I've had ENOUGH! How much do cleaners cost??

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Bigmerlin Wed 26-Oct-05 14:40:22

Had enough of doing all the bloody housework and working 3 days a week. Can't get dh to change, it's threatening our relationship. So... how much do cleaners cost [Berkshire] , and what's the best way to get one??

AND - why is it, if I drop just one of the many balls I am juggling, I am a bad mother, whereas if dh does even a TINY amount of housework, he is a fabulous new man and wonderful father???????

kid Wed 26-Oct-05 14:43:26

Don't know how much a cleaner would cost, as much as I would like a cleaner myself!
Have you spoken to him and explained that you can't do everything?

I can't do everything in my house either, I work 5 days a week, so as long as we have clean clothes and are fed, the housework isn't a priority

freakyzebra Wed 26-Oct-05 14:44:36

I think £7-£10/hour in your area. I live in the back of beyond in Norfolk & have paid £5/hour recently.

FangAche Wed 26-Oct-05 14:46:09

Mine started a month ago. 3hours per week seems to be enough for my 2 bed semi.

She hoovers/dusts/cleans floors upstairs and down. She cleans the cooker/sink and all the bathroom, makes the beds.

She then does a washing basket full of ironing.

Its through an Agency so its a bit more expensive than usual. £9.50 per hour. Works out at £114 per month. WELL WORTH IT!

If you don't go through an agency then £6,50 per hour is probably normal.

Bigmerlin Wed 26-Oct-05 15:49:49

Kid - yes, have spoken to him / shouted at him / cried etc etc. See sentence about relationship threatened...

We have clean clothes and are fed, but dd is on 2nd virulent tummy bug this month, and I'm paranoid it's because my kitchen isn't clean...

I can only afford £10/ wk, I wonder if I could get sby to come round for that??

northerner Wed 26-Oct-05 15:52:08

Don't think you'll get anyone for £10 a week tbh. What about getting someone to come once a fortnight? They could give a goold deep clean and in between you can wipe surfaces and run hoover over?

Laura032004 Wed 26-Oct-05 15:52:10

I am my own cleaner I pay for ds to go to nursery one morning a week so I can get it all done.

In those three hours (well, 2 and a half once I've taken him there and back) I can: properly clean bathroom & 2 toilets. Unload and reload dishwasher. Wipe down kitchen sides and cooker (not oven) properly. Hoover and mop kitchen floor. Hoover entire house inc stairs. Wash and hang a couple of loads of washing.

It's a lifesaver for me. It means that I'm not spending all my time either trying to clean with ds round my legs, or upset about the state of the place.

So I would say, go for it and hire a cleaner. I spent too long being miserable that dh didn't pull his weight. He just doesn't 'see' dirt in the way I do. I went away for 7 wks recently - he didn't clean the bathroom or toilets once

Think of alternative sources of cleaner - have you got friends with teenage kids that might like to have a go? I cleaned for people during my holidays from uni. I was very pleased with £5 an hour, and worked really hard.

Bozza Wed 26-Oct-05 15:52:42

Presumably if you are working your DD is in some sort of childcare - much more likely to have picked up germs there.

goldenoldie Thu 27-Oct-05 09:29:22

We live in central London and only pay £6ph. This is cash in hand, not through an agency.

Did try an agancy once. They charged double the amount, paid said cleaner less than half and sent a different person most weeks. This was a complete nightmare as nearly everyweek I had to show someone new the ropes - waste of my time and money.

Now I just put a card in newsagents window and always have a good response.

shella Sat 03-Nov-07 14:12:04

I was in EXACTLY the same situation as you.

I live in Berkshire too (Reading) and I finally took the bulet and decided to get a cleaner. I found her on www.ditchyourdomestics.com and I pay £7 an hour.
Good luck to you.

Blandmum Sat 03-Nov-07 14:31:39

I pay mine £33 for 6 hours. She cleans the house, tidies up and does my ironing. I love her!

vacua Sat 03-Nov-07 14:33:48

In Suffolk I've been paying £8.50 an hour but nobody wants to even TRY any more

rookiemum Sat 03-Nov-07 18:56:44

You said you can only affort £10.00 per week, is there any economies you can make to push that up to say £17.00 which equates to £8.50 per hour for 2 hours.

I'd vote for going through an agency, that way if you get someone who is useless or unreliable, you ring them up and they get someone new in. You have to be hard nosed to do it this way, but the way I see it the agencies are getting money for old rope otherwise.

