***MONDAY FLY*****Declutter bathroom

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pippah Mon 13-Nov-06 07:58:54

Kelly's mission

Yes, it's decluttering the bathroom again. Seems like i've only just done this, and I'm pretty sure I haven't acquired any new clutter, so it means decluttering the spare bedroom for me....eek!

Trinityrhino Mon 13-Nov-06 08:01:01

good morning, sorry long time no effort made here

hope everyone is well

hmmm that mission sounds nice NOT

Flamesparrow Mon 13-Nov-06 08:04:58

Ok, I'm up for that - I might need yelling at if I've not done it by 1pm...

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 08:07:22

Morning all

Have really slipped on this, and boy it shows. I am about to get rid of DH and the girls for a few days so I can have some ME time, so on my list to do before wednesday is.....

Clean bathroom and toilet
Hoover upstairs
Clean carpets upstairs and downstairs
Clear out car
Hoover out car
Put all washing away in rightful place (not in basket at top of stairs lol)

So once that is done, I am having a well earned break. Will grab a book and head into town for a LONG sit in a cafe! Come home, have a LONG bath and get into pj's and veg infront of tv with a bar of choccy!!!

tinshoes Mon 13-Nov-06 08:21:45

Morning all. We did this mission last month and I havent really acquired new clutter. yay!

There is also a *flyspot alert* of finding any outstanding library books and returning them.

Well this morning DD woke at 6am but we managed to get her into our bed and have an extra hour. Since we both got up I have dressed, showered, breakfasted, cleared kitchen debris, emptied and reloaded d/w and w/m, cleaned an oven shelf (dont ask??? felt compelled) and made the beds.....

{{feeling rather smug emoticon}}

tinshoes Mon 13-Nov-06 09:33:35

aw, i've dropped DD at preschool and left straight away for the first time (last time i stayed through registration). She didnt bat an eyelid so no worries there. Now I need to work out what to do with the next 2 1/2 hours....

peegeeweegee Mon 13-Nov-06 09:34:43

Morning all...

Right, after a week or so of the dc taking turns to have some odd virus, I am back with a vengeance...

The house is a tip, but on the positive side, I do not have any library books to return, and I did the bathroom fling thing last time...

So, my jobs for today are:

Tidy, dust, hoover downstairs
One light load of laundry
One dark load of laundry
Washing up and put away
Tidy kitchen

right, will stop procrastinating and get a move on, will be back for a progress report...
(to bore you all to death and keep me motivated. )

Jelley Mon 13-Nov-06 09:43:36

I missed this thread this morning, and started another one

I've redirected myseldf here now though.

Second load of washing is finishing.
I will declutter bathroom as I didn't do it last month, and there may be stuff hiding.
My personal mission for today is to clean under/behind the sofa (DP moved it looking for something yesterday, and it is shocking)
Will also hunt for library books, as dd2 keeps getting reminders for books I have no memory of (I haven't worried too much, as children don't get fined. Mine are never late)

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 09:54:56

Morning all.
Mission is easy-None to clear.Infact i have run out of shower gel and shampoo/conditioner is about to run out!
Front room is ok but kitchen needs a good tidy again.I forgot to do dishwasher again last night.I need to get into a do it after dinner routine!
Right off to do kitchen first then will come back for a break!
Good to see you TR!
And JARM enjoy your few days of peace.Sounds like you will have a great time.

peegeeweegee Mon 13-Nov-06 10:27:11

Phew, I am back, with a lovely cuppa...

Have tidied, dusted and hoovered the hallway, lounge and dining room, and it looks sooo much better...

I think the first load of laundry is just finishing, so will go up and deal with that in a mo...

Have just taken the plastic booster seat of one of the dining chairs as dd no longer wants to use it. It is shocking - I am growing colonies of mould in there never before seen by humans!!!

The straps are brown (they were once white and don't come off for washing, so have decided to dump the whole seat in a bath of bleach...

Hope you are all having a productive day...., I am glad to be in the swing of it again today, there is nothing worse than dealing with poorly children, feeling poorly yourself and at the same time despairing about a tip of a house....

