It's September so the Fledgings Fly, as we wave our clutter bye bye

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Welcome to the ongoing Fledgling Flyers thread for September, thanks to Bitchy who kept us posted through August.

<cuts and pastes>

Right, most of you should know how this works. It's a three pronged attack.
Phase one: The babysteps master these and you will be working like clockwork.
Phase two: Adding in Decluttering this will help you keep on top of the amount of stuff contributing to CHAOS.
Phase three: Missions Targeted activities to keep the chaos at bay and starting the deep cleaning.

The golden duster of Flying is stage 4: deep cleaning. This is for most me anyway, somewhat unrealistic and in theory you don't need to worry about it until you have finished decluttering that's never then. Just do it if you want to.

Now for those of you who are completely lost, lets rewind a bit.
CHAOS: Can't have anyone over syndrome. We've all been there

The fly lady approach works by breaking the house down into tiny activities which you do repeatedly until they become habit and don't feel like chores any more. The house is split into zones, each zone is tackled for a week before moving on and comes round again at the start of the next month.

There are lots of experienced Fledglings on here, hence lots of advice and support and chat about anything except housework some days. the main thing is that you can post any time you like even if you haven't lifted a finger around the house that day because with Flylady you just pick up again the next day and off you go again.

We advise against signing up for Flylady emails as they can lead to a great deal of clutter in the Inbox, each days steps will be posted on this thread to save you having to find them yourself.

In the meantime here is a link to the Flylady website for anyone who would like a browse.

Getting started Remember - don't subscribe to the emails!

NickNacks Thu 30-Aug-12 21:30:01

Eek hello! Thanks whoknows

Very nervous as September is always so different to August. Glad I have you guys smile

Be back Saturday!

ShiftyFades Thu 30-Aug-12 21:56:36

Marking my space as I have been über messy and have 1 month to sort myself and declutter as we are hopefully having an extension built in Oct blush

ShiftyFades Thu 30-Aug-12 21:57:20

Oh I was previously: MummyNic and the Flyingwithoutwings grin

GinFilth Thu 30-Aug-12 22:18:21


Hello! I have in the past stupidly signed up for Flylady's emails...
Can you nudge me along without the hectoring?
I already wash a load a day, pack & run the dishwasher daily, make the kids tidy up their toys every evening in the lounge, make the bed.
I am shit at hoovering regularly, 'putting out hotspots', and cleaning the bathroom daily (weekly / fortnightly yes).
I really need to declutter.

Any helpful nudges, tips will be really appreciated smile

You will find that all here Gin
Much thanks for taking over Whoknows
Just a quick heads up. In process of pondering a new name. N/c at some point in the current future.

Ooh, hello! Popping on to mark my place before disappearing for the w/e.

thanks Thanks, WhoKnows!

feetheart Thu 30-Aug-12 23:12:48

Hello, marking place for Saturday.
I REALLY need to get back on track. I have been faffing around the edges for far too long and need to make some big changes. I've just had a big birthday and its time I had a house I actually enjoyed living in. This will take some work so proper Babysteps and DECLUTTERING are needed - I may need my hand held.

ToffeeWhirl Thu 30-Aug-12 23:27:29

<still munching biscuits from the party over on previous thread>

Thanks for leading us through last month, Bitchy, and for taking over this month, WhoKnows.

Am just on my way to bed and too tired to stop for long. Our holiday dog returned home to her family this afternoon and we are all bereft sad. The house feels different without her. It will take a while to get used to her absence.

Hope you are all ok. Off to bed right now. Night all.

Thanks Bitchy for last month and thank you Whoknows for taking us all on this month.

I really need to get into some routine again as we have had no access to any money since we left the UK due to a right royal balls up, so the dream of a cleaner maid is still a distant dream.

I did get a washing machine yesterday though, so after 6 weeks of hand washing, I was quite excited. However, the electric wires are worn and exposed, the plug is broken and fallen apart, the pipe does not fit into the "in" pipe well and so sprays water like a shower all over the place. The wire goes from the shed, around a corner and through the kitchen to be plugged in, it has to "stretch" quite a bit!! shock Yesterday we had an umbrella keeping the exposed wires away from the showering pipe. Health and safety here, is so hot, I tell you!!!
To be honest, once the washing was on the line I was disappointed in how dirty it all still looked. I think I will be soaking overnight before I wash, maybe that would help.

Oh, I think I should still be on the other thread, sorry. I thought it was the 1st today, but I am not that ahead of you! blush See you all tomorrow! smile

PA [flowers] you were, it appears to be our founding member. Along with Counting. Bet your never realised what you were starting grin
Otoh shock at your washing machine. You are definitely experiencing the more raw way of life. Hope you manage to fudge the electrics a little less water exposed. Hope all are well despite their many adventures.

blush i meant thanks

Thank you Bitchy Yes, SC started the thread and I was her first "recruit". By the end of the first month we had bored everyone else silly with our inane witterings and it was just us. I think Ellie joined us in the September. Now look how many people we are boring with our inane witterings we are helping to get homes spick and span! grin
<<looks around at the dust on the floor, and feels as if she should be better at this after 3 years!>>

Trazzletoes Fri 31-Aug-12 03:17:50

Hello! It's been several weeks but I'm back! (if anyone remembers me at all!) still trying to keep the damn sink clean

There were others like feetheart (irrc) who was about in the early days too. loads of us. funny cos it doesn't feel that long ago. clearly in denial blushhmmgrin

Morning Trazzle, well done on the sink ignores her own sink

Trazzletoes Fri 31-Aug-12 03:28:14

Morning Bitchy, if it makes you feel better, it didn't get done last night. DD was sick all day. I've just fed her now and am trying to stay awake for a bit to see whether she throws up <sigh>

Not really, i can't remember when I shined my sink. Have been focusing on decluttering blush Hope dd improves and recovers soon.

Honu Fri 31-Aug-12 06:04:12

I'm still here folks but missed the party sad. Now munching remains in naughty corner. Signing on for another month - in August got the control journal merged with the bring forward file and that is working fine, but still absolutely shite at DECLUTTERING. New term starts next week and I so need to get my act together. Extension going well but soooo slowly and compressed living has lost all its novelty.

laurenamium Fri 31-Aug-12 06:34:28

<creeps in and starts setting up the naughty corner>

Thanks for the thread whoknows and leading last month bitchy!

Waves to everyone else!

elliepac Fri 31-Aug-12 08:15:58

Helloooooo. Signing in. Still at the caravan on my holibobs but back to normality very soonsad. Like you bitchy can't believe it is 3 years since i joined the inane wittering of pa and scwinkgrin.

Back from hols tomorrow with a renewed purpose for flying. Bit embarassing that after 3 years i still can't do it properlyblush.

I was quite early too I think, maybe January or February? I think the thread was mostly SC, Bitchy, PA, ellie and Whoknows. My house is disappointly not spotless, but it is approaching 'normal' and I'm not ashamed of it any more!

Engelsemama Fri 31-Aug-12 09:44:05

If only I had discoverd MN and the Fledglings 3 years ago (rtaher than 3 months ago)..what state would my house now be in? hmm ....

Engelsemama Fri 31-Aug-12 09:45:41

Thanks for last month Bitchy and for picking up the torch this month WhoKnows thanks

Sorry I missed the party!

I’m ready to jump back on the Flying wagon after a dismal August (can I blame the Olympics?).

I’m doing really well with evening and morning routines, harder now I’m back at work but even more important! Also, managing to get a load of washing (or two) on everyday I’m home.

My problems right now are decluttering (has ground to a halt), our hotspot (dining room table) and DH .

On the day he’s home with DS he normally does NOTHING – got home yesterday from a day’s teaching to find the washing-up from the day not done, no washing on, DSs dirty romper and sleeping bag soaking in a bucket (but couldn’t he have just put a wash on instead of me doing it when I got home?!), toilet roll finished and not replaced. <sigh>

So I ended up doing it all before dinner and pushing the hoover around downstairs.

DH suffers from depression and is still struggling right now, especially with sleep. I try and make allowances but sometimes I just get so fed up with being the one who has to hold everything together. To be fair to him he did apologise yesterday for not getting anything done and he finished off dinner (he does most of the cooking because he enjoys it and he’s better at cooking than me )

DH also has a tendency to start doing something in the house and then leave it half finished. He started a mosaic YEARS ago in our kitchen. It’s still unfinished. We bought a combi lamp-fan for our bedroom a few years ago and the box has been sitting in the upstairs hallway for a few years. Last weekend he finally decided to investigate fitting it, took off our light fitting in our bedroom and found out that it’s not going to be as simple as he thought and then left it like that for now – so we’ve had no light fitting for a week – bets on how long it’ll stay that way?

Decluttering is also an issue – the house his crammed with HIS rubbish (this is his house – he bought it 10 years before he met me so all of his DIY stuff from when he first did it up is here as well as all his childhood crap which I decluttered when I moved here to live with him). I am trying to set a good example – I decluttered my wardrobe a few weeks ago which spurred him on and together we threw out 4 bin bags of clothes.

Enough of my whinging! I feel a list coming on. Have a friend coming over from the States this weekend to see us on his grand tour of Europe. He and his girlfriend aren’t staying with us but will be over for dinner on Saturday and then we’re heading out together for the day on Sunday.

I know technically it's still August, but I'm here now.....

Ta da
Yesterday’s –and last weekend’s-- washing finally away
Wash done and in the td (raining here)
Chat with DM
5 mins on Hotspot (not clear but looks better)

DS is napping now so should make the most of it and perhaps do some paperwork.
Going food shopping with DH this afternoon to get everything in for dinner tomorrow night. DH is going to make tiramisu and we’re going to do lots of finger foods to eat – sausage rolls, cheeseboard, bread and herbal butter, bitterballen (Dutch party snacks – VERY bad for you but yummy all the same), pizza. Also have to get packed lunch foods for Sunday (we’re going to a National Park with “free” bikes to whiz around on, art museum in the middle with masses of Van Gogh’s and a sculpture garden, followed by dinner at a pancake house – very Dutch).

Must book ferry for going to UK in a few week for sister’s hen do
Write reference for ex-colleague –that I should have done ages ago—
Take school stuff out of boot and sort out what I still have to get done before lessons on Tuesday
Water plants
Dust lounge

Iburntthecakes Fri 31-Aug-12 10:17:52

Marking spot for tomorrow.


<wonders if I own any bleach for shining sink>

I need to post tomorrow's links early as we are going to be out late, and out again early in the morning.

So, here we go:

Babystep for the first day of the month we are going to start shining our sinks. Despite 3 years here I still sometimes lapse from this one, so it's good to be reminded again every month.

There's no mission tomorrow as it is a Saturday. However we have a few tips and reminders. Reminders

On Monday we will be alunching into Zone 1 - Entrance Front Porch and Dining Room

This is a link to the Flylady Launchpad where you can find most of the links to the sections Launchpad

CarpeJugulum Fri 31-Aug-12 10:53:08

Morning all.

I have been a remiss flyer for most of the summer due to guests being here. And I'll be bad for most of September too as we're on holiday blush


<flagellates self with e-cloth>

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Fri 31-Aug-12 13:03:45

<tentatively sneaks onto thread>

Hello ladies, I have been on MN ages but always managed to successfully ignore the GH topic, but now I think I may need your help. I am fed up with state of house. Just me, messy DS (6) even messier DH and a permanently casting Ddog.

Is this a quiche or can anyone join in the cry for help?

I'm here and ready for the first of the month. I still have no idea whether September will bring me employment or not but if not, I am going to have a proper go at getting on top of this house (and of getting DH and DD on board but thats another story)

Toomuchmonthatthenedofthemoney Come and join in, all are welcome. Read the blurb at the top of the thread and it'll give you a good idea of what we are all about but hopefully you'll find us a good place to get any help (or procrastinate) to sort out the house.

Trazzletoes Fri 31-Aug-12 14:42:51

<waves at toomuchmonth>

castlelough Fri 31-Aug-12 15:25:53

Looking forward to the new month! Thanks WhoKnows x

Toomuch yes and no is the answer. yes we appear to be a quiche because there are a lot of regulars and we like to chat sometimes more then clean but no we are not a quiche because as long as you are not rude/nasty/etc anyone can post. Some post a few times, some post a little some post a lot. Some have been here a few days, some a few months some a few years. it is transient and everychanging. Jump on board, see if it works for you but many of us have found it is not a quick fix but a slow burn in sorting out the chaos.

Afternoon. Looking forward to tomo but not for the flying. Off galavanting around the countryside to go see a show tomo and quite excited about it. Been at a craft fair and managed not to spend a fortune which was nice.

IWipeArses Fri 31-Aug-12 16:55:00

Marking place for tomorrow. The sink is my nemesis, so I'm going to focus on babysteps this month.

dizzyday07 Fri 31-Aug-12 22:45:33

Found you all! It was my birthday yesterday so I've come sharing chocolates.

I'm hoping that as the decluttering should be done for the move that when we get to the new house I can start straight with babysteps and missions - but as I can always find something else to do instead of housework - I'm not holding my breathe!

We were meant to exchange today but the bank is messing around but fingers crossed it happensMonday

Evening all, nice to see so many people ready to Fly in September. We've just got back from an unexpected outing to the Paralympics, DH managed to get tickets yesterday for tonights athletics and we've had a brilliant time, journeys went like clockwork, nice weather too. DCs have just gone to bed, in fact I beat them to it as we all got in my bed for a story then they turned off my light and went away leav

ing me with my phone, hence broken post. DS has got his first proper football match tomorrow, got to go at 8.30, he's going to be shattered.

Night all.

laurenamium Sat 01-Sep-12 07:28:19

Ohhhh am I in a quiche?! grin

Waves to toomuchmoney, your name made me smile!

My mum gets back from new York tomorrow <does a little dance> so it would be nice if she could come back to a clean house with clean dogs so today's list:

Wash and sweep all floors
Empty dishwasher
Shower dogs
Clean shower
Hoover rugs and stairs
Walk dogs *2


ToffeeWhirl Sat 01-Sep-12 09:33:37

Morning all. Have just woken from a nine-hour sleep shock! DH is worrying about me because I have had some odd blood-test results from the dr (linked to the pneumonia, possibly) and have to go back on Monday, so he let me sleep in. Am feeling fine, so I'm sure it'll be nothing.

Our holiday dog, the Border Terrier, returned to us yesterday - three times! The first time, DH and DS1 came back from shopping to find her sitting on our doorstep, waiting patiently. The second time, our next-door neighbour knocked at our door and said, "Is this your dog?" And then she did it again, at which point I suggested to the owners that we just keep her until evening, which we did.

DS1 and I ended up taking her for an extra long walk on the Downs. It was a very happy reunion. Sadly, her owners have gone now (moving house today), taking her with them. They will only be a couple of miles away, but it feels so far (am still wondering if she will trot along the river back to us though wink). I never expected to grow so fond of her. It has really taken me by surprise.

As for Flying... I need to get sorted in time for school and home ed next week. I don't think much will get done today, as we have to go out today and have a neighbour's birthday party to go to this evening. Will try and get stuff done on Sunday. My deadline is the visit from the LEA next Thursday, by which time my house needs to be spotless (a crisis clean might be in order wink).

Hope you all have a good Saturday.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 01-Sep-12 09:34:19

Apologies for me, me, me post! blush

Mymumsdaughter Sat 01-Sep-12 09:52:54

I can remeber the first thread and lurking I need to do it all again Do babysteps come before missions and zones, is. It really aweek for enterance and porch and do I really need shoes on! I'll just follow u guys

Brices Sat 01-Sep-12 09:57:22

I would like to try flying again.
Today I would like to:-
Declutter bedroom
Attempt to fix telescopic window cleaner
Work out how to lengthen straps on buggy
Find out when car insurance renewal is
Sew trousers
Attach new lampshade in DDs room

feetheart Sat 01-Sep-12 10:32:16

Morning to new and old!

Mymumsdaughter - as I understand it it's babysteps first, then decluttering, then missions, then 'deep-cleaning' but really most people adapt it to suit themselves and their lives. I have been here for ages and have some of the babysteps ingrained but I declutter in fits and starts, do the missions randomly and have never got to the deep clean stage!! I am going back to basics again this month and am determined to get this house sorted.

Engelsemama - I feel your pain. Part of the problem I have in this house is that it was DH's childhood home and still has lots of his dad's stuff in it (this will be the dad who died 20 years ago this week shock) I often feel that I don't belong inspite of living here for 10 years and giving birth to DS in the living room. There is too much stuff, some of my things are still in boxes and DH doesn't see mess at all most of the time. Those who have been here a while kindly put up with my ranting when it all gets too much.
However, pancakes, mmmmm. DH lived and worked in Amsterdam for nearly 2 years a long time ago and we spent many a happy Sunday morning in a pancake house by one of the canals. Have even found a Dutch pancake house in London and introduced the DC to the scrummy delights smile

On to Flying:
- Washing on - done
- Work (invoices today)
- Washing up then soak sink then shine it
- S&S bathroom
- Menu plan, shopping list, shop
- Sort out file re my flat as tenants are leaving and I need to ensure I have forms etc to give to new prospective tenants
- Ironing again

That will do, must remember Babysteps.
Have a good w/e everyone.

laurenamium Sat 01-Sep-12 10:48:29

They do say that dogs choose their owners toffee! It's a shame that you couldn't keep her sad I admit to thinking that at the end of the holidays the owners were going to say you could keep her blush but looks like I was wrong!

IWipeArses Sat 01-Sep-12 11:08:44

Morning all!

feetheart I visited a dutch pancake house in London with my sister a few years back, it was amazing.

washing on
breakfast done (+ table + blw debris cleared)
washing up started

ready to go out
walk + kite (fingers crossed)
sort washing and put away
clear up
washing up, wipe sides
sweep and mopq

IWipeArses Sat 01-Sep-12 11:11:04

Morning all!

feetheart I visited a dutch pancake house in London with my sister a few years back, it was amazing.

washing on
breakfast done (+ table + blw debris cleared)
washing up started

ready to go out
walk + kite (fingers crossed)
sort washing and put away
clear up
washing up, wipe sides
tidy through
bath and bed
Goo Gone
and shine sink (ish, it's a funny sort of granite effect plastic stuff, so doesn't really shine)

Iburntthecakes Sat 01-Sep-12 11:12:11


Baby sling ready.

Ta da:
Wash nappies

To do:
Shine sink
Get into town
Make lunch for BIL
Hang up nappies and sheets to dry
Pay bills
Put away baby clothes

IWipeArses Sat 01-Sep-12 11:13:38

Woops! The baby did it.

feetheart Sat 01-Sep-12 11:23:26

Iburntthecakes - nothing like a line full of nappies to make you feel good smile

Work - done
Now need to get washed and dressed blush. Shoes step is tomorrow so I'm still being a good Flyer aren't I?

ShiftyFades Sat 01-Sep-12 11:54:14

Morning all!! Happy September grin

Toffee glad you got a lie in envy
And even more glad to hear you are feeling better grin

Lots of washing and ironing today sad
Washing up
S&s bathroom
5 min room rescue of DS's toys - can see his floor grin
Got a large loan for extension grin
Bank man coming in a mo to sign the last of the forms (was running out of "free" parking at local supermarket)

Think this will be my last weekend of not decluttering sad

Got to face facts- its going to be a messy Autumn and I need to chuck anything I don't use / love sad

laurenamium Sat 01-Sep-12 11:55:30

Right after high dusting and dog walking I have a more detailed list for my mums...

To do:
high dust
Sweep floors
Wash floors
Dust- everywhere
Hoover rugs
Hoover stairs
Shower dogs
Clean shower
Scrub bathroom floors
Wash towels
Wash dog beds- in progress
Wash door mats
Clean kitchen counter tops
Clean sofas

I think that's it hmm I don't envy those of you with bigger houses! All these rooms!! I can't wait to be back in my tiny bungalow with less pets and clutter where it's easy to keep clean!

You're fine feetheart.
I am not even out of bed yet. And I will make no appologies for the fact that if I hadn't forgotten to reset my alarm I would still be asleep. Had an, err, <thinks> intersting night last night. It got a bit late.

Was supposed to be doing stuff before going out later. But over did it yesterday and lungs hurt. Probably not helped by the fact that I forget my asthma meds too. blush

Ta Da
sort out travel plans for later
catch up with a good friend via fb
consider moving

To do:
up and breakfast
hover and clean out car
off out to show.

CarpeJugulum Sat 01-Sep-12 13:58:48


DH is outside doing "man" stuff with the car roofbox (ready for holidays).
DS is asleep.
I'm panicking slightly as I have nothing organised for the holiday barring paperwork (all in one file so easy), tickets and some cash.

I need to gut the house before leaving as a friend is having a key - and she has a cleaner! So must ensure house is presentable; this will also mean coming back to a clean house.

Which reminds me! A straw poll! Can I ask your opinions on leaving washing (in the washing basket!) before going away? I will have done most washing before leaving; some probably hanging on a rail to dry (acceptable I think!) but DH normally comes home from work, changes and then we leave. I would normally run his work stuff through on a quick wash, but to be honest, I'm thinking that it's a shirt and trousers, so can just get left as we'd like to get away quickly so DS is in bed at a reasonable time.

Thoughts? Do people do this? My mum was always a bit pernickety about stuff like this so leaving washing is (in my mind) just wrong, but then a lot of my obsessive traits aren't normal, so any help would be nice! thanks

We leave a small amount of washing if needs be Carpe, I'm too mean to put it on for a few things, so provided it is nothing stinky or damp them I think it's ok.

Toffee very pleased to hear you are finally feeling better. sad about the dog. Maybe you could re-think about getting one yourself, although was that what started all your illness with the chest?

Carpe Personally, I would do all the washing, but in your circumstance I would be very temped to fold them up and put them on a chair in the bedroom until I came home. (I would be a bit pinickity about leaving them in the wash basket, but that is probably just me being a little weird! hmm )

A very productive morning here before it got too hot. I managed to clean the 3 shower rooms and toilets, sweep all the floors, and have a good tidy of the "family area" dumping area Then out to our work colleagues for lunch, although DH later said he thought they were asking lots of pointed questions about how we were settling etc and he thought it was more of a formal get together. When he said that, I realised had been totally honest and said exactly what I thought, whereas if i had realised before i opened my mouth I probably would have watered down some of what I said. blush
Then out to the waterfront tonight. DD4 and Ds had a boat trip to go on, so DH and I went for a lovely meal alone - first time we have been alone since we have been here! Massive thunder storm and constant lightning. I am sort of getting used to it more now, so I don't freeze in terror anymore. wink Now home and just getting ready for an early cosy night. Still raining, but I think the thunder has passed.