And yes, sigh.... I understand what you are saying about your DH. I work 4 days a week, and we have a cleaner on Fridays and there is quite enough to do in between, and yes I do end up doing the lions share of it.

However occasionally I go on strike, refuse to tidy up or do the washing and then it gets done for a while.

The secret is there is no point in arguing with your DH. Most men do understand what is intrinsically fair and we have a deal where if one of us is getting DS off to bed, the other one prepares dinner and so forth. Doesn't work all the time but I gave up fighting about it because life is too short.

PurpleOne Fri 09-Nov-07 17:17:14

I am a self employed cleaner (agency free) I usually respond to cards in newsagents windows.

I charge £6.50 an hour and one client I have had for 4 years. She say I'm part of her family!
For my hourly rate, most jobs are 2/3 hrs a week cash in hand. People expect me to tidy up, hoover, wash up, dusting, make the beds and a little bit of ironing, mop floors and such like.

It's very hard work, especially if I have 2 clients in one day, but the christmas perks are good. All I ask for in return, is a cup of coffee, a biccy and a quick fag break wink

SydneyB Tue 13-Nov-07 13:16:00

If you can find the cash from somewhere I'd def say go for it. I work 4 days a week and ever since going back to work I have been pulling my hair out with frustration at my DH who does nothing. It had been causing massive rows at the weekend as he said he just didn't see what needed doing so I'd need to tell him. Which of course ended in a row as soon as I did. So, the way I see it is the reason we have one now is because HE won't pull his weight! We pay £8 an hour in London and she comes for 2 hours a week. Found card in local newsy, met her and checked out references. THE BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT. I was just spending my day off with DD cleaning which was just not the point to be honest. Honestly, its lifechanging.

Flum Tue 13-Nov-07 13:26:51

Why don't you get a decent clean done once a fortnight. Say 3 hours if your house is not too big.

We now have a cleaner. Be warned though once that problem is solved you will find something else to be dissatisfied about. My cleaner does ALL the cleaning and ALL the ironing. I now complain about doing the laundry and having to load and unload the dishwasher and make all the beds every day. One is never satisfied!

Although am currently training 3 year old to make her own bed each morning and she is coming on very well.

SparklePrincess Sun 25-Nov-07 20:38:59

Do you seriously only pay £6 per hour in central London goldenoldie? shock I would hang on to that person if I were you, or give her a much overdue pay rise before someone else snaps her up.
I get paid between £7.50 & £10 per hour & we live about 40 miles away from London. Theres no way id accept £6 per hour, I would expect to get that in Hastings, or Bexhill or somewhere like that. I do totally work my @rse off at the £10 an hour job though & think I earn every penny & more besides.

PurlyQueen Thu 20-Dec-07 21:35:06

I pay £8 an hour for my cleaner and we live in north London. He comes for four hours a week and during that time, he cleans all the rooms, changes the beds, irons DH's shirts and any other jobs that he has time to do, such as cleaning the oven.

JingleBelle Sun 13-Jan-08 15:07:32

Hi Bigmerlin,
I pay £10 per hour to my cleaner who comes once a week for 1.75 hours (i.e. £17.50 to clean two bathrooms and downstairs loo, dust and polish living and dining room, dust and hoover hall, stairs and landing and hoover & mop through kitchen, dining room and living room). From what's on here, maybe I pay over the odds? I'm in Berkshire too (Reading) and pay cash in hand. Is well worth it to me too - DH is great but agree, doesn't see dirt and untidiness in the same way I do.

Ashen Mon 21-Jan-08 05:35:46

I'm in Reading, Berks and looking for cash in hand cleaning job. I wouldn't accept less than £8 an hour either, as you know cleaning is hard work! :P
Email me @: ashen@hotmail.co.uk

2sugarsagain Mon 21-Jan-08 05:52:41

Oooh, there's one on there from Oxford, who lives in the same road as us, for £6.50 an hour. Now that's tempting. No references available though - shella, did that bother you, or did yours come with references?

avichick Thu 03-Feb-11 10:51:50

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

kaz2222 Wed 09-Feb-11 10:22:31

I am looking for a cleaning job at the moment. Have just joined here so not sure what areas this covers but I am in Chessington in Surrey so can travel to surrounding areas. I do have a car.

mitchno1 Thu 24-Mar-11 18:49:08

Hi i am a domestic cleaner and earn £6.50 an hour but also run my own company cleaning lets. Firstly i would like to say that £6.50 is NOT a lot of money considering the work i'm expected to carry out at times, some of the houses ive cleaned are vile and a lot of the people would have you wiping their butt if you where daft enough, i am very thorough and good at my job so please think about what you pay your cleaner and make if fair for the work load you expect carried out and there is nothing worse than cleaning a house with someone at home i prefer to have the keys and get the job done instead of someone getting under your feet. Hence why i started my own company.

