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30-day shred in January

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juneau Sun 30-Dec-12 17:44:58

Anyone want to join me?

OnlyWantsOne Sun 30-Dec-12 17:46:37

oh bloody helll go on then

OnlyWantsOne Sun 30-Dec-12 17:46:54

though I dont promise to be happy about it

poachedeggs Sun 30-Dec-12 17:50:16

Fuck it, I'm pretty fat. Bring it on, eyebrowfiendfromhell.

I might do (non committal)
I should. But don't know if I can be arsed!

whatagreatname Sun 30-Dec-12 17:52:09

yes me, not attempted it before so be kind!

wem Sun 30-Dec-12 17:53:15

Ack, I always post on these threads and then never do it. Will someone please shout at me if I don't sign in on Tuesday smile

I was vaguely thinking about it. Thanks for the kick in the pants I needed smile. I will join you.

TheSecondComing Sun 30-Dec-12 17:56:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juneau Sun 30-Dec-12 18:08:18

Oh wow - a few other masochists in today then grin

I've never done it before either, but it's been gathering dust on the shelf and I really need to get fit and tone up.

Do people usually share measurements? Is that how these threads go?

Are we going to motivate one another in a drill instructor fashion [snigger]

FoxtrotFoxtrotSierra Sun 30-Dec-12 18:10:09

Yes, but I need a week off when I'm skiing. I did it in the summer and looked amazing if I do say so myself

Starting on Tuesday - no excuses!

juneau Sun 30-Dec-12 18:12:45

You looked amazing? Fab! That's just what we all wanted to hear grin

me too - determined to do something each day and need to loase my last 10 pounds (from baby weight 4 years ago!)

TheSecondComing Sun 30-Dec-12 18:13:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

poachedeggs Sun 30-Dec-12 18:17:04

Measurements? <groan>

I hate Jillian so much. But you know, you can turn hatred into motivation.

Need to do something cos my preferred exercise is running or cycling outdoors which is infrequent at this time of year. And I'm fucking huge.

stinkymice Sun 30-Dec-12 18:17:23

Gah...I have the disk but always find I ache too much after doing it!! Will try it again though I have eaten far too much this christmas <pats father christmas esque tummy>

MaryChristmaZEverybody Sun 30-Dec-12 18:18:09


FoxtrotFoxtrotSierra Sun 30-Dec-12 18:19:19

Seriously, I had a six pack poking out. I also gave up booze, which may have helped, but (and DH agrees) I looked hot!

JM is my hero - and I'm quite snooty about girlie workouts.

I lost two inches off waist and hips, and looked way more toned. Was so worth it. I wonder why I stopped bloody university

TheSecondComing Sun 30-Dec-12 18:23:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

travellingwilbury Sun 30-Dec-12 18:27:45

Wed works better for me ( my first excuse )

I am actually properly fat and need to do something drastic .

So Erm ok I am in , I think .

juneau Sun 30-Dec-12 18:31:20

I can't believe some of you are making excuses already and we haven't even started!

TheSecondComing Sun 30-Dec-12 18:34:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sommewhereelse Sun 30-Dec-12 18:37:38

If you start on Wednesday (leaves a full day to recover from NYE celebrations, there will still be 30 days of Jan left.

nailak Sun 30-Dec-12 18:38:01

hmmm i need to...

juneau Sun 30-Dec-12 18:39:32

Good point somme. So people can start either Tues or Weds. Okay?

delilahbelle Sun 30-Dec-12 18:42:40

I did it yesterday and today (getting started on my resolutions early) and now have a sore back. Not sure if I can be bothered to do it tomorrow.

OnlyWantsOne Sun 30-Dec-12 18:44:52

lets start wednesday

we can watch it through on tueday to just check what we are going to be doing

TheSecondComing Sun 30-Dec-12 18:52:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bicnod Sun 30-Dec-12 18:53:08

I'm in


MonsterBookOfTinsel Sun 30-Dec-12 18:55:22

If I can find my dvd, which I saw the other day. I will smile

mellowcat Sun 30-Dec-12 19:01:05

I'm in, hate 2nd stage though but quite liked 1st and 3rd.

bettydavis Sun 30-Dec-12 19:01:17

DelilahBelle, I started yesterday too. Didn't hurt yesterday at all but after this mornings session my thighs are killing me, walking up the stairs is pure agony. Have put on 2.5 inches on my hips since July angry

travellingwilbury Sun 30-Dec-12 19:02:37

Yay , I knew my wed plan was a good one , tues will be too painful and I don't want to give up too soon .

I gave up smoking in Oct .... Round of applause for me ..... So getting fit and listening to scary gillian should be ok .

Wibble ...

sausagerolemodel Sun 30-Dec-12 19:02:51

Count me in. I made them terrible mistake of standing in a set of scales at a friends house tuesday. Eleven fucking stone. I am only five foot one. I dont look liked the side of a house but I do look round and flabby. This has genuinely depressed me and I am currently flooded with self loathing. Also turned forty this year and want to be fab, not old fat and hairy sad sigh

travellingwilbury Sun 30-Dec-12 19:07:53

Sausage , if it makes you feel any better , eleven stone would be perfect for me .

Kveta Sun 30-Dec-12 19:12:41

I think I'm in too, if I can find the disc. Breastfeeding is not helping me shift any weight, nor is running around after a toddler, so need extra exercise. I will start Wednesday though, too much yummy food to eat before then!

wem Sun 30-Dec-12 19:19:15

I just searched for dance classes as another potential bit of exercise. I found something I liked the look of, but there was small print that said, "Please note: dance is a physically strenuous exercise, please take responsibility for being fit to take part", which is quite scary, so definitely need to get the Shred going first.

I'm up for starting tomorrow, the more I can get done before DH goes back to work, the more likely I'm to keep going once I have to fit it in around dc.

chicaguapa Sun 30-Dec-12 19:20:27

I'm in too. I did it in August before I went on holiday and it was marvellous. Came back all motivated, upgraded to Ripped in 30, hated it and fell off the JM wagon. I've been trying to get back on ever since.

Either Tuesday or Wednesday is ok with me to start. I have new exercise wear and hand weights too. grin

poachedeggs Sun 30-Dec-12 19:25:35

I only every used tins of tomatoes or bottles of olive oil as weights. Perhaps I need to invest.

RyleDup Sun 30-Dec-12 19:29:19

Yes, I will. Need to do something. I'll get the disc out of its wrapping. Wednesday start?

I might be in (need to check I'm physically able to do it, as I've been ill since the spring, but we now think it's asthma following numerous chest infections, and not scary lung disease, so no reason why I shouldn't be allowed to Shred). I have hand weights as well, although may not fit into any exercise clothes sad.

Will do one day before committing fully I think.

Worley Sun 30-Dec-12 19:37:22

I had planned to start this Tuesday.. done before and it is excellent.. a killer but works..
just need to stop wheezing by Tuesday.. been ill this week..
this time I will remember to measure my self before I start it too..

I have had the disc on my shelf for some time now intending to do it. Read lots of comments which scared me off. How fit do you need to be to be able to do it without dying?

poncyettia Sun 30-Dec-12 19:45:55

I'll join you all BUT I am not starting until next Monday (7th) as there is no way I'm gonna do it while the dcs are off school. I also need another week to get over this chest infection no excuses then

Will measure myself on Wednesday though to keep you all company grin

Are we gonna post starting measurements or would a weekly inch lost be better all round?

FromEsme Sun 30-Dec-12 19:48:20

Yes I'm in. I started shredding but gave up due to illness.

I am thin, I just have no muscles and I am so unfit, it's ridiculous.

sausagerolemodel Sun 30-Dec-12 19:48:36

Thanks travelling. Geri.Halliwell is my height and is about 7 stone. I look a bit rounded anything over 8 and a half but didn't realise I had slipped this far. Might get myself one of those monitor gadgetty things too. The ones that monitor your movement. Hold on must find link....

TWinklyLittleStar Sun 30-Dec-12 19:52:25

I am a proper fat bastard at the moment. Can I not do it on kickboxing days?

Tabbykat Sun 30-Dec-12 19:54:03

Count me in. Did it last year and really noticed a difference - somebody even said I looked leaner! shock However have had total lapse and am disgracefully now up to my pregnancy weight, despite it being over three years since I last gave birth. It hurts, but it really is worth it.

ReturnToPlanetVenus Sun 30-Dec-12 19:54:11

I'm in - bought this during my last pregnancy and have watched it from the comfort of my sofa a number of times over the last 2 years so that I'll know what to do when I start grin.

TWinklyLittleStar Sun 30-Dec-12 19:56:33

I have started a number of times but never passed level 1, to my shame.

Gilbertwasthebestcat Sun 30-Dec-12 19:57:58

Ginot Prigio

I did Dukan earlier in the year and lost over a stone easily. Maintained for a while but put it all back on and need support I think. Can you eat flavoured yoghurt? On Dukan you were allowed lemon and vanilla I think.

FromEsme Sun 30-Dec-12 19:58:06

That's good PlanetVenus , always a good idea to be prepared!

Gilbertwasthebestcat Sun 30-Dec-12 19:58:51

Arghhh wrong thread. Ignore me.

sausagerolemodel Sun 30-Dec-12 20:02:20

Gadgetty thing. The Fitbit. Anyone tried one? I am tempted. Its essentially a posh pedometer but it seems liked the analysis and feedback data visualisation is supposed to be quite motivating.

(on phone so dont know if link will work)

iwantanafternoonnap Sun 30-Dec-12 20:03:12

Oh I am so in. I need to lose a stone before feb as I can't fit into my ski wear and I need to lose 3 stone by 13th March (a long shot I know!)

152 cm and 12.9 stone I am a weeble and non of my clothes fit. Going to be hard as I work 12.5 hour shifts including nights and have a 3 year old.

So fed up of wearing tracksuits and not being able to see my foof to was it though.

Annianni Sun 30-Dec-12 20:06:37

I've just ordered it from amazon, so i'll join in when it arrives.

Oh god... what have I done?

ihatethecold Sun 30-Dec-12 20:07:34

Ok I'm in. I need some motivation.
I did it during the summer hols and it really made a diffence
I will also use my ripped in 30 DVD as I prefer it to 30 day shred.
Are we doing measurements?

Madcaplady Sun 30-Dec-12 20:08:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TWinklyLittleStar Sun 30-Dec-12 20:15:49

I'm not going to do weight or measurements if that's ok. I'm TTCing, so this will be part of following the Marilyn Glenville 'get pregnant faster' plan. It also involves no alcohol, no sugar or unrefined carbs no fun so am hoping for a bit of weight loss, if not a pregnancy.

mellowcat Sun 30-Dec-12 20:16:08

Something I did last time was to make up a playlist on my ipod and, after a couple of sessions to get the hang of it, I muted JM (that felt good in itself!) and played my own music while shredding...made a massive difference to my motivation. Any ideas for tunes to shred to would be greatly appreciated.

ihatethecold Sun 30-Dec-12 20:17:42

I like it listen to tinie tempeh or Swedish house mafia. Really gets me motivated for the cardio sections.

mynameis Sun 30-Dec-12 20:20:50

Oh go on then, count me in even though I will ache like hell and be a wuss about it grin

Aethelfleda Sun 30-Dec-12 20:31:25

Um, can I join in? Come new year, I'm on the next bit of a three part weight loss thingy to get myself to post-baby fitness (ahem: the baby is now a year old!) . I'm five foot eight. Part one is done (15 stone 6 down to 14 stone). Next part involves exercise and diet to get myself from 14 stone to 12 stone 7. The final push if I ever make it (!) will be 12 stone 7 down to 11 stone something.
I have the shred but only made it ten days in last time before I got the lurgy and gave up. I'll start Tuesday.....

poachedeggs Sun 30-Dec-12 20:34:05

I'm lying on the sofa eating oatcakes with brie and redcurrant jelly, Sensations peanuts and drinking cider. DH is making a banoffee pie. I'm in no hurry for Tuesday grin

Worley Sun 30-Dec-12 20:35:59

mellowcat.. that's a good idea..
going to make a playlist now I think.

FriedSprout Sun 30-Dec-12 20:37:32

I'm in please, can do anything for about a week, after that I lose interest!

karatekimmi Sun 30-Dec-12 20:45:06

Hi can I join in too? I've done about 15 days of shred at te start of December and then got waylaid!!!
I'll start on the 1st as I'm boring not going out or staying up on NYE but I'm back at work on the 4th of feb after maternity leave so would like to fit back into my work clothes!

flapinko Sun 30-Dec-12 20:45:42

I'm in. Starting Wednesday (if recovered from cough/cold thing by then!)

ledkr Sun 30-Dec-12 20:47:25

Ill join but may not make Tuesday as I'm recovering from noro virus and supposed to be going racing.

angelinterceptor Sun 30-Dec-12 21:25:59

Yes I want in- tried This last year but have never got to level 2 yet.

Have chest infection but will try to start Wednesday.

juneau Sun 30-Dec-12 21:26:54

You lot have me in stitches - I think this might actually be fun (apart from the actual working out, which I'm anticipating will be tough for an achey, unfit crone such as myself).

And sausage I'm not sure JM can do much about your age or your hirsuteness grin

wem Sun 30-Dec-12 21:27:11

playlist is a brilliant idea! No idea what to put on it but Tinie Tempah sounds about right smile

juneau Sun 30-Dec-12 21:27:27

Oh and Calvin Harris always gets me jumping around the kitchen.

mellowcat Mon 31-Dec-12 08:32:49

Ihatethecold I have downloaded some Swedish house mafia and can't wait to get started, bring it on...

ihatethecold Mon 31-Dec-12 10:56:38

Mellowcat. im impressed!

just remember to put Jillian in the DVD player at the same time!

ReinDearPrudence Mon 31-Dec-12 11:09:17

I'm tempted, but I can't keep up with the Swedish House Mafia chat - far too modern! grin.

Have done the shred once before on a MN thread and got into stage 2, but then gave up sad. I might even dust off my old spreadsheet.

Am also joining local gym today, mainly for DS's benefit as he wants to swim, so I'll be doing that too.

ZenNudist Mon 31-Dec-12 11:11:46

Id love to, need to shape up. BUT I did 10 days in November and had to stop due to seriously injuring my neck. But scared to try again.

ornellaia Mon 31-Dec-12 11:14:32

I'm in too, was planning to start on Tuesday anyway - I might actually do it if I've publicly said I will grin

I have started early as I know I'll be having a few days off in the middle, and am supposed to be running tomorrow. Huffed and puffed my way through level 1.

countingdown Mon 31-Dec-12 23:33:00

I'm in. So when is everyone starting, tomorrow or Wednesday?

mellowcat Tue 01-Jan-13 11:14:56

Day one and I didn't phone it in!

Good luck and happy new year everyone.

mynameis Tue 01-Jan-13 11:18:13

I'm starting tomo. Not looking forward to getting the tape measure out first sad

ihatethecold Tue 01-Jan-13 11:42:32

I'm starting wed.
Are we putting measurements on here or just keeping a record for ourselves? blush

LivinItSmall Tue 01-Jan-13 11:48:31

Can I join in too? Need some extra motivation to actually get started (for about the fifth time I think - have never made it past level 2 blush)
Won't be starting til Wednesday though. No chance I'm doing it with DP in the house!!

orangina Tue 01-Jan-13 11:53:51

I always sign in to these things, do 2 days and then there is a REALLY GOOD REASON why I can't do it again.


But I mean it this time.

Are we starting this evening? Count me in, and hopefully I will post again on this thread! Am not posting stats or anything though!


delilahbelle Tue 01-Jan-13 12:28:17

Day 3 done smile Although hard, it did seem marginally easier that the first time. To help with the fitness I am also quitting alcohol and chocolate for January as well. Masochist, me?

bigTillyMincePie Tue 01-Jan-13 12:35:59

I am going to give it a go, I think...

Did it this time last year to get fit for skiing. Just have to get my head around getting up earlier and doing it before everyone else appears downstairs...

Tomorrow, then.


I'm in. my inclination is to say I'll wait until my measuring tape and scale arrives, but that's really another excuse isn't it? so I'll start today and measure tomorrowgrin good luck girls

drmelons Tue 01-Jan-13 13:40:12

Go on then, have just put on jeans for the first time since mid dec and it was quite shocking! Am also turning 40 this year and know that I will be so depressed if I am this size and this unfit then!

Will order tonight so will be a few days late- so not let me use this as an excuse!!

JustAnotherLlama Tue 01-Jan-13 13:45:29

Can I join too? I can't start until tomorrow though as my copy is at home... I might need a gentle shove reminder.