We have a Korean girl staying with us and she went out this morning. She has just phoned me to say she is lost. She doesn't speak very good English and no Khmer. Her driver speaks no English and no Korean. So I have just tried to speak in my very limited Khmer to explain where we live. Oh heck. It would be complicated to explain in English and the Cambodians have this absolutely ridiculous weird thing where house numbers mean nothing. Number 1 is not followed by number 2, or even 3. So you can have number 15 next to number 492! You can have a few houses on the same street with the same number, if you like a number, that is what you number your house!! I think I might need to venture out in the pitch black, no lights anywhere, in the pouring rain and try and find a lost Korean girl with a confused driver.

Carpe my DH is obsessive about cleaning before we go opn holiday (Only time he does obsess about this) but my point was proved when it took us until yesterday to clear away all the stuff we brought home from holiday. (I see no point in being soo obsessive as as soon as you walk through the door and dump things its spoilt) so I would be happy to leave a few things to wash rather than putting on a small load (I may have low standards though)

OK Hi guys, as it is the first of the month I am going to start as I mean to go on. I have already returned something that I bought yesterday(Usually I would just leave it until it was too late to return) and been to DDs dance class and done food shopping and lunch.

To Do

- At least 3 loads of washing
- Devise routine to get DD to clean up more after herself - Maybe some kind of chart.
- Wash pots and clean kitchen
- contact sister re visit.
- hoover thoughout downstairs
- declutter paperwork from kitchen side and end settee
- declutter computer table
- clear bedside table

toffee glad you are feeling better and ahh about Dog, its a pity it has to leave.

bitchy enjoy your show.

Waves to everyone else. DD is causing mayhem in lounge I'd better go and sort it out.

While I don't mind leaving a little washing, it does bug me that DH doesn't see anything wrong with going away for the weekend leaving dirty dishes in the DW and having not emptied the bin, both of which are pretty gross to my mind.

I'm so tired. DS is tired out too, he had a football match this morning on top of his very late night. Back later.

Even I would draw the line at that Whoknows but DH cleans the house cleaner before we go on holiday that any other time in the year. Whyb can't he do that normally???? confused

Jamillalliamilli Sat 01-Sep-12 15:01:37

Bitchy thanks thank you for August, hope your lungs hurt less soon, Whoknows thanks thank you for stepping up and PMPU thanks for covering/backing up (if I have that right)

Have some very good news from yesterday that’s left me running round in circles. The last workmen guarantee to be leaving on Monday and I can start assessing the situation and damage. Have already been warned that insurance claim may be torturous as one contractor and one sub-contractor have filed for bankruptcy and proving who has been responsible for what damage is going to be quite hard, but I just want control of our lives back, whatever state they’re in.

This weekend is shiny sink and lots of working out what/prep for Monday and trying to get as many other things out of the way as possible, (trying not to blow a blood vessel over ATOS sponsoring the paralympics) and disabled swimming later.

Toffee, glad you’re better, sorry about the dog. (have a very dog shaped hole in my heart) re LEA I assume you want their visit, but don’t forget if need be you can always switch it to library café etc.

Carpe I am in awe of you that this seems to be the worst thing friend would be seeing, (this probably makes me Queen of slatterns!) so my view of ‘what kind of friend would either look or judge’, may not mean much, but it wouldn’t occur to me to notice or think about a friends washing basket when plant watering/house sitting etc.

P/A brilliant snapshots of a different world again. I have visions of you walking the streets holding a union jack up hopefully at taxis.

MakingChanges well done on the swift return. (must master that)

Jamillalliamilli Sat 01-Sep-12 15:04:23

No, bins, food, and washing up, no question. But washing is just going to patiently wait for your return surely?

NickNacks Sat 01-Sep-12 16:23:22

Busy day for me today. It's DD 's birthday tomorrow (she'll be 2) so present shopping, cake baking and house cleanibg has gone on in preparation. We're very lucky we both have lots of family local so everyone likes to pop in and see the birthday person. smile

Tomorrow will also be a bit manic for me tomorrow and I'm back at work on Monday after a week off so feeling overwhelmed with To Do lists at the moment.

Rest of today I need to

Clean bathroom (will do whilst dc in the bath )
Mop kitchen
Evening routine
Write cards
Wrap presents
Dust sitting room
Thorough downstairs Hoover
Tidy our room
Clean clothes away

Be back later!

Brices Sat 01-Sep-12 17:52:09

I was doing so well with my list... Looking upwards attaching ceiling lampshade looked down and DD 18m had smeared metanium all over carpet! Have attacked it with washing up liquid scrubbing away but you can still tell. Hopefully supermarket will sell some miracle carpet stain cleaner

NickNacks Sat 01-Sep-12 17:57:50

Ah Metanium is the work of the devil! We've lost several items of clothing thanks to it.

1001 Troubleshooter is the best carpet cleaner I have tried Brices (I think that's what it's called yellow and blue packaging)

CarpeJugulum Sat 01-Sep-12 20:38:15

Baby wipes. Johnsons Aloe Vera variety.

Then vanish carpet spray.

Repeat ad nauseum for a few days.

Takes it right out.

<rues having an allergic-to-Sudocrem DS>

OK, I can hardly keep my eyes open tonight, although I haven't really done a lot today.

I'd just like to say Welcome to all the newcomers and returners, feel free to ask if you aren't sure what Flylady or the rest of us are talking about, no question is too trivial for this thread!

I have scanned through the thread but haven't got any energy for chat tonight, so I'm going to go straight to links for Sunday.

Sunday 2nd Sept

Today's babystep is Get dressed!

Flylady instructs us to get dressed to lace-up shoes as soon as we get up, so we are ready to get going with everything else. Now, I may have been on this thread for 3 years but I am still not doing this, it just doesn't suit my morning routine. Also many people do not want to wear shoes (let alone lace up ones) in the house. So, entirely up to you, but it might be worth reading the link just to get the logic behind it.

No mission on a Sunday, but here are some reminders

Sunday Reminders. A lot of these won't make sense if you are just starting out on the Flylady lifestyle, so don't panic.

Oh, I've got my surgery dat, last week in Sept, so I will definitely need someone to take over at that point. PMPY - perhaps you could let me know when you are free (pm if you like).

ChitchatAtHome Sat 01-Sep-12 23:01:46

Hi all,

Well I did give the sink a shine this morning - not the Flylady bleach, leave an hour, blah, blah version - a bit of cif, a scrubbing cloth and wipe down. Life's too short and my kitchen's too small to leave bleach in the sink for 1 hour!!!!

Definitely won't be getting dressed to shoes as soon as I get up - have no interest in my clothes getting mucky before I even go out.

Boiler broke down Wednesday night, plumber came Thursday, fixed it left. Broke again that evening so plumber back on Friday, with the added bonus of floorboards being ripped up to find a leak. sad All that was fixed, so I thought. Woke up this morning and no hot water again...... Aughhh!!!!!!!

Have to use the immersion water over the weekend and wait until Monday for the boiler to be fixed AGAIN. Grrr....

But I ignored the boiler and had a lovely family day out today at the beach. DSs are proving to be real water babies! Such a nice way to spend the last weekend of the school holidays.

You and me both Chitchat - we had a water leak through the bedroom ceiling two weeks ago that has meant immersion heater only since we got back from hols last week, plumber is coming on Mon to fix it all but it's going to be a big job, the hot tank and pump need replacing, plus possibly the controller (heating had been coming on even when switched off at the timer) and the boiler needs servicing anyway, so may well go into Tues as well.

Show was fabulous. knackered. need sleep. see you all at some late point tomo. night

Whoknows did ds enjoy the match?

Bitchy - yes he did thanks, it was his first game for his team and they won. It was a friendly and they were all subbed on and off in rotation, which is a good way to start. He came away happily talking about his dreams of being a top class footballer.

laurenamium Sun 02-Sep-12 07:33:15

Morning all just a body clutter post- I've definitely lost mums scales say 4 pounds but they aren't reliable so I'll weigh myself and post actual loss tomorrow smile

Mum is back today grin <does a little dance>

To do before lunch:
Walk dogs
Food shop
Clean shower
Wash towels

BB tomorrow!

Hi, I'd like to join again! I did join last autumn but had just had dd in the August so had 2 under 2 and just got too overwhelmed by everything. Started flying again in January when the house just got too bad and have been a bit hit and miss since, but mostly hit smile
Ds is now 2.8 and dd 12 mo, so I think I might be able to keep on track this time, especially since ds is going to preschool from next week for 2 mornings a week grin
Breakfast now, so will be back later smile

Iburntthecakes Sun 02-Sep-12 09:52:23

Ta da from yesterday
Shined sink
Made lunch for BIL
Got to town
Managed some washing
Spent several hours comforting grizzly baby. Who knows what she wanted confused

To do
Get dressed but slippers will have to do not shoes
Pay bills
More washing
Shopping list for tomorrow
Tidy living room floor.

I fear some of those will be on my list for sometime.

Brices Sun 02-Sep-12 10:38:05

Thanks for carpet stain removal ideas. You can see little hand marks!
For my list today I would like to continue declutter bedroom. Not much today but don't feel up to much feeling bamboozled with migraine meds.

Morning all

bitchy glad show was enjoyable
whoknows it's lovely when dcs enjoy an activity. I sometimes think that DH would like a son for the football/cricket etc instead of a girlygirl.

Ok so managed all my list yesterday but didn't get back on as ended up taking hoover to pieces as it wouldn't pick up, so that took me a lot longer than expected.

Today is a family day. We had plans for local geocaching, a walk around local country park with dd taking her bike which she has been practicing riding without stabilisers. However dd had an incident with a loose tooth last night and she is refusing to do anything so far so it might end up with a day at home instead.

Also to do

- Check for washed pe kits and put back in pe bag (DH has put it somewhere instead of putting straight into bag)
- cook a full chicken dinner (yum)
- clean bathroom and ensuite
- sort out and put online some bits to sell on eBay.
- sort out new uniform and remove old and unfitting uniform to sell/recycle.

That will do. Have a good family day

Back again smile

What steps do others find difficult? I don't shine my sink every night, or wear shoes in the house. I also find the before bed routine really hard work, even though I know this is the most important one for keeping the kitchen under control sad But after we've battled through dinner and putting dcs to bed (including lying with dd until she falls asleep), the last thing I want to do is clean the kitchen! Am really trying to force myself to just do 20 mins even if I don't finish as that's better than nothing.
My other nemesis to a clean and tidy house is DH. Whatever the opposite of a born organised person, he is it angry His parents are both BO, why couldn't he have got the gene?! <sobs> He now knows all about flylady though and is starting to make a little bit of effort for some things smile

Anyway, sorry for wittering smile
My ta-da list:
1 load of washing on the line, 1 more in the machine.
Up, dressed, bed made
Dishwasher loaded, sides wiped, floor wiped (bloody blw)

I've also managed to do a bit of baking with DS grin

New washing on the line
Put baking stuff in dishwasher
Go to in laws - this is the best bit as we will be having dinner there so no cleaning up to do for that later grin

ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Sep-12 11:46:24

Morning everyone.

JustGetting - yes, I'm happy with the LEA visit, thanks. I already know the woman who is coming because she managed the e-learning DS1 tried last term. She has always been supportive. I know I don't have to have her here at home, but I'm actually keen to show off our new home ed library and to discuss our ideas for DS's learning. Am hoping she will have some useful tips too.

Bitchy - glad to hear you had a great night out smile.

WhoKnows - aww, that's lovely that DS and his team won! Sorry to hear that your heating system is still playing up.

MC - I hope the tooth falls out so you can enjoy your family day out. It's horrible when the tooth is just hanging on. I remember calling our family dentist in a panic once because DS1 had a tooth that wouldn't come out, but was hanging by a few threads. It was agony for him, plus he couldn't eat. In the end, he pulled it out himself (realising that his DM was useless in the tooth department blush).

Brices - grin at the little hand prints (you may be finding it less funny!).

lauren - great that your mum is coming home today and you will be able to go back to looking after one house instead of two. Was it you who said 'dogs choose their owners'? That made me smile.

Iburnt - I hope your grizzly baby is happier today.

Whispers - welcome to the thread. I love your name. I used to read those books over and over to my boys, but they are too old for them now sad.

ChitChat - grr to the boiler breaking down. Well done on your strategy though (ignoring it and having a good family day regardless smile).

PA - did you find the Korean girl? Or did she find you?! Your tales continue to entertain! I suspect they will be my son's favourite part of his home ed project. And yes, we want a dog now. The Jack Russell combined with me being ill put us right off, but it was only temporary. We are hoping our holiday dog will have puppies (it's all planned) and then we could have one. In the meantime, we all keep hoping expecting the dog to turn up on our doorstep again.

<waves to Carpe, NickNacks, Ellie, all oldies and newbies>

DH is giving me a morning to rest again and has taken DS2 out shock. He must be really worried about tomorrow's blood tests wink. So far, my rest has involved:

Unloading and reloading the d/w
Washing up extra stuff
Wiping kitchen counters
Dealing with the kitchen hotspot (bought a magazine stand-up box file yesterday to put all the post and papers in smile)
Putting on first load of washing (new school shirts etc)
Moving clutter from kitchen hotspot to rightful places
Giving DS1 his meds
Getting dressed to flip flops
Room rescue in sitting room

However, I am now sitting down with a cup of tea and am about to spend some time sorting out stuff for home ed next week. This is a pleasure, not a chore. Spent far too much money on stationery yesterday, so I have lots of files and folders to sort out grin.

Hope you all have a great day.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Sep-12 11:50:21

Whispers - I haven't been very good at following the Flylady routines over the holidays and, like you, I don't shine my sink every night or tidy the kitchen. This doesn't matter during the holidays, but I find it really throws everything out of kilter on a school day, so I am intending to get back on track next week. Like you, I feel too tired to tackle the kitchen after putting the DC to bed. I think I'm going to move dinnertime forward a bit, so that I can tackle the kitchen before baths and bedtimes, as it's just too demoralising to come back down to a messy kitchen later.

Great that you are being cooked for today!

Good Sunday to you all. grin

We went to a Khmer church this morning for the first time, which was quite good fun. - previously we have been to an ex-pat church all done in English.

I have done a few loads of washing today and have survived even though the hose is still determined to spray water into my dodgy electrics! hmm

Sat with DS and watched the worst film in the history of films! - District 9, about aliens! It was ridiculous. DH thought it was a comedy, but I think it was supposed to be taken semi-seriously. That was a waste of an hour and a half of my life!

THen I baked a yummy chocolate cake and faffed around making spring rolls. What a load of time and effort for not a lot of taste! Last time I do that! All the rolling stuff up and stuffing it in etc.... I will wait another 10 months and get them from the takeaway back there!!

Just about to skype my girlies...... grin

Have a good day and I hope all the going back to school prep is going well. (I don't envy you one bit, I used to hate all that.)

Oh, yes, the Korean girl was found last evening, thank you all. Now she is out agian and has been gone ages, so we may have a deja vu as it is now dark again here! hmm She is only staying here until Tuesday, then I wont feel responsible for her any more. Roll on Tuesday, I say!! Its bad enough with your own children, but one who doesn't speak the same language as you and who wanders off is a worry!

ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Sep-12 13:49:39

PA - hello! I watched that film and have to say that I fell asleep before the end... I have just been talking about you in Cambodia with DS1 and telling him about the cars parked in front rooms and the house-numbering system. I thought that would get his attention and it did! He has just downloaded a new app which allows him to watch (and control, apparently confused) any CCTV camera anywhere in the world. I don't suppose you have a CCTV camera at the end of your road, do you wink? Anyway, I thought we could use this app in geography when we are home educating. But, as he was swift to remind me, he is still on holiday at the moment grin.

Enjoy Skyping your lovely girls. You must miss them.

Nothing half as new-fangled as CCTV here, sorry Toffee. DId you get my email today?

ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Sep-12 15:14:40

Have just replied, PA! I have only just checked my emails - was too caught up in MN before blush. Thanks so much.

elliepac Sun 02-Sep-12 17:24:18

Hallloooooo. Apologies for extended absence. I got caught up in extended madness of DS bday and then exam results (my class did very wellsmile, so proud of themsmile) and then getting ready for holiday.

Have returned from holiday this afternoon and am currently swamped with unpacking and trying to restore normality before tomorrowsad. On the positive side, i have had the most lovely 6 weeks and genuinely feel rested and ready to go back.

Finished the bankruptcy exercise that is school uniform shopping just in time. The most stressful point was trying to find DD shoes. She has very wide feet and really high instep. I lost count of the amount of shoes we must have tried on and branches of shoe shops we have tried including 3 clarks. Eventually found some in a small independent retailer recommended by the poor Clarks lady who tried everything to find us a shoe. Startrite for the first time bu cost £40!!!! Good job I managed to get DS some from the clarks outlet!

Anyway better crack on!

toffee i haven't forgotten your history stuff. Will e-mail it tomorrow if that's ok. Sorry for taking so longblush.

Welcome to Whispers. I don't shine my sink in the evening, however I do (if it's my turn) do the kitchen straight after eating whenever possible, the DCs take fruit and milk to the lounge and watch a bit of telly once they have done their bit of helping. Mine are older though, 6 and 8, they don't go to bed till 8.30. Any handwashing (we have a DW but always have to handwash a few things) gets left on the drainer overnight and put away in the morning, which is when the sink gets shined (when I remember/have time).

My favourite babysteps are Swish and Swipe and hotspots I think. The ones I never bother with are getting dressed to shoes, post-it notes all over the house, reading testimonials from the Flylady website. Probably others too.

Ellie - welcome back. If it's any consolation both my DCs have high insteps (so do I) and they both end up with Start-Rite every year. Clarks have never fitted them for school shoes, although they both wore them when younger.

PA - glad you enjoyed the Khmer church, sounds as though you are starting to settle in properly over there.

Toffee - I agree that routines are far more important in term time - one of the reasons I like the holidays!

MC - we have had a couple of those tooth incidents, with both DS's top front teeth. The first one got wobblier and wobblier, then one morning he woke up and said it really hurt, I looked and it had turned right round! DH had to pull it out for him.

Bitchy - hope you've managed to grab a bit of sleep

Iburnt - some things have been on my to do list for at least a year

Lauren - welcome back to your mum.

NickNacks - hope DD had a great day today

Justgetting - glad to hear things are progressing re your building repairs.

Waves at ChitChat, Carpe, Brices, Feet, Honu, Trazzle, Blue, Engels, PMPY, Shift, Gin - anyone else that is around.

Quiet day here today, I went shopping by myself this afternoon while DH and DS watched the F1 and DD made clay models of Moshi Monsters. I've given myself a bit of a headache by squirting perfumes on myself in Debenhams. Cleared the airing cupboard ready for the plumber tomorrow, and earmarked a large pile of bedlinen to be got rid of when it all goes back in again. Back in a minute with some links.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 02-Sep-12 20:35:19

ellie - welcome back and congratulations on your class results smile. It must feel good when all your hard work pays off. Thanks for remembering the History stuff (shame I can't just teleport you down here once a week too!).

WhoKnows - I love the 'swish and swipe' step too. It's so quick and makes such a difference. Best of luck with the plumber tomorrow. I hope it's quick and not too expensive hmm.

Have spent lots of time today planning our home ed timetables and routines. My head is spinning with ideas for English, Science and History. Haven't tackled the Maths yet, as that's my weakest subject (shame I can't teleport Honu down here too wink).

Maybe DS1 could be entirely educated by Mumsnet... hmm

Off to sort bedtime routines. They are getting earlier in time for back-to-school timetable next week (DS2 goes back on Wednesday).

I like Maths Toffee and use it in my work, but I am probably very out of date with modern methods and I suspect I have forgotten all my geometry, algebra, calculus etc. If you need any science help (chemistry, especially) do let me know. Plumber is going to be all day if not into Tuesday and it's probably going to cost about £1000 sad.

Just been explaining to the DCs that I am going to hospital and that Dad is going to need a LOT of help around the house for a few weeks. They were so sweet and immediately started devising a housework rota and finding teddy bears for me to take with me. Awww.

Links for Monday 3rd Sept.

Babystep DON"T DO THIS! This is where Flylady tries to get you signed up for her emails. Instead, just shine your sink dress to shoes (or not) and maybe browse the Flylady website.

This week's Zone turns out not to be Zone 1 after all but is Zone 2, the kitchen. confused.

So, here is the sneak peek for the week Sneak Peek

THe Mission Mission Dust and clean all the high up bits. If this link doesn't update properly, it is also listed in the Sneak Peek link.

Back from w/e with my brother, which was fun.

Now I have 2 days to plan DS2's birthday party, meal plan for the week, crisis clean the house to mum-visiting level, and probably lots of other things that I can't think of at the moment. Baby steps!!

Waves to all. Good night!

ShiftyFades Sun 02-Sep-12 22:55:46

Maths! Did someone mention maths? grin
Love it, love sooo much. The only thing I love more than algebra is DS (DH is 3rd.... Or maybe 4th after my car wink)
DNephew passed his GCSE with extra coaching from me, he's my 3rd "student" I've helped.
Got my best friend's daughter lined up for this next year grin

So flying:
Rain put paid to my washing intentions, but I've done as much ironing as I can.
I've popped a load on tonight & will do another in the morning, so will have plenty to do tomorrow sad

Cleaned bath thanks due to DS pooing in the bath yet again angry
Shined sink

Going to Paultons tomorrow as most kiddies will be back at school and it's going to be nice weather grin

Scruffybear Sun 02-Sep-12 23:22:21

Am late for everything....whoops. Hello all. Even though I am rarely managing to post lists I am making progress at a snails pace just through lurking in the company of more organised types, so thank you and I am back for more in september. (who stole the summer?!)
To be fair, if I wasn't always trying to cope with poxy iPad screen keyboard and the clamouring paws of two toddlers I would probably do better at the lists and therefore the flying methinks. Ah well. Delighted to find we are in the kitchen again (not) perhaps in 30 days I will genuinely progress from rotating stuff in a clockwise and then anticlockwise direction around our very small kitchen.

Whispers- am chuffed that you have exposed the fact that many of us have less than sparkling sinks AND that I am not alone in having a bit of a half arsed before bed routine.Off to bed feeling less guilty!

dizzyday07 Sun 02-Sep-12 23:32:49

Spent another day up to my elbows in boxes. DH asked for a list of what to do - then promptly packed something in the wrong place! I know I'm being anal and should be grateful that he's "helping" but if he called out to me once asking about something he called out 100 times. All that's really left to pack is my sewing stuff that I need to crack on with tomorrow and the kitchen.

I will then be spending Tuesday wiping, dusting and hoovering as best I can before the house gets emptied on Wed.

MC - My DD has pulled all of her 6 loose teeth out!

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Sun 02-Sep-12 23:58:21

Hello all, this is a very dynamic thread, from missing Koreans to shiny sinks and all points in between!

