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**Tamoxifen** the 30th thread !

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Am wheeling the trolley over....

smee Fri 26-Oct-12 15:36:31

Have grabbed the best bit on the sofa, pass me some cake. smile

NedSchneebly Fri 26-Oct-12 15:54:41

Budge up smee and you can have some of my Dorset apple cake. I'll make some brew too!

KurriKurri Fri 26-Oct-12 16:07:59

Dorset Apple cake - one of my faves <snaffles the biggest piece, sits on Ned's lap>

Can't believe we are thirty - that's almost grown up shock

jchocchip Fri 26-Oct-12 17:14:59

Mmmmm cake - scrummy smile brew would be nice too! Thanks.

Just finishing work and <drum roll> it's the weekend grin

NedSchneebly Fri 26-Oct-12 17:28:20

<snuggles up to kurri and makes room for jchoc>

smee Fri 26-Oct-12 17:35:27

Have never had Dorset Apple cake. Am sure I'll want seconds. smile

KurriKurri Fri 26-Oct-12 17:40:12

Have a large pot of coffee on the brew, hold out your brew everyone.

I like it on this sofa, its very snuggly smile

I can add some wine. Dorset Apple Cake sounds yum, is there any cream with that?

Have a fab trip gigs and smee and anyone else heading away. No trips for me this week, DH was wittering on about going away for a weekend next week but ended up booking a family ticket for the .... wait for it ..... rugby hmm. I had visions of a lovely spa experience instead of shivering on the terraces.

mas hope the hands improve with the B6 and lower dose.

invicta Fri 26-Oct-12 19:59:16

I was having a nice bath earlier before going out and came up with a very important question; How long after having nodes removed under my arm can I shave them? I don't want to stay 'continental. forever.

Actually, I should be out by now but hubby is stuck on the M25. Me not happy. I haven't been out much recently, and a nice evening chatting to friends, is just what I fancied at the start of half term. Usually by now I've had a friday evening glass of wine, but I've foregone that knowing I would be driving.

Sorry for moaning.

Welcome to thread 30!

jchocchip Fri 26-Oct-12 20:04:34

mmmm dd cooked spag bol for tea with lots of garlic. now watching mastermind then its hignfy later smile

jchocchip Fri 26-Oct-12 20:06:31

hi invicta guess when you have healed up? I've lost about half a 'pit with rads, it won't grow back...

DizzyPurple Fri 26-Oct-12 20:10:59

Ok so you guys are clearly all old friends but can i invade and ask a query about Tamoxifen? Ttc here for 20 months. Have a 3 year old DD. Been having investigations and yesterday saw consultant who suggested this drug. Do i do it? Likely to help? Any side effects? Thanks hopefully!

jchocchip Fri 26-Oct-12 20:17:38

Er I think you want to use it for a different reason than me. I use it to stop recurrence of breast cancer, and take it continuously. I think it is taken slightly differently for fertility! Give it a go, good luck ttc smile

jchocchip Fri 26-Oct-12 20:26:18

Dizzy I don't think you would get the side effects with the dosage recommended for you, it took a little while for the se's to kick in for me... hot flushes, etc due to a lack of oestrogen, but just taking the tablets for a few days early in your cycle probably ok. <not a doctor but read the leaflet in the tablet box>

KurriKurri Fri 26-Oct-12 20:27:23

Hi Dizzy - you are very welcome - I know we natter about nonsense, but new comers always welcome smile

I honestly haven't heard about tamoxifen being used as a fertility drug, although it certainly has hormonal side effects - in my case hot flushes, sweating, general menopausal type symptoms.

Has your consultant said anything about the dosage you would be on? - it may not be the same as we are given for breast cancer and that might be a factor which alters its effects - I'm on 20mg daily.

Essentially tamoxifen is an anti oestrogen drug, - used to fight oestrogen fed breast tumours.
It also used years ago to be used as a contraceptive (though I believe not very successfully)-it's anti cancer properties were discovered when it was being used as a contraceptive.

Another side effect that I know some people on here have had (although not me as I'd had a hysterectomy) is that it stops periods.

That's all the info. I know about it - don't know whether it's helpful or not, might be worth discussing with your GP, as far as I know the way in which tamox. works is quite complicated, so it's perfectly possible that it is used for other things aside from breast cancer.

Anway - I wish you luck with ttc and hope all goes well with you smile

jchocchip Fri 26-Oct-12 20:33:21

Hi kk
watching too much tv tonight - anyone like Miranda ?

DizzyPurple Fri 26-Oct-12 20:42:57

Thanks guys. I'll do more research. Dont have the pills yet but will read info avidly when i do.

smee Fri 26-Oct-12 20:45:31

Moan away Invicta. Must be annoying waiting... I was told never ever to shave again shock, though of course I do. Must admit it's hard to feel what I'm doing as my underarm's permanently numb. Just be careful.

Dizzy, I haven't a clue as I take it for BC too. V.nice to meet you though. Am guessing you'd only take Tamoxifen for a short time to help you ovulate? If so, sounds worth a try. Hope it works for you. smile

Wish I could join you on the sofa to watch Miranda, jane. I have a huge deadline to meet, so have to work all weekend. G'ah.. DH said he'll cook and I know it sounds churlish, but he's got us a pizza. 0 for effort then! grin

sandripples Fri 26-Oct-12 20:47:12

Hi Invicta, I was given a strict lecture about never using a razor in armpits again, and only to use an electric razor. This is because after my op I lost all feeling in the armpit (in addition to under my upper arm) so wouldn't know if I was cutting myself - am not sure if this is common?!

Anyway TBH I have found the hair has never really grown back much - which I consider a positive side effect! So I really don't do much about that armpit any more.

I suppose if you are feeling over-continental and don't have these oddities, you could shave after about 5 weeks ie when no more rads-cooking going on.

Come to think of it I didn't have rads on 'pit - only on boob. But I'd allow several weeks as the rads do continue working for at least 3 weeks after you finish having the treatment.

KurriKurri Fri 26-Oct-12 20:54:00

Invicta - missed your post - sorry smile I was never given any instructions about armpit shaving, but my hair never grew back under that arm, so it's not relevant anyway. But I think it makes sense to avoid anything that might cut you - because any cuts are more likely to get infected on that side, as you've got no lymph nodes.

waving to jchoc and SR. Pizza sounds nice Smee (although yes, zero effort on his part! grin) I haven't had anything yet, didn't fancy much, because my throat feels all swollen and sore still, have got glands up in my neck, earache, and a bit of a temp. -so presumably some bug is doing the rounds.

smee Fri 26-Oct-12 20:59:25

Kurri and SR are far more sensible than me, Invicta. don't listen to me, I'm a reprobate smile

SR, grin at 'over continental'.

Kurri hope the cold or bug or whatever's just a fleeting thing. Surely a nice glass of red would help your throat?

I will be gracious about the pizza if DH has got nice wine to go with it. Next door are celebrating Eid and all manner of heavenly smells seeping through. envy

sandripples Fri 26-Oct-12 21:03:50

Hi, waving to Smee and KK as well. Sorry you've got to work Smee.

I am avoiding (well not toally) the bag of Halloween chocs I bought 'in case children come to the door'. Trouble is I already ate one bag last w/e shock blush

Must be the cold or something.

Hope you feel better soon, KK.

sandripples Fri 26-Oct-12 21:04:50

My washing has got stuck in machine - can't open the door...

smee Fri 26-Oct-12 21:11:03

Oh no..! Turn it off at the plug, then back on again? I think that works sometimes..

We have no Halloween chocs yet, but I always get those mini milky ways so I can scoff them smile

sandripples Fri 26-Oct-12 21:43:32

its ok, I got the door open - think it was just taking its time to unlock...

jchocchip Fri 26-Oct-12 22:40:29

phew sand glad that's sorted.

Nighty night everyone - sweet dreams x

KurriKurri Fri 26-Oct-12 23:24:30

Night night all x

smee Sat 27-Oct-12 00:02:36

Just logging off. DH watching Alice Cooper on Jools Holland. How desperate is that?! Glad you got the washing machine sorted, SR. Things like that always go wrong at the weekend.

Night all - this thread is in danger of being like the Waltons! x

Hi Dizzy - I had heard that tamoxifen can be used for those trying to conceive - side effects vary from person to person but it was quite tolerable for me smile
I do shave under my node arm but it is numb there so am careful.

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 05:37:49

' Morning! Cat got a bit stompy so I gave him his breakfast and opened the cat flap. Will try and get back to sleep now...

amberlight Sat 27-Oct-12 07:03:38

Morning! I shaved armpit using electric shaver during and after rads, carefully. No problems. But take no notice of me either.

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 13:58:37

Hi amber quiet on here today. Guess everyone is busy.

topsyturner Sat 27-Oct-12 15:56:28

Hello All

I am around , just lying low .
Waiting for a referral back to hospital dermatology clinic as I have had a pretty awful flare up of my psoriasis .
I would estimate a good 75% body coverage of it at the moment and non of my usual creams and bath lotions are working on it .
So I am feeling pretty miserable and sore right now .

I miss you all , and hope you are all feeling ok .
Mas hope the hands feel normal and pain free soon .
Dammit ! Missed the pointy elbow fight for space in Gigs suitcase !
Gracie stalk away !

Big sloppy kisses to everyone xxx

KurriKurri Sat 27-Oct-12 16:13:33

Afternoon all.

Massive (but very gentle) hugs to topsy, - you poor thing, that sounds really awful [sad - hope they can sort it out at the hospital for you, do you think you'll have to wait long to see someone?

Gigs ran off to French France without us shock - you wouldn't have won in a pointy elbow fight I would , and anyway Gig was very tempted by my monkey dancing, but she just didn't want to show any favouritism grin

My throat is so sore today I can hardly speak and glands in my neck swollen, all I can do is croak 'make me a cup of tea' at DH grin - I wish it would turn into a cold if it's going to, or else go away.

Waving and love to all. jchoc - you are right I have been incredibly busy watching an old episode of Inspector Morse grin

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 16:25:16

sloppy kisses to topsy xxx we were worried about you. Skin flare up sounds miserable sad guess if the creams don't work, it's time for wine and chocolate.
kk strepsils? honey, lemon in your tea? hope you feel better soon. and until then watch morse and get dh to wait on you.
I just had a long bath, now going to dash to the shops before they shut and get something for tomorrow's lunch...

smee Sat 27-Oct-12 16:25:27

Oh no, Topsy! Sounds grim. Curl up next to Kurri. Sounds like you both need some tlc. I have an urge for a choc ice, so might have to escape my desk to go on a hunt. Am sure they're medicinal, so will hurl some on fbt if I find some.

DH gone to pick up DS from a birthday party. I'm working away. Yawn...

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 16:28:40

xpost smee- have a short break then back to work!

smee Sat 27-Oct-12 16:31:35

I have to get off the pooter, as DS is back and apparently I promised him he could go on for a bit. Good excuse for a break. Will go shopping for choc

Brrr - chic ices smile
Am working too Smee having been to town with dh and helped pack T's bags for Italy tomorrow. Just had some Madeira cake and a cup of green tea.
Hands feeling better today so that
's v good. T has been gathering hazelnuts in the garden.
Topsy you poor love ( very gentle hugs ) sorry to hear that you are so troubled by skin - horrid for you .
KK - hope the throat feels better v soonsad

CHOC ices , though chic ices sound elegantgrin

KurriKurri Sat 27-Oct-12 18:27:58
jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 19:27:45

LOL grin
has been rather brrr here today, there was frost on the ground when I went running this morning.

Have lots of things to get ready for tomorrow morning, must start soon, oops. Maybe make some playdough for the littlies, lego for the middles and something a bit more serious for the teenagers. This is going to be challenging, have all the age groups to prepare for...

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 19:29:19

I'd like to go to Italy, properly. Went over the border once, but haven't spent any time there really. T will have a great time.

smee Sat 27-Oct-12 19:52:12

grin at Kurri's chic ice.

MAS, hooray for your hands. Must be a relief that they're better rather than worse. Madeira cake and green tea makes you sound most refined. smile

Hope you got all your shopping, Jane. Good luck for tomorrow. Hope it all falls into place.

Still working here. Going to bake a sort of mushroom risotto. You don't have to stir it though, just plonk it in the oven. Wintery food for a wintery day. smile

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 20:09:03

Yes I had a lovely shopping trip - I'm rather sad, cos I had a day ticket for the bus and wanted to make the most of it. I went just before sunset so I could watch the sky and only went to Morrisons and then came back again. Roast lamb, mint jelly and parsnips for tomorrow's lunch and nice honey, marmalade, real butter and cat food! a few other bits that will come in handy as well. Not exactly the weeks shop but more choice than the Co-op down the road.

KurriKurri Sat 27-Oct-12 20:27:38

Bon voyage to T, hope he has a great trip. And hooray for hands improving MAS.

good luck with tomorrow Jane ( sorry I've missed what you are doing - but it sounds pretty busy and a lot of organizing!)

Off to watch X factor grin

yep, hope it goes well jane
I will miss my boy- am feeling a bit emotional about it.

KurriKurri Sat 27-Oct-12 22:20:16

Oh MAS - you are bound to feel a bit emotional, and you will miss him.

Have lots of nice things lined up to occupy you while he's away, and he'll be back before you know it with loads of photos and tales of his Italian adventure smile xx

I know - he said he was feeling a bit nervous -but seems quite happy. Am worried he might be worried about me. Am being v positive about hios trip and assuring him he'll have an exciting time, but I did tell him I'll miss him.

Gigondas Sun 28-Oct-12 09:13:43

Wow only been off a day and 50 posts! Scattering pain au chocolat and brioche for those that want it.
topsy sorry to hear you are suffering and hope they sort it- sounds very miserable.

mas glad hands improving and hope t has a great time and you don't miss him too much.

Waves to jchoc (home made play dough impressive), kurri smee (hope work load is diminishing) sometimes gracie fab and ned.

French France lovely but cold. Having quiet day today (still not that robust ESP as have lingering cold) as need to build up strength for day at Disney tomorrow.

ooh Disneyland !! I can remember endless goes on It's a Small World with T when he was 6 grin

NedSchneebly Sun 28-Oct-12 09:49:21

Just popping on to wish T a Bon voyage (or whatever the italian equivalent is smile MAS am sure you will miss him, and he you, but bet he will have a great time. Hope you and DH have got some nice things planned to do in his absence?

Have convinced DH that we need to buy a Superking duvet to go with our newish Superking bed. Our kingsize duvet is just not working for me, as I am married to a Grade 1, platinum duvet stealer. . . Now it's so cold, I hate waking up uncovered and shivering!

Gentle non-skin-irritating hugs to topsy sorry to hear the psoriasis is causing you grief. Hope you can get a dermatology referral soon as soon can be x x

gig take it easy today, look after that cold, OK? have a lovely time at Disney tomorrow. Am very a tiny bit envy !

smee don't work too hard, OK? Hope you can get a bit of a break today?

Waves northwards across Dorset to sometimes !

Popping off to Argos to pick up new duvet now. . . smile

Waves to kurri, jchoc, gracie, justfab and sparkle and everyone else i will undoubtedly hsve missed x x x x

smee Sun 28-Oct-12 09:55:21

Wow, Gig. Have never been to Disneyland. How exciting, even if the thought is exhausting! grin

Hugs for MAS, as yes of course you'll miss him. You must just instinctively want to keep him close atm. Have some of Gig's pain au chocolat to distract you. smile

So v.cold here. Been up since daft o'clock working, though will stop soon to have a normal Sunday. I say normal, but DS has pulled all the blinds in the kitchen, has a black scarf tied like a balaclava on and is wearing a black trench coat of mine too. Not at all sure who he thinks he is, but imagine I will be ambushed any time soon.. grin

topsyturner Sun 28-Oct-12 10:51:26

All my knowledge of Italian stems from watching Inspector Montalbano , which involves him shouting at Cattarella a lot grin

Am I the only person who finds the idea of a trip to Disney abhorrent ?
prob just a miserable old crone who doesnt believe in magic

DH and DC getting ready to go to Granny's . I'm trying to think of excuses not to go . Just feel like having some time to myself , but I know DH will be hacked off with me for not going sad

topsyturner Sun 28-Oct-12 10:52:16

Am slightly worried about Smees DS and his plans for ambush grin

Disneyland kind of insinuates itself on you- it was just me and T and I thought what the hell am i doing here, but was soon having a lovely time- I think mainly because T loved it and we had a nice,bonding time together.
T is now on his way to Gatwick and we're going to Waitrose to choose something for lunch - shepherd's pie for supper !! I must do some work but we will do jolly things together this week as dh has Wednes,Thurs and Fri off.
topsy are you ok ? can understand wanting time to yourself though.
Hope new duvet is lovely and snuggly ned- we bought new hot water bottles yesterday !
Smee hope ambush not too scary and that you can relax a bit too.

Did anyone have sore inside of nose during chemo ?

smee Sun 28-Oct-12 12:01:05

Well I was tied up and blindfolded, but that was a tactical error as he wanted some pineapple, so he untied me. grin

I have always shied away from Disneyland too, Topsy, but I know I'd be like MAS if I got there. We won tickets to Legoland once, so went and that was fab. DS has begged every year to go back.

How are you today? Is the skin still bad? sad

KurriKurri Sun 28-Oct-12 12:08:56

Gig - have a fab time at Disneyland - I've never been, but it sounds fun (although I am a total wuss when it comes to anykind of fairground type ride, so would probably not go on anything)

MAS - lovely that G has some time off this week, and you can spend some time doing nice stuff. Enjoy your supper smile

ned - glad you won on the battle of the superKing duvet, - my DH is a duvet snaffler too, it is very annoying.

Smee- - don't work too hard - at least you have an extra hour today (or maybe that's not a good thing!) - love DS's ambush.

Waving to topsy - hope you are not feeling too rotten today, do you have anything at all that helps, or is it a question of waiting for the hospital to come up with something?

MAS - yes I had very sore inside nose on chemo - anything that has a mucus membrane tends to suffer, - don't be surprised if you get nose bleeds, I got loads, - but off course if they are very bad contact your unit.
Don't really know what you can do about the sore nose, - I did find that using proper cotton hankies (rather than tissues) was more gentle on the nose.

I feel as if my head weighs a ton - I am totally bunged up with cold, but at least the sore throat is not quite so bad today. I am still drooping round the house expecting lots of sympathy though grin

Am doing odd bit of housework, and getting on with my list of home made Christmas presents - so nothing very taxing going on here. Weather foul - windy and wet.
Old lady dog has just brought me her teddy to admire because I'm not paying her enough attention grin

love to all x

KurriKurri Sun 28-Oct-12 12:11:44

Ooh I meant to say, my poor mum had a 3 hour power cut on Friday evening. - Bless her she sat in the dark because she was afraid she'd fall if she tried to move. She managed to put her gas fire on so that gave a little bit of light, but it was too dark for her to find her torch.

She's had more people to look at the house though, and one couple has been back for a second look, and there's an item in the local paper about the house this week, so that may attract more buyers.

topsyturner Sun 28-Oct-12 12:18:31

I had the sore and drippy nose during chemo Mas .
Very speshul isn't it ? grin

Think I need time alone because the DC are now on half term , and I won't get my usual "alone time" during the day for the next week !
Just asked DH if he would be annoyed with me if I didn't come today , and he was lovely about it . Said he totally understood my need for some time out smile

Can you get me something nice from Waitrose Mas ?
I really miss their bakery counter .
And also loved their rapid wine chillers in the wine department , do they still have those ?
Why oh why won't they open over here ?

I think if I went to Disney I might be converted . Maybe that's what I'm scared of ? grin

topsyturner Sun 28-Oct-12 12:21:14

Poor mum kk !
Was it a general power cut for her area ?
Hoping she gets a buyer out of these viewings .

I have the man flu cold too , so sympathies for that .

<slips Old Lady Dog extra special dog treats as her mean owner is ignoring her>

KurriKurri Sun 28-Oct-12 12:35:52

yes general power cut topsy - it was very windy, so I guess a power line came down. At least she looked out of the window and saw the whole village was in darkness, so she didn't go trying to find the fuse box.

Old lady dog thanks you for the treats, and offers a slightly dribbled on squeaky ball in return (you can look, but not touch grin])

KurriKurri Sun 28-Oct-12 12:36:10

or rather grin

your poor mum kk
Don;'t know about the rapid wine coolers,though the wine section is fab and huge.I love the bakery bit - we had chelsea buns last week and the croissants are totally yum. I hve just bought a baguette for lunch to have with some Frijolemole dip (bean thing)
I have been nominated for a mumsnet Christmas thingy, how very lovely and kind - I suspect it was persons from this thread grin - very,very kind.

NedSchneebly Sun 28-Oct-12 14:24:58

Look here, lovely ladies - I too have been nominated for a Mumsnet Christmas thingy. It is not fair to make a girl cry when she reads her emails on a Sunday afternoon. . . Thank you enormously, whoever it was. I love you all x x x

Gigondas Sun 28-Oct-12 15:43:44

Another one nominated here- which is very kind xx
mas also had sore and dripping nose. Only time it seemed to stop was when on chemo confused.

smee perhaps ds is trying to be the milk tray man?

Disney also my idea of hell but sadly not dd . And if anyone ever thinks there are no shell suit wearing twits in French France, a day in Disney will disabuse you of that. However there is a very nice (and usually loathe them) shopping centre next door (complete with naice designer outlets so am going to insist on going there later).

grin at montalbano teaching you about Italy- I am still obsessed and onto the books now.

Good news about your mums house and interest kurri - right better go as think limit to how long can entertain big gig with the Nintendo and mini gig crawling into the bin for 50th time (mental smile to Myself when I think how careful I was with pfb big gig- if mini gig isn't actually in the toilet it's all good).

topsyturner Sun 28-Oct-12 15:48:19

There are Montalbano books ???

Gigondas Sun 28-Oct-12 16:00:07

Yes - a whole load more detail in them so just adds to montalbano obsessionexperience.

is that the shopping place where the Sea life place is ? I got a bit restless on day 2 and we took a taxi to it to the sea place but didn't really have time to look in shops...

glad that there's interest in your mum's house kk - am sure it'll be snapped up as it's so lovely.

sandripples Sun 28-Oct-12 20:10:03

I've managed to get through bringing up the DCs with only one short afternoon at French Disney - they used to go more when on school trips which was a relief to me! We did have some great times at waterparks though - I preferred these. Found a great place near Garda once - only Italians families there and lovely slides - DH nearly broke his ribs he enjoyed it so muchgrin

I am sorry that I usually miss Montalbano as often doing things on Sat evenings - I need to get the DVD is there is one.
Yes MAS I used to have sore nose as well so that seems to make it most of us! I think T will have a great time and it will be a good distraction from being very naturally concerned about you. (I'm remembering when my DS went off for 3 weeks when I was on chemo - it helped really)

We had a good w/e in Nottingham seeing my friends' gorgeous house - you can get a lot for your money there I think!

Topsy - I do hope you'll feel better soon.

O its so dark, groan. I think I need some winter hobbies - I feel a bit twitchy when I can't be in the garden.

I'm another one with sore nose and runny nose during chemo mas I had lovely cuts inside my nose. I'm sure T will have a great time in Italy but you are bound to miss him.

Did someone mention Disney that just may be my favourite place saddo that I am. Combine Disney with Florida sunshine and shopping malls and I am in heaven. Only been to Disneyland Paris once whilst heavily pregnant in a heatwave so not so fond memories of that. Have fun anyway gigs.

Aw topsy sorry you are having a rough time. That must be so painful. Hope your apointment comes through quickly.

Glad the throat is a little better kurri hopefully the stuffy nose and bunged up feeling will go soon.

grin smee about DS's ambush.

I'm relaxing with a very large glass of wine as it is DD's birthday today so I have experienced the hell that is soft play with 14 children (although to be fair they were very well behaved). I also had the inlaws for dinner tonight and had my mum for a Chinese last night so ready for a rest. When I invited mum last week she said 'oh lovely', then mid week it was 'don't know whether I could be bothered' then yesterday she said 'well what time will we be eating?'. I told her 6pm. she arrived at 5.45 pm and left before I even had the table cleared sad as she wanted home to watch Strictly. Honestly why do I bother?

jchocchip Sun 28-Oct-12 23:21:10

gracie you earned that wine hmm at your mum!
Enjoy disney gig we went when the children were younger, not my choice, but had a pretty good time esp as dd2 was too little for most of the big rides so I could go on the little things with her while dh had to do the really scary ones more than once... I chose the hotel so we had a nice pool for the evenings...
Busy busy day here! playdough a hit and morning went off ok. went to see aunty this afternoon then roast lamb and pineapple upside down pudding. Chatting to dd on fb this eve which was nice.

Busy time for you Jane !
Gracie - not very polite of your mother - is she usually like that ?

jchocchip Mon 29-Oct-12 08:27:48

Morning all! just signing in to works computer so it will have logged me in by the time I have gone for a quick run and made a brew and a vat of porridge! Will start work later at home, then a nice drive out in the countryside to put up another site notice and take a few pictures... Then I'll write a few reports. anyone got plans for today?

invicta Mon 29-Oct-12 08:42:15

Nearly forgot to take my tamoxifen last night. Has anyone else found it difficult to get into a routine of taking their pills. Ironically, if I have a headache or feel below par, then I am quite happy to pop a pill. However, I think that because ihaven't got any obvious symptoms which the tablet rectifies, then I forget to take it.

jchocchip Mon 29-Oct-12 08:54:08

yes its easy to forget and because its not marked up with days of the week easy not to notice that you did forget! thinking of setting a recurring alarm on my phone, that may remind me...

