The march towards Minimalism continues...

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MissAnnersleyismyhero Tue 04-Feb-14 08:29:22

Hey all, thought I'd make a new thread to encourage us all to keep going on the journey to minimalism! smile

JimmySilentHill Tue 21-Oct-14 19:54:39

I've been on the Konmari thread and I think it's distracted me from here. Still, it's all about getting rid of stuff however you choose to do it.

No Gumtree interest, boo, but my friend will take the highchair for her new grandson. Might try the other item, a baby walker which is also a dolly pushchair on Ebay. It's waaaaay too nice to take to the chazzer without a further attempt to sell.

I am seeing clutter everywhere but have realised that DH and I are very guilty of doing half a job. So we have 3 boxes of children's clothes to go in the loft...but they're sat in the front room. I put DD1's dollhouse in our room so we can pack it up for the loft (she's not that interested in it but I think she will be when she's a bit older)...and it's still in our room. We have also slid backwards on the paperwork front sad I think DH working from home hasn't helped makes me feel better to blame him as he has cluttered our bedroom (his office) with work stuff.

However, the DDs' bedroom is a delight. Even if it gets messy it takes no time to clear up. Just shows that we can do it. I can't wait till every room is in the same state.

Hope you are all well and larry I know what you mean about DIY mess!

larryphilanddave Tue 21-Oct-14 18:11:11

I lost you all! Well, dropped off my TIO... anyway smile

Haven't been doing too much as we've been either resting or sorting out some stuff pre-DC2 arrival. However I chucked all of the boxes and booklets for the computer games we have that I put in the disc holder, DH said he wasn't bothered so they're gone which is good. I suspect we'll get rid of quite a few of the discs in there at some point, but it isn't really a priority right now. I will however be clearing out some tops that are getting holes in and some maternity wear that I had from my first pregnancy and ended up not wearing this time (despite being the same time of year). Still have my boxes and laundry to sort and the DIY mess blush Hoping DH will help me out, probably not tomorrow but maybe Thursday or Friday during DS' nap.

We've bought some bits, but nothing much or unnecessary; got a potty for DS (eek) and a step stool as he's been standing on the bathroom bin to wash his hands in the sink, but I'm not sure the bin will last too long like that!

evertonmint Tue 21-Oct-14 10:37:18

Everyone is very quiet here! I hope it's because you're all busy minimising rather than accumulating ;)

Bag of clothes going to a friend today. Gearing up to a wardrobe sort out for myself too.

DH and I appear to have got into the habit of a quick declutter of crap twice a week (it wasn't a conscious decision, we just seemed to both get sick of stuff) - so we find a home for things or we bin it. It means we're keeping on top of broken toys, dried up felt tips, weird accumulated crap with just 15 mins effort.

Also just been given the date of the local church bazaar. We shall be contributing to the bric a brac for sure! And the local charity shop as an appeal out for new stock smile

Being v minimalist in the kitchen at the moment - the crockery is still operating at bare minimum although we have topped up cutlery and it's working fairly well. Also focusing on meal planning to minimise food waste - we're v good at this generally but trying to be even better. We now only plan 5 meals a week as we always have enough for 2 'scraps' meals - bits of veg, a leftover chicken leg etc. Hopefully we'll start to see a budget minimisation as a result too grin

equokka Wed 15-Oct-14 19:45:18

I've spend hours over the last few days entering the modern era by ripping loads of CDs to MP3, so I can get rid of the hundreds I have. A few years ago I minimised my CD collection in the sense that I binned loads, and put the rest in one of those CD file thingies rather than keeping them in their cases, but now it was finally time for the next step...

