October-fest: a fledgling (at best) might spruce up its nest (then take a rest?).

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strictlycaballine Wed 26-Sep-12 10:37:01

Welcome to the October 2012 Fledgling Flyers thread. Park your mops, buckets, microfibre cloths, golden dusters and spiders-web-removing-implements here!

A huge "thank you" to Whoknows and Pushme for leading us throughout September!! (Hope you are recovering well Whoknows - take it steady!)

If your house is a mess and you are strugging with C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome) and S.T.U.F.F. (something that undermines family fun) then this is the thread where we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system (in our own, unique, relaxed style) with lots of chat, support and wine along the way.

This little-and-often system is designed so that you can follow a series of steps and routines each day (which gradually become second nature) in weekly designated zones of the house; defining and minimising housework - which in theory should leave you with more time to do other more interesting things instead! At the same time it is intended to reduce that panicky "rabbit in headlights" feeling when you are overwhelmed and everything needs doing all at once. No problem if you miss a day or two; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

We advise not signing up to receive the Flylady e-mails as you will be inundated! All the information you need will be linked here on a daily basis.

From the first of the month, we will be following Flylady's steps and routines using a three-pronged approach (dependent on the stage everyone is at):

- start or repeat baby steps

- repeat baby steps + do 15 mins a day decluttering in the current zone

- reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.

[And if you are really enthusiastic and have finished decluttering - you can go on to detailed deep cleaning in each zone.]

More info here on getting started, and the flylady system here and here Don't be put off by the barf-tastic language of the site - the underlying system is sound.

All welcome!!

Yay! I'm in (and out again). See you all soon!

strictlycaballine Wed 26-Sep-12 10:52:48

[Flaps wings encouragingingly at Whoknows]

<Parks magic erasers and hoover in the corner.>

Is it really nearly October already shockconfusedsad

laurenamium Wed 26-Sep-12 11:20:19

I'm in grin!

Thank you whoknows and pmpy for last month and thank you sc for this month!!

feetheart Wed 26-Sep-12 11:28:34

It can't be nearly October already shock

I'm hoping for better things Flying-wise as I want a nice house by Christmas <<determined>>

CarpeJugulum Wed 26-Sep-12 11:52:52

In. But definitely not starting anything until October. Probably. Unless I feel like it. Possibly. Aww hell... new threads are just too inspiring. hmm

<wanders off clutching mop and bucket>

strictlycaballine Wed 26-Sep-12 14:15:50

Arf at Feetheart's and Carpe's "contrasting" levels of determination grin

Now don't panic everyone. October doesn't start until Monday.

[Decides that this is possibly not the best moment to mention that there are only 90 days between now and Christmas wink]

Starting this thread now cos we're going away for a few days, back Sun night, so you can all hold your fire until the end of the wk.

Bitchy has kindly agreed to oversee this thread and welcome newcomers until I get back.

[Sorry about crapola title by the way ... rushing ...]

'See you' Sunday!

ToffeeWhirl Sun 30-Sep-12 12:49:23

<marks place with new Lakeland mop>

Thanks, SC. Your heading made me grin.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 30-Sep-12 12:55:15

For those looking for weekly Christmas 'to do' lists in the run up to the big event, a Flylady Christmas countdown was posted by jas in 2010 and it can be reread here.


CarpeJugulum Sun 30-Sep-12 13:11:12

Oooh. Thanks Toffee!

Been planning to think about Christmas, and that might make it a bit easier smile

Engelsemama Sun 30-Sep-12 13:16:35

Marking my spot!

rowingboat Sun 30-Sep-12 14:06:36

Hi all, it's me again! I am still reading your posts, but my one hot spot has been ruined again. Covered in bags - the kitchen table. It's like a bag magnet!
Will be back tomorrow to kick off the month with a flying start!

Runs in, waves to all, runs out again.

I'll be back properly tomorrow...

Would love to join in ....

Jamillalliamilli Sun 30-Sep-12 17:17:56

Think you just have NotQuitePerfect, welcome. smile

Jamillalliamilli Sun 30-Sep-12 17:19:44

Jas thanks and Toffee, for reposting.

Jump on board NQP and Welcome!!!!

MsOnatopp Sun 30-Sep-12 18:53:51

Oh A new thread. Hurray grin

(Only just spotted this... hmm )

elliepac Sun 30-Sep-12 18:55:50

Am loving the thread title scgrin.

Signing in for 36th another month of abject failuregrin.

See you tomorrow!

elliepac Sun 30-Sep-12 18:56:16

And welcome notquiteperfect. smile

NickNacks Sun 30-Sep-12 19:00:54

Oh crap. Suppose I'd better come back. Have failed miserably on my own and with less than 3 months until Christmas I need to get the house finished decluttering and i'm so close to finishing that I might as well give it that final push.

Oh plus I love chatting to you ladies smile

strictlycaballine Sun 30-Sep-12 20:22:14

[paws ground with hoof/tosses mane/jogs about on the spot] Neeiggghhhhhh!! Hallloooooooooooooooo!! Hope you all had a great w/e!

Back from a busy/horsey/sunny weekend in the Netherlands [always strikes me how much cleaner/tidier/ordered it is than Belgium Engels (in the towns and the countryside - even the veggies are grown in neater rows!!!] Fab weather and much fun had by all.

A bit cream crackered now and still have to iron dd's uniform for tomorrow so no huge round-up tonight I'm afraid (and I'm afraid that might hold true for rest of month too what with new commitment to art course etc) but just wanted to say:

[surveys neat row of mops, buckets and microfibre cloths]

Bitchy thanks for overseeing such an orderly queue and for not scaring away too many newcomers grin

Whoknows so relieved and happy for you that all done and all OK!! Hope your dh is spoiling you rotten and is beginning to appreciate all you do in the normal course of things. 'Tis a very good sign that you are feeling bored -but don't go and overdo it!! Thanks again for keeping us all on the straight and narrow throughout September

A very warm welcome to Notquiteperfect any questions, don't hesitate to ask

Thanks again for looking after us at the end of the month Pushme What a bummer about your washing machine - can just about survive hand-washing with adults in the house but no joke at all with littlies

Justgettingonwithit Ditto what Whoknows said. I can't believe that you have been flooded again after everything you have already gone through - that is so unfair. Hats off to you for keeping going throughout it all.

Arf at abominable monk Swan Hope singing went well

Ellie Utterly fab news about your cm!! smile smile smile

Sorry we'll be losing you Kickboxer sad hope the situation improves for you

Nicknacks/Ellie re: "failing miserably"/ "abject failure" last month - me too!! (Not that "failure" is a concept we recognise on the Fledgling thread of course ) but strayed from the Flylady path last month and decided to "just declutter" ended up - in effect - doing naff all. Back to small steps and all that ...

Thanks to Toffee/Jas for Christmas count down ...

Huge waves to Rowingboat Engels MrsOnatopp Blue¨Carpe Lauren Feetheart PA and everyone else!!

Back in a mo to post first step ...

strictlycaballine Sun 30-Sep-12 21:02:45


OK everyone ... it's time to don your tan tights and lace up your shoes ....here it is again... the first baby-step of the month ...

[chants mantra "I will do the babysteps/missions/decluttering properly and regularly this month", "I will do the babysteps/missions/decluttering properly and regularly this month", "I will do the babysteps/missions/decluttering properly and regularly this month" grin]

Tomorrow is Monday 1st October and baby-step number one is here! Shine your sink!!

More info for newcomers on how to do this here

More general info on starting out: general flying lessons here and

baby-step flying lesson worth re-reading - consistency being the key etc

Tomorrow (and all this week) we will be starting again in Zone 1: Entrance, Front Porch, and Dining Room. Try and spend 15 mins decluttering in this zone per day. If you have already decluttered, you can go on to detailed cleaning. More info here

Tomorrow's mission - multi-room hot- spotting that might take more than 15 mins - (and all the missions for the week) are here

The daily focus for Monday is : here the home blessing, or as we call it "home bleugh" It takes on average one hour but many of us who are struggling with clutter take longer

The habit for October will be: getting rid of paper clutter [boy do I need to do that - we are drowning in it!!] More info here [scroll down - there are some good pointers in the article]

If I've missed anything, have a look at tomorrow's flight plan which should update automatically with the date. It also explains that Flylady (in order to help us all declutter for the Christmas holidays) is suggesting that we do a Super Fling Boogie in every zone starting this week until the end of October.

Hope you will forgive posting of steps/missions/zones separately the "old fashioned" way but it helps my jaded brain retain what I am supposed to be doing and where ...

And newcomers - please don't be put off by all the above info. I've made it seem a lot more complicated than it really is (honest grin)!! You don't have to understand the whole system all at once - it will become clear as you do it - step by step. Establish one routine at a time and don't feel pressured in to doing it all at once.

We can do it!! Hope you all have a v. productive week!!


strictlycaballine Sun 30-Sep-12 21:05:22

Oh yes, before I go, just want to present Justgettingonwithit with the

"Stalwart of the month award"

and it's not even the first yet!! grin

laurenamium Sun 30-Sep-12 22:02:38

<staggers in clutching muscles she forgot she had>

Just wanted to apologies for going AWOL again blush have also spent the weekend with horses and a 9 mile ride on a naughty horse on Saturday has made me ache like I've never ached before!

I'll be back tomorrow full of motivation I'm sure grin

strictlycaballine Sun 30-Sep-12 22:31:37

sympathies Lauren ate my supper off the mantelpiece this evening having ridden a very wide weight-bearing cob all day! Not for 9 miles though I hasten to add!!

Jamillalliamilli Sun 30-Sep-12 23:50:17

Well I didn't manage to watch Downton abbey and listened to friend instead and fought unsuccessfully to banish imaginary skate sled designs, so thanks Bitchy for 'renewing my spirit* when I failed to. grin

S/c An embarrassed thanks. Polishes award and promises not to lose it like everything else blush in the clutter.

Trying not to laugh at enforced mantelpiece dining!
Right, one min to get to bed, before this thread involves working! Night all.

Mymumsdaughter Mon 01-Oct-12 00:02:08

Just popping in to say thanks everyone for last months and for this months

Just signing in for October. Sorry I have been absent for the last week or so. Been more than a little poorly here and seriously thought I was dying of malaria for some time, but I am still here!! shock Feeling very wrung out and have no energy at all. <Helped the weight-loss, though - I can now comfortably wear the trousers I bought out in the hope that I could wear them home next June!! smile >
House looks absolutely awful. I need to do a major floor scrubbing as soon as I feel well enough. DH has kept up with the washing pile, bless him, but the ironing, sorting and putting away has not happened so it is all in a massive pile waiting for me. I will see what energy I have today.

Sorry for lack of personals, but just have to say Whoknows hope you are doing ok, take it easy!!

dizzyday07 Mon 01-Oct-12 01:29:31

Signing in here too. As I've decided that the 1st of the month (and a Monday too) sounds like a good start to getting back on the weight-loss flight too, I best stop munching my way through this packet of biscuits and go to bed!

Not sure how it ended up being nearly 2:30am. I swear the last hour evaporated or something!!!!!!! as did the box of chocolates that was opened earlier hmm

Right sleep and tomo i need to:
tumble washing just put in washer
finish off projects 2, 3 and 4
find an old project
sort out all bits for meeting 1
sort out stuff for meeting 2
attend said meetings
sort out stuff for meeting 3
send off job application
sort out training kit
Early night

It looks achievable until you see the list of bits for each meeting. I am NOT thinking about it now. I am going to sleep. Tomo is a new day, a new month and a new diet hmm That corner over there -------> i'll be hiding in it by the end of the week!

crunchingautumnleaves Mon 01-Oct-12 04:49:39

Hello all (waves enthusiastically). Bit new round here and would love to join in. Been semi following these wonderful threads for ages. thanks for you all for introducing me to Flylady and HomeRoutines app. My home has definitely improved, though there's far to go still I'm not living in CHAOS, I'm just choosy about who I have round grin. Decided you wonderful people will help me stay motivated may be shamed into doing something as I'll feel I have to check in each day. Btw, impressed at all the horse riders here! Would love to if not quite so intimidated by them plus the memory of that pony trek... Never get out of sync so you go down as the horse goes up blush grin.

crunchingautumnleaves Mon 01-Oct-12 06:05:24

Oh and loving the title strictly. Tis a good 'un.

feetheart Mon 01-Oct-12 06:15:17

Happy Monday everyone.
I'm up, I'm determined, I've already printed and laminated stuff for our Autumn Fayre (which is next Sunday - eek!) and sorted out stuff to take into school for classes to make tea-towels. Good start but now need a list smile
- Bath
- All up and out with bags/lunches/books/etc
- Hang rest of posters/banners
- Copy lots more posters and distribute
- WORK - contract invoices and lots of random stuff
- Morning routine PROPERLY
- Hoover downstairs/stairs
- Mission
- Look at paperwork decluttering hints and tips
- Homework
- Ironing

PA - so sorry you have been ill, that must be really hard in such a different country. Hope it didn't make you too homesick as well? Sending you strong 'get better soon' vibes from dark, rainy Bedfordshire.

Bitchy - thanks for last month even if I was absent for most of it hmm

SC - thanks for taking on this month. Hope you could sit down for breakfast?

Right, letter to write for new parents then bath........

CarpeJugulum Mon 01-Oct-12 06:45:50

Good morning. Happy 1st! smile

Up and coffee is switched on. Letting DH shower so he gets some play time with DS (who is now up and lookin better from his cold).

Some work done already.

Usual routine for the morning plus I need to:
Meal plan
Wash bath mats
Hoover stairs
Maybe go food shopping depending on meal plan.
Work out how to do the Shred DVD during the day!

Oh. And start the healthy eating - it's not a diet!

Am also planning to pull out all the info from the Christmas fly thread and bung it into Word. Happy to email it on if people want it!

<leaves brew on bar for those in need>

MercuryRising Mon 01-Oct-12 07:29:38

Hi I really need to join you all. I did Shine 2012 on Saturday and was out of the house all weekend, during that time a tornado (dh and dc) turned my house upside down! I also need to do some major decluttering before Christmas - I can't believe how soon it is! The promise of lots of wine is also very appealing. I look forward to getting to know you all better and no longer living with Chaos grin

Hi ladies, I'm back to try again - would love to get through the whole month (but always seem to drop outblush). Will post list later...

Morning all,

I am trying to surpress giggles at the image of enforced eating off the mantelpiece, so as not to rupture my stitches. I am very definitely in the can't sit down club too. Obviously no Flying to report here, DH is keeping things ticking over but he's got a lot on his plate with me laid up. Welcome to Crunching and Notquite, thanks to PMPY for taking over last month and to SC for leading this month.

PA sorry you've been so ill.
PMPY - sorry to hear about WM, what a pain.

I love the beginning of the Flying month when everyone reappears and we all resolve to start over.

crunchingautumnleaves Mon 01-Oct-12 07:48:38

Oh bother, my decluttering plans may have to be postponed a while. Just spotted little flour mite type things in the kitchen sad. I really really dislike the creatures! And I so dislike the smell of bleach but it's the only thing I've read to deal with them.

strictlycaballine Mon 01-Oct-12 07:52:50

Morning all!

Good to see everyone bright and enthusiastic on day one (and all this talk of lamination, Words docs and housekeeping apps v. impressive). I am aiming to do steps and missions and decluttering consistently this month and am starting on the body clutter properly today.

And now I know how all of dd's extra-curricular activities are panning out - have also written myself out a proper timetable for my cj - a full days of the week/time slot job. It really helps with structuring my day seeing how much time I am wasting making the most of the time available.

A very warm welcome to Crunchingautumnleaves great that the system has started to work for you - you will get loads of support on here to take it further. (My brother had one of those pony trek experiences - on an evil nag called 'High Jinks' no less - the reason for which soon became clear as he disappeared up a Scottish mountain in a cloud of dust - he has never gone near a horse since grin)

Oh no PA I hope you are OK and have access to a good doc/medical care where you are. Take it steady and look after yourself x

Bitchy All I am going to say is [looking sternly over pince-nez] "baby-step 17" wink grin

Justgettingonwithit grin [hands over microfibre polishing cloth

Feetheart good luck with Autumn Fayre prep - that came around fast again
didn't it?

Huge wing flaps to Whoknows Ellie Swan Mymums Dizzy Lauren Honu Castlelough MrsOnatopp Mc Rowingboat Engelse Blue Notquiteperfect and everyone else!

To do:
finish morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s
hang out dark blue wash
put on yellow/grey wash
home bleugh downstairs
rabbit fur treatment
separate rabbits for day sad
rabbit cages X 2
ironing for rest of week
wasp man
prep ballet stuff for dd tonight
art course [wibble emoticon]

Have a great start to the week everyone!

TheHeirOfSlytherin Mon 01-Oct-12 07:54:26

Cam I join you? October is my month to change everything I don't like about my life and the constant messiness of the house is one of those things!

Tonight's focus will be he kitchen. I just want the surfaces and floor clear so I can actually clean them!!! grin

strictlycaballine Mon 01-Oct-12 07:58:30


Whoknows [plumps up cushions in recovery corner] glad to hear you are taking it easy thanks Yes, I do love a shiny new thread too ..full of possibilities!! Am grimly determined this month for once wink

Great to see you again Maggie

A very warm welcome to MercuryRising I am with you on the pre-Christmas decluttering! It's frightening how much I have to do before then - little and often is definitely the way to go!

Forgot to wave to Carpe Glad your ds is feeling better!

Right, off to re-shine my sink ...

strictlycaballine Mon 01-Oct-12 08:06:28


A warm fledgling welcome also to TheheirofSlytherin (great nickname btw)! Amen to banishing kitchen clutter if only dh would organise his spice and condiment collection

Recap for newcomers: here is today's flight plan
Day one = baby-step 1 (shining sink)
Zone 1 = entrance, porch, dining room (do 15 mins decluttering or anything really in one of these areas every day)
If you feel up to it: do a daily home blessing (one hour only)
And if you are really feeling energetic - spend 15 mins getting rid of paper clutter

(see my post of 21.02.45 from last night for more details)

Have a good morning everyone!

Oh shit babystep 17. My nemesis. I have an excuse though was prepping for major meeting this morning. I gave up in the end should have done another 4 hours to be ready. though fuck it. In PANIC mode this morning. And ds is playing up a bit. sad

Engelsemama Mon 01-Oct-12 09:02:40

Glad you had a good time sc. I have very limited experience of Belgium (apart from a few nights in Brussels as a student backpacker) but the main thing I associate it with is TRAFFIC JAMS! Every time we head back and forth between NL and the UK we always end up stuck round either Antwerp, gent or Brugge.

I WILL have time for decluttering today as shortly our electricity is going off for 4 hours – so no TV, computer (laptop will only last for 20 mins on battery…hence frantic MNing grin ). DS has a medical appt for vaccinations at 11.30 so will head out for that. Can’t go into town for my errands earlier (as I would like to) as Most shops here don’t open till 1pm (thought he bigger dept stores are open at 11am). Welcome to Holland in the 21st century…..

DS birthday coming up this month so house will be full of visiting relatives and friends on at least 2 occasions – need to get the house in order (good practice for Christmas!). Dutch cleaning standards (or at least my ILs) seem to be MUCH higher than my own family so I must get cracking!

laurenamium Mon 01-Oct-12 09:06:51

Morning all, just a list dump while the children finish snack...I'll catch up later smile

To do:
DD and mindee to playgroup
Home bleugh
Wash DD bedding- washing
Wash my bedding
My laundry away
DD laundry away
Walk dogs
Write shopping list
Food shop
Clean out fridge
Pay council tax
Pay bills
Buy printer ink
Clean kitchen floor
Locate sandpaper from garage
Clean out tumble dryer condenser
Brush dogs
Dog poo
Shine sink


Engelsemama Mon 01-Oct-12 09:14:20

List for today

DS vacc
Errands in town - birthday party supplies, DSis's present
Hoover downstairs
Tidy downstairs hallway
Tidy upstairs hallway
bag up teen fiction books and put in car - donating to school library tomorrow!
15 mins decluttering hotspot (lounge table)
washing up
washing out of td and away
empty recycling bin
evites - waiting for DH MUST DO TONIGHT!
Shred this eve while DH is at gym

ToffeeWhirl Mon 01-Oct-12 10:23:42

Morning everyone. Welcome to the newbies.

PA - so sorry you've been poorly. I hope you get better soon. It must be awful to be ill when you are so far from home. Well done to your DH for keeping up with the washing pile!

WhoKnows - good to hear you are still being sensible and taking it easy.

Started with a clean kitchen this morning grin. DS1 has a new tutor (for Maths, you'll be relieved to hear, Honu) this morning and that was incentive enough to tidy up the areas she would see. So all the piles of clean washing were whisked upstairs, washing up done (and put away), surfaces cleared and wiped, floors swept and mopped.

Off to eat breakfast now, whilst I have an hour to myself (tutor is here now).

NickNacks Mon 01-Oct-12 10:31:50

Quick list

Wash on
Call repair man
Mindee to pre school
Clean washing away
Clean kitchen
Dry towels
S and s
Sort rubbish out
Write invoices
Give out invoices
Write receipts

Maybe more to add but can't think right now!

TeuchterInTheCity Mon 01-Oct-12 10:34:55

Hello, another newbie signing in. Currently on mat leave with DC2 but looks like I won't return to work. DD will be swapping her 3 full days at private nursery to 5 afternoons at pre-school in the new year, so I am trying to nudge us towards a new, at home more, routine and take control of the clutter!

DD is at nursery and baby DS is down for a hopefully very long nap. Have already changed the bed and put the winter duvet on and DH has been dispatched to laundrette with summer duvet. I washed the kitchen floor last night, so that's another thing done.

Today I MUST:
- clean living room and hall
- clean bedrooms
- sort spare room before it becomes swamped in junk again
- declutter and tidy as I go!

Then, I can concentrate on everything else. I find it so hard to get down to things when the house is a pigsty.

