What temperature have you set the thermostat on your heating at?

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ja9 Tue 21-Oct-08 22:10:41

just wondering if there is a norm for this time of yr...

bythepowerofgreyskull Tue 21-Oct-08 22:12:10

we have it set at 19 all year round. it is on for 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening.

deco Tue 21-Oct-08 22:12:37

mine is on for 2 hrs in the morning at 17.5 degrees from 7am - 9am, then 10 degrees for the rest of the day, until 6 when it's back up to 17.5 for an hour.

it seems fine for us atm

Tomsk Tue 21-Oct-08 22:13:05

ours is set at 16. We turn it up slightly in the evening, perhaps to 18, but then turn it down again before we go to bed.

cthea Tue 21-Oct-08 22:13:17

22 I'm afraid, but often switch it off when I wake up during the night.

nickytwoooohtimes Tue 21-Oct-08 22:13:41

16 for an hour in the morning, 17 from 5.30 till 10.

ja9 Tue 21-Oct-08 22:13:56

cthea - you have it on all night?

KatyMac Tue 21-Oct-08 22:14:02


<<I have a wood burner powering my central heating>>

ceciliaaherne Tue 21-Oct-08 22:14:06

I have it set at 20 but I regularly push it up to 21 so I can sit with my back to aradiator like a big cat. Have never considered the implications befor but my bills will be HUGE this year

16 and we light a fire in the evening - trying to save money.

LittleMyDancingWithTheDevil Tue 21-Oct-08 22:15:11

18.5 - one hour am, two hours pm

22? shock

serenity Tue 21-Oct-08 22:15:14

Ours is set to come on at 6.30am and go off at 11pm - generally set at 20, but I turn it down to 16ish during school hours when I'm either at work or home alone (I'll just stick a jumper on if I get chilly)

ja9 Tue 21-Oct-08 22:15:43

goodness! so glad i asked. ours is set at 20 just now and i've been feeling it warm but didn't know what was 'normal'. have just turned it down to 18 and will see how we get on.

nickytwoooohtimes Tue 21-Oct-08 22:16:09

Oh, and we do not have it on during the day. Just a fleece instead or go to the library, lol!

sleepycatonabroomstick Tue 21-Oct-08 22:16:11


on all evening and 2 hours in the morning.

BloodshotEyeballsintheScarySky Tue 21-Oct-08 22:16:35

Good God you must all have well insulated houses. Despite brand new cavity wall insulation and loft insulation etc I still have it set at 25 and I'm freezing. Sodding Victorian wind tunnel house hmm

set at 15-16 but if I'm feeling chilly i put it up to 20 or so then back down before I go to bed. I know if I've forgotten to do that because I wake up at 5.45 when it comes on because I'm too hot!

Yurtgirl Tue 21-Oct-08 22:17:45

How I wish we had a thermostat!

Cthea - why dont you just wear more clothes? Your heating bills must be enormous!

If we had a thermostat I would set it at 16 degrees

Clayhead Tue 21-Oct-08 22:19:29

16 for two hours in the morning and three at night.

PsychoAxeMurdererMum Tue 21-Oct-08 22:21:39

17 at the moment.

will go up in the winter tho as DD3 and I feel the cold lots, and wrapping up does not seem to help.

Psycho you (and definitely DD3) are excused.

Bloodshoteyeballs - our house is ancient and very badly insulated but heating is fine at 16 - it is on all the time though as should the house cool down it takes days hours to warm up again.

BloodshotEyeballsintheScarySky Tue 21-Oct-08 22:41:47

My FIL was spouting about warming the bricks but I thought he was a daft old goat making it up. Maybe there is something in it.

lou33 Tue 21-Oct-08 22:41:57


i feel the cold

i turn it on when its chilly and turn it off when its not

its not on but it will be at 18 when we cave.

