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I have had ENOUGH of water streaming from my nose!

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mmmwine Sat 21-Nov-09 07:56:59

For the last couple of weeks my nose won't stop running (a really annoying clear/watery) and I keep on sneezing.

I've tried decongestants, Lemsips, all the usual, but my nose just won't stop running, nothing is working and it is really wearing me out now!

Any advice? <hopeful>

ABetaDad Sat 21-Nov-09 08:09:02

It sounds like Rhinitis which can be caused by a range of things but most often very dry air in your house. When central heating is on the air in a house can get very dry and irritates the delicate membranes inside the nose.

mmmwine Sat 21-Nov-09 08:13:47

ABetaDad, thank you! We are currently waiting for the central heating to be repaired so in the meantime have been using fan heaters which have definitely led to very dry air. Guess I'll not be using them any more then!

So it looks like anti-histamines to begin with, I'd never have thought of that, thanks again. (I am honoured to have had my question replied to by such a MN stalwart! )

ABetaDad Sat 21-Nov-09 08:54:32

Fan heaters are especially bad at drying air out. That is almost certainly the cause. You will surely still need the fan heaters on though if your boiler is broken?

Perhaps try drying your washing on racks and putting trays/bowls of water in each room would help until it is fixed - just to put some moisture back in the air and especially in your bedroom when you are sleeping.

Antihistamines will probably be what your GP recommends but do mention the fan heater so he/she knows the likely cause. I would say try some over the counter medicine like Piriton but it makes me drowsy and so may not be good if you are drivng.

Stalwart?! blush grin

Clarityn is non drowsy if that helps

Sagacious Sat 21-Nov-09 09:09:28

Oh and don't watch the latest Dr Who

WidowWadman Sat 21-Nov-09 09:14:12

Sagacious - exactly what I thought when I read the thread title.

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