Thinking of becoming a slimming world consultant.

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Horsiemummy Thu 24-Jan-08 20:13:27

hi all,
just wondering if there were any slimming world consultants on here who would dish the whole truth!!. all i can seem to find on the net are consultants who are deleriously happy and chirp on about how much money they earn. TBH i went to a oppertunities evening and was a bit shocked by how much its costs you to get started and also by the percentage of your takings that goes back to slimming world. i kinda dismissed it but the idea just keeps going round in my head because i think i would be a good consultant - ive lost 2st on SW and am always raving about the plan to anyone who will listen.
just wondered if there was any downside to being a consultant, and tbh how long before you have made back your franchise fee and you start to make any money for yourself.

heres hoping someone can help

alfielooloo Fri 01-Feb-08 20:05:29

Hi Horsiemummy,
I was a SW Consultant up until 8 years ago when I gave up as I was pregnant & also working full time. I, like you lost weight & was always raving on about the plan to anyone who would listen!
To be honest, I didn't make lots of money doing it, it really would vary week to week. If quite a few people bought countdowns on one night, I would come away very happy! From what I can remember I would make on average £30 a night. I know the classes cost more now, they were £2.95 a class back then. You also have to take into account the fact that you will probably have to pay rent for the premises that you use.
I don't think it would take too long to get back you franchise fee. I think I paid about £125 for mine.
I really loved doing my class, the ladies became like friends, some of them wouldn't really lose much weight, they only came for a social evening to have a cup of tea & a chat!
Hope this is of some help to you

laura032004 Sun 03-Feb-08 21:17:54

I was a consultant for a year or so 4 years ago. I'd lost over 4 stone, and could rave about the plan to anybody. I still could

However, I don't think I made any money doing it if I'd added up all of the figures. I didn't because I didn't really want to know. I did it as a hobby really, although I did put a lot of effort into it.

There are a lot of costs: you have to travel up to Derby for training and stay in a hotel, there are advertising costs (which can be steep if your area likes to advertise in the papers), and lots of costs surrounding buying your props. You can do the class without them, but it all looks a bit sad.

I probably made about £20-£30 per week, but if I deducted all of my overheads from this, and then the start up costs, I really don't think I'd have broken even in the first year.

Also, you have to register as a business, and start doing a tax return, which is a real faff.

I'm not sorry that I did it, but my circumstances were unique. DH was away at sea with the Navy and I wanted something to keep me occupied which this did. I think you've got to work very hard at it though, and aim to have several classes if you want to actually make money doing it. All the 'long-term' consultants were the ones doing it for the love of the job, or who had lots of classes. If you do it for the fun of it, you end up with lots of 'social' members as ALL describes, which don't do much for your stats as you have to calculate your average weight losses every week.

Good luck if you decide to go ahead.

doobrey Tue 03-Jun-08 21:07:06

hi, just wondered if you decided to become a consultant or not?

fashionsista Wed 18-Jun-08 23:06:24

i was a consultant four two years and finished at christmas. SW expect all consultants to live, eat and breathe SW. I found it ridiculous the way they expected people to tow the line and always be positive and always look for an opportunity to grow their classes. I loved running my class but i could not stand working for them and what they represented. 4hour quarterly meetings on Sundays, like we don't have a life, 3 hour monthly meetings on a friday evening. They want full time people for a part time job. I wouldn't recommend it.