Jelley Mon 13-Nov-06 10:36:30

Mission done (sort of. I did try, but have nothing to throw away. It is tidy now though)
I've cleared behind the sofa, but can't find the hoover attachment I want. Going to go and hunt some more...

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 10:39:04

Kitchen tidier.Bit more to do but im stopping for a drink. Im all sneezy again.I think i might see dr about dust allergy because it seems never ending colds at the moment.I know i do suffer from dust allergy.Must be something i can take to help.

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 10:40:19

hello all,

JARM....glad you are ok..I was getting a bit worried

was it really a month since the last bathroom mission? My bathroom is ok..all decluttered still.
need to clear out the top of my wardrobe.

I'm also half way through making snowflakes ready to stick all over the windows...its only a couple of weeks until dec..Chrimbo Ha!

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 10:45:08

tort...have you tried Piriton?? It might help...I have perenial rhinitas (all year round allergies)
If I'm really bad I take antihistamines for a bit.

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 10:49:29

Ludaloo Thats a good idea.There is some medicine in the cupboard will go guzzle some! (carefully measured out of course)

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 10:50:35

yuk yuk yuk!!
Tasting like that it better work!

singersgirl Mon 13-Nov-06 10:57:10

Will tackle one of the children's rooms, then, as our bathroom is de-cluttered. In fact it's leaking so badly everywhere we're not using it until it's been replaced - looking at quotes right now.

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 11:03:17

lol! I hope it does...It usually does the trick for me tort!

tinshoes Mon 13-Nov-06 11:03:25

I just cleaned my DDs room from top to bottom in 1/2 hour!!! <ost of her toys are downstairs and she doesnt have many shelves etc but even so I'm v. pleased. All that is left is to hoover but i mught get DH to fo that tonight.

I've also done nearly everything in my bathroom. Just have the cabinet to clean/sort and a small patch of tiles to re-grout. Other than that it is spic and span. I am AMAZED at how much you can do without kiddies around

Now off for a cuppa and a rest for an hour before I pick up DD. I miss her already...

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 11:05:31

Awww tinshoes! my ds is also at nursery for 2 hours in the morning....I am just off to get him actually...It is amazing what you can get done!!!

tinshoes Mon 13-Nov-06 11:06:29

Ps. excuse my crappy spelling. not sure what happened there

Quootiepie Mon 13-Nov-06 11:07:30

Morning! Easy task today... all I have is one small shelf with a vase on it which needs emptying WIll try and do DSs room aswell... its abit of a mess. DH has hoovered and cleaned the kitchen, so thats done Just got to have breakfast then shower, then get going Its weekly home blessing hour aswell today!

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 11:10:23

I seem to have missed this homeblessing thang...can someone explain?

I haven't signed up to the flylady page you see..I just use this thread to help motivate me

BudaBeast Mon 13-Nov-06 11:11:25

Hi guys

Well I have been out for coffe all morning some friends - one of the the Mums at school is leaving on Wednesday to have a baby - she is from Finland so is going back there to have baby.

My bathroom could def do with being de-cluttered but not sure I will have time today. I have bottles and bottles and bottles of stuff that I never use.

Had some friends over for lunch yesterday and with 6 children in total in the house the playroom took a bit of a battering so that is prob priority today.

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 11:11:51

The home blessing is a bit much for me!
Had to strip DD2's cot.She wet herself in it.
Think i will do DD1's bed too if i ever stop sneezing and blowing my nose.

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 11:13:46

what is it though????????

tinshoes Mon 13-Nov-06 11:13:59

luda - the home blessing is too much for me too, so I split it into 10 mins each day and then it doesnt seem like too much effort.

Quootiepie Mon 13-Nov-06 11:14:13


Polish Mirrors and Doors
Purge magazines
Change Sheets
Empty all trash

RubyRioja Mon 13-Nov-06 11:18:27


Trying to sort out bits and pieces today. I'm not so much cleaning as clearing out and tidying. Also trying to sort out ex-tenants electricity bill .