MrsMangoGingerbreadhouse Tue 01-Jan-13 13:59:11

I really really should, I'm just struggling trying to figure out when to fit it in as DD has dropped her last nap now, and I won't want to do it after dinner. Hmm, I could try setting my alarm to get up 45 mins earlier to shred and shower <wibble> I will have a think if there's a better way I can fit it in without risking me turning the alarm of and rolling over to go back to sleep! hmm

chewingguminmyhair Tue 01-Jan-13 14:03:34

Do you have to do it every day?

Bicnod Tue 01-Jan-13 17:16:41

I'm starting tomorrow, can barely stand up today so no way I could shred...

gallicgirl Tue 01-Jan-13 17:21:16

I was thinking of joining in with peeps but does this involve, you know, moving around quickly and maybe sweating a bit?

Can't I just eat less and give up booze?

RyleDup Tue 01-Jan-13 17:22:35

Right I've got the DVD player working, so I'm ready to start the shred tomorrow. <gulp>

Is it hard? (not actually played the dvd yet)

gallicgirl Tue 01-Jan-13 17:24:04

Have just googled.




Bicnod Tue 01-Jan-13 17:29:12

Yes it's hard. I could barely walk downstairs the first time I did it (in the summer).

Hopefully this thread will force me to stick with it.

Mini eeek.

donesmile whilst I'm tired and confident I'm going to hurt tomorrow, I feel really good about myself for doing itgrin

ProphetOfDoom Tue 01-Jan-13 20:10:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wem Tue 01-Jan-13 20:18:23

Done it smile. Didn't think I was gunna, as despite being in bed by 10.30 on NYE I still felt rubbish this morning thanks to the dcs up in the night.

Feeling good about keeping it up.

Aethelfleda Tue 01-Jan-13 20:19:09

mango, I have a similar issue with time, I've got 3 DCs, the girls are 7 and 5 so don't nap, and the 12 month old is an anti-napper! So I either eat early (5.30) or late (8pm) and do the aerobics at 7.30 when they are all in bed.

matilda if you can get cheap 0.8- 1.2 kilo weights from a charity shop or carboot/ebay they will do fine, my SIL used cans of baked beans, though weights are a bit more comfortable. If you have a TK macx nearby they usually have small weights for about a fiver.

Day 1 completed! Ooh, I ache. Really hoping this doesnt set off an old back niggle, I had left sided backache last year and it hampered my exercising in a most annoying fashion.

ReinDearPrudence Tue 01-Jan-13 20:27:14

Level 1 on YouTube for anyone still waiting for the DVD.

I went for a 2 hour walk today, so not feeling too guilty, but I do plan to start tomorrow.

Well done to those who started today - very impressive! smile

orangina Tue 01-Jan-13 20:29:37

Ok, day 1 done. A few observations:
1. I CANNOT do a push up. Just. can. not. Did a lame version on all fours, which was even lamer than the easy version on the dvd.....
2. Fear I may have discovered pelvic floor issues while doing the jumping jacks. Am I the only one? blush
3. On the up side, I managed to more or less do it all and don't actually feel sick. Better than last year then!

Onwards and upwards, will have another go again tomorrow.....

bigTillyMincePie Tue 01-Jan-13 20:36:17

orangina wine

I cannot do a push-up either, much to the rest of the family's amsement/disbelief.
I HAVE to go to the loo before the jumping jacks.

There is NO way I could have done it today. I will have to get up tomorrow at sparrowsfart if I am to do it... unlikely...

ProphetOfDoom Tue 01-Jan-13 20:36:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Anyone else dreading tomorrow??

ReturnToPlanetVenus Tue 01-Jan-13 20:45:29

Day 1 done here.. orangina, I am with you re push ups. And pelvic floor.

It was hard, but it got more manageable as it went on, and those exercise endorphins kicked in just in time to push me through the last few minutes.

Bring on tomorrow (my arms are still shaking a bit as I type this)!

JustAHolyFool Tue 01-Jan-13 20:51:17

I am trying to decide if I should go for it today or not. Still got this awful cough and am worried that I'll collapse into a coughing fit when I'm doing star jumps.

Might cheat and do it tomorrow morning instead.

With the push ups, when I started last time, I couldn't do them. By day 5, I could miraculously do them! It is insane how quickly you get into shape.

orangina Tue 01-Jan-13 20:55:01

wine to you too Tilly, and to PlanetVenus! Am SO relieved it isn't just me!

Top tip, will go to the look before attempting jumping jacks again. Am googling pelvic floor exercises as well.... blush

Am refusing to dread tomorrow, am going to EMBRACE it as part of the New Year New Me thing I plan to get going.....

(In reality am feeling SO DECREPIT (sp?!) that I have got to do SOMETHING about it.......)


Checking in. No shredding for me today, I did a 6 mile run instead goodness knows how, I am very sore and fully expect to be suffering later.

Well done and Happy New Year to all shredders!

I'm also on a booze/caffeine/chocolate free January what have I let myself in for?

Worley Tue 01-Jan-13 22:18:58

festive.. I was looking forward to starting.. but.. my colds not budged and I had to go to drs today and have a chest infection so will de not be shredding for a few more days.. until I can breathe again anyway. started the healthier eating though..

HoHoHoNoYouDont Tue 01-Jan-13 22:21:47

Hadn't heard of this until today, clicked on another thread by mistake. Just though someone had misspelt Shrek!!!

Keen to join in. Might let you guys try it out and if it works I'll join in in Feb grin

Good luck guys!

OWe3WiseKneeHairsOfOrientAre Tue 01-Jan-13 22:22:44

Can I join?
I started a thread in chat about dusting off the DVD which I had had for about four months and watching it whilst drinking tea and eating a mince pie. grin
I did actually do it this evening shock
Totally agree about the press ups and jumping jack problem.
I'm not sure I'll manage every day (3 DC, FT WOHM), but am aiming for 5 times a week.
Good luck everyone.

OWe3WiseKneeHairsOfOrientAre Tue 01-Jan-13 22:24:38

Sorry, meant to thank Rein for pointing this thread out to me and inviting me over.

Ok, DD1 in bed so taking 5 minutes peace then I'm going to start.

grin so glad that others have as patheticallyweak pelvic floor as me! I do the exercise, I have a littlegadget thing and I still wee a little when shreddingwink

BettySuarez Wed 02-Jan-13 00:32:54

Could a very overweight 40 something do this?

Or would it be suicide? blush

Betty it will be hard to begin with. But does get easier very quickly. And then you move onto the next level <<sobs>>

I like it because:
Its only 20 mins
It works on whole body
It increases fitness very quickly

But that still doesn't mean I enjoy it!

Poffleski Wed 02-Jan-13 08:59:17

I'm in! I started this in Jan last year and got mid-way through level 2 when I missed one day and it all went to pot. I haven't looked at it since... I was on a thread like this and that got me through the first level so fingers crossed I can do it again.
I also teamed it with myfitnesspal for keeping an eye on my food and managed about 3 weeks but it worked wonders until my true lazy self won.

Orangina had the same pelvic floor issues as you... Hoping this time it's better but am secretly dreading that section.

I'll start tonight. I definitely will.

Ok, did day 1 last night. Started on level 2 as I used to be quite fit.

Overreactionoftheweek Wed 02-Jan-13 09:15:21

I need to join please! Have to squeeze my fat ass into a bridesmaid dress in 6 weeks and I can't get the bastard thing done up yet blush

I'm also doing diet chef starting tomorrow - my mum has very kindly offered to pay for it so I don't disgrace the family at the wedding!

Have started shred before, got onto level 2 but then gave up cos I'm lazy. Off to my nan's today so might not start until tomorrow...but that's my last excuse, honest wink

travellingwilbury Wed 02-Jan-13 09:15:59

I am still planning to start this today , I haven't had breakfast yet so I want to ask if it is better to shred before or after eating ?

I find it hard to do when hungry so tend to do it midway between two meals. Although i did do it first thing before breakfast a couple of times and it was ok and nice that it wasn't looming over me all day grin.

How hungry are you in the morning?

I know there's no way id get up earlier in the mornings to do it before work so i tend to do mine between 3-5pm( depending what day it is), let the dc wAtch telly for half hour while i do it to keep them out of my hair!

travellingwilbury Wed 02-Jan-13 09:38:59

Thank you , will do it about eleven then , I am going to have to bribe my boys to go upstairs and not point and laugh st me .

Worley Wed 02-Jan-13 09:52:27

ninjinglebells - was this your first ever time if doing the shred?! you started on level 2 shock I hope you will be able to walk tomorrow !!

I still can't breathe adequately so won't be starting do a good few days till antibiotics kicked in sad

I'm in.

Did shred level 3 on Monday and ripped level 1 yesterday.

No more trouble zones is a beast but really works.

I just want to tone up again and lose my quality street tummy.

Put a sticker on your calendar everytime you do it.

MrsMangoGingerbreadhouse Wed 02-Jan-13 10:09:29

Well the early morning didn't happen, DD decided last night that sleep was for the weak, so at 6 I was handing the baton to DH and trying to get another 45mins sleep.

Aethelfleda, I think late dinner and shredding at 7 will be the best plan, except for tonight, I'm out 7-10. Hmm, perhaps I can convince DD that she needs a nap, or at least 30 mins of staying put in front of the TV. grin

karatekimmi Wed 02-Jan-13 10:22:58

Hi all day 2 completed and I am sure if I remember correctly the flu like symptom of my whole body aching will come into effect soon!!

I use 500ml water bottles as weights and last time I progressed to 750ml wine bottles after a while.

Mini Karate went in his jumperoo so it was nice to see him bounce along with me! And no, orangina your not the only one!! Although it was a lot better this time than before! blush

Is anyone doing any type of fitness test? I am thiking of timing a plank and wall squats, seeing how many sit ups, and push ups I can do (in a minute? or to exhaustion?)

Six week six pack level 2 done.

iwantanafternoonnap Wed 02-Jan-13 12:54:37

I have just day 1 of level 1 and I am still shaking from it. It killed me!! I can't believe I have got this fat and unfit blush

I used to be a size 8 and super fit with a 6 pack now I am struggling with the sit ups because my belly got in the way!! In fact I struggled with it all. sad

I am determined to keep going though although may need some pushing along.

My DS walked in the way when doing one of the chest fly thingy and now hs a bruise on his bonce!

I am sore! Shredded on Monday, ran yesterday and will shred again later today. My upper arms and chest hurt even more than they did yesterday.

Mitchy1nge Wed 02-Jan-13 13:44:59

posso join in too? Have a fairly regular gym habit already but 1. am in a rut there and apart from spin not really pushing self like I used to 2. usually ride most days but weather shit and 3. feel horrifically podgy and unfit so this has got to help. Just did level 1, day 1 and absolutely loved it, all those retro moves like a vintage aerobics class grin I love her!

WeightyKaty Wed 02-Jan-13 14:20:05

I go to the gym 3 times a week (1xPT and 2x Body Pump) So would this help me too or would it be too much? As only 20 mins maybe a good option. Getting married in June so want to be in the best shape I can!

JustAnotherLlama Wed 02-Jan-13 16:31:52

First day done... I'll join the group of you who can't do press ups! I've taken measurements all over, it'll be interesting to see how much I change.

delilahbelle Wed 02-Jan-13 16:44:34

Day 4 complete. Cardio seemed easy, but strength sections a lot harder as my muscles ached before I started. Glad it's over for today though!

Aethelfleda Wed 02-Jan-13 19:19:33

Aaaargh, may have to drop off, my left back is killing me since yesreeday evening's shred (grr, it didn't hurt a bit at the time and I really "enjoyed" it. Seriously annoyed cos I know it works, but really don't want to damage anything. May join in again when it's settled down again. Grr and arrgh.

OnlyWantsOne Wed 02-Jan-13 19:49:40

Well I failed all ready and didn't start today BUT I was fasting today so will do it tomorrow ;)

wem Wed 02-Jan-13 20:22:44

Day 2 of level 1 done. I've decided I'll move up a level when I can get through the first cardio bit without stopping. I can cope with everything else ok(ish), but my thighs just can't take star jumps followed by jump rope followed by star jumps followed by jump rope!

orangina Wed 02-Jan-13 20:45:56

Day 2, level 1 done. Found it more difficult than yesterday tbh. Jumping jacks issues remain, despite Tillymint's top tip......


Onwards and upwards!

chicaguapa Wed 02-Jan-13 20:56:58

I've been doing it on and off for one or two days a week so I properly started today on level 2 with 2 kg hand weights.

I've recorded all my measurements; hips, waist, thighs and arms, in an excel spreadsheet and will do them again in 5 days' time. I'll report on the loss, is that what we're doing?

When I did it before I definitely saw a visible difference after 5 days so I hope I've lost something by then. I didn't lose a great deal of actual weight so I'm not recording that this time.

day two level one done. Much harder todaysad I'm hoping tomorrow will be easier. Somehow I suspect this is an unfounded hopegrin

wem Wed 02-Jan-13 21:19:24

Any word from the OP wink

I am hurty. I blame her. grin

wem Wed 02-Jan-13 21:19:50

Should be a ? at the end of that first sentence.

nailak Wed 02-Jan-13 22:11:10

I dont have any hand weights, or a tape measure....... what shall i do?

nailak Wed 02-Jan-13 22:11:54

how does it work how many days r we supposed to do level 1 for?

Aethelfleda Wed 02-Jan-13 22:17:39

I think it's ten days on each level then you go up one. If you miss a day you can go bacl down a level til you feel able to go up again. Thirty days in and you'll be knackered much fitter and more toned (in theory).

WiseKneeHair Wed 02-Jan-13 22:18:44

Day 2 of level 1 done.
I think it was slightly easier than yesterday, but suspect I'll regret saying that tomorrow.
Jumping jacks completed with an empty bladder and wodge of toilet tissue in my pants. grin

WiseKneeHair Wed 02-Jan-13 22:20:55

If you have a piece of string or something similar, you can measure and mark with that and then see the massive hopefully difference in 30 days.
As for weights, someone mentioned using baked bean tins and mineral water bottles.

JumpingJackSprat Wed 02-Jan-13 22:21:03

im in! i did level 1 today... havent done it in months and it was like doing it for the first time all over again!

poachedeggs Wed 02-Jan-13 22:42:26

I didn't do it. I'm coughing up green stuff and I hurt. Maybe tomorrow?

Is it any good for someone with dodgy knees? Can't do Zumba or jog as my knees hurt, is there any high impact stuff?

AuntPittypat Wed 02-Jan-13 22:47:52

I read the first page of this thread and you lot got me all enthused with your talk of looking fab and losing inches, so I rather impetuously ordered the DVD from Amazon... Now I've read the rest of the thread and seen references to all-body aches, pelvic floor issues etc I'm wondering what I've just done!

But I really want to tone up so I'll be joining you all as soon as the DVD arrives. Best go dig out my hand weights from wherever they've been gathering dust for the past few years ever since I bought them.

sweetkitty Wed 02-Jan-13 22:57:35

Can I join, did Day 1 Level 1 today.

Did the whole 30 days back in the summer, lost 2lbs, but definitely toned me up, couldn't believe I could do level 3 by the end.

I've lost about 8lbs overall but put a good few pounds on over Christmas despite only 3 days of pigging out (gutted) I'm only 5ft 4in and about 8st 12lbs just now which I know is actually fine BMI wise but I'm small boned, I'm all hips and bum and flabby tum.

sweetkitty Wed 02-Jan-13 22:59:21

Forgot to add I was in agony days 2, 3 and 4 last time but it went and I was fine.

Wouldn't risk it with dodgy knees, it's hard on your knees.

DP did it with me tonight, he's just started running agin after about 4 months put with a dodgy knee (he ran 3 marathons last year). He said he found it quite hard!

BlingBubbles Wed 02-Jan-13 23:17:04

I am in too, started yesterday and could hardly walk up and down stairs today.

Want to try and lose about a stone an half by may, so hopefully this will be a good start.

Done day 2, day 4 if you count the 2 runs I did before smile

bettydavis Wed 02-Jan-13 23:47:06

Today was day 5 of level 1. 3 lbs lighter and 0.5 inch off of thighs, hips and waist. Still hurting blush

What does 'phoning it in' mean? She is really starting to bug me, might have to mute it tomorrow

I did it!

Phoning it in = not working hard enough.

LivinItSmall Thu 03-Jan-13 07:20:30

Level 1, day 1 done yesterday. Legs not feeling too bad this morning so maybe day 2 tonight.