A success to report, finally managed (we moved in 2 years ago) to get DH to help me tackle the garage (read dumping area, still with packing boxes and goodness knows what else) sorry, I should say my back can be dodgy so I tend to avoid humpfing boxes etc just in case, plus I needed him to help decide what to keep and what to chuck. He cleared one whole half, did 3 runs to the dump, so we now have space to put his bike, ds bike scooter and beach stuff in. Yay!
Hopefully we will get thru the right hand side next time there is a dry day at the weekend. That could be spring 2013 I suppose!! Hope not.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Sep-12 00:03:20

WhoKnows - OK, you can be Chemistry teacher. Honu and Shifty will have to job share for Maths wink. PA is covering topic-based work (Cambodia, of course) and Ellie is doing the History. I'll cover English Lang and Lit. Any takers for Geography?

Shifty - why do you love Maths so much? I find it so, so difficult and (sorry) uninteresting. But then I was never very good at it and I suppose it's hard to like something you find difficult. It's good for me to have to tackle it again for DS1's sake, though. Maybe I will learn something too.

WhoKnows - what date is your op? We will need to send you virtual thanks. Your DC are being so sweet about looking after you smile.

Blue - two days to do all that - eek! Crisis clean whilst planning meals and birthday party, maybe...?

Scruffy - 'at a snail's pace' counts as 'babysteps', so that's ok wink.

Dizzy - good luck with the moving house! It's great that DH is being such a help hmm.

Just drinking a hot chocolate, then off to bed. Head still spinning with home ed ideas. It would be OK if it was just me studying them all, but imbuing DS1 with the same level of enthusiasm is going to be impossible tricky. Ah well...

Night all.

elliepac Mon 03-Sep-12 06:46:33

I have nothing positive to say this morninggrin. Uurrgh.grin

Brices Mon 03-Sep-12 07:50:37

Wonder what happened to zone 1?
Mondays are the hardest with flying....

Gym (week 6 day 1 of couch to 5k)
Strip and make beds
Mop floors
Clean microwave and oven
Still decluttering bedroom

Had a good sort out of DSs clothes moved all 3 - 6 months out and 6 - 9 months in. He has so many clothes! A lot are pink from his sister, oh well... He's only 4 months but very tall like his Dad.

I love the idea of home ed and what I'd like to do with my two later.

Right, an apology to start, I am also typing on an iPad so impossible keyboard and the inability to look at others replies whilst typing my reply will make it very difficult to do personal replies until I 'know' some of you better sad I am reading them though, thank you to everyone who replies to me, I am delighted that others find the shiny sink tricky too, it seems like the worst one to get 'wrong' as it's the first baby step! I forgot, I also find hotspots tricky, I do do them, but not regularly and not timed. Could do with working them into a routine somewhere... hmm
Totally confused about the zones this month, I use the home routines app which is on zone 1, grr! I hate them being out of sync sad
Will be back soon with lists smile

shock at brices doing that list with a 4 month old! I am full of respect grin

Oops, mission link fail! It has gone to tomorrow's. If you look carefully above the pink flight plan icon there is a link saying Go to Todays

What Ellie said!

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Sep-12 08:54:55

I actually did my evening routine last night (apart from the laying out of clothes), so came down to a tidy kitchen this morning grin.

Off to dr's this morning, then need to tackle the house and get ready for school for DS2 on Wednesday.

ellie - I assume you are back to work today sad. Best of luck.

Brices - I never intended to home ed - it was thrust upon me, as it were. I am really enjoying the preparation, but it will have to be seen whether I actually enjoy teaching (or 'facilitating learning' as home ed's call it wink) my DS1 (when he'd clearly rather be playing 'Minecraft' or watching YouTube clips).

Good morning to Bitchy, Whispers and WhoKnows.

DS2 wants me to have 'crafty time' with him, which means I have to make animals out of silver foil apparently. Am trying to muster the enthusiasm...

I echo Ellie too grin

Ta da list for today:

No running water this morning, so no swish and swipe, no shower [grrr]
Language study. - Yay, I love it!! grin
Shopping for the week done
Preparations for a shepherds pie done! grin Sooooo English!! Our weekly treat is a typically English cooked meal.
Cooked Chocolate cake - yum!
Had a siesta! wink
Now I am melting and don't feel like doing anything for the rest of the day!

sooo my to do list for the rest of the day:
cook shepherds pie
do nothing else! grin
Oh, I will skype my girlies cos yesterday failed. One was out, one was asleep and one I haven't got a clue!! <hmph>

Have agood day everyone. When does school start for all your DCs?

No running water here either, apart from cold in the kitchen, plumber is working upstairs. So that puts paid to most of the home blessing. Not sure what we're all going to do today, I'm never quite sure whether to go out and leave tradespeople in the house, it seems a bit odd, but it is also a bit odd not being able to just get on with your normal day to day stuff.

DD is still in bed, she's going to have a shock tomorrow when school starts back.

I am beginning to dsilike MFP intently. It keeps shouting at me <squnity eyes>

Oh ffs pass the coffee and make that *squinty eyes <sigh>
I expect to be shouted at again today. God knows what it will make of tomo.

CarpeJugulum Mon 03-Sep-12 09:40:41

Oh BUGGER!!!!!!

Just realised we go away in about 4 days. I have nothing sorted out except documents. WTF!!!! I'm normally panicking, but I'm not even panicking that I'm not panicking?!

Feeling a bit shock about the whole thing. I've even arranged playdates for this week FFS!

Someone please slap me into panicking so I do stuff?! wink grin

Panicking is wasted energy. Make a list and just tick things off as you go. FLy lady styleee grin

Back smile
Morning routine done, including daily mission and I have even put the washing machine on a maintenance wash shock If I can keep this up, I will have a perfect house grin
I am currently sat in the living room surveying the mess that has been on the floor for 3 days though blush DH attempted to do it on Saturday but the dcs just got it out again as quick as he could put it away hmm
Also need to fold and put away yesterday's washing and Hoover. I have got as far as getting the Hoover out, but have to actually get off my arse to tidy up yet before I can actually push it round grin
DS starts pre-school on Wednesday so I still need to write his name on his coat, bag, wellies and pack his little bag <sob> Seriously though, I cannot wait until he is there, dd will sleep for most of the time that he is gone, so I'm hoping to do some serious flying in those two mornings a week grin

CarpeJugulum Mon 03-Sep-12 09:55:56

I have just done exactly that Bitchy

I have printed out my checklists, and put all the cleaning/tidying stuff into new routines on my HomeRoutines app... Feeling much more calm now that I can see when I need to do stuff.

Right, off to hang washing out and tidy the hellhole bedroom! blush

I forgot bts shoe shoppig we are going now. it's going to be hell isn't it <sigh>

CatsInChaos Mon 03-Sep-12 10:42:51

Hi all, Just popping in from the babystepping thread.

Can anyone help out about today's babystep?? I tried to join big tent --out of curiosity-- but I can't - something about the code not matching confused
and it says something about image text confused (confused even more).

I know some of you say "Don't join" I am just curious what happens when you do join and what the emails etc would say. Does anyone find it help full joining?

Hi cats smile
I have signed up to the emails (before I read this thread grin)
Most of it, I just delete without looking, but one thing I do like are the essays, they are kind of bullying and nagging, but in a good way and more than once have made me get up and do something smile I am fairly sure that they are all hidden on the website though, although I'm not sure where confused is there a list every day of emails sent out? Because that way you could just look for the essays on there if you find them helpful? I may just be wittering now, ignore me if you want grin

ChitchatAtHome Mon 03-Sep-12 11:07:52

Hi all, feeling very bleary eyed, and really unmotivated.

DH has just taken the DSs out and will be gone for most of the day - which gives me a chance to get on with some tidying without them messing it up as soon as I've done it. But where to start..... <surveys the 1,000s of jobs?>

Sigh... washing is a priority, as DS1 had an accident so ALL his bedding, including duvet is bed, poor soul said he was 'too tired' to get out of bed in time. Think we packed too much into the weekend!!

I have an ironing mountain which is depressing me, and making it hard to move in the dining room (it's open plan so makes so makes EVERYTHING look messy) so might put a dvd on and attack the ironing.

After this brew though, and a bit of quiet MNing!!! grin

laurenamium Mon 03-Sep-12 11:28:57

Wow lots of chat! I don't have time just now to catch up but will try later!

To do:
Shop for stationary
Cut grass
Walk dogs
Home bleugh
Date night grin

I have been up since 5- got up early especially to do shred smile

Body clutter: 2 pounds loss this week grin

Cats Yes the discussions/novel/whatever are available on the website. Personally I haven't found the need to sign into the website/bnig tent. The biggest problem i think with doing so is the sheer quantity of emails that you get. You, allegedly, basically end up drowning in them. Which is why I haven't bothered. I personally find the daily focuses useful enought to not bother.

School shoes got. Ds has spent some of his pocket money on an extension pack for his favourite computer game so he will be busy on that so hopefully my day is going to be slightly more manageable. <crosses fingers>

CarpeJugulum Mon 03-Sep-12 11:37:22

Oh god. Body clutter...

Start after holiday as there is NO way I'm giving up my morning coffee & croissant grin

Still last load of "hanging out" washing in, and then just tumble stuff to do, plus stuff for DS, but that'll be once he's in bed. Our bedroom tidied, but I have a crate of "stuff" to lay away - while DS naps as I don't want him seeing where some of the stuff goes as he's a fiend for hauling out things he wants to play with - most of which he shouldn't! grin

Going to clear through paperwork to be shredded before the holiday while DS naps, then a playdate, and I've got the enjoyable job of putting photos of DS into an album while watching TV tonight. (Freebie prints for joining photobox smile )

Engelsemama Mon 03-Sep-12 11:51:49

Morning all,

<waves welcome to everyone old, new and returning>

I love having visitors feetheart as it reminds me to do all the wonderful things there are here for tourists. Real life seems to get in the way unfortunately. We worked out that this was the first time we’d been out for pancakes in 2 and a half years!

Good luck with prep for LEA this week toffee

carpe I think leaving washing in laundry basket before holiday is fine.

PA am loving all of your updates, keep them coming.

Hope DD had a good birthday NN

chitchat DVD+ironing sounds like a good idea to me!

Well done on body clutter and shred lauren I must weigh myself. I did level 1 for 10 days then had one go at level 2 and gave up – should try again! Shop for stationary? My idea of heaven.

What is MFP shouting at you bitchy ? grin

Had to get out of bed and out the door with DS at 7.30 this morning to drop our visitors at the train station. They’re heading to Amsterdam for the day before getting a train to Paris this evening. I reckon I should have gone with them and made the most of not being at work today! They couldn’t believe I’ve never been to Paris – I feel a trip coming on!

DS is napping so….

Ta da
Tidied up kitchen/washing-up from yesterday’s visitors
Unpacked bags from day out yesterday
First lot of washing out in sun and 2nd on
Changed sheets/duvet covers
Have well and truly shined my sink!
Booked ferry to UK for sister’s hen do in a few weeks

Well, apart from the plumbing chaos, everything is going smoothly here. We reached the very rare point of having the whole house tidy last night, can't remember last time that happened.

The DCs are playing very nicely together in the lounge (which is very untidy again), it's a lovely sunny day so the washing is on the line, all the school bags are ready for tomorrow, one name tape left to do on a new coat. I'm about to tackle a pile of paperwork that hasn't been touched (apart from to add stuff) for about 4 months blush.

Body Clutter - I'm going to start properly again tomorrow, but I did weigh myself this morning and am exactly back to where I started confused. Bitchy - can you tweak your settings to make it less shouty? Does anyone know if there is a way of being able to input your weight in stones and pounds, I am fed up with having to convert stones to pounds (and too old to think in kg)

Yes there is a way to change, it is an option on there. have seen it. one mo will check for you.

I doubt it whoknows it is either telling me off for not eating enough, or just eating too much fat and sugar <sigh> Big red messages all over the place.

To convert to lbs - click settings on the bar, then click the option Update diet/fitness profile. And there is an option to switch next to current weight. hth grin

Engelsemama Mon 03-Sep-12 12:14:03

blush stationery (it's not like I'm an English teacher or anything...)

Engelsemama Mon 03-Sep-12 12:24:51

I've decided ironing is too much effort. Going with DVD+DS in playpen+MNing (= lazy bur relaxed engels)

CatsInChaos Mon 03-Sep-12 13:33:08

Thanks for the advice/help about today's babystep. I decided to miss that one out as my curiosity wandered off somewhere grin

CarpeJugulum Mon 03-Sep-12 14:06:32


Next door neighbour has just pebble dashed car and washing while spray painting the fence.

ARGH!!!!!!!!! angry

laurenamium Mon 03-Sep-12 14:08:18

I spelt it wrong too engels grin never mind!

shockangry Carpe

Ta Da
School shoes shopping
ds to spend pocket money
15mins in my room
15mins ironing
Project part 1.
Realise this week is getting busier and busier without me doing anything <panics slightly>
Project part 2

Thanks Bitchy, I already have it set to pounds, but the scales are in stones so I have to do (stones x 14) + lbs every time, I would like to just be able to put in 8st 8lb (I wish!). I might have to switch to kg I think <luddite>

Well, plumbing is finished, house is untidy throughout (how does that happen?) and I need to go and think about some dinner. Back later.

ShiftyFades Mon 03-Sep-12 18:46:59

Toffee no idea where the love for maths comes from. I've always been good at it; finished junior school maths by the age of 7 (think I finished infants within the first year).
I was teaching the deaf girl in our class, in a quiet corner, by the age of 8!!
I guess when you are good at something it makes you love it because you get praise and recognition.

But algebra is a wonderful tool to work lots of things out. I try to use it as often as I can, often as I'm driving / in the bath blush

A calculator is like a Rampant Rabbit to me, if I see one I HAVE to have it, grab it, it's MINE!!!

Ok, I sound really weird now blush

Never mind, hopefully none of you know me wink

Evening! I've done a major declutter of the boys art stuff today, and turned an old shoe box and tatty gift bag into a lovely place to hide mobile phone chargers and related clutter. grin

Actually, I've got a few more days for party planning as it's not till Sat. Only 2 other children coming to, so pretty straightforward. Mum phoned to say they'll arrive later than normal tomorrow too, so that all helps.

Off out to Zumba shortly as put on 2lb last week. I blame the wine, although the free BBQ, cake and ice cream won't have helped...

Will try and get back on and do personals later, but huge waves in case I don't manage it!

elliepac Mon 03-Sep-12 19:57:47

Well, it is safe to say that my brain has been fried today after 6 weeks of complete inactivitygrin. 3 hours of exam analysis, literacy, quality assurance and performance management sucked what little enthusiasm I had out of megrin.

On the plus side, i have been quite organised. All packed lunches done, all clothes laid out, book bags found, children bedded and bathed and general tidy done. Tis not perfect but it will do.(my mantra where flying is concernedwinkgrin).

I'm afraid I haven't had time to read the thread as I must go and get some dinner.

Brices Mon 03-Sep-12 20:25:03

grin at calculators and rampant rabbits!

Have managed list and feelIng very tired. Will watch Loraines fast fresh food and dream of when I can eat properly again. Have suspected gallbladder problem getting fed up of monotony of lentil soup then baked potato with baked beans

Hi all smile
I've had an incredibly successful day, 27 items ticked off on my home routines app grin Think I might just squeeze in another 3 before bed smile

ShiftyFades Mon 03-Sep-12 21:31:33

Busy day today:
Up, washing hung out.
Load in and hung out
Washed and dressed
DS dressed himself (yay!)
Breakfast dishes washed but not put away
Picnic made
Left for Paultons 15 mins later than intended but was fine
Long long day sad / grin

Came home put dishes away, washed up twice etc etc
Recycling put out,
Bin emptied
Washing brought in
Bath & hair wash with DS


Just need to sort his nursery bag and I'm done.

Iburntthecakes Mon 03-Sep-12 21:41:27

<sneaks in>

Am I right in thinking you have a naughty corner?

<takes wine to the naughty corner>

The sink is semi-shiny
Sod the shoes
My e-mail account is always close to bursting as I never get round to deleting things that 'might be useful'. Flylady would kill it.

Ah well. Tomorrow is another day grin

Glad to hear of others success. I'm yet to experience the start of school rush for shoes and equipment so impressed by all this!

Can I ask what home routines app you use Whispers? Is it a flylady thing?

<hands out Flyer of the Day trophy to Whispers>

On the subject of Flylady's essays, they probably are on the website somewhere, I actually find some of them quite inspiring blush. I did sign up to it early on but really didn't want 3 or 4 emails a day coming in, I just wasn't reading any of them.

However I like the Flylady book - Sink Reflections, after floundering about at this Flying business for a couple of years I read it last year and it all sort of clicked. I hadn't really seen how the entire thing fitted together before that, just doing the missions and babysteps and being too lazy to ever make a control journal

Sounds as though we have some tired people on here today.

My day has been all upside down, couldn't do much Flying with plumbers underfoot but I did manage to tackle the paperwork pile and have reduced it considerably, also chucked out loads of old comics etc.

Plumber went about 4 after I jump started his van for him because he'd left the lights on. Took the DCs to town and had a pleasant hour in the park chatting to a friend whose DD is just as obsessed with Moshis as my two, so they all talked Moshi together, then home for a late dinner and into the school evening routine.


3 loads of washing done, dried and put away
Clothes out for me and DCs for the morning
2 x packed lunch made (need to do dinner money for DD)
Laptop located for work tomorrow
PE kits checked, labelled and in place
Ditto rucksacks and bookbags plus holiday homework
New lunchboxes labelled
Washing up
Put Ocado shopping away
Read stories to DCs and tried to re-assure their nerves

I'm off to watch a bit of telly now and relax by making some Lavender wands to keep my drawers fresh.

Back in a minute with some links.

x-posted with Iburnt - arf at "sod the shoes"

Yes, there are usually a few Fledglings snuggled up in the naughty corner with wine and biscuit.

Tuesday 4th Sept.

Babystep Reminders on Post-It Notes I have never done this because Flylady suggests bathroom mirror and kitchen sink for it and both those places would mean that I risk all my frinds and family thinking I have finally lost the plot. Might be a good idea to put them somewhere else though.

Mission Wipe your cabinet doors. This makes a big difference in our kitchen and is easily forgotten about.

Now we are established in September, it's a good time to take a look at habit of the Month Before Bed Routines - mine seems to merge with the evening one half the time confused.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Sep-12 22:22:34


Have just had the most enoooormous spider in my dining room! Even DH (the resident spider catcher) admitted it was a biggie shock. I don't like spider season.... sad

Have managed to get DC into bed at fairly reasonable times in preparation for school. One more day... Am dragging taking them to a Tudor house tomorrow as there is a special event which will tie in neatly with DS1's Tudor history topic. Apart from that the day will be spent tidying and getting ready for school.

Have lost DS2's PE kit, as usual confused.

Right, off to do an Ocado order and then to bed. Night all.

swanthingafteranother Mon 03-Sep-12 22:30:28

[trails in wearily putting mud everywhere, and sits by Aga drinking sherry]

[oh I wish that were true, I'm back in London]

[okay, there is still mud here for some reason, but the sherry is not working]

okay, I'm back. I've lurked for last few days since returning from Ireland, (second trip), but haven't energy to post much, as it has all been used up trying to keep children occupied without proper mud quotient
today I have taken children to swimming, tennis, bicycling, cake making, drama (last two in my house alas) and dd has had friend here all day
ds has done another review for his holiday work, ds2 copied out half a poem
dd can now make a Victoria Sponge

house is a complete and utter tip, although cleaning lady came today after 6 weeks absence and did the ironing, and kitchen [rest remains, and our bedroom has not been hoovered for two months! I kid you not, I just keep the blinds down sad

Whoknows very sweet your children's helpful rota for when you go into hospital, sorry about boiler, at least it broke before winter set in, and plumbers get frantic
Toffee I am very sorry you had pneumonia, but you sound much better now; also sorry dog went, and she is sweet too, coming back to find you all, ah, she must have had a fantastic holiday with you

waves to all, my brain is pretty well fried by Irish family politics atm, but back in London it is all a bit easier to digest, and Dh helping too...

NEED TO GET A GRIP ON NEW TERM. I WILL DO MY XMAS SHOPPING IN SEPT IF IT IS THE LAST THING I DO! Even if it is just for the outer ring of people and not the kids! (who knows what they will demand?)

swanthingafteranother Mon 03-Sep-12 22:35:18

Toffee oh yes, I've mislaid both the primary PE kits. Hopefully will turn up kicked under something...perhaps in drawers, maybe I actually washed it, and all I have to look for is the empty bags...
I am very brave about spiders, so many thousands in Ireland, all that long grass and of course they catch mosquitoes and worse, so I quite like them...The only thing I hate are Daddy Longlegs, they seem too fragile...ugh

Trazzletoes Mon 03-Sep-12 22:42:10

Wow! You guys have all achieved so much today! envy

My day has mostly consisted of getting ready for DS' 3rd birthday (tomorrow) and planning for his party at the weekend. I may be more excited about the bouncy castle than he is blush

DD is cutting her first tooth. She has spent every spare second screaming. I have not done much flying today! Thankfully DS is at ore-school tomorrow and DM has come to stay so I'm hoping she can hold the baby tomorrow while I do some flying so that CHAOS is eliminated before Sunday (whose stupid idea was it to have the party at home?!).

I hope the boiler is sorted soon...

Oh and I have recently purchased an Organised Mum Family Life Book so am determined to use it as my Control Journal as it appears to have all necessary features...

And if someone wouldn't mind coming to find the gnat hiding in my bedroom is be terribly grateful. I'm getting slowly bitten to death.

Trazzletoes Mon 03-Sep-12 22:43:12

I'm liking the sound of ore-school but sadly he's only going to pre-school grin

Ooo, a trophy, how exciting grin
Just to clarify though, a couple of the items were things like get up and dressed, make bed etc, so not that amazing blush
The home routines app is for iPhone, iPod or iPad, it's basically a control journal with all your routines in and you tick them off as you go along, soooo satisfying, it really really helps me. It is not an official flylady app, but the creator based it on her routines and it has the zones etc. The one annoying thing is that it doesn't follow them exactly done of the time though, like this month it has started on zone one for 9 days confused whereas flylady has give straight to zone two. It's not normally out by more than a day or two though. All if the zones are accessible so you can still follow flylady anyway, it's just that sometimes the missions don't quite match up. Anyway, I would still really recommend it, it made such a difference for me smile

ToffeeWhirl Mon 03-Sep-12 22:58:09

<pops in mid-Ocado order to wave at Swan>

Welcome back! Sounds as if you have been very, very busy. Am still missing the dog and keep hoping she will somehow find her way back to us again.

Trazzle - I hope your DS enjoys his third birthday tomorrow.

Whispers - envy at your app (and trophy wink).

