Fledglings Remember to FLY through November...

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If your house is a mess and you are strugging with C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome) and S.T.U.F.F. (something that undermines family fun) then this is the thread where we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system (in our own, unique, relaxed style) with lots of chat, support and wine along the way.

This little-and-often system is designed so that you can follow a series of steps and routines each day (which gradually become second nature) in weekly designated zones of the house; defining and minimising housework - which in theory should leave you with more time to do other more interesting things instead! At the same time it is intended to reduce that panicky "rabbit in headlights" feeling when you are overwhelmed and everything needs doing all at once. No problem if you miss a day or two; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

We advise not signing up to receive the Flylady e-mails as you will be inundated! All the information you need will be linked here on a daily basis.

From the first of the month, we will be following Flylady's steps and routines using a three-pronged approach (dependent on the stage everyone is at):

- start or repeat baby steps

- repeat baby steps + do 15 mins a day decluttering in the current zone

- reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.

[And if you are really enthusiastic and have finished decluttering - you can go on to detailed deep cleaning in each zone.]

More info here on getting started and Flying lessons. Here's the launch pad for more experienced fledglings. Don't be put off by the barf-tastic language of the site - the underlying system is sound (and you may discover a few of our subversions of the vocabularly along the way).

Many thanks to SC for leading the thread through October (and for such a good OP, which I've blatantly cut and pasted) - thanks - and I'll post the first babysteps and mission tomorrow evening.

All welcome!!

feetheart Tue 30-Oct-12 22:30:33

Oooooo, can I be first to make my place? It might be a good sign after rubbish Flying attempts in Sept and rubbish keeping up with the thread in Oct.

HUGE thanks to SC for keeping us going in October and to Blue for taking on November.

I will do better, I will do better, I will do better...........
I WANT a decluttered house by Christmas.

Catmint Tue 30-Oct-12 22:32:12

Marking place.

Pleeeease release me, let me goooo!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 30-Oct-12 23:55:57

Marking place also.

Marking place here too, hoping I will find my wings again in November under all the clutter

Brilliant, I can join in again until the thread gets too long!! smile

Trazzletoes Wed 31-Oct-12 07:35:11

No flying here, but popping in to say hi so I don't lose you lovely lot.

elliepac Wed 31-Oct-12 08:25:20

Checking in. Big waves and hugs to trazzle. i am keeping up with your other thread and am full of admiration for you and your lovely family and Joseph. Stay strong.

nightshade1 Wed 31-Oct-12 08:44:00

can i join?
-before i get swept away under the tidal wave of clutter and housework never to be seen again

laurenamium Wed 31-Oct-12 08:44:05

Checking in from me too! thanks sc for last month and blue for this one!!

strictlycaballine Wed 31-Oct-12 08:59:10

Waves to fellow fledglings. Thanks for shiny new thread Blue!

Just parking my mop & bucket, cobwebs, stacks of microfibre cloths, eyes of newts and pkts of shoelaces ...wink

Great to 'see' you Trazzles Ditto what Ellie said. You , your lovely Joseph and all your family are very much in our daily thoughts on here. So I'm afraid you couldn't lose us even if you wanted to grin x

A very warm welcome to Nightshade and a very warm welcome (back?) to Catmint too!

I'm with you Feetheart on the "must do better" front (think I said that last month too blush) But I am going to do it this time [sets jaw determinedly]!

Ooh - there you are PA (flaps wings excitedly) and more wing flaps to Toffee Ellie Lauren Ellie and everyone else.

Going off to try [drum roll] to actually do some Flying today!!

[SC mounts broom stick and takes to the air unsteadily ..wink ]

issimma Wed 31-Oct-12 09:35:48

Hello grin
I think I'll be more of a lurker this month - I want to spend less time on mn blush and baby will be arriving so I need to embrace the chaos. But I will be here too much a bit, I'm sure.

<<waves>> back to SC and Hi to everyone else new and "old".

I am very excited, but I am not sure this is the place to share my excitement...... but I will, anyway! grin

SSssshhhhhhh but tomorrow I am meeting a lady who is likely to become our maid cleaner/helper. I never thought I would do it and I could never understand why people felt the need, but golly gosh it is too hot for any type of housework here and if I can pay someone to do it that's fine by me. In my defence I also see it that I am giving one lady an income that she so desperately needs to be able to help her to feed her family.
So, although I will be around here I will not even pretend to be doing housework! wink I will still be doing all the washing and ironing and cooking because I am a control freak and that is just a step too far! so my input into the thread will be limited! (but then it has been for many years months!! grin

DS now wants laptop and is walking around in circles around me to annoy me until I get off! hmm No, he is not 3 years old, he is 16 years old!!!! Is he too old for a clip around the ear??? According to him he is, and to be honest I would need a step-ladder to reach anything other than his kneecaps!

castlelough Wed 31-Oct-12 11:36:50

<parks broom and with a cackle throws a Halloween party in the Naughty Corner! grin Closing time at midnight! Then November flying begins in earnest!!!>

paneer Wed 31-Oct-12 11:40:09

I am going to try this

CarpeJugulum Wed 31-Oct-12 11:41:20

<slinks in to the naughty bar bearing wine >

Been here all along honest!

CaptainHoratioWragge Wed 31-Oct-12 11:48:19

Ooh hello, may I join you all please?

castlelough Wed 31-Oct-12 13:09:12

Welcome Captain and Paneer grin

paneer Wed 31-Oct-12 14:19:44


Looked at the fly lady site... do I REALLY need to get dressed to lace-up shoes confused

strictlycaballine Wed 31-Oct-12 14:39:00

[Craaaashhhh lands broom in front of naughty corner bar] - I have no control of the steering - honest! grin Swigs a glass or three of Carpe's 's lovely [red] and gets fire going under cauldron. What are you cooking for party grub tonight Castlelough?? wink grin

A warm welcome to Paneer and CaptainHoratio

Paneer don't worry - you don't have to - here is some gumph about why Fat Fairy thinks it is a good idea but many people on here don't. Just adapt system to suit yourself!

PA how exciting about having a maid no less!!

Issima happy nesting Flying!! grin

Ahhhh... have five mins peace now ... dd despatched to hungry workers in office in full witch outfit (purple make up and everything) bearing meringue ghosts in blood (aka chilled red fruit compote with a touch of lemon zest, icing sugar and cognac thrown in) and ginger bread zombies (aka starved looking ginger bread men liberally dusted with ash poppy seeds) Meringue ghosts looked a bit like this but used ordinary egg white and icing sugar recipe and then just piped them on to baking sheets using raisins for eyes. DD's were the best actually (they are more effective the more twisty and mishapen they are!)

I just need to um, clear up the icing sugar and poppy seeds liberally coating the kitchen floor ...

Jamillalliamilli Wed 31-Oct-12 16:28:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Engelsemama Wed 31-Oct-12 17:09:32

Popping in to mark my place. House is a tip so ignoring it and MNing instead (while planning my novel of course grin )

sc that battleships link was great smile

laurenamium Wed 31-Oct-12 20:45:35

<waves to paneer and captainhoratio>

paneer I don't get dressed to shoes, in fact no shoes are allowed passed the kitchen! I took fly lady to mean just make sure you've bothered to actually get dressed and ready for the day, that way you are more motivated to get up and do something rather than just lazing around in pyjamas or maybe that's just me wink

Evening all, welcome to Paneer, Catmint, Nightshade and CaptainHoratio.

I don't do the lace up shoes thing either sometimes I am still in my PJs at midday but I have got some lovely slippers which do just as well.

Had a moderately busy morning but was flagging by lunchtime and was very grateful for the arrival of my parents this afternoon. Between us we sorted out Hallowe'en outfits and window display, plus trick or treat sweets. DMum helped Ds bake cakes, DDad helped make the DCs tea, then DH arrived home to take the DCs out trick or treating. DH is off work till Monday now which is a relief.

PA - not doing any housework didn't stop me from posting lots on here last month, looking forward to hearing about your progress with the cleaner.

paneer Wed 31-Oct-12 22:29:53

Thanks to all the lovely welcomes smile .... although I am a little scared. I actually have to do stuff.
And I am away tomorrow until Sunday night. Do I have to do everything on Sunday, or just jump in Sunday?

Evening all, and welcome to Paneer, Catmint, Nightshade and CaptainHoratio.

Paneer - the idea behind Flylady is that it all builds up gradually, so if you start by keeping your sink shiny you'll be fine. smile

WhoKnows - it's great that you've got such helpful family!

SC - impressed by all your halloween baking!

Waves to PA - hope we can keep the thread manageable for you! Good luck with new house, cleaner etc.

Just - Not surprised there's no flying with all that going on!

Issima - sounds like some serious nesting - keep us posted...

<Clinks glasses with Carpe> - cheers!

Big waves to Trazzle, Lauren, Engels, castle, Ellie, Feet and anyone else I've missed!

There's been no Halloween stuff here, partly because my parents are very anti so it's never been part of my life, and partly because DS1 is still a bit scared by the mob of overly realistic zombies he opened the door to last year. He kind of wanted to go trick or treating, but also wanted to stay at home and refuse to answer the door!

Still, I have got some work done and am currently basking in the glow of my decluttered desk. The study/spare room needs to be cleared for FIL on Friday so managed to do that after collecting the boys this afternoon. smile

Here come the first links for November...

Babystep 1 is to shine your sink.

The flight plan for tomorrow includes the mission, which is chucking out rubbish from the hall, porch and dining room, and the new habit of the month, which is menu planning.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 01-Nov-12 02:39:29

Can't sleep thanks to absolute downpour outside, so am drinking hot chocolate and enjoying an uninterrupted MN session smile.

Went trick or treating with DS2 and our neighbours last night. It's always fun to see how people have decorated their houses (some are like film sets) and how they dress up for the occasion, but goodness, there was a biting cold wind! Even DS2 had to give in and put his coat on. Was very glad to get back home again.

Did anyone see the MN thread on pumpkin carvings? I was quite proud of our efforts until I saw the artistry of MNetters.

<waves welcome duster to Paneer, Catmint, Nightshade and CaptainHoratio>

Blue - Thanks for the links. I really need to do that mission. We have a narrow hall, so it is easily cluttered up (and usually is blush). Well done on your decluttered desk. My recently decluttered bedside table brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

Trazzle - great to see you here smile.

PA - very good idea to get someone to help in the house and it will help provide someone with a much-needed wage as well.

WhoKnows - glad your DH is off work for the rest of half term and can help you.

JustGetting - grin at the chap asking to use the loo! What did he do instead?! Sorry you are still having to deal with the consequences of the flooding though. Am constantly amazed at your resilience.

SC - your Halloween grub sounds fantastic <looks sorrowfully at half-eaten pizza and empty sweet wrappers> envy.

<waves to Ellie, Castle, Engels, lauren, Carpe and Feet>

<looks in naughty corner for missing regulars>

Probably won't get on here tomorrow as it's one of those busy days: lovely cleaner is coming first thing, then I'm taking DS2 to a party (and helping out), then I'm going out for the evening.

madwomanintheattic Thu 01-Nov-12 02:45:46

dh carved a Harry potter pumpkin... He tweeted it. <sigh>

Well, here I am. Less than two months to Christmas, bah humbug. grin

Am generally mardy and a bit of a nightmare today, so will go and sleep it off and wake to November! <how in the heck did that happen?>

feetheart Thu 01-Nov-12 06:30:51

OK, new month, new start again
SC - I did the 'must do better' last month too and the month before. This time I really mean it as we will be at home for Christmas and I want the house in a good state so I can enjoy it properly.
Also need to conjure up more time as intending to start running again properly - off out in a minute as sign of good intentions smile

Welcome to all the newbies - we aren't very scary just very chatty. Flylady is sometimes bonkers but the system works if you actually do stuff rather than just talk about it smile

PA - well done on getting a maid. As Whoknows says, when did lack of Flying ever stop any of us posting grin

Trazzle - good to see you here, thoughts and best wishes coming from this direction too

Whoknows - hurrah for families that are able and willing to help

Just - shock and <<thud>> HUGE respect for your positive attitude/fortitude

OK, enough stalling, I need to run. Thing is I love it once I'm out there and love the smug 'I've done exercise before you were even up' feeling it gives me for the rest of the day smile Its just a bit dark and cold out there at the moment.
Have a good first day everyone.

Lovely to "see" you here Trazzle Much love and thoughts to you and your family. ((hugs)) too! wink

SC Halloween sounds fun with you! Nothing done here, which I don't mind cos I was never into all the halloween stuff myself.

Feetheart Hope the run was good.

Toffee Massive storm here last night, too! grin not the same one, I doubt!

Waves to everyone else. smile

<<sigh>> "maid" isn't coming until the weekend now as she is away in the country <sigh> just as I got all excited and thought that was the end of my housework today i have had to clean all the floors, AGAIN!! I am torn between leaving it for her to do now when she starts, but then she might take one look at the place and decide that we are filthy white people and not come ever again!

Just been furniture shopping with DH. Another <sigh> !! grin \What we like is way out of our budget and what is in our budget is a bit too Cambodian for us!! These people are built differently. I am 5' 3" and I feel like a giant here. I tower over the men let alone the women. So all their chairs and sofa's are designed for midgets and we end up sitting with our knees up to our chests!

Skype night tonight! Weeeeeee!!!! grin

Right off to do some work, so have a good day everyone!

Honu Thu 01-Nov-12 06:51:16

I'm here and have reinstated the expresso machine in the naughty corner as I definitely need the caffeine. Have resisted adding croissants as I have reverted to muesli for body clutter reasons. Lovely to see you back PA.

CarpeJugulum Thu 01-Nov-12 08:02:32

Morning all.

Got guests here so flying will be minimal, just keeping up with laundry mountain and shining my much in need of it sink.

To do list:
Organise dinner (print Chinese menu from t'internet)
Organise washing for us, DS and guest.
Hand in nursery contract (so DS can start on Wednesday eep!)
Buy beer
Change library books for DS
Pick up skirts
Shine sink after finding it!

Hope everyone has a lovely day

MaggotMcVitie Thu 01-Nov-12 08:20:23

Just checking in quickly - today will be the day I get it together! Will report back later with my impressive list of achievements hmm

laurenamium Thu 01-Nov-12 08:47:08

Morning all, it's my long day at work today and I'm at a friends birthday meal tonight but I will post a list- most of it was on yesterday's list but I got carried away with other things yesterday! Will post yesterday's ta da and today's to do!

Yesterday's ta da:
DD and mindees to the woods for a witch hunt
My laundry
Walked dogs
Mowed lawn in back garden
Planted hyacinth bulbs with DD
Cleaned kitchen after bulb planting
Bathed dogs
Cleaned bathroom and washed bath mats
Swept kitchen floor
Hoovered and routines
Kitchen hotspot
Put away the massive mound of clothes from my room

Today's to do:
Put away DD laundry
DD and mindees to library for Halloween crafts
Kitchen hotspot (already blush)
Walk dogs
1 wash load
Get petrol
Out for tea
No porch or dining room here and a tiny hall, so will pull out sofas in living room and Hoover and toy rescue underneath


ToffeeWhirl Thu 01-Nov-12 08:57:13

Honu! I was wondering where you'd gone to. You will be pleased to hear DS1 now has a proper Maths teacher (see, I do listen to your advice) and, after just one lesson, he was beaming and telling me that he'd done really well grin.

Can I have some of that coffee from the naughty corner, please?

PA - how annoying about your cleaner's delay - just when you got all excited too.

Must go and crisis clean myself and house before the cleaner gets here grin.

NickNacks Thu 01-Nov-12 08:58:51

Please may I join you?

I've had a busy month or two with childminding and house is starting to slip. I had decluttered really well but it's starting to seep in again. December is so busy in our family (as is most) with lots of birthdays Xmas and lots of jobs on house are bring done at the moment. We've a new floor downstairs which I'm loving cleanibg at the moment! smile

laurenamium Thu 01-Nov-12 09:03:42

Hi nicknacks! I was wondering about you grin good to have you back!

NickNacks Thu 01-Nov-12 09:17:24

Hi lauren I'm still here, just drowning a bit in everything at the moment.

We've had a busy month with looking round and choosing new school for ds1, close friends wedding weekend and tons of cm paperwork catching up. How are you? smile

laurenamium Thu 01-Nov-12 09:27:22

I'm okay, have a nightmare mindee at the minute but that's a whole other thread. It's made complicated in that they are a friend of the family sad always the case! Everything else is great though grin

GossipWitch Thu 01-Nov-12 09:34:11

Good morning all, I haven't been on for the last couple of days due to childrens, have needed to keep ds1 on a level due to the excitement of trick or treating, otherwise me and dp will have gone mad, now we have the excitement of bonfire night to look forward to, however I now have a plan in regards to the de-clutterings of the house, there is no chance that we will be moving until at least April, so of course with all this stuff and kids and so on I want to re-decorate the entire house before xmas, I have broken it down into rooms, and I have broken them down into areas and jobs IYSWIM, and I am starting on the living room, as it will be the cheapest room to do, (already have wallpaper and paint etc), so my jobs for today are :-

box up ornaments
put candlesticks out for scrap man
take pictures down and take out picture hooks
sort out craft drawers and move them somewhere
box my books

dp is to:-
take shelves and fire to the garage
fill any holes I make

then its on with general cleaning smile

NickNacks Thu 01-Nov-12 09:38:05

Oh no! I have some pain in the neck parents instead. Can't win!

MrsHoarder Thu 01-Nov-12 09:50:45

Can I join in? Although I have an unshinable sink (plasticy monstrosity from the previous owners, stained, paint splattered and doesn't all drain to plughole).

Consils Thu 01-Nov-12 10:11:18

I have no central heating so no way to dry clothes. The boiler is due to be serviced on Tuesday. I need to turn off the computer. And spend 4 hours on the weekly blessing hour.

swanthingafteranother Thu 01-Nov-12 10:22:13

Well, Halloween party went well...just a few guests belonging to dd.
I do find parties stressful though. blush

today I feel as I have successfully got through Christmas shock but unfortunately there is still christmas ahead.

engaged in battle with dd to clear up sweet papers this morning1
decs look great, and she was very helpful yesterday...we made some ghostly muffins, and homemade chicken nuggets.
a cold night for roaming around though, my cold/flu is worse...

GossipWitch Thu 01-Nov-12 10:54:07

Boxed things up, pictures are down and there are holes in the wall, hmm now its time for a quick tidy and then I can move things around, and out !! hoping ds1 doesn't get too affected by it.

swanthingafteranother Thu 01-Nov-12 12:05:02

Sunday is refresh your spirit day Paneer. I recommend just reading all the links at top of thread and not doing anything!

So here, am I, not doing anything...blush

oh yes, today is errand day and I did my errand of the week yesterday, which was to buy two weeks of groceries [and now there is nowhere to put them angry I knew there is a reason I never order on online...although to be honest I didn't order online, just went to shops with my car...)

So the kitchen is piled high with groceries, freezer is full and there are pomegranates bursting out all over (on special offer blush

The haunted front room remains haunted. A rather bickery morning. Ds1 is trying to do his art homework (liechenstein), dd has been putting photos into computer folders [hurrah, we've never managed that!) and ds2 has just been out to the shops to buy me some washing powder

Dh has gone off to see his new local accountant. It is not very easy to get much done with the dcs around, that's for sure, as his study is next to dcs bedrooms. He is is trying not to interfere but it is difficult when you hear bloodcurdling screams outside your door...blush

s & s loo
hung out washing
wiped out breakfast dishes with ds2 help
trying to keep calm grin without much success...it is sooo difficult to get everyone even dressed in this house without major fireworks..

dizzyday07 Thu 01-Nov-12 12:08:03

That's right! Whilst I'm up to my armpits in washing up and pumpkin seeds you all jump ship!

The guests have gone, DH at work and DD is still in her PJs watching Inspector Gadget. And it's quiet grin

Those who asked about Legoland - it was OK but that might be because I didn't really realise it was an amusement park that had a vague connection to Lego! We didn't get around to all the different areas and although it didn't seem to be heaving we had to queue for @30mins for the half a dozen rides we/the kids did go on (we didn't even both joining the queue that had a 75min wait) - and in all honestly they weren't really worth the effort - which was confirmed by my neice when she got off the Driving school (having queued, then they had to watch a 10min "safety" video before 5 mins in the cars!)
Although the park was open until 6pm, some of the rides closed at "dusk" which turned out to be @3.45pm. By the time we got to MiniLand which had 40million bricks made into world buildings/sights (e.g. Tower London, Space Shuttle) it was dark and there was only a few spotlights lit which meant we couldn't see much at all. Atlantis is a new underwater aquarium type ride and that was fabulous and we all enjoyed that. There was quite a lot of walking (which you would expect) but it wasn't all flat.

We all went swimming yesterday then I spent the afternoon carving pumpkins - my efforts were a Tinkerbell for DD and a Mario for my nephew. Although there aren't many houses here the kids enjoyed going Trick or Treating and the cups of blood (tomato soup) and brains (spaghetti and meatballs) went down great!

Today's list is:
* S/S x 4
* Washing load done and hung to dry
* D/W emptied (again!!!)
* Halloween decorections down
* Spare bed stripped and changed

swanthingafteranother Thu 01-Nov-12 12:15:17

Dizzy I went to Legoland one and half years ago, with three kids and by myself...it was an ordeal...grin
like you I wished I had found the Miniland first as it was so great, and I didn't really enjoy walking for hours and getting stuck in queues. And the driving school was the pits, as dd has a massive tantrum about wanting to buy a personalised driving licence afterwards (which they cunningly offered for an extra £7 angry
However, and a big however, DCs thought LEGOLAND WAS BRILLIANT and are still talking about the Viking ride (very stormy). And at least we've done it!

I've sent DH off to Legoland with the DCs today. The local NAS branch was offered tickets for all the members and their DCs, we've had them for about 6 months and they expire this week, so it was now or never and would have been silly to waste them. I'm not much of a fan of theme parks anyway.

It was very stormy here last night, thunder, torrential rain. DH was out last night and said he thinks he might have driven through or near some sort of twister it was so wild, he said he was just surrounded by flashes of lightning coming from all directions.

I'm having a rest day today, going to do some filing and a bit of dusting etc.

feetheart Thu 01-Nov-12 12:27:49

dizzy - they are amazing smile
All pumpkins sold out round here so thankfully I got out of trying to chop my fingers off with a sharp knife again smile

Run was lovely, but slow. As it was a bit later, and therefore almost light, I got to do my usual country run which I can't do on early wintery mornings as there are no street lights.
Have been working this morning and trying to keep DC occupied/away, now have to throw together picnic and meet DH in 30mins for a walk/geo-cache/sloe hunt.

Long, long time lurker. Marking my place & determined to join in this month!

Hello! Joining back in, have been on this thread before a long while back. I am at the start or repeat baby steps stage, focusing on shining sink now - and it did make me smile when it shined this morning, thus: smile The other baby step I'm focusing on is Pick Up After Yourself - I spotted advice in a recent Flylady mail to pick up three times a day, so that's my aim. Really need to get home to be a consistent low-arousal environment to keep ds calm, so that's my big motivation!

