Stepping our way through Autumn old and new steppers welcome

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BlackCatinchaos Mon 15-Oct-12 10:41:43

Hi all, I have been absent for a little while. Don't know about you but I could do with a new thread --for a kick up the bum--

All welcome. smile

Just jump in where you are, this thread is about doing a little at a time to step our way towards organisation and a clean tidy home.

Visit flylady for inspiration (will link in a mo)

No hard and fast rules here just a bit of motivation required!! grin

Anyone want to join?

BlackCatinchaos Mon 15-Oct-12 10:47:42
Scout19075 Mon 15-Oct-12 10:51:50


BlackCatinchaos Mon 15-Oct-12 10:52:54

Hi Scout How are you?

Scout19075 Mon 15-Oct-12 10:56:23

Gah, where'd my post go?!

I'm cold. How are you, Cats?

Chocchip88 Mon 15-Oct-12 10:58:57

Ooh yes please. I have been back on track for a week but I think a week is the most I've ever done! We're having a party for DS's 2nd birthday on Sat and I do NOT want to be running around like an idiot hiding all the mess on Sat morning.
Both boys about to go down for their naps so I promise to start working through my list then.

Scout19075 Mon 15-Oct-12 11:02:12

Sadly Toddler no longer naps. And we're down to a being a one car family and 99% of the time MrScout has the car so "permanently hiding" things can be a challenge.

I've been working through my to do list today and am doing well but need to stop for a few minutes.

BlackCatinchaos Mon 15-Oct-12 11:10:59

Hi Chocchip88 smile

I'm not too bad Scout, just find it a bit hard to get going some days. --I blame the lure of the internet-- grin

No, on a more serious note, it feels a bit lonely here some days while DH is at work and the DC are at school/nursery. DD isn't in nursery long enough for me to get a jobs (2 hours) and if I wanted her in nursery longer it would cost money we haven't got. Catch 22!

Chocchip88 Mon 15-Oct-12 11:11:15

By 'as soon as they are down for their naps' I obv meant after I'd say down with some caffeine and some crisps!

BlackCatinchaos Mon 15-Oct-12 12:34:37

I'm hoping to get started after lunch. DD is now home from nursery.

Scout19075 Mon 15-Oct-12 13:15:19

Toddler is having his lunch and then we're off to the indoor/outdoor toddler group. It's cold. I don't fancy walking but have no choice.

Chocchip88 Mon 15-Oct-12 19:16:42

Well I did everything on my list grin very pleased with myself. Got the Internet shop to do tonight though which I HATE.
How did everyone else get on?

bessie26 Mon 15-Oct-12 20:26:40

<waves & scuttles off to shine the sink>

BlackCatinchaos Mon 15-Oct-12 21:17:39

Well done Chocchipsmile, I'm afraid I didn't do too well today but hey there's always tomorrow! wink

BlackCatinchaos Mon 15-Oct-12 21:18:37

<Waves to bessie>

Chocchip88 Mon 15-Oct-12 21:20:49

I did it! The dreaded online shop done for another week.
Whispers - I don't actually do the shining of sink bit - ssshhhh!
Night all!

bessie26 Mon 15-Oct-12 22:45:55

I HATE the weekly online shop. Actually, that's a lie - I really hate the meal planning, once that's done, doing the shopping list is fairly easy.

Who do you shop with choc? I moved from sains to tescos a few months ago & find their website much easier to use (although my friend says exactly the opposite!)

AdoraBell Mon 15-Oct-12 23:32:52

Hi everyone

Today's been a relaxing one, DD2 brought me breakfast in bed as a way of saying thank you for the sleep over. We've walked dogs, watched a new, to us, movie and I've done some laundry. WM is on it's service wash as dinner cooks. Just need to remove nail varnish for school and prep packed lunch. Once dogs are fed I'll prep their food for the morning, table for brekkies and clothes for the morning. With OH away I need to be organised for the school run. I'm shopping tomorrow after a meaning with DD1's teacher.

Scout19075 Tue 16-Oct-12 07:46:52

Today we'll be mostly out of the house. I have a GP appointment in an hour then off to take MrScout to work so I can have the car. Toddler and I are going skating today.

Chocchip88 Tue 16-Oct-12 08:44:56

bessie I used Ocado. I had a £20 off voucher and then they suckered me in by giving away free champagne of my 5th shop. I think I'm on my 4th shop! I used to use Tesco which I liked and have a £15 off Sains shop which I will try after I get my champagne.
Today's flying has been scuppered by the GIGANTIC spider I have just seen. I am currently sat on the sofa crying and may have to stay here until 6 when DH gets home sad

PumpkInDublic Tue 16-Oct-12 11:25:38

<waves> Morning All!

Slept badly then slept in so feel groggy. Had dippy eggs and toast with DS. Allowed him an hour on the Xbox so I'm going to start my Crisis cleaning. I'm so nearly there as we have a house inspection tomorrow. It's tidy and clean but he's going to be checking skirting boards for disrepair and I don't want to look like a slattern!

Also DP is back from a business trip around 5pm so I want to be done by then so I can enjoy his company rather than be scuttling around fretting about dust on cupboards.

YY Black, "on a more serious note, it feels a bit lonely here some days while DH is at work and the DC are at school/nursery." That has easily been my biggest problem since becoming unemployed. I feel I spend my life waiting for DP and DS to come home.

BlackCatinchaos Tue 16-Oct-12 13:03:00

Hello all,

Today I have:
spent an hour on pinterest blush
got DS to school and DD to nursery
picked DD up from nursery
had lunch
loaded washing machine
fed the cat
shredded some paperwork
and done a small amount of washing up --hate washing up-- --so boring--

AdoraBell Tue 16-Oct-12 16:30:08

I don't know why, but last night I didn't sleep. At all.

TA Das so far (in zombie mode)

Up & dressed
Kettle on & drinks poured for DDs
Dogs sorted and fed
Woke DDs
Made coffee
Prodded DDs again
Scoffed breakfast (croissant, cold with jam) whilst prepping school snack,
Hollered at DDs
Got car ready
Made another 1/2 cup of coffee
DDs finally came down to eat
School run, they missed the bell by the skin of their teeth and got written down as late
Meeting with DD1's teacher, who tought DD was absent because she's never late. Positive meeating.
Coffee and toast en route home
WM on
Beds stripped and other laundry prepped
Flopped in front of TV with a cup of tea
Checked status of DHL parcel OH is expecting
Second load in WM

I missed the bin men, but it's not full and they'll be back on Thursday

After school I need to drive into town to chance school shoes for DD1

CamperWidow Wed 17-Oct-12 08:55:29

Morning all!

Nice and full day here, though not as bad as tomorrow will be!
We've got pre pre-school toddler group this am and then a playdate this afternoon.
Ta da;
up and dressed
shiny sink
wm on
hoovered Muddles mess/breakfast
made hedgehogs out of loo rolls for painting later

To Do;
go to Wendy Club
what's for tea
rr living room before playdate
put clothes away
attempt my first blanket square!
book Drs for DH
book smear test (yay blush)
prep Beaver stuff for tomorrow
make sure Beaver/ballet/baby bags are ready for tomorrow
try and get a decent kip!

PumpkInDublic Wed 17-Oct-12 12:12:27

Good morning!

Up and dressed.
Beds made
Curtains and windows opened.
Pets seen too.
DP dropped off at work.
Dusted and Hoovered downstairs
Washing up done.
Elevensies of Sausage Butties for DS and I.

Flopped out on couch with Radio 4 now.

To do
Dust and hoover upstairs.
Clean bathroom.
Wipe down kitchen and mop floor.

AdoraBell Wed 17-Oct-12 13:48:05

Didn't get a chance to log back in last night, anyway, after school I did shopping, booked dentist for today, cooked dinner, collected DD1 from a friend's- joint studying- ate dinner & prepped today's packed lunch and snacks, emptied DW, fed dogs, prepped their food for this am, prepped table for brekkies and crawled into bed.

This morning,

Up and drinks made
Woke DDs
Packed packed lunches
Chained dogs up to get car out of the gate, fed dogs
Breakfast, second coffee
Put car outside & released dogs
School run, not late today
Back home
Cleared up dog mess, one of them was sick (lovely job, not)
Put oven on to bake cookies a bit later
Checked status of OH's DHL package
Currently sat in front of TV, trying to find something worth watching for 30 mins, after which I shall leap into action, natch.

CamperWidow Wed 17-Oct-12 15:26:36

Ta da;
up and dressed
shiny sink
wm on
hoovered Muddles mess/breakfast
made hedgehogs out of loo rolls for painting later
go to Wendy Club
what's for tea
rr living room before playdate
put clothes away
attempt my first blanket square!
book Drs for DH
book smear test (yay )
prep Beaver stuff for tomorrow
make sure Beaver/ballet/baby bags are ready for tomorrow

To Do;
try and get a decent kip!

Wow!!!! Didn't I do well?!!!

I've had a bit of an epiphany about this whole thing. Instead of writing huge long lists of things to do, I'm going to concentrate on doing just three things extra/over and above what I'd normally do and make sure I add in one thing for myself - today it was some knitting. So today I cleaned out the fridge, did all the downstairs windows and cleared my 'crap' corner. I'm sure Fly Lady would have proper names for it, but I think that's enough for me!

Chocchip88 Wed 17-Oct-12 15:48:54

Everyone seems to be doing well today.
My ta-dahs:
2 loads of washing done and hung out
Dishwasher loaded
Dining table cleared
Anniversary card and present wrapped
5 min room rescue
15 min in focus zone
Diary checked
Wrapping paper bought for DS2s birthday presents

To do:
Unpeel DS1 from my lap and place down gently so he doesn't wake
Prepare dinner
Vacuum downstairs
Pick up toys in playroom

Going to enjoy 5 more mins of cuddles first wink

AdoraBell Wed 17-Oct-12 17:30:24

I'm planning on doing cuddles later, mine are 11 but they still need cuddlesgrin

So, WM is on it's 3rd and final turn, wet stuff on the line. DW is finished and cookies are done (delish). I tried cleaning the mirror in the bathroom, looks like DDs have got Vaseline on itangry. I need to get some more glass cleaner after the dentist. I suppose I should do some lunch but I'm more tired than hungry.

BlackCatinchaos Wed 17-Oct-12 18:50:47

I've been struggling a bit due to lack of sleep and I can't see things improving anytime soon.

The potty training saga continues! DD is now starting to get the hang of daytime potty use but she still tends to hold it in most of the day till the evening. We are going to attempt no nappies AT ALL so I think I may be changing DD's sheets often! We have bought bed mats to help out with the night training.

I have also been getting sidetracked by Pinterest which is not a bad thing as I have found some good websites through it. Some to do with organisation at home. grin --just need to find the motivation to get started now--

AdoraBell Wed 17-Oct-12 20:57:24

I've just been to the Dentist. It's not good. Back in Jan she dealt with a huge cavity which involved root work too. She put a temporary cover on it and said come back next week. I didn't. So now she has To do it all over again. Not only am I dreading the Pain, but I hate going To the Dentist

Changing the subject completely, good luck with the potty training Cats

Chocchip88 Wed 17-Oct-12 21:14:26

Potty training and the dentist. One I have to do next week, the other I am happily ignoring for now. You both have my sympathy!
Didn't manage the vacuuming or clearing the playroom but did get all the scribbles off the wall. Most of this house has hideous 70s wallpaper, but rather than improve on that DS1 has to scribble on the walls we've painted! Gah!
Early night for me, yawn!

AdoraBell Thu 18-Oct-12 00:24:23

Well if he scribbled on the ghastly wallpaper he'd never find his scribble again, would he? Makes perfect sense to scribble on your freshly painted walls. Sorry, that's not very helpful, is it? I really must get back to dinner, pasta needs to go in. We've retrieved the dogs, puppies got the gate open. I know it was them because the Pirate has been here 4 years, Teddy Bear 3 and they've never thought of it. They were looking for rabbits but we had a handful of dried beef that stuff stinks to lure them withwink.

CamperWidow Thu 18-Oct-12 09:05:06

Morning all! It's super busy day today in the Camper household! We have playgroup, dance lessons and Beavers all in town today. They are reasonably spaced out but as we have no transport I will end up staying in town all day rather than walk an hour each way just to come home for a bit!

Ta da;
up and dressed
wm done and drying - bed sheets - we too have gone no nappy!!!!
bags packed and ready to go

To do;
play group
ballet - on time!!!
mooch in town inbetween!

Doesn't sound like much, does it?

Cat we got a matress protector from Ikea and then put a towel over that too. We've found that she is dry most of the night, but her bedroom is next to the bathroom so if she hears some-one go then she is likely to have an accident! Hubby is having to wait till he gets to work to pee!!! It's quite funny!!! grin

Ok, so my special 'me' thing is that I'm going to take my knitting with me and get it out at every oppourtunity! Yesterday I had a five minute face mask with cooling gel eye mask. It only took 5 minutes, but felt so good! Really, girls, we need to take care of ourselves!!!!!

ellargh Thu 18-Oct-12 09:19:44

I'm new to this. I'm fed up of my house looking like a tip and smelling a little off (not smelly but not fresh - no damp etc but do have a dog & smoke outside).

I've heard of FlyLady before but not really looked into it. For my lazy benefit can anyone break it down for me so I know what to expect going in to the website for a read?

BlackCatinchaos Thu 18-Oct-12 09:31:52

Morning all, smile

Not feeling too bad this morning. DD only wet the bed once so not bad for a start! So I only got woken up once too smile

To do today:
get washing machine on (I must do this)
shopping (trying to fit this in somewhere today)
check to see if we have any money in bank shock --ran out last weekend--
washing up/drying up
check Fly website
try to stay off pinterest etc this morning (get sidetracked too easily)
tidy house downstairs
put recycling stuff out of the house

best get to it!

Hi ellargh I will try to link something useful in a mo smile

BlackCatinchaos Thu 18-Oct-12 09:38:06

This might be a good place to start: babysteps

Or if you want to get stuck in straight away there is something called a crisis clean (will try and link in a mo)

The basis rules seem to be about breaking things down though.

BlackCatinchaos Thu 18-Oct-12 09:43:34

* Crisis cleaning *

This is Brill if you feel you can stay focused!! --and have the time to do it--

I could do with this today!

