Electric Aga advice needed!!

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HeraldAngel Mon 04-Jan-10 20:48:34

We are fancying an electric Aga when we re-do our kitchen (the one with electric ovens and a gas top). We had a lovely little trip to the Aga shop today, and fell in love with a heather-coloured four-oven contraption - but it would be nice to know what other people's experiences have been. We had a range cooker before, and the numbers came off it when we used Cilit Bang on it, and the whole thing was a bit tinny despite being quite expensive. The Aga looks more substantial - but is that really the case? And does it cook M&S ready meals nicely?! Any advice would be most welcome...

Fayrazzled Tue 05-Jan-10 19:47:41

Are you talking about the Aga 6:4 series rather than an electrically run Aga? Sounds like it if the model has a gas hob. They're not that great apparently- the Aga showroom I went to wasn't keen to push it. The ovens are small and not very efficient- i think they're C rated for energy. There are much better range cookers out there. Look at Britannia, Falcon, Lacanche for better models I'd say.

Still, if it's the Aga styling you're after (and I can see why you're tempted- I was) and you only want it for M&S ready meals then go for it! It's expensive for doing that job though!

YouLukaAmazing Tue 05-Jan-10 19:59:07

Message withdrawn

HeraldAngel Tue 05-Jan-10 20:10:10

Fayrazzled - I think I am talking about the Aga 6:4. We did think the ovens were a bit on the small side (wondered if they would accommodate a turkey). If we use the oven, it tends to be for roasts and casseroles and pizzas (and ready meals).

I'll look at the ones you both suggest. Maybe they come in the heather colourway too?! grin

Thanks, both, for replying.

HeraldAngel Tue 05-Jan-10 20:15:29

I've had a look at your link, Luka. The Mercury is very nice, and the sorbet and olivine colours look quite tempting. The Britannia website is good, too. Hmm. I shall ponder further.

YouLukaAmazing Tue 05-Jan-10 22:19:32

Message withdrawn

koalasrock Fri 15-Jan-10 15:49:26

I can't recommend the Aga 64 highly enough. The ovens are plenty big enough - I cook both a large turkey and a large goose simultaneously in mine at Christmas (although the fan assisted oven is smaller than the conventional oven because of the fan). The grill is superb and then you have the simmering oven which is wonderful in Autumn and winter. It really is a multi-talented cooker. We have the gas hob option, and we originally opted for the 6 4 because I couldn't justify the expense of servicing and running costs of a conventional aga. It has turned out to be the best decision I could have made. I had a double oven Britannia previously which was fine, but not the same, and definitely not as versatile, and my friends with conventional flued agas are always bemoaning the costs.
There is also the advanage that you don't have the hassle of losing heat from the ovens when you use the hotplates and all of the other palaver you get with a conventional aga, and it IS palaver - despite what the aga fan club would have you believe.
Also, these models do very occasionally crop up on auction sites if you are prepared to wait, although it's a long shot as it was the traditional ones that flooded the second-hand when the recession kicked in, unsurprisingly. We happily bought ours from the classifieds ( try preloved ) at less than half the original RRP because the previous owner moved six months after buying it and then couldn't re-jig her next kitchen to accommodate it. It was pristine and barely used. On top of all of that it is a VERY substantial bit of kit, and it looks superb. If you go for it, either new in the gorgeous heather shade, or second-hand environmental & money-saving like us (in a beautiful blue) I promise you won't regret it. Just looking at it gives me pleasure as it's such a design classic. Plus I won't have to buy another cooker for decades, if ever! I do however, agree with another poster, that the AGA shops do not push the 64s. It is clearly company policy that they continue to promote their traditional model, or what would their business be based on!This was more or less confirmed to me by an AGA employee last year. She told me, off the record, that she had never known an oven like the 64 (she did the cooking demonstrations) and that she would swap to one in an instant at home if she could.
I know I'm whittering on, but if this model has captured your imagination it is best to go for it rather than try other models and then regret it because you are always thinking about the 64. Good luck!

NellyNaggBagg Wed 10-Feb-10 21:49:32

Hello Koalas,
(I am HeraldAngel not in Christmassy disguise!)
Have just seen your post. Thank you so much!
I think you have confirmed what I have been thinking all along... smile

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