PsychoAxeMurdererMum Tue 21-Oct-08 22:44:15

stealth, I thought so!

lou.....I will be doing the same as you soon enough.

altho I might just sit in my coat all day while the children are at school, and then stick the heating on.....

zippitippitoes Tue 21-Oct-08 22:44:55

i think it s irrelevnt because it just depends where the thermostat is hoiw accurate it is how responsiove the heating is and it certainly doesnt refletc a comparable temperature in the house never mind outside

my boiler is bust and i havent switched the heating on yet anyway but no hot water is a pain

Tiggiwinkle Tue 21-Oct-08 22:46:08

Ours is at 22 but if it is set any lower the heating never comes on. The thermostat has been put in a really stupid position, upstairs next to the airing cupboard. It is always warm up there so the heating does not kick in if we set it any lower.

zippitippitoes Tue 21-Oct-08 22:48:14

i dont think it has been that cold this year except during the summer

and i live in a really cold house

lou33 Tue 21-Oct-08 22:52:39

my thermostat is in my bedroom

zippitippitoes Tue 21-Oct-08 22:55:10

i put a note through my neighbours door asking if he d like to do me a favour a nd fix my boiler

cthea Wed 22-Oct-08 18:20:06

My thermostat is like Twiggi's above, never comes on if set under 22 and in a bad position (opposite the airing cupboard). Drives Dh (CORGI qualified) insane. Needless to say, installed by somone else.

I remember too many cold ev4enings when growing up. It's one luxury I can afford, even if it spoils my otherwise green-ish credentials.

zippitippitoes Wed 22-Oct-08 18:22:05

my neighbour has not offered to come and stoke my boiler so i am shock he is turning down such a good offer lol

cthea Wed 22-Oct-08 18:22:58

I'll have a look through the bills, maybe we should turn it down a bit. I turn it off when I leave, though, back on again when I get in.

15 - saving money by freezing norks off

SqueakyPop Wed 22-Oct-08 18:26:26

Mine is set at 16 right now. If I feel chilly I will turn it up until it clicks, and vice versa.

I have it 'on' all year round, but with the thermostat turned down in the summer. For some reason, the electronics on our system are wonky, and if we turn the CH completely off, we also turn off the HW. It all works though, even if the thermostat is set to 5C.

slayerette Wed 22-Oct-08 18:27:26

Ours is at 18 but heating only set to come on for an hour or so in the morning. We are surviving the evenings with hot water bottles, fleeces, slippers and blankets at the moment - determined to last until at least half term!

lizziemun Wed 22-Oct-08 19:24:58

18 most of the time, but i adjust it whether it is hot or cold.

cat64 Wed 22-Oct-08 19:38:13

Message withdrawn

forevercleaningwithmybesoms Wed 22-Oct-08 19:41:39

25 marvellous smile- wont be so marvellous when the bill comes in blush

tuesdayafternoon Wed 22-Oct-08 19:43:08

It depends which way the wind is blowing & how strongly. (Honestly!)

DoubleBluff Wed 22-Oct-08 19:44:46

Mine is 20, any mower and the heating goes off and it is freezing. Is there a fault with mine?!

WhereWolfTheWildThingsWere Wed 22-Oct-08 19:46:59

15 for 1 hour in the morning.

My sil's is set to 30 shockshockshock.

tuesdayafternoon Wed 22-Oct-08 19:55:24

There are loads of factors, DB, like where it's sited (eg opposite airing cupboard, near radiator, next to draughty door), whether your house has cavity wall insulation, & if you generally keep internal doors closed (or your DH leaves 'em all open, & a few windows too for good measure grin)

KittyFloss Wed 22-Oct-08 19:57:05

If it gets chilly I just put it on full whack for 15 mins, heats the radiators up, then they stay hot for AGES. Our flat is too small to have the heating on constantly, gets way too warm.

sagacious Wed 22-Oct-08 19:59:41


Trying to resist more than an hour in morning/evening

elsiepiddock Wed 22-Oct-08 20:00:05

Just looked at mine as I had no idea..

It's at 23, which seems a bit high compared to others on here. But live in a drafty 400 year old house.