ReturnToPlanetVenus Thu 03-Jan-13 08:10:06

Day 2 done here as well (yesterday evening). Don't feel as stiff this morning as I did yesterday morning, so hoping that is a good sign. Didn't take measurements / photos / weigh myself at the start as really didn't think I'd like what I saw, but think I will do this at the end of week 1, and then see what happens between there and day 30.

Had anyone else on this thread had diastasis recti (separated tummy muscles)? I am a bit worried that the 30 day shred will somehow set mine back, at last physio appointment (Sept) they were down to 1 - 1.5 fingers separated and the physio said to do any exercise I liked, but I'm still a bit nervous.

I did day one of level one yesterday. Ish. I did it without the dvd so prob did it all in the wrong order but did all the moves for the right amount of time, bit less on push ups, bit more on cardio and chest raises. Calf muscles were aching last night. Forgot to measure myself so will try to remember that today

Annianni Thu 03-Jan-13 11:56:11

I've just heard the postman, something thudded onto the floor... Scared it's my dvd and I'll have to join in....

grin Anni - was it?

Level 3 shred done. Fourth day in a row and my wobbly bits are slightly less wobbly.

Not feeling very motivated today. Make me do it!!

wem Thu 03-Jan-13 16:36:52

Do it Organisoid! It's all over in 25mins grin .

I've just done day 3 of level 1, accompanied by my 4 and 2 year old dds. They love joining in with my 'exercises' smile

WiseKneeHair Thu 03-Jan-13 17:11:16


Just do IT!
She has 400lb people who can do jump jacks, so ner.

Hope for similar abusive motivational posts when I can't be arsed.grin

JustAnotherLlama Thu 03-Jan-13 17:24:21

Day 2 done! Picking up a 20lb ds afterwards made my arms burn blush

I've done it. My tummy muscles and behind boobs hurt though

charlieandthechocolatecake Thu 03-Jan-13 17:42:12

Is it too late to join? I look the same as I did the day I gave birth...5 months later!

iwantanafternoonnap Thu 03-Jan-13 17:51:31

Damn I woke up too late from night shift to do it today only half 40 mins before I go to work and I have got to eat in that time. I knew I should have done it when I got in this morning.

Will it really matter missing the occasional day?

delilahbelle Thu 03-Jan-13 18:06:44

Day 5 done. Really didn't want to, was going to call for pizza but thought NO.
So I made a healthier casserole with lots of veg to eat later, did the Shred, and am now feeling very happy with myself.

Given how knackering I'm finding level 1 I am not looking forward to level 2!

wem Thu 03-Jan-13 18:16:15

Well done Organisoid and delilah, especially for doing it when you didn't want to smile

Iwant - still works if you miss the occasional day, not so much if it turns into the occasional week/month/year wink

Iwant I read something that said it actually works best if you do it 5 days a week so you have a couple of rest days. You still need to do the 30 days of exercise though so it takes longer to see the same result I guess. Could you do some star jumps or squats or something while waiting for kettle to boil/food to cook/bath to run etc? Thats what I do if I am having a real CBA day or am struggling for time.

mellowcat Thu 03-Jan-13 19:27:33

Day 3 done. For those with dodgy knees, I do the cardio bits on a mini trampoline which really helps.

Day 2 done, I managed to get away early last night, so I shredded at 9.30 for day 1. Did today's after work while DH gave DD a bath. My legs are feeling pretty resentful at the momment, I'm sure my arms will join in tomorrow.

Last time I shredded I started feeling good a few days in, sleeping better, settling to sleep quicker if DD woke me up etc. Tomorrow when I don't want to do it because I hurt all over, I will try to remember that feeling, of waking up after a great sleep, feeling like I could take on the world! smile

Annianni Thu 03-Jan-13 20:11:03

no it wasn't the dvd
Yes neithershredded

Oh bollocks, i'll start tomorrow...

WiseKneeHair Thu 03-Jan-13 20:18:01

Well done Festive it was my abuse that made her do it

I ordered a pair of hand weights which arrived today. Only problem is, they weren't a pair. It was only ONE. shock
So, now need to spend another £11 to get another and can't do it yet because I'm also on the NSD thread and don't want to spend any money until Saturday. So BOLLOCKS.

Waiting to get older DC to bed, then planning on doing day 3, level 1.
Please, someone tell me that its going to get easier, soon?

orangina Thu 03-Jan-13 20:57:12

Just done day 3 level 1. Fear I am sailing a bit too close to Jillian's "phoning it in" in places.....

Not really HURTING as such, it's just all such hard work!

Still, it is done for today, off to eat virtuous protein heavy meal now (steak 'n salad).... smile

WiseKneeHair, not sure it is getting any easier though.... hmm, THOUGH, am wondering whether I can feel my friendly belly that has for a while now had a life of its own, moving slightly less of its own accord.....

(frantically optimistic)

WiseKneeHair Thu 03-Jan-13 22:06:01

Day3 done.
I DO think it was slightly easier as I don't feel sick afterwards
Orangina I have too much fat for it to have stopped wobbling yet. grin

grin WiseKnee - the same thing happened to me when I ordered handweights.

orangina Thu 03-Jan-13 23:04:22

WiseKneeHair.... oh it hasn't STOPPED, just possibly marginally minimised..... grin

OK - I'm admitting defeat for today and going to bed! The 2 large glasses of wine havn't helped blush

I'll do double tomorrow, promise!

Was thinking of ordering this alreat have 30 day shred, but thought this migt give me some variety. Anyone used the other DVDs?

ninjngle - I also have 6 week 6 pack and yoga meltdown (I'm not sure if the latter is available in the UK).

WiseKneeHair Fri 04-Jan-13 07:22:06

I am definitely aching less this morning, so either I'm not pushing myself hard enough or I'm getting fitter.
neither I'm glad I'm not the only one
orangina but less is good, mine has still got a life of its own
ninjingle I was looking at her other DVDs yesterday. I fancied the six week six pack (as if!). However, the reviews were saying that it was a step up from level 3 of the shred, so I think I better finish the last 27 days of the shred first and see if I finish it survive first.

sweetkitty Fri 04-Jan-13 08:08:50

Day 2 done last night sore today, from memory by day 5 I was ok.

I haven't done much exercise ever but I did the Shred, went back to level 1 and it was so easy.

DP is also doing it and he is aching too and he's much fitter than me.

ReturnToPlanetVenus Fri 04-Jan-13 09:17:37

Just checking in, did Day 3 last night which was fine and felt easier than the first 2 days. But this morning.. oh my! I really ache. Have come upstairs to used the PC and may need to stay here for quite some time before I can manage to walk back down grin.

I really ache today. All down the backs of my legs especially.

just managed day 1, although couldn't do all of the first cardio section. My wobbly bits hurt when I jump up and down blush. Thankfully everyone else has gone out this morning, so I have space and a mocking-free zone to recover grin.

I meant to say yesterday I managed 5 whole proper press ups grin
Todays target is six

JustAHolyFool Fri 04-Jan-13 14:00:46

Just done day 1. I did already start in December, but had to stop as I was ill.

Didn't feel too bad, the cardio is the worst bit for me.

Going out to buy some proper weights now! The tin cans of tomatoes just aren't doing it for me!

mrscraig Fri 04-Jan-13 14:05:50

Hello....huffing and puffing furiously...
Wait for me...can I join in please? Know I'm a bit late but promise to put extra days in in Feb?!
Right off to blow dust off dvd.

delilahbelle Fri 04-Jan-13 19:19:14

Day 6 done. Not very well though - I was bored with level 1 and decided to have a go at level 2 and couldn't managed half the exercises.
After that I think I deserve a takeaway - no wine for me though as I am having an alcohol free January.

delilahbelle Fri 04-Jan-13 19:20:08

Ishallwearmidnight I find my boobs hurt loads in the cardio sections - I need a decent restraining bra, grin

BlingBubbles Fri 04-Jan-13 19:36:31

Day 4 done and a 25minute jog before. The lunges are getting easier it's just the ab work that kills me. My 18month dd doesn't help as she likes to sit on me when I do the ab crunches grin

I turned the tv down tonight and turned up the iPod, found it much better than listening to her.

Good luck ladies with the weekend

wem Fri 04-Jan-13 19:38:41

Day 4 of level 1 done. Starting to feel the slightest bit easier.

Festive - I haven't tried full press ups yet, I think I could probably manage a few but then collapse in a heap and not be able to use my arms for the rest of the workout.

wem Fri 04-Jan-13 19:41:40

BlingBubles - my two-year-old wasn't helping me much at that point either, said 'not sleepy mummy?' and tried to put her head down on my chest grin

wem Fri 04-Jan-13 19:43:32

Sorry, bubbles not bubles, you're not a collection of flashy crooners smile

or this one

Maybe I should actually go and do some exercise rather than procrastinating and looking up other exercise DVDs!

WiseKneeHair Fri 04-Jan-13 20:17:02

So, Ninjingle, have you done double today or are you just looking at more DVDs? grin
Must admit, I prefer browsing Amazon than shredding.
However, hardly aching now, so going to do day 4, level 1 in about an hour when I've digested dinner.
Well done those who are doing proper press ups, I've not even attempted any yet. Maybe I will tonight, there again...

I was feeling bored of shred today so put on music and kind of made up my own workout. Its probably done sod all but at least I did something. I might try level two tomorrow for a change

orangina Fri 04-Jan-13 20:43:53

Day 4 level 1 done. Still not getting through EVERYTHING without the odd break etc. Still haven't attempted a proper press up (can't face the humiliation....). Will work up to that one...!

Yay all of us! I was actually wierdly looking forward to it today!

orangina Fri 04-Jan-13 20:44:20

And like Festive, I do add some of my own things when I can't quite face doing what Jillian wants......

Non yet blush - currently taking down Christmas tree and there are far too many needles on the floor, but I will!

Also running tomorrow morning and so may shred in the evening as well.

sweetkitty Fri 04-Jan-13 20:58:54

Day 3 Level 1 done still achey

I've never been able to do a proper push up well have done one that's about it.

Well you inspired me to actually do it WiseKneeHair Levels 3 and 2 back to back smile

Didn't seem too bad, but then I had music on, trainers on (rather than my normal bare feet blush and a proper mat).

JustAHolyFool Fri 04-Jan-13 22:44:03

Has anyone done the 6 week abs thing? I think I'll do that when I'm done with the shred.

ReturnToPlanetVenus Fri 04-Jan-13 23:05:19

Day 4 done here. Maybe a little easier, but have still not managed a proper press-up, all knees-on-the-floor still.

All my muscles hurt, and I hurt in place where I don't even have any muscles sad. But whe I did this last time, after a week the wobbly bits stopped hurting (not entirely convinced they started to go, but they certainly stopped hurting when I did the cardio bits), so I shall persevere --and punch Jillian really really hard every day in the boxing grin.

Ds handed me my weights this morning when i was making breakfast so I did 30 squat nd press thingys and 20 each side bend to the side things -not in shred (at least not in level one). I wish that could be it for the day!

WiseKneeHair Sat 05-Jan-13 10:32:46

ninjingle I'm honoured that I inspired you, but bloody hell! Level 3 AND level 2. I'm still limping through level 1. grin
Day 4 yesterday was definitely a bit easier, so I am beginning to think that I'll be able to go to level 2 after 10 days. When I started, there was no way I thought I would be ready.
Still not attempted a proper press up though.
Going to do day 5 today and I think I'll re measure myself in the hope that there is a difference.

WiseKneeHair Sat 05-Jan-13 10:34:36

Oh, meant to ask, has the OP ever reappeared? Or did she just set us up to this torture and is cackling wickedly in the corner? grin

did day three yesterday and will force myself to do day four today. I must admit though, yesterday I faced a wall of pain when doing it, today, miraculously, my muscles are finally easing. and I thought you lot past day 5 were lyinggrin

JustAHolyFool Sat 05-Jan-13 15:21:50

Did Day 2 today, was far worse than day 1.

Not too achey though. I need to get some proper weights.

proper weights help -I did it last time with water bottles, but the weights are easier to hold and make me feel like I might be able to get past level 1 this time round

WiseKneeHair Sat 05-Jan-13 17:26:23

Day 5 completed.
Starting to think about level 2. Those that have done it, how much of a step up is level 2?
Oh, I managed to do one proper press up. grin

JustAHolyFool Sat 05-Jan-13 17:29:28

I managed to do some proper press ups today too.

Day four done smile
Also less achy today. Yesterday was the worst.

Proper weights definitely help. Last time i only used .5 or sometimes 1kg but this time I am mostly using 2kg sometimes 1.5. Much easier than using cans or bottles though!

wem Sat 05-Jan-13 19:30:45

Day five done. Moved up a level as I've started and stopped Shred so many times I've got very bored with level 1. Might have been a bit premature though, it's hard! You seem to spend half of the workout in the plank position! Having moved up before doing proper press-ups, my mission now is to attempt proper plank jacks and not die. I can't see it happening any time soon!

sweetkitty Sat 05-Jan-13 22:37:41

Day 4 here sore sore sore

Level 2 is a big step up but not as much as going from nothing to Level 1, I still can't do a proper push up and DP can do about 12, if it's any consolation DP is also aching and he ran 3 marathons last year.


4.5 mile run/scramble (up and down hill a lot!) and a shred smile

Worley Sun 06-Jan-13 00:15:21

still desperate to start but can't sad did three songs with ds2 on his wii dance and I thought I was going to need oxygen lol... three days of antibiotics and steroids left then I might be able to start it again.. I'm looking forward to it !! I know it sooo worth doing it! well done every one on the first weeks almost donesmile

I missed yesterday - no time - but shredded today.

JustAHolyFool I did 6 week 6 pack over the summer. I can't remember much about it have wiped my memory. I started it because my knees were hurting with too much running/shredding, but from memory there is still lots of cardio.

wem I'd forgotten about the plank jacks. Nightmare.

My problem is with the side lunge/lateral raise jobby. I always have to stop.

mellowcat Sun 06-Jan-13 10:41:30

Level 2, day 1 done.

Mitchy1nge Sun 06-Jan-13 11:25:50

oops missed 2 days while maintaining anxious vigil in and around stables, but feel quite lean on my diet of horse carrots and electronic cigarettes coupled with exercise regime of lugging water/hay/horse around so will resume shred when I can and it can take any credit!

chicaguapa Sun 06-Jan-13 12:24:49

I missed Friday and Saturday so made an extra effort this morning and will do it again tonight.

I find that if you know the levels well, you can substitute a hated exercise with a preferred one from another level. I do jumping jacks instead of squat thrusts sometimes. Also on Ripped in 30, level one has 30 seconds of holding the plank pose, so sometimes I do that instead of plank jacks.

I figure that something is better than nothing and it's just important to keep moving and do something.

Chicaguapa I often substitute the squat thrusts in level 2 for the alternating leg ones in level 3 - don't quite understand why the level 3 ones are easier!

Just done a long run so that might have to do me for today! Might do some sit ups later

orangina Sun 06-Jan-13 12:58:08

Ok, I phoned it in yesterday (couldn't face it after a really full day which didn't end until after I got the dc to bed at 8:15), but did it this morning instead. Day 5, level 1.

Still haven't attempted a real push up, but might try in say (ummmm) a week?!

Also, I find the side lunge raise your arms thing really difficult to do as something clicks horribly in my shoulders. So have amended that one (the arm bit).

Am beginning to feel as though I can't be arsed, so must keep going. Am now convinced there is slightly less belly wobble, hooray!

JustAHolyFool Sun 06-Jan-13 13:13:45

Thanks NeitherShredding I think I'll try it, I would LOVE some abs. They must be under there somewhere.

orangina even though Jillian tells us not to phone it in 20 times in a workout, I think one day is fine.

Probably days 3 - 5 are about the worst I'd say, cos the excitement is gone a bit but it's still hard. I can definitely feel my stomach muscles getting better.

orangina Sun 06-Jan-13 16:09:37

Will aim to do it every day if at all possible....

Off to peruse her other DVDs on offer.... The idea of ever owning a 6 pack is just laughable (!), but will have a look see anyway..... smile

bigTillyMint Sun 06-Jan-13 16:24:50

Well I haven't managed it at all yet.

When do you all fit it in? Before everyone gets up is looking very unlikely (though this is when I did it last year on the 3 days I was working) - 6am start with my creaky body.... and DH will not appreciate me leaping about in the sitting room when the DC's have finally gone to bed.