BashfulSleepyHappy Mon 25-Aug-08 21:50:18

Resurrecting this thread as I was wondering the same thing. I'm about to finish paid maternity leave and so need to bring some money in, so I was thinking about becoming a SW consultant. But these posts have got me worried that I won't really make any. My consultant says it's a great job to have with little kids, and she drives a BMW. But maybe her DH's job pays for that! I don't need a hobby, I need a paying job that I can fit in around kids. Would I be better off looking for a job in Sainsburys?

moonlily Tue 30-Sep-08 13:38:40

hi im a slimming world consultant on maternity leave, if its a lot of money you are looking for then I wouldnt become a consultant, I was promised £100+ per night and I have never made even close to that!!
Its a lovely job, you meet lovely people in your groups but its a hell of a lot of hard work and as the groups are at night unless you have childcare it can be awkward.
the start up franchise cost is from £500.
like i said though it is a lovely job and if you are prepared to live eat breathe and sleep slimming world then you can be very successful as it does take over your life (and house).
also I would sayit depends what area you are in and how many other groups are around you because even though they say it doesnt make a difference - it does!!
good luck with it if you go for it

talentedsmile Tue 21-Oct-08 04:53:09

I became a SW consultant nearly 4 years ago, within a year I had given up my other term time job to concentrate on my group full time. It was explained really well at the opportunity event the time involved in running a group and I always made sure I treated it like a job rather than a hobby. It was wonderful being treated like a person not a number. I find the people who seem to moan about it don't really want to put in the work in to make it successful - with nearly 70 members I was regulary taking home at least £110 per group - I made my franchise fee back in 10 weeks my friend managed it in 6 weeks! Like any new business - because that's what yours will be - takes time to promote - people wont come if they dont know where you are - so if your hoping they will bring themselves to you then no this isn't the job for you but if you are keen on networking and building a good reputation in the local community then go for it - you get out what you put in.

I am a slimming world consultant and have been for nearly 5 years. like any business you get out of it what you put in - and talking to people who know slimming world food optimising it works on the same principle - follow the plan you lose weight - follow the methods as laid down to run a successful group and you will be successful. I have been able to not only run groups which has enabled me to pay for my 3 children to go to private school (all from my income) but also found a company who puts its people first. its friendly supportive and everyone is treated as an individual - this is not something I ever experienced working previously for other large national and international companies. with the set up costs - to enter into a successful franchise these are cheap having looked into other franchises I was very pleased with the set up - how many people can set up a nationally recognised business with 1st class training and support for less than £1000 all in???????? My advice go for it if you believe that the best way to lose weight is with slimming world and you passionately want to help people to lose weight.

Wolfblass Mon 22-Jun-09 10:34:16

I too have been contemplating becoming an SW Consultant for quite some time.

I lost nearly 2 stone last year, but fell pg on our holiday and due to work commitments never returned.

Howe many people do you need on average to attend yur group in order to make a decent earning out of it? And would you say with time and effort you really cna make succesful earnings? I really do not want to end up only earning £20-30 a week!

tipsyloo Thu 01-Oct-09 12:14:51

dont do it if you want to earn money great for meeting members, even though it is a frnchise slimming world run it, they get yu constantlly to put money back into it in promotion at least 20% of earnings, some nights earnigns look good, i averaged about £70.for a double session 3 hours, but then ad extra hour for setting up and pputting away, you expected to get out promoting weekends durring week and evenings, still contacting memebrs via phone, txt or / and emails encouraging them or supporting them , along with monthly meetins friday nights and sunday meetins it takes over your life. a few do earn a bit but average groups are 30- 40 memebers , depends where you have it, and they can put a group up next door if they want to.

tipsyloo Thu 01-Oct-09 12:16:43

hi was a slimming world consultant but they kept getting more and more for you to do , all hours for a part time job, it would be a massive company if consultants didnt keep leaving,

Honey100 Wed 21-Oct-09 23:40:08

Hey all

This is a really interesting discussion, because I was thinking about getting a SW franchise too.

Is there some sort of comission structure involved - like, how much of each fee do you get? Does the training take for ever?

Does anyone know about the Weight Watchers in comparison.

Love to be able to give up the full time day job!!

galadriel77 Wed 04-Nov-09 19:20:59

I'm a Slimming World Consultant and have been for almost 2 years. I do enjoy doing it but would say that I am not a "lifer" and don't obsess over it.