Lots to do and I thought it would be easer withn 2/3 children at school, but I am lacking drive and not really knowing where to start. It really is not possible to dust when there are 75 pots of reindeer food, chocolate bananas and sprinkles and other assorted weird school stuff around!

Someone give me permission to bin some stuff!!!!!!!!!

Trinityrhino Mon 13-Nov-06 11:19:20

hey all, still haven't done the mission, grrr at my self, procrastinatin is something I am REALLY good at

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 11:20:03

75 pots of reindeer food!
You have my permission to bin anything you want!

Trinityrhino Mon 13-Nov-06 11:22:33

what do reindeers eat??

I would bin alot of it and ust keep alittle bit so the kids don't think you don't appreciate what they make lol

RubyRioja Mon 13-Nov-06 11:29:41

Reindeer food is for school fete (I'm not weird really ), but I am struggling after the first wave of decluttering to get rid of stuff. Some is sentimental (ie Mum and Dad's), some is useful, but duplicates and some I am not sure if we need it or not (eg clothes for DDs).

BUT I absoltuely recognise, that if there is no room in cupboards, stuff does not get put away.

RubyRioja Mon 13-Nov-06 11:30:28

And choc bananas for toddler group tomorrow! See I really am not strange!

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 11:35:27

Morning all. Feeling very bunged up today. I got up this am and got the DSs ready for school. HNtree stopped in bed. It does feel great to be getting back to doing things again.

The bathroom is doing ok, so not much FLYing needs to be done in there. I need to buy bathroom bits though. Running low on everything

Things that I want to do today.
Normal FLYing (every day things)
and I want to clean off the shelfs in the lounge. I have too much on them and I never dust them as it takes so long I`m going to put some bits away so there is not so much on them.
Going to make a lamb hot pot for tea tonight.

Just one other thing to say..............

and thats.......

Tortoise. The xmas lights look fab!!


jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 11:38:30

Hello again!!

I have now

Cleaned down kitchen worktops and appliances
Loaded and put on dishwasher
Hoovered downstairs
Washed carpets downstairs
Folded washing ready to put away
(oh and danced along to radio 1 at the same time lol)

Still to do

Hoover upstairs
Clean carpets upstairs
Put clothes away
Clear out car
Hoover out car
Go to post office

LEts hope im done by 3pm!!!

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 11:44:44

Oh Thank you.......... Wow...I'd better get my skates on!!!!

So far I have

Hoovered downstairs....

Thats it really!

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 11:45:58

p.s...JARM....have you used a machine to wash the carpets???????
My lounge carpet is a state but I don't have a cleaning machine....or the funds to get one!

MamaApronstrings Mon 13-Nov-06 11:54:21

Morning everyone, after what seems like an age, i'm back.

House is looking good following a week of mentally trying to get it ready to go on the market - but now its allabout maintenance. Its been nearly a week, so I feel out of the loop - hope people are feeling better than they did last week when there was a lot of fluey stuff about. Early am for me, about to wakr the children for school will read back through to catch up later if i get the chance.

Its nice to be back

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 11:55:53

hello mama!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 11:59:11

Hi mama!
I have just changed DD1's sheets and wiped DD2's cot mattress and cover.It went right through the waterproof sheet which has now got tiny cracks in it!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 12:01:36

Now i'm sneezing and nose running again! Grrr.Fed up with it.

RubyRioja Mon 13-Nov-06 12:10:36

Have had clear out in dd1's bedroom - a bit of genuine rubbish, but also two sacks of cuddlytoys in extremely good condition, many still with labels. Fimbles, Cat in teh hat, Nemo etc.

Any ideas what to do with them? Do charity shops actually use them?

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 12:16:07

Id put them on Ebay! 10p listing day today.
Charity shops would sell them.

RubyRioja Mon 13-Nov-06 12:18:55

Charity shop then! I suspect half the world curses huge numbers of soft toys!

I can't take them to school fair as dd's will recognise some!