Maybe I can force them all upstairs before dinner?

wem Sun 06-Jan-13 16:25:11

Six week six pack just makes me think I'd end up with a rock hard stomach and a weak and flabby rest of me - an odd look, but better than weak and flabby all over I suppose smile

Day six done, day two of level two. Feeling less weak and flabby already.

wem Sun 06-Jan-13 16:36:48

During the week DH has been taking the dcs up to bed and I've done it while he's up there with them.

<arf> wem I can vouch that 6 week 6 pack left me as weak and flabby as before not that I did it for the whole 6 weeks

Tilly I have been taking my laptop into the bedroom as soon as I get home from work MNing for 10 mins and shredding.

WiseKneeHair Sun 06-Jan-13 17:33:58

Day 6 done. First time I've managed to get all the way through without small stops. grin Still not doing proper press ups though.
I'm debating when to start level 2, I think I'll give it a couple more days and then have a go.
We converted our study into another reception room a while back. It's not very big, but I just about have room to do it in there. I did it with five boys in the house today, worried that one would come in for a laugh. I've otherwise been doing it after the DC have gone to bed.

BlingBubbles Sun 06-Jan-13 18:21:15

Day 6 done today with a 20minute run before. Found it much easier today, had a look at level 2 but that looks much harder, will stick with level 1 for a few more days.

It's my weigh and measure day on Tuesday so looking forward I that

delilahbelle Sun 06-Jan-13 18:23:59

Failed to Shred yesterday or today, but me and DH did manage a 4 mile country hike up and down some pretty big hills (and through ankle deep mud, hurdling a few streams, it was...interesting) which definitely raised my heart rate and stressed my muscles.

I'm back on the Shred tomorrow - Level 1 day 7

bigTillyMint Sun 06-Jan-13 18:38:12

Well I could do it in the bedroom, though anyone downstairs/next door might think there was an earthquake going on. Might give that a try!

FreakoidOrganisoid Sun 06-Jan-13 19:29:47

Can I keep posting even though I'm largely doing my own thing? Shred isn't really doing it for me this time so I'm making up my own 20-40 min workouts. They are largely made up with moves from shred but more cardio in longer bursts.

I did 35 mins today, was really sweating!

Posting helps me actually do the exercise (which is the big thing for me) but if you want to keep this just for shred that's fine smile

Freakoid I think the idea is just to motivate each other to do something! I'm with you that soemtimes I'll do other things and if I can't I'll Shred (or might even get another of her DVDs)

The great thing is that we're moving!

ReturnToPlanetVenus Sun 06-Jan-13 23:04:43

Hello shredders. Day 6 done here. Still on level 1, but finding it fairly easy, in relative terms at least (apart from press ups, which I am months off being able to do properly), so think I'll have one more day on level 1 then move up to level 2. 6 days ago I couldn't imagine ever being able to do the next level, so something must be working.

Shredding time is getting later and later though. 9pm tonight, and I don't really like exercising at that time. DS2 is all teethy and a nightmare to get to sleep. Think I might need to ask DH to do bath / stories for a few days so that I can shred much earlier in the evening rather than waiting until DCs are in bed.

sweetkitty Sun 06-Jan-13 23:17:21

Level 1 day 5 here I'm aching again

DP did it again too after a 7 mile run this morning, he said he felt his core was better (or something)

We've been doing it about 8pm or earlier at weekends, there was 6 of is doing it tonight (the DC like to join in) don't know how it's going to work now school/nursery/afterschool clubs are back, I'm a SAHM and last time did it 12-1230 can't do that this time as we're in the middle of major building work there will be loads of builders kicking aboit

Freakoid please keep posting. Like ninjingle said, it's about motivating each other to get off the sofa.

No shredding for me today, but I ran 10 miles instead - am prepping for a half marathon in two weeks. It didn't hurt as much as when I ran on New Years Day, although I could still feel it in my legs and arms.

Kudos to sweetkitty's DH for running and shredding!

Standingonlego Sun 06-Jan-13 23:30:00

Day 4 level 1 just done! It is way too late in the day to be exercising but this thread motivated me to get off the sofa and keep it up. Thank you all smile

It is the sideways lunge things that are killing me...

JustAHolyFool Sun 06-Jan-13 23:36:44

Sideways lunge is a bastard and the bicycle curls at the end just about kill me.

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 07-Jan-13 08:39:23

Bicycle curls hurt my knees somehow. I sometimes for [[ Russian twists]] instead

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 07-Jan-13 08:40:02
JustAHolyFool Mon 07-Jan-13 09:40:05

Day 4, definitely the hardest for me so far.

wem Mon 07-Jan-13 16:53:10

Day 7 done. I'm starting to enjoy it, sort of. I can feel it making a difference, even day to day, which is pretty motivating. I hope I can keep it up, I can't remember why I stopped the one time I got further than this. I got to about day 10 I think, then a couple of days away got me out of the habit or something. Nothing like that coming up so hopefully I'll stick with it a bit better this time.

JustAHolyFool Mon 07-Jan-13 17:08:50

Oh wem I will try to remember that in the coming days, I'm on day 4 and it was horrible. Will keep struggling on. I looked at the video for level 2 and it looks terrifying. Even the hardcore exercise lady (Natalie?) behind JM was cheating a bit.

wem Mon 07-Jan-13 17:21:30

I love it when Natalie cheats grin. However, they probably had to do a million takes so not sure it means we get to cheat too wink.

Hang on in there JustAHolyFool, it's all worth it in the end smile

JustAHolyFool Mon 07-Jan-13 17:27:00

God, yeah, I wonder if they had to keep doing the same thing over and over. Must have been exhausting, especially for hardcore Natalie. Not JM, she just does one squat and then wanders about for a bit.

It'll be worth it if I have Natalie's abs in the end.

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 07-Jan-13 17:49:02

I love it in level one where Natalie gives up on the side lunges for a bit and just uses her arms then jillian says "look at them they're not even cheating" *may not be exact quote, i haven't used sound in a while

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 07-Jan-13 17:52:56

Day six done smile
Also a lot of chocolate eaten which may invalidate it!

Fitness not weight loss fitness not weightloss.

I think my arms look less flabby already. Not exactly toned yet though.

wem Mon 07-Jan-13 18:08:13

Fitness not weight loss, absolutely.

And also, chocolate doesn't invalidate Shred. Shred means you can eat chocolate grin.

delilahbelle Mon 07-Jan-13 19:26:18

Day 7 done, and even though I was still a sweaty heap at the end it did seem a bit easier overall. I'm still only doing press-ups from my knees though - what's everyone else doing? I will be sticking at level 1 until I can do everything properly.

According to DD2 I'm doing Shred so that in 26 days time I too will have Jillian's tummy, and i can walk down the road in a crop top pointing at my tummy squealing "Look At My Tummy!!!!!!!!!!". I'm not sure exactly where the support becomes teen sarcasm hmm

But I definitely want Jillian's tummy rather than Anita's. Does Jillian eat chocolate do you think? probably not

I'm not even managing Anita press-ups blush

bigTillyMint Mon 07-Jan-13 19:38:15

Am I going to face it tonight? After first day back at work...

I have 42 days before we go skiing, so I have 12 spare days to play with...

WiseKneeHair Mon 07-Jan-13 19:58:15

Well done everyone.
I'm feeling unmotivated tonight. I was working this weekend (and new year) so that's 8 days without a break, so I'm flagging somewhat.
Please nag motivate me to do it after getting the DS's to bed, doing the Internet shop and whatever else needs doing. grin

WiseKneeHair Mon 07-Jan-13 19:59:21

big Tilly I'll do it if you do it maybe

wem Mon 07-Jan-13 20:08:28

Go on bigTillyMint and WiseKneeHair, do it! <channels JM> <fails to think of an appropriate JM quote>

JustAHolyFool Mon 07-Jan-13 20:20:29

Come on Wise and Tilly, don't phone this in! Stick your tush out! No shame! If you want results, you have to hang with us! If you want abs like these, you have to work for them!

orangina Mon 07-Jan-13 20:27:16

Ok, another day done (yay!)..... managed to do 3 Anita style (ie, a bit lame) push ups before wanting to pass out, so reverted to super lame efforts. BUT, am finding even super lame more difficult to do if Imove arms/shoulders further away from knees.....

So, level 1 day 6 done. Am still motivated (looks down at blancmange belly) but admit that it's not always so easy to find the enthusiasm.....


orangina Mon 07-Jan-13 20:27:38

PS: Am very glad that I have this thread to keep me going!

WiseKneeHair Mon 07-Jan-13 20:27:57

Thanks guys grin
I'm going to put my workout gear on before doing the Internet shop, so will hopefully feel motivated to shred afterwards.
No phoning it in, even though I'm on my phone now. confused

orangina Mon 07-Jan-13 20:34:50

Go WiseKneeHair....

(channels inner cheerleader)

sweetkitty Mon 07-Jan-13 21:08:04

Day 7 level 1 here phoned it in a bit, I was starting to get migraine triggers today so took a load of painkillers but still feel a bit odd.

I did the whole shred last time and could only manage one proper push up grin

wiseKneeHair - that's what I do - put on the exercise gear so I HAVE to do it later.

I've been to the gym grin - I joined 2 months ago and hadn't been yet blush, so now it'll be easier to go again.

So in the last 9 days that's 8 days of exercise smile I think it's making a difference.

WiseKneeHair Mon 07-Jan-13 22:08:22

Well done ninjingle and thanks orangina - I hope the cheer leading was accompanied by a few jumps and Pom-Pom shakes.

Well, I did it and it felt relatively comfortable, so thanks for all the encouragement.
I think I'll do level 1 again tomorrow (day 8) and then have a go at level 2 - gulp!-

hatchibombatour Mon 07-Jan-13 23:29:59

Hello there, I did day 4 level 1 today, can I join in?

Right, reading this has inspired me to have a go.

cafecito Tue 08-Jan-13 00:15:54

I meant to do it from the start of January. Have done it once.. phoooned it iin.. well done for keeping going!! I will restart. tomorrow.

WiseKneeHair Tue 08-Jan-13 12:45:38

Morning all.
Welcome hatchi and cafe.
Well, I weighed myself today and have lost 2.5 lbs in the last week. If I'm honest, I'm slightly disapointed with that for a first week. I know it's better to lose it slowly, but eating wise I've been so good apart from the McD's on Sunday and shredded every day.
Before you ask, I measured myself as well (just chest, waist, hips) and I haven't lost any inches either!
However, I'm not too bothered about that as I do feel slightly firmer and I think if I'd measured thighs and upper arms, I would have noticed a difference as that is where I have noticed it most.
Still feeling motivated and planning on day 8, level 1 tonight. I might even attempt my second proper press up. grin

WiseKneeHair Tue 08-Jan-13 12:46:16

Just realised it's not morning! blush, so afternoon all.

OK - ran a mile to and from the gym and an aerobics class today.

Back to Shred for a few days now as I think it does make you work hard, plus have the kids!

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 08-Jan-13 14:55:06

Ninjinglebells you are way more fit than me!! I can't run at all.

Still feeling motivated even being back at work. Have a headache at the mo so am going to take some pills and exercise at four.

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 08-Jan-13 17:21:24

Day 7 done! I have exercised every day for a week!!! [proud]

wem Tue 08-Jan-13 17:47:57

Hey me too Freakoid! That sounds good doesn't it? Given that normally months can go by without any signicant exercise happening.

WiseKneeHair Tue 08-Jan-13 18:40:49

Me too, as of yesterday.
I will have down 8 days in a row if when I exercise tonight.
Are others trying to lose weight as well as get fit?
I've joined after seeing the thread on here.
If anyone joins or is already a member, my username on there is HappyKite and I would love to be friends. grin

JustAHolyFool Tue 08-Jan-13 20:35:23

You guys reminded me of a technique to stop yourself giving up. Have a calenar up on the wall/in your diary. Every day that you do exercise, put a cross. When you have a long list of crosses, you're more likely to not give up because you don't want to break the chain.

I have a ton of work to do, but going to get going in half an hour or so for some more JM.

orangina Tue 08-Jan-13 20:43:51

Day 7 level 1 DONE! Obviously I can't manage everything yet (managed 5 of the most pathetic press ups known to Jillian), but am getting quite bored of this and looking forward to moving onto level 2 (hah!) in 3 days time......

bigTillyMint Tue 08-Jan-13 20:46:15

WooHoo Orangina! I still haven't started as I am knackered. But I might give it a go after the gym tomorrow wink

WiseKneeHair Tue 08-Jan-13 22:00:18

Day 8 done, but I've pulled something in my left calf. I managed to finish, but reduced the impact of the last set of cardio.
I was planning on going up to level 2 tomorrow, but I don't know now. sad
I can't believe I'm actually upset at the thought of not being able to do level 2.
How far I have come in 8 days grin
Well done orangina
Go on bigTilly, we are here to cheer you on.
Just I think posting on here is my version of the crosses on the calendar and I don't want to break the chain.

sweetkitty Tue 08-Jan-13 22:03:00

Day 7 here walked loads today too

Almost falling asleep now

hatchibombatour Tue 08-Jan-13 22:27:47

I am slightly in awe of those off you who've made a week. Day 5 done here, worked myself harder and did more Natalie versions than Anita, though still a long way off from doing a proper press up. Looking forward to weighing and measuring in a couple of days. WiseKneeHair I am trying to lose weight too, just eating healthily and cutting out snacks. Am hoping this will make a difference and holding off on the weigh in to make it worthwhile!

Shakes pompoms at shredders. You have no idea how great it is for me to come home (I'm in a different time zone to the UK) and read abut your exploits - it makes me go and do it to keep up with you all smile.

I am also trying to lose weight, by having a dry January. i've also cut out caffeine (so no lattes) and chocolate. If all that combined doesn't work, I don't know what will grin. DH went away at the weekend and we won't see each other until the end of Jan/early Feb and I hope to be transformed into a sylph like willowy thing by then grin

Standingonlego Tue 08-Jan-13 23:59:16

Holy fool - I have those little smiley face stickers for our family calendar smile if you exercise, you get one - OH gets quite competitive if I have more than him

So, in the interests of research I did the 6 week 6 pack tonight.

The good news - no blooming star jumps. A fair amount of lying down and some cardio if you don't phone it in.

The not so good news - lots of planks and variations thereof, including a impossible side plank/knee raise jobby towards the end.

Best Jillian quote "your heart should be gargling in your throat by now" shock

For those after a quick workout, it is a bit longer than the shred - said 30 mins on the box, more like 35 with warm up and cool down. You go through the same circuit twice.

Brianstorm Wed 09-Jan-13 08:01:47

Just marking my place as having done 2 days now of Level 1 and hoping to do Day 3 this afternoon - busy reading Low Carb boot camp threads as started this on Monday too so will come back more to this one later. Well done to those keeping it up - I am aching this morning!!

WiseKneeHair Wed 09-Jan-13 09:38:00

Well, my right calf is definitely hurting today sad
I can't believe that I'm annoyed I can't shred today.
I think I'm going to do the strength/cardio bits and the stationary punch exercise.
I'm really annoyed as I've now got my first days off, starting tomorrow, since I started shredding, so I was going to try and do a bit extra. I'm dosing up on non steriodals and hoping it'll be ok again by Fri/Sat.
Good luck to the rest of you trying to lose weight, too.

orangina Wed 09-Jan-13 11:55:28

Good morning everyone! Have been to an early mporning pilates class which was GREAT and the opposite end of the exercise spectrum from Jillian..... very calm, centred, with no fast moving bossy person shouting at us to KEEP GOING.....


Still really hard work though, and I power walked home though, so that's my exercise for the day as I have choir this evening.....

Will shred tomorrow morning though, so still on track!

Thanks BigTillyMint for the cheerleading! And bad luck wisekneehair about your knee.... I think you could go for a modified level 1? My knees hate the butt kicks, so I either do the jump rope or more punching instead......

wem Wed 09-Jan-13 18:15:27

Won't be shredding today. Haven't had a chance so far and am off to play squash later. A shame to break my run, but I'll be back tomorrow!

WiseKneeHair Wed 09-Jan-13 19:28:19

Well, I've been limping (slightly) all day. I'm still determined to do something, so I'm going to do some of the strength exercises and the abs.
I can't believe how disappointed I am not to be able to do it! If you had said this to me 10 days ago, I wouldn't have believed it. grin

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 09-Jan-13 19:37:33

I did a 15 min body pump workout today. Well kind of. I followed the routine but had to use my handweights as didn't have a bellbar.

I enjoyed it actually. Thighs were burning! Didn't do any cardio per se but heart was certainly pumping. Boyfriend is coming over tonight so maybe I'll get in a different kind of exercise too wink

delilahbelle Wed 09-Jan-13 20:22:54

Day 8 level 1 done - and my ankle done in sad Sat here with an elastic bandage having dosed up on ibuprofen.