I have 2 children under 4 and another on the way and it is very good to fit around the children. My OH and I had an agreement that as long as it didn't take over my time then it was great to do. My priority is looking after the kids but I needed something for me to stop me going crazy and something to bring in some extra cash.

You don't have to work all the hours God sends to earn a reasonable amount. I would say that those guys earning £20-£30 a group are not really putting any time or effort into their groups or understanding the right way of doing things to ensure best use of their time. It really is a case of you get out what you get in. It's a job at the end of the day and SW are very upfront about the hours you are expected to put in. There is a structure - you take a % depending on number of members.

It can cost approx £1000 to get started depending on the franchise option you go for (and this is cheap in franchise land!)

I took over a group with 15 members and now it sits comfortably at between 55-65 and therefore earns me anywhere between £75-£120 per week depending on countdowns purchased etc. There are quieter times of year that you have to be prepared for - high summer and xmas can be much lower earnings - I probably take £30 a group the week inbetween xmas and new year! If I wanted to work a little bit harder and promote some more then I could get my group up to 100 members probably and run a double session and earn more money. You really need to be looking at having minimum of 50 members to make much money.

You are expected to promote at key times of the year - Xmas, Easter and August and this is usually for 2 weeks at a time. So in theory you are looking at giving up 6 Sundays a year to go leafleting plus an extra few days each time for posters, sending letters, networking, advertising etc. It can be hard work to drag yourself out leafleting on a rainy sunday but if you want to grow your group then you do it.

I probably work about 15 hours per week - including my group. Planning, packing the car, setting up and running group, cashing up and sending support notes/emails/texts etc. But I don't break my back doing it and if I work less one week and more the other then that's fine.

You have district meetings once a quarter - they are not compulsory but you get a lot out of them. If you have a Team developer then you will probably have a monthly meeting as well. These really are good as you get support, can arrange cover for your groups and keep your motivation high.

It does cost to go up to Derby for training (petrol/hotel etc) but the training really is very good and compared to stuff I've done in big companies is great! And the SW canteen is to die for! Training is about 4-5 days. Half day pre-training. 2 days in derby then another 2 days later on after you have started. I first enquired in Feb and was up and running and in group on 10th April.

If you go to an opportunity event then go with an open mind and don't be afraid to ask questions! Speak to your consultant as well.

If you are friendly and outgoing and fancy the thought of working for yourself but with the backing and support of a great company that have the funds to invest in you and improvements and research then go for it. Because you are self-employed you have to pay your national insurance and do a tax return but it's not difficult!

For me it's a no-brainer. I get to be with my kids (not that I always want that!!), not fork out thousands of pounds a year in childcare, work 15 hours per week to fit around me and take home an extra £280 - £500 per month to give me some financial independance. It's not always great but most of the time its fab! I get a lot out of helping people - it's very rewarding.

mummy2georgie Mon 09-Nov-09 17:00:20

really interested in reading the comments below. I am in the process of starting a SW franchise but must admit am getting a little bit cold feet!! I really want to do it and am prepared for the hard work but can't help feeling a bit jittery [hmmm]! What if no-one turns up on my first night I'd be gutted!!!
I was planning the double franchise to give me a good chance of supporting my part time salary without having to leave my 2 year old son all day every day.
Has anyone else taken this option? How long would you expect it to take (approx)to make back the franchise fee before I might start to see some profit?????

tipsyloo Thu 03-Dec-09 15:46:49

hi another consultant friend of mine has just left after 7 yrs apparently they are now pushing you buy 3000 leaflets at £35, a time per grp 5 X a yr plus grp ads so this has to be taken into account of your earnings, on the new express weigh system layout on lap top , insureance and buisiness account needed, she payed higher tax as it was her 2nd job? but does miss the members

tipsyloo Thu 03-Dec-09 15:52:13

your earnings are based on how many members you get through the door, after rent comes off, vary's 25%, 40% and 50% i think you had to have 70 members to get 50%, if your numbers dropped sw put you under pressure to get out and get more members in by promoting,buying more leaflets or putting in more ads