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 12:25:58

I would charity shop them ruby....I'm sure they would be glad of them really,

I just can't get going today!! Attempted dd1 room but ended up playing with the hamster!

Must must must do something!!!!!!!!!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 12:26:51

ludaloo I can't get motivated either.I do keep getting up and doing little bits.
Maybe i should do some damp dusting.

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 12:27:39

ooh whats damp dusting???

I'll do it if you do!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 12:35:17

Um dusting with a damp cloth!
I normally use polish but i think with my nose today maybe a damp cloth will hold the dust better.
I almost never do dusting!!

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 12:37:19


i don't think I've done that before!!!

Actually I have been known to use a baby wipe

Anyway...Yes Yes...off to damp dust!!!!!!!!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 12:38:17

I would of used baby wipes if i had any!
1 shelf done.

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 12:46:55

well I decided to use Mr Sheen...then at least it will smell like I've done something!

Done tv..side unit..mirror..comp table..window sill and table!
hmmm feeling slightly more motivated!!!!

RubyRioja Mon 13-Nov-06 12:50:38

Have just foudn 3 pairs pants in dd's bookcase?

Do you think it is possible she is a clutterbug like me?

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 12:51:35

Right girls

Have now

Tidied upstairs
Brought down rubbish and washing
Put all clothes/sheets/towels away NEATLY
Hoovered upstairs

Still to do


I do use a carpet cleaner, its a Bissell QuickWash - £67 on ebay brand new - its £99.99 in Argos!

Makes my life SO much easier - and the girls can make as much mess as they like because I know I can clean it whenever I want!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 13:00:26

I have done 3 shelves.They are covered in china tortoises so takes a while to clean each one then the shelf and re-arrange the tortoises back onto the shelf!
Stop for lunch then will do fire place(gas fire,never used,gathers lots of dust!) And then tv etc.

shazronnie Mon 13-Nov-06 13:04:26

kelly must have alot of crap in her bathroom cupboard because she gives us this mission every month!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 13:07:06

JARM you are doing great.
I assume if they didn't repeat missions each week then it wouldnt help new flyers.

Quootiepie Mon 13-Nov-06 13:08:05

are you all home blessing?

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 13:10:57

Not really Q. Ive only done DD's beds and now doing dusting to see if i feel better with less of a dusty house!
Are you ok?

SUSIntoSpaceandback Mon 13-Nov-06 13:11:04

hey girls!!
good to see some more motivation back in all of you!!!
jarm how did you get dh to take both girls for so long?!!??!?!

hn glad you are up and about

at turtle and luda with their private competition

i did 50% of my burninghotspot pc desk
not finished just yet but still ... a beginning!
also w/m has finished and needs to dry.
kitchen is still clean (d/w loaded) - it's surprising what all that decluttering does to keep a routine. now i try to do certain things each day (by the end of the day) and it's so much easier to stay on top!!!!

just been to softplay with the monsters. dd and dp are in bed, ds is watching tv with big yawns
and i'll get a cuppa and some chocolate and watch some tv too me finks

see you all in a bit

Jelley Mon 13-Nov-06 13:15:12

I do most of the home blessing stuff at the weekend. I even polished the mirrors.

Bathroom missions are always a bit rubbish imo. They are all basically the same two jobs _ declutter, and clean - and get done on the first day. We never get "other room" missions.
My other room is kids room, so I'm going to do 15 mins up there in the hope I can find some missing library books.

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 13:16:20

Well done susi.
Is anyone having anything nice for lunch? Ive got boiled eggs.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 13:18:32

Susis - easy - told him if i didnt get any me time i was upping and leaving all of them!!! My dad is the true star though for agreeing to have them for 2 nights while i can just be myself a little!

Have now


Still to do...


OMG - Im getting there!!!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 13:19:55

havent even thought about lunch yet......... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......... maybe after one more job!