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 10:32:43

Jane, blimey you sound like wonder woman! says Smee slouched at her desk with a vat of coffee grin

Invicta, you can get quite funky pill boxes these days. I was resistant until I found a bright red one. There's a space for each day of the week. DS hankers after it as he reckons it's cool. smile

Gracie, your mother sounds beyond annoying. Good on you for going ahead though. Sounds like you need a day for you after all of that. Hope you get one.

MAS did DS get to Italy okay? Hope you're not missing him too much. Are your hands still improving?

Kurri, how's the cold. Is anyone giving you sympathy apart from little old lady dog??

Topsy, did you get an appt about your skin yet? Hope you did. Must be miserable waiting. Do you think it's flared up as your body comes out of chemo? Can't be a coincidence. If so in a weird way, is that kind of positive. By which I mean you're coming back to life?! confused

Wonder how Gig's getting on in Disney-hell. grin

jane is wonder woman grin !
Hands slowly improving- still horribly prickly..chemo certainly is very toxic stuff...
T should be safely in Italy and up on Vesuvius right now - hope he's remembering to wash/keep his things safe/and is having a fab time.
Tumble dryer man is huffing away - but hooray,it's working !

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 11:49:03

Chemo is indeed toxic, but then at least it's doing something, MAS so I'd say it's working. smile

Just curious, but does anyone else have long term nerve problems after Rads. I've read it's not uncommon, but all across my chest I'm having tingly pains, which I think must be nerve regeneration. It's a bit like sun burn. v.odd..

Yes mas unfortunately my mum is like that most of the time. She seems to have lost all social grace as she has got older. Her favourite line is 'I can't be bothered' something which DH struggles with so their relationship can be difficult at times. I do feel sorry for her because she really doesn't have any friends as she can be quite blunt and hurtful at times. T is probably having a blast. He is a boy though so washing is probably not a priority grin.

smee I have read about people having nerve problems after ops although not sure about rads but if you are concerned could you contact your bcn.

kurri hope that cold is better today.

How is your skin today topsy? Do you feel any more relaxed after your rest yesterday?

We are getting our flu jabs on Friday and whilst mine is coming from the surgery supplies we have prescriptions for the rest of the family but I can't find a pharmacist who can supply it. Just waiting for the surgery to phone me and hopefully give me a different prescription. Whilst in the chemist there was a woman in front of me wearing her pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers!! Why would anyone think that is a good look?

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 12:16:08

Actually Gracie that's a v.good point, as the nerve problems might be mastectomy related not Rads. Am being a bit dim not thinking that through. I'm not worried as it's across such a wide area. Feels itchy, which is apparently not uncommon.

shock at woman in her PJ's. Apart from anything else, surely she was freezing?!

Well her dressing gown was fleece grin but her slippers were little mules and her feet were bare and not very clean.

not a good look !
Probably is mastectomy related smee - no post rads tingliness here anyway.
I think some older people do lose the ability to moderate what they say - and also some things can seem an awful effort,even if they're nice,like having Chinese food. My mum can be very negative about things which is very draining and drives me mad, but she is not well and unable to do so much for herself.

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 13:40:41

Dirty feet. shock

MAS, my mother's becoming more and more intolerant too. Very hard to watch someone sink like that. How's your dad atm? Is he okay and keeping busy?

I have just had a bit of a google (slaps hand!), but yes the surgeons cut nerves when they perform mastectomy, so yes that is most likely. Quite useful having had a preventative mastectomy, as it's made me less paranoid in a way. If I get pain on that side (which is where it mostly is), it's easier to rationalise it as non-cancerous.

dad seems ok - in good spirits on Friday when we saw them. He is always practicing his oboe when I speak to mum on the phone -I can hear it in the background, in fact I can see him at his music stand in the spare room from our house !

KurriKurri Mon 29-Oct-12 16:33:54

afternoon all.

smee - I get all sorts of twinges an weirdness on my mastectomy side, especially on the scar, - I get a sort of deep itch which I can't relieve by scratching (it's sort of well under the skin , inside IYSWIM, most odd and unpleasant) and I also get a kind of really nasty pain, where everything really hurts round my chest wall, just for a couple of minutes then it stops. Sort of pain which makes you gasp, but it goes quickly.

So - in short, yes I think nerve damage is the cause of these odd things. I think you look at your scar and think that might be painful, but you tend to forget that they've been in under your arm rummaging about like nobodies business, so damage is probably more widespread than is obvious.

T will be having a great time MAS, Vesuvius is lovely - Pompeii amazing. I hope he's having better weather than the dismal rubbish we have here. Hope the hands continue to improve, but yes chemo is nasty poisonous stuff unfortunately.

jane - you have been busy! - it will be a break to get back to work today grin

gracie - sorry your mum was bit rude. I think it is an older person thing, - my late MIL used to say all sorts of awful things. I think as well, when you've been very ill, you get a bit less tolerant of people messing you about, so even if they've always done it, it becomes more irritating.

Invicta - if I didn't have an old lady pill box with the days marked on it, I'd forget my tamox. all the time, I am completely hopeless.

Cold is a bit better today, but I've given it to DD (so I am not her favourite person atm!) I went to yoga this morning and managed not to cough all the way through.

I managed to fall out of bed last night - suddenly woke up and found myself in a heap on the floor confusedgrin I've even got a graze on my knee to show for it, although I don't remember knocking my knee. I'll need those bed guards next, - I'm one step away from an incontinence sheet.

jchocchip Mon 29-Oct-12 20:28:20

aw kk put a bit more water with your whisky tonight ;)
work was a bit of a pain, computer playing up then I got rained on on site (not too much) Saw a couple of really nice houses today, one with a herd of wicker deer on the lawn.
mas I'd like to go to pompeii, tho I'd like to do a latin course first, my latin is a bit rusty and I like to be able to translate inscriptions.
smee - what kk said about the rummaging makes sense, and maybe the tingling is things rearranging as you say.
waves to everyone I've missed.
mum rang, needed dd to change channels to university challenge... going to have to get them some intercom! the relay through facebook text etc is a bit cumbersome. tho she did pick up her mobile today.

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 20:29:39

MAS, have you heard from DS yet?? I hope he had an amazing day. I would love to go there. Do you think your Dad uses his oboe to lose himself in? He must find it hard looking after your mum if she's so inward looking now.

Kurri, what are you like falling out of bed like that?? Will be round to tie you in later. grin Interesting to hear you have pain too. Am a bit bemused by mine, as apart from a few shooting pains, the cancer side's quite passive. It's the preventative mastectomy side which acts up. If it's still going on in a week or so, I'll have to ask BCN if I should make an appt. I think the sharper pain's possibly capsular contraction round the implant as it's quite mis-shapen now. Am so fed up with them, I'm beginning to wonder if I should just have them both taken out and go flat chested.

HalloweenyHerrena Mon 29-Oct-12 21:20:24

Hello all

I was directed here for some advice, as my DM has just been diagnosed with grade 3 lobular breast cancer (apparently the invasive kind). She's being rushed for an MRI this/next week and will see a consultant for feedback and a gameplan later on next week. I'm told that the tumour is growing rapidly and is attached to the skin, but the consultant doesn't think it's got to the lymph nodes yet

Does anyone here have any experience of this and if so, please could you tell me a bit about it? Don't be afraid to say that it's properly bad if it is; I'd rather have a complete picture.

Thanks for any help smile

amberlight Mon 29-Oct-12 21:25:25

I have to say my MIL went for the flat option after many years of battling lymphoma, and wore beautiful lacy tops with great effect, but it's such an individual choice, isn't it. I'm still adjusting to having a bit missing from mine and the scars. All most odd. Not sure I'd worry overmuch if they weren't there.

KurriKurri Mon 29-Oct-12 23:13:23

Hello Herrena, and welcome to the thread. I'm so sorry your mum has been DX with breast cancer - it will be a shock for all of you.

I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago with grade 3 stage 3 BC, - in my case it had spread to the lymph nodes. I had a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, herceptin, and am now on tamoxifen.

Your mum will have more idea where she stands once she's got her scan results, and her consultant will explain to her what it all means (it would be helpful to her if someone goes with her to the consultant meetings, because it's hard to take everything in on your own, it can get a bit overwhelming)

If they don't think it has reached her lymph nodes - that's good, it means she may not have to have such aggressive treatment (although it will be decided on an individual basis), if it has spread to the nodes, they will remove them and she will almost certainly have chemo. That sounds frightening - but its doable - you get through it with support from your family and friends.

At the moment I think you all have to adjust to the news of your mum's DX. and be there for her - whether she wants to cry or put it out of mind and keep busy - whatever, everyone''s different.

Once she has had her scan and has a treatment plan in place, then she will probably feel a bit better, - she'll know how it's going to be tackled, and that's easier to cope with than uncertainty. Then it's a question of taking each stage of her treatment step by step, getting through it and heading towards recovery.

It is a long road, and it seems very daunting especially in the early days, when there is a lot of waiting and wondering to get through, so she is lucky to have a lovely DD like you to support her smile

I wish her all the very best in her treatment and recovery, and all the best to all your family, and I hope her meeting with the consultant goes well.

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 23:48:20

Hi Herrena, really sorry to hear about your mum, but stick around and feel very free to ask us anything. If it it does happen to have nipped into her lymph nodes, tell her not to panic. I was diagnosed in March 2010, and it had got to mine. It is more scary as it means it's trying to spread, but it's still classified as curable. They just take as much as they can and zap you with chemo and radiation therapy. There's hormone therapy too if you happen to be eligible. We can fill you in on that down the line when you know more.

Amber, where are you with your reassuring Stats?? Sound like Herrena might like to hear them. smile

Also Amber, I know what you mean about being flat chested. Hard to say for me, as my surgeon talked me into immediate implant. I think it was right at the time, not least because it wasn't such a shock for DS. Not so sure about it all now though, so am going to mull it over. I've got a while, as I don't see the surgeon again until December.

Night all. Have only just finished working. shock Got to e-mail a big project off first thing, then off to my mum and dad's for a few days. Will try and drop in if I can. xx

KurriKurri Tue 30-Oct-12 00:07:25

Night all from me, - I'll try not to roll drunkenly onto the floor stay in the bed tonight grin

Has anyone seen those 3d nipple tattoos from America being used by women who have had reconstructions after BC? (just google 3d nipple tattoos and you'll find them - promise nothing awful will come up!!) they are amazing, I'd never seen them before.

KurriKurri Tue 30-Oct-12 00:08:31

that's wrong I'll try to stay in bed tonight - had a stray 'not' in there.

Shut up KK and go to bed you rambling old fool. grin

jchocchip Tue 30-Oct-12 06:52:14

Hi herrena, what a shock. I think looking back on my experience the diagnosis last year was a scary time but I felt much better once I'd had my lumpectomy and had a plan. Mine was grade 2, not in my nodes and I didn't have chemo just radiotherapy and tamoxifen as mine was oestogen positive. The treatment options will be tailored to the type of tumour.

Must get up now and out to work today sad Will see what delights await me there...

herrena glad you made it over here- I echo all the very good advice given by the others. Feel free to ask anything !
kk hope you managed to stay in bed and that you have a good day at work jane
smee have a good trip to your olds.

smee Tue 30-Oct-12 08:42:40

Kurri, those nipples are amazing. Though when I googled, there was a picture of one of them on a man's arm. Did you manage to stay in bed this time? smile

Just nipping in to say there was a big thing on R4 Today programme just after 8am about over diagnosed BC. Can imagine it will have BCN all over the country gnashing their teeth. Worth listening to, but basically they're saying some women can have cancer and it just stays in the breast so should be left. All of which is fine, but as the surgeon they spoke to said it's always hard to tell what cancer will do. I hope women won't be tempted to leave it. Sounded bloody irresponsible to me.

Right, better go. Got to catch a train. Have a wondrous day all xx smile

KurriKurri Tue 30-Oct-12 09:55:23

Smee have a good trip, hope your mum and dad are fine - they will enjoy having you visit.

saw a bit on the news about the over diagnosis thing, - I guess I'm in the camp that over diagnosis is better than under diagnosis. Although of course perfect accuracy would be the ideal. I think if I as told I had something that might turn into cancer, or was localised, I'd still want them to get rid of it asap anyway.

jane have a good day at work - don't overdo it - you are always so busy, - puts me to shame.

MAS - is it today your Dad has his basal cell appointment? - I hope all goes well for him, and it gets sorted quickly.

I was supposed to be having a driving lesson now, but I just got a very tearful phone call from instructors grown up DD, saying instructors mother had died in the night and they had ambulances etc. at the house sad - poor woman, she'll be very shaken up, I knew her mum was ill, but I think they thought she was stable atm. sad

Waving to all, hope those of you on hols are having a good time, good luck to anyone having treatment. Big hugs to OTM - we miss you, I hope you are not feeling too awful, - but thinking of you because I know you probably are feeling poorly xx

smee enjoy your trip. Hope your weather is fine.

mas hope your dad's appointment goes well. How are you feeling?

kurri awful news about instructor's mum. Sudden death is always a huge shock for the family but probably a blessing in a way. My uncle died in his sleep many years ago and DH had to break into the house. Huge shock for us all and not very pleasant for DH but to be honest it is how my uncle would have wanted to go.

Hope you have recovered from your Disney trips gigs. Hopefully biggigs hasn't overlaiden the luggage with stuffed animals grin.

Can't believe I only have 3 more rads to go. Time is flying by. Washing, ironing and cleaning on the cards for me this afternoon and DH off work the rest of the week so we have booked cinema tickets for Thursday.

Waves to jchoc, topsy, otm, sparkle, amber, invicta and anyone else lurking. Hope everyone is well. Hugs to those who need it.

KurriKurri Tue 30-Oct-12 12:36:05

only 3 more rads gracie - that's great, - you won't know what to do with your days! grin but well done, - hope you are planning to treat yourself. Ooh just seen you have cinema tickets - lovely, what are you going to see?

Yes sudden death always a terrible shock for families - your poor DH, that must have been horrible for him. I was talking to driving instructor about her mum a couple of weeks ago, and she said she seemed to be doing well sad - but instructor is same age as me (52) so I imagine her mum was fairly elderly.

Am putting some ginger muffins on the trolley (so I don't eat them all, as they are rather nice, though I do say so myself).

I've got an art club meeting tonight, should be an interesting talk, I'm taking my textile picture I've been working on - we had to do something on a theme of winter.

Yum ginger muffins sound gorgeous. Enjoy your art club meeting kurri. I'm sure your picture is lovely. Boys and DH are off to see Skyfall envy. DD and I are going to see Madagascar and then I will take her to the soft play beside the cinema until the boys are finished. I would love to see Skyfall as I have heard it is very good but DD is a bit too young.

poor driving instructor kk -what a shock.
I was listening to the bc thing on the Today programme - I do think they should explain more about what DCIS is -they never seem to go into that. Also very irritated by the woman who kept pronouncing mastectomy as masectomy (petty i know but grrr)
Dad is fine- they froze two bits and want him to come back to have a larger patch surgically removed -so I will take him in then. He said it was all very quick and efficient and they had hot chocolate in the Costa afterwards.
Hands still sore which is pesky-also huge red/yellow welts on my shins which I think were bites - will show onc. I'm thinking they must be to do with medication.

have a lovely time at cinema gracie and hooray for imminent end of rads- yay !

Ouch mas hands do sound painful. Will you be seeing your onc this week as if they are bites best to watch they don't become infected?

they are old bites, if that's what they are - just weirdly healing ! Hands and general feeling of dehydration is main thing - have bought rose lip balm as my lips are so dry
Seeing onc on Friday anyway...
Have been out for a walk to town where I bought nice opaque tights and some socks and some chocolate soya milk- yum...though am guessing that soya is something to be avoided-but am sure a glass or two won't hurt.

jchocchip Tue 30-Oct-12 19:30:03

read a bit about overdiagnosis in the paper on the way to work. Also stories about massive hospital debts the PFI funding has led to sad Think economics is rearing its ugly head again.
gracie hope you all enjoyed your films and soft play - its been a long time since I was at one of thise places! good times.
kk textile picture sounds interesting, how are you doing it? sad about your driving instructor's mum, what a shock.
mas grr that your hand are still sore.
Work ok, don't like coming home in the dark though. chinese for tea, smile

amberlight Tue 30-Oct-12 19:50:43

'evening all! Hi Herenna, welcome from me too.
Statistics: From that starting point, the odds are 85% of a good outcome, and that's on the older treatments and older methods. With the new whizzy stuff, (on the evidence so far) it's even better. Does that help a bit?

KK eek re instructor's situation! sad

MAS, really hope they get your skin sorted out pronto. V uncomfy all round.

Meantime, DH is having a mole removed, which has made me a bit eek, and my car broke down (newer one now on order), the dishwasher has broken, and tonight the boiler stopped working. Three days to go till we're on hols for a fortnight cruising the force nine gales sunny Eastern Med. I'm knackered.

mas I bought almond milk last week. It was very tasty, maybe an alternative to soya.

jchoc not going to cinema until Thursday but looking forward to it. Enjoy your Chinese.

amber you are having a rough time. Hopefully mole proves to be nothing to worry about. Enjoy your cruise, sounds wonderful.

Amber - so pesky about car/boiler/dishwasher - hope last two are fixed quickly - have seen your new car on fbgrin Also hope that dh's mole removal is ok- soon be on your hols for some well deserved relaxation xxx

Gracie - saw some other interesting milk stuff, next to the almond milk~ forget what it was now.

Gigondas Wed 31-Oct-12 07:40:37

mas hope new lip balm helps- my skin got mega dry too on chemo.

amber sorry so much going on(but love The new car pic). Did you sort out your trips on your holiday as I remember there was some issue?

kurri how was art club?

gracie you are a good mum to do cinema and soft play. But sorry your mum was so churlish - I do think age can strip away people's grace.

Disney was a big hit (mini gig has a huge teddy - big gig opted for play Mobil fairies instead wink). They both really enjoyed it so was worth the experience.

They are off to science museum today while I set up a Halloween treasure hunt for big gig.

Waves to smee jchoc and anyone else.

good morning ! dh off today,so probably no work -maybe an outing !
How was art club kk ?
So glad the gigs enjoyed Disney !
Soon be on your hols amber -exciting ;-)

topsyturner Wed 31-Oct-12 09:21:26

Morning All

Still loaded with the cold and still have skin like a lizard !
Have GP apt on Friday to hopefully get urgent referral to hospital for skin .

Amber am so jealous of your up coming holiday . I have always wanted to go to the holy land and do the route of all the archeology sites you are following .

Mas hope you are feeling a bit better and that T is having a great time .

Welcome home Gigs , glad you emerged from The Worlds Happiest Place unscathed grin

Gracie I would swap places with DH when you get to the cinema . Surely it's a medical requirement for you to perve at see the new Daniel Craig Bond movie ?

Right off to blow my nose some more !

OneWaySystemBlues Wed 31-Oct-12 10:46:02

Been reasonably OK since my tests last week - bizarrely I felt better the day after, even though I still didn't have the results - but now the appointment tomorrow to get the results is getting nearer, I'm feeling quite low. I just keep thinking about how I'll tell my kids if I do have bc. Then I keep trying to stop that because I really don't know what the results will be tomorrow. This is really shitty, isn't it?! Oh well, not long to wait now I guess.

will be thinking of you tomorrow oneway xxxxx
topsy hope you get your skin appt.- must be horrible for you...and nasty cold too sad
We're going to mooch about in Winchester I think.
My Pieminister Pie winnings have arrived !!!

jchocchip Wed 31-Oct-12 13:24:29

hang in there oneway hope you can find some distractions this evening.
pies sound nice smile mas At least you have appointment topsy. sad about the skin.
Just saw the stove man at lunchtime quoting for a multifuel stove for the living room in place of the open fire that lets all the heat up the chimney. Back to work now...

have done the rounds of Winchester and bought some Christmas presents - looked in lots of shops -am exhausted. Dh wanted to go out to supper but I think we'll do that tomorrow. Got MIL a nightie- very hard to buy things for her as she doesn't need/want anything in particular. Got my mum a cosy,soft neck warmer thing from Fat Face as she was wearing a warm scarf round her neck indoors the other day -she feels the cold terribly,though their house is always v hot (woodburner in the kitchen blasts out the heat)

KurriKurri Wed 31-Oct-12 18:24:33

Quick hello to everyone, welcome back Gig, - glad the minis enjoyed Disney. Hope they have fun at the science museum (we lost my DS in there once when he was about 3 - I was running about like a maniac shouting his name, when some schoolkids stopped us and said 'is he a little boy carrying a toy rabbit' (yes he was)'he's in that room pretending to drive one of the trains' -I think it was probably Stevenson's Rocket or something terribly valuable and old. He was perfectly happy! grin)

MAS - well done on Christmas shopping, you are more organized than me, but I am doing mostly home made this year (I've warned family and they don't seem to mind!)

OneWay - loads of good vibes for tomorrow, at least you will know what you are dealing with, will be thinking of you. xx

amber - sounds like you need a break after everything breaking down! have a wonderful time, - hope DH's mole removal went OK.

topsy - hope they get you that appointment really soon, poor you - you must be fed up by now.

gracie - i may try that almond milk - I've seen it and wondered what it was like. I think I've seen rice milk and oat milk in our health food store too, but I found the rice milk a bit sweet - they didn't have an unsweetened version.

Art club went well - the person who runs it phoned me today to say loads of people had asked about my piece of work (the textile) and wanted to know who had done it because they really liked it, so I was very chuffed (it's only a small club -but it's always nice when people pay you compliments smile) I might try to get DH to take a photo of it and put it on my profile so you can have a nosy if you want to.

I went to yoga today, - was going to be virtuous and swim as well, I bought a ticket, got changed into my costume - there was a pool attendant cleaning lockers cubicles etc., - then I went through the shower to the poolside, only to be told 'sorry the pool's closed until after 10.30' - so why the F* sell me a ticket and watch me get changed and not tell me. Idiots - honestly I think the first requirement of the people they employ at our sports centre is 'must have absolutely no gumption or common sense!' grin

love to all.

amberlight Wed 31-Oct-12 19:31:47

Mole thingy not till after the hol. I'm still knackered - just can't seem to survive into the evening without being SO tired the last few eves. But our trips did indeed get sorted, which is good.

Fingers crossed for you tomorrow, OneWay...hope it all goes ok. Let us know?

Lots of good thoughts for OneWay tomorrow x
KK hooray for compliments - would love to see your piece smile
Grr about swimming pool though - very annoying.
Sorry to hear that you're so tired Amber - any news about boiler ? Holiday soon so you can relax.

topsyturner Wed 31-Oct-12 23:52:44

Good luck for tomorrow OneWay , hope you manage some sleep tonight x

OneWaySystemBlues Thu 01-Nov-12 17:25:59

Quick update - results all clear for now, thankfully! I'm back to the yearly mammograms. I'm very relieved. It has been a very difficult 2 weeks. Thanks to everyone on here for listening. I'm sure I'll be back - I'm still living with the increased risk due to the previous mantle radiotherapy. I have considered preventative surgery in the past and may revisit it again sometime. Been advised to not make big decisions soon after a scare, so I'm going to give it a few months first. In the mean time, thank you lovely ladies for being so kind!

topsyturner Thu 01-Nov-12 17:41:39

Oh that's a relief OneWay !
Celebration wine for you tonight ???

jchocchip Thu 01-Nov-12 20:09:51

phew that's good news oneway smile celebrate!

kk indignant on your behalf that they didn't tell you the times!

How did the treasure hunt go, gig

waves to mas, topsy, amber ...

Gigondas Thu 01-Nov-12 20:12:26

Yay for. onewaysmile

Treasure hunt was such a success that big gig has given Herself tummy ache with all chocolate she foundgrin

That is annoying kurri

jchocchip Thu 01-Nov-12 20:16:02

Glad they had a good time smile I just fancied a bit of left over chocolate that we got in for monsters and there was none left sad Wonder where it went...

KurriKurri Thu 01-Nov-12 22:07:12

Hooray for good results oneway - what a relief, now you can relax and have have a nice big wine smile

good that the treasure hunt went well Gig, I wish someone would hide some chocolate for me to find grin

topsy, hope you are feeling a little bit better today.

I spent the day having coffee and lunch with friends, then went to my art club. So in theory nice and relaxing, -- although I have one friend who tends to get very carried away with ideas, and want to make all sorts of elaborate plans for doing stuff, and then gets a bit huffy if other people sometimes want to think about things for a bit longer.

I tend to feel a bit like piggy in the middle - I generally get on with all my friends, because I'm fairly laid back about things --or possibly too lazy too care grin but they don't necessarily all get on with each other all the time - so I end up playing peacemaker. Which considering we are all middle aged is a bit daft. People need to chill out. I can't be doing with people moaning about trivial crap, - there's more important stuff in the world.

Phew - long day of slightly frayed tempers and wounded egos - I'm rather looking forward to being on my own and cleaning the house tomorrow grin

Love to all xx

fab news oneway grin !!
kk have a nice peaceful day tomorrow
gig glad the treasure hunt went well smile
Blood test done, lovely autumnal walk at The Vyne with dh, bit of work then dinner at favourite restaurant which was very delicious- we had prosecco too as I've told dh it's the only wine I can tolerate grin
T home tomorrow !!
love to all xxxxx

NedSchneebly Fri 02-Nov-12 07:58:26

Morning all smile

Goodness, half term is busy, isn't it! Back from couple of days with DB in London town - did Buckingham palace, natural history museum, various tube and bus journeys (highlight for DS, apparently hmm ) and had fun day with DSis-in-law-to-be's 2 nephews.