October is my month smile

CarpeJugulum Mon 01-Oct-12 10:46:17

Coffee break time.

Morning routine done - excluding kitchen which needs a proper clean.
WAH job done
2 loads of washing

Still need to do loads though, but job took longer than thought (as always sad )

Right, 5 more mins and back to it!

strictlycaballine Mon 01-Oct-12 12:21:00

Quick lunch-time update!

Sorry no time for personals as I've run out of time and am dashing off to art course now [big wibble/panic emoticon]. (Apart from a bit of dabbling/children's art, haven't picked up a paint brush in earnest (well not in public anyway) in 30 years!!] Won't be back until late evening.

Hope everyone's day is going OK!

A very warm welcome to TeuchterInTheCity!!

Big wing flaps to Carpe Engels Nicknacks Toffee Lauren Bitchy Swan and everyone else I've forgotten!

feetheart Mon 01-Oct-12 12:32:01

Carpe - tea break time here too though need to shift myself and do something active for 5 mins as have been sitting at laptop for at least an hour.

Welcome to newbies - little and often gets you there, DO NOT be tempted to do everything all at once or we will never see you again ignores state of house and fact I've been here for nearly three years

- Bath - done
- All up and out - done
- Hang rest of posters/banners - done
- Copy lots more posters and distribute - done though more to do
- WORK - done invoices, need break then try and tackle rest

It seems to be lunchtime already, at least it means I can eat as trying to stop continuous snacking habit shock

Jamillalliamilli Mon 01-Oct-12 13:12:23

Quick Hi to TeuchterInTheCity, TheheirofSlytherin, Crunchingautumnleaves and

PA, sorry you've been so ill, hope the weight loss is easily retainable. (mine always mysteriously goes straight back on!) You’re probably low on all sorts of salts and things, do take it easy, the jobs will wait around happily for you.

S/C thanks to you I actually pulled the pencils and sketch book out of my car door and did my first wobbly 10 min sketch for years! Please report back on art class tonight?

Still to do:

Everything too wet for home bleurgh, so continued rescuing.
Scary form
Shred some paperwork
Curtain drying and ironing
Collect parcel from p/o
Veg shopping (little in the swamp is salvageable)
Meet D/S with stuff to do psychology on the road.
Eat huge dinner (D/s)
Orthodontist (will result in lots of soup for D/S, hence huge dinner earlier!)
Check English and physics.
PM Bitchy.
H/e file
get on here later!

CarpeJugulum Mon 01-Oct-12 13:18:50

Lunchtime (healthy soup and oatcakes as a nod to body clutter!) and a quick update.

Everything on my list is complete, with the exception of the kitchen which I'm saving until after lunch - rock 'n' roll lifestyle me! wink

Waiting for DS to wake from his nap, and eyeing the sky hoping it doesn't rain so my washing dries; oh and slurping hot honey and lemon as I seem to be developing DS' cold.

Thanks for the welcome backs - was worried in case you all thought 'Oh god. not her again!'
DH has now gone back to work after 16 months off sick which is brilliant, but I have lost my housekeeper which is not!! So that combined with loads of supply work since the start of term has meant that the house has gone to pot. Actually really embarrassed by the state of it blush

DH spent the weekend decluttering and getting to the bottom of the laundry pile whilst I snivelled and snuffled about my cold - he also has one sad. I have been lazy and really need to pull my socks up, none of my family deserve to live in a hovel.

I really must work hard at being here for the long haul this time - I always seem to drop out after a few days weeks...

So far today:
I stayed in bed for too long - DS's were then rushed and panicked to school sad
Read this thread
One load of washing in dryer
One load in machine
One load folded and waiting to be put away
Dog and newly aquired kitten fed - dog not walked due to this mornings chaos and ensuing lateness
Dinner sorted - leftover roast for me and DH/pasta and sauce for DS's

Loads more to do - will report back later, most important is cleaning bathrooms...

Mymumsdaughter Mon 01-Oct-12 14:19:41

Hello all - have bleugh Kitchen and sorted a wardrobe - Have got a techy block on if I can connect new Ipod to Ipad to use same Itunes account - streamling music collection.

issimma Mon 01-Oct-12 14:27:38

Hello, I tried this thread before but Must Do Better grin.
I'm aiming to clear and tidy today, so that everything is in the right place. Have taken a bag to charity shop and have a wash drying. Will shine my sink, of course!
Dd is at nursery tomorrow morning so will attempt a home bleurgh. Sounds grim, but I reckon if the place is clear before I start, it'll be easier.
Have some stuff to put on eBay later too. Plus supermarket and dinner - boooring! Any quick and cheap ideas?

deleted203 Mon 01-Oct-12 14:32:58

Strictlycaballine Many thanks for the invite to hang out here! I hope that the encouragement of others will help me sort my CHAOS! Can't really do an hour's cleaning blush because I can barely see the floor in any room. However, feeling slightly smug today as I have:-

Taken 6 binliners of old magazines to recycling bin
Taken 5 binliners of books to charity shop
Had a 15 min declutter of the dining room/lobby (can't really see where I've been!)
3 loads washed and dried (folded but not put away)
Cleaned my bathroom
Shiny kitchen sink
(And I'm wearing shoes.....)

Oh it's easy to be enthusiastic on day one.

madwomanintheattic Mon 01-Oct-12 15:51:57

<frets because it's p3 and I'm late>

Back soon!

<peeks her head in the door>

Erm fling might have to be put on a back burner. I have a project that is taking off. SC it involves the projects which is why I have been so focused on finding time for them. <wibbles> However, I still have a crisis tidy and clean to perform this week. <sigh>

Another meeting later and then I have to have an earl night. I am trying to low carb and low caffine. 2 coffees with sugar so a bit of a fail BUT no other carbs and sugar or caffine. My body is not happy.

Ta da
Tumble dry washing washed last night
finish prep for meeting 1
put ds' duvet on to wash (accident last night)
Sort out paperwork for meeting 3 - none needed grin

Arses. forgot to hit post.
Also ta da
2nd meeting done
Pick up bits from the market that are needed
deal with rest of ds' wet bed stuff and the muddy school uniform ds brought home
Be incredibly grumpy.

I am about to grab some food, sort out my kit and then go to bed. My head hurts, my lungs hurt and this no caffine low carb nonsense is pissing me off. I neeeed chocolate!!!!

TeuchterInTheCity Mon 01-Oct-12 17:31:53

Well, today has been incredibly productive; as well as everything on my list, I have cleaned the bathroom, sorted clothes the DC have outgrown and made biscuits. It did help that DH had a day off and was able to watch DS when he wasn't sleeping and DD was at nursery.

I am feeling motivated to get on with some decluttering tomorrow, and I may even shine my sink!

MercuryRising Mon 01-Oct-12 17:38:26

Hi everybody. Not done as well as I would have liked today. I didnt even manage to complete the morning routine in the morning blush but I am determined to do better tomorrow. I think my biggest problem is lack of organisation. I think I will get up earlier and see if that helps. I have however managed to get rid of some paper clutter and do half the home bleurgh. I am taking your advice on board feetheart and trying not to get overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once. I really hope if I stick with this it will become easier to stop my house descending into anarchy all the time!hmm

rowingboat Mon 01-Oct-12 18:32:13

Hi all,
So got a bit done today, but did that thing where you spend ages on one thing and don't finish the other things. So not very fly really. Can I call it a detailed cleaning mission? How long do they take?
I have an outside wall in the sitting room, which is prone to a bit of mildew behind the coffee table we have against it, plus leaves all down from the pot plants, it's a bit yuck. It needed almost an hour but is looking better. Possibly should move the table, but the carpet is looking yuck under so new carpet.....just escalates until we have to move house! [panic manic face]
And breathe..
That hotspot well, it's a bit hot really.
Do you guys manage every day, if you do less does it still help?

deleted203 Mon 01-Oct-12 18:37:21

I've painted my ruddy utility room this afternoon. And now I can't move! Back is killing.......(but face is still smug).

dizzyday07 Mon 01-Oct-12 19:50:21

Today's TaDa list

* Took DD to school and stayed for Harvest Festival Assembly - even spoke to a couple of mums shock
* Last of the sofa cushion covers washed and hung to dry
* Shined sink
* S/S our bathroom where DH had spilt hairs from his razor all over the floor!
* Packaged up Ebay parcels (will walk to PO with them tomorrow)
* Trawled internet to try to find a Smartphone with a cheap contract
* Took DD to her swimming lesson
* Swift supermarket shop
* Threw tea in the oven.

Congratulations to us all for achieving some tasks/goals today wine

strictlycaballine Mon 01-Oct-12 20:53:14

[staggers in wiping smears of charcoal from forehead clutching bottle of red for distribution to all fledglings news and old]

Good evening everyone - I can see all your shiny sinks from across the channel - so you have obviously done very well today!

Hello Sowornout lovely to see you! Hope you are rewarding yourself with a lovely glass of wine tonight for making such good progress. Feetheart has it right though - slowly does it - small step, by small step. And well done with the painting!

Bottoms up Dizzy Glad fellow school mums proving friendly. [I had to remove lots of cut hair from dh's underwear drawer the other day. Couldn't understand where it had come from and was imagining all sorts of creepy, supernatural sources and then I looked at dd's newly formed uneven fringe grin She had cut it in the mirror above dh's chest of drawers and left a drawer open and I'm afraid it looks very peculiar indeed and she is delighted with it!

Rowingboat well done with the detailed cleaning mission wink I'm not the best person to ask about consistency and timings really because I don't claim to have a handle on either. I guess the main thrust of the Fat Fairy method though is that we do our morning and evening routines (shiny sink/meal planning/laundry + laying out of clothes, all the essentials in other words) and anything else in between (as you have done today) is a bonus! Well done! (Have you seen Flylady's moving tips btw? Apologies if you have already seen them here

Mercuryrising well done on tackling your paper clutter - you are one up on me there today. I also ran out of time and only managed half a home bleugh. I guess we have to just have the attitude that half a bleugh or morning routine is better than none at all! See Flylady home page today in fact ..."Weekly Home Blessing Hour: 7 Tasks Done "Imperfectly" Still Bless your Home!!

Well done TeuchterInTheCity great that you had such a productive day!

Bitchy good luck with the carb/sugar/caffeine withdrawal! That's got to be tough! I managed one coffee today which is pretty good going for me. Wish you hadn't mentioned chocolate though grin Oh and good luck with major project ...

Waves madly at Madwoman hope you managed to make up some time ...

Great to see you back Issima! "Must do better" is my mantra for the month too! Will get back to you (sorry - a bit late for tonight!) about the meal planning. Will dig around a few threads on Mnset ...

Mahoosive waves to Mymumsdaughter (top marks for wardrobe)

MaggieMcVitie no need to worry about dipping in and out of this thread - we all do it - depending on demands of rl. I am "starting again" for what must be at least the hundredth time (and that's a conservative estimate grin) I think I should be apologising actually because I never got around to hooking up with you on MFP as promised (never seem to get on there!) Great to hear your dh is now fit enough to work! Hope both of your colds clear up soon.

Carpe hope sore throat doesn't develop in to anything worse! You sound very on top of things Flying-wise! Well done re: healthy lunch too.

Very flattered to be a source of inspiration Justgettingonwithit grin although if you saw the product of my efforts today you probably wouldn't be v. impressed blush Did have great fun though. Fantastic academy with great facilities and a good standard of teaching. Also heavily subsidised by state so very cheap. Really lucky to have it within walking distance. Somewhat daunted by all the other students and their level of work (my hands were visibly shaking when I started) and I'd forgotten all the basics like how to adjust an easel/prep paper with gesso etc etc but slowly got back in to the swing of things, and fellow students (a mix of Dutch, German, Belgian, Italian, English) on the whole very, very friendly. V. relaxing and enjoyable simply because it is so absorbing and you can't really think of anything else while you are doing it. I was only allowed to wield a pencil today, but tomorrow they are letting me loose with paints (yikes!). Reminder to self to watch DVD on how to paint that came free with art supplies. Hope your form didn't prove as scary as anticipated!!

Wise words as ever Feetheart

Yes, traffic awful here Engels Hope your ds's vaccinations not too traumatic.

Ta da:
finish morning routine inc dw, wm, s&s done
hang out dark blue wash done
put on yellow/grey wash done
home bleugh downstairs half done
rabbit fur treatment (postponed until Wed)
separate rabbits for day sad (ditto above)
rabbit cages X 2 done
ironing for rest of week half done
wasp man done
prep ballet stuff for dd tonight done
art course [wibble emoticon] done
dining table hot spot done
15 min paper declutter NOPE
mission NOPE
15 mins decluttering current zone NOPE
evening routine - half way through

Back in a sec to post tomorrow's links!

Huge wing flaps to one and all!

strictlycaballine Mon 01-Oct-12 21:03:57


Tomorrow’s baby-step no. 2 for Tues 2nd Oct is here and yes, it’s the controversial one, getting dressed to shoes. Some of us find it useful, some of us definitely don’t. If you are a newcomer here is the reasoning behind it. Basically though, the Fat Fairy just wants us all to be up, dressed and washed first thing and not lounging around in pyjamas swigging gin.

Tomorrow (and all this week) we are in Zone 1: Entrance, Front Porch, and Dining Room. Try and spend 15 mins decluttering in this zone per day. If you have already decluttered, you can go on to detailed cleaning. More info here

Tomorrow's mission is here tackling smudges and fingerprints on walls and windows in zone 1.

The daily focus for Tuesday is here planning: meals/shopping/holidays/routines/appointments etc

The habit for October is: getting rid of paper clutter [boy do I need to do that - we are drowning in it!!] More info here [scroll down - there are some good pointers in the article] Try and spend 15 mins shredding or recycling paper tomorrow.

If I've missed anything, have a look at tomorrow's flight plan which should update automatically with the date. Any other info can be found on the launch pad or in the flying lessons section - we advise not signing up for e-mails though (the Big Tent) or you will be inundated!

Newcomers - don't be put off by all the information listed above. We are all at different stages. For now, you only need to do your baby-steps and maybe 15 mins decluttering a day or a mission. Start slow and try and establish one step at a time before you move on to more things. Good luck!

Off to shine my sink (again) now.

Sleep well and ‘see you’ in the morning!

CarpeJugulum Mon 01-Oct-12 21:14:35

<grabs wine from strictlycaballine and swigs it from the bottle>

Well, DS has given me his cold. It's official. I have a nose to match that belonging to Rudolph, a banging headache and a slight bronchial wheeze.

On the other hand, all my tasks for today are done.

Now curled up with a honey & lemon, a bix of tissues and New Tricks on the TV; rock 'n' roll lifestyle basically! smile

strictlycaballine Mon 01-Oct-12 21:19:51

You're welcome Carpe - cheers! grin

Sorry to hear you are suffering though. Tops marks for getting through your list depite the nasty microbes.

[Having taking a quick look back at Sept thread]:

Swan sorry you were suffering over the weekend but glad Senco had some positive suggestions at long last! Hope you start to recover soon.

Whoknows hope you are taking it steady and resting well.

laurenamium Mon 01-Oct-12 21:28:27

Wow lots of chat so ill just read thread and mainly list dump while its busy as I'm always on my phone!

Ta da:
Paid bills including council tax
Rang CSA
Walked dogs
Home bleugh
Washed mine and DD bedding
Mine and DD laundry away
Front room hotspot
Filed away paperwork
Washed and dried bath mats and towels
What's for dinner- sausage and mash
Hung a picture
Cut the front lawn
Tidied playroom
DD and mindee to playgroup
Food shop
Cleaned out fridge
Picked up dog poo
Kitchen hot spot
Kitchen countertops
Shined sink

I think that's it...

Be back tomorrow!

rowingboat Mon 01-Oct-12 22:00:01

Strictly thank you for the feedback. I did wonder what the fat fairy was? I'm not really moving, but if I do I will definitely look at the link.
Whoever mentioned Christmas at the weekend, thank you. V.useful! Can't even remember whose turn it is to cook, so made me think. May even order a few things from book people in advance.

Thanks SC have given up on MFP actually - just made me obsessed with eating! Have managed to lose a stone in the last month just by cutting out the biscuits/crisps/choccy though and feel loads better. Hoping to keep going as have another 1 1/2 stone to lose....

Ta da's since finishing work:
Cleared out porch and stuffed it all in the cupboard under the stairs
Swept porch, hall and kitchen floor.
Cooked dinner.
Supervised homework (bonus points for not losing temper with whinging DS1)
Cleared kitchen - DW on; shined sink.
Put away 1 load of washing; one in dryer; one more in machine.
Made soup for tomorrow.
Put out DS1's guitar/DS2's PE kit.
Will be in bed by 10.30 grin

Nos da pawb!

laurenamium Mon 01-Oct-12 22:03:29

Ooooh book people! I meant to have a look on there tonight! It will have to wait now but thank you for reminding me!

Well done on losing a stone Maggie! I've now hit my intermediate target weight, which I'm pretty happy about, and using MFP now more for recording weigh ins than everyday. I do find it useful sometimes to work out how much exercise I need to do if I've overdone it though.

House has gone to pot rather in the last week or so. Did hoover downstairs this morning, but already you can't tell! Hey ho. It's going to be frantic this week so don't know how much flying I'll be able to keep up with, but will try.

Big waves to all, especially newbies!

Evening everyone smile

Just checking in for October, though I am yet to trouble the scorer on the flying front grin. MIL has done all our washing today though, which is lovely of her. Now have to hope we have enough pants etc to get through to Friday when we next see her!

House is an absolute tip, no opportunity for todays mission as the entrance is covered in dust sheets and a fine layer of plaster dust - the plasterers will be back at 8 in the morning so it doesn't really seem to be worth tackling it now.

Hello to flyers old and new! PA I'd been wondering where you were, sorry to hear you've been so poorly, hope you're back to full strength soon. Hope the cold isn't too grim Carpe

Thanks for the shiny new thread SC. You always manage to set out the various steps and schedules so clearly, puts my lacksadaisical efforts to shame!

Well done on the decorating sow, I love having shiny new rooms - there will be much decorating here this month so I expect I will be joining you with a bad back very soon!

Hi to Bitchy, lauren, rowingboat, issima, justgetting, whoknows and everyone else.

Just have pm'ed you a novel. sorry if it makes no sense. brain a bit addled.

Should be asleep couldn't sleep so did a load of stuff. Now hungry and have accidentally eaten chocolate. It was there. I didn't even really want it. It didn't make me feel better. I am actually cross with myself right now. However, I am hungry and I do have training first thing so am going to get some toast and marmite, and have another go at sleep.

rowingboat Mon 01-Oct-12 23:41:29

Oo,oo! Are you doing a fly lady dieting plan on here? I was doing the 5:2 fasting thingy, but have switched to 1500 cals a day and a bit of cycling. I am now under 10st for the first time in years. Hope to get down to between 9 and 9.5. Any lighter wouldn't suit my build. My mum is 8.5, but 2 inches smaller than me and a much lighter build.

MercuryRising Tue 02-Oct-12 06:22:44

Morning! I am feeling inspired by you all and your tada lists so Im up early in the hope that I will manage to make it through the morning routine before the school run. Im leaving lots of brew for you all. Heres to a more succesful day smile

laurenamium Tue 02-Oct-12 07:44:30

Morning! Just a dump smile although ill be spending the afternoon riding so not much on it!

To do:
My laundry
DD and mindee to singing
Laminate new insurance and display in playroom
Walk dogs
DD to CM
riding grin


rowingboat Tue 02-Oct-12 07:53:19

Hi all,
Thanks for the coffee!
I'm off to work soon, but..
Ds to park before school porridge
Lunch for me
Pick up ds's friend home for tea
Ds homework
That hotspot
Wash up s@s kitchen
Washing on
What's for dinner (and my lunch)

No flying this morning - PLEASE help...

5 year old April Jones was taken from outside her home in Machynlleth, mid Wales at approx 7.30pm yesterday evening. She was last seen getting into a white/grey Ford Connect van. She was wearing her white school polo shirt, black leggings and a purple padded jacket. Her picture is all over the news this morning. Please keep your eyes open for her.

I live in a village nearby. This is a very small, close, rural community - locals have been out all night searching, DH is joining the police search this am.

Please circulate her picture if you can - realistically she could be anywhere by now sad

TheHeirOfSlytherin Tue 02-Oct-12 07:58:59

Poor little girl sad I hope she's found safe and well soon.

Well yesterday went down like a lead balloon as when I got home from work ds had developed balinitus (SP?) and had to spend the evening and night with no nappy on so I'm pretty sure this evenings jobs will
mainly involve washing all the towels in the house and removing the pee smell from the carpets. Fun. I may get to put the dishwasher on too if ds lets me leave him long enough.

CarpeJugulum Tue 02-Oct-12 09:45:39

Had a lovely funny post in my head all ready to type, but Maggie's post has put my trials into perspective. Hope the wee lass is found safe and well.

I have put it out to my social circle via Facebook and Twitter, but suspect that as we're up here in Scotland there isn't much chance of her getting this far. Still you never know. sad

Anyway, essentially, I have a cold from hell angry <--- this isn't me angry, it's just my nose glowing with the blowing! grin

So, all my plans for October to be a virtuous flying month are already knackered. DS has toddler gymnastics today, but he's choked, I'm choaked so I don't know if we'll make it. Do need to pop to post office to return my non-fitting boots though sad so will see how that goes before I decide.

Hope everyone else is better than me.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 02-Oct-12 09:50:00

Maggie - I saw the thread on this last night and was so sorry when it was on the news this morning. I hoped she'd have been found. It's too awful for words.

issimma Tue 02-Oct-12 09:51:23

maggie It's such a terrifying story, can hardly bare to read about it. Hoping she turns up safe and sound soon.

I'm being a traitor and putting my lists over on the slattern thread, but am trying to keep up with flying here. Sink still needs shining, and I'm dressed (but not showered). Am happy that the decluttering stage is done (am well into that) but less happy that it means I have to clean! Hate it!

strictlycaballine Tue 02-Oct-12 10:06:48

Maggie what awful news - almost too awful to contemplate - her poor parents - I hope and pray she is found safely.

