I am sick of slugs INSIDE my house!

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MrsSeanBean Sat 20-Jun-09 09:25:50

We have a 1920s brick house.

Slugs somehow get inside the house - mainly at night - and I come down to their horrible slimy trails all over the floor every morning.

I called the pest control people at the council who advised me to lay cracked eggshells outside the air-bricks, but still the problem persists. Aside from laying pellets inside the house (dodgy), I don't know what else to do. Sometimes I come down in the night to get a glass of water and find the slugs crawling around. My patience and sanity is wearing very thin.

(a) Does anyone else have this hideous problem;
(b) if so, how did you solve it?

traceybath Sat 20-Jun-09 09:29:28

I had this in my old cottage and it was vile.

I used to put table salt along the doorsteps - think they used to get in under tne door frames.

Did help for a while but then go too worried about small children licking the salt.

Its really really horrid though - only thing worse was occasionally we'd get a toad or slow worm in the kitchen too.

GentleOtter Sat 20-Jun-09 09:39:22

I picked 4 of them from my daughter's wall last night. They are coming in a hole in the wall caused by a leaking roof that has dripped water and burst the plasterwork.
I stuck duck tape 'plasters' over the wall which does not look rough at all hmm and will wait for all of eternity for the landowner to repair the roof.

Try a strip of copper wire under the skirting boards or places where they get in (under ill fitting doors). I'm off to look for hedgehogs or something as we are about demented with the 'wildlife' in the house. (bats, rats, slugs)

saramoon Sun 21-Jun-09 15:17:29

We get slugs in our lounge most nights as see the trails of them in the mornings. Used to get them a lot in the kitchen but not so much anymore. We chuck them outside if we see them and DH has put salt down but other than that i have heard that they don't like copper and that they love beer and if you put a glass of beer down they all migrate towards it and drink loads and drown, or something. hmm
It is vile and i hate it but it is not our house so we are just putting up with it.

JackBauer Sun 21-Jun-09 16:08:25

I hate slugs and have big fear of them.
The way I got them out of my kitchen was to come down at 3am (in boots) and put the light on, then you see the little fuckers having a party on your floor. Watch to see where they go and then salt the entrance to their hole. Keep DC's away for about a week while you collect starved dessicated slug corpses each morning and throw them out of the back door while cackling.
I found there were 2 lots, one lot in a partition wall and the others behind the fridge, so I pelleted behind the fridge and salted the wall, all gone now.

IndigoBlue Mon 22-Jun-09 11:06:24

We had this problem when we moved into our house I think it's normally where there is damp in the house, they can squeeze themselves through tiny gaps so I would suggest going round and putting sealant over any little gaps around skirting board etc even if it's only a few mm they can still get through.

Put slug pellets outside next to the airbricks and remove any slugs asap as they can recover if they get wet again, make sure they are dead by putting salt on them.

If you find any in the kitchen kill them with salt, it is gross but if you just put them outside they will come back and continue to lay eggs.

I have seen a big fat slug crawling over copper tape that I put down and it had no effect on it whatsoever! It is a very difficult problem to get rid of, I thought we might have to move house!

MrsSeanBean Mon 22-Jun-09 21:21:42

Killing them with salt is very gross and makles a horrendous orange slimy mess. Think liquidised slug pool.

I have tried laying a trail of salt next to the skirting boards (we have wooden floorboards) as a kind of deterrant. DH reckons carpet/lino will stop them but it doesn't a next door have carpet and the same problem. I also make a habit of picking them up with kitchen roll and throwing outside in the night, but I feel like I am swimming against the tide.

Am a bit worried to think there may be a 'damp problem'. Am clueless about this sort of thing - should I seek advice, is it expensive, what needs doing to correct 'damp'? Could we just cut and run by selling up? Or would a survey show a damp problem and mean that ££s would be docked from house value? So confused (and so sick of slugs....)

MrsSeanBean Mon 22-Jun-09 21:23:43

PS... I must confess, sick as I am of the problem, I am also a real softy at heart and can't really bear thr thougt of killing them with salt as apparently it is an agonising and slow death for them.
<too soft for own good emoticon>

dinkystinky Mon 22-Jun-09 21:27:23

We had it when we moved into our house last February - turned out was a huge damp problem at the front of our house due to dodgy drain pipe overflow. The survey picked up there was some damp and the overflow needed clearing - was a huge problem judging by the tree root and rubbish blocking the overflow and the tide marks on the front of the house! We finally got all that sorted a month or so ago.

What we did in the interim was try salt (managed to desicate a couple - they were huge too) on the floorboards to start off with but was a bugger to clear the salt up every morning before our toddler came downstairs. I found online a slug repellent spray which was excellent - is a dark brown colour based on oils the slugs hate the smell of for some reason - worked v well on our dark floorboards. Havent seen the buggers for a while - the coming winter will be the acid test as to whether the damp problem has dried out.

cocolepew Mon 22-Jun-09 21:29:21

They used to come in my back door, I put a barrier of salt down and it stopped.

MrsSeanBean Mon 22-Jun-09 21:30:00

Like the sound of slug repellant spray dinky - where did you get this from - a hardware type shop, or garden centre?

GodzillasBumcheek Mon 22-Jun-09 21:34:41

I opened a drawer in the kitchen a few weeks ago, took out a packet of raisins...and there was this enormous black slug stuck to the packet, just where i'd put my finger...EEEEEUURRGH.

I picked it up with kitchen paper, took it outside and stamped on it several times.

Periodically that day i was heard to shout "EEEURGH" and shudder, just remembering it.

Ripeberry Mon 22-Jun-09 21:38:33

You can get self adhesive copper tape from gardening shops> If you know where they are coming in then put some down and they will not cross it as it gives them an electric shock!
I've put this tape around all my plant pots and never get a slug problem.

Ripeberry Mon 22-Jun-09 21:40:21

Or failing that, put a big pot of stale beer on the floor, so they can have a real party and drown! Evil cackle... grin

Noonki Mon 22-Jun-09 21:41:34

godzilla - i have taken your shudders from you grin

Noonki Mon 22-Jun-09 21:41:37

godzilla - i have taken your shudders from you grin

MagNacarta Mon 22-Jun-09 21:46:21

We just got rid of ours after months of waking up to slimy trails over the sitting room carpet. The were getting in through the fireplace (which has a woodburner in it), no idea how as we are mid terrace. DH just put down some of the slug stopper that we bought to protect the strawberries in the garden. No slugs since.

My dc's are old enough to know not to touch it, which helps.

MrsSeanBean Mon 22-Jun-09 22:05:04

MagNacarta - what was the slug stopper you used - was it copper stuff others have mentioned, or some kind of repellent spray?

idobelieveinfairies Mon 22-Jun-09 22:09:26

We used to have a couple that lived under the stairs...slug trails on the carpet and on the lounge ceiling....caught the little beggars one night and took them out in the garden. They never came back again..i think they must have got lost one night and wondered in..and never found the way back out again.

