How dirty is the inside of your car?

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helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:01:03

I am ashamed of my car, it is fecking atrocious inside, banana skins, apple cores, bits of Greggs sausage roll grin, the list goes on...

Just wanted to know, do you fall into the above category or do you have your car valeted weekly?

lol absolutly the same banana skins, muddy wellies, dolls, hats ,odd gloves ,cherios, empty costa coffee cups blush( would be starbucks but dont have one near me lol) dp goes mad he cleans it every few weeks

Lubyloo Mon 18-Feb-08 21:04:15

I am definitely falling in to your category. My car is awful!

WinkyWinkola Mon 18-Feb-08 21:04:59

Mine is rank too. Mud, babybel wrappers, old drinks cartons. Nobody cleans it. I may have to before long. Wonder how much it costs to get it valeted?

fletchaaarr Mon 18-Feb-08 21:05:16

mine is mingin'

grin blush

AnotherFineMess Mon 18-Feb-08 21:05:40

I'm with you helenelisabeth. The only time I've ever had it valeted was when I left a smoothie in it, which fermented and exploded.

I'm ashamed to give people lifts and really should do something about it, but when DO people find the time to clean their cars?!?

SparklyDYSONGothKat Mon 18-Feb-08 21:05:41

My house is clean and tidy, my car is another matter, it is minging!!

PestoMonster Mon 18-Feb-08 21:06:59

My lovely new car is still valet-tastic grin

MinkVelvet Mon 18-Feb-08 21:08:29

mine is


sand in the seats

bits of biscuit/crips everywhere which is bizarre as o dont allow eatinhg in my carshock

loads of hair bobbles/pencils/stickers on the seats

i pay £45 once a yr to have a comes back immaculate

JingleyJen Mon 18-Feb-08 21:10:34

mine is messy but with random paper stuff - a million notifications from school about one thing or another,
I don't let the kids eat or drink in the car (we don't do long journeys at the moment so there is IMO no need)

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:11:03

Glad I'm not the only one twospecialgirls! I found in my boot today; lunchbox with mouldy sandwich, mouldy tangerine, black banana skin,2 hats, 1 expensive Monsoon gilet with black skid mark now gracing it from my pram, 2 tracksuit tops, crisp packets, nappies (clean I may add), sandals from last summer. Disgraceful I am. Strange thing is, my house is absolutely immaculate but my car...

Cremolafoam Mon 18-Feb-08 21:11:16

oh god mine is filthy.dh refuses to get in it unless there is an international emergency. i promised myself when i got the car( new) that i would treat it like a temple.but no it is like the inside of a busted vacuum cleaner.
i put it down to all the hours waitng for has become my lving capsule. i frequently have lunch in, mumsnet if i am near a hotspot,transport things like christmas trees and children. there is also The National Collection of used carrier bags in the boot.Its called recycleing , i ve heard.

Califrau Mon 18-Feb-08 21:12:13

Mine is very dusty only but I am suing the dust as a way to dull down the shiny dashboard as it gets quite bright over here grin. People have carpet fitted on their dashes over here - no joke.

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:14:07

We are selling ours hence I have been ordered asked nicely by DH to clear it out. It is an Audi A3 (3 door) so absolutely tiny but I managed to fill 2 bin bags with shite!

I managed to fit a Bugaboo, M & P Pramette and 2 scooters in the boot the other day though, well impressed!

midnightexpress Mon 18-Feb-08 21:14:11

Knee-deep in all sorts of unmentionable horror.

Changes of clothes that will not fit anyone if they are ever called out for service.

Misc foodstuffs (remnants of) and wrappers thereof.

Assorted small toys, books

Little bits of paper with directions to various places,important phone numbers etc scribbled on

Random road map pages

Bits of buggies

Probably mice.

AnotherFineMess Mon 18-Feb-08 21:14:17

Ha Califrau, mine already looks like it has carpet on the dash...but no, it's just thick dust!

MaureenMLove Mon 18-Feb-08 21:14:35

The inside is 'nearly' as filthy as the outside! My boot is my filing cabinet for Rainbows stuff and the inside is usually covered with a selection of sparkly bits that have fallen off of pictures done at playgroups and blobs of paint that haven't dried! Piles and piles of carpark tickets overflowing out of the ashtray too!

pedilia Mon 18-Feb-08 21:15:12

Mine is awful but then I do have 3 children, 3 horses and a dog!

