over my 15mins so just to say I shall still be lurking but, like Captain Oates, 'I may be gone some time'.

Happy Christmas if I don't 'see' you before.


Engelsemama Sat 08-Dec-12 07:42:35

Did get the tree up thanks whoknows - has survived day one (DS doesn't seem that interested in it at the moment). Did you get yours up madwoman ?

I need to do my cards as well - they've started arriving from the UK whihc means I have to ge them out soon or they won't make it. It's only just over 2 weeks till Christmas!

I have done zero Christmas shopping blush . That's on the list for today as well.

We'll send out a search party if you don't come back Honu grin

Good luck with flying trazzle . Glad DS is home.

Ellie, we have a half white, half yellow hallway with pale yellow stair treads and white stairs. It doesn't get much light except when the sun is going fdown and it pushes it's way through the glass panels above the front door. The colours always cheer me up (I can't take credit - DH dd it before I met him)

Have been awake on and off since 3. I don't know what it is but I just can't switch my mind off once I wake up.

Didn't stop snowing till late afternoon yesterday so first business of the day afetr we're all up and breakfasted will be to take DS into the back garden to play in or maybe cry at the snow!

elliepac Sat 08-Dec-12 08:33:10

Thanks engelssmile. I was thinking of a lemon colour so that might confirm it.

Quick list dump this morning as am struggling to get motivated.

To do:-
Food shop
Paint shop
Carpet shop
General tidy
Local farm shop with dsis for hamper for dmum for xmas

House is in chaos but have resigned myself to it until decorating is over. Better go and get a shower and get moving.

elliepac Sat 08-Dec-12 08:35:05

I forgot to say glad you are home trazzlessmile.

BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Sat 08-Dec-12 10:21:30

Honu - Best of luck with everything. Sorry it has all been so stressful recently.

Madwoman - so glad to hear you have sorted your finances out so successfully in time for Xmas smile.

And condolences to all of you who are coping with decorating/building work/flooding at the moment.

Am focusing on Christmas today:

Quick trip to Aldi for cheap stuff
Christmas shopping
Book eyebrow tidy and lash dye for week before Xmas
Buy Xmas tree
Start decorating tree
Crisis clean

Hope you all have a good Saturday.

personally i can't wait until the decorating can get undr way. get to start on the 20th although need to get the pain fairly soon. Taking the calendars down. Don't look at them they are just there. Deciding what to do about the notice board with is cord but am not allow to paint (tendany type stuff) Think i might cover it in fabric and then use diagional ribbons of various colours and patterns. It's a cold room so need a warming colourscheme so something oatmealy kinda thing might be the way i want to go. Can't wait!!!!

Finally had 8hrs sleep in a row and feel almost human. although ahve eaten my own body weight in chocolate over the last few days. Sooo much that needs to be done for decorating prep work though as need to get the paperwork etc done before hand As want the room to go back TIDY. after everything has been moved out rearranged and put back together again. Master bedroom decorating and prettying up wink Hence why can't wait.

Today's plan is paperwork and possibly mending the book cases that are falling appart. They are rescuable with a bit of batton and some glue. Not much expense and not much effort which is always nice. but there are 3 that need doing. hmm Although might leave them until they have to be moved anyway. <mind splat>

Anyhows it would seem a large cup of coffee is a good place to start so that the brain can be focused. And then perhaps something productive might happen. I have two presents left to get. I box of chocolates and something for ds. I know what he is getting but just not got that organised.

I think i meantioned needing coffee. Best go find otherwise this mind splat will end up epic proportions of rambling waffle.....


Trazzles glad ds is home.

* paint* not pain
cork not cord
Tennacy (sp) not tendacy
Plus 100s of other mistakes you'llk just have to ignore cos cba with trying to fix them.

Mucho coffee at bitchy's super strenght required me thinks!

adventcandle Sat 08-Dec-12 13:59:24

Hi, I'd love to join the thread if you don't mind. I have been lurking for the last couple of months and have got to grips with most of the babysteps, but need to move up a gear now. I have next week off work and am planning to blitz the house, then hopefully when I go back to work, I will be able to keep things under control by following the missions.

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Sat 08-Dec-12 15:05:42

Hello advent

Pull up a pew and have a brew.

The naughty corner is over there... grin

madwomanintheattic Sat 08-Dec-12 16:34:36

Bitchy grin how goes your skating decision? I went underground for a bit...
Postponed the tree until tonight as dh was exhausted after his flight, despite incessant twitterings from small people.

Off to the city now to sign all the new finance stuff <phew> which will give us about three hours to finish off budget stuff in the car lol, so everything feels like it is under control at last!

Dsil called this morning at 8.30 and woke us up!! Even the kids were still sleeping!! I think we all really need this weekend.

To do:

Neither of which are strictly flying, but it's pretty much my limit, today.

We have a buttermilk/ pale daffodil hall too... as everything is open, it leads off into deep red, lol. I want to paint the kitchen cabinetry white, but dh is not having it. The conversation had been postponed as we were so skint, anyway, but I will end up doing it over the next couple of years. I think it would be far easier to keep clean, as the wood makes me crazy. We have dark grey/ black granite countertops and breakfast bar thingy (it sounds very grand, it isn't. It's a 2 bed apartment overstuffed with five people's worth of crap), and granite seems to come as standard here...

How come everyone is on a decorating bender? (Apart from the flooding - I get that sad) Time of the year that everyone wants to be indoors?

Engels, thanks for card reminder. I suspect Monday might be The Day.

Have a lovely weekend!

I postponed the decision. A few changes have occurred and I want to give them time to develop before i make a decision. If they carry on as they have started out then there is no decision to make. but honestly I can't see another team involved in the decision. It will be an all or nothing decision. It would feel disloyal. As much as i want to twat certain individuals. They are on the whole an amazing bunch. Still considering the defection to the dark side though. Although, I don't think I would survive it. grin

Might need to get up at some point. Haven't had coffee either. Been a nice reading a book in bed kinda day. Very very much needed.

elliepac Sat 08-Dec-12 18:25:40

Evening all.

Ta da:-
Paint bought
Carpet bought
Other decorating bits and bobs bought
Trip to lovely farm shop to get hampers for dmum and dmil done
Aldi shop
General tidy downstairs

To be fair the shopping bit of it took 5 hours out of the day as the farm shop is a half hour drive from town and we stopped for lunch. Took dsis with me for a colour eye and dd also came and we actually had a lovely day and very little flying.

In the end i went for a 'calico' paint... a variation on magnolia i believe. I got some lovely flowery wall paper for one wall as well and a biscuit colour carpet which matches in with the wallpaper.

The reason we are decorating so close to xmas madwoman is dmum offered to pay for it to be done as an xmas present. She must have got as sick of looking at a half done monstrosity as meblushgrin. Glad you got your financial stuff sorted out. A real relief i should think. It is a pita as i cannot even begin to think about putting decorations up until it's finished but hopefully that should be next weekend.

laurenamium Sat 08-Dec-12 22:03:50

The rubbish thread leader award goes to me!

Link dump off my phone again!

Tomorrow is baby step 9 building a 5 minute room rescue into your daily routine.

Tomorrow is renew your spirit day!

Glad you and your DS are home again trazzles that's great news!

Waves to everyone else! Now to locate and flop into my bed! blush

Evening all. Have been out for lovely girls night out with friends and nice meal. And wine. Today was oddly stressful but much better now. grin

Glad you've got your financial stuff sorted, madwoman and that you and DS are home, Trazzle.

Big waves to everyone else. Better collapse into bed!

Hello everyone. Goodness me I'm a rubbish flyer at the moment blush

I have literally everything to do in the house, but am recovering from a bug so will try to re-enthuse myself for tomorrow

Hope all the fledglings are well and your ouses are suitably festive smile

houses <yorkshire>

swanthingafteranother Sun 09-Dec-12 00:00:46

our hall has had green William Morris wallpaper for 14 years and biscuity paint (that sounds a bit gloomy) but tbh we don't tire of it, and it doesn't show the dirt!
some more drawer decluttering, and dealt with 12 boxes of paperwork yesterday
bought some more small xmas presents locally today/and some plants to improve our porch disaster, eye test for ds1, football x 2
dd had a nice time with her friend
DH took boys to a cable car in East End and Tate Modern (which bored them to death, he didn't get past the lobby)
I did very little tidying...most of afternoon spent chatting to dd's friend's mum, owner of the Springer I used to walk and dogsit for

watched Merlin, and I suppose that's it . Ds2 absolutely hyper before bed, but chatted charmingly to dd about his day. And dd did some sewing!! Wow!

Madwoman good news on the job
Push oh those pre-xmas bugs, at least not over Xmas itself

ta Da
Mend ds' school jumper
cut all pieces for sock monkey.
Start filling sock monkey with toy stuffing - but run out
cut and sew ready for stuffing some christmasy hearts
cut most of pieces for christmasy cushion cover
super glue the broken stuff back together
spend far too long on computer
finish a book

Am about to sleep need to get up first thing and get more toy stuffing so that I can get the monkey finished.

NickNacks Sun 09-Dec-12 08:09:09

Just completed my maddest week of the year. Dh's birthday and then ds1's birthday. I survived though! smile

Will rejoin you all tonight as we're having a lazy day today.

laurenamium Sun 09-Dec-12 08:44:34

Happy birthday to your DH and DS nicknacks smile

List dump...
To do:
Put DD laundry away
Walk dogs
Put new ikea things in summer house and take photographs
Food shop
Get my nails done at a friends
Visit my dad, it's his birthday and he got back from Libya last night grin


swanthingafteranother Sun 09-Dec-12 10:10:08


lazy-ish day here too

all semblance of order has departed with Dh - he has gone to work (Book Fair)
children are milling around in state of undress, Ds1 has decided he's Philip Glass and composing weird swoony pieces on piano (he doesn't play piano shock so it is all out of his head
Ds2 is loving his Lego advent calendar and playing with the figures smile
dd is meant to be Altar Serving but to my shame I found that was last week and I missed it (they went to church though)

So, may have to go to 12.00am Mass blush
Pesto for lunch

Goal today
wash two heaps of laundry
hoover my bedroom!!!! months now. Just have to make a decision to heave the hoover upstairs.

swanthingafteranother Sun 09-Dec-12 10:11:09

Lauren Libya wow! mind you, my Dad is currently in the Himalayas wink

NickNacks Sun 09-Dec-12 10:39:01

Thanks lauren. Happy birthday to your dad too! smile

GoldMyrrhAndNonsense Sun 09-Dec-12 11:33:06

Hello everyone! After a rare day off work as DS is poorly, I've had time to have a thoroughly good look at your thread and would love to join you. I need to get back on top of the housework as I don't want to spend the holidays doing just that. We've only got just under two weeks of school left so I need to get my skates on. I've actually done loads today, so hopefully will be able to follow along from tomorrow.

Ta Da
Sink shined
Some washing

To Do
Everyfeckingthing else!

Mostly going to concentrate on a room rescue and emergency declutter of pretty much everywhere and hoovering/mopping as appropriate to the floor coverings.

laurenamium Sun 09-Dec-12 12:16:53

Come on in goldmyrrh smile

swan my dad has worked abroad since before I was born, he has his very own armed guard hmm but we are all just used to it, he vanishes off the face of the earth for a few months and returns with a tan! He could be living a double life for all I know wink

Just remembered I have a January starter coming to have another look round tomorrow, so better clean my bathroom blush

I've also just cooked my very first chicken dinner for me and DD so I'm feeling proud grin


adventcandle Sun 09-Dec-12 12:43:12

Thanks for the welcome Trazzle, I will try and steer clear of the naughty corner for the first week at least grin.

A bit about myself - I am a granny, my children have left home - sort of - one is in the Navy and is currently home on leave. I also have a dog and a DP, who has his own home, but stays with me several nights a week. I also work full time so don't get a lot of time for housework. Have got this week off, so am planning to whip the house into some sort of shape.

I babysat for two 2 year olds last night, my nephew and my grandson, so have got to clean up the trail of devastation they left before I do anything else.

As it's renew your spirit day, I have two church services today, the usual morning one and this afternoon we have Christingle, so won't be doing much flying today. I am busy writing a list for tomorrow.

laurenamium Sun 09-Dec-12 13:04:59

Oh sorry advent I must have missed you! Welcome!!

<huge waves>

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Sun 09-Dec-12 13:06:50

Hello gold

adventcandle Sun 09-Dec-12 13:19:58

waves back to lauren

Welcome Newbies. You'll get used to my posting style eventually. At least I am fairly settled in this name atm grin

Right having had far far too little sleep here is the ta da list:
Haul ass out of bed.
cook a fried breakfast
Go to Hobbycraft for stuffing (yeah I know but didn't have the time for the trek to the good shop in the city)
Stuff reindeer hearts

just going to stuff sock monkey now. Then have stupid miles to drive for getting ds. Also if you decide to make a sock monkey may i suggest that you don't choose knee length socks. god that monkey has some serious arms and legs going on, taking ages to stuff and it's bloody fiddly!

<places vat of bitchy strength coffee in the naughty corner to go with a new vat of mulled wine and mince pies>

<Imagines Bitchy's stuffed reindeer heart belonging to the fried breakfast> <faints>
<Miraculously revived by mulled wine and mince pies>

Ahem, today has been moderately productive.

Ta da
De-cluttered utility room surfaces
Bread made
Cooked roast dinner
Trip to Homebase
Christmas tree up smile
Christmas card list updated
Some clothes decluttering

To do
Mail merge
Print labels (wish me luck - they NEVER work!!)
Write cards
Decoration boxes away
Sweep floor (fake tree sheds as much as real ones!)
Finish filling charity shop bag
Catch up with Strictly from yesterday

Waves to Advent and Goldmyrrh - very festive around here. May have to dust off last year's Christmas name soon myself.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 09-Dec-12 17:30:33

Well back after 3 days away, so started on the mayhem. So much for Dh saying he's perfectly able to look after Dd.

Cat settled into flat,
Unpacked case
Washing away
Load in washer
Washed up pots
Took Dd to local craft fair & visit Santa there
Prepared dinner (easy one, jacket potatoes)

To do
Wash dinner pots & shine sink
Get Dd school stuff ready, including everything that should have been handed in on Friday grrrr
Try not to be passive aggressivegrin

Engelsemama Sun 09-Dec-12 18:05:17

Evening all,

Just a list dump to make me feel better!

Ta da
One load of washing, dried and folded
All Christmas cards written and addressed and mostly stamped (need to get some more UK stamps tomorrow)
Washing up done (twice!)
All my Christmas shopping done online excpet one pressie for BIL and a few other small bits

So Christmas is a go!

But as always family politics are starting to play...Just found out that DBIL and DSIL are spending Christmas day on the other side of the country with her DB which means that the happiness of DMIL and DFIL on Christmas day will fall to us. MIL is lovely but FIL is so picky and we have already decided that we are having a proper (UK) Christmas dinner this year.