BlackCatinchaos Thu 18-Oct-12 10:40:10

Ta da's so far:

Made bed
got everyone dressed
breakfast for all done
school run done
1 x washing in machine
put some recycling stuff out
1 x washing up (15 mins)

Having a break now.

Hows everyone else getting on?

ellargh Thu 18-Oct-12 11:27:11

I've picked up some bits from the floor, tidied the play room, taken out the rubbish and sorted it into the recycling bins & settled the kids down with Coraline as they are so infatuated with the film and Halloween coming up. The heating is on too sad

I'm having a break with MN and a coffee before sweeping, dusting and sorting out the bathroom.

Tempted to just do fish fingers and beans for lunch. I can't be bothered to cook and then have them waste it all.

Scout19075 Thu 18-Oct-12 12:51:19

I am owner of a poorly toddler so today has been spent taking care of him. Lots of cuddles and head/cheek stroking required. We didn't even go swimming so that's four things off of my Thursday to do list (pack for swimming, pack lunch for swimming, swimming class, hang up wet clothes). We are, however, both still in our pjs my excuse is we're still on my bed reading, cuddling, watching DVDs and it's much more comfortable in pajamas.

AdoraBell Thu 18-Oct-12 14:02:10

Camper'shock at having to wait until getting to work, I'd never make itblush

Last night I worked out how to secure the gate to keep the dogs in, old metal lead attached through the bars so they can't nudge it open. DDs were marked late again, control freak on the door has decided all the kids who scrape through at 8.13 are late, because the cut ff is 8.15. Honestly, if it been any other member of staff I wouldn't be peed off, but I am.

Cats thanks for the link, I'll have a look at that when I've made yet another coffee.

Scout I hope Toddler feels better very soon.

Will report back when I've done more than my usual morning routine.

bessie26 Thu 18-Oct-12 21:31:35

hello! we've had a hectic week here - work, school visits, birthdays & sickness!

I did manage to give the sink a really good scrub/descale, weekly home blessing & clean the fronts of all the kitchen cupboards. DH is in a foul mood, so I haven't dared ask him how he's been getting on with cleaning the inside of the cupboards (he hasn't)

I need to move some money around & then buy some storage from ikea - fx this will mean I can sort out the chaos of the dining room!

AdoraBell Thu 18-Oct-12 22:15:03

Good luck with the dining room chaos bessie, hope everyone is okay now.

Well, having pushed myself to keep going despite last of sleep earlier this week all I've managed today, apart from my morning routine and school run, is a nap and second shower. Just got back from collecting DDs and buying dinner. Chicken nuggets (1st time I've bought them) and oven chips with frozen veg. Not my idea of dinner having burnt the candle at both ends there's nothing left.

I'll see what I can manage tomorrow, tonight I need to prep packed lunch for tomorrow and then prep for the morning.

Scout19075 Fri 19-Oct-12 10:09:35

Toddler is a lot perkier today. I think it was his molars (he's finally cut a second one the other week but still has two more to go) really bothering him and affecting his ear -- he kept saying "Make feel better, Mommy!" as he rubbed his face/neck/ear. His cheek was quite pink compared to the rest of him and he kept chewing on his sport cap drinks bottle. He just wanted to sit and cuddle until about 1 p.m. yesterday and if I dared to leave to get him more drink or go to the loo he'd whimper and cry "Mommy! Make feel better!"

Today I have attacked. The plumber is also due at some point to sort out the boiler. Those here last winter may remember my boiler/plumber issues. Well, the plumber never came back despite harassment almost weekly calls from MrScout so he finally got a new one. Shame he waited so long, though, as there is some damage now I'm sure. But the new plumber is going to fix the problems and service the boiler and hopefully we'll have decently temperatured water for showers and washing up and we'll be able to put the heating on (we haven't yet, holding out for the boiler to be serviced).

CamperWidow Fri 19-Oct-12 13:37:37

Yay Scout I'm glad TS is better. Also, yay to new plumber!

Busy day yesterday + busy morning = Muddles having a mega nap and leaving Mommy to clean and MN!

I have attacked the kitchen and it is looking all sparkly and clean. Just in time for DH to attack it over the w/end when it is his turn to cook.

I have made Drs and Dentist appointments, made bread, hoovered, cleaned, washed, wiped and polished. That's me done for the day apart from picking up after Muddles and doing tea which consists of beans on toast for the girls and soup and sarnies for the grown ups.

Now to sit and do some knitting before she wakes up!

<peeps round the door>

Scout19075 Fri 19-Oct-12 14:47:26

carrots HELLO!

Scout19075 Fri 19-Oct-12 14:48:25

I would like to thank the new plumber for being so kind to Toddler who talked his ear off and tried to climb into the boiler closet with him so he could see what he was doing. He also let Toddler close/clasp the toolbox so Toddler was in heaven.

AdoraBell Fri 19-Oct-12 15:05:55

Did you see Carrots, I'm sure that was her peeping round the door. It's been a while though, I may have forgotten what she looks likeshock.

Carrots, is that you?

Morning routine completed plus a little shopping after post school run coffee. I was waiting to hear back about the car serviced and didn't want o come back home just to go out again. They can't do this week after all. I'm currently catching before getting my head around the weekend.

Scout glad Toddler is feeling better, and also good to hear you've found a new plumber, who is good with toddlers too.

<leaves choc chip cookies to try and lure Carrots back>

AdoraBell Fri 19-Oct-12 15:13:27

Catching - up on the news

CamperWidow Fri 19-Oct-12 16:27:58

<eats 2 cookies and hope no-one notices>

bessie26 Fri 19-Oct-12 17:01:32

<leaves cheesy biscuits on the table>

mumbles through cookie crumbs and waves

AdoraBell Sat 20-Oct-12 00:14:52

Hello Carrots , <waves back> how're you doing?

CamperWidow Sat 20-Oct-12 08:23:33

Morning ladies!

I am currently being 'fed' some pancake with added dummy and some porridge with added dinosaur. Some-one please tell that at some point they stop climbing all over you???? grin When does a toddler ever shut up??????

I need to get everyone dressed and walk into town to try and do a weeks shop with only a tenner. Even more worrying is that I need at least a fiver for our activities during the week too! It's a catch 22. If we stay in we eat and use our electric. If we go out it costs money but it's someone elses food and energy!

bessie26 Sat 20-Oct-12 14:57:37

<waves at everyone>

camper activities are sooooo expensive - other than swimming, the only thing we do now is go to the local children's centre to do their free play sessions!

I took DD2 to get her shoes checked on the way back from swimming this morning.... new shoes & sleep suits for DD2 + pants for DD1 + new vests for both of them = a very expensive morning & I was home by 10:15!

Had better go prep some stuff for tea before DD2 wakes up.

<leaves the remains of DD2's birthday cake out to lure carrots back>

BlackCatinchaos Sat 20-Oct-12 21:22:27

<Pops in briefly before going off to watch telly>

Are you back Carrots? <hopeful>

I have been getting sidetracked by other internet sites.

AdoraBell Sun 21-Oct-12 17:58:43

No flying here today, I'd only crash and burn if I try. DDs had (5) friends over last and they were still giggling at six am. Then they had the sheer unadulterated audacity to wake up at 8.30. I'm only doing meals today. Shall report for duty mañana.

bessie26 Sun 21-Oct-12 18:51:59

<passes adora strong coffee & chocolate cake>

What sites are distracting you cats?

BlackCatinchaos Sun 21-Oct-12 21:51:20

Hi all, Today has been quite good. We went for an Autumn walk in the woods. When we got back though it was busy, busy for me. DH is on night shift this week so I am sorting bedtimes for both DC. DH usually likes to help out so I'm quite lucky I guess.
Things ran quite smoothly tonight so I am smile. Both DC now asleep so just having a bit of "me time" before bed.
bessie I like pinterest and also like facebook. Pinterest is great though cause you can find other websites through it also love the pictures on there wink.

bessie26 Sun 21-Oct-12 22:29:45

i love pinterest cats - don't get enough time to go on there atm, but I am spending more time on my blog, so can't complain!

DH just asked me what I want for my birthday - I am 40 in 2 weeks time - AIBU to think he would have thought about something by now? I know what I am getting for his 40th in Jan!

not much flying/cleaning went on here this weekend other than the basics - am going to try to get back into the Fly Lady Zones - am now following her on twitter, so am hoping I don't get bomabarded by crap get inspired

Scout19075 Sun 21-Oct-12 22:48:44

Ooooh, I love pinterest! And FB -- I spent too much time playing games with/against friends at home on FB. blush

BlackCatinchaos Mon 22-Oct-12 05:59:42

bessie How does that work then? Flylady on twitter ? confused --don't want to sound thick-- I just wonder what she tweets ?
Is she called Flylady on there?
--I think my best way to increase productivity is spend less time on the computer but I can't see that happening-- grin
I got quite a lot done yesterday though smile

bessie26 Mon 22-Oct-12 06:13:24

I was hoping she would tweet about zones & missions, but it seems to be more testim

bessie26 Mon 22-Oct-12 06:17:36

... It seems to be more testimonials <sigh>. She is on fb too!

Dd2 has been up since 5am again <yawn> She fell asleep on me about 15min ago, but it hardly seems worth the risk of trying to get her back into her cot now. <yawn>

BlackCatinchaos Mon 22-Oct-12 10:02:14

I feel like I could get things done today --if only I could stop snacking and turn the computer off-- --maybe later-- shock grin

I think I had best look for inspiration on the web somewhere!!!

BlackCatinchaos Mon 22-Oct-12 11:11:40

Just popping in! I've had Mum to stay for the weekend and it's been quite hard work. Currently finding it hard to get on with anything (work or home related!) I hope you are all OK.

Just off to make myself a cup of coffee and look at cats pinterest page for ages get on with some stuff

BlackCatinchaos Mon 22-Oct-12 12:57:29

Hi arti, I'll PM you wink smile

CamperWidow Mon 22-Oct-12 13:39:40

Afternoon all!

Had a crappy day yesterday. Morning was ok, but after her nap Muddles threw out a temp of 38.7 and strated showing spots so we went to A&E. Turns out she has a viral infection. sad. They just said calpol and nurofen to keep her temp down, no antibiotics, so I'm taking it as not being too bad.

ta da;
up and d ressed
wm on
clothes away
mother and toddler group

to do;
find a pattern for my Woolly Hug square
washing up
wipe down in the kitchen
swish and swipe in bathroom
put tea on at 1pm
put paperplate pumpkins up somewhere

Well, lets face it, I'm gonna spend most of the day on here looking at knitting patterns!!!! grin

AdoraBell Mon 22-Oct-12 14:24:08

<finishes off bessies pot of coffee, oh, did anyone else want someblush>

DDs were in bed by 7 yesterday, asleep before then on the sofa. I had an early night after organising for the morning. I've done the school run, we had rain over night so I had trouble leaving the school car park, thick mud and the wheels were spinning, but I wasn't stuck grin. Had to rinse the mud off the wheel arches when I got home. I really should go shopping this morning, but I need a little more coffee first.

bessie26 Mon 22-Oct-12 15:35:36

Hope muddles is getting better now camper? Viral rashes can be v.worrying! My friend's boy had a rash that failed the glass test & spent hours at A&E while they tested him for everything, only to decide eventually it was a viral rash!

I have done most of my house blessing, but am now ODing on pretend cups of tea grin

BlackCatinchaos Mon 22-Oct-12 18:07:06

grin bessie DD's love pretend tea making, we had a phase of that. grin

I eventually got going on some housework, I think I am more of an afternoon/evening person as I often struggle with mornings!

I done some hoovering, cooked some dinner and done some washing up.
We are slowly moving in the right direction.grin --at last--

Next it will be bedtime routine: baths etc

Camper How is the potty training going with you?

We are having success in the daytime and last night she stayed dry (no wet sheets) YAY! I will have to see how the night training goes though as her eczema is playing up lately so we may need to go back to pyjama pants (nappies).

Not quite sure how to get her to move the next step though - from potty to toilet.

bessie did you say it was DD1 birthday the other day ? "happy birthday" smile

AdoraBell Tue 23-Oct-12 01:41:03

I got a few things done today, surprised myself actuallygrin

Washed towels, school uniforms were done on Saturday
Drove to town to get groceries, and found Xmas pressies for DDs on behalf of my sister
DW emptied, refilled with breakfast stuff
School run, dropped friend's DCs home
DDs showered
Supervised homework
Cleared away
DW on
Dogs sorted, chained up to bring car in and they eat while I'm doing things
Dustbin put out for the morning
Put hosepipe away in the garage, that'll stop the puppies chewing it.
Made a cup of tea, currently sitting down before I assemble tomorrow's packed lunches.

Hope everyone is okay <leaves fresh coffee/tea and warm banana loaf for brekkies>

CamperWidow Tue 23-Oct-12 08:45:36

Mmm! Warm banana loaf!! Thanks Adora, just what I need this morning!

Muddles is completly back to normal, thanks. You wouldn't know there was/had been anything wrong. In fact, nearly all her spots have gone too! Unfortunatly it has put her sleep back so I end up on the sofa with her, tossing and turning and taking over an hour to get back off to sleep, meaning I am a very grumpy sleepy Mommy this morning. Not good!

Cats sorry if I'm being dim, but why would her excema upset her potty training? Yay for a dry night!! Lol probably manages 5/6 out of the week dry. She's been going on the toilet for a while though. I moved the potty into the bathroom so she got used to going in there. Then our potty has a toilet seat on it so she put it on the toilet and the potty is then a step for her. We just kept trying her on the 'potty toilet seat' and she got it!

ta da
up and dressed
wm on
washing up done
4 more rows on square done

to do
get through the day without committing murder
sort out clothes
try and arrange playdate to eliminate number one
what's for tea
make some more loo roll hedgehogs

BlackCatinchaos Tue 23-Oct-12 09:35:09

<Wanders in still half asleep>

DD had another dry night. grin
Camper She was getting eczema on her lower back --bum cheeks-- and I think when she wet the bed it was aggravating it. sad some nights it didn't wake her for a while. --the HV wants to keep an eye on her for possible problems for eg: HFA--. She is at times extremely bright and in other areas behind. Hopefully now though she may be getting past the wet the bed stage as we have had 2 dry nights in a row.

