the best way to peg your washing out

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CoffeeInTheMorning Tue 03-May-11 11:22:14

If it's a still day and the kids aren't about to use it (!) I spread out pants and socks on the trampoline to dry - the middle airy bit is good but the padded surround gets really hot in the sunshine and dries things very quickly.

JoanofArgos Tue 03-May-11 09:13:04

I miss my indoor ceiling airer....

I hang heavy things in the middle of the line and move out to lighter stuff at the edges, and use a wooden clothes prop. Trousers on the waist-band and tops on the hem. If I've run out of space I put pants and socks round the edge of the basket in the sun, otherwise hang them up.

CoffeeInTheMorning Tue 03-May-11 09:10:12

I was going to link to the Sock-topus as well - it's brilliant and more sturdy than the Wilkinson's/Poundshop multi-peg thingies.

Always peg trousers from their bottoms - makes sense that the wind can then get through the thickest part of the trouser - the waistband - to dry it. Same with socks - peg through one layer of the top, not the toe.

I have a loveable homemade pegbag from about 30 years ago which is still doing its job very well.

Ponders Mon 02-May-11 16:14:27

I just saw the link to Ikea's socktopus - I must add that their pegs are the best I've ever had (I have the black ones, they look like little birds perched on the line when it's empty grin)

hillyhilly Mon 02-May-11 16:11:03

I have a fabby rack that I bought from a flea market once. It is metal, rectangular and has metal pegs on it that are just about the right distance apart for DC's t shirts and trousers, it has saved me huge amounts of space on my airer (up by the ceiling) or my rotary line and I only wish I had a clue where I could get another as the pegs also do not break, I must go through a couple of those knicker twirler things every year! (Think I'll see if John Lewis sell them, surely they'd be more longlasting than the one from the pound shop!)
I love hanging out my washing and go hunting for things to wash on hot days (our winter coats were all done weeks ago!).
Wooden pegs, kept in a bucket in the greenhouse which is near the dryer, I couldn't bear to leave my pegs out.

vanillamum Sun 01-May-11 23:32:14

This is just for RavenAK-I pay my kids 1p per pair of socks they manage to pair from the sock sin bin. I can't afford a cleaner but this just gives me a warm glow-I am at last out sourcing some tedious housework. Obviously the oldest is 6 youngest 3 (might not work if yours are teens) but even so it might spare you from the ziplock bag. To my shame I once had to payout 42p and not all of the bloody odd socks were paired.

Mandy2003 Sun 01-May-11 20:25:58

Just found this thread - excellent! Have read through and can't spot anyone doing the same as I used to when I had a long washing line between two posts: hanging everything in colour order, going through the rainbow from white to black!

Now have a rotary line so can't do this effectively sad

CharlotteWasBoth Fri 29-Apr-11 23:23:40


I call it a pant twizzler.

Thornelius Fri 29-Apr-11 23:13:56

I'm loving this thread! Has made me think about how i hang mine out! I defo need a soctopus!!! smile

Elsa123 Mon 26-Jul-10 11:59:58

what a strangley fascinating thread- i've been hooked- pardon the pun. Possibly because I don't yet have a clothes line and really want one....

44withgrownups Mon 26-Jul-10 11:15:15

For all those who, like me, get an odd sense of satisfaction from hanging out washing in the garden: imagine my delight when my 19 year old daughter saw the sun shining and said "ooh Mum, this is a great day for hanging washing out, come on, let's do some washing." So we did that together, and I saw her looking at the full line with great satisfaction. I am sure there are more useful loves I can pass on to her, but this is a good start. By the way, she is a very normal 19 year old, at university with a great social life, not a young woman given to washing with her Mum, so the allure of the outside line and the sun were clearly strong.

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 02-Jul-10 12:28:50


GreatShatnersGhost Fri 02-Jul-10 12:26:11

Tops by bottoms and bottoms by tops. Also, I leave washing out overnight all the time! And leave it out if it rains, then let it dry again. I felt a bit ashamed about that at first, until I noticed my (very nice) neighbour does the same thing! I don't peg out my knickers very often, but only because I have limited line space, so I dry them on the rads instead.