On a brighter note when working for my own company cleaning lets houses/flats that have to be cleaned when vacated for the next tenants moving in i earn a fortune £60 for a light clean and from £80 for a deep clean depending how big and dirty it is and some of the flats a light clean only takes me and my business partner half an hour which is £30 each an hour. We have the keys do the job and earn fantastic money and hopefully will be earning that much money soon that i can give up the domestic £6.50 an hour cleaning as it sucks because some of the people are so mean and rude so there rant over.

schmee Thu 24-Mar-11 18:53:12

Oh god - round here (West Sussex) I am being quoted £18 (yes, £18) per hour. It's completely mad and I don't understand why. In London I paid £10 ph but the the cleaner was really good.

unfitmother Thu 24-Mar-11 18:56:41

I pay £7 an hour

mumtorobbie Fri 25-Mar-11 15:10:40

I pay £10ph too and she's worth every penny. She comes once a fortnight for two hours and the house is literally sparkling when I get in from work.

She comes on a Wed and the house is still usually clean(ish) the following weekend although I do a quick clean of the bathroom and a surface dust in the other rooms.

I work four days a week so its a massive help. I thought £10ph was about the average and I live in Essex not central London!

Knackeredmother Fri 25-Mar-11 15:23:39

I'm in the midlands and pay £8 per hour cash for 3 hours per week for our 3 bedroomed semi.
We are so bloody messy though it's a tip an hour after she's been!

Bratfink Fri 25-Mar-11 15:30:02

I pay £10 an hour and she's shit. Can't find a good way to ditch her though. My advice would be get a recommendation if you can

rookiemater Fri 25-Mar-11 15:52:16

Hi I think I pay £9.00 an hour through an angency, its good going through an agency as if they aren't good you can get a different person, or if they go away they will find someone else.

Second what a few people were saying, if you can't afford once a week, go for once a fortnight. When I lived on my own I had a cleaner once a fortnight as I hate housework and whilst I still had to do some stuff it meant that a lot of jobs were done.

Also are you absolutely sure you can't squeeze another £10 per week out of the budget, it is really worth it if you can.

CalamityKate Fri 25-Mar-11 15:58:03

Bratfink - define "shit" please? I've just started cleaning for people and I really try to do a good job so I'm always after opinions on what constitutes "good" or "shit" grin

Bratfink Fri 25-Mar-11 21:15:01

Well when I get home I'm sometimes not sure if she's been or not, i have to peer closely to tell if its been hoovered etc She insists on using her own cleaner, nasty cif cream that leaves the bath all gritty even though I've asked her to use te stuff on the shelf in the bathroom and the taps are never shiny. On fact I was here once when she was cleaning and she spent about 5 mibs in the bathroom and i didn't hear any water running confused. A few times she has sent her boyfriend to do it instead and he cleans as well as you'd expect a 20 something chap to.

Tbh I spend about 2 hrs the night before tidying and clearing all the surfaces so she cam whip around and I'm starting to think that an extra hour or two on top to do my own cleaning might not be so bad

Bratfink Fri 25-Mar-11 21:18:43

Oh and there are big cobwebs in the corners and I watch them growing wondering if / when she'll notice

We have a teeny weeny 2 bed house. She charges £10 ph. Comes for 2 hrs a week. I said to please prioritize the kitchen and bathroom and to dust and Hoover the rest. In fairness we have very little to clean, not much to dust there being no room for trinkets or much furniture

emy72 Sat 26-Mar-11 17:44:15

Well I used to pay £10 per hour for mine and as I have quite a large house she used to come for 6 hours - and tbh, although it was a help, it wasn't what I was hoping for. I still had to do tidy up everywhere before she came, then do my own ironing, changing beds, she wouldn't do windows, cooker, fridge, and the floor was just mopped as a once over, which on a laminate floor it meant it always looked grim.