Did portland castle yesterday, blustery walk at Portland bill and a run about on chesil beach.

Had a lovely time perving watching the new Daniel Craig bond film. Javier Bardem is a very good baddy!

Quite sunny today, so hopefully can get out and about, seeing an old friend and her daughter who is using DS for her observations for her child development degree. Friend and I get to gossip, daughter entertains DS. . . Perfect!

I know I have missed lots of news, but hugs for clear test results, finishing rads, holidays, returning DSs, staying in bed ALL night (yes, kurri, I am looking at you!) rubbish swimming pool attendants, not working too hard (jchoc and smee), sore hands, house cleaning, rotten colds and anyone in need.

Will have a proper read later on, if I am allowed, in between DS watching Road Runner and Tom and Jerry on YouTube!

KurriKurri Fri 02-Nov-12 11:37:31

Morning all - MAS, that sounds like a lovely day out yesterday, - and it will be great to have T home today - hope he's taken loads of photos for you to look at smile

ned - that sounds like a fab break in London - I can remember my mother taking me up to London when I was about five or six - it was so exciting (I have recollections of being on a steam train to get there - but surely that can't be true, I can't be that old!)
I love the dinosaurs in the NH museum, -do they still have that mock up of an earthquake where you stand in a shop and it shakes and everything falls off the shelves etc. - scary!

And Chesil Beach is beautiful too, (but very blowing atm I imagine!)

DD is also going to see the Bond film tomorrow with her friends, I may be able to persuade Dh to take me to see it at some point.
On Halloween evening, we watched a DVD of Shutter Island - to scare ourselves! grin - its a good film event hough a bit scary - it has Leonardo Di Caprio and Mark Ruffalo in it - so its easy on the eye toowink

I have started on the housework - I'm having a blitz the house day, DH is in London at a conference on Human Resources/Equality and Diversity - he was selected to be part of a panel of about 12 from round the country because he does a lot of work on these issues voluntarily at his workplace. So quite a honour to be chosen - he had to get a train at six a.m. though a bit less of an honour grin

waves to ned ! sounds a fab half term -we used to do the museums after the dentist which was on Brompton Road - I was always a bit afraid of the Blue Whale
kk well done to dh for being chosen, but not so good having to get up early.
Back from onc- he is keeping to my dosage and am to let them know if hands and feet get worse -showed him and bcn my blotches on my legs and they both gasped as they hadn't seen anything like it before shock -they didn't know what it was,but reckoned it might be a reaction of bites (which is what I think they started as) with the chemo. Asked him whether he was sure my dx was correct and he said that he wouldn't have given me chemo if it wasn't - so that's told me smile He is very nice.
T should be landing now -yay !

ned half term holiday sounds fab. It is years since I have been to London. Would love to go back. Hope you have a nice coffee with you friend.

mas I'm sure you will be glad to see DS. Hopefully your hands won't be too painful this session. The Vyne photos look lovely.

gigs glad treasure hunt went well. We have hidden trick or treat sweets as there are enough to keep the children and me going until next year. Sadly DS2 has cold/throat infection so missed out.

kurri DH and I used to watch horror movies well he watched I hid behind a cushion but I'm a big wuss now. I love thrillers/crime but not so keen on anything too scary. Good for you being peacemaker though.

Great news oneway

topsy how did the dr appointment go? Hopefully you get the skin referral through quickly.

Well rads are now finished. Skin has held up petty well although skin a little broken, sore and itchy. Saw onc today as well and all being well Herceptin will start next Thursday shock. Starting to feel a little nervous but I suppose it has to be done.

Madagascar was great. The boys loved James Bond envy.

Waves to everyone. Off to the rugby tonight and it is freezing.

loads of good luck with herceptin gracie xxxx

KurriKurri Fri 02-Nov-12 15:06:53

yes good luck with the herceptin gracie, hope it all goes well for you smile how many are you having? (IIRC I had 18, which is about a years worth).

Thanks mas and kuri. I'm having 18 as well. One every 3 weeks. First 2 are given as day patient and then the rest will be given at home.

KurriKurri Fri 02-Nov-12 15:42:32

Oh that's great you'll be having them at home - much more convenient smile

I know it is good. I had all my chemo at home as well with BUPA but all Herceptin patients in NI have Herceptin at home whether privately or NHS

topsyturner Fri 02-Nov-12 19:06:31

Ooh Gracie you at Ravenhill for tonight's match then ?
Wrap up very very warmly , it's freezing out there !

Maybe you and I (*Gracie*) should go and perve see the new Bond movie together !

Went to the GP this evening .
Managed to forget to put on a scarfe or hat before leaving the house , so was au natural . And wouldn't you gaurentee it , bumped into 3 school mum friends and one of DDs teachers up there !

GP agreed my skin is horrendous , and faxed a letter straight through to dermatology asking them to see me urgently .
Also changed my repeat prescription so that I can actually get more than 1 of everything at a time !

What's everyone's plans for the weekend ?
Horse riding for DD tomorrow morning .
(Coffee and buns for me with friends !)
Then Sunday is Granny's as usual .

DD has decided to inform me every 3 minutes , just how many days are left till Christmas .
Sigh ...

topsyturner Fri 02-Nov-12 19:08:10

Oh and I forgot to snigger at kks fall out of bed !
I have never done this , whilst on holiday in a strange bed . No , never ... grin

jchocchip Fri 02-Nov-12 21:45:10

hi everyone! its the weekend. just watched hignfy and a Christmas episode of Miranda. in November. shock
dh is going to run with me tomorrow, better get an early night.
good that gp on the case topsy.
yay for finishing rads, gracie.

I'm really pleased because my timesheet at work is finally back in credit so I can aspire to taking some flexi soon ;)

amberlight Fri 02-Nov-12 22:32:37

'evening all.
Off on the cruise tomorrow <leaps about in excited way>
Internet aboard will be naff, but will attempt some form of catching up.
Hugs to all

jchocchip Fri 02-Nov-12 22:38:40

have a lovely time cruising smile

KurriKurri Fri 02-Nov-12 22:53:58

Oh how odd, - I posted and it's disappeared. confused

Just wanted to say have a lovely time amber, - I am very envy


ooh amber's at the airport according to facebook - exciting !
T is returned and lots of photos,had a great time and was pleased to be home,bless him smileStarting round 3 today -am a bit wary of the hand and foot thing I must say.

FrankWippery Sat 03-Nov-12 11:17:30


I wonder if I might join you in here. Somebody lovely suggested there was a splendid bunch of loons hanging about and that I ought to join you.

Have been diagnosed with a rare sarcoma this week. Spent a large part of yesterday at the Marsden and am having surgery in 10 days. That will be followed by 6 weeks of radiotherapy. I am rather terrified tbh, but I DO have wine, which is obviously a good thing...

good morning and welcome frank - sorry about your horrid diagnosis (and gigondas will be a help with all things sarcoma related) We can supply wine and cheeselets and other fancies...

FrankWippery Sat 03-Nov-12 11:26:36

Ah, Gigonda is who it was, thank you. Cheeselets hey? Perfect!

I have 2 barrels bought today especially...

FrankWippery Sat 03-Nov-12 13:11:36


NedSchneebly Sat 03-Nov-12 13:34:47

Hi Frank sorry that you find yourself here, but we are a proper fab bunch to hang out with, wait around with, rant and cry and shout with, laugh and share ridiculous nonsense with, and generally pass the time from one day to the next. smile and you have brought wine too, so you will fit right in!

COLD today - very bored of being cold, and it's only November. Boo. Talking of November, DH is growing a moustache for Movember - looks very daft, I'm afraid. . .

ILs phoned today, to wish me happy birthday. Were very put out when I told them it wasn't today hmm no, it's OK, FIL, I do actually know when my own birthday is. . .

Glad T back safely MAS photos on FB look awesome!

amber have missed sending you off safely, but hope you have a lovely time!

jchoc good work on building up your hours. Hope you can plan something lovely to do with your flexitime off.

kurri what a shock for your driving instructor. DHs grandfather died suddenly overnight a few years ago - big shock for everyone. Hope she is doing OK.

smee how's the work going? Hope everything falling in to place. How's DS? enjoying half term? Hope you have remained ambush-free this week!

Nothing for it, I shall have to light the log burner. . .

KurriKurri Sat 03-Nov-12 13:40:07

Hello Frank and welcome aboard (though sorry of course that you find yourself here in the club no one wants to join!)

Are you near the Marsden - or does your rare DX mean you have to travel a long way for specialists?

Terrified is normal, so come on here any time you want to rant, rave, cry or laugh - there's always someone going through something similar to empathise smile

Wine is essential, and I see MAS has provided cheeselets - the snack of Kings, - any cheese footballs out there? I can only offer a few squashed liquorice allsorts which DH found in his pocket after his train journey yesterday.
But help yourself from the FBS (FatBoySnacks) trolley and settle down - there's plenty of room on the sofa. grin

Liquorice Allsorts are all pink and different these days it seems - no brown ones in there at all <disappointed>

DH declared his conference 'a load of old bollocks and a total waste of time' - he's now wishing he hadn't been specially selected grin

I made the mistake of taking an amytriptiline for my shingle pain last night (It's come back to annoy me because I've been under the weather with this cold I reckon) and it knocked me out - didn't get up until 12 blush so I've done nothing constructive yet apart from answer the phone which has been going constantly for some reason.

Lovely to have T back MAS - hope he had good weather and had fun looking at all the sights - he's becoming a very well travelled young man smile

KurriKurri Sat 03-Nov-12 13:41:58

<waves to Ned> - Happy Birthday gringrin

Am envy of your log burner - it sounds really cosy.

NedSchneebly Sat 03-Nov-12 13:50:26

<waves back to kurri> will hang on to your birthday wishes until it actually is my birthday! grin I suppose at least the ILs were a day early, rather than a day late?!

The only problem with a log burner is that it needs, well, logs. . . And there are only two left in the house. Therefore, I shall have to exit through the back door, into the COLD, to get some more. Bugger. Feeling even colder, given that DS is sitting around watching TV in a t-shirt shock

FrankWippery Sat 03-Nov-12 13:50:51

Thank you for the lovely welcomes.

Kurri, I am literally just over Battersea Bridge, so thankfully no travelling really, just 20 minutes on the bus from the Junction. Yesterday was all a bit of a whirl, seeing Doctor this and surgeon that. Felt like half my blood supply was removed by the phlebotomist too. Massively impressed with the whole set up though, I felt very comfortable with all the people I saw and, while I am nervous about the following weeks, I know that it's all got to be done.

More feared about the radiotherapy than the surgery to be honest, but will take advantage of the doing nothing bit for a few weeks! My older three DC are 19, 18 and 16, so self sufficient really, DD1 is at uni now. I've got a 3.5 year old DD too, but she happens to be doing well on the benign neglect parenting route wink, so we shall muddle through.

FrankWippery Sat 03-Nov-12 13:51:32

When IS your birthday though Ned?

NedSchneebly Sat 03-Nov-12 14:00:07

Birthday is tomorrow frank smile Glad that you feel comfortable with the staff you met at the hospital etc. It does make such a difference. My breast care nurse, surgeon and oncologist are all pretty great. It has got to be done, I found it much easier to cope with once I got started on the treatment journey. Stick with us and we can help you through it x x

KurriKurri Sat 03-Nov-12 14:06:24

Great that you have older kids who can fend for themselves Frank, - take up any offers of help people come up with for amusing your little one. It's good you feel confident in your care team - that's really important, and < cliche alert> take it all a step at a time, - get through the surgery, then that's ticked off on the list of treatment, and you can go forward into your radiotherapy.

It's scary because its a leap into the unknown, but once you start on a particular treatment, you will get into a kind of routine and know what to expect.

Hate to say it but you will get used to the world and its dog jabbing a needle into you to filch your blood every time you go near a hospital! grin

Will you have to stay in hospital long after your surgery? make sure you have lots of stuff to make sure you are comfortable while you're in there (juice, sweeties to suck, wipes etc - others who've been in more recently than me will know the essentials)

Ned - can little Ned lift logs? grin - it could be his 'special job' (oops I think I may have outed my parenting methods for jobs I couldn't be arsed to do grin)

Is it tomorrow then the birthday? - any nice plans?

NedSchneebly Sat 03-Nov-12 14:19:32

Going out for meal with DH to favourite michelin starred restaurant tonight, ILs coming for lunch tomorrow, then to London with parents and siblings to see "phantom of the opera" in west end next weekend. Parents both have birthdays in November too, so joint birthday treat for us all. Should all be quite fun!

KurriKurri Sat 03-Nov-12 14:22:14

Ooh sounds lovely - have fun smile

NedSchneebly Sat 03-Nov-12 14:22:54

Thanks kurri smile

Welcome frank sorry you find yourself here but we are an ok(ish) bunch. Hope your op goes well.

Glad your doctor is acting quickly topsy. Hopefully your dermatology appointment will come through quickly. I was at Ravenhill last night. DH had booked the stand for a change so I was looking forward to sitting - he just failed to tell me we were in the very back row. A mountain goat would have been knackered climbing to the top. Blooming freezing too - I needed chips just to keep me from freezing to death grin. I am always up for a perv quick glance at Daniel Craig. Let me know when you are feeling up to a coffee.

Good luck this week with your chemo mas. Must be lovely to have T home.

Aw kurri your shingles are really causing you some problems. I take Amitriptyline every night but it is only a low dose but my GP told me to take it before 9 pm so that I wasn't too tired in the morning.

Happy birthday for tomorrow ned. Log burner sounds lovely.

Enjoy your cruise amber.

sounds as though birthday will be fab ned grin Impressed by your Michelin dining...details when you get back please...
frank kk is right, once you start everything soon feels manageable- the unknown is scary but soon becomes familiar.
Nice to have the boy back,though he's bck to normal grumpiness -was very loving and cuddly yesterday grin

bh about pesky shingles kk


Crossposted - wow birthday celebrations sound fab. Hope you have a great time ned

jchocchip Sat 03-Nov-12 17:12:00

Hi to frank

waves grabs nibbles and runs away back to deep cleaning the bedroom - have dismantled the bed to clean underneath, if it ins't back together by bedtime, I'll be in trouble...

topsyturner Sat 03-Nov-12 17:29:30

Hi Frank and welcome !
As its already been said Gigs is our resident sarcoma expert .
But anything we can help with , we will .
I see you are from around my old neck of the woods . I was Chelsea (lots road area) , but now living in Northern Ireland .

Ned can I come on your birthday shenanigans ? Sounds wonderful envy

Saw the pics on Facebook of Ts adventures in Italy Mas . Seems to have inherited his mothers love of animals grin

Took DD horse riding this morning , she has graduated to jumps now !
And afterwards my friend and I spent a lovely hour window shopping .
I always see so many lovely things when I'm skint sad
Got a nice long list of things to buy at the end of the month though , sadly they are mainly Christmas related for DD !
(Though I did take a photo of a dress and a wrap that I would like for Christmas from DH !)

thegreylady Sat 03-Nov-12 17:42:09

Just reading and being here smile
On page one there was mention of Dorset apple cake-is there a recipe please?I love to bake and that is a new one on me.
Hang in there my lovelies-the Land of the New Normal can be ok once you know your way around smile

NedSchneebly Sat 03-Nov-12 18:21:18

Hi greylady 'twas my mention of Dorset apple cake! Not sure which recipe my mate used who made it for me, but you could try this one It is moist and yummy!

smee Sat 03-Nov-12 18:41:02

Limping in, having overdone it a bit mixing half term, work and a teeny bit too much wine with lovely friends last night. Will try and catch up, but just quickly, nice to see you back, Greylady. I think I might try that recipe too. smile

Bit envy of Amber, but then again I get sea sick on a duck pond. grin

MAS, DS's trip looks fun. Bet it's nice to have him back. smile

And hello from me too, Frank. I'm a BC person, but Gig'll be along in a bit with Sarcoma tips am sure. I've had several ops, chemo, rads. Lots of us have, so natter away and let us demystify it all for you. I find that really helps. smile

Ned, Huge Happy Birthday wishes for tomorrow. Your treats all sound lovely. smile smile

Am going no further than the sofa tonight. Last night was a bit epic, so am looking forward to it. smile

Gigondas Sat 03-Nov-12 18:50:38

An also limping in as back from France and knackered (not helped by big gig having been up and down as has had tummy bug for last day or so).

Welcome frank - we did chat and will be back properly to answer questions . How "big" is your surgery - day procedure or over night and presumably ga job?

Waves to everyone else

Copthallresident Sat 03-Nov-12 19:04:54

Hi Frank, I am new to this thread too but just wanted to say that I was given a 60% chance of surviving BC 11 years ago. The Marsden helped me and so many others I know beat the odds and I am sure they will do the same for you. Great hospital, and fantastic doctors.

Waves to everyone else at the start of it all, it's a bugger but there really does come a time when you stop thinking about it everyday if you manage to avoid the ubiquitous pinkness everywhere Completely allergic to doctors and hospitals though!!

As to the Tamoxifen, chemo had thrown me into early menopause and I felt great on Tamoxifen, it was only when I went off it that I started with all the post menopausal angst!

On armpits, the feeling is back almost everywhere now except for one small patch at the back which has that odd numb sensitivity, but no one ever told me not to shave! I actually use an epilater or is it epilator?? 11 years and no horrible consequences yet ....

thegreylady Sat 03-Nov-12 19:08:13

I just printed off the recipe thanks Ned smile

thegreylady Sat 03-Nov-12 19:09:36

Interestingly re armpits...the hair never grew back there for me after chemo which is useful-wish I could say the same about my legs smile

Copthallresident Sat 03-Nov-12 19:18:57

thegreylady the hair on my legs persisted even during chemo!! felt like the ultimate insult when it fell out everywhere else, but then at least it didn't come back fuller, curly and darker as it did when it regrew everywhere else!

Gigondas Sat 03-Nov-12 20:07:13

Don't talk to me about hair- didn't lose it all on my legs but regrowth seems painfully slow.

KurriKurri Sat 03-Nov-12 20:20:18

Copthall - hello smile its always nice to welcome someone who is doing well a good few years after DX, and that you are getting on with and enjoying life.

Waving to Smee Gig and Greylady - lovely to see you all.

I have sadly fallen off the diet wagon and eaten some Chocolate Brazils - DH brought them into the house, and I sniffed them out grin Oh well long walks and crispbread tomorrow.

greylady - Dorset Apple cake is very good, - so moist and yummy.

FrankWippery Sat 03-Nov-12 20:45:33

Thank you again for the new welcomes.

Gig - day at the mo. Yes to GA. they need to dig quite deeply it seems, and the scar will be min 1" x 2". Meh, I'm not fussed about the scar really; it's on my right forearm, about an inch from the knobbly bone bit at my wrist if that makes sense.

My sister will be picking me up, and have to be there for 7, so currently wondering what to do with DD3 who had never spent a night away from me. I may just drop hr with one of her early rising chums at 6:15 and hop on the bus. She's one of those rare breeds who sleeps for 13 hours grin

I'll work it out though. My sister will stay with me the night after the surgery. She works up the road from me, so it's nice and easy for her.

Just been to awesome fireworks with much fun had by small irksome urchin, who is now sparko. Which is good!

Gigondas Sat 03-Nov-12 21:00:58

That's not so bad then if day surgery - there is a lot of stuff you can get for scars to help them once it settles.

They always get you in early so can have everyone ready to do op - hopefully you will be early into surgery so can get out. Remember ga can take while to get out your system (think it was justfab on here who had one a few weeks back) so definitely need wine and chocolate for a day or too.

Dropping dd at a mates sounds way forward.

hello to copthall too from me ! we like to hear from those further down the line and still with us grin
Am so tired today- have taken my B6 religiously to help prevent the dreaded red hand. Oncologist was asking me about my feelings and I told him I don't know what to feel - he was also talking about the future and my being on capecitabine for a long time.

frank I think some of us had day surgery (with the option of staying overnight if neeeded) and it's ok,though as gig says,the GA lingers and you need to take it easy for some days

FrankWippery Sat 03-Nov-12 23:06:20

Yes, overnight was mentioned in an if needed sort of way. I have had 16 or 17 GAs in the past 23 years and have always recovered well, bar the c-sections, so hopeful this will be the same.

The taking it easy will be no problem grinwink

Oh my,that;s a lot of anesthetic frank shock
Happy Birthday to dear ned - have a fab day ! xxx

Gigondas Sun 04-Nov-12 08:34:49

Yes frank you sound a pro at ga (have had a few ops but I think anaesthetist was a bit slap happy with drugs for tumour ops as felt a lot worse). The other thing is to make sure follow advice on wound care - but on your wrist may be easier to do (I had the classy luck to have op on my bum/top of my legwink). A few of us have had wound infections and its no fun.

Happy birthday ned. Right best get up now

jchocchip Sun 04-Nov-12 08:35:48

mas bugger about feeling so tired yesterday - have you slept well? I think not knowing what to feel is natural, bound to have mixed feelings about drug that gave you such side effects.

I stayed in overnight when I had my op last year - I was fairly late on the list and I think I took a long time to come round - it was a lovely ward though and the nurses were great.

Time for a brew and a quick swim before church...

jchocchip Sun 04-Nov-12 08:42:44

xposts morning mas and gig and of course a big happy birthday to ned (will you be having jelly and ice cream with your cake?)

FrankWippery Sun 04-Nov-12 09:18:04

Happy Birthday Ned. Have the most fantabulous of days!

topsyturner Sun 04-Nov-12 09:56:07

Happy Birthday Ned !
<holds plate out hopefully for Michelin morsels and cake>

NedSchneebly Sun 04-Nov-12 10:37:18

Morning lovely ladies one and all! Thanks for lovely birthday wishes smile

Chocolate cake and chocolate coins from DS to share on the trolley (although I suspect he may have had an ulterior motive for choosing them. . . )

Yes, I am indeed now 37 24, and the sun is shining! (although it was snowing earlier hmm

Michelin starred morsels all round - had duck liver parfait with plum compote, sea bass with polenta cakes and roasted tomatoes, and chocolate "mouthfuls" or some other such thing - mini white choc mousse, choc ice cream, mini cookies and dark choc sponge pud. Had some nice wine etc too.

Round 2 for lunch today with ILs. . . Will return later with more tastiness to share with you all x x x x x x x

sounds totally lusciously fab ned

FrankWippery Sun 04-Nov-12 11:52:11

Ned that sounds fab. Dying to know which restaurant you were at. Michelin starred places are my only frivolity!

Dorset fancy places - hmm- was it Mark Hix ????

Happy birthday ned. Food sounds mega tasty. Feel very hungry now so will nab a bit of your birthday cake thanks.

mas sorry you feel so tired. Are you overdoing things?

Hope biggigs is feeling better and doesn't share her germs with the household.

I was looking forward to a nice quiet day but DD off to a birthday party today (swimming) so that is my afternoon accounted for.

KurriKurri Sun 04-Nov-12 15:04:24

happy Birthday to Ned, happy Birthday to Ned, Happy Birthday dear Neddy, Happy birthday to Ned. for Ned

Have a lovely day smile

Frank day surgery is good, but make sure you don't overdo things when you get home - easy to get up and about too soon (stock up on DVD's and fat-snacks grin)

MAS - sorry you felt so tired yesterday, - how are things today?
It must be very hard to know what your feelings are atm, but I think Oncs. words about thinking of the future and being on the drug for a long time are good - and a cause for optimism. Secondary BC is being treated more and more as a chronic illness, forget curable/not curable, - treatable is the important word. And we're all rooting for you because we luffs you. xx

waving to gracie, jchoc, topsy and Gig (and anyone else I've missed) - hope a good weekend is being had by all. My Sunday has so far consisted of trailing round Lidl for groceries, But DH brought me tea and toast in bed this morning which was nice (he's not a bad old stick grin)

Gigondas Sun 04-Nov-12 15:30:58

Hi gracie - biggigs a lot better and no one else seems to have caught it. She is now asking for chicken korma (chances of me letting her have that ATM are slim).

mas it is immensely hard to get your head Round it but I agree with kurri - your onc words about long term are good and the parlance now is advanced/chronic rather than Incurable. Diabetes, asthma are jcurable so try to think of it like that . That said it is hard (ESP when you are tired or having nasty side effects) - have you found any time to meditate? That does help.

topsy I will offer up the French cheese and chocolate I brought home if you promise not to eat it all.

ned birthday meal sounds fab- hope you are having an ace day today.

frank I understand that it is completely essential indeed medically advised to Internet shop whilst eating chocolate post op. have you sorted what you will do with littlest dd (she isn't much difference to big gig in age)?

