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4 year old constant runny nose

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louise999 Fri 05-Feb-10 20:20:47

Hi my four year old boy has had a constant runny nose since xmas. He is fine in himself although has occasional cough, which doesn't seem bad enough to keep him off school. Sometimes it is clear snot and sometimes green (sorry!!!) As he is only 4 he can't and won't blow his nose at school and the teachers wont help him so at the end of the day when i pick him up he has it caked all over his face. Has anyone else had this what do you do? Apart from the fact it must be uncomfortable all day I don't want him to be known as the snotty kid. Help !!

teaandcakeplease Sat 06-Feb-10 08:40:34

It's 6 weeks on from Chrimbo isn't it roughly? I'd take to GP for their opinion, as that's a long time.

Maybe its an allergy or maybe he has sinusitis? Worth a second opinion either way. Although I am no expert, so see what other mums netters say...

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