CatIsSleepy Wed 22-Oct-08 20:01:26

19 at the mo but am always messing about with it

heating is on about 45mins in the morning, 3 hours in the evening

leelee1234 Mon 07-Jan-13 13:17:27

From September to May I have mine set at 35 from 7am - 11pm and 25 when in bed. June to August it goes down slightly to 30 during the day and still 25 when in bed. In winter I also have the fire on most of the time. I love being nice and warm!

mychildrenarebarmy Mon 07-Jan-13 13:25:31

16, and at the moment it's set to come on for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. It was horrible when I used to nanny for a family who had their heating set to be on all day with the thermostat set at 27. The first thing I did every day when I arrived was turn it down.

18-19 degrees, on for a few hours in the morning and in the evening.

nextphase Mon 07-Jan-13 13:31:08

well, the thermostat reads 12.....
BUT, the thermometer in our bedroom reads 18-19 most of the time were about. No idea how cold it gets when were not in - the cat wears his coat tho.
So, thermostats are not acurate imo!

Rikalaily Mon 07-Jan-13 13:38:01

20 during the day and 22 during the night in the cold months, think it was off completely until late Oct last year. The house rarely gets down to 20 degrees before Feb though. I grew up freezing cold so I keep the house nice and toasty now.

forevergreek Mon 07-Jan-13 13:47:28

23degrees smile. It's lovely. However the heating is included in our rent so we have already Paid for it really. I also remember freezing my entirely childhood and this is my comfort now

bruffin Mon 07-Jan-13 13:48:43

This thread is 4 years old!

ComfortablyCurvy Mon 07-Jan-13 13:54:40

Jeez LeeLee you must be cooking!

How much is your gas bill?

Our house has super insulation. We have recently gone down to 17.5. It is a bit nippier downstairs because open-plan so maybe more like 16.5/17 but we are used to it.

If we boost it to 19 it feels proper toasty!

digerd Mon 07-Jan-13 14:04:10

It all depends where your thermostat is. Mine is in my front room where I sit all day. Have it on 21 - so the room is actually at 21. The other rooms, are cooler as I turn the trvs down to halfway.
Thermostat also turns the heat on and off
When it's really cold I put it up to 22 or 23 depending on how warm or cold i feel. Comes on at 6am and goes off at 10pm

leelee1234 Mon 07-Jan-13 14:47:45

ComfortablyCurvy My gas bill is very high but that's a small price to pay as long as I'm nice and warm

I set mine on 19.5C from 7.00am till 11.00pm
I work from home a lot of the time though and sitting at a desk for several hours on mumsnet working can get quite cold.

For those without a thermostat - you can get one fitted to your boiler. I've just had a wireless one fitted which means I can take it from room to room to control the temperature in the actual room I'm in! (and no trailing of wires round the house!)

FWIW I visit a lot of students in their own homes. All except one is warmer than mine!

Ours is at 18C, but its in the hall. In here it is 19C which is comfy for us. We had it set warmer for guests over Christmas and ended up walking round in t shirts.
At night time heating is off, set to come on 45 mins before we wake up.

hadnt noticed its a zombie thread!

ouryve Mon 07-Jan-13 16:32:42

I have it set to 21.5 fr the morning and 22 for the evening. It's in a warm bit of the house, though and parts of the house are definitely not that warm, even when it's blasting away.

leelee1234 Tue 08-Jan-13 00:30:27

forevergreek If the heating is included in your rent, why do you only have it on 23 degrees? That would be nowhere near warm enough for me!! Mine is on 35 constantly which for me is just comfortable.

colditz Tue 08-Jan-13 00:32:23

Mine is always sent to seventeen unless one of us is ill, in which case it goes up a bit higher until lazing around is comfortable

colditz Tue 08-Jan-13 00:32:54

35 is damagingly hot, surely?

colditz Tue 08-Jan-13 00:36:54

Must point out that it's in a cool area and downstairs is much warmer because of the oven and the tumble dryer.

Ooooh, zombie thread!! Where do they come from?!?!

leelee1234 Tue 08-Jan-13 00:44:55

colditz Damagingly hot? What do you mean?

PigletJohn Tue 08-Jan-13 01:06:53


Are you in America?

We use degrees celsius here.

colditz Tue 08-Jan-13 01:11:54

My thermostat doesn't even go up past 25, I would imagine that at 35 degrees, your fruit will spoil, your make up will melt, and the sweat! I can't even bear the idea of the amount of sweat you would be producing.