Anyba Thu 03-Dec-09 22:39:04

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

globetrotterjo Sun 18-Apr-10 21:08:53


I know this thread has been dormant a while but I am researching becoming an SW consultant. Having recently attended an Opportunities Event and read the comments above I am under no illusion it will be hard work but I'm wondering how many people out there have experience of running a group as a second income stream? I currently work 30 hours a week, term time only. Also can anybody give me an idea of how long it would take to leaflet 3000 houses? That is the only part that puts me off. I don't mind doing paperwork or attending meetings on a Sunday but thet thought of doing all that leafletting leaves me cold. Lastly, how easy is it to get cover for holidays. I go away for at least four weeks a year.

Hope someone can help.

CyprusCalling Thu 06-May-10 06:07:57

My Slimming World consultant got us to do her leafleting for her to earn extra body magic so it didn't take her very long at all. xx

claracluckcluck Tue 24-Aug-10 21:13:12

Hi Ladies,
I have been a Slimming World consultant twice.
The first time I didn't always do as Slimming World advised and I certainly didn't put in a real push at the start of taking over the group I took over. I rose through the earnings slowly and took home between £30 - £50 per group. I did love helping members and seeing the change in people. I left for personal reasons and nothing to do with Slimming World.

After a year out I returned and decided to follow the handbook (just like a member following the Food Optimising Book) I gave it a real hard push on my very first promotion and then topped it up over the coming weeks. I reached full earning potential in 5 weeks and due to the sharp rise in numbers opened a second session (which still counts as 1 group). I currently earn between £150-£250 per week for my group.It is my only income but hubby also works. I am home for my children and I love it.
Slimming World aim for groups of 50 -70 members. Why? Because a group with that many members is great for members, lots of people to share, lots of members to support and encourage each other, great atmosphere and always someone to talk to. The bonus in that? You earn well!! Its a win win situation.

I LOVE the 4 quarterly meeting's I get idea's from the other consultants, take them back to my group I also get company update, a chance to chat and a raffle just like at group

Being a consultant is like being a member follow the plan you lose weight. Follow the steps and you get success.

Good luck

Geanette Wed 25-Aug-10 16:28:36


I am thinking of becoming a Slimming World consultant and this is a really interesting thread for me.

Just a couple of questions:

How and when do consultants get paid? I presume we collect the money from the classes and do we then send it back to SW and wait for our commission?

How does this whole process happen??


Haleana Wed 05-Jan-11 22:41:18

Again, I know that this thread has been dorment a while but I am also interested in becoming a consultant and to be honest, am feeling a little scared of the setup fee compared to the money earned. Has anyone become a consultant recently? I'd like to talk to someone who isn't oozing Slimming World adoration. I'm pretty certain it isn't all sweetness and light!

Munksmum Tue 01-Feb-11 15:43:39

Treat it as your own business and you'll need to put the work in. I started my group at the beginning of Jan and it's bloomin' hard. But I will have made my money back in around 10 weeks I'd say. Of course you have to re-invest some - how can you possibly grow YOUR BUSINESS without doing that - you get out what you put in. Hard work will reap rewards. I'm considering it as a replacement career for the day job eventually - and I earn an ok salary so the potential is there!

NewPatchesForOld Sat 05-Feb-11 17:14:23

Hi Munksmum

As a very recent consultant, can you tell us how much the franchise/training etc cost you? And is it payable upfront or can it be spread over time/taken out of weekly earnings?

ddcrazymoo Fri 18-Feb-11 14:45:15

I would love to know the set up costs etc too, as I'm to thinking about becoming a consultant. I have 4 children and would love to start my own day time, child friendly session. Can't rely on hub's due to long hours but need something to do due to my youngest starting f/t school in sept and quite frankly I'm bored lol. but don't want to fork out for childcare costs as with 4 children are rediculous. I have been sw member for just short of 9mths and lost 2 1/2lbs so know the plan works and can as others said raveon about it to anyone who'll listern. My consultant is fabulous and she is so positive. Would love to find out more. few of the above comments have scared me slightly but willing to put in the time to make it work and know there isn't a session in my village or conecting villages so would possibly be a great set up.