I never knew I had so much to say about laundry

jeee Wed 30-Jun-10 13:30:46

When hanging up clothes it is imperative that the same colour pegs are used on each side of the garment. Never use a green peg and a yellow peg on a T-shirt. Socks must be put next to their pair, and of course should be hung with matching pegs.

IMoveTheStars Wed 30-Jun-10 13:26:45
jojogingerbiscuits Wed 30-Jun-10 10:50:05

I hate ugly peg marks in clothes when they come off the line, they are so difficult to iron out, and I find pegging out & pegging off a nuisance, so I have invented a completely new washing line called
`The Nonedine Line` as it is `no needin pegs anymore` I have just been granted a Patent on this. It so much easier, quicker and doesn`t leave any ugly bulges where the pegs used to be, merely a fine line where they go over the washing line.............

jojogingerbiscuits Wed 30-Jun-10 10:48:58

I hate ugly peg marks in clothes when they come off the line, they are so difficult to iron out, and I find pegging out & pegging off a nuisance, so I have invented a completely new washing line called
`The Nonedine Line` as it is `no needin pegs anymore` I have just been granted a Patent on this. It so much easier, quicker and doesn`t leave any ugly bulges where the pegs used to be, merely a fine line where they go over the washing line.............

jojogingerbiscuits Wed 30-Jun-10 10:48:27

I hate ugly peg marks in clothes when they come off the line, they are so difficult to iron out, and I find pegging out & pegging off a nuisance, so I have invented a completely new washing line called
`The Nonedine Line` as it is `no needin pegs anymore` I have just been granted a Patent on this. It so much easier, quicker and doesn`t leave any ugly bulges where the pegs used to be, merely a fine line where they go over the washing line.............

merlotmama Sun 13-May-07 00:24:51

Thread not dead yet.

I used to live next door to a dermatologist who hung her knickers up inside out, with the gussets facing the sun, presumably to kill any thrush germs which had survived the wash!

I gave up on a peg bag which hung on the line - I used to spend so much time moving it about - and now use one which ties round my waist...from Betterware or Kleenezee, I think.

Once DSs could tell outside from inside I informed them and DH that I was no longer going to turn their socks the right way...if they go into the wash outside in they get them back outside in. Must have saved me hours over the past few years.

laundrylover Fri 11-May-07 21:55:09

I'm reading bits of this thread out to DP to show him that I am not alone in my sad existence.

Is this how addicts feel when they first attend a meeting???

elasticbandstand Fri 11-May-07 21:51:02

i then hang on hangers on airer, less need for ironing.

DaphneHarvey Fri 11-May-07 21:47:44

It must be time for the end of the life of this thread BUT can I just have to say I've rarely enjoyed a thread so much on Mumsnet. It has been an inspiration, a joy and educational too - I'm putting the hanger-keeper-on thingys (what a time saver- putting your kids' tops straight on to hangers to dry, I always do this inside in the winter) and the soft grip pegs from Lakeland on my next shopping list.

Also, although I am ever so well brought up and as middle class as you could imagine, I truly had no idea it was common to leave your washing out at night. Never, never, never your pegs. But your washing? Ooooh I'm suddenly ashamed.

My little quirk: say I've hung out a load of dark washing like jeans and DH's black socks and underkeks etc. Next day maybe the jeans aren't quite dry enough to bring in. Then I do a load of hot white washing and go to hang that out. There's no way I'd leave the lone pair of jeans on a line with the gorgeous white washing - just in case the neighbours or visiting friends thought I'd washed the jeans in with the whites. I may sometimes leave my washing out overnight - but I do have OCD type standards when it comes to sorting. LOL.

lucymc Fri 11-May-07 21:37:45

Mrs Who - I quite agree pegs must match. Also each colour run of pegs has to be used up before the next colour can start.