It costs me £20a week to heat my house to 17 degrees, but while we were ill it was on around 21 degrees, and I was using £40 gas a week. At 35 degrees .... Wow.

PigletJohn Tue 08-Jan-13 01:13:25

nope, that can't be it. blush

you're living in heat-wave temperatures though. Tropical house at Kew? Or maybe your stat is broken.

LibraryMum8 Tue 08-Jan-13 02:45:58

20C; (68 F)...At night, 16 (Approx. 64 F)

People in hot countries where it is 35+ outside have their air con set to 18-21.

16.5 morning and evening
13 after school
12 overnight and during the day

ScubaSarah Tue 08-Jan-13 07:55:15

We have a wireless thermostat set to 20 in the living room and heating on 5-7am (I'm up at 5:30 for work) and 4-11pm. We use thermostatic controls on radiators to keep bedrooms cooler (18 is perfect sleeping temp for me and DH)
One day I put the thermostat on the windowsill "out of the way" as we had guests. Ended up with EVERY window open til we realised my folly!

forevergreek Tue 08-Jan-13 09:26:11

Erm I don't think ours goes up past 30. 23 is a nice temp in our house and I am a cold person

leelee1234 Tue 08-Jan-13 09:35:55

PigletJohn I live in the uk, and I'm using degrees celcius.

leelee1234 Tue 08-Jan-13 09:43:49

colditz My thermostat goes upto 35. I couldn't cope if it only went to 25. I don't sweat much, 35 is just about comfortable for me and I have a jumper/fleece on most of the time. Yes my gas bill is really high but I can afford it.

Leelee - you need to have that looked at, seriously. Wearing a fleece in 35 degree heat means either that your heating is on the blink, or you are unwell.

leelee1234 Tue 08-Jan-13 10:27:55

HoratiaWinwood My thermostat is correct, I have a thermometer in the room and that says the same. I'm not unwell, I just really like being very warm. The warmer my house is, the happier I am!!

leelee - see a doctor. Needing at wear a fleece at 35 degrees is an indication of serious problems. Does anyone else live in your house? 35 degrees is tropical rainforest and sahara desert-type heat.

A normal comfortable don't-need-a-jumper temp is 21-22 degrees.

leelee1234 Tue 08-Jan-13 12:52:33

AnnieLobeseder I don't need to wear a fleece but I choose to as I want to feel cosy. I live with my teenage daughter and she agrees with me. She loves it. We put the fire on most evenings too, at my daughters request.

bluecarrot Tue 08-Jan-13 16:39:05

I did have it set to 16c 7am-8am and 4pm-7pm but the temp drops to around 10-12c during the day and 7 at night and now the house is smelling damp a d DD has had a horrible cough for a month that won't shift. Now I have it set to 16 min all the time ( well, i will til spring, then turn it off) My gas supplier will love me.

Don't worry, bluecarrot - the jury is still out as to whether it is more energy efficient to keep your heating on low all the time or have timed sessions, since every time it switches on it needs to use lots of energy to bring the heat up, while only a little energy is needed to maintain a constant temp. I think it depends a lot on the heating system and how well the house is insulated.

Leelee - but 35 isn't cosy, it's heat-stoke-inducing HOT. People die in temperatures like that. hmm

What do people say when they come over to visit? I wouldn't stay in your house long at a temp like that.

MirandaWest Tue 08-Jan-13 16:59:05

Leelee seems to be posting a lot about her sauna like house today.

Bluecarrot why not have the heating on for the same times as you originally did but turn the thermostat up to 19-20 degrees. Your house will heat up more, take a bit longer to cool down (have you got insulation? ) and you should feel more comfortable. 16 degrees is still cold.

P.s. mine is on from 6-10am and 5-10pm at 18-19 degrees.

MirandaWest - I think poor Leelee keeps posting because people are so shocked they keep asking her about it!!

leelee12345 Tue 08-Jan-13 18:51:53

AnnieLobeseder It depends on the person as to what they say when they come to visit. If it's a man, they usually say it's too hot. Women sometimes say it's nice and warm and others say too hot. But if it's one of my daughter's friends (13/14 year old girls), they love it and say how "gorgeous and warm" it is in here. I'm with them!