Jelley Mon 13-Nov-06 13:20:47

tort. I've just been in to school and had school dinner with dd2 (potato cheese/beans, fruit salad). They invite one class' parents a week each term, so we can get to know what they are having!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 13:31:52

Oooh jelley you were lucky.

peegeeweegee Mon 13-Nov-06 14:08:00

Jarm - you are really getting going today!! Wow!!
Have cleaned the highchair (straps still brown), wiped over bathroom and cleaned the cabinet under the sink.

Now having lunch... cheese on toast (yum)
Jelley - what a lovely idea, I wish dc school did this...
Tort - just boiled eggs?? On their own??

Quootiepie Mon 13-Nov-06 14:14:04

yep, im OK...

3 odd days of total FLYing ahead without DH!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 14:14:08

Right, have had lunch - pasta in cheese and broccoli sauce. Yummmmmmmmy!

Am having a drink and then will go and clean carpet upstairs and go to post office.

Will come home and clean car!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 14:20:11

peegee Eggs in their shell.with bread and butter. Can't say dippy eggs cos they were not dippy!
TV clean and dusted!
Fire place next.

Jelley Mon 13-Nov-06 14:20:12

Q, I've just read your other thread
Lots of good advice though, and hopefully a break will help.
We are always here if you need a chat.

Yes, dd2 was very happyto have me there for lunch.

No more fly ing here. I'm feeding ds, then I'll hoover. Friends coming round after school today. Didn't get much done in the bedroom

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 14:35:20

Fire place cleaned and dust free!
Now i don't know what to do next!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 14:37:55

Ive been to post office

Need to


Can you tell Im putting these things off lol

Q - not sure whats happened but {{{hugs}}}

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 14:40:28


Quootie..hope you are ok...thinking of you xx

Well good grief! I have :

Changed all the beds..
Shake n vac the whole of upstairs and hoovered
Tidied both kids rooms
Hoovered my bedroom curtains
put another load of washing in
Finally put away about three days worth of washing!!!!!!!

DH has just phoned to say I have to meet him in town after picking dd1 up...he's taking us out for a meal! [[[thunk]]] !!!

I have just got to rehoover down stairs..ds found the custard creams!!!!!!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 14:47:37

Hoovered curtains???
I need to do something.Might do pile of stuff thats built up.Christmas catalogues and leaflets etc!

Flamesparrow Mon 13-Nov-06 14:47:49

I have attempted to cook pasties though (and forgot to season em so they will taste of nothing!

Bah, I'll do more flying in a bit (or probably just "do flying" would be more accurate )

Quootie - saw your thread... thinking of you

ludaloo Mon 13-Nov-06 14:55:13

hmmmm......i read it somewhere...can't remember where....
You use the soft attachment on the hoover...it is great for getting dust off the foldy bits at the top...I have been meaning to get them down and wash them...but rather worried about shrinking them etc...so hoovering them will have to do!

I have ordered Kim and Aggies book from Amazon this morning...has anyone got it? i borrowed a magazine from a friend and there was a three page thing full of housework tips...which made me want the book!!
£2.99 from Amazon..not bad I thought!

Flamesparrow Mon 13-Nov-06 15:11:34

Oh I'm crap... I forgot to put any bloody potato in them too,

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 15:28:19

Have made sultana cookies with DD's!
Yesterdays weren't very good so we are tring the choc chip cookie recipe that we know is great but using sultanas instead(no raisins left!).

Flamesparrow Mon 13-Nov-06 15:30:40

What is the difference between raisins and sultanas?

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 15:30:46

afternoon all. Looks like we have all been trying to do some FLYing today. Well Done to us all

HNtree and DD have been doing a few bits in the bathroom. (playing with water more then FLYing i think) least mum and DD had fun.

I have done my shelfs. I always damp dust. (yes with wet wipes to sometimes) Today I used a bucket of warm water and cloth. Then I I have a cloth and put a bit of polish, which helps for the next time I dust. It also smells good.
I have damp dusted the TV/TV unit, the fire place and the computer desk.

For lunch we had poach egg on toast.

HNtree and DD have gone to get DSs from school and are getting a fews bits from the shop.