TheHeirofSlytherin hope your ds recovers soon (and the carpets! smile)

Rowingboat ahh, yes, should have explained that Fat Fairy was a name coined by our very own PA for the Flylady herself (if you look at the site, there is a cartoon version of her wearing purple wig, pink tutu, purple wings, clutching a feather duster instead of a wand). Sorry to have got the wrong end of the stick about you moving btw! Am intrigued by VIPs on your list ... And yes, some of us are following a Body Clutter programme on here with the help of MyfitnessPal (although some of us [SC looks shifty] have lapsed a bit blush)

Rowingboat/Blue*/*Maggie congratulations on your weight loss!! That's very impressive and really well done!

Enjoy your ride this afternoon Lauren envy

Thanks for the brew Mercury and good luck with your list

Bitchy I so identify with the "didn't enjoy it, so why on earth did I eat it?" scenario. Have a good training session. (Marmite on toast is one of my all-time favourite things in the world btw.)

Pushme poor you having to contend with building works and a broken washing machine - not a happy combination! Hurrah to m-i-ls who wash pants!! smile Wouldn't describe your efforts as lackadaisical in a million years btw - v. good of you to offer to step in and take over - I only post links in a long-winded way because it helps my muddled brain to take it all in!! Good luck keeping on top of all the dust etc.

Nearly killed me finishing the evening routine last night but it is worth it coming down to a lovely clean kitchen, cleared hotspots and washing done and ready to hang out. Have just got back from a post school run supermarket shop where I bumped in to a friend, got distracted and promptly forgot all the essentials I went to buy in the first place confused

To do:
finish morning routine inc wm, dw, s&s
prep paper with gesso for this afternoon
prep paper with background paint for this afternoon
prep supper (butternut squash, chickpea, veggie casserole type thing)
a bit of on-line admin for office
a bit of on-line admin for me
planning - med appts/meal plans/sister's visit/Toussaint holiday/firm up plans for this w/e
finish ironing for rest of week
art course
school meeting
evening routine
15 min paper clutter?

Mahoosive wing flaps to all. Have a good day everyone!

strictlycaballine Tue 02-Oct-12 10:21:00

x posts

Toffee yes, my heart sank this morning when I heard she hadn't be found - almost too awful to think about

Carpe sorry to hear you and ds are still suffering (arf at red nose!) Don't worry - your plans for October are definitely NOT knackered already!! smile [Issues special Flying dispensation on grounds of illness] I know it's frustrating but all the steps/routines will come around again v. soon... [hands over large box of extra-soft handkerchiefs, fluffy cushions, stack of DVDs, and honey & lemon brew]

Issima think you may have just hit the nail on the head there! That's the reason I never get to the end of decluttering ...because I loathe cleaning and am sub-consciously doing everything I can to avoid it wink!! [mmmm, ponders...] although I was joking, I think there may be some truth in that actually!!

Trazzletoes Tue 02-Oct-12 10:23:56

Hi all. Apologies for lack of personals but I'm going to take a back seat with this thread and flying for the moment.

DS (3) was admitted to hospital last night and Drs believe he has tumours on his brain. And they are not good tumours.

Feel at a complete loss. Not sure when will be home again, let alone tidying!

CarpeJugulum Tue 02-Oct-12 10:31:47

Oh god Trazzle

Hope they're wrong. Will keep TrazzleJnr in my thoughts and prayers.

strictlycaballine Tue 02-Oct-12 10:31:59

Oh no Trazzletoes I'm so very sorry to hear your news; that must be such a worrying and stressful situation for you, your family and your little one.

Do feel free to come back and post on here when and if you want to - Flying goes out the window in these sorts of circumstances and we'd love to offer support where we can, in however small a way.

I hope you can rally support for yourself in rl too and that there are people around who are willing to get stuck in and help.

Thinking of you all and sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers x

swanthingafteranother Tue 02-Oct-12 10:38:08

SC glad your art course so exciting and inspiring, and relaxing too!
Maggie sad It is so difficult to teach children not to trust adults. I keep reminding my children not to believe anyone, or go with anyone, unless they know them or they are professionals to which they have been already introduced in formal setting. Although knowing someone doesn't necessarily mean they are safe either sad I suppose.
PA was it malaria? shock you have done very well not to get ill so far.
Toffee Maths tutoring must be a weight off your mind, it is really something that only enthusiasts can teach hmm --as someone who was taught Maths by an extremely patient teacher and just scraped a C at O'level, my proudest hour smile really smile
Whoknows very frustrating, but just keep gritting your teeth and sticking to the rules. My mum is someone who always ignores the surgeon's instructions, it always ends with problems.

I think it is going to take me all day to connect the printer/find right cable etc.
And send off one official looking letter.
Lamb keema for supper (that's mince and peas hmm
All kids at school. Ds1 in good form, although he had a meltdown yesterday over a sweetie, so I think he needs a lot of tlc to keep himself enthusiastic and productive. He's doing every after school club on offer as far as I can see, which is very nice as he still doesn't appear to have any close friends at new school, but at least he is finding social life in another capacity...His weight seems to be stabilizing on new regime too. Dietician's referral has been been thrown back at us, again sigh, as apparently this year you have to be TWO centiles weight above your height. He is 99 centile height, and one above that for weight atm. Now referred to absolutely useless MEND programme which is 2 hours twice a week for the whole family miles away, after school. And there is no way we can do that, so will keep chugging on with exercise and food supervision instead...

swanthingafteranother Tue 02-Oct-12 10:44:14

Trazzletoes thinking of you, and sending prayers. x-post. Lady down the road is dealing with all this, so I can (in a tiny way) imagine what you are going through. Hope you have some news soon.

MercuryRising Tue 02-Oct-12 11:27:12

Trazzletoes just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts.

laurenamium Tue 02-Oct-12 11:47:57

trazzletoes sad thinking of you here too and we are here if you need us! sad

Trazzletoes Tue 02-Oct-12 12:36:05

Thank you all. You're making me cry <even more>

Hi all. smile Thanks for the get well wishes. I have read through all the posts, but brain is a bit frazzled to take in who said what, sorry!!
No, it was not malaria, but looks as if it could well have been Dengue Fever. Not pleasant and I now have to make sure I don't get it again - not sure how I can do that, as everyone says there is nothing you can do!! confused , but it is dangerous to get a second dose, apparently!
As for the Drs and medical clinics..... errrr no!!! I would rather not, thank you!! My bed, my toilet, my body!! I don't trust any of the quacks here.

Washing pile has suddenly erupted as DH has decided I am well enough for him not to do it, but unfortunately my energy levels have not matched his expectations quite yet!! smile I will try tomorrow. I nearly did it today, then we had a massive storm, and all who know about my dodgy electrics will know that rain and electrics are not a good combination here, so I thought it best not to push my luck!

As I am typing DS is having an absolute fit because there is a massive lizard very close to his shoes that he needs to put on. Am I being a horrible mum because I am just laughing at him? hmm grin Him and DH are just off for a footie game. DH is thinking of going to a bar tonight at 3am to watch the Chelsea game, too. Some things have not changed a bit in life, wherever our location!

Good night all. I will try to do better tomorrow and will hopefully have more of a TaDa list than my non-existent one today!! blush

Oh, yes, One ta-da - I cleaned the kitchen drainer which was stinkingly disgusting. If it is not done daily the heat and humidity just make it aweful and it had not been done properly by DH since i have been ill, so it was minging!!!! Made me gag to do it, but hey ho, done now!! <remind me next time to do it BEFORE I eating so that the gagging has less of a violent affect on my stomach!! hmm

Trazzle <hugs>, we're here if you need us.

madwomanintheattic Tue 02-Oct-12 14:17:44

Trazzle - I will look out for you on the health board. We have a whole lotta brain stuff in this family, and some close friends who have dealt with brain tumours in their children (plural). Don't panic yet - although that's easier said than done (hug)
Thinking of you x

Trazzletoes Tue 02-Oct-12 14:53:58

Thanks madwoman, I'm on children's health at the moment.

issimma Tue 02-Oct-12 15:19:38

trazzle thanks can't even begin to imagine how you're feeling. Take care.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 02-Oct-12 15:47:20

Trazzle - I'm so, so sorry to hear your news. You and TrazzleJr will be in my thoughts every day. I hope you have lots of RL support and that you hear better news soon.

deleted203 Tue 02-Oct-12 16:48:46

Trazzle Really, really sorry to hear your news. Hope you get some positive news soon. I'll be thinking of you and your family. Also the family of the little girl who has been taken. Terrible thing to contemplate.

Not done much today, I'm afraid. Sink started off shiny....is now looking a bit worse for wear. Did a load of laundry that's sitting wetly in machine. Struggling with DD1 at moment, who has been suffering from depression/bi-polar for the last 9 months. BF of 4 years dumped her by text last night (saying he just wants to be friends because it's his finals this year) so she is very low. Managed to fling 27 things into a bin liner and throw them out! And DD and I made a curtain to go at side of washing machine to cover the gap. If I can't clean up under there I can hide the mess smile. Tea is in slow cooker waiting for DH to come home. Hopefully I can stir myself later to shine the sink and do the before bed routine.

dizzyday07 Tue 02-Oct-12 17:11:32

Trazzle - keeping everything crossed for your DS x.

Oh, Trazzle so sorry.

SC - art course sounds great.

PA - glad you're recovering. Hope you can manage to rest a bit!

Haven't done much today. Waiting for a phone call at the moment... could lead to exciting work prospects, or could not.

issimma Tue 02-Oct-12 20:13:33

I'm not doing that great. Got dressed to shoes (including shower and hair wash), but the sink still hasn't been shined. The rest of the kitchen is OK, but the sink is under yet another load waiting for the DW!

Starting to feel a bit more human today, stayed downstairs all afternoon. Getting a bit tired of having my food prepared for me, hadn't really thought about it but I do 99% of shopping, planning and cooking so naturally it is largely to my taste. DH is an adequate cook but I am really struggling with it all being very bland, plain and soft. He's keeping ghe house fairly tidy but unfortunately this is being achieved by just shoving everything into the nearest available drawer / cupboard. I'm never going to find anything again!

I've been watching Sky news on and off all day, the search for April, Maggie - I'm so moved by the sight of all the locals pulling together to help, a true community.

Trazzletoes Tue 02-Oct-12 22:22:15

Thank you all for your support. Updates here DC's cancer for anyone that is interested.

Your support is greatly greatly appreciated. It's helping to know we are not alone.

Just off to bed, DH still out so I think he'll be there all night - weather is foul. Only police, MR and coastguard searching now sad. Snuggled up in bed with DS1, want to hold him close tonight.

Trazzle thinking of you and your family too. We had a hell of a year last year - from experience, take support and help when it's offered and off load on here when you need. Feel free to pm me if you'd like x

rowingboat Tue 02-Oct-12 22:54:26

Hi all,
Trazzle so sorry to hear about your ds. I can't imagine what you are going through. I hope he gets the treatment he needs as soon as possible and gives you all something positive to focus on.
That poor little girl, very sad for her family.
Who knows hope you are allowed a nice bowl of tasty soup soon
Soworn that sounds like a productive day to me - admittedly my standards are not the highest. grin your poor dd, i can remember going through that years ago and it was so hard, but I'm still here to tell the tale and I can barely remember what the bloke looked like.
It's very heartening to hear that people have finished the decluttering and are now just on to tidying. Can't imagine ever getting to the bottom of my pile of clutter, not even just mine, dp's and ds's.
back tomorrow night all!

So, so sorry to hear about your DS Trazzle. Thinking about you all x

Sorry to hear of you bad news Trazzles.

<passes out in naughty corner>

Trazzle So sorry that I missed your news yesterday. I did not mean to ignore your awful situation, I am sorry!! sad Thoughts and prayers for you, your family and especially for DS.

Washing in this morning, downstairs floor swept. Good start so far!! smile

Meant to add... not sure if I feel smug/irritated/annoyed or just resigned. Surprise surprise DH came home from football injured and this morning is hobbling around like an old man! He must begin to realise that his body is older than his 16 year old son's and that 50 year old's should not be trying to play football 5 times a week!!

Can't sleep. I thought I would be sleeping masses right now, but I'm lying awake late every night, wsking at 7 and not napping. My brain is racing.

Honu Wed 03-Oct-12 06:29:39

Better late than never - I'm still here.

Life is manic here but it all fades into insignificance when I read some of the other posts on this thread. Trazzle I just read your post on the other thread and send all my love and prayers. If the GP got it wrong then you can't possibly blame yourself. You are a normal loving mother and now need to take all the help that is offered so you can concentrate on your prime task of caring for your DS, your family and yourself.

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 06:57:32


Good morning everyone

Sorry to be late posting this. Had late school meeting last night, followed by 'one of those' discussions with dh that went on far too long.


Today’s baby-step no. 3 for Wed 3rd October is here - a consolidation of the previous two days

Today (and all this week) we are in Zone 1: Entrance, Front Porch, and Dining Room. Try and spend 15 mins decluttering in this zone per day. If you have already decluttered, you can go on to detailed cleaning here

Today's mission is here (decluttering dining room for 15 mins)

Wednesday is anti-procrastination day - do those horrible things you have ben avoiding - here

The habit for October is: getting rid of paper clutterMore info here

If I've missed anything, have a look at today's flight plan here which reminds us about the super fling boogies Flylady suggests we do in prep for Christmas holidays.

Have a good day everyone!

Mymumsdaughter Wed 03-Oct-12 07:03:38

trazzle thoughts and prayers here for you.

Strictly thank you for the detailed postings I will be tackling cupbords today and cleaning rest if it.

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 07:22:51

Trazzletoes I hope you managed to get some sleep last night, even just an hour or so. I've looked at the picture on your profile and your little boy is gorgeous. Wishing you and your family lots of strength today - thinking of you all x

Whoknows Hope you are still taking it steady!

PA dengue fever shock isn't that quite serious??? shock Make sure you take the time to recover properly.

Honu Great to see you!

Blue hope that phone call you were waiting for proved to be positive news

Sowornout Sorry to hear about your dd1; hope she is feeling a bit more positive today x making a curtain for the gap and flinging out 27 things is very good going after only following the system for 2 days so don't be hard on yourself.

Issimma Same goes for you - you are doing well - small steps and all that!

To do:
morning routine inc s&s, wm, dw
prep for fortnightly ironing lady - can't remember if she is coming or not [bad planning emoticon]
make veggie casserole thing I didn't make yesteday
prep online shopping returns
post office run
art shop run
school run
hwk supervision
rules discussion (again) with dd
family board game night
afternoon routine

Have to dash. Big waves to everyone!!

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 07:23:30

x post

My pleasure smile Good luck to your list today Mymums

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 07:24:26

"to your list" confused sorry! Rushing!!

Good luck with your list Mymums!!

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 07:28:38

Swan meant to add, well done to your ds1 for weight stabilisation despite inadequate support on offer. Good to hear he is getting stuck in to the extra-curricular activities too!

[Really am dashing off now]

CarpeJugulum Wed 03-Oct-12 08:18:33

Morning all.

Hope things are going as well as can be expected Trazzle.
Glad you're feeling better WhoKnows - get your DH to make a spicy curry for you wink
pa I second strictly's shock look. Take it easy on yourself!

Wingflaps to everyone else as I'm trying to get a lot of work done this morning, due to complete lack of incentive last night.

Feeling a bit better, so have texted friend to see if she and her DS want to meet up as DS and I are going stir crazy. We did get out for a bit yesterday just to get some fresh air, which helped, but still feeling cooped up.

As luck would have it, I'm planning on decluttering my dining room today anyway and getting rid of all the remnants of the summer holiday - may take me more than 15 minutes though blush

Right, must away and get some work done... I need a resigned emoticon really!

<leaves brew on the bar>

laurenamium Wed 03-Oct-12 09:43:10

Morning all! Dumping and running today...date is on his way back from work so date nights will be back very soon grin

To do:
Reading corner blankets in dryer
Wash kitchen floor
morning school run
Afternoon school run
DD and mindee to rhyme time
Pay deposit for DD birthday party
bins and recycling out
Shine sink
DD horse riding
buy pies from butchers for dinner
Post letter
Mission- adapted to dining table as no actual dining room


MsOnatopp Wed 03-Oct-12 10:01:08

Trazzle I am so so sorry sad Thinking of you thanks

MsOnatopp Wed 03-Oct-12 10:04:35

Had DS's birthday yesterday. House looks like CHAOS again but he enjoyed it so I am pleased. I made his cake so the kitchen is covered by a dust storm of icing sugar and despite my already having tried to clean it is still sticky so will need to have another deep clean in there. So that is all that's really on my to do list. Will read and catch up on thread tonight when, hopefully, I wont have much to do.

rowingboat Wed 03-Oct-12 10:39:41

Hi all
Trazzle, sending you and your ds a huge hug! Hope you get more information on his treatment today.

I'm really struggling with names here, please bear with me. I must flip the thread befor eposting next time because i can't see who posted today. Is that what you guys do?

So not working until late afternoon and catching up before the my two long days at work (not home until late evening)

To do (have done some so will tick them off to keep myself right)
Recycle food x
Recycle packaging x
Bins out new bags in wash bins x
Recycle paper
Washing up x
S&s kitchen and bathroom
Wash sofas
Wash table in sitting room
Clear hotspot kitchen table
Make ebay list
Music for lesson
Think about lunch and dinner
Air in car tyres
Washing on line
New load in
Hoover sitting room

Need to declutter but can't think where to start?
Get rid of Lps do charity shops take them?

rowingboat Wed 03-Oct-12 10:41:01

Mrsona how was the birthday? Anybody sick? I am planning a party for 8 year old so any ideas for games, food?

dizzyday07 Wed 03-Oct-12 11:10:24

Got quite a lot of bits and pieces done yesterday including a 2 mile round trip walk to the Post Office (to help with body shred!)

I wore a pedometer all day to see how many steps I did and it came to over 11,000 shock. Even taking away the @5,000 from the walk, that was 6,000 just pottering around the house - I had done 900 by the time I'd finished the morning school run!

Ta Da today is:
* washing load in and hung to dry
* D/W on then unloaded
* sewn the last of DD's swimming badges onto her towel
* yesterday's washing put away

I'm going to try and finish the outstanding ironing before DD gets home from school

CarpeJugulum Wed 03-Oct-12 11:36:01

Oh bugger. Crisis clean alert!

Friend is fine with playdate, but it's ended up being here. Panic stations!

(Actually not to much, just a quick tidy and hoover, but wasn't planning on it IYSWIM!)

On the upside, I have cleaned my downstairs windows inside and out. Normally do the inside, but have a window cleaner for the outside. Unfortunately, the heavy wind and rain a few days ago meant that I couldn't see out of my kitchen window, so had to bite the bullet. First go with a cloth and squeegee, then finished with the e-cloths so it's relatively streak free when the rare glimmer of sun hits it grin

Right, DS for lunch, then a nap and I'll buzz round and get everything sorted. Mission has been sidetracked!

Checking in with a 'ta da' and a 'to do' later..

swanthingafteranother Wed 03-Oct-12 12:23:50

Done yesterday
managed to install printer (that took all day, and all my emotional energy blush
wrote an official sounding letter (reason for setting up printer)
homework for ds2
piano lesson dd
tended to ds1 who was in excellent spirits then proceeded to meltdown at 8pm with ds2 over a football match on telly (they just cannot watch telly together, ds1 makes noises all the time, and ds2 keeps reacting - so much for brotherly interaction hmm Cue terrible screaming from ds1 about being deprived of football match on telly, motherly soothing, read him Lemony Snicket The End. He needed an early night.

Dh very tired, and worrying about his new life, despite constant reassurance from wife hmm

Also migraine on Sunday followed by severe peri-menopausal symptoms, so I think we are both heading for early retirement hmm Beginning to recover now aided by lots of codeine and toast.

swanthingafteranother Wed 03-Oct-12 12:25:13

Today, I am determined to tidy dd's room. Ds1 room is so beautifully tidy atm, due to cleaning lady and my efforts on Monday...it feels like a haven. Dd needs similar I think.

swanthingafteranother Wed 03-Oct-12 12:31:47

actually, her room is not so bad, just needs a bit of a spruce and sheets changed
so...have to tackle paperwork then blush no avoiding it

madwomanintheattic Wed 03-Oct-12 14:46:20

Ha, swan. I've got a fresh mountain of the stuff to wade through today as well. Raging inferno type hot spot. <am lol at codeine and toast.>

Dh is away, so I've got a sitter coming round tonight as I have a meeting. I'm also on crisis clean, CJ.

In other news, it snowed for six hours yesterday. grin wooooooo! Nearly ski season! And just in time, I have two job interviews tomorrow. So I will also be in a flap and dragging clothes out of the wardrobe later. Never a good look.

MsOnatopp Wed 03-Oct-12 15:34:10

<taking a break from lounging around>

rowing I didn't throw him a party (bad social anxieties that I have only just started getting help for) but he's only four so he didn't mind. I just brought his best friend round to my parents and we had like a mini thing there with his friend, friend's mum (my best mate) and my family. He loved it smile

swanthingafteranother Wed 03-Oct-12 15:49:49

right, achieved something
2 suitcases in loft
passed on character shoes and heelies to playground
bag of barbies passed on
found bag of halloween stuff in loft
two loads of washing
changed dd sheets
dusted and sweetwrappers from dd room
all sleeping bags in playroom
clean laundry sorted

madwoman you are onto the next season, gosh winter already [was there autumn?] we have grapes ripening still here, although there is a distinctly equinoctal mulchy feeling now, hailstorm earlier. 2 jobs! Wow!

swanthingafteranother Wed 03-Oct-12 15:58:11

Rowing when ds2 was eight we did a themed party at home, just 9-10 kids. I think it was Indiana Jones so cactus scenery, dress cowboys and indians, a treasure hunt, games in garden, nothing particular fussy but I think they liked being in fancy dress. No film or anything, just dancing, clues, that sort of game. Will try and look back on this thread to see what I did it must have been round Easter 2010. The previous year we did a Star Wars themed party, where they came dressed as Star Wars characters. They have always been v successful on low budget, small nos of kids.

elliepac Wed 03-Oct-12 16:30:04

Helloooooo everyone. I like to start the month as I finish the month.......... Missing in inactionwinkgrin.