Sorry, not much help...i do remember my mum putting bowls of beer down in the garden many many years ago..think it was something to do with slugs??

MagNacarta Mon 22-Jun-09 22:17:07

Neither MrsSB, it was granular stuff bought from the garden centre 'Growing sucess advanced slug stopper' it says it's certified organic - although not sure what difference that'd make to you.

MrsSeanBean Mon 22-Jun-09 22:20:28

Thank you Magna, will keep a lookout. My prolem is that so many anti-slug products seem to be marketed for outdoor use, and I am never sure whether it's OK to use them indoors (and I get strange looks from garden centre youths when explaining this quandry). I suppose it doesn't make much difference though, the slugs obviously don't know any difference!

GrimmaTheNome Mon 22-Jun-09 22:23:53

I often get trails on my utility room doormat. There is no perceptible gap twixt door and frame yet trails and no slugs come morning. Found two leopard slugs in the box of gardening tools I keep outside the door, presume they are the culprits but can't bring myself to remove them after seeing the amazing leopard slug mating ritual on Springwatch the other week.

I suppose I ought to get some copper tape to keep them in their place. What they are doing on my doormat mystifies me - there is no sign they have been any further inside.

MrsSeanBean Mon 22-Jun-09 22:28:23

I had a weird dream the other night that a slug snuck up on me and stole my penguin biscuit, it was crawling really slowly and then suddenly took me by surprise, snatched the biscuit and 'ran' off cacking (it grew little tentacle like legs in my dream). Sigh. Odd, and very disturbing how my life is being ruled by slugs at the moment.

I found one in my tea-towel drawer ladt week and that really upset me. And I also then had no tea-towels as I had to wash them all.

GodzillasBumcheek Mon 22-Jun-09 22:31:13

Noonki - thanks but i think i'm mentally scarred for life.

giraffesCantRunA10k Mon 22-Jun-09 22:31:25

Oh god. I live in a tenement flat and these are often plagued with beetle things, I have to put raid round the edges of all the floors every month or so and this prevents them. Wonder if something like that would work? Even though its not marketed for them it is for indoor use and frankly they cant like it surely? So worth a try perhaps?

MyEye Mon 22-Jun-09 22:35:53

[boak] Worst ever was finding slug trails all over the peaches ripening in the fruit bowl.

We've had it up to here with them in the kitchen, and DH has decided we will rip up the floor and put down a cement slab so they can't wriggle up through the gaps.

It's a bit drastic (not to mention spenny). But definitely worth it -- if it works.

MagNacarta Mon 22-Jun-09 22:45:13

I have to say it hadn't occured to me to use the garden stuff, it was dh who did it but they've gone now - so who cares. Our main computer is in that room and I had to tip toe across the carpet at night trying to avoid the slugs. Too chicken to pick them up and dh not always here - pathetic really.

TheHeathenOfSuburbia Mon 22-Jun-09 22:59:24

We had some success with putting a trail of salt round the floorboard-skirting board join, as you describe, they seemed to get the message after a few days.

What really mystifies me are the trails we get in the hall, that start in the middle of the carpet, go round and round, then finish. Did the little buggers parachute in or what?! Some sort of Mission-Impossible-type abseiling scenario? hmm

MrsSeanBean Mon 22-Jun-09 23:01:21

grin heathen, yes, we also get trails that start in the middle of no-where. Makes it difficult to track back to source of the problem. Maybe they only produce slime once they've worked up a good pace or something...?

expatinscotland Mon 22-Jun-09 23:05:32

we got one. it went in the girls' toy kitchen and dd2, age 3, kept saying there was a snake in their kitchen.


i picked it up on a piece of cardboard and flung it outside.

dinkystinky Tue 23-Jun-09 17:00:32

MrsSeanBean - I got it from [[www.pesthelp.co.uk/weshop/Slugs_Snails.asp here] - they're lovely and really helpful if you speak to them on the phone. Good luck getting rid of the slimy ones.

MrsSeanBean Tue 23-Jun-09 19:37:03

Thank you for that Dinky

LillyTheMinx Thu 19-May-11 11:30:55

I feel so sick. Just spotted a slug in our lounge. We have been seeing the trails for months, and that was bad enough, but spotting one of the little buggers.....ewwwwwww....I'm so squeamish.

Dolcegusto Thu 19-May-11 11:38:26

I found one in my dishwasher once. Was a very clean but dead slug. My dishes were covered in slime though.

It took 4 hot washes and a hand wash before I could use the dishes again.

Flisspaps Thu 19-May-11 11:40:12

They were getting into my house through the kitchen sink plughole and overflow. I put lots of salt into the plughole and left it all round it as well - haven't caught any of the sick little slimebags for months now.

NerfHerder Thu 19-May-11 11:59:57

<<boak>>at Dolcegusto's dishwasher envy (that's a sick face)

mawbroon Thu 19-May-11 12:31:49

We had a slug problem last year in the kitchen. I would find trails all over the worktops in the morning <urgh>

FIL took the kickboards off the units and sealed up all the little gaps at the back and then laid slug powder at the edge of the floor. It was behind the kickboards, so safe for the DCs.

I haven't had any more trails on the worktop etc, but funnily enough there was a trail on the mat beside the back door this morning, so I don't know where that wee bugger is coming from. It's a double glazed storm door which in theory, is sealed all round.

Not many things make me boak, but slugs are one of them...

leaky Fri 28-Oct-11 04:54:44

Yuck, eeuuugggghh. I've just come downstairs as I can't sleep & found SIX slugs on the floor. I hate them sooo much. We have a kitchen diner & one morning my son came down all ready for school & trod on one as he made his way to the table for breakfast. Poor thing, it was stuck to his sock, yuck (poor ds that is!)

Help please. I'm determined to watch them now to see where they come from. We're trying to sell our house & I'm worried about buying another one that has the same problem (we live in a 100 yr old terrace). Could probably be persuaded to go for a modern house with no character after this.

I loathe them so much. Can anyone help....and I have 3 young children so pellets would be no good angry

Grockle Fri 28-Oct-11 06:00:25

Oh gross. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this though. We live in a victorain brick house and have parachuting slugs as well and ones that crawl all over our coats in the hall. I've just had new double glazing and carpet/ wooden floor fitted and still have them angry I have no idea how they get in but the thought of them in my dishwasher is making me feel a little bit sick.

Flum Tue 15-Nov-11 01:49:28

Euwww, we have slugs in our house too. It is an old house and it seems as soon as I stop them coming on one bit they come in another side. Loads in the cellar at night too, which is damp but I believe cellars are supposed to be damp aren!t they?

is there a definitive solution then? Salt not really doing it for us.