DH is always complaining about the state of it and how his is so immaculateangry
Not to difficult as he only ever has himself in it!

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:16:00

Califrau - you are joking?! Where do you live?

onepieceoflollipop Mon 18-Feb-08 21:17:05

Lol at AnotherFineMess

Mine is filthy, I did have it valeted once as I had transported an unsecured 5 litre tub of fence stain in the passenger foot well. (you can guess the rest). The sloshing noise as I drove home as quick as possible was a little disconcerting...

I hate transporting paint etc now. I always tie it up in many bags!

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:17:59

My mum didn't use her car for a month as she was ill, she got in it one day and there was mould growing all over the inside of it! shock

PrincessPeaHead Mon 18-Feb-08 21:18:33

why do children rip pieces of paper into TINY bits? Aughhh
I used to have a hand car wash next to my hairdressers so every 6-8 weeks it would have a good wash and hoover out and would be ready by the time I came out. But the bastard place has just shut, so it hasn't had a wash for about 3 months....
Must sort it out

onepieceoflollipop Mon 18-Feb-08 21:18:57

Pedilia you put the horses in the car? grin

callmeovercautious Mon 18-Feb-08 21:19:00

Very blush I daren't even share the details or no one will talk to me ever again.

SnappyVelour Mon 18-Feb-08 21:19:18

very very.

i even have it cleaned once a month, and i havce to attck it with a big black bag first...

and even when hes done it only looks ok for about an hour.

but id rather have mud and mess and happy kids than stress everyone out trying to be clean... even in my least sane moments i know theres more to life than clean. grin

Quattrocento Mon 18-Feb-08 21:19:38

I do indeed have my car valeted. Not weekly. More like every couple of months or so. but it is so worth doing. Better than a pampering session. All the fabric bits - the trims and carpets get steam cleaned. they put super shiny stuff on everything and it smells yummy

do it now

Hallgerda Mon 18-Feb-08 21:20:13

Mine is dusty and muddy, but has no horrid food waste as nobody eats in it.

So I'm somewhere between the two extremes.

FioFio Mon 18-Feb-08 21:20:21

Message deleted

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:20:52

My 2008 New Years Resolution was to clear my car out every evening, I think I have broken it. blush

Quattrocento Mon 18-Feb-08 21:21:36

Everyone is BANNED from eating and drinking in my car. They are allowed bottled water but nothing else

A very good rule IMO

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 21:22:00

Rats wouldn't dare live in my car FioFio, not clean enough.

PrincessPeaHead Mon 18-Feb-08 21:22:52

actually I did once have a MOBILE valet bloke who came to the house and tarted up my car just before I sold it
It looked so good I almost didn't sell it! And it only cost about £40. Hmmm. Where is that number?!!

Mercy Mon 18-Feb-08 21:23:04

Ours isn't too bad actually.

Or at least I thought it was until dh found a sandwich pack full of green, blue and grey hairy lumps in the glove compartment blush

HuwEdwards Mon 18-Feb-08 21:25:38

DP calls my car affectionately

... 'the skip'

SnappyVelour Mon 18-Feb-08 21:28:24

ooh yes, the mobile valet man comes and does all the cars. once a month. [lives on another planet, but knows it emoticon]

but hang on.... quattros valeting sounds much more thorough than mine, where am i going wrong?? grin

pedilia Mon 18-Feb-08 22:31:09

OPFP- no but i do have to transport water containers,rugs and feed bucketsgrin
although my smallest one would fit in the back she is so tiny!

notnowbernard Mon 18-Feb-08 22:34:49

My car is our spare roomgrin

Basically, it's a tip, houses lots of junk and random objects.

It's also a great storage area for Baby Annabel and all her God-awful paraphernalia

WendyWeber Mon 18-Feb-08 22:36:03

Internally mine suffers mostly from breadcrumbs (DS2 always has to buy a French stick at the supermarket and always has to rip it apart in the car on the way home) plus mud.

Externally it's cement dust (from plant up the road) plus mud plus general filth plus algae growing on the nearside door mirror and window rubbers shock (the car is usually parked parallel to the house and facing S so those bits get no sun).

Scrubbing the car is tomorrow's half-term project grin

seeker Mon 18-Feb-08 22:42:58


onepieceoflollipop Mon 18-Feb-08 22:48:24

Even those of you with beautifully clean cars would probably be surprised what lurks under the dcs seats - unless you are organised enough to take them out and hoover underneath. Stale raisins anyone?