GossipWitch Thu 01-Nov-12 14:50:02

ahhhhhhh I have done it, hall is now a tip and kitchen is now a storage area till dp comes back later, lounge is now a clutter free (except for coffee table) spacious haven, will be stripping wallpaper when kids go to bed tonight, and will be painting the ceiling tomorrow, I will be glossing tomorrow night and painting the walls on saturday day time, then sunday dp will wallpaper the one remaining wall, then it'll just be a case of adding the finishing touches and the lounge will be done smile I am feeling very proud of myself right now.

nightshade1 Thu 01-Nov-12 14:58:45

HELP this morning i found the kitchen under all the washing up/laundrey and other random items - 2 violins and a triangle on the dining table anyone? as i am HOSTING A DINNER PARTy tonight, i thought this a great plan to get ahead of myself and was feeling proud of the progress............untill DD1 her friend over they have baked and decorated cakes, trashed the sitting room and buried the kitchen once more - i have 4 hours till lift off. am i allowed to just bolt the door and sit in the corner swigging the gin?

strictlycaballine Thu 01-Nov-12 15:10:05

Thanks for thanks and [flowers] from earlier in thread!

A warm welcome to MrsHoarder (that should be my nickname!! wink) NotQuitePerfect and a warm welcome back to Systemsaddict (I remember you from previous thread smile)

Nightshade >"am i allowed to just bolt the door and sit in the corner swigging the gin? " Please can I join you!! That's exactly how I feel today too!

Hey Nicknacks great to see you - of course you can join us - you are already with us grin!!

And thanks for links Blue! Has the Fat Fairy been drinking I wonder? It seems to be Friday on the flight plan. Must be end/beginning of mth glitch. Well done with mahoosive desk declutter.

Blue/Toffee*/*PA we don't really "do" Halloween either (RC background so wasn't done when I was a child either and not really celebrated here either) - I just instigated a bit of cooking and dressing up in a desperate bid to keep dd entertained yesterday which sort of worked.

Dizzy your pumpkin carving skills are v. v. impressive!

Like Madwoman the start of the month has taken me by surprise! October went so fast ...house really needs serious attention. Bah humbug from here too!

Feetheart really admire you for running - must be nice having the opportunity to do so in lovely countryside too. My deadline for decluttering is Christmas as well - really want to have things much calmer/organised/more in control by then.

Swan we have had a bickery morning too blush Dh is at home (public holiday here) which is lovely so have had to abandon kitchen altogether - never mind shine the sink! He always has ants in his pants when he is not at the office! I have pointed him in direction of grassy knoll in garden which is slippy and dangerous and badly needs attention and the metalwork outside in street which is dusty and desperately needs cleaning but he doesn't want to do any of that - in fact he shows virtually zero interest in the house sad which can be rather disheartening. He served us all a cooked breakfast which was lovely and I just got that cleared away and then he started cooking pasta for lunch (I know, I know, ... I'm horrible to complain) but there's never enough time to do anything else in between! Still, dd needs fattening up so not all bad ... Hope your cold improves soon and good on your for going ahead with party despite attendant stress!

Enjoy your child-free day Whoknows Hope you can enjoy a bit of repose! ...

Gossip good luck with continued decorating/sort out/house overhaul strategy! You are doing brilliantly!

Consils arf at 4 hrs spent on weekly blessing hr!! grin Don't worry - very few of us get it done in allotted time! Hope you can wrap up warm!

Lauren v. impressed by your consistent lists and good luck with difficult mindee!

PA hope you find some furniture that fits size and budget!

Huge waves to Trazzles Maggot Honu Carpe Castlelough Ellie Pushme Shifty Bitchy and everyone else I've missed!

I must now go and try and overcome my grumpiness/irritation at the world in general (think a brisk walk might help) and then try and fight through the chaos - and actually DO something productive for once.

Hope eveyrone has a great Flying start to the month!

strictlycaballine Thu 01-Nov-12 15:16:56

Enjoy your evening out Toffee and hope dinner goes well Nightshades

Bitchy luv - where are you? Hope all OK!

Forgot to say hello to Justgettingonwithit and Issima and probably loads of others too

Going to take back control of my domain. Had guests last w/e then immediately went away for 2 nights leaving 17 yrs DS home alone (he had FIVE different friends staying in various combinations).

Work this morning, then supermarket to restock Everything. Don't know where to begin on bedrooms/kitchen/fridge clear out so think I'll start by shining my sink wink.

Engelsemama Thu 01-Nov-12 18:02:12

Just flapping in to say hi. House is a state. Am feeling rotten again so looking forward to the weekend.

Going to ignore the washing-up and head upstairs now and write my novel grin

MaggotMcVitie Thu 01-Nov-12 18:21:17

Have stripped beds and washed sofa covers today - sofas are looking lovely now shock at how grubby they must have looked before!

Have de-cluttered our bedroom
Taken DS's swimming
Done friends horses
Had a lesson re: holiday cottages and apartments I'm looking after next week while my friend (same one) has a well earned holiday
Been to docs re: virus which has made my joints swell up - have reactive arthritis apparently and now on anti-inflammatories - hoping it might deflate some of the fat too! hmm

Lovely DH has gone out for fish and chips so no cooking tonight grin

feetheart Thu 01-Nov-12 20:45:53

Ended up stressy and cross before going out at lunch-time - feeling that this half-term has been too busy and I'm struggling, and failing, to hold it all together. Not the calm, fun week I'd had been hoping for sad
However we all had a nice cold, brisk walk round the zoo plus much cake in the cafe, followed by swimming for DS/diving for DD and easy macaroni cheese dinner.
Early night all round I think and hopefully tomorrow will be calmer though do have to get DD to Brownie camp by 3pm - ho hum.

The only Flying done so far today has been one load of washing that I have still to hang out hmm but will do that and washing up before bed. Just watching Autumnwatch with boycat who came rushing in and is trying to work out how to get at the birds on the screen smile

Sorry for moany, me post.
Hope everyone else has had a better day.

Evening all,

Legoland was proclaimed a success by DH and the DCs, especially the water ride, the DCs have spent the evening asking when they can go again unfortunately I will probably have no excuse next time, not my idea of fun

I have done a bit of tidying, minimal filing (the piles of paper are too bulky for me to lift, as are the box files they need to go into), a short walk and placed an Ocado order and eaten lots of leftover trick or treat sweets

Watching Young Apprentice now <plumps up cushions in the naughty corner>

well I've managed to find my way over to this thread. had a few busy half term days with little time for flying or mumsnet, but my sink is still shining, and the tidy patch of kitchen is slowly spreading.

I really struggle to keep up with everyone on this thread but its nice to see some childminders on here and I'm very jealous of PA with her cleaner! I am still registered as a childminder, having done it for a year, but my mindee was very difficult, my kids were not happy and I was seriously stressed, and my anxiety was coming back, so I'm back on income support for a while, just looking after my youngest most of the time, and trying to find time to retrain myself in some software development skills, which is what i used to do once upon a time!

I have developed morning and evening routines, but my whole life seems rather out of control at the moment, so I'm back to baby steps - day number 5 today for me, and so far it is helping with my focus.
Was out for most of the day at a friends house today but I did manage to clean up after dinner - properly - and put a wash on so I'm getting there, and the kitchen is a little tidier than it was yesterday.

trumpalot Thu 01-Nov-12 21:28:19

JOBS done today..
beds made as soon as up
swished and swiped bathroom
swept and cleaned kitchen floor
cleaned front of cooker and washing machine and wall next to them!
washed and cleaned out washing powder drawer of w/m ..urghh
decluttered some hand bags.. bag in shed ready to go to charity shop tomorrow
decluttered sock/knicker drawer
decluttered large drawer in bedroom
continued toilet training dd (its half term) day 5.. no accidents at all whoop whoop!!!
washed/dried and put away halloween costume dd s not mine!! lol
recharged kindle (does that count?)

CaptainHoratioWragge Thu 01-Nov-12 21:32:58

Hello everyone, thanks for the welcome.
My sink was looking lovely and shiny this afternoon, and then I discovered mouse droppings in one of the kitchen cupboards. shock

It is the big corner one as well, that has loads of lost and forgotten stuff hiding at the back. So every plate, pan and cake tray in there has had to be washed this evening.

So more decluttering than I thought, but not by choice [hmmm]

deleted203 Thu 01-Nov-12 21:47:48

thanks to SC for the October thread and thanks to Blue for this one!

Captain I have got mouse droppings in ALL my ruddy kitchen cupboards. We are having a mouse-y blitz, but as fast as I clear out cupboards the beggars are back (sob). DH keeps setting traps but we seem to be inundated over the past couple of weeks. V depressing.

Ta da list

Made bed
Swish and swipe
Took birthday present to friend
Made lunch for ex MIL and visited (she's not well)
Made Drs appt for eldest DC
Had DS2's friend for afternoon (groan....two 7 yo boys have wreaked havoc in the whole of the upstairs)
Cooked tea for 7 of us
Picked up DD2 from course she's been on
Took DD1 to Dr
Finished knitting a scarf for Teddy
15 min de-clutter
Ironed a basket of clothes
Made a cake
Cleaned up kitchen
Did paperwork and bank run

Love and waves to all.

castlelough Thu 01-Nov-12 22:09:17

<waves to all >

Quiet day on the fly front here...
Did some school paperwork (teacher) and returned a book to the library (€9.20 fine hmm ).
But.... <drum roll!> I borrowed a book called "Cut the Clutter" gringrin <cackles at self>
Heading home to parents again tomorrow via two detours to visit friends strewn across the country...so no flying on the agenda at the castle until Monday wink.

Nightshade special mention to you - hope dinner party is going well.... <leaves a bottle of gin on naughty corner bar counter...for later!>

castlelough Thu 01-Nov-12 22:11:12

By the way it is lovely to see all the newcomers and returnees smile

swanthingafteranother Thu 01-Nov-12 22:17:12

SC I have to watch Dh like a hawk to see when he betrays the slightest interest in anything house or garden related...and then seize the moment grin
Atm I'm afraid to say his only obsession is the state of the recycling which he has arranged in perfect categories and he becomes incandescent if he finds it mixed up If only he would show an interest in cooking...but there again, I suppose washing up would be an inevitable side effect...hmm

today I have done
hit the bottom of the washing pile
forced ds1 to change his sheets
had a friend over for ds2
swept kitchen floor
wiped kitchen worktops
dw loaded and reloaded
bought cat litter
hot spotted a kitchen drawer or two
swept hall floor
de-halloweened front room
DH tidied dd's room
sent ds1 on a long walk to park (still no friends alas sad
made fish bake for tea
lamb chops for lunch
sorted out some of the overflowing fruit/veg

swanthingafteranother Thu 01-Nov-12 22:22:20

soworn teddy's scarf, how sweet smile
4 dcs wow, and I recommend cats for mice..our house really is a mouse house manque (loads of mismanagement and crumbs) but the cats stand like musketeers warding off all vermin, and lay it at our feet with depressing regularity (in fact they go and find the little blighters innocently cavorting in the flowerbeds and bring them in [grrr]
chairman I take my hat off to anyone who managed childminding, I know I couldn't [bows to Lauren and Nicknacks] be professional enough about it and stay good tempered for long enough
hope you feel better over coming weeks, I bet you are doing much better than you think [flowers]

So as the law of Sod would dictate, today would be the day I come home to find dd has wedged a counter unremovably in the dishwasher door handle, somehow turning it into a finger trap and making opening and closing it a high-risk feat of dexterity and daring. Sink shining will be more interesting from now on.

Still. Sink is shined, dishwasher running, and week-old cat footprints in paint have gone from the kitchen counter grin. Sofa rebuilt (ds dismantles it daily) and a few things picked up from living room. Have prepped the papers I need for tomorrow morning's meeting, and will get clothes out before bed. Now what I really want to do is crash on the sofa, but will try to Get to Bed at a Decent Hour and sleep in actual bed instead!

Chuffed that I am remembered, thanks caballine!

Busy again here today! My ta da! in no particular order:
Laundry done, dried and away
Sainsbo’s and Aldi shop, put away
Hoovering – even moved the sofas!
Changed throws on sofas
Properly shiny sink
Various stuff up in the loft
Made up spare bed
Tidied bedrooms

FIL isn’t too fussy and the house is relatively tidy now, so it’ll do. Besides, they’ll be traipsing mud everywhere all weekend I expect…

Toffee - hope you enjoy your evening out, and glad to hear maths teacher is encouraging.

madwoman - hope you’ve had/are having a better day (not sure of time difference)

Glad you enjoyed your run, feet! grin at the cat watching Autumnwatch. Did he see the Scottish wildcats yesterday?

PA - shame about the maid not starting straight away. grin at 5’3” being a giant. Clearly I should live in Cambodia!

Cheers for the coffee machine, Honu!

Like “Buy beer” on your list, Carpe! grin

Gossip - good going with the living room. smile

Welcome MrsHoarder - we had an unshinable sink when I started on the thread too – it was awful so I feel your pain.

Consils - argh, re boiler. Hope house bleugh took less time than you thought.

swan - well done for getting through Halloween party. Ah, the perils of working from home when there is blue murder being screamed…

Welcome to NotQuite and trumpalot and welcome back to systemsaddict too.

Hope nightshade and SC haven’t been swigging gin all day… wink

castle - how overdue was that library book?? shock wink Or are Irish libraries really fierce with their fines?

Big waves to NickNacks, Lauren, Maggie, dizzy, Engelse, Captain, sowornout and anyone I’ve missed.


Babystep 2 is the controversial lace-up shoes… Don’t let it put you off if you’re a no-shoes-in-the-house kind of person, like me!

I’ll do the mission via sneak peek for the week as the flight plan seems to get confused by time zones and suchlike. Quick sweep and vacuum in entrance, porch and dining room.

systemsaddict - cross-posted - yikes to dishwasher finger trap! Daily reassembling of sofa sounds horribly familiar too...

Where did my last post go???? confused
I posted a long post last evening (well, evening here, lunchtime uk) and this morning it has disappeared! Grrr!!

Can't remember what I typed, but hello to everyone anyway.

madwomanintheattic Thu 01-Nov-12 23:51:41

Engels, are you doing nanowrimo? I think I am going to decide tonight whether I am or not... I really shouldn't, as I have ten thousand other way more important stuff on the list to do, but I figured it might be good for the soul...

Am in a far better mood today. smile had a pisser of a day yesterday. Picked up my first paltry pay cheque and still didn't have enough to pay the mortgage this month (had to call the bank and defer until next week when dh gets paid), then got home at lunchtime to find out that I hadn't even made the short list for interview for a job application that I had discussed with the HR dept and they had suggested and agreed I should be applying for (not current HR - from summer seasonal job employer). I wasn't banking on it, but I was pretty certain that I would make it to interview. And I didn't. It was a bit of a slap in the face with a wet kipper, particularly as not for profit colleague also knew I had applied, works there, and was going to give them a nudge. And current colleagues seem to be treating me as something of a remedial candidate, with lots of sighing and hiffing, and general rolling of eyes. So I was altogether gutted. And skint. And knackered. Great combination.

But today is a whole new day, and all that.

Hmm, and maybe I need cats to get rid of the fecking squirrels? The dogs aren't much cop...

<pointedly ignores lace up shoes> I am going to get myself sorted completely before I wake the dcs tomorrow though. There is no time at all once they are awake. <sigh>

The good news is (apart from on a financial front) my training for the new job is over, and I go onto part time hours next week, so I should be less, um, harassed. 9.30-1.30. grin I only need childcare every other Friday! <sees emotional if not fiscal light at the end of the tunnel)

I have sent dcs to get their act together and do their evening routines. wink

I am going to have a cup of tea. blush

madwomanintheattic Fri 02-Nov-12 01:27:26

Aaaaaaaah, you are <found the nano thread>
I have nowt. But ya gotta start somewhere, right?

feetheart Fri 02-Nov-12 07:24:22

madwoman - I'm ahead of you time-wise and have already started what I hope will be a better day than yesterday. Its going OK 30mins in!

I have a list of random things that I need to do today:
- Menu-plan, shopping list, shop
- Morning routine properly in attempt to regain control - washing up, washing on, S&S, cat litter, sweep kitchen floor
- Hotspots in kitchen
- DD's stuff ironed/labelled/packed for 2-day Brownie 'camp'
- Cheque to Wheelie bin cleaning man so he will keep cleaning them
- Ring Council re Tax on flat for the 2 weeks it was unoccupied
- Find utilities readings for when tenants left as they have mislaid them
- Make choc cake
- Missions
- 'Encourage' DC to do homework
- Look at flights to NI for after Christmas
- Sort out stuff to ebay to pay for the above!

If I get that lot done and still have time to spend with the DC I will be a LOT happier than yesterday.
Will have a go at the ones I can do whilst the house is still asleep...........wish me luck.

MrsHoarder Fri 02-Nov-12 07:57:15

So for today:
- keep the sink clean
- get dressed. I am not wearing outdoor shoes in the baby's playing rooms and won't buy special shoes to wear indoors when I have several pairs of very cozy slippers.
- Hoover the hall (no dining room grin)
- Sort the shoe rack

That's quite a list feetheart!

I'm carrying on with the endless washing of sheets/towels from all last weekend's guests & DS's sleepover guests. No tumble drier here so it's a fine balancing act between the Lakeland heated clothes airer, various radiators & the dehumidifier clunking away constantly.

Also today:

Clean our bathroom thoroughly
Ironing (not much)
Swiffer & mop kitchen/utility
Vacuum & dust living/dining rooms, our bedroom, study, stairs
Shop for everything I forgot to pick up yesterday
Listen to Hilary Duvay on Desert island Discs, R4, 9am!


CarpeJugulum Fri 02-Nov-12 08:32:10

Fuckity fuckity fuckity fuck.

<deposits several thousand quid in the swear jar>

Woke up this morning with nits in my hair. DH and DS clean, but BIL is staying so awaiting his update <sigh> I have combed and treated myself with chemicals (paranoid? moi?)

Plans for day superceded by bed linen washing and towel washing and generally ringing my bell while yelling "unclean! unclean!" (Disclaimer: I may be mildly irrational!)

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I hate the little buggers.

laurenamium Fri 02-Nov-12 08:37:37

Morning all! <waves to everyone!>

No list dump this morning as I'm taking DD and mindees to mini monsterz today as a last day of the holidays treat and I love it then I have a 2 hour round trip to drop off a family members birthday present before getting my nails done tonight! I might post a ta da if I do anything other than routines!

Ill be lurking though as ever grin

Carpe I hate the buggers too!! grin You have my sympathy!

Madwoman Yesterday sounds horrendous. I hope today continues to be better. Sorry to hear about the bad financial situation. Hope things improve soon.

Today I have managed to do 2 loads of washing and get them on the line.
I have had to wipe the kitchen floor about 7 times so far as freezer appears to have broken. angry
I can't wait to move house - just another 6 weeks!!

Just about to cook tea - sweet and sour stir fry then......off out to a party tonight. Wooooo!!

Engelsemama Fri 02-Nov-12 08:42:43

Morning all.

List dump to get me going while I wait for DS to tire himself out so I can write my NaNo novel

Today is kind of my home bleurgh since we were away last weekend and pathetically tired/ill on Monday
Empty outside bin
Empty recycling
Washing up
Washing on
Change beds
Hotspot – lounge table
Start sorting/cleaning DS toys to put away baby stuff and get out all of his lovely new birthday presents. Sort one box of toys to take to UK and keep at my parents’.
Washing from Monday still sitting in basket at bottom of stairs away
Tidy kitchen

That should get me started!

Great to see you over on NaNo thread madwoman and castle. madwoman I only joined up 11 days ago- basically spent 3 evenings brainstorming ideas, characters, plot and did my plot overview on Wednesday evening, so I’m not exactly organized!

My sympathies Carpe sad Have some [flowers]


Horrentious (DS2's word) weather here today - already had rain, hail, howling gale and there is snow on the mountain shock

Moving up to apartment at holiday village for a week today - looking after it while my friend is away - should be good fun!! DS's very excited as they can use the mini quad while we're there. So in addition to moving up there also have to...

Go to library
Take kitten to vets - supposed to be having jabs but has upset tummy so we'll see...
Change beds
Do some work - must finish bank rec by Monday hmm
Oh and...get up blush

nightshade1 Fri 02-Nov-12 09:11:22

well i found some ort of thing resembaling my kitchen and managed the dinner party all cool and collected - untill DH opened the cupboard under the sink and asked why there were dirty pans stashed in there blush..........this was after a bottle or 2 of wine so was taken in good humour.

today im preparing for dd and ds birthday party tomorrow and attempting to fly like the wind so my house is all gleaming sparkling and clean looks less of a shit tip when the in-laws come tomorrow

dizzyday07 Fri 02-Nov-12 09:23:34

Today is the last day of Half Term and DD wants to go to the cinema - so tickets have been booked.

As it's DH and me wedding anniv. tomorrow, I am taking DD to my sisters this afternoon where she will be staying until we collect her on Sunday. I need to get all her clothes/bits and pieces together and make sure all uniform is ironed for Monday.

Thank you for the pumpkin carving compliments - but they were done with templates downloaded off the internet - I wish I was talented enough to have done them freehand!

Engelsemama Fri 02-Nov-12 09:34:16

blush That should be thanks

madwomanintheattic Fri 02-Nov-12 13:04:36

Feet, any list that has 'make choc cake' in it heralds a better day wink

Maggie, we've had snow for about three weeks. Yesterday we had a bit if a melt and so the roads and town is clear, but if you look higher than waist level it's white everywhere else!

Eek, carpe! <scratches> they make me demented too. Fortunately ds's have only picked them up twice... Not too bad in twelve years, but I turn into a completely neurotic debugging machine for days.

Right, back to do a list dump in a bit. And no I'm not wearing lace up shoes. grin

GossipWitch Fri 02-Nov-12 14:32:30

Afternoon all, wallpaper is stripped and door is hallway filled, and I've even managed to load the dw !!!

Ha! Fixed dishwasher finger trap, I think. As long as the handle doesn't just start falling off now we should be OK.

Also, discovered through Facebook last night that a good friend who lives on the other side of the world is in the area for a few weeks. He is the tidiest, cleanest person on the planet, and he is also a dropper-inner-without-notice sort of a person, so this round of Flying is starting with crisis cleaning! Several good things about that: it will start us off on the downhill slope; I am looking forward to seeing him; and the best bit of all is that I am in work at the moment and dp is home running around with 2 kids on half term and a hoover. grin

strictlycaballine Fri 02-Nov-12 16:11:50

Hello hello. Posting from dh phone (on the road) so itwill be a short one.
DD bored/me frustrated so called it quits and decided to escape house for weekend. Back Sun eve. Rabbits gone on their own mini-break with student vet, carrot tops on demand.

Commiserations to those with unwanted visitors of rodent or parasitical kind, or, er squirrels of course

Can't scroll but
Madwoman sorry about shortlist and work difficulties in general. Hope pt work improves situation.
and warm welcome to Trumpalot (sp?) (sorry if you are namechanger have not caught up!)

Happy anniv Dizzy Enjoy holiday Maggie

Feetheart¨ditto about this hol not being calm, & fun as anticipated. YOu could be writing my posts atm

And good luck tothose of you wrting a novel!

