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constant deep cough for weeks chest xray clear?

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rubyroo Sun 28-Feb-10 21:02:14

hi i've had a constant deep cough and wheeze for 4 weeks. i cough til i'm sick (sorry for tmi) dr sent me for a chest x-ray which came back clear. i've just finished 7 days antibiotics but am still coughing. any exertion sends me on a coughing fit. my chest feels very weak and my breathing is painful. when i breathe in i wheeze. i've done steam inhalation every day for about a week but not making any difference. i have a ventolin inhaler to help me breathe although i'm not asthmatic. i don't smoke and am generally quite fit. i don't have a temperature but everyday life feels beyond me at the moment i feel exhausted.i know this isn't so serious but it's really getting me down. my pelvic floor is shot from the constant coughing and i'm having to wear a pad sadany advice on what to do next gratefully recieved.

rubyroo Sun 28-Feb-10 21:17:45


rubyroo Sun 28-Feb-10 21:43:03

bumpity bump sad

fishie Sun 28-Feb-10 21:47:29

how horrible rubyroo. i have had a foul cough for three weeks but am getting better. i am particularly hating the current dry cough stage, although nothing is worth than waking to cough in the night, how are you sleeping?

what does the doctor suggest? are you drinking enough?

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Sun 28-Feb-10 21:48:59


A clear chest x-ray means there's no infection there, it sounds like you have bronchitis to me Your GP will have given you an inhaler to help to open up your airway in order to relieve your symptoms, not because he thinks you have asthma. You need to take it easy, don't exercise until you are feeling better and please do go back to your GP if you still feel unwell by the end of the week or feel any worse smile

rubyroo Sun 28-Feb-10 21:59:53

thanks belle and fishie, just so fed up of feeling like this work is a nightmare and my dh pretty fed up with me dragging myself around still. i find it hard to breathe outside the air is so cold. i aven't taken my dc's out for weeks! i'm drinking a lot of herbal tea dr not really got any positive ideas just "theres no time limit on this"

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Sun 28-Feb-10 22:04:04

There's no time limit, he's right, it's when your body's ready. Tell your husband to be more understanding!!

Rest as much as you can, is it a blue (ventolin) inhaler that you have?? It is a good idea to have a couple of puffs before you go out, I have this problem with ds (he's asthmatic), he's really wheezy if it's cold outside and I have to take him out, he has 2 puffs of his inhaler and I wrap a scarf lightly around his mouth to warm the air up which really helps.

rubyroo Sun 28-Feb-10 22:16:05

hi belle, its a blue one, it is helping. i think i just needed to vent some frustration on here because everyone in RL is a bit sick of hearing that i'm still ill!! DH has been great but i feel guilty that he has had to cope another weekend on his own with the kids and that i'm about to start another week at work unable to function properly! thank you for posting.

rubyroo Sun 28-Feb-10 22:17:42

right i am going to go to bed cause maybe it'll be better tommorrow!

Earthstar Sun 28-Feb-10 22:20:47

Make sure your gp checks your blood pressure. Dp was admitted to hospital with heart failure last week and we thought it was pneumonia.
Hope you feel better soon

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Sun 28-Feb-10 22:33:53

sad I'm sorry to hear that Earthstar, my mum has it aswell. Medication can work wonders though.

Heart failure normally shows up on a chest x-ray, the heart will be enlarged and there will be fluid on the lungs, if your chest x-ray was clear ruby then it's more then likely not this. It really does sound like bronchitis. Take it easy smile

rubyroo Mon 01-Mar-10 20:22:03

ta belle, sorry bout your dp earthstar. its got me down cause i had bronchitus back in september for months and then in jan/feb i started again with it. my dh has MS and is aving to do loads of stuff for me which is a bit pathetic of me isn't it?! anyway i am going to multivitamin myself up sleep as much as i can and wait! grin

mumof3teens Mon 01-Mar-10 20:49:48

Hi Rubyroo
Know just how you feel. I had a chest infection from July last year. 6 lots of ABs didn't do anything. 2 x chest x rays were clear, as was a CT scan I ended up having. Still left with bit of a cough and catarrh/ phlegm. Feel really well in myself now though, as have been getting lots of sleep/water/healthy food/high dose
multivits/echinacea/daily walks etc Hope you feel better soon.

adoptomom Thu 11-Mar-10 19:45:39

I'm new to this site. Are you pregnant? If not, read on... and forgive any missppellinngss.

I am experiencing the SAME THING!! I went to the ER after throwing up from the coughing (I threw up phlem). The doc said it was bronchial spasms (clear chest x-ray, don't smoke, etc) and put me on Vicadin!!!!!!

He said a couple of nights of Vicadin(it's worse for me at night) and the spasms should work themselves out. Last night was my first night, and it worked GRRRRRRREAT!! No tickle, no trying to supress, no coughing till tears stream like fountains down my cheeks! I hope it will have gone away when I stop taking the Vicadin, though!

I would hope you are better by now, too! I for one want to stop sleeping on the couch and sleep in bed again! And my daughter is getting tired of me being "sick"! I'd love to clean the house, too!

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