<Waves to Swan, swats gnat for Trazzle>

I don't mind spiders, but agree with Swan about daddy-long-legses. I can't abide fluttery things and hate moths too. Butterflies I can cope with, so long as they don't flutter straight at me!

With DH's help, the house is looking almost presentable now. Will have to hoover in the morning, even if it means kicking the boys into the garden for the duration - they hate the noise still. Now have some paid work for the morning too!

We had our first practice run of the new school-morning routine today. Will need a bit of tweaking, but that's why we've started early... grin I've also written the morning routine down for the first time ever. If that helps, I'll have to start the evenings too.

Hope the party goes well Trazzle - our DS2 is 3 on Friday - an excellent week for it. smile

Trazzletoes Tue 04-Sep-12 04:24:48

Blue it is indeed! All that hanging on for September babies clearly worked! Happy birthday to your DS for Friday.

1st early morning training of the season and can i just say. It's toooo fucking early.

Hope you are all still asleep and heading for lovely days.


Ooo, happy birthday to all the three year olds this week (please tell me they start to calm down and this age hmm )

laurenamium Tue 04-Sep-12 07:45:12

Morning all!

Date night lasted into the early hours so getting up at 6 to exercise didn't happen! So shred is on my list for later!

Clean bathroom
Today's mission- definitely makes a difference
My laundry
Walk dogs


swanthingafteranother Tue 04-Sep-12 08:42:56

good morning all,

so far
fed cats
washed up saucepan
two children breakfast

today, all hands on deck for SCHOOL SHOE SHOPPING! x 3
and I need to send three cards 2 x A level cngrats to godchildren, and I x birthday

oh dear, I feel so so tired already, do not want the school term to start, with all its attendant demands, although it will be nice to see all the school gate ladies and hear gossip gossip from all the nations.

ChitchatAtHome Tue 04-Sep-12 08:50:23

WhoKnows - so did the plumber sort the problem? After 2 visits from mine I still had the problem! hmm

Whispers - mine's been 3 for a month - from memory with DS1 they don't really start calming down, but they get less 'frustrated' because they can do things better. DS2 is gradually throwing less tantrums - although the tantrums he throws are doozies!

Bitchy - that's waaaaay to early!

<Waves to everyone else>

The plumber didn't make it yesterday, so he should be here this morning. Hopefully he will finally be able to get the problem sorted.

Enjoyed ironing with a dvd yesteday - watched Munich finally, I've only had it for about 2 years now!! grin Ironing pile is almost gone, just a few stay items which need to be ironed and put away.

ta da:
dishwasher unloaded
boys dressed
DS1's bed stripped (another accident - oh this bodes well for school!)
1 x wash in machine

To do:
15 mins kitchen
15 mins dining room
15 mins lounge/play room
3 x loads of wash (at the very least)
prep school uniform
prep sports uniform
shopping for school shirts
check if shoes still fit, if not shopping for school shoes
buy droid treats for DS1 for taking his medicine
buy other treat for DS1 for making his bed every day for a week (with no reminders!)

Yeah, I'm not sure I meant calm down, I think I meant 'better able to resist impulses if not socially acceptable'!
DS doesn't have tantrums, but is driving me and DH mad by ignoring us if he has decided that whatever it is he is doing is a fun thing to do anyway hmm
I have done quite a few things already, including the daily mission smile I love the missions, they are all the things that it wouldn't occur to me to do, but do make the place look better - I had never wiped a cupboard door before flylady!!

Morning all,

Just dropped the DCs at school, felt a bit lonely walking back on my own sad. They seemed fine, although DS especially hasn't wanted to go back.

I'm tired, DD woke up at midnight and woke me, I then couldn't get back to sleep, then DH got up and started being sick, which was repeated throughout the night, so he's tucked up in bed still. Managed the morning routine OK though and off to work now.

ChitChat - yes, there were two problems, one was causing the heating header tank to overflow, which would have been OK except for the fact that the overflow pipe wasn't connected so it all came through the ceiling. The other being that the heating was coming on when it wasn't meant to because the switch was sticking. He fixed the overflow a couple of weeks ago, then we had a new hot water tank and switch yesterday, plus the boiler serviced and all seems to be fine again. Luckily we have a good plumber who we have been using for years. Hope yours gets sorted soon.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Sep-12 09:41:56

Happy 3rd birthday, MiniTrazzle grin.

Blue - you are sounding very organised with your back-to-school practise runs.

Bitchy - yes that is too, too early shock.

ChitChat - good luck with the plumber. Hope problem gets sorted today.

Whispers - calm down around three? <mildly hysterical laughing>. No chance. But they make up for it by being incredibly sweet and adorable at that age smile.

lauren - date nights are sounding good!

Hope shoe shopping is successful, Swan. Am wondering how I am going to wrestle DS2 out of his beloved Crocs and into school shoes tomorrow morning.

WhoKnows - hope DC have a happy first day back at school. Sorry your DH has been sick. Let's hope it's not catching.

Last day of the holidays here. DC both woke up at respectable times (ie, in time to get to school), so we are back on track for that at least. Am enjoying my last morning of hanging out in my dressing gown (and Mumsnetting) with undressed children until 11am.

This morning, I'm going to tackle the house (decluttering and cleaning required), sort out PE kit (whereohwhereisit?) and uniforms and have another sort through home ed stuff. Then am taking the boys out for their Tudor experience (greeted with less than an enthusiastic response this morning, I must say hmm). Hopefully, they will enjoy it when they are there and I will get some decent pics for the LEA woman's visit on Thursday.

Oh, and I must also plan my routines again. They definitely need tinkering with.

Sadly, from tomorrow I am instigating a no-internet-during-school-hours policy, which applies to me as well as DS1. So, no MN before 3 <curses>.

Hope you all have great days.

feetheart Tue 04-Sep-12 10:26:40

Sneaking in a little fuzzy-headed. Spent yesterday at the Paralympics and my ears are still ringing from the noise in the Aquatics Centre! Didn't get home until nearly midnight - DS tired and grumpy, DD flying high on the sheer buzz of the adrenaline. Unsurprisingly neither of them have surfaced yet grin
Our 'back-to-school' plans are completely shot this year as they are supposed to go back tomorrow but we have morning athletics tickets - oops. I will get everything ready today though so I don't have to think about it tomorrow.

Whoknows - I am expecting to feel a little lost come Thursday too. It seems to have a been a busy summer this time round and involved a lot more arguing than I remember from last year but I have still loved having them around and am not looking forward to hectic school-run mornings again sad

Welcome back Swan - Ireland sounds lovely, shame about the family politics though. Hope a little distance gives you the ability to process it all and that life doesn't get too frantic.

Happy Birthday to all the 3 year olds (and anyone older for that matter). I think I had two completely different versions - DD could tantrum for England and was Hard Work at times, DS was Mr Laidback and relaxed though he did have a habit of ending up in A&E hmm

Today's list:
- Work
- Morning routine - washing, washing up, S&S, cat litter, sweep kitchen floor
- Mop kitchen floor
- Missions for today and yesterday (and maybe tomorrow if I have time!)
- Sort out plumbers/electricians for rental properties
- Make strange but yummy sounding elderberry sauce
- Prepare and freeze rest of elderberries
- Make bolognese
- School uniform sorting/ironing/polishing plus cheques written
- Ironing whilst watching Paralympics

That sounds like far too much, will see how I get on.
Enjoy the sunshine those that have it.

CarpeJugulum Tue 04-Sep-12 10:28:37

Yeurgh.... just yeurgh...

Warning: self pitying post alert!

This morning started wonderfully with my boss (I WAH) emailing me to tell me he'd (as I thought) done my job so I could get on with tidying & packing.

So, I start by putting on a wash of new clothes for DS to wear on holiday, and get them hung out. And next load (bedding) put on, but with a bit of a hitch as when I open the drawer, there's still water in it, so I get a wet foot. Sort that, and the washing goes on.

Breakfast and morning routine all done.

Then I notice that bedding doesn't have any tablets in it, because I was sidetracked by wet floor. Stop cycle, reset, and add tablets. Restart washing.

Start shredding documents from cleared out folders. Jam shredder 3 times during this. angry

Get phoned by boss wondering why my job isn't done. I bluster something about DS not letting me get on and apologise. Upon re-reading the email, he's just done the bit that someone else normally does so that I could get started earlier. blush

Work like stink to get job done.

Go to make coffee and discover that DS has been in kitchen and pulled tablecloth making his bowl with remainder of cereal spill all over floor.

Yeurgh... just yeurgh...

Oh, and DS will have to go for a nap in about an hour (as he's got kid gymastics at 2) and I know he's going to kick off about this too...

<makes a brew while eyeing the wine >

ChitchatAtHome Tue 04-Sep-12 11:55:23

Oh Carpe - that's just grim!! Hope your day gets better.

WhoKnows - wow, that's some ongoing plumbing problems! Glad it's sorted.

Well the plumber has been and gone, problem not sorted but at least this time it's been identified! Our switcher/timer thingy (very technical term, that grin) is bunk. The power keeps flickering which makes it lose connection with the boiler and so the boiler turns off. So now we probably need a new switcher/timer thingy..... waiting for a phone call to let me know the damage. Damn thing was only 14 months old in the first place!!!!

This is all making me oh so tempted to get one of those boiler policies which gives you free servicing/fixing. I've resisted because I've rented houses with those policies for electrical items and its taken FOREVER to even get the people out, let alone get the damn thing fixed. Can't handle the though of being at the mercy of their booking systems tbh!

Sigh.... and on with the day we go.

Morning all!

Ta da!
Bread made (in machine)
2 loads of washing on line
Downstairs hoovered
Kitchen doors cleaned
Back door cleaned
Bathroom cleaned and mopped
Sink shiny
Kettle polished (!)
Smeary handprints wiped off TV hmm
First draft done

Still to do
Finish work
Hoover upstairs
Straighten bedrooms out again
Mop kitchen floor
Pick veg
Dead plants in garden bin
Cook dinner
Make chutney

Parents arriving around tea time...

Good luck with the shoe shopping, swan.

<Leaves vat of brew on the bar...>

ta da
early training
see friend for coffee

to do
collect ds from school and start the teams chaotic afterschool activities schedule.

Anything else that gets done is pure luck and miracle.

EyesDoMoreThanSee Tue 04-Sep-12 13:14:02

Did anyone fill the geography position?

I started felting at the beginning of the year but dropped off the threads a while back. I have kept up the fifteen minutes a day and the Hot spot attacking.

We are now safely ensconced in our new home and are enjoying the space. I have also taken on board a great deal of that organisational document that did the rounds a while back and I am different person now in terms of birthdays and events. Even DH understands how to file stuff!

Things like wiping round the bathroom sink and putting bleach down every other day as well as waiting the rooms bad making the beds, deciding on clothes for the days DD and I are at working nursery are all now standard practice.

The new house means I can finally have a place for everything and everything in its place. My deadline is Christmas to have everything streamlined and every single box unpacked. Cleaning happened alongside other activities and washing is also just done. Nothing seems quite as bad as it used to be but there is room for improvement.

EyesDoMoreThanSee Tue 04-Sep-12 13:16:50

Felting? Flying!

Today's list

Am. Work.

Wash up. Done
Dry up. Done
Do a quick wash
Hang up wash
Sort clothes for next three days
Cook dinner

Pack work and nursery bags

swanthingafteranother Tue 04-Sep-12 16:48:16

Toffee I think you are allowed internet at coffee break surely? And just because ds1 isn't...that is no reason to curtail your internetting? After all teachers are allowed to Mumsnet at breaktimes...
No internet in Ireland where I was (too much granite) and it made not a mite of difference to my productivity (ie v unproductive). I think certain shades of interneting keep one sane.

one set of school shoes, school socks, dd friend over again came with my three shopping
multiple exercise, park three visits, bicycling x 2,
sent ds1 to find a friend, (no friend has turned up alas) but at least it broke ice, maybe he will visit THIS term...hmm
kept peace between sons
forced ds1 to do a chore (hanging out washing)
forced ds1 to make his bed
dd has packed her PE bag (yes I had washed everything)

wider tidying

Feet my sons are obsessed by the Olympics atm. I think it has inspired them in a big way.
Chitchat hope your boiler problems get sorted too.
Ellie well done on the GSCE grades, I remember August 2011 you were worried about the grades (may have misremembered) so that is a relief

better go and do something with the suitcases hmm

swanthingafteranother Tue 04-Sep-12 16:51:15

Chitchat from what I've heard anecdotally, BG service contract is rubbsh when it is depths of winter and you actually need the boiler fixed NOW. Ithink only answer is just to find a bloody good plumber to install who will service and fix things because his reputation depends on it.

swanthingafteranother Tue 04-Sep-12 16:52:42

Carpe sorry you are having such a frantic day, very admiring of you fitting in WIH at same time as toddler.

ChitChat - I have read one or two threads about those service contracts with a very wide range of experiences. We've never bothered and this is the first time we've had a water / heating breakdown in 11 years in the house, so actually per year it hasn't been too bad. That's the other thing, you can only get cover if your boiler is relatively new, ours is about 17 years old so not eligible now. We do get it serviced every year though.

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Sep-12 17:38:36

Swan - internet at coffee break will be my downfall. I really do have to stay off it, otherwise it will eat up our time and DS will sneak off and log onto 'Minecraft'. I have to set a good example <sigh>. If I can be strong willed enough, I might log on briefly at breakfast time to check emails and MN threads.

We didn't make it to the Tudor house because DS1 had one of his anxiety wobbles about it and couldn't go. At least I gained extra time to declutter and tidy the house though. Spent ages tackling DS2's bedroom, which wasn't my priority, but badly needed it. Now have a big bagful of rubbish to throw out and drawers full of neatly folded clothes in time for school tomorrow smile.

Tried to stick a children's map of the world up in DS1's room, but was scolded because it was apparently very 'uncool'.

Right, back to decluttering and tidying up. Have found the PE kit (washed and folded, which I can't even remember doing) and the swimming stuff.

Anyone else a fan of 'The Walking Dead'? ( Ellie ?) DH said we could watch the new series tonight. I think he has downloaded it. I don't know how I have the stomach for it, but I am so gripped by the drama that I have learned to tolerate the gore (not usually my cup of tea at all). It will make a stark contrast to the DVDs of 'Upstairs, Downstairs' that we have been watching recently!

Ooo, eyes what is the organisation document you mentioned? Sounds like something I'd be interested in grin

Not onto such a winner today, only 10 things on my app ticked off blush

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Sep-12 18:09:06

Why did I listen to DS1 when he rarely knows what day it is, let alone which month? 'Walking Dead' is not on till end of October. Sorry to raise the hopes of any fans.

I used to watch it Toffee but dfrifted away halfway through season 2, it just didn't feel as though the story was moving on at all, I got bored of them all being stuck on that farm with the barn full of zombies.

elliepac Tue 04-Sep-12 18:40:15

Apparently I have just had 6 weeks off work. I don't appear to remember itgrin.

Survived the first day with pupils..... just. DD survived first day at reception.......just (had to be peeled off CM roaringsad but then settled) DS survived first day in Year 5 ........just (massive nosebleed in playground before school began) DH survived a day of doing feck all..... justangry(may kill him yet).

swan nice to have you backsmile. You have some memorygrin. Twas indeed a massive relief!

trazzle happy 3rd birthday to DSsmile

My brain does not have enough mental capacity to remember all other posts as am on phone!

Am going now to take one exhausted and stroppy 4 year old to bed, even though she has just screamed in my face that she is NOT TIREDgrin.

elliepac Tue 04-Sep-12 18:42:43

Oooh forgot to mention toffee. All the school systems are down so I can't access the History stuff until tomorrow. Don't get me started on how fecking annoying that isangry. And I love Walking Dead. I too hate gore but it has sucked me in somehow. I was actually thinking of cancelling the extortionate amount I pay to Sky each month but then I realised I wouldn't be able to get Walking Dead so that won't be happeninggrin.

Engelsemama Tue 04-Sep-12 19:02:38

Evening all,

can I join the corner of exhausted people in the back-to-school corner? Slightly cheating as this is my 3rd week back, but my energy has disappeared now and I just want to sleep. Zzzzzzz.

carpe hope your day got better.

bitchy Ouch. That's way too early!

ellie I hear that summerholidayamnesia is increasingly common grin

eyes you sound very on top of everything. I have a looooong way to go to declutter throw out all of DH's crap

I really don't know how anyone works fulltime with small children. It just feeld like a whirl of nursery drop-off/work/home/pick-up/make dinner/eat/clear away/prep fr tomorrow. Now I'm lying in a heap on the sofa, and am planning on falling into bed pretty soon. Last nigth we went to bed at 9.10, and one night last week we gave in 8.30.

There is no way I could do this for 5 days on the trot. I was considering going up to 4 days next year but have told DH to remind me of how tired I am right now if I bring it up again.

Do any of the fledglings work full time?

<waves at one and all> too tired for anymore personals I'm afraid. the laptop is going off and Smallville is going on (we're up to season 5 smile )

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Sep-12 19:35:24

I don't do paid work at all anymore, Engels. I used to find it exhausting trying to fit in freelance work and children. Having to home educate DS1 has scuppered any plans I had of going back to work at the moment.

Ellie - well done on you and your family surviving the first exhausting day back. Thanks for letting me know about the History stuff. How annoying for you to come back to work and find the systems down. I was right about you liking 'The Walking Dead' then! I thought I remembered you mentioning it.

WhoKnows - 'Walking Dead' kept all its budget for the grand finale of the last series, apparently. Actually, I quite enjoyed the quiet pace of the last series, but oh my goodness, they made up for it in the last episode. Worth watching if you can find it (but you will need a sofa to hide behind grin).

EyesDoMore - the Geography position is still vacant wink. Are you interested?

Since last posting, I have tidied up the garden and hoovered upstairs. Also unloaded d/w and cooked dinner. Waiting for Ocado order to arrive, then it's bathtimes and bedtimes, followed by last-minute check on school stuff for tomorrow.

EyesDoMoreThanSee Tue 04-Sep-12 19:36:29

engelsmama that's very kind of you, I can quite genuinely say that everything I have learnt about housework and organising has come from mumsnet!

Am. Work.
Wash up done three times
Scrub sink to remind DH of what clean sink before bed 'actually' means done
Dry up done again three times
Put away dry washing done
Did two washes done
Hang up washing done
Sort clothes for next three days done
Pack work and nursery bags done
Wash wooden floor in hallway done
Empty all bins including bathrooms and put out done
Bring in bins from collection done
Visit craft shop to try finding material done
Cook dinner done
Bath and bed for DD done
Finish urgent work emails prior to return tomorrow
Decide photos to print for a gift

EyesDoMoreThanSee Tue 04-Sep-12 19:41:27

Re geography position I would be happy to take up that opportunity wine thank you!

Oh and I attempt a full time PhD. Ha bloody ha. That's why I needed help to get organised and a housework routine, hence flylady and the organised document.

Really desperate to get downstairs and started on my crafty stuff but DD very unsettled and experience gas taught trying to leave too early is foolhardy.

elliepac Tue 04-Sep-12 19:59:12

engels i teach full time plus HOD role. I have a non-existent social life and my house looks like a shit tip half the time and all with a 4yr old and 9 yr old. It has got harder as they get older if anything (apart from when they were little and didn't sleep) because there is so much to remember to do, places to take them etc. My only solution has been to lower my standardsgrin. Without this thread I would have disappeared under a mound of laundry and filth by nowgrin. I am not a brilliant fledgling flyladygrin.

toffee i agree about that last episode. Can't wait for the new series. It is one of the few programmes that DH and I watch together!

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Sep-12 20:00:52

Great, EyesDoMore grin. I'm afraid the pay and working conditions aren't great though wink.

Toffee - once I am out of hospital I am going to try the free trial of NEtflix, so I will look for it on there.

eyes, what is the organisation document?! Is it like a control journal?

Ta Da
Early training
Coffee with friend
collect ds from school and speak to teacher about training impact monitoring.
Feed and prep for ds' training
Double check training kit
Ds' reading
ds to training
ds in shower and in bed

I am just about to grab a snack and head to bed too. Will catch up in a mo. night.

Trazzletoes Tue 04-Sep-12 21:11:38

Just checking in to say thanks all for the birthday wishes for DS. It's been a fairly tame one as he's been in childcare do we're going to do most of the presents and celebrating on Sunday which is party day.

Currently slumped in front of Bake Off. Took DD to babycafe this afternoon for some socialising. Other than that I've cleaned the kitchen. There's still a bit to do but the rubbish and recycling are out, bits and pieces moved back to the garage... Starting to look a bit more like it should do.

Still need to make pass the parcel and party bags :s

Evening all,

I'm very tired, didn't get much sleep last night, so not going to chat too much. The DCs came out of school having both had good days and we have all had a nice evening. DH is feeling much better. DS wanted a chat about his Aspergers and what it means this evening, he is worried that it makes it hard for him to make friends, that is my biggest worry for him too. I try and support his social life as well as I can but I also feel I ought to be doing more to teach him the skills he needs. Back to my big pile of self help books I think, they've been gathering dust over the summer. Hmm.

Flying wise


Morning routine - done apart from shine sink
Afternoon school run
Relax with DCs for a bit
Start putting stuff back in understairs cupboard (all moved yesterday to let the plumber get in to the boiler) while putting aside some to get rid of
Made dinner
Made packed lunch x 3
Made a huge batch of pasta sauce to freeze
Made and iced fairy cakes for packed lunches
Mammoth washing / clearing up exercise
Speech therapy / reading with DCs
Clothes out for tomorrow

Links for Weds 5th Sept

Babystep Write down and banish those negative voices

Mission Clean out the fridge

House was briefly impeccable today. Then DS2 got hold of a tube of glitter, pulled all the cushions off the sofa to make a bouncy castle, they both made train tracks, scattered a load of Gruffalo magnets everywhere, and I made chutney...

Hey ho, it was nice while it lasted and DM reckoned she could see the underlying tidiness...

Trying to decide whether or not to go for a trip to Cromer tomorrow for the last day of the holidays... Forecast is dry but chilly. Can wrap up warm, I guess, but not so much fun for paddling.

Glad your DS had a good day, Trazzle. Really need to think about DS2's party. I've got a plan for a cake, but most of the rest will be played by ear, I think.

Trazzletoes Tue 04-Sep-12 22:43:44

whoknows gosh that sounds tough. I hope you can find some answers.

Blue thanks! If nothing else I am extremely grateful for Sainsbury's stocking a Fireman Sam cake so that I don't need to show my baking inability to the world!

Ps <boast alert> my sink is shiny!!! <faints>

EyesDoMoreThanSee Tue 04-Sep-12 22:57:30

Just headed to bed half an hour ago but downstairs is beginning to look like somebody cares. The sink is sparkling, dishes are done, floors are hoovered, bags packed. Now just need some rest.