FrankWippery Sun 04-Nov-12 15:53:02

Internet shopping while eating chocolate sounds necessary for sure. I do intend to take it very easy for as long as I need to. DD3 has nursery school from 8:45-12:15, and lots of the other mums are very happy to collect her from school and have her for lunch and the afternoons. My sister will stay as long as needed too. She lives in Sussex, so it will cut her commute to Victoria massively!

topsyturner Sun 04-Nov-12 15:59:45

No promises Gig <snuffles like a truffling pig at cheeses>

Just eaten a slice of The Most Delicious Pie In The World !
One of my Canadian school mum friends bakes pies and cookies for local cages and bakeries . And when I take DD horse riding I go to her house (she lives at the stables)
She likes to try out her new recipes on me (and I wouldn't like to offend her by refusing grin )
Well yesterday's offering was a chocolate and pecan butter pie .
Oh My God ... I have died and gone to heaven . It's the best thing I have ever tasted .
Next Saturday she wants me to try the refined version as she wants to salt roast the pecans before putting them in the pie .
I may as well just buy myself a king size duvet cover , cos that's all I'm going to be able to fit into by the time I have finished taste testing ... grin

topsyturner Sun 04-Nov-12 16:00:42

Ofcourse that was cafes not cages !

Gigondas Sun 04-Nov-12 17:01:00

I thought she was coming round and tempting the local hamsters. But that pie sounds amazing so am envy.

FFs- whilst I Mn dh has let Justin's house Onto the tv angryangryangry

topsyturner Sun 04-Nov-12 18:26:26

Where as in my house whilst I have been window shopping on House of Fraser website (3 dresses , 1 pair of shoes , and 2 of Mary Portas arm shruggy things) DH and DD put X Men on the tv !

jchocchip Sun 04-Nov-12 18:27:13

grin at hamster food! Supposed to be sorting out stuff I found under the bed yesterday, but not getting on very fast! Made a coffee cake so will go and ice it and put some on the fbt.

KurriKurri Sun 04-Nov-12 18:36:51

<runs past with mouth open at the words 'coffee cake'> grin

jchocchip Sun 04-Nov-12 20:40:51

smile kk cake is nice may have some more for supper...
Time for a wine Am trying to dig down to the window cill, don't know how it managed to accumulate so much junk...

topsyturner Sun 04-Nov-12 21:34:58

Cake ?
<bobs up like meerkat>

Everyone gone to bed in my house .
Back to school tomorrow for the DC (yippee)
I shall be going soon , it's the only place I can keep warm .
Has anyone else found they feel the cold more post treatment ?
I've always been a windows open whatever the weather person , but I'm always cold these days sad

Gigondas Sun 04-Nov-12 21:36:53

Yes but then get really hot when sleeping - it's a weird thing like in pregnancy as got really hot then. But my internal thermostat is shot .

And how long does it take to start seeing hair regrowth?

topsyturner Sun 04-Nov-12 22:19:15

My hair grew back really quickly after the first lot of chemo . But after the last session it seems to be taking longer . Or at least growing back finer .
Do you have any re growth at all ?
I think the first time round I had a fairly convincing "lesbian social worker" hair do by about week 6 grin

arf @ lesbian social worker hair !
That pie sounds amazing topsy and jane's coffee cake !
Dh made a fruit cake from his Be Ro book and very lovely it was too,
Didn't get much done today- still tired and feeling a bit lost-I think this is the chemo. Meant to be going to MILs next w/end ~(Friday pm -sunday) and that makes me feel a bit unsettled as it's the usual going away feelings on top of feeling tired and having to cart a truck load of medicine with me. But I mustn't be weedy and whingy.
Ds off on another jolly tomorrow to South Bank - GCSE music trip for a concert...

Copthallresident Sun 04-Nov-12 23:44:03

topsyturner My gay exercise class instructor actually said I looked like Lesbian when I ditched the scarf!! I think it was a complement..... grin That was about week 6 too I think, last treatment was February and I stopped bothering with the wig / scarves when we went on holiday at Easter. My hair came back really full, curly and darker, now it's back to thin and lanky.....

I definitely felt the cold during and after my treatment, I wore an attractive blue fleecy hat from a mountaineering shop to bed! I think DH was quite pleased to see the end of that look! I found the effects of the chemo were definitely cumulative, by the last treatment I was struggling to walk any distance, sleeping half the day and really feeling the cold, as well as my white blood cell counts taking longer and longer to recover after each treatment, and they never have recovered to normal levels. My oncy used to fret about it but I am still here and I don't seem to go down with things (do take a few supplements though ). However I'd say that week 6 was also when I started to feel around 80% recovered.

Gigondas Mon 05-Nov-12 08:19:57

grin at lesbian chic hair. I wish my hair was coming back thicker copthall (think I may have seen you on another thread about schools in sw London?) but looking at baby down I can see , I don't think so. Only 4 weeks out so probably too early to tell (but eyelashes doing ok and can see signs of eyebrow return).

No plans now as friend who was coming for lunch has had to cancel as ds is sick.

FrankWippery Mon 05-Nov-12 08:37:18

Another huge grin at the lesbian chic here too!

Gig, I didn't realise you we're South London too. I've just done applications for DS to do sixth form up here, and the feared Primary apps for DD3 for next September. Are you quite near to me then?

DD3 has been illing a tad over the weekend and it's burst into full blown rotten cold. I'm generally a pull yourself together sort of Mum, but she had double pneumonia in Feb and spent a week in hospital on all sorts, so I get a terrible knot in my stomach when it goes on for a couple of days minimum. Her temp is 38.9 at the mo, so we've declared a day in bed watching rubbish.

Hope all tiredy ones are having a better start to the week.

And coffee cake? Don't mind if I do grin

Gigondas Mon 05-Nov-12 08:40:32

Yep I am in Twickenham. Sorry about poorly dd3 - have sent big gig into school as needed a break from chatter she is fine in herself and seems over her bug but I am always nervous you will get the call to pick her up as it recurred.

smee Mon 05-Nov-12 10:17:08

Arf at lesbian chic here too. I was more Bobby Charlton cover over, as thanks to cold cap I had a bit of fringe and a bit at the back left. Looked insane. grin

Gig, my hair grew back in fits and spurts after last chemo. Had quite a lot of coverage after 6 weeks, but then it stalled. Also came back curly, though that's gone now. Dodgy Football Manager's Perm's never a good look..

Blimey Frank, double pneumonia's a bit eek-making. Hope you're not C-Beebed out yet.

Hello to Copthall from me. Lovely to meet you and utterly fab to hear you've got this far. Mighty glad to hear the paranoia eases at some point too. smile

MAS, I like Gig's point about asthma, diabetes, etc being chronic too. Must be very tough, but maybe a good way to try and think of it. Huge warm hugs from me too. xx

When does Gracie finish?? I've lost track, but it must be now?

Right, got to work. Coffee on though if anyone wants to distract me. Ned, where's my bit of birthday cake..? smile

I think that gracie's finished rads by now - yay if so !
Yes,agree with the chronic thing - I do feel that is best way. Weird rashes on legs improving and hands ok,not worse which is good. Must do some work today.

KurriKurri Mon 05-Nov-12 14:07:46

arf @lesbian social worker hair - I fear that may be the style I am currently wearing - although I don;t have the excuse of 'it's growing back from chemo' - it just doesn't grow sensibly any more, - just goes into thick tufts on top of my head, and I get the hairdresser to take a lawn mower to it every six weeks.

Mine (which used to be long) fell out in one big wig shaped clump - just detached from my head, - very bizarre. Apart from a couple of Arthur Scargill wispy bits, which DS kindly shaved off for me (after he'd had a good laugh) grin

I also felt the cold - I wore a hat in bed as well - but I was winter chemo too. And I agree with Copthall - chemo effects definitely cumulative for me too, had my dose lowered and delayed for my last one as it all got a bit too much.

Frank - your poor little girl (is your DD3 the little one?), that must have been very scary for you (and her ovb.) - no wonder you feel a bit panicky when she comes down with anything.

yes gracie has def. finished at the end of last week I think - so hooray for her. smile

MAS - big hugs - sorry you are feeling wobbly sad - but I think up and down days are probably very much the norm. You've had a lot to deal with in a very short time, and combined with the physical effects of the chemo - you are bound to feel a bit knocked about. But you are doing well my lovely xx

Glad bigGig is better now Gig, and back to school.

How were your Mum and Dad Smee? - doing OK I hope.

I went to yoga this morning (I think you have to do quite a lot of yoga to work off a slice of cake unfortunately). And have been buying wool and fabric for my home made Christmas presents.

Just seen a lovely Nuthatch on my bird table scoffing the peanuts smile

Waving to all.

smee Mon 05-Nov-12 14:37:19

Mum and Dad were good thanks, Kurri. Bit addled, but delighted to see us which was nice. Mum's more confused than ever, but mostly not too bad. It's nearly a year since my dad had his stroke, so looking at them muddling along, am v.aware it could be a whole lot worse. How is your mother's house sale going??

Belated hoorays from me then, Gracie. Sorry I was absent to join in the celebrations. Hope your skin's okay??

Sometimesiwonder Mon 05-Nov-12 14:56:23

Swinging in to say hi and fling homemade chocolate brownies (with chocolate icing grin ) on the trolley for you all, my lovely ladies.

Sorry to be awol for so long - few days away + half term + lots of very hard-to-understand work= distracted and not very happy me.

I'm not going to attempt to catch up, so hope you are all OK - hugs from me for all who need them.

Oh, and I also have home cooked honey glazed gammon for everyone who prefers savoury FBSs.....

I'm off now to interview someone who does clever things with weeds confused

KurriKurri Mon 05-Nov-12 14:59:29

It's good they are muddling along Smee - that's really what my parents did. Do your Mum and Dad have any help from SS, or are they still managing OK? (If they need any aids for walking, or physical needs it's available. My parents had things to raise the sofa and armchairs up, and a thing to raise the loo seat, so they are easer to get up from, and handle things on the bath and up the stairs to grab onto for balance. That kind of thing)

Mum seems to have had quite a few people come round to look at the house - no offers yet, but some people have had more than one look, so there is a bit of interest. It's probably not the best time of year to try to sell though. The estate agent is arranging for people to come round while mum is at the Day Centre, so she doesn't have to be bothered showing folk round, agent does it all.

KurriKurri Mon 05-Nov-12 15:01:20

Hello Sometimes grin x-posted, lovely to see you back. Did you have a nice time away (despite the work issues)?

Copthallresident Mon 05-Nov-12 15:01:52

smee I think the paranoia was dealt a fatal blow by my Breast Surgeon telling me that having survived five years I now had statistically less chance of dying of BC than the average woman so I should now start to worry about all the other things that are likely to kill me, he loves his stats, bless. I have low cholesterol, low blood pressure, exercise etc (but then I did everything right in terms of risk factors for BC too) but he went on and on about heart disease so much I went away positive I was at imminent high risk!!

KurriKurri Every treatment but the first one was delayed and lower in dose, worried me a lot at the time but obviously made no difference in the end. And my hair decided to fall out at a school mother's coffee morning, the first at DD2s new school, and the first time I had met most of them. There we were making polite small talk (which I am terrible at the best of times) and wisp by wisp it slowly started floating down and lodging in my nice white wool cardigan. I kept self consciously trying to brush it away but that would just dislodge more of it. By the time I got home half of it had gone, but randomly rather than in clumps so it was sort of Scrooge/witch chic!! Not a good look for first impressions.

gigondas We could probably wave across the rooftops! It took forever for the fluff on my head to grow enough to go public. I suppose it can only have been half a cm when I first ditched the scarf in exercise class (sweaty scarves are really disgusting) and I have a very disturbing picture of me in a wet suit on that first holiday looking less lesbian chic than psycho navy seal!! I reasoned no one would see me again. When it got to around 2cms I forked out for an expensive cut and colour and that was when I really noticed it was different. I suppose it lasted a couple of years before reverting to normal.

Yes I should really resist the urge to go on those scary South West London school threads, I wish I had known when they were 11 what I know now, one is at uni, one in sixth form but I'm not sure it is anything anyone wants to hear around here!! Perhaps it is something they put in the water, when it should be Valium!

Sometimesiwonder Mon 05-Nov-12 15:02:31

That sounds like a sensible kind of plan, KK. Your Mum doesn't want to be dealing with all that nonsense.

Sometimesiwonder Mon 05-Nov-12 15:03:54

I did, KK! A few days by the sea is always a treat, and we got bumped up to a suite shock With views over the pier! Double shock

Copthallresident Mon 05-Nov-12 15:04:18

Oooh Sometimesiwonder I am off to do something really ignorant weeds, would love any hints on a cleverer approach?

Copthallresident Mon 05-Nov-12 15:05:02

really ignorant with weeds

Sometimesiwonder Mon 05-Nov-12 15:06:52

Good to meet you Copthall! I shall report back on the weed thing, but I think it is for commercial use rather than just weedy gardens like mine, sadly. However, we shall see, if and when I catch the bugger in......

KurriKurri Mon 05-Nov-12 15:17:47

Ooh bumped up to a suite - get you grin how lovely. I'm glad you had a nice break, even if it's back to the grindstone now.

Copthall - sorry but am grin at your hair going south during coffee morning small talk (not funny for you I know).

Will redress the balance with one of my embarrassing chemo stories. I was walking towards the public library (big courtyard front with steps), had just finished my last chemo, and a little toddler was kicking a ball about. It came towards me so I kicked it back as you do, but had totally underestimated my lack of strength and balance, I keeled over onto the ground like a sack of spuds, and had to be winched up by DH, which took several undignified attempts (not helped by me being overcome with giggles) grin

smee Mon 05-Nov-12 15:47:30

Ooh fancy, Sometimes. A suite sounds luverly. smile

Kurri, they're okay atm. Dad's physically frail, but mentally okay and Mum's physically great but mentally all over the place. Combined though, they cope. Hope your mum gets a buyer soon then. Must be unsettling for her all this waiting.

Copthall, I like the sound of your Onc. I'm nearly two years out of treatment now so a way to go, but will do a lot of celebrating if I reach five. smile smile

yes,suite sounds v lovely- glad you had a good break sometimes smile
Just having short break from drawing, listening to radio 4 extra in iplayer- nice extracts from a Kenneth Williams biog..
I feel a bit all at sea probably because of having to take my medication every day (rather than being given it,if that makes sense) and I know i won't be seeing onc and bcn for another 3 weeks. Actually,will see bcn just before appointment as am going to the secondary bc support group. Enough of me- hope everyone is doing ok and help yourselves to dh's cake- it's lovely !

Copthallresident Mon 05-Nov-12 17:55:06

kurrikurri Friend and I (another Mum at DDs' school diagnosed and treated at the same time as me sad and also 11 years on grin in spite of Her 2 Neu which in those pre Hepstatin days had a grim prognosis ) decided very early on to laugh at everything about our experience of Breast Cancer. It helps you not feel embarrassed if you are saving up the anecdote for the next glass of champagne and slab of chocolate!!!

Gigondas Mon 05-Nov-12 19:06:55

grin at embarrassing chemo stories esp the mums coffee Mornjng copthall (and yes I think if name is a clue we could probably wave at each other).

Am reassured now about hair - now just need to sort leg as its annoying being unable to bend it properly and put socks on. MRI next week to see what is going on (they think its muscular but need to check it out).

mas hope support group helps- its a lot to get your head round and I found/find having to do any kind of treatment when been largely free of any hospitals (aside from when pregnant) was a big change. I don't suppose the trip next weekend is helping but hope have a nice calm week. How was ds day out in town?

sometimes did you get hold of little weed in the end?

kurri hope house sells soon - how is mad sis ? Keeping a low profile about all this?

Well I must be feeling bit better (despite long nap and montalbano reading session) as made some cheese biscuits from the Paul Hollywood book. Will offer those up to anyone keen.

sandripples Mon 05-Nov-12 19:41:06

Hi everyone and including new people.

Its an anniversary day for me - so thought I'd mention it here. Its 2 years since I returned to work after treatment. Lets hope I make it through the next 2 years cos then I can retire - yay! (or at least reduce my hours from full time down to something more manageable)

My cat Orlando is worried about the firweorks again - better go and cuddle him, as he's climbing on this keyboards.x

smee Mon 05-Nov-12 19:50:03

Yay, well done SR!! I remember you going back. Has it really been that long..? Hope Orlando doesn't get too stressed by it all. Ours isn't at all. He seems to actively like fireworks...

Glad you're feeling a bit better, Gig. smile

grabs cheese biscuits greedily... am really hoping the secondary group will be helpful gig
SR wow -2 years ! well done- hope Orlando isn't too spooked- Celeste seems oblivious-she's quite a laid back girl.

jchocchip Mon 05-Nov-12 21:12:22

yay for sand

andi had been shut in the living room while we set off fireworks for dd2 and friends. He did escape though and went upstairs and watched from the window grin

invicta Mon 05-Nov-12 21:28:44

Hi everyone!

It's been a busy half term, and i'm just catching up with all the news.

Hello to all the newbies - Hen...( several pages back - hope you are okay), Frank, and Copthall ( and anyone I've missed out).

I've taken Tamoxifen for a few weeks now, and don't think I've had any side effects yet. When do they kick in?

Could I ave one cheese biscuits please?

You might well be lucky and not have any side effects Invicta ! Hope you don't x

KurriKurri Mon 05-Nov-12 23:22:13

Well done on two years back at work SR - that is definitely a milestone. smile

Gig - have heard very little from mad sister, I have not seen her or heard from her, since my Dad's funeral, although I have been down several times. I suspect she is avoiding me good .

cheese biscuits sound excellent <holds out large platter>

Copthall - laughing defintitely the only way to get through the indignities I think!

MAS - I hope the secondary group is helpful for you, I'm sure it will be, it is always good to talk with people who understand your situation.

Invicta - I can't remember how long it took for tamox. side effects to kick in for me, but I started herceptin at the same time, and that is when ,my thyroid problems started, - so all the various delightful s/e's are a bit confused in my mind.
Mainly it was hot flushes and achiness I think from the tamox. It might take a few months for the drug to build up in your body so that you notice changes.

Old lady dog is so deaf, she has been completely oblivious to firework noises, even though they are going off in the garden next door. The lady who lives there (she is nice neighbour, not the mad lawn-laying, marquee-raising gits on the other side) has lots of grandchildren, so they've been having a big party I think.
Old lady dog has made a nest in the ironing basket and gone to sleep with one leg and her tail dangling out the side of the basket grin

Did anyone watch the Nigel Slater programme about sweeties on BBC4? - apparently Jelly Babies used to be called 'Unclaimed Babies' in Victorian times shock

I desperately want a Sherbet Fountain now, and some sweet cigarettes. grin

Sweet cigarettes - mmmm. I remember Aztec bars too... Lovely programme. Our dogs were all nervous wrecks during fireworks or storms, not fun for them at all.

Copthallresident Mon 05-Nov-12 23:49:07

Hi Invicta I didn't have any side effects other than that the fat started to collect around my middle instead of my hips, a bit of a spare tyre that didn't want to budge. I knew other people who had the same thing happen. However the chemo brought on an early menopause and that also could have that effect. I think the Tamoxifen probably helped spare me the worst of the menopause since I didn't any of the side effects of that either.

I have since found out that the bone density in my hips is at the level which at my age they would class as Osteopenia, one stop from Osteoporosis, the result of chemo and early menopause, so in all likelihood Tamoxifen helped put the brakes on that too.

It also completely got rid of the marbles in my other breast which would probably led to regular panics otherwise.

gigondas the name is a bit of a diversionary tactic but I am in the vicinity...
Good luck with getting a working leg to go with the hairdo. I still have my plans for a multi layered chiffon cake in the shape of the Taj Mahal with Turkish Delight jewels inspired by Paul and Mary ....

Hi sandripples congratulations on another notch in the timeline.

FrankWippery Tue 06-Nov-12 07:51:56

Morning everyone. Well smallest child has given me her cold which was kind of her hmm, so have woken with a somewhat bunged up head. She seems perkier this morning though, which is good.

I missed Nigel Slater so will have to catch it on iPlayer later. We have an old fashioned sweet shop just around the corner from us which makes me drool every time I walk past it!

topsyturner Tue 06-Nov-12 08:15:07

Morning All

Mas I think the group will be good , I wish there was something like that over here . But all the support groups seem to be for older ladies , and that made me feel a bit out of place .

They don't "do" bonfire night over here , so pig/dog spent a very peaceful night burping and farting on his new piece of carpet (left over from DDs bedroom make over)

Must I player that sweetie program , sounds like it might give me some nice cravings !

Still blinking freezing here . Just waiting for DD to go to school so I can get into a lovely hot bath !

Gigs any cheese biscuits left ?

Gigondas Tue 06-Nov-12 08:31:57

Morning topsy - yes there are some biscuits left. I wish we had no bonfire night here as was very noisy (add into that big gig waking up and my noisy coughing was a bit disrupted ).

There is apparently a group here with younger people but am not sure they will be "young"enough for me not to feel totally depressed at being there.

Hope everyone else's pets coped with the fireworks.

That's a pain about getting dds cold frank- I am just waiting for everyone to get another one (and thankful that big gig doesn't seem to have passed on her tummy bug).

Quiet day for me- I have load of stuff to do but haven't even got out of bed properly .

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 10:29:51

I've stopped going to my Young Women's BC Group, as they were all either depressives who seemed to want me to be one too, or potential stalkers demanding to be my best friend. I think I was unlucky, but still. Go cautiously..!

Invicta, I'm not sure what are Tamoxifen SE's with me. I haven't had a period since chemo started (June 2010), which is when hot flushes started too. I have all manner of aches - especially hands and feet. I think that's common on Tamoxifen too. I find it harder to lose weight, but then that could just be because I'm through the menopause.

Just on all that, has anyone else on Tamoxifen been told they should switch? My team are saying that's the new wisdom, so two years on Tamoxifen, then if you're post menopausal after that you go onto a different drug. I had the blood tests to check a while back, so they'll tell me next appt apparently.

Sunny and crisp here. Lovely day. smile

I asked that smee at my penultimate 6 month check and surgeon said no,he'd keep me on tamoxifen as I hadn't been through menopause..but i do know other people have been switched to arimidex etc.. anyway, no more tamox for me.
Freezing here- am off to do some drawing with some hot choc..then collecting my girl from school and walking her home-staying until later today.
I never wanted to join the local bc group (it's called Brave Front,which put me off) also they seem old- probably same age as me but it didn't seem the thing for me. I think the secondary group will be better- bcn says some younger women there..hark at me ! I am still basking in the fact that oncologist thought I was around his age (I'd say 40 !!) rather than my true ancient age..

KurriKurri Tue 06-Nov-12 11:36:45

Morning all you early risers smile

Smee - I hadn't heard that about switching drugs, - I've been on tamox for 3 years now, there was talk of switching me to arimidex, as I was putting on weight - but it turned out to be the thyroid so plans were shelved and I stayed on tamox.

I have problems remembering side effects etc, - in fact the whole two years of my treatment are a bit of a blur and I get muddled. Chemo has definitely affected my memory, there are things that DH and I went to together that I have totally forgotten - I mean absolutely no recollection - it's as if the slate's been wiped. and he is astounded I don't recognise places we've been etc.
Most odd confused - could be old age of course grin

Frank - bugger about the cold, - hope you manage to shift it quickly.

MAS - 'Brave Front' would put me off too grin - where do they get these names from? I think the secondary group will definitely be worth a go - at the very least, there's bound to be tea and biscuits smile

I'm having a cleaning day again, - and I may bath Old lady dog if she's not careful - she's developed a bit of a whiff grin (she's currently asleep in a cardboard box she found and assumed was for her) She would be very envy of Pigdog's carpet topsy!

Anyone heard from Sparkle, OTM or Baskets lately? - have missed them on the thread - hope everyone is OK, and not feeling poorly.

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 11:58:47

I will ask my team for the logic when I go. Not until December though. They seem confused anyway. One Onc told me I shouldn't switch, the Surgeon told me I definitely should. confused

'Brave Front' ?! shock What a terrible name. Ours was the 'Young Women's Survivor's Group'. That word 'Survivors' always annoys me, not at all sure why.

Kurri, my memory's shot too. So glad it's not just me. Do you mix words up mid sentence too?

KurriKurri Tue 06-Nov-12 12:03:39

Oh yes - mix up words, and forget them altogether. And peoples names (I used to be good at remembering names). I try to do a crossword or word puzzle everyday to keep my brain ticking over - but it's not working grin

On a more serious note - I do genuinely feel like a slightly different person, my memory and ability to pick things up fairly quickly were things I could rely on - part of me. And I can't rely on them any more - it's weird.

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 12:34:50

Couldn't agree more. I feel like someone stole a part of me and it's never returned. I'd bet you worry about Alzheimers, as I do. I genuinely think the chemo drugs did it to me though. So bloody annoying.. hmm

KurriKurri Tue 06-Nov-12 12:59:08

Yes Alzheimer's always in the back of my mind too Smee - although I keep telling myself Dad was in his eighties when he became ill. But yes when you've seen it in someone close to you, you tend to worry about any little memory lapses.

I was doing an Open University degree when I became ill, - and I know I couldn't go back to the psychology degree I was doing, - I just wouldn't be able to retain the info, to pass the exams - there was a lot of science and statistics involved, which I loved at the time, but don't think I'd be able to cope with now. sad I might put my psych. modules towards a general BA one day - and pick some arts subjects because I'm more familiar with the arts.

But you are right - bits of your life get stolen, and I feel angry and sad about it sometimes.