To give you an idea, in the past FIL has refused to eat food that we have cooked, even going so far as to turn up his nose at yummy golden syrup puddings (and admittedly my very badly made custard blush ) in favour of a yoghurt - the type he has every sodding day! They have never eaten at ours - we always go to them. When we invited them for NYE the other year, they said no but that we were welcome to come to theirs and spend the evening watching terrible German and Dutch TV no thanks

I REFUSE to have him round for dinner and have him want to bring his own food (just bloody rude imo). Is also our first proper Christmas with DS (last year he was 2mo so didn't count!) Have discussed it with DH and we'll go round for coffee in the morning and then back to ours for dinner. FIL will also monopolise DS every minute of the day given the chance he never leaves him alone

Also weird of BIL and SIL. We alternate years between my family and DH's family. This year we're in NL so I guess I presumed we'd see them at Christmas as we're here. hmm

Just so different to my family. My DSis and BIl alternate as well and plan it so this year they are with DBIL's family and next year (when we are in UK) they will be at our DM/DF's as well.

I really shouldn't complain though. Last year we invited all ILs over to ours for NYE since we hadn't seen them at Christmas and it was not fun - they turned their nose up at all the food I'd made (till the 'proper' Dutch food came out), DNs refused to sleep in the bed we'd made up for them so were so overtired by 12 they were just crazy, DSIL sat primly in her coat all evening complaing how cold it was and when I came down from bf-ing and putting DS to bed, they'd put the TV on (which I think is really anti-social when you're round at someone's house for the whole evening).

Sorry for no-flying rant...just playing on my mind...

<Hands Engelse a wine> Poor you, I have every sympathy with family politics at Christmas!

Sound the trumpets... Ta ra, ta ra, ta da!

I have done the Christmas card labels. First attempt. Go me!

Engelsemama Sun 09-Dec-12 18:33:08

It's never my family politics, always DH's <sigh>

And now, have just been chatting about it some more with DH and thinking maybe we should just invite them round to eat with us. I would feel bad and very non-festive knowing they're on their own for most of the day on the other side of the wall (they live next door).

And actually I reckon FIL would actually really love a traditional UK Christmas dinner - meat, potatoes, gravy...what's not to like? He normally turns his nose up at anything "Forrin".

Christmas day IS about family after all as long as he doesn't make me watch awful Dutch telly, then I'm kicking him out

Tis the season to be jolly

Engelsemama Sun 09-Dec-12 18:33:41

and well done Blue for Christmas card labels!

laurenamium Sun 09-Dec-12 19:33:27

Hi all!

Has been a busy day here but I still haven't seemed to get a whole lot done! I have a mindee that starts in January and their parent coming tomorrow so need to print out a welcome pack for them incase they haven't kept the one I gave them 6 months ago, and could do with doing some planning while I'm still fairly awake too!

Ta da:
Food shop
cooked sunday lunch for me and DD
walked dogs
DD laundry
Kitchen hotspot
Kitchen countertops
Shined sink
Put up market stall and sorted storage in summer house
Took summer house photos and uploaded to business facebook page
Picked up dog poo
Tidied playroom
Visited dad
Checked up on brother (17 and home alone for the weekend, he had a party on friday so I was doing a cleanliness inspection before my mum and stepdad return tonight!)

Still to do tonight:
Assorted paperwork

Well done on the massive amounts of paperwork decluttering swan shock

grin at the sock monkey bitchy!

Engels your FIL sounds like a nightmare! I'm so glad I'm still seen as too young and inexperienced to put on Christmas dinner for the family! I just tow up on Christmas Eve with DD at my DM's and stay there until Christmas night. I get another Christmas dinner cooked for me on boxing day by my DF and his family too wink

<Waves to blue, pushme, nicknacks, goldmyrrh, advent, trazzle, goinggoinggoth, sc, madwoman, whoknows and everyone else I have missed!>

laurenamium Sun 09-Dec-12 19:42:07

Linkies for tomorrow...

It is babystep 10 tomorrow, the power of 15 minutes

Monday is home bleugh hour grin

Tomorrow we are moving into zone 3: the bathroom and one extra room.

The mission is throwing out empty containers from the bathroom and a 5 minute room rescue in the extra room.

For those up to detailed cleaning the lists are here


Purpletoes Sun 09-Dec-12 23:03:28

Hi everyone
Sorry I have been a bit quiet I have been following the steps mostly! blush
I have had a few busy days including emergency dentist which is my pet hate.

This weekend we had my cousin his dp and dd on Saturday and today we went to pil but still managed to get 3 loads of washing done ( due to bringing it to mil to use tumble dryerblushsmile)
Buy wrapping paper
Write card list
Mop floors
Did ironing
Clean sink
Clean hob
Dishwasher on

To do list for tomorrow
Pick up mil's present
Get birthday present for friend
Buy stamps
Buy more cards
Mop floors
Put away laundry
Write packing list
Bathroom wipe down
Finish form for work

This week is busy again meeting friends Tuesday the during the day
then heading to concert in evening winewinedp having a boys night with ds.

Wednesday ds has a Xmas party social butterfly at 9 mo!

Thursday is packing day as heading to Ireland Friday for pre Christmas with family can't wait.

I will try and keep up enjoy reading everyone's posts.
Thanks for making me feel
Welcome and for making it feel do able.

On phone so unable to do individual hellos.

Lauren All i can say is that it seemed a good idea at the time hmm sock monkey has all bits stuffed and just needs a bit of assembly. got lost in pinterest tonight. and lost a whole heap of time. hmm so much for an early night!

ComradeJing Mon 10-Dec-12 06:30:00

FFS I keep posting on this sodding thread and keep losing it! Damn it!

Finally getting somewhere IRT bedroom boxes. Not really flying but keeping the kitchen clean which seems to be my touch stone for the house.

laurenamium Mon 10-Dec-12 08:13:42

Morning all, just a list dump here. Manically busy until 6:30 tonight, and then it's DD bed time so ill stop about 7:30...probably about time I put some actual hours in wink

To do:
clean bathroom
put towels and bathmats in wash
Home bleurgh
DD and mindee to playgroup
Meeting with new January starter
School run
Walk dogs
Cook tea for 6 kids, I don't envy those with more than one or two DC!
Today's mission- no empties so room rescue playroom
Pay council tax


ShiftyFades Mon 10-Dec-12 08:13:42

Finally found you....

Still no flying here sad
Still living on a building site sad
Just making do with cleaning bathroom, doing washing and ironing and that about it.
Actually feel like I'm going mad with it all wink

Anyway, this is the last week before the builders (thoughtfully) take 3 weeks off confused

Roll on Jan Feb March when it'll all be done.... Hopefully!

Jdub Mon 10-Dec-12 10:04:57

Morning lovely people,
Am back at work (for a rest!) after a weekend of poorly small people (dodgy reaction to antibiotics - enough said) and now I have the hacking cough that my ds2 is on the meds for! Share and share alike!

So - low on the 'ta das' and probably rather unrealistically high on the 'to dos'
I did do a pre-Christmas decoration hoover and dust on Saturday which is what I think pushed me over the edge - typical!

and so today I shall:
collect shopping order from M&S
sort school play costume
sort my outfit for my work Christmas party (and wax legs)
clean both bathrooms

and I think I'll have a Lemsip chaser and that'll just about do for me!

adventcandle Mon 10-Dec-12 13:13:26

Made a good start to my week off, a lie in until 8 (I usually get up at 5.30).

Ta Da

Morning routine done, pots washed, kitchen tidied.
Bathroom mission and 5min room rescue in spare room
5 min room rescue in living room
bed changed, sheets washed and hung up to dry, another load of washing in.
Hoovered living room, kitchen and hallway - need to do stairs but can't find attachment.
15 mins decluttering in hallway - got rid of junk mail etc, jumpers, jackets etc put away/hung up
Cleaned all mirrors.
1 1/2 hours ironing whilst watching a dvd.

My son cooked lunch, chicken with roast veg, so have to clean kitchen again later. hmm

Next job is to take the job for a walk, then sit on sofa all afternoon exhausted. smile

IWipeArses Mon 10-Dec-12 13:46:45

Hello there!

ta da
strip beds, wash
baby nap
toilet cleaned
laundry hung + load in
shelves tidied
top of fridge tidied
pots washed and kitchen cleared after lunch
inventoried freezer
baby nap no. 2

to do
online shopping - tesco, xmas presents
bath + bed

laurenamium Mon 10-Dec-12 17:03:11

Hi all! Some mindees have been collected early so DD is playing with the last 2, will have a little ta da dump off my phone while they are destroying the playroom happily!

shifty and just I do not envy you having work done on your house so close to Christmas sad hope you are ok just!

Huge waves to everyone!

Ta da:
DD and mindee to playgroup
Clean bathroom
Washed and dried and put back bath towels and mats
Walked dogs
Cleaned kitchen doors
Cleaned kitchen floor
Home bleurgh
Washed windows
Room rescue the playroom
Put DD laundry away
School run
DD and mindee to park
Meeting with new starter

Ill be back later with links grin

GossipWitch Mon 10-Dec-12 18:02:36

mwahahahaha most of the christmas shopping done, just the man and stocking fillers to go!!!

GoingGoingGoth Mon 10-Dec-12 19:11:15

Argh everyone is so productive, I'm drowning not waving today.

But Tah dah
Dd to school & back! Plus homework.
Popped into school office to sort out Christmas Concert tickets
Dh to dentist - he was in the chair for 2 hours having a tooth out!!!
Pampering Dh as he felt VERY sorry for himself.
Washing ironed
Slight tidy up
Dinner cooked, pots washed & sink shined.

To do
Home 'blessing' - tomorrow I think
Dd to bed, she's rolling round in front of fire ATM
Washing load to go in

The week can only get better

NickNacks Mon 10-Dec-12 19:20:42

Wow everyone has been so productive- well done!

I've been run off my feet for days now but don't seen to be getting anywhere. I'm furiously trying to declutter ready for my cleaner starting on 16th January but I fear it won't be good enough and she'll dread coming here and do a crap job.

We've also made a huge decision to swap bedrooms with our boys next year. We have a huge double and they are struggling for space in their small double. We don't really need the floor space whereas they do. Money is the main issue though because we'd like to decorate, re-carpet and furnish it all at the same time. Working from home means the best time to do it is next summer hols where hopefully I'll have the full six weeks off.

Helllllllllllllllllllllo fledglings. Had a crap day flying wise but have made my new notice board. However, due to some haphazard super glue I will need to seal it with some varnish before an even finish is gained. Will stick a picture up on my profile in a mo. Hoping it will be a better replacement for the much ignored calendar.

ta da
Write christmas cards
Get ds to write his cards
make notice board
sort out kit for tomo

Am going to go finish constructing a project and then head to bed. Hopefully project will be finished within a reasonable time. I am actually tired tonight.

Picture is up, although it is not a great one. It clashes with the current colour of the walls. Whoops.

laurenamium Mon 10-Dec-12 22:13:19

I'm sure I just posted the link for tomorrow's mission but it hasn't come on, I'm using the new app and it isn't great!

Tomorrows mission is cleaning the counter tops and sinks

I will be back in the morning off my laptop for babysteps and zones and things blush

swanthingafteranother Mon 10-Dec-12 22:25:00

I'm in bed tucked up under the duvet (although still fully dressed confused
Feeling very tired after Beavers Christmas Concert where I and one other helper pitched several hymns, unaccompanied (ouch), and the third year of Nativity Play. However, that was all fine -thank God it is over-- The Cubs did a great performance of Polar Express, but that was absolutely nothing to do with me!

Just very tired...ho ho ho...

counting money in church this morning
cleaning lady did a wonderful job of dealing with this fleapit
assorted crap still lying around (my fault not hers) bedroom still unhoovered but hoover is at least now in our bedroom again. A step nearer
bought some more useful stocking fillers like electric toothbrushes and hair gel for ds1
Mum rang to say she was bringing a lemon tart for M & S for Christmas dessert so no need to make a Christmas pudding as no-one likes it that would be a bit easier. Now feel a bit sad, so may have to buy one just to light it...
Long discussion with dh about Xmas traditions and how useless but delightful they were...cue making of stained glass nativity scene and Christmas biscuits with kids!
football x 1
science homework - the heart. Leading to row over labelling of important bits.

BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Mon 10-Dec-12 22:28:10

Am lost in the midst of Xmas shopping, end-of-term events, throwing workbooks at DS1 home educating and crisis cleaning. Not sure when I'll be back online, but am missing everyone's news and hope to be back soon.

Ooh, have just (inadvertently) done tomorrow's mission grin.

swanthingafteranother Mon 10-Dec-12 22:35:25

x-post with Toffee from under a pile of unwrapped presents.
BIL is coming to stay tomorrow night, DH says he will be the worse for wear when BIL arrives as he has a lunchtime function...angryso I think tomorrow will be Crisis Clean time too. Or Crisis deal with the front and back garden, BIL is very horticultural and is sure to show an interest [horror at thought of him showing an interest in several troughs of standing water, rubble and piles of decaying leaves mixed in with recycling blush

however, all is not lost! I have bought some battery powered fairy lights to make the garden into a winter wonderland...and some cyclamen..Posh neighbours may also enjoy this.

ComradeJing Mon 10-Dec-12 23:47:18

Booked pool cleaner
Chased up skip collection
Finished my boxes in bedroom (only study boxes and DHs suit boxes left)
Tidied kitchen
Washing on

Reload laundry
Sort clothes into Wearing now (am bfing so huge boobs and no need for smart stuff or winter stuff) and wearing later
Pack away wearing later clothes
Put away wearing now clothes
Finish lounge
Flatten boxes and tidy them ready for next skip to come.

Phew... It looks a hell of a lot!

Morning. Be careful out there it is super icey. So icey, infact, the car door is frozen shut.

feetheart Tue 11-Dec-12 07:09:12

Hmmmm, I think we have snow. Not much but I will attempt to ignore it in the hope that it Goes Away. We did snow last week, I don't want more - bah humbug smile

laurenamium Tue 11-Dec-12 08:12:21

Today is tuesday which is planning day.

Today it is babystep 11: adding inspiration to your control journal

Sorry...I am still on my phone!

laurenamium Tue 11-Dec-12 08:14:24

Your garden plans sound lovely swan!

To do:
DD and mindee to gymnastics
DD to CM
Horse afternoon grin
Walk dogs
Visit DM and SD
File paperwork


GossipWitch Tue 11-Dec-12 10:59:28

can we please add four more hours to daytime, I could really do with the extra time for cleaning, wrapping and delivering please !!!!

ComradeJing Tue 11-Dec-12 11:35:28

Unfortunately I haven't finished as much as I had hoped to do today.

Tomorrows urgent todos:

Put away the last of my wear later clothes
Hang up wear now clothes
Sort clean washing & put away
Put away DHs clothing
Tidy the lounge
Flatten boxes
Clean floors

REALLY want to have two rooms that look liveable by the end of tomorrow. Right now only the play room and the kitchen look vaguely decent.

I've been trying to post on my phone on and off for 3 days but the internet keeps eating it!