Poor little dot though, she gets a lot of eczema patches all over her. I'm taking her to see the doc later today although there is no cure as such, you just have to deal with the dry skin by putting creams on.
Hope it is not diet related as I read somewhere that some foods can be a trigger for some people.

CamperWidow Tue 23-Oct-12 13:30:00

Cat I have patches all over that come and go and have had since I was little. Bless her!!! Try and cut back on dairy for a bit, see how that goes. It helped me. I haven't cut it out, couldn't live without my brew and some cheese, but that's it.
The only cream I now use that works really well is Dream Cream from Lush. It comes in those big black pots. Don't baulk at the price, they are about £9 but it lasts soooooo long. It's all natural and lovely and smells great. It's the only cream we have in the house now! Nappy rash, excema, atheletes foot, burns (after the cold water obv!), you name it, it gets it.

AdoraBell Tue 23-Oct-12 18:07:51

Cats I hope the eczema calms down soon.

I've learnt from last week and am doing the bare minimum for a couple of days. I've done my morning routine and because I have to drive into town after school for school shoes I've just had a manicure and and waiting for my large coffee to cool down before popping back home to do a little organizing. I think I like my purple nails.

AdoraBell Wed 24-Oct-12 03:55:00

While I think of it, because I know I'll forget by the morning, DD's mates got nail varnish on a (cheap, luckily) leather sofaangry, I'm tempted to simply throw the sofa out but I'm sure the OH will notice. Still, they won't be having friends sleep over for a while, I need my sleep

We've done shopping and sulking got back late and I still need to sort lunch for tomorrow and feed the dogs.

liveinazoo Wed 24-Oct-12 17:20:39

pokes head in>
ahoy hoy everyone!smile

damn computer been playing up then damn internet went
ive been so bored i have a clean house........shock

little zoo started school fulltime<sobs into hanky>
ds has had to have bloods taken adn is currently on iron and beeing assessed regularly by gp as his immune system is rubbishsad

ive had my 40th birthday<gulp>

anyway if a disapear again it will only be because im technology deprived
ive missed you all very,very much!

cats have yo asked the doctor about wet wraps for kitten?they are amazing at easing discomfort of eczema,especially at nightsmile

i have to go dinners ready!

hopefullly will be back tomorrowgrin<finger crossed!

AdoraBell Wed 24-Oct-12 18:31:57

Hello Zoo

I hope the Dr can sort out DS's immune system

Morning routine as normal
DW emptied, reloaded and switch flicked
WM just finishing
Sinks shined
Bathrooms S&S'd
Clean clothes put away
Should have made a cake with these here over ripe bananas, but it hasn't happened yet.
Rinsed a load of bottles, cans and cartons for recycling. When I took last week's recycling on Monday the shiny new centre was closed. Now I have loads of stuff to get rid of.

DD1 is crying off extra sport after school with a cold, DD2 is on the mend so she'll be staying. This means I have to leave at the normal time and either come back and leave again 15 minutes later, or hang around for an hour. I'm gong to save on fuel and hang around, probably go for a snack.

Not sure yet what to do for dinner, I do have some iffy chicken in the fridge which the adut dogs will really enjoy.

AdoraBell Wed 24-Oct-12 18:33:44

Damn, pressed the wrong button.

belated Happy Birthday Zoo thanks and wine

bessie26 Wed 24-Oct-12 20:13:32

Happy (belated) birthday zoo!! I'm next!! <gulp>

BlackCatinchaos Wed 24-Oct-12 21:05:00

Happy belated birthday Zoo!!! smile <Passes box of chocolates>

Hope DS gets better soon.

We got some mild steroid cream for DD's eczema (for the worst areas) and need to continue with the usual moisturising.
Haven't heard off wet wraps zoo.

DS has a cough and cold.

I need an early ish night as I have to be up early.

I seem to do well in small areas at home --while other areas fall into chaos-- Today I done well on --making tidy piles of paperwork-- sorting paperwork but other areas fell by the wayside. Does anyone know the secret of having every part of the house tidy --or is that expecting too much of myself--
I find it's hard to balance everything too when you need to go out and do shopping etc. Not enough time in the day --not if you have a break or two--

BlackCatinchaos Wed 24-Oct-12 21:07:36

Also fell asleep on the sofa this afternoon. blush I think the years of sleep deprivation are catching up with me!

Scout19075 Thu 25-Oct-12 09:07:31

Toddler been up since 4:30. He's been melting down left, right and center since 6:20. It's swimming day and immediately after a soft play play date with his BFF to celebrate his birthday (on Sunday). Gah! I need lots of caffeine and mental strength to get through today (on top of the cleaning and packing that needs to be done, not to mention the normal Thursday stuff and daily things).

Ohh Happy belated Birthday from me too Zoo! I reached the grand old age of 48 on Tuesday and can tell you it's not all bad this side of the big 40! Hope you had a great day. Mine was mostly frustrating and work, but I'm out tonight and friends are getting me a cake!

liveinazoo Thu 25-Oct-12 13:34:53

<snaffles down some chocs before ofering them round.any one want one?>

thanks alll for the birthday wishes!

ta dahs
made soft boiled eggs <on a school dayshock for zoolets breakfasts
cleared up and washed up after
made packed lunches
chased bare bummed little zoo round her room trying to get fresh pants on her for school!<i won when declared you can go to school in just your vest then,horror stricken she dressed in record time!>
school run
my breakfast
cleaned bath,sink and floor
bleached loo
30mins ironing<there is more but after 30mins i glaze over!>
dusted playmobil mansion and relocated all furniture to correct floors
quick flick round front room
made carrot and sweetcorn soup for lunch
had nap!

all this while playing nurse maid to dd2 who has been off school for past 2 days as the cold she has is making her bark like a seal at night and she is waking oftena nd is very tired<as am i as she comes to tell me she awake!>
and her throat is very painful shes not asked fora crisp or peice of toast and is happily eating soup every day at lunch
ds had it end last week and for him was in his chest and we nearly ended up at out of hours 2 night running with severe wheezing.little zoo has the start of a snotty nose and was retching snot that ran down her throat befroe breakfast<sigh>
joys of kids eh?--cats nice to know im not the only exhausted sleep deprived mummy--
loving the halloween icons!gringrin
if i get a chance i will check in at teatime

AdoraBell Fri 26-Oct-12 02:41:46

Ooooh, lovely chocs Zoo, thanksgrin

Morning routine as usual
Back here, baked a cake
DW emptied, breakfast things cleared away
Thought about vacuuming
Dozed off
Hand washing
Planned to go out, but didn't get that far
Ironing lady turned up today instead of tomorrow
Pottered around in the kitchen, shined sinks
E-mailed friends
Bagged up recycling
School run
Back here with a friend
Made shopping list for Halloween costumes. DD1 is going to be a goth vampire, DD2 a witch.
Cooked whilst nagging DDs to put their things away
Ate and cleared away
30 mins with DDs before their bedtime

I've been tired tonight, we had a tremor last night, not very strong but I couldn't get back to sleep again. DDs are sleeping over at a friends tomorrow and then OH is back on Saturday.

I haven't done packed lunches yet, need organise the component parts. I may need a piece of cake before bed. Dogs are looking at me through the patio doors but I'm not letting them in with their grubby paws. The puppies play in the sprinklers and then roll on the flower beds and come out caked in mud.

liveinazoo Sat 27-Oct-12 12:07:59

what kind of cake adora?
the zoolets broke up for half term yesterday and little zoo is 5 on monday so i was blitzing as i want to coast the holiday and i usually home bless on mondays
so,ta dahs
breakfast for the kids
cleaned bath,sink and floor while they got dressed<i sort myself before breakfast and like to clean the sink before the toothpaste dries onwink
made lunches
braided hair
washing on
rummaged for harvest festival offerings<our school gives tins and packets to teh local homeless shelter and food bank>
school run
30 mins ironing
my breakfast
swept stairs
cleaned hall floor
sorted shoe cupboard
washing hung on airers
washe living room floor and polished
washed kitchen floor
cleaned all surfaces in kitchen
washed cupboard fronts and WM front
made soup for lunch for dd2 and me<parsnip and hazelnut.yum.yum>
washed up and wiped down
read to dd2 for best part of an hour[wshock]
emptied bin
sorted litter tray
uniforms in the washing machine
made dinner
washed up and wiped down after

liveinazoo Sat 27-Oct-12 12:12:49

on saturday the zoolets flybaby thier rooms
this is now a well drilled routine and .,to a degree they have learned to "clean as you sweep as you go" so it takes less than 15mins to do both rooms!!!
i give them 5mins to make sure under beds are clear of debris,laundry is in bins and toys are tidy
they then make beds while i wash windows<they then polish>
and finally i wash the floors<cushion flooring>

i have made a vegan cake today as we are out of eggs adn i CBA to go and buy any as its freezing out!<was very dense,but nice,banana and oat cake>

ive swish and swipe the bathroom and am waiting for some soup to finish cooking <zoolets are drawing spooky pictures>

rest day be chilling with themsmile

bessie26 Sat 27-Oct-12 14:51:12

hi everyone, sorry again for not getting on here much lately - I am still flying, although not as much as I would like - I can sense the chaos slowly creeping back in sad

anyway, am v.impressed by the zoolets flying skills & everyone's lists. I had better go prep up tea before DD2 wakes up.

DH's latest cake creation for DD1's birthday is on my blog if anyone fancies a peek!

AdoraBell Sat 27-Oct-12 20:21:36


Banana cake, I like Nigella's recipe from her Domestic Goddess book.

I have to go in a couple of hours to collect DDs then OH, in the meantime I've had a lie in, played with the dogsgrin and cleared the laundry, one more wash to do, S&S'd bathrooms and generally taken things easy. I am also impressed with Zoolets routine, well done.

BlackCatinchaos Sun 28-Oct-12 14:01:13

Well done zoo for getting the zoolets flying. grin
I would be faced with a lot of moaning if I ask DS to tidy his room --so I just shut the door on it--
Haven't been in the mood for much over the past few days.
DD has had eczema flare ups so we resorted back to night pyjama pants for bedtimes (she was still wetting bed). She is doing great though at the daytime potty training! smile

DS also got a slight chest infection so had a bad cough for a few days.

bessie I will try and take a look at your blog. My dd's birthday will be in a few weeks.

<wanders off to look around internet> --still not in mood for doing much--

AdoraBell Sun 28-Oct-12 19:31:20

I've finished the laundry, now there's loads of stuff to put awayshock, S&S'd bathrooms, done some general tidying, OH emptied the DW.

DD2 will be doing her own laundry from next week, although she doesn't know it yet. This morning I picked up and washed the stuff from the floors as well as the linen baskets and then she stormed though the kitchen with a face like thunder, went out to check the line, came back and asked - rather aggressively- why did you wash the blue skirt that was on the floor? Then preceded to have a tantrum about having nothing to wear. Whilst looking at her full wardrobe. So she can sort her own laundry out starting tomorrow.

Not much else going on here today, I need to prep packed lunches for tomorrow and do dinner.

Cats I hope DS feels better now and DD's eczema has calmed down.

bessie26 Sun 28-Oct-12 22:05:09

Good luck with DD2 & the laundry adora - I am trying to teach DD1 (4) early that if it doesn't go into the laundry basket, it doesn't get washed & she's quite good at remembering to put her dirty clothes in there - no doubt it will all change when she gets older!

cats I think carrots & others have done the black bin bag thing to sort out their DCs rooms - give them a deadline & anything not tidied away by then gets bagged!
Glad your DD is doing well with the potty training - my DD1 took about 8 months to move from potty to loo, 4 months later she is now sometimes (twice today!) using the loo without the training seat! She is always much happier doing things at her own pace, & will just dig her feet in if I try to push her, so although I offer bribes incentives, I have learnt it's best to leave it up to her!

DH says he has wiped out about half of the kitchen cupboards! I am very impressed & am already planning what task to give him next! grin

BlackCatinchaos Mon 29-Oct-12 07:20:30

Morning all,
I am hoping today will be better than yesterday! DS was driving me up the wall most of yesterday and it is half term week so things NEED to improve!!!
I was also feeling a bit ill yesterday so that didn't help matters at all.

This morning I have lost my glasses somewhere around the house shock.
--worries about memory loss--

I may need to venture into town <shudder> with the DC as I have a bill to pay.

I feel I may need a list today --as long as I can read it-- I think I could be classed as partially sighted without my glasses as one of my eyes is terrible.

To do:

Breakfast for all
get dressed
find glasses
write out bday card
try to get through the day and stay calm
tidy up hmm

bessie I am impressed by your DH cleaning out the cupboards. grin
I like the flying part of your blog too! smile The cake looked great!

bessie26 Mon 29-Oct-12 13:59:12

Ugh, stay away from the town when ever possible cats

I am astounded that DH has done any of the cupboards! He is always full of good intentions, but never quite finds the time/remembers to follow them through.

We played with a friend after DD1's swimming lesson & had lunch there too. We had an awful night with DD2 last night & I am exhausted, but can't persuade DD1 to go for a nap, so plan to keep awake by drinking copious amounts of tea. One thing's for certain though, there will be very little flying going on today! (i think the list on my blog was what I was trying to do towards the end of my mat leave)

AdoraBell Mon 29-Oct-12 14:53:16

Cats I hope you find your glasses

Bessie thanks, and I hope you get more sleep tonight.

After my morning routine I drove into town, car is now in for service, dropped OH's drying cleaning off and I'm now having elevensies.

Someone, either DDs or a friend, has got blue permanent marker on the cream carpet (I know) any ideas how I can fix it? OH was ranting about having to replace the carpet throughout the house, natch, but I'd rather avoid that if poss.

bessie26 Mon 29-Oct-12 15:07:45

adora I would post directly onto the GH board - I'm sure someone will know how to get rid of it!

BlackCatinchaos Mon 29-Oct-12 15:21:51

<Passes a brew to bessie>

I found my glasses, smile now having a chocolate drink. Mmm

We haven't made it to town yet so may have to go tomorrow instead.

DD declared that she wanted a bath around mid day so I let her but I said she's not having one later.