I'm trying to forge a 'new me' with the art and craft work and so on - maybe that will be my new direction. I should view it as an adventure grin

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 13:01:07

On a good day it's an adventure, on a bad day it's just bloody annoying. grin

Copthallresident Tue 06-Nov-12 13:34:14

smee When the research came out on Arimwhatever (see I can't remember names either) it was about two years after I had finished Tamoxifen but my Consultant was recommending it as by then I was deemed postmenopausal (whilst I was on Tamoxifen I had a strange thing where every 18 months or so I would have a really heavy period, my Gynae called them the last desperate shouts! ) However I had to have a bone density scan as bone loss is a side effect and the Osteopenia they found in my hips ruled it out. He was then recommending Rolisomething which has the same preventive effect on bone loss as Tamoxifen but the research was less clear on the benefits and we agreed it was probably marginal whether it was worth it.

On support groups, I never attended a formal one but in the end there were five of us who were put in touch through social networks, three with children at the same school. Meeting the friend who was diagnosed and treated at the same time, same Consultants too, was a huge huge support. We both had similar age children, husbands who struggled with it, and a pretty nasty prognosis. We laughed about it all, rubbished the statistics and had someone with whom to share the thoughts we could not inflict on our loved ones, we always say we went and looked over the cliff together, it become less scary and will always be a bond. The wider group are great too and we still all meet up but then we are all allergic to being pink, a survivor, brave ..... I assume everyone has read the Barbara Ehrenreich article? We loved that!! It was great for our DCs too, the school were good and didn't make a fuss, they just wanted to be normal, but they also enjoyed the chance, especially the older ones, to be with other children who knew what it was like.

I've always thought that support groups were therefore a good thing. I was a bit peeved gigonde that my proper doctor, you know the senior partner you get to see if you ring at dawn weeks in advance, if there is an R in the month, was totally disinterested in a support group at our surgery, or even in putting people in touch with other who have been there, but perhaps expecting that you will relate to a random group of people enough for it to be a positive experience is being a bit optimistic. However I would say that if there is a chance it gives you even some of the support it gave us it's worth a shot.

KurriKurri The prospect of "Chemo brain" was the side effect that most upset me ahead of treatment . I could cope with losing boobs, being bald etc but having coped with Dyslexia all my life I couldn't face having an even worse memory!! Made me quite cross with my Oncy, there you are with all your cleverness and research and you are about to burn what little brain I have up!! So post treatment I threw in the dayjob and went and did an MA (at a proper RG/ 1994 uni esteemed on these threads) just to make sure my brain still worked, and I got a distinction, even in the exams which were always a problem for me, and now I'm on to a PhD. I still can't remember what day it is, but can't say whether that is Dys, chemo or age, but at the higher levels, irrelevant to day to day living, it works just fine grin in spite of heroic levels of procrastination wink

topsyturner Tue 06-Nov-12 14:02:58

Will get Amber to check when she gets back from her gallivanting grin , but am sure I read something about chemo killing off some of the brain cells that do remembering things ...

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 14:04:49

Wow, Copthall. Brilliant to hear you're onto a PhD. That all sounds hugely life affirming. What's your subject?? Kurri wot d'you reckon? Me and you should get ourselves onto a degree course. Have always fancied a Masters. smile

The whole bone density thing is scary. Just another annoyance to add to the mix. Oh and I love that article too. smile

I heard on the radio, that jogging can create brain cells. Sounds a bit drastic though. grin

KurriKurri Tue 06-Nov-12 14:29:23

great article Copthall - I hadn't seen it before. And good luck with your PhD - that is pretty good going, well done smile

Smee - I did a history Masters 30 years ago - and have completely forgotten everything about it grin, - I'm sure I wrote some pretty snazzy dissertations too, but again I struggle to actually remember what they were about. I do remember going through some stinky dusty old documents on the very top floor of the University library - where all the strange people hung out grin

I think if I did anything else it'd have to be purely for fun, I could probably put my psych. courses towards a general BA, I sometimes see OU courses I fancy - but they are £££££ shock - they've doubled in price since I did mine.

Do you hear that topsy? - jogging is the way to go grin I'll cheer you on from the side lines, as my big toe is a bit tired and I need to take it easy.

Just had a very frustrating conversation with Amazon helpline. They sent two things when I only ordered one. So I had to give both order numbers (order no's are about 20 digits long) and the bloke on the other end couldn't understand what I was saying every time I said '2' he said '3?' I was yelling 'no two....TWO' down the phone. grin
Then he insisted on reading out my e-mail address and spelling my name out in police radio code 'A for alpha, E for echo' etc. all through my name, and he couldn't think of all the right code words, so there were long pauses while he was saying 'O for um --O for--' and I was trying to stop myself shouting 'Omega, it's bloody Omega' at him grin

Sometimesiwonder Tue 06-Nov-12 14:31:45

Jogging???? FFS, I am screwed, then.

I can't remember words, names, anything really. It's a bit tricky when you write for a living.

Whoever asked me - yes, I finally got hold of weedman, thanks. He had a very attractive voice (dreamy)

Oh yes and the weed info was really interesting too, but not on the market yet, sadly....

Gigondas Tue 06-Nov-12 14:38:22

My brain and concentration are also shot so heartening to hear not only one. In fact I do feel a bit all over the place as got up late and now back in bed. I wonder where my life went as dont seem to have energy to do anything much sad. I know it's only a month and also that chemo effect cumulative but I am fed up with being under the weather (am also on anti biotics which probably doesn't help).

Funnily enough one of support nurses rang about support group at local hospital this Morning- I took details but will wait and see. My therapist was wary about groups for reasons you said smee (her actual reasoning being it can attract people Who need one to one help and that can skew the group dynamic). Think your accidental support group sounds far better copthall.

kurri did you also have to spend ages going through different options before you got thorough to The right person? Just finding the amazon phone number is a trial in itself.

Copthallresident Tue 06-Nov-12 14:43:21

smee Go for it!! I haven't just enjoyed using my brain and finding it still works but I get to mix with so many different people, different perspectives on life etc. As Gigondas will testify our leafy suburb is very homogenous but my uni couldn't be less so. The MA was studying the History, Literature and Anthropology of another culture. Now I am studying how collective trauma is expressed in the literature of different cultures.... PhDs are a lonely business though, I would have quite liked to have gone on studying MAs ad infinitum but it would be a bit embarrassing signing on for another (I already had an MBA) let alone wheeled into the tutorial room for a twentieth....

I drew the line at trying to study the language, though I have a bit of the language from living there. I tried one taster session and it really reminded me of what it was like at school, everyone else assimilating it easily and moving on to put together sentences whilst I am still seeing stars on the first page! I couldn't say whether that was the chemo or the Dyslexia though, it always was a problem, hard to say if it is more so now.

topsyturner My Oncologist definitely pointed me in the direction of the research on chemo brain that was around 11 years ago . It showed that there was potentially an impact on all cognitive ability, not just memory, based on testing people before and after. I think there may have been some querying that just the general trauma and physical effects of tiredness, depression etc could have that temporary effect but I was under the impression it was becoming generally accepted. Obviously it comes under the heading "Side Effects the drug companies would prefer to suppress"

KurriKurri Tue 06-Nov-12 14:45:29

Oh they keep the phone number very well hidden Gig. - it must be a State Secret grin -
He did keep wandering off to consult with someone else, meanwhile putting me on 'hold' which was nice because obviously I can't get enough of Richard Clayderman. hmm

Lack of energy was a big thing for me after chemo - I really sympathise. It is so frustrating, and again it makes you feel unlike yourself if you were an energetic person before. It does get better though, and a month is early days - but yes 'under the weather' is a very annoying place to be.

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 15:08:16

That all sounds a bit impressive to me, Copthall. What language/ country was it, or have I missed that?

Gig, rest up. Sounds like you need to. You can help me decide what I should study. MA in fbs..? A doctorate in Slothful Working Practices..? grin

Copthallresident Tue 06-Nov-12 15:10:31

Gigondas I definitely remember that the tiredness and depression had really taken hold in that last month after my last treatment. Are you meaning a month since the last dose? So you are only just out of the normal cycle of recovery? I remember forcing myself out to a certain department store about three weeks after my last dose, end of the "bad week" when I dare not go out except to discover my white blood cell count had hit the floor again. I became terribly materialistic during chemo, something about being amongst designer things that was escaping to a totally different world. I am not normally a shopper at all confused Big mistake, as soon as I got to the shop floor I started seeing stars but I didn't want to pass out in public so lunged for the loos and then spent ages trying to summon the energy to get back to the car, then as I left I started to pass out again and had to sit on the stairs to the Book Department, telling everyone I was fine, lovely place to sit (actually slightly better than the nearby place they give you to breastfeed angry) The nice people in the Book Department helped me up the stairs to a chair and what was to hand? Ruth Picardie's biography!!! They say never read on in those Cancer books but actually I did look, realised she had it so much worse than me and, terrible I know blush began to feel a bit better!! I must be a truly terrible person because watching 9/11 had the same effect when I was stuck in hospital being barrier nursed with an infection they couldn't identify after the first dose of chemo wiped out my immune system, at least I hadn't had to jump out of the 101st floor.....

Copthallresident Tue 06-Nov-12 15:13:17

smee don't tell anyone, it kinda gives too much away and I do like like to stay under the illusion of being undercover but it was China / Mandarin.

topsyturner Tue 06-Nov-12 15:48:01

Jogging ???
<faints clean away>

topsyturner Tue 06-Nov-12 15:50:15

I think I will continue my studies into a doctorate in medicine .
I shall study at the University of Google grin

Copthallresident Tue 06-Nov-12 16:04:30

kurrismee Have you looked at the Birkbeck and Oxford Continuing Education courses? They are part of the credits system. Not sure how they compare on £££s but I know people who teach / have done their courses and would recommend them. Apparently the Oxford Online ones are quite amusing at first in that the Oxford name and the fact that anyone anywhere in the world can sign up means you get some "eccentrics" posting on the forum at first and the Oxford academics (and they are fellows) have to use all their creativity and intellect to come up with positive and encouraging comments, however they are demanding courses and after a couple of weeks it comes down to those who are serious about the course and quite good debates get going.

And I don't think a PhD is that impressive compared with finding out the Amazon phone number. All this posting is procrastination, not from my writing, but from doing battle with Eon, John Lewis, a kitchen company who clearly think that at 9 years old I should be getting a new kitchen not moaning that the one they fitted is falling apart even though they said it would last 20 years, cooker hood company (same), car tax, car service. I really resent the tyranny these people exert over your time.....

oh my,all this education -am impressed,I would find studying v hard now I reckon.
I remember reading the Ruth Picardie book long before my dx,I've re read again from time to time.
Am feeling a bit queasy today but a piece of dh's cake has helped.

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 19:28:13

Ooh, Mandarin that's very now, Copthall. How long did you live in China? It's alright you can whisper, your secret's safe with us. smile

I have looked longingly at Birkbeck in the past. Need to get DS a bit older first I think as I have limited time to work due to 3.30 pick up and to add a degree onto that might be a stretch for now.

Our Dr Topsy's very highly qualified from all I've seen. Dr Amber's pretty impressive too. Wonder if she's having a good time..?

I read the Ruth Picardie book too. Wished I hadn't at the time, but glad now. Poor woman did go through it. sad

Gig, hope you're feeling a bit brighter now and that the little Gig's are safely poured into bed.

MAS, how are your hands and feet? Are they any better?? Really hope so. How many drawings are you up to? smile

Gracie's a bit quiet. Do you think she's skipped off into post treatment land, or just collapsed under a duvet?

Herrena Tue 06-Nov-12 19:52:47

Hi ladies

Firstly, thanks for the kind words (although this thread does update fast and I can't keep up) about my DM's breast cancer diagnosis.

Secondly, I'd like to pick your brains please. She's got an appointment with the consultant on thurs but they stupidly haven't been able to schedule her an MRI that occurs BEFORE the appointment. So the consultant won't have anything to go on other than biopsy results I imagine. I think there will be discussion of treatment options though (chemo, basically). All we know so far from her somewhat garbled feedback is that it's grade 3 breast cancer (possibly lobular) and the consultant didn't think it had got to the lymph nodes.

I am going to attend the appointment with her on thurs. Are there any intelligent questions I should ask? I already want to ask about the genetic results from the biopsy (i.e. BRCA genes) - is that the kind of thing they should be able to tell me about? What would/did you ask?


hands and feet ok,hands are a bit sore along the creases in my fingers -they are so dry,despite copious moisturiser. If I wanted more Domperidone for nausea,would I ask the chemo unit or my GP do you think ?

Gigondas Tue 06-Nov-12 19:54:55

Yes feeling bit better- it helps to hear that others struggled after chemo (its only four weeks) . I did smile a bit about sitting on stairs in dept store copthall. The studying is very impressive too.

Reckon gracie is recovering as I seem to remember feeling hammered after rads finished and skin got more sore.

topsy I thought you were professor of orange studies and foreign detectives at The google university.

mas are you taking the Domperidone? That and little bits of food and often does help. I made more cheese biscuits so would offer those up.

From look of fb postings and pics amber is having a great time.

yes, amber is in Egypt - sounds great !
Eating snippets does make the nausea feel better- and cheese biscuits would be the very thing- again,salty stuff is what I crave. Am taking domperidone but forgot to ask for more
smee I reckon I've done about 160 drawings now...a friend has asked me to do a picture too,so hope I can manage that.
Herrena I guess I'd just ask what the treatment plan is and results from biopsy- you can ask for the printed details (I asked for my path results and got the lab report) Whether the think the cancer is ER+ and HER2+ or not...

Gigondas Tue 06-Nov-12 20:09:04

I would try chemo unit- ime they are slicker about getting you prescription quickly. My Gp just likes to talk at me so she feels like she is doing right thing hmm.

I found this get on The wine

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 20:10:29

MAS, ask whichever's easiest to get to. One of the few upsides of chemo is it gets you round the doctor's appointment system. Are you still feeling sick then? sad

Herrena, the genetic testing's separate and done by a different consultant. You have to have a pre-consult to discuss it all before they'll even take the blood to test. You also have to have sufficient points to be tested. There's a scale dependent on number of women in the family and it's quite draconian. Both my mother and I have been affected, but I didn't have sufficient. I had to say that a Great Aunt had probably had BC to get them to test. hmm

I think at the appt, the key thing is to listen and take notes for her. Ask her hormone status to see if she's eligible for Tamoxifen or Herceptin. Ask timescales too in terms of treatment, so if chemo how many/ how long will each cycle take? If Rads, then how many? I found it really helpful to know how the months ahead would pan out. I'd bet she'll feel better once she knows what she's facing though. Somehow it helps to have a plan. smile

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 20:14:00

Gig, great link. Glug, glug.. smile

mosschops30 Tue 06-Nov-12 20:22:22

Hello ladies, im just dipping my toe in the water here, was signposted from my other thread.
Im having a mammogram for the first time tonirrw <scared> and ultrasound.

Very nervous and trying not to imagine the worst

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 20:24:21

Hello mosschops. Sit down with us and let us hold your hand. Are you going to a Breast Clinic, or is it the screening programme?

topsyturner Tue 06-Nov-12 20:27:53

I have a double first Gigs grin

Herrena I would ask things like -lumpectomy or mastectomy ?
Node removal or not ?
How long till surgery can be done .
How long will she be kept in for surgery .
Will she be having chemo .
If yes what type .
Ditto rads .
What other tests will she be having .
Ct , MRI , bone scan etc .
Think that's all I can think of for now .

Mas if you go down the GP route for your meds , make sure you ask the receptionist first . As gps are known to do the old "oh you have to speak to your oncologist about that" routine !

topsyturner Tue 06-Nov-12 20:28:51

Hi Mosschops , welcome .
Is it routine or for lump investigation ?

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 20:45:47

I must have been lucky with my GP. They hurled drugs at me. grin

Topsy, you're genuinely unique. grin

mosschops30 Tue 06-Nov-12 20:50:50

Im going to breast clinic, been referred after seeing GP on monday.
Ive had a painful lump for a while but only went this week after much MN nagging

Herrena Tue 06-Nov-12 20:52:30

<Scribbles furiously>

This is all great info to have ladies, thanks very much.

mosschops - I am very new here but just wanted to say two things. Firstly, my aunt went for a mammogram once and complained that 'They squashed her boobs flat! They were like a shelf!' So I'm not sure if that is still accurate or not but thought it might help to prepare you for what might actually happen. Secondly, good luck with it - will be thinking of you.

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 21:00:03

moss, if it's a Breast Clinic, they'll take a history, examine you then send you to mammogram and potentially ultrasound too. If they find anything worrying or anything which they're just not sure of, they'll take a fine needle biopsy straight away. That's not too bad I promise. Some places let you know the results that day. Mine did, I went back at the end of the day for results. Others you have to go back. They should tell you quite a lot tomorrow though, so even if you have to go back for results, you should have an idea.

Ask anything though. We all know how scary it is. Odds are still on your side though. xx smile

topsyturner Tue 06-Nov-12 21:06:32

I know , I am special aren't I Smee ? grin

topsyturner Tue 06-Nov-12 21:08:09

And to Moss I echo everything Smee just said .
And don't be freaked out by the speed of referral , they act very quickly in these matters .

mosschops30 Tue 06-Nov-12 21:25:40

Thank you all, very reassuring to read smile

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 21:29:03

grin @ Topsy.

What time's your appointment, Moss?

mosschops30 Tue 06-Nov-12 21:35:44


smee Tue 06-Nov-12 21:42:38

Shame it's not first thing. If it's a long morning, come and chat. smile

jchocchip Tue 06-Nov-12 21:50:23

Hi Moss +ve vibes for tomorrow.

Think I will be travelling to Brum tomorrow to see what dd2 and my mum are getting up to...

KurriKurri Tue 06-Nov-12 21:57:57

Just popping on quickly to say hello to moss, - hope everything goes well for you tomorrow, if you think of anything you want to ask them tomorrow, write it down - it's easy to forget when you are there. I know it's scary, but if there is a problem it's better to know and get on to your treatment, although odds are on your favour for it not being anything nasty smile
Chances are if they have any concerns they will do a biopsy tomorrow, - they are not too bad, but you might feel a bit bruised afterwards for a couple of days.

Herrena - nice to see you again, - good luck to your mum for her appointment on thursday. It's good you are going with her - it can be very hard to take everything in when you are there - the whole hospital vibe can throw you a bit. I don't think I can add anything to the suggestions of what to ask, but I echo Smee suggestion of you taking notes for her, and to write down the things you want to ask before you go, - they don't mind people taking in a list of questions smile - and don't let your self (or rather your mum) feel hurried - make them explain things again if you don't quite understand something, and ask whatever you want. As my consultant used to say 'there are no silly questions'.

It's great she has you to support hersmile

KurriKurri Tue 06-Nov-12 22:02:26

Just remembered I've got a fasting blood test tomorrow - for this NHS over 40's free health check thingy I'm having. So I can't have my nightly hot chocolate sad I was just making myself a ricecake with some nice pesto cream cheese on it for supper, when I remembered the blood test - DH is now enjoying my snack angry grin

Copthallresident Tue 06-Nov-12 22:03:44

moss Also remember this isn't a representative bunch in terms of what you find out at a Breast Clinic. I know it is difficult not to think the worst but the majority of lumps they investigate are benign. My closest friend must have gone three times before her lumpy painful breasts were cured by menopause.

Herrena I would just reinforce what the others had said. Your daughter won't really take anything in apart from few key traumatic words, above all you can help her by listening and taking notes. I was diagnosed 11 years ago so they may be more sophisticated now but I was given the overall grading and the grading of how aggressive the tumour was and how strongly hormone positive (Estrogen + and Progesterone+) and also the presence of Her 2 Neu All these things help them determine the treatment, what mix of surgery, hormone therapy, chemo, radiology and Hepstatin . That is a lot to take in. I would also not be absolutely assuming a Lymph node isn't involved, my Consultant didn't think it likely and certainly couldn't feel anything, but it showed up on the PET scan.

The genetic testing is very expensive, one of my friends had what you would think was a definitive history, grandmother, mother, aunt all died of it, but she had to pay to have it done herself. As she said for the amount she paid to have her blood sent to the US she could have flown there herself. It came back negative but the Counsellor said that she was sure there was a BC gene in the family, it just wasn't one they had discovered yet.

Gig After ten years abstaining during the week except for special occasions wine smile

smee not long enough, we all miss it. I naively thought I could study part time but once writing an essay, or now chapter, you do need to focus. My DDs used to say I became an essay monster, but I don't necessarily think it a bad thing now they need to be essay monsters....

Copthallresident Tue 06-Nov-12 22:06:29

Herrerra Sorry it's your Mum not daughter, drr blush

Hope tomorrows going to be a good day for everyone...

smee Tue 06-Nov-12 23:02:52

MAS, that's a lot of drawing, especially with sore hands and feeling sick. I think you're a marvel. smile

moss, Copthall's right. We're not at all representative. If Amber were here, she'd tell you 9 out of 10 referrals turn out to be benign. smile

Gig, DH is away working and has left no wine. shock

Loads of good thoughts to moss for tomorrow.
KK - hope blood test goes well - bah about missing out on your snacksad
Smee - nausea comes and goes - will ring chemo unit first - they got me the B6 the same day.
Am not looking forward to long journey in rush hour traffic on Friday - would rather stay home, but that would be selfish.sad

jchocchip Wed 07-Nov-12 05:54:19

morning all! Early cat alarm time again...

NedSchneebly Wed 07-Nov-12 07:32:16

Morning lovelies. Just made brew

mosschops good luck for today. Whatever happens, please pop back and let us know? We worry about people otherwise smile

I have been back to gps as cream I was given a couple of weeks back for supposed fungal patch under my boob has had no effect. Some of redness gone, but entire area under boob, where post rads burn was, is indescribably itchy all the time. Anyone else had this? Dr Lovely had a good poke, and has given me antihistamines to try. . .

Jogging is not healthy, it is wrong. . . Went to gym yesterday with new programme from ex marine personal trainer. Involved increasing the pace and/or gradient on the treadmill and cross trainer for 1 minute bursts, in an attempt to raise my heart rate. . . Boy, did it do that!

Got a solo for the Christmas concert! Not sure which one yet, but one of two, either would really like to do. Friend told me that some of the altos were muttering about me coming in and auditioning for solos after only a few weeks of being in choir. Apparently they changed their tune (sorry. Awful pun blush ) when they heard me sing! Quite chuffed.

Mum coming today to buy me some birthday boots.

DS champing at the bit to play sonic so will pop off, but will have a proper catch up later.

Big hugs to all - lots and lots of love x

hooray for ned - what are the 2 pieces ? well done- you'll be fab grin
Sorry about itchiness - very annoying. Impressed too with gym exertions.
Drawing today,then T to piano.

topsyturner Wed 07-Nov-12 07:43:25

Morning All

Good luck for today Moss , let us know how you get on wont you ?

Ned bloody well done on the Christmas solo ! Hope you are resisting the urge to poke your tongue out at the miseries ? grin

Mas you really haven't got the hang of this cancer lark have you ?
You are encouraged to be selfish !
You do what ever you need to do to get you through each day .
I have saved all my best hugs (and pig/dog snuggles) for you , as I feel you need them this week x

topsyturner Wed 07-Nov-12 07:49:27

Smee no wine ?
<faints again>

KK hmmm what shall I have for brekkie today ? <evil grin> grin

Morning Jane , think cat needs a night time application of duct tape and a cupboard to stop these early awakenings !

Ned I'm constantly bloody itchy , but that's down to the psoriasis rather than rads.
I can recommend a bath product called Dermol 600 . It soothes my skin nicely . Ask your GP for it !

Hoo-bleeding-ray , Obama got re elected !
I'm not particularly political , but must admit I felt quite hmm at the thought of Romney running one of the most powerful countries in the world !

jchocchip Wed 07-Nov-12 08:20:16

kk hope your blood test is early, then you can deserve a treat for post test breakfast.
I went back to bed after letting cat out, must get up soon and pack, then work this afternoon and then catch the train.
ned well done on the solo, sure you will be great and enjoy it. Birthday boot shopping envy
Did someone say jogging? maybe I could fit in a run before breakfast... smile

topsyturner Wed 07-Nov-12 08:37:25

Forgot to say Happy Birthday to the lovely Gracie .
Hope you are being spoilt !

KurriKurri Wed 07-Nov-12 09:11:45

happy Birthday gracie - have a have a lovely day smile

Well done Ned on the solo - that's brilliant, - you are brave, - and you will be wonderful I know smile Enjoy your boot shopping.
Well done on the treadmill work - do a few minutes for me while you're there will you? grin

DD's choir has the first of a long list of Christmas/winter concerts on Saturday - she is playing nearly every night in December up to the 23rd - so she's practising hard!

Jchoc - have fun visiting DD smile

Waving to MAS and topsy - I am back from blood test I'll have you know young topsy, and I have a large mug of tea and a bowl of porridge. I asked the nurse what the blood test was testing for and she said 'glucose, and cholesterol' --- then she looked at me sternly and said 'and not just cholesterol, all fats and lipids in your body' - I've got to see her again in a couple of weeks for results and health check (so she can tell me I'm a short fat person) grin

Yay for Obama - I was also worried about Romney getting in, - I tried to stay up and watch the election results, but fell asleep after a couple of hours.

Gigondas Wed 07-Nov-12 09:13:01

Good luck to mosschops today and also best wishes for herrena mum.

Happy birthday gracie

Well done on solo ned and what kind of boots are you after?

kurri hope you can have a big delayed feed after your blood test (I hate fasting as makes me obsess even more about food).

mas take it easy (and get some more meds) as topsy is right that need to do what can to look after yourself. Talking of which when are you likely to hear back about your skin specialist referral?

smee no wine is bad- you need to remedy that.

jchoc have only just got up myself so understand temptation not to but think that's an achievement to be up by 9. I have been listening to radio though and agree election result in us is good news.

