Why are replacement loose sofa covers so expensive???? Where can I get cheaper ones????

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BoffinMum Sat 21-Mar-09 03:20:34

We have two ten-year old John Lewis sofas that are in perfect nick, apart from the loose covers are now threadbare, so I wanted to get some replacements. I have mended them several times, but now they are really giving up the ghost. The covers are the kind you can put in the washing machine.

I got a local firm in to quote, and also spoke to John Lewis, and all these people quoted four figure prices for replacement covers well in excess of what the two entire sofas had cost in the first place, and probably equivalent to what it would cost to buy two brand new sofas now.

I am loath to put two perfectly good pieces of furniture into landfill, so I want to get them recovered. But if I can't afford to shell out ££££ how do I go about this? There must be a way of getting covers done cheaper or nobody would be able to afford to buy sofas at all. BTW just putting a rug over the top of them won't work for us as the kids are over them all the time and I would spend my entire life replacing the rug.

Clement Sat 21-Mar-09 03:37:20

you could get a local sewing person to quote for making replacement covers. Or these might be worth a shot...

BoffinMum Sat 21-Mar-09 09:18:37

Isn't it incredible that on MN you can post a decorating problem at 3 am and within 20 minutes have a possible solution??? I emailed a possible local sewing person as suggested and I am waiting to hear back now.

TsarChasm Sat 21-Mar-09 09:37:02

I agree about the cost. A few years ago in the same position I tried to find out about replacement covers.

A very glamorous woman from Plumbs came round and came up with a price that could've bought me a new sofashock. I can't remember what she quoted but it was soo expensive.

It's so annoying when basically the sofa is still ok. I hope you find a solution. We seem to live in such a chuck it away and buy a new one age <old gimmer emoticongrin>

I can't get along with throws either. They look like crumpled bedding once anyone (especially the dc) have been near them.

BoffinMum Sat 21-Mar-09 09:49:47

Woman after my own heart, TsarChasm. I had thought of Plumbs but it sounds like I would be wasting my time.

I can sew, and would make my own, but I am scared of wrecking hundreds of pounds worth of upholstery fabric, tbh. It's hard to do projects like that as a one-off.

BoffinMum Sat 21-Mar-09 19:11:47

Local sewing person quoted £900 plus fabric (32 metres)shock. I mean, on what planet are these people?????

KatyMac Sat 21-Mar-09 19:14:58

I have made loose covers & it is a hard & long job

Is it worth buying dust sheets & dying them then using that material

That way if it's a disaster you haven't wasted loads

You should be able to use your existing covers as a pattern

Lilymaid Sat 21-Mar-09 19:17:35

I spent over £2000 having new covers (and of course I needed new fillings for cushions and some replacement of the calico underneath etc.
The fabric cost £558 and the labour and other costs was £1500 - then there was VAT on top of that. This was from a not very posh shop in neighbouring village.

BoffinMum Sat 21-Mar-09 19:22:39


I think we might just go down the new sofa route. I can get 2 quality new ones from Kirkdale for under £700.

SoupDragon Sat 21-Mar-09 19:26:33

The new covers for mine cost around £250 for 2 2seater sofas and an armchair. It's because they're Ikea ones... I just bought a new set of covers in a different colour.

I remember getting a quote for new covers for another sofa though and it was extortionate as you say.

Clement Sun 22-Mar-09 00:50:28

me again. up too late again. did you see my link to house linen uk? i'd try those before i did anything else, personally. they look ok... the website doesn't have prices on it but click on the ebay link to see what they sell them for.

BoffinMum Sun 22-Mar-09 06:28:56

I did have a click but I was worried they wouldn't tuck in enough and would look a bit messy.

Clement Sun 22-Mar-09 21:35:14

you're right. also the fabric looked old ladyish with its chunky swirls. however on amazon they do some more modern stripey ones. it's a bugger isn't it. i'm SICK of my sofa but it's still very comfy and holding up well to the children. we bought it 10 years ago when i was expecting the first one.

BoffinMum Mon 23-Mar-09 08:18:03

I had an interesting chat with my mum about this yesterday, and we reckon it's probably worth me deconstructing the loose covers that are already there, to create enough bits of material to patch the cushions up nicely. If it all goes tits up, then I can save up for new sofas.

Alternatively mum said why not pick a contrasting fabric and get all the seat cushions covered in that, but that would still cost £££, I think.