Furball Fri 11-May-07 21:30:54

I peg under the arms of tshirts etc so it doesn't ruin the shape etc and also you can't see the peg marks. I nip out half way through and re peg it so the side that wasn't exposed is now on the top.

stleger Fri 11-May-07 21:19:11

MIL opinions - hanging out washing can cause miscarriage, and leaving pegs on the line is about the worst crime i commit. My opinions - I dislike the socks with different toe and heel colours, and I hate the spinny things with pegs on them that you buy in Pound shops for no reason at all.

MrsWho Fri 11-May-07 20:20:36

Noone has mentioned matching pegs
pegs have to be paired with ones the same colour and if possible mathced to the clothing too!

Also has noone got one of those liitle things that you hang socks andlittle things one?Usually found in betterware and the pounshop?

Spidermama Thu 10-May-07 23:48:35

Night night LL. Happy peg dreams.

laundrylover Thu 10-May-07 23:44:11

Sorry Spider not Spoder

laundrylover Thu 10-May-07 23:43:28

Ah well, at least the plants are enjoying this rain eh?

My nappies were dry in record time today, even the bamboo ones which take ages....oh, I'm sooo sad, I'm off to my bed. Who in their right mind develops a chat room habit about hanging washing FFS!!!

FlossALump Thu 10-May-07 23:43:16

DS's socks aren't baby size, he's two but they do stay up.

laundrylover Thu 10-May-07 23:41:35

Spoder, that is a genius idea for a spcial jumper..sadly mine are all 10 years old and well past such care and attention.

Merlin Thu 10-May-07 23:41:32

If only LL - it's still raining at mo, so thought it best to bring it in.

laundrylover Thu 10-May-07 23:40:23

Merlin, leave it out and it's be dry and crease free after a windy night!

No pegs!! But don't you get a big crease through all your clothes? I'm afraid us OCD peggers cannot compute. How do your baby socks stay on the line??

Spidermama Thu 10-May-07 23:38:54

For jumpers put a pair of tights inside and peg the tights (waitline through jumper neck and feet through jumper arms) instead.

Merlin Thu 10-May-07 23:35:06

Not in the rain! Ever the optimist I put mine out this morning - it'll only be a shower I thought! By the time I got round to bringing it in this afternoon it was wetter then when I first put it out

FlossALump Thu 10-May-07 23:34:46

Just over the line. My garden is quite sheltered and things stay on as long as I hang them properly!

laundrylover Thu 10-May-07 23:33:24

How do you hang your washing out then?

FlossALump Thu 10-May-07 23:32:42

I don't use pegs at all!

laundrylover Thu 10-May-07 23:26:54

Ooh Panth. that might make me do that trip to the lakeland shop that I've been meaning to do for ages.

Did anyone else enjoy an unexpectedly perfect drying day today? Two loads out and dried for me so I'm a happy bunny.

Panth Thu 10-May-07 17:25:12

Seen as everyone here seems to have an opinion on pegging, thought I'd share my lovely new pegs with you all, v impressed with them and they're lovely colours too Lakeland pegs

laundrylover Thu 10-May-07 14:22:58

Fruitful, I'd say by the tip of his hat?

DD1s Pink Bunny (original name eh?)is flapping by the ears today. They get so grotty don't they, specially wih greasy Epaderm hands fondling them all night!

MuminBrum Thu 10-May-07 13:51:59

Tops by the bottom, bottoms by the top, definitely. Socks in pairs by their toes. DS's socks go into a little laundry bag in the machine to keep them out of the flange. Knickers hung up by one side, except for DP's giant dad-pants which are hung up with two pegs. Towels by their edges, unless they have a non-pile band close to the edge, in which case that bit goes over the line and is pegged three or four times to keep the towel even. Babygros (not that anyone in our house wears them any more) have to be turned inside out before they are washed - I had a few hand-me-down ones that had a ton of grot in each foot, even though they were clearly fresh out of the machine - and must be hung up by their toes.

DeviousDaffodil Thu 10-May-07 13:37:54

I take great pleasrure in hangign teddies by the goolies on the line!!

fruitful Thu 10-May-07 13:36:38

And what is the MN-approved method of pegging one of these out? Ds has two (one in the wash, one in bed) and he sucks them so they needed washing a lot! No knots in his any more. And it has to look like it doesn't hurt...

fruitful Thu 10-May-07 13:29:24

Well I read half of this and then went and pegged my washing out.