Need to do jobs this Mornjng but cleaner here so always feel like I am in her way- then off out to see therapist later which is probably best place to discuss my not feeling myself/feeling useless issues.

smee Wed 07-Nov-12 09:25:06

Yay indeedy for Obama. What a relief. smile

Happy Birthday to Gracie. When's she coming round with cake?? grin

mas, Topsy sounds wise to me too. Hope they sort your nausea soon. It's so lowering all of that.

ned did that snippy woman get the other solo then? Really well done. You must have a lovely voice. smile

kurri, sounds like you deserve a nice big breakfast. Does your DD get paid for all that work, or is it a doing it for the love sort of thing.

jane have a lovely time with your dd. Is she enjoying her course?

Hope mosschops is okay today. If you're out there moss, we'll be rooting for you at 12.45. I think herrena's mum is on Thursday?

Gig, you're right no wine is a shocker. Grounds for divorce I reckon. DS and I go shopping on Wednesday after school, so I think we might have to stock up.. smile

smee Wed 07-Nov-12 09:26:05

Message for Kurri, but did your DS ever manage to remember his times tables?

mosschops30 Wed 07-Nov-12 09:36:17

Hi thank you all so much, I'm in a genetics lecture all morning hmm so breast clinic might be a bit of light relief grin

KurriKurri Wed 07-Nov-12 09:43:38

Quick answer Smee - no he never did.

And he can't tell the time - at least with an analogue clock - has to have everything digital. (his concept of time has always been very peculiar)
Also struggled with days of week and months of year in order.

How is DS? - is he trying tables atm? - I'm not sure what to suggest that might help - ned might have suggestions. But my DS never really managed to learn them.

yes - DD gets paid - hooray - she can pay for Christmas gringrin

I meant to say, my poor DDIL has been having awful problems with gallstones. She's been in agony every evening, and DS has taken her into a and e a couple of times. They think she has stones and an infection in her gall bladder, - she's having a scan this week. So she has antibiotics and a no fat diet 9but neither seem to be helping much)They have told her she'll have to wait four months to have gall bladder removed. sad

KurriKurri Wed 07-Nov-12 09:44:06

Yes good luck Moss xx

smee Wed 07-Nov-12 09:46:26

Ned, meant to add that I think they're all useless about aftercare for Rads. It was the only part where I felt let down. They gave me hopeless dressings and my clothes stuck to the wound. Was horrid. Hope you get sorted soon. xx

smee Wed 07-Nov-12 09:53:19

Kurri, your poor DDIL. Gallstones are so painful. Four months is ridiculous. shock

That all sounds v. familiar on time and everything. DS's school are v.into him knowing his tables, but we've tried and tried and he seems to know them, but then a week later he's forgotten. He's actually good at maths in that he gets it, but he just can't retain the numbers in his head. On the plus side, I went to a talk at Dyslexia Action for parents and there was a woman there who's dyslexic herself and a maths professor. She said she'd never managed to learn her tables. smile

Hooray for your DD being paid. Christmas will be jolly chez Kurri. grin

smee Wed 07-Nov-12 09:54:39

Actually have just realised Copthall, you said you were dyslexic. What's your view on tables?? Did you ever manage to learn them?

NedSchneebly Wed 07-Nov-12 10:40:03

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear gracie, happy birthday to yooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Big birthday hugs to you x x

smee I would have been well and truly buggered after rads if it hadn't been for our lovely sometimes sending me her stash of amazing dressings. Dr Lovely seemed at a bit of a loss as to what to suggest, but if not better soon, I will get in touch with BCN again, and maybe get an appointment to see the consultant. The problem is that I am rubbish at not scratching it, so possibly making it more sore, although the relief from a good scratch is mind blowing. DH offered to find me some sandpaper the other night!

Other solo went to another lovely lady, not the one who was giving me death stares - she didn't even audition! One of the altos who was muttering said to me "you can make quite a sound, can't you? You can't belt it out like that in the choir - how do you hold yourself back?" hmm

Times tables are a bugger smee Will give the matter some teachery consideration. . .

Sorry to hear DDIL having problems kurri I think they say that gallbladder pain is the worst ever, so i really feel for her. sad Good news that DD is so busy with her playing - accompanying is a very specific skill and I am in awe as I am a sh#t accompanist. Bet she's fab at it!

Bernadette72 Wed 07-Nov-12 10:49:53

So I am waiting now for my appointment this afternoon to see the surgeon to get the results of the core biopsy done on my breasts last week. The Dr doing the ultrasound called the lump Indeterminate I asked what that meant and he said he can see no features of it being benign.... this has freaked me out. Also it must be bad news if I have to see the surgeon if benign would they not just call or send me a letter with my results?
I am so very scared.

KurriKurri Wed 07-Nov-12 10:59:50

Hello Bernadette, - you must be feeling very anxious at the moment, that is very natural. Can you take anyone with you to your appointment this afternoon, - it often helps if you have a second pair of ears as it can be hard to take everything in.

I don't think they necessarily would just send a letter if it was benign, - I think they would call you in for an appointment whatever the case, because they would want to explain to you exactly what is causing your problem.

But waiting is very hard I know. If it turns out to be bad news, then they will start sorting out a treatment plan for you straight away, and you will have a breast care nurse to talk to - they are always very good at helping people through the early stages of DX. Do stick with us, we have all been through this and can hold your hand and talk your through it all.

But don't assume the worst just because you have been called back, - I would say that is standard practise.


smee Wed 07-Nov-12 11:02:13

Hi Bernadette. Glad you made it over here. Of course you're scared. Who wouldn't be. I was terrified when I went for biopsy results; couldn't even walk in a straight line. I wouldn't necessarily see Surgeon consult as a bad sign though. I think if they've done a biopsy they always meet you to talk it through. Is anyone going with you later? Take a note pad and piece of paper to jot down what they say. Seem to remember I was so nervous I forgot everything the minute I'd left. And ask you want to here, as one of us will know the answer am sure.

If it does turn out to be bad news, well lots of us have been through Breast Cancer and are now out the other side. BC's undeniably horrid, but it's mostly treatable, which means curable too. Keep talking here. It helps, I promise.

Gigondas Wed 07-Nov-12 11:02:49

Hi Bernadette I think I pointed you in this direction so hope we can help. I had a Breast lump due to bf issues - was also called in, scanned etc and even though it was benign had to do repeat visits as it still needed treatment (in my case aspiration and eventually an op).

Bernadette72 Wed 07-Nov-12 11:06:46

Thank you - it has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Hard also to get my head around as I can't even feel a lump etc it was my 1st screening mammogram. My dh is coming with me thank god.
Thank you for the replies it is a great help.

KurriKurri Wed 07-Nov-12 11:09:45

Ned - the itching sounds horrid. I have itching where my mastectomy scar is - from rads I think, although it feels as if the itch is under the skin IYSWIM.
Its extremely annoying.

Things I have tried in the past include, Dermol 500 cream (like topsy's 600 I imagine but a lotion - from the GP - it's antibacterial and moisturising so double whammy!) also aloe vera gel (from health stores) and aqueous cream with calamine can help (I used that for my shingles at times - its is very gooey, but quite soothing). But definitely see the consultant again if you can, constant itching is very aggravating.

Who knew choirs had these snidey people in them? - Just ignore if they make comments, they are jealous!

I think DS has been sitting up with DDIL every night - he said neither of them were getting any sleep and he doesn't want to leave her on her own in pain, so he sits with her and rubs her back. First time she went to the doctor, she had to see the practice nurse, who said 'it's a back strain, take paracetamol' hmm.

Gigondas Wed 07-Nov-12 11:11:58

Poor Ddil kurri - sounds like gallstone wait is standard as another friend was also in agony but had to wait a couple of months for the op.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE - hope there's cake and lots of treats for you xxxx
Welcome bernadette - will be thinking of you this afternoon -and moss
Poor ddil kk - gallstones do sound very nasty - we have been told to watch out for them with ds because of spherocytosis - think my mum had hers out when her spleen was removed, mine still there.
I am proud of our ned being chosen - the altos sound very snippy and jealous - will you get dh to record your performance ?

gig hope therapist is helpful this afternoon xxx

mosschops30 Wed 07-Nov-12 13:20:14

Hi again, was very quick didn't even get to sit down and drink coffee whilst reading homes and gardens!

Anyway mammogram was fine, consultant examined and said he could feel lump and wanted to scan. Scan showed lots of glandular tissue (which apparently is normal at my age) and then sent away smile
Excellent service all done in half an hour!

Wishing you all lots of love and luck in your journeys and a big thanks for supporting me so much in the last 24 hours.
What a lovely thread you have here, those who slag MN off should take note!

Copthallresident Wed 07-Nov-12 13:36:48

Bernadette If it is any consolation the way I felt prior to diagnosis in terms of panic and anxiety was probably the worst I felt in the whole process, it is the uncertainty and your brain working in overdrive as to what it might be. Once you know what you are up against you can deal with it. I would absolutely reinforce what others have said about having someone with you because you cannot possibly take everything in, in fact that is what your mind does to help you cope with these situations. Also remember even if it is Cancer, and it may well not be, there are many grades and manifestations, Cancer isn't just the Big C of people's fears , it is actually a lot of different illnesses. In fact there are some manifestations of Breast Cancer they are not sure would ever go on to cause you harm. I bet everyone of us on here had a different manifestation of BC, and other cancers. As Smee says we are evidence that there are treatments that work. Good luck!

smee NOOOO!!! When I was a twenty something I went for an assessment for a job and they fed back to me that I had scored in the bottom 2% of the population for a mental arithmetic test, it was one of those 100 questions in 5 mins things but in the top 2% for Analysis of trends (graphs and statistics), they were a bit puzzled but that is Dyslexia isn't it? I had a classic dyslexic career path, in marketing, cashing in on my creativity and ending up in strategy development, being able to see the big picture. I loved putting together models adorned with lots of numbers, but thankfully there were computers to work out 7*8! In fact when I was working with DDs on tables and the answer was fresh in my mind I fired 7*8 at friends at a dinner party, including a Head Of Equities in an investment bank and an FD and a couple of Mathematicians and no one but me could answer it grin

My DDs have fared better because they now teach so many good strategies to help with mental arithmetic and that has helped me too, so things like 9* =10*- the number. and going to the nearest bit of the table you do know and counting back or forwards. 7*8 is easy now I know I eat and eat til I was sick on the floor. It is great that they are now allowed to count on their fingers too. Hopefully DSs teachers can appreciate that this is the way they learn? DD1 has A in Maths at A2, and does Maths modules as part of her Science degree, but "the only problem is that she makes silly mistakes" was a bit of a refrain from her Maths teachers.....

Copthallresident Wed 07-Nov-12 13:38:36

moss great news! If you want to minimise lumps there are dietary things you can do, cutting down on caffeine etc. It all on the University of Google...

KurriKurri Wed 07-Nov-12 13:38:59

moss - that is great news - so pleased for you smile

fabulous news moss - very pleased for you grin

Copthallresident Wed 07-Nov-12 13:47:00

Ned I love your mean girl choristers. When DD had some particularly difficult attention seeking alpha girls to deal with at girls' school, I told her not to worry, she wouldn't have to deal with this in real life unless she ended up in a women's prison, should I have added Choirs!!! I so envy you, it must be such a fantastic release to be able to sing so well. All I can do is cry along to Gareth Malone's choirs.

smee Wed 07-Nov-12 13:51:17

Yeay for you, Moss brilliant news. smile smile Hope Bernadette comes back later and says similar.

Copthall, grin at your horror. The problem is getting the school to work with us on what's a reasonable way through. Interesting your techniques, as I've been trying to get DS to fix on the squares, so 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, etc so that he can use those to count forward and backwards. He seems to find that a lot easier. Actually it was the only way I could learn times tables too. His grandparents are going to get him a darts board for Christmas, as he loves playing it when he's at their house and it's great for mental maths. Very sneaky way of helping him. smile

KurriKurri Wed 07-Nov-12 14:05:10

Smee - was just looking on line to see if there were any suggestions about helping children with dyslexia re. tables, - found this link - this is a card game (shock at price though) and they might have other stuff on there which might be useful.

I seem to remember getting DS some workbooks where you coloured in the tables and it made patterns, - maybe came from Early Learning I can't remember.

My goodness this thread moves fast. I don't think I can catch up but thank you for my birthday greetings. No birthday cake to offer I'm afraid as DH hates cake so never thinks to get me one. I may make one later and will share with you all. Having a lovely day was out with my 2 friends from school last night for dinner and I got some lovely flowers and a lovely cupcake cook book (am I the only numpty that didn't realise my Amazon wish last was viewable by my friends?).

Sorry I haven't been about much. Was feeling very out of sorts and a tab emotional, not really sure why and ned I am your itching chum. My skin is very broken under my breast and feels as if it is crawling. Very painful in bed and I don't think it is being helped by the adhesive dressings they have given me. I am just waiting for a phone call to say my Herceptin is going ahead tomorrow and I may call into the radiotherapy nurses to get them to have another look at it.

Well done ned on your solo. That showed the old witch.

Poor DDIL kurri it really is supposed to be agonising. My mum got to the stage where a low fat diet didn't work at all but she recovered very quickly after her op.

bernadette thinking of you at your appointment. <<offers hand to hold>>. I agree it is definitely best to take someone with you as I was a bit of a quivering wreck where DH is Mr Level Headed and asked lots of questions and made notes.

Hugs to mas hope that sickness isn't too bad.

OK now off to school run and DD's dance classes. Hopefully catch up later but thinking of you all.

smee Wed 07-Nov-12 14:45:09

Ooh, thanks Kurri. That does look good. Very hard to push a reluctant boy to do yet more work at home, but games like that could really be the way. I will give it a go and let you know. smile

Gracie and Ned, not for Rads burns, but for a burn I had making popcorn (!), I ended up in A&E as I wasn't long out of treatment and DH was scared I'd get infected as it was the no nodes/ cancer side. The nurse there put a seaweed dressing on - I think it was called an Alginate dressing. She said they use it for any wound which oozed a lot, which my rads burns did too. It was astonishingly lovely. It sealed round the wound and you just left it on. Can't remember how long for, but it was cooling and fantastic. After designated time (think it was a week or something), I took it off to find new healed skin. Genuinely worth asking for.

Herrena Wed 07-Nov-12 15:10:33

Glad it all went so well moss! Please can I be nosy and ask what your age is (approximately)? Since the consultant said that glandular tissue was normal for it and all....

Efficiency and a good outcome, what's not to like smile

mosschops30 Wed 07-Nov-12 15:52:03

Im 37, he said it wS common 'in young women like you' grin

Gigondas Wed 07-Nov-12 19:37:36

Just seen that Bernadette got good news at her appt- lump was benign.

And feel a lot better after therapy- was discussing further study (was in my mind anyway but kurri and copthall brought it up again).

wine now I think- big gig been bit full on today and needs to have another hearing test (did one at school) as was inconclusive. Suspect nothing serious wrong (she was tested at birth) but could do without it.

Bernadette72 Wed 07-Nov-12 19:51:02

Well I am back from the hospital - with great news I have a benign fibroadenoma, the hospital were amazing especially as they had misplaced one of the biopsy results. It was the most awful week full of worry and anxiety thank you to all who helped me through. Thank you. Bernadette

Gigondas Wed 07-Nov-12 20:02:39

So pleased it was good news- wine for you

KurriKurri Wed 07-Nov-12 20:03:38

Great news Bernadette - so pleased it turned out to be benign, - you must feel very relieved <understatement of the week!> - wine time I should think smile

Gig glad that the therapy session went well, - what sort of further study would you fancy doing?

smee Wed 07-Nov-12 20:19:23

Brilliant news, Bernadette. That's a huge relief. Hope you're celebrating. smile

Gig, I'll join you in a glass of wine. I bought a bottle today to celebrate your link. Glad to hear therapy helped. What are you thinking of studying?

Herrena, are you all set for tomorrow?? You'll be so relieved once you know more. Uncertainty's crippling. Hope your mum's bearing up through it all.

Herrena Wed 07-Nov-12 20:55:51

moss - what a lovely consultant! grin

smee - I sort of am... I'm driving down to her tomorrow (leaving our 2 DC in the hands of DH for longest time ever - a whole 36 hours!!) and have assembled some notes/info from this site and Macmillan cancer support.

My mum is sort of shilly-shallying on it and keeps saying I don't really need to go, there won't be any new info etc (as they haven't managed to schedule her an MRI). I eventually got impatient with her and said I wanted to ask a few questions of my own and get a clearer picture blush so now she seems resigned to it. I feel a bit bad about insisting but we've got a REALLY garbled picture from her (she keeps mixing up grade and stage, for one thing) so it would be good for all of us to get some facts straight.

She keeps saying stupid (IMO) things like 'All the online boards tell me to INSIST the doctor tells me what is going to happen. But how can the doctor possibly know? He's not GOD.' So this seems to mean that she intends to accept whatever scraps the doctor throws out and not press for any information at all on anything. I don't even know where to start picking wholes when she says things like that so I just keep quiet.

This is hard. Keeping my temper seems to be one of the hardest bits, which is an awful thing to admit to blush

Herrena Wed 07-Nov-12 20:56:29

Picking HOLES, dammit.

topsyturner Wed 07-Nov-12 22:04:04

Good luck for tomorrow Herrena
Tell your mum we are all holding her hand .

topsyturner Wed 07-Nov-12 22:05:19

And that's brilliant news Bernadette
Hope you are celebrating tonight grin

KurriKurri Wed 07-Nov-12 22:18:25

Herrena - good luck for your mum and you tomorrow.

I do remember when I was first DX, I was too scared to want too much information, I found everything they said frightening and only heard the negatives words, which terrified me. I suppose I am saying your mum might feel a bit like this, in time I came to want to know as much as I could about my illness, but it took a while.

In my case, my DH stayed and asked the consultant questions, while I went and had a cup of tea with my breast care nurse grin, DH needed information, just as you feel you do, but I only wanted to know the minimum necessary.

Your mum has the right to be told whatever information she asks for, - but she also has the right not to hear it if she's not ready. So if there are things you want to know about, just check with her, so she's got the chance to leave the room if she doesn't want to hear.
In all probability she'll ask you to relay the info. at a slightly later date.

The trouble is, appointments come along very quickly, and in your head you are still trying to deal with the fact you have cancer, - there's a lot of denial, - and talking about it can be very, very hard. You feel a bit like a 'case' being discussed, and sometimes its as if people aren't even talking about you - you think it must be someone else - this can't be happening to you. It is weird.

Of course - I might have got hold of the wrong end of the stick entirely as regards your mum - so feel free to completely ignore me, or file me under 'L' for 'loon' grin
But I just thought I'd say, in case it was helpful smile
loads of good vibes for tomorrow. x

fantastic news Bernadette !!
Gig - hope all goes well with big gig's hearing test - try not to worry.
Herrena loads of good luck tomorrow to you and your mum..

smee Wed 07-Nov-12 22:50:24

Herrena, I'd say you're right to push going, as just being there is ever so important for both of you. Having someone with you who knows what's going on medically and is there for you physically too is so key to getting through it all. With me it was my DH and best friend, but at first I pushed both away a bit as have always been a stubborn idiot fiercely independent. I spent ages saying 'oh I'll be fine, you don't need to come', but fortunately they both insisted on coming to all appointments (not together, but one or the other of them always there) and they were right. I think Kurri's wise too though. Let your mum take the lead in terms of what she wants to know. Once you've met the BCN, you can always ask to speak to her on the phone for clarification of anything afterwards. Hope it all goes okay. We'll be thinking of you. smile

KurriKurri Wed 07-Nov-12 23:06:19

Oh yes - I totally agree with Smee, that it is important that you go with your mum (hope my previous post wasn't confusing on that issue - very important to have someone else listening to what the consultant says, I found it very hard to take things in - just because the hospital environment sent me into panic mode!).

Smee also makes a good point about BCN - they are always happy to talk to families of the person with cancer, and explain anything to you or give more info., as well as the MacMillan site and helplines which I think you mentioned you'd looked at, and are very good.

BCNs can be total stars - I have been so lucky with mine- worth their weight in gold wink

Herrena Thu 08-Nov-12 08:01:26

I hear what you're saying about not forcing my mum to listen to more than she wants to hear - I will try to be good, take notes and not be a bitch too forceful about it.

Will report back tomorrow most likely as it's a long drive. Thanks for all the support smile

And Bernadette - terrific news!!

Great news bernadette and moss hope you had a celebration last night.

Good luck today herrena for you mum. You sound like a great support for your mum.

Well it looks like no Herceptin for me this week as I didn't get a phone call from the nurses so looking like 2 or 3 weeks time.

Lovely day here today, sun is shining but it is mighty cold.

Gigondas Thu 08-Nov-12 09:47:32

Best wishes or herrena and her dm .

Am sure you are right about big gig hearing mas but spoke to teacher this Mornjng who said did test twice and also big gig been tired/emotional this week. I know she has been unwell but has been in bed on time so will just have to watch her.

Plan is to study classics - did it for a level and a lot of it my degree but want to pick up where I left off. Need to do some research though.

KurriKurri Thu 08-Nov-12 09:47:52

Herrena - not implying you were being too forceful grin - I know it is very hard for families - DH always used to tell me he felt so helpless, he wanted to DO something, and gathering info and being on top of all the medical stuff is important for you, - its a tricky one getting the balance right - but hospital people will be used to all these dilemmas, so anything you want to do will be fine - if mum wants to go out of room while you ask questions - should be no problem. Don't let them rush you - take all the time yo need so you are both happy you've had your questions answered smile

I'm off to an art gallery today and lunch with a friend, have a good day everyone smile

Gigondas Thu 08-Nov-12 09:48:14

That is probably not a bad thing gracie as more time to recover from rads. How is the itching?

oh my, an enormous box has arrived and I know it's from you lot (have opened lid and saw label saying so grin )Am about to delve in ! I cannot begin to express how touched I am by it...sob

smee Thu 08-Nov-12 10:26:11

Oooh, how exciting, MAS. Have fun opening it all. smile

Gig, what's the test the teacher's talking of?? Obviously she can hear, as you'd have realised if not, but is it about low level noise or something?

Lovely sunny autumnal day here. Quite like Autumn when it's like this. smile

Have fun with your box of tricks mas. Hope you enjoy.

gigs Does biggigs have a lot of ear infections? My middle son passed one hearing test but I pushed for another as I was convinced he couldn't hear. He needed vents and they made all the difference. Itching still itching but I got a little sleep last night.

Argh just got a call Herceptin is tomorrow so now having a little panic.

NedSchneebly Thu 08-Nov-12 10:46:33

I love a bit of good news! YAY for Bernadette and Moss!

YAY too for parcels - enjoy delving MAS you deserve it so much, and we luffs you x x

Just been for sunny walk with dogs. Small Ninja dog unimpressed at being hauled over a gate by her collar. . . it was either that or I got very wet feet!

Thoughts are with herenna and her DM today. Thinking of you lots, love x x

smee how's the work going? Any sign of the pressures easing?

gracie I was a bit of a wreck after rads finished, so its fine to feel down in the dumps. You are welcome to be my itching buddy smile <passes over sandpaper>

kurri what news on your mum's house? Any joy with a lovely buyer? IS there pressure to get her place sold so she can move, or will they wait for her, iyswim? Hope art gallery and lunch fun - might you get some inspiration for your own painting?

gig I am getting DSs ears checked again - he passed the test fine in reception, but he says sometimes he can't hear what his teacher is saying hmm but I know his classroom is quite noisy from what I have heard from parent volunteers. . . School nurse going to see him when she comes in at start of December. Might it be worth contacting your school nurse, see if she can take another look at DD? Sorry, you may have said that already and I missed it blush

Hope everyone has nice plans for today - I am having a quiet one today - much TV crap recorded to catch up on! Lots of love to everyone x x x x x x

gracie - lots of luck with herceptin tomorrow xxxx
Thank you so so so much for the totally brilliant 'Mumsnet Parcel of Love' (that's what ned's dh calls it !) I am touched beyond anything at how thoughtful and kind you are and feel very overwhelmed - I cannot tell you how much you lot mean to me - much love and kisses to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

smee Thu 08-Nov-12 11:33:18

MAS you more than deserve it all. We wouldn't all have met without you. smile

Ned, how's your itching today?? Is it getting any better?

Gracie, that's a shock on the Herceptin, but maybe it's best to get on and start than have it hanging over you. Kurri might have some tips. Bet she will. smile

thegreylady Thu 08-Nov-12 13:12:00

MAS so glad you received your parcel-enjoy it with all our love xx

Gigondas Thu 08-Nov-12 13:21:08

Am so pleased you like itmas

gracie she doesn't particularly suffer with ear infections but has been unwell (which can affect it). I am not sure what they test for but think it could be low/high frequency noise. Mad nanny said she thought edie couldn't hear but it's not something anyone else has noticed so we put it down to fact mad nanny talked so much she didn't listen. My dad shares your view smee that its unlikely a serious issue.

