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I am 7 weeks pg. Go for promotion and internal job move or wait?

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LexyMa Wed 16-Jan-13 19:03:06

I am a bit bored and unstimulated in my current job and it will be a really inconvenient commute come Sept when DS starts in reception, and DC2 is due about the same time. So I have to make a move in some way. This is long... Bear with me!

I have a site very local to me I could work at in my current grade, and be slightly better off because of not having to drive. Would walk DS to school, walk DC2 to nursery. However not many jobs come up there, it has a really anti-part time and anti-flexi culture (would have to seriously rock the boat to secure it), and I would be returning to work under colleagues who used to be equal and even junior so I would feel probably a bit resentful.

Or I could go for a promotion at multiple locations and the salary increase would cover the commuting costs easily. Two routes to this:

1. the current system. you apply for a job after nobody with the existing grade has applied (or they have but not been found suitable). You take up the job on temporary promotion for up to three years, during which time you are supposed to take a confirmatory test, however it hasn't been run for the last 18 months and now definitely won't be. So you come out the end of that applying as if still at lower grade in new system:

2. Wait for jobs to start appearing at a stage after nobody with existing grade has taken them (at least a month from now, it has only just started). New system involves my line manager ticking a suitability form (he's happy to), then submit the application, then if sifted do an online test, then the interview. Would get full promotion.

The practical difference between 1/2 for me is that if I was successful in route 1 then go on mat leave for longer than 6 (maybe 9) months (the policy is really unclear), I could lose the temporary promotion status and the position. Would then be on an internal redeployments list but only matched with jobs at current grade AND they could involve a commute leaving me significantly worse off than now. However, by the time jobs actually come up on new system I could be visibly pregnant at interview and would also feel bad about starting a new job with very little time to get going before ML.

Additional info... My staff member is due to move in April in a managed move with her husband (Forces - they get jointly career managed). This involves a house move, two nursery age children, and would effectively stop her husband's move as well or mean they live apart and one of them have the children and FT job. My boss would be entitled to block her move if I went first, because my position would take much longer to fill and her replacement wouldn't be up to speed really until the summer. This involves a house move, two nursery age children, and would effectively stop her husband's move as well or mean they live apart and one of them have the children and FT job. I don't want to cause such a dramatic block for her so I think I either need to put up with it where I am until ML but apply for promotion while off, or wait till her move is confirmed (probably April) and then totally drop boss/team in it by applying for promotion job which would be on new system, but be definitely visibly pg at interview and if successful hardly any time at all to get into the job before going on ML.


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