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persistent dull ache in right arm, anybody?

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saraya Mon 07-Dec-09 09:28:25

I am seriously considering seeing my GP over this persistent aching in the whole of my right arm. It is driving me crazy.It's been a month now! I have tried lubricants of the kind you use for stiffness etc but they only give me temporary relief. The pain is dull but spreads from my upper arm to my wrist. At first I suspected it was from dealing with two littel boys but now am starting to worry maybe it is some underlying health problem like heart disease etc??
Anybody out there been through anything like this? and what did you do ?

Cakesandale Mon 07-Dec-09 10:45:34

Do you do anything repetitve work wise eg on a computer? Are your fingers OK?

I am having very similar problems at the moment (whole shoulder is affected too) but am pretty sure mine is repetitive strain injury, and am going for nerve conductivity tests with a view to surgery to sort.

I'd visit the doctor if I were you, but it sounds mechanical to me (ie relating to moving parts). In the meantime anti inflammatories are unlikely to hurt (in moderation, obviously, and unless you have a medical reason for not taking these) and could well help.

saraya Mon 07-Dec-09 15:03:29

thanks Cakesandale..i do use the computer but very moderately and my fingers don't tingle just my palm and wrist ache dully as does all my right arm!..i do feel uncomforatble when i use the mouse now that i have this problem. I think i need to rule out anything like carpal tunnel syndrome ..i might be paranoid but i have read so much i am now wondering why the pain has lingered and is so hard to pinpoint? what kind of surgery are you going to have ?

Cakesandale Wed 09-Dec-09 13:10:33

Sorry for the delay in replying. I must say the palm and wrist ache does sound like carpal tunnel or similar. Sorry.

As for my surgery - who knows? I have an ongoing elbow problem arising from a break, which is causing nerve problems, but also trigger thumb, which is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, and both are kicking off at the moment. We will see what they recommend after the tests!

But the surgery for carpal tunnel is pretty minor these days. It is done under a local anaesthetic, and you go home straight after, so it can't be too bad (gulp). my advice - get it checked.

saraya Wed 09-Dec-09 20:35:46

hello again! I thought i had bored you awaysad anyways i saw the GP he referred me for physiotherapyhmm so i don't know what to think! he did a few simple tests and that was that! I told him i had this aching for ages and all but seems he did not see anything to worry him in the realm of carpal tunnel etc..however i am not so sure! i have this general tendence to "ache" in my muscles all over and i am at a loss as to whetehr it is lifestyle or some underlying sinsiter disease! well i will go for the physio and see what happens then! thanks and hope your condition gets better and hope your treatment whatever the tests lead to helps!

Cakesandale Thu 10-Dec-09 11:06:40

Glad you are getting it sorted Saraya!

Physio will probably help if it is not too severe, it has to be quite bad before they operate. Give it a go.

I too am always achy - I have joint hypermobility syndrome which basically means you are super bendy when young (!!) but then tend to keep spraining and straining things as you get older. Sigh!

Good luck!

lainey21again Mon 04-Nov-13 20:50:41

HI can anyone help i have a burning feeling in my upper backright side also my right arm aches i work in a shop and do alot of lifting so don't know if its that any ides tanks smile

falfal Sun 04-May-14 00:28:31

Did find out what was the problem ....I too have the same problem as you. Thanks

falfal Sun 04-May-14 00:29:07

Did you find out the problem sorry lol

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