She was very very good at doing the bathrooms as they always looked sparkling, and I miss her for that, but tbh with the amount of laundry/ironing, tidying and floor cleaning I have to do, just the bathrooms and a dust around wasn't really worth the £300 per month for me.

Obviously if you get someone very very good who does the bulk of your housework relieving you of that responsibility, then I'd say it is definitely worth it.

I wish I hadn't read this thread. I'm desperate for a cleaner but absolutely can't afford it and one of the people who've said they're are available for work is down the road from me

How much would DH fetch on ebay? He's the one who makes the mess and his sale might finance a cleaner!

wonkylegs Sat 26-Mar-11 18:05:07

£25 for min of 2hrs a week (Newcastle ) although they often do longer
Agency which = insurance and no bothers with sickness - but usually get the same lady, it's a small agency tho and she does seem to get a good chunk of the money
Does a generally good job -3 bathrooms, kitchen Inc. Fridge & cooker, lounge, dining room, and 3 bedrooms.... We tidy up, she does cleaning, dusting, hoovering....
We don't get her to touch either of our studies or the spare room unless we've had guests
At 1st visit they asked if we had any preferences for 'green' products etc and they really do seem to stick to them
(I don't check on them much but sometimes me (occasionally works from hime)or hubby ( does nights sometimes) are in when they come
We didn't have loads of choice over whether or not to get a cleaner, i'm disabled and find lots of chores difficult and hubby is very useless busy

80sMum Sat 26-Mar-11 18:25:47

I too have a DH who makes the lion's share of the mess! What can one do? he doesn't seem to notice that he's spent the entire day (he works from home) messing the house up! The other day he was away for the evening and I got home (after my usual 10 hours work) and found he's left mess everywhere, breakfast things still all over the kitchen, a mug and plate under the chair in the living room etc. I cleared it all up and cleaned up the kitchen. When i got home the next evening, he was back - and so was the mess! ARRGH!
We don't have a cleaner so I do what I can at weekends and occasionally take a day off work to catch up when it starts getting me down. I investigated some agencies. They both wanted a minimum of 3 hours a week @ £20 an hour, which I can't afford, so still stuck doing it myself.

HappyAsIAm Mon 28-Mar-11 10:49:24

£9 per hour in Bromley. I give her £10 per hour though, as I like her, she's very reliable, and does a good job. Having a cleaner saved my marriage, seriously! I was fed up of doing everything on top of working full time and spending weekends doing it. DH didn't see any mess or grime or anything, and would do a crap job at cleaning, so I would do it all. Now we pay our cleaner to do it, and we're all happy.

Darn..looks like i'm paying over the odds. my cleaner comes through an agency and i pay £15 per hour inc VAT and I live on the surrey/hampshire borders. i've been searching for ages for a cleaner without having to go through an agency but with no luck. even with agencies, the cheapest i could find around here was £12 ph and i decided to go for the £15 per hour as this agency sends a cleaner with all the cleaning materials with her + she does a really good job. i only have her in once a fortnight though as cant afford a weekly clean.

it's ridiculous money really but that's the upside of not having to clean this house myself when i'm already struggling to find enough hours in the day!

Asinine Wed 30-Mar-11 18:17:26

I had a cleaner when I broke my leg, she was fantastic! But as I am not earning much I can't justify it now that I am fit. But I am pretending to be her so cleaning like an OCD banshee every Thursday for 2 hours, and then 'paying' myself £20 for a good job. grin

CointreauVersial Wed 30-Mar-11 18:26:00

They are mega-pricy here in Surrey. I had a husband-and-wife team who charged £24 per hour (obviously there were two of them so they only needed an hour a week). They were very good, but I couldn't justify the cost after a while, especially as I work part-time and the DCs are at school. Agencies round here charge £12 p/h +

But I hate cleaning, and live for the day when we have a bit more spare cash (that'll be when the DCs leave home, then).

dontrunwithscissors Wed 30-Mar-11 20:59:29

I've been quoted £25 for 2 hours or £30 for 3 hours per week or fortnight. I'm in Scotland.

CJMommy Fri 01-Apr-11 23:30:46

Can anyone recommend a good cleaner in telford, Shropshire?