First, it's a relief that we are not alone in having slugs in the house. It's so gross! We have tried slug pellets- not very successful in the long term, or do you have to replace them every so often? Salt worked quite well, and I also pick them up and flush them down the loo... What worked also, due to being a strong chemical I presume, was to spray Vanish all along the skirting boards where the floor is carpeted. Needs to be repeated every once in a while.
It is weird, MrsSeanBean, because what are they doing? Eating? I've had trails on my shoes, halfway up the sofa, on the wall in the bathroom. I don't see the attraction!
Luckily it's only downstairs, but I recoginise the scenario of going down for any reason in the night - I used to prepare myself by actually saying out loud that I would kill any slug in sight, in the hope they'd hear me and run away!
I have no sympathy for them anymore!
Good luck!

bottersnike Wed 16-Nov-11 09:34:11

We have slugs too, they come up through the gaps in the floorboards, and we have watched one squeeze itself under our patio doors, which told us how not-airtight the doors are!
We can't put anything down on the floor as there is a baby in the house, so we're limited to throwing them outside. There seem to be fewer of them now it's got colder, so hopefully they've gone to sleep somewhere.
They are revolting things, and long-term we hope that once we've a)sealed up the chimney and b) put down new flooring and c) replaced the doors, that there will be fewer of the slimy little buggers.
I don't have a solution, I'm afraid, just a lot of sympathy. Thank God they can't move quickly smile

stofstg Wed 16-Nov-11 10:57:23

ewwww all this reading slugs is yuck. i hate the things. I used to always find them in our kitchen and utility rooms and i would forever be collecting them and throwing them outside. We still have no idea how they get in but we live in a victorian house and my OH thinks they must get in some cracks or holes behind the worktops, which i have no way of guarding against. I normally put on some rubber gloves and chuck em outside but when i've found them crawling over the worktops or childrens toys or shoes i have been known to get evil and salt em or chuck em down a loo with bleach. I don't like the thought of using traps such as salt trails, pellets or beer traps because of the children WILL end up messing and touching it!

fluffysarah Wed 16-Nov-11 16:47:03

I HATE SLUGS. simple as. Disgusting slimey things really turn my atomach! I'm interested also in how to dispose of em too. Whenever i throw them out i also seem to get 'others' coming back in that look suspiciously like the ones i throw out....i have no idea how they are getting in and don't want to waste too much time looking for either to be honest because i have better things to do. I now give the buggers a no mercy attitude and either collect em and throw em all in a bowl of salt or just throw em in a bag and tie it up and put in the bin. It may sound cruel to some people to salt em i guess but they are only slugs. Those of you saying you flush em down the loo, i always thought that slugs could survive under water no? I wouldn't want to find the buggers climbing back up the u bend or even worse crawled their way out the toilet and crawling around on the bathroom. Yuck!!

smartyparts Wed 16-Nov-11 17:45:22

I hate slugs too, sometimes the dog brings them in, yuk.

My house is currently being overtaken by ladybirds trying to bed down for winter.

Bubblybint Thu 17-Nov-11 06:46:14

I used to have the same problem. Used to come down in the morning and there would be three or four crawling around, sometimes eating the poor cats food. They disappeared the day my boyfriend moved in. Came back once while he was away on a business trip and but disappeared again when he got back. I was too embarrassed to tell him about the problem and he is in the dark about it so he has def not been moving them. He is just a human slug repellant I think. Not sure if that is good or bad! I can lend him to you all for a small fee grin

RnB Thu 17-Nov-11 06:56:43

JackBauer - your suggestion is genius

I used to have the same problem in my old flat - and considering I am completely terrified of the things - they made my life a misery sad

stofstg Thu 17-Nov-11 07:52:31

fluffysarah - lol i don't put em down the loo all the time, only when they get in my utility room. And yes slugs do somehow survive in water, and yes i have found them to sometimes crawl their way back up the toilet, hence why i squirt some bleach down after i throw em in and leave for a few minutes to make sure they die before i flush em down.

MindtheGappp Thu 17-Nov-11 18:23:12

We have slugs in our kitchen. It is always wise to turn the lights on in the kitchen before getting a glass of water in the night.

Ours have disappeared when we have had to clean/dry under the washing machine, but they always come back, presumably through the dryer vent.

I try not to let it upset me too much now. I don't think they are carrying any diseases.

One way to keep them at bay is to leave the lights on.

PigletJohn Thu 17-Nov-11 18:55:13

if you put slug pellets under the kitchen units, towards the back, it will be difficult for children or pets to reach them, especially if you refit the kickboards afterwards.

If you have a timber floor, they might be getting up from there through the gaps round the pipes. You can put slug pellets down any gaps in the floor, then block them. They are more likely to get in round pipes than through the drier vent, but you can put slug pellets down outside. It will take a while for the local population to go down because they walk around at night, but eventually you will kill all the local ones. You have to keep re-applying after rain.

they need damp, so if you have them in your kitchen, think about water leaks.

bossboggle Thu 17-Nov-11 21:49:32

I use salt, pretty effective for me if I get an odd one in because my lot leave the back door open at night for the dogs to dash in and out - got LOADS in my yard though but at the moment they are staying out of the house!1 Door closed - too cold!! smile

I found one this morning (another one). Is it the mild weather that's keeping them going? I'm considering a de-humidifier anyone tried one?

SulkySullenDame Tue 29-Nov-11 23:21:25

I grew up in a damp old house in the country and hated the trails the wee sluggy bastards left everywhere. On moving to the city, I never gave slugs a secon thought until... duh duh duh... One was coming up the plughole in my kitchen sink in the first home I had ever owned having lived in not-ground-floor flats for years. OMG shock I am still disturbed by this and sometimes have been known to take a stiletto heel to the little fuckers if I see them in the garden.

I am a bit brave now (ie can lift a spider in my hands - go me) as I have been a single Mum for a long time and my daughter (13) spotted one on the workshop when up getting a glass of water in the middle of the night the other night, screamed an almighty scream and I removed it. With my own bare hands. I picked up my fellow planet dweller, safe in the knowledge he/she carried no diease other than slimeyness and chucked him across the garden.

The end.

ps my worst experience was finding a sleeping bat in the arm of my dressing gown aged 12. I DO NOT do bats grin

SulkySullenDame Tue 29-Nov-11 23:22:00

p.s. sorry for not offering solutions. Salt for me!