Let that be a lesson to you all, wear decent trainers.

I will try and do the non-jumpy bits of the shred tomorrow.

wem Wed 09-Jan-13 21:32:43

Sorry to hear of injuries, I hope no-ones done anything lasting.

I have to say though, I love Shred! Just been to play squash and it felt so different. Normally I'd be huffing and puffing and my legs would give up half way through but I felt great. Totally going to be sticking with it after seeing this difference after just a week.

WiseKneeHair Wed 09-Jan-13 22:04:39

Freakoid well done and I hope you enjoy your aerobics tonight wink
delilah it's day 8! That's when I did my leg in - others beware the curse of day 8.
wem I agree, despite my injury, I am loving it.

I DID sort of shred tonight. I did a light jog/walk for the cardio bits, but could do all the other bits as usual apart from the lateral lunge thingy in circuit 3 when I couldn't go as low as usual on the right side.
Hope I don't regret it tomorrow.
Watching level 2 now and think I might be injured for a while grin

I booked myself a last minute spa day today for tomorrow, so looking forward to a pampering day. I will take my work out stuff and might do a class or go to the gym whilst there. Soooo looking forward to it.

sweetkitty Wed 09-Jan-13 22:07:39

Day 8 here was ok-ish. Front of thigh sore and shins but ploughed on. Static lunges kill me and u know there's more in store in level 2.

WiseKneeHair Wed 09-Jan-13 22:19:29

Level 2 looks very, er, lungey and planky.
I'm actually not as scared of it as I was before starting level 1 though.

JustAHolyFool Wed 09-Jan-13 23:14:39

Missed yesterday as I had a ton of work on, about to start now!

missing today as it's too late, I'm tired and I don't think it'll do any harm.

Back tomorrow though!

JustAHolyFool Wed 09-Jan-13 23:44:39

Definitely easier today! Hurrah! That does mean I have to do level 2 now...maybe on friday.

No shredding for me tonight, I'm off out for a run instead.

I thought I was OK after yesterday's 6W6P, until I bent down to put my trainers on. Ouch!

mamab30 Thu 10-Jan-13 06:57:45

Am I to late to join this? I started on Monday, done 3 days so far

orangina Thu 10-Jan-13 10:02:04

Never to late to join mamab30! Just done my shred today, and have concluded that I am NOT a morning shred person! Could barely get motivation to FINISH the thing, and I kind of phoned it in towards the end. Really didn't have the va va voom for it. Plus I have a v stiff lower back, maybe because of the intense pilates yesterday? Who knows.....

Back to evenings for tomorrow.

(Fights urge to go back to bed)

Just got my killer buns and thighs and completed level one, was great.

About 45 minutes in all, obviously concentrating on legs but enough thrown in for arms / core too.

I have dropped all but a couple of pounds of christmas weight and my body feels toned again. I only work out four times a week too but alternate workouts.

JustAHolyFool Thu 10-Jan-13 16:31:34

Oh my God. Just did level 2 shred. FUCKING HELL, that is tough.

FreakoidOrganisoid Thu 10-Jan-13 17:16:20

I just did day 9.
Have been feeling really weak today though. Could barely get the toys out of the cupboard at work today and as for lifting the tables and stacks of chairs.

Not breaking my run was good enough motivation to still do it today though, i just did fewer strength exercises.

I am going out Saturday night and may not have time Saturday day so need to do it tomorrow as well so I can have sun and maybe sat off without too much guilt.

karatekimmi Thu 10-Jan-13 19:25:13

Hi all,

glad to hear you're all having fun!! I have a month calendar and I put stickers on it every time I do it. I also plan rest day so I get a sticker if it was pre planned not to do it IYSWIM as I want to get a star every day!

I have decided to alternate level 1 and level 2 for a few days as I think level 2 will be a killer, but might try that one tomorrow!!

2 days till weigh in! Iv been really good food wise, I am on My Fitness pal too (same nn as here if anyone wants to add me). Had pizza hut lunch and still managed to get my 5 a day and keep within calories!! (not sure it classes as balanced though!!)

Well I look forward to not being able to move tomorrow!!

WiseKneeHair Thu 10-Jan-13 20:22:11

Well done everyone. I think we are doing so well.
I'm not doing it tonight for the first time this year. wink
I have been lazing at the spa today, but I did swim and do some core work.
I think my leg feels a bit better, so I'm hoping to do it tomorrow. Then, maybe, level 2 on Saturday. Maybe.

WiseKneeHair Thu 10-Jan-13 20:23:11

Sorry, meant to say welcome and that I am HappyKite on MFP. I'll look for you.

Still on level 1. I did some real press ups tonight. But the side lunges s=don't seem to be getting any easier.

<Waves pom poms weakly at shredders>

wem Fri 11-Jan-13 08:03:11

Morning, just posting now so that I have to come back later and say I've done it smile

Missed yesterday without any replacement exercise so in danger of letting it drift. I was working on a cake so every spare minute was taken up apart from watching The Big Bang Theory.

Kick my ass and tell me to make time for it!

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 08:22:58

Morning. Leg aching a bit still, but going to give it a go later. Not sure if I'll be able to do the high impact version though.

wem <kicks up ass>. You don't need to thank me. grin

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 08:24:34

Well, that didn't make sense!
Try again

wem <<kicks up ass>> You really don't need to thank me. grin

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 08:25:52

Ahhh. I don't know what is going wrong, but I'm really gonna give you a * big* luck up the ass wem as I'm getting annoyed now.

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 08:28:30





And breathe.

wem Fri 11-Jan-13 08:34:22

grin I have no idea what was wrong with the first one, but it was quite fun watching you try to correct it.

I'm sorry if I've made you start doling out ass-kicks indiscriminately though. Or rather, sorry for the poor recipients grin

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 08:44:14

I'm in the house alone at the moment which is probably a good thing! I have moved from my phone to iPad, so hopefully no more problems. Your ass has definitely had a whopping though.&#128515;
I need to channel that energy into my work out.

Shredded smile might do it again this evening as well. Definitely feeling trimmer grin

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 09:39:22

Right, no excuses now. Breakfast must be digested now, so time to get off MN and shred.

ninjingle twice in one day? Mmm, my competitive streak is coming out now. grin

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 10:46:08

Level 1 done. I ignored the pain in my leg probably will regret that
Now wondering whether to try level 2 later as if I'm crap at it, I can console myself that I've already done level 1 today. grin

JustAHolyFool Fri 11-Jan-13 10:47:07

Twice in one day. Well done!

I've been doing some flexibility exercises from youtube as well, my knees are so unflexible, it's ridiculous.

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 10:49:53

I'm only talking twice in one day to keep up with ninjingle doesn't mean I'll actually do it. grin

FedupofTurkey Fri 11-Jan-13 11:03:03

Can I join, I've ordered the dvd, should come today so hoping to shred later

DrinkFeckArseGirls Fri 11-Jan-13 11:11:10

Level 2 is gruesome. And I'm saying it as an ex very fit person and currently a fittish one. I'm 20 days in and in level 2 for the last 10 days. 7 days in it started to get easier but I did swear at her.

sweetkitty Fri 11-Jan-13 12:57:41

Day 8 yesterday felt ok.

Will do Day 9 later, weigh in day today too and have lost 2 pounds. I think that stress loss as this week has been mad. We've had builders in all week knocking down walls, everything is under a layer of dust.

ninjingle are you mad?! Make sure you come back and tell us what it was like!

JustAHolyFool Fri 11-Jan-13 13:12:01

Ouch, just did level 2. OUCH.

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 13:13:49

Well done Just
Neither aren't we all a bit mad? [ grin]

Yes Wise, you could be right grin

ToddlersRFab Fri 11-Jan-13 13:28:24

Can I join too.... my dvd has been sitting gathering dust since November. FedupofTurkey maybe we could start together as we will be behind everyone else....

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 13:42:52

Welcome fedup and toddlers. The more the merrier. Everyone is at different levels/stages so it doesnt matter that you havent syarted yet. My piece of advice from my vast experience of 10 days is that the first few days are HELL, but it starts to get better by day 4/5.
Just I meant to ask, is the jump from level 1 to 2 easier or harder than starting day 1 of level 1?

JustAHolyFool Fri 11-Jan-13 15:10:07

WiseKneeHair Hmm, it was hard in a different way, I think. I was more ready to give up on Level 1, the whole way through I was thinking "I want to stop, I want to stop" and psychologically it was really difficult.

On level 2, physically it feels harder, but I don't feel the same psychological barrier. I know I'm not going to give up but some of those moves fucking kill. Lots of static squats, OUCH.

I'm on day 2 of level 2, so I really really hope that it gets easier! I might go for a run tomorrow morning as well, I don't think I'm really getting enough cardio from it.

FedupofTurkey Fri 11-Jan-13 15:10:39

Level 1 first day done. Didn't go as bad as I thought! Arms and abs hurt a bit though. Maybe I wasn't putting enough effort in!

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 15:16:03

Well done fedup
Thanks just. I'm just debating whether my leg is up to level 2.
I might carry on drinking coffee for a bit longer and think about it.

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 17:16:09

Well, I've done a low impact version of level 2. Tbh, even if my leg wasn't hurting, I can't see how I'd have been able to do it much more high impact. Those strength and abs are killers!
I think I'll stay on level 2, doing it without any jumping about until my leg is better, then try and up the intensitiy.
Anyone tried level 3 yet?

wem Fri 11-Jan-13 17:16:24

I have shrededed-ed. Day 9 done. I managed a few proper squat thrusts and plank jacks. I found the squat thrusts harder actually. Still couldn't keep them up for the full 30secs, but started properly each time.

JustAHolyFool Fri 11-Jan-13 18:10:16

The problem for me with level 2 is how jumpy it all is. I have people living below me, so I can't be doing do much of that sort of stuff!

Those walking push up things are weird. Is it me, or are they really easy? Am I doing them wrong? I might stick to push ups for that bit, it doesn't feel like they're doing me any good.

orangina Fri 11-Jan-13 20:12:40

Ok, am actually quite pissed off as I seem to have thrown out my neck (HOW did that happen?!) and I can't shred. Can feel the difference it has made after 7 days and am keen to keep going on it.

Fingers crossed it will be better tomorrow and I can tackle an actual press up or two.....

(clamps hot water bottle to neck and cries out in pain)


orangina Fri 11-Jan-13 20:13:09

But well done everyone else who is keeping going ,and I can't quite beleive that some of you are doing it TWICE in one day.... shock

WiseKneeHair Fri 11-Jan-13 20:15:59

Oh dear orangina hope your neck feels better soon. If it's any consolation, I am limping after doing it a second time sad. I think it's fair to say that DH thinks I'm an idiot.

orangina Fri 11-Jan-13 20:28:06

Oh dear wisekneehair grin..... I'm not sure I blame your DH, but bad luck about your leg! Hope it feels better too......

sweetkitty Fri 11-Jan-13 21:20:03

Did Level 2 today for the first time, I was Anita and phoned it in a few times, DP was Natalie oh and he did a 7 mile run today too. He loved the abs. I had forgotten about those military presses and all those planks.

Have been lurking but want to join properly! Have done 6 days straight of level one and was in serious pain days 1-4! Getting a bit better now. Am I allowed a day off each week?

Bloody jumping jacks have found out my knackered pelvic floor muscles too, <weep>

Ok, did another (mainly 'cos I'd said here I would and I didn't want to disappoint you wink)

Level 3 this morning, level 2 this evening.

There are some exercises in level 3 that are easier than level 2. The jumping squats and lunges are tough though and if your pelvic floor struggles with jumping jacks then just wait for the rock stars!!

<bows before ninjingle>

Level 2 and Level 3? <faints>

I woke up with a really sore shoulder this morning so did 6W6P instead of shredding in case the push ups were responsible.

WiseKneeHair Sat 12-Jan-13 09:34:40

Welcome singsong it sounds as if you are over the worse of the aching.
I'm going to be sensible today and have a rest day in the hope my leg gets better.
When I say rest day, I might still do some abs and pretend press ups. grin

wem Sat 12-Jan-13 11:47:38

Reason #2 Why I love Shred: I just found some 7 for All Mankind jeans in a charity shop for £3, which definitely wouldn't have fit me 2 weeks ago grin

delilahbelle Sat 12-Jan-13 13:03:31

My ankle is still fucked, and AF has arrived so I am still not shreding sad I am definitely going to re-start next week when I feel a bit more human though. Well done to those of you still going - even the 8 days I managed have toned and slimmed me a bit.

WiseKneeHair Sat 12-Jan-13 18:27:35

That's brilliant wem
Hope your ankle feels better soon dellilah

I've not shredded today due to sore leg, but did some weights and abs a la Jillian.
Leg feeling a bit better, so hopefully back at it Sun/Mon.

wem Sat 12-Jan-13 19:35:14

Day 10 done. Hi SingSong, I think rest days are a good idea, it doesn't feel quite so relentless if you know you have the odd day off.

I hope everyone's injuries get better soon, well done for keeping posting, I'm sure you'll be back on it soon smile

bettydavis Sat 12-Jan-13 20:53:11

Day 2, Level 2. Loving level 2, the static squats nearly did me in tonight, and tons of plank though which I'm sure will do my abs wonders. I think I might miss the walking push ups too, can't see the point in them, and do normal ones tomorrow.

My middle ds is joining in with some of the exercises which is keeping me going grin

ninja Sat 12-Jan-13 22:56:46

OK - just about to do it, I've written it now so I can't back out!!

I did level 1 again today. Ought to move up to level 2 really smile

Betty - I'm watching you namesake on the telly - Whatever Happened to Baby Jane - and enjoying the flouncing grin

karatekimmi Sun 13-Jan-13 08:24:19

Missed yesterdays work out as it took FOREVER to get mini karate to sleep!! back on track today, hopefully but he was really needy yesterday and I just couldn't put him down for a second! then the grandparents came and he was fine!
Anyway enough of my moaning I will shred level 2 today!!

karatekimmi Sun 13-Jan-13 08:24:45

I wonder if moaning burns extra calories?

WiseKneeHair Sun 13-Jan-13 08:39:35

Morning all.
Off to watch DS1 play football this morning [shiver]
Leg feeling ok ish, so hoping to do low impact level 2 later.
karate if moaning burnt extra calories I would be the size of a waif I'm nowhere near. grin

I am up ridiculously early for a Sunday. I may go and investigate level 2 after breakfast.

I ate far too much last night and am feeling a bit bleugh this morning. But no hangover (dry January). It will be kill or cure.

wem Sun 13-Jan-13 13:38:01

Well, you either don't have children or live in a different time zone Neither, as I had a lie in this morning - stayed in bed til 8am! grin

The latter wem grin. It's only 8.45 here.

JustAHolyFool Sun 13-Jan-13 17:46:34

Oh dear, really not feeling good after that one sad Not sure what's wrong with me, think I pushed myself a bit too hard.

Wondering if I'll ever get over this illness, sinuses are all blocked up now.

wem Sun 13-Jan-13 19:31:41

JustAHolyFool Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I have to say, although I am definitely noticing a difference in shape and fitness, it isn't leaving me energised or anything. I'm generally feeling knackered most of the time. Though that could be the slightly crappy nights I've had with the dc recently.

Neither did you have a go at level 2?

Day 11 done here. I was either phoning it in, or it's getting slightly easier. Still way off moving up to level 3 though.

ninja Sun 13-Jan-13 19:48:28

Did a long run today (slow but long). Can't see me shredding tonight - mainly because I can't be bothered to get changed! , but you never know!

WiseKneeHair Sun 13-Jan-13 19:52:16

Well done everyone.
ninja you are excused shredding if live done a long run.
I still haven't shredded yet. Waiting for the youngest KneeHair to go to bed and then I'm going to ignore the laughs of the other 2 DC do it. Knee strapped up and plan to do low impact level 2.

orangina Sun 13-Jan-13 20:38:03

Ok, Level 1 day 10 done, after 2 days off w cricked neck. Yay! Might attempt level 2 tomorrow., not because I have level 1 cracked (ahem) but because it is a bit boring......

