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had horrendous D&V Virus since monday, dropped 2 dress sizes...Sympathy please!

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queenoftheslatterns Fri 12-Feb-10 11:25:14

and STILL feel like shite. Ive barely even been able to sip water without retching. Ive lost a shocking amount of weight (pj's falling down etc) and all i can do is drink rehydration sachets etc

even had a fecking stye last night. Im falling apart!

psychomum5 Fri 12-Feb-10 11:32:02

shock at how much weight you have lost!

lots of sympathy from horrid

VinegarTits Fri 12-Feb-10 11:34:55

are you sure it was just d&v? doesnt normally last that long does it? sounds more like gastic flu, you poor thing

flossie64 Fri 12-Feb-10 11:36:40

Oh no Lissie, do you think you have maybe just got it worse because of all the recent change. Sometimes big change seems to make people more likely to get more poorly with bugs.
Hope you feel better very soon- and your Dh is able to help you out . Take care x

queenoftheslatterns Fri 12-Feb-10 11:40:25

vinegartits, i agree that its more likely to be gastric flu, but ds and dh show no sign of getting ill confused

psychomum, i look dreadful. i cant afford to lose any weight anyway and now look all skeletal sad

flossie, i think that perhaps it has been made worse with all the upheaval. ive not even been able to get out of bed, good job dh was here really!

VinegarTits Fri 12-Feb-10 11:45:15

my ds1 had gastic flu when he was 16 and lost 2 stone, its horendous you have my utter sympathy

queenoftheslatterns Fri 12-Feb-10 11:52:00

im so drained too. dh ended up ringing nhs direct tuesday morning because id been ill every 5 mins all monday night and i was literally the same colour as an olive.
<self pity> how long was ds ill for?

psychomum5 Fri 12-Feb-10 11:57:58

I do feel for you, sounds utterly horrendous.

are you managing to keep anything down......if you have lost that much weight, some of that is going to be water, you need to ensure you are not getting dehydrated.

queenoftheslatterns Fri 12-Feb-10 11:59:59

ive managed small sips, am feeling a bit better today but am very VERY dehydrated.

VinegarTits Fri 12-Feb-10 12:08:57

he was ill for about a week, but took him a few weeks to get his strentgh back,

flossie64 Fri 12-Feb-10 12:12:07

I usually make my own re hydration drink, its a bit more palatable IMO.
300ml boiled water, pinch of salt, tbsp sugar. Dilute with fruit juice and sip constantly. HTH
If you still feel bad this afternoon, maybe you should get some advice from your GP.
as NHS direct are not very good at quick help- as I found out a few of weeks ago.
Hope you continue to improve though.

Alex1981 Fri 12-Feb-10 15:10:40

Sorry to double up on posts but I've just posted this message on another thread. Thought it might help here too though:

If you want reduce the risk of reinfection, or infecting anyone else (sounds like you've got Norovirus or Rotavirus to me) then clean the surfaces you come into contact with with Tristel products (see

They kill all germs and are safe to use. Hospitals use them for killing superbugs! And they don't stink like bleach.

Take care. x

queenoftheslatterns Fri 12-Feb-10 18:33:57

thank you all. have managed to eat today: 1/2 a tin of soup, 1 slice of toast and 4 chips woo hoo! even drunk a whole cup of boiled water!

herbietea Fri 12-Feb-10 18:42:22

Message withdrawn

queenoftheslatterns Fri 12-Feb-10 18:44:55

and you, good news about the vouchers though wink where are you going?

RubysReturn Fri 12-Feb-10 18:49:28

I am sorry you feel poorly - but could you breath on me?

herbietea Fri 12-Feb-10 21:22:33

Message withdrawn

queenoftheslatterns Sat 13-Feb-10 07:42:39

lol ruby's tis a rubbish price to pay to lose a few pounds. dh has it now sad

herbie, that sounds fab! you deserve it sweet x

ChristianaTheTwelfth Sat 13-Feb-10 07:53:39

Message withdrawn

ChristianaTheTwelfth Sat 13-Feb-10 07:56:30

Message withdrawn

queenoftheslatterns Sat 13-Feb-10 07:58:12

lol i know what you meant. am considering one myself. drank nowt but boiled water and diorolyte since monday

ChristianaTheTwelfth Sat 13-Feb-10 08:12:15

Message withdrawn

queenoftheslatterns Sat 13-Feb-10 08:17:25

oh god, the wind!!!! will you take me with you? wink

ChristianaTheTwelfth Sat 13-Feb-10 08:22:05

Message withdrawn

queenoftheslatterns Sat 13-Feb-10 08:24:26

oooh, me too, tis quite fetching. think its the dehydration!

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