I suppose another option, insanely enough, might be for me to go on an upholstery course at the local FE college!! My great aunt did this once (she's too old to do them for me now, unfortunately).

If someone managed to set up a business making cheap replacement sofa covers in a factory in China, I am sure they would make their million, especially in these straightened times when people want more value for money.

BoffinMum Mon 23-Mar-09 08:20:00

BTW I did have a look on the Littlewoods website and they had some better quality stuff. I am not sure they would look right in our room but you might like them, Clement.

southeastastra Mon 23-Mar-09 08:22:39

i have the same problem. thinking of cutting a big chunk out of the back bit (which isn't seen) then sewing it onto the big hole we have on the armrest. it's so annoying.

BoffinMum Mon 23-Mar-09 08:30:47

This is the sort of stuff they should have taught us at school, IMO. Real life skills that save money.

BoffinMum Mon 23-Mar-09 08:33:29

BTW mum advised if cutting chunks out the back to replace them with fabric of a similar colour and thickness, so if the cushion flopped down or whatever it wouldn't be so obvious what had been done.

brimfull Mon 23-Mar-09 08:55:49

It is a nightmare ,we have recently replaced our sofa with ikea ones as they are cheap to recover.

It's all very well having a sofa that lasts a hundred yrs but you either get sick of the cover or they end up in tatters.

I used a compant called bemz that does ikea covers.
If I were you I would sell the sofas and replace with ikea ones that you can easliy buy covers for.

Not an eco-fiendly option though

DaisyMooSteiner Mon 23-Mar-09 08:58:19

Boffinmum - you live in Cambridge, right? I know of a couple of sewing people who I've been told are very reasonable. They might be as expensive as the person you contacted, but if you're interested I could get hold of their numbers?

BoffinMum Mon 23-Mar-09 09:14:04

Yes please Daisy. That would be terrific. Do you think they might be game for helping me reconstruct new cushions from the existing fabric that's on there? I say that because since my last post, between you and me, I think I might go into labour sometime in the next couple of days (will not go into details here!! grin) so perhaps ought to hand over the nesting project with the sofas.

Ggirl, funnily enough I was thinking of your solution last night, and also considering Kirkdale again because you can buy reasonably priced duplicate covers at the same time as buying your sofas, thereby future proofing them.

DaisyMooSteiner Mon 23-Mar-09 12:34:09

BoffinMum - can you email me nappymad @ yahoo .com?

morningpaper Mon 24-Aug-09 19:47:04

I have had some quotes for re-covering my sofa from the company that MADE the sofa, and they covers cost 1.5X the cost of the sofas BRAND NEW.


bibbitybobbityhat Mon 24-Aug-09 19:52:06

We waited for Plumbs sale. iirc it was £700 for two sofas (which have four big cushions each iyswim) about 7 years ago. In a plain washable fine needlecord type fabric.

Trenni Thu 02-Aug-12 14:14:04

I've just come across this thread by accident and was disappointed to read all the threads.. I studied for 4 years full time for a degree in soft furnishings and upholstery and loose covers are one of the more difficult things to make properly taking an average of 4 days for an arm chair.. if you add the cost of the fabric to the skill required I don't see why you think the quotes are so expensive and these are not skills that can be self taught. Most of the courses in soft furnishing and upholstery are now discontinued because so many people buy cheap imported sofas badly made that can't be recovered anyway because they'd fall to bits if you took off the cover. It's sad that British craftsman ship is so undervalued.

greenhill Thu 02-Aug-12 14:29:49

A lot of cheap sofas are made in South Wales too, it's not just cheap overseas sofas.
Am watching thread as have the same problem, my 12 year old sofas were good until the cat fancied them as a scratching post, she used to prefer the carpet and has ruined the stair treads too...

ChristieF Thu 02-Aug-12 15:01:52

We bought Ikea sofas with covers you can buy separately. I think it's about £60 for a new set for one sofa. We deliberately bought them because we knew we'd want to change them and wash them often. Sofas get horribly dirty. They want you to buy a new sofa not re-cover an old one. I made my own for years but got fed up of the amount of work involved.

ChristieF Thu 02-Aug-12 15:03:03

We have two dogs and two sons and I cover the sofas with fleece throws (to match) and that saves a mountain of washing covers.