Everything that will get hung up went straight on a hanger (on some thingies from Lakeland to keep the hanger on the line).

Trousers from the top, t-shirts from the bottom (the ones that need keeping in shape were on hangers anyway). Socks in pairs. Pegging one side only to let the wind in didn't work as its too windy out there - they were going to take off I think.

All nicely sorted - I've a 4-sided whirly so that's one side for each member of the family. Bit of a faff that, think I'd rather sort it when it comes off the line.

Anyway, came in, had lunch, put ds to bed, read the rest of this thread, looked out the window - its RAINING!

And the problem with having stuff on hangers is it is harder to lob it in the basket and get in the dry quickly. And you can't just give up and chuck them in the drier!

I've never had stretched hems from pegging t-shirts upside down! They're just not that wet when they come out of the machine, there's a non-heat spin cycle.
They might stretch if they were left out in the rain to get soaked. My nappies once pulled the whole line down in a storm they got so heavy!

SlightlyMadScarecrow Wed 09-May-07 23:42:44

I told you my babygrows don't get peg marks - they go straight in teh tumbler. I don't have enough pegs for all my white washing given it is usually underware & babygrows. I serously counted 60something items in a single load once. I don't have time to peg 60 seperate items....

Nikki76 Wed 09-May-07 23:40:30

Christ if I added a sprig of mint to the clothes I think MIL would die and go right to heaven!

SlightlyMadScarecrow Wed 09-May-07 23:39:42

I also wash and hang dark/bright clothes inside out (unless they NEED to be washed the right way) so that the sun doesn't bleach them. Especially given that I do most of my drying in my bright conservatory during winter..

FiveFingeredFiend Wed 09-May-07 23:39:17

Put do you peg out your smalls?

With babygrows the best way is to hang them inside out and from the feet. From the garden i like to add a sprig of mint. As clothes are inside out, and insects from herbs will be hopefully remain on the outside ( as it was on the inside iyswim).

Fresh & laundered and better than synthetic tumble dry sheets.

Nikki76 Wed 09-May-07 23:36:19

DH thinks I learn nothing on you go! A laundry tip! Wait until I take that one to Syria.....cue MIL having multiple orgasm by the washing line!

I do love her really!

RoundTheBend Wed 09-May-07 23:34:56

No . It is actually very rare to get an actual peg mark from under there as you are pegging on seams most of the time. And, with the heat of your underarms, any marks would soon fade out.

Nikki76 Wed 09-May-07 23:33:11

If you get a peg mark under the armpit though, wouldn't it look like a sweat stain???

RoundTheBend Wed 09-May-07 23:31:49

I am also someone who pegs tops under their armpits as then you cannot see any peg marks. You want to keep the clothes in shape and by pegging them at the bottom, you risk them going out of shape. Trousers are pegged by the waistbands, knickers by their crotches and socks by their toes.

Did you also know that to keep black clothes "black" you should not wash them with fabric conditioner as that is what makes them turn grey?

laundrylover Wed 09-May-07 23:24:50

But they look so gorgeous on the line!

To tumble dry them would be a waste....really going to bed now...look at the time!

SlightlyMadScarecrow Wed 09-May-07 23:24:41

But I TOTALLY agree with them wrt peg marks and strecthing hems.

They don't actually recommend to their customers so they have nothing to gain from the advice - it is just something they have 'learnt' from their job IYSWIM...

laundrylover Wed 09-May-07 23:22:58

But they run an IRONING company - of course they want you to peg things out in a ridiculous manner....then you have to pay them to iron the completely pointless crease out!!!!

I would have an involuntary sharp intake of breath if I saw washing pegged out in such a reckless manner....I'm off to bed to dream of flapping nappies.

