Can I wash my duck down duvet in the washing machine?

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Psychobabble Fri 23-Mar-07 15:20:49

It's a big machine and the duvet will fit. Also have a condenser dryer which senses when stuffs fully dry so should be able to dry it ok. Any reason why I shouldn't? Am too lazy to go to the launderette

Psychobabble Fri 23-Mar-07 18:10:24

bump. Anyone??

Psychobabble Sat 24-Mar-07 20:54:23

please don't make me go to the launderette.....

ebenezer Sun 25-Mar-07 12:38:53

I wouldn't have thought so. Mine cost a lot of money so maybe thats why I'm scared!

quokka Sun 25-Mar-07 12:42:46

its fine as long as you have a decent washing machine - but you have to tumble dry it completely bone dry otherwise it will smell of wet feathers! When you put it in the tumble dryer try putting a tennis ball in, it will help move the feathers around so it will dry easier.

finknottle Sun 25-Mar-07 12:43:37

I did - big machine too, extra water if you have that option. And tennis balls (new or v clean) in the dryer to help the duvet dry thoroughly. Was recommended on the dc down-filled jackets. I use the balls for pillows etc too. They bounce around and stop the clothes/pillow sticking to the side so they're more evenly dried.

quokka Sun 25-Mar-07 12:43:53

I wash my down and feather pillows as well every so often and they are fine as well .

finknottle Sun 25-Mar-07 12:44:13

x-post with Quokka

ebenezer Sun 25-Mar-07 14:46:44

I might try washing mine now - feeling a bit braver!

Psychobabble Sun 25-Mar-07 19:31:38

thank you! Think I will try next time we have a sunny day so I can air it outside afterwards. Will be sure to post if it's a total disaster!

Daniellesmummy24 Wed 10-Jul-13 10:42:00

This is sick and I doubt any one wants o no but will it get rid of child excrement. I've never washed my duck duvet and don't have the facility's to go to a laundrette or access to a tumble..... HELP!!

wizard9 Sat 03-May-14 15:05:30

I notice that tennis balls were recommended to lift the down feathers. Would laundry balls (these are hard plastic nodules) do the same?

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