BramblyHedge Tue 29-Nov-11 23:39:36

We have had this problem for the seven years we have lived here. have tried everything. when we have had a few drinks we sometimes salt them but mainly i now just brush away their trails and am resigned. They come up through our floor boards as we have no foundations (very old house).

soverylucky Wed 30-Nov-11 11:44:47

Remove any plants or weeds round the outside of your house. They can get into the tiniest of cracks. We used blue tak under the carpet where there were tiny gaps and chucked down lots and lots and lots of salt. we also installed extra air bricks to increase sub floor ventilation. We haven't had a visitor of the slug variety for over 2 years now.

soverylucky Wed 30-Nov-11 11:45:15

or you could get a pond with lots of frogs because they will guzzle them.

PigletJohn Wed 30-Nov-11 14:40:32

I was wondering why people won't use slug pellets to kill slugs?

BramblyHedge Thu 01-Dec-11 19:46:48

because the kids might eat them. putting them outside makes no difference

weetabixnraisins Mon 12-Dec-11 23:39:07

Some good ideas here! Just to follow bramblyhedge it's true that no foundations is probably the cause of a lot of these issues, our Victorian terrace is 105yrs old and literally bricked into mud, v normal. I have just caught 2 slugs exploring the kitchen floor, picked them up in kitchen towel - wrapped it up and flushed down loo. Wet nights like tonight are worst, we often find gross trails on shoes and bags in the hall. Husband prefers the salting method ...

GrimmaTheNome Mon 12-Dec-11 23:50:30

>I was wondering why people won't use slug pellets to kill slugs?

because if a bird or animal eats either the poisoned slug or a pellet, they get poisoned too. (I'd never considered kids eating the pellets TBH)

Those of you worrying about damp - my house is only 16 years old, no damp problems. I used to keep the bin just inside the back door that they squeeze under, maybe the smell attracted them. Moved the bin, now the dog sleeps near there ... haven't noticed any trails since that change...

LauraIngallsWilder Mon 12-Dec-11 23:59:05

I used to put newspaper down where they came in then salt on the newspaper.
In the hope that the slimy yucky mess would be absorbed by the newspaper.

I did that until the 'slug torrent' stopped.
That house also had rats (inside and out)

We moved. New house had frogs and slugs!

We moved. One day when I was thinking out loud about what pests this new house has. Ds wisely said "noisy neighbours" grin

MrsHoolie Tue 13-Dec-11 14:23:13

I might try the salt on newspaper trick. Slugs are SO disgusting!

lucytails Tue 13-Dec-11 18:08:14

i am sooo glad i've found this topic! We moved into our new house this summer and the last couple of weeks since its all gone cold and wet i've noticed each morning i am greeted by 3 or 4 of the disgusting buggers. At first i just picked them up and chucked them outside but my OH pointed out that they are most likely the same ones each time, and then when he suggested they maybe laying eggs i had to reluctantly add them to my list of things that have to be killed (flies and wasps. Hate them. Not spiders though because they keep away the flies, as long as they stay away from me that is!).
Up to now i have either been chucking them down the loo or sucking them up in the hoover (quite satisfying seeing them dissapear and hear them go up the hoover lol). I've read through all the suggestions on here, and to be honest i have no idea how they are getting in and to be honest have better things to do than stay up all night to wait for them to appear! I don't feel comfortable with leaving salt or beer around with the children so will probably just keep with my hoover and loo solution. I did however cringe to read someone saying here that slugs can sometimes survive under water and climb up pipes (god damn determined buggers) because i have once or twice noticed some slug trails in the bathroom, and seeing the bathroom is upstairs it leads me think they must be climbing back up the loo which is probably the yuckiest thing i can think of!! so i will to do what someone else suggested and throw them in loo followed by bleach then flushing them after 5 or 10 minutes to make sure they die!!

I keep old marg tubs, and when I find a slug I put it in the tub to die a slow (and unwitnessed death. We call it "the tub of death".
Remember to bin it every week or so, especially in the summer, or the "death" smell becomes overpowering.
I find it oddly fascinating seeing the amount of liquid in the bottom of the tub though (I suspect they slime themselves to death), that might just be me though.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 14-Dec-11 08:32:33

But if you hoover them they might still be alive and find their way slowly out the hoover, coming down the pipe! Take 'em outside and pour salt on them.

We had some under our stairs which is in the middle of hte house so no idea how they got there. I'd come down in the night and stand on them accidently <bleugh>. There were about 4 massive ones and I think we've killed them all now.

lucytails Wed 14-Dec-11 18:54:42

@viva - i don't anything can survive in a vacuum i.e. No air, plus they are always there when i empty the hoover (into a tied plastic bag because i hate the dust may i add) in the bin. Anyway found 3 unfortunate slimey buggers around the house this morning. Scooped em up and marched up to the bathroom, dropped em in the loo followed by thrust of bleach where i left em for around 10 minutes. When i returned i could just make out their motionless corpses at the bottom fizzing away before i flushed em safe in the knowledge them won't be coming back! Never been so satisfied to clean my loo i have to say lol

fluffysarah Wed 14-Dec-11 19:05:43

i hate hate hate slugs! eeewww yuck yuck yuck. i show no mercy. i got a bowl outside filled with salt which i put them in. Loving all these 'disposal' suggestions i have been reading here. Will have to try out the toilet one. Hopefully mr toilet duck is up to the task!

lucytails Wed 14-Dec-11 19:44:52

yeah toilet duck should suffice smile i have a bottle of tesco loo cleaner and a domestos thick bleach at the my moment in my bathroom but chose the domestos because i felt it would be stronger. oh dear i am so going to come in my next life as a slug and someone will throw me down the loo and squirt bleach on me or suck me up a hoover!! sad

fluffysarah Wed 14-Dec-11 20:55:36

haha yeah and i'll come back as a slug and be thrown in a bowl of salt! Even worse lucy you'll come back as a germ watching someone place a new bottle of bleach on the toilet cistern above you, no escape, but yet knowing the inevitable will happen when they will come back, reach for the bleach and slowly unscrew it and squirt it around and engulf you in acidic bleach!

Haha sorry lucy. Am in a ludicrous mood for some reason this evening and only taking advantage of your guilt for killing creatures. I now what you mean though i do feel guilty for the slugs too but they will only come back in if you put them outside. Sorry for the slight hijack of this topic too blush

lucytails Wed 14-Dec-11 22:56:02

shock @fluffysarsh wow thats quite a graphic description lol. What drugs you on?! Lol Tbh i think if i was a germ in a toilet getting shit on all day in the end i think i'd be quite glad to be bleached to death!! But yeah that would be the worse thing to back as in another life. God this topic has got strange.......But yeah since you ask, being vegetarian, i do naturally feel a bit guilty about killing things, and i don't like to kill things unless it has to be. For me its just wasps, flies and slugs, and then i hate seeing them squirm. But no germs is certainly not something i feel guilty about but i'll probably never gonna look at cleaning the toilet in quite the same way now thanks to you lol x

choccylove Sun 25-Mar-12 21:37:21

we've a 120 yr old house and had slugs in our kitchen off and on for years, in cupboards (blech), we've just had a new kitchen fitted last week, everything ripped out and the builders swear they've filled every hole, lo and behold night before last a bloody big bugger slithering along in front of my brand new washing machine, it met a salty end but I have no idea where it came from, I've pushed pellets underneath the washer but i swear i can hear the theme tune to Mission Impossible through the night...took to getting up around 2.00 to try and catch them....