Sending sweet dreamsn to fledglings

ToffeeWhirl Tue 04-Sep-12 23:02:14

Whispers - I think Eyes is referring to a thread about organisation that was running a while back. One of the posters kindly summarised the best tips in a Word document and emailed it to those of us who asked. I have it somewhere and can have a hunt for it if you want (but it might be quicker if someone more organised finds it first. As you can see, the document hasn't had much impact on me blush).

WhoKnows - have you told us your op date yet? I'm sure 'Walking Dead' will cheer you up afterwards hmm. I hope the self-help books provide you with some useful pointers to help DS1. It must be tough for both of you when these things crop up.

Blue - glad you had a brief moment of house impeccableness today, at least! I wish I could say the same.

Trazzle - good luck with the pass-the-parcel bags. For some reason, I find that game one of the most stressful aspects of my children's parties. Last year, I put a sticker inside each layer as well as a small sweet, so that each time a child unwrapped a layer, they put the sticker on themselves (well, I usually had to remind them) and then we knew who had had a turn. It did save all the "Has he/she had one yet? confused" palaver.

I am hoping DS2 will want a trip out with a couple of good friends this year, rather than a party (he will be seven) and that last year was the last time I will ever have to do pass-the-parcel.

Bitchy - that sounds like a bit of a non-stop day. Hope you catch up on sleep tonight.

Right, have finished ironing tomorrow's uniform and put the last few labels into shoes and on clothes, lunchbox and water bottle. All the bags are hanging on the front door so we won't forget them. Clothes and coat are laid out. Socks are in new shoes.

Am just putting DS1's first morning's work in his box file. I told him tonight he needs to be dressed and to have had breakfast by the time I get back from the school run at 9.30. He needs to complete his work before we go to a meeting with his English tutor at midday. He is spending the afternoon with his best friend, whom he hasn't seen for three weeks.

I have done the washing up and just have the last bit of shopping to put away before bed. Looked at my control journal and realised my routines are all out of date and need rejiggling.

Off to finish my jobs now, then going to bed at a decent hour for once.

Night all.

I've just found the last half a dozen episodes lurking in my Sky+ box Toffee, together with hslf a dozen Good Wife and about 2 seasons of ER, maybe I won't need Netflix. That's a brilliant idea wiyh stickers in the pass the parcel BTW. I'm booked in on the 26th.

I've lost track a bit but hope all the birthday parties this week go well.

Mymumsdaughter Tue 04-Sep-12 23:47:01

Hi who knows I too have to fit in speech therapy ds2 is getting quite resistant! DS1 struggled with making friends so we practised different scenes and how he could repond we practised conversations. He has some good friends now and he takes cues from them now if he feels unsure.
Back to flying I achieved the mission and started to re-trace baby steps drink your water is a hard one me -who knows why - and swish and swipe-

ToffeeWhirl Wed 05-Sep-12 06:48:14

That's good, WhoKnows grin.

I forget to drink water too, Mymum. Can go ages without drinking and not notice.

Woken up about 5 this morning by DS2 and haven't been able to get back to sleep since, so will have to function on less than a full night's sleep today.

After the school run, it's the first session of home ed with DS1 this morning. We are starting small - some reading, handwriting, a bit of Science and then I'll let him play on a Maths CD-Rom. Might get a bit of tidying up done in the kitchen whilst he works, but I'm not expecting to get much done.

Meeting DS1's English tutor this afternoon, then he is being reunited with his best friend after three week's apart. He has stocked up with his friend's favourite food and drink to welcome him home.

Hope you all have a good day.

Time to switch off MN for the day.


jchocchip Wed 05-Sep-12 07:18:32

marking place.

Hi all just checking in from holiday glorious weather which makes a change from the last one smile

Am on my phone and can't work out how to PM, but Whoknows I will be back from Monday if that's ok?

engels I work full time too (company director) and have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. It is very hectic, but we are very lucky to have good childcare - we have a nanny (cheaper than 2 at nursery round here) and my parents look after the children for odd hours if we both have to work late. Struggle to stay on top of the house though, which is why I'm here!

laurenamium Wed 05-Sep-12 08:13:22

Morning all!

Mindee arriving any minute so a quick dump and run!

To do:
recycling out
shine sink
Clean out fridge a la mission
Walk dogs
DD and mindee to playgroup
School run later
Start deep cleaning playroom
Clean bathroom


That's fine PMPY - I'm ok till the 25th.


Check email/MN on phone, download newspaper and podcast for later
WM on
Up, showered
3 x packed lunch assmbled, water bottles filled
Breakfast me and DCs
Empty DW and clear drainer
Refill DW
Wipe surfaces
Shine sink
Sweep and mop kitchen floor
Get dressed / make up (minimum - damage limitation)
Paint nails
5 mins MN
Brush teeth

Off to school in 5 mins

Thanks for kind words re DS, I do need to do some role play with him. He has actually done very well with his socialising over the summer. I find role play hard (I reckon he gets a lot of his AS tendencies from me, I also have poor imagination and love routines but my social skills are intact, that's the difference). We've got The Rules of Friendship Book which is very helpful.

Urgh toooo early, not enough sleep, tooo much to do today. Shit, late must do school run. <sigh>

Oh and forgot swish and swipe.

Back from school, washing is on the line, off to work now.

swanthingafteranother Wed 05-Sep-12 09:46:58

oh dear, reading yesterday's list of things I was meant to do! Today, none of that is going to get done, and I have now another (different) list

feeling like zombies, hope we didn't look like zombies, Dh and I
have just about managed to get two out of three children off to school
PE kitted
pencil cased

Whoknows I was thinking from your posts how nicely your ds1 managing socially, playing with his sister etc,enjoying IofWight caravan - I think he must be doing better than he thinks. I wonder whether part of ASD is that they themselves worry more thn is usual about what other people think of them, as well as the usual misreading.
Yesterday I was proud of ds2 joining on various impromptu football games at park, then sad when he started lecturing a poor little six year old about penalty areas, proud when he bicycled happily again and again round park, and sad when he started complaining his sister wasn't playing with him...
He seems to have gone off to school alright today, organisationally he is driving me mad as he plans NOTHING, not a pencil case, not even asking where PE kit was. He has been so thoughtful this holidays (intellectually I mean, as well as occasionally emotionally) and enjoyed so much hanging out with his cousins; I HOPE he will get a lot out of classroom teaching and enjoy learning, except his writing is so terrible...sad and he knows it...

toffee enjoy first day...don't worry too much if it takes unexpected twists confused


twelve year old and I are going to spend most of today outside I hope. Not quite sure in what shape or form. He is in a cheery mood, so I want to keep it that way before the horror of whpping him into shape over homework etc sets in on Thurs...The impression I get of his first year at secondary was that he made an effort for about eight weeks, then his work got sloppier and sloppier due to parental collapse.. We will have to try a different mthod this year, kitchen table, no music, no telly after school, more chores, and less homework at weekends...

EyesDoMoreThanSee Wed 05-Sep-12 09:47:00

DD has been waking at 6am for teh last three months - today she clearly tired of that and slept until 7.25am

Issue being that it was my first day back to work after a month and her first day back at nursery

Thanks to the hard work of the last few days however all was not lost and we got everywhere we needed to be on time and so far nothing I need has been left at home! except for my motivation

Breakfast done
Lunches made done

whoknows I feel for you and your son, I was extremely awkward at school but my DM refused to help, knowing he has you to talk to will I am sure help his confidence as he gets older.

toffee I am looking into HE for DD when she gets to school age depending on what needs she has at that time, maybe even flexi school if our primary allows it.

Brices Wed 05-Sep-12 10:09:32

Hope your having a better day carpe
Have managed to clean kitchen windows, bit smeary but better.
Time to wake up DS...

Just popping in to say hope it all goes ok today with the "officials" toffee I thought there might be an update from you, but have realised it's only lunch time there, so will have a look tomorrow.

Mega rains here tonight. DH and DS, plus Korean girl (who was supposed to be moving on yesterday, but someone has forgotten to tell us what to do with her!! hmm ) Have all gone to watch an International Football match this evening. They are going to be drenched, but, as DH always says, "You can only get so wet." grin 2 hours of sat on a concrete step with their knees up to their chins....DH wondered why I declined the "treat". hmm For a special treat at half time, there are snacks of sunflower seeds. WOW!!!! It is not quite stamford Bridge, but what can you expect for less than $0.50 entry?

Right I need to head off as DD4 wants the use of the dongle. Will try and catch up with something a little more productive tomorrow. <waves> to everyone. smile

foad Wed 05-Sep-12 13:36:13

Hello! I'm back after the school holidays! Marking my place since I saw you on the Active threads. Will be back later or tomorrow. grin

ToffeeWhirl Wed 05-Sep-12 14:24:28

Phew, MN ban over at last. That was hard-going.

PA - the LEA official is tomorrow, but I did keep thinking it was today, so may have written it down wrongly somewhere. Thanks for thinking of me. I'll let you know how it goes. What a shame that you and your DD missed out on the wet football match wink.

Eyes - it might be a good idea to look into local home ed groups if you are thinking of it (try Yahool Groups to see if there's one in your area). I've noticed ours have quite a few parents with toddlers who are considering home ed and just want to find out more about it.

Brices - oh, your post reminds me of the toddler days, when I had to wake up DSs from their naps (when they had naps, that is hmm) so that they didn't stay awake till 10 o'clock at night later. There was always that inner tussle between wanting to let them sleep so I could enjoy the peace and wanting to have the break later.

Swan - have had a very good first morning of home ed, thanks. Well done on coping with the chaos of back-to-schoolness. My lists are frequently carried over to the next day (and the next and the next...), by the way.

WhoKnows - that's a brilliant 'ta da' list for so early in the day smile.

<waves to PMPY, lauren, Bitchy, jchip and foad>

Have managed to get some washing and washing up done in between school run and home education. Had a meeting with DS's English tutor, then collected DS's best friend and brought him home with us. DS is now busy learning social and computer skills!

Can't believe it's nearly time to collect DS2. The school day is not long enough!

Engelsemama Wed 05-Sep-12 18:16:35

I can imagine that freelance/WAM would be pretty hard with DCs around toffee I find that on my days “off” I can’t even think about school with DS around. Means I find myself doing less at home and getting in as early as possible with nursery drop-off/staying longer at work (as long as I can while still getting home for family dinner). Managing okay at the moment but marking hasn’t kicked in yet and am guessing that once it does I’ll be heading upstairs to mark and leaving DH with DS on weekends.

pmpy and ellie I bow down before you – no way I could teach full time anymore (only about 50-60% of teachers in my school do so) especially not being HOD as well!

eyes when I was hormonal –and very pregnant—last year I had almost convinced myself to do an MA, even though I would be having a baby smack bang in the middle of it (Obviously been reading too many articles about wonder mums who became millionaires/set up their own business/changed the world during their maternity leave).

mymum and toffee I take a litre water bottle to work with me now so I can keep track of how much I’m drinking on work days –because otherwise I’m a coffee monster--

Did you manage to get to bed early last night bitchy ? DH and I managed a grand old bed time of 9.10 last night.

Ta da
school run
get new car key cut
sort out ds' swimming kit
collect laundry mountain downstairs and start working though - several loads done
sort out tempermental washing machine
sort out ds' kit - maintenance stuff
Rest of kit for washing
spend several hours working on decluttering my room.
ds to swimming

<flies off to try to discover sleep>

laurenamium Wed 05-Sep-12 18:37:50

I am being a very bad fly thread keeper upper blush and I don't have time for a long post tonight either! I've read everyone's posts though!

Tonight's plan:
DD to bed
Date night!

Be back tomorrow!

elliepac Wed 05-Sep-12 20:03:43

Evening all! Been a good girl tonightsmile.

Ta da list this evening:-
Washed up
Tidied downstairs
Hoovered downstairs
Washing on
Dinner prepped and cooked
Washing up again
Clothes ironed/laid out for the morning
Book bags sorted
Got ds to do his homework
Packed lunches done for tomorrow
Finally emailed toffeeblush

Not bad even if i do say so myself. (clearly I am studiously ignoring the fact I haven't got any semblance of a morning routine as yetblushgrin).

Off to catch up with what you lovely lot have been up to.

elliepac Wed 05-Sep-12 20:12:49

Having just caught up....

engels i am exactly like you. I tend to work like a demon when at work to avoid bringing too much home, so I work through lunch and stay for an hour or so after school as I don't pick up DC's until 5.

lauren date nightwinkgrin

pa i too would have declined such a 'treat', I know you can only get so wet but I hate being wetgrin.

swan everybody looks like zombies in the first few days. Staff at school are all favouring the zombie look at the momentgrin.

That's all my brain can remember tonight but I reckon it was more than last night so there is progressgrin.

IWipeArses Wed 05-Sep-12 20:44:47

Damn, thought I'd posted earlier, oh well. Made some decent progress today.

Wishing sleep for all those who need it!

Waves to all.

We did make it to Cromer, and had a lovely afternoon on an almost deserted beach. It's been jam-packed on all previous visits so that was nice. Both boys absolutely shattered at bed time so I hope they "sleep in" tomorrow (ie all the way through till 7!).

New lunch box and school shoes are labelled
PE kit and book bag have been located
Last term's clothes still seem to fit (Phew!)
DS2's playgroup bag has been packed
My meal/party plan and shopping list have been written

I think we might be ready for the new term!! DS1 is so looking forward to being in Year 1 and seeing all his friends again - it's really cute. grin

Hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow. Night!

Evening all,

Cromer sounds lovely Blue and what perfect weather, I am v. envious of anyone whose DCs are still off school!

Arses - well done!

Ellie - you too, especially in top of work

Lauren - [envious] of you and your dates!

Bitchy - hope you are asleep

Engels - 9.10 that's pretty early. I'm doing well if I have the light off before midnight.

Toffee - thank you, I always seem to start the new term with a great wave of morning routine enthusiasm, especially now and spring when it's warm and light in the mornings and I can have the kitchen French doors open. It usually all goes to pot by week 2....

Foad - welcome back

PA - no, not quite Stamford Bridge, I certainly wouldn't have wanted to go to that game either.

Brices - thanks for the reminder, my kitchen French doors are very much in need of a clean

Swan - thank you for your kind words about DS. I know exactly what you mean about being so proud of them one minute and then a moment later they have gone and done something like the lecturing a 6 year old (who probably didn't even notice but we are acutely aware of). Hope DS2's first day back went OK.

Eyesdomore - thank you too, that is sad that your mum wasn't able to help you. I constantly feel I should be doing more / better for DS, but there is only so much you can do.

Mymums - how old are your DSs? My DS is 8, he's the one with speech therapy, but DD (6) doesn't speak very clearly either (although much better than DS) so I am doing the exercises with both of them together. Poor old DS has SALT and OT and sometimes feels a bit singled out for all the extra work, so I try and involve DD too where I can. Similarly DD struggles with phonics and I am doing extra work with her and DS is joining in with that. Then I wonder why my evening routine is a bit slack!

Jchoc - hello!

Well, a good day Chez Whoknows, as follows:

DH was better and went back to work.
Morning routine went well.
DCs seemed to have a good day at school and DS was invited to a party.
A lovely relaxed evening with the DCs in the house and garden
I have passed my first OU module! gringringrin
I have transferred all info onto next years Organised Mum calendar so we are up and running for the next 15 months.

Also I have been struggling to focus at work, I sit in a silent office trying to do boring stuff on a computer and resist the temptation to MN instead, in my previous job I worked in a very bustling office and I seem to need constant stimulation. Anyway, yesterday I discovered that I can listen directly to BBC podcasts on my phone without having to put them on via Itunes and I am sorted! I have been listening to all sorts of things from Radio 4 and 5Live and my concentration is much better. And actually I could probably do it direct from my laptop, but I hadn't thought of that. Sorted!

Links for Thursday 6th

Babystep Hotpsots. A good one this, one of my favourites.

Mission Scrub those counter tops

Mymumsdaughter Wed 05-Sep-12 22:39:54

Whoknows DS2 has SALT he is almost 4 DS1 had SALT and struggles with phonics he also struggles social DD 12 is brillant with them both. It is time consuming though I have time after school for DS1 to talk through his day and we explore strategies - the rukes of friendship is excellent. Managed to do the fridge this am and have managed to get clothes out for tomorrow and packed lunches done struggled with water again and tried to banish negative thoughts

swanthingafteranother Wed 05-Sep-12 22:45:31

I let ds1 down today, by not turning up in park when I said I would, and he ws kept waiting for ages. Feel terrible, usual misunderstandings over time and place. Poor kid needs a mobile. I keep saying that, but he does..(school doesn't allow them,so no need except for out of school).Problem was lack of spending money to buy himself a snack, because of the embargo over junk food, so he was waiting desperately for me to turn up and buy him lunch.

Anyway, we all got out and about in beautiful sunshine, telly stayed off
packed lunch ingredients bought
ds1 and ds2 took plenty of exercise
so did I
uniform out for tomorrow
dd piano
ds1 violin
dd powerpoint homework, and dressed up as pink beribboned witch (early start on Halloween bag in loft)
ds2 bit of handwriting practice
supper for all, washed up
caught up with a few friends

otherwise! NIL!

Dh has a zombie headache. I have zombie clothes plan atm..Bedroom strewn with clean but unironed clothes. Now officially looking forward to tomorrow when I have a whole day to concentrate on SORTING OUT MY STUFF, and not worrying how get a St Bernard 12 year old moving...or...socialising..

swanthingafteranother Wed 05-Sep-12 22:49:44

Whoknows fantastic about OU module! However did you fit that in?
Must try the Radio method of motivation too. Too often I find myself wilting in a silent room, I find it difficult to remember that all I have to do is just turn on the music...

EyesDoMoreThanSee Wed 05-Sep-12 22:54:25

Busy days all round.

Blueeyeshadow are you on holiday up here? Cromer isn't that far for me although DD hasn't been since she was tiny we usuallly get the train up. Loads of fun!

Thought I posted earlier but morning routine went ok. Better than expected. Evening routine not so great ad I made the mistake of getting my pjs on when DD did and then slumping on the sofa. I must must start making more use of my evening. Was quite surprised that the washing I hung out last night isn't dry yet.

ShiftyFades Wed 05-Sep-12 23:25:17

Gosh, I can barely keep up with this thread!! grin

Ta Dah:
Long, unproductive day at work (IT issues)
Got home, DH went out.
Made ultimate chocolate cake
One load of washing
Washed up
Shined sink

10pm... Finally sat down!!

Tomorrow I won't be flying as I'm going singing from 7:30pm until 9:30pm!

Anti procrastination day:
Swapped DS's swimming class as his teacher is shite doesn't push him in any form and he's actually gone backwards in his confidence which is very frustrating as he went to Waterbabies for 2 years which was brilliant. Feel like the last 6 months has been a waste of money / detrimental at the local leisure centre.
It was hard to do as I didn't want to sound like a pushy mum, but she really isn't very good - I was very tactful though wink

ToffeeWhirl Thu 06-Sep-12 02:11:24

Have spent the evening preparing for the LEA visit at 10am in the morning. House is scrubbed and decluttered; books and folders are laid out on the dining-room table; four-page letter detailing my educational philosophy is in an envelope. Am still wide awake because I fell asleep after collecting DS2 from school this afternoon. Told him I was going to have a half-hour nap and woke up two and a half hours later blush. Luckily, DH was home by then and had made dinner smile.

Funnily enough, the cleaner is coming at midday and I have already cleaned the house. Don't know what to ask her to do. Ah - ironing! That'd be good!

Ellie - thank you so much for your email. Just in time for me to sound well informed on History with the LEA woman! grin

Quick waves!

New morning routine going quite well so far though just degenerated into a big squabble...

Eyes - no, we live in Norwich. A train trip to Cromer is one of the things we like to do when my parents visit.

Hope LEA visit goes well, Toffee.

Just flying past but wanted to say good luck to Toffee later. Have found memory stick and will transfer the stuff for you over the weekend.

Urgent To do:
Pack everything for ds' wkend away
pack for my few days away
send letter into school

And not so urgent - anything else.

Good luck Toffee, I'm sure your confidence will be bolstered by having a lovely clean tidy home.


Up, showered
Bed stripped and sheet in WM (DH did this)
Breakfast x 3
Empty DW
Packed lunch x 2
Refill DW
Wipe counters
Sweep and mop floor
Quick vac of hall and lounge
Swish and swipe
Get dressed
Remind DCs to make their beds (their new morning habit for this term)
DCs to school

Just waiting for the washing to finish and get it pegged out then off to work. It will be a busy evening, DD has tennis then DS has football, plus we are taking DD's friend along as we go because her parents are at a funeral.

I have decided that the start of term is a good time for new habits for both me and the DCs. Mine is (as usual) to be consistent with the morning routine, the change this term is that I am getting up 10 mins earlier and showering as soon as I get up instead of after breakfast to avoid bathroom congestion. Theirs are to make their beds in the morning and to sort out their sports kits for the next day in the evening, as well as their school uniform.

laurenamium Thu 06-Sep-12 09:28:39

<sneaks in>

Good luck today toffee!

ellie and whoknows grin these date nights are going very well!

Well done for passing your first OU part too! Lots of confidence for the next one now smile

Glad you had a nice trip blue! Deserted beach sounds lovely!

grin at all the zombies at yours swan! I might join you by this afternoon, running on 3 hours sleep!

<waves to arses, mymums, eyesdomore, shiftyfades, bitchy, and everyone I've missed!>

To do:
Clean bathroom
Walk dogs
Lunch with mum
School run
I do today's mission about 5 times a day anyway blush
My laundry

BBL!! grin

EyesDoMoreThanSee Thu 06-Sep-12 09:29:20

OK, So like whoknows we decided term starting was a good opportunity to make changes

I set an alarm today (DD now sleeping about an hour later each day) and got up just before 7.

DD and DH woke up
Dressed DD (DH went back to bed)
Made breakfast for DD
Made lunch for me and DH (Soup for me and boiled eggs, sarnies for him with home-made breakfast bars) and made fresh coffee with cream grin
Washed up
Wiped counters
Dried my hair
Brushed teeth
Made beds
Grabbed bags

Got to work/nursery ten minutes early!

Brices Thu 06-Sep-12 09:55:34

whoknows many congratulations on passing your module!

Yesterday we went for a nice walk in Ashridge forest perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold.

To do :- Cupboards in the kitchen, dislike this job as have to stand on a chair.....

foad Thu 06-Sep-12 10:00:41

Whoop! I too am making changes. was also up before 7 (unheard of) and DD1 was out of the house for 7.30 to catch bus to New School.