Have you seen the summer heating thread? Has gone 'poof' into the ether with a rather funny deletion message on threads I'm on.

dikkertjedap Tue 08-Jan-13 22:07:02

20 when one of us is home and 16 if we are all out and during the night.

veryworried29 Tue 08-Jan-13 22:08:07

23/24/25 depending on how cold it is outside.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Tue 08-Jan-13 22:10:12

Somwhere between 20-22 depending on outside temperature - on for two hours in morning and a couple in early evening, unless really cold outside then on all day.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 08-Jan-13 22:10:38

19 in the evenings 17 during the day.

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Tue 08-Jan-13 22:15:55

12 and a half. If it actually comes on, that's when you know to put a vest on.

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Tue 08-Jan-13 22:16:45

^ That makes it sound like I'm walking around naked - I meant under the layers!

tunnocksteacake Tue 08-Jan-13 22:32:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HystericalParoxysm Wed 09-Jan-13 01:47:51

Yes what did happen to the other thread about this?

teenmum1995 Wed 09-Jan-13 13:24:08

I have mine on 30 degrees all the time in the winter and 25 in the summer but sometimes higher if its chilly outside. I don't know how some of you can cope with such low temperatures, plus I have a one year old child and wouldn't dare have it any lower than 25.

PigletJohn Wed 09-Jan-13 14:35:27


have you checked the actual room temperature with a thermometer?

Central heating systems are usually sized to give a 20C increase above external temperature.

Turning the stat up to 30C means you are just using it as an on/off switch.

teenmum1995 Wed 09-Jan-13 15:14:03

Yes I've got a thermometer in my living room not far from the thermostat and that says its 28 in here at the moment. When it gets just above 30 my heating goes off but as soon as it drops back down to 29 it comes on again.

IWipeArses Wed 09-Jan-13 17:36:51

What bizarre trollery.

pinkyp Wed 09-Jan-13 17:47:53

Mines set at 19 but will put it 21-23 on an evening, it turns itself back down after it's reached it I think,

digerd Wed 09-Jan-13 22:27:08

Much colder tonight - 0 c now and grass frosty already. lowest last night in my front room - warmest- was 19c min out was +7. Heat went off 15 mins ago and room already lost 2c. Convector radiators have no radiant heat from the front panel as the older ones did, and fail to warm the walls and surfaces <and human bodies >as my 50 year-old radiators did.

TheJanuaryProject Wed 09-Jan-13 22:54:40

Ours is set at around 21/22. We have it on timed sessions. I've tried having it lower but the heating just doesn't come on. Our living room insulation is terrible and I just couldn't sit at home all bundled up in fleeces or jumpers - I get really uncomfortable in heavy layers.

25 is too hot for a baby's bedroom. I hope that baby is suitably underdressed.

Pendipidy Thu 10-Jan-13 07:55:42

We have ours on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is set to between 15 and 17 in the day up or down as needed, mostly lower though, and 15 at night. Our house is lovely and warm, i don't like the cold. It is more economical to leave it on all the time.

That's apparently a myth.

P.s. you cant be saving money compared to me if your heating is on all night and mine is off.

digerd Thu 10-Jan-13 09:19:01

15 -17 c is much too cold if you are sitting most of the time. But depends on the radiant mean.
Same house, same insulation and with my old radiators 22 c was summer heatwave type of heat, but with pure convection 22c is only warm enough with a thick cardigan on!!
Mine also goes on and off but for only 5 mins at a time, but the boiler reduces its flame and heat of the water reduces from 65c to 38c in the radiators once target has been reached, and room temp remains constant all day at 21 and rises < programmed to do so on stat> to 22 at 7.30 -10pm.
Accoreing to the energy saving boffins, this is the best method of energy saving < not convinced face>
Last night went down to just 0, and front room sank from 22 to 17.6c
after heating went off for the night.

digerd Thu 10-Jan-13 09:24:34

The new energy saving concept, also advises not letting the room temp go to low in the night as when it comes back on, on full power, it uses more in an hour than a few hours on low< still unconvinced>.