ChristieF Thu 02-Aug-12 15:05:56

I'd seriously think about replacing your sofas with new ones that have loose covers which are washable and which can be replaced at a reasonable price. You'll probably find it's cheaper than buying new custom made covers especially if you buy from Ikea. And they have a great choice in spare covers too. And we ordered the sofas and the covers online and got them delivered.

WantAnOrange Fri 03-Aug-12 08:44:36

Trenni I'm doing a degree a to (in Education) and there is no way I would charge £900 for 4 days work after expenses. Unless there are many expenses after the cost of fabric that I'm missing?

You can't expect people to pay more for just the cover than it costs for the whole sofa, including a new cover?

lizziebach Sun 05-Aug-12 14:57:07

Trenni I have a degree too and @ £900 for four days work you would be earning more per day than I do per week. I understand where you are coming from as I knit, sew, preserve etc lots of things there aren't much money in. I try to explain to people who tell me I should "give up work and become a knitter" that there is very little money in handmade things, so I am not saying you should undervalue your work. But £900 for 4 days work or a new sofa which costs less than that, I can see why people think the costs are too high.

TrollofTrollHall Sun 05-Aug-12 15:01:40

Ikea Ektorp sofas are the way to go. other companies so covers to fit them too. comfy, cheap as chips.

BoffinMum Mon 06-Aug-12 22:10:12

In the end I got new sofas made in Wales by Kirkdale for £750 - that was one sofa and one sofa bed as well as arm caps. Customer service was brilliant too. Very happy. But old sofas sadly went to landfill.

jombeadle Wed 24-Oct-12 14:04:20

Have just found a co called Chair and Sofa covers uk. They are a bit cheaper and look quite nice. Jo

Cfitzs05 Sat 23-Feb-13 07:24:59

I feel so passionately about this issue that I am constructing a website called Green heart style about good choices in home-wares and about renovating and up-cycling . It is non profit and will not accept unsolicited links from companies .
It is largely about using second-hand goods, so it will not attract advertisers anyway. I agree about the ikea sofa covers, one of the problems of unique designs is they never reach the critical mass of the ektorp for example, which has a number of competing sources for replacement covers. Ikea really annoyed tho, when they sold me a Nikkala sofa then went to dry-cleanable , then a year later discontinued it.

BoffinMum Sun 24-Feb-13 11:40:33

Well, Chair and Sofa Covers, that was exactly what I was looking for!! I might buy some of the folding chair covers from them, which would look great in the Dining Room. I wish I had known about them earlier, though. grin

tutu100 Sun 24-Feb-13 13:03:52

One of my craft magazines this month had an article on how to recover a sofa yourself. I will try and dig it out. It did look simpleish if you have some sewing knowledge, but required a lot of fabric.

GallopingGertie Sun 17-Mar-13 12:51:33

I like the dust sheet idea - not that they are cheap to buy. I'm trying to sew a new cover for an old, but good, leather sofa.

I think the way of the future is to learn to do these things yourself; going on a course, if you've got the time, sounds beter than forking out thousands.

I mean, historically, home-makers always did up their stuff in this way, making rugs, pictures, clothes etc. and is relatively new idea to buy in everything -

so yummy to go and choose something new though LOL.

Mfab Tue 02-Apr-13 17:23:03

Loose covers are time-consuming to make but not difficult if you can use a sewing machine - not nearly as fiddly as making clothes. Loose covers are supposed to be loose so they don't have to fit perfectly and any slack can be tucked in round the edges of the seat. Make a pattern by pinning newspaper to the furniture and marking the edges with felt-tip pen before cutting out. On each pattern piece draw an arrow to indicate which way up to lay it on your material. Allow extra at the edges for seams and tucking in. I think using velcro is easier than zips. But I think it is worth buying a zipper foot for your sewing machine if you do not have one, even if you are not sewing in zips for making piping. Do this sewing long strips of material together (cut on the bias if you are a perfectionist) and sewing in piping cord (cheap to buy) using the zipper foot to make piping for sewing into exposed seams. This reinforces the seams of the covers and makes them more hard wearing as well as nicer to look at. Use cotton/linen union material for your covers especially if you have children and pets as this will wash many times and is hard wearing. Wash it first before cutting out pieces in case it shrinks a bit. Lay your pattern pieces out on the material in the shop to work out how much you need and allow extra for piping and shrinking. Do not use striped or checked material or other patterns where the pieces may hard to match together unless you have a lot of patience. Use strong machine sewing needles as fine ones will break. When washing covers put them back on the furniture while still damp as this saves ironing. Good luck!