SO have already
Unloaded dishwasher
School runned
Ordered new terms backpacks (they wanted to see what everyone else had)

To do:
Buy black leotard
Put supper in slow cooker
Hot spots (where do I start)
15 mins exercise
Try to sort out music practice timetable for kids - it's not getting done at mo

Huge wingflaps to you all - I'll BBL to catch up. x

ShiftyFades Thu 06-Sep-12 10:20:20

Morning grin
Ta Dah:
Washing up
Hung washing out
Made beds
Got to work at a reasonable time.
That's it for me today, might manage a 5 min hotspot later.

Good luck with LEA visit grin

Morning all. I am sorry once again I have been absent. I seem to have some kind of virus on my main computer and most of my week has been spent trying to sort that out. Added to that first week at school for dd and DH having man flu and it's been a little manic around here.

Anyway I have almost caught up and would like to say good luck to toffee (I think) with lea woman. You sound very organised. I'm sure she will be impressed. PA I really wouldn't have fancied the footie either in the rain.

All the talk of Cromer have taken me back to the summer holidays and the afternoon crabbing on the pier. DD loved it smile

Ok so today I need to get the bedroom sorted. I have done the missions all week (which is good for me and I am usually very hit and miss) and my kitchen is looking much better for it.

To do list
- transfer dates to new diary for year.
- clean off bedroom windowsill.
- strip and wash bedding
- declutter side of bed
- paperwork declutter from kitchen side. I only did this at beginning of week but it's one of DHs dumping spots.
- clean surfaces in en-suite and bleach etc after DHs bug.
- shops to buy presents for two parties dd has been invited to this week. I have no idea what a 7 year old boy would like though.
- see if any jobs have been put on website yet.
- dd to karate
- take my grandma to bingo hmm

Well best get moving. I hope everyone has a good day

ToffeeWhirl Thu 06-Sep-12 11:26:42

Thanks for all the good lucks. The LEA visit went really well grin. She was very enthusiastic about what I had planned and also gave me some good advice. She said she could see a positive change in DS1 already, which was good to hear. He is much more relaxed now he isn't at school.

Crashed back into reality once she'd gone though. DS1 decided he should do a special project on Minecraft, which would involve .... (wait for it)....playing Minecraft during school hours hmm. I said he could write about Minecraft, but could only play it after school was over. He has now stormed upstairs in a big strop.

Cleaner here in a minute. Am going to sort out ironing for her to do.

Good evening morning to everyone over there! smile

Oh dear about DS1, Swan I remember when I was about 12 my mum agreed to meet me on the High Street after school and she forgot! shock I waited for ages, then when I eventually arrived home, before I could say anything she had a right go at me for being so late home and didn't I realise how worried she had been! I burst into tears and when my mum realised what she done done she laughed!! I tease her about it even now 33 years later! grin

Hope the LEA visit went well Toffee I used to be on the management committee of a PRU at home, who were the people who dealt with all the Home-Edders and I can tell you, she will be really surprised that you have been so organised and have everything you have already.

Well done Whoknows on the OU. I am surprising myself here at how much I am enjoying the challenge of learning the language. I have set myself a goal, too. Once I have a good grasp of the verbal language I am going to try and learn the writing here (all squiggles and weird sign thingies!) and my goal is to be able to read the Bible in Khmer before I leave here in 2 years time. - Maybe I will have to stay here a few years to be able to do that, but we will see. No harm in setting a goal!!

Hope you had more sleep last night Lauren

And I hope all the school teachers are learning new names and getting back into the swing of life back at school. And I hope all the DCs are settling quickly and enjoying being back with friends.

On the subject of schools - I am really not happy with DD4!! She has been a minx at school and we have been called in to see the principle next week. This was supposed to be a new start for her and I feel she has just thrown it all back in our faces. It is costing us all our life savings to send her to the school here and this is the thanks we get. She could get away with being a pain at home because she is quiet and the teachers didn't really notice her in a class of 30, but here the most in a class is 20, mainly about 12 - 15 for most subjects and they have already noticed a serious lack of concentration and the fact that homework has not been written down or completed. Grrrrrr!! We had warned her and she still has gone back on it all! Any suggestions on getting a grumpy, uninterested, stubborn, teenager to actually do what they are capable of?

DH and DS and Korean girl arrived home looking like drowned rats last evening.

Today I have scrubbed all the floors again
and an just making enchilladas for tea.

DH and DS are out playing football now and Korean girl has just left for her new home.

Have a good day everyone smile

swanthingafteranother Thu 06-Sep-12 11:57:56

toffee that sounds a familiar sort of strop in our house grinsad unfortunately...I do remember reading somewhere though that by the time they've ranted and raved and reduced you to quivering wreck they have actually accepted your boundary, it is just their way of going through the motions... We had the most horrendous scene on first day of ds1's holiday homework (which was about week four of hols) -he just would not write anything (I wanted him to write an half page account of his holiday at Broadstairs - which was one of holiday set projects), just crying and screaming and prevaricating...3 hours of hell to write 2 sentences. Next day he got on with it, and the next and the next, so I suppose he just had to get it out of his system. Although in the end we did have to give up that particular project and he reverted to book reviews...hmm
This week our boundary is not putting telly on after school AT ALL. It is going alright, dd tried to make another cake, and ds2 seems content to go bicycling, it is probably going to be this evening that the proverbial hits the proverbial hmm We have been allowing Paralympics after supper though...

Dh has just phoned me to tell me the very exciting news about the PLANNING LAW MORATORIUM! 6 m without planning needed, just for one year! I think this has made him realise that it is our "chance" to get an extension even if neighbours aren't too keen..Maybe neighbours themselves will seize this moment! Ellie this is meant to boost the construction industry...have you heard anything about it from your DH?

swanthingafteranother Thu 06-Sep-12 12:33:07

oh dear PA I'm not being much help with the grumpy teens am I? All of mine are sooo grumpy and difficult sometimes. They care what I think though, but not enough to actually want to please me all the time. Doesn't stop ds1 lying through his teeth and dd being extremely rude to me..

I was reading in TES with really difficult teens something the only thing that works is not sanctions but rewards. They don't care what you think, so the pleasure principle is what motivates. I can't say that gratitude ever was part of my children's motivation either hmm Although ds1 started to say last year, thank you mummy for sendi ng me to my school, I really like it confusedgrin that was sweet if unexpected. He says it because he gets positive attention from me for saying is a sort of feedback loop that he knows being nice to me is usually going to pay

Maybe she is just acting out because that is the way she gets attention from the family, and isn't used to being in a smaller class where she will get attention. It is early days isn't it? Sometimes I have to keep remembering ds1 is really quite immature because he doesn't do things because he should (morally, culturally) but because I or school apply positive re-inforcement, as if he was a much younger child. Maybe that is it, you just have to treat her as if she is a much younger child from a emotional point of view and not expect her to "get" what is expected of her, even she is independent in some ways. That's it really, with my ds1, I can see his growing independence on some levels, but on other levels he has the delayed gratification quotient of a flea. eg: don't buy a mars bar with this money or a fizzy drink. It is for a healthy snack. Several hours later. (finds wrapper in bag) angry Did you buy a mars bar, when I asked you not to? No, that was someone else's mars bar, I was just putting in the bin for them...hmm wasn't my fault...I was HUNGRY...

ds1 to school bright and cheery
twins to school bright and cheery
dh still has headache
started momentous sort of mess strewn rooms...managed to throw away some clothes, and resort drawers

ChitchatAtHome Thu 06-Sep-12 12:42:34

Hi all,

Was awol yesterday as had a lovely last day of holidays day out with DSs. Into London for the day, went on the Eye, hunted Wenlocks and Mandevilles, climbed to the very top of St Paul's Cathedral - was so proud of both of them for that one, had some very surprised/impressed looking people when they saw 5 and 3 year old DSs climbing up and down so well!

First day of school and nursery went brilliantly.

Ta da:
Up at 6.45
Showered and dressed
Downstairs to make lunch and fill water bottles
Woke DSs up
Everyone had breakfast
Dressed DSs
First day photos
Off to school with pre-prepped bags
Passport photos done
Quick coffee with friend
Chest of drawers collected (yay!)
Posted on diy forum for help
Caught up on this thread grin

To do:
arrange 2 new tyres for car
some cleaning (will post specifics on a tada list hopefully!)
School/nursery pickup

ShiftyFades Thu 06-Sep-12 12:47:25

Swan that building planning thing, where does it apply?
We've just had planning permission granted for a 5m ext (3m past neighbours property) but I'd love to go 6 m.

staidlycaballine Thu 06-Sep-12 12:48:23

Helloooooooo, SC here!!

Hope you all survived the holidays and are all OK. Hope I haven't missed anything major - got back on Friday but it's been a bit full on since then so have only had time to do a quick speed read of thread.

Holidays were ok albeit a bit bitty in parts (too many small trips instead of one relaxing long one) but they were never going to be a bundle of laughs this year (first time home following death of parent etc etc). Quite relieved to be back in to the swing of school/work tbh!!

Can't believe we have just celebrated our third fledgling anniversary - [think I should probably have "fledged" by now blush] - but I think it's fair to say that PA and myself have a good few years of inane witterings left in us ...

[Cue mass rush to nearest exit from rest of fledglings] grin

Thanks again to Bitchy for steering everyone through August (although sorry you had to put up with such dreadful asthma) and very kind of you Whoknows to take over this month. (Did I read correctly that your op is imminent btw? Good to see it finally falling in to place.)

I'm happy to lead in October if someone else doesn't mind doing last few days when we will be away for half term (oh and and may need a bit of extra cover for two days mid-month when my sister will be over here for op).

Not much time to catch up with personals (spent 10 hours straight, cleaning ground floor on Tuesday) but 2nd floor piled high with exploding suitcases and dirty laundry which needs tackling before tomorrow so had better get on.

In the meantime, mahoosive hellos to everyone ...

and a passing "“ Ter Nak Sok Sabay Chea Te?”" to PA (hope you managed to get things sorted with DD4 - must be huge adjustment for her)

Glad LEA visit went well Toffee and good luck with telly ban Swan (am doing same with computer on school nights)

Humungous wing flaps (including warm welcomes to newcomers) to Ellie, MC, Shiftyfades (love the nickname!) , Foad, Feetheart, Brices, Eyes, Lauren, Blue, Mymumsdaughter, Arses, Engels, JChoc, Trazzletoes Carpe Whispers Ginfilth Iburntthecakes Pushme Nettie Honu OFM and anyone else who's around or I've missed/forgotten ....

[Keeping deliberately silent on subject of BodyClutter ....feeling all rather pathetically hopeless about it atm.. blush and am hungry as a horse grin]

staidlycaballine Thu 06-Sep-12 12:49:32


Missed out Chitchat (sorry) .. waves

Any news on dog front btw Toffee?? Dying to know if you have new furry resident yet?

Strange to say PA but perhap dd4 has been trying but the expectations are much higher? If i recall correctly the expectations of a good student in the UK is often very different from that of other countries. I know there was a lot of problem with excellent students from abroad when I was at uni who knew how to learn by rote completely unquestioningly but didn't know how to see the questions to progress further. Admittedly it was a science degree and the english students were slaughtered for their lack of background knowledge so it was swings and round abouts. But perhaps, just perhaps dd4 is trying but the boundaries have been moved and she isn't sure where the new ones are?

<waves at sc><grin for good dates Lauren>
<flies off to get moving and sorted with the urgent stuff>

Ta da
ds to school on time with everything
Sleep (didn't sleep tues night, crashed by 8pm last night but was still suffering and am driving stupid mileage later)

laurenamium Thu 06-Sep-12 17:02:13

To do:
Clean bathroom
walk dogs
school run
my laundry
lunch with mum
Routines- ongoing

I also need to
Sort my clothes and put away
Put DD laundry away
DD washing
Sweep kitchen floor

I'll be doing lots of decluttering soon on the run up to Christmas, writing lists of things I need and need to do to the house and also a deep clean of the playroom and a sort out of toys is due. There are a lot of jobs that are niggling me to be done so it's time to get cracking grin

I'm impressed with all of the flyers getting up earlier and getting the hang of morning routines! I too have added an earlier morning to my routine so that I can exercise leaving more time on a night apart from this morning and it really does make a difference!

pa sad for you about DD4! No advice but I can imagine how frustrating it must be!

swan how exciting about extensions! I really would love to extend this house, I have so many ideas for it but my landlord (my stepdad) won't let me buy it off him and I love it sad

<waves at sc, bitchy and everyone else!>

Suppose I better get going with all these jobs!


Mymumsdaughter Thu 06-Sep-12 17:30:28

I like flying but the things I've lost this week. Luckily most have turned up in their new places all except my glasses Tis not a big house either-I am trying to resist tearing house apart and calmly look everywhere whilst decluttering or cleaning and in 15 min bursts If you get hit by inspiration of where to look let me know.
Hope you all having good days MMD

Evening all,

A busy one for me today so I'm not going to stop and chat, just wanted to say welcome back to SC


Morning routine
Food out of freezer for tea
Washing off line
Check kit bags for tennis and football
Sort toys and snacks to take along for spectating children
Get DCs and DD's friend from school - DD very excited because he has made some good Moshi Monster swaps
Get DD changed, water bottles filled and all three to tennis, where DS threw a strop because we couldn't sit in the clubhouse and it was too bright for him to see the screen on his DS
Get home
Cook tea for the DCs
Clear up
Get DS changed and snacks, water bottles etc done again
Take all three to football, drop DS and take the other two plus another football sister to the park
Gossip with all the other mums (best bit)
Trauma as we realise one of the precious Moshis is lost in the grass
Find the Moshi
Get home
DCs supper
DH and I dinner
DCs to bed
Tidy / put laundry away / remake bed

Phew! Just need to make one packed lunch and put away one basket of assorted clutter and I will be done. I have acquired half a dozen of those big flexible plastic buckets which are brilliant for tidying / sorting washing / decluttering. I keep one at the top and one at the bottom of the stairs to fill over the course of the day, then at DCs bedtime I take the bottom one up, empty it and take the top one down and empty it. Although sometimes I miss out the emptying part and just carry them up and down whilst adding another layer of stuff till they are full.

Links for Thursday 7th

Babystep Put out the next days clothes. Another good one.

Mission Sweep and Mop your kitchen floor

Don't forget, if you are still at the decluttering stage, you can just do 15 mins decluttering in the current zone instead of tackling the mission.

Evening all.

Very busy day, but not much flying! Both boys seem to have enjoyed the first day of term, and the morning was definitely less stressful than normal.

Also done: lots of shopping
Dumped 2 bags to charity shop
Made DS2's birthday cake
Wrapped his presents
Made jelly

Doesn't sound like much, but I'm shattered now, so big waves to SC and I'm off to bed!

ShiftyFades Thu 06-Sep-12 23:23:01

Hello SC!!! grin
I was previously MummyNic and FlyingWithoutWings wink

jchocchip Fri 07-Sep-12 07:42:22

right I'm a novice at this. I work full time and there are 4 other people in the house so I delegated and then house disapeared under muddle. I'm going away for a few days (this won't help either, any progress I make will disappear by the time I get back!) But to show willing I will shine the sink and clean the bathrooms before I go! Will start again when I get back next week!

laurenamium Fri 07-Sep-12 08:15:26

Morning all!

Some of my list is carried over from yesterdays to do:

Sort clothes in my room
Put my laundry away
School run x 2
DD and mindee to playgroup
Walk dogs
clean out my bag
Wash kitchen floor- as mission
Pack DD over night bag and take to my mums
Go to pub but don't get too drunk- riding tomorrow grin
If time start to deep clean playroom

I love your bucket idea whoknows! I live in a bungalow and things end up in a pile on my bed with the thought process that I can't sleep until its clear- it usually works but it's not the tidiest of ideas!

Have a lovely time away chocchip!

<waves to MMD, blue, shifty and anyone else around!>

strictlycaballine Fri 07-Sep-12 08:15:38

Huge wing-flapping waves back to everyone!! Thanks for lovely welcome back.

And waves to jchocchip too

[Sorry - tinkering with my name - don't like it - too poncey - but in a rush]

And thanks for the heads up Shifty - love your current persona!!

Just popping in to say "good morning". Loads to do so just passing through. Bathroom has suffered from dh being here alone without a cleaner... need to don rubber gloves and face mask and start cleaning up in there.

Mymumsdaughter have you tried down sofa, in fridge, up on a high shelf somewhere, searching handbags, in car, on bookshelf, by telly (wherever you use them most)? Not v. original suggestions I'm afraid but hope you find them.

Sounds like you had a bit of a killer day yesterday Whoknows¨ hope today a bit less stressful. (Also big fan of those buckets - most acquire more.)

Lauren I have also tried the dump on bed so it needs moving line of thought. I just get too tired and dump in on the floor / spare room blush

Whoknows I love the bucket idea. I know DH won't though as he will claim its another think making the house look untidy - this from a man who piles things on the stairs until its dangerous hmm

I must announce however that DH noticed i'd been cleaning the kitchen yesterday and commented. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or emphasises how untidy it normally is.

To do list for today
- DD to school - Done and once again we were up and sorted early enough to walk.
- DH cricket whites washed - I normally refuse to touch them but he has forgotten them so I'll have to be kind for once.
- Wrap presents for party this afternoon and tomorrow
- Clean both bathrooms as didn't get this done yesterday
- Wash bedding - Also a carry over of yesterday blush
- clear away gathering clutter from bottom of stairs
- sort out clean washing basket and fold
- sort out something yummy for tea
- pick up DD and take to party
- sort out things to ebay this weekend as its 0 fees weekend

Best get on.

The only problem with the buckets is that it's tempting to just grab them and throw all the clutter in when you've got visitors, stash them in the spare room and leave them for weeks. Then go out and buy a couple more to sort your laundry with, fill them up with clutter and stash, buy a couple more (this is how I have ended up with about 8 of them).

swanthingafteranother Fri 07-Sep-12 09:56:50

Chitchat oh, I need to get out and about with the dcs and do what you were doing...Ds2 loves St Paul's and all monumental buildings grin
WhoknowsI don't know how you do it, you have clearly nerves of engineered steel
SC I just looked up cabballine and I see far from being occult it means pertaining to horses...I didn't know that! It must have been very bittersweet to go "home" again to UK without your mother being there. Hope that your other relations were warm and welcoming, as I'm sure they were.

Well, the first day back at school for both schools, and although ds only had a bit of homework, it is "noses to the grindstone" as far as I'm concerned.. I really must try and get supper sorted whilst they are at school, finding it such squeeze to fit in supper preparation whilst supervising the little wretches over their schoolbooks/fitting in exercise! And dd wasn't even there! She went off to a friend's house (no doubt to find a telly grin It is torture doing ds2 homework with him as he just cannot write sad and he is in Year 6 so he needs to be able to! Now I know why they set all those Design a Poster topic work in Year 7...for the children who can't write/spell so well and want to show what they know in alternative fashion..

done yest
in desperation went to Tesco's at 8pm and bought lots of protein for next seven meals...veg round corner so that can be a daily meal planning done
dd piano
ds1 packed lunch night before
tuna bake with leek and mushroom - delicious
exercise - walk to shops
ds2 to park

Was collared by school librarian yesterday to come and help with library today - not really looking forward to it, as so much to sort out here, but I suppose I better make a start on that.
Secondary school applications this season - help, so many Open Days and talking to SEN depts ahead of me...and dd definitely wants to go to different school than ds2

Mymumsdaughter Fri 07-Sep-12 10:02:12

Found them on the floor by bookcase -obviously was looking too high.< waves to everyone> sorting out paper work and re establishing paperwork in bag idea. Mission nearly done and decluttering continuing.

strictlycaballine Fri 07-Sep-12 11:06:32

Glad you found them Mymum!!

Thanks Swan . dd cried every time we went past what used to be my ma's house so that wasn't great but it is just one of those things that has to be got through unfortunately: first holiday, first Christmas etc etc. What made it worse was that all my family (although they were indeed v. welcoming as ever) had succumbed to gastro enteritis on their way back from their holiday so we had less contact with them than we normally would - so not really possible to establish a satisfactory "new formula" ifyswim. But it's something everyone goes through at some point or another so onward and upward and all that ... Dd and I did go on some marvellous rides (despite my huge bulk!). Desperately wanted to bring horse back with me!! Hope Ireland proved refreshing if not altogether restful looking after three on your own.

Whoknows yes I do the same! Find random collection of things stowed in them months later!!

Have done worst of bathroom now. Main boudoir (broken record emoticon) still a hideous monstrosity. Have washing on and am about to tackle a few spiders' webs (whoppers here Toffee!! grin) while waiting for on-line grocery order which is late [grrrr]

Hope everyone with kinder returning to school this week have had a good one.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 07-Sep-12 11:09:46

I actually shined my sink last night grin.

House not looking too bad. Just off to take DS1 out for a trip to a local animal santuary. Gorgeous sunny weather here today.

No time to read the thread now, but hope you are all ok. Will pop back later and read properly.

IWipeArses Fri 07-Sep-12 13:02:07

Helloooooo.... I am childfree in my house this afternoon, enjoying a bit of telly and peace. Should fly though.
Had a terrible morning, up late, had to make packed lunch, nightmare. I will have to sort a before bed routine if morning routine will ever work now DS is fulltime at school.

I love those plastic flexitubs, got a few for storing toys in, handy, but they don't stack.

right then

ta da
morning rush
school run
washing on

to do
take clean laundry up
sort washing
bathroom - 15 mins
clear landing and stairs
kitchen - 15 mins
continue til -
school run

jchocchip Fri 07-Sep-12 15:43:29

car broken down so back home. may hire one tomorrow. waiting to hear from garage. Got home yesterday to trowel stuck in lawn at 8 metres from house. No way would I want an extension that big and it would seriously hack off the neighbours. (maybe 5 though) The order has to go through consultations and wait for the it to come in before starting! I recommend a certificate of lawfulness application before you start - only £75 and could save a lot of bother. Lots of newer houses don't have pd rights and it won't apply in conservation areas... did clean both bathrooms, sink could do with another shine though, had some pasta for lunch...

Brices Fri 07-Sep-12 17:00:40

Pleased LEA visit went well for you' toffee

Have managed wipe down kitchen walls and mop floor. Not much but something.

ShiftyFades Fri 07-Sep-12 22:03:25

Busy day today:
Ta dah:
Cleaned bathroom and washed towels
Took DS to swimming lesson
Dropped him at my parents
Picked up blood pressure tablets (ran out a few days ago blush)
More washing
Stripped DS's bed and washed with DS's clothes & swimming stuff
Had a 1 hour nap blush
Weekly shop

So, basically, I've done the bleughhh today grin

Tomorrow I've got to start ironing sad
But before that I MUST take DS to Firestation open day wink

Swapped DS's swimming lessons this week (see Wednesday's anti procrastination bit). Wish I'd done it 6 months ago earlier. These teachers are a million times better than the one he had. I was worried as one of his girlfriends from nursery has recently joined his previous class but... One of his other girlfriends goes to this "new" one smile so he was perfectly happy to potter off. Bless the little girl though, she can squealing over to DS when she saw him and was trying to hold his hand grin

Evening all,

That's what I was thinking about the planning permission thing Jchoc - lots of pissed off neighbours. Interesting about the conservation area thing though, we're in one. Not that we were thinking of extending.