Am feeling humbled by everyone's impressive lists grin

My house is passable (mostly) but not good. Have done about 60% of Christmas shopping but no wrapping or other prep blush . Also have lots of paid work to do before Christmas!

No we can bloody well not. Unless I am allowed to use it for sleep. Been up since yesterday afternoon. And no chance for a nap until about 6:30pm When I can grab 30mins. hmm

ta da

That is all but did do 5 hours worth so I guess it counts for something even if it isn't flying.

to do
Banking in next town
ds' training kit
school run
feed people (cottage pie)
Ds to training
ds to bed
Mountain of paperwork...

GoingGoingGoth Tue 11-Dec-12 12:01:59

Ok so catching up with yesterday's work

ta dah
School run
Home blessing hour
Washing put away
Today's load drying
Yesterday's ironed clothing away

to do
Prepare dinner
Bake something, possibly a cake?
Do paperwork
School run

castlelough Tue 11-Dec-12 12:17:44

Have had a miserable few days (another miscarriage sadly) but need to get back on track again and getting the house in order again would be a great start. Am off work today and it's the first day I feel able to actually do something productive, so will make a start.

To Do:

Laundry (many loads, I have nothing to wear!)
Wash the dishes (pile up)
General tidy up
Change bedlinen in both rooms.
Write some Christmas cards
Make some 'organising' phone calls

And that is plenty!

Toffee I love your new name!

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Tue 11-Dec-12 12:23:10

Oh Castle, so sorry <hugs>.

GossipWitch Tue 11-Dec-12 12:25:55

Just had a driving lesson and now have exactly 2 hours to clean my house top to bottom !!!

swanthingafteranother Tue 11-Dec-12 12:54:39

Castle I am so so sorry sad Hope everyone around can cherish you over Christmas.

to do
everything. Have been brooding over Msnet trying to work out a solution to all the problems that ds has been having with his academic work/social life. Still I suppose best thing is just to get on, and do some hoovering.
Dh did the unforgiveable thing yest of blaming me for going to help at the Beaver's Christmas Concert and b****gering off instead of dealing with ds's work. I really feel like not helping in PTA this Sat either, it seems pathetic but it seems like there are too many people who all need my attention.
Nonetheless I am now committed to serving Mulled Wine for three hours so I cannot exactly get out of it.

swanthingafteranother Tue 11-Dec-12 12:55:35

Gossip I am in awe of the energy that allows you to clean your house from top to bottom in two hours sad

nightshade1 Tue 11-Dec-12 13:17:08

brew anyone???

Castle im so sorry sad

well ive hoovered and sort of tidied the lounge shoved all the crap in drawers

very nearly finished christmas shopping just waiting for a few parcels still to arrive AND everything here is wrapped shock , im normally a panic stricken last minute buyer and wrapper.

we have all been ill over the weeked a combination of coughs, colds, snots and earache topped off with DS vomitting at 4am - hes now curled up on the sofa feeling sorry for himself but fingers crossed no more sick! so a pile of washing and not a whole lot of flying happening here.

brew and stollen over here

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Tue 11-Dec-12 14:07:52


Jamillalliamilli Tue 11-Dec-12 14:32:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GossipWitch Tue 11-Dec-12 14:39:37

castle I am so sorry sad, posted and ran I'm afraid. swan my house is tiny but I do struggle to tidy it in two hours, as it so happens I have got the lounge hall and a bit of the kitchen done, still haven't hoovered yet but will be doing in a mo.

just I really feel for you, sending a massive hug your way and hoping everything turns out good and very soon.

castlelough Tue 11-Dec-12 17:44:27

Thanks everyone.

WhoKnows and Trazzle I love your name changes too smile

Hugs for Justgettingonwithit and anyone else struggling.
Trying to perk up for Christmas (now that we have had to forego our happy announcement sad) and I think I will start with a Christmas name too!

Purpletoes Tue 11-Dec-12 17:51:45

Hi everyone have a busy day today so not a lot of flying done.
Ta da
Dinner made
Ds and dp lunch made
Into the city
Bank done
Ink bought
Xmas shopping finished
Met girls for lunch
Meeting with boss about going back to work
Quick 5 min blitz in kitchen and living room
Ds fed
Getting ready to go out to concert tonight

More flying tomorrow

Deckthecastle Tue 11-Dec-12 17:52:28

This should do nicely! wink

Now to do:

Shower & pjs
Cook some dinner
Write some Christmas cards
Lay out my clothes and make my lunch for tomorrow (back to work)
Reboot laundry
Downton Abbey Series 3 boxset (am on episode 4 smile)

Purpletoes Tue 11-Dec-12 17:52:59

Sorry castle just read the posts. I have been there it is just horrible

Hugs. thanksthanksthanks

adventcandle Tue 11-Dec-12 18:22:00

so sorry castle {{many hugs}}

Engelsemama Tue 11-Dec-12 18:23:40

So sorry to hear your news castle <hugs>

ShiftyFades Tue 11-Dec-12 18:25:03

So sorry to hear your news Castle sad

I hope you are getting lots of support xxx



NickNacks Tue 11-Dec-12 18:28:16

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage castle sad

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Tue 11-Dec-12 21:53:18


December sucks sad

laurenamium Tue 11-Dec-12 22:18:23

Huge unMN hugs for castle and just sad

laurenamium Tue 11-Dec-12 22:27:26

Tomorrow is wednesday which is anti procrastination day.

babystep 12 is deleting fly lady emails. But we don't advice signing up as the emails are pretty overwhelming!

Tomorrow's mission is to shine our toilets!

We are in zone 3 which is the bathroom and one other room.

Detailed cleaning lists are here

I'm posting this off my phone so fingers crossed all links will work!

BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Tue 11-Dec-12 23:37:15

I'm so very sorry, Castle sad.

Just - am also sorry to see that things are still so difficult for you sad.

Swan - I have to admit that I have stopped helping out at things like school fairs now. I feel guilty about it, but I feel too stretched with DS1's needs and DS2 as well as DH now being self employed and needing me to be around. Maybe it's time you stepped back from your other commitments for a time? (Am not supporting your DH 'blaming' you, by the way! angry A bit of praise for everything you are juggling wouldn't go amiss). Your magical fairy-lit garden sounds lovely, by the way.

Ta da :

School run
Room rescue in kitchen
Room rescue in dining room
Gave present to DS1's Maths teacher
Made some Xmas decorations and wrote cards whilst DS1 was having his Maths lesson
Physio exercises
Posted last parcel and some cards at the Post Office
More Christmas shopping
Took DS1 to his farm therapy
Collected DS2 from school horribly late blush
DH fitted new oven
Horrible argument with DS1 over him disobeying our XBox rules sad
Started making miniature Xmas village to calm myself down smile
DS1 and DH discussed turning Xmas village into a zombie apocalypse hmm
Dinner cooked in new oven
More physio exercises
Put DS2 to bed
Fell asleep until 11pm

Going back to bed in a minute. Have confiscated DS1's XBox lead whilst I consider what we should do next, so there will be fireworks from him tomorrow <sigh>. DH is having nothing to do with it, so the disciplining is all down to me.

Oh, good news - our lovely visiting Border Terrier is coming to stay with us for two weeks over Christmas. That will cheer us all up.

ShiftyFades Wed 12-Dec-12 00:23:47

I'm 40 today, 40!!! sad
I'm going to start ironing with an iron in one hand and wine in the other wink

deleted203 Wed 12-Dec-12 02:19:15

Happy Birthday Shifty wine.

Finally caught up with you all! (Although just flapping by quickly). December is MANIC! Don't know that I'm flying - but I'm doing ok with the Christmassy stuff.

Ta da

3 loads laundry
Watched DS2 in Nativity play
Painted dining room (has only taken me 7 years - but have got lots of family for Christmas Day and paint was chipped and peeling)
Then spent hour and a half scrubbing paint off dining room floor (yes...I know I should have put sheets down but I couldn't find any and I optimistically thought it would be ok and cushion flooring would wipe easily)
Hoovered living room
Did some paperwork

On the plus point I've done most of Christmas shopping and wrapped it! (So in my own head I'm flying high compared to other years).

Much love to all - not had time to read posts.

laurenamium Wed 12-Dec-12 07:58:31

Happy birthday shifty!

Just a quick to do dump!

Wash bath mats again, bloody dogs!
DD and mindee to rhyme time
School run
File paperwork blush it's been on my list all week!
My laundry, and away


adventcandle Wed 12-Dec-12 08:48:16

Yesterday's TaDa

morning routine
deleted 1000s of emails, (not from flylady though) and sorted some online stuff
took down, washed and actually ironed and put back up - hall and landing curtains - and cleaned windows
hoovered/decobwebbed stairs and landing
wiped lampshades and paintwork
decluttered the top of the stairs - bit of a dumping ground
had a visit from dd and dgs so then had to tidy living room smile

adventcandle Wed 12-Dec-12 08:55:31

Happy Birthday to Shifty

Very heavy frost here, the garden looks like a winter wonderland. Glad I am off work, one of the roads I have to drive is very open and is prone to black ice.

Today's plan is to blitz the dining room, we tend to eat on trays watching tv, so the dining room gets used as a place to dump stuff. Am doing Christmas dinner for about 11 people so I need to get it tidied. Also need to take the dog for a walk, he missed yesterday as I had to wait in for a parcel, which didn't come until 5.30.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 12-Dec-12 09:07:50

Happy Birthday Shifty

Just - words fail me really, I so hope you get the results you so badly need from the liabiliity decisions and insurance.

Beautiful morning here, I went out without drying my hair properly (the long parts of it, tend to just blast the roots) and when I was walking back from school I realised it had all frozen.

Right, quick list dump from me, got to be at work by 10 (20 mins drive) and got friends coming for coffee at 1.30, so hoping to be back by 12.30 but just in case I need to get tidying now.

Empty WM and DW
Pick up Top Trumps from Lounge floor
Hot spots
Wipe kitchen down
Sweep kitchen floor
Shut all the junk into the bedrooms.

This is where it is handy only having a downstairs bathroom, there is no reason whatsoever for day visitors to go upstairs and see the mess

However got ILs staying from Fri, so upstairs can't be postponed indefinitely.

BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Wed 12-Dec-12 09:18:15

shock grin at your frozen hair, WhoKnows!

DS2 has persuaded me that he is too ill for school again (to be fair, we have all woken up with blocked noses and sore throats), so I don't have to face going up to school this morning. Just popping over to the corner shop first thing was enough to freeze me. I will definitely be lighting the log-burning stove this morning.

DS1's XBox lead has been confiscated until further notice. I am out this afternoon so DH will have to deal with DS1's protests - but I haven't told DH where the lead is, so he won't be able to give in.

Home ed this morning, friend popping in for tea and chat this afternoon, then have a blissfully self-indulgent afternoon: hairdresser's appointment to have my hair cut and coloured, followed by eyebrow waxing and eye lash dying at the beauty therapist round the corner. And DH will have to cope with dinners and bedtimes grin.

Shifty - Happy Birthday! (And oh to be only 40 again!).

Must now go and sort the kitchen out and put the washing on before starting home ed.

ShiftyFades Wed 12-Dec-12 09:26:09

Thank you, wearing my badge with shame pride wink

Plan for today:
Full sink shine
Clean bathroom
Get hair done
Make 48 cupcakes for work colleagues

Be spoiled and go for a meal with my lovely family grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 12-Dec-12 09:27:31

Proud to be over 40 here too!

<I know I'm not meant to still be on here, remembered I needed to do Ocado>

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Wed 12-Dec-12 09:51:41

Happy birthday Shifty!

No flying here. Late afternoon admission to hospital with DS yesterday sigh.

Is it just me that wonders how old everyone else is/ what they look like? I have you all in my minds eye grin

GoingGoingGoth Wed 12-Dec-12 10:23:42

Castle and Just hope today is better than yesterday.

Shifty wine does make that birthday easier (2 years on & we still don't talk about mine grin)

List for today
Dd to school - done
Clean cat litter tray -done
Complain to landlord that bathroom sink is STILL broken, we only moved in 10 weeks ago! -done
Bit of Christmas shopping-done
Massive pile of ironing
Next load to go in.
Quick trip it Ikea?
Daily mission
Prepare dinner
School run & homework

laurenamium Wed 12-Dec-12 11:33:21

trazzle I wondered that too! When we added MFP some of us had ourselves as our profile photos so I got to peek at a few flyers grin. I'm 25 and am a LP to one DD who is 2 on Friday.

I often wonder what people's houses look like <nosey>

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 12-Dec-12 11:55:16

Yes, IIRC we all looked a bit similar with shoulder length dark hair!

My house is a small Victorian end terrace on the edge of a town.

NickNacks Wed 12-Dec-12 12:24:33

Happy birthday shifty smile

just I really feel for you. sad I've never been in such a situation and I don't think i'd cope as well as you have been doing so. You're amazing.

Car is playing up today so I've not gone to toddler group, I don't want to break down with 3 little ones.

So today...

Washing x2
Box up train track
Text SIL
Call dad
Nursery run
Sort out dd's chest
Lunch for mindees
Nap time
Bring chest downstairs
Take ds's large toy upstairs
Fill chest with role play things


just keeping fingers croosed you get the decisions you need.

castle and Trazzle <<<<hugs>>>>

Whoknows grin at frozen hair. I did that last night. we had -5C here yesterday at 5:30am. So goodness know how cold it was earlier in the night.

swan stop feeling guilty and just cut back on what you do for other pepole. PTA is not going to collaspe if you say sorry can't. just means someone else will have to step up and get involved and they will. You have done them a lot of work but perhaps now it the time to focus on YOU and your family. Also your garden sounds lovely.

Feeling really ill today. Have child off school who isn't as ill as he claimed. he will be going back to school tomo and i am breaking with the no school no after school activity and he will be going to his swimming lesson. I suspect that this is part of the reason why suspiciously he is ill every wednesday! <not that i normally believe him anyway>

I have had the pleasure of meeting the lovely "whoknows" and seeing pictures of other fledglings. None of them looked how I had pictured them. I think I am bad with the imagination thing tbh. So now i don't try to imagine. As for the house - imagine an explosion in a toy and paperwork factory and that is probably about right!!! winkgrin

Must dash. stuff to do. might be back later but not sure.

Too much work on at the moment for flying, especially as I have DS1's school production to endure enjoy this afternoon. The house is looking a bit tidier though, thanks to the "This Column Will CHange Your LIfe" bit of Sat's Grauniad magazine - it was about changing habits and described it as resetting your defaults. The idea of having "tidy" as a default setting seems to be working, for the moment at least...

Happy Birthday shifty!

So sorry, castle and just - hugs.

Dashing out again but brew and mince pies on the bar.

NickNacks Wed 12-Dec-12 12:57:11

Oh and I also do the wondering thing but more so about your houses... I want to know if my 'cluttered' is the same as your 'cluttered'. I bet none is the worst!