Adora we have cream carpets too, not ideal with young DC. Our's could do with being replaced --or cleaned-- but we can't afford it at the mo. I use warm water with a dash of washing up liquid. Not sure if that would work on marker though!

List update:

Breakfast for all done
get dressed done
find glasses done
write out bday card done
try to get through the day and stay calm going o.k. so far smile
tidy up - never ending hmm
sorted and shredded some paperwork done

Still to do:
wash up/dry up
"what's for dinner?"
find insurance certificate
make sure everything stays calm.

DS is "having a meeting" with some of his friends in the hallway. hmm they are hiding from another friend.

liveinazoo Mon 29-Oct-12 15:39:45

cats the meeting in your hall made me grin!
hope little kittens ok.well done on the daytime toileting!
bessie im also wreckd today-for reasons unknown dd2 decided to wake little zoo<room share> at 3am and had ds awake to by 3.30 and kept all awwake rest of the night despite threats of voilence/bribes etc
ds had a meltdown bofre lunch adn i cajoled a 30min nap into him so hes just a bit grumpy.poor little zoo is very tired but managing.dd2 continues to be the child from hell<sigh>
we ahve a playmobile vet care centre complete with poorly giraffe that has a bandage<little zoo is obssessed with giraffes>
dp got 2 giraffe tops and a toy giraffe in a tshirt that says i love *** on it!she was given some money and bought a talking giraffe from tys r us<repeats what you say to it>
she also got the gruffalo and gruffalo child dvd so we bought a gruffalo birthday cake<lazy mum alert>
i will have to look at your cake bessie when i get a minute <and sort out that recipe for yuwink

must go----am being "paged" to be the crocodile n the savannah!!!!!

bessie26 Mon 29-Oct-12 17:13:52

Do you guys use groupon (or any similar sites?) i got my carpets cleaned last year by a local firm for a very good price (75% off I think) - defo worth doing if the opportunity arises!

AdoraBell Mon 29-Oct-12 20:47:20

My word, DD2 is in a bad mood now that she's been told she's doing her own laundry.

bessie26 Mon 29-Oct-12 21:05:05

<passes adora wine>

BlackCatinchaos Tue 30-Oct-12 09:26:51

Morning all, I have just left DS downstairs on his own while I took a shower (dd in her bedroom). I came down to find 4 empty crisp packets in the bin. shock
I am not sure if DS has just eaten all 4 packets or if they were already there confused. He admits to eating 1 packet.
If he did eat all 4, I am angry that he could be so greedy!
But I have no way of knowing if he did. I now feel confused

<wanders off to make a brew>

BlackCatinchaos Tue 30-Oct-12 15:56:49

Made it to town today --that will be the only time with the DC this week--

Having a brew now.

BlackCatinchaos Tue 30-Oct-12 15:58:54

bessie I don't know a lot about Groupon. What is involved? I guess it is to do with getting money off things though. - is that right??

bessie26 Tue 30-Oct-12 19:54:32

Yes cats, every day they have special deals on - some local, some uk-wide. You buy a voucher off them, which you then redeem with whoever is offering the deal. Over the last year or two, I've had 2 gardeners, 2 photoshoots, my carpets cleaned & a laptop.

I managed to clean the loos & descale the kitchen & bathroom before work today grin

Evening all

I am flagging - I've taken a few days off work during the half-term and today I decided for some inane reason to sort out my hall cupboard. My hall cupboard is very big - half has coats and shoes, half has shelves with bathroom supplies and random tut other essentials in it. I sorted out the coats half quite quickly which gave me a false sense of security as the other half has taken me ages! I'm not too far away from the end now but need to convince myself I do want to go out to the bins and recycling skips ( as I'm in a flat that means down a flight of stairs and across a yard!).

Meanwhile I am boiling in the flat but don't want to turn the heating off as I am desperately trying to dry a pair of cord trousers for tomorrow. I am in the embarrassing situation of only having 2 pairs of winter trousers that fit me at present and as I want to be warm and casual tomorrow I don't want to wear a skirt.

I have more than enough clothes for work and my casual clothes are fine for the odd day I might wear them in a normal week. It's just when I'm on holiday I struggle a bit! Currently wearing my painting/decorating trousers but it doesn't really matter as I've been in all day sorting out the * cupboard. Oh and I got all my ironing done while watching 2 episodes of Time Team back to back.

Adora - surgical spirit (think they call it rubbing alcohol in the USA) usually dissolves permanent marker, but you will have to apply it really carefully so as not to end up with a big partially dissolved blob! Test it on a small bit first. Use clean cloths, apply surgical spirit sparingly on cloth and dab a bit at a time, blotting with kitchen paper as you go. Keep refolding cloth to use a new clean bit and reapplying fresh spirit so as not to transfer any of the marker ink anywhere else.

BlackCatinchaos Tue 30-Oct-12 21:37:12

Sounds quite good bessie

I am feeling ill again tonight. There is some kind of cold/flu type thing going around here at the mo and I feel I may be on the verge of catching it. My head feels quite spaced out like I'm not really here and I have that sore throat feeling. Everyone one here has been coughing and sneezing lately so it doesn't look good!

Hope you get your washing dry arti

Thanks Cat. I have now braved the cold to get rid of the rubbish and recycling and I'm going to iron my trousers on the insides before I go to bed and leave on radiators to get last bit of evening and early morning heat.

I still have stuff on the floor outside my cupboard but it is improving (getting rid of rubbish helped! - 2 plastic bags full plus an extra bag of paper recycling! blush. I'd no idea I was storing rubbish! )

PS Cat- I hope you feel better soon. I think vitamin c, zinc and honey really help with colds!

BlackCatinchaos Wed 31-Oct-12 08:14:46

Morning all,

I'm surprisingly not feeling too bad this morning after feeling so bleurgh last night. confused

I feel like I might be productive today! shock grin

Just having some breakfast and brew before I get started.

smile grin shock wink blush

Just had to get that out of my system! grin

Guess what I have been doing today!

BlackCatinchaos Wed 31-Oct-12 18:43:59

What have you been doing today arti ?

My day wasn't as productive as I had hoped and my sore throat came back too.
DD decided she wasn't going to leave the house and I CBA to make her so we have stayed home.

DH and DS are trick or treating --getting wet-- . They have just returned.

I will be off out in a mo to do shopping --as I have no chance during the day--

AdoraBell Wed 31-Oct-12 19:04:38

Come on Arti, tell us what you've been up to then.

Cats sorry your sore throat hasn't gone, hope DS and DH had fun trick or treating. My two are off to stay with seperate friends tonight, I don't want to think about the amount of sugar they will consume.

After my morning routine I had breakfast and then got a dental X-ray done, then on to the dentist. Sat ther for 90 minutes while she did whatever dentists do I'm not thinking about it, that way I can pretend it wasn't me in the chair and I need to go back next week to get it finished.
After that,
Shopping locally - no good
Drive into town and got what I needed
Lunch, wasn't hungry but can't take ibuprofen on an empty stomach
Back home
WM emptied and refilled.
DW needs emptying

Still need to collect one DD and deliver her to my neighbour plus bring t'other one's school bags home. It's a long weekend here and not a moment too soon IMO.

<leaves gooey chocolate cake for anyone who wants a slice or two >

Well - i went into town ( I'm having a few days holiday from work) to see an archaeological excavation that was going on. I read about it on the internet and it said that members of the public could go and chat to the archaeologists and see what they had discovered. When I turned up, the guy in charge of the dig asked if I'd like to join in the digging, so I did. I spent the day excavating what used to be the corner of a Victorian greenhouse and flower bed!

I really love the piecing together of information to see if you can work out what was going on.

Mystery of the day: -How did a late 20th century biro into what seemed to be the same soil/clay layer as part of an old (Victorian?) marmalade jar [[ like this and also under some bricks that were edging an old drain?

biro get

AdoraBell Thu 01-Nov-12 00:26:54

Sounds like your day was much more fun than mine Arti envy, I'm glad you were able to get involved, I would love to do something like that. We've walked the dogs and decided not to cook as it's 9.30 and neither OH nor I am hungry.

bessie26 Thu 01-Nov-12 05:04:29

Sounds like great fun art! Did you find the biro? grin

DH was out at a beer festival last night, so I had lunch with friends at work & toast for tea, and went to bed about 9pm, ready for my early morning wake-up by DD2 (teeth)

I have a horrible sore throat & the girls are both a bit snotty, so the lurgy is descending here sad

BlackCatinchaos Thu 01-Nov-12 05:45:10

<puts out a new box of tissues for anyone with a cold>

bessie hope you're not catching the same cold type thing lurgy we all have.

arti Sounds like a fun/unusual way to spend the day. --makes me think of Time team on the telly--

I eventually went shopping at around 8.00 last night which turned out to be quite nice as the shop was almost empty --no other customers-- grin
The local firemen/women are often in there stocking up on food. they were there last night. smile

<Wonders if she can make a fresh start on cleaning the house this month!>

BlackCatinchaos Thu 01-Nov-12 05:51:11
bessie26 Thu 01-Nov-12 08:14:54

I can't believe it is November already!!

Here's another link for you cruising through the holidays - I AM going to have all my Xmas presses bought by the end of Nov!

ER.. yes I did find the biro blush , but it is important dating evidence - honestly! To be fair I also found the marmalade pot, evidence of an unusual (and possibly early) drain and a clay marble like the ones on this page

I'm off to do some craftwork and avoid looking at the mess in the flat as it is my last day of holiday.

liveinazoo Thu 01-Nov-12 17:32:28

<snaffles one of cats tissues and trumpets noisily into it!>

hi everyone!

i was out all day tuesday-took zoolets into town shopping-mistake i forgot a street fair was in town and was chaos!
by time fought throught he masses i was exhausted but the zoolets were very well behaved especially as i hadnt got a budge for rides and they asked for nothin gin return for a halloween treat each from the poundshopsmile

WE HAD THE BESTEST HALLOWEEN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<neede to get that out my systemwink>

we spent all day doing activities<and flying flew away ha ha>
we made a ghost and pumpkin wreath<papercraft>
bats from loo roll tubes
suncatcher jakal lanterns
biscuits<skull jammy dodgers i found on net>
we ate halloween food-pancakes with bllod sauce<cherrys to you and me>
pumpkin soup and slabs cornbread cut into coffin shapes
potato cakes shaped like ghosts and raw brains<cauli>

p.m we played games
mummy your fave teddy<in loo roll>
pin the head on frankenstein
apple bobbing<cereal bowl each of water and chopped apple in it,much more kid friendly>
i made a simple board game too-coloring some squares red<miss a go bitten by a werewolf> and some green<trick or treak to draculas coffin a cardboard offering full mini smarties and roll the dice to see how many you get>we used celebrations as counters and ate them aftergrin
read books about witches/ghosts
lit pumpkin i carved and doled out sweets to trick and treaters
i put this on the door-
the rules for treat are very clear,they are written for you here,
from 4pm samll and cute,big and hairy
costumes fancy,costumes scary
treats will be given if you come calling
but you must now heed this warning-
at7.30 little monsters in tis house
will be in bed,as quiet as a mouse
the friendly witch gets very rude,
if you wake her sleeping brood
then treat will then stop
<want a sweeet then go to the shop>

not one of the teens that came to the door after that time knock<i heard them read it to each other>
the first lot were creeping off when i went ut and gave them the last of the goodies so surprised that they had complyedgrin

liveinazoo Thu 01-Nov-12 17:34:16

p.s we are all full of colds and im feeleing sorry for myself today and have stayed in fluffy pjs all dayblush-the rain hasnt encouraged me to venture out<sigh>
tomorrow i must stop using broom for flying and start sweeping a tip!

Wow Zoo! You've had some amazingly creative ideas. And all in one day!

Cat- I've been watching back episodes of Time Team at lunchtimes (they are repeating loads of them on More4) and that has really got me into archaeology, although...

I used to conduct "archeological excavations" at the bottom of our garden (which had been a Victorian rubbish tip so there were great things to find) when I was a child. I tried to organise the 3 boys who lived next door to join in but they kept getting fed-up after about 15 minutes and going off and playing army games!

liveinazoo Fri 02-Nov-12 12:25:10

i got nasty case of CBA so ta dahs a bit tin on the ground but i will post them to try and invoke some activity!

washing on
cleaned bath and sink,washed floor
washing hung up
more washing on

i am now about ram cheese sandwiches into my face and try and formulate a plan for this p.m as dh was meant tot be taking the dcs to the cinema and had just text doesnt fed up and doesnt feel like it so isnt comingangry
and the zooolets are champing at the bit and hyper!

BlackCatinchaos Fri 02-Nov-12 15:50:06

Hi all, I have a cold/ losing my voice type virus so am lacking in energy.
--makes it hard to shout at the DC-- grin

The DC are entertaining themselves playing with cushions.

zoo glad you had a good Halloween.

I need to find some energy to do dinner soon. --really CBA--

AdoraBell Sat 03-Nov-12 01:34:31

DD2 got to grips with the washing machine today, she can't reach the line to hang the stuff out so I did that but for her. I've just done a quick flick round today and will do the same tomorrow. Hay fever on top of a cold is draining my energy, plus DDs are home, long weekend.

Cats hope you feel better soon.

Zoo hope your case of CBA resolves itself.

liveinazoo Sat 03-Nov-12 12:22:25

todays ta dahs
washing on
kids flybaby roomsgrin
living room floor swept and washed
kitchen floor swept and washed
made *banana flapjack bites*<see below>
hung washing
30mins ironing<and put away>
surf net for ideas for bonfire night activities<dare i admit netmums has loadsshock...feels disloyal and flogs self furiouslygrin>
consumed flapjacksgrin
cleared coat mountain in the hall

i am pleasantly surprised we have survived the school holiday relatively unscathed in the flying department;usually the floor is missing,presumed lost under a sea of toys etc by tuesday-we have managed to maintain sight of it all weekshock!
ive done a load of washing every day,wiped bathroom and hot spotted but not much else other than make meals and wash up/wipe down afterwards
it doesnt feel like ive been doing very much and have still and have still had plenty of time to play with the dcs -which ive really feeling a bit sad they are going back to school monday,ive really enjoyed having them around,esp little zoo who has sneaked i a lot of cuddlesgrin!
banana flapjack bites
<shamelessly "borrowed" from patrick holford>
100g porridge oats
50g ground almonds
2tbsp tahini
2tbsp maple or golden syrup
1 large very ripe banana,mashed

mix all ingredients together
shapeinto 8 balls and place on a tray
preheated oven 170oc for 25-30mins til on a wire rack

we devoured these before they were completely cold.very simple,very yummy and very easy for dcs to help make!
i have an apricot and ginger version i may have to attempt tomorrow and if as good will pop recipe up to share with you all

hope anyone attendig fireworks displays today has a lovely time!
adora local honey<2tsp x2 a day> helps my eldests hayfever

AdoraBell Sat 03-Nov-12 12:37:53


Thanks for the honey tip, I'll be brave and give it a go because honey is just vile as the meds I used yesterday didn't make any noticeable difference.