Not stopping either as have got Open Evening at school tonight so have come home for quick shower and quick bite to eat before I go back to work until 9.sad

I just wanted to send my thoughts hugs and prayers to you trazzle and your beautiful ds and the rest of your family. I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through but know we are here for you and are thinking of you. If you need a place to be sad, to rant or just to talk, we are here. I hope you managed to get some sleep and that things are going as well as they can be. Will check your other thread too. Take care.

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 17:10:14

Trazzle ditto what Ellie said a hundred times over ...

Just dashing in and out again very fast to say "hello". In middle of ballet/bath/hwk supervision/supper but will BBL

Hope everyone's day is going as well it possibly can

Jamillalliamilli Wed 03-Oct-12 19:01:22

Trazzle I’m so very very sorry, horrible news that can only leave your world upside down and all over the place. We can't as parent’s foresee and know these things, just do our best when presented with them. Hugs prayers and strength for him, you, and your family, and that you can access all help at any level needed or wanted.

S/c Sorry I couldn't get back here, but thank you for reporting back on the art classes. Waiting in hope for future instalments.

Flying had to wait while trying to sort out accommodation, money, storage, possible insurance et al here.

Still to do:
Make soup
Prep swim kits

Engelsemama Wed 03-Oct-12 19:15:13

So sorry to hear your news trazzle <sends a very big hug>

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 20:18:46

How's it going with the aftermath of the flood and everything Justgettingonwithit? - It can't be at all easy for you. Eeeek at 'statistics'!

Hardly 'missing' Ellie - certainly loads of 'action' grin! Hope Open Evening not too onerous. One of my sister's is a lecturer, and always having to attend those sort of things - so I know how utterly knackering full on they can be. [Opens wine for when you get home at 9.30pm (hopefully))

Swan 'yes' to mulchy feel here too - intrigued by 'character' shoes ... wine to counteract double demands of Lemony-Snicket meltdowns and spousal reassurance

Madwoman heavens @ snow already! and good luck with interviews!! Let us know how you get on!

Carpe congrats on the window cleaning and hope you survived the crisis clean/play-date! wine for you too!

Dizzy well done re: your 11.000 steps

Rowingboat well done re: working through your your long list - hope declutteirng went ok (why not start in zone one if you are unsure? smile)
Usually have thread so that last posts appear first ifywsim (is that flipping???)

Whey hey Lauren ahhh... the romance of it all .....wink grin

So glad your ds enjoyed his party MrsOnatopp. Arf at icing sugar storm!

Carpe hope a bit of fresh air did the trick!

Issimma how did you get on today?

Huge wing flaps to Engels Honu Toffee Whoknows Feetheart blue pushme bitchy PA Sowornout MaggieMcV MercuryRising TheHeirofSlytherin and anyone else I've forgotten!!

Phew, well that was a day and a half. Burnt the supper so had to order in pizza blush. (I've burnt the supper twice in a row now - wondering if this is significant somehow - old age/imminent decline??) Spent the day trying to work out how to pronounce "Taoiseach" correctly ie PM of Ireland - don't ask, it's work related - he's visiting atm (not us - the city) - (actually Swan - you might know this one!) and I just didn't stop today. I was very, very busy doing totally different things to those on my list, and am now on the wine wine wine despite giving it up on Sunday!! Oh and found the most faaab-u-lous art shop known to man which I've walked past in ignorance for 15 years!!

[Opens many more wine wine wine bottles for everyone else!!

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 20:20:32

Justgettonwithit no probs re: art classes btw - will be boring you all about them ad infinitum no doubt ...grin How did the sketch turn out??

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 20:26:02

Ta da:
morning routine inc s&s, wm, dw done
prep for fortnightly ironing lady - can't remember if she is coming or not [bad planning emoticon] she came yay!
make veggie casserole thing I didn't make yesteday NOPE
prep online shopping returns NOPE
post office run NOPE
art shop run Yay
school run done
hwk supervision done
rules discussion (again) with dd NOPE
family board game night NOPE but did poem in the bath instead grin
afternoon routine, to do

also did : more rabbit supplies/quick supermarket shop/quick present & cosmetics shop/laundry/phone calls/found medical info and prepped appts (something I had been procrastingating over)

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 20:26:28

procrastingating??? confused

strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 20:49:22


Feeling a bit tipsy tired now so am going to post links, finish evening routine then crash. (Tried to post these twice previously and they disappeared so third time lucky!)

Tomorrow's baby-step no. 4 for Thurs 4th October is here the superfluos one about post-it notes which form start of cj. Prob. worth reading if you are a newcomer but personally don't think it's worth doing!

Tomorrow (and all this week) we are in Zone 1: Entrance, Front Porch, and Dining Room. Try and spend 15 mins decluttering in this zone per day. If you have already decluttered, you can go on to detailed cleaning

Tomorrow's mission is more decluttering of dining room or wherever suits

Thursday is errand day here

The habit for October is: getting rid of paper clutter here

If I've missed anything, have a look at tomorrow's flight plan here which should update automatically]]


strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 20:51:46


strictlycaballine Wed 03-Oct-12 20:54:22

Trazzle you and your family have been very much in my mind as I've been posting all the trivialities below. Doesn't seem right somehow to be posting about art supply shops and decluttering when you are going through such a testing time. Anyway, just wanted you to know that our thoughts are very much with you x

G'night everyone.

issimma Wed 03-Oct-12 21:08:53

The sink is gleaming <end message>

<ignores to-do list, idly wonders how much a cleaner would be>

Not a great deal of flying done, but kitchen is still fairly tidy and am keeping on top of the washing... So at least I'm maintaining and not going backwards.

Ta da's are minimal:
Quick tidy of bedrooms
2 loads of washing dried (not yet put awayblush)
Dc's, dog and cat fed.

Supply tomorrow am - bathrooms deep clean tomorrow pm (my least favourite job in the world)
Off to bed now, although DS2 didn't feel well earlier and was a particularly funny colour - dosed up with calpol now, but we'll see what the night brings...

Evening all!

Today has been odd. I've got a mild sinussy thing so my ears feel all funny, and had some unexpected sad news this morning, so mildly shellshocked all day. Still managed some work as well as house bleugh, sewing and talking to a friend I'd been meaning to ring for far too long. Have also been to Zumba tonight.

I'm off down to London tomorrow evening for a conference on Friday - much excitement - so I'm supposed to be writing lists... Got to get off the computer!

Big waves to everyone and hugs to Trazzle.

deleted203 Wed 03-Oct-12 22:37:38

Trazzle Much love to you and your family. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Ta da!

15 min de-clutter
Took 2 more binliners to charity shop
Took daughter's passport app. to post office - rejected blush
Ordered carpet for spare room - coming Friday!
Painted corner unit in spare room

Shiny sink!

House is starting to look tidier (in bits). Dining room much better - entrance hall still pretty awful! I'll keep decluttering.

Scruffybear Thu 04-Oct-12 00:17:20

Marking my place, having fallen under off the flying wagon again. I remain hopeful that I might yet make a difference here before the year is out, although noting that this month is paper clutter month I couldn't help but snort. feeling defeated already wine

CarpeJugulum Thu 04-Oct-12 07:11:11


DS is night waking again. Think it's a combination of cold, teeth and growing. But DH is on call (IT not medicine) so can't deal with him as his phone can go off at anytime. This morning is NOT a good morning. Gave up at 4.30am and just slept with him.

So, plan for today is...
Morning routine
WAH job
Toddler group (plus pick up dinner from butcher)
Home for nap
Die in the corner.

Roll on Friday when I am doing alcohol and no DS supervision!

<leaves industrial strength brew and intravenous kits on the bar>

MercuryRising Thu 04-Oct-12 07:26:32

Morning. Sorry I went awol yesterday I helped in DCs school all day and by the time we got home I only did the bare minimum and flopped. But today I will do better, including working my way through the ironing mountain hmm dizzy well done on 11000 steps that is fantastic. I want to lose half a stone by the end of the month when we are off on our first family holiday abroad so I think inspired by your efforts I will fish my pedometer out from the depths of the junk drawer. Have a good day everyone grin

strictlycaballine Thu 04-Oct-12 08:38:51

[puts hand in front of face to protect eyes from gleam of Issima's sink]

[Falls on Carpe's extra-strong brew]

Morning everyone. A real taste of winter here today; dark, dank and cold. Lighting in this house hasn't changed much since Edwardian times so it's traditionally around about now I regret not doing more decluttering/deep cleaning in the light, long days of summer. (Same goes for body clutter!) DD feeling below par but no temp so have sent her in as per school instructions.

Sorry you had such an awful night's sleep Carpe Hope you (and your ds) get through the day OK x

Great to see you Scruffy grin Don't worry, I'm drowning in paper clutter too. (Every surface in home office covered in teetering piles of the stuff.) We can do it, 15 mins by 15 mins!!

Great the system is starting to work for you Sowornout - take it slowly though wink but not as slowly as me who writes about decluttering all the time but doesn't actually do much of it

Having been out for most of week, need to make real progress in the house today.

To do:
finish morning routine inc wm, dw, s&s done
rabbits done
put away ironing done by lovely fortnightly ironing lady (may a thousand blessings and flower garlands fall gently on her head)
make veggie casserole stew thing that I didn't make yesterday, or day before blush (meal planning has gone a bit wonky this week - need to readjust to new circs)
prep online shopping for returns
dye Barnet Fair (today or tomorrow)
clean and soak in Dettol all brushes/combs etc
tablecloth wash
clean laundry to office/collect used office laundry
prep two canvases with gesso, prep one of them with background paint
transfer drawing etc etc
one hour paper clutter
two hours boudoir
send two e-mails
phone calls (appt)
school run/tennis run
afternoon/evening routine

Have a productive day everyone! Vigorous wing flaps to one and all!

DS2 off school as suspected so no work for me today as DH is still out searching sad

Still, it gives me a day to really flap my wings...

To do then;
Get to bottom of washing and put it all away
Sort out summer clothes and pack away
Finish Zone 1
Hoover through
Online banking

Whilst simultaneously dosing out calpol.....

[Grabs brew and IV kit from Carpe gratefully]

Mymumsdaughter Thu 04-Oct-12 09:21:49

Morning all not much too report here cept full of cold

Today is major crisis clean day. I had planned to blitz the house in peace and quiet as people would be out. turns out people took the day off. I am already feeling stabby. Very very stabby. angry

<recieves brew very very gratefully and wanders off muttering about people who don't have a clue>


Should warn you that today there will be a scary list. Sorry.

strictlycaballine Thu 04-Oct-12 09:32:55

[quakes at thought of Bitchy's list]

Strapping on the pedometer here too Mercury!

[hot lemon drink and handkerchiefs to Mymums]

Oh dear maggie it's not looking very positive is it. Great your dh and others haven't given up looking though sad

Rabbits took one look at drizzle outside this morning and promptly turned around and went back to bed. I desperately want to follow suit (warm piles of hay look quite inviting actually, but must get on ...

SC - there's still hope.

strictlycaballine Thu 04-Oct-12 10:41:33

Absolutely there is Maggie (sorry - did NOT mean to imply otherwise) just more awful as time goes on. Poor parents ...

strictlycaballine Thu 04-Oct-12 10:55:06

Blue sorry - tired today - missing things ... meant to say earlier that I hope you are feeling better and I'm sorry you've had bad newsx

Have a safe trip to London ...

Mymumsdaughter Thu 04-Oct-12 11:42:49

Thanks strictly bitchy waiting with anticipation for your list - I love ticking off what I've done on your list If I manage 5 I have a sense of achievement!

taking a laid back approach to starting the day it will get more crazy but

ta da
collect all laundry
collect all washing up
long hot shower - seems madness but have managed to delegate it being steam cleaned and wanted all messy messy stuff (deep hair conditioning treatment stuff etc) done first.
3rd load of washing is on
ds' kit has been sorted through
sort bathroom out for steam cleaning. bigger job then you would think
Take box of stuff and chuck all over lounge floor...

My next job is to sort and deal with mess on lounge floor...

issimma Thu 04-Oct-12 12:16:01

Go ladies grin!

I've realised that I'm pretty damn good at tidying, decluttering and Life Admin. Where I fall down is cleaning. I read what FlyLady says, and then think 'nah, would rather MN'. Thing is, I hate dirt and would love an immaculate house. I need to get a grip or a live in maid.

So, will keep to three small cleaning aims today rather than being over ambitious:
Clean bathroom (not so small a task perhaps!)
Hoover downstairs (easy one)
Mop downstairs (easy but tiresome).

I also need to make this for dinner while DD naps - no chance while she's up and on the rampage!

And write a Congrats card.

laurenamium Thu 04-Oct-12 13:10:58

Afternoon all! It's took me 40 minutes but DD and mindee are both asleep grin so ill have 20 minutes quiet time until they run riot again!

To do:
School run
Visit friend
Date night grin

BB tomorrow!

feetheart Thu 04-Oct-12 13:15:40

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
I have been accepted to run in the Brighton Marathon in April for Winston's Wish. It seemed like a good idea at the time (possibly because I didn't think I'd get a place!) but the lady has just rung and said I'm in shockshockshock
I haven't done more than amble for about 2 months.

REALLY need to get house sorted by Christmas now as I will need the time to run smile

Need a stiff drink now - and wonder when I break it to DH smile

laurenamium Thu 04-Oct-12 13:17:54

Date nights cancelled...paperwork instead <sigh>

swanthingafteranother Thu 04-Oct-12 13:32:18

ellie it is bad enough attending the Open Days, let alone hosting them! Lucozade and Vim to you. I've got yet another Open Day this evening.
SC it is TEE-SHOCK [and I can't remember how you write the Irish version blush so that will have to suffice

taken ds2 to dyslexia tutor to be assessed - she thinks he may need a different sort of help, but anyway, a lovely walk by the river was had in the meantime...and more investigations into dd's bus route to Convent secondary school...hmm Feeling less and less up to challenge of driving again sad

Still completely knackered and no idea what is for supper...Pork fillet and fried potatoes maybe [searches freezer] The fridge is empty again [sigh]

[^SEN diversion^
investigated the world of Statementing again...I am just completely bewildered by it all. It must be easier to homeschool than to understand it all sad People keep telling me different things and in the meantime what ds2 really needs is me to spend time working with him, not filling in officious forms... I did some "work" with him last night, and very struck by how completely impatient he now is with any kind of written work/grammar/spelling...he just isn't interested in any of it.So need to find the KEY to what does interest him. Perhaps....

Guides tonight
Open Evening
Ds1 has to research some picture by Cranach [oh dear]
cat food
find credit card

swanthingafteranother Thu 04-Oct-12 13:35:46

Feet well done! April is a long way off. Plenty of time.

laurenamium Thu 04-Oct-12 13:41:51

I've just had confirmation that my step dad who is also my landlord will be coming here to look after DD tomorrow night whilst I go to a pampered chef party...in light of this and date night being cancelled I have a new to do list grin

Clean kitchen floor
Tidy playroom
Front room hotspot
Clean bathroom


dizzyday07 Thu 04-Oct-12 13:53:37

issimma - I'm like you. I can be tidy and organised but cleaning just bores me rigid! But that curry loves great so will go on next week menu. Thanks

strictlycaballine Thu 04-Oct-12 14:13:55

Swan Lucas the elder or younger? wink pretending didn't just look that up (couldn't find in GoogleArt for some reason but see here (seven rows down on right)
Thanks, got the 'tee' bit right, wasn't sure if it was more of a 'shock' or a 'shook' so that's useful for next time smile!!
Sorry you are going through Statementing nightmares ..must be so frustrating

Good luck with your list Lauren but sorry date night cancelled - that's disappointing for all of us nosy parkers interested in blossoming romance

yeah Feet loads of time - you'll be great!! smile

Issima RAdio 4 podcasts (or whatever you fancy) as recommended by Linzer on this thread a while back) have been my saviour when it comes to surviving tedium of cleaning. Set timed programme to set timed task etc. Not quite set up as I'd like yet, but getting there. Thanks for recipe - tis definitely the weather for that sort of dish - cooking something similar here now as it happens

Back post school/tennis/hwk/supper/bath/bed shannigans

strictlycaballine Thu 04-Oct-12 14:14:19

Forgot to wave to Dizzy

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Thu 04-Oct-12 16:30:28

<sneaks in>

May I ask a question or two? When Step 1 is clean your sink, do you all really seriously dry it after every use? shock And if Zone 1 is entrance hall/porch/dining room, what are the other zones? When do I get round to cleaning things like kitchen and bathrooms?

Cleaning the sink the way she does it looks too much like hard work. blush I'm not sure I have any kitchen cleaner. Oh, what accessories tools do I need? Surely a feather duster must be de rigeur?

Your lists are all scary!

CarpeJugulum Thu 04-Oct-12 16:49:22

Hi TooImmature

I do my sink at night after all the dinner washing up so just dry it round with the tea towel I've used on the stuff that doesn't fit in the dishwasher - as I change my towel daily thanks to a 2yo DS.

Zones change weekly, so you will (once decluttering is done) deep clean each area monthly, plus a wipe round once per week.

Cleaning wise, I have one bottle of general purpose spray, a pack of disposable cloths (cheap ones from 99p shop), e cloths, toilet pan cleaner and bleach. Oh and bicarbonate of soda. Plus a duster and polish.

Hope that helps!

laurenamium Thu 04-Oct-12 18:11:47

Hi tool! I dry my draining board with a tea towel and rinse out the sink under the washing up bowl after every time I wash up. I do the whole bleach and leave for an hour thing once a week during my home blessing on a Monday, I found it didn't need bleaching EVERY day but drying and clearing the draining board and taps makes a big difference to the kitchen, it just looks done IYSWIM! Everyone has their own ways to do things smile

MsOnatopp Thu 04-Oct-12 18:17:55

Tooimmature <whispers> I don't and wont do my sink shiney thing. I have found for me that it isn't about the sink but about there being no dirty dishes left over, nothing on my surfaces and nothing on my window sill. A shiney sink with a messy kitchen does nothing for me at all. I get the same satisfaction whether my sink is shiney or just tidy - so I don't bother. I think Flylady's main purpose for me is to remind me that I need routine and I need to have that thing that will give me encouragement.

I don't follow her routines, I am following the ones that work for me but each month need the reminder to stick to them. This is the longest EVER that I have kept control in all areas. A month now grin

Lauren - Enjoy your pampered chef night! Sorry about your date night.

OK so I am doing so much better and have passed my keeping tidy record of three weeks. We are at a month now grin Unfortunately all the work to keep on top of everything - and for me it is work - I am not getting much time with new DP who I am having a very VERY long distance relationship with sad We're pushing through though. The sooner he can move (not til next year sad ) the better.

On that note, has anyone moved to the Uk from overseas? Fancy answering some Qs?

Tonight's to do
Stay up as late as I can with DP cos it's his free day
Do relaxation CD thingy for CBT before sleep
Finish dishes

ToffeeWhirl Thu 04-Oct-12 18:42:25

Finally managed some Flying today - mainly because my lovely cleaner came and I was shamed into rushing round the rooms before her, sorting everything out blush. I also decluttered by donating two bags of toys to the cleaner for her small daughter.

Decluttering is my priority at the moment. I don't know where all the stuff comes from, but it needs to stop now <stamps foot>.

Took DS1 to a farm today. He took part in lots of farm activities - feeding animals, etc. - but my personal favourite was grooming the horse. It's one of the most relaxing things I've done for a long time.

strictlycaballine Thu 04-Oct-12 19:51:25

Evening all

Oh yes envy to the beneficial effects of horse grooming Toffee - very good for the arm muscles as well as soothing for the brain - having to make do with rabbits atm - not quite the same but nearly!! Ditto here re: decluttering btw. As fast as I get rid; more stuff finds its way in.

MrsOnatopp congrats on one month's successful Flying! That's the beauty of the system - it is eminently adaptable to suit one's own needs. Enjoy your evening with your dp! Moved from UK to Belgium quite a few moons ago now - happy to answer any qs though!

TooimmatureTurtleDoves Don't be scared! We are all at different stages of being buried under clutter!
Like Lauren do the real shine (cleaning and buffing) of sink once a week (use a metal polish thing that leaves residue that deflects water). I find the shine lasts pretty well even though we have v. hard water. Use white vinegar or a bit of bleach throughout rest of week to clean sink when it needs it, usually after supper, otherwise just do a quick wipe around. I definitely don't buff and dry every time and it's fine.

Zones - Flylady explains each week which zone we are in. After a full month, you will have worked your way around the majority of the main living areas of your home. Don't worry if you haven't reached every single place in your house in the first month; as one area gets cleaned, all will become easier, and you will have more time to face those areas that don’t seem to fit in any zone.

Info on zones here and here

Have virtually same list of equipment as carpe plus loads and loads of bottles of cheap white vinegar (great for shining tiles, cleaning limescale from kettles and washing machines/dishwashers, shower doors, windows etc etc)

More general info on system here

Any more questions; don't hesitate to ask smile

strictlycaballine Thu 04-Oct-12 20:22:59

Bit disappointed at how little of my list I have got done today despite being flat out all school hrs and beyond. Do now have fridge/freezer full of healthy food so better than nothing but already behind on missions and paper decluttering, art course exercises etc, and it's only week one! Will post majority of list tomorrow again I suppose ...

Anyway, no energy left so am going to post links now and then finish evening routine/watch Gareth/crash.

Hope you all find a few moments to relax a little this evening...