PigletJohn Sun 25-Mar-12 22:33:05

Slugs like damp, and they like something rotten to eat.

I think you need to have a look under the floor and see if there are leaks in waste or water pipes (especially under kitchens), or it might just be that you have a high water table and the ground is rather wet and there is no oversite concrete. If you tell me you have had fancy new flooring fitted and you can't possibly look under it I shall sigh.

Subfloor voids under timber floors need to be ventilated with plenty of airbricks. See if you have plenty, and that they are not choked with cobwebs, rubble and dirt.

You can put as many slug pellets as you want under the floor, since no children or pets will be down there to eat them.

As you probably know, common causes of damp at about ground level are paths, patios and flowerbeds which have raised the ground level against the house walls, above what was intended when they were built. This is especially bad if it bridges a damp course. Some older houses did not have a DPC when built, but over the last 50 years or so most will have had one added to achieve a mortgage, even if only an injected chemical.

choccylove Sun 25-Mar-12 23:16:56

builder said the damp course is fine and it's a concrete floor which I've had wood flooring put over, outside is a concrete yard, we've just had all along the bottom of the house wall replastered on the outside but there is a low airbrick near the back door and there probably is water under the house somewhere since we're quite near a river...I think I'm doomed....

PigletJohn Sun 25-Mar-12 23:57:16

look for gaps round pipes going through walls (especially near hoppers or gullies so nice and damp) or cracks/holes in brickwork especially near iron downpipes where old iron cramps have rusted.

A concrete floor in a 120-year old house is probably a later infill, it was probably built with wooden floors (or maybe slabs on earth) unless posh enough to have Terrazzo or Granolithic.

If you have wooden floors in other parts of the house, sniff to see how damp. It is often easiest to do this with a loose board under the stairs. Later poured concrete floors will have blocked throughflow ventilation under the floors. Slugs need damp.

Repeatedly scattering slug pellets will gradually reduce the population.

Mimmit Tue 27-Mar-12 13:56:40

i am plagued with them too.we are in a 1900s brick house.i have realised they can get through the smallest gaps and have actually seen them squeeze in between double french doors in kitchen - yuk.
No chance of me sealing up every gap.the best thing i used were blue plug pellets scattered round perimeter of house and popped into airbricks.i don't feel i can try that again as my youngest would be sure to eat them!
Last weekend i put in plug traps near house filled with cheap beer.will let you know if that works.don't fancy emptying them though and am slightly sacred by likely prospect of my son making a picnic of contents!
Joking apart i do feel i am developing a phobia about them!yuk at thought of finding them in teatowels!hope you find something that works.

choccylove Fri 13-Apr-12 14:11:11

couple weeks on and no further sightings although I'm paranoid and constantly wash floor and replace pellets,
had a word with builder and he was gutted, swears every hole filled up, told me not to leave washing machine door open overnight (er...eew...surely not climbing up through there???),
have pelleted all along dining room french windows where the exposed brick shelf at bottom meets floor (yep found trail there few weeks ago - perhaps they've rerouted from kitchen) and so far nothing -

actually found one coming up through shower plughole (bathroom downstairs) a couple years ago but once salted no more occurrence there - yuck!

molliesmum1 Tue 10-Jul-12 19:15:07

I have just found this site and I'm so glad I'm not on my own, I Like the idea of the human slug repellent, can I hire him please? I moved into this bungalow 18 months ago and I'm overrun with them. Kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom the only place I haven't found them is in the hall. My poor dog doesn't trust her food bowl any more because I found a family of them eating her food. I've tried salt but sometimes all I find is the slime trail and can anybody tell me how the little sods manage to surface in the middle of a carpet?

OhTinky Fri 13-Jul-12 19:43:58

I also have slug trails, random patches on rugs every other day but now iv found where they might be coming in - there's a lot of trails by the window and I have gappy wooden floors, holes for radiator pipes and an old terraced house. If it was slug bingo I'd win!

But now I've found their corner I have total heebie-jeebies about exploring further in case I actually see one. I'm hiding upstairs with the iPad until DP comes home! They make me feel slovenly and unclean sad

ClaireBunting Fri 13-Jul-12 19:47:30

We have a 1920s house and have a problem with slugs in the kitchen. They seem to live under the washing machine and come out in the dark.

I have decided just to coexist with them, after trying to control them for 15 years.

I have learnt not to get a glass of water in the middle of the night without turning the lights on.

iszzabella Fri 20-Jul-12 09:46:02

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Yvve Sun 02-Sep-12 23:41:13

I too have slug in house problems. My house is 1930's. I wonder if problems are due to having central heating fitted in older houses ie gaps in floor boards where radiators and water pipes (behind washing machine, sink etc) come up into rooms, also cold water pipes under floorboards could maybe cause condensation.
The main reason I've posted on here is that I believe slug pellets have an attractant in them to bait the poison (metaldehyde)..... I think it used to be called Slug Bait....so putting under floor boards may kill while active but not continue to kill hatching eggs AND may actually attract slugs in.
Sorry if that puts the cat amongst the pigeons!
Any poisoned slugs that manage to get into house from under floorboards ofcourse are a danger to youngsters & pets!

lattalex Tue 11-Sep-12 22:50:42

maybe try following the shiny slime trails on your hands and knees... You'll probably catch up with them quite quickly. No seriously, I have a horrible feeling they can actually seep through brickwork. They must be grazing on the paper in the box files of important documents I keep on the floor... Damp is their friend. Terrible year for slugs, I have a security flood light by the back door. Every night I go out and squash 20 or so snails/slugs. Like p-ing in the wind I fear. But at least I'm doing my bit in the great war. Don't give up.
Useful tips on suppressing them naturally in the garden include digging before frost - it kills the eggs - little white spheres

confuddledDOTcom Tue 11-Sep-12 23:04:57

I used about half a tub of salt trying to get them out of the house. I live in a communal building and they live in the services panel so I started salting where I thought they were coming through which made a massive difference, I then found other areas and just kept salting. They can get through a gap a couple of mm wide. I know this because I've found the remains of some suicidal slugs!

Look for any opening to the outside world and salt it. Rub it into the cracks. If there are high level openings fill the gap with salt or if too big with salted kitchen roll. Slugs are clever and won't go near salt but they can step over it so if you can't fill a gap, make sure you do it a couple of cm wide.