Well dont everyone, let's keep going! I definitely feel less belly movement, will perhaps weigh myself later on..... confused

hatchibombatour Sun 13-Jan-13 20:40:50

Hello all again. Phoned it in tonight, which would have been day 10, level 1. Gutted to have broken the chain but I have a sore knee and really eased it back yesterday and it still felt worse. Especially on the jumping jacks and lunges, find them really difficult i'm sure thats how I knackered it. Also dh, my shred partner, seems to have a number of ailments. So a night off seemed sensible. Really don't want to injure so bad that one of us has to stop. But feeling very naughty having a night off feel like I'm skiving

JustAHolyFool Sun 13-Jan-13 21:00:13

It's funny how we all find different things difficult, isn't it? I find the jumping jacks quite easy, but the push-ups about kill me.

I just came on the post that as I was getting out of the shower, I glimpsed myself in the mirror and I swear my shoulders and upper arms actually look muscular! I have got the skinniest shoulders ever so that was a real shock. It's given me the impetus to keep going with this thing.

I wonder if my partner will see a difference. We are living in different cities for the next 6 months, seeing him this Friday, first time in a month, so I will know if I look any different.

Yes wem I did level 2. I used lighter weights than I have been using on level 1 (I have 2, 3 and 4 pound weights from last time round) and got through all of it OK. Then went to lunch with a friend and walked briskly for 45 mins to get there - I didn't go beyond the end of my road yesterday and needed a good leg stretch - and walked home again. And now I'm feeling quite sore.

JustA My DH and I are living in different places until March. I won't see him until the end of Jan, so hope there will be a difference by then. I seem to have a bit more of a waist, and my legs feel more toned, but not sure if that's the shred, kicking booze and chocolate or a combination of both (it's certainly not a result of healthy eating grin)

hatchi hope your knee feels better soon.

sweetkitty Sun 13-Jan-13 22:18:53

Phoned it in the last 2 days I've been away in a 40th birthday girly weekend. Didn't have time yesterday and I'm so hungover tired that I couldn't face it tonight. Am hoping all the dancing last night burned a few cals.

I found levels 2 & 3 about the same hardness wise TBH.

Apparently you are supposed to have a day off per week but for whatever reason they decided 30 day shred sounded better grinb

JustAHolyFool Sun 13-Jan-13 22:20:46

You're meant to have a day off?!!!?!

Music to my ears, I'm telling you!

WiseKneeHair Sun 13-Jan-13 22:40:39

Well, just signing in to say that after talking about it all day, I did actually do level 2 tonight. Mixture of low/ high ish intensity. Definitely harder than level 1, but I don't feel as bad as I did after doing it for the very first time. grin. Too much flab to see muscles, but perhaps a little less wobble.

orangina Mon 14-Jan-13 09:27:08

That's the aim wisekneehair..... less wobble! smile

WiseKneeHair Mon 14-Jan-13 12:04:38

I did some press-ups when I shredded last night. I was so proud.grin
So, I showed DH whose only comments were: you need to put your bum down more, you need to get lower, you want to move your whole body down, not just your shoulders.
I could've throttled him! He did acknowledge that as I could do sweet FA two weeks ago, it was a great achievement.

orangina yes, my wobble is wobbling less, so it's a start.grin

<waves weakly>

I went for a run this morning but couldn't get it together. Not sure whether it was over exercising or over eating at the weekend, the bad night I had last night or not eating before I went out. My left leg was quite sore.

I am going away for a few days with work and may not have much opportunity to exercise, which is a shame. My wobble is going down too.

JustAHolyFool Mon 14-Jan-13 13:37:45

Wise it REALLY bugs me when people criticise like that.

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 14-Jan-13 14:27:09

I don't even talk to my bf about the shred anymore because he just says 20 mins isnt long enough, it's not going to do anything, you need to do at least 30 mins pref an hour blah blah blah. This only makes me more determined to get a hot bod before our hol to show him that he is WRONG!

Failed over weekend though. Ran out of time on Saturday and on Sunday, despite having been careful with my alcohol intake Saturday night, I had the hangover from hell and was throwing up in the afternoon hmm. Am sure walking miles and dancing in heels would have done something on sat and I might do a bit extra today.

WiseKneeHair Mon 14-Jan-13 14:47:45

Thanks Guys.
Tbf, he is very supportive. I think he saw it as constructive criticism, whereas I just saw it as criticism, when I wanted praise. grin
He has been quite often exercising in one room whilst I am shredding in another and we are healthy eating together.
neither hope it goes ok with work. A few days off won't matter.

WiseKneeHair Mon 14-Jan-13 14:48:52

Freakoid wanted to say that dancing in heels is harder than shredding, so you definitely deserve brownie points for managing that.

wem Mon 14-Jan-13 15:59:55

I'm not shredding today as I'm going to a dance class this evening. I'm a bit nervous as I've never done any kind of dance training before, but it's all part of my new year-new positivity, feel the fear and do it anyway kind of thing smile

I hope my enjoyment of prancing around the kitchen to the radio translates! I'm doing it because I realised I was joining in my 4-year-old's dance class a bit more than was strictly necessary grin

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 14-Jan-13 17:19:23

Done. Nearly killed me today, seems like the two days off took a toll

orangina Mon 14-Jan-13 20:15:20

Well done everyone!

Ok, have just done Level 2, Day 1..... it was a tragic performance by me, I don't think I managed to do ANYTHING properly/fully etc. My shoulders and knees aren't enjoying it all, and all these planks......


Anyone else not really enjoy seeing their belly hang down whilst struggling to not collapse in the middle (er, beginning) of a plank?!?!

Or is it just me? blush

WiseKneeHair Mon 14-Jan-13 21:57:48

I did level 2 again and orangina I know exactly what you mean.
Level 3 seems a very long way off.

ninja Mon 14-Jan-13 22:03:04

8.5 mile run today, shred tomorrow.

Saying that also had a huge lunch so I needed it!

WiseKneeHair Mon 14-Jan-13 22:05:02

8.5 miles shock well done.

ninja Mon 14-Jan-13 22:07:46

Oh yes - orangina - that horrible wrinkly droopy belly thing, not an attractive sight!

ninja Mon 14-Jan-13 22:09:59

wem how was the dancing

wisehairknee I'm quite proud of myself (although I did more yesterday smile ). As I say - I used to be pretty fit and so I think it does come back quicker.

hatchibombatour Mon 14-Jan-13 22:20:34

Just done day 10 level 1, knee still hurting so still taking it easy on the cardio which means it feels easier than it actually is! Hmm, level 2 or not to level 2...

wisekneehair I am so impressed you managed a press up at all

wem hope the dance class went well today, sounds fab good for you

I weighed myself on day 7 and had actually put on weight. Dh keeps telling me thats cos muscle weighs more than fat, but I could've done with just a bit as motivation

WiseKneeHair Tue 15-Jan-13 08:54:08

Thanks hatch
Have you measured yourself? You may have lost inches rather than weight.

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 15-Jan-13 13:02:26

Yes orangina! And mine seems to look worse now i have lost some of the weight I had gained. Before it was bigger but smoother but losing some of the padding has made it look wrinklier and more cellulitey :-(. Exercise had better help firm it up a bit!!

JustAHolyFool Tue 15-Jan-13 13:14:36

It is doing nothing for my stomach. Yes, I can feel that there is muscle underneath, but when is the flab going to go?!

wem Tue 15-Jan-13 16:05:57

Hello everyone. The dance class was great. I was surrounded by ridiculously skinny and bendy 18-year-olds, but I still had fun. I love dancing but have never been a clubber, and it's not that kind of dancing, but it was great to do it in that kind of environment.

And yes, the old stretchmarks are definitely being highlighted by reduced padding!

I'll be shredding later this evening as DH is away with work so will have the telly and space to myself smile

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 15-Jan-13 16:19:17

I'm starving so am going to eat dinner early and do it later this eve. Dont really like doing that as tend to run out of oomph later on but i feel like i might pass out if i try to do it before dinner!

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 15-Jan-13 16:20:33

Glad the dance class was fun wem :-) I am too uncoordinated for dancing, and indeed most keep fit dvds blush

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 15-Jan-13 19:25:57

Done. Nearly didn't as was exhausted but am glad I did :-)

orangina Tue 15-Jan-13 19:40:25

Am slightly ashamed of myself, but am phoning it in this evening. Feel completely wiped out, and I have pilates at 8am tomorrow.... will follow it up w the shred at home if it doesn't finish me off.....

Well done everyone else who is keeping going! I need to keep at it, the scary crepey texture of everything between neck and knee needs to be tackled head on!


DrinkFeckArseGirls Tue 15-Jan-13 19:53:53

Fool the flab is always the last to go sadly. Keep on busting it and don't give up. Only after 3 weeks of shred my waist id down 1cm. But then again I din't follow any diet.

hatchibombatour Tue 15-Jan-13 20:30:28

I did measure and haven't lost any flab yet either, but can feel the muscles developing under the flab! Unfortunately they're not showing yet. My knee is sore today and theres no way I could do any jumping around on it so am having another rest day grrr. Sooooo frustrating.

WiseKneeHair Tue 15-Jan-13 20:31:31

When done everyone who has shredded.
orangina I'm phoning it in this evening. It'll be the first time this year I've not exercised. grin I want to try and get my leg better as I don't think I'm giving it enough chance at the moment. I've ordered 10minute solutions from Amazon and I'm hoping it is here by tomorrow so I can do some abs exercises whilst I am resting. Hoping to be back to shredding by Friday.
I'll still be keeping an eye on you all though, so don't slack off.

<< looks over glasses at everyone in a slightly menacing way>>

WiseKneeHair Tue 15-Jan-13 20:32:42

Xpost hatch I know the frustrated feeling. You'll get there.

sweetkitty Tue 15-Jan-13 22:18:31

Right where am I? After 3 days of phoning it in I'm at Day 2 Level 2, almost killed me tonight loads of Anita hardly any Natalie, I hate planks!

WiseKneeHair Tue 15-Jan-13 22:28:20

Well done sweetkitty. I think my planks resemble the millennium bridge when it started wobbling up and down, rather than a plank. grin

JustAHolyFool Tue 15-Jan-13 22:49:05

Just finished for today. I have gone back to level one, but making it a bit hard (some of the cardio/strength from level 2).

Quick question - the cooldown at the end, with your legs out. This sounds dumb but my back is not straight. Not because it's stiff, but it's like my bum is further forward than my back. Is that normal? I mean, there's no way I could get it straight.

ninja Tue 15-Jan-13 23:34:36

Have only just managed to get kids to bed and do chores and so I think it's a but later to start now which means today is rest day!! Tomorrow will have to be an on day therefore

Today was my first exercise-free day in aaaages and I missed it!

I will try to run tomorrow evening or Thursday morning, then conserve my energy for Sunday's half marathon (boy that has come around quickly!)

wem Wed 16-Jan-13 09:40:10

I failed miserably to shred yesterday <ashamed face> I actually got to the point of posting on here to ask for motivation, then deleted the message before posting it as I didn't want you to tell me to do it! Oops.

I have no excuse, but I had a great time using the DH-free telly time to watch back to back episodes of Buffy instead grin

WiseKneeHair Wed 16-Jan-13 10:51:51

wem glad you enjoyed Buffy. No excuses today though <<looks over glasses menacingly>> grin
Neither Me too. I can't believe I actually missed exercising! Good luck with the half marathon on Sunday. I hope your weather isn't anything like it is here. It was -4 on the way to work this mroning and it is supposed to get colder at the weekend shock
Just not sure what you mean. My bum is further back than my shoulders, but I would say my back is gently bent as I reach forward. I am not sure a fully straight back is that good because it will put all the strain on the bottom of the back (I think) .Does that make sense? confused
Not shredding again today, but my 10 minute solutions DVD should hopefully arrive, so I will do 20-30 minutes of that tonight.

JustAHolyFool Wed 16-Jan-13 10:58:02

It's really hard to explain wise . When I'm sitting up straight, my bum is way further forward than my shoulders. Weird.

WiseKneeHair Wed 16-Jan-13 11:33:52

You are obviously a freak of nature. grin
When you lean forward, you shoulders must go further forward than your bum then? If you can't do it sitting, what about standing? If you stood with your legs just a bit more than shoulder width apart and bent over forwards, that would do the same thing, wouldn't it? hopes no-one looks in my office window or opens the door whilst I give it a go

wem Wed 16-Jan-13 14:28:51

So, who was it that was talking about looking down at your belly while in plank position? Because I guess I never did before, and you made me look today, and I am not happy...


Anyway, done for the day, Day 12 I think. Thanks for the telling off WiseKneeHair smile

orangina Wed 16-Jan-13 14:55:49

Er, that was me wem.... sorry grin

(it's like a hammock full of custard when I look down.... aurgh!)

Did my LOVELY pilates class today, feel a million dollars. No shred tonight because of choir, will try and do it first thing tomorrow morning AND perhaps tomorrow evening if I can manage it (the super phoned in anita-lite version of level 2.....)

WiseKneeHair Wed 16-Jan-13 17:01:44

well done wem, you obviously didn't need my telling off. grin
orangina probably TMI, but I'm now thinking that it's missionary position for DH and I until I get that 6 pack, as the thought of my hammock full of custard has put me straight off any more interesting postions.--which probably burn more calories--

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 16-Jan-13 19:48:57

Done today!
Added in s couple of new exercises yesterday and can really feel it.

I also advise not looking at your stomach whilst in crunch position, not good.

wem Wed 16-Jan-13 20:26:27

A hammock full of custard? That's perfect and horrible at the same time. I'll be doing my best to keep my eyes fixed on the carpet from now on.

Well done Freakoid - what exercises did you add in?

orangina Wed 16-Jan-13 20:49:57

So sorry everyone, I thought it summed up what I was looking at quite succinctly..... smile shock

wisekneehair, might have been tmi, but that thought had occurred to me as well (about me and DH obviously, wasn't speculating about anyone else.....!).

freakoid, I LIKE looking at my tummy while lying on my back, it almost looks flat.... grin

ninja Wed 16-Jan-13 22:56:05

OK - ir's going to be a half hearted level 2 toady - don't feel like it and I think my tummy is getting bigger if anything this week sad but if I write it hear I have to do it, don't I?

ninja Wed 16-Jan-13 23:51:50

Done level 2, did use heavier weights though. I've just got some new 3kg ones to replace my 1kg ones and you can feel the difference!

FreakoidOrganisoid Thu 17-Jan-13 06:58:28

Orangina yes its good while lying down...I meant whilst up in a crunch- so many rolls!

I added in twisty jump things, sumo squats and planks where you lift one arm up. Oh and a step for some of the cardio. Need to watch levels two and three again to see if there are any others from shred i fancy adding.

WiseKneeHair Thu 17-Jan-13 13:11:53

Well done ninja and Freakoid.
I think my leg is feeling a bit better. Although, I am not sure how much of that is wishful thinking.
I did a couple of the 10 minute solutions blast belly fat last night. OMG - the woman doing it has the most perfect abdomen I have ever seen. Some of the moves were quite doable, but some were just impossible. Sideways plank, then move your leg up and down, anyone? It was enough to make me want to go back to shredding.

wem Thu 17-Jan-13 17:15:33

Day 13 done. I've been thinking I should be using heavier weights ninja. I have 1kg now, I think the jump to 3kg would be a bit too much for me though.

Glad your leg is feeling a bit better WiseKneeHair, you'll be back on the jumping jacks and lunges before too long smile

ninja Thu 17-Jan-13 17:58:55

Yes - 3kg is too much for some of the exercises. I bought a set of weights in TESCOs, but they had 1kg, 1.5kg and 3kg!

I used to use 3's and 4's in the gym but am a bit of a weakling now.

I'm ninjaing tonight and off to visit family on Friday and Sat nights, not sure if I'll take the DVD with me. Would you?

FreakoidOrganisoid Thu 17-Jan-13 19:27:03

Exercise fail today. Bad day at work then friend came round for a cup of tea and now i feel too tired. Will just take this as my day off and make sure i do it properly over weekend.

FreakoidOrganisoid Thu 17-Jan-13 19:28:20

I now use 2kg weights which is about right for me at the moment. I started off with .5kg ones!

hatchibombatour Thu 17-Jan-13 21:58:27

I'm using cans of chickpeas as dh uses the 1.5k weights for most of the exercises.

Phoned it in again tonight as want my knee to be properly better before putting any more strain on it.

I went out for a run this morning. I only planned to do a couple of miles, but got horribly lost and ended up doing 4.5 instead grin. And it was very hilly.