NickNacks Wed 12-Dec-12 12:58:10


swanthingafteranother Wed 12-Dec-12 13:37:09

Toffee yay for new oven fitted!
and LOL at zombie village.
Dh made a tissue paper nativity scene with dd. Then he went to bed (that was the night I was under duvet by 10pm), little realising she had lit the nightlight behind it to make the stained glass effect more charming. It was ON all Tues night, and we came down next find shock shock no, thank goodness the house was not on fire..but still, never give a child a box of matches...hmm I think children do find candles and such like irrestible

BIL stayed over last night, visiting from Eire on business trip. Plane v delayed due to freezing fog, so luxury of breakfast rather than fraught supper.

present to Piano teacher
some cards I ordered have arrived
batch of washing
soup for supper (yest)
walked neighbour's dog for an hour
cleared up breakfast

Now I need to renew household insurance [Just hope you get some solutions]
everyone else I am very old. And also have shoulderlength brown hair (at least it is brown since I went to hairdresser to have it dyed! I think I am mildly allergic to hair dye since I have been scratching ever since. Better grow old gracefully from now on - back to silvery highlights)

This whole week has been filled up to bursting in eves. Another Carol concert this eve, Dd is with Guides singing more Carols on Thurs, Dh has been out on two jollies already this week. And as I am singlehandedly doing Mulled Wine on Sat I don't think I can get out of it. A tragic email pathetically asking for volunteers for other slots, let along Mulled Wine, confirms I CANNOT get out of it this year. Oh yes and dd doing more carolling on Sat, clashing with ds1 doing carolling in Kew Gardens at same time confused
Still, I won't make a cake wink

swanthingafteranother Wed 12-Dec-12 13:40:51

Blue that was interesting that article. It is so true in our house of doors default in our house, due to Dh growing up in Italy (breezes v. important) is that doors should be open at all times. Whereas in Ireland, the default was door should be closed at all times (icy draughts letting tiny residual amounts of what heat there was out angry Here we can never decide what answer is, but I do find it almost painful to see the door open at this time of year, even when full central heatingon.

laurenamium Wed 12-Dec-12 21:30:21

Quiet here tonight!

Tomorrow is Thursday which is errand day.

Babystep 13 is doing a mission.

Tomorrow's mission is shining our baths and showers.

We are in zone 3 which is the bathroom and one other room.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 12-Dec-12 21:58:04

Evening all,

Well, I managed to get the downstairs respectable before my friends came round, also managed a bit of shopping, so that was all fine. Then pick the Dcs up from school, v.early tea, swimming lessons and back to school for DS for his Christmas production, which was OK. Not as good as last years. The main problem is that the Yr 6s get all the speaking parts, the other years just sit at the side and come on as troupes of dancers for one song and vanish again, Ds always seems to be hidden out of sight.

I'm out the next two nights as well, plus got the ILs staying for the weekend, so mega busy.

Must dash, <waves>

Evening smile

(((Trazzle))) hope you're all ok.

I must admit I often wonder what everyone looks like. I have a former flyer on my facebook (minimarmite) and I think I have recognised a few of the other flyers from her fb friends. That doesnm't paint me in a terribly good light now I think about it blush hmm

I am 36 <sob> with dyed blonde hair, but not blonde blonde, more a mid ashy blonde. Quite short (5'4"), quite slim generally but with a baggy stomach that moves independently <attractive>

Think I am doing a bit much at the moment and am struggling a bit tbh. My day basically goes get up 6:30, work 8:30, home from work 7pm, DC fed 7:30, DC bath 8:15, DC bed 9, evening tidying, 9:30 then 1-2 hours work before bed at about 11:30.

Sorry, not really complaining just a bit knackered tonight. Still working for a deadline tomorrow and would ideally like to go to bed!

swan we go for doors closed but knackered Victorian sash windows letting in health-giving draughts. Everyone is un happy grin

bitchy hope you're feeling better soon.

Happy Birthday shifty. Hope you're drunk enjoying it grin

Hello to nicknacks, blue, whoknows, lauren (25 envy ), sc and everyone <waves>

Oh yes flying...

Yeah, I haven't done any of that today. A bit of maintenance but no progress. Hey ho, tomorrow is another (busy) day!

err flying? nope not here.

Also I can safely say i do not have shoulder length hair. grin

I am taking a duvet day tomo. no flying, no anything other then sleep and rest. It is much needed considering the physio made me cry.

adventcandle Thu 13-Dec-12 07:55:42

Good morning all, I am starting to ache after my marathon blitz, my arms and knees are killing me so the idea of a duvet day sounds good bitchydragons. Hope you feel better this evening.

Yesterday's Ta Da list
cleaned little bedroom and dining room - just have curtains to iron and hang back up
did Tuesday and Wednesday bathroom mission
lots of decluttering in dining room - I am hoping to have my kitchen and dining room turned into a dining kitchen in the spring so put some stuff up in loft
dp mended the loft hatch that has been broken for weeks
retrieved Christmas decs from the loft
walked the dog - all the trees are covered in ice, it looks beautiful but is freezing.

Going out shopping today, so not sure how much else I will achieve apart from today's mission.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 13-Dec-12 09:12:28

Morning all, I fancy a duvet day too, DH has developed a habit of nicking the duvet in the night and I keep waking up, then his snoring keeps me awake. Add that to the col dI've had this week and I feel like going straight back to bed at the moment. However, things to do. I'm working this afternoon instead of this morning so I'm going to do some 15 min room rescues upstairs, make the spare bed and finish my Christmas cards. Also get out all the remaining unwrapped presents and try and get them wrapped, make sure I haven't missed anyone etc.

Bitchy - hope you feel better after a bit of rest
Advent - hope your aching limbs recover a bit too
PMPY - I have that sort of stomach too, unfortunately the rest of me isn't particularly slim either though. Not surprised you're struggling with that schedule, have you got some time off over Christmas to recover?
Swan - we never close doors in our house, in fact we haven't got many. It is fairly snug though. When we lived in a house with the stairs in the lounge all upstairs doors had to be shut at all times to stop the howling gale of draughts.

laurenamium Thu 13-Dec-12 09:57:38

Morning all! Me and DD are cuddled up on the sofa with a duvet keeping us warm as I type grin.

I have done the school run so no more work until half 2 today! I'm going to visit my friend this morning though, I would rather just stay here all day cosy and warm!

To do:
Visit friend
Wash bathmats
Sweep kitchen floor
Today's mission
Walk dogs
School run later


GossipWitch Thu 13-Dec-12 11:45:30

Had a cheat day yesterday on the diet, which meant I crammed as much carbs in as humanly possible then spent the rest of the day feeling sick and lethargic, even had a nap on the sofa, I dont think I'll be having a cheat day like that again in the future. Lost 4 lb though which is good, and I'm getting used to the taste of vegetables, haven't done much flying, but the house has remained manageable and most aspects are passable for visitors.

adventcandle Thu 13-Dec-12 13:19:40

Ta Da

Ironed curtains and hung up, made bed in little bedroom, christmas presents now stored in here
bathroom mission - bathroom now finished
2 loads of washing done and hung on clothes horses to dry
decobbwebbed kitchen, wiped down paintwork, walls, altered clock which was still on summer time, cleaned half worktops and cupboard doors, cleaned floor - having a break whilst it dries.

To Do - not necessarily today though

Go shopping
Finish kitchen worktops/cupboard doors
Clean fridge, microwave and other gadgets
Clear window ledge and clean window
Wipe everything before I put it all back on the worktops
Iron and put up dining room curtains

BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Thu 13-Dec-12 19:03:16

With the help of the cleaner, I managed to blitz the house today and now it is looking relatively tidy and clean smile. The challenge now is to keep it this way until Christmas.

I have won the first round of the battle of the XBox. It ran for two days and included a lot of tantrums, insults, pleading and tears. I really did feel that we had slipped into the teenage years. DS1 finally agreed to delete the game and told me that he would be honest from now on. He then proceeded to pretend to delete it whilst I watched (he did this twice!). So much for honesty. However, the game has now been deleted for real and he has his XBox back again - for now.

Swan - if your head is itching after hair dye you should steer well clear. The allergy can get worse and there have been some really nasty stories about people getting allergic reactions to hair dye. Maybe you could find a PPD-free hairdye instead? I think they do exist. I always use the patch test 48 hours before having my hair dyed, as I worry about having an allergic reaction to the dye.

Bitchy - hope you are feeling better today.

<waves to everyone else>

NickNacks Thu 13-Dec-12 19:09:29

grin I'm gutting the upstairs thanks to 2 mindees being on holiday meaning I have done lovely days of just after schoolers. I'm loving how it will look- decluttered!

elliepac Thu 13-Dec-12 19:19:54

Still here....still no flyinggrin. Currently trying to keep on top of the basics as hallway is still being decorated. Nearly there though and am rather excited about having a hallway I don't have to rush people thoughwinkgrin.

I have a lesson observation tomorrow so am currently pooping myself about that and will probably not sleep tonight as a result. Doesn't matter that I have been teaching 12 years, they still scare me.

Back tomorrow.

strictlycaballine Thu 13-Dec-12 20:00:32

Hello, hello ... just passing through. Hope eveyrone surviving pre-Christmas madness and passing viruses.

So sorry to have been awol. Been laid a bit low of late (nowt serious) and am now hopelessly behind with Flying, Christmas prep..; well, everything really. My heart isn't in it this year tbh but trying to get a (late) grip on things for dd's sake. Only way I seem to be able to summon up enthusiasm is to leave it all to last possible minute and then go for it (worryingly adolescent behaviour for a 48 yr old I know!)

Agree with whoever said about needing a couple more hours of daylight per day(think it was you Gossip)

We are still in midst of end-of-term concerts/ballet displays/exams + bronchitis [sigh]

Internet is terribly slow at this time of night so won't attempt to catch up with entire thread right now.

Just wanted to say

Trazzles thinking of you and sending positive vibes as ever x

Castlelough so terribly sorry to hear your v. sad news thanks

Justgettingonwithit Hope scary CAB advice that goes against the grain works out for you. Sorry to have barked up wrong tree (re: state of habitation issue) and hope uneasiness proves unfounded. Hope you are OKx

Shifty A belated happy birthday!! Hope you had a good 'un!!

Ellie hall sounds great! (Don't be like us and neglect to finish it off. We had ours done in summer and it still doesn't have coat hooks, light switch covers or lightshade or any form of storage. Coats, hats, scarves and gloves can consequently be found draped over banisters, sofas, dining room chairs etc blush) Good luck with observation tomorrow - you will rock it!

Great to see you Pushme!

Hope Bitchy Whoknows and everyone in Toffee and Nightshade households all recover from wintery ailments (and anyone else who is suffering)

Engels good luck with in-law Christmas food shenanigans. After years of making humungous efforts trying to please (and never managing to do so) I have now officially stepped away and stopped trying!

Swan can recommend these products Excellent advice on site too

Blue my default setting seems to be " unjustifiable chaos" unfortunately wink ....

Thanks for links Lauren - keep warm!

Hello to advent (sorry forgotten if you are newcomer or namechanger!!)

Must go and settle clammering rabbits (if that's the right adjective) can't think straight ....

Vigorous wing flaps to Feetheart PA MercuryNicknacks Honu Purpletoes Jdub Arses Kirk Madwoman¨Carpe Cranvery and Zebra and eveyrone else I'm sure I've missed ....

strictlycaballine Thu 13-Dec-12 20:06:14

Trazzles just read on other thread that you have a horrible cold on top of everything else. Just what you don't need. Hope you recover v. v. soon x

TiredofZombies Thu 13-Dec-12 21:41:59

Hello, is it too late for me to join? I'm a bit late to the party I know... I'm more of a lurker than a poster anyway, and I promise I won't be any trouble.

I did try to start flylady a few months ago, but fell off the wagon without ever really having been on it. I did manage to get myself in the habit of making sure there were no dirty pots by the time I went to bed, which has stuck, and has made a difference.

So, I've been looking at the flylady site again, and I'm just wondering how closely you guys follow it. There's this Big Tent thing, do I need to sign up and look at that? It's a bit overwhelming to be honest.

Personally i'd say stay out of the big tent. Don't sign up for the emails. Exactly for the same reasons as you have just meantioned. It gets a bit overwhelming. Just follow the daily links that the thread leader posts and it becomes less intimindating.

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Thu 13-Dec-12 22:49:19

Tired I am a fan of the e-mails <ducks> BUT I only get the daily digest. 1 handy email that pings in to my inbox around 7am. I read it while getting ready in the morning and I find it really helpful.

So ner, everybody else grin

ComradeJing Thu 13-Dec-12 23:31:45

I also get the daily digest and tend to skim read anything I think might be useful (almost none of it).

Don't touch the big tent or the multiple emails. For an approach that is supposed to help you deal with clutter it really is an amazing amount of junk.

I'm going ok with flying. Not any major changes but I am getting stuff done and going to bed with a clean kitchen.

Today is an email and phone call day. That and finishing the paperwork for my visa application are my ONLY jobs today.

laurenamium Fri 14-Dec-12 00:45:00

Hi all! I'm only just stopping and my eyes are closing so a quick link drop then bed for me!

Come on in tired smile

Tomorrow is baby step fourteen using a calendar hmm have I read this wrong?

Tomorrow is Friday which is cleaning out our car and handbags/purses.

Tomorrows mission is cleaning flat surfaces in the bathroom and clearing away craft areas elsewhere.


It's DDs birthday tomorrow so I'm taking her to soft play and have family coming over for a low key tea. Then I have party food to prepare for Saturday so I probably won't be on til later tomorrow! Have a good day everyone!

NickNacks Fri 14-Dec-12 06:56:31

Happy birthday mini Lauren

adventcandle Fri 14-Dec-12 07:36:29

Happy Birthday to Lauren's daughter.

Hi to tiredofzombies I signed up for big tent, but don't get any emails, I just follow the links posted on here each day. I am on my third month of babysteps, and have developed quite a good morning, teatime and evening routine. I work full time, but have had this week off work to blitz the house ready for Christmas. Hopefully then, I will be able to do the mission each day to keep it tidy.

adventcandle Fri 14-Dec-12 07:45:29

To Do list for today -

I have to stay in and wait for a parcel
Finish cleaning kitchen worktops/cupboard doors
Clean fridge, microwave and other gadgets
Clear window ledge and clean window
Wipe everything before I put it all back on the worktops
Iron and put up dining room curtains
Walk dog if parcel comes before it gets too dark
Babysit for two year old while his brother goes to swimming lesson
Wrap some presents for nephew and niece to take at weekend

Have already done today's bathroom mission, but will sort out my knitting pile in the living room.

strictlycaballine Fri 14-Dec-12 08:54:34

Many happy returns of the day to your dd Lauren Hope you have a good 'un!

strictlycaballine Fri 14-Dec-12 08:55:04

A very warm welcome to TiredofZombies

Engelsemama Fri 14-Dec-12 09:08:56

Just swooping in from a messy, dirty, cluttered house.