MinimalistMommi Tue 02-Apr-13 18:08:55

Boffin I've never seen the Kirkdale site, I was going to get ikea Ektorp but was wondering what the quality of the sofas were like? Are they comfy?

MinimalistMommi Tue 02-Apr-13 18:09:30

I meant the quality of the Kirkdale sofas not Ektorp !

coffeeinbed Tue 02-Apr-13 18:14:15

I made some.
I'm in way, shape or form qualified as a loose cover maker, I was just in possession of a sewing machine and desperate.
Bought some reasonably priced denim and they were absolutely fine.

poppyknot Tue 02-Apr-13 20:58:25

Surprised at the JL quote. Have a sofa workshop sofa bed and after phaffing about with local options (none) and looking at Plumbs website (££££) went to SW online. They asked when and where I had bought it (13 years ago!) Told them and they were able to locate order so had dimensions of sofa. Sent a few swatches and bingo. Nowhere near 4 figures and in 6 weeks had what amounted to a new sofa.
Hope you enjoy your new sofas. So cheering.

kitsonry Tue 09-Apr-13 09:58:01

If you want to compare with the full variety of choices you should go to: eBay

Scabs2little Sat 25-May-13 22:54:28

Still looking for loose cover for a 2yr old sofabed. What is SW on line? Thanks

janek Tue 28-May-13 09:18:21

poppyknot do you mean you went back to sofa workshop and they were able to replace your covers? How much did this cost you, if you don't mind me asking? I have an 11 year old vivasofa sofa (who were taken over by sofa workshop i hope...) which needs recovering. Be brilliant if it could be done for not much.

IAmNaturallyThisOrange Wed 29-May-13 14:24:57

Advice on ikea sofas please, I know they are practical but are they comfy?

Desperately in need of new sofa but its a real hassle taking DCs to ikea. Are they worth it? (The sofas not the Dcs!)

Which range do you have and would you buy it again?

Ilikethebreeze Wed 29-May-13 14:32:54

I know Trenni made her posts months ago, but having excellent craft skills are really no good if they cant be financially viable.
Most people just do not have unlimited budgets.

I have gone down the throws route, but it is a bit of a faff.
They are machine washable though, so that is a bonus.

grannygrump1 Thu 30-May-13 20:37:38

we have 2 leather sofas which have back cushions which been ruined where my husband rests his head most of the day. Have tried using leather cleaners and saddle soap etc but nothing works. also because he sits in the middle of the sofa over 2 cushions he has ruined the cushions on that one. We have a sofa bed with loose covers and are planning to ditch the broken leather sofa and recover the other one plus the sofa bed in the same material. Trouble is, the leather sofa seat cushions while the backs come off. Has anyone managed to get covers which will work on this type of sofa at a reasonable price?

toasty Wed 19-Jun-13 08:54:34

A good company to use is Coverstory - based in Surrey but they will make covers for anywhere. The making cost is about £200 - £300 for a sofa, but you can supply your own fabric. You can quite often get cheap fabrics on ebay, or local fabric warehouses. This keeps the price from getting out of hand.

BoffinMum Sat 22-Jun-13 21:34:21

Kirkdale sofas very good, but foam in seat cushions didn't last as well as it probably should have done. However simple to replace this.

mavornia Mon 24-Jun-13 00:21:43

i ordered covers from www.chairandsofacovers.co.uk on the basis of the comment above

the company is a complete scam and I just wanted to warn everyone else

the covers are awful and I can't contact anyone to return them - it seems they are based in the US and they simply ignore all email and voice messages and the UK address on their website is fake

other people have had the same problem forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4129851

mvh37 Mon 05-Aug-13 12:36:19

I bought my sofa with loose fitting covers so that I could make a replacement set. I had used a machine to make curtains before, but was afraid of making a mistake on more expensive upholstery material, so made templates out of cheap sheets. I did make a few mistakes on my first try (the seat cushions were a little 'snug' to say the least) but it didn't matter. I work full-time and have little spare time, but still managed to make the templates in a week. I still haven't gotten around to making the full covers yet, but this is just because I haven't found the right material yet. My sister made simple covers for her sofa by hand with material from a local market. It can be done, ladies x

Sonnet Thu 08-Aug-13 14:37:27

Thank you for the warnin Mavornia I was going to order one from there!