Hope you feel better soon Engels and glad battle ships a success (from few days ago) - we are addicted currntly

Good luck with your lists everyone. Sorry not to mention everyone by name but finding cursor arrows difficult. Big wing flaps toall.

strictlycaballine Fri 02-Nov-12 16:14:19

Notquiteperfect I heard Hilary on DID this am as it happens. Worst collection of soupy songs but all-round fab woman.

ShiftyFades Fri 02-Nov-12 16:27:28

Just checking in. Not flying much as the house will be in chaos for some time to come with the extension.

Ta dah:
Cleaned bathroom
Washed up
Ironing put away

To do
Wash towels
One load of clothes
Go to fireworks display grin

Jamillalliamilli Fri 02-Nov-12 17:04:39

Waves hello to all, especially new or returning people, and heads for naughty corner, as can't even say lack of flying is due to sorting mud fest.

I came to a grinding halt this morning and haven’t managed to get the day back on track at all.
Most of today so far's been spent trying to convince the council that telling me it’s safe for me to believe I can ignore the liability notice they've obtained against me in court, for a huge amount of money that I don’t owe, and they knew I didn't owe when they applied for it, angry (and have accidentally admitted that they’d known for more than a fortnight) isn't going to happen unless they put it in writing! sad
They don’t seem to understand why there’s a trust issue! angry

swanthingafteranother Fri 02-Nov-12 19:22:33

Nightshade just wanted to say, WELL DONE for having A DINNER PARTY! I haven't dared have one of those for ages.

Tookl kids swimming today and to tennis free for all. Sounds good, except spent morning in foul mood determined to get the little rodents to help me tidy up. House a bit better, but do feel a bit wrung out with the arguing. Had to send ds1 twice round the block and ds2 to his room due to fights around teatime.

Supper in oven now (shepherd's pie), Dh has gone to a work do, not best pleased as I thought he would be home when we returned to blot up the testosterone hmm

Feel a bit frustrated with half term, but at least we did a lot of lounging, which is maybe what the kids needed...--and they will be so bored that school will seem fun--

swanthingafteranother Fri 02-Nov-12 19:24:40

Oh Just I don't know what to say, except it sounds awful sad

Jamillalliamilli Fri 02-Nov-12 19:57:29

Don't worry Swan there's not much anyone can say, I don't even know why I'm posting it other than I'm crosser than cross and so full of crossness that I had to say somewhere, to someone, that I'm so cross with their cavalier attitude it's actually stopping me functioning, in the hope that saying it will let me let it go, or at least not spontaneously combust from holding it all in!

I haven't even cooked dinner, blush which I'd better go and address before they eat each other.

Just quick linkies tonight, and hugs to just.

Babystep 3 - most of us prefer to steer clear of the Big Tent, although some people find it useful...

No mission for the weekend, but Saturday is family fun day. Hope it's fun!

NickNacks Sat 03-Nov-12 07:33:11

Minimal flying today. sad

Felt nauseous yesterday then worse in the evening do DH packed me off to bed at 5pm. I feel slightly better this morning but DH was up with ds1 in the night being sick and ds2 woke up at 6am and told us he had 'something yukky' on his pillow. It appears he's also been sick in the night and it's not even woken him. (he's 6 so not a baby!) We knew he was a deep sleeper as we not able to night train him yet but this is ridiculous!!!

Might be back later, have lovely weekends everyone!! grin

MrsHoarder Sat 03-Nov-12 10:02:43

Washing machine on, house aired (hurrah for sunny weather!) and camper van has lunch aboard so as soon as the washing is out of the machine we're off for the day.

feetheart Sat 03-Nov-12 10:19:44

MrsHoarder - your post has just given me serious camper van envy

Been for a run, now need a bath and to fill and ice chocolate cake ready for bonfire party tonight. DS's birthday is on Weds so we always bring cake as our contribution to regular bonfire party. This year's effort is Nigella choc cake filled with Nutella, covered in 'vanilla icing' (I hope DS means butter cream as that is what he is getting!) and with 'Happy Birthday' written in pink. He has very clear ideas that boy smile
Will return later when not quite so sweaty!

strictlycaballine yes I know - dreadful song collection, amazing woman! smile

Jamillalliamilli Sat 03-Nov-12 10:47:37

Am a bit calmer this morning, everyone round me is behaving very considerately ( hmm must get that cross more often!) have shined one of the two potential sinks, (the other's in use) have been dressed and at it for three hours and just taking a quick break, before returning to de sludgeing.

Still to do:

dry out bed (condensation,)
send ds of to enjoy morning as can't go swimming, fun day or not.
hang non dryer stuff
photographing damage
take damaged stuff to insurance lock up
take emergency shelving to insurance lock up
build emergency shelving
re make bed

Swan, even though they can drive to distraction, they do need the break and lounging otherwise their lives become as unfun as the adult ones can become.

Blue thanks.

Joins feetheart in getting campervan envy from *Mrs Hoarders post.

Nicknacks hope it’s a swift bug and you’re all ok swiftly.

Hope to catch up with everyone else later.

Engelsemama Sat 03-Nov-12 10:51:38

Waves hello to one and all

Very envy of all bonfire celebrations. Next year when DS is a little more able to comprehend (perhaps) we WILL have a little fire and some sparklers in our back garden and all the neighbours will talk about the strange English lady who has fireworks in november instead of on NYE

Raining here so not going to go outside and do a jungle taming gardening session. DS sleeping so going to have some writing time as soon as I get off MN and then spend some tyime sorting toys later as my mission for the day.

Happy flying everyone smile

swanthingafteranother Sat 03-Nov-12 10:55:48

we are off to Botanical Gardens this morning.

Feeling a bit cast down by all the stuff there is to do here, just like yesterday...so maybe the best thing is just to make a fast exit grin Have a headache just looking out into the backyard at all the rubbish hmm

The bonfire night cake sounds lovely, whose ever it was smile

Dh business seems to be tootling along already shock he is immersed every night after supper! He promises some family time next week.

I am envy at all the bonfire talk. I love firework night and bonfires, jacket spuds, toffees........ hmmmmm

Anyway, I have just hired my "maid". Oh flip, that is what they are called here, but that sounds like such a Victorian upper class word. blush She speaks not one word of English!! Eeeeeek I do believe my Khmer is going to be stretched trying to explain what I want, but hey, I will give it a good go!! I think she understands so far......or she was just nodding to keep me happy! hmm
Starts Tuesday, just 2 days a week. This could be heavenly!!! I will let you know.....

Have a good time away SC.

Ooooh DD1 is ready for skype.........<waves>

"see" you all tomorrow...... smile

ok i have caught up with last month's thread but over 100 posts on this one was too much atm. Will probably be awol. We are being sent for re-assessment for ds. It has been a very difficult week here.

PA do you get pm's ok? was wondering how dd was doing in school?

madwomanintheattic Sat 03-Nov-12 16:09:26

Oh, PA! envy is she going to come to the new place with you, too?

I'm envious of the fireworks parties too. We joined a couple of expat families and tried to have our own last year, but the police turned up and tried to arrest dh. blush apparently fireworks are against the by-laws etc etc. I don't think we are going to bother this year!!

I know today is supposed to be family fun day, but at the mo the STUFF is overwhelming, and I need to clear it before fun can feature... And I need to get my head straight about this job, which is dragging me down. I'm considering resigning on Monday, so need to work out an intricate budget to ensure that we won't go under if I do...

To do:

Wipe over kitchen surfaces
Vacuum living and dining room
3x job applications (one needs two lines changing and then uploading)
Clean carpets (only girls room and upstairs hallway - dh will do wink

Visit store in town to arrange guides gift wrap fundraiser
Place guides badge order online
Plan Tuesday's guides meeting
Budget for resignation and see if I can....
Finish and email reference for child minder
Payroll for not for profit - and deliver cheques after 4pm

Make fruit salad
Make soup
Grocery shop

Deliver dd1 to friends for sleepover (if her room is tidy)

<peers at list and wobbles>

Better get on then!

castlelough Sat 03-Nov-12 19:03:35

Just popping in with a wingflap to everyone! At my parents house so very little flying done grin though some more decluttering awaits me here in the morning!

Bitchy we miss you! Don't worry about 'catching up'. Just pop in whenever it suits you. You sound like you have your hands full right now xxx

Engels and Madwoman delighted to be on Nano with you. Am finding it tougher than I expected, but at least I've made a start! smile

Feetheart cake sounds delish!

SC enjoy trip away and Swan that is great about DH business! Carpe as a primary school teacher I often convince myself I have them too and it is my worst nightmare <hugs> ... Just you have the patience of a saint! PA love to hear your tales from Cambodia! smile

Waves to everyone else (am on iPhone and can't scroll!)

swanthingafteranother Sat 03-Nov-12 20:21:10

Madwoman LOL at police trying to arrest Dh for fireworks! [although tbh, I'm beginning to wish there were lovely by-laws round here...the sound of fireworks is deafening] Very sweet party next door (we were all hanging out the window to get the benefit.blush..neighbour had about five toddlers round and their parents and put a display on for them...They seemed to be coping with noise and shock, although I did hear the ominous words from hostess to one mum... (1.11yrs) is still hiding in the living room until it's over...hmm You seem to be doing a job already before you even took on the new job, what will all the guides and child stuff, hope you come to right decision.

Bitchy ds2 has been very strange today. We had quite a long outdoorsy energetic day, and he has been full of beans, keen, enthusiastic, cheery, but suddenly completely impatient (ie: refusing to wait for a a bus on way home, and doing all sorts of sensory oddities) Then he had tantrum at supper because ds1 said the wrong word. I am realising how thin the line between tolerance of everyday life and complete inability to cope. He has calmed down now, and laughing hilariously about his day, treetop walkway, chatting...but still...I just feel we are making it up as we go along, as we never know what to expect next from him. hmm He has had to go to his room a few times since he came home, it seems to be a good solution.

Waves to everyone else...still no flying

threw away some magazines
lamb stew
exercise for all
bulk cat food purchase
dd having friend round for sleepover
good night's sleep!!!!!

swanthingafteranother Sat 03-Nov-12 20:30:35

PA people have explained to me time and time again that cleaners just "know" what needs to be done... unless one has some seriously odd personal habits or expectations; ergo no language required. I find myself going into great detail to our cleaning lady and the truth is she just wants me to leave the house and leave her to it shockblush But no, I insist on saying complicated things, like....don't hoover ds1's bedroom, or touch his desk, but would you mind putting clean sheets on the bed, except the sheets aren't dry yet, they are the ones hanging over the bannister (sorry). No there isn't any flash, but perhaps just rinse the bathroom floor, and don't worry about the bath it isn't that dirty, what really needs doing is the floor round the loo blush and so on...
I am sure you will be 1000 times better at the maid lark than I am.

Another quick post with just links...

Gardening weekend highly successful, but exhausting so off to bed. Will catch up tomorrow.

Sunday is "renew your spirit day" so no mission, again.

Babystep 4 is another hmm one - sticking post-it notes all over your house strikes me as creating clutter, but hey.

Big waves to all, and good night.

Engelsemama Sun 04-Nov-12 09:09:53

The house is a tip so should do flying (washing, washing-up, downstairs needs a hoover again, lounge table piled high with crap, still haven’t sorted DS toys) but also desperately want to write sad

Blue you’ve reminded me that garden is a mess and needs de-jungling (and one of the benches needs to be put away for the winter) and finally sunny after rain yesterday.

Have a stack of marking, tasks and emails to write for school.
Heading out for coffee in half an hour so need to stop dithering and make a decision so at least something gets done. confused


Think I will stick with washing-up so I won’t have to listen to DH moaning this afternoon when he goes to make batch of pea soup for dinners this week and freezer.

Jamillalliamilli Sun 04-Nov-12 10:41:32

Sorry very little time so no personals except to say to Bitchy Keep your chin up. This stuff is very draining on parents.

D/S sent off for day out to renew spirit for all of us. I know it’s not quite right but better than nothing, and he’s feeling very excluded by the world at the moment.

To do
Get temp shelves up in kitchen
Rescued stuff onto shelves
try and get soggy cupboard emptied
More de-sludgeing
Get more stuff down to insurance unit
Photograph it
Check sand bags and drains
Check English progress
Prep h/e stuff for tomorrow

ToffeeWhirl Sun 04-Nov-12 13:43:36

Sorry, have been too caught up in RL to contribute, though I have been trying to keep up with the thread. Have just waved goodbye to a good friend who has been staying for a few days and am now getting ready for a visit from DC's Grandma. Also have to make a Tudor house with DS2 for his school homework this afternoon. I usually love things like this, but could do without it right now, to be honest.

Bitchy - sorry you are going through a difficult time with DS. I hope the assessment leads to more help and that you don't have to wait too long (I know it can take months though sad).

No time for any more writing, but am sending good wishes to all of you.

laurenamium Sun 04-Nov-12 13:46:16

Afternoon all! Sorry I have been AWOL, had a family day yesterday with not much flying and then no Internet this morning!

I'm now the proud owner of 2 gorgeous tiny guinea pigs! Charlie and Lola are settling in fine, my springer seems to be desperate to meet them though confused hopefully he's not eyeing them up as a tasty snack!

BB tomorrow with normal lists!

Ta da:
Stripped & re-made 3 x double beds, laundering of sheets etc ongoing.
Replaced bulbs in 3 lights, tidied & de-cluttered light bulb storage (why do I keep bulbs for lamps we discarded 5 years ago?)
Sent 2 x awkward e-mails been putting off for a while.
Took meat out of freezer for dinner, tidied & de-cluttered freezer.
Emptied & re-filled dw, wiped down counters.
Emptied, wiped out & de-cluttered & re-filled toilet bag from recent trip away.
Swept kitchen floor.
Took stuff out of my wardrobe that didn't belong there & put in correct places.

Ok it's hardly splitting the atom but feel sense of achievement!

To do:

Keep on re-booting laundry.
Hoover & de-clutter car.
Make dinner.
Check on paperwork for tomorrow's meeting (volunteer at Women's centre).
Bit of filing.

Happy flying week everybody! x

swanthingafteranother Sun 04-Nov-12 14:36:38

hi Toffee oh no Tudor house sounds like it would need weeks of forethought. I almost feel sad at thought we never got the "house" homework, for some reason parents rebelled at project type homeworks in Yr 2, and then that was that, apart from the space projects in Yr 5. Glad you had a visit from friend, hope halfterm was restorative generally.

I am exhausted again LOL.
sleepover last night
dcs x 4 to Mass (included friend)
dd altar serving
all home for lunch and play
dh rude about my salad [narked]
otherwise all quite calm...house exceptionally grotty but roll on tomorrow and a chance to tackle it all (luckily cleaning lady not coming till Tues, she is usually my bete noire as far as actually organising anything)
Dh looking forward to tomorrow and a chance to work from home in sweet solitude grin

ds1's room is so depressing, and his homework ditto, although he claims he did it (also lost some of bits of paper, so I suspect tomorrow morning the false security of halfterm will leave him)
hall hideous mess
no tights at all left sad

I think I am going back to bed now...hmm First need to send dd's friend home.

NickNacks Sun 04-Nov-12 15:44:41

Urgh! What a weekend but we are finally all better. Everyone is a bit lethergic but just cooking a lovely roast dinner so should perk us up.

Quick list for this evening and will come back for personals tonight.

One load of washing, dry, fold and put away
Read with ds2
Get ds1 to do some homework
Quick tidy downstairs
S and s
Hoover downstairs
Tidy up kitchen after dinner
Mop kitchen

See you about 8pm smile

blue - didn't you get cold gardening? I've got jobs that need going but can't bring myself to go out in the cold!

swan - your DS sounds like hard work, but it sounds like for the most part he had a good day

madwoman - I just stopped working for a while (though being a single mum on benefits, even with a reasonable ex, is hard!). Its awful when you're not enjoying your job

justgetting - it all sounds horrible. When DS was little (and XH had just left) my downstairs was flooded after DS broke the stop tap(!) and I remember the chaos from just one room, and that was only clean water.

I've had a productive day, working and playing in 15 minute bursts all afternoon, and the house is looking pretty good so far. I've also done menu planning and internet shopping for delivery tomorrow.

I need to be all ready as I've got a busy day, and hopefully a new PC arriving tomorrow, which I'm really excited about as I should be able to get on with my mission of retraining myself - I wrote software once upon a time but I'm completely out of touch, so I need to get back up to speed by the time DD is at school, and this PC is much too slow to run what I want.

Anyway, might be able to get a couple more 15 minute job sessions in before the kids get back, so I'll be off!

GossipWitch Sun 04-Nov-12 18:00:50

Good evening all, my lounge is really taking shape and we are going for as minimal as possible in there, which means a mirror, a clock (yet to be put up) and a boarded up hatchway that has now got matching wallpaper and will have one of those fancy wall art thingys with tealight holders in. Then the furniture which consists of the corner sofa, a coffee table, tv cabinet, toy box and dining table, and of course my massive rug. All thats left to do is, gloss and put scocia down, and fill and touch up some holes and thats it for decorating

GossipWitch Sun 04-Nov-12 18:03:02

so tuesday onward will be the kitchen smile

Evening all,

Lounge sounds good, Gossip - hope the kitchen goes well too!

Chairmum - To be honest, it was DH and FIL doing most of the gardening, and they were doing heavy stuff like digging out massive tree roots... Did get a little chilly but not too damp, so can't complain!

NickNacks - hope roast dinner did the trick!

NQP - Good going!!

lauren - aw! to guinea pigs. smile

Toffee - hope the Tudor house went well and that having visitors was/will be fun rather than stressful.

Bitchy - don't worry about keeping up - just pop in when you can, there'll always be a brew or cushion in the naughty corner!

Big waves to everyone else. Hope it's a good week for everyone back to school after half term.


Babystep 5 - be nice to yourself!

Mission (I hope this will show tomorrow's tomorrow as it's showing today's now, if you see what I mean... confused) We're heading into the kitchen for the new zone tomorrow. Mission is to look up and clean the tops of things.

Crazycake Sun 04-Nov-12 23:04:29

Can I join? I seriously need some order amongst the chaos in my house! We're a large family of six and I'm a childminder for 60 hours a week, DH works 65 hours a week (at least) as a restaurant manager so as I'm home a lot, it's all down to me and I feel like I'm loosing control confused

Crazycake welcome and with a name like that I think you will fit right in!! grin

So, today I feel as if I should do a major crisis clean in preparation for the "lady" coming tomorrow. (I seriously cannot call her a maid!!) But DH insists that is like having a dog and barking yourself! He also goes onto say that he knows I am barking anyway, - which he finds hilariously funny for some reason!! hmm Do I clean, or shall I leave it for her to do. She is doing 2 morning s a week and I dont think there is too much for her to do, so timewise I think she will be fine. I suppose I just don't want her to think that we are snobby, slobby, sloppy white folk!!

So my list today could be:
A) Whole house crisis clean
Sweep and mop all floors
Clean shower rooms
Clean toilets
Cook tea

Or B) Catch up with emails and work this morning
Cook tea

I will let you know, but I think B) is winning so far this morning!!!

madwomanintheattic Mon 05-Nov-12 01:54:10

Ah, how timely, baby step 5 due on the day I resign <channels good karma>

Have totted up everything I can think of, and as long as nothing unexpected happens <yes, cars, dogs and kids, I'm looking at you> we can scrape by if I resign. We should be okay as I will get another pay packet this month even if they don't want me to work my notice (a distinct possibility if my vibes are right) as i've racked up a week and a half that i haven't been paid for yet. and although this month it will be reeeeeeaaaally tight, it should ease a bit in time for Christmas as dh can transfer his pension from the middle of December <that makes him sound ancient. He isn't. He's 41!>

So, that said, I've been much calmer having made a decision, and finished most of the stuff on my 'todo' list for the weekend (yay, me!) and the dcs have even made a valiant attempt at their bedrooms. Dd2 did cry and wail for literally six solid hours yesterday, but this evening she is the very picture of accomplishment, and has purloined several of dd1's books as a direct result. Win win.

I spent the afternoon ironing, and dh is going to carry on tonight (he's currently cooking dinner). The living level has been swept and vacuumed, and the dishwasher has run twice. The kitchen sides are currently clear awaiting dinner, but it should all go in the dishwasher, so the sink should be shiny!!

Chairmum, work is such a double bind, huh? For me it seems so tied up with my self esteem - I've found not doing paid work quite difficult, but this experience has made me realize that it really isn't worth my mental health doing just anything. On paper it was perfect, but in reality it just feels completely wrong. The not sleeping, and fretting, and weeping were really a step too far. Something else will come along, whatever will be, will be, and all that. And I know it will be easier on the dc's. Ds1 has been virtually uncontrollable - he needs to do more for himself, but he's just not capable of it at the mo. And this week he's got his camhs appt that we had to cancel two weeks ago due to my work hours. He really needs that time to keep him on target. Dd2 has another appt at the children's hosp this week, as well.

PA, maybe just clear the decks a bit, so she can clean, rather than tidy? (I had a cleaner once in days of yore. I have never got over the feelings of utter inadequacy it engendered grin). My vote is for B. grin

Kitchen zone. That's good. I've been putting quite a bit of effort into the kitchen of late, so I might not fall too far behind!!

Right it appears to be an early start here. hmm So first things first, school uniform into dryer, coffee and breakfast. No that I have finished painting my nails. did 3 quarters of it last night got tired and went to bed. Yes Bed! Was asleep by 10pm!! Need a plan for the week too. It's a bit insane here atm. Thankfully ds seemed a little calmer last night when he came back from his dad's.

I need to get on top of my room this week, need to get on top of the Laundry, and a major report to write and need to get on with the crafting projects that are cluttering up the place. And deal with normal life craziness too. Tonight is homework catch up night for ds. It will be loud and stressfull I suspect so on the to do list is acquiring a small bag of chocolates for bribery purposes!

Right time to move. Coffee is needed the house is freezing this morning!!!!

laurenamium Mon 05-Nov-12 08:04:44

Morning all! Just a dump as mindees are here in 10. Have added clean guinea pigs Area and change food and water etc into routines...

To do:
Home bleugh
Wash bedding
Clean windows and mirrors and doors
Walk dogs
File paperwork
Mission in kitchen- top of microwave and fridge
DD laundry
My laundry
Make playdough


castlelough Mon 05-Nov-12 08:35:53

Just a quick fly-by!
madwoman good luck with your resignation today - thinking of you!
Gossip the lounge sounds lovely and you sound much much happier than you did a few days ago!

Back to school for me today, minimal list:
Visit dMil
Dinner - beef stew
Write for Wrimo
Practise piano

grin Happy Monday! grin

Madwoman Resign and enjoy the weight being lifted from your shoulders. I am sure whatever happens you will get through. Maybe you could do something little from home just to get some "pocket money" in once you have had a chance to relax more. Hope all goes well today!!!

Well, house is looking very respectable, although I have left some dusting for the "lady". I did do all the floors, shower, washed all the rugs, cleared the shelves etc, in fact I have done more housework today in preparation for this than I have done in months. hmm But I now feel more comfortable about her coming although she will probably think she is onto a cushy number and will sit twiddly her thumbs for half the time!!