Ta da
washing on (including 2 sets of DS clothes and bedding after vomit and 2x exploding nappies this morning - and it's only 10am grin )
washing up half done

To do
Finish washing up
Change outside bin (I thought DH had done it after rubbish from kitchen disappeared, but all he has done is start a new bin bag in the shed on the back of our house while not changing to bin itself angry )
Wrap Christmas presents
Finish Christmas shopping (I need to pop out and get some yummy things/socks to top up DH stocking)
Work out what we're eating tonight
More washing
Hoover upstairs
Change our bed
Wrack my brains for what else I need to organise for Christmas festival at school next week.
Put name labels in DS clothes for nursery
Thre must be more!

And the Christmas lights have stopped working sad

TiredofZombies Fri 14-Dec-12 09:10:20

Thank you everyone. I'm feeling quite motivated, so fingers crossed I manage to cross some things off my list.

So far I have filled up the sink to do the pots that DP has generated this morning, but I won't do them until after DD has had her breakfast (she has already eaten DP's toast so she's not starving smile ). Then it's shiny sink time.

I've already organized the kitchen notice board, which wasn't on my list but I somehow found myself doing it, so it's one less thing to do later.

The real problem I have it all these bits and pieces that don't really have a home. They end up congregating on top of the bookcase and the pile only ever gets bigger. So that's something to work on each day.

Have a good day everyone.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 14-Dec-12 09:17:22

Happy Birthday LittleLauren.

Welcome to TiredofZombies - finding a home for everything is key I think.

Engels - oh no to all that mess from DS.

Well, the pressure's off a bit here, the ILs have phoned to say they can't some today as their dog is ill, which is a shame, but it certainly eases the workload a bit. They may still come tomorrow if he's OK then.

So, to do:

Two lots of washing
Present wrapping round 2
Card writing - nearly finished
Wait in for Ocado
Finish tidying upstairs - big job!
Make a pudding to take to a friend's house for pot luck supper - cranberry and orange meringue pie.

The DCs have gone off to school very happily, both their classes are having pyjama/DVD parties this afternoon, lucky them!

Think I might make a start with the pie making and a nice cuppa.

Woken up feeling like i have been hit by a truck. Considering everything I am going into hibernation.

TiredofZombies Fri 14-Dec-12 11:11:39

Wow. Cranberry and Orange meringue pie sounds AMAZING!

Just been catching up with the rest of the thread that I hadn't read before. Seems like lots of people are having troubles sad Sending good vibes to everybody.

I can't believe I've just managed to light the log burner with three bits of kindling. The lengths I will go to to avoid going outside! Weather is foul here, quite windy and pouring with rain - my favourite combination! (Not.)

If it does stop raining at any point I will go out and get more wood, empty the compost bucket, and take the rubbish out.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 14-Dec-12 12:19:46

Pouring with rain here too. Just taken the pie out of the oven, here's the recipe Cranberry and Orange Meringue. I was toying with doing one for Christmas Day but it took quite a long time even though I bought the pastry case and I would have to make from scratch on the day as we have someone who is dairy intolerant. Not sure if it would stay crisp if I made it on Christmas Eve. I could make the case and filling the day before I suppose. Hmm. Will wait and see what it tastes like I think.

adventcandle Fri 14-Dec-12 12:32:12

The pie looks lovely, am sure it would work if you did the case and filling on Christmas Eve and then do the meringue Christmas day.

The weather is awful here today, don't think the dog will be getting a walk, poor thing. I already have a cold, getting soaked won't help.

Got most of my kitchen jobs done, so am spending the afternoon knitting whilst watching good food channel.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 14-Dec-12 12:53:02

Just stopping for a breather, yesterday was a complete waste of time.

Dd to school, with Home Learning book & antlers head band
Dh back at dentist, he's been clutching his jaw on and off since Monday, I was going to put up with it all weekend too.
Picked up a few bits of shopping
Ironing done
Washing up done

to do
Another load of washing to go in
Build a storage unit (ikea-doddle)
Maybe move some furniture round in lounge
Clean bathroom - need to catch up on missions
Empty bins
Prepare dinner, wash up, shine sink etc.

Jdub Fri 14-Dec-12 14:15:56

Afternoon inspiring and organised folk, am writing this from my sofa with a bloomin' chest infection which means my TA Da's are very, very teeny weany: almost completed Christmas Cards.
My TO DOs are if the antibiotics have started to kick in by later, then make some good wrapping progress.
And a general maintenance of bathroom cleanliness if I can muster the energy.

Keep up the good work everyone

Jdub- well done on getting those bits done. Don't think you are behind, don't feel guilty just jump in where we are and carry on with the system. Fat fairy says you are never behind. Although with christmas prep I accept that is easier said then done.

Slept all day again. Still feeling crappy. Pain and headache residual. but need to get up for the school run. Need to head out this evening. Not entirely certain i want to.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 14-Dec-12 14:59:00

Well, I've done one lot of washing and about half the wrapping. Finished the cards except I forgot to do ones for the binmen and postman. Going to get the FCs from school in a minute and then tackle the upstairs tidying one we're all back.

Watched a bit of telly. Lazy day really. At least it has stopped raining now, but the wind is getting up and it is so gloomy. I don't really feel like going out tonight TBH but I am sure it will be fun and it's only a short walk from home so the wine can flow.

NickNacks Fri 14-Dec-12 20:23:33

Had a lovely day hitting my bedroom. Looks much better although not perfect.

Tomorrows list

Take boys ice skating
Finish laundry
Four baskets of clean washing to put away
Write Xmas cards
Boys to tidy their room
Hoover downstairs
Quick clean of bathroom
Stick Xmas cards up
Pop into town

laurenamium Fri 14-Dec-12 22:38:35

Hello everyone! I have had a lovely but tiring day with DD for her birthday smile thank you everyone for the happy birthdays!

I will be back in a second with tomorrow's links!

laurenamium Fri 14-Dec-12 22:43:02

Links for tomorrow!
Baby step fifteen is making our beds. I find this one workable and it definitely makes a difference!

There is no mission tomorrow as it is the weekend!

Saturday is family fun day!

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!

Evening all.

Agree that the pie looks lovely - may just bookmark the recipe! I think it would be OK with the base made on Christmas eve too. That worked with a mincemeat tart I made a couple of years ago and am planning again for this year.

Today has been mostly successful, and have made mince pies and a choc cheesecake for dinner with friends tomorrow. smile

Glad DD's birthday went well, Lauren

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 14-Dec-12 23:46:12

Pie was yummy, although the filling was a bit sparse, I think I needed a smaller diameter pastry case. I've had a lovely night at my friend's house. lots of chat and lots of laughs and lots of wine. Off to bed now, see you all in the morning.

GoldMyrrhAndNonsense Sat 15-Dec-12 06:02:48

Not entirely sure where the last week went! My DS was poorly on and off all week so had to leave work early a few days after having Sunday off. Anyway, have made up for it this morning

Kitchen floor
4 loads of washing
Stripped our bed
Made DC beds and quick pick up in their room
DC bathroom floor and tidy up
Clean washing away
Swept balcony
Cleared surfaces in sitting room
Cleaned kitchen surfaces
Decluttered fridge surfaces and notice board
Put up DC's Christmas cards
Set up gingerbread house for DC to decorate this morning

To Do
Make our bed
Wrap Secret Santa gifts
Wrap other gifts to save a bit of stress next week
Prepare my clothes for work week
Sew buttons onto uniform
Prepare DC's uniform for next week
Buy another Secret Santa gift for night out and wrap
Drop DD to Christmas party
Get nails done
Finish cleaning surfaces in bathrooms

I'm trying to get as much done as possible this week so that when school finishes on Thursday, we can all have a rest and do some fun things. I'm feeling optimistic today!

TiredofZombies Sat 15-Dec-12 08:48:15

Morning all. Had quite a successful day yesterday, got the kitchen floor scrubbed. The floor tiles have a rough texture so when I mop, the dirty water just collects in all the tiny grooves, so once in a while I have to get down on hands and knees and scrub.

Not sure what the plan is for today, it depends if DP ends up working or not, which in turn depends on the weather.

Not sure about making the bed as soon as you get out of it - I prefer to turn the duvet back and air the bed, and open the bedroom windows a crack to air the room. It only takes a second to chuck the duvet back in place later on anyway.

Good morning.

Complete sleep fail here last night. feeling kinda rough but not able to sleep which is a real pita. otoh have managed to do 2 loads of washng and youtube search something lose hours in youtube without actually finding what I wanted Got stuff to do so hitting the coffee and going to just get on with.

ta da
2 loads washing
sort out plan for today's to do list

<leaves a pot of bitchy's special brew on the side>

adventcandle Sat 15-Dec-12 09:39:30

Morning Tired, that's what I do, I usually go downstairs, have a cup of tea, do a few jobs, then go back upstairs to get dressed, then I make the bed after it has had time to air.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 15-Dec-12 09:49:53

I leave the beds to air all day more often that not, they still look neat. I don't really feel the need for this your bedroom should feel like a boutique hotel business that Flylady aims for, I just like to aim for neat, tidy and eveything in it's place and it is usually the lowest priority room for achieving it to be honest.

Right today I need to finish putting away all the crap that has been sorted into Ikea bags on the spare bed. I have developed a technique where you gather up everything that shouldn't be in a room and take it somewhere where there is a bit of space, sort it all into containers for its destination rooms, do the same with a second room and then gradually rotate all the stuff back to the right rooms and put away. This takes several hours because I don't keep up with it all very well in between but is effective as a major tidy up technique.

Also need to hoover throughout, dust and clean windowsill etc in spare room (ILs now expected this afternoon). Two lots of washing at least. Better get up I suppose smile.

adventcandle Sat 15-Dec-12 10:44:44

Today's to do list

Concentrate on blitzing the living room
Walk the dog
Visit my mum
Soak and block the shawl I finished knitting today

Not sure how much I will get done, as I am feeling very achey after five days of cleaning and scrubbing.

Have a good day everyone.

TiredofZombies Sat 15-Dec-12 12:08:45

I'm afraid I have a serious "Meh - it's the weekend" feeling towards housework today. We're dressed, we've had breakfast, and the pots are done, although not dried and put away. DD is going to Nana's tonight so DP and I have a free evening, and a lie-in tomorrow, woo hoo!

Advent, lovely to meet someone else who blocks their work! Think we're in the minority smile I am knitting a jumper for DP, I finished the front and back and decided to block those before I went any further - they grew by 3" in length! So pulled out 3" and cast off again. Now I'm tweaking the sleeve increases to try and get the sleeves the right length without having to undo any. Once the first sleeve is done the second will be much quicker.

adventcandle Sat 15-Dec-12 13:10:33

I knit a lot of lace shawls, and use mainly wool these days, lace needs to be blocked otherwise it looks like a bit of old dishrag. When my children were little, I knitted with a lot of acrylic, so never needed to block then. Often wonder what happens to the shawls I have given away though.

NickNacks Sat 15-Dec-12 16:25:34

Take boys ice skating
Finish laundry
Four baskets of clean washing to put away
Write Xmas cards
Boys to tidy their room
Hoover downstairs
Quick clean of bathroom
Stick Xmas cards up
Pop into town
Cook dinner
Clear up kitchen
Kids to bed
15 minutes declutter
defrost freezer
food shop

On a roll today smile

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 15-Dec-12 17:20:02


The whole house (apart form a few hotspots) is tidy. DH has been pulling his weight much better since I had my operation and actually got up first and put some washing on this morning. I have been tidying up all the small stuff for several hours, he has hoovered the whole house, between us we have done several loads of washing. ILs have arrived safely and we have been out for a walk after dark to deliver cards and look at everyone's Christmas lights - there are a couple of stunning displays on houses nearby.

Just going to make some mince pies and get tea ready for eating in front of Strictly. Have a good evening everyone.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 15-Dec-12 18:44:57

Such a slack day todaysad
But slight Ta Da
Massive lie in grin
Christmas shopping just about complete
Taken Dd to library
Dinner prepared

To do
Wash pots & shine sink

NickNacks Sat 15-Dec-12 20:07:09

So so happy! grin

The house is sooooi tidy! I've worked really hard the last few days. It's probably not up to everyone's standards but it's great for us.

So ta da list

Took boys ice skating
Went to town bought mindees presents
Food shop
Defrosted freezer
Stripped and washed dd's bed
Hoovered house top to bottom
Two loads of washing
Four baskets of washing put away
Wrote Xmas cards
Cooked dinner
Cleaned kitchen
Washed pots
Stick Xmas cards up
Wrapped mum birthday present and cards
Found dhs bank card

laurenamium Sat 15-Dec-12 21:12:24

Hi all! I'm very jealous of all of these tidy houses and you have inspired me to have a huge deep clean tomorrow before I visit my DF! smile

DDs birthday party went very well today! But my house has paid the price for it as the kitchen looks like a party food bomb has exploded and there Are balloons and toys all over! So a deep clean tomorrow is a good thing!

Be back with links!

laurenamium Sat 15-Dec-12 21:13:01

Tomorrow is Sunday which is

laurenamium Sat 15-Dec-12 21:17:42

blush lets try that again!

Tomorrow is Sunday which is renewing your spirit

It is baby step sixteen tomorrow reading fly emails. Controversial one!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

NickNacks Sat 15-Dec-12 21:48:38

Thanks Lauren - glad you had a good party smile

Has anyone heard from PA lately? Not seen her around in ages.

hi all, I used to fly, but then my back went and the only sort of flying I could do was on serious pain meds. Thanks to DH and DC the house has stayed not too bad, Im not in CHAOS and we havent got stuff everywhere, but I feel like heading towards new year and getting back into my routine would be good.

My lovely neighbour has helped a few times, hoovering and washing floors for me which has saved my sanity.

Onwards and upwards.

NickNacks Sun 16-Dec-12 08:56:17

Hi Jax smile

Quick list dump for this lovely Sunday.

Dry uniforms
Empty dw
Put today's wash on
Dust sitting room
Make dd's bed up
Write birthday card
Clean bathroom shelves
Dust bedroom
Cook dinner
Clear kitchen/was pots
Bath/was hair/ cut nails all kids


Have a great Sunday everyone!

adventcandle Sun 16-Dec-12 09:49:11

Welcome Jax

Had a lie in this morning, so I think that's renewing my spirit sorted smile

To do today

wash living room curtains, iron and rehang
decobweb and dust living room
make stew in slow cooker
wrap some presents
carol service tonight
sort out bag/clothes for work tomorrow

laurenamium Sun 16-Dec-12 10:04:33

Hi jax smile I think I remember you! Glad you are feeling better!

My house is in chaos!

To do:
DD laundry and put it away
My laundry away
Put party food away/ in bin and put box in recycling
Shine sink
Clean counter tops
Sort party bags
Clean kitchen floor
Find somewhere for ride ons to live. DD now has 4 hmm
Try to organise birthday cards so they don't look awful
Home bleurgh
Wash and change bedding
Put DD stairgate on her bedroom door
Pick up dog poo from outside
Meal plan for next week and write shopping list
Wash my riding jacket
Put stickers on DD toy box

I think that's it for now! will tackle bathroom tomorrow if I can get this lot done today!