That recipe looks nice, I shall keep that in mind for next week's bananas.

liveinazoo Sat 03-Nov-12 17:29:26

adora dd1 also puts a smear of vaseline<petroleum jelly> around nostrils-apparently it traps the pollen before you fully inhale itwink
im with you on the honey front-just tastes like wax to me!

we havemade a guy<just for fun,we arent having a bonfire>
the dcs thought it was terrific fun.not very guy fawkes though as its wearing floral leggings belonging to little zoo,along with dd2 t shirt and ds socks,gloves and wooly hat!grin
we hava also made rocket bookmarks today and they are now colouring some pictures from activity village website that have kids with sparklers while i have a break and chhillon here for a bit

AdoraBell Sun 04-Nov-12 01:46:42

I can see how the vasaline would work Zoo , but I won't risk that one with the amount of radiation we get here. I've had a 3rd degree sunburn in the UK and now live too damn close the hole in the ozone layer, I may try it with sunblock instead.

ellargh Sun 04-Nov-12 02:14:03

Hi everyone,

I've become a bit addicted to the Pinterest home & organisation area. I dipped in at 11pm and now I can't remember what day it is.

What steps can I take to make my house look nice? sad

BlackCatinchaos Sun 04-Nov-12 09:19:24

Morning all, I am still in lost voice land. sad <gets paper and pens handy>
I think the DC are taking advantage of my lost ability to tell them off!! hmm

ellargh I find Pinterest very addictive!

My living room floor is lost under toys and cushions.

I need to use today to prepare for "back to school" so I need to:
get breakfast
get washed/dressed
Check DC have clean uniform
find all scarves, hats, gloves (winter seems to have arrived here)
find school bags and contents
go shopping for packed lunch stuff etc.
stock up on tissues as everyone is coughing and sneezing here lately.
check website

I think that might be it.

Hope to return here later.

BlackCatinchaos Sun 04-Nov-12 15:45:40

List update:

get breakfast done
get washed/dressed done
Check DC have clean uniform
find all scarves, hats, gloves (winter seems to have arrived here)
find school bags and contents
go shopping for packed lunch stuff etc. done
stock up on tissues as everyone is coughing and sneezing here lately. done
check website
cook dinner
wash up some more
clear living room floor and hoover done

Just having a brew then off to cook dinner.

bessie26 Sun 04-Nov-12 22:16:50

hello - i have been busy with a weekend of birthday parties, so yet again, very little flying has taken place, but I have my wonderous new cupboard from Ikea arriving next week, so I need to do some serious decluttering to make space for it! Unfortunately, DH forgot to put the recycling bins out a fortnight ago, so we are drowning in a sea of cardboard & paper. He did vacuum everywhere this evening while I did bathtime, & I forgot to wash his workshirts so I can't complain too much!

ellargh - I LOVE pinterest, but have to seriously limit my time on it these days or I can loose hours that would be much better spent sleeping on it!

Just done this weeks meal plan & online shop, and am allowing myself 15 5 mins surfing while I finish my glass of wine - I can hear someone shouting down the road, but CBA to get up & have a nose out of the window!

BlackCatinchaos Sun 04-Nov-12 22:35:51

Am thinking about going to bed but still have an annoying cough. hmm

I'm gonna have a drink and play on MNet --or pinterest-- for a bit.

bessie26 Sun 04-Nov-12 22:42:47

I have finished my wine - as DD2 is currently waking twice most nights I had better go grab some sleeep while I can!

Happy pinning cats! - don't stay up too late!

BlackCatinchaos Sun 04-Nov-12 22:51:13

Night bessie, I'm sat here with a brew (still coughing). Really hope I can get some sleep tonight. DC back to school tomorrow.

BlackCatinchaos Mon 05-Nov-12 05:52:46

Morning all, --still half asleep here due to coughing all night--

To do:

Breakfast for all
get dressed all
sort everything for school/nursery
wash up ( a bit at a time )

I think my timer will come in handy today.

Also gonna keep alarm clock handy as I may need a nap later.

AdoraBell Mon 05-Nov-12 15:44:03

Cats hope your cough goes soon.

My Ta Das so far,

Up & dressed
Normal school day routine
Fed dogs
S&S'd bathrooms
Emptied DW and reloaded, flicked the switch
Emptied fridgeangry it's warmed up again and everything went off. OH bought a spare one, so I still had some yoghurts for breakfast.
Rubbish out
Made a marble cake, it's baking as I type.
House is full of flies angryangry - OH is a fresh air fiend who opens windows first thing in the morning. ALL of the windows, not just the ones with fly screens. I hate flies. I hate fly spray. I want to move out.

As soon as this cake is done I'm having a bubble bath.

bessie26 Tue 06-Nov-12 11:53:32

Well this is strange - I am at home (with the girls) on a Tuesday! The GPs weren't able to look after them today so I had to take a day off work. We have made some banana biscuits, but they are, quite frankly disappointing sad

It's been lovely & sunny here this morning, so I have had the windows (with flyscreens) wide open upstairs - I'm hoping to get something useful done today, but am not sure what yet!

AdoraBell Tue 06-Nov-12 17:35:44

Bessie hope you enjoy your unexpected day with DDs.

Not much happening here today, feel like I've been japped bloody hormones

Morning routine,
Let gardener in so couldn't shower until nearly midday
Fed dogs, they have to be chained up while the gardener is here
Made lunch
Brought in plant pots for sorting seedlings I've been given, got as far as putting pots in the sink for washing. Made a coffee, need to leave for school run soon.

Copius amounts of laundry have been done, need to hang towels and bring in dry clothes after school run.

Dogs got out last night and DD2 gave chase, almost as fast as the dogs, followed by DD1. After 20 mins DD1 came back with a puppy and went looking again. I then started looking for DDs as it was getting dak and there's no lighting where they were looking. Found DDs, then found dogs and went home. OH had been ringing for 30 mins to say he was on his way home. He arrived home just before us and panicked when he realised there was no-one home. By this time it was 9.15 and I had decided not to cook, so we had sandwiches and crisps. And showers as the dogs had been playing in a muddy ditch. Bloody dogs

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Tue 06-Nov-12 22:15:27

Hello all, --guess most of you are in bed now--

I have got nearly all the washing up done. It's great to have clear worktops! I just wish I could keep it up!!

I am still coughing. sad Haven't been sleeping that well so if I don't seem to make a lot of sense that is probably why.

bessie26 Tue 06-Nov-12 22:34:01

I can't get in my bed as I haven't made it yet! Am just doing my hair (one handed) ready for work tomorrow & hoping that DH comes upstairs before I've finished so he can do it!

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Tue 06-Nov-12 22:40:12

I might sleep on the sofa so I don't get disturbed --and so I don't wake everyone else if I am coughing tonight--

AdoraBell Wed 07-Nov-12 01:50:15

Hope you get a good night's sleep Cats

Bessie I hope you did your hair really slowly

We've had a decent dinner tonight, cold pork, salad and torillas. The dogs didn't escapegrin, because they were chained upsad because the bloody gardener came back in the evening. I'm still tired, but it's coller now, around 5 this arvo it was 32 degrees C. Packed lunches are done, just need to be bunged in the bags in the morning oops, I haven't put the ice blocks in the freezer! Must do that before I go to bed. Not sure if I need another tea or notconfused

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Wed 07-Nov-12 10:44:38

Hello all, I have been out and done some shopping after dropping the DC off to school and nursery.

Hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that my cough has nearly gone.

I did sleep better thanks Adora

Don't know if anyone is interested but I started a rather random thread --don't know why-- yesterday. Here, I you would like to join please do. smile
It all started after getting involved in another AIBU thread so the first post may seem a little odd! wink

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Wed 07-Nov-12 10:45:58

* If you would like to join* That should have been. blush

liveinazoo Wed 07-Nov-12 18:27:35

hi everyone!
ds contracted conjuntctiviis and has lovingly shared it with me and dd2sad
i have had too sore adn watery eyes t o MN<noooooooooo>
the last 2 days i have trailed back and forth the to the dr as each of us has gone down with it we have had to see gp rather than just acquire a prescriptionhmm
fingers x lil zoo doesnt sucuumb!
bessie have youjoined the 40 club yetgrin?
catsloving the xmas name<must start thinking bout that one!>
adora sunburn sounds nasty!

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Wed 07-Nov-12 20:02:24

<Waves to zoo>
Hope you are all o.k. I think I may try to have an early night. This cold virus has really taken it out of me lately so I feel drained.
Sorry I haven't been much good with the Flylady stuff this month so far.

bessie26 Wed 07-Nov-12 20:02:39

<passes around flame-proof suits before lighting candles>

AdoraBell Thu 08-Nov-12 00:52:08

Ouch Zoo, hope the conjunctivitis clears up soon and bypasses little Zoolet.

I was having a good day, despite 90 minutes in the dentist's chair, until I picked the DDs up from school. I shouldn't have. Should've left 'em there. I'm trying a different tack, indifference. They are tidying up, having gone straight to their computers when we got in, because we have another estate agent coming on the morning. It's 9.45pm and I don't care what time they go to bed. It's not me going to school tomorrowwink

The house is presentable, at present. After I've finished this beer (CBA opening a bottle of wine) I'm going throw together a couple of sarnies for tomorrow's packed lunch. Then go to bed.

See u all tomorrow.

Lovely candles Bessie

<leaves fresh coffee and fancy pastries for brekies>

AdoraJingleBells Thu 08-Nov-12 01:33:26

Just checking I've done my name change rightsmile

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Thu 08-Nov-12 04:58:26

Love the Christmas name Adora! smile

bessie Are they Birthday candles?

I went to bed early but am now up early. hmm Still, I got a good sleep so musn't grumble!

My kitchen is looking good at the mo! grin The washing up is under control YAY!!! I cleaned the front of my oven last night so now they look sparkly.

Wonder what zone we should be doing, will go have a look. --not that I will do zone work--

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Thu 08-Nov-12 05:12:30 That's lucky, We are in the kitchen this week!

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Thu 08-Nov-12 05:18:26
AdoraJingleBells Thu 08-Nov-12 14:32:10

Thanks Cats and I'm glad you got a decent night's sleep at last.

I'm just off to tackle a tuft of carpet that's somehow come untwisted and is sticking up looking unsightly. DW is finished. Estate agent has been and gone, I've had elevensies and the dogs are fed and watered. Need to make another dentist appointment.


AdoraJingleBells Thu 08-Nov-12 18:07:16

Estate agents been and gone, and came back again with a collegue. OH said something about selling in March next, made a comment about it's only three months. This is standard BS, btw, I just can't listen to it anymore. There's been confusion at the agents but there now seems to be someone getting on top of things.

Anyway, bathrooms are clean and I haven't bothered with lunch, getting peckish now. I need to do the school run soon-ish.

liveinazoo Fri 09-Nov-12 12:24:06

<looks round hopefully for birthday cake?>

congratulations cats-a tidy kitchen<passes chocolate medalgrin>

dp had wed and thur off so been too busy to get on here<we been looking in toyshops for inspiration for xmas plus doing the mundane chores i cant do with out a car!>

todays ta dahs<catching up on neglected chores>
cleaned bath and sink,washed floor
swept stairs
washed hall floor
deep cleaned front room<moving all furniture,washign floor and dusting as i went>
wiped kitchen surfaces
wiped all tile splashbacks
cleaned cupboard fronts
<seeing cats list adds cleaning oven front and hob to to dos!>
washd kitchen floor
spent an hour on book people site trying to narrow down all books i want buy for zoolets!

<as well as the usual organizing kids for school,school run etc>

ds had last hit of drops for his eyes this morning so im very gratefully not having to go to school at 12 to administer another lot<school wont do it>this week ive felt like im on elastic to the damn place!

loving the xmas name adora!

bessie26 Sat 10-Nov-12 03:09:47

<passes round cake>

We've been busy in the kitchen too - the girls wiped down the cupboard fronts, while I wiped the odd marks off the ceiling(!), cleaned the hob (I have decided I am going to get someone round to give the oven a proper clean soon), wiped the sticky dust off the extractor hood, and cleaned the worktops. Will have to ask DH how he is getting on with wiping out the insides of the cupboards in the morning.

DD2 has had a horrible cold & is teething, so has been up loads with her ears <yawn> DH has manflu & may not make it through the night in the same bed as me

liveinazoo Sat 10-Nov-12 08:59:05

morning all!

i had a dreadful night-ds vomited all down the stairs and bloke was working and wounldnt come and help

i went to pieces<as usual>

thank god for MN-i started a thread in Mh and got lots support and encouragement and for the 1st time ever,<rememeber my eldest will be 18 in jan> i cleared up sick!!!!!

am a nervous wreck and have beena wake all bloody night so zilch flyings guna be done today

ds has just had a rice cake and some water,fingers x he be ok and that whatever he had isnt catching!!!!

bessieyou are now officially a member of the old gimmers club!<passes biggest bar of g+b chocolate ever made>

hope to pop back in tomorrow and try and get a grip<i started an insomnias thread and will be in there later tonight,fretting>

i am now going to doze while the zoolets play!

have a good day every one¬!

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Sat 10-Nov-12 11:14:32

Hope everything is o.k. now zoo

Am I the only one on this thread who hasn't got to 40 yet ? <feels lonely>

I am a few months away from being 39 so won't be "in the gang" for another year.

my kitchen has descended into Chaos again sad. I was doing well this week till I had a CBA day yesterday.