Soooooo hot here. The sweat is dripping off me!!! <lovely!!!> I need to go and unpack my shopping and get tea underway. DH and DS have football tonight, so tea has to be early. I want to just go and lock myself into a fridge!

have a good day everyone. <flaps wings feebly>

Ta da
Finish painting nails
Look for file that is needed - but still can't find.
Think about what is needed to be done this week, when and how
School uniform in to dry
Deal with incoming emails.
Read a chapter of book.
Try to nap - failed but feel better for an extra hour's rest.
dressed to shoes - it's still freezing out there!!
My bedding on to wash.
Sort out ds' kit bag
Sort out ds' bag from being away
School run
Brew up an extra large pot of coffee
30mins my room
2nd load of washing on
Folding up to date but won't last
move laundry from dining room table

To do
Sort out sending out emails
bedding on to wash
stuff to go into loft to go
do laundry
tackle my room!
Ds' homework

laurenamium Mon 05-Nov-12 09:37:23

Ooooh another childminder! <waves to crazycake!>

Good luck with your resignation today madwoman.

PA I vote option B too!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Nov-12 09:48:19

That's great that you've made a decision about work, Madwoman, and that you are feeling calmer already smile.

PA - hope all goes well with your cleaner today (let us know!). I just clear the clutter before my cleaner comes and make sure there is no dirty laundry on the floor!

lauren - grin at your new guinea pigs.

Crazycake - welcome! Am not surprised you feel as if you are losing control, with six children and work as well! I childminded when DS1 was little and it was one of the hardest jobs I've done. There are a couple of other childminders here too (one of them is distracted with new guinea pigs right now wink).

bitchy - glad you got some sleep and that DS is calmer this morning. Long may it last <crosses fingers>.

castle - I hope you've added 'write a 50,000-word novel' to your daily routines wink.

Blue - my visitor was lovely and cheered me up. The Tudor house rather undid her good work! We have to finish making it today.

DS1 is being hard work at the moment, almost certainly because his OCD is bad. He was like a boy possessed yesterday sad. I confiscated his XBox for rudeness and disobedience, which meant he then made our lives a misery for the rest of the afternoon. I hoped today would be better, but he started on at us first thing (picking on us for every little thing, obsessing about stuff till you want to scream).

Today's list:

Put rubbish out
Morning routines
Get boys out of the house! (INSET day today, so still no school for DS2)
Take boots to cobblers
Return overdue DVDs <sigh> to library
Get boys' hair cut
Drop in on MIL to show her the new haircuts (she gets very upset when their hair isn't tidy)
Quick shop for food
Sort out plans for DS2's birthday party
Ring dr to apologise for missing flu jab (I forgot blush) and ask if there's another opportunity
Iron school uniform
Prepare school stuff for tomorrow
Finish the Tudor house
Boys to bed at decent hour
Home ed prep
Bed at decent hour myself hmm

Jamillalliamilli Mon 05-Nov-12 10:42:00

try to get orthodontist appointment
try and talk finances with insurance co.
recycling out
rubbish out
Move stuff to insurance unit
Prep psychology
try and clear hall

Hi to Crazycake, you sound like you have your hands full.

Engels Castle and Madwoman good luck with the writing.

Madwoman I now have visions of trying to explain Guy Fawkes and why letting of explosive charges on this day is custom.
No job that makes a mess of your head is worth it, if you can afford not to.

Swan glad Dh has made the transition reasonably easily. Not easy working from home. The realisation of how thin that line is. Yes, thin and fluctuating. I’m a fair few years further down the line and still making it up as we go along.

PA I hate to tell you that your Dh is right! I've been a cleaner and never had negative thoughts about anyone with a messy grubby house, it’s a sign of job security! Kind reasonable people can get away with anything, but as you've done it all for her as well, I'm sure she'll love you.

Blue right there with you on the post it notes, so don’t need to encourage that round here.

Toffee sorry missed earlier question: I pointed him to the pub on the corner. He must have been in dire problems as he returned three hours later and then moaned about getting a parking ticket, but my comment about better than being caught drink driving if he’d taken his van, was met with protestations about being in the loo the whole time.
The ‘resilience’ is only lack of choice and the unbearableness of repercussions and is stretched to breaking point tbh.

Sorry you're having a tough time with ds1 hope he levels out a bit soon. The Tudor house sounds interesting.

NotquitePerfect I’d settle happily for that lot.

Lauren your menagerie sounds fun.

Chairmum enjoy your new PC. I’m in awe of your skills, even if you think they're out of touch.

Gossip sounds great and very manageable afterwards.

Bitchy good luck getting through the day on what looks like little sleep even if you went early. I’d offer you some sanity, but there’s none here!

Welcome crazycake! Sounds like hell to me, but if you can get into it, this should help.

madwoman - that was how I felt. My sanity was suffering, the kids were unhappy, I was constantly grumpy and when I started getting anxiety attacks, I knew it was time for a change.

Yesterday I had a really productive day, and as a result I have time to do what I want today, and am just waiting for my delivery! Although I am shattered as DS was sick in the middle of the night so I was up for ages expecting him to do it again, we can't have his cousin to play, there'll be no swimming and he'll be off school tomorrow sad (Does everyone else follow the 48hr rule for being off school after sickness?)

So far I have:
Emptied dishwasher
done breakfast and tidied away
rebooted washing / drying
got kids up and dressed
hoovered stairs and upstairs

Lunch & clearup
More washing
S&S bathroom
dinner and evening routine.

There is only as much sanity as there is coffee in the coffee pot today. Otoh i might have discovered this hard flat surface in my room. tentative investigations suggest that it might extend the entire room. I believe the dictionary might call it a floor? grin

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Nov-12 10:48:17

JustGetting - oh, poor man! Sounds like he was the wrong person for the job that day grin.

Right, morning routine done and kitchen looks presentable (in case DH turns up for lunch unexpectedly, as he sometimes does these days). Bins emptied and rubbish put out (why do I always have more bags than the neighbours, even though we recycle? blush).

Next task is to get the boys out. Will allow at least half an hour for that...

NickNacks Mon 05-Nov-12 10:50:23

Welcome crazycake from another childminder smile

lauren love the piggy names!!

madwoman thinking of you today smile

blue thanks the roast definitely worked and house back in shape.

So today's list

Write invoices
Give out invoices
Clean bathroom
15 mins in kitchen
Pay swimming fees
Pay flute fees
What's for dinner?
Cook and clear up
Homework with dc
Bath and relax!
Clear hotspot in sitting room
Quick sort out in playroom
Lunch and nursery run
School run at 3pm
Tumble dry washing
Put new load on
Dry 2nd load
15 mins of putting away clothes

Obviously this is in no particular order!!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Nov-12 10:59:09

Chair - yes, I do, though I know it's frustrating. It protects the other children. Also, you have to be sure your child will keep his food down when he eats. Hope your DS improves soon and sorry you have had such a difficult night.

Massive x-posts above. Must be MN and elevenses time grin.

Am really going now...

laurenamium Mon 05-Nov-12 11:18:38

I follow that rule too chair and it drives me mad when parents try to send their children in when they are sick sad

Thanks Toffee, I always do, though XH sometimes acts like I'm being unreasonable to insist on it

NickNacks Mon 05-Nov-12 11:29:07

Yes please do them off. My whole family is sick because a mindee came last week and parent mentioned at pick that the child had been sick sad

Justgetting... Thank you for your encouragement! I will just smile a lot and I will be fine! <who needs language>
I spent a fortune this afternoon on cleaning products, mops, cloths etc...... This had better be worth it!!

Toffee Oh dear about DS1. I hope things improve soon for him (and you) It must be hard for you, so have some thanks

Toffee you are a better woman then I. that describes ds recently and I am afraid I did scream. At him. Tbh after this morning performance I am not sure that he is much calmer more that having had a break from dealing with it all. I am calmer thus handling it better. Gem of this morning's dealings was "ds I can either laugh at you or shout at you which would you prefer" <sigh> but I am not thinking about that. No point getting myself into a tizz now about what might happen.

Instead working on monster ta da list.

Ta da
Finish painting nails
Look for file that is needed - but still can't find.
Think about what is needed to be done this week, when and how
School uniform in to dry
Deal with incoming emails.
Read a chapter of book.
Try to nap - failed but feel better for an extra hour's rest.
dressed to shoes - it's still freezing out there!!
My bedding on to wash.
Sort out ds' kit bag
Sort out ds' bag from being away
School run
Brew up an extra large pot of coffee
30mins my room
2nd load of washing on
Folding up to date but won't last
move laundry from dining room table
3rd load washing on
handwadshing done
60mins on my room
Speak to friend via skype
Ironing up to date
Drink far too much coffee and it is only kunch time. (although tbh i think i just brewed the pot on the strong side as only on my 3rd cup but feel like i have 8 already)
Find book meant to send on. - must find memory stick so can transfer and send it all together.
Clean shower
Clean bathroom sink
Stick toilet cleaning in toilet and pretend it doesn't exist for a bit whilst it soaks.

To do
Sort out sending out emails
bedding on to wash
stuff to go into loft to go
do laundry
tackle my room!
Ds' homework
Sort kit out for tomo morning's stupid o'clock start.

GossipWitch Mon 05-Nov-12 13:30:19

Well this morning I woke up in a grumpy mood, ds2 was sitting at the side of our bed nattering to a very sleepy dp and only spoke when dp drifted off !! ds1 wanted me to be his slave and then got very disrespectful to me after swimming, ds3 was not going to have his picture took, and I am fuming with argos for selling me a broken wall art thingy. I get better quality stuff from ebay!! and decorating hasn't happened yet but I have tackled the mountain of washing only to find the majority of it wasn't dirty!!!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Nov-12 15:54:32

Well, I managed to get the boys out and even persuaded them both to have their hair cut (DS1 refused initially). Luckily, the barber was brilliant and chatted with them about armies (DS2's current interest) and XBox (DS1's), so they soon cheered up.

Unfortunately, DS1's mood has not improved and he was still being argumentative and obsessive. He spent most of the trip arguing with me over an XBox game he wants which he insists is not an 18, even though it was listed as an 18 in the Argos catalogue (he said they were wrong hmm). Also he got caught up in various anxieties during our trip which made him even more panicky and difficult. What I really hate is that he picks on DS2 all the time when he is stressed. DS2 is incredibly tolerant, never having known any different and adoring his big brother regardless, but it upsets me so much and makes me feel protective of DS2 and angry at DS1. Am not sure what's going on with DS1 at the moment and am hoping it's not teenage hormones already (though I doubt it - he looks a long way off it).

Bitchy - sorry your DS is being equally demanding. I am pretty good at staying calm (years of practise), but I do lose my temper sometimes and yesterday was a case in point. I had to go upstairs to calm down (used the 15 minutes wisely by putting the clean washing away, in true Flylady style). I do wish normal everyday things could be, well, normal instead of fraught with drama <sigh>. I'm glad you had a break - it must be invaluable.

Gossip - sorry you have had a difficult day and that your wall art thingy was broken.

PA - thanks for your encouraging words and the flowers <arranges them in a vase and puts them in the naughty corner for all to enjoy> smile. Let us know how it goes with your cleaner.

NickNacks - oh, that's infuriating for you angry. I hope this meant you couldn't have the mindee because you were sick - would serve the parents right!

Ta da list so far:

Put rubbish out done
Morning routines done
Get boys out of the house! done
Take boots to cobblers done - boots can't be mended sad. But that means I need to buy new boots smile
Return overdue DVDs <sigh> to library done
Get boys' hair cut done
Drop in on MIL to show her the new haircuts not done thanks to DS1 being too anxious and needing to get home
Quick shop for food done

Also, phoned pilates teacher and left message about starting an evening class. Am going to do it so that I can have a break from domestic life once a week (an attempt to destress).

Still to do:

Sort out plans for DS2's birthday party
Ring dr to apologise for missing flu jab and ask if there's another opportunity
Iron school uniform
Prepare school stuff for tomorrow
Finish the Tudor house
Boys to bed at decent hour
Home ed prep

GossipWitch Mon 05-Nov-12 16:14:21

Think's there maybe something in the air in regards to ds1's today, mines winding the other's up and still being disrespectful, dont worry ladies, not long until bedtime.

In regards to the wall art thingy I had to get a refund and reserve it in a store in another town so we went and we got and I drove back then to school and nearly took the back end of another car and then moved my bins again parking up also had some little turds from the high school down the road try and star jump in front of my car, dickheads!! The learner plates were clearly displayed too !!!!!

any way list done today is:-
kids to go swimming
ds3 hair cut
get wall art thing
ds3 for picture
tidy landing

still to do:-
cook tea
paint skirting
sand doors
paint doors
put scocia stuff down
tidy lounge of all crap from decorating
put lighting on and relax in my beautiful lounge
have a bath
go to bed
then tomorrow is a whole other day!!

Hi all, didn't post over the weekend as it is always hard to get on the computer with the kids around! Had a good fireworks night Saturday - first nearly meltdown-free one, thanks to ear defenders and the big display being the other side of town, so ds enjoyed most of it, hurray!

Interesting to see so many other fledglings have kids with additional needs. We are currently awaiting an ASD diagnosis for ds which the psychologist seems to think is likely - multidisciplinary team assessment here though so it takes ages - but at least we are getting support from the psych now which is helping a lot. And I can see how much better ds is when we are on top of de-cluttering (though he won't have me tidy his room - it's too much change at once, last time I did it he melted into a sobbing heap...)

Our anticipated dropper-inner friend did indeed drop in, giving us 30 mins notice, I was out with kids so dp continued his sterling tidying and hoovering efforts (he does nothing until people are due, but does a grand job for guests so I try to focus on the positive) and it must have worked as we got comments on how 'spacious' the house felt! I am now trying to keep it that way with a thrice-daily pickup and a sink shine whenever possible. It does not last though, with two small saboteurs around.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 05-Nov-12 16:52:10

Gossip - I agree with you about the 'something in the air' for DS1s at present. Bedtime feels too far off!

Systems - we have noticed before what a high proportion of DC with SNs us Flyladies have confused. I think we speculated before that those of us with SN children have greater demands on our time and patience and therefore need to feel in control of the housework. How old is your DS? It's good that you have a psychologist on your side <shudders at memories of unhelpful professionals over the years>.

Glad you managed a good fireworks night on Saturday - that's quite an achievement with an ASD child. We have decided to give ours a miss tonight, as last year the bangers were so loud even the neurotypical children were in tears! Am looking forward to wine and telly.

GossipWitch Mon 05-Nov-12 16:54:56

Systems there are a lot of us on here, I'm beginning to wonder if this is the reason our houses are so cluttered, I once accidently broke ds1's pebble jar (yes he went through a collecting pebbles off the street phase) so I tried to clean it up as quick as possible but left one pebble, he noticed and wouldn't come out of his "den" for ages, and there were lots of tears, I felt so bad about it, this was before I realised there may be an issue with him. So I can imagine what your going through. Apart from the nasty mood ds1 is in we haven't had a meltdown yet but I can feel one brewing, obviously due to the re-decorating, but I have managed it a little, by telling him the night before what I plan to do to it the next day. Which means he keeps me on task by making sure its done.

GossipWitch Mon 05-Nov-12 17:00:50

That said i dont generally have an issue with the fireworks and ds1, but he will go on about it for days until he has seen at least one display, but his stupid father took him to one this weekend and took him to one that was being held in someones back garden, needless to say ds1 was bitterly dissapointed and will not stop talking about going to a real display!

My DS (8, AS) doesn't go to the organised fireworks display, one of us takes DD on her own. He did go two years ago and was Ok, as in he coped, but he found it a bit much and hasn't wanted to go again. He does like having a few at home in the garden though. As ASD children go he doesn't have too many sensory issues, but we steer clear of really noisy situations just in case and he has got ear defenders.

Bitchy I am always so impressed with your lists! Good work wink !

I have lots to add to the list. Including basic car mechanics 101 a fucking nightmare!!! but ds is the middle of being bullied into doing his homework and needs the computer. I will be back. I hope.

nightshade1 Mon 05-Nov-12 20:27:12

i have a huge list, we are re-decorating at the moment so flying is minimal and the house is a right state!

today i did manage to clean the bathroom and paint the stairs though so not a completely wasted day..........not sure how im ment to achieve a clean fully functional and pretty house before christmas arrives though hmm

Well I managed to get all my jobs done, and make a start on my pc, though things aren't working quite as I want, but it will do the essentials so I can start programming later in the week!

Just got to wait for my shopping delivery now, and maybe put some washing away, but the house as a whole is really tidy for once (just cluttered, but I'm trying to work on that)

Scruffybear Mon 05-Nov-12 21:58:16

Hi all
Not even going to make the usual excuses, I was rubbish in October. blush Ever the optimist, one month has to be the one in which I make a real dent in all the decluttering...it could be this one so I had better continue hanging out with you lovely lot! To be fair, eldest DD will be at pre school for 3 mornings a week, so surely even I can make progress.....

swanthingafteranother Mon 05-Nov-12 22:21:14

swept downstairs
cooked pasta bake ( a different kind)
counted money for church all morning
spent nice afternoon with Dh wink
felt miserable in late afternoon sad I hate my kitchen situation!!!! blush
Dh did a firework display for kids but I refused to go (I think that is my asd sensory stuff - I like watching out the window but the combination fo cold rainy muddy garden, and tinderbox kids, and loud bangs sets my teeth on edge.

Ds1 spent most of firework display insulting ds2, which is a slight relief because now I am absolutely determined to take him to family therapy appt tomorrow with the main conspirators, which I was feeling a bit guilty about school absence for, but NOW I@M NOT GUILTY HE NEEDS FAMILY THERAPY TOOgrin

PA my cleanign lady is arriving tomorrow and I am now in a panic about hoover bags, lack of Flash, where to hide the dirty laundry (I hate it when she washes the clothes blush and how to explain the recyling horrors. So I am joining you on a reboot of mad barking employer to employer of essential helpful person. And anyway, what if we have to clean house first, that can't be that bad, at least house is a bit cleaner if cleaned doubly???

Toffee ds2 had several screaming tantrums about x-box when he got it, but I suspect they weren't about xbox at all, just an expression of general frustration. He hasn't mentioned it for a while, and has changed tack again onto another obsession. Since weekend he has actually been behaving really well, and asked dh very sweetly how his business was going at supper shock and he even shock horror ate some tomato sauce attached to his pasta (usually has to be plain) and made a joke out of it. It is so much to do with being relaxed v. feeling tense isn't it? I want to pm you, about how things are going with home ed etc, and hope I can later in week. I feel the dark winter days are definitely closing in, and I suspect it affects kids' mood too.

swanthingafteranother Mon 05-Nov-12 22:24:51

Also have discovered may be bumping into an old flame at end of November at some big do! Am determined to lose weight for that, do not want to be pointed out as old hag in the corner shock Of course we are both happily married to other people, just felt it was important to retain dignity [ahem]

So Body Clutter, I am back!

dizzyday07 Mon 05-Nov-12 23:03:46

Just caught up with everyone's happenings so leaving the chocolates DH bought me on the side for anyone that needs one.

We had a nice weekend - but seemed to spend it eating! Meal in the village pub on Friday after dropping DD off. Lunch out on Sat. whilst checking a shop where I can get my sewing machine serviced (need to add that to my to-list now), chinese meal in the evening before going to the late night showing of Skyfall. Classic James Bond and was fabulous. Sunday morning was quiet and we just seemed to fill the empty time before going to collect DD by doing nothing!

DD has a nice time and was taken to a firework display by DSis. Was complaining of a sore tummy, but managed to get home OK before she threw her dinner up! Bleurgh I hate vomit with a passion. So at least my downstairs toilet got a thorough S&S grin.

Day off school for her but we managed to go out to replenish the fridge and then spent the afternoon DVD watching. Uniform all organised for the morning then I'll need to blitz the house which has been mightily neglected

Good evening... Today has been interesting - I've had some really nice times with each boy seperately, and been screaming like a banshee at them together. Sigh. Did manage the mission though, which is something I guess. I've also been to Zumba, but the class clashes with choir, so need to move one or the other. Another sigh.

Hopefully won't be MNing so late tomorrow, so will be able to catch up properly then, but big waves to everyone as I dash in and out with the links...

Babystep 6 is a crucial one - all about hotspots!

Mission: wipe down kitchen cabinet doors.

Evening all,

I've skimmed all the posts but not caught up properly. I was back on the school run today (only half a mile) but between that and cooking tea I was whacked by teatime. I also managed to make a decent inroad on my filing from the comfort of my bed and have just about finished reshuffling all the DCs after school activities, one change meant about 5 more changes. They both had tasks to complete for Cubs and Rainbows tomorrow, got that done too. Oh and managed to introduce DS to a new food - pesto, he loved it. Oh and went to a friend's for coffee (driven by another friend). No wonder I was tired.

Tomorrow is busy after school so my mum is coming round to help. From Weds I can drive again which will help.

Night all.

madwomanintheattic Tue 06-Nov-12 03:02:46

totally agree with something in the air for ds1's...

my kitchen currently looks like a bombsite. i had an email from ds1's teacher telling me'your son' has failed to hand in such and such assignment. not even mentioned him by name.

the fact that i haven't seen his homework folder or agenda since he went back to school, and that learning support have essentially washed their hands of him, means that apparently i now am responsible.

good thing his psych appt is weds.

his assignment was to make a tree cookie. this apparently is a model of a cross section of tree trunk, labelled appropriately. he has chosen to bake one, presumably because the word 'cookie' appeared in the title, and in his aspie head, it was the obvious solution. confused

good thing it's the kitchen zone, as i'm going to have a looooot of repair work to do tomorrow. i'm just letting him at it. the first saga was not creaming the butter and sugar. he just chucked it all in together and stirred it.

i did resign, and they are happy for me not to work my notice. smile good job, really, as with this teacher i can see me considering home ed again. bah humbug.

no nano for me today, but tomorrow is a new day x

madwomanintheattic Tue 06-Nov-12 03:03:54

there is flour everywhere. the dogs think all their christmases have come at once.

cheeseandmushroomghostie Tue 06-Nov-12 03:14:44

Marking my place smile

laurenamium Tue 06-Nov-12 07:29:32

Morning all! Just another dump, have mindees coming any minute!

To do:
Put DD laundry away
School run
DD and mindee to baby gymnastics
Walk dogs
DD to CM
horsey afternoon grin
Today's mission
File paperwork
Clean bathroom
Clean bathroom floor


I had to laugh Madwoman that is so much like my DD3. But they are very special, aren't they!!! I remember when she was about 3 years old and at a speech therapy lesson and her I could hear her speech therapist having a shout at DD3. I was not sitting and listening to that, so I stuck my head in the door and asked what DD3 had done wrong. I was told she had thrown the dice right across the room, I realised what had happened and asked what the speech therapist had asked her to do, she said "throw the dice". So I gave an exaggerated hmm face and said, so what did she do, "threw the dice, but EVERYONE knows the difference between throwing a dice and throwing a dice, surely!!!!" Errrrr no..... I took DD3 and we changed speech therapist after that!!!
Hope the cookie turns out ok!!! grin

I am trying hard not to be disappointed with my cleaner. She swept the floor, but did not mop it downstairs, she did the shower room, but not cleaned the toilet. She did a lovely job of cleaning the cooker. I do think its a communication thing though, as the only thing I showed her how to do today was clean the cooker, and she did that really well. I think I will have to spell it out for her to start with and show her step by step what I want her to do. I am not sure what she did for 2.5 hours, though!!!! I think half the problem is that she is really shy and quiet and here the local people stand in awe of white people and she is so scared of doing something wrong, so instead of doing it wrong, she didn't do it at all, IYSWIM. Hey ho, I was so looking forward to this. I will see how it goes over the next few weeks and hopefully she will become more confident.