My lamb hot pot is smelling good and making me feel very hungry.

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 15:33:59

Ya know Flame i wondered that when i bought them!
Just something else dried and shrivled!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 15:36:54

Well done HN.

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 15:37:02

ludaloo, I have just got a small hoover set that fits on the big hoover. Its really good for hoovering the dust off those bits you just cant get to normaly. Its great for hoovering the back of the TV, and on top of the sky box etc.

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 15:41:36

Thanks tortoise. It feels good to be able to do things again. Not ready yet to do things like the walk to school but at least I am now getting there

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 15:45:17

I have now

Been to post office
Cleaned out car
Hoovered car
Put another load of washing on
Tumble dryer on

To do

Clean carpets upstairs
empty wahing machine and tumble dryer
Last load of washing to put on

I will relax once its all done, then I can sit on my arse all night and do nothing!!!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 15:48:04

Biscuits are crap.All spread out together and gone thin.Then fell apart.
Have the last of the mixture in the oven.
They taste nice though! We are eating the bits.

Bucketsofburntdinosaurs Mon 13-Nov-06 15:53:19

Hiya, long time no post (lots of burying ostrich head in the sand) but had to tell everyone: I've got tip of the day on the homepage!
I have swept the kitchen floor, done the dishwasher, had a new local cyber friend round for coffee, done a load of nappies - superficial stuff.
If you're all looking for extra points, here's one to think about - if you have tea / coffee / sugar cannisters when was the last time you washed them out? Don't forget to do it next time they need refilling.
And don't forget to wipe down the loo flush, taps and door lock/handle with an antiseptic wipe.

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 15:56:42

Hi buckets.yeah i saw the tip.
I was the sugar pot out before refilling. Don't drink tea or coffee.Just had a thoughtI bet there is a coffee pot full of coffee from xp2.Been in there nearly a year.Will it be manky now?

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 15:57:42


HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 15:59:27

JARM... You have gone loads today. Well Done!

Tortoise... They have to break up when you eat them anyway.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 16:04:41

Thanks guys!

Amazing what can be done with NO ONE under your feet!

I wanted to get it all done today so I can have a proper ME day tomorrow

Anyone know how to clean car upholstery?!

Quootiepie Mon 13-Nov-06 16:06:45

JARM, you can get special cleaner... but carpet cleaner should do it...

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 13-Nov-06 16:08:53

ooooh will try my carpet shampoo then..... just not now as starting to get dark and deal or no deal is about to start!!!

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 16:12:23

Hiya Buckets. I have not seen the tip but I will look in a mo.

Upholstery, XP2 used a upholstery car cleaner. Spay it on and scrub it in with the brush thingy it comeds with and then wipe the dirt off with a clean damp cloth until cleans off all the drit the cleaner brings out. ( 2 or 3 times) It made his car seats look new again

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 16:17:16

Have you got attachments with the carpet cleaner? You should be able to use that if it will reach from the house of course!

shazronnie Mon 13-Nov-06 17:41:52

Well done bucketofdinosaurs - everyone needs to know that tip!!

shazronnie Mon 13-Nov-06 17:43:02

Well done bucketofdinosaurs - everyone needs to know that tip!!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 18:50:37

yay MN is back!
Better get DD's to bed now then tidy up dinner stuff!

RubyRioja Mon 13-Nov-06 19:14:26

Have cleared 3 bin bags of rubbish and a bag of charity stuff, two bags of cuddly toys and 10 items on ebay!


Can now just about walk in dd1s room without tripping over! They are now playing with newly liberated Barbies. Why do children always play with weird american accents?

pippah Mon 13-Nov-06 19:17:00

Everyone is doing so well! I am doing what I can. I am now 38+3 weeks gone and all my energy has gone and I feel sooo tired, even though have had 10 hours sleep last 2 nights. Have got friends for dinner tonight (why did I invite them????) so have shopped, cooked big meal cleaned and hoovered d/stairs and swished the bathroom and loo. I have to say though that because I've been FLYing, the house is a lot faster to get 'company ready' as they say....