I was getting really fed up with the process of ripping them all (very tedious as each one takes about 5 mins before you have to come back and put the next on in the CD drive, so couldn't really get on with anything else properly), until my DH pointed out that I wasn't being very minimalist about ripping them all, regardless of whether I've actually listened to them in the last few years. I'd been telling him to get rid of books he hasn't touched in a few years earlier, so I guess my own advice was coming back to bite me on the arse... But then I just took half an hour to blitz through all the remaining CDs, forcing myself to make an instant 'keep' or 'ditch' decision, and I've reduced the pile by 2/3 grin so less to rip and less computer memory taken up too with music I'll probably rarely listen to (and can always find online if I have the major urge, I suppose). Funny how sometimes I can be so blind to a knee-jerk 'keep this thing' tendency around some types of possessions, even though I'm very good a chucking out other types of clutter!

fuzzpig Wed 15-Oct-14 11:55:04

Ah I see, I was trying to figure out whether I'd already said I wanted more grin

clearsommespace Wed 15-Oct-14 09:50:31

Oops, just seen it's actually Larry who is looking for some right now. The offer would extend to any fellow minimalisers, if it were possible.


fuzzpig Wed 15-Oct-14 07:43:51

Aww that's a shame clear grin I decided we are going to replace all our drawers when we move. Assuming we are less slatternly by then. smile They are a bit worse for wear now so it'd be nice to start from scratch and then keeping them clean will be easier (but there's no point doing that yet as I'm not clean enough!)

larryphilanddave Wed 15-Oct-14 00:32:45

everton grin I like the enthusiasm! Alas, it's not to be on this occasion. I am waiting for the day that we get a car and driving licences, and we move (yet again), and then I shall delight in all manner of flat pack fun.

Only in a truly minimal way though, of course smile

evertonmint Tue 14-Oct-14 23:57:47

£39? Ouch! It was £15 when we did it and we bought various bits of Malm too so it ended up fairly reasonable

What about clubbing together with other local friends to get one delivery of all the stuff you all want?

Can you tell I really want you to experience the joy of Trofast??? grin

larryphilanddave Tue 14-Oct-14 22:49:04

Oh and thanks everton for the recommendation, I remembered seeing something earlier in the thread but couldn't remember what it was, I'll be trying that out shortly for remaining stuff smile

larryphilanddave Tue 14-Oct-14 22:47:46

Thanks for the info on Trofast, I feared I'd be told how great they are! I checked out delivery following your post everton but it's £39 shock and we really have nothing else to buy from there, so it nearly doubles the cost of the unit I was looking at.

I've had a look on eBay and Gumtree for second hand closer by but nothing at the moment, and most people we know don't drive (we live fairly central in the city, it's really hard to drive here), the ones that do almost never go to Ikea as it takes forever getting out of the city and then there's the usual Ikea busy-ness. I wanted some Malm drawers for our bedroom when we moved but couldn't for this reason, so we had to go for some slightly less attractive Argos ones <sniff>

Hmm, will have to get creative... I do like a bit of repurposing! And y'know, look at less interesting solutions from places like Wilko and Argos... <sniff, again>

In other news, I actually did some stuff this evening! I previously put all of our DVDs (the ones we actually chose to keep) in a big disc wallet thing, instead of having individual cases, but all of our games (maybe 30-odd that we kept) stayed in their cases because, um... DH is a gamer and games need to stay in their proper cases, or something... which was fine, they didn't actually take up a lot of room, but now DC1 has figured out how to get into just about everything which has resulted in a lot of cases and discs and booklets on the floor/in the bedroom/with the toys etc. So I just put all of the discs into the remaining slots in the wallet and all of the cases and booklets have gone into a carrier bag, DH's job is to decide if he wants to keep any of it (it's not important, but this is basically his only hobby so I don't feel the need to strip it completely bare). But the result is we have an even further streamlined disc situation, and I have a feeling DH probably doesn't care about the cases and booklets now as he gave up when DC1 kept running off with them!

clearsommespace Tue 14-Oct-14 20:55:57

Trofast is brilliant for kids toys.
Funnily enough we have two units which I need to de-sticker and photograph for sale, after 9 years of good service. We have just emptied them of Lego as the buckets were too big for the different types of bricks and there was lots of wasted space. We've purchased something with smaller transparent drawers which is better suited to Lego storage. Sadly we are in France otherwise I'd have done a very good deal for you fuzzpig.

We still have Trofast in younger DCs room!

evertonmint Tue 14-Oct-14 18:49:14

Oh and re digital clutter - is a great way of in subscribing quickly from mailing lists.

evertonmint Tue 14-Oct-14 18:48:36

Ikea do deliver some things. It's cheaper than the petrol and hassle for us a lot if the time. I'm pretty sure we've had Trofast delivered.