Swan - good luck with the secondary application, I have been following your other thread. DS is only in Yr 4 but it's already starting to worry me a bit, not many choices here as we are fairly rural.

Toffee - glad your LA visit went well.

SC - that's a shame about the relatives and the GE, also sad having to go back to places that are associated with your mum. Riding with DD sounds like just the thing to counteract all the sadness though.

Well a very different day for me today, only two things on my list (apart from usual routines and school runs).

Laundry x 4 loads (including bedding changes for 3 beds)
Decluttering - for about 8 hours.

I have had a massive session decluttering, have accumulated at least 20 carrier bags worth of stuff to get rid of. Started with the airing cupboard which had to be emptied on Mon for the plumber and the contents have been waiting to be sorted. I am getting rid of a big pile of old bedding, baby blankets etc. Made room in there for stuff that has been cluttering up my wardrobe (spare sports bags etc, bags of wool for future projects etc).

Down to the understairs cupboard, which also had to be partly cleared on Mon because the boiler is in there. Out go 5 carrier bags worth of shoes, about 7 other carrier bags worth of stuff to tip and charity shop.

Outside to toy storage and got rid of loads of bent frisbees, knotted skipping ropes etc.

I think this is about the most decluttered the house has ever been. It is so much easier to do now, because there is actually space to put things away that have been cluttering up random cupboards and drawers. Definitely needs to be an ongoing project though, one kitchen cupboard and a set of desk drawers that I have decluttered in the last year or so are a right mess again.

OK, here we go with links for Saturday

Babystep Starting your control journal

No mission because it is Saturday, but it is Family Fun Day

swanthingafteranother Sat 08-Sep-12 00:23:11

whoknows I've been decluttering and sorting drawers today too. Ds1 now has a beautiful drawer full of re-united cds (and has been listening to the Police for first time "synchronycity, synchronicity"(sp?), I've thrown out loads more clothes and material from our bedroom and put it in car hmm

and finally hoovered my bedroom floor
more decluttering of ds1 room

cooked supper (turkey steaks and green beans)

DH says there was a beautiful woman in Parade on telly; I missed Cumberbatch angry

Loads of washing dried on line today, still needs ironing eventually hmm

Oh dear, I didn't realise you were reading my wringing on hands on the SN threads, I find Att lady rather annoyingly militant. She has had words with me before.

Anyway, things going fine today, no Music school tomorrow which is relief, as we can continue catching up. Need sticky back plastic urgently! Ds1 in very chipper mood, dd a bit moany, and ds2 cracking loads of jokes smile
I feel knackered.

Evening. Finally home after over 24hrs of chaos. Stupid tired and not planning anything other then rest for the weekend. Have fun. Will be back Monday.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 08-Sep-12 00:38:04

Thanks for the good wishes on LEA visit, Brices and WhoKnows. I do feel lucky to have such a supportive contact there, when I have heard so many negative stories about the LEA from other home educators.

Had a lovely visit to an animal sanctuary with DS1 and DH today. DS1 really enjoyed seeing all the animals and I took lots of photos to use in home ed next week. I think it will be a good place to visit regularly.

Was exhausted this afternoon though and had to go to sleep after collecting DS2 from school.

SC - big welcome back grin! So sorry you have had to go through all those 'first times'. They are all so painful, but it does gradually become less so.

On a different note, I hope you have dealt with those giant spiders webs by now <shudders>.

Oh, and thanks for asking about the dog. We are still missing our sweet Border Terrier visitor and waiting to see if she has puppies, so that we can have one. I heard today that she is sad in her new home (her family moved house the day after they returned from holiday), which made me miss her all over again. We really fell for her. I keep fantasising that her family will emigrate and decide to give her to us. I'm going to ask if we can have a visit from her soon, as I'm the children are missing her so much. She came back to us three times after going home, you know. We kept hearing her paws scratching at the front door and there she was again and each time touchingly ecstatic to see us. She is two miles away now, so a bit of a trek for her to get here on her own.

She was brilliant for the boys too. She really calmed down DS1. He told me last night that she used to know when he was getting panicky and would lick him to calm him down smile. And she would sit with DS2 until he fell asleep at bedtime so that he wasn't scared. She really was just the perfect dog for us.

Oh dear, have just noticed the time and I must get some sleep. So, briefly:

WhoKnows - congratulations on that massive decluttering session.

Shifty - good news on the swimming swap.

Brices - babysteps, babysteps. Focus on the 'something', not the 'not much' bit.

jchoc - annoying about the car sad.

Iwipe - I think the bedtime routine is almost more important than the morning one. If I don't have everything prepared the night before, it all goes to pot.

Swan - good luck on the secondary school applications. Re: handwriting - DS1 can't write well either. We are still waiting for a referral to an OT. In the meantime, I have got tough and am making him practise. He tells me he doesn't need to learn joined-up handwriting hmm.

MC - that's good that DH complimented you on the tidy kitchen I think.

lauren - am quite disappointed not to see 'date night' on your list for today wink.

mymum - glad you found your lost property (I have lost my glasses too. Maddening).

Hope I haven't missed anyone out from today. Must go to bed. Night all.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 08-Sep-12 00:39:11

I see Swan and Bitchy popped on whilst I was posting. Waves to both.

madwomanintheattic Sat 08-Sep-12 00:46:31

<crawls back under cover of darkness>

i'm rejoining. forgive me fat fairy for i have sinned, etc etc.

i have got a big fat house file which is eating all of the crapola house paperwork, but everywhere else is still minging, and life feels faintly out of control, so feel the need to (re?) establish order.

so glad that there are faces i recognise <and that might not tell me off>

as i appear to have inadvertently arrived on control journal day <spits> i am going to attempt to find my kitchen surfaces instead.

<waves to all>

madwomanintheattic Sat 08-Sep-12 00:48:01

and can i just say....

8 hours decluttering?! kudos. i am (almost) inspired. but wary of the 'too much too soon-itis....' grin

elliepac Sat 08-Sep-12 08:07:37

Morning all!

Welcome back sc and madwomansmile.

Well I have survived the first week back just about but am absolutely knackered and the house is the messiest it has been in 6 weeks. I did really well up till Thursday and then it all went pear shapedconfused. Consequently I have a lot to do today in terms of restoring normality plus a ton of washing to ensure mount washmore doesn't reform. I have given myself until 8.15 to stop lounging about drinking coffee and then I will get moving.

DD has completed her first week in reception. When DS started I was sure he was falling asleep at 5 every night and was hoping for the same from DD! No such luck, she has been full of beans all week although she did manage not to cry yesterday for the first time!

swan DS is in year 5 so although a year before decisions need to be made I am starting to think about secondaries. Our closest one and the one his junior feeds (although bizarrely not catchment even though it is 5 mins walk) is in special measures so at the mo I would rather set myself on fire than let him go there so it means he is going to have a fresh start. Catchment school is miles away but a good school. Worry is it is so far away and a good 45 minute walk, DS will be 11 and a week when he starts and I could drop him off in the mornings but is a long walk on a winters evening encompassing some of the less salubrious areas of town and busy roads. Other options are the local catholic school where i went by virtue of DF being a teacher there and hope family connections (DF taught there for over 25 years, all his teaching career in fact, he was still in post when he died) get me in or send him to my school. My head is fried already at the thought of it all.

toffee glad the LA visit went well. smile

whoknows as madwoman said, very impressive decluttering. Amenvy.

Anyway coffee time nearly over, better get moving.

OrangEyesDoMoreThanSee Sat 08-Sep-12 09:43:29

toffee v pleased LEA visist went well, I am increasingly certain that we will be looking at an HE element at some point - I have very little faith in secondary education, particularly in our area.

Reading and Running today as under the new household management plan (yes really) I work for four hours on a Saturday 9-1. I have stripped our bed and the cot and put a load of washing on - made myself some fried eggs and mushrooms to give me some ballast for working but left the mess for DH as he didn;t shine our sink last night and I am mighty miffed.

Had hoped to have a significant declutter this afternoon but DH and DD no longer going to visit relatives as they are not well. SO DH will expect me to have DD so he can do something constructive. Although It will doubtless be more mess making rather than constructive sorting.

Survived DS2's birthday yesterday. My parents have just gone home. Need to go shopping and then this afternoon it's the party!

<Waves to all and leaves brew on the bar>

Engelsemama Sat 08-Sep-12 10:31:18

Morning all,

Haven't caught up with the thread, only skimmed it, but welcome back sc and glad LEA visit went well toffee

My mission today is to dig out dead plants in front garden. fed up with haven't the worst looking front garden in the street blush

managed to get all my jobs done yesterday (food shopping, washing up to date, hoovered, changed beds) so can focus on the garden for a change!

have a good weekend everyone smile

ToffeeWhirl Sat 08-Sep-12 11:11:29

Hello everyone.

madwoman - yes, still lots of familiar 'faces' here. None of us seem to have achieved a perfect house just yet wink.

ellie - well done on surviving your first week back. Glad DD is settling into reception well, but sorry she isn't passing out at 5. Maybe she was too hyped up by all the new stimulation and will get more tired next week <hopeful>. I feel for you with respect to the secondary-school choice. Not easy at all.

Eyes - just to reassure you, HE at secondary level is easier than I thought it would be. I assumed it would be far too difficult and could only contemplate HE at primary level before events overtook us. It is completely different from school though and nothing like being a teacher (huge respect to those who do that for a job, eg Ellie). I do wish DS could benefit from the excellent teaching he would have had at his secondary school, but it was just impossible for him, so this is all we can do.

Sorry you are missing out on your decluttering plans this afternoon (how annoying).

BlueEyes - good luck with the party this afternoon.

Engels - enjoy the gardening. Lovely weather for it here - hopefully it is sunny where you are too.

Woken at the crack of dawn by DS2 this morning angry. Why does he wake up so early on a Saturday? Managed to persuade him to play with Lego after breakfast so that I could get some more sleep, but was soon reawoken by DS1 thundering down the stairs in seach of his iPod. Later, we found out that he has spent £32 on our account ordering iTunes angry angry - and, worse, he is denying it.

DS1 is off to a birthday party today, which ends with a sleepover, so - unless he has a panic - I won't be seeing him again till tomorrow. DH is going out with friends for the day. So that leaves me and DS2. Think we'll go to a park together. I have a friend visiting me tonight, so I'm hoping that DS2's early start will mean he'll zonk out early tonight, leaving us time to chat.

Hope you all have a great day.

Mymumsdaughter Sat 08-Sep-12 13:38:46

Wow the thread is busy with people decluttering I will be attempting to de clutter cupboard understairs which I think may have become a hotspot. I find the control journal scary and looking back that is where I gave up last time. So I am going to focus on routine and see how we go the control journal to me seems to rigid so perhaps that is why I resist as each day can be so different.
Hope you all have a lovely peaceful weekend

Mymums - I am still resisting the control journal 3 years in, I just find it too rigid. I have got various elements of it in different guises (address books, calenders, Christmas lists, holiday lists etc) but don't use it for regular Flying. I do have my detailed cleaning zone lists on a little bit of laminated paper in the back of my diary but haven't consulted either the list or the diary for weeks

Madwoman - welcome back. The 8 hours of decluttering did have a reason, I've got to have some surgery soon (nothing major but I will be on very light duties for a couple of months) so I am trying to take pre-emptive action to prevent the onset of chaos.

We've been to town to face the hellish experience of buying football boots trainers in Sports Direct and survived, had a quiet lunch, DS has just tripped and hurt his leg so he is tucked up in my bed while DD plays nurse. I've still got all the stuff to take to the tip, so I need to get going.

Jamillalliamilli Sat 08-Sep-12 14:54:50

Please forgive lack of personals generally. Reading, but can’t keep up posting at the moment.

Home is now entirely mine again but in a very sorry and damaged state. Nothing we own is worth much but at the moment it seems an awful lot is damaged. It’s very clear the back wall was down and open for longer than they’ve admitted, and flooding more serious than they said. Insurance is looking flaky, but so glad to get the remains back!

I’m trying to roughly follow baby steps while tackling it all. So far so good, though shine sink now includes coating of washing up liquid as it’s covered in rust spots! angry

The last few days have been spent trying to sort out finances (deep trouble!) and getting access to the front windows, easier said than done. Unsticking them, (they painted them shut from outside) removing heavy curtains and nets, the bottoms of which are covered in mould and mildew. Cleaning mould of window frames, and one window, putting temporary curtains up, and bleaching, and hand washing them in the bath, wringing out, and drying curtains. (thank you for the timely sunshine!) It's been more of a mammoth task than I realised but once I started I was determined to finish. (preferably without ending up in there with them!)

(Attempts at spending less time supporting friend have gone by the wayside, and it sounds mean, but I need to start again with that.)

Still to do:
Housewarming ‘Party’ (DS friend gone into residential)

Toffee glad you have a good LEA, some are excellent, but as with many things, it’s a post code lottery.

Mymums, hi. :-) I haven't cracked the journal either!

Madwoman! grin <lobs a role of stick tape> Good to have you back. You understand the insanity that is inseason training and stinky kit!

madwomanintheattic Sat 08-Sep-12 15:48:37

Rofl, bitchy, nice clue! grin you obv remember how long it took me to work out all the name changes last time I crawled back! grin <it is indeed that time of year. First snow on the mountains this week - can't help a wee tingle of excitement for winter!> <gets out febreze>

Whoknows - ah, sympathies for upcoming surgery, however minor. Still a grand job to get ahead of the game though! (and to follow through with a run to the tip the following day) <applauds>

To do:

Finish kitchen surfaces <admirable start yesterday, but have a teetering pile of sticky cookbooks and recipe sheets that needs a new home>

Vacuum <dog drifts. Ew.>


<eyes ironing mountain and ignores it until tomorrow>

Kids have a book swap at the library this afternoon, so I made them all go and empty their bookshelves of unwanted books yesterday. The girls have a bag that they can't lift shock and ds narrowed his eyes at me and produced two. A child after my own heart, I'm afraid. But small amount of kid stuff declutter anyway - I'm rather hoping they don't come home with too much new junk as swaps...

Someone thought it a good idea to give the kids extra training this season and less games. They have gone to x-ice in ds' league this year. It is proving very contriversial. All I know is that ds can goes backwards in a circle but a straight line is a bit of an issue and his feet are in the middle of a massive growth spurt <expensive> just happy someone on here knows the trauma of stinky kit which has to be smelt to be understood

madwomanintheattic Sat 08-Sep-12 18:24:51

We are trying to convince ds that figure skating would be more up his alley... That said, I have no idea what directions he can go in backwards... Must pay more attention!! We have discovered that there is free skating at the arena on a Saturday evening, though, so I'm going to get dh to go with him. Dh only ever skates on new year's eve (lol) so I think it would be good bonding time...

Figure skating has got to be less rank, right?

madwomanintheattic Sat 08-Sep-12 18:25:05

I mean, they have bling...

laurenamium Sat 08-Sep-12 18:30:40

Sorry I've been AWOL...hangover from hell! I've read the thread though...

Hi madwoman! Nice to "meet" you!

toffee date night is tomorrow grin

I'll be back tomorrow with lists and intent!

Honu Sat 08-Sep-12 18:45:06

House deteriorates into a dreadful tip at the slightest lack of attention. Every room is in need of a room rescue!

Bored with housework!

For those of you with children with handwriting issues I have had great success with one of my pupils by giving him one of those rubber grip things you push onto a pen/pencil and there are places for your fingers to go to give you the correct grip. Dammit, I had a go and it improved my writing. As for him, I can now read his writing, he writes about 5 times as fast, and is much happier all round about it.

This last month or so I have got to grips with my control journal / bring forward file and am much happier with it. There are rather fewer stray bits of paper to lose around the house or forget to deal with, and the daily tick sheet nags encourages me to do things.

Honu - do you know which grip it is? We have tried many, plus ergonomic pens and something called a handiwriter with no great success. DS just carried on holding the pencil his way regardless. I did ought to try them again from time to time though, he might be more amenable now he is older (have found this with other interventions).

Not much Flying done today, but I have made blackberry jam from the brambles in the garden, cut back a great deal of said brambles and put back the few things that are going into the understairs cupboard. I have a mountain of clean clothes to put away and am ignoring a mountain of paperwork none of which is urgent but it can't be ignored forever

Survived the party! It all went very well, actually, and was remarkably civilised. Only 2 other children (siblings), so they had a picnic on the lawn while the grown ups sat on the patio with our own food, and beer. Kriek, even. Yum! A few games, a few tears and crises and lots of fun. grin

Waves to madwoman - nice to see you again.

Justgetting - that sounds hard. Hope you've got some people to support you.

<leaves wine and cake on the bar>

Glad the party went well Blue what a lovely day to have it <curses the fact that her DCs and herself were born in the middle of winter>

Justgetting you are sounding pretty positive in the face of a very trying situation, glad the good weather is proving useful for you too.

Waves at everyone else.

We are planning an early start tomorrow to get down to the beach before traffic gridlock occurs. That means leaving the house at 7 (unheard of for us, we are a lazy bunch at weekends). Everyone is up for it (DS only because it means he can go to the beach and be back in time for the F1). So, a bit of prep to do tonight, bag packing etc.

Back in a moment with links

Sunday 9th Sept

Babystep 5 min room rescue. Always useful to have this one up your sleeve (and another great use for the big plastic tubs)

No mission on a Sunday

Renew Your Spirit Day

Next week we will be moving into Zone 3 - Bathroom and one other room

GetKnitted Sat 08-Sep-12 23:10:39

I've just seen this thread and it looks amazing. I really do need want someone to tell me what to clean when smile Please could you tell me, do I have to look out to join in on the 1st of October? and does it fit in well with working full time? (Just started back and who knows when the cleaning will get done otherwise!)


Hi GetKnitted, you're right, this thread is amazing, has made a big difference to my life. The way the Flylady system works means you can start anytime, a lot of people lurk for a few weeks and then start properly at the beginning of the next month. We start a new thread each month. There are regular posters on here that work full time, most of the rest of us work part time, so theres lots of juggling. Feel free to ask if there's anything you don't understand.

GetKnitted Sun 09-Sep-12 09:12:20

Thanks WhoKnows that sounds like a good plan smile

strictlycaballine Sun 09-Sep-12 09:40:03

Morning all! Turning out to be another glorious day here ...

Thanks again yet more for 'welcome backs' grin I really missed you lot!

Don't know about everyone else but I find September much more motivating for new resolutions than January 1st somehow; so, like many people on here, am trying to go full speed ahead with decluttering atm. Still good weather, light in the mornings and at night; relatively rested from holidays etc, and yet Christmas is only a motivating 100 and something days away ...

[Also think someone upstairs is trying to tell me something. Have had loads of 'drop in'/unexpected visitors recently - one of whom asked to see around the whole house [agh!]. Although the ground floor is just about respectable - felt hugely embarrassed seeing clutter and junk in rest of house through her eyes blush. Got to up my game!

Having said that, have taken a total break from it this w/e. Adult and child friends over here yesterday - sleepover for dd - off to other friends this afternoon. Great catching up with everyone again.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Have a great day at the beach Whoknows You have chosen a wonderful weekend for it. And well done re: mega decluttering sessions.

The party sounds fab Blue A belated happy birthday to your ds2!

[hands aspirin and strong coffee to Lauren]

A very warm welcome to GetKnitted You can adapt the Flylady system to suit yourself and your lifestyle. I work very few hours atm but I think it fits in well with full-time work too because the whole principal is based on squishing daily routines in to as compact a time as poss - in theory leaving you with more time to do much more interesting things instead. As for starting off, you can jump right in now or wait until 1st October until start of baby-steps comes around again. But as it's only the 9th you can catch up with first steps pretty easily though by doubling up each day, as Flylady kindly provides lots of 'recapping' days. So just follow the baby-step each day, and have a look at the daily flight plan, what zone we are in that week etc etc. You might find this link helpful in answering most questions. (Ignore barftastic language of Flylady site - underlying system is sound.) Don't worry - you don't have to understand it all at the beginning, It all begin to make sense as you go along ...and you are right, being directed to a task each day takes away that "rabbit in headlights" panicky feeling when everything feels as though it needs doing all at once. Also, you feel calmer because you know it will all come around next month again too. Good luck with it!

Honu your paper management system sounds v. impressive. Most rooms here in need of 999 action too.

Helloooo to Madwoman!! Hope book swap went well. Snow on mountains sounds fab - I always love the thought of Autumn approaching too! [Spoilsport whingy can't cope with heat emoticon]

Bitchy arf at stinky kit

Crikey Justgettingonwithit really don't know how you have put up with all that for so long. Good to hear you have a place you can call your own again though. Horrible how they have treated your things though. Well done re: the windows and hope housewarming party went well!

Mymums don't worry about cj - just adapt to suit yourself. Or ignore totally if you feel you don't need it. Loads of tecchie alternatives too. My cj has just evolved over time and doesn't correspond hugely to Flylady version. Bought huge wide-spine A4 folder and bunged in loads of dividers. Inside are daily/weekly/monthly/annual routines. A visual time-table for each term showing family routine in detail (this helps me plan my time much better now my week is fairly unstructured). Most used/emergency addresses. Instructions for house/pet sitters. Online shopping info. Things to do before we go away on holiday list. Meal plans. Loads of other lists too boring/numerous to mention that wouldn't make sense to anyone else! Tried to resist all perfectionist tendencies and it works OK ...

Ooohhh Toffee sorry you are missing your lovely Border Terrier and that's so [sniff] sad about him not being happy where he is. He sounds wonderful [sniff again] and obviously bonded with you all really tightly given the numerous return visits!!. here's hoping he produces an heir you can have very very soon!!

Glad fyou survived first week of term Ellie (good luck with crisis clean - had to do same last week downstairs) and bravo to your dd to her brave start at school. Dd was the same .. she never even looked back [sniff]

Wielding the sticky-back plastic with gusto here too swan (Sorry you are knackeredx)

Oh dear.. have run out of time .. sorry for no more personals but huge waves to OrangeEyes Engels Shifty Brices arses Carpe Feetheart Trazzle Castlelough Jchocco Eyes and eveyrone else I've missed.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

laurenamium Sun 09-Sep-12 09:43:56

Morning all! Just a list dump as I have lots to do!

shine sink
clean counter tops
Wash kitchen floor
Clean door frames
Wash windows
Change bedding
Start on the playroom!!!
Pick up dog poo
Walk dogs
Bath both dogs
Clean bathroom
wash bathmats
Buy fabric softener
DD laundry
Sunday lunch out- booked
Date night grin


ToffeeWhirl Sun 09-Sep-12 10:41:18

Glad to see there is another date night coming up, lauren... grin

Honu - do you mean a pencil/pen grip which is something like this?