RenterNomad Thu 08-Aug-13 15:31:09

I love it when this thread comes back and back again... It's recycling, innit? smile

valiumredhead Thu 08-Aug-13 15:34:18

My next sofa will be from ikea-loads of them have washable replacement covers.

greenhill Thu 08-Aug-13 15:40:52

I posted on this thread a year ago and still haven't got around to replacing my loose covers sad

I've got two seater sofas. Has anyone used a good company recently?

Makedoandmend123 Tue 13-Aug-13 10:40:22

I just found a company that does 100% cotton covers in nice plain colours. They are based in Utah but even with shipping costs they are still a good deal cheaper than anything else I've found! (just under £80 for an arm chair and not much more for a sofa). Check out overstock.com Hope this helps!

I love that this is near the top of Good Housekeeping! We had plumbs quote us 1150 for our sofa to have it re covered - that's loose covers!!!

I've taken it as a 'sign' that I've come across this and am going to check out the options for us. Will report back as soon as I have quotes / info.
Would appreciate hearing updates from anyone else?

And who is it that lives in Cambridge? I'm in Cambridge as well and would appreciate the numbers of the people who can sew!

RenterNomad Tue 13-Aug-13 13:29:15

I can't find the sofa covers on that, makedo... Could you tell me wgat search term you used?

Fersmum Thu 26-Sep-13 12:59:24

I was looking at the Loose Cover Company - has anyone else used this? It looks like a cheaper option?

sarah7777 Sat 28-Sep-13 19:45:00

Bump-anyone thinking of buying from www.chairandsofacovers.co.uk or anyone who has lost money to them please look at the thread on them on www.moneysavingexpert.com

campervan1 Tue 01-Oct-13 14:44:37


Has anyone bought these? If so do they look okay? Do they wash okay?

Designs4today Tue 08-Oct-13 12:36:22

Hi, I'm cambridge based and create all sorts of soft furnishings and upholstery. Very interesting reading this thread and your thoughts on the skill required to make loose covers, properly made they will make a sofa look as though it has been upholstered, they are harder to make than you think. If you don't want to spend much money on a loose cover I'd suggest buying enough cheap and washable fabric to make a 'throw' for the sofa, sew on some Velcro strips to the corner areas and attach corresponding Velcro to the underneath of the sofa to keep the 'throw' in place. Cheap and versatile and should stay in place even with bouncing children!

BriantCurtaining Tue 15-Oct-13 11:06:45

I have read all the messages in here, I am in the industry and even I had to question how much we charge for loose covers, having just spent the past hour working out how much time it takes to manufacture a set of covers for a two seater sofa, I was astounded to see that it would be nearly 30 hours worth of work. OK, this particular sofa requires a lot of detail, it has loose cushions, piping etc... however, when you add that you need 22 meters of fabric as well, you see the figures rocket to nearly £1500, I was shocked.
As I said, I am in the industry so this was surprising for me, I know that if I was to reupholster the sofa instead, it would be a lot cheaper, but the client wants removable covers, so this is what she will get.
Sadly it is the age old saying, "you get what you pay for", I am sure that there are companies that will do this for half the job, in fact i have witnessed it when clients come in crying because they are so bad, therefore you do "Get what you pay for".
Personally, I would never have loose covers, I would always have a recover instead, but if you do want a set of covers, then let me know, i would be happy to take your money whilst providing you with a stunning set of covers.

betterwhenthesunshines Wed 16-Oct-13 09:26:21

Briant I have a 2 seat sofa that I'd like to have recovered at some point - I'd rather have it close covered than loose covered so it retains its shape. Can you PM me your details?

We have had loose covers from Lifestyle Covers in the past. If you look online they get a lot of dodgy reviews, but they came to the house, made a template and although it took a while the loose covers are great and made the sofa looks like new ( new seat cushions as the old feather ones were a mess).

Alos want to recommend sofa.com who supply covers for IKEA sofas in a much wider range of fabrics. They are not as cheap as the IKEA covers but they fit really well and if you buy the IKEA sofa uncovered it's much cheaper to start with. It makes the sofa look not so obviously IKEA!

SootikinAndSweep Sun 24-Nov-13 18:18:29

Just got a quote for new covers for a Sofa Workshop sofa, nearly £600!!!