FastOne Thu 02-Jun-11 16:52:45

hello, do you need a cleaner in london

jenmelbourne Mon 06-Jun-11 10:28:24

never hurts to try Facebook... I got my house cleaner on Facebook (i'm in australia). I had MAJOR complications and nearly died in childbirth, and there's some things that i just can't do (like get in and scrub the shower, vacuum, mop the floors, etc) - so I get a cleaner to do the things I can't.
I work from home (so the hours vary from nothing to 12 hours a day!).
I can't afford childcare, and I'm not well enough to go to part-time work.
Definitely well worth the $20 an hour I pay

HarrietJones Mon 06-Jun-11 10:48:28

I want a cleaner but can't justify it atm when dh & I are both part time ( I'm on maternity leave too). We are both crap at cleaning & keep on top of stuff but never get as far as a deep clean. We did a rota yesterday cleaning the kitchen/looking after dd3 and got half done. hmm

Verso Tue 07-Jun-11 16:30:46

I've got a cleaner and she is worth every penny grin. Three (and a half) hours a week (the half is for the new downstairs loo and extension/room thingy) for £10 an hour. She's very good. She won't do ironing though. After years of making the whole family wear crumpled things I'm trying out an ironing service tomorrow in fact. More expense but I find I'm getting unfeasibly excited about the prospect of FLAT things!

(I work full-time and just can't do all of the above as well. My DDs are 6 and 2 and my DH is disabled.)

RubyRubyLou Thu 10-Nov-11 21:02:14

I pay my cleaner £6.50 per hour and the agency £32 a month for two hours a week but I live in Pinner. Not sure if they cover your area but you could check here Helen is an absolute dream but when she goes on holiday with her family they usually send good reliable girls to cover for her. And when I went on holiday they refunded my agency fees for the three weeks I was away!!

cleaningservice Fri 18-Nov-11 17:39:38

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spooksapprentice Mon 19-Mar-12 14:14:02

Ladies or Gents, I am a cleaner and am paid £10.00 per hour. It is about average in the Preston, Lancs area. You can do an awful lot in an hour and it is wonderful to come home to a clean house. I have a few hours free if anyone is in need of my services due to one of my customers retiring. If you need me, Call me on 07500278813

bbcessex Tue 20-Mar-12 08:20:49

Like another poster has said, see if you can economise on something else and have a cleaner for 2 hours a week .. Sounds like it is really getting you down.

I work full time, have a cleaner for 5 hours a week (inc ironing).. That costs me £45 a week, i'm in Herts. i still have tonnes of washing and general stuff to do, but it makes so much difference.

We have had the same lady for 2 years. She is reliable and fantastic. I LOVE her!

pollyh Wed 28-Mar-12 16:13:02

Please visit www.themotherofallguilt.com/housework-child/ and share these thoughts. This is exactly the kind of thing I want to challange. That you should ever feel bad because you're not superhuman is an awful position to be in. Stop feeling bad for what you don't have time to do and think about all the great things you do do.

madaboutaloe Fri 06-Apr-12 02:35:24

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OctoberOctober Sat 07-Apr-12 02:20:47

We pay £32 per clean in Berks, seems to be std amt locally. Interestingly this is per session rather than set no of hours and 3 of them turn up and blitz diff areas of the house. It is in their interest to get done as quickly as poss but the std is good and I don't really care if it is 3 of them for 1 hr or 1 person for 3 hrs so long as it gets done!

We used to have them fortnightly until DP went back to work ft and there was so much more mess than pre kids!

Am thinking that this might be an area to economise on when on mat leave again but whilst both in ft work with ds creating havoc it feels well worth it!

EverythingChildcareAgency Sat 16-Feb-13 13:24:09

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bishboschone Sat 16-Feb-13 13:55:06

Schmee.... I live in West Sussex.. Everything is extortionate!!

biryani Sun 17-Feb-13 16:23:19

I used to work as a cleaner, charging 10 pounds an hour. I think this is the norm around here. I wouldn't do just an hour, though: 2 or 3 hours at a time is more realistic, otherwise it's not worth turning up. I would pay this myself without quibble.

Does your cleaner drive? I'm a couple of miles away and need a new cleaner.
Mine just went home to Russia and I'm devastated.

lljkk Sun 17-Feb-13 17:24:07

Seriously zombie thread.

higgle Wed 20-Feb-13 15:17:48

I'm a bit sad that some people on here don't pay even the minimum wage to their cleaners, let alone a living wage.

lljkk Wed 20-Feb-13 18:13:55

the thread is EIGHT yrs old, Higgle. Min wage was a lot lower then.