SlightlyMadScarecrow Wed 09-May-07 23:22:24

Oh and I can't be arsed to peg out small items such as underwear and tiny baby vests and baby grows. Do you know how many pairs of knickers, vests, newborn babygrows you can actually get in one load of washing!?!?!?!? They all go straight in the tumble dryer - hence you are highly unlikely to see underwear on my line...

Nikki76 Wed 09-May-07 23:21:19

Please!!!! Please!!! I HATE doing it with a passion!! MIL was pegging away when we were in Syria and whinging about my folding so when DS grobag came off the line with a peg mark, instead of being gutted there was a mark on it, I was gleeful she cocked up!!!

<shame emoticon>

laundrylover Wed 09-May-07 23:19:49

Please don't compare me to your MIL....I would have been so happy to come over and peg out your washing for should have posted.

SlightlyMadScarecrow Wed 09-May-07 23:19:33

Now - I have not read teh whole thread - but I know someone that owns an irnoning company. It is their recomendation that you fold the top part of T-shirts over teh line so the actual washing line runs armpit to armpit. That way the peg marks are under the armpits so not visible. It also prevents the hem of the T-shirt being distorted by the weight of the wet T-shirt pulling it down (thats harder to explain than I imagined). I have to admit I do peg DCs T-shirts by teh bottom as the weight is not really an issue.

I guess it doesn't dry as quickly but I DO see the point about peg marks and strecthing hems.

Nikki76 Wed 09-May-07 23:14:34

This reminds me of my MIL...ardent laundry lover and folds like its going out of fashion....

I was 3 months post c section and pretty post natal....was pegging washing out on the line under her watchful eye- she was sat on the armchair in living room really fed up with it all and so just flung a towel over the line thinking she won't see that....went back in and although she doesn't speak the English, she was gesturing away....finally realised she wanted me to go back out, take the towel off and peg it so that it would dry properly.....

Did I mention I was post c section AND post natal???!!!

laundrylover Wed 09-May-07 23:10:42

thanks you....gone all Somerset for some reason!

laundrylover Wed 09-May-07 23:09:57

Why thanks you ggirl. BTW I do that with socks too - put them round the top of the basket ona garden chair (in pairs obviously).

brimfull Wed 09-May-07 23:01:15

fab idea about looping your kaks on your arm!

laundrylover Wed 09-May-07 22:58:04

Obviously I am an expert in this matter but I see some very consistent pegging already on the thread. I am with the tops by the bottom and trousers by the waistband approach. Socks however go up in pairs from the top, toes down.

Now - pegs on the line...plastic are OK but wooden pegs (which last longer and don't ping apart and fly into your flowerbeds) must NEVER be left out as they will go mouldy.

That said I do leave my washing out in the rain (once for 3 days) and as another poster said nappies are all the softer for it.

My top tips are....turn the spin down to say 800 on hot days and for clothes in general. Less creases you see but always spin nappies on high.Put all your knickers and undergruds over your arm (through the leg see?) and then you can peg away in one seamless movement....bliss. I am never happier than after a good pegging session!!!

brimfull Wed 09-May-07 22:47:42

I don't bother hanging out socks on a sunny day,I just hang them over the garden furniture,saves all that pegging and unpegging.

I have also ceased to pull socks the right way out if the are inside out.I just pair them up wanton am I.Frees up loads of time!!

lizziemun Wed 09-May-07 22:36:20

My mum always told me to peg tops from the bottom and bottoms from the top.

Peg t-shirts and shirts from the bottom along the stems, so if your get peg marks they don't notice.

Trousers peg along the waist band at the back so the wind can get inside. Pillow cases the same. Sheets and duvet cover i peg out using 2 lines so you don't get creases.

I have a rotary washing line, i always peg our underwear on the inside so no one can be seen and use every other line so the air gets all around.

Panth Wed 09-May-07 22:26:54

Love this thread! I get annoyed when dh hangs washing out (rarely) because I claim he doesn't do it right (probably on purpose)! The T shirts are all kind of thrown over and pegged in the middle, makes ironing more of a nightmare. I did though just get some new pegs from Lakeland, soft grip so that they don't leave much marks!

maisemor Wed 09-May-07 22:26:15

Here is a thought, you don't hang your knickers on your washing line because you don't like people seeing what kind of knickers you wear. What if they then think that because you never have any knickers on your washing line, then you must be going commando . Which is worse?