Trazzle you are still very much in our thoughts x

Whoknows and PA hope you are both recovering well and taking it steady


Tomorrow's baby-step no. 5 for Fri 5th October is here Bit of an iffy one about banishing negativity - important of course - but not necessary to write down etc etc.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Zone 1: Entrance, Front Porch, and Dining Room. Try and spend 15 mins decluttering in this zone per day. If you have already decluttered, you can go on to detailed cleaning

Tomorrow's mission is here 5 mins hoovering in each area of Zone 1

Friday is clear out handbag and car day here

The habit for October is: getting rid of paper clutter here

If I've missed anything, have a look at tomorrow's flight plan here which should update automatically



deleted203 Thu 04-Oct-12 20:29:56

Sigh...tomorrow is last day in Zone 1? I haven't cleaned any of it. But I've decluttered a fair amount (about half of each room if I'm honest). Oh well, slow and steady wins the race.

Ok, today, hmm.

Stripped bed, washed bedding, re-made it.
Brief hoover of part of downstairs.
Painted half a cupboard
Did a bit of paperwork

Feel a bit 'half' hearted TBH. I know I'm getting there slowly. Perhaps by the next time I get round to Zone 1 I shall actually do some cleaning grin.

strictlycaballine Thu 04-Oct-12 20:45:41

Don't feel disheartened Sowornout! You've done exactly what you were supposed to (strictly speaking you've done more actually, because you are only required to go on to zones once you have mastered the baby-steps)

You can't clean clutter so missions are only done in each zone once that zone has been completely decluttered! (And detailed cleaning is only for those who are on top of decluttering and missions) So give yourself a big pat on the back and a celebratory glass of wine

Well, one bathroom cleaned - one half cleaned blush
All washing baskets empty grin
DS2 much better grin

Thinking of Trazzle tonight too x

issimma Thu 04-Oct-12 20:57:58

I seem to be rebelling against flylady. I don't like her babysteps, but I like this thread as it reminds me to at least DO something! I don't do the proper sink clean either, just use a cloth and method spray. Is bleach OK on stainless steel? Have decluttered the zone, but it'll be cluttered again next time we're back in it grin.

<most boring Q ever> can you recommend a mop for a ceramic floor?

Have hoovered all of downstairs, cleaned kitchen properly and cleaned bathrooms (apart from bathtub and shower - the bump doesn't permit too much bending and scrubbing). More fun things were toddler group and a playdate with DD, and the curry was lush!

My list of three minimum tasks for tomorrow are:
clean bins
clean oven using vinegar rather than toxic spray
hoover upstairs

I also do at least one DW load and one WM load a day.

Too tired for personals, but thinking of trazzles.

Jamillalliamilli Thu 04-Oct-12 22:19:40

Popping in quickly to answer S/C, and wave to all, hoping to properly catch up thread tomorrow, am still doing everything just struggling to get on here, and have to post and run, but another one thinking of Trazzles

S/C trying to dry out water logged rooms and contents before they rot, but can’t use halogen heaters etc because of previous use and cracking so losing battle as it keeps raining on anything I try and dry outside.

The plan is I will be putting all damaged beyond repair items, and things like skirting boards, flooring, etc into a storage unit which one of the building companies has agreed an ex gratia no liability payment towards, while trying to re dry out flat, get basement pumped (were the rest of the water’s gone) and the insurance arguments will commence.

It all can’t happen for a fortnight and in the meantime I’m supposed to work towards it all then being able to happen over one weekend.

It’s a tall order, and comes at the same time as court of protection hearing to try and allow independent living for older DD, using the compensation she’s yet to be paid, for the sheltered accommodation the council want her into before having the means to pay for it, and trying to keep everyone warm and safe in ‘other dwellings’ while not infringing tenancy conditions, with helpful vicious neighbour watching and reporting like a hawk. (Your life's painfully small, woman!)

Life is not currently fun (unless you’re a silverfish in which case you’re having a ball in my kitchen!)

Can I ask about your art classes, which I hope are considerably more fun and interesting than my miserable mud instillation ^^^.

TooImmatureTurtleDoves Thu 04-Oct-12 22:32:25

Thank you for the info, CarpeJugulum, Laurenamium, MsOnatopp and Strictly! Okay, this is very confusing. So I start off with cleaning my sink and then I start decluttering in a Zone, but I am also supposed to clean the bathroom every day while I'm having a shower shock, make my bed, get dressed properly and do hair and makeup (atm I'm lucky if I put on real clothes and not pyjamas), dishwasher, laundry and do a mission eg hoover for 5 mins in my Zone? And declutter my handbag and clean out the car? And tidy up at the end of the day? <faints> If this is what tidy people do, no wonder my house is such a tip!

Do your husbands/partners/children help with any of this?

Is there somewhere on the website that explains how to do each task, or do they assume you know how? I mean, I do know how to clean, but there's an excellent chance I'm not doing it in the most efficient manner. I'd like to read her version so I can decide if my way needs amending.

I'm also v thick and the Baby Steps confuse me. On Day 2, all you do is have a shower and get dressed? And keep your sink shiny? And I've signed up to Big Tent - is that it for Day 3?

I have purchased a feather duster on Amazon and added cheap white vinegar, kitchen cleaner and bathroom cleaner to my shopping list for Saturday.

dizzyday07 Thu 04-Oct-12 22:47:06

I just can't get my head round wasting a whole sink of water every night just to clean the sink! Maybe the Fat Fairy doesn't have a dishwasher or use a bowl so maybe her sink gets grubby . I tend to leave the pots drying overnight (probably frowned upon by FF) but rinse the bubbles out of the bowl and sink and give it a swipe round with the brush if it needs it.

Trying to think what I've done today hmm

* Supermarket shop and put away
* Deposited 2 cheques in the bank
* Changed address for DD's savings account
* Had a look at smartphones so now know which one I'll get smile
* Load of washing in and hung to dry
* Rang the council to see where our bins are - dosey people have tried to deliver to the wrong address (one that doesn't exist) but obviously didn't think to a) ask in the sales office which house might be ours or b) report when they got back there was a problem! We are promised them now by Tuesday - so we shall see!
* DD to 2nd swimming lesson of the week and picked up fish and chips for tea so no washing up to do.

DD has an inset day tomorrow and as she has a homework project to do we will be sticking cotton wool onto card to make a polar bear.

MercuryRising Thu 04-Oct-12 22:49:56

Evening. I spent most of the day catching up with friends but did a 45 minute fast clean this afternoon and was amazed how much I achieved as the basics had already been done in the morning routine. I feel like I may be beginning to flutter my wings. feet I think it is fantastic that you are going to run the marathon. Have you done a lot of running before?

ToffeeWhirl Thu 04-Oct-12 23:25:02

dizzy - Re: shining the sink. On a good night (like tonight), I finish the washing up and leave it to drain (thereby breaking a Flylady rule) and give the sink a quick wipe over. That's all. No laborious shining at all. I only do shining on special occasions smile.

Tooimmature - yes, I think that might be what tidy people do! The rest of us can only do our best and even a small improvement is better than nothing. All the steps on the daily routine are small, so, for example, you are only meant to declutter for 15 minutes a day. The tidying bag/car thingy is only once a week.

The main point about Flylady is that you work quickly and do the absolute basics, with the deep clean/declutter happening less often. That is hard to achieve for perfectionists, but it's a valuable lesson. I am much better at giving a room a quick 'once over' now, whereas I used to feel I had to do a thorough clean and tidy up each time, then ended up doing nothing because it seemed too overwhelming.

I think the thing about Flylady is that you only take out of it what works for you. After a while, some habits stick and some don't seem worth it. Swishing and swiping in the bathroom is quick and effective, so I do that daily.

By the way, you need to unsign from Big Tent before you are inundated with emails from the Flylady team.

In answer to your other questions:

Do partners/children help? Well, in my case, housework is mainly my responsibility because I'm at home all day at the moment; decluttering is the responsibility of Dh and me (both failing miserably blush). DC will help if asked and I'm working on that.

Is there somewhere on the website that explains how to do each task? Flylady does go into quite a lot of detail with some of them, like how to shine your sink or swish and swipe, but sometimes it takes time to track them down on her website. This contents list might help.

mercury - sounds like you are already feeling the benefits of Flying smile.

JustGetting - I'm so sorry you are going through all this flooding again. You put on such a brave front, but it must be so disheartening. You are always helping others - I hope this time you have some RL support (and we are here as online support anytime).

issima - I bought this mop and its companion bucket recently and am very happy with it.

maggie - glad your DS2 is better. envy at your empty washing basket.

SC - I knew you would appreciate my horse-grooming mention. They are amazingly beautiful animals, aren't they? Rabbits are not quite the same wink.

Not sure if I will get much sleep tonight, as I am on DS2 duty. He kept me up a lot last night with a croupy cough and he has already had another bout of coughing tonight. Luckily, I was able to catch up on sleep this evening with a three-hour nap shock, so I'm all set for a busy night, if necessary.

Like everyone, I am thinking of Trazzles and her boy. Everything I've just written seems so trivial when I think of what they are going through.

elliepac Fri 05-Oct-12 06:31:09

Morning all. Like many of you have said, having just posted on trazzle's thread this all seems a little insignificantsad.

However it must be worth noting that I have done feck all flying this week. Open Evening wiped me out and the dc's and I are going to Wales to visit my uncle this weekend with dmum so have been running around like a headless chicken trying to get ready for that and still more to do.

Work has been really difficult this week and today I have to speak to a member of my team who has been teaching longer than I have been alive and who is on slt that his teaching was jnadequate and he is going to hate me more than he already does because we had to have a discussion earlier on this week about poor exam results. Sigh. Difficult.

Anyway, i have a suitcase to pack. Big waves to all and hugs to trazzle.

laurenamium Fri 05-Oct-12 07:50:47

Morning! Just a list dump and run as mindees arriving any minute!

To do:
My laundry away
School run *2
Walk dogs
Clean kitchen floor
DD and mindee to playgroup
Front room hotspot
Pampered chef party!


strictlycaballine Fri 05-Oct-12 08:24:11

Good morning everyone

Yes it does indeed seem very insignificant Ellie [Sending positive thoughts and prayers to Trazzle and family from us all here]

Ellie job situation does sound v. difficult; requiring superhuman diplomacy skills I imagine - v. stressful too. Hope it resolves itself without situation deteriorating further. If it's any consolation, I'm terribly behind with Flying too (not that I have excuse of demanding job like yours blush)!! Hope you, your ma and the dc have a fab weekend away and can forget all about work and chores for a while!!

Toffee Hope your ds2's cough is improving and that you got a little bit of sleep last night; albeit disturbed sleep.

Mercury thanks for your positive post - we all need a bit of inspiration at the moment!! Glad system is working for you ...!! [SC looks up and watches Mercury take flight ....]

Dizzy well done re: your productive day yesterday and aww at polar bear picture

You too Maggie well done on getting through your list!

Tooimmature First of all, you only need to do the baby-steps and once (and only once) they have become second nature (well, the ones you are interested in doing anyway) you can start on 15 mins decluttering per day in current zone. Once zone areas decluttered, then you start 15 min mission in each zone. As Toffee says, the system is designed to minimise the amount of housework we all do, and to encourage us to do it in small bursts of focused activity every day, rather than have big overwhelming chores build up. My morning routine (if I've done my evening routine properly of course!) probably takes me about 30 mins tops. Ditto evening routine - certainly no longer than 45 mins anyway. Mission or decluttering = 15 mins. Hotspots = 5 mins x 2. And as we declutter the house, the theory is that every task should be quicker and easier. Don't try and do it all at once, build up slowly.

In answer to your questions: 1. my dh doesn't do any housework at all causes loads though but he does help a lot with cooking/food shopping/childcare and child transport wherever long work hrs allow. 2. See my link to 'Flying lessons' info in my post of 19.51 yesterday for more info. 3. Baby-steps are posted each day sychronised with date and the idea is to build one on top of the other. So yes, day 2 = get up and dressed and repeat step one. Suggest unsubscribe from big tent or you will receive loads and loads of e-mails per day. We always highlight here which baby-steps we find most useful, and which ones we think you can happily ignore! PS You are NOT thick! Tis good to question the sect rules system!! wink

Oh dear, that all sounds unimaginably grim Justgettingonwithit especially in current weather and especially as it is all a repeat of what has gone on before. It must be so damp and cold. I can't believe that you haven't been re-housed immediately!! It's outrageous!! I don't understand how they can expect you to live there for a fortnight in such conditions and heft damp skirting boards about. Hope they are going to get you some help. Feel v. angry on your behalf. All that and bureaucratic nightmares too. Neighbour sounds like an absolute charmer too. How you are keeping your sense of humour (arf at silverfish!) I do not know!! Keep strong x

Nowt much more to report from art course really - thanks for asking - have been mucking about with acrylics (which, I am discovering, dry incredibly fast), sketching with cobalt blue, practising backgrounds in burnt umber and have been doing 3-colour exercises ie crimson alizarin + cadmium yellow + cobalt blue = banana or in my case bright yellow sausage !! grin

Issima you rebel you grin - tis good to adapt system to suit yourself - and/or do everything other than what is on the list!! (I think that's one of the Fat Fairy's psychological tricks actually - it's like when you have to write a tedious report or something and start aligning onions in the veg rack instead - works on same principle!! Lots of displacement activity!!) As you say, better some'at than nowt! Sorry - no mop recommendations - have boring Vileda ones (like thick dishcloth cut up in to strips on end of pole).

To do:
finish morning routine
rabbits + cages x 2
carry everything out of hall/dining room/sitting room that shouldn't be there (this will take a long time)
tidy playroom
tidy mantelpiece and sideboard
laundry: ballet wash, school uniform tonight
dye Barnet Fair
evening routine

Loads more but that will do for now!

Have a productive day everyone ...

strictlycaballine Fri 05-Oct-12 08:24:58

x posts Lauren you seem v. organised as usual!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 05-Oct-12 08:59:49

Ellie - oh dear, that does sound like a very difficult situation at work. Best of luck with that. I hope your trip to see your uncle is a welcome break after a hard week at work.

lauren - what is a pampered chef party? It sounds fun.

SC - I didn't get a lot of sleep last night and I'm drinking strong coffee this morning to stay awake. DS2's cough is now accompanied by a streaming nose, and I do feel sorry for him. He couldn't help waking up a lot and needing cuddles/ Vicks/ Calpol / tissues, etc etc.

Your art course sounds fun. Are you enjoying it?

Today, my 'to do' list looks like this:

Get dressed to flip flops
Buy milk and bread from corner shop
Morning routine
Wash sheets ready for DS1's birthday sleepover tomorrow (entering his teen years <eek>)
Home ed with DS1 (DS2 tucked up on sofa in front of telly)
(Possibly) friend popping round for tea and chat
Drop DSs off at MIL's so DH and I can shop for food and birthday balloons and suchlike
Easy dinners
Wrap presents and put up balloons
Early to bed

Am off to check out Trazzle's thread to see how things are going. Felt so sorry for her son not being able to eat before his GA sad.

Engelsemama Fri 05-Oct-12 09:05:03

Morning all,

Sorry for lack of personals. My brain feels fried this week, I just can't concentrate - haven't been sleeping well, cold coming out, 3 late nights at school in a row which meant travelling home in rush hour and it taking twice as long to get back and only seeing DS for half an hour each day. Feeling a bit miserable and low, trying to tidy house as MIL is looking after DS this afternoon while I go into school on my day off to give some workshops for a student conference one of my colleagues is running.

Sorry for being so grumpy sad Pouring it down with rain here.

I feel guilty being such a grump when there are so many of you going through terribel times at the moment.

Tooimmature DH and I both work, but I'm home 2 days in the week with DS and him for one. He doesn't really get the whole flylady thing so have resigned myself that if I want a routine then I'm going to have to impose it. He does do most of the cooking and if I give him very specific tasks to do on his day at home then he will normally do it, but I have to be VERY specific and not remember what I've said one week to the next. For example, I've told him that I always do at least one load of washing on the days I'm home, so it would be helpful for him to do the same, but unless I actually say the night before, "Can you do a white wash tomorrow?" he won't do it. Yesterday I'd asked him to give the lounge and kitchen a once over because his DM would be round today with DS - he DID hoover and dust lounge, do washing-up and cook dinner, but he didn't tidy up any of the crap that's mostly his littering the place, empty the bins, do any washing.

However, he is starting to take my lead. He'll finish feeding DS while I start on the washing-up after dinner. When I cleared out my wardrobe a few months ago he joined me and we donated 4 bin bags of clothes.

Okay, end of self pity for today!

Ta da
Bins emptied
Washing on
ME and DS up, fed and dressed
DS bed changed

To do
Tidy kitchen and lounge
Bathroom once over
Should pop out and get some stamps so I can post all the cards I wrote on Monday but the weather is just too miserable!
Washing in td and then away
I'm sure there's more but I can't think straight.


ToffeeWhirl Fri 05-Oct-12 09:14:48

I'm sorry you're feeling down, Engels <hands over brew>. Lack of sleep and rest can really drag you down. It's a shame you have to go in to work on your day off today. I hope you get some rest at the weekend.

rowingboat Fri 05-Oct-12 09:30:49

Hi all just off to work. Managed to clear hotspot last night yay!
Who are the people working on body clutter? I am trying to shift some weight, between a stone and half a stone, can't decide. Do you guys have weigh-ins?
Doves I was laughing at your faint when you were reviewing the mahoosive fly routine!

I'm a body clutter bod! Have lost a stone so far another 11/2 to go though...

DS2 much better, although still off school - he's diabetic so if he's ill his bloods tend to go a bit wonky for a day or so...currently playing on Moshi Monsters although has spellings and homework to tackle later hmm

Today's to do's...
Finish upstairs bathroom
Swish and swipe downstairs
Sort out cupboard under the stairs

Also making a vat of soup and monster lasagne for searchers at lunchtime, will report back later...

SC hope you didn't think I was snapping yesterday, DH seemed more hopeful yesterday morning but as time goes on...sad

CarpeJugulum Fri 05-Oct-12 10:00:11

DS is two today! grin

No flying except the basics to celebrate!

How the hell he's still alive with me as his mother I have no clue wink

Flaps and non-calorific birthday cake for everyone!

Engelsemama Fri 05-Oct-12 10:27:51

Thanks toffee . Am feeling better about myself now that the house is straight, DS is in bed (not asleep yet but fx), packed his bag for this afternoon (just rang MIL and I'm going to pop him round to hers if he's awake), have a mug of chocolate milk and some sainsbury's shortbread in my hand (personally imported 2 weeks ago - amazed I haven't opened them till now). Sometimes I find that writing down how grumpy I am is enough to snap me out of it!

Happy Birthday to your DS Carpe

Wow Maggie ! I must weigh myself but reckon I'm still on 0lbs lost sad (though perhaps chocolate milk and shortbread aren't helping hmm )

Have been rubbish at keeping up with exercise, though have been running twice this week.

Jamillalliamilli Fri 05-Oct-12 11:41:38

Overdid the last couple of days and am on light stuff only today.

Still to do
Hand washing
Rescue drying from collapsed shower rail
Try and refit shower rail!
Sort out Disabled congestion charge
Hit post office
Oyster card
Repair shoes
Write general repairs list
Collate sewing stuff into small drawers
Try and read draft legislation on SEN provision (for SEN charity)
Check English
Check C/S project progress
Prep Psychology
Sort out stuff for uni open day tomorrow
Swimming kits for tomorrow
Bag up muddy mats and bath chair wheels, get put in car, to take to lovely firemen to aim hoses at tomorrow. -- Try to wipe childish--grin--of face--
Make soup
Listen to friend for at least two hours before implosion happens.
Try to get back here later.

S/CI and the other tenants here, have a difficult and odd tenancies and situation and having fought to keep homes (and been downsized) that they wanted to sell off because they let them fall into such poor condition, but could fetch a lot as a building site for lots of smaller ‘units’, they’d actually love to rehouse us!

The sketch was a painful reminder of the gap I’ve allowed to grow between brain and fingers! Brought three subtler green water colour crayons, to supplement the rubbish car pencils. Stroking them is a great alternative to comfort eating! smile

Is the acrylics drying problem on the canvass or the palette? (or both) There is such a thing as retarder if you want to work wet in wet, and especially if you want to create ‘fake oils’, but of course then you don’t learn to make swift decisive strokes… but a spray bottle used judiciously can go a long way.

Sowornout Hi, you have done more than the system’s looking for from you, and slow and steady is definitely the way to go. smile

Blue sorry about your news. Hope you've found equilibrium and are running a muck in London happily by now.

Bitchy I somehow read your list as including steam cleaning hair! Thank you for very useful info, am following it up.

Feetheart Well done on marathon! Lot's of time to get ready for it.

Swan can I help with anything regarding statementing and understanding it? (I rewrite statements to make them meaningful and enforceable for parents going to tribunal, for a charity) You’ve discovered the open secret that parents are diverted off to fight for statementing to try and get help for their children, instead of them helping their children, I’m afraid.

Lauren hope date night gets rescheduled.

Scruffy paper clutter is huge issue round here; so much of it has to be kept for years too, but probably not in piles all over the place! blush

Carpe enjoy wine day, and Happy birthday to small Carpe.

Mercury well done on being inspired by Dizzy (well done!) to find the pedometer.

Maggie a horrible cloud for you all to cope with there. sad As well as the obvious wishes for her and them, I wish all of you affected, (I suspect it’s like ripples outwards of the biggest rock dropped into a lake) strength and the ability to continue lives iykwim. Sorry D/S is wobbly, hope you have a nice day of it together.

Too Immature The baby steps really do help you change habits and reassess things, though it took me two go’s round them to start really getting the hang of it, especially the control journal bit, (I hate it, but can see the point) and how to adapt things to suit our lives.
No one here to help, but I have started to understand that years of trying and failing to get son to put his belt on a hanger when taking it off so there isn’t chaos in the morning, can be conquered by making it a specific step in an evening routine for him. So here it’s about moving things off my task list, and on to other people’s, grin and selling it to them in a way they seem to find easier, rather than expecting help, or them to do what I’m doing, too.
Agree’s to get out of Fly Ladies tent, unless you’re very organised with e-mails.