WiseKneeHair Fri 18-Jan-13 09:55:36

Right, I have a day off today. DC at school or soft play, so I have the house to myself. Sitting here wrapped in a blanket, drinking coffee and MNing. Would be pleasant if I wasn't so cold! I know the best way to warm up is to do some exercise (or have a bath) but I can't be arsed grin.
However, I've put it on here, so I've got to do it now, haven't I? Also, if I don't move soon, I'm going to start eating biscuits.
I'll report back later, either way.

orangina Fri 18-Jan-13 11:33:34

Go on.... Do it! At the very least, it will warm you up!

wem Fri 18-Jan-13 11:38:03

The house was frickin freezing yesterday. The only time I felt warm was when I was shredding, so it has its uses!

WiseKneeHair Fri 18-Jan-13 11:47:00

Done it. Level 2 shred. Couldn't do the jumping jacks as that hurt my leg. The rest of the things I couldn't do were because they were too hard! Felt I had a good work out and tried as hard as I could, though.
Then did 30 minutes of 10 minute solutions, thigh, bum and belly blaster, I think. It had this weird resistance band, which cut off the circulation to my lower legs, but did seem to improve the resistance.
Definitely deserve wine and chocolates tonight.grin

WiseKneeHair Fri 18-Jan-13 11:52:25

Just catching up with the thread, on the weights issue, I have just gone from using my DH hand weight bars - these are metal bars you are then supposed to add weights to. I have been using them without weightsgrin. I weighed them on the kitchen scales and they were 1.75kg. I ordered my second hand weight after mistakenly ordering only one initially and it arrived yesterday, so I'm now using 2kg. It did make some of the exercises more difficult.
Neither well done on the longer than planned run.
Sorry, can't remember who asked about taking the shred DVD away with them for the weekend, I would. Then, I wouldn't unpack it for the whole weekend.grin

wem Fri 18-Jan-13 13:37:45

I'm not shredding today. For the last few nights my DDs have been tag-teaming us from 4.30am, and last night I was awake loads before that too. I'm exhausted, so will mostly be having a sit down while they nap for a while. Though I think I can hear DD1 thumping around upstairs instead of sleeping, grrr.

wem Fri 18-Jan-13 13:39:24

Aww, she was just climbing into bed with DD2 smile

Awww wem too cute! Mine are too big for that now.

ninja I've just found my 30D Shred DVD in my laptop. I've survived 3 nights away from home without playing it, and intend to manage another 2 grin.

Instead I'm carb loading for Sunday (any excuse to stuff my face will do grin).

FreakoidOrganisoid Fri 18-Jan-13 18:48:35

Been feeling ill today sad. Still did 15 mins strength though I couldn't face any cardio. Hopefully that counts for something. Prob not!

bettydavis Fri 18-Jan-13 19:26:19

Can't stop eating today, have been doing really well logging everything onto MyFitnessPal, but tonight I have slipped. Haven't the energy to shred tonight either angry

WiseKneeHair Fri 18-Jan-13 19:33:29

wem - very cute!
Neither - good luck with the half marathon
Freakoid - don't push it if you feel ill. Hope you feel better soon.
Betty - I've struggled too. Cold weather just isn't conducive to dieting.

orangina Fri 18-Jan-13 19:40:16

Level 2 day 2 done. Still really hard work, and still did everything the "easy" (ha!) way, but phoned in less than I did earlier on this week.

Feel knackered and as though I should be in hibernation with a caveful of comfort food, so view it as something of a miracle that I managed to do it at all.....

(pats self on back)

Well done everyone still going strong, and I'm sure we all deserve some time off over the weekend (but as I didn't manage any exercise yesterday, will attempt to be diligent.....)


karatekimmi Sat 19-Jan-13 08:13:03

You would think finding just 25 mins a day to shred wouldn't be difficult, but I cant!! In my defence I have a 7 month old and sometimes I can put him in his jumperoo but sometimes he is really whingy! I have been trying to follow my routine as it will be when I go back to work so exercise after he goes to bed, but it's like he knows <wonders if running up and down the stairs counts> and I am always knackered by then.

Sounds like a right whinge! I need to man up and stop making excuses!!

FreakoidOrganisoid Sat 19-Jan-13 08:20:13

Karatekimmi I know what you mean. I really struggled last time I did it because I found it so difficult to find the time. Its a bit easier this time round, not sure why. Maybe the dc let me get on with it a bit better now.

There is no way I could have done it when ds was 7months old though (although as he screamed constantly and never slept I only weighed 6 stone then anyway!!)

WiseKneeHair Sat 19-Jan-13 09:22:27

It is difficult Karate Mine are older which I think helps.
We used to eat dinner at about 8-8.30, so exercising before or after was impossible on work days.
We have now shifted our dinner time to 7-7.15, which means I can exercise at about 9. It's not ideal and I would like to exercise earlier, but I am doing it regularly.

bettydavis Sat 19-Jan-13 11:49:40

Right DH just said I look nice in my Jeans, haven't worn them in months definitely the motivation I need to stop eating and start shredding. Level 2 is hard though, struggling with all the plank work

wem Sat 19-Jan-13 13:43:45

Hooray for wearing jeans again and looking nice in them bettydavis smile

Day 14 done, woohoo, almost half way there (although, are we just doing January? I'm never sure whether the 30 days are supposed to be a 30 day period including rest days or 30 days of actual exercise). Definitely haven't got this far before, so thanks to all of you for helping me stick with it.

I think I'm getting a bit bored with level 2, might move up to 3 and then chop and change a bit between 2 and 3.

bettydavis Sat 19-Jan-13 17:16:00

Thanks Wem, it does make it seem worth it. Can't remember what day I'm on, miss two days a week with college and out tonight for a friend fortieth. Will get back to it tomorrow

WiseKneeHair Sat 19-Jan-13 19:24:13

bettydavis that's great, really motivating. You'll knock him dead soon. grin
I've added in a few other DVDs to stop getting bored - 10 minute solutions series. My Ripped in 30 also arrived yesterday, so that's my challenge when I get bored of level 3! Not that I'm anywhere near that yet. Starting to feel a bit more comfortable doing level 2, so hopefully will be able to move up in about a week.

wem I think it's great you have got further than before. It really helps to post here for support. smile

karatekimmi Sat 19-Jan-13 20:11:34

see having a whinge worked, mini Karate went to sleep at 7pm (instead of 8.30 the last few nights) and I managed to shred!!

betty the plank work is killing me and I know Jillian would be shouting at me to get my bum down - much more like a downward dog than plank! she knackers the shoulders out doing military press and chair squats with V lifts and then expects me to be able to hold my own body weight! she is funny!!

WiseKneeHair Sat 19-Jan-13 20:15:16

karate I hate the lunge, squat thingamajig she tries to make me do!
Think it's working though, so I'll grimace smile through the pain.

karatekimmi Sat 19-Jan-13 21:10:39

Yeah I feel less lumpy on my thighs and bum like the muscle is firming up under the layer of fat
Not looking forward to level 3 - think I might need to stay on 2 for a bit till I can hold a plank for at least 30 seconds!!
I might need to get another one to mix and match with - I had level 1 of ripped in 30 taped off sky fitness channel and I found 3 30 second circuits easier (although level 2 and 3 might be killers) I keep meaning to look on you tube as there are some workouts on there apparently

FreakoidOrganisoid Sun 20-Jan-13 08:58:27

Yeah I struggle with anything plankey as I don't feel like I'm doing it right and am therefore not sure it is working!

Didn't do it yesterday, walked to supermarket and back in the snow then made a blackforest roulade and cooked a roast blush. I would have done it while cooking but bf was here and I wSnt about to exercise in front of him! did get a bit ofa thigh workout later on though

WiseKneeHair Sun 20-Jan-13 10:38:12

grin At * freakoids* exercise. I had some similar exercise last night, but almost fell off DH because I ached too much! gringrin Sorry, TMI, but it was very funny.

FreakoidOrganisoid Sun 20-Jan-13 13:39:14

Is it bad that i considered positions from an I-need-to-exercise pov?? Still, he was happy even when I told him I felt like I should get my handweights out. The thigh burn was bad, had to stop and rest them a couple of times blush

orangina Sun 20-Jan-13 17:15:30

Level 2 day 3 completed.... planks still bloody hard work, but think hammock elasticity decreasing and perhaps even custard volume too.....


Knees not loving all the squat work, but keeping it at Anita level and nothing has gone pop yet....!

Yay, will certainly try to continue this beyond the recommended 30days.... Would like to be able to get through all the workouts without phoning it in at SOME point.....


bettydavis Sun 20-Jan-13 17:36:04

another day of level 2 done, struggled with round three today, can just about do the military presses, but hate squats with v raise. Think I'm going to adapt the plank exercises as I can't do them and am only doing them half heartedly which is a waste of time

FreakoidOrganisoid Sun 20-Jan-13 18:03:57

Orangina I intend to keep it up until I go on holiday (Easter) and by then I am hoping it will have become habit and i will keep it up.

Glad you are seeing results. Some days i think I am and others not.

My good run well and truly ruined now. Didn't do it thurs, did half arsed attempt Fri, didn't do it yesterday and haven't done it yet today either. Feeling under the weather isn't helping.

If i don't do it today I can't have ferrero rocher this eve.

orangina Sun 20-Jan-13 18:35:05

I did it so I could eat the slow cooked belly of pork that I had cooked for lunch today....!

I need to attain and retain a basic level of fitness for the foreseeable I think. Gone are the days when I could do or not do whatever the hell I want.....

orangina Sun 20-Jan-13 18:35:57

Also, would love to not look vile in my swimsuit..... (careful not to set the bar too high there....!)

FreakoidOrganisoid Sun 20-Jan-13 19:56:28

That's pretty much my motivation orangina. I havent felt at all body confident since 2003 and want to feel confident enough to wear a bikini on holiday with bf.

I'm small and thinish already but very saggy and flabby around the edges(with more than a few inches to pinch on belly) so could look a lot better with some toning. Also it's embarrassing how unfit and weak I am.

So reason 1 = vanity
reason 2 = health blush

I havent done it yet today, but did eat the ferrero rocher while doing a horrible bit of work so am going to do it now. Or something at least.

karatekimmi Sun 20-Jan-13 20:53:19

Well I did 66% of the workout -in two gos- as mini karate was not sleeping! it's better than nothing!

Tomorrow will be better!

FreakoidOrganisoid Sun 20-Jan-13 21:27:29

I've done mine too. Pulled something in my leg though.

I tell you what though, planks are a marvel. After doing a few plank exercises i do seem to hold myself better (temporarily) - less slouchy.

WiseKneeHair Sun 20-Jan-13 21:55:18

Well done Freakoid, Karate, Betty and Orangina
I'm doing it for very similar reasons to everyone else and intend to carry on doing shred, ripped, etc forever! I'm hoping to still do it with my zimmer frame. grin
Freakoid when are you off on holiday? I'm going on the 4th April and I am hoping to be 1 1/2 stones light than when I started this. Not aiming for a bikini, but not getting mistaken for a beached whale will do for now.
Did level 2 again tonight and a few 10 minute solutions. I have definitely getting better quicker than I ever expected.

sweetkitty Sun 20-Jan-13 22:39:59

I've phoned it in the past 2 days blush in my defence I've been painted DD2s new room , my arms and neck are aching so I've done something at least.

I'm struggling with level 2 this time as well, I think it's the times I'm doing it, DP and I have been doing it together so shally once DC are in bed 8.15ish I'm shattered by then, before I was doing it just before lunch and found it a lot easier. Can't do it during the day just now as I'm sure the builders would die laughing!

Hello shredders smile

I did my half marathon this morning. Embarrassingly slow time - worst than my previous worst - but because I had to queue several times for the loo along the course (as opposed to running really slowly - when I was moving rather than queuing I was reasonably swift). Anyway, I did it and that's the main thing. Back to shredding for me this week.

wem Mon 21-Jan-13 09:03:18

Well done Neither, I can't even contemplate attempting a half marathon, so I'm in awe, even with the toilet breaks slowing you down smile.

I was busy experimenting with new cakes yesterday, so not only was there no time for shredding, but there was also taste testing to be done and a whole load of spare cake needing to be eaten. DH was supposed to take it in to work but he got stuck in snow so it's back in the kitchen staring at me.

WiseKneeHair Mon 21-Jan-13 09:54:01

Well done neither you finished, so in my book that is absolutely brilliant. Did you time yourself, with stops for the loo breaks? I bet if you did that was a lot faster.
wem could you freeze some of the cakes? Alternatively, send them this way.

I'm aching today for some reason, I think I pushed it yesterday. Will shred tonight, but won't do any extra today.

WiseKneeHair Mon 21-Jan-13 09:54:48

Sorry, meant to say kitty that the painting sounds like a workout all of its own.

Yeah cake, I could do with some smile. I have a day off work today (public holiday here) so I may bake.

I want to shred, but am feeling rather stiff in the legs and knees today.

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 21-Jan-13 17:25:29

Yay another day done! Not too bad today although i did get a stitch.

Sausages with cauliflower and butterbean mash tonight. Quite looking forward to that!

WiseKneeHair Mon 21-Jan-13 21:41:13

I think you are allowed a day off Neither.
Well done Freakoid.
I've just done level 2. Even did some bastard squat thrusts tonight.

orangina Mon 21-Jan-13 22:30:08

Copped out tonight. Felt crampy and shit. Will do it tomorrow FOR SURE....

(channels inner californian)

ninja Tue 22-Jan-13 00:05:06

3 days off to visit family (although does sledging count as a workout?)

Back on track today though, going to take a bit to get off all those family meals though!

I did a weak level 2 with my light weights. All that leg work really hurt, but I'm feeling quite energised now after a very lazy day.

karatekimmi Tue 22-Jan-13 08:14:51

I did a 3 hour trek with the pushchair in the snow as I was going stir crazy in the house! I ache this morning!

orangina Tue 22-Jan-13 20:10:26

Ok, done level 2 again, still all the easy stuff but perhaps managing to "do" more than before.....

Hammock still there, but shrinking?!

Am thinking of trying the 5:2 thing, as I don't seem to have lost any weight hmm.... would love to lose 10lbs and drop a dress size....

orangina Tue 22-Jan-13 20:11:51

Also, shoulders REALLY don't like the full workout that level 2 is trying to give them. That is where I phone it in the most I think. Planks getting easier (yay!), but shoulders either super un-fit, or actually FAULTY in some way......

ninja Tue 22-Jan-13 22:24:27

OK - I'm checking in to make sure that I actually do it tonight!

I'd only be cleaning and tidying otherwise and to be fair the kids would just mess it up.

Tired today though, and bed is calling...... just another half hour to get through then I can go smile

ninja Tue 22-Jan-13 23:06:12

Level 3 done smile

Level 2 again for me smile

WiseKneeHair Wed 23-Jan-13 08:53:39

Well done all.
Orangina love the idea of faulty shoulders. grin
I did level 2 again last night. I don't think I'll have chance to shred tonight as I've a long day at work.
I think you need to do something else as well as shred to lose weight. I am on MFP and have lost 1/2 stone, however, I feel as if I've lost more. I don't know if this is because I've lost inches or if its because I feel better about myself than I have for a while.
Am mentally preparing to go up to level 3 soon, but not yet.

mumof3teens Wed 23-Jan-13 11:04:19

Can I join too please? Have just bought the DVD and done level 2. Do you try level 2 for a week or so to start with?

Hello mumof3 - I think you are supposed to start at level 1 and do 10 days at each level, but if you are already fit and managing level 2 I'd say go for it!

WiseKneeHair - I don't think I've lost much weight either, despite all this exercise and kicking alcohol/chocolate and caffeine (and therefore large lattes) since 1 Jan. I have been eating normally like a horse though. I feel more toned around the middle and a bit tighter.

FreakoidOrganisoid Wed 23-Jan-13 17:11:16

I don't think i have lost weight (boobs bit smaller though) but my arms are defo more toned and i think legs are starting to be too. Sometimes i think there is an improvement to belly and waist, other times not.

I am not doing it today. Ofsted were in at work and I am shattered. Did 20 plank jacks to gauge energy levels as sometimes i feel knackerrd but am ok once i start but definitely dont have the energy tonight.

mumof3teens Wed 23-Jan-13 18:07:36

Ok thanks neither. Think I will keep at level 1 for a few days....

mumof3 - if you can do level 2 without dying you may as well stay on it grin.

Night off for me tonight. Up too late for the last few nights, and it's caught up with me. Early night and a run tomorrow morning.

ninja Wed 23-Jan-13 23:50:54

OK - level 3 done

wem Thu 24-Jan-13 07:45:06

Right, had a bit of a break for a series of rubbish excuses e.g. I got fed up with being shouted at by JM. But I'm back and definitely going to do level 3 today at some point.