DanielAndOmi Wed 09-May-07 22:13:49

ooh, I'd love a peg bag with history! Really do need to clear out my peg bag though, I keep picking out these pegs that MIL bought. I think they're supposed to be extra strong, but you need a blowtorch to get them off

MrsBadger Wed 09-May-07 21:58:52

my peg bag was made by my grandma as my first school shoebag, then did a stint as a plate bag for Guide camp.
I do like a pegbag with history...

(And I bring the pegs in and reel in the line after taking washing down)

snowwonder Wed 09-May-07 21:56:37

pretty much the same as everyone here,

dont bring pegs in i did buy the most gorgeous spooty peg tim that hangs on line but it is far to nice... so now store cat food in it!!!

i also have one of those round plastic things that hangs from the washing line, with 20 small pegs on (99p from wilkinsons) and its great for socks and pants and i can hide my pant on the middle 4 pegs to spare my blushes

ravenAK Wed 09-May-07 21:51:54

I do get annoyed at dh's habit of buying packs of socks from Next that are superficially identical but have ^slightly different^ blues on toe & cuff.

I have now instituted the Sock Sin Bin for everyone's sock drawers - a ziplock bag in which all unpaired socks are placed. & then I sit & solemnly go through the Sin Bin once a month, matching up infinitesimally different black socks.'s not just sad, it's bloody tragic!

badelaide Wed 09-May-07 21:47:51

Naaah, not had that.
I think I buy crappy cheap socks that get holes before that happens.

MrsBadger Wed 09-May-07 21:44:20

ah but badelaide then eventually the peg stretches the elastic and the sock falls down when yuo wear it...

badelaide Wed 09-May-07 21:38:35

Not hang socks by the toes, oh no oh no.
How will the toe bit get dry? No, you hang them by one edge of the top bit so the wind can blow through them.
Wind sock see?

I forgot my top tips. Get your kids to help (DD age 2 passes the pegs, DS age 4 pegs small items on a very low bit of line) and train your husband to bring in any 'forgotten' washing as part of his nighttime locking up routine.
Of course, if the kids help, you can't be too anal about the order.

Lilymaid Wed 09-May-07 21:29:39

I will re-peg out things my DH has put up on the whirligig. I don't like the way he does it as it doesn't follow my system. I am a very sad individual.

ravenAK Wed 09-May-07 21:24:43

I peg socks in pairs so I can roll them as I take them in. & try not to leave stuff out in the rain except nappies - it seems to agree with them!

Actually, was agreeing the other day with next door neighbour that it IS rather sad to get a bit anxious if pj top & bottom end up at opposite ends. She's worse than me - she hangs pants of her dh & ds1 - 3 in SIZE ORDER!

popmum Wed 09-May-07 21:23:04

My tip would be if you're short of pegs and hanging out baby vests or anything with poppers, use the poppers as a peg!

I also collect in and fold according to whose is whose, pair socks and try to bring in at night.

FiveFingeredFiend Wed 09-May-07 21:22:47

You look unsurprisingly small.

Zofloyya Wed 09-May-07 21:21:50

'if you wear it on the top, you peg it by the bottom, if you wear it on the bottom you peg it by the top'. OK - but WHY????

Wotzsaname Wed 09-May-07 21:20:19

FFF whats it like up there looking down on use poor simple folk?

FiveFingeredFiend Wed 09-May-07 21:19:09

Dear Lord. how very sad

Can't believe how much this thread has taken off!

Tried the hangers outside thing but it's so blowy where we live they got blown all over the garden. But I do this inside in winter, hangers over a curtain rail in a sunny window.

Gameboy Wed 09-May-07 21:15:08

Ooh _ like WWW's idea about hanging on hangers - what sort do you use though? Plastic? Metal/wire?