Issima I have replaced some of the babysteps with one’s better suited to us, several of them just don't work for us.

Dizzy I think the FF down side may be an excess of money and resource heavy, if I’ve got it right she advocates running a washing machine daily as well. Not on a water meter I’d guess.

Ellie what a rotten position to be in with work. Such a fine call between the rights of a long term teacher currently sliding and the children impacted by it, and doesn’t seem as if anyone’s found an answer to it.

Rowingboat I haven’t even found the body clutter bit yet, but am definitely in need of it!

Engels hope you can pick up spirits a bit and get some quality time at home soon, don’t feel guilty (pot chatting to kettle!) it is all relative and bottling things up doesn't generally get them better, am the world's worst for this.
I've lost no weight but there’s recently definitely less of me, so hopefully it’s fat converting to muscle?

Toffee thank you, I've had a delivery of sandbags for expected further deluge, and when they saw the situation they just did it all for me, and fire brigade are going to jet wash some grim stuff for me tomorrow, so good start. Hope your feeling a little less rough, though it sounds like you’re not getting much chance to recover.

Hope Whoknows is recovering too.

Phew! Waves and apologies to everyone else, but must get on.

strictlycaballine Fri 05-Oct-12 12:46:04

Lunch break [falls on Carpe's birthday cake]

Feeling a bit more chipper now have actually accomplished a few things this am:

finish morning routine done
rabbits + cages x 2 done
carry everything out of hall/dining room/sitting room that shouldn't be there (this will take a long time) done hellish
tidy playroom done hastily
tidy mantelpiece and sideboard done
laundry: ballet wash, school uniform tonight ongoing
dye Barnet Fair ongoing
evening routine
also made mash to go with fish tonight and sorted out some admin for dh

[pours Toffee more extra strong coffee*] Sorry your ds2 is still suffering. It's good he has the w/e to recover. I am enjoying art course thank you very much! smile And (wierdly - or maybe not) it is definitely helping me to be more motivated cleaning/organising around the house. Need to clear more space (literally) and time to do exercises though and dh a bit iffy about it all because I made stupid timing error (Flemish obviously not as good as I thought it was!) leaving him to do school and extra curric stuff Mon night - need to find someone to take over pronto. Hope you survive the sleepover tomorrow, brave woman that you are!!! (Not guaranteed to help your sleep deprivation I imagine!) And happy birthday to your ds1! Hope he has a fab time!

Carpe*'s Happy 2nd Birthday to your ds too! Hope he has a good 'un!

Engels don't feel guilty about feeling low - just sorry you are having such a tough time of it and having to work such long hours - it sounds really hard. Bummer about day off too. Hope you manage some r & r this w/e.

Rowingboat I'm a body clutter person or I would be if I was actually managing to lose some weight . There are quite a few of us on here. I think we have weigh-ins every Sunday for those want to (the fact that I'm not sure shows how dedicated I am doesn't it!!) - will find out what everyone wants to do this w/e. Watch this space! Lots of us on MFP (in theory anyway!! blush) - very good resource that helps with targets etc. Well done re: hot spots!

Maggie good your ds2 feeling better and well done with impressive weight loss! Not at all re: post yesterday - totally understand horrible situation for all concerned. (I can hardly bear to look at the news when there is still no news ifyswim - goodness knows how all of you who are more directly involved must be feeling). Sounds like a wonderful community spirit you have there which is just what is needed in absolute worst of times. Still praying.

Justgettingonwithit how exciting about your visit to a fire stationgrin [hoicks bust a la Les Dawson] I do love lovely young men in uniform wink Your list doesn't look particularly 'light' to me - take it steady! Sorry about ongoing housing situation - landlords sound dire - must be acutely stressful. Thanks for acrylic tips!! Now I know why everyone has spray bottles!! Tutor also recommended covers for palettes that keep everything moist. Also investigating retarders. Bet your sketch is much better than you think it is - you sound like an expert!!

Must go or hair will turn purple whereas I am aiming at wet elephant colour wink

Huge waves to eveyrone!

strictlycaballine Fri 05-Oct-12 12:47:20

Sorry Carpe don't know why you turned out unemboldened there! Hope your little lad has a lovely day!

Ta Da
4th load laundry on (ds had wet bed which always equals a couple of loads. plus various training kits. Plus normal washing = a lot of washing)
2 hours training
long hot shower
pack ds' bag for contact
have a good hearty breakfast.
Consider plan of action to get rest of crisis tidying/ clean done.
Move some furniture
Sort out the toy corner so it looks presentable (ie surface tidy only)
Tidy up landing
Load car for contact run


deleted203 Fri 05-Oct-12 13:16:34

Much love to all - particularly Trazzle and everyone else who is struggling with life.

Ta Da (so far).

Swish and swipe
Hoovered downstairs
Put load of washing on

Men are currently fitting a carpet for me. This means when they are done I can go in that room and look smugly round at how pristine it is (As though I had had anything to do with it grin) and then I can go in and fill the room up with clutter--

To do

Get DDs passport sorted out (properly)
Go to bank
Pick DS up from school
Another load of washing
Make up spare room for guest tonight
15 mins decluttering in 'the Zone'

Best get on!

deleted203 Fri 05-Oct-12 13:17:43

Oops! I meant to cross out the whole sentance about 'fill the room up with clutter'. Is that my subconscious taking over - or simply Mumsnet sabotage?

GossipWitch Fri 05-Oct-12 14:32:15

Is this the same group that I keep coming on every few months full of promises then kids mess it up for me, and then I find crocheting more important ? doesn't make much sense I know but I would like to join smile

Perhaps Gossip. Jump on board.

Am going to drive stupid mileage and then grab an early night. very tired today.

swanthingafteranother Fri 05-Oct-12 17:13:58

taking it easy today, (dd at home)
did the big shop! And am writing it all down on budgeting sheet shock
friend for coffee this morning
another Open Day yest, and drink out with friends, and Cranach the Elder caused a few rows too, Garden of Eden etc. Long long walk, lost car etc.

Dd is writing a newspaper article about Rosehips
Ds2 is wandering around (I'm now trying the "let them get bored" technique)

Ds1 has yet to appear

dw ON
need to take out the bin
retrieve car from where it is parked at back of beyond.

I too am taking it easy although I do have a good excuse. Starting to feel a lot more human now but that is when the danger starts, I must be really careful of lifting etc for a good few more weeks yet. So, I'm in the naughty corner sitting on a big soft cushion. [wine ] anyone?

Gossip - this may well be the same thread, we've been flapping our wings for three years and many people have come and gone, repeatedly in many cases. Welcome back and if there's anything you don't understand just ask.

DH has run himself ragged all week trying to make sure the house and DCs are taken care of with me sitting in bed shouting reminders. Friends have been ferrying the DCs about. It'll be harder next week when DH h to get back to doing longer hours at work, he's only been doing 10-2 this week. I'm hoping he is starting to appeciate the amount of housework and general organising I usually do suspect he thinks I don't do much

strictlycaballine Fri 05-Oct-12 20:40:02

[[Plumps up cushions and inhales Whoknow's wine (sshhh, don't let Bitchy see that we've re-opened the bar wink])

Great to have progress report Whoknows - I was wondering how you were getting on - good to know you are feeling more human. Hope you can make the most of this weekend in terms of r & r and resist over-doing it next week!!

Safe driving Bitchy Well done re: list

Your dc always seem to cover very diverse & interesting topics in their hwk Swan - wish the education here was as broad and curiosity-provoking

Arf at Sowornout's possible Freudian slip! smile

Good to have you on board GossipWitch

Feeling pretty happy with my efforts tonight (unlike yesterday!) Finished my list + all did missions for entire week in one day (going against all Fat Fairy rules) + cleaned fridge. Have trouble 'putting away papers and magazines' because have nowhere to put them. Have not actually done any chucking out or Fling Boogies though. Nor have I made progress in boudoir. Intending to do 75 mins of paper decluttering tomorrow.

Going to try and have an early night tonight!

Take care everyone.

strictlycaballine Fri 05-Oct-12 20:43:18


OK everyone, well done for getting to the end of a difficult week. And newcomers - you have just completed your first week of Flying – congratulations!

Tomorrow's baby-step no. 6 for Saturday 6th October is here and it's a very important one about 2 minute hot-spots (and putting your bills in one place). Highly recommended.

No zones or missions tomorrow because it is the weekend but just for info (and especially for Tooimmature grin) here are the zones for October:
Zone 1: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room (October 1-6)
Zone 2: The Kitchen (October 7-13)
Zone 3: The Bathroom and One Extra Room (October 14-20)
Zone 4: The Master Bedroom (October 21-27)
Zone 5: The Living Room (October 28-31)

Therefore, starting next week, we will be in the kitchen.
this is a really useful article about how best to tackle zone cleaning

The habit for October is: getting rid of paper clutter here

Any further questions have a look at the flight plan tomorrow which should automatically update by date.

Oh yes, and as it's Friday, think I will link to some reminders for once!

Have a good weekend everyone. G'night!


strictlycaballine Fri 05-Oct-12 20:52:12

Going to check Trazzle's thread for any updates.

Trazzle doubt you have the time, but if you are lurking, we are all behind you and your little boy all the way x

PA Hope you are feeling stronger

Maggie Thinking of April Jones' and her family and everyone in and around Machynlleth.

Trazzletoes Fri 05-Oct-12 22:41:51

Thanks all for your support. Hoping to bring DS home on Sunday night/Monday for a few days before his next round of chemo. A total lack of immune system means my house must be spotless.


It is very VERY far from spotless.

Chemo started today. If all treatment goes to plan (unlikely) he'll be cancer free around Christmas 2013. Of course, he'll never give me grand babies of his very own but if he lives to see 21 then I couldn't care less.

strictlycaballine Fri 05-Oct-12 23:10:27

Trazzle amazing that you found the time/mental energy to post here with everything you're dealing with right now! Thanks so much for the update: we're all thinking of you. Here's hoping you can get home on Sunday for a bit of "normality" after all the shock and trauma. I'm sure it will do you both good. Sorry you are facing such a long haul but good that the treatment has started so promptly. On a more practical level, will any of your relatives be able to help with cleaning as you should probably be conserving your energy? Don't be shy about asking - people like having something tangible to do to help. Thinking of you and your little trooper tonight x

Trazzletoes Fri 05-Oct-12 23:14:42

Can't sleep. There were air bubbles in the chemo meds that go straight in to his vein. I am convinced that they are going to kill him.

strictlycaballine Fri 05-Oct-12 23:51:13

Trazzle no wonder you can't sleep! Is there anyone (night nurse?) you can ask about it?

Trazzletoes Fri 05-Oct-12 23:54:21

Yep. They've told me its fine.

Doesn't help.

deleted203 Fri 05-Oct-12 23:59:41

Trazzle all my love and best wishes to you. I'll be keeping you and your ds in my thoughts. I'm glad the treatment has started - hopefully you get nearer day by day to your ds being well again. Please try and trust the nursing staff if they say it's fine. Try and get a good night's sleep because you need to rest when you can.

strictlycaballine Sat 06-Oct-12 00:09:19

Totally understandable to be worried/wired in circs. Ditto what Sowornout said about trying to get some rest although I guess easier said than done. Hope you have something there to try and distract you from racing thoughts ...books, sudoko, knitting similar or sometimes just 'not trying' to sleep can help. I would usually recommend ironing (puts me straight to sleep) but not very practical on hospital ward. Any other mums about?

strictlycaballine Sat 06-Oct-12 00:38:06

Trazzle going to bed now but will come and check this as and when throughout the night in case you post (dh snores loudly so am often up and about stuffing cotton wool in my ears) Hope you manage to get some rest if not sleep x

deleted203 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:54:07

Trazzle I'm still up and thinking of you.....hopefully you are asleep. Going to bed shortly - hope tomorrow is a good day for you. x

deleted203 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:54:24

Bugger. I've not shone my sink......

strictlycaballine Sat 06-Oct-12 06:29:00

Just checking in [-hoping Trazzle is sleeping]

Waves to Sowornout

laurenamium Sat 06-Oct-12 09:12:20

Morning all!

toffee a pampered chef party is a bit like a Tupperware/ body shop/ Anne summers party but the lady comes and cooks you your tea using all her pampered chef gadgets and cooking utensils, then shows you the catalogue and you spend a small fortune on stone wear roasting dishes and measuring cups and cheese graters that you dont really need grin it was nice to do something different though and I got fed!

My thoughts are with trazzletoes!

Just routines and dog walking here as the house is clean and it's the weekend grin


laurenamium Sat 06-Oct-12 09:15:18

Oh, and my step dad landlord came to look after DD and the first thing he said was "wow the carpets come up clean" grin I proudly told him its not getting cleaned until a week on Monday grin

Mymumsdaughter Sat 06-Oct-12 09:26:11

Hello all This thread is amazing tazzlesthinking of you

GossipWitch Sat 06-Oct-12 09:34:47

Thank you all, trazzletoes my thoughts are with you, and your little soldier, hugs.

Well this morning I woke up to ultimate chaos, my 6 and 4 year old decided it would be a great idea to use the sofa as a bouncy castle so there are now cushions all over the floor and the segments have come apart, and coffee table has been shifted about... darn boys!! so 2 time outs each later and the threat of the third + not being allowed to sit on the sofa if they do it again, and they are now shooting things the house with nerf guns, delightful, lol roll on 10 am when they can burn off some energy outside. They are now doing the cushions.

Well I think somewhere in dps unconciousness, he knew that the entrance hall was zone 1 and last week tidied and put shelves up to clear the table of computer accessories, (or it may be the fact he wants to buy a new computer). so I dont have to worry about getting this zone done from scratch grin.

I still have my control journal from last time (approx 2 years ago) so unless anything has changed, I could work off that.

Hi all nearly dropped off the thread entirely, partly because the work/builders combo has all been a bit much and partly because I have felt a bit funny posting normal chat when trazzle is having such a terrible time.

No battery on my phone for a long post but will be back later with a massive list!

Engelsemama Sat 06-Oct-12 10:51:29

Morning all,

Have been thinking of you trazzle Hope you got some sleep.

Lauren that sounds like my kind of party. My SIL has had 2 parties where they seel cleaning products which wasn't quite exciting enough for me (plus she's teetotal so not even a wine Big mistake - everyone knows that a few glasses of wine makes you buy things you don't really need grin

Am sniffling away, so after such a hectic week am going to take it easy this weekend and focus on tidying up digital and paper clutter rather than anything physical.

Ta da
Food shopping and meal planning for the week
Checked the central heating (strictly speaking DH did this, must it's been on his to do list for a few weeks and I DID pass him several wrenches and screwdrivers!)
Yesterday's washing dried and folded
Lot of washing on

To do
washing up
start spreadsheet for household expenses
evites for friends
order DS birthday cake

have a good day everyone (raining hard here so definitely an indoor day!)

strictlycaballine Sat 06-Oct-12 10:55:30

Agree Pushme it doesn't feel right does it to be posting about trivial daily routines when Trazzle and her family are going through such an awful ordeal. Good luck with your list.

Gossip sounds as if you have your hands full there! smile

Congrats on your step-dad's reaction Lauren you've obviously been blitzing well!

Waves to Sowornout and Mymums

To do:
finish morning routine (late start) inc dw, wm, s&s
shopping for lunch tomorrow (guests)
prep for lunch tomorrow
school uniform wash
ballet wash
table cloth ironing
art exercises
on-line order packing
boudoir 30 mins decluttering
home office 30 mins decluttering
75 mins paper decluttering (catching up from last five days)
evening routine
early bed

Have been waiting for rain to clear before I go out and do the shopping but think I'll be waiting all day, so had better get on ...

GossipWitch Sat 06-Oct-12 10:55:48

Have written my fly xmas list with a view to catch up to it this week, hope you got a bit of sleep trazzle

strictlycaballine Sat 06-Oct-12 10:57:23

x posts

Hi to Engels glad you are feeling a bit better; good luck with admin declutter

Engelsemama Sat 06-Oct-12 12:32:06

thanks sc Finally stopped raining here. Am full of cold today, but feeling more able to face the world emotionally smile

washing up done, washing now in td

Gossip , you reminded me of the Xmas flythread and am now getting excited (and organised!). Have so many events to get through before Christmas this year (DS's 1st birthday, Dsis's wedding, Sinterklaas) that I don't want Christmas to get pushed aside until it's too late!

Waves to all. Thanks for good wishes. Conference was great, and reminded me why I love London, and why I live elsewhere!

Need to get the house straight again after one day of just DH and the boys - incredible!

Hope you got some sleep, Trazzle.

ShiftyFades Sat 06-Oct-12 13:11:13

Arghhhh! Haven't been on for ages because I was on holiday and had no Internet sad and now... Now... Now... The builders are in and I am covered in mud and don't even have space to dry a pair of DS's pants (age 3-4)!!!
Arghh!!! sad

Trazzletoes Sat 06-Oct-12 14:42:12

OI! <looks around sternly> will you please stop being silly? Yes, this is world-shattering for me, but life goes on. Ok?

DH's family are staging an intervention on my house tomorrow to totally de-germ it. Gulp.

I will need to become a fully-fledged Flybaby by Monday. Wish me luck!

Trazzletoes Sat 06-Oct-12 14:43:12

PS. If you're going to do any luck-wishing in this direction, I guess you know what aspect of my life needs the most luck. And it's not cleaning.

madwomanintheattic Sat 06-Oct-12 15:21:37

Omg, trazzle, it's a bit of a desperate way to get the cleaners in! wink

So glad the chemo has started - you've been in my thoughts since earlier in the week. It sounds as though everything is coming together in RL and everyone is pulling for you and ds. Stay strong x

I was thinking, that although it feels somehow slightly wrong to keep chatting as normal whilst one of the Fledglings is dealing with life changing events, at the same time a bit of light hearted chatter and business as usual is also a good thing in order to provide a little distraction. Trazzle - I hope that would be ok? We're all here for you and hope that even if it only makes the slightest bit of difference the Flylady routines will help with your increased housework burden. Thank goodness you have family support too. Sorry, I am waffling a bit. Every best wish to DS.

GossipWitch Sat 06-Oct-12 16:47:49

hoorah, so I have brought myself 2 shiny new notepads... (I have a list thing going on, which is why I like flylady) for my xmas flying whoop smile, dp has promised to do kitchen so apart from laundry, I'm not touching it and I did my morning routine this morning, except for kelly's mission and zone and kitchen.
I have done a bit of shopping, (ds3 has just put me in jail, no typos whilst in handcuffs though) including a new laundry basket, much to dps' amusement !!!, im feeling positive and i'm going to get on with my xmas things whoop.

dizzyday07 Sat 06-Oct-12 17:40:27

Thinking of you Trazzle and will keep everything crossed that your DS can come home for a couple of days and that the treatment zaps those rogue cells into oblivion.

Yesterday DD and I had a lazy day at home (school inset day) but got covered in glue and cotton wool doing a poster for a homework project.

I cooked her and DH a sausage casserole for tea and me a lentil dahl. DH then got the humph as when he said all my dish needed was some chili to make it tasty I told him it was made for ME not HIM!

We seem to be drifting apart and I can't find the energy to do anything about it blush. I think I'm still trying to adapt to him being home full time after working away during the week for the last year. I miss watching what I want on the TV and eating pasta for tea most days.

Today I dropped DD off at a Brownie event before I went and bought myself a little Smartphone. Load of washing has been in and hung to dry and I'll have the "Big Kitchen CleanUp" later (after Strictly) as DH is cooking.

GossipWitch Sat 06-Oct-12 19:25:59

my head now hurts thinking about xmas budgets and its scary, now i'm looking at it all on paper it seems so much. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Mymumsdaughter Sat 06-Oct-12 20:09:51

Tazzle your last post was very generous, best wishes to you and yours
Gossip baby steps as fat fairy reminds us often.
Wing flaps to everyone else last week I tried to stick with zones and ended up in choas _ not sure how poss lack of routines due to cold and too much focus on zone (must remember baby steps)

MercuryRising Sat 06-Oct-12 21:12:52

Evening. Its my dps birthday today so apart from the morning routine, some washing and cleaning out the guinea pigs there has been no flying in the mercury household. Just thought I would pop in and say hi to everyone. All the talk of Christmas flying is beginning to scare me. I think Im going to read through the thread tomorrow and start getting organised.

No flying here today.
DH still out, has a rest day tomorrow though. Not sure how long the search will go on on this scale...sad

Cooked two massive Macaroni cheese
Cooked healthy dinner for DS and me
Taken DS2 to stage school
Could do better...

Thinking of all of you having tough times <holds hands>

strictlycaballine Sat 06-Oct-12 22:32:24

Evening lovely fledglings ...hope you've had a good day

Yes, great generosity of spirit there, as ever, from Trazzles (have posted on your other thread) sending extra strong positive wing flaps from over here though as well!! Hope you sleep better tonight too xxx

[I'd be more than gulping at thought of in-laws coming to clean btw - shouldn't laugh - but I find the thought pretty mind-blowing - not that mine have a clue when it comes to housekeeping though!]

Agree Whoknows a bit of ordinary distracting everyday chit chat about microfibre cloths and lace up shoes not altogether a bad thing. Hope you are profiting from a restful w/e btw.

Engels glad you are feeling a bit more chipper. I did lots of online Christmas shopping last month when I was supposed to be decluttering the home office and boudoir so I am fairly organised with regards to presents this year without having meant to be ifyswim wink!! Hope your cold clears up sharpish.

London trip sounds fab Blue (I miss it too) Hope house now restored to order again

Welcome back Shiftyfades Good to 'see' you! Sorry about the mud and building disruption though - must be tough going, esp. in this weather. Hope your ds has his pants restored to him eventually grin

[finds key to release Gossip from handcuffs grin] YOu certainly sound up for the whole Christmas caboodle - well done with the notepads! It's frightening how soon it is - so much happening between now and then - getting that rabbit in headlights feeling already!! So it's good to be reminded about starting early and budget planning etc etc

It must be hard adjusting to your dh being back home full time Dizzy I know I relish the evenings I have on my own when dh travels - as long as it's not too often. Hope Strictly was good - I was so absorbed in cooking - I managed to miss it (v. annoying!) Arf at glue and cotton wool!!