ddcrazymoo Fri 18-Feb-11 14:46:52

that is supose to say 2 1/2 stone not lbs lol

Spoopster Mon 07-Mar-11 14:15:51

Yes I am looking at the idea of being a Slimming World consultant too.
I am 53 years old and have got 17 year old twins. I have recently lost 2st with Slimming World. This takes me to a size 14 and my target is a size 12 so not far to go.
I have been a stay at home mother and have been bored stupid so I took on various voluntary jobs over the years.
The time has now come for me to do something "Paid". I am not scared of hard work although the 3,000 leaflets in a day concerns me!
I am a person who needs to be occupied and have a challenge. I like people and I like being with people and being part of a team would be great for me too. I am very interested in the subject of weight loss and it would be a great challenge for me to get people to lose weight.
Apart from the 3000 leaflets in a day, my main concerns are:

1) Can I afford all the fees/fairs and hotel bills/room rent etc?

2) Can I really stand up and speak in front of a room full of people? I know I speak in group without any problems but being in front of everyone is a bit different.

But really I need a challenge, something that will keep me busy and fully occupied. This seems like a good idea on the face of it.

Anyway I have decided to wait till I reach target and see how I feel then. But I will still probably want to do it then. I cannot go on indefinitely in a limbo like I am now.

But yes, it does sound like a lot of work with not much pay at the end of it. Unless we got over 50 members every class.

A lot of thinking to do before I decide one way or the other, I think.


Munksmum Fri 15-Apr-11 13:51:21

Very late reply I know - sorry all! Franchise is split in two - £600 or £1000 an allow another £100-£200 for first adverts, petrol and hotel for initial training. £600 gets you basic kit - I went for £1000 to get all props and books, etc - plus you get some initial stock in that too. Like I say - made it back in 10weeks but you do need to reinvest in ads, stock, etc (though you make commision on stock). You do pay up front but they can arrange a business loan for you - go to an opportunity event - see wesbsite - and they will explain everything and be really upfront - no obligation. They're really honest. Downside - I'm in a town with four groups and they're about to open another - makes it very hard an growth is slow - not happy about that at all. Average income a week - £60-100 and I have average 40-45 members a week.
Hope that helps?
PS It is extrmely hard work - you have to put the hours and the effort in. Like any business. xx

Munksmum Fri 15-Apr-11 13:52:42

Oh and leafleting - yes you have to promote - you have to for growth. But you can earn free leaflets if your group grows well, it's easy. I roped in family and friends first and now pay my members in countdowns to ease the workload!

sarahdavison777 Sat 23-Apr-11 14:54:21

Hi, I started as a consultant in January and I absolutely love it, like any business it is hard work if you are dedicated to it but you get more satisfaction out of it than you could ever imagine

Gosh, I was a consultant in 2003, the franchise cost £120 back then!

taniaclark Fri 20-May-11 12:38:45

This post is really really helpful as my consultant has buried the idea in my head as to become a consultant, I am currently studying at uni and then going back to do a masters in teaching, but I think it will be a great thing for me to do so have decided that I will go to the next opportunity event and see what they say... thinking of saving up for the franchise and make it a success! thanks for all info

TangoC Tue 31-May-11 17:39:00

I ran a group 2 years ago for nearly 2 years. To be honest if SW hadn't been so pushy would still be doing it. Loved the whole group thing and at first the meetings extra, but I worked full time as well found all the promotion expected just too much. The first couple of months were fantastic grew my group up to an avg 55 every week, but then your expected to keep growing even when there were another 8 groups in a very close area to mine. I was doing an avg 15 hours SW stuff on top of my normal job and just couldn't keep it up as well as run a home etc. If your going to be doing it part-time or as your only job it would be fine but don't believe the sales pitch of an avg £100 a week, unless your group is massive it just won't happen. Go into it with Eyes wide open, remember SW is a massive business and they make huge profits you will be a very tiny part of a big wheel. That said I will always recommend them to members for weightloss as that side of it is amazing and does work. I wish anyone going into it as a consultant all the best.