Off to cook a local curry dish for tea, yum yum!!!

Have a good day everyone.

GossipWitch Tue 06-Nov-12 09:59:57

grin at the tree cookie, I use metaphores a lot and when I realised that ds1 took them literally I made a game of knowing what they meant, so if one slipped out, I would immediately say that was a metaphore what do you think it means? and he would give his answer and some of the time he was right about it, and then other's I would tell him what it means if I could see that he was struggling to figure it out, he's very good with metaphores now but still struggles with new ones, however when he went through a "wow that was phat" phase I was confused.

This morning I had to ban ds2 and 3 from the sofa as they were using it as a trampoline. They are not allowed to sit on it at all today, ds2 said "but what do we to about dinner" I said "sit on the floor", "
"but what about if I get gravy down my top", and I said "but what if you break my sofa and I have to save up for weeks to buy a new one which means I will have to use the money I give to santa for your presents so that we can have a sofa to sit on at christmas?"
"oh I wont get no presents".
Hopefully it will sink in this time !!

We as parents got up late this morning, so it was a mad rush around, ds1 got up even later but he was an absolute dream this morning, I'm hoping it lasts and of course bonfire night is over so I will not be hearing one more thing about fireworks !!!

list to do today is,
gloss frames and last bit of skirting,
put scocia down,
remove decorating junk from lounge,
declutter kitchen,
pop to b&q and change roll of wallpaper,
school run,
cook tea,
tidy hallway,
do washing,
dp to sand doors with super awesome sander thing,
kids to go bed,
gloss doors,
bath and bed.

Will catch up with you all later smile

We don't get too many problems with DS being too literal but the baking story has reminded me of the first time I did baking with him, aged two. We measured out the flour, sugar and butter, I said "now we need to put the eggs in" and he grabbed an egg from the counter and dropped it into the bowl from a great height, resulting in a massive flour explosion all over both of us.

PA - do you think there are communication issues? You'd hope someone employed to clean would have a better idea of what to do though!

swan what's up with your kitchen?

dizzy I hate vomit too - I could deal with it when they were tiny, but it's so much worse now they're not babies!

This morning everything is running smoothly so far.

dressed to shoes and makeup, and medication.
stripped beds
rebooted washing
ordered a few bits for the new pc
potatoes in the oven to bake

To Do:
dry bed covers
take kids to playground
lunch & cleanup
remake beds
do painting with the kids
dinner & post-dinner routine
before bed routine

ToffeeWhirl Tue 06-Nov-12 10:38:41

Madwoman, PA and WhoKnows - am grinning at your tales of DC being literal (and glad you changed your speech therapist, PA - she was in the wrong job!). DS1 is very literal too. He knows a lot of metaphors off by heart now, but still struggles with new ones. We make a joke of it now and he says, "Oh, am I being literal again?" It's interesting to see how DS2 - half his age - 'gets' metaphors without any problems. I used to think all DC must be like DS1.

PA - sorry your cleaner wasn't as thorough as you'd hoped. It sounds as if she just needs more instruction.

Chairmum - looks like your Flying is off to a good start this morning.

Gossip - I hope your DS1's mood stays good. It's lovely when they're being nice!

lauren - looks like you are going to have a very busy and active day!

Swan - I would love a PM from you, thanks smile.

cheese - welcome!

Ellie - thinking of you going back to school today. Hope the first day back goes ok.

Well, like Gossip's son, my DS1's mood is good this morning. Am wondering if he was upset by the half-term change of routine. He has been lovely this morning, although still incredibly anxious. He now won't let me out of the house without coming with me (in case something happens to me), but at least this means he is getting more exercise. He walked up to school with DS2 (carrying the Tudor house - phew, we did it) and me this morning.

Am going to take it easy with home ed this week and start off with easy, fun stuff. I started reading 'Millions' by Frank Cottrell Boyce, to DS1 last night, so I think we'll continue with that today - not to study, just for pleasure. DS1 is having his Maths lesson at the moment (with a tutor), so I can tick that off the list. And he has his farm therapy this afternoon, which he is really enjoying. It has made him think twice about eating meat though, as he's getting very attached to the animals (very upset that we had chicken casserole last night sad).

Hope everyone has a good day.

GossipWitch Tue 06-Nov-12 11:39:28

Right I have done as much glossing as I can now, just have to wait for dp and a sander, will be popping out to b&q in a mo, I'm leaving the scocia to dp as hes much better with a hammer and nails than I am and I know for a fact I'll put another hole in the wall. I'll declutter the kitchen when I get back and then I can put decorating stuff in there, ready for decorating the kitchen tomorrow. luckily its a small kitchen so it should be done by the end of the week. Then that will be 2 rooms done and dusted by christmas !!!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 06-Nov-12 13:02:20

Blimey, you are tearing through the decorating, Gossip! Am very impressed.

GossipWitch Tue 06-Nov-12 13:22:10

Arrgghhhh I'm back b&q wouldn't take back roll of paper, now I've checked my bank statement and know when it went out, will hopefully be able to take it back and I was indecisive about the kitchen paper I wanted but now I know which one I want so will be going back after a quick coffee and load of the dishwasher !!

I hate today. ds has had accident in school, the car saga ran on and it required major disassemblying by the mechanic so at least it was me being useless. Just one of those days. I feel like crap. Off to take ds to get his glasses fixed. Hopefully he will be back in school tomo. He is driving me potty.

Wrt literalism. Dm does it because she is being awkward and tbh I have yelled at her when she does it in front of ds as we have big problems with stuff being literal. Change in any for is still an issue for ds atm. On a positive note a fabulous doctor meant we got to avoid a&e to get him checked.

Is it bedtime yet?

madwomanintheattic Tue 06-Nov-12 13:54:47

Hope he's ok bitchy x

GossipWitch Tue 06-Nov-12 14:06:12

aww bitchy sad pretty sure its a good 10 hours away I'm afraid.

On a good note, finally swapped the frigging wallpaper, manager gave me a credit note for being so persistent grin, let's hope I don't have to go back for anything for a few weeks now.

grin chuckling at the metaphors things and loving the tree cookie! I remember explaining the concepts of metaphors (and similes) to ds a long time ago, he was entranced by the idea and is normally pretty good, then we have the odd moment - I told him the other day he must be in his sister's good books, and he was very quietly thinking for ages then asked me very cautiously, "Mummy, does she actually have some good books?" He had realised it must be a metaphor but couldn't fathom it out, I think. Once he has worked them out though he loves them!

[thinking of Fly issue to post to stay on topic] I am working on menu planning this week, trying to get eating sorted out > energy in the evening > before bed routine > clothes the night before - everything fits together doesn't it? So my one Fly goal for today, on top of shining sink and picking up living room, is to menu plan for the week. Wish me luck ...

strictlycaballine Tue 06-Nov-12 16:27:19

[frantic waves to everyone from depths of naughty corner. Lays out plates of biscuits for now and arranges wine and corkscrew for later on]

Returned from guilt-inducing "under the wire" (ie didn't inform family or friends) three-day flit to Blighty on Sunday afternoon. Felt so happy to be back in UK and so sad to leave - but am now in dreadful slump! [And the putrid untidy house that welcomed us on return didn't help either!] Always feel a bit miffed at missing bonfire night too!

Really behind with thread but hope everyone is ok!

A warm welcome to cheeseandmushroomghostie and crazycake

Thanks for links blue.. did you opt for zumba or choir in the end?

Lauren smile and wheeeek wheeeeek at your new arrivals!! How are they settling in? Rabbits are fab but miss my gps very much - especially their vocalisation! Gp and equine management are v. similar in many ways so you are already an expert!

Justgettingonwithit so sorry you are still battling with sludge and all the rest. As Swan said, it sounds simply awful. Hope compensation comes through soon and IN FULL.

Bitchy sorry to hear your ds had an accident at school and that you've been having a tough time recently - glad you were able to avoid a&e though - hope he (and you!) are recovering! Hats off at yesterday's mega-list too!

Toffee I am a huge, huge fan of Frank Cottrell Boyce - his writing - his attitude to life - everything really! Have a fab book in which he has describes why he is still a Catholic and I read it at least four or fives times a year when I find myself fuming about something RC church has done or is focusing on... Congrats on Tudor House completion btw!

Chairmum/Dizzy I hate dealing with vomit too and usually end up up-chucking myself. Had really strong stomach prior to having dd, then pregnancy ruined it all!! Dettol is my friend though. Add to a couple of inches of water in a bucket or add to water in loo and it obscures everything (visually I mean) and strong smell masks horrible odours (sorry if tmi)! Also good for scrubbing any suspect areas afterwards! You can buy huge bottles and mini portable ones now too.

Decorating sounds fab Gossip congrats on all yr hard work. Could do with some minimalism over here ...

PA/Swan if it's any consolation I have serious communication probs with my lovely Polish cleaner. We speak to one another in a combination of pigeon English and French. Because she is so willing to please she says "yes" but I've recently come to realise that she doesn't really understand what she is saying "yes" to!! I'm trying to overcome my guilt/awkwardness/lack of organisational abilities and be much more "directive" than feels comfortable but most of the time I just wimp out and do the things she has missed myself afterwards!! Also, it depends on the personality of the cleaner tbh. I've had loads of different ones over the years and some don't touch anything unless you say specifically ie they might leave old, dead flowers in vase for fear that you still want them ... or are very confident and move everything and initiate cleaning out the odd kitchen cupboard or something.

[claps hands over ears and eyes at Swan's mention of body-clutter]

arf at exploding egg Whoknows and talk of literalism/metaphores in general. Have a hard time explaining "it's the bees knees" in French!! grin Hope school runs are not too onerous and that you are not over-doing it.

Madwoman sorry you had to go through such difficult work traumas but hope resignation decision/not working suits you and your family better and glad you don't have to work out notice. Your sentence ">For me it seems so tied up with my self esteem - I've found not doing paid work quite difficult, but this experience has made me realize that it really isn't worth my mental health doing just anything" is exactly my position too so can really really sympathise with your situation. I think it's the position many expats/trailing spouses find themselves in tbh. Of course much easier for me with only one dc etc but left good interesting job (fab/interesting job for life really) in London to join dh over here. Then did a load of vaguely related but lesser frankly shit jobs to be able to hold my head up/retain modicum self esteem. Then got thoroughly fed up with those and got depressed at lack of options... now just do very basics but in damned if you do, damned if you don't situation really. Brain is slowly addling too ...x

I could have written your post Scruffy here's to decluttering success in Nov!

Engels thought of you the other day when 'Ik Vertrek' came on the telly! Lovely Dutch couple had bought gorgeous place in the Dordogne for peanuts ..

Systems I am living in fear of "dropper-ins" atm!! Hope assessment gives you the answers/support you need and good luck with menu planning - having a structure to weekly meals has really transformed my life.

Feetheart hope your ds has a lovely b'day tomorrow

Glad you are all feeling better now Nicknack but how frustrating about mindee's parents not following 48 hr rule ...really selfish to you and other littlies present ...

Mahoosive wing flaps to Trazzles Nightshade Notquiteperfect *Honu
Ellie Castlelough Carpe Maggot Consils CaptainHoratio Trumpalot Paneer Shifty MrsHoarder Issima Sowornout and eveyrone I've missed!

MrsHoarder Tue 06-Nov-12 16:52:18

Ignored the missions for the last 2 days: got a phone call yeterday asking me to confirm that the nurse could still come for DS's blood tests this afternoon. Took one look at the surfaces/sofas downstairs and decided to do a cupboard-stuffing tidy for them. It at least looks presentable now.

Got my Christmas pudding ingredients in today's delivery too. Unfortunately can't make a start on dinner, its something that only DH can make and DS is napping!


School run
Rest for 90 mins
Light tidying - half an hour
Made a playlist of all the songs DD needs to learn for her drama show
Paperwork in front of the TV - starting my new OU module this week.
Prepare dinner (meat and curry sauce from a jar, plus salad)
DCs brought home from school by a friend
DD to ballet and Rainbows with the help of my mum
Fed DS
DS sent to Cubs with a friend's mum
DS home, DCs to bed

DD gave up ballet in favour of drama at the end of summer term, a few weeks ago she told me she was missing it terribly, so I have decided to let her go back but she is giving up tennis (she loves drama too). When I took her back to the class today she walked in and the other girls all cried out "DD!" and gave her a hug, it was really sweet. I enjoyed seeing the other mums too, I have missed them. So that was nice. Night all.

Oh dear, between all the food programmes on telly and one thing and another, I've failed at the MNing at a decent time thing again!

I will let SC's big catch up serve as a round-up though. smile

(SC - I can do both Zumba and choir if I go to the Tuesday choir group. Prefer the Monday one though. Was fine when I could do Zumba on Wednesday, but that class has been cancelled... There are loads of other Zumba classes, but hard to find one at a convenient time and location with a good teacher... All too complicated!)

Anyway, on to the links.

Babystep 7 - pick out your clothes the night before. Another good one!

Mission is cleaning out your fridge Fat Fairy style.

Wednesday is also Anti-Procrastination Day, which officially I use for filing. It's time to do the jobs you keep putting off!

Might actually be around with lists tomorrow too... Night all!

swanthingafteranother Tue 06-Nov-12 22:46:54

Gossip your wallpaper made me laugh grin love the persistence. What is new colour? I love the way on this thread everyone is battling with completely different things...all the time...I think this thread is full of energy, really it is smile

SC oh now I feel cross that you came to UK without telling us! grin Hope it was not London you sneaked to shock

Whoknows ballet and drama do go together don't they, wise child dd.

Quite a good day
made a nice chicken curry with trimmings
dd piano lesson [scales need work - piano teacher looked accusing]
grocery top up/ attempted meal planning...
family therapy. which was quite funny smile although I don't think she meant it to be hmm. Children came up with some good ideas though.
dd and I watched re-run of Downton last part. It is beginning to irritate me that they never wear the same outfit twice grin
talked to mum
talked to sister
talked to SIL
coffee with friend
cleaning lady was here! that seems to have taken up a disproportionate part of day and completely exhausted me, however kitchen is nice and clean, and she found a hoover that worked, so I am very grateful to her.

castlelough Tue 06-Nov-12 23:09:16

<skulks off to naughty corner. This month has not gotten off to a good start. Too many late nights, tired and grumpy!>

castlelough Tue 06-Nov-12 23:10:57

<joyous reunion with SC! Thought it would be far too early in the month to find company in the naughty corner grin>

MrsHoarder Wed 07-Nov-12 06:23:32

Good day yesterday:

Did morning routines
Went to PO
Decluttered lounge (we'll ignore the bin bag of "stuff to sort" hidden behind the sofa)
Declutted kitchen and cleared out fridge before online order arrived
Puzzled at the 2 hams which I'd apparently ordered (not on meal plan but were on confirmation email)
Cooked an emergency dinner because DH was working late and the meal plan was for something only he can cook (always have one "store cupboard day" for this reason)
Got DS to sleep at routine time (not 2 hours later as has been getting more the problem)
Did most the washing up

Then was woken up several times in the night because DS has learnt how to get onto his front in his sleeping bag but can't get back so cries to be flipped back. Is it acceptable to peg the sleeping bag to the mattress?

swan lucky you having a cleaning lady!

Do morning S&S
Put washing on
Tidy above cupboards in kitchen
Pay professional subs
Email people on list of due emails

laurenamium Wed 07-Nov-12 08:04:06

Morning all! I'm keeping up with the thread but just list dumping mainly!

sc you are right, it's just like having a horse you can't ride but on teeny tiny scale , and they are inside so you don't get cold grin

My 20 minute ride out yesterday ended up in me getting completely lost and being out for 2 hours, so my butt is aching today!

To do:
Put DD laundry away
Wash kitchen floor
Clean out car
Walk dogs
School run
Mindees to rhyme time
Pick up dog poo
( I did today's mission on sunday!)


ToffeeWhirl Wed 07-Nov-12 09:01:00

DS2 woke up crying and complaining that his tongue hurt. He can't speak because it's too painful, so he is off school today and booked in to see the dr this afternoon. Anyone have any ideas about causes of a sore tongue? He doesn't seem at all ill and there are no visible ulcers or spots on his tongue confused. He does have dodgy breath though, which might signal an infection, I suppose. He has managed to eat cereal for breakfast and is writing notes to me instead of speaking - at least it's good practise for his writing and spelling!

Will attempt home ed with DS1 and 2, but not sure if it will work. DS2 is very enthusiastic about joining in, but DS1 usually hates it when he's with us too and won't work.

Lots of washing to do today <sigh>. It's the putting away that I hate.

Hope you all have a good day.

(Oh, and any fans of 'Walking Dead' <looks for Ellie> seen the latest episode? I had to hide under my cardigan!).

swanthingafteranother Wed 07-Nov-12 09:25:19

MrsHoarder I remember a lot of sleeping bag issues (dd used to be able to unzip hers and shimmy over the cot rails, so we put it on backto front, and then the zip was only reachable halfway up). We used sleeping bags till they were 2/3 years, we had a whole variety!
Have you tried using a very light summer sleeping bag, so he can still grip with his knees and feet and turn himself back, and lots of additional cellular or wool blankets? That could be a good compromise. I find with a heavy duty quilted sleeping bag it is too heavy for them to manoevre inside. LOL at the two extra hams! I wouldn't mind...they last forever...(think medieval rafters)

Toffee have you checked it isn't glands in his neck...mumps etc? Despite the MMR it still seems to crop up, if booster doesn't take. Definitely give the home ed (formal sort) a miss today. I was thinking I should be writing Xmas cards/ask children to start on theirs, making Xmas preps today, as it is anti-procrastination day...

It is time to deal with THE CUPBOARD UNDER THE STAIRS. which will take an entire day. I have been promising myself I would deal with this once dh started working from home as he can help me put the heavy stuff in the loft/shed if need be. It always seems an unsurmountable job.
I also need to buy these elusive hoover bags online
And make tonight's supper in advance as it is Beavers helping night. (Ottolenghi beef stew from Guardian weekend, I am going to try something new and inspiring. It looks easy hmm)

Toffee - I quite often get a sore tongue and gums when I have a cold, it feels a bit like when you have over indulged in strong salt and vinegar crisps and is very annoying. Hope he feels better soon.

Lauren - ouch to sore butt.

MrsH - DS used to do that flipping over in his sleeping bag thing too, very annoying.

Laundry crisis here last night (would have been this morning if the DCs weren't in the habit of putting clothes out at night now). Ever since DH has been in charge of laundry stuff keeps getting lost. DS couldn't find a clean polo shirt last night, despite having had 6 new ones this term and yesterday being the first school day for 1.5 weeks, turned out thy were still all in the bottom of the basket from the week before last, ewww. I am looking forward to getting my routines reinstated.

For those of you who have joined the thread recently, I'm not normally this slack, I'm recovering from an operation a few weeks ago, DH and his efforts at housework have been trying my patience somewhat but he is doing his best. I come on here to let off steam because I would feel mean saying anything to him.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 07-Nov-12 09:37:57

That's a good idea about Christmas cards, Swan -very organised of you. My MIL has already given me some cards, but I am irrationally infuriated by them (I like to choose my own cards as we have very different tastes, but she always insists on giving me a box of hers).

And no, his glands aren't up. He seems absolutely fine apart from the painful tongue. I can't think what it might be.

That's good advice about missing formal home ed today. I think it will be more of a 'playing-at-school'-type day today. DS2 wants to do times tables, which will be useful revision for DS1, so we'll probably listen to a times table CD and then do some reading together. DS2 wants to write a story too.

Good luck with the cupboard under the stairs. I did mine a few weeks ago and still get a glow of achievement whenever I open the door.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 07-Nov-12 09:45:53

X-post, WhoKnows. That's interesting about your sore tongue when you get a cold. I hope that's all it is for DS2. He does seem very lively and very active, which is a good sign.

Sorry about the washing crisis. I hope DH is beginning to appreciate how you keep the routines going normally.

DS2 has written me a note asking to make pink milk like Charlie and Lola. I think it might be a busy day.

GossipWitch Wed 07-Nov-12 10:05:19

awww toffee hope ds's tongue gets better soon, swan its black cream and grey stripy wallpaper which I finally got swapped with the spare roll that I had for the lounge. but my it was a mission to get it.

Well today I'm hoping dp will sand the frigging door before he goes out, then I can gloss that, sort out the kitchen and start painting the ceiling, I've also got to do face painting for a fundraising event this evening, after school with 3 boys, until dp comes home from work. So its a busy busy day today. Dp's just said he'll leave a bit earlier so he can have the childrens while I do fundraising, hoorah!! He's also growing a tash for movember, hes completely bald, with dark eyebrows and his tash is fairly light, I'm glad its only for a month grin.

Hmm, just got another biggish job come in on top of what I was planning to do today. Better stop procratinating on MN and do some work.

Maybe less house bleugh today than planned too...

Kettle's on though. Anyone for a cuppa? brew

GossipWitch Wed 07-Nov-12 11:47:15

Blue I know the feeling, but dp's mum is coming down next week, and I want my house to look nice for her, well the down stairs at least and it is slowly improving room by room so i'm feeling better for it, but the only problem is once i get one room done and dusted it seems all of the junk ends up just outside the door of that room, the worst part in my house right now is the hallway.

dizzyday07 Wed 07-Nov-12 12:17:07

DD seemed fine yesterday morning so packed her off to school when I then pottered around the house not doing much. DH home late from work so ordered an Indian which turned out to be a bit pants sad

3am comes and I am rudely awakened by DD telling me her tummy hurts! Cue full on nurse mode - dosing out calpol, rubbing tummy, squeezing on the edge of her bed whilst she throws her arms round my neck. Managed to get back to my bed after 45mins, then awoken half an hour later by her telling me she's still in pain and is then up and down to the bathroom with the runs every 15mins for the rest of the night! She is curled up on the sofa in her pj s under a blanket watching cbbc.

I have managed to:
* wash bedding off her and our bed
* another load in
* washed kitchen floor
And am about to tackle some ironing after I have found some matches for my eyelids!

GossipWitch Wed 07-Nov-12 12:22:17

oh dizzy sad hope dd gets well soon.

strictlycaballine Wed 07-Nov-12 16:10:36

Afternoon everyone

Still in depressed slump mode here. I have no idea why grin!
Can't motivate myself to do anything other than surf for 'cobs for sale' on-line!! Found three beauties ... but just not practical while we live in city.