It's great. We have a mix of deep drawers (Duplo, cars etc),medium (jigsaws) and shallow (sticker books, drawing paper)

You do need to go through it every couple of months to cull the broken bits of plastic toys which lurk at the bottom. But otherwise it's great.

Hello new people, returners by the way!

We decluttered our garden this weekend - mammoth pruning and tidying session plus we ate our leeks and carrots smile

Tomorrow i'm taking the big tub of foreign coins to our local charity shop. We never rummage through before a holiday so there's no point keeping it.

Baby clothes slowly keep heading out of the door. My bro and his wife now need to crack on with giving me nieces and nephews so the big baby equipment can go (Moses basket has finally met its match in sleep-refusing cuddle-bunny DC3)

And we had a regular cull of the crap that accumulates in the kids bedrooms too so they're looking streamlined.

I'm focusing on books soon. I want a better way of storing fewer children's books so they can see what we have and I can rotate them properly. The bookshelf is tall and behind a door so we just don't read as much as I'd like and if they take books off the shelves they're in the way of the door so I get very antsy about the doorway bring cluttered! I want them accessible and in a cosy corner. Finding Pinterest is great for bookmarking ideas. I have a minimalism board for general things I find and then boards for projects like this reading corner.

fuzzpig Tue 14-Oct-14 18:20:38

Hi again Larry grin

Totally agree on the loft. Ours is tiny, and you can only get to it by hauling yourself through a hole by balancing on the banister - there's not even a ladder hmm I think there's some random crap in there ATM but long term I want it empty TBH. It's a far cry from our first place which had a fab attic, we used to go up there with the DSDs and make it into a den!

For toy storage I hate to say it but Trofast is excellent grin do you have any friends or relatives who might be going near one soon?

There are similar products available online though I think - sometimes plastic buckets, sometimes fabric (although personally I would stick to plastic as easier to clean - one day if I'm less slatternly I might upgrade!)

larryphilanddave Tue 14-Oct-14 17:55:38

And fuzzpig great news on the 2 bags!

larryphilanddave Tue 14-Oct-14 17:54:39

Hello Natalie smile This is a good place to start getting into the swing of things!

Just to confuse you all (oops blush), this is jellyfish here, aka delasi from way back, I had to re-register yet again, but, I have a good reason!...

...I have finally decluttered my digital space! One thing I have really been burying my head in the sand with is email and newsletters and the like, I have several emails that get used for different things and I let a couple run wild and it was starting to get a bit much, with lots of plain rubbish coming through the inboxes. So, I have fully cleared our regular accounts and completely abandoned/deleted one account as unsubscribing would have taken ages... I deleted something like 3000 emails shock My previous MN account was with the abandoned email so I just created a new account instead but made sure to untick all of the communications boxes.

I can't do too much still, basically just on rest for a few days (hence I am now much more active on MN!), so at least I feel this has made me a little bit more productive.

So, I am setting myself some goals for the next week or two or three, to slowly ease into with DH before DC2arrives:
- finish packing the hospital bag (just needs some extra clothes)
- put away baby clothes and put bedding on the cot
- put away the Jumperoo/play gym, but easy to access for when the time comes
- deal with the DIY bag of mess
- sort through the random warranties/certificates
- throw out just about anything I find that isn't properly useful/lovely (sounds so vague but I'm bound to stumble on some stuff in our bedroom, I just know it)
- develop some better system of toy storage

Not all entirely minimal, but it all helps. We have a loft but we have banned using it, as it's difficult to get into, so I've decided that if we have stuff stored it's only because we will access it again at some point relatively soon and that access must be handy (eg suitcases under the bed, winter bedding in hall cupboard). We have very little in the way of storage outside of the loft, but I really can't be doing with all this precarious climbing into the ceiling business and I don't see the point of storing things I don't need to access easily. That has been quite the mental shift!