Wotzsaname Wed 09-May-07 21:03:33

No wonder my 10 year old was so confused when she was pegging out the clothes. I forgotton how complicated things can be that you take for granted.

agree with GameBoy - Bright and dark colours inside out on a sunny day so they dont fade.

I try to peg socks in pairs to make it easier later, but I fail, lifes to short.

fruitful Wed 09-May-07 21:00:35

Lots of good tips, thankyou!

My mum thinks I'm mad to be pegging stuff out - what do I think they invented tumble driers for?

DanielAndOmi Wed 09-May-07 21:00:14

She does call me a slut sometimes

DeviousDaffodil Wed 09-May-07 20:56:39

LOL DandO!!!Your Mum would think I was a slattern!!

DanielAndOmi Wed 09-May-07 20:54:44

No idea DD. Honestly my Mum has an intricate belief system about things that are common which would put most orgainsed religions to shame. Trouble is, however relaxed I try to feel about (for example) having to have the oven clean firm in the other day to deal with our yukky oven, I can still hear my mum muttering 'common' . She even said she was glad she was on holiday so that she didn't have to witness her daughter doing such a shameful thing - think she was a joking a bit, but not much

Gameboy Wed 09-May-07 20:52:17

Well... here's a variation...

I peg dark-coloured T-shirts inside out after a particularly hot summer when I ended up getting sun bleached lines across them....

Otherwise I'm pretty normal (by this thread)

AnAngelWithin Wed 09-May-07 20:51:37

if you wear it on the top, you peg it by the bottom, if you wear it on the botton you peg it by the top.

if it gets rained on i put it on a quick rinse then another fabric conditioner cycle and try again! lol

I peg tops by their bottoms (but only 1 side, billowy like like Othersideofthechannel) and trousers by their waistbands, again just on one side so they hang open a bit.
I don't hang undies and socks because it seems fiddly and timeconsuming and they dry quickly anyway - they tend to go on my always empty 24bottle winerack or radiators.

I read on here once some people hang tops by their armpits to hide pegmarks but surely that means they're hanging double thickness and dry slower?

UCM Wed 09-May-07 20:49:28

That is a fantastic idea, will try on the next good drying day.

As for knickers, I am so fat now that my drawers would be mistaken for pillow cases so it wouldn't matter. Rofl at the 'not very naice' comment, reminds me of my step mother when she doesn't approve of something. I never knew is was 'not very naice' to leave it out overnight though. Oh well I have proved to my neighbours what they probably thought anyway

DeviousDaffodil Wed 09-May-07 20:47:28

Great thread. I often wonder if am doing it right!
I never leave washing overnight - where does the common thing come from?!
Keep pegs in a cute peg bag that hangs on mt line.

cece Wed 09-May-07 20:47:21

Well I leave the pegs on the line all the time and I quite happily leave my washing out overnight. Also been known to leave it out in the rain and wait for it to dry!

What must the neighbours think?

DanielAndOmi Wed 09-May-07 20:45:47

yes, Mrs Badger - that's what I do for sheets and things too!

I still feel guilty if I leave stuff out overnight as my Mum says it's common

I always take my pegs in - any views on this?

WideWebWitch Wed 09-May-07 20:45:24

I hang stuff on hangers ON The line and then when it's dry it goes straight onto clothes rails. Cuts out all the pegging, taking off, folding, taking upstairs, only to hang again.
Changed my life, it did

cece Wed 09-May-07 20:44:51

I also pair up socks as I hang and give everything a good shake before hanging in order to avoid creases.

cece Wed 09-May-07 20:42:01

Now lets see....

I have 4 sections to my rotary dryer, I section is kept specifically for underwear and socks only. That way I know there are enough pegs in that section and don't have to spin around looking for extra pegs.

I am sure someone will comment on my keeping the pegs on the line - no peg bags here

Trousers upsdie down hung from the legs.

T-shirts and tops also upside down.

As I remove from line I fold into piles. 1 pile per person so they can be distributed easily to each bedroom.

No ironing here, except for DH work shirts. They are done 10 shirst once a fortnight.

I hang my bras out on the outside of the line as I have large noorks and my neighbour relies on chicken breast!