WellnessCoach26478 Thu 23-Jun-11 01:07:31

I looked into the slimming world consultant thing when my local group had helped me lose a lot of weight after I had 2 children within 11months. The weight off was great but I suffered for years with extremely bad excema, which I was told by consultants was caused from within my body not from contact. I then studied diet and nutrition and realised my eating habits had become too samey and was lacking vital nutrients, probably because it was easy to have what I was familiar with and new what worked. I came across Arriba and started a class for a change and now have become an Arriba leader, and with an amazing improvement in the condition of my skin, I'm much happier teaching what I teach in my Arriba challenge as it not only helped me understand the whole 'fat' thing better but also my excema seldom flares up after 7 years of suffering and the business structure seems much more rewarding. I'd recommended it to anyone considering teaching a weight loss group.

cookiemonsta Sun 03-Jul-11 20:04:35

I have my interview tomorrow night with Slimming World. Thanks for all the posts, it's given me a huge number of questions to ask before I make my final decision. SW has been great for me I lost two and half stone in 4 months after having my 2 girls. I hope I can make it work, i want to be there for my children and earn some money as well as helping people like myself!

u751904 Sat 06-Aug-11 16:43:20

cookiemonsta did you go for it?

salsajan Fri 21-Oct-11 09:21:51

I've been a consultant for over 10 yrs now and invested when my youngest was just 2 months old. It was cheaper back in 2001 for the licence fees and there were fewer groups too. It is hard work and initially you are just recovering costs like any business you invest in. I think it took me 4 months to get back what I invested before making a profit.
It is hugely satisfying and rewarding but you do need to put alot of time and effort into it to promote and support members. I have 2 successful groups and work approx 15 hours a week. My average weekly earnings are approx £150-£200 per week. Much of the work feels social. You arent tied to an office (9-5) and apart from when you turn up at specified group times the hours are as flexible as you want them to be. I have been able to take my children to and from school for 10 years which has been a major positive for me.
There are also career opportunities to move up the ladder when your children get older if you want to.
The few negatives are that sometimes you have to attend unpaid meetings on Friday evenings or Sunday Mornings and you are inundated with Slimming World Post & Stock. It is a franchise and you have to comply with the Slimming World guildlines and as you are self employed you have to manage your accounts and keep on top of any tax you have to pay etc (like any business)
I have the pleasure of working alongside some fabulous people, consultants and members. All I can say is if you are passionate about the eating plan, have a warm, friendly personality and a desire to help other people feel happy about themselves and get healthy .. Its a company worth investing in but be prepared to push it 100% initially to reap the benefits.
I hope this helps x

JanisDibDab Tue 10-Jul-12 10:20:33

Catching up with the message on here from a while ago - I'vee been a slimming world consultant for 18 years now and mostly love it! I work full-time, run 2 evening SW groups and also run a jewellery making business. I still have the same passion today for SW as i did when i started, and thats not to say there haven't been some tough times. Its the same as anything in life though - you get out what you put in ;-)

Ready4newcareer Sun 23-Sep-12 21:42:39

I too have just been for an open day and am considering being a consultant. One of my concerns is that two consultants I know have bad backs and I've helped with carting the bags into class(prior to having back problems myself) .Do you need to be physically fit to do this job? I was medically pensioned out of the Police Force(service now) and have not worked for 16 yrs,this seems a good way of broadening my horizons .