MousyMouse Wed 12-Sep-12 11:00:08

how much salt would you need? just a light dusting or a solid salt dyke?

victorian house here.
but weirdly the slugs only leave trails on the wooden chopping boards, not on the floor or walls confused

confuddledDOTcom Wed 12-Sep-12 13:19:59

As long as there's no where for them to step it should be OK. I filled the gaps (they're coming under the kickboards in the kitchen where it's not meeting the floor) completely with salt and my tumble dryer cupboard I put a carpet of it down (totally paranoid at that point!) A few other places I've put some down as just a dusting.

Itchywoolyjumper Fri 14-Sep-12 20:18:33

We had them in a flat I lived in when I was a student, still gives me the willies thinking about it, I remember once ironing and thinking some manky bugger had spilled chips and left them on the floor when the whole jing bang got up and slimmed off sad
In our war of attrition against them we lost the kitchen to them and built a mini Maginot Line across the hall door way, consisting of a lot of salt in the corners of the door frame and a big harry rug full of builders sand and salt, which did actually work but looked terrible.
I've seen them once in this house years ago but we put out a whole load of beer traps in the garden every autumn and I've never seen them again. The traps seem to have the double effect of attracting them away from the house and killing them off by the hundred.

lillybo Thu 20-Sep-12 12:08:18

Slugs in the house are because the house is damp. The Slugs are not the problem they are showing that there is a damp problem. If the damp problem is not sorted the floorboards and floor supports will rot. If you dig down about a foot down outside the house by the problem wall and remove the earth and replace it with shingle, the damp will disappear

TunipTheVegemal Thu 20-Sep-12 12:13:03

If only getting rid of damp were always that simple grin

confuddledDOTcom Thu 20-Sep-12 13:15:31

Would be nice, Turnip! grin

totalyahoo Thu 25-Oct-12 17:02:43

Can't stop reading this. Just want to say, yes slugs are gross but they beat the out of cockroaches. Love the bat in bathrobe story! Now feel empowered to consider all approaches, thanks Mumsnetters!

ethelb Fri 26-Oct-12 23:31:22

I had them in a ground floor Victorian flat and got rid by liberally pouring salt around the perimeter of the flat.

Naomi0404 Thu 01-Nov-12 09:06:58

So glad to find this topic! We've had slug problems on and off since we moved into our flat 18 months ago sad Thought we'd finally gotten rid of them until poor ds was in our bedroom with me this morning and suddenly sat on the bed with his foot in the air - he'd only got one of the little buggers stuck to his foot! Went to explore round the bedroom and found a teeny tiny one boldly making its way across the bedroom floor :-O have stuck a glass over it and a ring of salt around the glass and shut the door and now waiting til oh gets home from work :-/ does anyone know if a little tiny one means eggs have hatched in the house somewhere?

MousyMouse Thu 01-Nov-12 13:45:09

the last few weeks we didn't have many. have started to put a cup of salt into the water I wash the floors with.

trinn Thu 01-Nov-12 13:57:59

Old victorian house here and I'm sure the slugs have a party in the middle of the night, or slug olympics or something always trails on my rug tried a few things but they always come back.

The other night I came downstairs as I couldn't sleep fired up my laptop and put my hand on my mouse, it was then I glanced down and realized I had a slug on my mouse with my hand resting on it, every few days or so all I could say was ewwww and shudder yuck horrible slimy things they are.

goinnowhere Thu 01-Nov-12 14:28:35

Oh that's awful about the mouse! I am very vigilant in the night, and avoid downstairs. However ours have disappeared for a few weeks!

bigbadbarry Thu 01-Nov-12 14:30:33

I've not read through the whole thing but ours used to come in through a fireplace. I put slug pellets down (inside the grate so no little fingers could get them) and that stopped the problem.

sugarknockers Tue 27-Nov-12 19:57:37

I have absoloutly had it with the slimy dirty horrible shitty slugs in my house sad as soon as i get ip in a morning the first thing i have todo is vac the trails up off my living room carpet just so that my baby can sit on the carpet. We do have a major damp problem that im waiting on my landlord to sort out. The damp has got so bad in my room that behond my wallpaper part of my wall is now just a hole where the the sly gits are sliding in, now i can deal with the slug trails, but what happend this evening has finally made me crack and thinking about squirting expanding foam into the hole of my wall where they are getting in because earlier i noticed a slug only a small one so i got the dustpan to pick it up and throw out the door but when i got closer i saw all these tiny white things crawling all over it!!!! I have never cringed as much in my whole life i got on my hands and knees and hooverd the carpet for over half an hour. Its made me want to bleach the whole house top to bottom!!! I swear to god its made me feel so sick. I have 4 children , the youngest only just gone 1, it worrys me to think how horrible and dirty they are basically burgeling my room every night with there dirt and slime while me and my children sleep!!!! I just cant stand the thought of it.........sick to death of the cheeky little ba*****s!!! sad((((

sugarknockers Tue 27-Nov-12 19:59:40

The hairs on my arms and neck are just on end because i cant stop cringing about it!!!what the hell were they?!?!?!

I read that your typical hedgehog would have to eat an enormous amount of slug pellets before it would do them any damage at all. Don't know if it's true though.

I live in a '20s semi. We get them - tiny little baby ones, sometimes in the sitting room, sometimes in the dining room or kitchen. I go through a few days of scooping them up and getting rid of them, and then there are no more for a while, then they start again. There have been less since it started getting colder.

They also seem to have trails that appear from nowhere.

sugarknockers Tue 27-Nov-12 21:00:11

It gets me when i take one right to the bottom of the drive and then an identical one reappears!?! Are they really that clever to find there way back?? Either way they are not clever enough to realise il only set themfree once and they wont b so lucky the next time. Im actually going too google how clever those slimy little unwanted tennants are!! smile

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Tue 27-Nov-12 23:08:01

The white things were slug and snail mites - basically slug nits!

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Tue 27-Nov-12 23:08:47


sugarknockers Wed 28-Nov-12 11:02:40

oh my god that has just made me cringe even more yakkkkkk thanks for replying tho smile

CrazyOldMare Sun 23-Dec-12 22:04:05

Sorta glad I'm not the only one suffering. Can stand spiders & snakes, toads & worms but slugs urrgh!
Regularly finding them in my new kitchen; whats anoying is I'd gone round the holes when the old one was removed & used filler in all the gaps.
Didn't have a slug problem before with the old kitchen.

I heard someone mention mint spray as a slug deterrant & wondered if anyone has also heard of this?? How do you make it or get it from any ideas ladies?

VivaLeBeaver Sun 23-Dec-12 22:09:44

Since I last posted on this thread I've got rid of the slugs!