Copthallresident Thu 08-Nov-12 14:07:22

What a lovely bunch thanks of people. I hope there is an award for thoughtfulness on Mumsnet, you all deserve it, and Mas you deserve to be recognised. Wish there was an emoticon for [touched]

Gigs we had No 2 DD's hearing tested several times at the schools' instigation, I actually hoped that was an explanation. However her hearing is fine, it is her aural memory that is the problem, at the 10th percentile. It wasn't so much that she wasn't hearing instructions etc. as she was forgetting them as soon as she heard them. I don't know if this sounds like something you should check out.

gracie good luck with the Herceptin. I had a few friends who fought to get Herceptin eleven years ago but were unable to, even privately, because the research wasn't yet in on it's use for early Breast Cancer. They were left after chemo with no more treatment and what my friend termed as a prognosis "that just isn't good enough". They found it really hard and struggled to cope with feeling left high and dry, whilst all us hormonal wrecks were tamoxifening. I have met a few people who went on to Herceptin since and I always feel really happy for them that they are getting that chance now.

Really glad you like your parcel mas you really do deserve it, lovely thoughtful person that you are [flowers].

copthall Although I'm anxious about the Herceptin I am really glad that I can have it. I remember it being very much a postcode thing years ago, I'm not sure if that is still the case. My chemo nurse told me Herceptin is totally funded by the drug company in NI and all NI patients have it at home which is good. I am Tamoxifening as well - greedy guts that I am.

Just back from walking the dog. He is curled up in bed snoozing now and I'm off to do the school run. DD still struggling a bit we had tears this morning again as she kept asking who was collecting her sad

I remember my sister in law having to really fight for Herceptin- this was 7 years ago - she went to the newspapers too ! We all started trying to raise money to pay for it but in the end her PCT decided she could have it which was brilliant.
Am feeling queasy which isn't v nice -am going to pick up my prescription shortly (have about 5 tablets of domperidone left) Might be anxiety about going away tomorrow- quite frankly I'd rather nestle here than face a journey up the M1 - but I know I'd feel mightily guilty if I didn't go.

Copthallresident Thu 08-Nov-12 15:54:21

mas my chemo made me hugely queasy, lost a lot of weight. I am sure you have seen all the standard tips on eating but the one thing I could cope with was Miso soup. I like the Yutaka brand they do at Tesco.

Copthallresident Thu 08-Nov-12 15:57:35

gracie Estrogen and Her 2 Neu positive? the b****r doesn't stand a chance!!

smee Thu 08-Nov-12 16:08:18

Listen to Copthall, Gracie. She's clearly v. wise. smile

MAS, not surprised you don't want to go. Do you think you'll be okay in the car??

dh has asked me whether I'm up to 5 hours in the car (it's going to be at rush hour hence the long journey,plus a stop for supper at Watford Gap) Quite frankly I am not relishing the journey.. will see what's what tomorrow I guess.

Meant to say before - mum had her sister on the phone and told me that Auntie seems to be very competitive when it comes to medicines and wanted dad to tell her exactly what mum was on so she could compare - honestly- it made us laugh -she loves her illnesses and the tellings of (aunty,not mum- poor mum takes no delight in her Parkinsons and rheumatism and arthritis- it's like Top
Trumps with her sis. She is nice though - her visits to the doc or the hospital are her social life.

Yes copthall I am such a greedy guts I have to be triple positive grin.

Don't envy your long journey mas. To be honest I just couldn't have managed that whilst on chemo. Don't push yourself if you really aren't up to it.

Just wondering if anyone has read 'Anti Cancer A New Way of Life'. I ordered it off Amazon as I really need to sort out my awful eating habits. I have had a quick glance through and it seems quite sensible. Will report back when I get around to reading it.

KurriKurri Thu 08-Nov-12 18:01:30

Evening all.

Just popping in quickly before my tea, to say Hooray that your Parcel of Love arrived MAS - enjoy delving darling - we all love you dearly smile xx

Had a lovely Day at the art gallery (it was the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich) - lots of interesting modern art, and a photography exhibition called John Hedgecoe and The Writers - which was interesting - portraits of famous writers. But I always find I really like some of JH's work and some of it I think is not well composed, then he'll surprise you with something very brilliant.

Anyway - off to drink a gallon of tea, and catch up on all your posts. smile

Copthallresident Thu 08-Nov-12 18:05:36

gracie TRIPLE! progesterone as well? or do they test for something else now. Anyway you can give it a triple whammy then, ABSOLUTELY no chance!!

I shall take a look at that book, I need to reinvigorate my diet, or rather my willpower. I started out well but of late have got rather rebellious / resentful of it all. Since I got the diagnosis of low bone density diet coke has become my guilty pleasure, never really liked it before, was banned in the house when DDs were children, so the only possible explanation is a desire to rebel against it all, diet coke managing to be carcinogenic AND bone leaching!

I bought every book in sight when first diagnosed but got a bit fed up of all the preaching, is that Jane Plant woman still around saying you will die if you eat a cheese sandwich? However the one I did really embrace was She just presents you with the evidence and lets you make up your own mind which I like, and it chimed with what my nutritionist was saying (now half my friends have requalified as nutritionists so I don't have to pay grin ). Thankfully one of the supplements she evidences as having benefit is Calcium which I took from the start. It may be out of date now though presumably she would have updated it.

What she writes about hormones and estrogen overload definitely struck a chord with me, so it was useful to know what you could do about it. I had all the signs, heavy periods, cervical cancer in situ, fertility problems linked to high Estrogen levels (but of course they never told me that put me at risk of anything else) and I was on a very high dose Estrogen pill when I was in my 20s, I understand there is talk of a class action in the US where they are picking up on high levels of BC in those taking that specific pill (it's still available angry). My Oncy believes that the link between exposure to hormones, whether in drugs or environmentally will eventually emerge as accounting for more of risk than they understand now. It's a bit of a hobby horse so I'll dismount now blush

mas I know that journey on a Friday (and the Watford Gap ), did it a couple of weeks ago and doing it again in a couple of weeks. It's horrible at the best of times, at least the weather forecast is good. God speed anyway.

Copthallresident Thu 08-Nov-12 18:08:45

Gracie I meant it has no chance obviously

ah,diet coke, actually Pepsi Max is one of my pleasures, you can get mini cans and they are very good at perking one up.
Am not sure about going,but will decide tomorrow- dh has booked v nice restaurant for lunch on Saturday so that's an incentive grin

Herrena Thu 08-Nov-12 21:31:09

Hiya, just wanted to let you know how it went today. DM and I saw the BCN, then the medical oncologist, then the chemo nurse. General chat with the BCN, then the medical oncologist said we'd start chemo next week (!!), then the chemo nurse took us through the details of that.

So far so good, except for a couple of points. My DM said to each of the people mentioned that she 'just wished someone would tell her it's all going to be fine' and then waited expectantly. Since they all very carefully didn't answer that one, she was then convinced that she must be beyond hope. I had to keep telling her that they simply CAN'T tell anyone they are going to be fine, partly because they don't know it to be so but also because they would surely at some point be sued. She seems to have finally accepted that point but we shall see what tomorrow brings.

Also, the chemo nurse was very brisk about scheduling the chemo and used the unfortunate phrase 'we've got to treat this as soon as possible'. That didn't help. I tried to explain that the nurse simply meant it's best to get going with treatment if you can and that she would have the same attitude towards ANY patient, but it took several repetitions.

I think it's as a few of you have said; she's only hearing negative words at this point. I'm trying to provide a balanced perspective but I'm worried that I'm feeding her false hope too.

Anyway. ECG next week followed (very rapidly) by start of chemo, so it's all progress. Thanks to you lot for the advice; I asked for (and got!) the path report, which is good to have.

KurriKurri Thu 08-Nov-12 22:38:30

Herrena - I think it's good they are starting her on her chemo soon - no reason not to get it underway, and she will feel she is moving forwards.
I'm sorry I can't remember if she has had surgery, or is having chemo first (different hospitals seem to take different approaches - both equally successful as far as I can tell) - if the latter, have they said when they are likely to do her surgery?

I think wanting someone to say 'it will all be fine' is very normal, - we've all wanted that! - but BC is the one where they never say that (and I sure some other cancers too) - the treatment is a long haul, and you sort of have to get used to there being no quick answers or reassurances.

But I certainly don't think you are offering her false hope, - IIRC they think her lymph nodes are clear, - which is excellent, but even if it has reached the nodes - that's really what lymph nodes are there for - to catch the rubbish before and stop it getting into your system.

But at the start it is very very hard not to be negative, it is such a shock, and so frightening, it will be constantly in her mind, and everything that the professionals say to her, she will be thinking over and interpreting and worrying about.

So if you can offer her lots of reassurance, she may gradually start to relax a little bit. And honestly once treatment starts, you do begin to feel a bit better (mentally I mean - obviously physically you feel a bit pants!) you feel as if something is being done, and you get into a sort of hospital and treatment routine, and there is reassurance in seeing medical people regularly.
And I used to find my BCN was very good at calming me down when medical people said somewhat tactless things, and explaining things.

If your mum does find she's struggling with the emotional side of things (and I found that much harder to cope with than the physical stuff) she should talk to her BCN or her onc team. there is help available - counselling, relaxation, or even medication if she feels she needs help.

Apologies for another long essay - there is so much in what you say about you mum that reminds me of how I felt. Cancer is an utterly shit thing to happen to anyone, and I felt so bewildered and scared at the beginning, so I have enormous sympathy for your mum, - I wish her all the very best in her treatment, and hope she starts to feel a little less lost and anxious once her treatment gets going smile

Excellent reply from KK - can't think of anything to add - but well done for getting through today and loads of good wishes to your mum smile

smee Fri 09-Nov-12 00:38:50

herrena, must have been quite a day. Hope you're okay amidst it all. It's so v.hard for you too. Were your DC okay without you?? Hope they were.

fwiw, if your mum wants them to, the Oncologists will be more specific in terms of odds. They have a computerised programme which they input your pathology into and it comes out with stats. So they'll tell you for example that if you go through all the treatment you've got an 80% chance of no recurrence. That's what I was told when I asked.

Having said that, I'm the sort who needs to know everything. Clearly I don't know your mum, but you do, so all you can do is know as much as you can and weigh up what's best. This is hugely anecdotal, but I remember so clearly the point at which all the scans were done, so all the pathology in and I finally had all the answers they could give me. To know that a) it hadn't spread beyond nodes, so b) was deemed highly treatable and therefore curable too, and that c) I had an 80% of no recurrence made me cheer. Literally! I felt from that point on that I could do Breast Cancer, because I knew what I was facing.

Being a bit rambly now, but I think most of us on here would agree, the hardest part of all of this is the unknown. That never leaves you once you're diagnosed and obviously your mum still has scans to go, but when they're done and results are in, maybe your mum would be better off asking the Onc for stats. Am saying that from a pov of optimism. As yes it's cancer and yes that's totally shit in every way, but if the MRI shows it's not in her nodes, then her odds are still pretty good - better than mine certainly. My odds at 80% weren't bad and it was in my nodes. So say scans give great news, so it's contained in the breast, then (guesstimate) she's got a 90% chance of no-recurrence or even higher, well I'd say she might get a huge boost from knowing that. That it might actively help her through treatment.

Sorry to go on and honestly do feel free to ignore me. Just something in what you said, brought it all back. Bloody cancer. Such a sod.. sad

Copthallresident Fri 09-Nov-12 01:16:26

Agreed, excellent reply from KK and Smee. We all react in our own ways, I certainly remember feeling it was all very bleak, and I couldn't imagine I could ever be happy again, lay awake at 4am battling the demons, then one day I took a long walk and turned a corner and started to feel it was going to be OK after all. I don't know if I was lucky with my Surgeons love of statistics, he gave you a percentage chance of survival which I suppose told you exactly where you stood, possibly however bad they were we would have imagined worse, but pretty early on my friend and I decided we weren't statistics, and ours were skewed by a bunch of deep fried mars bar eating smoking alcoholics who never breastfed their children (sorry about the stereotypes and snobbery but ....) It does take time to come to terms with the fact there are no guarantees, even now after 11 years.

I also remember (hangs my head in shame ) that my parents came to stay and were absolute stars keeping up my daughters routines etc. and I was an absolute bitch to them. I reverted to a teenager and jumped down their throats every time they tried to say something to help. Expressing my own feelings of frustration just like teenagers do. They understood thankfully.

smee and copthall -excellent posts.
Looks as though am going to MILs - I'd miss my boys and feel bad about letting MIL down.
No internet there apart from my phone though.

Gigondas Fri 09-Nov-12 07:57:49

Hope trip to mil not too hard for you. mas.

Just to add to other posts herrena, it is a horrendous shock and I well remember hating my oncologist and thinking she was a dementor as she had taken my hope away. However, my specialist nurse was excellent at supporting me. She also explained that there are certain guidelines on telling people about cancer that may seen brutal but are there so that there is no gap on understanding about what treatment is, risks and side effect .

They do start treatment quickly which may seem daunting but is actually a good thing because as has been said before , once you are getting treatment it starts to feel easier and you are doing something.

The ECG is a standard pre chemo test as some chemo (and I think some of the other bc drugs like herceptin) can affect your heart so it's a precaution. Afaik there are drugs they can give you to protect the heart if there is an issue.

I think one of our posters amber did chemo then had op and if I remember rightly the chemo did shrink her lump considerably (she is on holidays so can't correct me if I remembered wrongly).

topsyturner Fri 09-Nov-12 08:15:00

Morning All

Herrena wot they ^ said !
It really is true that once you start treatment it all feels so much better . At the moment your mum will probably feel very out of control . So once treatment starts you tend to feel like you are doing something .
Pre chemo tests should involve ECG , bloods , height , weight .
My oncologist also wanted a CT and a bone scan . These are done to get your base line , pre treatment .

Mas have a good weekend at mils .
Am a bit aghast at no wifi , that's a basic human right grin

Got to go , DD is currently wearing a school shirt that looks a fetching shade of pink (should be white) !!!

Herrena Fri 09-Nov-12 10:01:02

Thanks all. My DM is not bothered about the ECG at all, just freaked out by the speed of response. She has a somewhat unique background in that she's spent most of her life out of the UK, in countries where you pay for healthcare, and so she's got a really poor opinion of the NHS - she thinks that they are utterly dire and take forever to treat anything, so the speed of treatment is doubly scary for her. I should point out that I personally do rate the NHS, it's her bias not mine!

It's her birthday today so she seems fairly cheerful anyway grin

Mas - we got a USB internet dongle from 3 when we moved house for temporary internet cover and I've used it in hospital (post DCs!), in holiday accomodation etc because I am an interweb addict and we've found it really handy. Just preload with however much data you want to pay for/will conceivably use in a month. Might come in handy for trips to the dark side of the moon wink

Ooh that 's useful to know Herrena- happy bday to your mum smile
I hate being out of touch !

Sometimesiwonder Fri 09-Nov-12 11:00:59

If you imagine that you lot are all sitting around a table drinking delicious drinks, eating cake and shooting the breeze, then I am that rude person who runs in, elbows to the front of the queue, demands a coffee to go, waves and dashes out again.

Sorry, I can't keep up, so many posts, many of them long and dealing with real worries and issues. I am sorry not to contribute - later next week work may calm down a bit. But love to you all in the meantime - am thinking of you all.x

smee Fri 09-Nov-12 11:04:46

MAS, you need a dongle!! Good luck in the car. Hope it's better than you fear. xx smile

Herrena, Happy Birthday to your mum. I'd echo what the others have said, speed of response is just what they do. NHS for BC is amazing. I genuinely couldn't have had better care if I'd paid. When you hear of women in other countries not being able to afford treatment options, I realise how incredibly lucky we are to be in the UK.

Grey day here, cold too. I have coffee and toast though, so all's well. smile

smee Fri 09-Nov-12 11:05:16

Waving to the back of Sometimes as she dashes out. grin

don';t wear yourself out sometimes !
I agree totally that the NHS is brilliant for BC - very speedy indeed - my dad would also recommend the care he's been given for his cataracts - he was v impressed.

KurriKurri Fri 09-Nov-12 12:53:05

hello all. Sometimes - wot MAS said - don't wear yourself out, - will you get any time to relax over the weekend?

Herrena - happy birthday to your mum, and I can see that having lived abroad, must make it all a bit more worrying if you are not used to the system. But everyone I know who has had BC rates the NHS very highly for care - she will be in good hands. smile

MAS - when are you off? try to relax and have an enjoyable time, despite long car journey.

waving to Smee, Gig, topsy, Copthall.

Ned - you asked about my mum's house - no joy yet, although a steady flow of viewers, which I guess is encouraging. We shall just have to wait and see, I think whoever buys eventually will just have to wait until mum has found somewhere she wants to buy - she's seen a place she quite likes, but whether it will still be available when she has sold I don't know.

The garden urgently needs dealing with and it is dry today, so I'm trying to rev myself up to going outside. But it is soooooooo cold here, I keep putting it off!

Sometimesiwonder Fri 09-Nov-12 13:14:20

Ah no, KK, no time off for me for the foreseeable. I've a mountain of work, various green innovation projects, an online magazine and a very, very interesting health-related thing. I know I'm lucky to have work, though, so not complaining, just a bit boggly-eyed.

But I hope you all have a lovely weekend - MAS, if you don't feel up to going away - don't. I know you don't find it easy at the best of times.

KurriKurri Fri 09-Nov-12 13:20:19

You are a busy woman Sometimes - which is great as you say, and it deos sound very interesting, but make sure you at least have coffee breaks and nice treats to go with them smile

KurriKurri Fri 09-Nov-12 13:22:25

quick query if anyone knows, - can you have a flu jab if you have a cold? - i don't seem to have thrown off this cold I've had - in fact its come back and started all over again hmm - flu jab next week - can I still get it done?

am off once T is back from school -dh will drive-we usually share it-so I can sit and read or look out of the window grin I feel ok today -hands and feet no worse,which is good.
Work sounds good sometimes as long as there are lots of breaks with nice treats. Take care all of you and I'll try to look in on my phone xxxx

Gigondas Fri 09-Nov-12 13:23:52

Nope I was told to wait when I went into Gp with cough/cold kurri

KurriKurri Fri 09-Nov-12 13:35:36

oh bum - thanks Gig, - I might have to rearrange it then.

Have good trip MAS - I listen to audio books in the car, quite nice to have a bit of reading/listening time smile

Sometimesiwonder Fri 09-Nov-12 14:16:45

Have a relaxing fun time, MAS.

Bugger about the flu jab, KK sad

Don't be alarmed about me and the treats/breaks. I am never very 'hair shirt', and certainly not when I suspect I may be missing out on something frolicsome grin

going shortly- am wearing the beautiful scarf you sent me sometimes (in fact was sent 2 other beautiful scarves in my box'o'mumsnet love..

KurriKurri Fri 09-Nov-12 15:18:39

bon voyage MAS - bet you look stunning in your new scarf smile

Gigondas Fri 09-Nov-12 16:20:47

Gah can I vent here? We are christening the girls in December - with a party after. Idea being to say thank you to and also mark all the "wider" family who have or will be around for girls.

Dsd just texted to say can his gf come (she is currently away studying ) so was omitted from invite list as didn't think she would be here . and being brutally honest although she is very sweet with kids I wasn't sure she would be around long term . Plus she has irritated me quite unreasonably since dsd told me she cried all day when found out my dx. Even my own my own mother didn't do that...

Gah - I know i will let her come and it's no big deal but bugs me when there are others I haven't invited but would like to due to numbers.

I now remember why I ran away to Vegas to get married..

topsyturner Fri 09-Nov-12 16:50:04

We should all turn up Gigs with our baldy heads and missing body parts and really give her something to cry about grin

Gigondas Fri 09-Nov-12 17:02:00

grin that is a good idea. When I am feeling kind, I remember I could be a drama queen as a kid. But when I am not it annoys me. Dh cruelly suggested her and big gig get on well as they are same mental age (I think her favourite film is tangled too).wink

Copthallresident Fri 09-Nov-12 17:59:40

Gigs It wouldn't be a good "do" without a crisis over invites!

Waves to KK and everyone else as I leave again. No 1 DD is upstairs, home for the weekend, couldn't understand why she got back so early but turns out it was to install booby traps in bedroom of No2 DD whilst she was at school. Loving having a house filled with screeching and hysteria again grin grin

smee Fri 09-Nov-12 18:14:27

<bares breasts, polishes scars for Gig's do> grin

Copthall, what were the booby traps?? Sounds fun. Is your DD away studying can't remember if you've said or not.

Hope MAS has got through her journey.

Off out for a drink with lovely bf tonight. Just local, but will be lovely I know. DS watching a CBBC thing with Dick and Dom. Sort of a game shop, it's absolutely terrifying as it has this psychotic clown called Cyril. Seriously scary, kids love it. If you can be bothered just watch the last five mins with the finale game in the dustbins through to the end, it's extraordinary..

Sometimesiwonder Fri 09-Nov-12 18:36:47

Oh yes I saw psychotic Cyril last week, my stomach was doing flips when they kept lifting the lids off the bins. And then he appeared to rugby tackle the kids to the ground in a not at all gentle sort of way. I think dd would wet herself (and not in a fun way) if she met up with him grin

Gigondas Fri 09-Nov-12 18:39:53

grin at not a do without a crisis. Well turns out she can't come as due to fly out that day- I detect dsd hazy grasp of time and space in idea to come. So you can hide your scars wink.

CBbc is a world of odd- isnt there something that involves kids running around on a disused oil tanker? That is before we get Into stage school hell of things like Danis house.

smee Fri 09-Nov-12 19:15:43

DS v.brave about Cyril from the safety of the sofa. grin

Hooray for badly timed flights, gig. smile

Right, off out now. Have a good night all. smile

Herrena Fri 09-Nov-12 21:17:19

Gigs - oh dear, what a shame she can't join you grin

smee - Cyril sounds horrible!!

I vaguely remember watching some children's v.v.early morning show once when I was a scummy student and being bemused by a contest between the Christians and the Heathens!! No idea what channel it was on but it was Odd.confused

DM and I are now safely back in Herrenaland and DH seems to have had a suspiciously easy time with the DCs. I suspect doping.

Good night all smile

jchocchip Fri 09-Nov-12 21:47:19

Hi everyone!

I've broken the usb on my tablet so I can't charge it sad very dischuffed, took it for a repair and it is probably not fixable, so when the charge goes.... its a brick. heyho. On a positive note the mini sd fits into my works mobile phone which will play all the mp3s from it, so all is not quite lost (not sure work would approve...) Won't be around much until I get a new machine sorted though, and will have to be after payday sad

Hope you are having a good night out Smee.

Aw jchoc sad. Hope you get something sorted soon. Probably not an expense you want at this time of year.

Hope you are having a sober fun night out smee.

herrena I think we all want someone to tell us it is going to be ok, I still do but it does get easier through time. Your mum is probably very much in the shocked feeling of being told she has cancer. It is good though that chemo is starting soon.

First Herceptin went ok. I was in a tiny room at the back of the unit with no windows and one nurse for hours. I had missed breakfast so by the time I was leaving I was absolutely starving. Felt a bit iffy on journey home, incredibly cold and nauseous but feel fine now. One down 17 to go grin

Copthallresident Sat 10-Nov-12 10:15:09

gracie glad the first one went OK though sad to the horrible little room, why is it always a horrible little room?

gigs awwww, every good "do" has to have a dodgy relly who is grumpy / maudlin/ drunk. If you don't have one I am sure we could still oblige, I could do my famous Amazon impression.....

smee Hope you had a lovely evening. Yes she is off studying, in her third year now but the She's gone sad / she's back grin rollercoaster doesn't get any easier. The booby traps were all to do with a text war they had been having, little notes everywhere in her room, in every drawer, in her bed, sock drawer, inserted into a framed picture etc. etc. etc. It's all quite heartwarming really because they didn't get on, they are so different you wouldn't know they were from the same gene pool. It used to be screeching in bad way, and we were at a loss what to do about it but now they finally seem to have become close. No2's DDs friends think that there should be a reality show featuring the tricks they play on each other, though we still haven't sorted out the iTunes library that was changed so that every artist was listed as the Arctic Monkeys, this apparently has wrecked No 2's social life since anyone looking at her ipod thinks she is some sort of "weird Arctic Monkeys obsessive", it really isn't funny apparently.....

Dick and Dom are still around?? though they didn't have scary clowns in our day. Watching children's TV these days makes you think that to devise it they must go into a small room and take mindbending drugs.

smee Sat 10-Nov-12 14:22:58

Gracie, well done on Herceptin no.1. Must seem like a haul to the end, but if you're feeling okay then that's good. smile

Jane, bugger about the computer. Reading your post made me want to swipe my iPad back from DS. grin

Copthall, maybe your DD leaving home meant they could get on. I think a friend of mine found that with her girls too. the jokes sound fab, though I can imagine the humour failure over the Arctic Monkeys. I actually think the Dick and Dom show's rather brilliant. It's intelligently wacky and v.funny. The clown is inspired, but terrifying.. smile

Hope MAS is okay and reached MIL in one piece. Soggy day here. DS just trashed me at PayDay. I always lose..

KurriKurri Sat 10-Nov-12 14:47:46

Well done on first herceptin under your belt gracie, - hope you are feeling Ok today - you may very well be fine on it, many people are.

grr about computer jchoc - that is very frustrating.

copthall - its interesting about your DD's and great that they get on now. My two (DS and DD) were always reasonably good friends, but they did have the odd arguments, but they get on really well now he has left home grin

Soggy here too Smee, and chilly. I also hope MAS arrived in one piece and is having a nice time.