CarnivorousPanda Wed 20-Feb-13 18:31:34

I pay £10 per hour for 3 hours per week. I'm hopefully getting a pay rise in April, so I will give her a rise too.

I also pay some holiday pay and am flexible about days etc.

She's a godsend at times, so I want to keep her!

barryboots Fri 08-Mar-13 19:39:12

Anyone needing a job done, from a few hours housework to gardening, handyman, childcare, driving, errands or anything – you may want to visit www.bob-a-job.com where you can place an advert for FREE!

missprocrastinate Sun 17-Mar-13 17:32:09

Hi, I have weekly cleaner. One week she cleans downstairs, next week upstairs. With her help I can keep on top of it all. I got her through an agency & pay her £7.50 ph but then agency fee is £2 ph on top and this is added up & taken out of my account every quarter. I wouldn't pay anymore than this really.

If your DH not prepared to help you then you need to make a stand and I wouldn't hesitate to get a cleaner. Thursdays are my fave days!!

pansyflimflam Sun 17-Mar-13 17:43:05

I am West Sussex and I pay our much loved housekeeper £8 an hour for 10 hours a week - this is cash in hand. She does everything she can for us and we for her. Honestly I am shocked that anyone would pay £6 or £6.50 an hour to someone to clean for you. How mean!

Mutley77 Mon 18-Mar-13 03:31:47

Wow - how does everyone get cleaners so cheap. I was living in Reading and paid £11 an hour which seemed to be the going rate among my friends.

Being a part time working mum I got to the stage where I considered it an essential and was the best money I ever spent.

Anyway we had 3 cleaners come for an hour (so that was 3 hours worth of cleaning if you see what I mean) - and they were fabulous! Did the whole 4/5 bed house from top to bottom and our house was over three floors so all the hoovering of stairs and landings was worth it on its own!

You won't regret it.

sparkleclean Mon 18-Mar-13 22:11:04

hi. i have recently set up as a cleaner and sad though it seems i truely love my work (maybe thats why i constantly clean when im at home too) we give our customers a choice of either paying for a two/three session once a month or a regular slot each week or a one off maybe just before they return off holiday or before moving into a new house..anything that suits them and us.. its great when you know when someone comes home from work that they will have family/relaxing time and come home to a lovely clean house..our prices vary slightly as we dont only clean but iron and do shopping etc but on average is around £10 ph.. this is based in the hampshire area..

LieInsAreRarerThanTigers Mon 25-Mar-13 13:14:09

Good and worth it if you can find someone really good, and you really appreciate what they do and the time it gives you to do other things. I have finally decided to let mine go as have had extreme change to financial situation, but if she had been AMAZING I would have done everything I could to keep her on. I've been paying £8 per hour for 3 hours a week in Hampshire for about 2.5 years.

Unfortunately she was only 'better than nothing' really, despite several requests to change things, also was not doing her full hours, often left lots of lights on and doors unlocked... sad

I have booked half a day off work every 2 months in the coming 12 months to blitz a room at a time, and will spend about an extra 2 or 3 hours cleaning on my day off each week and / or over the weekend (I work 4 days)

I am not looking forward to it really, but will find the extra £100 a month very comforting, and at least I won't be feeling disappointed and short-changed on a weekly basis.

(The other downside when you are working is having to make the house ready for cleaning in a specified time slot - evening before was always a busy one so the mad dash on a Wednesday morning, trying to get kids to pick up their mess etc was always stressful.)

LieInsAreRarerThanTigers Mon 25-Mar-13 13:25:06

Oh and I used an agency for a short while when we lived in London and hated it- kept getting different people 2 of whom were no good at all, then they ripped me off with the agency fee/small print as I had cancelled by phone, not in writing.
Then found a fantastic person, she used to babysit for us as well, and I wanted to bring her with us when we moved.

frustratedashell Sun 31-Mar-13 20:27:16

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Pollaidh Tue 02-Apr-13 20:59:10

I pay £10 an hour in an area that's quite pricey generally. For agency staff that's more like £15 an hour.

Mum2K Fri 03-May-13 12:31:05

I too am looking to take the plunge, and get a cleaner. Can anyone pleeease recommend a good, reliable cleaner in the West Midlands/ Dudley area? Would prefer self employed (non-agency), and what are typical rates? Any help would be really appreciated, if there's anyone still reading this thread :-)

thankGodTheSunIsFinallyOut Tue 14-May-13 11:49:10

East London comes in at £8-£10 an hour. I would suggest getting personal recommendations and getting photo copies of passport and recent utility bill for security.