Yes, baby-steps are the key foundation steps Mymums Hopey cold has gone/goes away soon

Hi Mercury many happy returns to your dp. Hope you both have a lovely evening. I didn't know you had gps!!! I absolutely love 'em. (Had two girl gps who we sadly lost earlier in the year. Now have rabbits who we also love - but who are almost silent - so miss all the lovely wheeking when we open the fridge door!!) What do you have?

Huge wing flaps to Madwoman and everyone else I've missed!

To do:
finish morning routine (late start) inc dw, wm, s&s done
shopping for lunch tomorrow (guests) done
prep for lunch tomorrow done marathon cook
school uniform wash done
ballet wash done
table cloth ironing done
art exercises NOPE
on-line order packing NOPE
letter done
boudoir 30 mins decluttering NOPE
home office 30 mins decluttering NOPE
75 mins paper decluttering (catching up from last five days) NOPE
evening routine nearly done
early bed er no

Didn't manage to do any decluttering or art but was cooking solidly from 1pm until now (friends for lunch tomorrow) so not surprising really. Feeling fairly well organised and did loads of laundry too so not too bad really.

Back in a mo with links

strictlycaballine Sat 06-Oct-12 22:38:57

xpost Maggie really admire your dh for everything he's doing (and continuing to do) All so very sad sad

Gossip sorry - meant 'hope' not 'hopey' confused

strictlycaballine Sat 06-Oct-12 22:44:21


Tomorrow's baby-step no. 7 for Sun 7th October is here consolidating previous steps + adding one new important habit ie laying out clothes the night before. I find this one crucial!

No zones or missions tomorrow because it is the weekend but we will be starting in the kitchen zone next week.

The habit for October is: getting rid of paper clutter (see previous links and/or flight plan)

Any further questions have a look at tomorrow's flight plan which should update automatically by date.



strictlycaballine Sat 06-Oct-12 22:46:19

Oh dear, I'm so sorry, completely forgot to mention Body Clutter!

Are we still continuing to post weights (those that want to anyway) on Sunday to help with motivation etc etc??

One last "good night" to Trazzles ! Hope you can sleep tonight x

strictlycaballine Sat 06-Oct-12 22:47:15

PS Maggie your list doesn't sound half bad to me!

castlelough Sat 06-Oct-12 23:42:17

Hi fledglings.........can I please come back?

I've been missing in action since around this time last month blush and it has been chaotic around here. My only saving grace was a visit from my Dad last weekend (some crisis cleaning ensued!).
Laundry is at a crisis point. I think dh got used to (and liked!) having clean (and sometimes, ironed!) clothes in the wardrobe.....he has been doing more laundry than me the last few weeks, which hasn't done him any harm and has been overheard grumbling!
The only habit that has stuck for me most of the time, anyway! has been keeping my sink shining (dishes washed and sink clear, a quick wipe down with some spray or other).
I really really need to nail the evening routine and the paper clutter habits too!

Lovely to read through your posts and catch up, and meet the new people too.

Trazzles that is so shocking about your little boy. I hope he is making progress. Thinking of you, and will say a little prayer. xx

LPlateFlyer Sun 07-Oct-12 07:25:13

Hello everyone, could a lurker please join?

Not all that good on keeping on top of cleaning I'm afraid and need a bit of handholding.

laurenamium Sun 07-Oct-12 07:58:45

Morning all! Body clutter isn't going great! I haven't gained but I haven't lost either, but I haven't really been trying blush

To do:
My laundry
DD laundry
Walk dogs
Food shop
Family tea for DNana birthday
Write DD birthday invites!
Date night- it's about time grin


issimma Sun 07-Oct-12 08:04:21

Hello, have been a bit rubbish at this flying lark, but am On It with a vengeance today (dd away and DH very excitingly hmm putting a shed up - actually it is, as it will allow us to clear the spare room of tools!).

Christmas - dc2 arriving end of nov, so it will be a small one this year (phew!). Have cards somewhere, bought dh's present (a groupon deal to avoid more clutter) and everyone else will get vouchers! Dd1 has a few little things to unwrap, but she's too young to get it and will undoubtedly be spoilt rotten by family and friends. DH sorts his family out, and I'll worry about what to do on the day in December grin.

Anyway, today I will:
-sort out our room and bathroom
-do lots of laundry!
-change bedding
-Hoover everywhere
-mop everywhere moppable
-clean mirrors
-clean windows inside
-clean kitchen bins
- get DH to clean oven
-find muslin cloths. There are thousands somewhere and I don't want to buy any more!
Put dh's stuff on eBay (he knows, btw grin)

An over ambitious list, and I don't expect to finish it.
Cleaned kitchen yesterday so will leave that for this week's missions!

MsOnatopp Sun 07-Oct-12 09:30:15

Hello. Will come back and have a read through later but just wanted to share that I went round the whole house yesterday (apart from DS's room) and have made it look like a show home! Can't believe this is my house grin Mum lent me her laptop so I could keep DP on Skype and still spend time with him while I went round and cleaned. smile

ShiftyFades Sun 07-Oct-12 09:50:21

Trazzle just read your other thread sad
Glad your family is rallying around, especially with the cleaning.
I'm on the south coast (central) so can't physically help you but I'm here for you virtually. My DS is also 3 and I have cuddled him non stop this morning. I can't imagine what you are all going through.
Off to church shortly and I will say a special prayer for you.

ShiftyFades Sun 07-Oct-12 09:53:43

In other news... No flying here due to the bomb site, however, I MUST declutter as I pack things up to move around the house as the builders will be making all sorts of mess sad
Last night our sewage drain overflowed (nothing to do with building works). Put loo has had trouble flushing for about 8 days and it all went wrong last night with sewage running out of the manhole and down the drive.... sad
Water people came and fixed it, blockage was 2 doors down. The lovely water-man then cleaned out drive.. Oh it was vile!!

castlelough Sun 07-Oct-12 10:22:46

Good morning! And welcome Lplate!

Going to drop a list and get out of bed!!

To Do:

-Morning routine.
-Tidy our bedroom.
-Lots of laundry.
-Go to school and catch up on a bit of paperwork (I know - it's Sunday sad , but I had a most distracting week last week. This week is shaping up to be similar)
-Order Christmas cards online from the Donkey Sanctuary.
-Paper clutter (30 mins) cut out interiors magazines to add to my folder.
-Work for dh in the pub.
-Visit dMil
-Evening routine

Yikes, how am I going to fit all this in?!
BBL smile

Engelsemama Sun 07-Oct-12 10:55:38

Morning all <waves>

Body clutter wise have dropped 0.4kg. Still a way to go before I hit my target of 65 (and only 3 weeks till bridesmaid duty!). I have managed NOT to stuff my face with treats the last 2 nights on the sofa which may have something to do with it smile

Welcome LPlate

sc last year (when on maternity leave) I had bought or ordered all of my presents at this stage last year. I’m going to try and get started with ideas now and hope that I can get people things that they need or will love (since starting Flylady I’m much more conscious of what I give people as presents as I don’t want to clutter up their houses!).

dizzy I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch. I found adjusting to DH being home so much when I was on mat leave (he was on long term sick leave for depression) really hard. I felt quite resentful about him taking away “my” time. I still get annoyed if he’s home sick on one of my days off (though maybe he feels that way when I’m on school holidays and muscling in on his daddy day).

You can do it castle !

Going to drop a list to get me organized:

Start Christmas planning - add Christmas section to Control Journal –that I haven’t taken off the shelf for 3 months—blush and do first few steps for gifts/cards/wrapping supplies (your whooping is infectious gossip )

Do some writing – either journal or letter someone else or just some creative writing. Am feeling ink deprived (and a bit inspired after reading article about handwriting in the Observer today)

Force DH to telephone his aunt (or as a last resort do it for him) to invite her to DS’s bday next weekend.

Send evites for friends party (almost ready!)

One load of washing (and should go away – it will NOT hang around in a basket for the rest of the week)

Hoover downstairs, including behind the playpen and in all the corners

Empty paper recycling

Water plants

I don’t have to cook today as DH is making a delicious stew smile

GossipWitch Sun 07-Oct-12 11:17:01

I have completed my gift lists and I have a shopping list ready and waiting for Tuesday and Wednesday, I have places for wrapping paper and things, and stash places for the presents. I have completed one of the children's shopping list, and have decided that it would be best to do one person, group of person's a week to keep things organised and less stressy, can you believe I have to buy 160 cards !!!!! 30 each for the boys though and there are 3, I feel so much better about the whole thing now I know what I'm planning to do.

The dp did the kitchen last night, sink is shining grin I myself have only just woke up, and got dressed. I know we are supposed to be doing baby steps but as I sort have been doing this for months/years I feel like the routines are just there now, I do swish and swipe every couple of days if not more (as it only takes a minute) and I do my hotspots and 5 minute room rescues as a habit now. However as I brought 2 shiny new notebooks I have demoted my battered old control journal and spent last night writing my new one, its pretty grin. which means I now have babysteps on paper and the 11 commandments in my face if I need to look at it

GossipWitch Sun 07-Oct-12 11:19:18

And it seems that I dont have to do laundry today either... dp is doing it, hmmmm I wonder what he wants?

I am a bit awol atm. Sorry. will be back whenever. lurking but not really in the right frame of mind. Crisis cleaning has resulted in sparkling rooms in most of the house and the uses hell hole whole room hotspots returning. Including my room. sad
Must go put out the fire in ds' before he returns tonight. He is not going to be impressed other wise. blush

deleted203 Sun 07-Oct-12 12:46:09

Waves to everyone Didn't manage much yesterday - apart from buying more things blush....but things with storage (hooray)!


Put a load of laundy in
Am cooking family Sunday lunch - for once everyone is home (2 back from Uni) and DH and DD2 are putting together a corner unit for me (and I keep popping in to give advice). Ok, so it's mostly shelves rather than storage - but I promise not to clutter them.

Hopefully will manage a 15 min de-clutter at some point. But have to drive DCs back to a train station this afternoon.

Veg boils over......(probably) whilst I'm typing.

Laters, peeps.

Jamillalliamilli Sun 07-Oct-12 14:19:46

Just a quick wave to all, but especially Castle and Shifty Fades, and say to Bitchy keep your chin up.
Hi to L-plate and Gossip Witch, and Trazzle you’re in all our thoughts and prayers and if wishes alone could stick the pieces of your world back together, it would be a cert.

Still to do
Shopping and look for banana boxes for friend
refuel car
Sort out and print photo for CC form.
Repair shoes (again!) repaint and polish.
Patch jeans.
Dry out (condensation, nothing worse!) and remake bed.
Try and read part two of draft legislation on SEN provision (for SEN charity)
Check English, Psychology, Statistics, and physics.
Check C/S project progress
Limit friend to one hour if possible.

I know I've forgotten something important, but can't work out what.

madwomanintheattic Sun 07-Oct-12 15:42:46

Fab trip to the zoo yesterday, and then a massive crisis clean as friends due to arrive. 'Public' level of house doesn't look too bad, now, at least from a clutter pov, but oh boy, now I have cupboard issues again!

Just about to put second dw load on, after huge meal last night. The sink did not make it to shiny. blush

GossipWitch Sun 07-Oct-12 17:55:49

Well I have made a pork roast dinner, and a-not-betty-crocker-devils-food-cake, which took a hell of a lot of effort, I'm pooped now so think I'm just gonna chill out with my crochet now.

ShiftyFades Sun 07-Oct-12 19:45:30

Oh I'm sure I can smell sewage outside the front door, wish we'd had rain today so I'd have some faith that I don't have arse-residue on the drive sad

Tomorrow I need to:
Clean bathroom
Wash DS's new clothes (they grow so fast)
Take DS out for new shoes
Make coffee for builders (yawn..)

But for tonight.... Ironing!! Wahooo!! confused

strictlycaballine Sun 07-Oct-12 20:41:53

OK... commencing week 2

Tomorrow's baby-step no. 8, for Monday 8th October is here reviewing and consolidating morning and evening routines (and writing them down if you want to)

Newcomers - don't try and do all the new routines all at once - start slow - establish just one or two new steps - do them consistently - take your time - and if you miss one step do not worry - just jump back in where we/you are at!

Tomorrow we will be starting in Zone 2: the kitchen here . Try and spend 15 mins decluttering in this zone per day. If you have already decluttered, you can go on to detailed cleaning

Tomorrow's mission is here cleaning the kitchen bin (and recycling bins if you have them I suppose)

The daily focus for Monday is : here the home blessing, or as we call it "home bleugh"!

Note for newcomers: apologies - for some reason forgot to post daily focus for Sat and Sun. Saturday's is "family fun day", and Sunday's is "renew your spirit day". More info: here

The habit for October is: getting rid of paper clutter Try and shred/recycle/jettison papers you no longer need, 15 mins per day.

If I've missed anything, have a look at tomorrow's flight plan which should update automatically with the date.

Remember Flylady suggests that we do a SuperFlingBoogie in each zone per week to prepare for Christmas.

Hope you have a productive week everyone!


issimma Sun 07-Oct-12 20:48:10

Crazy productive day. Too knackered to be smug :D

Tomorrow I need to keep up with fly lady, and finish off these from my list:
-Hoover downstairs
-1 load of laundry (countless done today, thank fuck I don't do ironing!)
- clean windows downstairs
-DH to clean bathroom floor and bath, and oven. I can't bend!! this won't happen
-make this for dinner

Will also try to get my head around who's who and be friendly rather than just list dump!

strictlycaballine Sun 07-Oct-12 21:21:22

Trazzle you are in our thoughts - I hope your ds made it home today (haven't checked on your other thread yet). Wishing you strength for the week ahead x

Whoknows and PA I hope you are now feeling much stronger but take it steady both of you.

Shiftyfades thank heavens sewage situation resolved - well at least I hope it is - that can't have been fun. Arf at 'arse residue' (sorry smile!) though! Hope smell is just that and no further probs arise. Maybe a couple of buckets of boiling water with bleach would do the trick?

Gossip snap, we had roast pork today too, just the weather for it! You sound very on top of things - well done! And judging from the rest of the thread, you seem to have inspired many of us to crack on with Christmas preparations too smile!

Madwoman snap re just about respectable "public rooms" but upstairs here a disaster again. Never seem to get to it. I think you deserve a medal for crisis cleaning after visiting the zoo btw - enjoyable though it is, I usually need copious amounts of alcohol and a lie-down in a darkened room after visiting our local wildlife park. So top marks for stamina!

Justgettingonwithit Hope important thing came back to you! Intrigued by banana boxes ...

sowornout Hope you had a lovely family day (untouched by the stresses of flat-pack assembly smile!)

[Waves encouragingly to Bitchy]

Engels v. good point about not cluttering up others at Christmas! Well done on weight-loss and hurrah for dh's who make delicious stew! How did the writing go? [passes over bottle of green ink]

Great to see you back Castlelough - of course you can always come and jump back in - you are always welcome! Hope you did manage to fit it all in but sorry you had to go in to work today ...and hope you managed to have a bit of time for yourself despite long list

MrsOnatopp Top marks for your gleaming show home smile and for your ingenious solution to combating cleaning monotony ...

Issima hope the shed is taking shape and that you and the bump are taking it steady with your list [hands over foot-stool and cushion for small of back]

Hope you are having a lovely evening Lauren!

A warm welcome to LplateFlyer don't worry - you will get loads of support and virtual alcohol encouragement here!

Huge waves to everyone else!

Had a lovely day today - dh and I prepped and served lunch for 10 and that was it really. Ate too much - drank too much - enjoyed company of friends. Haven't totally cleared up as a few dishwasher loads still to do but reasonably well organised. All of which probably explains my mahoosive current weight of 81.8 kg (which is more than before the summer holidays) blush Bit disappointed because I have been running around like a loon all week. Ten years ago the weight would have come off naturally - have to be more determined now as I get older - and I haven't in all honesty been trying hard enough.

Heigh ho. Onward and upward (or downward) and all that!

strictlycaballine Sun 07-Oct-12 21:23:56


Love the look of that veggie stew Issima going to print recipe... take it steady .. and don't worry about list dumping ...that's what the thread is for - and we all have periods when we post more or less... depending on what is happening in rl etc etc

Sleep well eveyrone!

dizzyday07 Sun 07-Oct-12 21:35:20

Today DH and I went into meltdown - all over a game of Cluedo! blush

I took myself out for a couple of hours, then he did the same after I came back. We have had a "chat". He did wash up the pots tonight and let me watch X Factor so I suppose we will have to see how we go from here.

Ta Da list only has the weekly ironing (work shirts & uniform) on it.

deleted203 Sun 07-Oct-12 21:50:15

Feeling positive after lovely weekend with family.

3 loads of washing
family lunch cooked (and eaten) and washing up done
DCs packed off back to uni - one by train, one by car (and with their washing done and ironed)
Uniforms for school dcs washed and ironed.
Corner unit assembled (not by me grin) and ornaments on shelves
Hung two pictures that have been leaning against walls for many months a little while
Hot spot tidy-ish

Don't seem to be getting to the paperwork (which I loathe) yet. And actually, if I'm honest, a lot of my list making is the stuff I have to do anyway....still. Baby steps, baby steps.

Got to shine the ruddy sink now....
But clothes are ready for tomorrow.

Positive thoughts going out to trazzle and everyone else. Can I just add to strictlycaballine that I get all excited when she mentions me smile. It's keeping me on track.

Evening all! [waves madly]

We've also had roast pork today - definitely something in the air... I am totally not thinking about Christmas though. Not just yet.

I've sorted out three loads of washing today, and decluttered a few paper hotspots, but still not nearly tidy.

That recipe does look good, issima - I've got a jar of harissa for another recipe and may well need something else to do with it! No preserved lemons though... [wonders idly if ordinary lemons would work]

castlelough Mon 08-Oct-12 00:03:27

Thanks for the welcome back! Glad to be back smile

Didn't manage much on my list!

Had a surprise phonecall from some friends who happened to be passing by. Two years ago I moved three hours from Dublin where I am from, to a much more rural, but beautiful, area. Since then, although I go home and do see them regularly, only a handful of my friends have made it down this way! Was delighted to go and meet up with them. grin

I have put on one load of laundry (towells - easy, no ironing or sorting...blush) and I did get to school and also brought home and did some work too, and feel a lot better about that now that I've made a start on catching up! And I did work for dh (3 hrs).

Am dusting off my CJ and doing my entire morning routine tomorrow....beginning with a run, because like you SC the scales are tipping in the wrong direction sad ....

Thinking of Trazzles and wishing everyone else sweet dreams xx

LPlateFlyer Mon 08-Oct-12 07:16:04

Thank you for the welcome. Haven't actually managed to read much of the thread, but did spot Trazzles news. I'm so sorry!

I had set up the washing machine up overnight so there is a load in the dryer. Yesterday DH and I decluttered the boxes out of the shed. Our recycling and rubbish bins are overflowing which is fabulous. I do have a bunch of stuff sitting next to the back door looking for new homes now but it would probably only make up 1 box all together, so will tackle that today.

So glad this month is paper declutter. I have loads of papers in boxes and bags that have been scooped up in frantic clean ups which I must go through in my decluttering attempts!

I signed up to Flylady threads as a digest to one of my disposable email addresses ages ago, so every now and then when I feel inspired I go and read a few, and delete the rest.

Warning to other newbiews - don't sign up to your normal email address, you will be overloaded!!!! shock

castlelough Mon 08-Oct-12 07:22:20

<blinks blearily-eyed>
I'm up! And at the sports ground, ready for my run..... Let the morning routine commence!
Fresh week, fresh start wink

PS well done Lplate smile

ShiftyFades Mon 08-Oct-12 07:40:18

Morning all grin
It's been raining gringringrin hopefully all the arse-residue has gone (glad you like that SC, it was hard one to come with, all others were far too offensive wink)
Will fill the sink bowl with bleach later, once I know neighbours have gone to work, I'm just not comfortable with the thought of all those germs!

Trazzle I'm so glad DS is home with you, I've posted on your other thread. I hope he starts eating now he's in a more comfortable environment. I know he's 3 but how old (years & months) is he? My DS is 3 but he's 3.11 now and I know there's been huge progress with speech and understanding this year (the notorious "why" is being used in earnest grin) so I'd love to picture how old your DS is exactly.

Waves to everyone else... Happy Monday grin

Engelsemama Mon 08-Oct-12 08:52:01

Hmmm, that stew looks yummy issima but not sure of my chances of finding pickled lemons (or even harrisa) in Albert Heijn (a sorry excuse for a supermarket)

Shifty I know one of the ladies on my post-natal thread was telling a story about her Mil who bleaches her drive regularly!

madwoman my thorough cleaning of the lounge paid off yesterday as my BIL/SIL and DNs rolled up unannounced to visit MIL/FIL next door (who weren’t home) so for once drop-in visitors coincided with a tidy downstairs (or “public rooms” – though this was thwarted by young DNs wanting to see DS’s room “just in case it’s changed since last time”!

Only managed to write in my journal/diary sc but was very satisfying. I always find when I write with a fountain pen I make more effort even if it’s just a to-do list. With ballpoint my normally neat script tends to turns to scrawl. Did look back at the last short story I wrote a few months ago though – it was very weird (and dark!). I really must make more time to write – it makes me feel quite peaceful (and therefore impossible to do while DS is awake!).