Chrissie74 Tue 20-Nov-12 14:08:09

Hi, I'm really interested in becoming a consultant and I went to the opportunity event and went really well. Interviews are on Sunday however I'm a bit concerned as I've heard they credit check you, this may be a problem as we got into problems a couple of years ago when my husband was out if work due to an injury. Will they refuse you point blank if you fail the check? I will be totally gutted if this is the case. Thanks x

2jaysmum Mon 26-Nov-12 15:37:08

Hi Chrissie74, was wondering how you got on with the interviews and the credit check. I too am in similar position and would love to know if it was an issue.

babyjane1 Sat 11-May-13 15:56:51

Hi guys, I'm currently on the plan and my friend is a consultant, I'm ready to get back to work now my wee one is 3 and really like the idea of joining slimming world as a consultant. Can anyone update me with how they got on following the last posts when a few of you were checking it out.

jojo5568 Mon 17-Jun-13 14:30:37

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carlsmam Tue 02-Jul-13 03:32:24

Hi folks, my consultant mentioned to me a while ago that she thought I'd make a good consultant. When she told me she'd paid £600 for the franchise though, it put me off, as I don't have that kind of money to hand, and the thought of setting up a new group and the possibility of no one turning up kind of put me off!
Last night though, she told me she's giving up at the end of next month due to family commitments, and asked me to think about taking over. It's an established group, and I know most of the members, as I weigh for her at present, so seems like less of an initial risk.
Just looking for advice/tips really? Is it still £600/£1,000 initial fee, or has it gone up?
Cheers x

WestDentonCC Tue 16-Jul-13 12:40:57

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Fairygen Wed 24-Jul-13 13:12:48

Our group has been without a permenent leader for over a year. Although i've been to sw before, this time, I've only been at group for 3 weeks and only lost 7lbs ( minimum of 2 stone to go).

Do you have to be near/ at your goal weight to become a consultant? I know at WW you used to have to be within so many lbs either side.

It is certainly something I would be interested in in the future but don't feel I have enough experience of the actual diet yet.

ldt2911 Thu 15-Aug-13 09:30:44

I have recently been to an opportunity event and have all the information to make an informed choice about becoming a SW consultant (or not!)
I am excited by the prospect of doing a role such as this but also a bit nervous, like anyone - thinking 'will I get people through the doors'? 'Will I make more money than I spend?' 'Will people take me seriously and see me as inspirational as I have not got to target yet- still 1.5 stone away?'
Thank you all for your frank discussion comments - it helps to know that I'm feeling similar to how others feel. I guess as many have said, you get out of things what you put in and it is a business so it's up to me to make it grow!
I am just coming to the end of my maternity leave and have resigned from my well paid full time job to care for my son and as I am passionate about food optimising I feel that's am the right person to help others - especially when my former role is in the nursing profession - it's in my nature!
I'm thinking of asking friends to assist with the leafleting (as well as my husband!) and will repay them with a SW dinner or meal and get together!
I am a positive person and although it gives me the jeebies when I think of not getting 25+ folk through the doors, but if I don't try then how will I know? What I do know is that it will be less stressful and demanding than my previous role and that can only be a good thing!
Anyone else got any experiences - good or not so? flowers

Emilysmom Mon 26-Aug-13 18:30:48

Hi I'm also thinking of becoming a Sw consultant, I'm still on maternity leave so am wondering can I do this whilst I'm on maternity, will my maternity money be stopped or altered? Thanks 😄

24slim Sun 01-Sep-13 01:32:04

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fluffy74 Wed 16-Oct-13 18:19:23

hi everyone, i know this thread is quite old but hope that there is someone on here that may give an insight. i too have been to an opportunities event and decided to 'go for it' despite the upfront fees. my interview appointment has, to say the least ,been a whirl wind of yes this day, no sorry that day and time, oh sorry again this time! i have been nothing but open and accomadating to every change but when i needed to cancel my interview due to problems beyond my control i have been blanked! i had said i was still interested but would had to put it off for a few months. i have also read that the amount of earnings isnt exactly what was 'promised' at the meeting either, most people are saying they earn only £25-£30 per meeting, not going to feed my family is it?! i am prepared to do all the promoting it takes and know that it will be hard work to build up a group, but is it worth such a large outlay for such a small return?