As to your sexist dilemma my cynical view is that people will take as much as you are willing to give them and that the dynamic of many situations is pure brinkmanship.

I find the UK very old fashioned though in many ways, people still call girls 'tomboys' if they choose to play sports rather than standing about holding a doll doing nothing. I also notice there seems to be an early 'grooming' of bad behaviour in some boys where they are encouraged to do whatever they like 'boys will be boys/ can't help being rough / not listening / not being helpful / being rude' etc. I have even been to people's houses where the man just gets up whilst entertaining and goes off to watch television! I wonder what would happen if I invited them around my house then then popped out for an hour to water my vegetables or something LOL.

I am guessing that they have just been allowed to get away with it for years???!

maineyjames123 Fri 05-Jul-13 15:02:14

Hello, I'm a cleaner and would be happt to clean for you for £10ph, if you could send me your number I'd be happy to talk more about this.

shadowmaster Mon 08-Jul-13 11:09:20

Hi everyone,
I am currently looking for house cleans in the area of Abingdon, Oxfordshire and surrounding villages. I have references and am CRB checked. I have my own transport and charge £10 per hour. I do already have a client base but am looking to increase the numbers. If anyone is interested or would like to contact me please feel free to do so!!

maryann49 Sun 18-Aug-13 00:40:06

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idococktailshedoesbeer Fri 04-Oct-13 13:39:23

Our cleaner does two hours a week for £20 and I can't recommend getting one highly enough! Sounds like you could afford to get a cleaner in every fortnight for a couple of hours, take some of the pressure off.The best way to find a good and affordable one is to ask around, ours cleans for a few of our friends.

Revancha Mon 21-Oct-13 00:05:39

Hi everyone,
Few months ago I started working as a housekeeper and I do wish to increase my numbers since I have a lot of energy to spear. I charge £10 p/h. I live in Hackney and of course I have references. My CRB expired in July and I am about to renew it. If you need me, give me a ring on 077 60 505 103,

MoppUK Mon 28-Oct-13 03:26:13

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DanglingChillis Thu 31-Oct-13 23:19:47

We live in the north east and use a local agency, we pay £34 a week for a 3 bed house, we had 3 cleaners in this week all together, for about an hour. They will even change my sheets which is fab, even the top bunk! It isn't spotless in the over careful way I might do it myself but because it is cleaned regularly so never gets as dirty as I would sometimes let it get either.

We had another quote for the same job from a national cleaning chain and they quoted £79 per week which I was shocked at (even more so now seeing what everyone else using an agency is paying).

TeresaPearson Mon 10-Mar-14 17:17:23

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Melissa826 Sun 23-Mar-14 11:30:04

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Applefallingfromthetree2 Tue 01-Apr-14 11:00:33

Can't believe how poorly some cleaners are paid. £10 an hour in the south east is a fair wage and even then a good cleaner is sorely undervalued. Most people who have cleaners in would never agree to do such hard work for so little. The low wage rate probably relates to the fact most cleaners are female too which is sad.

I personally wouldn't like to exploit another woman in the way some exploit their cleaners, so please pay a fair wage. A good cleaner is more than worth it.

Sarahscleaning01 Tue 01-Apr-14 23:50:29

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arrondave13 Mon 23-Jun-14 23:32:31

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Timetoask Thu 26-Jun-14 17:18:55

Well, a bookkeeper earns about £8.5 per hour, not sure a cleaner should earn £10 to be honest.

Timetoask Thu 26-Jun-14 17:21:58

And for this role accounts assistant the pay is £10.5!
"The purpose of the role is to take responsibility for the financial management and control of a number of project contracts.
The main duties of the role are
Project Accounting for contracts. Core activities include completion of IBP, Monthly Reporting, CSRs, Sales and Margin trading plans, Cash Management and Bid support within reporting deadlines "

Are you telling me that a cleaner is worth the same?

ubiaro Thu 07-Aug-14 00:09:40

Hi can anyone recommend a very good cleaner I live in Tipton west midlands.

isaterror Thu 07-Aug-14 09:54:44

I paid £12 an hour recently in the Cotswolds but had to give her up as we just couldn't afford it, needed 3 hrs a week but compromised to a fortnightly clean, but still couldn't afford it. Amazed to hear the difference in cost between areas.

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