Now am thinking that I might just be sitting there like a wet lettuce all night cos it's worn me out so much! The house looks blooming gorgeous though, so at least that gives me a smile, and I'm sure once we start gossiping I'll start to enjoy it! And there should be enough food so I don;t have to cook tomorrow....

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 19:18:54

Well done Ruby.Im going to add some bits to ebay now.
Pippah Hope you enjoy the evening.And have a rest tomorrow.You deserve it!

RubyRioja Mon 13-Nov-06 19:19:23

Pippah - from now on, if you must invite people round, insist they bring food! Make the most of this time! In fact, see if you know enough people to invite them one a night until baby arrives

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 19:21:06

You had problems to tortoise. I thought it was just my computer.

Dinner all eaten. The lamb hot pot went down very well. DD wanted more. I have never seen her eat like she did tonight. The DW is doing it work on the pots now.

Dc Bathed and DD and DS2 are in bed. DS1 has now read his book so he now watching a bit of TV. He would not read it earlier. He does not like to read new books. If he could he would read the same book every night.

HNtree is having a hot bath. I am aching a little bit more then normal. So I am going to have a hot hot bath later.

Good tip Buckets I had a look at some of the others. I like the loo flush 1. lol

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 19:29:02

Well Done Ruby I dont know how many bags of cuddly toys we have. I bet I have 3 black bags full. DD must be 2 bags and DSs 3 or 4 bags! I have my first ever teddy too. Thats nearly 25 years old now.

pippah, put you feet up and rest now until the baby is born. Make the most of it. Get others to come round for coffee and get them to clean up things for you

nikkie Mon 13-Nov-06 20:06:50

Right I'm going to try and join in this!
I have done the library books and the bathroom-good start?

SUSIntoSpaceandback Mon 13-Nov-06 20:12:37

good to see everyone still in a good mood

nikkie absolutly! great start! keep it up!

don't think i've done much today but sink is empty, kitchen is clean, toys are off the floor and took the kids to softplay
enough for one day

what is all these tips about you keep mentioning?????

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 20:19:10

Hiya Susi.

Buckets has her tip of the day on the home page

Ds1 is in bed now. And my bath is run so I am going to have a long hot bath. Make the most of mumtree being here so I can have a long bath without having to worry about the DC waking up. ( they have not done so yet with mum HNtree here though) One of them wake up when its just me here.

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 20:20:51

susi Tip is on the home page each day.
i have put some bits on Ebay. Few more to add for tonight!
Oh and ive been naughty and not done the kitchen yet.

peegeeweegee Mon 13-Nov-06 20:22:55

Hi All...

Still going strong, apart from doing my downstairs, I have cleaned the bathroom window and mirror, bleached the toilet and bath, and wiped all bathroom surfaces, hung fresh towels out and done my second laod of laundry...

Feeling very pleased!!

Welcome Nikki, great start ,you did more on your first day than I did... (I got stuck reading the thread but actually did nothing...

Quootie, not read your other thread so don't know what's going on,but hope you are okay..

RubyRioja Mon 13-Nov-06 20:23:21

i am being a girly swot and sorting out XMas gifts for teachers tonight. We always give World Vision sheep/goats/library books/mozzie nets. DDs always have hump and insist on Fererro Rocher to accompany though!

nikkie Mon 13-Nov-06 20:32:45

Oh I've been reading the thread for weeks and had a blitz before half term but now need to keep on top of the mess and declutter !
A friend came round tonight and thought she had the wrong house because it was tidy

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 21:19:59

MMMMM that feels better after my hot bath.

Tortoise. Have you done your DW yet?

Nikki. Well done on changing your home to look on the better side now.

There is only one thing wrong with making our homes look great. If we feel like we cant be bothered to FLY for a few days and the home gets to look a bit untidy, then others will say how bad it looks. Yet if we keep on top of things, the well done`s soon stop and we wont here them after all the hard FLYing we keep doing every day.