sallyp79 Sat 19-Oct-13 19:28:02

hi, I looked into slimming world and a few other and in the end went with cambridge weight plan. it was a smaller outlay and you are allowed to run it much more as your own business. You dont run groups (although you can if you want) but more often see people one on one. Each consultation lasts about 15 mins and i make about £15 for each consultation. Your aren't tied to doing the same times each week as you just arrange meetings with your clients on a week by week basis on what suits you so its really flexible. I have a child so this fits perfectly. Feel free to ask any questions and i'm more than happy to answer (or give me a bell on 07843411144).

fluffy74 Tue 22-Oct-13 21:41:18

Hi, sorry to sound ignorant but I've not heard of the Cambridge diet, how does it work? X

joyhg Mon 28-Oct-13 16:28:52

Cor, that really is an interesting thread and explains why I have an ex-sw consultant working with me now in my business!
It doesn't sound terrible, just a little hyped up. All these things take hard work and time, which most people are happy with... if it pays well!!! Good luck to you all x

NicQ Mon 18-Nov-13 20:55:35

I'm 100% commited to SW and have lost over 5 stone since having my daughter 11 months ago.
I've read this whole thread and thx to every1 that's added there experiences it's a great insight to the world of SW!
I'm going to an ops event in a few weeks, I went to one a few years ago so know what to expect but was full time at the time so know I couldn't give it my all, I've now recently returned to work 4days per week after mat leave and feel it could be the right time to become a consultant to not only help members but hopefully in the future earn enough to maybe drop another day at work and spend more time with my lil'one, my day job is long hours which I miss my daughter terribly but it's my career so don't want to give it up but would love to drop another day at some point so I had more 'day time' hours with my daughter as could do the majority of SW when she's in bed (obviously not the leafleting)

Legg1234 Sat 08-Mar-14 21:20:25

Can anyone help? I'd like to start a sw franchise after attending an opportunity event. I know sw run a credit check even if you don't want finance to set up. Through no fault of my own I have a poor credit raiting. I know I will fail,the credit check. Does anyone know if there is a way around this and if you can still become a consultant. I am more than happy to do a criminal records check. Just because I have bad credit doesn't mean I can't be trusted with running a franchise! Would really appreciate any thoughts/ help. Thank you.

purplejo1010 Mon 17-Mar-14 22:10:36

Hi does anyone have a copy of the licence agreement? It would be interesting to have a read of it before I get bombarded with info and set up know, read it and make a more informed choice on expectations etc. Thank you x

Babyboys03 Mon 28-Apr-14 16:37:55

Hi I'm currently looking to buy in to a sw franchise I've read loads of comments and found most of them very true full and helpful but only thing that's missing from the feeds is r u guys buying into 1 franchise or more has folks aren't explaining this so when they put there figures up I'm thinking oh dear! I'm looking I to buying a 2 double franchise has I'm going into this 110% !!!! has the fees are increasing very soon !!!! So I'm i guessing right theses figures is just a single franchise. ??? Can someone help please xxx

Cadburysmirnoff Sun 11-May-14 09:19:19

I'm considering SW as a career opportunity. I have been a member for a number of years and feel I have the confidence to support others. I'm not afraid of hard work and I have a full time job 37 hours per week. I'm attending an ops event soon and this thread has highlighted some questions for me.

1. Will I recoup my money ... Yes if I work hard.
2. Will people attend? Probably but I will need to consider social team etc if it's a new group.
3. Credit check ... No CCJ or bankruptcy so I should be ok
4. Will I be able to inspire people to lose weight? I hope so
5. Best buy some flat shoes for leafleting !

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