I'm off to get a --much needed-- haircut later.
<Hopes to return feeling refreshed>

bessie26 Sat 10-Nov-12 15:02:45

Well done for cleaning up the vomit zoo <passes air freshener & chocolate>

DH & I are going out for a meal tonight, however, as I was up twice with the DC & he then kept me awake with his snoring I don't really feel like going out with him As if that wasn't bad enough he then didn't play golf as he "didn't feel well" & then not content with cluttering up the place & getting in our way, he has then spent the last 3 hours in bed asleep! If this man-flu doesn't kill him soon, I may have to!

Some good news however is that DD2 (1.5) does actually have some teeth coming through, so all the calpol & teething gel hasn't been in vain! At least 4 of her back teeth are starting to poke through now - one on each side/top/bottom - no wonder the poor thing has been so miserable for the last few weeks!

I have vacuumed downstairs. That is all.

liveinazoo Sat 10-Nov-12 15:35:39

poor littel bessie teeth are abloody pain coming through and when they have holes in!

ds has projectile vomited all over his bed/duvet/waist length hair/floor<weeps>

thank god dad turned up to collect the washing<i cant handle that yet in my WM> as i was washing banana sick from his hair ad helped support his weight as he very weak and tiredsad

i did the bedroom floor but i couldnt handle the bed-the duvet folds had bits i hadnt sprinlkled with sawdust and the smell got to me<dad did that>

he has now headed home to pop the washing on and pick up a fever strip as mine is nowhere to be found

i am considering ringing out of hours for a bit advise/reassurrance as he is complaining of a sore throat and has manage to drink around a pint water in sips through teh day but hasnt weed since first thing

it feels like he is permanantly ill at the moment-since 20th october has had a cold with wheezing that has kept us up at night,another cold and cough,conjunctivivtis and now this!our g.p asked us to keep a note of all illnesses over a 2 month period as he is struggling with school attendance du to illness at least i know seeing it in writing im not imagining he ill so often!

i may pop back in later
cats hope the haircut revitalises you!

bessie AND cats sod flying-i declare it a weekend off due to illness,lack of sleep and generally cant be arsedness!

AdoraJingleBells Sat 10-Nov-12 19:10:43

Cats I'm 44 hurtling towards 45, you may well be the only youngster among us, tee hee.

Zoo I hope DS gets over whatever it is quickly, and well done dad for taking the laundry, mine would have run a mile.

Bessie I hope you have a nice evening out, if you can stay awake. My OH has spent a couple of hours in bed this arvo but that was work related stress rather than manflu. Teddy bear (one of the dogs) has gone off to the vet for observation. He's not eating and generally a bit run down. Quite possible he drank some of the dirty water they played in a few days ago, we'll see what the vet says in a day or two. We're stuck in waiting for a bloke to come and put a For Sale sign up, and OH is getting cabin fever.

Not a lot of flying happening here either, bit of laundry and DW has been emptie, refilled and switched on.

bessie26 Sun 11-Nov-12 08:01:05

I would phone the OOH dr for reassurance about the lack of wee zoo - prob fine, but that's something I am paranoid about!

I have a hangover headache. It is cold & sunny here, so plan to go for a walk round the park after breakfast.

liveinazoo Sun 11-Nov-12 11:25:33

ds went grey and hadnt wee since first thing.i rang OOH at 5.30 as wouldnt drink either.was 7 before they rang back and said bring him in for 7.20
dp took him<he drives and the girls were in bed>but his mobile was on charge.i rang OOh at 9.30 and he still wait to be seen!shock
they returned at 12.30-having sat in obs for 2 hour the nurses threatening a drip if wouldnt drink til he drank 2 cups water and had a wee then let him come home with the advice water to drink,dry food if not sick for 3hours.if sick again wait 3hour then try food again

he slept til 6-me watching over him like a hawk.rasp for a drink,had a sip and fell akip again.
at 9woke and cajoled him to eat acracker,fell akip again,still akip
he not even being disturbed by the girls squawks and shriels as theyplay!<would normally get up and come grumbling they woke him up..he wakes if i shake him enough,but that not ideal so i settling for watching him breathe!

im so tired i dont know if im being a hysterical loon anymoresad

dp went after got home last night-he doing a sleep over again today,dropping past briefly at 1 to return washed bags/coats<he then goes in to the sleep room at work at 10 and returns to teh office at 8am til 3>
doing the fri night then return sun happens to all main staff 1x a month and is known as "the shite weekend!"grin

its sunny here bessie but ive got curtains pulled on seems unfair when we stuck in to be so beautiful out i look like the undead and daylight will make my eyes hurt!!!!!

if a get a chance i will pop in later,if not i shall return tomorrow and expect a pointy stick aimed at my arse...the place is degenerating!!!

AdoraJingleBells Sun 11-Nov-12 13:21:29

Zoo I hope DS, and you, feel better soon. Don't worry about the place degenerating, it can be dealt with later, can't it? For now just concentrate on the DCs and remember to keep yourself hydrated.

<leaves chocolate cake 'specially for Zoo, and cookies for everyone elsegrin>

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Sun 11-Nov-12 14:33:06

Oh zoo You sound like you've had a tough few days! <Makes a brew or wine for all.>

Things are not too bad here although the living room descends into chaos over the weekend.
We have got all our food shopping done for now so I just need to decide "what's for dinner" today.
Have got 2 lots of washing done which is slight progress! I have anxiety about the washing machine cause we once had one that made a large bang and died on us.
My anxiety is slightly increased as DD keeps going up and downstairs a lot now. There is no stopping her.shock

<Decides to take a brew break before sorting dinner>

AdoraJingleBells Mon 12-Nov-12 01:53:12

Not a lot done here today, bit of laundry, dogs fed and watered, nipped out en masse for shopping and ate out too, family fed and watered early evening. Spent way too long on MN and now need to cook packed lunches for tomorrow - at 10.45 -doh!

Also need tea, then I'm going to collapse into bed.

Cats do you have stair gates? I used to have one on the kitchen door too to keep DDs out while I cooked/in with me.

liveinazoo Mon 12-Nov-12 07:24:50

he girls both keeled over too-i am now a woman on the edgesad

it all kicked off around 11 and went on til nearly 3...
i stayed up alnight i was so anxious sleep wasnt going to happen

you dont think about times like this when you decide to have kids<i.e how you will cope when there are 2 or more ill and you have just pair of hands>

flying has now flown out of the window for todaysad

might pop in later to see what you are all up to escape my private hell for a bit

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Mon 12-Nov-12 09:48:34

Oh zoo I don't know what to say. sad
I suppose it gets it out the way though if they all not well at once --tries to look at the positive side-- <sending you all get well vibes>

Adora we used to have a stairgate at the bottom of the stairs but we --sold it to make some money-- thought she was getting old enough to have a bit of freedom. --DD is now taking the mickey though--
We still have one on her bedroom door though so she is safe at night. Her bedroom is on a separate stairway to our bedrooms so she can get upstairs in the daytime and we leave the gate open in the daytime.
She is nearly 4 now though. I guess there comes a stage where you just have to loosen the reigns a bit.
DS was 3 when he fell down the stairs and got concussion. I guess I will always worry about stairs.

Anyway I am feeling o.k. today (FX) so I might manage to get some tidying etc done.
<Enjoys the peace now everyone is back to school/work> wink

AdoraJingleBells Mon 12-Nov-12 11:49:56

Zoo hope things are calming down now, how are Zoolets doing today?

Cats' one of mine got a mild concussion with the stair gate, so I know it's not some kind of miricale invention. And yes, at nearly 4 we need to stop treating them like babies and grow an extra pair of hands and eyes to cope with them but they'll certainly keep you on your toes at that age.

Well, DDs are packed off to school
Dogs fed
My sheets in WM
I'm having breakfast now

<tops up chocolate cake supply and leaves a fresh pot of brew>

liveinazoo Mon 12-Nov-12 13:05:06

<crawls into the corner and hides>

im a jibbering wreck,so sleep deprived i cant sleepconfused

nerves shattered

hope this night mare is over very soon

place descedted into a total craphole

im past caringsad

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Mon 12-Nov-12 13:20:37

Don't worry about the house, You and the kids are the most important.

PM me if you like.

<passes nice cosy blanket>

AdoraJingleBells Mon 12-Nov-12 15:56:16


You will care again once you've had some sleep. You will sleep again once the Zoolets are over their virus. Zoolets will get over their virus. In the meantime, try to have a cup of tea and think calming thoughts. Do you have any specific things you revert to when stressed? If so, use that. Mine is to visualise myself in a certain place. Do you have a window with a nice view, or garden, you could look at for a few minutes? Do you do breathing excersises? That also helps me, breath in deeply and slowly through the nose and then out even slower through the mouth. If you like essential oils then a drop or two lavender, sage or Neroli on a tissue, or in a bath, works wonders for calming the mind.

Be kind to yourself.

I need to remove embroidery (name tags) and someone has nicked my stitch picker. So I'm using a steak knife. Can't help thinking it looks ridiculousgrin

AdoraJingleBells Tue 13-Nov-12 16:30:58

Me again, <waves>

After my morning routine I whizzed around cleaning because the estate agent should have been here at midday. Note, should have.

Vacuumed everywhere
Cleaned bathrooms
Cleared and cleaned kitchen
DW on
WM on
Made all the beds
Put pile of ironing out of site
Tidied up recycling, so it doesn't look like a pile of bottles and cartons.

I'm going to have lunch now, then I'm going out for a bit before the school run

How's everyone else doing? Zoo are the Zoolets any better today?

liveinazoo Tue 13-Nov-12 17:41:45

hi guys!

zoolets are still just laying there sleeping.crackers x1 yesterday.i gave some more this am.they have just asked for somemore<we are out now so gave some breadsticks>they have had aching legs with it too

ds hasnt been sick since sat pm,the girls since 3am monday

dp text last night he has aching limbs and can barely move with exhaustion and feels sicksad
he doesnt live in though so i worry bout him from a distance!

ive manage dto kip for a couple hours in the night and again during today

still very anxious and cant eat though

flying still not happening

i will need hauling back onto the wagon and some major dust busting when this is finally over!

thanks for the blanket cats<wonders whats happened to your ta dahs<cracks whip>>grin

AdoraJingleBells Tue 13-Nov-12 17:56:26

Zoo DP has quite likely picked up the virus, but he's a big boy who can look after himself, so try not to worry. If it's that norovirus I've been reading about then everything seems to be following the right course, IYSWIM. My DDs had it last year. It will pass but takes a while to shake off.

I'm dashing out on school run now, will check back later. Try to keep yourself hydrated and rest, do you have any fav or relaxing music?

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Wed 14-Nov-12 07:29:42

Feeling tired and sleep deprived this morning. DD woke me at 5.30am.

House is constantly going from Tidyish to chaos on a daily basis. DD is old enough now to keep going upstairs getting more and more toys down so I have to try to get some back upstairs without her kicking off.
Still have lots of decluttering to do.

zoo hope everyone is getting better now.

Adora Sounds like your doing well at cleaning. I remember cleaning for viewings as we only moved house a couple of years ago.

Might pop back in later.

AdoraJingleBells Thu 15-Nov-12 01:53:42

Thanks Cats, haven't done so well today though. I was feeling stressed this morning so I had a bubble bath, but my peace was shattered. We live close to a military firing range and they started up just a few minutes after I stepped into my bath. Heavy artillery is not the most relaxing background noise, especially when it makes the house shake, so I gave up and went out.

Just a few Ta Dah's

Morning routine
DW emptied
WM on
E-mailed friend
Attempted to relax, gave up
Ran some errands
Met OH for lunch
School run, then had to buy chicken for the dog
Back home, cooked chicken, cleared garden and watered plants and trees
Brought dry washing in
Cooked rice for the dog
Sent OH out to feed dogs
Cleared kitchen
Chilled and 'fridged dog's chicken and rice for tomorrow
Corralled DDs into bed
Made tea
Cleared DD's lunch bags for the morning
E-mailed teacher
Collapsed on the sofa.

I was tired before I started on that lot because of tremors over night. I'm hoping for lot's of deep sleep tonight.

Zoo how are you and Zoolets doing?

<leaves fresh, strong, coffee I'm going to need it and pastries for brekkies>

bessie26 Thu 15-Nov-12 08:21:21

Morning campers!

Sounds like have had an awful time of it zoo, hope everyone is on the mend now.

I went into work on Monday, so I have today off to make up for it, which is really handy as we are away for a couple of days so I can spend today packing while the DC are at childcare!

What i REALLY want to do, is make the cupboard to go in the dining room, but i don't think i have any time for flat-pack fun today sad Instead, i think i need for a list to keep me focussed!
- get DH & DDs out of the house
- eat breakfast - facon & egg toasted sandwich currently being rammed in mouth
- go back to bed for more sleep
- wash & dry DC clothes - in WM
- wash & dry our clothes - in basket
- wash & dry bath towels - unlikely to happen tbh
- find, check, update & print holiday packing lists.
- find suitcases
- pack
- do quick/easy meal plan for while we are away
- book Tesco's delivery for when we get back
- have a shower, wash hair & get ready to go out this evening

AdoraJingleBells Thu 15-Nov-12 12:49:19

Hello Bessie

Looks like a do-able list, especially the third itemwink. I'm envy of you facon and egg sandwich. All I had was toast and copious amounts of coffeesad

Anyway, my morning routine is done and dusted, had a shower, WM on, need to do a bit of general organising before heading out to the dentist - again. Had an e-mail from the school librarian, DD2 has (allegedly) not returned a book. In the past she has returned books and it doesn't get logged, so I've had to replace the book she returned. Now they are saying she may not be able to attend that school next yearangry, so I'm going back to what I did last year. I bought all the reading books they needed for tests.

bessie26 Thu 15-Nov-12 16:17:22

angryat the librarian adora - buying all the school books sounds costly & cluttery sad Have you had any viewings yet?

I have done quite well sticking to my list & any distractions have been of the tidying/decluttering kind, so all good.