DD is exhausted. The trip at the weekend took it out of her (we had bad delays on rtn journey owing to high winds so got in later than planned on Sun) and school have gone mad with homework since then. I've let her off ballet this afternnon because I found her fast asleep on the sofa when it was time to get ready (Wednesdays = half school day here) and I know dh - who would drag himself to a meeting even if half his leg was missing - is going to be extremely cross with me about this decision when he gets home. And I know he's probably right [sigh]

Castlelough see you in the naughty corner later maybe ??!!!! smile All welcome!! [Puts aside crate of wine aside, extra efficient corkscrew, and shines a few glasses ...]

Toffee I used to have v. bad anaemia (totally cured/under control now thankfully) but one of the symptoms was a very very sore tongue. Maybe worth checking out with doc tomorrow???

Good luck with extra work Blue

Sorry your little one is still ill Dizzy and that you had such a tough night last night. Hope you can catch up on a bit of r & r tonight!

Hope you get more sleep tonight too Hoarder and arf at mystery hams. When are you going to make your Christmas pudding?

Gossip sympathies with cluttered hallway situation. The more I clean out the boudoir - the taller the stack of boxes on the landing becomes! I've basically been shifting crap from one part of the house to another for over 8 yrs now ...hang on .. could that be why I am feeling depressed ... possibly!!!!! grin wink Good luck with fund raising tonight and arf at your dp's moustache - are the two connected I wonder??? smile Arf at your wallpaper persistence too!! smile

Vent away Whoknows dh finds it impossible to keep track of clothes for some reason too. Very sweet re: the girls at your dd's ballet class smile

Swan hope cupboard of doom not proving too onerous. I cut out same Ottolenghii recipe at w/e btw! His dishes normally contain a wearisome number of ingreds, but that one looks do-able. (We only made it to Hythe and Canterbury area this time btw!)

Lauren argh at getting lost! Still, sounds like a good workout for horse and rider! Do you take phone with you when you ride? I have this thing that attaches to upper arm outside coat. I occasionally ride in forest where I am always getting lost (every branch of every path looks exactly the same esp. when leaves are on the ground) and keep having to phone dh blush

I'd better reluctantly get on and do something. [Surveys piles of washed clothes on chairs/unpacked on-line shopping boxes on dining room table/suitcases and sports kit in hall/general chaos on first floor and whimpers]

My sister is coming back on Friday for a quick post-op check up (she had a minor op here a few weeks back) and although she is even messier than me if thats possible I think even she would be shocked at the state of this house atm.

Huge wing flaps to everyone!

Clothes the night before is the babystep I need right now, that will be my goal when I get home tonight after a very scrabbly-around morning this morning trying to find all the bits of school uniform!

WhoKnows our most recent proper laundry crisis was on Saturday when, with half an hour to go before Little Kickers, I realised ds' football shorts were halfway through a wash in the machine ... managed to get them out, but getting them dry enough in that time to satisfy a sensory-picky child was another issue entirely ...

Hope all those with sick dcs are well on the mend soon.

castlelough Wed 07-Nov-12 18:30:24

Just lost long message. Back later angry

Aargh, bloody kids. They have been messing me about tonight and I am not feeling very strong physically or mentally at the moment. Nothing really bad, just not getting on with stuff and a bit of backchat. DH has only just got home from work too. back later.

GossipWitch Wed 07-Nov-12 21:36:46

face painting went well and of course more people want me to do parties smile we raised collectively £346 for a prem baby unit tonight which was just awesome smile

dizzyday07 Wed 07-Nov-12 22:49:14

Didn't get round to the ironing but did manage:

* S/S x 3
* Remade DD and our bed - and fell asleep for 15mins on top of our afterwards blush
* Laundry loads hung to dry
* Made DH casserole by throwing chicken and vegetables in one of those "cook-in-a-bag" things and for once he quite liked it!
* Shined sink

DD has been fine all day, until just after she went to bed, complained of a sore tummy and then threw up again sad. She had had a yogurt for supper and I wonder if this was the cause. hmm I think I will keep her off dairy for a few days just in case. (I think I vaguely remember a doctor might have told me once to avoid it for 24hrs after being sick - but I'm old and I've slept since then!)

Evening all…

MrsHoarder - broken sleep is never fun. Hope you find a solution to the sleeping bag problem.

Lauren - 2 hours instead of 20 minutes sounds like an epic diversion!

Toffee - Hope DS2’s tongue is getting better. Any ideas from the dr?

Swan - how did the cupboards and stew go?

WhoKnows - hope laundry crisis was sorted!

Get well soon to your DD, dizzy. Hope you all have a better night tonight.

SC - I’d definitely go with letting off the ballet in the circs! Ooh, Hythe – I have lots of family connections in that area though haven’t been there for years. Hope you enjoyed the trip despite the hassle.

Well done with the face painting, Gossip - it sounds fab, and a great cause.

Grr to lost post, castle

Big waves to anyone and everyone I’ve missed.

Work went pretty well on the whole, and I managed the ironing to clear my head before collecting the boys, and the fridge mission while waiting for the toaster at lunchtime, so not too bad. Spectacularly bad teatime though with everybody fractious, shouting and cross. And the boys refusing to eat. Hey ho.

Tomorrow is another day and I’ll have to squeeze the rest of the house bleugh into it!


Babystep is to write down routines in the beginnings of a control journal (I have never done this…)

Mission is the kitchen counter tops (I secretly love this one!)

By the way – do you prefer the missions from the flight plan or the sneak peek?

Cross-post with dizzy. My mum (ex-nurse) always reckons you should keep food as bland as possible when getting over tummy bugs but I have a vague idea bio yoghurt is supposed to be good for building up friendly bacteria again. hmm Sorry. Not much help!

Feeling better now, having sat downstairs chatting with DH for a while about this and that. Since I developed this prolapse about 6 months ago I have been getting so tired and achey that more often than not in the evenings I was puttng the DCs to bed and then just staying upstairs to read, watch telly etc. Which hasn't been great for our relationship I suppose, in that we've hardly seen eqch other some days. Now I am finally getting better I can stay downstairs for the evening sometimes, I had forgotten how nice it is to just watch telly together and gossip chat.

Dizzy - how old is DD? when my DD (6) was younger she had to be kept off all dairy for a good few days after any tummy upset and I still stick to that, although (fingers crossed) neither DC has had one for about a year now. Google "temporary lactose intolerance", it does seem to be an established phenomenon.

Blue sounds as though your teatime was a bit like mine, grumpy and fractious. My two seem to be hell bent on each refusing to eat anying the other one likes, grrrr.

ToffeeWhirl Wed 07-Nov-12 23:41:26

dizzy - my MIL was kept off dairy products for some time in hospital when she had a bad stomach infection. Maybe you can only introduce the probiotic after recovery.

Well, dr was as baffled as I was by DS2's sore tongue, but she did say he had a very slightly swollen gland, a very slightly red ear and a very slightly red throat, so we decided that he might be on the verge of coming down with a cold or something (remembered what you'd said about your sore tongue when you get a cold, WhoKnows). I gave him Calpol at bedtime and am hoping he's fighting off whatever it is and will be ok for school tomorrow.

Didn't get a lot done in the house today apart from basic chores. Did manage to home ed DSs though (DS2 was very enthusiastic as it was a novelty - he did spelling, writing, reading and Maths. Oh, and cooking, if you include making pink milk). And finally booked DS2's birthday party, which has been a source of stress for several weeks. We now have an entertainer and a venue, so all I have to do is sort out invites, party bags, party food and cake. I loved doing it all myself last year, but it's a relief to be able to hand over the job of party games to a professional this time (I always find pass the parcel particularly stressful, for some reason blush).

By the way,SC - sorry I didn't reply to your earlier post about loving Frank Cottrell Boyce. I know nothing about him, but will look him up once we've finished 'Millions'. I am thoroughly enjoying the book so far. DS1 is a bit baffled by all the stuff about saints and mortification though. I should explain to him that denying himself the XBox would be his own version of mortification grin.

Am off to bed now. Night.

*Dizzy! ex- bossy nurse here and dairy products are a definite no-no, sorry!! Bland stuff it is until all settled and feeling well again.

WhoKnows pleased to read that you are feeling so much better. smile

Toffee I hope you have been able to avert DS being ill already.

I have had internet problems here, which have been a pain, but I am hoping they are now sorted!
Cleaner - I have spoken to her son-in-law, who is our driver. He is lovely and I have written out a list for him to talk through with her to give her more guidance. I really do think hope and pray that it is a communication problem. She is back tomorrow, so I will update after she has gone.

Yesterday was a weird day for me!! A bizarre conversation at language lessons left me feeling like a pimply teenager!!! I had been smugly explaining (in Khmer) differences between houses in the city in Cambodia, to houses in the countryside and the differences between them both and houses in England. All was going very well until I tried to explain why that I do not like our house because the animals get in between the wood and the bricks. Conversation went like this:
Me: (in English now) how do I say "Brick" in Khmer?
Teacher: semen?
Me: (trying not to giggle) No, "brick"
Teacher: Semen?
Me: (Not succeeding very well at trying not to giggle) No, I mean a brick in the house.
Teacher: Do you have semen in the house?
Me: (trying now to swallow a fit of the giggles) yes, but I don't think you mean that, I mean a brick!
Teacher: White people have semen..... (looking very confused)
At this point I was barely able to sit on my chair through my fit of giggles and it took me a good few minutes to compose myself enough to make myself understood.
Eventually we worked out he was saying "CEMENT!!" then he wanted to know what semen was that had made me laugh so much!!! Oh the embarrassment!!!

We then went on to a conference after lessons. 200 people doing similar work to us in Cambodia. Very interesting, but I somehow managed to get roped into doing a presentation to everyone on the impact that pornography on the internet and smart phones has had on human trafficking and prostitution here in Cambodia and how this will escalate over the coming months/years!! I have never spoken in front of so many people and it was quite an embarrassing subject for my first time!!! but I survived, so was feeling fairly chuffed with myself!!

Not going to type out a list, cos I can't be bothered to think of what needs doing today.... sorry!!

Have a good day everyone. smile <<waves to all>>

feetheart Thu 08-Nov-12 07:01:39

PA - what a wonderful varied life you lead smile Am giggling at language confusion and am impressed at public speaking. I hope the cleaner 'situation' is sorted out.

Am still in recovery mode after DS's birthday yesterday - 5 x 7yr old boys are SO noisy shock Luckily next-door neighbour (semi-detached house) was out as they seemed to spend most of the time charging up and down the stairs waving weapons and yelling smile
Think they all had a good time though and DS was rendered speechless by his present from us - a red DS. He opened it, realised what it was, jumped up and down a lot then flung himself into my arms. Nearly reduced both DH and I to tears smile
Ended the day with a loooooooooooong session with DD trying to get her to open up about something that is upsetting her. It's having enough of an effect that her teacher had a word yesterday but I still don't have a clue what it is. The most information I have (and this took 45mins of 20 questions with either a nod or shake of the head answers) is that it happened at school on Monday and, I think, involved one or more children. She has spoken to a friend from a different class about it and that helped but she isn't ready to open up to me (or anyone else). I left her in bed with the cat and her worry dolls (tiny S American dolls that you tell your worries to and then put under your pillow where they help your worries disappear) and will see how things are this morning.

Best get the day started. Have a good one everyone.

strictlycaballine Thu 08-Nov-12 07:35:41

From naughty corner ...

[yawns, dons stripey apron, puts freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, tea napkins, warmed plates, cutlery, bread rolls on the bar - shakes Castlelough awake wink - lights fire under heavy, 3ft diameter frying pan, throws in sausages, mushrooms, bacon and eggs. Please form an orderly queue ....Anyone for black pudding? Fried bread?]

Oh Strictly that just sounds heavenly! Wish it was RL wink

dizzyday07 Thu 08-Nov-12 09:40:56

Thanks everyone for the medical advice. I feel like a totally s*it Mum for feeding her milk/yoghurt/cheese these last few days and in effect making her worse sad. We had a pretty good night after she was settled and in bed and was only up once to go for a No2! I slept on her bed with her so am still a little tired and as stiff as a board!

She wanted to go to school so after toast for brekkie and being told not to have milk at breaktime I'm keeping everything crossed she males it through the day OK. They are having a Divalli inspired day so she will love that.

I need to get on with cutting 120 squares for a quilt I've been paid to make so I shall plug in my ipod and surround myself in fabric! BBL x

SC I hope you pointed out to DH that it is more important that DD keeps up at school then ballet and that one afternoon of sleep will make more beneficial difference to School work then her being to tired to focus properly at school because she is exhausted. DH imo would not be right in this circumstance.

DS is off training. he gave himself concussion. Muppet that he is. Needless to say I am doing extra training to compensate and keep me sane. grin

should be working today. can focus. going to sleep will pull all nighter for the report later if needed. it will be fine. <crosses fingers and hopes she isn't lying>

GossipWitch Thu 08-Nov-12 09:55:07

Hi all, I am wracked with guilt after something I overheard yesterday, more is explained on the pagan interest thread, if anyone wants to be nosy, so today I am mostly going to immerse myself in cleaning and decorating, until I can figure out a way of fixing it. I dont have a list dump I'm afraid but dp needs boxers so I will be fitting that in at some point.

Watches everyone run over to pagan interest!!

I ran over to Pagan Interest! To be honest it is not a part of MN I would normally find myself in, but I did read your post Gossip and I can see why you feel the way you do. I would feel bad too, but I honestly would not feel the events were connected. However that is because I am coming at it from a very different set of beliefs and so it is definitely how I would feel, not how I think you should feel, IYSWIM. Hope you get some responses on the thread and find a way forward.

I am also feeling guilty this morning. We are due to have a sofa delivered today, I was meant to phone the shop yesterday to find out the time slot but forgot. So I said to DH could he delay going to work till I got back from the school run in case it turned up. I went off to school, forgot all about it and stood outside the gate gossiping for half an hour (6 weeks away means a lot to catch up on). I didn't have my phone on me and got back to a VERY cross DH. Oh dear. The gossip was very interesting although a bit worrying (a parent with increasingly evident drinking problems).

Jamillalliamilli Thu 08-Nov-12 10:22:46

Could have sworn I posted yesterday but it seems not!

Still to do:
Hand washing
Sluice D/s mud covered stuff (not from house!)
have difficult conversation over need for 'bed in shed'
Clean up more sludgefest
Photograph more insurance stuff
Move above to insurance unit.
Prep Psychology
Check English

Eyes up the tempting naughty corner and wonders if she can get SC to start a veggie pan. Haven’t had breakfast in years! shock

The damage to home is pretty comprehensive, and combination of disability, family, lack of money, and a good sized vehicle, is making it all a big struggle to do efficiently, so it’s taking me far longer than it probably should, (certainly being made to feel that!) but pipes been replaced and hole at the side of the house filled in the at least. Hoping the worst of the sludge clean up and really bad stuff will be out by the weekend and it will be down to sorting, cleaning, photographing lighter damaged stuff, and starting to repair.

PA brilliant! grin
(Memories of a difficult conversation with visitors to central London on a Friday night, whose quite demanding expectations and requests I’d been paid to facilitate, and had put my foot down and said I was a woman of the world, but there was a limit! blushangryblush
Before, managing to decode the important difference between the words whores and horse. blush I didn’t know they’d seen Hyde Park earlier… blush)

Going to have to be very rude and wave to everyone else for now, or will still be on here in an hours time.

GossipWitch Thu 08-Nov-12 10:50:32

Its so coincidental its scary, but there are instances where I have wanted and wished for things to happen, and they have !!!!

swanthingafteranother Thu 08-Nov-12 11:21:10

This morning there's been a lot of extended family stuff going on, which I won't go into details over, but it has a)
made us count our blessings
b) spent us into a bit of tail spin generally

So Dh and I are recovering and a bit dizzy (and hoping we can help with problem long term (which is to do with my brother's poor baby) So there have been a lot of phone calls today and yesterday, and it is difficult with the rest of the family over the Irish sea sad However, as I said it has made us count our blessings, healthwise and I've been thinking alot about how I first felt when ds2's problems were diagnosed (although they are different of course)

It is great having Dh at home, although he seems to turn up in kitchen for cups of tea rather too often (usually whilst I am not doing anything useful). I need to get myself back into gear with early morning chucking the children out of the house routine though, as I seem to be leaving him in charge most mornings..and I think the worm may turn shortly hmm

Dizzy re: quilting and Whoknows; I love chatting with dh in the evening...Homeland seems to be our chatting slot, I need to extend the chances of chatting shock in front of tv (although [whisper] Dh hates me talking over the telly hmm - but actually contrary to that, as he has taken to working at his business in the evening I was thinking I need to get my sewing out, and really have a proper project for after suppers.

Blue SC stew went well, slightly schooldinnery in consistency it must be said..SC we have Iranian pickled limes in our corner shop as luck would have it, not to speak of three grades of Bulgar wheat grin

last night, Beavers helping, went much better than usual - it really helps that Dh is home at 6pm rain or shine now...and not such a struggle to get out of house with the 6pm bottleneck. I realise how stressed the afternoons were before.

swanthingafteranother Thu 08-Nov-12 11:24:13

whoknows school gate gossip takes a lot of time doesn't it...seriously addictive. The children walk to school now, and I miss it sad I need to return...

MrsHoarder Thu 08-Nov-12 11:30:27

Managed to get morning routines done within 3 hours of getting up. DS slept though without nighttime adventures last night thankfully, but work up early to make up for it so I spent the first 2 hours of my day playing before getting a chance to shower and dress.

Today's list:
Do morning S&S
Bins away
Reboot laundry
Scrub porridge off the highchair
Clean the worksurfaces
Add a "control journal" section to my filofax (I don;t need a 3rd diary to consult each morning)
Hoover downstairs
Clean that sink!

MrsHoarder Thu 08-Nov-12 11:45:08

Oh I meant to add that the Christmas pudding should be made this weekend (unless we visit family instead).

And that I've realised there is a real name for temporary lactose intolerance!! I worked out years ago that if I have my normal amount of dairy on the first day of my period I get sick on top of all the other fun. So thank you for that.

shutitweirdo Thu 08-Nov-12 13:02:24

Not long started Flying and love the shiny sink although annoying when people leave mess in it. Bit difficult when hubby is here as he doesn't understand it and thinks I'm nuts. On the plus side I have now planned 5 weeks worth of meals and can rotate them at the end. Well pleased and it hit me how much easier it will make the shopping list. Love being organised.

LookingforInspiration Thu 08-Nov-12 13:09:25

Hi all, can I rejoin you? I was with you a while back but I kind of fell off the flying wagon.

I won't get a lot done today as I will be out for some of the day but I need to go and wash up in a mo.

LookingforInspiration Thu 08-Nov-12 13:39:08

Washing up done --apart from a couple of things that wouldn't fit on the draining board-- grin
Off to do some decluttering next.

madwomanintheattic Thu 08-Nov-12 18:54:12

I am dying over the semen/cement and whores/horse stuff. grin

We have had a huuuuuuge dump of snow that has caused no end of changes to plans, so I'm playing today by ear really...

I did make it to boot camp today for the first time in a month - body clutter indeed. Hoping to get rid of a bit before I pack it all back on in turkey. <and no, I'm not referring to an impending trip...>

Bitchy - is he channelling Sydney crosbie? Tsk. Hope he's ok. Dh had to stop playing after a head injury. He has to wear a helmet just to skate now, and he isn't allowed in an actual game...

To do:

Visit friend to sort budget thingy
Take dogs out to gallivant in the white stuff
Kitchen surfaces

Ignore control journal

And of immediate note:

Hot bath before my legs seize up

I shall return.

grin to PA.

I have been on the computer all day working, so why I'm sitting here all evening too, I really don't know. Better do the links and kick myself off!

Babystep 9 is learning about decluttering.

Mission is to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Did this today so ahead for once. Yay!

Big waves to all, especially Looking - you're very welcome back! - and shutit - well done with the shiny sink and meal planning. smile

Yawn. See you tomorrow.

He is hit and miss atm Madwoman. And going to be totally unimpressed that I told his coach he won't be on the ice for training on Tuesday. It's a balance between the benefit that training gives him and the harm it can do. He is really not great aspie wise atm and it is impacting everything. management got a shock when he kicked off last week. They'd not had the pleasure of seeing him in meltdown before. And it was over a really stupid thing too.

Life has completely over taken me. I am drowning under stress and I have so much to do but can't seem to find any motivation to do anything atm. it's dreadful. I might have to start by trying to find motivation to actually post. So you can kick me in the right direction.

But first things first. I need sleep. 4am start tomo.

madwomanintheattic Thu 08-Nov-12 23:27:57

Aw, bless you. I had a week like that myself last week, after another couple of holding it together. Ds had his psych appt yesterday, which seems to have settled him again, but we have a long weekend now, which is a mixed blessing... And when they go back to school on tues, I have a meeting with his ct and learning support, as he is just not coping it all with organization and planning on any level. <sigh>

Tis a rollercoaster indeed, sometimes you just have to hang on as it's impossible to steer the damn thing.

Sleep is an excellent place to start x

castlelough Fri 09-Nov-12 08:44:07

Oh dear it seems I am a day late for SC's delicious breakfast (must have fallen back to sleep blush) sad

Not a great week for me overall.
Did dome meal planning yesterday and a 2-week grocery shop. First time trying that out - almost fainted when I went to pay, went WAY over blush. The Christmas cake ingredients pushed the bill up more than I expected!
Darn! Now I really must attempt to bake it this year <wishes for an Artisan Kitchen Aid....and hopes that hand stirring will be sufficient....>

Morning to everyone! grin

GossipWitch Fri 09-Nov-12 11:11:09

no more decorating for me today!!

I seriously need to clean house, ds1 is only managing to cope barely at home because he has one focus and that is the computer. At school however is a completely different story, he has a disruptive child in his class who is also struggling with coping and is kicking off nearly everyday at school and as they are fairly similar in temperament, ds1 is bearing the brunt of his outbursts, and unfortunately fighting back, so much so that I had a family liaison officer ring me yesterday and wants a meeting with me on Tuesday, ds1 is also stressing about my driving test, and the decorating issue, which he has mentioned to the family liaison officer, so I really need to get the house in order for his sake.

The other 2 are fine, well apart from touching wet paint when we have told them its wet before hand.

laurenamium Fri 09-Nov-12 11:56:49

Hi all! Sorry I went AWOL yesterday! I had a busy and trying day with mindees and then date night so didnt get around to posting! Will post yesterday's ta da and today's to do...then ill catch up on the thread smile

Yesterday's ta da:
Washed kitchen floor
Cleaned all countertops
Walked dogs
Picked up dog poo
School run X 2
DD and mindee to playgroup
Kitchen hotspot

Today's to do:
School runs- 1 down 1 to go
Walk dogs
DD and mindee to playgroup
Show friend (also a childminder) how I do my learning journeys
Visit friend for baby cuddles
Kitchen hotspot- already! blush
book MOT
Book car valet
Today's mission- what is it!
Sweep kitchen floor- dog food angry
Pay council tax
File paperwork
Prepare activities for next week

BBL with a catch up!

So today i have not a lot this morning. but having a serious think about it whilst doing it. I need to reduce the reduce-able stress. And i am going to have to admit defeat and give up something I love but has become far too stressful.