Someone tell me to stop getting into arguments on this forum with spiritualists. I can't seem to stop myself answering these threads from people who say 'my medium/psychic/charlatan told me this that or the other' it makes me so cross that people accept this crap. angry <- cross face.

smee Sat 10-Nov-12 14:59:12

Kurri, STOP IT. They're clearly loopy, so not worth your energy. smile

KurriKurri Sat 10-Nov-12 15:02:46

Thanks Smee - I needed that grin, I should hide 'spiritualist' threads and never click on them, - its not good for my blood pressure!

Copthallresident Sat 10-Nov-12 15:48:11

smee agreed on Dick and Dom. I remember discussing with other Mums that the one that does magic tricks, can't remember if it is Dick or Dom? was sure to go places, after he first started out as a presenter on Childrens' BBC (when it was on the BBC!! shock). It's nice is that he has done that by continuing to entertain children, as you say intelligently as well as wacky and funny. Scary clowns? Pah I was raised on Tizwaz, which really must have been terrifying and completely mystifying for the children involved!

smee and KK Yes I am sure going away is part of it. It is funny they got on fine when they were tiny and No 2 daughter trailed around adoringly after big sis but as soon as she started to develop a mind of her own it turned into extreme sibling rivalry. Now she is back to aspiring to be her and can't wait to follow her off to uni sad (hopefully if Gove hasn't got more minefields laid for her and her peers angry) It's great because now we can have lovely girlie nights together watching Bridget Jones yet again grin. Actually last night it wasn't Bridget Jones, it was "Jersey Shore Shark Attack" quite the best so bad it is funny film we have watched since Titanic 2.... This is the trailer (warning contains copious amounts of fake blood and sharks). This is the trailer for Titanic 2 (warning contains fake ships)

KK I know what you mean about resisting some of these threads. Mind you I am sure my living to post here is the result of my penfriend from when I was 11 growing up to be a reiki practitioner / aura healer (whatever that is ) and sending me healing hmm Just as well it happened in that phase as she is now operating a franchise for some American positivity cult.....

Sometimesiwonder Sun 11-Nov-12 12:51:30

I know, some of the 'woo' threads can be annoying, even though I can be a bit 'woo' myself sometimes. But I must confess I had reiki myself too, once. And although it was hard not to laugh watching the guy perform, and it didn't bring me any long term benefits, I did experience some very strange sensations in my dodgy arm immediately after the session, and for some time afterwards. I don't believe that they were all in my mind, as I was not a believer, I only had it tacked onto the end of a nice relaxing massage as an afterthought, because he offered, and it was free.

Sometimes there are things that are inexplicable, I guess, and I'm glad that is the case. Makes life so much more interesting.

Gigondas Sun 11-Nov-12 13:12:24

I am probably more woo healing than most but I must admit that I prefer some science (eg acupuncture where there has been recent trial to say it does help with cancer fatigue). But there are some things I have tried that are plain waste of time (homeopathy ).

kurri grin it is hard to resist sometimes - is it a Halloween effect but there do seem more of spiritual threads of late?

Those films looks good copthall and your dd antics did make me smile. Hope my girls end up on similar terms.

KurriKurri Sun 11-Nov-12 16:48:29

I have no problem with people trying out things they think will make them feel better, - and I know lots of people enjoy reiki and say it makes them relaxed. Same with acupuncture _ i know lots of people who say it helps and I would try it. And you all know I'm a yoga freak - which probably makes me a bit woogrin

It's when people pay out money to cold readers - obvious con artists - who claim some member of their family is trying to contact them, - its upsetting, and cynical.

Same with 'spiritual healing' - I remember as a child my brother was very ill in hospital, and some religious woman grabbed me and dragged me off to the chapel to pray for him, 'God will heal him' - I doubt it, he's got cerebral palsy, - if God is there why did he land my lovely brother with that?

Anyway - it's my hobby horse and I'll get off it before I have a stroke grin

Just made some guacamole for tea with a very unripe avocado - it is very lumpy sad - I have flung in loads of garlic and chilli to disguise the rock like shards of avocado grin

When is MAS getting back - is it tonight?

thegreylady Sun 11-Nov-12 17:34:47

Hey Ned smile
I made your Dorset apple cake yesterday and it was absolutely delicious so thank you very much.
I have regular acupuncture and it has all sorts of benefits for me.At £35 pounds a time it is expensive but I manage it fortnightly.

Copthallresident Sun 11-Nov-12 21:05:52

KK I also found yoga really useful during my treatment and tend to think it is worth trying anything that might make you feel better. However it is hard to work out who is charlatan or deluded from those people that can make a genuine difference. My penfriend means well but she is mad as a box of frogs and hops on any passing bandwagon, wouldn't surprise me at all if she started thinking she could communicate with the other side, she was into Tarot cards at one point, and I vaguely remember some ouija boarding (that thing with a glass and letters) when that was a fad. At the moment she is dividing her time between courses that give "real power in shifting the nature of what is possible in people's lives" and Farmville....

smee Sun 11-Nov-12 21:20:23

I've had acupuncture in the past too. That's about as woo as I've got, but would recommend it. smile

Kurri, that story about your brother just about sums it up. People can be so bloody annoying. When I had first mastectomy, a woman tried to kneel by my bed to pray for me. I had to tell her I didn't want her to and a lovely nurse came and shut my curtains and made me a cuppa. G'ah...I love guacamole though. Hurl some this way, as I don't mind crunchy one bit. grin

Waving to greylady. Dorset Apple Cake sounds delicious. Must go back and print off that link.

We trained it over to Kew today to see the leaves. Perfect day for it. smile

I think MAS must be back tonight, as surely DS is at school in the morning. MAS are you out there?? smile

I'm back !!!!!! missed you all very much, but I did have a nice time and MIL seemed very pleased I'd come - we had a lovely lunch out yesterday - T was very happy as he loves it there. We found a nice ice cream farm too and bought tubs of pistachio and pecan and vanilla to take home. Went to bed at 8.30 yesterday evening and slept a really long time.Dh cooked lunch today and we left at about 3. Feeling a bit poorly now even though dh (bless him) drove both ways. Will catch up properly tomorrow- am v glad to be home but also glad I went smile

smee Sun 11-Nov-12 22:00:55

Hooray, you're home. Must have been quite a thing just to be away. Am not at all surprised you're tired. Go sleep. xx smile

Gigondas Mon 12-Nov-12 08:02:17

brew anyone?

Glad you are home and it was not too horrid mas.

MRI scan later on my leg so wish me luck. I hope it's not more cancer (seems unlikely ) and more to point that its some sort of muscle damage that physio can help. I am fed up with not being able to bend my leg properly as getting on socks a trial.

Anyone else watch I am a celeb?

topsyturner Mon 12-Nov-12 08:12:09

Yes please to the cuppa Gigs
Will you get your scam results today ?
Keeping everything crossed for you .

Welcome home Mas , hope you are feeling better today .

Got dermatology apt this afternoon . Must have been some referral letter the GP wrote to get me seem this quickly !

smee Mon 12-Nov-12 09:25:16

brew here too please, Gig. Positive vibes for the scan later. Be better once you know, but I'd bet it's rads damage, which is a sod, but at least not cancer. Failed to watch I'm a celeb. Will go google to see who's on, other than that Nadine MP woman.

Topsy, yay for referral. Hope they give you zappy drugs which work by teatime (unlikely I know, but a nice thought..!)

NedSchneebly Mon 12-Nov-12 09:52:36

Morning lovely ladies!

Am back after busy weekend in London town with parents, DSis, DB and DSisIL2B. Went to see Phantom of the Opera in west End on Saturday afternoon, which was amazing, then Fortnum and Mason's wine bar for wine and nibbles, then Italian tapas restaurant for supper, then fancy hotel on Piccadilly for night with sister. Excellent time had by all smile Engineering works meant trains took forever to get home though. Boo. . .

I am now to be known as Mrs Itchy from Itchyland. . . In addition to itchiness under boob, which apparently is fungal, I also have urticaria, red spots of itchiness from neck to feet. Have got different antihistamines and steroid cream, but the red spots are winning so far. . . Any thoughts about what I can put in the bath? Did have a soak with some of DSs Oilatum eczema bath oil yesterday, which helped a bit. Might have to try again. Am quite fed up with itching now. Only positive is that it is not on my face yet so at least I don't look like I've got leprosy when fully clothed. . .

Glad to hear Dorset Apple cake worked well greylady Enjoy!

gracie how's your itching? Well done on getting the first Herceptin done. ! down, 17 to go. . . count them off, lovely lady, count them off x x

gigs all positive vibes for scan. Let us know?

topsy yay for referral. Hope you can get something fancy to sort you out.

MAS hope you had a good sleep in your own bed last night? Well done for going!

Waves to smee, kurri, sometimes copthall and anyone else around this soggy morning. More brew anyone?

smee Mon 12-Nov-12 10:19:18

Bugger on the itching, Ned. Antihisthamines are the way to go. Hope they go soon. Last thing you need though. sad Weekend sounds fab. nice things and more treats are what you need. [smile

smee Mon 12-Nov-12 10:19:34

lopsided smile there for Ned. so here's another smile

NedSchneebly Mon 12-Nov-12 10:27:29

Thanks smee - sending one right back to you smile How's things with you? Work bit less manic?

smee Mon 12-Nov-12 10:32:08

Big manic day today, as deadline looming and that will kick on through November alongside another project too. Have just turned down another project though, so December will be less mad. Am looking forward to that. smile

poor ned with the horrid itching sad but what a fab weekend you had - sounds amazing !!
gig loads of good thoughts to you for scan- am sure it'll be pesky rads damage.
smee don't work to hard- am going to ease myself into some work later as have various tasks to do - slept really well in own bed and feeling perkier.

Wow ned weekend sound lovely but ouch re; itching and rash. Have you tried Dermol 500 lotion. It can be used as a soap substitute and light moisturiser. I used to get it when my eczema was bad and it soothed the skin. I am still itching like mad. I was back at the nurses this morning and they have given me Flamazine (sp) and more ointment. I now have lovely pus filled lumps nice.

smee don't be working too hard.

mas glad you had a lovely time at MIL and that you are feeling a bit better this morning.

gigs thinking of you this afternoon. When will you get your results?

topsy wow that was a quick referral. Hope your appointment goes well and they give you lots of skin soothing remedies.

Waves hi to everyone. Pretty miserable here.

smee Mon 12-Nov-12 13:05:55

Ooh, Flamzine's good Gracie. Hope they gave you good dressings too. Seem to remember that's the combination which sorted mine. Really annoys me that they didn't give it to people sooner. hmm

Grim weather here too. Wet and cold.

Yes smee I'm home with bags of dressings as they want me to use the Diprobase Ointment which is really greasy all over my breast and then the Flamazine on the broken, oozy bits.

Gigondas Mon 12-Nov-12 13:42:02

Hope you get some answers today topsy . Also that ned and gracie get some itch relief (I seem to remember my rash got more sore and oozy post rads before it got better).

Am waiting for scan - results next week when see onc. Thanks for all good wishes - my suspicion (as is oncologist and specialist nurse) that it is rads or post op damage but need Scan to see and obviously can never rule out completely its a recurrence.

But being here has made me laugh- they are hosting a special evening where they switch on the hospital Xmas tree lights and then you can meet staff and see surgical areas. I can think of few less festive things grin.

Little gig had her first baby gym lesson this Mornjng g which she loved although I fear a medal at rio Olympics may be a stretch (unless they bring in chewing the equipment as an event).

cazza40 Mon 12-Nov-12 13:50:36

Hello again - i joined your thread a month or so ago as i was still waiting to see an oncologist for my treatment plan. I have now seen him and aparently i do not need chemotherapy but was advised to take Tamoxifen in a few months from now - after my reconstructive surgery. When he ran through all the stats on Tamoxifen though I was unsure re whether I should take it especally bearing in mind potential side effects. Has anyone decided to pursue alternative therapies ? Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give me

smee Mon 12-Nov-12 14:24:57

grin at babyGig and her chewing prowess. Hope scan's not too long or noisy, Gig. Sod that you have to wait a week for results.

Hi cazza, nice to see you back again and great to hear you don't have to have chemo, I'd bet that's a relief. Only thing I think's worth saying is imagine yourself ahead. Now you could well be clear, but if the worst happens and you get a recurrence, would you be kicking yourself for not taking Tamoxifen? I think that's what swung it for me. In the end I decided I'd do everything they recommended to give me best odds, as that way if it did come back it wasn't my fault iyswim. Tough decision though I know. Feel v. free to ask whatever you want about Tamoxifen on here. There's a lot of us who take it, so we'll all have a view am sure. smile

cazza40 Mon 12-Nov-12 14:33:48

Thanks smee ! I just didn&#699;t see much of a difference in the stats anf the list of side effects scared me. I&#699;m also feeling sad as I did want another baby which has been ruled out by what has happened these last six months. Is it really like an immediate menopause when you start taking the tablets ? The thought of mood swings and sleepless nights just sound awful. Have you had any of the side effects ?

Copthallresident Mon 12-Nov-12 15:55:51

cazza40 I don't think it is at all sure that you will be thrown into menopause by Tamoxifen. I think it depends on your age, how close you are to the age you would have gone into menopause naturally etc. etc. I have two friend who weren't (we were all 35-40 at dx) and none of us experienced any side effects although any fat I gained seemed to gravitate to my waist but that may have been menopause. In fact my periods stopped with my third cycle of chemo, but I still had periods during my five years on Tamoxifen but every 18 months or so, none since I went off it. I have never had the hot flushes etc of menopause but then two thirds of women going through menopause don't. Apparently that is often indicated by your mother's experience, as is the age you would have gone into menopause? If anything I felt better whilst taking it than I did when I went off it but then that may be age, other after effects of chemo catching up. Personally whilst I thought long and hard about the benefits versus the side effects of chemo Tamoxifen was a no brainer. It is long proven to be effective. My tumour was strongly Estrogen positive, I had for a long time had the symptoms associated with high Estrogen levels and I felt that Hormone therapy was what would make the difference for me. One good difference I noticed almost straight away was that my remaining boob stopped being a bag of marbles. Some people get freaked out by treatment stopping .

gigs good luck with your MRI. It is always worrying if only because it brings back the memories of earlier scans. I love Physios, they usually have the answer after you have been worrying yourself silly about some pain or other! Aww to little gigs, DD1 and friends son got thrown out of Gym Club , at Our Lady Queen of Peace over in Sheen, for being disruptive. Never mind the end of our Olympic ambitions, we thought that was it, we had two hoodlums on our hands.

MAS glad you are home and rested after your trek. Doing it twice in three days is bad enough at the best of times, I try to avoid it.

Ned What a lovely weekend. I have had Urticaria since I was a child, it was triggered by diving into a nettle patch, and it flared up when I was excited / stressed. The result used to be big red blobs on my cheeks when I went to parties! Mortifying for a teen grin It was all tied up with allergies as well and anti histamine dealt with it all. All cleared up when I got pregnant, the ultimate defeat for my overactive immune system, but I don't suppose....

Waves to everyone else.

Feeling very below par today, I made the mistake of reading the personal testimonies of women on The Long March of the PLA in China, nodded off to sleep reading about them getting over the snow covered mountains, no food, shoes, means of coping with their periods etc with the inevitable result that I went on the Long March after I fell asleep, also with a big lump in my boob (how Freudian is that). Woke up and couldn't get properly back to sleep because it all felt still real and disturbing, then DH was up, and then DD, both now home with fluey bug. Won't get to my writing target today and against all my principles I may have to go for nap because it was far too much excitement for one night. I also need to download something on to my kindle that is more conducive to pleasant dreams!

topsyturner Mon 12-Nov-12 17:08:42

Sorry Cazza I'm not a tamoxifen lady , so I can't help you there .

Copthall I had the most vivid dream the other day involving buying many portions if squid , but panicking incase I didn't have enough money in my bank account to pay for it !
Dreams got so much more bizarre after diagnosis grin

Back from the hospital .
Skin too bad to start light therapy yet .
Got to do 8 weeks of head to toe steroid creams , then they will think about it .
Also had a blood test to check for psoaratic arthritis .
Deep joy .
Going to be covered in the medical equivalent of lard for the next 8 weeks .
Shall be leaving trails behind me and sliding off the sofa ! sad grin

smee Mon 12-Nov-12 17:21:54

Waving to the slug lady Topsy. Sorry, that was mean.. blush What's light therapy? Is that the thing which is supposed to cure it? I know a friend of mine who has psoriasis swears by going to somewhere sunny. Maybe you should sweet talk your DH?

Copthall, that's a dream and a half. I have to be careful what I read before bed too, but that's a bit epic..

Cazza, well I was 44 when I started taking it, but my periods stopped with chemo (so a few months earlier) and have never returned. I've had lots of hot flushes, but the way I've tried to look at it is that menopause would have happened to me at some point anyway so it's just early and at least it's not cancer. Weirdly I'm quite glad it's happened as I was very hormone positive, so no periods is a good sign the Tamoxifen's working for me. I didn't have the factor of wanting another child though, so can see that's tricky. Have you talked to them about fertility at all??

topsyturner Mon 12-Nov-12 17:26:49

Cheers Smee grin
Light therapy is medical sunbeds !
They just use mid range UV (if I have remembered correctly)
I did suggest a prescription for a month in the Bahamas , but they were having none of it ... grin

medical sun beds !! sounds good though if it'll sort you out topsy
cazza this whole thread originated with my anxiety about taking tamoxifen - I was advised to,though my percentage of benefit was around 5 percent. I was worried about it changing me and how I felt/saw myself - I do have lots of anxiety issues about being in control and felt that I couldn't cope with changes in my emotions/in my body. However, I did take it in the end,after deferring until the end of radiotherapy. I took it for 3 years,without any huge side effects (periods a bit messed up with it, but am around menopause age so fertility wasn;t a problem- I would definitely discuss this with your consultant and BCN.
I think if it's recommended for you to take it I would. IO have stopped now as it obviously stopped working for me (i have lung metastases) but it is a tip top recommended treatment for ER+ people.

sandripples Mon 12-Nov-12 18:01:35

Cazza, I'm older than you (and everyone else on the thread I think!) at 57. Because I was post -menopausal when diagnosed nearly 3 years ago and treated for cancer I was prescribed Anastrozole instead of Tamoxifen. So I can't comment directly on Tam. but I would like to say that I terrified myself reading about the side-effects of Anastrozole (which tend to be more severe than for Tamox) but the response to side effects is very individual and actually I've suffered very few, if any. So I'm just saying, don't assume the worst. I know of some women who've had difficult SEs and others who pretty well sail through. And hot flushes can be very varied too - could be worse for someone without being on any drugs at all! (Thinking indeed of one such friend)

In your shoes I'd certainly want a long chat with the BCN about having another baby though - and whether you could try for a baby then go onto Tamox afterwards (assuming you conceive fairly quickly, which is a big assumption)
Good luck

Hope all your lard creams help with the sore skin topsy. Not much chance of any sun therapy here more chance of rust therapy.

cazza I agree with smee I decided I would take everything recommended as if I had a recurrence I would always worry that it was my fault. I have had chemo, radiotherapy and now on Herceptin and started Tamoxifen the beginning of October. To be honest the only side effect so far are hot flushes but I already had these whilst on chemo. I take my Tamoxifen at night and have a few hot flushes a night but don't seem to have any during the day which suits me better than the other way around. My bc was extremely ER/PR+.

copthall hope you have a better night tonight.

Copthallresident Mon 12-Nov-12 21:01:19

Topsy sad to no break in the sun on the NHS, they could do an exchange programme, you could swap with someone who is in the sun who needs to be in the dark and rain (tries unsuccessfully to think of any condition, including being human, that benefits.....) Have you always had Psoriasis or did it flare up as a result of treatment?

smee actually I read the rest of it before I couldn't stop myself nodding off this afternoon, it got much much worse so I was relieved to wake without experiencing that....... I think it may be about relating to something though, I suppose it is all helping me with my hypothesis...

gigondas think I may watch I'm a celeb tonight, though I am a bit uncomfortable with the pillorying of the Nads woman, can't stand her but not sure I'm into throwing people into the stocks, especially older women. BUT we have eaten Bush Tucker in the bush, witchetty grubs are actually quite nice with something akin to garlic.......didn't go near any animals gonads obviously but it is a bit nostalgic.

topsyturner Mon 12-Nov-12 22:11:27

I used to have psoarisis before diagnosis , but no where near the scale it is now .
Chemo cleared it up the first time round , but it came back as soon as I stopped that
Then after the second round of chemo it came back like never before .
Reading up on it , it can happen after rads , and because I have no lymph nodes now I have to be extra careful as I can get cellulitis , lymphodema , etc .
Did suggest to the consultant today that they provide me with a wheelie bin and I could just emerse myself fully in lard 3 times a day grin
<wonders what loon from the Bahamas would do a house swap with me in The Wettest Town In The World ?>

smee Mon 12-Nov-12 23:41:58

shock at Copthall's nostalgic cuisine. You have to tell us more...?

Topsy, yes take good care. Cellulitis would be grim. Can see the NHS is far more likely to provide a wheelie bin, but am guessing a holiday would be preferable. grin

Still working. Deadline tomorrow lunchtime. Minor panic setting in...

Copthallresident Mon 12-Nov-12 23:56:31

topsy It runs in my family where it seems to be stress related. It has always stayed in my scalp and eyebrows, Lard cream never a good look in your hair and eyebrows!! but nothing since dx and chemo, in spite of plenty of stress, though come to think of it nothing since pregnancy and living in a sunny country . I didn't have rads though (nothing left to burn). Good luck though, and I hope the wheely bins of cream (is it still Betnovate? childhood / teen memory is of the family bathroom cabinets being always full of half used tubes) and prescription sunbeds sort it out. Didn't I read somewhere that because Psoriasis is basically the opposite of Cancer, healthy cells reproducing themselves too fast, it makes you less likely to get skin cancer? Therefore perhaps it is more of an ADHD friend than a total s**t, though I may be talking s**t.....

Off to bed with David Mitchell. I don't normally touch celebrity books but he always makes me laugh....

Copthallresident Tue 13-Nov-12 00:14:14

smee still working? sad

Sadly it is back in the mists of time and post chemo memory deficiency so I can't give a full rundown of menu. The green ants they eat though are absolutely delicious, like lemon sherbet, I found myself helping myself whilst we were walking through the bush. Load of moaning minnies if you ask me. Good breast related joke on 8 out of 10 cats (see what I have to watch now with my teens!!) about mad nads (for which I will selflessly set aside my reservations about her being pilloried) Watching her rubbing suncream on them on the beach it was clear that her breasts were acting like the coalition, trying to be part of her and yet trying to keep their distance.....

hope smee is snuggled in bed...
A friend has posted photos on fb of mad people swimming in the pool on Hampstead Heath right now...that'd make a person wake up.
Am meeting friend for hot choc this morning,then taking a break from book to do ned's commission ! Have drawn it and going to paint it.
Hope itching ones aren't so sore and troubled today...

topsyturner Tue 13-Nov-12 07:43:26

Morning All

Smee hope you managed to get some sleep last night , and that the work is done !

Copthall psoarisis is a product of an over active immune system . So given the recent miracle of my remission diagnosis due to my immune system fighting off my lung mets ,I suppose I can't really complain ! grin

Mas pick me up a hot chocolate too please !

topsyturner Tue 13-Nov-12 07:44:26

Loving the thought of psoarisis being my ADHD friend soooo much grin

topsyturner Tue 13-Nov-12 07:49:25

And as for swimming in an outdoor pool , on Hampsted Heath , in November ???
Nuts !
sad (this is the colour I have gone just thinking about it)

Mind you , I have a friend who is part of a group of Mad Women who go swimming in the sea off the coast of Northern Ireland , every Christmas Day !

Copthallresident Tue 13-Nov-12 08:11:03

I'm up too sharing an early morning brew, it's a nice virtual thought but in reality a sad glass of water.

MAS I also have a friend who swims year round and posts lovely pictures of his friends in the blueness and primary colours of a turn of their 1910 outdoor pool at sunrise. It all looks gorgeous and uplifting until you see they look blue too...

Topsy Glad to hear of your overactive immune system smile , a friend we would all welcome with brew biscuit thanks wineI am sure. Though of course you are allowed to complain about the itching, tubs of lard etc.

KurriKurri Tue 13-Nov-12 10:40:09

hello all, am trying to catch up on your posts from yesterday. smile

MAS - lovely to see you back, glad you had a nice time smile

topsy - good you've had your appointment, hope you can have the light thing asap, - meanwhile hope the lard does it's job (at the very least you'll be ready to swim the Channel at a moment's notice, should the need arise grin)

ned - hope itchiness gets sorted soon - sounds horrible, poor you sad

gracie - also hope new drug works for your itching/sorenes.

Smee - hope you didn't have to stay up all night working, and are feeling a bit less pressured today.

Gig - good you have had your scan, - always god to have everything checked out for your own peace of mind, but I'm sure all will be fine.
I like little Gig's style with her equipment chewing grin

Cazza - nice to see you again, - I agree with what the others have a said about tamoxifen, but also agree that you need a long chat with BCN or consultant about the fact you want another baby if possible. There may be some other drug that is better suited, or a different drug timetable that would suit you better.

waving to Copthall and SR and anyone I've missed.
Sorry for haste and if I've left anyone out - am thinking of you all, but have a lot of stuff to do at the moment, and my mind is a disorganized jumble (some things keep falling out, other irrelevant things seem to be cluttering it up!)