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How loose is too loose for a plaster cast?

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mawbroon Mon 01-Feb-10 21:16:32

I have been in this plaster for a week since getting my stiches out following surgery on my broken ankle.

It has been very comfortable for the last week and I have been doing a fair bit of weight bearing on it (as instructed).

This morning, the cast seemed a little bit loose, and by the end of today, the front of my ankle is now quite sore, and the incisions from the surgery are pretty nippy, as if they are being rubbed.

Does it sound like it's too loose? I think maybe I should phone the plaster room tomorrow.

Any experience?

mawbroon Mon 01-Feb-10 22:01:32


IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 01-Feb-10 22:09:39

Won't do any harm to call them. If your ankle was swollen when it was first put on, that will have lessened over the course of a week and it won't do your wound any good to be rubbed by a loose cast.

Get on the blower first thing and see what they say.

alypaly Tue 02-Feb-10 00:04:28

you should be able to get your litle finger down it but not much more. It should not be tight anywhere.Sounds as if it has worked loose....and that it needs a change.

mawbroon Tue 02-Feb-10 11:03:27

thanks smile

I phoned the plaster room this morning and they said to come in. I was at the hospital for a scan anyway (36wks pg) so it worked out fine.

They put a new cast on, and it feels much better already.

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