However, as it is now lunch time and I haven't started the project that is needed to be finished by tomo morning I best get cracking with it.

GossipWitch Fri 09-Nov-12 12:42:15

sweating like a pig but the lounge is now spotless smile going to have a quick break then crack on with the hall way not looking forward to it as it has become a dumping ground for crap however have had a few space saving ideas regarding dumping ground, it means I will have to move furniture about and possibly put more in the dumping ground of a bedroom.

madwomanintheattic Fri 09-Nov-12 16:43:11

It doesn't have to be forever, bitchy? Think on it over the weekend? Sometimes a reevaluation is necessary, if unwanted.

Kitchen looks reasonable.

I have more dog hair in drifts inside my house than there is snow outside. (Actually that is a complete lie, but it feels that way)

Next job - get rid of the dog drifts. Yuk.

I'm waiting in for a parcel, so I'm filling time with those cheeky 15 minute bursts of whatever. It's very virtuous, and stops me pacing. Mostly...

Did your parcel arrive yet Madwoman?

Thinking is on going. Need to get on with more project stuff. CBA is a big problem today.

madwomanintheattic Fri 09-Nov-12 17:37:14


Am doing bursts of housework and bursts of mn. I need to turn the wee bleeps thing off though, as if I get a message it distracts me. grin I can't ignore a ringing telephone, either. grin

I'm also trying to work out wtaf goes on with fb on an iPad, as I don't think I've got it set up right. I barely go on fb anyway (just to check dd1 wink) but I can't work the damn thing at all on this. Might have to fire up the laptop.

For flying purposes, let it be known that I am going to wash the glass bits from the chandelier thingy today. (That sounds v grand - it isn't. They are just glass lantern covers for the bulbs, no actual bling at all) (dh wouldn't let me)

And the grandly named 'chandelier' is just a low overhead thingy for the dining table. Hence you can see the glass bits are reaaaally dusty...

Are you using a FB App Mad or just browsing in Safari? I am using the Facebook app and it is fine but the reviews for the latest upgrade of it don't look great so I am hanging back. DH just uses is it in Safari and that works fine.

madwomanintheattic Fri 09-Nov-12 18:14:44

Goodness only knows. I have an icon, and thought I had downloaded the app, but I keep getting a random message about linking the iPad to my fb account... But if I click on the icon, it is my Facebook account... But not apparently all of it. It just looks... Different! And if I agree to link it to my iPad, it all switches sideways, as though it's a phone app. <and then ignores me>

<sigh> I'll try again later. I had a few ishoos yesterday which were apparently linked to the new OS update, so maybe it will sort itself out.

I have avoided the OS update for now too, usually takes them a few weeks to sort out all the glitches.

Evening all! Quiet day on here, today.

My ta-da list is fairly short, but I have:
Done the laundry
Done some work
Spent the whole afternoon between school run and cooking tea walking up to Sainsbo's for some milk and back (we did pop into the café while we were there...)
Cooked tea
Cleaned up the quinoa explosion in the kitchen
Mended/patched 4 pairs of small trousers

So not too bad.

Hope your parcel arrived and you got FB tamed, madwoman.

Hope you can reduce stress levels Bitchy and Gossip.

No missions tomorrow because it's Family Fun Day in Fat Fairyland.

Babystep 10 is the Power of 15 Minutes! - another good one.

Hope you all have lovely weekends. Night night.

mumat39 Fri 09-Nov-12 23:51:03


I've just found this thread after searching for how to cope with housework and a mountain of multiplying toys and general mess, and piles of unopened mail and paperwork stuffed into any spare space possible.

I'm a stay at home mum so have no excuse other than the fact that i'm maybe lazy, but I'd much rather surf on the web or play with my kids, so need some basic advice on how to start getting a grip with the evil that is housework.

Is it too late for me to follow this thread? Should I wait for next month to start and then follow this thread from the start? I think I'm looking for excuses, as usual, to not start.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome Mumat39 Just jump straight in with us. smile We are all full of excuses, too!!

Cleaner issue has not been resolved!! I was stupidly upset yesterday after she had been. I so want to help this family, but I had to come home and do most of the jobs I had put on her list as they had not been touched. We are talking most basic things. She has not noticed the inch thick dust on the TV unit. She wiped the tops of the toilet, but didn't lift the lid, clean the seat, clean under the seat or even inside the loo. I am now getting the list written out in Khmer for her as a last chance. If this does not work, then I am going to have the embarrassment of telling her to leave, but I hope we don't lose our driver (her son-in-law) because of this as he is fantastic and I so want to help him and his family!!) Grrrrr!!

On a better note we went and measured up our new house yesterday and it is just lovely. The moving date has been moved a little, but I just want to move in TODAY!! (I have never been a patient person!! 5 weeks today we can move in) At the moment we do not have one stick of furniture, no plates, cutlery etc. Just the clothes that we have here, that's all, and absolutely no money to get anything, but hey ho we will have a lovely roof over our heads, so we will be grateful for that!!! grin

I need to do loads of computer work now, so need to sign off MN. (I also need to catch up with some emails which have been very lacking recently, <sorry SC and Toffee> )

Have a good weekend everyone.

Engelsemama Sat 10-Nov-12 08:17:43

I haven't caught up with the thread blush

Will jump in here if you don't mind.

Am struggling a bit with combining Flying with NaNo and a surge in marking and planning at school. Plus, heading to UK for a wedding at the end of next week.

Feeling snowed under. sad And then feeling silly that I'm feeling snowed under when compared to so many othersd I really have nothing to complain about.

Spent yesterday morning doing a home bleurgh to get everything in order so I can focus on work/writing this weekend - not that you'd knwo it by looking at the house now.

Really would lvoe to get some "stuff" sorted this weekend with DH - lots of things that need to go up in loft that are cluttering up hallways. Some things in the garden need tidying up/putting away for winter.

I need to start operating a 15 minute rule to get anything done (but first heading into town to look at results of DS photography session.

Wishing you all happy flying family fun days!

Engelsemama Sat 10-Nov-12 08:20:51

And have just noticed the baby step for today - the power of 15 minutes!

Must be fate!

OH $%""*7&%%? I have a garden full of lovely local children playing with DS and I have just found a snake. I am trying to keep calm, but I fear it is not working!!!!

laurenamium Sat 10-Nov-12 09:20:41

Hi all! I didn't make it back yesterday blush and this weekend or today at least is family time so not much flying. I will pop on tomorrow with body clutter update, and be back Monday back to normal!

Trazzletoes Sat 10-Nov-12 09:26:11

Castle you aren't in West Yorks are you? <whispers... I have a Kitchen Aid> <lucky cow emoticon>

Trazzletoes Sat 10-Nov-12 09:26:44

Sorry, not boasting... I have a Kitchen Aid... You can borrow!

strictlycaballine Sat 10-Nov-12 10:28:07

Morning all. V impressed by those of you who have all their Christmas/cake pudding ingreds at the ready and/or are actually baking.

[starts prepping vegetarian risotto dish in naughty corner especially for Justgettingonwithit smile]

Sorry have been awol. My sister is visiting for follow-up check after the op she had here recently (which took up a good half of yesterday - all fine thankfully) and she is staying on for the weekend. Needless to say it took a fair bit of effort and swearing to get the house back in vaguely decent order for her arrival and luckily she is (a) very messy herself (b) extremely short sighted grin Sat up very late last night/early this morning having a good natter.

And treble arf at semen/cement and whores/horse confusion!! grin grin grin Reminds me of time I mixed up "se baisser" (I was talking about back pain when I bent over) with similar sounding word with different meaning (I'm sure you can guess!!) in front of a group of Roman Catholic mothers blush grin

A very warm welcome to Shutitwierdo and Mumat39¨!

Mumat39 Strictly speaking, Flylady advises just "jumping in wherever we are at" or of course you can wait until the beginning of next month when it all starts again - whatever suits you best. But as we are only on day 9, and there are lots of 'consolidating days' and baby-steps that you can ignore in baby steps 1-9, you could just review them and start doing the key ones: shining sink, room rescue, picking out clothes night before, hot spots and maybe starting a cj (although that can wait really). More info here on getting started and more specifically here and here on baby-steps. Good luck!

A very warm welcome back to Lookingforinspiration!

Arf at your v. healthy quinoa explosion Blue!

Madwoman 'ark at you polishing your chandeliers wink grin!! We have some too actually but no glass bits - they are circa 1910 brass numbers that came with the house and hang wonkily in the sitting room. Just waiting for one of them to fall out of cracked plaster in ceiling and drop on a guest's head.

Feel exactly like Engels atm - in fact could have written her post. Feeling overwhelmed by everything, then feeling pathetic for feeling that way when compared to others my life is pretty easy really (and Engels I don't have excuse of the demanding job that you have so don't be too hard on yourself)

Eek at snake PA! Um, are they poisonous at all in your neck of the woods? Hope not!! V. exciting about your new house!! Hope cleaning lady and furnishing situations resolved soon.

Sorry you are going through particularly tough patch Bitchy and are thinking of giving up something you love (think long and hard about that one - we all need something in our lives to keep us sane and chilled - not just for our own sakes either) Keep strong and hope no lasting ill effects from ds concussionx

Gossip good luck with tackling cluttered hallway! And hope school/family meeting resolves school situation happily for your ds1.

Swan Sorry to hear about your extended family news which must be hard for everyone.

Dizzy glad to hear your dd improving and don't feel badly about dairy stuff - parenthood involves steep learning curve - I for one continually have to keep putting on crampons and guide ropes!! Quilt sounds lovely btw!

Feetheart great to hear your ds had a fab birthday and hope your dd OK x

Toffee oh dear/arf about saints and mortification!! Not surprised your ds1 is baffled!!

Whoknows you sound as though you are feeling a bit stronger smile

Enthusiastic wing flaps to Trazzles Lauren Whoknows Castlelough MrsHoarder Systemsaddict Ellie Nightshade Notquiteperfect Honu Carpe Maggie Consils CaptainHoratio Trumpalot Paneer Shifty Issima Sowornout and anyone I've missed!

Dh is currently squiring dsis around his favourite cheese shops which he has ranked in order of preference (she is foodie too thankfully) - a tour which may take some time grin - and in the meantime, I am meant to be forcing encouraging dd to do her hwk while they are out so had better prize her away from her DS and get to it. Have a good w/e everyone!

strictlycaballine Sat 10-Nov-12 10:29:12


Yay Trazzles!! 'Ark at you and your posh kitchen appliances grin wink

Was just about to pop over to your thread before logging out ... x

strictlycaballine Sat 10-Nov-12 10:33:17

oops - sorry - shd have read ...

to prise away

and grabbing guide ropes

GossipWitch Sat 10-Nov-12 12:30:03

Hallway wasn't too bad! I just swept everything in a pile, and picked out the toys and binned the rest, ds1 came in and thanked me for it he was calmer last night, which really proves my theory of chaotic home=chaotic kids,
Dp let me sleep in til 12!! so it means all my plans for today have been postpone by a few hours now. However I did sort out all my correspondence, and all of my paper work and cannot believe how much I need to shred, but the bills and things are all in order so I'm happy. well i best get on and tackle this mad house and try and make it look good smile

Gossip - you need one of these Protect ID stamp cuts the amount of shredding needed by about 90%

Relaxed morning here, DH is at work, the rest of us have been loafing about, doing a jigsaw, playing in the garden (latter cut short when DD got cat shit on her hands so I sent the DCs in while I cleared it all, there was masses of it sad). Sorry, I know some of you are cat lovers, but for those of us who are not it is horrible to have to deal with. Anyway, I really need to do a bit of cleaning, the bathroom is scuzzy, actually everywhere is scuzzy sad sad

Sorry to hear things are a bit difficult at the moment Bitchy, hope you come to the right decision about whatver it is you are giving up and hope things are OK with DS.

SC - cheese shop tour sounds like my idea of heaven

Trazzle - envy of your kitchen aid

PA - new house sounds exciting! I'd like one of those.

Waves at everyone else

Jamillalliamilli Sat 10-Nov-12 12:50:18

Diving in from sludgefest to despatch offspring to afternoon commitments. Am managing to read all, but not getting enough time to chat.

Scooting into naughty corner to grab S/C’s risotto! (Bet you do make excellent risotto as well) wave to all, especially Shutitwierdo and Mumat39, and say to PA a tactic I used when employing subs was making a list with a box that needed to be ticked, so they had to say they had actually done x task on the list.
It may be that nothing is going to work because communication isn't the actual issue, but you can but try. Good luck.
Must get back to it.

GossipWitch Sat 10-Nov-12 12:52:20

whoknows sprinkle pepper over your garden, the cats wont be able to poop in there if they cant smell it and keep sneezing, my neighbour had a water gun on hand because unfortunately for her she has 6 cats surrounding her (3 are mine btw but dont poop in her garden) and every time she caught on in her garden she would spray it with water, they soon stopped and she put pepper on the area too.

Thanks Gossip - we haven't had this problem for a few years and got complacent but next door acquired a cat recently, I should have been more on the lookout for it really <adds pepper to shopping list>.

laurenamium Sat 10-Nov-12 14:57:32

castle and trazzle what is a kitchen aid? blush

swanthingafteranother Sat 10-Nov-12 15:26:35

whoknows there is a simple problem to the truly horrid problem of [alien]cats using garden as litter tray. Get your husband to pee in the garden! You can use a jug if necessary blush It truly works. We had a horrendous problem with cat poo on our lawn and we cured it this way...oh and we borrowed a dog occasionally, that also helped, but I think it was for same reason, smell of dominant animal's pee. Now that our cats are around the enemy cats have pretty well stopped using the garden too.
I love cats but cat poo is the most disgusting stuff...

So far...been to music school with dd and ds1.
Felt very tired (family crisis has taken its toll, and endless convos this am with friends at music school about this and that issue)
hung out washing
put wash on
swiped and swished
unloaded dw
reloaded after dh lunch
lay down but inconclusive nap

children are all well, ds1 doing his homework, dd has just watched an upsetting drama episode on the Tudors on Youtube on Katherine Howard - just wondering if I should be supervising her a bit more hmm as far as I know the limits of her internet usuage were endless reruns of Leonardo and MIHigh, but now I suppose I better check...
History is frightening stuff!

I have to pack one of those Samaritan's Purse christmas shoeboxes now...dunno whether I can face it...I have nothing to put in it, and feel my time might be better spent preparign a lovely meal for poor brother tomorrow, or actually tidying the house to make it a more welcoming place. Anyway, sure I eventually find strength to go out and will find something to put in it. Ds1 should be doing it anyway!!!!

swanthingafteranother Sat 10-Nov-12 15:32:53

PA the other thing you could do is clean a room alongside her to start with (staff training) so you show her exactly what you want her to do. It may be that in UK those of us with cleaners are used to them being quite bossy and masterful, and there are a completely different set of rules where you are. I can see this is NOT what you wanted, to have to boss someone around and stand over them, but it may be only way. Imagine you were in an office, you wouldn't be afraid to ask her to do it your way, would you? Cleaning is such a fraught personal thing isn't it..

GossipWitch Sat 10-Nov-12 16:05:18

Well today is still a bit dodgy, I have managed :-

2 loads of washing
money envelopes for the kids for trips swimming etc, (which I managed to pull out of the various piggies around the house, and cost an astonishing £18 for this term alone !! Not looking forward to next term as we have to find £145 for residential trips.)
And have loaded the dishwasher.

still to do:-
more washing
and a bit more washing
tidy hall again
tidy lounge
put washing away
sort out decs for xmas
sort out my room
vacupack as much stuff as i can find to
cook tea

want to do :-

GossipWitch Sat 10-Nov-12 16:21:17

ooohhh paint and paper arrived for the hallway, best get my bum in gear and sort it smile

laurenamium Sat 10-Nov-12 17:40:58

All of your decorating sounds very exciting gossip!

I put my first ever post giving something away on free cycle today! I was overwhelmed with responses and someone is coming to pick 2 cabinets up at 6. I've also successfully given away a Hoover, a canvas picture and some ceramic letters! I'm doing some large object decluttering grin

Ill be spending tonight putting together the new storage unit in the playroom <excited>

castlelough Sat 10-Nov-12 18:51:31

Evening all!

Lauren a Kitchen Aid is very swish cake mixing machine! <best not to google it, or you will have KitchenAid envy>

Trazzles unfortunately I am miles from Yorkshire (have always wanted to go there though!) - am in Ireland smile. Thanks for the kind thought though!

Flying wise I had yet another day of procrastination. Managed to clear up kitchen and keep sink shiny but that's it!

Most exciting news!
Can't tell anyone in real life and trying NOT to get excited but...<whispers> I got two pink lines on a hpt this morning and again this evening! grin

Yay Castle!

GossipWitch Sat 10-Nov-12 21:18:03

wahhhhh castle eeeeekkkkkkk smile

Sorry but I get so excited for people when that happens, I would love another but the current situation in our life isn't right for it sad

Evening all...

grin at Castle's news smile

Happy freecycling Lauren.

Definitely have Kitchen Aid envy, Trazzle.

Yuk to cat poo WhoKnows - may have to try out some of the suggestions myself as neighbours have 3.

SC - quinoa explosion reminded me of why I so rarely cook the stuff!

Hi to Mumat39 - as others have said, you're very welcome to jump straight in if you want to. Sound advice from SC and PA above there.

PA - how awkward with the cleaner. Hope the Khmer instructions do the trick.

Hope work/writing is going OK Engelse.

All your decorating sounds like it's going well, Gossip.

Not done much here today, but DSs have made some Christmas cards and I've started a new cross-stitch project... smile

Anyway, links:
No mission - Sunday is Renew Your Spirit Day

Babystep 11 is inspirational guff stuff for your control journal... - eminently skippable for anybody catching up grin

dizzyday07 Sat 10-Nov-12 22:54:39

DD is better! grin Survived school on Thurs even after eating macaroni cheese at lunchtime (apparently the alternative on the menu wasn't available hmm ).

Just the basics have been done the last few days (D/W, laundry washing, shining sink, food shop etc).

DH is off to America tomorrow for a week with work. He's going to New Jersey but too far away to visit the Cake Boss and nowhere near any fabric shops sad. DD and I then are off to a Remberence Day parade with Brownies.

I wish I knew about pepper & pee before now as I was forever chasing cats out of the garden of our last house - they drove me potty with their "business" deposits!

Engelsemama Sun 11-Nov-12 07:28:59

smile castle . Keeping everything crossed for you.

sc hope you're feeling a bit more chipper smile

I'm getting there blue Managed to mark two thirds of a set of assignments for school yesterday and then write 2,700 words to try and get back on track for NaNo. Still a bit behind, but hoping I won't have any non-writing days this week to slow me down. Even taking my laptop with me to the UK next weekend to write in the evenings.

We went to the photography studio expectign to come home with nothing except out "free" photo (we paid 5 euros for the 30 minute shoot itself) but did actually find one nice one for us. Have the webcodes now so we can choose something nice for the grandparents for Christmas.

Walking up to local war cemetery this morning with DS (as long as it doesn't rain). I know they're having a big memorial service at the Canadian cemetery in a town nearby, but I think I'll stick local (5 minutes up the road) since it's also mainly WW2 British servicemen. I have my poppy at hand (imported 2 weeks ago).

laurenamium Sun 11-Nov-12 13:15:28

Wow castle congratulations!!! grin I am very envy, have been feeling especially broody lately!

It's good to see so many people out of the uk doing something for Remembrance Sunday! I took DD to see our local parade and we are decorating large Poppy's with mindees tomorrow!

Today's list:
food shop
remembrance parade
Walk dogs
sweep kitchen floor
kitchen hotspot
shine sink
Shopping at local retail park with DD and date blush I know it's only been 5 months but its an in the day thing and I have lots of male friends so she won't know any different
Sort playroom, write list of labels
Type and print labels ready for laminating
Clean out guinea pigs
Try fix wheels on double buggy

Body clutter, I've lost about 2 pounds this week grin


GossipWitch Sun 11-Nov-12 15:08:48

Well so far today I have done:-

one load of washing
cleared up washing out of my room
put hidden toys in another hiding place
tidied shoes
cleared clutter from my room
put camp bed in shed
put xmas decs in shed
cleared rubbish from landing
cleared stairs
sorted out hat box
moved shoes up stairs
moved blue box shelves upstairs and are now acting as kids shoe rack
cleared understairs area
tidied hall again !!

so much for renew your spirit day!!!

Glad DD is better, Dizzy, and that the work is going well Engelse. Photo shoot sounds good too.

Well done with the bodyclutter Lauren. I've lost a pound or two this week too, and people are starting to notice and comment quite regularly. grin

Good list, Gossip.

My ta-da! list is as follows:
Cooked porridge for breakfast
Washing done and on line
Roast in the oven
Bread in the machine
Floor swept
Small hotspot
Church for remembrance service, filling car up on way
Roast dinner cooked, eaten, washing up done
Phone call to mum
Dishwasher emptied
Watched Montalbano - makes me feel like I can understand Italian!

Spirit feels quite renewed by the sense of accomplishment!

Anyway, onto the next zone tomorrow...

Babystep 12 is to delete Flylady's emails - not applicable if you never signed up to them in the first place.

Mission is in the bathroom and guest room. Clean up high and 5-min room rescue.

Have a good week everyone.

GossipWitch Sun 11-Nov-12 22:36:53

I'm off to get a long soak in a warm bath, have my driving test tomorrow so as you can imagine I'm bricking it!

laurenamium Mon 12-Nov-12 08:49:39

Quiet here yesterday! Just a list dump really, DDs birthday and Christmas combined present arrived today grin the summerhouse gringrin it's in pieces until Thursday so the garden is out of bounds for the children for the week! My car has gone for MOT too so a home day today!

To do:
Home bleugh
Sort playroom
Walk dogs
School run
Put DD laundry away
My laundry and away


strictlycaballine Mon 12-Nov-12 08:57:29

Morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend. And v. well done to those of you who are losing weight!!

Wearing carefully imported poppies here too Engels although sadly couldn't get to memorial service this year.

Lovely idea to do poppy activity with your mindees Lauren. Hope retail therapy with dd and date went well!

Dsis and dh have left for various train stations and I'm here with dd who is off school having been off colour since Sat evening. She has had a couple more weird fainting spells that are a bit concerning. Doctor checked her out last time and said nothing to worry about but to come back if they continue - so waiting for them to call me back about appt. She has put on a bit of weight since then so hopefully nothing to worry about.

No art academy today and probably tomorrow therefore - so no excuse but to tackle the house - which is a complete pit.

Engels thanks for encouraging words. I know I should already know this and be practicing it but I've decided that there can be no quick fixes either with clutter or weight loss and I've just got to commit myself to daily, concerted and CONSISTENT efforts. I'm embarrassed that I still haven't got a handle on this though after all this time on this thread!! blush
V. good idea about photography session well in time for Christmas btw!! Good luck with nano this week.

Very, very best of luck with your driving test today Gossip!!! The collective encouragement of the fledglings will be with you as you reverse around a corner!! grin

And for you too Castlelough with regard to your lovely news!!! smile How exciting!!!!! smile

Thanks for links Blue and for setting good example with your productive Sunday ta da list!