Any tips on toy storage? I like the concept of Trofast but we can't get to Ikea anyway, we currently have a bookcase type thing that we were given but it's just no use to us, DC1 loves clearing a shelf or six and it hasn't actually held any toys in months... on the other hand, I have an old basket and empty nappy box that all of the toys have now gone into, which is much easier to manage and DC1 actually puts stuff back in there (very, very occasionally). So I think I want something like open tubs... do I?

fuzzpig Tue 14-Oct-14 12:43:39

Hi Natalie smile welcome!

Arti that's very virtuous of you! I used to collect all the rags (started when I volunteered at BHF, I donated soooo much stuff then - not that you'd know it if you saw how messy the house still is!) but ATM I am just chucking everything. The only things I'm keeping aside are some educational toys to give my best friend (a reception teacher who has already said she would love anything going)

I've managed nearly two bin bags today. I'm still having to take it easy physically (decided to stop now) but I'm finding it a little easier to be ruthless with toys etc.

Welcome Natalie.
Minimalism this week has involved throwing out a pair of socks that were developing holes! That. Is. All. (so far)

Well - when I say throwing out - I actually mean stuffing in the plastic bag of similarly holed items in the spare doom - waiting to get a bagfull to take take to chazzer as rag.

Hey ladies,

This is the first time joining you on any of the housekeeping threads. I used to have a beautifully tidy, minimalistic home which was easy to keep tidy, clean and lovely. Over the years I have acquired clutter, tat and the need to have everything on display. My house looks messy and very busy. I have a large 3 bed townhouse so have plenty of space. Decent storage space that is wasted, an example of this is my cupboard under the stairs, which is unorganised and stuffed with crap!

My plan is to de clutter my shelves and units, then move on to the said cupboard and organise that. And then it is to move on to another room! (All of the above is in the living room)

fuzzpig Tue 14-Oct-14 10:44:08

And hello and best wishes to everyone else - sorry I am terrible with names, my brain is failing me ATM.

fuzzpig Tue 14-Oct-14 10:43:28

Welcome to the thread and to MN, equokka! smile eeek a month to go, how exciting!

Hi jelly I remember you as delasi, nice to see you again! Sounds like you're doing well with minimalism smile

I've joined the flylady thread as I'm struggling with decluttering and my health - every time I do more than say half an hour I seem to suffer for it sad

DH and I are both off in half term (sorry I think I'm mentioned that several times already grin) so will get him doing most of the heavy stuff!

Minisoksmakehardwork Mon 13-Oct-14 22:15:25

Hello <waves> still marching on wink

Kitchen is slightly less cluttered thanks to binning loads of stuff. Dh hasn't noticed yet...

Lounge is reasonable. Just need to clean bookshelves and reframe pictures when Dts broke frames. I've even managed to keep the dining table clear (or at least easy to clear) for meals. Dc have every meal there now. Dh and I don't eat our evening meal until later but if anyone is home I make sure I sit with them even if I'm not eating. Hoping to improve some table manners.

Loft is... More jam packed than ever before. But I have got rid of two double pushchairs and one high chair in the last few days. (Sobs at thought of the Dts growing up). Broken toys are culled as soon as they are broken now. I've given up putting them aside to 'fix'. Will catch up with where everyone is at now I've found you all again

JimmyCorkhill Mon 13-Oct-14 16:07:07

Meant to say Gumtree was a non starter, thanks for asking erin grin

JimmyCorkhill Mon 13-Oct-14 16:06:35

Hello to returners, newbies and the rest of you!

arti I hope you are feeling better flowers

Gumtree has been a non starter sad I did have one enquiry about my IKEA highchair. A random Q about when I bought it. No response since. Maybe they were looking for an antique plastic high chair and mine was too modern grin I am going to ask my friend who is a brand new 1st time granny if her daughter wants it. Then it can go to her or the chazzer. The other item is too nice to just give away though. I might try Ebay before admitting defeat.

Found my Colour Me Beautiful colour swatches and have been having fun using it. I have a lot of burgundy/maroon clothes. Not my colour. I wish there was a colour swatch for household items. It would make decluttering a lot simpler!!

Ugg boots are in a bag for the chazzer along with a materity dressing gown. Too wet to venture out today though.

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