Your lunch sounds lovely SC. I think the happiness that being around friends creates compensates for any over consumption of calories! Did you see the news item this weekend about the “happiness of teenagers” – and actually material possessions doesn’t make then happy, but having friends over for tea and going swimming once a fortnight does? Reckon they might be on the right track. But don’t tell them : they’ll be IMPOSSIBLE to live with if they think they’re right (said with all the authority of someone who hasn’t lived with a teen since I was one grin )

dizzy my ex-boyf and I had TWO publics rows over board games (once I decided, probably unfairly, that he was being overly “smug” at beating me at Trivial Pursuit and the other time while playing Cranium and I had my eyes shut and was doing the blind Pictionary task, instead of guessing, he walked outside to smoke, leaving me shouting, “come on, it’s obvious”, gesticulating wildly with a pencil, as everyone else collapsed giggling. I can laugh about it now….). My only relationship advice is keep talking to each other and tell him how you feel. My DH is not the easiest man to live with, but being honest with each other is what makes us work (as opposed to my ex – we tiptoed round our probs and disagreements, never complained to each other, only about each other so the only person surprised when we split up was him.

Stew was delicious (and leftovers for dinner tomorrow night, plus a few portions squirreled away in the freezer for one-of-those-days). I know I moan about DH but I really shouldn’t. He is a wonderful cook, even if that is his only “everyday” chore.

sowornout glad you had a good weekend

Glad you got some work done castle - and seeing friends is always wonderful (see my comments re” teens and happiness above!). Hope you had a good run.

<waves at just , bitchy, Lplate, blue, gossip , onatopp, lauren, Maggie, mercury , mymumsdaughter (love the name by the way) and of course trazzle and anyone else I have forgotten)>

Managed to do ALL of my list yesterday except make DH phone his aunt, which I am going to have to do now <gulp> . Time to brush off my Dutch telephone voice.

List for today:

Put away yesterday’s washing (okay, so didn’t manage this yesterday, but it WON’T hang around all week!)
Change DS bed (snotfest as usual)
Spend 30 mins on decluttering bookshelves in lounge. Time to select next batch for donation sad
Pop into town and get – tights, zip up bags to store for garden cushions, small storage box for phone/ipod/kindle chargers that live in the lounge, check out rates for photography studio in V&D for DS, 30 mins on Christmas journal
Bully DH into inviting his friends over for DS’s party (apparently HE has to send them, not me <sigh> )
Wrap DS birthday present
Write wedding card for colleague whose reception I missed Friday evening due to snot.
Print, sign and send reference for colleague.
Do bathroom floor and sink/mirror (do not need to do shower because I did it yesterday!)
And…get out Rory’s story cubes and do another short, weird story.

Okay, time to get to it! Happy flying everyone. smile

GossipWitch Mon 08-Oct-12 09:12:43

Omg I have just managed to delete my entire post with one key, and I dont even know which one it was, right so kids are at school, I haven't got a shiny sink and the only thing I have done today is get dressed, so I have my entire morning routine to get through and the house blessing, so I really get the radio on and get to it. see you later ladies smile

issimma Mon 08-Oct-12 09:35:44

Mine will also be without preserved lemons, unless I inflict toddler upon waitrose! Are you in Belgium, engels? SuperGB was my supermarche of choice grin.

IWipeArses Mon 08-Oct-12 09:45:49

Catch up later, urgent flying required!

- phone doctors for appointment
-rubbish and recylcing out
-sweep kitchen floor
- wash pots
- wipe down etc.
- laundry - nappies, clothes
- clean bathroom

plumber coming eek... blush

Engelsemama Mon 08-Oct-12 09:48:15

Netherlands issima - I dream of English supermarkets: the width of the aisles, the selection, the managers who look like managers (i.e. do not wear jeams and trainers), the cashiers who offer to pack your bags and do not rush onto the next customer while you're still struggling to get everything into your bags, proper parent and child car parking spaces, Cadbury's. <sigh>

ShiftyFades Mon 08-Oct-12 10:06:22

All the things we take for granted in a supermarket!!! I get annoyed if I can't get a p&c space!! Lol. I must be grateful that that's all that can annoy me really apart from one of the doors not walking in Chavda yesterday, had to walk a whole 20 yards around to the other door... Tut wink

ToffeeWhirl Mon 08-Oct-12 10:28:10

Survived DS1's 13th birthday on Saturday. We gave him an XBox on the strict understanding that he was not allowed to play any 18 games ("But all my friends are playing them!" hmm). The birthday ended with DS1 in tears because we were sticking to our guns on this. Welcome to the teen years <sigh>.

Had to cancel DS1's lesson this morning because he's just been sick and taken himself back to bed. Then a man turned up at 10 to replace our gas meter, which means I've had to take everything out of the understair's cupboard. I now have crap rubbish all over the dining room sad. There is no way I'm going to put it all back in again, so DH and I will have to have a massive sort out. However, he's having root-canal treatment this morning, so won't be at his best when he comes home.

LPlateFlyer - good to have you with us smile. Welcome to the thread.

Good to see that your little boy was allowed home yesterday, Trazzle.

Apologies for lack of any more personals. Looks as if I have my work cut out today <eyes piles of papers, DIY gadgets, old footballs, odd shoes, etc etc sorrowfully>.

GossipWitch Mon 08-Oct-12 10:34:19

15 min break, I'm am now feeling better, I have done :-

2 min hotspot
5 min room rescue x2
and a 15 min declutter (which included organising paperwork as in the same area)

go me !!!! so now I'm just having myself a break before I do:-
kellys mission
a zone (if i feel like it)
shine sink (which i think dp may do as he's asked me to put hot water on)
another hotspot
and the decluttering of papers which ive sort of done

GossipWitch Mon 08-Oct-12 10:41:22

Again I am fully aware that everyone else is babystepping, whilst I'm doing the lot but like I say apart from the de-cluttering, zones, missions and habits the other bits are already part of my daily routines so please dont be concerned that I'm off the page I still need help with getting my bum in gear over the bits I've not been doing smile

issimma Mon 08-Oct-12 10:46:03

engels I realised that just after posting [am idiot emoticon]! I am a complete supermarket snob and would rather pay a bit more in Waitrose and have a pleasant experience than still pay a lot and have a hideous time in Asda. I feel your pain grin.

Am being fairly productive as my list is short today. Want to make brew, but that usually means DD's morning nap is over (psychic baby)! Have a few chores to do in town, so will head out soon. We need to stay in this afternoon for painter/decorator to fix something.

The house is pretty clutter free, but DH has about 5 boxes of stuff (including an enormous one full of teddy bears hmm.) It does my head in, although he has got much better at dehoarding since marrying me. How can I encourage him to get rid? He reckons DC will want the teddies (DD has loads of her own, DC2 has one and isn't even born yet), and finds it hard to get rid of gifts from MIL and SIL - including hideous coasters, a biscuit tin. They all just stay in boxes but I'd rather they got out of the house were put to some use in the charity shop! He's too busy with work to really care, I'm stuck at home so the boxes annoy me when I see them. Feel like I'm constantly nagging about them. I know IABU, but I'm 33 weeks and need to nest, damn it! (they're in the baby-to-be's room). We moved to a house without an attic (cunning move on my decluttering part), so can't just shove them up there.

Rant over. I need that brew now! Sorry, am not usually so ridiculous.

laurenamium Mon 08-Oct-12 11:38:59

Lots of chat here so will be back to catch up soon...

To do:
Home bleugh
My laundry away
DD laundry away
Wash my bedding
Wash DD bedding
Soft play with DD and meeting friends for tea
DF to take him his birthday present
Deliver some more invites
Walk dogs
Paperwork- maybe!


dizzyday07 Mon 08-Oct-12 11:52:14

All I have done today is hoover the downstairs. DD had dried mud come off her wellies this morning in the hall so it really couldn't be left.

We've had some floor tiles crack in our ensuite so the developer was organised to have them replaced today. The plumber came as expected after the school run (so now I have no water or toilet) but the tiler has still to appear angry.

I have to go out at 3pm today so heaven knows if there is enough time for the grout to set (once he gets here, chips out the broken tiles and then replaces them) to get the plumber back before then. I may have to leave a key with the site office as we can't be without water overnight hmm

deleted203 Mon 08-Oct-12 11:53:30

Morning all! So far...

Drs appt for blood test
Posted 80th birthday card for auntie
15 mins de-cluttering in kitchen
2 loads of washing done
A vague wander with a duster in odd rooms
Phoned child benefit and got 16 yo re-instated on claim as she's A levelling. (They actually wrote to me 3 months ago and told me they needed info....blush)
Found DD2s school photo order - the only school photo she's ever liked and really wanted to order but couldn't find - it was in kitchen (Hooray!)

I'm having a break now, and thinking about finding a notebook to write lists in. Also eyeing up flat pack storage box and wondering whether to find a screwdriver.......

Engelsemama Mon 08-Oct-12 12:29:41

List update...

Call Dh’s aunt and invite her to DS’s party done (she can’t come)
Put away yesterday’s washing done
Change DS bed done
Spend 30 mins on decluttering bookshelves in lounge classics in lounge decluttered
Pop into town and get – tights, zip up bags to store for garden cushions, small storage box for phone/ipod/kindle chargers that live in the lounge, check out rates for photography studio in V&D for DS DS sleeping, will go this afternoon
30 mins on Christmas journal
Bully DH into inviting his friends over for DS’s party (apparently HE has to send them, not me <sigh> )
Wrap DS birthday present have cheated and put it in a gift bag. He’s 1, he doesn’t care!
Write wedding card for colleague whose reception I missed Friday evening due to snot
Print, sign and send reference for colleague done
Handwash done
Do bathroom floor and sink/mirror
And…get out Rory’s story cubes and do another short, weird story.

laurenamium Mon 08-Oct-12 12:30:19

I'm adding, mow lawn out the back to my list for this afternoon if it isn't too wet! The dogs are currently running the length of the house backwards and forwards which is very annoying! Last nights date night went well as usual grin grin

I have started Christmas shopping, got all of DD birthday and main Christmas presents and have written the list of things I need to get others, I just need to remember to spread the cost of it all now!

sowornout envy of storage purchases! I love looking at and buying storage boxes and things for the playroom/ DD room [needs a life emoticon]

grin at cupboard issues madwoman! And arf at arse residue shifty! I know it's not a laughing matter but you put it so succinctly! (Is that the right word?)

Your roast for 10 sounds lovely sc envy I had chicken nuggets for yesterday's lunch sad DD was pleased though!

I hope things are okay with DH now dizzy! It's sometimes something little that triggers all the big things that have built up sad the straw that broke the camels back as it were!

grin at your board game arguments engels!

Thoughts are with you trazzles!

I'm really not looking forward to teen years toffee! Luckily I've got 11 more years to become brave enough to face a sulky teenager!

<waves to justgettingon, gossip, issima, blue, castle, lplate, arses, whoknows and everyone I have missed!>

MercuryRising Mon 08-Oct-12 12:40:15

Good morning everybody. Just been catching up on all the posts as I didn't get on here yesterday. Wow this thread moves quickly! Gossip you sound very on top of everything. I hope if I stick to this I can reach that point envy. sc I think it was you who asked about our gps. We have two boys. We only got them at the beginning of the summer but they are adorable and very much part of the family already. Today I have completed the morning routine and done a food shop. I guess I should crack on with the home bleurgh. Have a lovely productive afternoon everybody.

ShiftyFades Mon 08-Oct-12 12:47:58

lauren is read that as "succulently" and thought, yep, that's about right blush

ShiftyFades Mon 08-Oct-12 12:48:20

God I'm crap at typing on my phone angry

GossipWitch Mon 08-Oct-12 13:28:27

Yet another 15 min break, house blessing almost done (just need to mop) and a 5 min room rescue on the boys room, and thats me done on house cleaning til the school run, lovely grin. so this afternoon I will be doing my christmas things that I need to catch up on, mainly buying xmas stationary, will be doing presents when all boys are at school. Ooh I need to change beds too (darn I forgot that)

mercury it only happens when I have the motivation, (i.e. when the kids have clean school clothes on then end up going to school filthy after sliding all over the floor) and when I stumble across a flylady thread on mn. I do have my off days, and days where I would much rather procrastinate at friends houses and avoid my own, however I also have 5 people in a 2 bed house so it gets cluttered very quickly and can also be cleaned very quickly.

Hope you all have a nice afternoon ladies smile

ToffeeWhirl Mon 08-Oct-12 14:58:47

Ta da :

Sorted through rubbish from downstair's cupboard and put one bagful out for the dustbin men
D/W unloaded and reloaded
Kitchen surfaces wiped down
Beds made
Sitting room - room rescue
Various snacks provided for DS1 who is now better hmm
Home ed - Maths, Biology, Project (English/IT/Geography), Spelling
Round 2 of ongoing argument about 18-rated games won by me <sigh>

Still loads of stuff all over the dining-room floor. I refuse to put it all back in the cupboard, but DH has gone to bed with a raging headache after his visit to the dentist, so it will have to stay there until tomorrow. Am hoping that having it all out will spur us on to sort through it and take loads to the dump/charity shops.

lauren - you might not have 11 years to wait for teenage behaviour - it often starts earlier! grin

Gossip - you are looking very organised with your Flying. I need to start using my timer again. It's easy to forget how much can get done in just a few minutes.

issima - another supermarket snob here grin.

dizzy - hope you have a working toilet soon <hands over bucket in the meantime>

<waves to shifty, mercury and everyone else>

<dons raincoat and wellies to tackle the school run>

Jamillalliamilli Mon 08-Oct-12 15:34:20

Just a dump list of remaining stuff:

Still to do
P/up D/s
Try to find banana boxes for friend
Refuel car
Put friends washing in car for tomorrow
Reset printer drivers, try to make friends printer print photo for CC form. Weep-whimper-weep
Remake bed when fully aired
Sort through cleaning cupboard
Put cleaning stuff in car
Check English
Prep psychology
Prep C/S project
Ensure everyone showered
Listen to friend
try to get back here
Early night

madwomanintheattic Mon 08-Oct-12 16:14:28

<confession. I am not dressed to lace up shoes. I may even have a teensy headache due to renewing my spirit rather more vigorously than necessary last night... But I was just doing as I was told by the fairy. Honest.>


Tis a bank holiday here, so we are all at home, and our guests leave today. All flying has been cancelled until after lunch, when it will recommence with a vengeance!

Other news: I got a job! <lies down and weeps with relief> I had two interviews on Thursday, and was offered one on Friday morning. No evenings or weekends, and (manna from heaven) they have offered me the early shift, which means I will be home when the kids get in from school. grin it's not quite full time, but it's better pay than I was expecting, too.

I think it's fair to say that it set me up for the weekend! grin

Home will get blessed later, and as an added treat, it's laundry day chez mad, so it will smell fresh and clean, even it means the ironing is also due. Will try to dry and hang as much as poss without ironing... It's raining today, but as I can't see the mountains, I am betting it's snowing up there!!

ShiftyFades Mon 08-Oct-12 16:49:52

Congratulations Mad the job sounds perfect gringringrin
Ta dah:
Washing machine allegedly fixed (dodgy door), I'm not convinced.
Copious coffees for builders
Shined sink
Rescued lounge (a bit)
New shoes for DS - he's jumped a whole size, no wonder he started moaning about his hoes at the weekend blush
Concrete is in the trenches for the foundations.
Neighbour shouted at builder for parking on shared drive (but he wasn't blocking him in) angry

To do:
Set out clothes for tomorrow

Crikey...Full day's supply today and booked for Tues, Weds and Thurs am. House like a tip, mountains of washing, no-one can find anything, chaos reigns.

So - must blitz tonight - will report back later...

<Waves in a flustered fashion>

MercuryRising Mon 08-Oct-12 18:37:44

Hey all smile I have had a successful day of flying: morning routine and house bleurgh done and three hot spots cleared - yay! Thank you gossip you really inspired me thanks I used the timer on my phone and because it was short focussed bursts I managed to get lots done. I also went to a meeting about restorative principles at the dcs school today which was really interesting. The idea is that if you talk things through with dcs instead of simply telling them off and punishing them their behaviour will improve. I have become a bit shouty lately so Im hoping if I implement this along with flylady our home should become calmer <fingers very firmly crossed> Well done on your job mad sounds fantastic. I will also keep my fingers crossed for you shifty that your wm is fixed. I know how infuriating it is when they breakdown. Off to start bedtime with dcs. Have a lovely evening everyone.

Evening all,

Bugger all to report here, but didn't want to just disappear. DH has been managing the housework sort of, the children's school and activities (by the skin of his teeth) with quite a lot of shouting rerminders from me. I'm more or less confined to bed still, that is how it's meant to be for the first couple of weeks so there's minimal preessure on the stitches. I am doing lots of crochet and telly watching, and MNing.

Anyway, I'm enjoying reading all your posts and looking forward to gradually getting back into my normal lifestyle, it will take a few more weeks but so far so good.

dizzyday07 Mon 08-Oct-12 21:20:16

WhoKnows - perhaps you could write up your Christmas cards grin

<throws remote control at Dizzy>.

Although I normally leave them to the last minute I might just do that once I'm sitting up a bit more. I am dabbling in online Christmas shopping, this is freakishly early for me.

ShiftyFades Mon 08-Oct-12 21:33:10

Dizzy... Duuuuucccckkkk grin

Cleared my ironing here grin
Desperately tired so off to bed shortly.

Nighty night all grin

GossipWitch Mon 08-Oct-12 21:39:02

Found out which button makes my posts disappear, wont be pressing that one again (darn dp and his stupid fancy keyboard). The timers are awesome, when times up you turn it off and think oh well that's done then and you take your break or go on to the next task and before you know it your looking a a spanky clean area grin.

Congrats on the job mad smile.

Well my afternoon routine is done, kids are in bed ds1 has done a bit more of his homework (he has adhd so we tend to get him to do a bit at a time, else he goes off target), I'm ditching the before bed routine, as I have been wearing the bad bra and my boobs, ribs and back is killing me, really should invest in some proper bras for big boobs sad also the house is fairly spanky clean so dont need to worry about it.

Dp has popped out to take my brothers girlfriend to the hospital as she's very uncomfortable and pregnant, so I've now got an hour or so to kill, think I may have to spend it in bed.

Oooh and I brought my xmas stationary, wrapping paper, selotape, scissors and tags grin and I'll be buying the first lot of pressies tomorrow, that flylady xmas thread is brilliant I would have been flapping until December 24th else, I highly recommend it, (it also gives me another designated place for lists grin)

whoknows I hope you recover well and try and rest as much as possible.

mercury thanks, I think it may be down to the thread because thats what inspires me.

hope everyone has a nice evening smile

TeuchterInTheCity Mon 08-Oct-12 21:56:53

Well after last week's excellent start its all gone downhill hmm I just can't seem to get a grip this week. DD doesn't give me a minute's peace and DS is having the mother of all growth spurts. I had a huge nap today instead of tackling the housework, but feel much better for it.

So back to babysteps I think, obviously been trying too much.

<shuffles off to slatterns thread>

RIceCrispySnotCake Mon 08-Oct-12 22:14:48

Hi everyone, i'm in. Registered on MN to join this thread :0) Managed to FLY before the kids were born and have wanted to get back in to it for so long. I hope this thread is the key!

OK, so this is a lot later than promised, but DH and I have managed a truly humungous flying effort to return some most of the house to its pre-builder state. So not exactly prefect, but most of the plaster dust has been removed grin

Congratulations on your new job madwoman grin, hope the hangover has eased wink

Hope your DH and DS are feeling better toffee, sorry to hear about the x-box sulking. I look at DS running around and excitedly learning to say (s)'pider' and I can't imagine that he's going to turn into a stroppy teenager as surely he will. Then I look at 3 year old DD having a proper sulky strop because we're watching Peppa and she wants to watch Disney clubhouse and quake with fear because I can see it so clearly already grin

Nice to have you back castle. I love looking for my name too - I think it is one of the things that kept me on the thread in the early days - feeling like I was enough part of the thread to respond to.

Hello again tooimmature. Am I right in thinking you have a newish baby DD? How's she doing? smile

A big hello to trazzle if you're reading. I hope you're having a lovely time at home with your DS, glad to hear your DD is feeling better smile

Also hello to sc, whoknows, justgetting, arses, ellie, maggie, mercury and everyone i've missed.

Off to hand wash our clothes <sigh>. Only 9 days until the new washing machine arrives!

Hi ricecrispy welcome to mumsnet and the thread smile. Have you been lurking for a while or are you properly new? This thread has definitely made a big difference to most of us who have been hear a while - although strangely we still seem to be largely without spotless houses confused

x-post with teuchter and gossip. Hello both smile

strictlycaballine Mon 08-Oct-12 22:38:08

Hi everyone. I hope you will forgive me if I just post the steps tonight and leave personals until tomorrow as it's been a long day and I want to get to bed before midnight (one hour ahead UK here). Looks like everyone has had a very productive day though!! smile


Tomorrow's baby-step no. 9, for Tuesday 9th October is here. It contains a review of morning and afternoon routines, a lesson in decluttering and suggests adding a five-min room rescue to your morning routine.

Newcomers: explanation of room rescue here

Good article on decluttering 'the selfish house guest' here

We in Zone 2 all this week: the kitchen more info here . Try and spend 15 mins decluttering in this zone per day. If you have already decluttered, you can go on to detailed cleaning

Tomorrow's mission is wiping down the kitchen counters

The daily focus for Tuesday is planning social events, medical appointments, holidays, menus etc etc

The habit for October is getting rid of paper clutter. Try and shred/recycle/jettison papers you no longer need, 15 mins per day.

If I've missed anything, have a look at tomorrow's flight plan which should update automatically with the date.

And for those of you talking about Christmas countdowns, more info here and here.

One good tip (stolen from Flylady) which I've found useful is to get yourself a "Christmas/going out" outfit together while the shops are still relatively calm, they have all sizes in stock, and you have time to buy something at leisure, rather than in a last minute panic (spending more money than necessary) or update an outfit you already have. Make sure you have jewellery, make up, right underwear, all acessories to go with it etc etc - then you are all set for Christmas festivities. I try and do this for summer weddings, summer parties etc etc) and winter season - then you are all set for unexpected invitations too.