NickNacks Sun 16-Dec-12 10:33:17

Jax is somewhat of a hero at the moment smile

laurenamium Sun 16-Dec-12 10:53:34

What have I missed??

Engelsemama Sun 16-Dec-12 11:45:51

DH us snoring on the sofa, DS is having his nap.

I am feeling so bored - I can't actually be bothered to do anything, even though I have a tonne of marking to do and the house is a tip.

Off to catch up on the thread now and maybe do some marking.

Jax is knackered today! grin I am having a PJ day today. I feel worn out, this cold/flu is lingering and is draining me of energy.

But the house is clean and tidy so today is chill out day.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sun 16-Dec-12 16:06:03

Lingering colds all round here too. ILs went home at lunchtime, we took the DCs to the sports centre to go in the softplay while we had a coffee. Then I wandered into town for a few bits of shopping and got soaked. DH sensibly stayed in to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol with the DCs.

Need to go and start getting the dinner ready, back later.

Why is Jax a hero? Hello Jax!

elliepac Sun 16-Dec-12 16:27:36

Helloooooo! Well, observation out of the way but still 1 week to go at work. This time last year we were a day away from finishing!

Been a busy bee today.

Ta da:-
Deep, proper clean of kitchen.
Deep, proper clean of our room
Tidy of dc's room
Clean and tidy of living room
Shopping for xmas tree (must leave it this late next year got a 6 ft for 17.50!)
Washing x lots
Putting away x lots
Decoration of aforementioned xmas tree.

I am now officially pooped. DH was supposed to be helping but his BF is going through a nasty marriage break-up and needed tea and sympathy today so have got it all done on my own.

Just dinner to cook and then a long soak in the bath!

Big waves to everyone!

madwomanintheattic Sun 16-Dec-12 17:28:19

I have moved the living room furniture around in order to find a space for the Tree. grin

Will be flying crazily today, and will report back later with a ta da list. I will. <determined>

NickNacks Sun 16-Dec-12 17:33:52

Jax do you mind me pointing everyone in the direction of that thread?? grin

course you can nicknacks I wasnt the only one. grin And Im not a hero, at all. blush

NickNacks Sun 16-Dec-12 17:56:20

I cant do a link as on phone but you should read a thread in Chat called 'Today I Am Packing A Bag And Leaving'. smile

NickNacks Sun 16-Dec-12 18:09:31

Dry uniforms
Empty dw
Put today's wash on
Dust sitting room
Make dd's bed up
--Write birthday card-/
Clean bathroom shelves
Dust bedroom
Cook dinner
Clear kitchen/wash pots
Bath/wash hair/ cut nails all kids

Just about to take all three up for bath and bed. On own as DH working tonight so always a bit more chaotic but plan to be sat down by 7.30pm. My challenge and promise to myself is to be say down by 7.30 each evening smile

laurenamium Sun 16-Dec-12 20:45:25

Oh I read the beginning of that thread but had to stop as I'm pretty emotionally unstable lately and I didn't want to cry in front of DD! jax if you are helping that OP in any way then you definitely are a hero!

Going to dump links then sleep, I'm massively drained and emotional blush. Stupid hormones!

laurenamium Sun 16-Dec-12 20:53:53

Baby step seventeen is choosing a bed time and sticking to it

Monday is home bleurgh day

Tomorrow we are moving into [[ zone 4] the master bedroom.

For those that are already decluttered and are on to detailed cleaning the lists are here

Tomorrows mission is to throw out rubbish

laurenamium Sun 16-Dec-12 20:54:38

Tomorrow we are moving into zone 4 the master bedroom.

Sorry, posting off my phone!

there were 3 of us and OP and we gutted her kitchen, her bathroom and sorted out loads of things for rubbish.

Next week lauriefairycake is going back with someone else to take some laundry she did and do some more.

I was so proud of the amount we got done in 4.5hours. fridge/freezer defrosted, cleaned, dishes washed, put away, homes found for things... you know how it is when things get on top of you. Anyway, I hope the OP comes to these threads for encouragement, she did so well on Friday.

TrazzleMISTLEtoes Sun 16-Dec-12 22:50:19

Good on you Jax.

Still no flying here as still in hospital... I was home last night though and DBro helped with Mt. Washmore etc and washing up. Bless him.

Hoping DS will be discharged tomorrow and I've managed to sell a couple of bits through Facebook so should have more pennies and more space. Feel a bit sad at starting to get rid of toys though... DD is getting too big too fast. sad

Onwards and upwards though...

Work night out tomorrow as well so much flying is unlikely grin. Ah well.

Hi all. Speciallly Jax and Zombies smile. Hope you get home today Trazzle. Have a good night out, I'm sure you could do with an irresponsible few hours.

This weekend has mostly been taking down the dead Christmas tree, clearing up needles x1000000 and putting up replacement tree. Little actual flying although I have cleaned the floors.

Work today. To do
Bit of Christmas shopping
Online shop
Make fnal Christmas list
Check finances
Choose christmas starter and pudding
Put away loads of washing

well I have a poorly DD - I feel awful, think she has my cold/flu and she is a right snotty state. So 1 child off school today, so doubt much flying will get done, but what I might do (might) is go through her wardrobes and sort out clothes and toys and books to get rid of.

I also have a load of presents to get wrapped and sent to Scotland so will get that done.

laurenamium Mon 17-Dec-12 08:13:42

Well done jax! That's the best Christmas present that lady could have got!

Dumping a list but most of yesterday's things are on it blush, I was distracted by putting up DM Christmas trees!

To do:

Clean kitchen floor
Find somewhere for ride ons to live. DD now has 4
Try to organise birthday cards so they don't look awful
Home bleurgh
Wash and change bedding
Put DD stairgate on her bedroom door
Pick up dog poo from outside
Meal plan for next week and write shopping list
Wash my riding jacket
Put stickers on DD toy box
Walk dogs
School run
DD and mindee to playgroup
Friend round later for catch up!


Engelsemama Mon 17-Dec-12 09:04:04

Amazing thread jax. fantastic - almost made me cry (and has inspired me to get off the sofa)

trazzle hope DS gets home today. (and sympathise with Mt washmore - I did 6 loads of laundry this weekend!)

To do
blitz of downstairs (washing-up, washing away, hoover, tidy table)
go out and get some more christmas lights
WORK! (I am drowning in marking and it's parents' evening tomorrow plus Christmas Show on Thursday shock

DH has emailed to say he's going to take a half day so we can go out to get lights together and then I may disappear upstairs to mark. He's winding down for Christmas now but I still have this horrible week to get through!

strictlycaballine Mon 17-Dec-12 11:08:30

Hi everyone. Just cantering through ...

Can't find thread but "well done" Jax and co!! Hope your dd feels better soon.

Hope you enjoy the well deserved break tomorrow night Trazzles

Glad party went well Lauren

Pushme¨very impressed by the fact that you have two Christmas trees? shock Haven't got one up yet!!
(at home anyway, office one is done)

Top marks for top Flying yesterday ellie and glad observation done and dusted

Nicknacks I don't think PA is posting on here much at the moment because since her relocation to Cambodia and subsequent house move, she doesn't have much Flying to do. And also because Internet signal is a bit dodgy/unpredictable.

Battling a bad here - feel headachy, floaty and wierd - ignoring a strong desire to curl up on the sofa. Dh off to London tomorrow so have to have all my UK parcels and cards packed by then (have 14 parcels and 137 cards to send. So far am on parcel no;3 and card no 40!!) Think it's going to be a late night grin. Also have to finish supermarket shop for shoe box appeal at dd's school. In terms of Flying, downstairs looked OK for about 15 mins at the weekend and then I started on the card writing/present wrapping/parcel packing and it is now a wreck again. Boudoir still a pit. Drowning in sea of paper clutter too.

Have most presents done but two urgent ones for in-laws still missing and must be sent tomorrow.

One good thing - have a cleaner available over Christmas who I thought was going to be away for three weeks.

Must get on. Huge waves to everyone!

GoingGoingGoth Mon 17-Dec-12 15:35:48

Who-hoo Flying today!

Dd to school
Dh to dentist
Dd school Christmas concert
Moved furniture in lounge
Weekly clean
Caught up on last week's bathroom missions
1 load ironing

To do
Finish writing cards
Put our cards up properly
Prepare dinner
Wash up & shine sink

adventcandle Mon 17-Dec-12 20:41:35

No flying for me today. Basic morning routine only, and hopefully evening one if I can keep awake long enough smile

Back at work, so up at at 5.30 to be in work for 7.30. Finished at four, picked my mum up from Asda at five, took her home, then came home to let the dog out, met a friend at six, went for a chinese, just got home, am shattered and will be off to bed soon.

strictlycaballine Mon 17-Dec-12 22:37:51

You are on a roll Goinggoing!! Top Flying marks!

Sleep well advent

Just nipping back on here to find some motivation

Shoe box shopping/organising/delivery and in-law shopping plus usual rl routines took up most of the day so I am still packing parcels. Have streaming nose and screwdriver headache. Want to go to bed but must keep going!!!!

Hope everyone else is surving the pre-Christmas madness. Mahoosive wing flaps to all.

Waves to all - sorry have been a bit AWOL lately, distracted by RL...

Did manage to hoover this morning, and have been to choir, baked biscuits and wrapped a few presents this evening so at least that's something.

laurenamium Mon 17-Dec-12 23:53:11

Wow very quiet here today!

Ta da:
Try to organise birthday cards so they don't look awful
Home bleurgh
Clean kitchen floor
Wash and change bedding
Pick up dog poo from outside
Meal plan for next week and write shopping list
Wash my riding jacket
Walk dogs
School run
DD and mindee to playgroup
Friend round for catch up!

Not bad really grin I'll be back with links!

laurenamium Mon 17-Dec-12 23:58:33

Tomorrow is Tuesday which is [[ planning day].

Babystep 18 is reading the 11 commandments

Tomorrows mission is putting away things for 15 minutes

For those up to it, the detailed cleaning list is here

laurenamium Mon 17-Dec-12 23:59:21

I've done it again!! blush

Tomorrow is Tuesday which is planning day

elliepac Tue 18-Dec-12 06:57:55

Still here. Like engels just trying to get through this last mad week. Hallway os nearly finished and is looking lovely. Just laminate to put down in the hall and carpet to be laid up the stairs.

Finally finished xmas shopping apart from stockings but dh is in charge of those. Flying is minimal but ongoing after the massive weekend splurge. We are desperately trying to keep it tidy and clean in the run-up to the big day but i do have an awful lot of washing to do.

Better go and get ready for work.

Big waves to everyone!

laurenamium Tue 18-Dec-12 07:47:24

Morning all! Just a list dump before work!

To do:
Walk dogs
DD and mindee to baby gymnastics
Clean bathroom
Wash bathmats and towels
Take DD to see horse (CM is ill)
Wrap last of presents


BeginningtoffeealotlikeXmas Tue 18-Dec-12 09:59:51

Sorry to have been absent for a few days thanks to RL pre-Christmas madness. I hope you are all doing ok with your Christmas preparations.

Lauren - you are doing a great job running the thread - thank you. It's not an easy month to run it at this busy time of year and when you are working too.

Trazzles - I am crossing my fingers for you that you'll all be home for Christmas.

Jax - I saw that thread - heartwarming. It's lovely of you and the other Mumsnetters to go and help that poor woman. You have probably changed her life. smile

Loads to do now. I can't even face making a list as it will only make me panic.

back sore today so not a lot of flying going on here.

TiredofZombies Tue 18-Dec-12 11:04:16

Morning all. Not sure I'm flying as such, but am getting some things done. Cleaned the bathroom this morning including right behind the toilet where all the dark fibres settle. (Dark towels. They shed fibres everywhere making the bathroom look dirty all the time.) Also cleaned around the bedroom window where the mildew was growing.

I'm now having a coffee & MN break, then got to go into town for some bits.

Have a good day everyone.

laurenamium Tue 18-Dec-12 11:38:55

Thanks toffee, I haven't really been doing round ups but links are there at least!

tired that definitely sounds like flying to me!

I need to add, buy cat litter for guinea pigs and clean them out to my list! My house looks like a bombs gone off and I can't decide why. I think it's the balloons but I don't have the heart to pop them!

That also sounds like flying to me. Few more days and the paint tins come out so it is all a bit crazy around here. For those who don't know I have luxary of the house to my ownsom over christmas and have decided to decorate rather then celebrate. Which hopefully means by the time people get back after christmas my room will look nice and be organised. Well at least that is the plan.

ta da
early training
Into town for some shopping (fabric for a sewing project and some buttons for making customised drawing pins.)
Laundry 2 loads
strip ds' bed
Put ds' kit onto wash and makes sure rest of kit is ready to go
Look at what presents I have for ds and wrap (we will do presents when he come home for new year)
Chose colour of paint and buy
Find the felt and half finished projects out of office ready for working in paint drying time
make test pins. (some are looking more succesful then others hmm )
Consider what child is getting with his money from family (they want parcel under tree but might just get him to stick into his savings so he can put it towards something big he wants)
Consider writing thank you notes in advance for the stuff I know about so that ds just has to sign them making process much easier. - will do tonight when watching ds do stuff
try and figure out what to do about ds' birthday party this year.
Find diary and try to get dates of stuff entered and all entered and sorted in brain - end of Jan/beginning of Feb is already looking like a complete nightmare!!!!!

Right must go get ds from school. More to do will be back later.

ComradeJing Tue 18-Dec-12 20:06:44

Hi everyone,

I'm keeping an eye on the thread and not really doing baby steps but I'm still flat out unpacking. The only room left to do now is the study. There's still a lot of organising to do but everything will be away so it will just be a case of rearranging (as in re doing where everything lives in the kitchen as I'm not happy right now).

Our dining table, chairs and bed finally arrived yesterday thank god.

Today's todo list:

Rubbish out
Finish visa forms
Put away last few clothing items
Tidy DDs room
Unpack study
Clean floor

Cuddledup Tue 18-Dec-12 20:39:25

Advice please: I've tried FLYING but by the time I've done the daily chores (after work) cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, I really can't be bothered to do any of my zones. Where am I going wrong?


adventcandle Tue 18-Dec-12 20:45:46

Today's Ta Da list

morning and home from work routines done, including washing pots and a load of washing
did some last minute gift shopping in lunch break
took Christmas fruit and veg order into greengrocers
posted a Christmas card - kept forgetting this last week
moved some boxes from hallway - one into shed, two into DS bedroom to go up in loft
done Monday's mission, in DS bedroom and mine

To do

Tuesday mission, whilst bath is running
Bedtime routine - includes getting clothes out for tomorrow

adventcandle Tue 18-Dec-12 20:52:40

Hi Cuddledup I work full time, and this is what I struggle with. I had last week off work and blitzed the house, hoping that now most of it is clean and tidy I can maintain it. I don't have children at home though, just me, the dog and a part time DP.