Belltree Mon 30-Dec-13 10:29:42

Just found this thread while searching for replacement covers. Ours have been decimated by cats and really need replacing, but I had no idea it was such a minefield! Has anyone actually found a decent solution for less than the cost of a new sofa? It doesn't look like it...

Lullabyte Sat 18-Jan-14 19:41:22

Hmmmmmm. Another one trying to sort out new covers for a perfectly good bloody expensive Habitat sofa.

betterwhen - I went to sofa.com and they've got the exact model that I need a replacement cover for, but I couldn't find any information on their covers. Is there a secret location on their website that I was too tipsy confused to find?

LadyMud Wed 22-Jan-14 10:20:54

Just saying "hi" in case the lady I met in Aberkhan yesterday finds this thread. We're both making loose covers for sofa-beds. My fabric cost £2 per metre!!! [smug face]

vintagesewingmachine Thu 23-Jan-14 18:10:06

We had a fabulous M+S sofa and chairs from the early 90's. It was blue and white striped ticking and structurally sound but threadbare. The quotes for new covers were so ridiculous that our beloved furniture had to go to the tip as we just could justify the expense of new covers versus the comparatively low price of new furniture. We bought from M+S again as the quality is so good and still miles cheaper than new loose covers.

vintagesewingmachine Thu 23-Jan-14 18:10:59

*could NOT justify etc

Mimishimi Mon 27-Jan-14 03:57:53

We're really happy with our Ikea Ektorp couch after facing similar problems with our last ones. Sewing fitted covers would be a lot of work - I can see how a seamstress would charge £900 for that. Sewing loose covers that tuck in should be a lot easier (and cheaper) though! Recovering the Ikea couch is not cheap but certainly not the price of a new sofa. Plus it really is the most comfortable couch we've ever had.

kom123 Wed 12-Feb-14 18:31:24

Great thread - I've been scouring the net for decently priced sofa covers - that don't come all the way from the US!! Found this site eventually: www.sofacoversjm.co.uk. I've put in an order and will post how I get on when the covers arrive.

Mammamia80 Fri 11-Apr-14 12:09:12

I got an IKEA Ektorp 3-seat sofa approx 5 years ago. after 3 years i had to change my covers. I got the IKEA ones once more. In the meantime I changed my interior and they simply didn't match anymore. I started wondering if i should change them once again having in mind that they tend not to last too long.... So last year I got some covers from a online store www.soferia.com. I must tell you that they are of much better quality and i don't mind paying a bit more than in IKEA. Try asking them for a cover for your sofa as they offer to make covers for models which are also not in their offer. Kim.

alliscalm Sat 12-Apr-14 12:59:16

La Redoute do replacement covers...the only trouble is that they are on the French website only. About £80 to £120 euros for a large sofa and in loads of colours. I got a friend who has a house in France to order them and have them delivered there...I wasn't in a hurry. Not sure if you can ring up the English site and see if they will do a special order.

potpig Sun 25-May-14 07:59:57

We used a company ( www.loose-covers.biz ) which allow you to use your own fabric. They have materials, but we had been given a big roll, which I was glad to find a use for, and was saved this cost. It was pre-washed by the company, so the cover still closes at the back after several much needed washes. We have dogs and 3yr old twins, so being able to wash it is a real help.xx

gamamac Thu 12-Jun-14 12:31:21

Hi, message for kom123, how was your covers from www.sofacoversjm.co.UK? I would really appreciate your advice as I am thinking of buying from them?

HappydaysArehere Fri 13-Jun-14 20:31:18

Had Plumb's covers for our still good Multi York suite. I was fed up with paying out for dry cleaning and wanted washable ones. As said above Multi York was unbelievably expensive and their washable ones looked thin and drab. Plumbs have been great. To look at the fabric you would think it had to be dry cleaned but on a 30 degree wash it came out like new and needed no pressing. It all depends on the state of the settee to be covered and whether it is worth it. When our kids were small we bought cheap and promised ourselves better when they were older and hopefully we were better off. Well the kids are grown up...........

HappydaysArehere Fri 13-Jun-14 20:33:05

Oh! Forgot to add. Plumbs measure properly and then fit them for you.

Reeseair Tue 23-Dec-14 10:21:34

Have any of you tried a company called ComfortWorks? I believe they're based in Australia. I found them when I was looking for covers for one of my IKEA armchairs a few years back, but I'm not too sure if they do other sofa models as well.

w33bo112 Wed 07-Jan-15 22:48:02

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