Potatoes from veg box feel spongy and are green underneath the skin - are they edible??

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Dinosaur Wed 28-Mar-07 21:12:34

DH came home and tripped coming up the stairs, which is always a bit of a giveaway isn't it?

pointydog Wed 28-Mar-07 20:10:55

symptoms - excess potato worrying and vomiting the purest green

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:57:57

All evening.

Same length of time DH has been in the pub, actually...

heya123 Tue 27-Mar-07 22:46:49

just out of interest, how long have the potatoes been there!!??

MrsSpoon Tue 27-Mar-07 22:46:30

OK pointydog, what are the symptoms?

>MrsSpoon wrings hands anxiously and is grateful that mostly she and her family eat pasta or rice, although perhaps this is the reason that her potatoes go green and sprout<

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:45:58

I will twist his knackers off if he is, pointydog.

pointydog Tue 27-Mar-07 22:45:19

your dh is probably vomiting the purest green right now

heya123 Tue 27-Mar-07 22:45:17

lol! i know ds in bed and am relaxing with a hot chocolate and a snack and am planning to have an evening to myself until 12 when i will go 2 bed!
ahhhhhh BLISS!

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:44:36

Damn right, it is.

MrsSpoon Tue 27-Mar-07 22:44:33

Oh, if we have guests coming who are partaking of potatoes I always make sure I am giving them nice fresh potatoes with no green bits or sprouting bits.

pointydog Tue 27-Mar-07 22:44:30

but the green will get you

pointydog Tue 27-Mar-07 22:44:17

It's a slow process, spoon

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:44:13

Well, DH will not be taking the scenic route to the pearly gates at this rate...

MrsSpoon Tue 27-Mar-07 22:43:20

I just cut off the green bits and sprouting bits and have never died yet.

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:43:16


Still waiting for DH to come back from the pub here ....

pointydog Tue 27-Mar-07 22:42:27

you're very lively for quarter to eleven, hey

heya123 Tue 27-Mar-07 22:40:24

hey! sorry 2 poke ma nose in on a conversation that is moving on slightly, but,
AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! dont eat green potatoes! im not an expert but it doesnt sound 2 healthy 2 me!!

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:39:47

PMSL at [groin]

It may catch on, you know.

pointydog Tue 27-Mar-07 22:39:02

hillary, what you got against the cheeky sprouters?

MamaG Tue 27-Mar-07 22:38:57

[small rofl at groin]

MamaG Tue 27-Mar-07 22:38:44

yes, of course [groin]

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:38:15

With Philip Glenister, you mean?

MamaG Tue 27-Mar-07 22:37:42

you wouldn't have this problem if you just bought smash

MamaG Tue 27-Mar-07 22:37:05

[narky cow pokes nose in]

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:36:58


frogs Tue 27-Mar-07 22:36:14

Awww, dino. He didn't deserve you.

Hope you have something better than squishy spuds to drown your sorrows. Maybe you could ferment them into some kind of recherche Schnapps?

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:33:29

He threw me out, frogs .


Hathor Tue 27-Mar-07 22:33:08

Green are a bit nasty.
Sprouting are fine, as long as not green too.

frogs Tue 27-Mar-07 22:32:50

Did you use the spuds to poison MrPhilipGlenister, dino, or did you get an anulment?

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:32:42

I think this has the potential to be the most controversial thread I've ever started .

Hillary Tue 27-Mar-07 22:31:47

Green potatoes are very bad dont eat them, also sprouting potatoes are a no no too.

pointydog Tue 27-Mar-07 22:30:21

You will be fine.

pointydog Tue 27-Mar-07 22:30:08

oh I've missed something important. Have you eaten a green potato then?

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:29:12

...and then you'll all be sorry [flounce].

pointydog Tue 27-Mar-07 22:28:36

You will croak.

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:17:04

Shall I post on here tomorrow with an update?

Mind you, DH has just been in the pub for two hours, and I've had two glasses of wine at home, so if we do have stomach ache, it may not be all the fault of the green potatoes...

luciemule Tue 27-Mar-07 22:14:32

Always thought you shouldn't eat green pots but then saw somewhere that if you peeled away green, the rest is fine. Perhaps don't try it though - just in case. I think the outcome from eating green spuds is stomach ache isn't it?

pointydog Tue 27-Mar-07 22:14:09

Green - bad
Sprouting - OK

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 22:12:38

Heh heh!

PippiLangstrump Tue 27-Mar-07 22:11:55

to, i meant!

PippiLangstrump Tue 27-Mar-07 22:11:19

not too worry ... it was only the reharsal...

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 21:38:14

0h dear Pippi!

PippiLangstrump Tue 27-Mar-07 21:26:39

lol at dinosaur - exactly what I do (def a gemini thing then) and I DID pison DH once! he was in bed delirious for two days - getting up only to run to the toilet.

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 21:20:16

Well, I've compromised (I am so a Gemini).

I've binned the one which was green through and through, and carved the green bits off the others and salvaged what was left and wazzed them into a big veg curry.

I wouldn't mind poisoning DH anyway .

morningpaper Tue 27-Mar-07 21:19:07

Jamie Oliver is so prissy that he would get a tummy ache from any food bought in Asda

PippiLangstrump Tue 27-Mar-07 21:18:11

janie oliver sais NO!! might give you 'tummy aches' (his words not mine!)
My mum sais better not too. and she adds that potatoes should be sored in the dark, possibly covered, so they last longer and do not grow bits! (she only told me last week!)

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 21:16:06

Has this thing kicked off yet ?

greenday Tue 27-Mar-07 21:10:01

I read too (from a leaflet in my vegbox) that green potatoes turn green because they have been stored in the open. So I'm inclined to think like Trinity here as they didn't say that you can't eat them, but just to store them in the correct places.

morningpaper Tue 27-Mar-07 21:06:26

according to wikipedia no reported cases of potato-source solanine poisoning have occurred in the U.S. in the last 50 years

morningpaper Tue 27-Mar-07 21:04:58

I have googled some stuff which says they are fine if you chop the green bits off

morningpaper Tue 27-Mar-07 21:03:17

I find that nearly all my organic pots have a green tinge after a few days

As they would have stored them this way 100 years ago I just chop the green bits off and eat them

Donk Tue 27-Mar-07 21:01:56

DO NOT EAT GREEN POTATOES - they contain and alkaloid poison called solanine. Even the non-green bits contain it (the green is just the chlorophyll that has been produced by the potato to allow it to photosynthesise....)

tortoise Tue 27-Mar-07 20:59:00

I have eaten potatoes that are going green as long as i peel a good layer of greenness away!

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 20:57:28

TrinityRhino, take note!

zephyrcat Tue 27-Mar-07 20:56:36

Nope you musn't eat green potatoes.

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 20:54:10

Are you sure, Trinity?

this seems to suggest they are rather bad for one!

Er, anyone else out there?

TrinityRhino Tue 27-Mar-07 20:50:06

the 'not eating green potatoes' stems from when growing them you mustn'yt eat the green ones that are the seed potatoes (or something like that, I'm no garderner) but green potatoes that have gone green because they haven't been stored in the complete dark are ok to eat

nickytwotimes Tue 27-Mar-07 20:49:26

mom is right. them there green tatties are not for the eating

MerlinsBeard Tue 27-Mar-07 20:48:21

nooooo don't eat green potatoes!

Dinosaur Tue 27-Mar-07 20:46:53

I have a notion that green potatoes aren't very good for you! Does anyone know if the darn things are edible, or should they just go straight in the compost bin?

(From organic vegetable box to compost bin in just 10 minutes, and several quid down the drain - gah!)

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