I have morning and home from work routines, basic kitchen tidying, washing, hoovering etc, but don't have energy for much more. At the weekend I try to do the home blessing list. Now I have blitzed the house, I am planning to do the daily mission in the evening, mostly they are accomplished in 15 mins or so.

Deckthecastle Tue 18-Dec-12 21:22:03

Just crashing by; my wings have been a bit clipped recently. Back to clumsy fluttering tomorrow, and keeping it very simple so that I don't feel so guilty that I leave it another week before peeping out of the naughty corner.....blush

Wednesday To-Do:
Routines and Christmas cards

GoingGoingGoth Tue 18-Dec-12 21:43:15

Not so much flying, as hopping today.
BUT new handbasin was fitted today( after 12 weeks of asking LL) so happy.

Dd to school
1 load washing put away
Another load ironed
ANOTHER load washed
Presents wrapped
Daily mission
Cleaned up after workman.
Dd from school
Prepared dinner
Washed up & shined sink
Watch Last Tango in Halifaxsmile

laurenamium Tue 18-Dec-12 21:55:51

Hello cuddled! I can't help you I'm afraid as although I work nearly full time hours I work from home so I can squeeze laundry etc into my working day. There are flyers on here though that manage to work full time and fly successfully. Hopefully they will be along soon to give you a few hints on how they do it!

My ta da:

Took DD to see my horse and spent the afternoon cleaning, grooming etc with her smile
Bought bedding for guinea pigs
Wrapped last of presents and organized DDs into a sack to drop off at my parents
DD and mindee to gymnastics

I think that's it blush which isn't much flying!

Be back soon with links for tomorrow!

laurenamium Tue 18-Dec-12 22:26:53

Links for tomorrow...

Tomorrow is babystep 19: reading inspirational posts. This one isn't for me but I'm sure it is beneficial for lots of others!

Wednesday is anti procrastination day

This week we are in zone 4: the master bedroom and the detailed cleaning list is here.

Tomorrows mission is dusting in the bedroom.

Hi cuddled smile

I work full time and the zones are difficult. I basically stick to my morning and evening routines, which are the day to day tasks needed to stop the house getting worse (setting the bar low at the pushme house grin ). Then I try to spend 15 minutes a day in the current zone either doing a bit of clearing or clening depending on the state of the zone and my state of mind! I have a mental list of the things I try to do in each zone. For example my bathroom list is:

All empty packets and tubes thrown away
Spray grout with mildew remover
Wipe skirting boards, behind the loo and basin pedestal
polish mirrors and glass bathroom scales
Thorough clean of sink and taps

As long as i manage these at some point during the week i don't really stress about it. This seems to be enough for small improvements in the state of my house over time, although tbh it's not exactly glistening, althogh it is good enough to have people round most of the time as long as they're not too fussy

I am procastinating btw in case anyone has missed it! Should be going to bed but hungry for no good reason. Cba to get something to eat and cba ging to bed. Also have some paid work I really should be doing but cba to do that either!

laurenamium Wed 19-Dec-12 00:29:00

I've acquired a lively DD and a host of her cuddly toys in my bed hmm. I wouldn't mind normally but she's having a birthday party for elmo and it's very noisy! It's going to be a long night smile

madwomanintheattic Wed 19-Dec-12 04:46:55

Oh Blimey. Hope you got some kip.

I love Wednesdays, and I have a whole host of anti-procrastinating to do! I started early tonight (it's still Tuesday here, but it's weds in the UK) and went and got some cheques signed and invoices cleared. grin

I don't do inspirational posts. They make me want to throw the laptop out of the window. grin Them and the post-it's. grin

Cuddledup Wed 19-Dec-12 08:05:06

Pushme thanks for that advice - really helpful. Since I work part time I wonder really why I find it all so difficult. To be fair the house is fairly presentable most of the time it's just the deep cleaning I never get round to.
Thanks again.

laurenamium Wed 19-Dec-12 08:09:01

Well DD is definitely of the sleeping is cheating opinion! Neither of us got much sleep but surprisingly I don't feel too bad! Quick list dump before mindees arrive!

To do:
DD and mindees to rhyme time Christmas party
Walk dogs
Clean out guinea pigs
Wash bathmats and towels
Wash DD sheet


TiredofZombies Wed 19-Dec-12 10:51:37

Anyone else suffering a massive attack of can-not-be-fecking-arsed today? DD is dressed and has had breakfast, I'm dressed (with shoes) and have had two breakfasts (6wks pg and ravenous all the time), and since then she has watched TV and I have MN-ed. Have to go out shortly in the pouring rain - walking of course, as I failed my driving test again last week. Hopefully once I've been out I'll feel motivated to actually do something.

GoingGoingGoth Wed 19-Dec-12 11:22:24

Zombies oh god yes! Just having a 5 minute break (could end up being 2 hours now I'm online)
Didn't get Dd to school until 9:15, but at least we weren't last. blush
I seem to be drowning under washing.

TiredofZombies Wed 19-Dec-12 13:17:12

I wanted to apologise for my last post actually, it was not vrey motivational, and not really in the spirit of the thread. I think my mistake was lighting the fire actually. Then I just didn't want to leave the nice warm lounge.

Have been out - it was a flu jab appointment so I had to go out or I would have just lounged around all day. Got back and did lunch, and tidied the kitchen, and put away all the clean washing. So I haven't been totally lazy!

ta da
play hunt the school uniform
finish stitching the hearts that were stuffed the other day/week
Make sock monkey from scratch - just needs arms and ears
Laundry x 2 loads
packing list for ds
pack ds' stuff
Sort out plan of action for tomo
Be very surprised that the book i ordered yesterday has been delivered to the shop already and I can pick it up

Next job clear out car hmm

Actually Zombie, your post was pretty much the spirit of the thread. Why do you think we have a naughty corner complete with naughty corner bar and a sun room installed? grin

TiredofZombies Wed 19-Dec-12 15:13:35

There's a naughty corner bar? I'm bringing my sleeping bag and moving in! Oh, except I'm pg so will be on the lemonade. Pah, that's no fun!

strictlycaballine Wed 19-Dec-12 16:15:38

passes tray of drinks to TiredofZombies Worry not. You fit right in!! grin

Good luck with all your decorating plans over Christmas Bitchy Are you going to celebrate just a little bit for yourself though???

Waves to Cuddledup I shouldn't be handing out advice given the putrid state of my house atm (and I only work approx 9 hrs a week now + study for 15 and only 1 dd) but I think the idea is that you do as many 15 mins and 5 mins 'blasts' of chores that you can possibly fit in during the day and then, as clutter is gradually cleared and areas get gradually cleaner, it should take less and less time. Like eating an elephant. I think the ultimate goal is that one never has to deep clean because it has all been tackled in little bits. That's the theory anyway!!

Lauren hear hear what Toffee said about running the thread. It is brilliant of you to fit it in amongst the pre-Christmas madness and much appreciated!!

Sorry - only dipping in and out of thread atm - so no more personals but huge waves to everyone. Hope I haven't missed anything vital.

Finished huge present wrapping and card-writing bonanza at 4 am on Monday night for dh to post in London on Tues!! Then felt thoroughly unwell with migraine/cold for past two days but much relieved bulk has gone. Still writing cards and wrapping teachers' presents though ...and haven't ordered tree yet - yikes!!

Think it is going to be a very quiet Christmas for us for once (dh and dd absolutely exhausted so can only be a good thing) so just trying to get as much done now so we can enjoy it ...

Have received my xpat supermarket Christmas order and yay- now have J-cloths, Jacobs Cream crackers, Carrs table water biscuits, Marmite, salt and vinegar crisps, crackers and ginger wine!! grin

Huge wing flaps to all [Lays out tray of mulled wine in naughty corner]

I have baked today, cleaned kitchen, sorted laundry, tidied up, done 2 loads of dishwasher stuff and some food shopping.

Waves to all and snaffles SC's mulled wine. Mmm!

Today I have been working, and have also done the ironing and wrapped a few presents. Tonight there's a Zumba Christmas party which could be interesting. Earn a treat or undo all the good work?? wink

DH is going to make cheese straws later. Remains to be seen what the state of the kitchen will be... grin

NickNacks Wed 19-Dec-12 20:27:21

Urgh I have the lurgy! sad

Finished work today though so yippee!! smile

Tomorrow's list.

Friend over for a cuppa
Good tidy downstairs
Hoover throughout
Put travel cot away
Go to town
Wrap DH presents
Write cards
Write invoices
Deliver local cards/gifts

GoingGoingGoth Wed 19-Dec-12 20:57:35

ta da
Got off sofa after replying to Zombies grin
More washing, ironing & putting away
Updated online shop for tomorrow's delivery
Went to green grocer for veg
Wrapped Dh present with Dd
Prepared dinner
Washed up & shined sink
Completed mission

laurenamium Wed 19-Dec-12 21:42:20

I have a poorly DD and she is refusing to even consider sleep...ill be back at some point with tomorrow's basic links!

strictlycaballine Wed 19-Dec-12 22:02:10

Oh - poor you and your poor dd Lauren Hope she feels better tomorrow and that you both get some sleep tonight.

Was just nipping on here to say 'g'night' so hope you don't mind but have taken liberty of doing links so you don't have to bother. Have a well deserved brew or wine instead.

Baby-step 20 for tomorrow here include laundry in your morning and evening routines - a good 'un

Thursday is errand day

This week we are in Zone 4 the master bedroom and the detailed cleaning list is here

Thursday's mission is change your bed

[snaffles Blue's dh's cheese straws] mmmmm

Hope your day got better Zombies

Well done Gothand Jax

Hope you feel better soon Nicknacks

G'night everyone.

laurenamium Wed 19-Dec-12 22:05:52

Here are tomorrows links...

Tomorrow is baby step 20: including laundry into your routine. Another very good one! I did this when XP was living here, but now it's just me and DD I probably do it every few days instead as we make much less washing smile.

Thursday is errand day

Tomorrows mission is putting clean sheets on the bed

We are in zone 4: the master bedroom and detailed cleaning list is here.

Have a good Thursday everyone!

laurenamium Wed 19-Dec-12 22:07:11

grin cross posted sc thank you though thanks! I'm going to sleep while the monster DD is napping!

elliepac Thu 20-Dec-12 07:04:01

Still here. Still surviving. Some silly bugger decided to have a parent's evening in the last week of term so it was half 6 when I walked in last night. I have done no flying but DH is doing a sterling job of keeping on top of everything.

No time for personals but welcome zombie. your post, as bitchy said is completely in the spirit of the thread. Can't be fecking arsedness is precisely the reason i am still here after 3 years.grin

laurenamium Thu 20-Dec-12 07:53:52

Morning all!

<waves to ellie>

I'm so tired my head hurts sad

Today's to do:
School runs
Cancel cervical screening and rearrange

That's it, the rest of the day will be snoozing and cuddling DD!


Cuddledup Thu 20-Dec-12 08:41:31

Dressed to lace up shoes and ready for action !
Quick question - what do people wear when doing their house work. I wear an apron but I really fancy one of those old fashioned wrap around house coats you used to see a zillion years ago in black and white movies of the 50's. Anyone know where I can get one ?

OFf to tackle kitchen....

strictlycaballine Thu 20-Dec-12 09:01:01

Sorry didn't get there early enough with the links last night Lauren!! Hope you can catch up on sleep tonight!!

Cuddledup nothing so glamorous I'm afraid - I wear navy blue trackie pants and navy blue or white polo shirt - tis a sort of uniform for cleaning/cooking. Bit of a bugger though cos I have to "change" when I go out ...
Not sure where you would buy those wrap housecoats but loads of vintage sewing patterns available on line nowadays such as here if you are nifty with a needle.

Great your dh is stepping up Elliewhen you are so snowed under

No more time for personals - last day to finish card writing/present-wrapping/organising/do loads of laundry oh and dd has given me more work as craft projects she was working on for christmas presents for her friends went horribly wrong last night and she is terribly upset so I have offered to help. Carol concert at 3.45 too.

Good luck surviving all the madness everyone. Keep going!!

Jdub Thu 20-Dec-12 09:37:43

Good morning lovely organised and inspiring people,
Today is my last morning at work and so my to dos for later are:

Give my Dad his birthday pressies for today (and mums - a Christmas Eve birthday!)
Finish wrapping (this is the earliest I've ever achieved this!)
Staple cards to crepe paper and get dh to hang up
Sweep kitchen floor

ta das
oh bother - none as yet - but once I get home, KABOOM!!

Have a lovely day!!

TiredofZombies Thu 20-Dec-12 10:56:55

Morning gang, yesterday did get a bit better thanks, I did get my arse in gear and did some basic tidying and dinner prep.

I like the idea of Cuddledup's housecoat. I just wear my normal clothes, eg jeans, t-shirt and hoodie / fleece. That's why my jeans have a blach splash on the thigh. I coloured it in with black permanent marker so it doesn't look like spunk or baby sick isn't so obvious. S&B queen, me.

So anyway, ta da:
Morning routine (an advance on yesterday then!)
Vac lounge
Clean hearth

To do:
Clean downstairs loo
Wrap remaining presents
More laundry

Morning all. I just wear normal clothes for housework too. I've seen housecoat type things on the market here. Don't know if that would work where you are Cuddledup?

Have been to the hairdresser and postponed the Aldi shop for tomorrow. Now I need to decide what to do next...

To do
make cakes for DS1's class party
Wrap presents
Laundry away
Check bus times
Carol concert! smile

Gah! Email's sulking. Going to make work hard...

Jamillalliamilli Thu 20-Dec-12 13:55:43

Hello to Zombies, Jax, Jdub, and Cuddledup, and hope I’ve not missed anyone new.

Trazzle so glad you’re all (hopefully staying) home for Christmas.

I couldn't bring myself to come on here and say more was going wrong until there was some hope on the horizon, as things are such a mess, and the only flying has been everyone tempers, (and borrowed money flying out of my hands) and it’s all very stressful, unreasonable and unseasonable.

DD and GC’s move turned into a total disaster on the day. Packed, prepared, and started, but cutting short a dreadful day, the rest of what should have happened, didn't!

Also cutting short a lot of awfulness, no help available (that didn't involve unthinkable things over children) so everything ended up scattered over three locations, lots got pulled apart scattered everywhere unpacked to get at essentials, and ideas on how not to make things worse have differed, and tempers have been very frayed. I've struggled with health, (disabled) DD has had to be in virtual isolation, DS has been struggling to cope, separately some stupid things have been said to him that have hit him hard, and consequent meltdowns have not been fun.

The move is now happening today as best as it can, but is all a stressful mess.

Haven’t been able to do anything about ‘sludgefest,’ insurance situation, or storage unit situation and just have my fingers crossed that somehow things will get to be all right. (please, please, please.)

‘Bedinshed’ is now ‘Bedsamongststorage’. Owner has put loads in that has to stay, and we have to manage round it, lots of family stuff has had to be added, it’s all a terrible mess and I'm feeling like the world’s worst parent.

But, by the end of today (almost) everyone should at least be in the place they’ll be spending Christmas in, and ‘operation rescue Christmas’ can try and happen. if I can work out where on earth to start.