PA good luck with cleaner. Justgettingonwithit's suggestion of tick box sounds good to me. (I know that's how hotels manage their chambermaids anyway.)

Good news your dd is better Dizzy

Waves to Trazzles Swan Whoknows Feetheart MrsHoarder Bitchy Systemsaddict Nightshade Notquiteperfect Honu Carpe Maggie Consils CaptainHoratio Trumpalot Paneer Shifty Issima and Sowornout

To do:
morning routine including dw, wm, s&s, rabbits done
various e-mails/phone calls informing people re: changes of plan today - continue to pursue doc appt
finish on-line parcel packing
tidy up: kitchen/play-room/hall/sitting room
clean ground floor lav
prep some canvases/draw
more laundry

Doesn't sound a lot but house in such a dreadful state that tidy up is mammoth job!! Have a productive week everyone and hope newcomers are getting on OK!

swanthingafteranother Mon 12-Nov-12 09:02:46

I've just driven ds1 to school, with his violin, Shoe box for Samaritan's Purse, and PE kit (and his knapsack of course) Poor child had of course forgotten to take anything to write with, as he discovered when I tried to sign his diary at dropoff...angryblush

So back to totally disorganisation at this end too, cleaning lady about to turn up, and no, I still don't have the right hoover bags hmm

Dh organised everyone this morning (well apart from the pen) so is in a harassed mood, and complaining that dd needs some school uniform (we lost her trousers)

yesterday Brother and SIl came round, licking wounds after bad news, but baby is lovely and so is little niece, so hope lunch was a help. Made delicious pilaff from Good Food mag, must try exotic recipes more often. Lunch as usual tipped us into total non-compliance with flying though...
Dizzy we also did the Remembrance Parade - dd is a Guide. At our local Methodist church which is always a change from the Catholic one smile envy at thought of shopping for fabric..even if you didn't get what you wanted

a good test of his suitability I'd say! well done on body clutter

Castle I am thrilled for you, and lots of fingers crossed; I know you have been hoping for a long time. Seeing my brother's baby, I'd forgotten just how sweet babies are [sigh]

SC nice to have a messy sister I'd say, great comfort in a bit of mutual messiness.

Engelsemama Mon 12-Nov-12 09:11:14

Morning all,

Have just had a “power hour” to get me started on the house so I can sit down and do school work sad

(Remembers --queasily—uni days when a power hour meant drinking one pint every 15 minutes for an hour and realized that I am now an old lady!)

So, ta da…
Sorted out washing from Friday that was still in the td blush
Did hand wash and put out to dry
Washing on
Hovered downstairs
Cleared dining room table and extended so I can work
DS up and fed (and demanding my attention)

I have just realized that my reports are due next Monday and am in UK for a wedding Fri-Sun so have a lot to get done over the next 4 days.

dizzyday07 Mon 12-Nov-12 09:34:27

Congratulations Castle and Everything crossed for you Gossip

The taxi collecting DH yesterday turned up 45mins early angry so he was up and away with a sandwich in his hand before we knew it! Luckily his case was all packed. He skyped at 2am to say he had arrived and was fighting to stay awake.

DD got to carry the flag for her Brownie troup at the parade by virtue of being only one of 2 to turn up! She got cold standing for over 30mins at the outdoor service but was chuffed to bits to do it and it showed her that being conscientious has its benefits grin

Need to blitz the house this morning then I will reward myself with some sewing. Have had to order some more fabric for the quilt but I have cut out over 100 squares already for it! BBL x

Morning all

Gossip - good luck today, fingers crossed for you.

SC - my weight is heading in the wrong direction at the moment too, just contemplating a few changes,

DH took DS (who is a Cub) to Remembrance Parade yesterday, it was a lovely sunny day, DS didn't really want to go but we had a giid chat about why it was important. DD, who really doesn't get it yet and I watched the Cenotaph one on TV. Spent the afternoon watching more TV and doing homework. We have just acquired a new sofa that is big enough for all 4 of us to snuggle on which is fabulous, we had a small two seater before.

Flying wise, not much at the weekend, DH was out all day and eve Sat, yesterday he did two tip runs (old sofa and armchair), some gardening and the week's washing. He has done thorough hoovering before work this morning. I am planning a deep clean of the bathroom and a sort out ofvthe DCs wardrobes today.

I'm back at work tomorrow (gulp)

laurenamium Mon 12-Nov-12 09:57:25

Ohhhh I forgot to say about shopping with DD and date! It went very well grin he's got his own little girl and while studying worked in a large soft play for years (ive known him since school) so I already knew he was good with children. DD adored him but she seems to love anyone male hmm she will abandon me for another child's dad at any opportunity! confused was nice though to do normal things smile

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Nov-12 10:11:20

Weekend 'ta da': decluttered my wardrobe and am, this morning, taking old clothes to the charity shop. I am decluttering most of my old clothes - including dresses that I will never fit in again and would look like mutton dressed up as lamb if I tried <sobs quietly>.

Second weekend 'ta da': tackled the ironing - mountains of it! - and hung clean, ironed clothes up in respective wardrobes. I still still have laundry bins full of dirty washing, but at least I'm making progress.

Have a very busy week ahead (preparations for DS2's birthday, cake making, going up to London to collect DM after an op and bring her home to convalesce with us, plus home ed), so I don't suppose I'll get a lot of time to visit MN sad.

Castle - congratulations! That's lovely news grin.

WhoKnows - good luck going back to work.

Gossip - as someone who still can't drive, I am full of respect. I hope you have great news for us later.

Swan - how is DH's new business venture going so far?

SC - hope dr can reassure you about your DD and that she feels better soon.

Blue - well done on weight loss (in good time for Christmas too) <prods own stomach sorrowfully> <scoffs chocolate brownie>.

Got to get started on tasks now. First - put rubbish out; then into town with DS1 to pay deposit on hired room for DS2's party. And then home ed.

House is a mess and somehow have to crisis clean before DM arrives Thursday. She keeps commenting on our untidy garden, but I simply don't have the time to tackle that too sad. Wish I could throw the garden into a cupboard with all our other clutter.

Waves to Engels, dizzy, lauren, PA, Just and everyone else...

<notices time>


MrsHoarder Mon 12-Nov-12 10:34:50

Busy extended family visiting weekend over, woken at 5 by vomiting baby.

Today is looking like it will consist wholly of getting tiny bits of bm into baby and washing sheets. Very glad we have a drier now, and that I'm on top of things like a clean bathroom/laundry because I really need them today.

All plans on hold - currently watching Cbeebies with poorly DS2. Called to collect him early from pre-school and arrived to find him asleep on a cushion while everyone else was doing singing. Aww! Feeling really guilty for losing my temper with him this morning now ther's an explanation for the whinginess. sad

GossipWitch Mon 12-Nov-12 12:46:30

I failed my test sad nearly ran over a pedestrian, I think ill have a renew your spirit day today sad

feetheart Mon 12-Nov-12 13:10:13

Snap re poorly DS Blue. Had to pick mine up at from school at 10am - poor little thing was all shivery and just fell sobbing into my arms sad Curled up on sofa together to watch rest of Strictly which he had missed as he was at Beavers camp at w/e and now he and boycat are asleep together.
Need to rethink next few days and DH will have to go to neighbour's funeral on his own tomorrow.

I think little and often will be the way to go. Starting with work invoices whilst he is asleep.
Will return to catch up when I've done those.

feetheart Mon 12-Nov-12 13:12:35

Took long to post as DS woke up so x-post Gossip. So sorry about your test, definitely need to renew your spirit - is there chocolate in the house?

GossipWitch Mon 12-Nov-12 13:27:05

yes, lots of it, I have been eating so much of it too calm my nerves, that my face has a resemblance of pizza now, and I'm scared that if I eat any more it might actually explode. Ok major exaggeration, but I have got a few spots due to eating four snickers bars a night.

Sorry, I can't scroll, so can only see the last message. Sorry about the test Gossip <whispers - DD1 failed on her 3rd attempt when she grounded the car on a mini roundabout and her and the examiner had to get out and literally lift the car off with the help of passer-bys!!> Enjoy your renew your spirit day and I am sure that today that could be a renew your wine spirit glass day!!

Hope DS feels better soon Blue.

Waves to SC, Toffee, feetheart, Ellie, Whoknows, lauren, Mrs hoarder........oh my goodness, just huge flaps to everyone!!!

Cleaner coming again tomorrow. I have asked a friend to get the list done out in Khmer for her, but it has not arrived yet, so I am not holding out much hope that tomorrow will be any good. DH is getting very cross that we are wasting our money. I think I will give her one chance when she has the list written in her own language and after that I will have to let her go. It is all causing far too much stress and it was all supposed to be making my life easier!!!!

swanthingafteranother Mon 12-Nov-12 13:55:29

fruitful hike to buy new hoover (4th one in 2 years...we now have three which work...but only one that really works)
and the real reason for hike, loads of new school skirts and tunics for dd, who is reduced to one pair of too short skinny school trousers..

cleaning lady has been so kitchen nice and tidy

what's for dinner? turn some of Sat meat sauce into a lasagne or shepherd's pie

Toffee today Dh and I had a row!!! that's all I can say! grin

from tomorrow I'm on niece duty, so today I have been investigating local playgroup [warm fuzzy feeling on returning there] and feeling quite upbeat about it all. If I can look after a bouncy dog, I can look after a two year old, surely ? grin Stil, it is alarming how you forget what toddlers are like.

I can't put it off any longer, I will have to tidy my bedroom. Which is a horror.

strictlycaballine Mon 12-Nov-12 15:39:23

4pm tea break. Dd a bit perkier - asked for lunch which is good sign - and lots of games of battle ships played and much of James and the Giant Peach read. Not much Flying done ...

Blue Feetheart MrsHoarder. Oh no - lots of us seem to have poorly dcs at the moment - tis the season I suppose - hope they all recover speedily!!

Toffee am v. v. impressed by your weekend wardrobe decluttering and with your laundry blitz. (Should be sorting wardrobes myself - am hanging on to 'thin' clothes that I will probably never fit in to again but can't quite bring myself to make the break yet.) Good luck with crisis clean and your demanding week ahead.

Oh no Gossip sorry about test and wishing you better luck next time! (I only passed third time if it's any consolation - couldn't reverse around a corner for toffee - still can't actually) Very very impressed by your ability to eat four Snickers in a row though grin Now that's a skill not many people can lay claim to grin grin!!!

Engels must adopt "power hour" philosophy!! Actually, a power 5 mins would be better than nothing ... Good luck with marking.

lauren your bloke sounds lovely smile

PA arf at dd3 and the mini-roundabout!! Hope cleaner works out ok!

Swan you are a fab aunt and very brave to have cleaner come on Mondays!! (Our house is always destroyed over the weekends for some reason.) Thanks for shoe box present reminder btw! Must start the annual campaign.

Whoknows v. understandable if you have put on a little weight whilst undergoing enforced post-op rest. I have no such excuses blush Gosh - can't believe you are going back to work already. That went v. quickly. Do you feel ready for it?

Dizzy¨well done to your dd for braving the cold at the memorial parade

Another game of battle ships is calling ....

GossipWitch Mon 12-Nov-12 16:09:25

Oh could my day get from bad to worse, well actually yes it can, a friend of mines father died this morning who was also good friends with my grandmother, so instead of taking money out of one of my accounts and doing a weeks worth of shopping I was consoling her, so I just got supplies in for tonight instead, cue the school run and a mardy ds2 who would have snapped out of it within a few minutes if ds1 didn't wind him up but no, ds1 just couldn't help himself, and then ds1 got cruel to him, so I let ds2 go to a friends for tea, now ds1 is having a meltdown and to be honest I really dont want to deal with him right now. bring on bedtime!!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Nov-12 17:08:53

Oh dear, Gossip, that does sound like a lousy day. Is it too early for this <offers consolatory wine>

Swan - sounds as if you and DH are still adjusting to being in the same house all day. The thing I hated when DH was here all the time was that he started to make comments about what I did all day. I ended up feeling guilty about ever daring to sit down for a cup of tea or a peek at MN.

SC - I can thoroughly recommend the wardrobe declutter. It gave me that lovely decluttering 'light' feeling. The only problem is that I completely forgot to take the clothes to the charity shop this morning, so they are still upstairs in a big bag, taking up room.

Sorry for those of you with poorly DC. Hope they all get better soon.

Have managed most of my tasks today and am about to tackle some more ironing as I'm determined to get through as much as possible.

A question for cake makers: do you think that, instead of making a sponge cake , I could just buy one and then re-ice it to my DS2's specifications (Minecraft creeper cake)? It would be one less thing to worry about on my list this week, but I'm not sure it would work. Am wondering if it's possible to ice over icing? confused

swanthingafteranother Mon 12-Nov-12 21:42:23

today's dones update

bedroom tidied
washing done x 4
ironing put away
changed ds1's sheets and washed
scrubbed ensuite loo and basin
decluttered ds2's football clothes drawer
cooked supper and washed up
two sons to football and back
ds1 lots of violin
dd lots of homework, although we just put ???? for all the Maths blush
still worrying about tomorrow and toddler upkeep blush/clash with my homelife
sink shiny
dw on
washer on
Sunday tablecloth washed
food compost out

Toffee an all in one Victoria sponge is so easy, and even if made with marge nicer than shop cakes. You can make it now and freeze it and defrost it for icing purposes later. I agree that cooking one nearer party can be final straw. I would buy the other food stuffs and make the cake...I think kids eat very little at parties except sausages and crisps but savour the cake at home..

swanthingafteranother Mon 12-Nov-12 21:45:21

Hugs to you Gossip over horrible driving ordeals (at least you nearly ran over pedestrian pre-licence, I've done it post licence, I can tell you that is a good deal worse blush and annoying siblings. You are kind to look after your friend.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Nov-12 22:35:32

Swan - I ordered the ingredients in the end, so I have to make the cake now <quakes>. I hope it's easy and nicer than shop cakes. DS1 can help me tomorrow. If I ice it on Wednesday, it should last till the party on Saturday. I am panicking about having to crisis clean the house, wrap presents, home ed DS1, etc etc before collecting Mum on Thursday, so the thought of making a cake as well was too much for me, but I'll have to do it now. I am just doing party boxes with snacks in for the party, so I can do most of the work before the party, not during.

Your day looked absolutely packed with toing and froing, Swan. I'm very impressed that you managed to shine your sink at the end of all that.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Nov-12 22:36:00

or should that beto-ing and fro-ing? hmm

ToffeeWhirl Mon 12-Nov-12 22:36:24

And now I've missed a space. I give up.

Late again. Big waves and quick links:

Babystep 13 is to do a mission.


Way behind on thread, will try and catch up today - but just to check in - I didn't manage clothes the night before last week, but spent the whole weekend gently pottering towards the point where I would have enough clean clothes together in predictable places to be able to do it - managed it Sunday night, hurray!

This was a good thing, since dp started what seemed to be a tummy bug on Saturday and by Monday was in proper agony. I spent yesterday morning somehow getting him in to GPs and he is now on ulcer medication sad. That very simple thing of clothes-out-the-night-before meant that I could still get the kids off to school smoothly and without stress and get me ready without having to think about it. This is the most key babystep for me, and the one I resist the most - feel free to remind me of this when necessary! grin

ilovetermtime Tue 13-Nov-12 06:34:04

Hello everyone, I've just discovered Flylady, and then noticed this thread in Active Conversations, so it must be fate!

I'm abroad at the moment for work, so can't start anything yet, but just wanted to say hello and ask if I can join in with you all (everyone seems to know everyone else, so I'm feeling a bit like the new girl at school!).

laurenamium Tue 13-Nov-12 08:42:35

Morning all! I was sure I came back last night but maybe not confused ill post yesterday's ta da and today's to do!

Welcome to the thread termtime!

Ta da yesterday:
Home bleugh
DD laundry and away
My laundry and away
Tidied playroom
Accepted delivery of summer house pieces
Dogs walked
Guinea pigs cleaned out
School run
Friend round for catch up!

To do today:
DD and mindee to baby gymnastics
DD to CM
Horse afternoon
Guinea pigs to vets
Walk dogs as much as possible
Clean bathroom
Wash bath mat
See what mission is


Hi New girl at school aka Ilovetermtime ! grin Would you like to come and play with us? We won't bite and have only got to "know" each other on here because we are all crap at doing what we should be doing and would rather chat and make friends all day!

Oh my goodness, I have been bad. I am feeling so guilty all round!! ..... DD4 appeared this morning with a panicked look on her face and said that her toilet had a problem, well it certainly did!!! By the time we could stop the water we were over ankle deep in poop!! (Dh and I then had a row about whose job it was to clean up ankle deep poop!!) Bloody cleaner was due in half an hour, so when she arrived I tried to explain to her that we had a problem and she should not go in there and we would get the landlady to sort it when we got back from lessons. Also gave cleaner more instructions and off we went. I arrived home before DH as he went on to work. Cleaner had not done half of the stuff I had asked her to do, but when I went into investigate whether we were now thigh deep in poop it was all immaculate and perfectly clean. Bless her!!! I fear that she had miss understood again and had thought I told her to clean the problem!! I then realised that if DH came home and saw what she had NOT done he was very likely to sack her, so I spent a crazy hour cleaning and scrubbing and doing everything. DH is most impressed and has said we can now keep her!!! Now I feel I am going to have to get home before him each time she has been and spend an hour doing her job!!! This is madness. But we are poop-less, so that is good. My head is in a spin. I think I might have just dug myself a big hole!!! I did text her son and say a big thank you and explain that I had not expected her to do that. She must have thought we were living like pigs!!! Oh the shame. shock blush

Just off to cook tea now. I will try and catch up a bit more with you all later. Apologies for lack of personal. blush I know, I am just crap at keeping up with you all at the moment.

Morning all, welcome to Termtime - just join in with the chat, we have a real mixture on this thread, some have been here a long time, some are new, some come and go, all are definitely welcome. Also, ask if you don't understand anything about the Flylady stuff, there are a lot of acronyms and strange terms for things.

I've just got back from the school run and am having a quick rest before heading to work. I have told them I will probably not be doing my normal full hours for the first two or three weeks, so I will probably be home by lunchtime.

Hi WhoKnows. Good luck with work I know when I returned after my op and recovery a couple of years ago it took about 5-6 weeks before I felt up to doing all my hours without needing to collapse as soon as I got home. Take it easy and don't expect too much of yourself.

CarpeJugulum Tue 13-Nov-12 09:21:47


Middle off the month and I'm lost already. And don't even mention flying.

Things here have gone by the wayside since nits moved in to my hair 10 days ago. I've been treating them with chemicals and nitty gritty and have been "free" for ages, but the time it takes each morning just kills all my routines. And apparently I'm so bloody allergic to them that I can still be itching 10 days after pulling the last little one out. DH has checked me, I've checked me, and I've applied chemicals twice and I still itch. I think I have stealth ninja nits.

However, I hereby swear (and can someone check that I do this!) that I will catch up with the thread tonight. Tomorrow DS is in nursery for the morning and I am planning a blitz of my cupboard in DS's room so that his toys can go in there.

I will be back... HONEST!!!!

Hi to termtime - welcome to the thread. Nice to see you Carpe - don't feel you have to catch up!

I've been out spending money this morning. Not exactly retail therapy with DS2 in tow... He seems a lot perkier today though so that's something.

Time for a brew - tray's on the bar...

GossipWitch Tue 13-Nov-12 12:26:03

Hello all, feeling much better today. Had a hormone boost and friendship boost as well so my mood is now more uplifted and I feel like I can take on the world, well my world anyway, had a depo (aka hormone boost) jab this morning and the nurse says that because I'm down towards the time the next jab is due, I can have it a week earlier to boost me up again. I dread to think what I'm going to be like when we start ttc, hopefully pregnancy will set in before dp leaves me for being so moody.

so today I have done:-
got up late
got the kids sorted
took kids to school
had depo
met up with family link lady
had much needed coffee with friend
done big shop

still to do:-
load dishwasher
sort washing
tidy kitchen
tidy lounge
tidy hall and landing
cut in white paint
roller ceiling
pick boys up
fill more holes that I've made
cut in blue paint, as far as I can reach
cook tea
put boys to bed
roller walls upstairs only
have a bath and relax

GossipWitch Tue 13-Nov-12 14:37:10

Well wont get the decorating done as I will be popping off to get the kids shortly.

ilovetermtime Tue 13-Nov-12 16:23:00

Thanks for the welcome! I'm looking forward to, hopefully, finally getting to grips with this housework lark. I get home on Sunday after 2 weeks away and I'm already dreading what I'll find - based on what I normally get back too!

swanthingafteranother Tue 13-Nov-12 18:15:46

Toffee Whoknows well today dh headed for Hampshire, in reaction to being at home too long shock

Today I have been helping my SIL look after her two little ones, who are very little. I have never met such an articulate 1.8 year old. I learnt my lesson though, when she started asking for Cappucinos;never let a toddler get the upper hand...
Also took dd to piano, homework done x 2
Had another hummungous row with dh first thing (partly due to B and SIL situation) Although I see he has changed round playroom as I suggested [yippee!]

oh dear, netball calls, dd is rifling through small change jar in search of fee

toffee well done for getting an entertainer this time, if I remember last time the party was a fantastic success but you were exhausted to the core why do we put ourselves through all this? [having said that, ds1 still hasn't had a party and it was APRIL blush

what's for dinner baked potatoes

Waves at Mr Swan, hope he had a good day down here.

Gossip - glad you're feeling better

Carpe - boo to nits

Blue - thanks for the brew

PA - respect to your cleaner for getting rid of poo piles

I'm tired, been a busy day. I managed two hours at work, but that was definitely enough, with school runs and ballet / Rainbows after. My mum is here and has been a great help though.

laurenamium Tue 13-Nov-12 20:03:48

Evening all, glad you are feeling better gossip!

I've managed to cross off everything on today's list grin had a lovely afternoon with my horse and even squeezed in a long dog walk on the beach before picking DD up from the CM!

Building of the summer house begins tomorrow grin very excited!!!

swanthingafteranother Tue 13-Nov-12 22:20:26

Whoknows glad your mum was there to help. Well done on managing those two hours.

Lauren I am feeling increasingly urban reading your posts! Next thing I think I will imagine you galloping along the beach with the wind in your hair, picnicking in summer house

Gossip amazing amount of work there!

taken out the recycling( loads)
made packed lunch and egg mayo for dh lunch tomorrow
5 people fed
wash on

and another day of toddlers tomorrow; my auntie is helping too though in morning. So knackered after loads of walking and pushchairs, how do mums do it?

laurenamium Tue 13-Nov-12 22:47:14

grin swan I live in a seaside town, but 10 minutes drive away is rolling countryside! My horse is kept near Roseberry topping en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roseberry_Topping and this is where I ride grin

I'm very lucky, however the town where I live and the near by biggest town have been named the worst for employment in the uk- it's very run down but on balance with big cities its not too bad smile

laurenamium Tue 13-Nov-12 22:48:10

I'm not bothered about being outed by the way incase I've panicked anyone!

laurenamium Tue 13-Nov-12 22:50:35

Actually, if anyone has been watching X factor, I went to school with James Arthur. There were pictures of his "home town" on Saturdays show!