I made homemade beer traps. You get a mineral water plastic bottle. Saw the top off with a kitchen knife. But beer in the bottom. Invert the top into the body of the bottle and tape it on. Lay the bottle on the side.

The slugs are attracted to the beer, they go in but can't get out.

PigletJohn Mon 24-Dec-12 01:43:24

Raid is an insecticide. Slugs are molluscs, not insects.

Slug treatments are usually found on the gardening shelves. I have used one that you water on, but I think it is for leaves and things that they eat, rather than a contact killer.

PigletJohn Mon 24-Dec-12 01:44:16

ignore that. it relates to a different page.

matchless Sun 19-May-13 10:03:04

How do they get in? PVC doors and frames have drainage slots cut into them-easy entry for slugs. Wooden doors NEVER fit properly, so you just can't win. Why do they come in? They smell FOOD! A 3am surprise visit will catch them out.

fanglespangle Fri 14-Jun-13 11:26:33

Not sure if this will get seen under the sea of posts here, but I found the best way to stop slugs without leaving a frothy mess is just use light. slugs hate light. they will avoid it.

obviously, if you get slugs in the bedroom then this is not a good alternative but for the most part, it works fine. probably cheaper than investing in slug pellets and less fuss than salt.

Alwayscheerful Fri 14-Jun-13 11:34:04

Slugs are usually attracted to damp. We had a similar problem in a cottage we owned. There was a guttering joint above a window which leaked slightly with heavy rain and rotted the joists and the wooden floor, none of this was obvious until we had the house rewired. The builder cleared out the area beneath the floorboards, sat the joists on slate and replaced the floor! No more slugs, wonderful to get up in the night and not worry about slugs.

Nuttyslack Sat 13-Jul-13 08:54:55

Just woke and found a trail all over the bedroom floor. Removed / moved everything to follow the trail, found the little bugger!
It's come in through the window during the night, I can see the trail.

Damnautocorrect Sat 13-Jul-13 11:42:34

I was going to post the same, used to just see the trails in the living room, now in the bedroom too.

Damnautocorrect Sat 13-Jul-13 11:43:52

Sugarknockers, if they are the same as snails you need to take them 2 miles away so they don't come 'home'

Mellyboo Mon 16-Sep-13 16:09:17

I've been having the same problem for over a year!! 1st they were in my bathroom, the that died down (still get the odd on in there though) no they're in my living room!! I keep finding the odd one! N then I would wake up the next day n find loads of slug trails! And last night I woke up at 3am went to the loo (my bathroom is downstairs) n I spotted a big on so threw it outside n then noticed more!! In total I got rid of ten in my living room last night! I didn't think it was that bad sad tried salt, not working, can't use slug pellets cos of my 3 year old so my next step is to fill any holes I can find! I hate living like this sad

PatriciaPT Sat 26-Oct-13 10:52:25

I once knew a family who bought a (Edwardian) house over the road from us. They had it completely renovated and apparently when they floorboards were taken up in one room, underneath was just a mass of slugs. Which ought (but doesn't) to give me a sense of proportion when I find (quite often) the odd one or two, usually in my kitchen (Victorian house). And slime trails all over my work tops but no sign of the slugs. Try as I have, I still find them so repulsive - I'd be more than happy with toads or slow worms but slugs - ugh! Once I got up because of strange noises in my house, couldn't find anything but in the morning - there was a frog in my upstairs bedroom. As my pond was frequented by frogs, I was used to finding the odd one indoors when I had the garden doors open, but upstairs - that was a new one on me.

beeapi2 Wed 30-Oct-13 10:19:27

i'd just like to say thanks to everyone for all the helpful tips on getting rid of indoor slugs. We have them coming into our conservatory - and from what people have said, they probably get in through air bricks or under the door - yuk! They seem to be making a beeline (excuse the pun) for our poor old dog's food bowl. No help for it, we have to leave him some dry dogfood down at night, because he's eating so little at each meal.

I also found that salt seemed to keep the slugs away, but I'm off to find some of that Growing success advanced slug stopper.

If that doesn't work, I might be looking to hire the boyfriend on offer!!

tobiasfunke Wed 30-Oct-13 10:26:48

Best thing to do is try to get rid of them in your garden and then there are none to come in. We had a garden full of them and they used to come in to the house. We used nemaslug in the garden and they just disappeared and in the rest of the 10 years we lived there we had no more slugs. Lots of snails but no slugs. It was magic.

elvisola Wed 30-Oct-13 10:33:11

I live in a new build but they still get in through the tiny gap under the front door I think. The cat eats them confused

stubbornstains Wed 30-Oct-13 10:48:49

You can get organic slug pellets, that cause no harm to pets or children (allegedly). They're available at any garden centre. They contain ferric phosphate, which causes them to swell up and explode, apparently. Am I wrong that this thought gives me immense satisfaction? grin

As I live in a Victorian granite cottage in the World Capital of Damp, I've pretty much resigned myself to having some of the little slimy fuckers in the house. I am cheered that, on the strength of this thread, I'm probably not the only person disturbing the neighbourhood with cries of "Get out of my fucking HOUSE you little slimy bastard!" at 1.00am...

triana Thu 28-Nov-13 01:42:19

i have them coming up plughole every night and these are babies yuk did have an adult but my boyfriend persuaded it to leave,is hotrrible getting up to slugs in the night grrr

Eejoweejosan Fri 07-Mar-14 09:50:22

I've had 'slug problems' on and off for years. Live in a 1940's semi. Reading all the comments brought back horrific memories of coming down in the early hours night after night (in bare feet too may I add... sad ), to find them sliming their way across my hallway and living room floor. Constantly found trails the next morning plastered over the stairs carpet, up the walls and ceiling (?!?) with no visible entry/exit point! Think the parachute theory is totally on the money! Said culprits were always scooped up in wads of loo roll and promptly flushed (they were well wrapped, so hope there were no great escapes!) and after a while, things slowed, and eventually stopped. This was probably 6-8yrs ago. However, last week, noticed a tiny slime trail on the living room rug... Kinda thought, 'oh no, this is not good, gonna need to sort this' in a not very urgent way. But. Early morning coffee in hand this morning, my daughter was just about to plop herself on the sofa... When I spotted the London Underground map of slug slime ALL OVER THE SOFA!!! Blood boiling, I've now declared all-out war on this band of dirty bleeders! Going to use the salt barrier, slug pellets, beer traps made from plastic water bottles washing floors with salt added to the water, whatever it takes! Thank you to all the tips here! They will not win!! thrusts fist in the air and runs to the kitchen yelling Get me the saaaaaalt!!!!