Skivvytomany Thu 10-Jan-13 09:37:04

Mines is set at 20 and it's on from 7am till 9pm. I don't have it on at night as I hate being hot at night and the boiler cupboards in my bedroom and is quite noisy. I pay about £50 a month for gas which doesn't seem too bad.

digerd Thu 10-Jan-13 10:01:02

Do you mean the boiler is in your bedroom ? Or the hot water tank?
The new condensing boilers do not give off any heat, and the combis, don't even have hot water pipes in the walls leading to a hot water tank, as hot water tanks are obsolete with combis < and cold water tanks as all come from the mains> The new boilers have a reduced maximum out put too - all due to the new energy saving concept.
Last year I paid £42 per month for gas, but did put the stat up to 23 at times in the winter

teenmum1995 Thu 10-Jan-13 10:02:06

The temperature in the baby's bedroom never reaches 25, the thermostat is in the living room but the bedrooms are about 20. I leave it on 25 so its nice and warm when I get up.

teenmum1995 Thu 10-Jan-13 10:27:29

15-17 is far too cold!! In winter you could catch hypothermia and in summer its not even comfortable. Minimum all year round should be 23 but I have mine higher as I like to be really warm.

IWipeArses Thu 10-Jan-13 10:36:37

I have my heating on 22 lately and it is too warm. I'm putting more clothes on the baby and turning the heating down. Healthier and more economic.

SamSmalaidh Thu 10-Jan-13 10:39:21

18 in the day, 16 at night. Often put it up to 20 if it's chilly though.

digerd Thu 10-Jan-13 10:44:34

What type of heating do you have and what type of radiators?

IWipeArses Thu 10-Jan-13 10:44:44

teenmum, why should 23 be minimum???

IWipeArses Thu 10-Jan-13 10:53:35

Gas condensing boiler. Radiators are all normal, but a random assortment, some have thermostats.

MirandaWest Thu 10-Jan-13 10:53:46

Why is 23 a minimum? My heating is less than that and nothing bad seems to have happened yet.

IWipeArses Thu 10-Jan-13 10:55:34

Actually anything over 20 is considered too warm for a babies bedroom, over 22 as potentially dangerous.

Pendipidy Thu 10-Jan-13 11:00:01

When i say 15-17 that is what the thermostat in the hall is set at. However, it is not that temperature. I don't know why i would imagine the actual temp is more like 18-20 judging by the temp in my parents house and what their thermostat says. For some reason our house is really warm when ours is set low and on all the time . We wear just t shirts Etc inside and the rooms are warmer than all my friends houses. Strange!

teenmum1995 Thu 10-Jan-13 11:14:07

23 is only a comfortable temperature. I have mine on 30 daytime and 25 at night. Both me and baby are fine. Midwife said this is a good temperature.

IWipeArses Thu 10-Jan-13 12:29:03

Then your midwife is giving advice that contradicts safe sleeping advice for SIDS. Are you in the UK teenmum?

digerd Thu 10-Jan-13 13:36:41

Older radiators emit a strong radiant heat fron the front panel, and stay hot longer after heat goes off. My 4 year-old new large finned radiators emit no significant radiant heat and cool down rapidly when heat goes off. My 4 year-old condensing combi boiler also modulates the flame and heat down to practically tepid radiator temp. Keeps the air temp in room constant but as the rads get cooler so do I and my visitors.
They called off coming to me this Xmas < sad face>. Stat at 22, boiler on Max.

teenmum1995 Thu 10-Jan-13 19:23:28

Iwipearses - yes I'm in the UK, and my midwife was giving advice based on what I was telling her - my baby only has a good night sleep when the heating is on that high, I tried it on 20 but she kept waking up every hour. I was advised to keep it on 25 if it works well for us, and daytime I could have it on 30 if that makes us happy.

IWipeArses Thu 10-Jan-13 20:29:54

I think your thermostat must be wonky. If baby is cold, put some more clothes on them, must safer, and cheaper.

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