DrunkenSailor Wed 09-May-07 20:40:12

I peg Tshirts at the bottom as well. If it's not very windy I fold as little as possible of the garment over the line to get the pegs on, but obviously you'd fold more of it over if it's windy to avoid it blowing off the line.

Heaviest part of the garment downwards for most of it - trousers by the ends of the legs, etc. Not sure if this is the recommended method.

It's supposed to be Not Very Naice to peg out underwear, or leave any washing out overnight. We ignore the first rule but stick to the second as in our case we get wee biting flies all over it.

If it rains a bit on it I've been known to just let it dry again, as rain makes it soft and fresh.

Try to pair up socks as I hang them.

Put the thickest heaviest stuff at the blowiest end of the line, if you have one.

A breeze softens the clothes but still, sunny days can make them stiff/rough.

Remember that if you hang a heavy woolen jumper or something up, its weight when wet could stretch it out of shape.

I have just given up ironing in the hope of partially offsetting my dishwasher .

MrsBadger Wed 09-May-07 20:40:03

oh, and wrt to arrangement on line I do it however it best clears the barbecue at one end and the roses at the other, so normally small stuff at the ends and big stuff in the middle.

bottoms by their tops and tops by their bottoms. My mum hangs mine out all over the place and it does my head in - sooo ungrateful aren't I. Ohh and I hang my smalls on the inside of the line (rotary one btw).

MrsBadger Wed 09-May-07 20:38:25

towels and similar flat things pegged by an edge
sheets and duvet cases - rather than flinging over the line so half hangs down each side, peg one edge then bring opposite edge up and peg too so you have a 'bag' - no crease line down the middle.
peg trousers, pants etc by waistbands
peg socks by toes
peg bras by the bit with the 'eye' fasteners on
and I hang tops on hangers then button up and peg hanger to line (0 ironing in this house) but some people peg by bottom hem.
I sort stuff as I hang it out so socks etc get hung next to their pairs.

If it gets rained on hang indoors on airers (or put out if it's stopped) till dry but never leave out overnight.

Some people dry underwear indoors, presumably to spare their (and their neighbours) blushes at the sight of their knickers, but I have no such qualms.

(heavens I must be dull to ahve written such a long post on laundry...)

DeviousDaffodil Wed 09-May-07 20:37:28

I peg on waist bands and seams to avoid peg marks. I know waht you mean about knickers I think people are embarassed to hang their knickers out as the neigbours will know what they wear!
I don't care though.
I hang larger items on the outer edge and smaller ones in the centre!
Don't know if I am right, but it workd=s for me!

DanielAndOmi Wed 09-May-07 20:37:18

I have a whirly thingy and always hang the small items on the inside - bigger stuff on the outside. Always put socks together in pairs. T-shirts deffo pegged at the bottom, and trousers bi the legs (is that wrong?) Knickers with just one peg. DH's humoungous trunky pant things with two pegs.

LOVE this thread!!!

fruitful Wed 09-May-07 20:36:03

So what's wrong with hanging your trousers by the bottoms?

nickytwotimes Wed 09-May-07 20:33:44

you're opening up a can of worms here friutful!!
rumour has it that some people here hang their trousers up by the bottoms!!!!!!!

seriously though i hang mine smallest to largest, heaviest part of the item down (usually). if it gets rained, just a rinse or a spin as rain makes it softer.

no such thing as not ironing though!

I don't know if this is the most effective method but I peg the bottom part of the tee-shirts so the wind can blow into them and make them billow out like sails. Avoids peg marks on the shoulders too.

fruitful Wed 09-May-07 20:29:22

I'm inspired by the AIBU thread (honest).

I've only had an outside washing line for a month and am therefore a pegging-out novice.

Please tell me your methods for pegging your laundry out so it dries quickly, and doesn't need ironing, and is easy to sort and put away.

And what do you do if it gets rained on (in the absence of helpful neighbours)? Wash it again? Leave it? Spin it and hang out again?

And my neighbours don't seem to wash their knickers ... None on their lines, anyway.

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