Gloriousconfusion Fri 04-Apr-14 01:32:51

I never realized it was so common to have slugs in the house. If I find them in the kitchen, I pick them up with a paper towel, put salt on them and throw the slime-filled paper into the waste bin. In the bathroom I just chuck them in the toilet and flush it.

Even the cat won't go near them, which is a bit disappointing, because one of the reasons we keep a cat is to keep down pests.

I hate them so much that I have even written a poem called Arena of War on my Web Page *War on Slugs*

noplacelikehome1 Mon 05-May-14 23:01:58

Best way to get rid of slugs is find where they are coming into and exiting the home and seal it. Slugs like all living species are intelligent forms and know that if they are to go inside they must be able to get out too or risk death by drying up. I found holes on the outside of my kitchen where they were coming in through and exiting. I used a sealent to seal the holes on both sides of the walls and since theres been no slugs. Job done! Oh and by the way slugs dont drown in beer they just get drunk then when they're good and ready slither out.

wheresthedoobrey Wed 14-May-14 02:17:02

Phew!! Very relieved to come across this thread - despite it being several years old. Thought I was going mad....
These bloody things are invading my house........ and my dreams (the other morning I woke up convinced they were on my pillow.... could be only a matter of time..)!!
Oddly enough I've hardly ever happened across these vile things in my front and back garden.....

and yet.... wait for it... they are appearing in my shoes, curled up inside my youngest child's Duplo Lego pieces, slimey trails under the settee and on the stair carpet, and even over my children's school book bags - much to their horror!!! Revolting isn't the word.

We live in a big,rented (luckily!),Victorian house, with 2 open fireplaces, and stripped wood flooring. So difficult to pinpoint how and where they are getting in, as so many bloody possibilities.

Our house isn't damp at all, so I totally fail to see the attraction. What are they feeding on??

To top all that, we have have a couple of mice who seem to love residing here into the bargain!!!! Arrrrgggh!!!

I'm beginning to think the landlady saw us coming! We've got the house until February 2015, with the option of extending, but now I'm seriously considering getting the hell out!

Is anyone else still experiencing this problem? If so, has anyone tried using slug pellets or repellent inside the house? I've started by liberally spreading salt in some of the cracks and crevices around the house. Prob give the beer suggestion a try.


If you have hard floors you can track your slugs. By sprinkling flour on the floor overnight,you'll see the trails where they came in!

They you have to clean up the flour, of course :-(

wheresthedoobrey Wed 14-May-14 21:31:07

Great idea re; flour!!!

We have stripped wood flooring all over the house though, with numerous gaps and crevices, so would need to apply a fair bit. Might pop some slug pellets down between the gaps too.

My only reservation with that is we are also currently being invaded by mice, who are in their element ducking and diving in and out of the floorboards (amazingly they can squeeze through the narrowest of spaces). I'd hate for them to eat the pellets, die of poisoning, and then have to endure the stench of decomposing rodent wafting up from beneath the floor. Arrrrghh!!! That really would pose a serious health risk.

Oh well. I may be losing the battle, but I haven't lost the war.
Slugs and mice be warned - I shall not be beaten!!!!

allhappynow Thu 15-May-14 01:29:57

We have a kitchen slug problem-very old house.I sweep salt into the quarry tile grout next to the skirtings,and under the kirkboards and that seems to help.I shut the bathroom window (upstairs)in the dark one night and stuck my hand in a long one that was camouflaged in the black seal of the window!!!URRRRGH!!!

allhappynow Fri 16-May-14 22:34:25

Also helps to leave a light on!

bevangeleyes Fri 23-May-14 23:42:17

I am having a problem with slugs now! I had them at my old house but it didn't bother me cz i knew how they got in (huge gap under the front door) but now I have no idea! Just wake up to trails on the morning so last night I opened the curtains to find 4 slugs making their way up my patio doors! They got thrown outside. Today I've put salt all around the bottom of the doors, checked now before I go to bed to find 4 more slugs making their way up my doors! Wish I knew how they were getting in sad

Moondancer123 Wed 11-Jun-14 23:57:04

I have these little, fat, grotesque monsters. If I find any I pick them up in a wad of paper and stick them in the green waste bin outside - it's party heaven for them and they do not return. Bit like dung beetles loving dung!

citygirl1961 Thu 12-Jun-14 20:48:36

I didn't realise this was such a common problem. I live in a ground floor flat (moved from an upstairs one). So far have only come across two slugs in my bathroom, which seems mild now at the side of the stories I've read on here but slugs have freaked me out since I was kid and the lad next door but one used to chase me with them. The first time I saw one I was taking off my make up looking in the bathroom mirror, I'd just had the flat painted, lilac paint on the bathroom walls, a smallish bathroom and I saw this horrible slug crawling up the wall right next to the mirror! I refused to go back in the bathroom for the rest of the night, next morning I felt relieved to see the damned thing had disappeared but then it dawned on me that it still had to be somewhere in the flat and I was constantly on edge. I had nightmares of the thing crawling around in my bed. Then one night I was watching the telly and saw the little devil crawling across my hallway, I put a load of salt on it, watched it shrivel then heaved as I chucked it outside on a shovel.

The next time it happened I saw something behind the loo, I thought I had dropped a lipstick or something and when I looked closer it was a slug. I texted a male friend of mine who came round in no time and picked it up with one of my face wipes and chucked it outside. I can't bear to touch them myself, not even with a tissue or a wipe. Awful things, I'd rather have spiders in my flat than those things.

Youhaveafriendinme Fri 13-Jun-14 20:31:30

I've got them in my new house too - the revolting bastards angry They even got inside my fridge! I sprinkle salt periodically, and I have a salt barrier along the back door. I try to keep the kitchen clean so there isn't any food out to attract them, but I have a toddler so is isn't easy. Damp rental house, not much I can do except move. Bastards.

Dottydadoo Sat 19-Jul-14 15:38:16

I have just looked mumsnet up for this same problem - last night I happily stepped into our dark hallway barefooted and squelched a big fat slug into the carpet. It was gross and keeps revisiting me (the memory not the slug) today. yuk.

waterducksback Sat 19-Jul-14 15:47:13

*If you have hard floors you can track your slugs. By sprinkling flour on the floor overnight,you'll see the trails where they came in!

They you have to clean up the flour, of course :-(*

I'm going to try this tonight. Thanks.

JOlusoji Wed 06-Aug-14 00:39:24

Thank God! I thought I was the only one having this problem and its been following me from house to house!! Can't STAND the sight of the little horrors and they keep getting into my kitchen. Have to let hubby do the removing, the thought of touching them turns my stomach-literally! And it's worse since my LO started to crawl-she's into everything & pokes anything that catches her attention-URGH!! Am trying the salt tonight fingers x'd!! Found a huge one in my dishwasher. Nearly threw up! Help!

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