TiredofZombies Thu 20-Dec-12 15:33:46

Hello Just, sounds like you're having an utter nightmare sad I don't know the history here, is this all due to flooding? I do hope everything gets sorted out in time for you to have a decent Christmas. I am sure that, one way or another, everything will work out.

just your situation sounds hellish to say the least! Flying is the least of your worries my love. sad I also dont know history, but sending you calming thoughts and large vat of wine!

Today I have vaccuumed and washed downstairs floors (ouch from my back)
done a load of laundry
cleaned bathrooms,
oiled my wooden tables with a lovely method wood cleaner which has almond oil in, smells lovely.

Got friends coming for dinner tonight, so have made ham in cola, going to do celeriac dauphinoise, loads of veggies, chocolate cheesecake and lastly I have got my mint, sugar, lime pounded ready to make several jugs of mojitos!

Cuddledup Thu 20-Dec-12 20:03:48

Just v sorry to hear about your hellish situation. I also don't know the back story but I think lots of wine is called for.

Had a fairly productive day -
cleaned kitchen twice after DH decided to cook. hmm
felt sick so cancelled visit to salon for pre-Christmas "tidy up" (if Father Xmas can have a beard why can't I?)
put up cards and more decks
bought final part of DD's present
hoovered and hoovered....attic, living room
posted last Xmas cards (better late than never!)
watched Nativity with DD grin
and now I"m off to clean the kitchen again and shine that sink.
first lot of Xmas visitors arrive at 11 tonight hmm

Haven't even considered doing anything

Cuddledup Thu 20-Dec-12 20:05:06

Whoops posted without finishing my sentence...
I haven't even considered doing my Zone.... have reached the time of the day when I can't be fecking arsed. wine

adventcandle Thu 20-Dec-12 20:21:19

Hi all, work is exhausting in the run up to Christmas so no energy for anything in the evening. Not even taken the dog out the last two nights as the weather is awful here. Lots of roads flooded, although compared to just getting on, this is a minor thing, there's always another way to go.

Yesterday's Ta Da

usual routines
dusted bookcase in living room so I could put the tree in front of it
put up tree - this is easy as it's a pop up one smile
put lace curtain back up in living room
put rest of decorations up and put boxes back in loft
found a missing Christmas present after a mad search
wrapped up most of presents for grandchildren, just adults to do now

Today's Ta Da

usual routines
yesterday and today's bedroom missions, tomorrow's is a doddle grin

laurenamium Thu 20-Dec-12 21:16:30

Hi all!

DD is still refusing to sleep sad. I'm finished work now though until 7th January so have plenty of time to nurse her better, hopefully before Christmas!

Have only done basic routines today, back with lists tomorrow though or my house will be a disaster zone!

BB soon with links when DD stops shouting "mummy help" from her cot!

swanthingafteranother Thu 20-Dec-12 21:58:20

Just I think the last bit of your post is hopeful, I think you are achieving more than you think.

Dd has been poorly, poor little nephew has now been in hospitalized for last two weeks for a chronic condition, and I am just relieved it is the end of term, never mind worrying about Christmas blush The good news is that at least dd will not now get a virus over Christmas, unless it is an entirely different one (she is usually quite resilient, though complains a lot). Ds2 was ill a few weeks ago, so that only leaves Ds1 to come down with something at last minute?

This evening's challenge [wait for is pathetic..blush was unblocking a loo which defeated all the men in this house, and how to deal with the polysterene beads in three enormous sacks filling the front room. I thought the bean bags would come with instructions...hmm

Whose foolish idea was it to give two of them teenage bean bag chairs for Christmas? mine ..aargh how am I going to fill these bags with those beans, without covering the entire house in tiny static white beads? And a breeze apparently is lethal confused

numerous Xmas cards in about four batches..I think that is how I managed it this year, just keep sending little and often...
wrapped all presents nearly nearly
ordered all food
made plan for Christmas menu
argued about where dining table should go
ordered compost for seasonal displays
Ds1 Carol service (dh went)
watched Secrets of Moonacre (SC another one dd might enjoy - version of Little White Horse)
ordered some books for ds1 reading list
looked after dd all day

still to do
tidy house
TIDY GARDEN [view from window only]
cook red cabbage for freezer
ditto stuffing
shift sore throat

swanthingafteranother Thu 20-Dec-12 22:02:00

Oh yes, and done
renewed car tax in flurry of last minute finding of relevant docs, too late to do it by phone hmm
paid some bills
got ds1 off to school bright and early
packed lunches/party bags x 2
cleared Xmas wrapping and card hotspot into bin liner upstairs
bought myself some suede boots off a market stall (Cutprice Clarks) They fit, they are lovely and only £40...I've never had any boots except wellies since my so warm.

swanthingafteranother Thu 20-Dec-12 22:03:49

and finally PASS THE MOJITOS jax..all that mint/lime must be healthy

Still here doing nothing blush

Glad you are home Trazzle, hope you manage to get some rest over Christmas

Just, am thinking of you and your family. Wish I could do something to help.

Tired wave to everyone else. 8 hrs driving today for a half hour pointless meeting. Am knackered!

laurenamium Thu 20-Dec-12 22:41:39

If anyone is about that could do links I would hugely appreciate it. DD just had a night terror and is currently making noises in her bed that sound like she's about to start wailing again sad. Ill check back when she calms down and can post in the night if there's no one around though! thanks

GoingGoingGoth Fri 21-Dec-12 00:03:59

Will give it a go

Here are tomorrows links...

Tomorrow is baby step 21: Every Monday-Friday there is an Ask FlyLady Question, and FlyLady answers it. You can read this week’s questions at

Friday is Declutter purse & car day

Tomorrows mission is to have favourite pjs ready (!) for tonight

We are in zone 4: the master bedroom and detailed cleaning list is here.

Hope this works!

GoingGoingGoth Fri 21-Dec-12 00:05:56

Lauren meant to add hope your Dd has calmed down and that you get a good night's sleep

laurenamium Fri 21-Dec-12 01:25:00

thanks going! It's much appreciated!

DD has had an hours sleep and is going strong with her objections to sleep again sad! It's a good job there is no work tomorrow!

Ugh, poor you Lauren sad how old is she? Hope you got to sleep in the end

Last day at work for me today grin. Of course then I have to get the house Christmas ready shock. I think tomorrow and Sunday are going to be big days in the pushme household! Will be back late tonight so just a short list today to ease myself into it!

To do
Fold washing and put away
Wash sofa cover
Wrap stocking fillers
Finish online shop

Cuddledup Fri 21-Dec-12 08:31:53

SInce today is meant to be the "end of the world" I"m not sure if it's worth attempting my list - what's the point ? grin
Assuming we shall all be here tomorrow here's my list:

Tackle ironing mountain
Declutter guest bedroom
Do shift at Foodbank
Go Xmas shopping! I currently have nothing for two step sons and partner, DH and mum. shock

Fingers crossed DH will mend our toilet - as we have LOTS of guests coming on MOnday...

laurenamium Fri 21-Dec-12 09:04:29

Thanks pushme she just turned 2 last week! I had lots of broken sleep but she spent the night in her own bed which is a huge step forward grin

To do today:
Collect DD Christmas book
Deliver Christmas presents
My laundry
Clean bathroom
Deep clean playroom
Walk dogs
Wrap DD a Christmas Eve hamper box and fill it
Drop more of DDs presents at my mums in an undercover kind of way
Put shelf in garage
Put rocking horse in playroom- DD was freaking out and screaming at it last night, so moving it in the hope of sleep tonight
Small food shop- might just go to local corner shop to avoid trolley wars over a loaf of bread and some eggs!


GoldMyrrhAndNonsense Fri 21-Dec-12 09:08:44

Right school finished here yesterday so we're officially on our hols! Just finished off a lovely plate of cheese and crackers so thought it was time to write my list. We've had a minor disaster this morning as our kitchen was flooded when we got up. The emergency plumber has been and can't figure out where the water was coming from so has done what he can. I've pulled everything out of the cupboards and am slowly cleaning it all and salvaging what I can. Bit fed up but realise this is very minor compared to what some people are going through at the moment.

Clear surfaces in living room
Hoover throughout
Eat copious amounts of Roses
Wash up
Tidy our bedroom
Two loads of washing
Put away clean clothes
Sort out children's drawers

To Do
Finish cleaning up water damaged things in kitchen
Kitchen floor
Both bathroom floors
Wrap all presents (yea Gods!)
Stocking presents
Go to the panto (Yay!)
Two loads of washing
Take a nap

TiredofZombies Fri 21-Dec-12 10:23:21

Morning all.

Gold what a pain to wake up to that. Hope the cleanup is quick and relatively hassle-free. At least it means your cupboards are all nicely cleaned out. (An area where mine are sadly lacking.)

When shining my sink this morning I noticed how much nicer it looks without the grey plastic drainer. There's nowhere to put it when not in use though. Does everyone else have a drainer? Is it on the draining board all the time? If not, where do you hide it?

Sorry i am a bit awol atm. Things have been a bit insane around here. Got woken up by a migraine which is a pain because i have to sleep my migraines off so can't sleep atm hmm going to find some strong meds and brave town to collect a book that I ordered and came in less then 24hrs after order was placed. Was very impressed by the help and knowledge of the staff in the shop too. Sometimes you just want a person to advise rather then loads of internet stuff.

For those who weren't about last year we don't have links for christmas day and boxing day minimum. Fat fairy does and if you feel the need you can find them on her website otherwise. relax and enjoy as much as possible!!!!!!

Am hoping that once i get some more fluids and pain killers into my system I will feel a bit better and more able to get going. It has been a while a few months since I had a nasty one like this. Diet changes that i let slip are not worth letting slip <Sigh> fucking arses!!!!!!

<wanders off in a cloud of muttered swearing>

laurenamium Fri 21-Dec-12 11:11:22

zombies I have a stainless steel drainer that matches the stainless steel sink and I have one of those mesh stainless steel washing up bowls too so they all blend in smile

laurenamium Fri 21-Dec-12 11:12:58

Cross posts with bitchy! Thanks for the no Christmas and Boxing Day links reminders! I would have been drunkenly putting them on blush

Hope your migraine gets better soon!

TiredofZombies Fri 21-Dec-12 11:14:43

I did think one of those stainless steel drainers would look much nicer. I already have a chrome compost bucket (which has a plastic bucket inside), so it would look much better.

Btw, glass cleaner on your chrome stuff makes it shine like you wouldn't believe! (Everyone probably already knew that, but thought I'd share just in case.)

It works on tiles too.

Cba. meh.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 12:17:23

Stainless steel drainer here too, the sort that folds up, which is handy as we have very little counter space so you can put it away and use the draining board as extra space when doing lots of cooking.

Slowly getting on with things this week, I think I overdid it a bit at the start of the week and got a bit achey again, so I am taking it a bit easier. Got the oven covered in Oven Pride. DCs are still at school this afternoon, it has been a hectic week of concerts, plays, church services and parties.

laurenamium Fri 21-Dec-12 15:28:36

Quick list update while DD is asleep

Collect DD Christmas book
Deliver Christmas presents
My laundry- just drying
Clean bathroom (absolutely sparkling smile )
Put shelf in garage
Put rocking horse in playroom
Small food shop
Put stair gate on DD door
Put vynil stickers on DD toy box
Put DD laundry away

Still to do:
Make toad in the hole
Make banana loaf
Put my laundry away
Tidy playroom- will deep clean tomorrow
Wrap and fill DD Christmas Eve hamper
Friend round for catch up later


Jamillalliamilli Fri 21-Dec-12 16:47:58

To those asking it’s a combination of repeat flooding through overwhelmed drains, flat being downsized by incompetent builders, lack of cash, and me making bad wrong decisions.

Gold it’s all relative, I hope you soon get cleaned up and fixed and find out where it’s come from.
Cuddled I thought I was the only one thinking an apocalypse was a solution to cleaning.
Bitchy I hope you’ve got the headache under control. Horrid way to be reminded about diet.
Swan sorry to hear about little nephew. Just sweep the escaped beads towards one area and stand a snowman in front?
whoknows don’t hurt yourself, it’s a false economy.
Lauren hope moving the horse works.

Have spent today so far dealing with nasty surprise from bank, solicitors, friend in need, and then rescuing decorations, lights, tinsel and tree stand, and getting a tree.

A quick straw poll on who thought what mattered most revealed the tree, food, games, music, films, Christingle and nativity, are much more important to everyone than the mess here, or being able to move around (!) so it seems we’re sacrificing the table to the tree, and we’ll be eating on the bed from now on, (don’t tell flylady on me!) and a lot of compromising, but as this is all such a mess then whatever makes everyone feel better and festive, is fine by me, so it’s going to be a very odd ‘camping out Christmas’ here and trying to sort and clear more space to have it in as we go.

D/s has been installed with friend and several maths exam papers to revise with, and the pair of them to go see a film later which will de-stress him a bit and give me a chance to get the tree done.

The brilliant plan (remember I said that!) is I've got the tree in it’s stand on a drawing board, sat on the car’s trolley jack at wheelchair height, and when I'm done, he’ll come back and we’ll jack the finished tree up to the height of the table and slide it across. Cross your fingers….

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 18:39:08

Swan - I refilled a beanbag recently without too much mess, my top tip is not to go near it with anything platic as that causes static. I used a metal sieve and it worked really well. Still lost a few but it was really not too bad. Sorry to hear about all the ill children, especially Dnephew

swanthingafteranother Fri 21-Dec-12 18:57:31

just if it is any consolation, everyone has been screaming here (well mostly Dh - he can't stand the mess) and I think you are doing extremely well to have children who have their priorities the right way round!

a nice relaxing afternoon of children on the Xbox playing sport together, or in dd's case watching a film..brief foray to deliver a present...feeling quite relieved not to be packing up to go anywhere.
END OF TERM, furore of cards and more tins of biscuits/chocs/wine distrib.
Another bill paid
another present sent off in post
a few more cards stamped and sent
more shopping...I quite enjoy pottering round Morrisons when it isn't a big shop - some CDs to replace emergency present ones i stole from dcs stockings
picked up drycleaning
and filled two bean bags today...Oh what a good tip scientist Who, that explains why the beans were going loco when I tried to sweep them up or decant them..with plastic utensils.
Bean bags covered up


put away all the files I ransacked yesterday for car documents
put away hoover

have some more lemsip - still have lurgy. dd is much much better.

I am really pleased: this year I feel I have cracked far more organisation than last year, although can't say the house is at all tidy. Slightly to do with letting go and not trying to be all things to all men not sending cards to everyone I should have
This year I have managed to tip postman and give chocs to Drs surgery, so I am ahead there too.

swanthingafteranother Fri 21-Dec-12 19:00:26

And booked MOT for NY

Lauren glad your daughter is feeling a bit better. Was it her ears do you think or just disturbed sleep from busy day? Ds1 was intermittently excellent sleeper, then a bad patch, then excellent. It feels