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postnatal weight loss

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Bo Fri 08-Jun-01 20:24:56

Any ideas how to safely shift all that post natal weight? 7 months on after having 2 very close together I am getting fed up with all my bulk, but I'm still breast feeding, so feel I need to be careful, especially as I am very low in iron (at least).

I know I could loose some weight when I stop breastfeeding, but that doesn't help me now! I hate cooking and preparing food, so I can't do anything too complicated. my husband had a fit when I even suggested something along the lines of slimfast. Any words of wisdom gratefully received. (Ireckon I need to shift about 15 Kilos)

Suew Fri 08-Jun-01 23:12:52

I'm rather more postnatal that you (4.5yrs since I had my daughter!) but I have just started Weightwatchers.

I lost about 5 kilos/11lbs on my own but then hit a plateau. I joined WW at Easter and have lost 8kgs/17lbs in the 7 weeks since then - total lost 13kg since Xmas.

I like the freedom it gives you to choose your own foods - there are recipe suggestions each week and a diet to follow if you wish but you can do your own thing.

You get extra points for breastfeeding and at our local group mums regularly bring toddlers and babies.

My typical day's food would be something like banana or egg on toast for breakfast; tuna salad sandwich for lunch; steak and salad/chicken and rice/bean casserole for dinner. That food would only be about half my allowance of points - then you can add in mayo, fruit, muesli bar, milk, jkt potato, etc.

I also walk a lot more now. Mainly this is cos we don't have a car here in Australia but I find I am consciously making an effort to walk more.

I was anti-WW for a long time - always thought I shouldn't have to pay to lose weight but I am a complete convert now. I don't buy their products in the supermarket though - if I'm going to have a treat I'd rather use the extra points for the real thing than eat a pale imitation!

If you can't get to meetings you can do WW at home - a few of my friends in the UK have had success using a CD-Rom. Last year 3 friends each lost 3.5 stone doing this and were thrilled.

Good luck. I feel so much better and have gone down two sizes in clothes.

Toddlertamer Sat 09-Jun-01 09:28:08

I've also had two children quite close together and 8 months later I'm still fighting the battle of the bulge but I've found exercise and a sensible diet to be the key!

I decided that apart from losing weight my self esteem needed a pick me up so I've started a yoga class once a week. It's a great way to get lean and toned muscles and it helps you relax and be calm. Very useful when looking after two young children. My class is in the evenings but there are lots of classes around in the daytime as well and some places have child care available at a small extra cost. Beginners classes are usually available which will get you started.

You can also get video tapes to do at home - I recommend Barbera Currie The Power of Yoga but there are other videos you can get which are very good. Yoga is really good but it helps if you can do a little each day (Barbera does two 10 minute toneups which I think most people can fit in at some point in the day)!

It also seems to have a good effect on my eating plan. As I feel so relaxed and calm afterwards I'm not heading for the larder every time the children are screaming or I feel stressed.

Yoga and lots of walking with the pushchair will definately help you firm up and lose that bulge!
And by eating sensibly with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables included in your diet you'll definately look and feel much better!

I've also read a book called 'Lighten Up' which helps people get off the diet trap and control there weight without following rigid diets only to later put it all back on when the diet's finished (you might find this helpful if you dieted before and found this happens once you've finished the diet).

Good luck !!!

Ems Sat 09-Jun-01 12:10:59

Weightwatchers Weightwatchers Weightwatchers

I've done it after both babies and it is fantastic. You are able to do it whilst breastfeeding, its not hard to follow, it becomes sensible eating and you are rewarded by exercising, it earns you more points, ie you can still eat chocolate and have treats, but you count it in your daily points! There is something about going weekly to weigh in that keeps you really motivated and focussed.

I would really really recommend it.

Jodee Sat 09-Jun-01 12:23:57

I was still more than a stone overweight when my son was 9 months old, and to be honest the thought of exercising/dieting up to that point was furthest from my mind, I just felt so tired and lethargic looking after baby. It just so happened that my son was 9 months just before New Year, and I never usually make New Year Resolutions but I felt better mentally and physically about myself so really made an effort to lose weight.
I personally hate gyms and I know a lot of people swear by WW but what worked for me was also a sensible diet and moderate exercise. I just cut out all the junk - chocolate, crisps, etc. I too can't be doing with cooking preparing special diet meals and just ate normally with the family, but I switched to skimmed milk for tea/cereal, fat-free yogs and salad dressings.
I made an effort to do a lot more walking, pushing the buggy etc. and went swimming once a week.
After 2 months I'd lost nearly a stone and am so happy that I can fit in my pre-baby trousers again!
Different ways work for different people so find what works for you and GOOD LUCK!