Califrau Mon 18-Feb-08 22:51:24

I'm in California - land of the Loon.

helenelisabeth Mon 18-Feb-08 23:08:51

Califrau, how nice to have sunshine though. Venice Beach nearly sent me running scared for the next flight home when I visited. Whereabouts are you?

KerryMum Mon 18-Feb-08 23:12:13

I've always wondered if my car is the only tip around.

Twiga Mon 18-Feb-08 23:15:52

Terrible! I have to say it's not just my toddler who's to blame, dh's many pastry based snacks when driving home late when on-call at work are a major culprit for crumbs, rubbish, discarded drinks bottles etc. Drop your loose change in ours and it's gone forever under a sea of junk!

I am proud to report that inside and out of my car is clean, tidy and gleaming.
However it took a full hoover bag to hoover up all the crumbs and crap, two carrier bags of toys, hats, socks,sunshields etc, childrens car seats now seem a different colour (oh yes i washed them) and the windows are free of kiddie fingerprints and toddler spit.
I HAD to wash and clean it out, it was disgusting and starting to smell there was so much food and banana skins festering under the child seats....
Sadly thats the first clean its had since about last June and its only still in that condition cos the kids haven't been in it since I cleaned it yesterday afternoon...

MrsJohnCusack Tue 19-Feb-08 01:30:13

mine is skanktastic
full of empty coffee things and old bits of crap from the children. But to be fair, most of the mess is mine, not theirs!

laura032004 Tue 19-Feb-08 06:51:58

I do empty mine fairly regularly (about once a month), but can always fill a few bin liners - rubbish, discarded clothes (mainly socks!) & spare coats.

We went on holiday last year, and left the car in an airport carpark. DS1 must have had a drink of milk on the way in the car, because when we got back a week later, there was a patch of mould on the floor blush. It's been bleached and everything, but it's ruined the carpet.

I regularly vacuum out the car seats, but it never fails to amaze me how much stuff accumulates inside them.

A friend told me about a fab valeting service he'd had for £12. Said his car looked fab afterwards. But then he doesn't have kids.....

Anna8888 Tue 19-Feb-08 07:26:47

Car is valeted weekly grin

GooseyLoosey Tue 19-Feb-08 07:30:55

Mine is spotless and beautiful and not a wrapper or sticky finger mark can be found.

This may be because I have only had it a week and the dcs have yet to introduce their manied and varies collections of stones, twigs, decaying plant life and broken bits of plastic. Better enjoy it while it lasts.

seeker Tue 19-Feb-08 07:45:48

Anna - I want your life!

chrissnow Tue 19-Feb-08 07:46:20

Oh dear. I'm also a slattern (car wise anyhow) - sticky congealed mass of haribo (mine not kids) Many many paintings (kids not mine) baby Annabel, inflatable sheriff hat, cool bag (i'm praying empty), very outgrown baby clothes, plastic recycling box, carrier bags, necklaces, welly boots, car park tickets, rice cakes, crisp packets. I wipe my feet when I get out!!! DH obsessively cleans his at weekends (and takes ages may I add - i think he does it to escape the kids and me) but he will not touch mine!

helenelisabeth Tue 19-Feb-08 10:05:06

After starting this thread I am going to be responsible and start clearing my car out as the mums at school (who sit there in their fecking spotless Range Rovers) are starting to keep their distance. grin At least my daughter can then arrive at school without a panty liner (mine, not used) hanging off the back of her coat.

charliecat Tue 19-Feb-08 10:06:14

I got a full black bag of rubbish out of my very small car the other dayblush

mine is shamefully messy and dirty too.

so much so that I'd left the rear door wide open all day last summer by accident. My neighbour came over to tell me and she was horrified that it looked as though it had been ransacked. I was so blush as I stood there with her not actually able to tell whether anything was missing, and embarrased to admit that it is always like that

It hasn't been hoovered for over a year and a half, and there is always crumbs and sweet wrappers (mine, not the DC's blush) and empty diet coke bottles, bits of power rangers and lego, and now baby hats and gloves, as well as the usual 20 CDs in broken cases and 20lbs of dirt, pebbles, sand, shells etc.