- get DH & DDs out of the house
- eat breakfast
- go back to bed for more sleep
- wash & dry DC clothes
- wash & dry our clothes
- wash & dry bath towels - in progress
- find, check, update & print holiday packing lists
- find suitcases
- vacuum downstairs
- eat lunch
- drink 3 mugs of chocolate horlicks
- pack - about 80% there
- do quick/easy meal plan for while we are away - in progress
- do quick/easy meal plan for when we get back - in progress
- book Tesco's delivery for when we get back
- have a shower, wash hair & get ready to go out this evening

AdoraJingleBells Fri 16-Nov-12 02:22:52

Bessie hope you had a nice evening out.

Ta Dah's for the day

Watered plants
dog's fed

Dashed outside to close gate after friend sent a text saying there was a puma roaming round our way. The went upstairs to see if I could catch a glimpse, no luck tho.

Dentist didn't happen, she cancelled
Cleaned hob
DW emptied & reloaded
WM on twice, clean stuff hung out
Spoke to estate agent
School run
Got petrol
Back home
DDs went in the pool while I watered other plants
Dog (Teddy Bear) wanted a cuddle so snuggled up to me
Cooked tomorrow's packed lunch, DD1 made guacamole to go with it
Cleared away
Loaded DW
Sent OH out to feed dogs
DW on
Chilled food put away in fridge, DD1's on top - must remember that for the morning so I pack them properlyconfused
Tea, TV on for a few mins.

Cantbelieveitshappenedagain Fri 16-Nov-12 10:05:22

Hi guys, my house is a sh*t tip right now. Really need to kick myself up the backside!

I think some timer work may be called for.

Adora shock about puma !!

Cantbelieveitshappenedagain Fri 16-Nov-12 11:32:39

I have managed 15 minutes in the living room. I then gave up and sat on my bum for a while.
Keep bursting into tears. Have spoke to mum on the phone. Don't want to put a downer on this thread (see bereavement).

I think I'm gonna go out and have another go at housework later.

Cantbelieveitshappenedagain Fri 16-Nov-12 11:34:14

on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions right now! Sorry if I am rambling.

Cantbelieveitshappenedagain Fri 16-Nov-12 11:38:48

zoo how are you all now?

AdoraJingleBells Fri 16-Nov-12 13:33:26

Cats don't worry about rambling, the roller-coaster feeling is normal.

well done on doing 15 minutes, but don't beat yourself up about the housework.

apparently the puma is still roaming around, was on our street earlier. Whilst I am thinking OMG it's a PUMA I would love to catch a glimpse of it.

my morning routine is complete
sink is shiny
bathroom also shiny
DW emptied and on again
WM on

I'm popping out soon, so I'll check back later

liveinazoo Fri 16-Nov-12 18:45:57

well done cats for making a start

my place is a major bearpit-ive just completely lost control of routines and MH so hoping tomorrows another day and time for a pointy stick up my own bum!maybe

dds are bickering and yelling at one another-they are definataely on the mend
ds is improving but not as fast as them<een thoguh he was ill 2 days beforesad>

i have spoken to gp today and it has been decided we neednt wait for another 3-4 weeks ,as he has spent just 4 days in 4 weeks 100% ok he is being referred to hospital to see a peadiatrician,and possibly have investigations donesad

school has been on he phone moaning again about his attendance and can bugger right off

A PUMA!shock

i got very excited when saw a fox in a local bin when i was a teengrin
<waves to bessie>

AdoraJingleBells Fri 16-Nov-12 20:42:30

Ah, Zoo don't you just lurve the sound of siblings bickering after they've been ill?

Yes, we have a real live, giant puddy tat style, puma in the 'hood. Still haven't seen it though.

Not a lot of flying done here today, spent the day mooching and lunching with OH as he's on business again at the weekend.

bessie26 Sat 17-Nov-12 09:12:39

shock at the puma! There was a report recently of a lion being seen in a field, but it turned out to be a cat!

I have seen a fox in my garden - 2pm on a Saturday afternoon!

About 10mins away from our holiday destination, DD1 was sick all over herself & the car seat. She was sick 3 more times last night & again this morning <sigh> She is absolutely fine in herself & made it quite clear she was hungry so we have been feeding her dry Cheerios one by one so slowly as we can!

So our plans for family swimming & trips out have been shelved sad This morning DD1 & i are going on an adventure to find a launderette. DH has been sent out to buy something bland for lunch.

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Sat 17-Nov-12 20:15:24

bessie Hope DD1 is feeling better now. Have a good holiday.

Had a better day today. This morning was spent with my family (mum and brothers) and this afternoon I took DS out shopping for DD's birthday presents.
I think it took his mind off things for a while. He is finding it all a bit hard so I think I will need to get school to keep an eye on him.
Everything was in our local newspaper for a couple of days which made it a bit harder although it kind of made it real! sad
For anyone who has been through grieving before you will know that you get a feeling of disbelief when it first happens. I think I was in shock for a couple of days.

Trying to look to the future for now as it will be DD's birthday soon. smile

bessie26 Sun 18-Nov-12 21:33:38

Hope you & your family are ok cats - I've not had a close family member die (my GPs are still alive!!) so have no real idea of what you are going through, but do try to look after yourselves - it's very easy to not eat/sleep & drink too much in these circumstances xx

Are you doing much for DDs birthday?

adora is the puma still at large?

zoo when is DS being seen? I guess it's not surprising that he's taking longer to recover given how poorly he was a few weeks ago, but good that the Dr is taking it seriously & getting him referred.

DD2 (not DD1, that was a typo) is fine in herself, but was sick again at tea-time today sad - strange & lucky that it happened back at our holiday apartment & not in the crowded pub we went to for lunch where she ate loads! She was obviously in denial about still being poorly as she was demanding pudding straight away(!) & so will be on enforced reduced rations for the next couple of days. If she's sick again tomorrow, she can't go to nursery on weds (48hr rule), which means DH or I have to take a day off work & we are starting to run out of holiday!

AdoraJingleBells Mon 19-Nov-12 02:15:21


Yes, it is very much disbelief in the first few days, be patient with yourself and don't expect to feel normal in a matter of days. When my father died it was surreal, almost like it was someone else's parent who had passed away.

Bessie I hope DD2 gets better quickly

Not much flying here today.

Up too bleedin' early to take OH to the airport
Back home
Fed dogs
Put shopping away
WM on
Drinks, then cooked lunch
Roped DDs in to help empty DW and put shopping away
Watered garden while DDs swam
Dogs again
DDs are now in bed, almost everything is done. Need to empty DW and reload, we had fish for dinner and I don't want to wake up to those plates. Packed lunches are halfway done, just need to add tuna and chop some salad in the morning.

Puma is apparently still on the prowl and I still haven't seen it.

liveinazoo Mon 19-Nov-12 08:11:20

hi everyone

still not right heresad
zoolets have only just woken!!!!!<yes,the 5.30 crew.seems so long sgo they woke at that hour,but id rather that than this>

going to have the school on my case todaysad

bessie hope dd better soon-at leat shes livelyconfused

my eldest<17>is visiting after school oday ad dp cant stand see me when im distressedhmm and bringing me a pair of trousers as ive lost so much weight mine fall off

i WILL have to start fly again this week as we have returned to utter chaossadi will pop by in the meantime to chack on you lot<cracks whipgrin>

AdoraJingleBells Mon 19-Nov-12 11:45:45

Zoo that virus -if it's the norovirus- takes a while to shake off. My DDs where off school 2 weeks with it. Left them feeling very weak. I know that doesn't help you, but if you know it'll take time to recover you don't keep wondering how much longer iyswim.

Today I'm out running errands. 2 down, loads to go
Dogs have been fed, DDs deposited at school with packed lunch. WM is on and will be emptied when I get back. I'll pop back here later, TTFN

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Tue 20-Nov-12 06:59:34

Hi all, Think my head is still in a bit of a muddle. DD had a good birthday. smile
I can't sleep for long, think I'm getting around 5 hours a night lately.

I need to write out a list although I'm gonna do it with pen and paper.

Mums in a bit of a muddle too as we don't know what her rights are. I don't know how the law works if you are a partner to someone and then they die.
(They weren't married but had lived together for about 17 years)

I might see if I can find anything out for her. Not quite sure where to look but thought I would try the library or C A B.
I also know someone who works with familys so not sure if she could help.

Zoo sad you'r all still not better.

AdoraJingleBells Tue 20-Nov-12 17:58:05


Yes, ask the friend who works with families, she can probably point you in teh right direction. C A B should also be able to help too.

Zoo how are things today?

I've been running around again today, but I took some time out for lunch with a friend, she treated megrin

So, Ta Dah's

Up and dressed
Roused DDs
Made breakfast for them and coffee for me
WM on
Harassed DDs to get a move on
Chained dogs
Fed and watered dogs
Pestered DDs to get in the car
Set the alarm, triggered the alarm opening door again for DD2 to look for something vital. She couldn't find it.
Set alarm, again
Drove out and shut gate
Came back in to release dogs
School run
Refuelled car
Dashed back for gardener, he was late so decided to come back this arvo as I needed to leave for the dentist.
Emptied DW and cleared breakfast things
Hung clean washing
Thought about coming back to sort washing machine, then out again to meet friend- had a mooch around the shops instead.
Lovely lunch with lovely friend
Back home
Hung more clean washing & did hand washing
WM on, 3rd wash
Made a coffee and collapsed on the sofa,

Still to do

School run
Time with DDs
Prep for tomorrow
Feed dogs

liveinazoo Wed 21-Nov-12 08:42:11

catsi think its 10years together gives you entitlement--but dont quote me on it--
how long they were together im assuming she will be ok legally

sorry you are still in a tizzle,time will straighten you outsmile

little improvements daily,they still sleeping inshockin near 9years ive never had them wake after 8 before-they are w aking around 7.30 now although im still waking at 5 expecting them up t5.30hmmdamn body clock!

has scoutgone to the US for halloween/thanksgiving?i havent notised her around for ages?

bessie26 Thu 22-Nov-12 08:00:07

cats hope your mum gets things sorted ok. Have you all got wills? It really does make things easier.

DD2 is all better, so it's been work/nursery/pre-school as usual this week. I'm out tonight for a birthday meal with friends - it's just a shame I've been up since 5am with DD2!

Had better get ready for work now, hope your sinks were at least empty, if not shining this morning!

AdoraJingleBells Thu 22-Nov-12 18:10:18

My sink had lastnight's rice pan soaking this morningblush - sorry Miss. I won't do it again, honest.

I did clean my fridge shelvesgrin a pack of frozen raspberries had defrosted and had a teensy tiny hole. Just big enough for all the juice to seep out overnight and run over everything. Dogs were happy with the borderline chicken.

Other than that

WM on, emptied & towels hung out
DW emptied and reset
Loose meal plan done
Errands list for tomorrow organised

I'm need of the weekend, doing the school run while OH is away adds a lot to my morning routine, surprisingly.

Cats how are you doing, did you find any info regarding your mum's legal position?

Zoo any improvement over yesterday?

Bessei I hope you enjoy your evening out. I don't wish to make you jealous or anything, but I have a 12yr old's party to attend tomorrow afternoon, because my life is such social whirl you see.

liveinazoo Fri 23-Nov-12 09:49:10

grin at teh birthday party adora-i never get invited <billy no mates>

i am crawking through the dust/cobwebs/detritis back to the wagon and am attempting to haul my sorry bum back into flying!

i started with the sink<shudders at the memory>and teh worksurface nearest to it<dusty and cat hair coveredblush>

20minutes tidying filled 3 carrier bags-2 of recycling

i now need a rest!<out of practise>

aiming to do similar with front room later or tomorrow if gumption fails me

dcs are finally hungry!yay

still sleeping a lot though-ive never had them consistantly sleep past 6 let alone 7 or 8 since they were bornso its been odd not having to get up,although stupid body clock still wakes mehmm

i have a mountain washing ive been neglecting as i dont like to use the airers when there is sickness in the house<doesnt seem clean somehow to me>so i shall have to drag teh TD out from the back of cupboard under the stairs <try to avoid using due to cost>or i will still be playing catch up come xmas!

hope everyones ok

bessieive started a thread asking for ideas for veggie xmas<no quorn>
any suggestions most appreciatedsmile

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 23-Nov-12 10:02:45

Hi all, Seeing mum today. Funeral is next week.
Adora mum owns the house but as for any other issues (money, belongings) I'm still not quite sure where she stands. She might have found some things out as she has been fairly busy around town etc.

I'm still feeling mixed about "step dad" dying. it was such a shock (heart attack).
I know I didn't always get on with him but it's still a lot to get my head round. My Grandad only died in September so maybe having 2 deaths in such a small space of time is too much to get your head round! sad confused

I am also trying to be a support to mum and my DS as he is upset about it all. He saw him as a grandad you see. My DD is too young to understand whats going on.

Just trying my best to plod on with the "everyday must do" jobs.

AdoraJingleBells Fri 23-Nov-12 12:14:57

Cats I'm sure it is rough, two deaths so close together. Not sure what o suggest about DS, but try to encourage him to express what he's feeling, either through talking or writing stories, it will help him to process it.

Zoo, yep that virus leaves them exhausted, and us after looking after them. The worst point for me was when OH came into the room as I had just cleaned up, again, and asked me "what's for lunch" angry we now have an agreement he's probably forgotten it that if I am looking after a sick child he just get's on with making lunch and he doesn't ask me about it at all.

Good luck with your washing. I'm heading out to do errands again today so there won't be a whole lot of flying here either. Morning routine is done and dusted, I need brekkies now.


BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 23-Nov-12 19:24:53

I have come here to escape for a bit. DS is upset, DH and DS were getting into a disagreement about the xbox --bloody thing-- wish xboxes weren't invented!!!
I should really be going out to do some shopping but I think I will get DD to bed first and hope DH and DS calm down a bit. hmm At least their is no school run tomorrow! grin

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 23-Nov-12 19:32:06

Sod the shopping!!!! I'm gonna have a toy clearing session (back to upstairs!!)
Sick of it all laying around !!! (GRR!!!)

AdoraJingleBells Sat 24-Nov-12 02:33:42

Cats sorry you're having to listen to DS and DH disagreeing, hope they sort it out soon.

I've spent the day running hither and thither and didn't have time to get school socks, this time of year I can only get them in the uniform shop.