SC - yes, we are very sad about the Border Terrier. I miss her more and more sad. Am wondering whether it would be OK to text the owner and say that we miss her and could he drop her in one day for us to see her again. Would that make it harder for her to cope though? It might simply confuse her again.

WhoKnows - hope you have a great time at the beach today.

GetKnitted - you have come to the right place!

DS2 was so sweet this morning. I asked him last night not to wake me up at the crack of dawn today. This morning, I heard him using the bathroom, then going back to his room. He peeked round the door about half an hour later. He had remembered my plea and had been quietly playing with Lego whilst we slept smile.

Have been busy this morning.

Ta da list:

Load d/w
Put away stuff on draining board
Shine sink
Wipe kitchen surfaces
Put recycling out
Unload tumbledrier and fold up clothes
Make b/fasts
Play Monopoly with DS2
Read end of 'George's Marvellous Medicine' to DS2

No phone call from DS1 in the night, so he has coped with the birthday sleepover. I hope this will be a big boost to his confidence. Off to get ready now, then we are going out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine.

Hope you all have a good day.

Honu Sun 09-Sep-12 12:17:13

Wow Toffee what a massive load of grips. Pencil-grip porn grin.
I think ours was more like this
as it is rubber not plastic. That may be a bit big for a young child though as I was buying for a 15-year-old.
I bought it while on holiday at an independent stationers and only paid £1.60 for the one.
Whatever you choose you must show the child how to use it - thumb and first finger in the smaller indentation, middle finger bent back across the bigger one.

strictlycaballine Sun 09-Sep-12 12:21:26

argh, sorry, howlers reign, that should have read 'principle' blush

Toffee not sure about BT confusion - hard for you though - but maybe another visit would provide opportunity to chat/establish if dog still unhappy/offer permanent home etc etc however unlikely they'd agree atm??? You never know, if dog still unhappy in a few months or so they might come back to you. [Fingers crossed emoticon] Aw at your ds2 and well done to ds1.

Lauren pretty good to do all that with a hangover ...yr dog washing reminds me I must brush rabbits today (they are going through adolescence so this is not a particularly enjoyable experience for any of us at the moment)

Dh and dd gone back to bed for a snooze after last night's festivities. (Unheard of for dd to sleep during the day but think she had v. little shut eye during sleepover.)

Best profit from quiet and do something constructive.

Mahoosive wing flaps to all...

strictlycaballine Sun 09-Sep-12 12:26:46

x post

Great link Honu

arf at pencil grip porn.

Honu/Toffee Probably not what either of you are after/already explored and rejected etc but dd's school insist on this

God I hate those things that make you write with 3 finger pencil grip. Makes it sooooo much harder to write. I hold my pen/pencil with 4 fingers. Handwriting reability depends on mood, what doing and how tired I am. Not how I hold my pen. <grumph>

So bugger is doing some very very very very noisey gardening. I have a headache from a very late night last night. Not feeling the love today.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 09-Sep-12 13:04:52

Honu - more pencil grip porn grin. I can't afford the one you link to, but what about these or this? Thanks for the explanation of how to use it. The Stabilo pen didn't have any instructions, so we just had to guess.

SC - thanks for the link. That's very similar to the Stabilo pen I've bought DS1, which helps a bit, but doesn't stop his hand aching. Re dog: I think we will ask if we can see her again. Maybe we could be regular dog sitters for them...

Bitchy - sorry you're not feeling the love today <offers brew and biscuit>

Absolutely gorgeous weather, but I'm stuck at home because DS1 is so exhausted from his night out that he can't face going out or being left alone. DH and friend have gone out for a bit and I'm hoping I'll get the opportunity later when they're back.

Tbh Toffee, it's my own bloody fault. Shouldn't have such late nights.

Have finally dragged myself out of bed but do have a ta da list:

Ta da:
Enter MFP info
Deal with emails, FB and waste time on mn
Update calendar for the month
Sort out film rental list
Consider plan of action for the week.

Honu Sun 09-Sep-12 15:30:09

Toffee it is like your second link in the last email - a softer rubber grip. Read the reviews to see what people think of them.
Bitchy I am a 4-finger pencil gripper and these remind me to do it 'properly' with 3 fingers but after so many years doing it my way I always forget without the grip and my writing is neater from a very low start you understand with the grip

elliepac Sun 09-Sep-12 18:26:20

Evening allsmile.

Quite a productive weekend really!

Ta da:-

Whole house rescued.
Decluttering of monster toy pile in living room
Beds changed
Lots of washing/ironing/putting away
All uniform sorted
Pack-ups made
Sunday lunch cooked
Visited dsis for nice afternoon in the garden

And, for those of you who are aware of DH's previous inability to help, all done together smile.

I have however come to the realisation that I will never have a perfect house. It has been pretty good over the holidays but deteriorated as the week went on. As many of you know I work full time, DH is out of the house 13 hours a day in a very physical job, the maths just don't add up and therefore I give upgrin.

Am posting and running so no personals but big wavessmile. Got to go and do bathtime before I collapse in a heap!

rowingboat Sun 09-Sep-12 19:21:05

Hi all I would like to join if I may. I have done the. Baby steps a couple of times and still do the Bathroom and kitchen swish and swipe, but I am struggling a bit with an increase in hours at work. I feel I need to establish a routine to fit round work because the house is descending into a bit of a hovel.
I hope you guys can inspire me to get my act together and get the hoovering done!

Mymumsdaughter Sun 09-Sep-12 19:21:49

Thanks strictly for making cj less scary I probable have some basics already so I just need to revisit and look at what changes need to be made and put it all in same place. Got ironing to do and dc to bathe or rather nag to get in bath.

elliepac Sun 09-Sep-12 19:35:31


I have actually shined my fecking sink for the first time in months weekswinkgrin.

Following on my earlier post, I have come to another realisation. In order to establish flylady habits you actually need to follow the routine. You'd think after 3 years this would have dawned on me by nowblush.

My mission this week is therefore to ignore all the other crap and just focus on establishing my morning routine.

Welcome rowingboatsmile. You have been with us before if I remember correctly. Welcome backsmile.

Mymumsdaughter Sun 09-Sep-12 20:05:32

Ellepac good plan I'm going to focus on evening one cos that's the difficult one here

Routine? What's routine confused

I am about to get very very angry with ds who is moving more slowly then you would think possible in an attempt to avoid going to bed.

Will be back later.

elliepac Sun 09-Sep-12 20:36:48

'routine, what routine?' says bitchy. my fecking problem preciselygrin. (hope ds has gone to bed ok)

elliepac Sun 09-Sep-12 20:37:38

Oh and mymums evening one is a problem too, in fact all of them are but Rome wasn't built in a daywinkgrin.

Mymumsdaughter Sun 09-Sep-12 20:48:25

That is true it was n't

castlelough Sun 09-Sep-12 20:55:10

Hi everyone, hope you have all had lovely weekends! Just dropping by to say I'm looking forward to coming back properly next week, have had trouble keeping up with the thread but have been thinking about you all and thinking about flying too! Time to get back on board!

He went down fine after a dose of painkilles cos I accidentally made his foot bleed blushsad

Done the ironing
washed out the lunch box
folded a little bit of washing
sorted ds' school bad out

Just about to give up and have an early night. The alarms are set for tomo.
Night all.

Evening all,

Welcome to Rowingboat and Welcome back to Castlelough

I'm tired and want to get back to watching the Closing Ceremony so won't stay on here for long tonight.

We had a lovely day, on the beach by 8.15, gloriously warm and sunny. Bacon sarnies from the cafe, a short (very) swim in the sea, lots of paddling and splashing and a rather smug feeling when we left at 11 and passed a 7 mile queue of cars waiting to get in the car park. We aren't natural early risers in our house but there are some times when it's really worth the effort.

Home for lunch and the F1 (for the boys), just playing for me and DD. Then more decluttering - I managed to go right through all the DCs clothes, put out 3 carrier bags worth to get rid of and tidied out all their clothes storage.

Tea in the garden, evening routine and bed for the DCs. Phew.

Links for Monday (10th)

Babystep - The power of 15 (minutes) - this is another very useful one, it is surprising how much you can get done in 15 mins if you put your mind to it.

Mission - <groans> wipe round the base and the back of the toilet, hate this one but it needs doing.

Monday is also the day for Weekly Home Blessing Hour although obviously this can be done any day that suits you or postponed indefinitely

Mymumsdaughter Sun 09-Sep-12 22:17:17

I really don't get the point of vacuuming the middle of a floor - could be cos my house is small or that there would be an attractive border of mess which would annoy me! Oh joy tomorrow's mission is the toilet Hope you all enjoyed the weekend

OrangEyesDoMoreThanSee Sun 09-Sep-12 22:25:14

It's a good thing tomorrow's mission is the bathroom, work starts in DD's future bedroom tomorrow and DH has a virus so will be in our room. Bathroom might be the only room I can clean!

Mymums it is not about hoovering just the middle in that respect, it means don't bother to move the furniture to hoover underneath. So not the entire room, just the bit (the middle) you can get too. iyswim.

rowingboat Mon 10-Sep-12 00:35:39

Hi a
Everyone and thanks for the welcome!
That beach and bacon sarnies sounds lovely!
I'm not sure whether to start baby stepping again? Perhaps I could! But keep going with my existing routines. My main problem is lack of time to do the basics! But that's partly because I want to have time to myself or to catch up with friends on a day off, not do smelly vacuuming!
Have done ds's packed lunch and brought in the washing - it's still in the basket!
There's a bit of a barney going on outside might have a furtive peek...
Better put on another load of washing before I go to bed
See you tomorrow!

madwomanintheattic Mon 10-Sep-12 01:22:26

Beach? Bacon? Sounds idyllic!

<waves to familiar faces and new ones - lovely to see such a busy thread, it's going to take me a few days to catch up!>

Busy day here. Dd2 had riding this morning, had to take dd1 to a dance open house this afternoon to work out way ahead (classes start tomorrow but she is currently sporting purple plaster cast...) dd2 then spent the afternoon sobbing hysterically because the Paralympics were over. <sigh>

They are all now bathed and clean, and dh has cooked Sunday roast. He's lulling me into a false sense of security because I have carefully constructed the leaning tower of laundry on an armchair in the living room, ready to be tackled once the kids are abed. It is a work of art, but I am suspicious that if I try to remove an item, we might have a landslide...

On a slightly different note, there was a big grizzly bear at the end of the road earlier. grin I will not be walking the dogs tonight. Dh can do it...

Looking forward to tomorrow - I know behind the toilets is overdue, but I don't mind that job. My 'other' room is going to be my bedroom. <also overdue>

madwomanintheattic Mon 10-Sep-12 01:24:19

Oh, and for pencil grip porn <rolls eyes> I like 'special -direct'. Dd2 has tried most of the pencil grips on the market to no avail. She actually had more luck using pencil weights, to be honest (but that was a royal faff). Fortunately these days she is mostly allowed to use a laptop. Muuuuuuuch easier. And you can read it. Bingo.

Oh fuck it. It is Technically Monday. It has been for nearly 3 hours. I am going to post a ta da list.

Ta da
Important research for business plan thingy
Finance review - most but don't do online banking so need a trip to bank to finish off.
Read some more of book
feel guilty about ds' foot somemore as it woke him up sad
Work on knitting my current a 10cm x 10cm square -15mins

I think it will be a day of coffee and longs lists judging by this. Alternatively I will say wtf and grab a nap at some point.

laurenamium Mon 10-Sep-12 07:59:51

Morning all! Just a list dump as I have mindee coming soon, I will catch up later! I didn't get all of my list done yesterday so there's some repeats!

To do:
Home bleugh
Clean windows
Clean bathroom including mission
Food shop
DD and mindee to playgroup
Shred (slept in!)
Walk dogs
Nandos with DD and my friends for tea!



Morning routine (easy on a Monday as I don't bother with swish and swipe or sweeping floors as I will do both properly in home blessing hour)
DCs to school

To Do

Write a letter and wrap up a parcel
Go to pilates class
Go to post office / Sainsburys
Home blessing hour + missions from last week if poss
Tackle paperwork mountain while watching a bit of telly
DS home from school
Pick DD up from friend's house later
Evening routine

ToffeeWhirl Mon 10-Sep-12 09:34:08

Good morning all. Hope date night went well, lauren grin.

I did not shine my sink and tidy up the kitchen last night, so I still have a big pile of dirty dishes on the worktops sad. Just back from the school run and now have to walk DS1 round to his English tutor, so the kitchen will have to stay messy.


foad Mon 10-Sep-12 10:44:44

My name is foad and I'm crap at housework but really good at avoiding it.

I'm back again, still shedding bits of sticky back plastic. Toffee thankyou for not shining your sink, you make me feel less hopeless grin. I have started the dishwasher and will s&s the kitchen. Then go and look at start on the bathroom of doom.

Still haven't caught up with you all, so apologies. I could do it now smile or is that just more housework avoidance...?!

Mymumsdaughter Mon 10-Sep-12 10:45:48

That makes so much more sense I really shouldn't read fly lady when tired.
Ta da's
Emptied dish washer
3 loads washing done
Phone calls made
Shopping done

To do
Get things ready for tomorrow
Kitchen sink
Make beds

ToffeeWhirl Mon 10-Sep-12 11:32:01

Glad I've cheered you up, foad. Will it cheer you up more to know that I still haven't tackled the kitchen and am now adding dirty dishes to it?

Mymum - looks like a very productive morning!

Have had a horrible start to the day, starting with DS2 wailing that he didn't want to go to drama club (starts today, he's going with his best friend and I thought he'd enjoy it). Then DS1 absolutely refused to go to his English lesson, which led to a huge upset and me walking out of the house to avoid his ranting. We have made up now, but he's missed his lesson angry.

About to start HE now - rather late thanks to the morning's events.

Sod the dirty dishes.

rowingboat Mon 10-Sep-12 11:58:00

Hi everyone
Madwoman I think I remember you from last time I was on here. Well done for keeping on with the flying when so many have fallen! smile what's that about pencil weights? Grizzly bears! And I complain about foxes! shock
Bitchy you had a later one than me last night! That is assuming you are in the UK. Did you get your nap?

Ok so going to write a stream of consciousness list now to get started please ignore!
Put washing out for couple of hours (until it rains)
Give washing machine wipe round 5
Make spray 1
Record housewives of OC
Put away dishes 5
Wash up 10
Swish swipe bathroom 5
Swish swipe kitchen 10
Clean floor b and k 10
Plant fuchsias 20
Tumble 2 loads
Hoover dust hall 10
Internet get uplift for old car 15
Sort out new savings account for oct find money 15
Find out if I have a winning code in my shredded wheat packet
Do plank exercise bike 25
Hoover sitting room 10
5 minute room rescue sitting room
Collect son from school and car from garage
Dins stir fry - meat

That's it for now back soon

Ok time to extend that ta da list.

Ta da
(pre sleep post midnight)
Important research for business plan thingy
Finance review - most but don't do online banking so need a trip to bank to finish off.
Read some more of book
feel guilty about ds' foot somemore as it woke him up sad
Work on knitting my current a 10cm x 10cm square -15mins
(Post sleep)
ds up and out at double speed (incl. 2x getting dressed, school lunch making)
Put into dryer: load from last night's wash
Get started on today's washing - My bedding done, 1st load other on
Fold and iron pile of clothes abandoned in clean washing mountain
sort through hanging wardrobe stuff.
sort out ds' training kit for tomo
sort out my training kit for tomo
Empty bins
take recycling out
Put ds' washing away - batch one
Start on the great sort through of all my clothes - 1st 1./3rd done
Bins to disinfect

Right time to take 5 mins, grab lunch and then get cracking on again.

Jamillalliamilli Mon 10-Sep-12 13:47:19

Popping in to say housewarming party went well despite difficult circumstances (it’s not independent living, necessary, but not happy)

Hi to Rowingboat and Madwoman and hope to be back later, but must keep going.

Still to do:
Psychology lesson prep
Iron big curtains
Repair bottoms
General Ironing
Empty bins
Rescue and clean speakers
P/up DS from lecture on time
Psychology lesson
English marking
H/E file catch up

IWipeArses Mon 10-Sep-12 13:52:20

Apologies for erratic thread attendance, had a mad weekend. smile
Actually cleared kitchen up and washed pots last night, + made DS packed lunch and laid clothes out before bed. grin

I completed the current extreme kitchen declutter - I have removed all but two adult plates and a set of 3 plastic plates, all but 4 mugs, 2 glasses and two plastic cups per child, all the kitchenalia I never use etc.
It's all packed away in case I do need it, but so far there are no stacks of pots waiting to be washed, lots of room to spread things out in the cupboards so it's easy to find things, highly recommend.

ta da
laundry, second load in
feed DD twice
diary and list sorting
tidied tupperware cupboard (not real tupperware, I wish)
tidied floor of pantry
decluttering DS room - books edited, small pants and pyjamas removed, clean clothes away

to do
hang washing up, room for another load?
wrap and pack present to post
toy sorting
post office
tea etc

strictlycaballine Mon 10-Sep-12 13:57:52

Just rushing in and rushing out. Back to reality with avengence today. House still a bit of a tip after weekend festivities despite best efforts this morning. Dh stressed out with work having actually taken a bit of holiday for once. Very oppressive sultry weather (about to break tomorrow apparently), constant dust and loud drilling from building two doors down (going to last a year sad) and DD knackered from Saturday night sleepover and therefore a complete pain in the bum before school this morning. Even dh was cross with her. No doubt will have repeat performance on return school run and before ballet tonight ... and there's a parents evening to follow too. Oh joy.

What does everyone else do with regard to term-time sleepovers and nine year olds please? Does anyone have any set rules?

Bit difficult here as important for dd (being an only) to have friends around and sleepovers are good because they allow something nearing normal-similar-to-sibling-interaction instead of planned 'artificial' orchestrated activities but majority of her friends (being expats like us) are away during the holidays. But she doesn't seem to be able to cope with very late Saturday nights and school on Monday mornings, even when we have reasonably quiet Sundays. Would appreciate any advice.

Ta da:
morning routine inc s&s, dw on, wm on
school run
rabbit husbandry
hang out cool whites wash (and bring in again because of dust angry)
do yellow/grey/pink wash
arrange coffee with friend
wrap up Internet shopping parcels to return
newspaper articles to send to nephew and cousin

To do:
parcels/letters to post office
more laundry
dining room table hotspot
tidy playroom
chop loads of veg and prep tomorrow's supper
prep tonight's supper
school and ballet run
times table revision with dd
school meeting
afternoon/evening routine

Bum, another day just "maintaining" rather than decluttering. Must up my game. And it's nearly 3pm here ...argh ...

Sorry for v. rushed following personals:
Whoknows your early morning visit to beach sounds glorious
Sorry you had a bum start to the day too toffee
Hope list going ok Bitchy
shock at Madwoman's grizzly!!
Big hello to RowingBoat Foad Lauren Mymum orangeyes Castlelough Ellie Swan Getknitted Blue Engels Feetheart Nettie and everyone else I've missed

Better scuttle off ...

strictlycaballine Mon 10-Sep-12 13:59:41

Bit of a whinge-fest that was, wasn't it blush

<hands out brew>

Arses (may I call you that blush?) - well done on the kitchen, that's what I'm doing today too.

SC - don't know what the answer is re sleepovers, I wouldn't do them on a weeknight, how about a Friday if Sat is still too tiring for Monday? Although I've got two, I kind of see where you are coming from with this, my two are just ready to flop when they get in from school and ignore each other, then they play beautifully together after tea (one reason why our bedtimes have crept late) but that is when any visiting friends have gone home.

madwomanintheattic Mon 10-Sep-12 14:29:38

I avoid sleepovers as far as possible, sc. grin mostly it's just school hols...

I'm going to finish all the jobs I started over the weekend today, so will post TA-da later.

Rowing, I only got back to the thread on Friday, I don't think I've been flying for... A year?! blush

Dance starts tonight. <wails>

swanthingafteranother Mon 10-Sep-12 14:59:10

blast, messages disappeared,

I am doing massive declutter atm, it is going quite does seem to take DAYS to see the difference though...but I feel I am now at stage where I can see the progress

toffee sorry about ds1, they are sooo irrational aren't they...
Sc I find dd is the same and she is 10, so we stick to Fridays. Her friends' mums don't understand because she is always beautifully behaved at sleepover, but I am now much firmer at resisting lure of these "fun" events.

swanthingafteranother Mon 10-Sep-12 15:01:09

oh no, pick up time. dd has friend over...need to have shower blush and do final bit of putting away clothes. I am knackered

swanthingafteranother Mon 10-Sep-12 15:03:19

ps, don't think I ever had sleepovers except in hols as a child, and in term only at secondary... what about a whole day spent playing in someone's house instead? Just as good really...

strictlycaballine Mon 10-Sep-12 16:10:51

Thanks Swan Whoknows Madwoman - much appreciated

Friday night it is then/or whole days Saturday and only when we are up to date with sleep and homework.

Wish I could avoid them totally tbh, being an unsociable grouch at heart, nothing would give me greater pleasure ...but needs must and all that ...and to be fair dd's bf is no trouble at all, in fact things are often much more peaceful when she is here ...

laurenamium Mon 10-Sep-12 16:17:44

Another list dump just so I know where I'm at when I get back from nandos!

home bleugh
bedding washed
walk dogs
Clean bathroom including mission
food shop
dog food shop
shine sink
counter tops
Kitchen floor
wash windows and mirrors
DD and mindee to playgroup
DD laundry

Getting there! BBL!

I don't recall ever having sleepovers with friends till I was old enough to be crashing out on their floors after parties etc. I would be quite happy to avoid them for the DCs too, but I agree SC needs must.

Well, I haven't done what was on my list, but have spent the afternoon giving the kitchen a thorough detailed clean, I hadn't done any missions in there for a couple of months at least and it was getting quite grotty. I also had a complete clearout of the big cupboard that gets everything shoved in, thrown out a few things, put an old food processor on Freecycle (needed the big cupboard clearout to find all the never used accessories for it). Been watching the London 2012 parade on my laptop and feeling quite emotional.

elliepac Mon 10-Sep-12 20:33:45

Woooofeckinghooooo I have done BOTH morning and evening routines!!!!!! I am, however, now too tired to move or even speak (a rare occasion indeed).

Am now going to settle down and wath the highlights of the Olympic Paradesmile.

NickNacks Mon 10-Sep-12 20:41:29

Apologies for going AWOL. blush

I promise to be back in the morning with a huge to do list.

I promise, I really will. smile