Jahan Tue 19-Feb-08 11:17:31

I am so glad I'm not the only one!
Mine is horrible. Food packaging and debris everywhere. Plus toy cars and lots of socks (ds1's comforters!).
Need to get a thorough steam clean done

CatIsSleepy Tue 19-Feb-08 11:20:03

oh it's a horrible horrible mess
very rarely gets cleaned inside (or outside for that matter)

titchy Tue 19-Feb-08 11:42:46

Mine's mingin - but no Gregg's leftover or Fruitshoots so it's OK (smuggrin)

BeMyV Tue 19-Feb-08 11:46:47

My car is a family legend. I bought my car brand new in 2001 for cash (those were the days...). I said I would change my car every three years, I said I would get it valeted every month and serviced every six.
None of the above.
My car stinks variously of wet dog, spilled juice or melted sweets. It is blessed by the 'kiss of Tesco's' (large yellow dent in the side caused by a pillar in their car park), you can't see the hubcaps for the mud, it's full of kids books all ripped and stomped on, 17 Bags for Life are slowly dying in there.
However, you can always find a wooly hat, an old scarf, a pound coin or a high-absorbency tampon when you're short.

OneHandedTypist Tue 19-Feb-08 11:49:51

Car is pretty good, actually. I hate mingin' cars, vacuumed every 10 journeys or so.
My house on the other hand...

juliax3 Tue 19-Feb-08 11:50:20

i don't have a car but my oldest friend has always had a filthy car, and her mother before her. she is convinced nobody has ever tried to steal it because of the scary inside. grin

Maidamess Tue 19-Feb-08 11:50:30

My car is like a biscuit tin on wheels. Appalling.

2littlemonkeys Tue 19-Feb-08 11:51:40

mine is disgusting, i promised my dh if i got a better car i would look after it lol, there is no room for your feet in the passenger side, and the seats need a really good scrub, i blame it on the council if they empted r bins more my wheely bin wouldnt be full all the time thus i could clean my car lol xx

Flum Tue 19-Feb-08 11:52:44

Minging my friend ( of Chelsea tractor, leather seats etc genre ) calls it a 'Wheelie bin'.

Her very precious and precocious DCs always make rude comments when they are in it.... which I object to but it always shames me into a trip to the Oracle where they do a mini valet for £15 it rocks.

WendyWeber Tue 19-Feb-08 17:38:23

I washed mine today <preen>

(Only the outside though blush)

KerryMum Wed 20-Feb-08 09:47:07

Right. I have to do mine today as going away for the weekend (chess thingie) and it's MANKY. I know it's going to start raining any day now...

Starbear Wed 20-Feb-08 21:24:04

There is a half eaten Chocolate Orange in the glove box. It was on the floor and I was eating bits of it but I have stopped now because I'm an adult. Lots of mud on the back seat as Ds climbs in . Raisins all over the place plus lots of wood mainly bark and branches. Various bits of clothing' DH sweet wrappers that Ds knows nothing about. Smelly sport kit and fudge from Devon 2006

katonggirl Sat 02-Feb-13 15:08:13

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

sydlexic Sat 02-Feb-13 15:13:41

My car is spotless, DS has some strange car cleaning fetish, he is never that keen on cleaning the house.

lljkk Sat 02-Feb-13 15:16:19

I'm back up there in another name change.
Is KatonG trying to sell something?

DystopianReality Sat 02-Feb-13 15:18:54

I'd love a beautiful car, is it really only £45 to get it IMMACULATE? My house is OK but my car is disgusting; having said that, I have a rather inverted snobbery about people that have really clean cars ALL THE TIME!

DystopianReality Sat 02-Feb-13 15:21:00

Oh .. and the other thing... I really quite like people with dirty cars, much more than people with clean cars....

birdofthenorth Sat 02-Feb-13 15:25:14

I'd give my house a 3 out of 10 for cleanliness and my car no more than a 1/10! I do aspire to do better... but kids, dogs, reality, missing cleanliness chip...

fussychica Sat 02-Feb-13 15:28:01

Very. Always has been even when DS was little. A bit dusty sometimes, a few sweet wrappers and a bit of gravel on the mats but never worse than that.

I used to travel to work with someone who had a car so dirty I used to have to check the seat before I sat in incase I sat on something that might ruin my suit shock but I was so grateful for the lift I never batted an eyelid.

drmummmsy Sat 02-Feb-13 19:15:14

omg it's disgusting and has an awful odour

drmummmsy Sat 02-Feb-13 19:15:56

oh ffs this is ancient!

Mine is immaculate.

DH has a valeter come into his work every Thursday to do his and his sales guys cars, so I call in and get mine done too... The perks of banging the boss wink

Bollocks!! Zombie thread... Duh!!

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