Cleared away breakfast things
Put DW on
Maintenance wash done
Headless chicken impersonation in town
School run
Took DDs and a classmate to the party. Party was great, there was a bouncy castle and footballgrin but the pool was out of boundssad, lovely cake though.

Returned home with exhausted and over exited DDs
Secured dogs
Sent DDs to bed
Fed dogs
Brought shopping in
Freed dogs
Cuddled DDs
Poured some vinogrin and flicked the TV on

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Sat 24-Nov-12 22:42:33

Things went a bit better today and I got the shopping done smile.
Not gonna be much housework done here over the next couple of days apart from a bit of washing and kitchen stuff. too much else going on.
Hoping we may start to get a bit of "normal" life return after Monday.

Hope everyone is o.k.

AdoraJingleBells Mon 26-Nov-12 02:40:31

Glad you got the shopping done Cats

I hope tomorrow goes as well as it can.

Yesterday I did all the laundry, DDs can't complain that their uniform isn't ready because I pointedly spent the whole day doing laundrywink DD1 told me on Friday, I think - you do nothing all day, so I'm nagging her incessantly to put it in the wardrobe. She's beginning to see what her mistake wasgrin

So today, DDs woke me up with breakfast in bed so that we could go out early enough for breakfast in DD1's fav coffees shop before Christmas shopping. They have now completed their shopping apart from my gift, they are going to drag OH out for that when he returns.

When we got back I put shopping away
Watered the garden
Made dinner
Cleared up
Banished DDs upstairs to bed as it's a school night
Emptied DW
Made sandwiches for tomorrow
Made tea and collapsed in from of TV
Sent a few e-mails

Just finishing my tea and then heading to bed.

Hope everyone is okay

<leaves fresh coffee and tea for brekkies, and banana loaf>

liveinazoo Mon 26-Nov-12 10:52:31

<snaffles a wedge banana loaf --and offers some to ds-->
he has peadatric appointment for 7th dec and,despite school not being impressed,he i sat home
i had to buy new trousers with drawstrings all his feel down-he has to go shopping in little zoos leggings!
he was exhausted walking round three shops and came home and lay downsad
he was tired after dropping the girls back at school today<we decided that meant it was chocolate oclock and stuck into some celebrations>grin
i have done breakfast and packed lunches for girls
quick clear up in front room
fed cats
i will be googling some things for him to do while school tries to sort some work from home stuff

scout is limping at the moment-i havent any money til tomorrow and its too farwithout transport to get him to a vet so having to keep an eye on him.he quiet and sleeping a lot but still eats when i put down some wet food<ignoring the kibble>

fingers crossed for him please!sad

AdoraJingleBells Mon 26-Nov-12 13:46:46

I'm tired today, have A Stinking Cold. It was masked by hay fever but there's no denying the sore throat and aching limbs. Can I have permission to crawl back to bed?, pleeeeeeease.

Morning routine done
Back home after school run
Zero energy so I still haven't cleared away the breakfast things
Had my breakfast
Trying to work out if I have the energy to shower, whilst sipping tea.

Zoo glad DS's appt. has come through, not too long to wait too.

bessie26 Wed 28-Nov-12 06:23:11

I have a horrible cold too adora. DD1 has an ear infection & DD2 must be coming down with something as she has been up every hour or two throughout the night <yawn>

Hope you are ok cats& glad DS hasn't got long to wait for his apt zoo

I finally got round to putting the double bed in DD2s room on the for-sale board at work yesterday, need to get more stuff on there soon. We finally made the ikea cupboard at the weekend & I have filled it with stuff! Just need to get rid of the old cupboard now & I can start trying to clear the room ready for Xmas!!

I left work 20min early yesterday because a carpenter was supposed to be coming round (I want some shelves put in my built in wardrobe), but he cancelled, so I cleaned the bathroom instead!

AdoraJingleBells Wed 28-Nov-12 13:45:28

Bessie I hope all of you feel better very soon. I haven't been sleeping much but can't blame it on DDs, they've been sleeping like babies envy, it's all down to this cold. I am on the mend at last I think I had a fever last time I posted.

Ta Dah's hardly worth mentioning

Morning routine
Back home
My breakfast
Fed dogs
Sorted laundry
DW on, 2 more loads waiting
Cleared away breakfast things and put DW on, wasn't enough last night to run it.
Made another coffee
Came to a grinding halt.

I really need to clean the sofa, white leather - not my idea- and DDs have had grubby feet on it. OH has fancy leather wipes for his baby the car, I'll use those.

Cats how are things going now, how is your mum?

Zoo any more progress with Zoolets?

BlackCatinadarkcloud Thu 29-Nov-12 06:20:21

I'm not great at the mo. sad seen HV and she phoned GP cause I was down etc, so I had to see him and he has referred me to counselling. I feel a bit lost for words really. I will try to lurk on and off on this thread just to keep up with what you all doing.

BlackCatinadarkcloud Thu 29-Nov-12 06:21:59

Gonna get a coffee and a shower in a bit to see if that will help. Had so much bad luck this year! sad

AdoraJingleBells Thu 29-Nov-12 15:34:55

Aw Cats I'm sorry you're feeling so low, but it's great that you are getting some help. Counselling doesn't mean you've done something wrong, don't be embarrassed about it, or worried. It really can help, good luck with it.

I'm still trying to shake off this cold, can't breath well even with euculiptus oil stuffed up me nose on a tissue. So, after returning from school run and feeding the dogs I've managed to have breakfast and spend far too long MNinggrin. I just folded clean towels but I'm not looking forward to walking up the stairs with them. It's pathetic really, now I'm sneezing, again. Recycling has built up, and up, through the week, must get rid of it. I need to go out later, buy yet another book for school.

Cats are you getting ready for Xmas, how's that going?

<leaves fresh choc chip cookies, just in case Zoo is lurking wink>

Scout19075 Fri 30-Nov-12 12:21:01

<<Peaks around the corner>>

Can I come back?

AdoraJingleBells Fri 30-Nov-12 12:34:51

Hi Scout how are you doing?

Scout19075 Fri 30-Nov-12 12:42:56



I'm okay, Adora, still a bit jet lagged mostly because SmallBoy is still struggling so I'm up (or down) with him.

Toddler became SmallBoyScout (or SmallBoy or SB) when he turned three. He's not small, either, at 39+ inches at three but he's still little/my baby.

MrScout went to the US for work, came home for a few days then went off with us for our 2 1/2 week trip. We've been home two days and he's off to the US for work again (different part of the country than the previous work trip and our vacation) on Sunday for another week. I'm hoping to start flying properly again while he's away.

AdoraJingleBells Fri 30-Nov-12 14:10:58

Well happy belated birthday to Small Boy Scout

I hope your vacation was great. My OH is travelling much more for work now too, back tomorrow. I'm just getting a few things done today, WM is on maintenance wash and I've just wiped the leather sofa, looks white again. I only did it this time as DD2 put extremley grubby feet on it and wriggled around to grind the dirt in properly usually the sofa is OH's to clean. I spent 5 years trying to put him off white sofas. Later I plan to make the Christmas pudding(s)

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 30-Nov-12 15:52:08

Welcome back Scout,

I am quite tired but I need to try and start "getting back to normal" It's gonna take a while but you have to start somewhere and I guess tomorrow being the first of the month is a good time to start.

We are thinking about clearing out the Christmas tree corner and putting that up this weekend.

DD is still full of beans and up to mischief. hmm She is into climbing onto the top of the armchair at the mo shock. DH has just distracted her by putting her programmes on telly wink

AdoraJingleBells Fri 30-Nov-12 19:11:02

Christmas tree sounds like a good plan for the weekend Cats
We might get ours out too. I've been and had the car cleaned, OH is a tad obsessed with shiny cars and he knows I don't "do" cars. Picked up a load of cleaning products and bits for Xmas on offer to better use if the 60 odd KM round trip. I shouldn't need to go next week now. Currently waiting for DCs to come out of school.

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Fri 30-Nov-12 19:23:07

I think it's getting near wine o ' clock --I already having one-- Must put the DC up to bed!!

Scout19075 Fri 30-Nov-12 19:34:27

For the second night in a row SmallBoy fell asleep on my lap during his bedtime stories. Awwww.

I will really start flying properly on Monday but for the weekend we're going to do a bit of shopping, I'll do the groceries for the week (so I don't have to do a full shop on my own with SB while MrScout is away) and work on unpacking what we brought home with us (the rest is at the inlaws and will be collected on the way home from dropping MrScout off at Heathrow).

AdoraJingleBells Sat 01-Dec-12 15:33:22

I didn't get the Xmas puddings done, no string, if I remember to buy some today I'll make them tomorrow.

Not a lot needs to be done today, bit of general tidying and making banana cake. DDs are about to plant their peach stones, once I get off MN blush, and another coffee is in order, methinks

AdoraJingleBells Sun 02-Dec-12 20:18:13

Been out, DDs have finished their xmas shopping, OH got a new pair of casual shoes. he also emptied the DW and brought me coffee in bed. WM is on it's third go and DDs are now glued to TV. we still plan to put the xmas tree up, and I bought string so I could do the xmas puddings, but it's not looking likely. didn't even get the banana cake done yesterday. I'm going get started on that, and some chic chip cookies, then sort dinner, then sarnies for school tomorrow. 1 more load for the WM and then I shall sit down with a glass of wine and some of the cookies.

bessie26 Sun 02-Dec-12 23:09:01

<waves at scout>

I sold the double bed cluttering up our spare room today, got DH to return a few baby toys we were loaned (bumbo etc), have a local charity coming round tomorrow to pick up some gates (they can apparently get money for scrap metal), the council are coming round on weds to pick up the mattress & an old wardrobe from the garage on weds & I have sorted out a load of baby toys to sell<sniff> either via the for sale board at work, or through a local 2nd hand shop.

Operation "make the dining room usable by xmas" is in full swing! grin

We're having a slow start to xmas. I got the xmas-themed books out today & had "smooth xmas" on the radio for most of the morning. Off to an xmas market tomorrow afternoon, but the tree won't go up until next weekend.

What are you all doing for xmas? we have family coming here, so I am experimenting with recipes atm!

BlackCatinChristmasChaos Mon 03-Dec-12 06:14:21

Well done bessie on your decluttering!

I think we are at home for Christmas. We have the tree up and decorated. smile
My plans for today are: get DC up and ready for school, find vouchers and go food shopping then if I feel up to it some decluttering and washing.
Still taking things slow here but trying my best to stay on top of it all.

AdoraJingleBells Mon 03-Dec-12 13:39:14

Sounds like you've done really well Bessie

Our tree went up yesterday, DDs decorated it but still need OH to put the angel on the top branch. They are aghast at us wanting to get rid of the spare tree, but it's gotta go, along with a lot of other things.

This morning I'm trying to find some energy doing a general tidy up to keep the place looking passable. DW needs emptying, kitchen needs a quick wipe round and DDs laundry needs putting in the linen baskets, they did make their beds, after a fashion, before leaving for school and bathrooms needs S&Sing. With OH back I'm not charging around organising dogs, DDs, myself and school run etc, etc.

Cats baby steps, you'll get there, take care.

<leaves coffee and banana cake for elevensies>

Scout19075 Mon 03-Dec-12 21:59:17

MrScout went off yesterday and SB & I returned home this afternoon (stopped by my in-laws after dropping MrScout off so I could collect the last of our suitcases from our family trip). My house is a tip but I've half-filled the recycling bin this evening since SB has been in bed.

AdoraJingleBells Tue 04-Dec-12 01:13:22

So, dogs escaped, bloody Houdini has learned how to jump the wall and open the gate just enough for the other three to follow her, quite the leader she isangry. This was between me getting home with DDs and OH returning. I'd reluctantly left them chained up for the school run having retrieved her from atop the 6 foot high pillar earlier today.

After tracking down said dogs with OH I did dinner and sat down with a vino. Have tidied away, OH did DW again, bless him, and fed errent dogs, so in the morning I just need to assemble packed lunches and do breakfast. I have a headache, DDs both have headaches, it's this cold thing, we will survive.

Scout19075 Fri 07-Dec-12 11:03:26


AdoraJingleBells Fri 07-Dec-12 11:22:30

Anything in particular Scout, or just a general ARGH!!!?

My morning routine is done
DW needs sorting
Towels and underwear need putting away
Carpets need vacuuming
Bathrooms needs another S&S, they got a proper clean yesterday.and the kitchen sink got shined.
Seedlings need sorting out
Yesterday's ice-blocks need sorting out.

I best get on with it, eh?

How's everyone else doing?

Scout19075 Fri 07-Dec-12 12:01:08

Just a general ARGH.

We're having a Duvet/PJ day. SB and I have had a very busy and hectic week and the weather outside is crap (freezing rain is just horrid) so we're staying in, cleaning, playing, making Christmas decorations, watching television, etc.

I've done lots of little things today:
emptied the carrier bag of recipe books & magazines
put said books & magazines on the shelves
washed up
put dinner in the slow cooker
a bit of flinging
put the new teaching & craft books away

I've done more but I'm not following a to do list today (that's my "duvet day treat" to myself since I'm dressed) so honestly can't remember.

SB has pulled out his drawer for today and found another chocolate mouse so he was quite happy (his advent calendar is a wooden train with little drawers and every night I put a chocolate mouse, one of his favourite special treats, into the drawer for the next day. I haven't been putting more than one day in a time just in case he gets ideas. Yesterday we made a (foam) Christmas train and today we colored some Santas and SB said he'd like to make more decorations so I need to get my books/ideas out tonight to see what else we can make.

bessie26 Fri 07-Dec-12 13:37:22


Enjoy your duvet day scout & hope your dogs behave themselves adora! What seedlings are you doing?

The decluttering went well this week, so have been able to move a few things around to start making space in the dining room for Xmas lunch. We went out to buy a few prezzies this morning, have just vacuumed downstairs & am about to do some baking while DD2 naps.

AdoraJingleBells Fri 07-Dec-12 15:26:09

I could use a duvet day!

I'm doing basil. The dogs are behaving, but some bugger forced the gate open over night and let them out. The little escapologist was on a long chain, they unclipped her. 3 of them are still missing, I've been out looking twice on foot and once in the car.

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