Maybe we should FLY on Thursdays and Fridays (for the weekend) and Mondays (for after the weekend) That way we should get "Well Done`s" every week lol

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 21:23:01

Ruby. I have to buy myself some Fererro Rocher just so I have some in my Xmas Sack

I always make sure its the biggest box I can get though.

Well the DC do help me eat them!

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 21:27:10

Well Done peegeeweegee

I wonder if we are all still so keen tomorrow

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 21:29:59

Right Ebaying done for now! Its getting boring.
No HN DW not done yet.
Just watching 'Im a celebrity get me out of here' then i will do it!

RubyRioja Mon 13-Nov-06 21:33:08

Can't upload my pics to World Vision -- I think the whole world is on ebay!

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 21:35:45

Ok I changed my mind and loaded DW while kettle boiled for my hot choc!
Wasn't alot to put in today.

sahmtotwo Mon 13-Nov-06 21:55:49

Eeek! you lot have been busy on here. Sorry haven't read it as I have been off line for a few days because the computer has been down.

So will just say Hi hope everyone is well.

This morning I managed to unload/load D/W. Washing out and hung up and about 5 loads away. Really must learn to keep on top of it s/s the bathroom. Sorted a hotspot in the kitchen and did 3 x 15 minutes tidy ups. Also BF the baby twice. This afternoon I had to see the Dr at the hospital, he was delayed so didn't get to see him till quite late. Went to pick up DS1 from his playdate and got home in time to cook tea and bath the DS's, DH came home and put them to bed and I have been trying to catch up on 2 days with no internet.

Will try and scan read to see what I missed.

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 22:15:20

Hi sahm.
I hope the dr at the hospital was helpful.Hope you don't mind me asjking but was it to do with the MC's? Hope all is well anyway.
Least you have kept up with the basics.
I thought you were posting over the weekend! Just shows how much notice i take of what day we are on.

Jelley Mon 13-Nov-06 22:22:32

HN I agree. No one notices any more how clean/tidy my house is now I also find it difficult to motivate myself. When it was a total tip, I could see the improvement. Now, it's maintenance, and I don't get that feeling that I've achieved something.

I'm having a day off tomorrow, and I'm going to walk to the next town, and try and do some Christmas shopping instead.

Hello new FLY baby

We're pretty close to getting new babies on here...

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 22:37:24

I feel like that too Jelly I don't have many , if any people round to see my house. The landlady has been round a few times and said " did you clean up for m?" Its never wow how do you keep it looking so good with 3 DC and on your own. I bet tort feels the same?

Least on these threads I get well done HN

Lots of New FLY babies ready for Xmas

Hope you have a good day tomorrow Xmas shopping

I hope everything was ok at hospital sahmtotwo

I have the dentist tomorrow and I hate going to the dentist

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 22:43:50

Yeah HN i know what you mean. No one really sees my house.SW has said it looks alot better! I like it when i tidy the night before then DD's get up and when we come down stairs DD1 says wow its all tidy mummy!

sahmtotwo Mon 13-Nov-06 22:55:18

Tort it went down late Saturday and I got it back about 3 hours ago. Unfortunatly the Dr I was seeing is nothing to do with the m/c's. Not getting any help as according to this health authority I am to old to have help . I have a long term health problem and he has been meesing around with my medication which is also mucking me about which doesn't help much

HN good luck at the dentist tomorrow. You have my sympathies. I'm waiting for an appointment to the dental clinic for an extraction.

Hope everyone sleeps well. Night night.

tortoise Mon 13-Nov-06 23:00:46

Aww thats a shame sahm.Your not that old are you? I didn't realise you had a health problem too.Oh its such a shame you can't get help.for you.

HazelnutHazelnutsTree Mon 13-Nov-06 23:35:34

Thanks sahmtotwo

Sorry that things are not going very well on the heath front.

I`m off to bed now. Going to get DSs ready for school tomorrow. I feeling much better now and want to get things back to normal

NN everyone and see you all tomorrow

tinshoes Tue 14-Nov-06 08:41:36

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