Well done everyone who is keeping at it smile

WiseKneeHair Thu 24-Jan-13 09:11:01

Well done everyone.
Welcome mumof3. I am very impressed you managed to start at level 2. I was a quivering wreck at the end of level 1 for the first 2-3 days. I'm now getting more comfortable with level2 and thinking of moving on to level 3, but not yet bit scared, tbh
I had a rest day yesterday as I was at work for over 12 hours and by the time I got home and ate, I was shattered, so had a bath and went to bed.
Off work today, so going to shred and do some 10 minute solutions in a little bit, then off for a pamper at the hair dressers. grin
wem get back to it, you know the longer you go without doing it, the harder it's going to be.

WiseKneeHair Thu 24-Jan-13 12:10:42

Level 2 shred done. Now relaxing at the hairdressers with coffee and biscuits. grin

wem Thu 24-Jan-13 12:41:38

Well done WiseKneeHair, I'm waiting to see if I can convince dd2 to have a nap so I can get on with it. Otherwise it'll have to wait til after dc bedtime. I'll do it though, promise! wink

Want to swap places WiseKneeHair? I'm just thawing out after an early morning run - it's -10 here. Once I got going I quite enjoyed it smile.

orangina Thu 24-Jan-13 13:11:02

I woke up this morning having been in the middle of a VERY vidiv dream about having a completely flat tummy.....

(totally tragic dream, I know)....

It was because I had done SO MANY PLANKS, and in my dream, I could feel my stomach muscles all tense and taut.


Ok, didn't shred yesterday, was at conference all day and went straight to choir afterwards, so no time. Will do this evening though and report in.....

Well done everyone who is still going! Love that the shred is rewarded by a trip to the hairdressers....!


orangina Thu 24-Jan-13 13:11:14

(vivid dream....)

WiseKneeHair Thu 24-Jan-13 15:07:15

I dreamt about a man murdering his wife, marrying his mistress, then getting fed up of her, so he murdered her and did some voodoo magic to reanimate wife number 1! confused

I think I would prefer the dream about the flat tummy. grin

Neither no, thanks, I don't like the cold, or exercising outside. Where abouts are you? Am I right in thinking you are not in the UK?

wem Thu 24-Jan-13 16:50:59

That's an, erm, interesting dream Wise.

I'm back on track, sort of. The dvd kept getting stuck on the warm up for level 3 so I found it on youtube, but then that got stuck half way through circuit 2 so I had to go back to the dvd, so it was all a bit stop start. Oh, and dd2 made noises like she was waking up half way through as well.

So can't say I was particularly focussed! Level 3 is a bit weird. Or maybe I just mean hard...

FreakoidOrganisoid Thu 24-Jan-13 17:24:52

Did 30 mins pure cardio this pm and walked 3miles getting to and from my conference today. So have hopefully burnt some kcals.

Im eating between 1200 and 1500 cals a day but have gained 2lb according to scales today. Hopefully that's muscle? Am definitely more toned. Wish i had remembered to measure myself at the beginning.

Getting quite disheartened by my stomach though, its still flabby and looks really wrinkly and cellulitey now too. Can exercise get rid of that? Or am i doomed?

WiseKneeHair Thu 24-Jan-13 20:05:52

Well done wem you are spurring me on to try level 3 tomorrow.
Freakoid I'm sure exercise will help, we've only been shredding for 20-odd days, I suspect it'll take a bit longer. I'm on MFP and my calorie target is 1350, which I'm pretty much sticking to.

orangina Thu 24-Jan-13 20:28:46

Ok, Level 2 done again. am getting better at certain bits of it, but my knees really aren't loving all the squatty-lunge moves, so have phoned them in a bit and substituted some low impact moves (the punching it out from level 1 is a favourite....).

freakoid, know how you feel about the stomach, am hoping that if I really work hard enough, it is somewhat redeemable. Am finding cutting calories tricky at the moment, I think it is the weather and lack of light.... am eating quite healthily, but low cal it isn't!

(Eyes up chicken and chorizo casserole in oven and rice cooking on stove......)

orangina Thu 24-Jan-13 20:29:28

I am NOWHERE near attemtping level 3 by the way.....

(lags behind)

FreakoidOrganisoid Thu 24-Jan-13 20:31:52

If I'm completely honest my workout is mainly strength and cardio with only a couple of minutes of abs. Maybe I should do more abs work before i complain (though it was my understanding that it was the cardio that had most impact on reducing belly...)

WiseKnee - I'm in the US, Eastern Seaboard.

orangina - I'm with you, both on the knees and not being ready for level 3. I did get there last time I did the shred, a couple of years ago.

ninja Thu 24-Jan-13 23:24:52

Done. It's been so cold and miserable that I've been eating lots of rubbish though. Never mind, generally quite healthy so maybe my body needs it smile

mumof3teens Fri 25-Jan-13 07:44:58

Have just seen my earlier post and realised I had said I started with level 2? Why did I say that? I started on level 1 not 2.

WiseKneeHair Fri 25-Jan-13 07:59:15

mumof grin we were all impressed.
Neither thanks for satisfying my curiosity!
Freakoid I think cardio is important to get rid of the belly fat, but abs and core work help to develop and tone the underlying muscle. I try and do both and I think there is a little less wobble -- optimist--

FreakoidOrganisoid Fri 25-Jan-13 13:00:52

I generally do a plank first thing in the morning, hold it 20-30 secs. Then do plank jacks and twisty jump things and mountain climbers as part of my cardio most days- there are meant to be all in one abs and cardio . But then I only do about 15-20 crunches and 30 reverse crunches. I should prob do more but abs is the bit I hate the most!

WiseKneeHair Fri 25-Jan-13 17:20:11

Did level 2 this morning. I had planned to have a go at level 3 this evening, but I really struggled so I'm not so sure now.

ninja Fri 25-Jan-13 22:24:47

I'm phoning it in sad My cold has reached the completely full head stage plus my cough is bad. I'd be dripping snot (sorry if TMI) and I'm really tired.

Somehow think thr sleep might do me more good now.

Saying that, I never regret it if I do actually start.

Night Night and no excuses ;)

Night night ninja, hope you feel better soon.

I did level 2 tonight. I didn't feel like it, and procrastinated for ages, but once I'd done it I was glad. I'm still using my little weights. Might move up to level 3 after the weekend.

Level 2 again tonight. Hope you are all having good weekends smile

ninja Sun 27-Jan-13 09:22:35

I did level 2 yesterday as well. Running today though smile not sure how far ill manage as I was up all night coughing.

Am I allowed to say I'm getting a bit bored of the shredding, I like the format so might buy another of her workouts to mix and match.

WiseKneeHair Sun 27-Jan-13 16:57:38

Hope you are feeling better ninja.
Well done neither.
I didn't shred yesterday as the day didn't go to plan, then I ended up lugging heavy furniture around and felt I'd had my workout that way!
Did level 3 for the first time today and it was bloody hard.
She has mixed the strength and cardio up, so in the strength bit, you are also jumping and in the cardio bit, you are doing weights!
I've got ripped in 30 too but I haven't even looked at that yet! When I can cope with level 3 a bit better, I'll have a go and maybe start to mix and match.

FreakoidOrganisoid Sun 27-Jan-13 16:57:46

Ninja i was bored of it straight away this time so am just doing my own thing. Moves largely from shred but a few extras and mixed up however i feel like doing it.

Today I have done only cardio (20 mins). Tomorrow I will prob start with strength to make sure i focus on that.

orangina Sun 27-Jan-13 20:34:39

Hi all.... have phoned it in for the last 2 nights as I had a really sore hip (old gimmer....) and could NOT be bothered to do it tonight, BUT I DID!

(triumph of something over something...... smile)

Am also finding it boring in a way, but remain so far off being able to do it properly that I don't dare do anything else (apart from the substitutions in an effort to save my knees that would surely POP otherwise......)

Really feel I need a much longer stretch at the end of it, that would be my main criticism of her workout. Add my own warm up and cool down stretches to the beginning and end now.

DH mentioned that he thought the wobbly bits might be decreasing in size, so perhaps not ALL wishful thinking? Am utterly rubbish at cutting down on the comfort food still though, so can only hope for limited transformation while mashed potatoes continue to play such a large part in my life.....

ninja Sun 27-Jan-13 21:37:09

6 mile run today smile nice to be out and about.

I'm feeling OK in the day but just coughing all night sad Horrible hacking cough

Feel better this evening than I have the last couple of days so I'm hoping I'm on the mend!

I've been doing lots of reading for my masters today and therefore have eaten chocolate and cheese every few minutes. Oh well!

envy at your run ninja. I had every good intention, but have procrastinated my way through the day "working" on an assignment for my OU course and am only half way through.

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 28-Jan-13 06:52:07

6 miles shock I would struggle to do 600 metres running!! Can walk for miles but find running really really hard.

WiseKneeHair Mon 28-Jan-13 10:52:39

Well done for doing it orangina.
I'm another one who can't run, so very impressed.
I'm aching today for the first time in a while. Think it is a combination of moving heavy furniture and level 3.
Weigh day for me tomorrow, so I've got to do it again this evening.grin

FreakoidOrganisoid Mon 28-Jan-13 13:07:52

I was quite looking forward to doing weights today but woke up in agony having somehow hurt my upper back/neck/shoulders. Really hurts. Can't move without getting jarring pain and even lifting cup of tea to mouth is agony. No idea what i have done sad

orangina Mon 28-Jan-13 22:49:40

Freakoid, sorry to hear that. Have you tried a belladonna patch on the sore areas? Can really help with muscles that have gone ito spasm, which it sounds as though yours might have done..... hope you feel better soon.

There is NO WAY I could run a mile, let alone 6. Will try and train for proposed 5k run to fundraise for the school, but am pretty sure I'll be doing it as interval training (walk, run, walk, run, walk, run....etc).

Level 2 done again this evening. Am getting stronger, and definitely less wobbly. Might try to weigh myself again this evening to check and see if there is ANY weight loss......

(hopeful and optimistic)

How is everyone else doing?

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 29-Jan-13 07:03:56

Orangina thanks. I spent much of the afternoon lying on the floor yesterday and put hot wheat packs on. Decided to try and stretch it out last night figuring it couldn't hurt much more so did some windmills etc then did the arm moves you do with weights in the shred but without any weights, just to test the movement. Had to take codeine to sleep but it hurts a lot less this morning. Bf thinks I might have jarred it doing the twisty jumps

WiseKneeHair Tue 29-Jan-13 13:01:22

Hope you're continuing to feel better Freakoid.
Well done on level 2 Orangina
I reluctantly did day 2 level 3 yesterday. I promised myself a Curly Wurly if I did it. grin It didn't feel any easier.
However, DH has been commenting on the reduction of wobble and I have now lost 7.6lbs since starting, so it's obviously doing something.

orangina Tue 29-Jan-13 16:47:27

Am so impressed with weight loss WiseKneeHair!

(and perhaps just a bit jealous.....!)

Freakoid, hope you are on the mend. I am out tonight, so no shred, but will do it tomorrow definitely. Think it is more effectively is done fairly consistently....

Wanttohelpbrother Tue 29-Jan-13 17:01:55

Can you tell me what size weights you use please? Have done 5 days on L1 but only have 2 x 3kg hand weights. Finding them a little (!) heavy.

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 29-Jan-13 18:44:42

I use 2kg weights. When i started i used 0.5 weights though! Only struggle with the 2kg ones after a few side lunges, otherwise they're about right.

Have done a mini workout today. I will probably regret it tomorrow as I doubt it has done my back any good at all but I felt I needed to do it. Probably because I am due on, have eaten loads of carbs, am bloated, and have put on weight sad

The weights gave me some temporary relief from the pain but its back now.

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 29-Jan-13 18:46:53

I use 2kg weights. When i started i used 0.5 weights though! Only struggle with the 2kg ones after a few side lunges, otherwise they're about right.

Have done a mini workout today. I will probably regret it tomorrow as I doubt it has done my back any good at all but I felt I needed to do it. Probably because I am due on, have eaten loads of carbs, am bloated, and have put on weight sad

The weights gave me some temporary relief from the pain but its back now.

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 29-Jan-13 18:47:22

Sorry for double post. Bloody phone

WiseKneeHair Tue 29-Jan-13 18:49:03

I also use 2kg weights, although they are a bit heavy for some of the exercises, on the whole they seem ok.

Wanttohelpbrother Tue 29-Jan-13 20:41:43

Thank you - will get some 2kg before I move onto L2 smile

Freakoid - hope you are feeling better

WiseKnee - well done on the weight loss.

I've had 2 days off. I chomped my way through loads of biscuits at a boring meeting at work today so am off out for a run in penance.

By the time I got ready to go out it was pouring, so I did level 3 instead. Even with 2lb weights and doing lots of it on my knees it was a killer.

WiseKneeHair Wed 30-Jan-13 08:26:32

Well done Neither I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks its a killer. grin
Then, I remember back to 1st January, when I thought level 1 was a killer and am amazed at how far I've come.

orangina Wed 30-Jan-13 11:36:59

Level 2 done again. Can almost cope with the planks AND lunges now, but still the easy version obviously. Just weighed my hand weights, and I think they are 3kg?! No wonder I can't manage all those exercies with arm raises that destroy my weedy shoulders...... confused

Still not ready to go for level 3! Definitely feel lighter around my middle though.... just walking around, and I actually FEEL lighter, it is a good feeling...

(Will now face the scales)

Freakoid, do hope your back is better soon. Well done everyone who is still going!

WiseKneeHair Wed 30-Jan-13 12:43:09

Well done orangina respect for using 3kg weights, even inadvertently! grin
There do seem to be less of us posting now, wonder why. wink

Yes, where has wem gone?

orangina Wed 30-Jan-13 12:53:16

Scales are a bit all over the place though. Weighed myself w clothes on, then took clothes off and gained a half kilo.


then took battery out and put it back in again, and appeared to have gained another kilo and a half in the process.....

grin perhaps all this exercise is actually no good for me at all!

And god knows what the weights do actually weigh, they were weighed on the insane bathroom scales (withdraws previous weight comment)

WiseKneeHair Wed 30-Jan-13 12:55:40

I think she'll be back.
C'mon wem we are routing for you.

WiseKneeHair Wed 30-Jan-13 12:57:22

orangina if you can face it, go to Boots and weigh there. You could even take your weight with you. grin

ninja Wed 30-Jan-13 18:53:07

Just catching up.

Ran 7.2 miles on Monday, but just left it too late to do anything yesterday.

Not sure about tonight as DD2 was up for 3 hours inthe night, plus I had mediation with ex and he was really difficult and I just feel drained sad

We'll see - may be just what I need!

WiseKneeHair Wed 30-Jan-13 21:35:06

Well done for the run ninja.
You could shred and pretend you are punching your ex rather than Jillian!
I'm not exercising today as I got home from work too late to eat early enough to do it and had scout drop off and pick up, so shredding first then eating didn't work either.
I'll make sure I do it tomorrow, plus maybe a bit extra.

ninja Wed 30-Jan-13 21:57:38

Yes - wisekneehair or maybe get the wii fit boxing game out .......

I'll see - presently just poured myself a glass of ginger wine so not looking promising!

House is a tip - got packed lunches to make - work to catch up on but I might have to take a flexi half day tomorrow and catch up another time.

Well done on your run ninja. Hope tomorrow is less exhausting.

did you get your scales sorted orangina?

I ran 5k this evening at a slow jog. It was so nice to be out in the fresh air, even though it was damp and drizzly.

WiseKneeHair Thu 31-Jan-13 12:49:45

Hope you enjoyed your ginger wine ninja
Good run Neither
I missed not shredding yesterday, but will definitely do it tonight.
Has anyone seen/ heard of/ done the insanity program? I was looking at it last night and was getting tempted, although I disliked all the hype and the price

wem Thu 31-Jan-13 17:31:01

Ooh 'ello everybody blush didn't think I'd be missed! grin

I got the lurgy and the dds have given us a run of seriously crappy nights so have generally been collapsing on the sofa in any spare time. I did get out to play squash last night, though felt a bit breathless with it (am asthmatic so any lurgy gets me in the chest).

I'm thinking of dropping back to level 1 to ease back in and hopefully get a boost in motivation as should theoretically be easier than when I first did it smile

WiseKneeHair Thu 31-Jan-13 19:51:09

Welcome back wem. I said you'd be back. grin Sorry you have had the lurgy, hope you are feeling better now. I think it's probably a good idea to go back to level 1, I bet you won't need to do it for long before you feel ready to go up again.
Had a day off yesterday, so just digesting dinner and then I'm off to shred.I can't believe it, but I've actually missed it! grin