Lizzer Sat 09-Jun-01 14:03:36

Hi Bo,
I would definitely start now while you're still breastfeeding as you are using lots of your food calories to make milk. I lost 3 stone within the first 9 months of b/feeding simply by eating 3 good meals a day with a couple of healthy snacks plus going for a couple of long walks a week with the pushchair. I swear I could eat so much and lose more while breastfeeding than now I've stopped. I still need to lose a stone and it's a real slog now - watching every ounce I eat, going to the gym etc. Apparently you're body uses around 400 cals a day when you first start b/feeding which goes up to around 600 cals as your baby gets bigger and needs more milk. I wish I was still feeding her now - my Mum fed my sister for 3 yrs and she had the body of a supermodel when she'd finished!! I think Eulalia has said the same about herself in a thread about pro-longed b/feeding. It may just catch on as the next trend in the diet industry, forget slim-fast try the all new "breast feed your way back into those jeans" plan!!!

Good luck Bo! If you need a tip regarding exercise try and find a gym or leisure centre nearby that has a creche, then you get a break from your little one for an hour and get fit too!

Crunchie Sat 09-Jun-01 21:28:32

Hi Bo,

I am new here on Mumsnet, but I am on a diet now, with a 12 week old. I have lost nearly about 1 1/2 stone really easily. I am with Slimming World, another slimming 'club' and like SueW I find the weekly weigh-in really helpful to keep me motivated.

Personally I like Slimming World as there is no weighing of food (except for a few small things) and you can eat as much as you like of certain 'free' foods. This means it is great for when you are breast feeding as you eat lots of low-fat healthy food, and never need to get hungry. I have lost 13lbs in 4 weeks going there!

I also go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week including a post-natal exercise class where we all take our babies in with us.

I spoke to my Dr about dieting whilst breastfeeding and he was of the opinion that there is no problem. The body is designed to give the most possible nutrients to the baby no matter what the mother is eating, so since breast feeding uses up loads of calories there is no better time.

My advice, if you don't want to go to a slimming club is:

1) Cut out all the high fat snacks (crisps/chocolate etc)
2) Drink loads of water (I switched from diet coke to water and I am sure it has helped - tap water is fine, I just refil one of those 'sports' mineral water bottles and carry it around with me all the time)
3) Eat 3 sensible meals (I have cereal or toast for breakfast, Jkt potato & Beans & salad for lunch, and Pasta & low-fat sauce, or Rice and Stir fry veg for dinner)
4) Fill up your fruitbowl (take advantage of the lovely fruit in season, apples, grapes, cherries, strawberries, kiwis, melon etc)

Seriously though the Slimming World diet is great as they have lots of convienience foods as 'free' food, so I am sure even you could cook rice/pasta and open a can of veggie curry/chilli. How difficult is that??

Check out the website at that has details of the diet and how to find a class.

Lizzer Sun 10-Jun-01 21:22:22

Hey Crunchie, there's a slimming world near me but I've always thought it would be really expensive - or does it work out quite reasonable?
I was wondering if you can take children along too?

Azzie Mon 11-Jun-01 08:22:03

Having something to motivate you is a very good idea, whether it's a weekly weigh-in or a special occasion of some sort coming up. I knew I would never lose the weight if I didn't have some big incentive, so I signed up for a charity cycle ride. I figured that once I'd told everyone I was going to do it then I couldn't back out! I started the Rosemary Conley low fat diet when my daughter started solids, plus started training for the cycle ride. Over the following 5 months I lost 2.5 stone and went from just being able to cycle 3 miles to being able to complete the charity ride (London to Paris in 4 days).

Breastfeeding definitely helped the weight loss, as did the exercise (I'm not suggesting everyone goes to the lengths I did, but every little bit helps!). The other really good thing about sorting out some regular exercise if you can is that it gives you a break from being a mum, as well as being good for your self esteem.

Janes Mon 11-Jun-01 18:15:24

Bo - I think your comments about iron are very sensible; I'm a blood donor and having never had a low iron count before even in pregnancy was amazed to find a couple of years after baby no 2 that I was anaemic. The only explanation was that I was dieting. I dieted and dieted and put all the weight back on again and always felt tired when I was dieting so in the end I gave up. I weighed 2 stone more at the booking in appointment for my third child than with the other 2 - this was after a 6 year gap. However i reckon I put on far less weight that time - I put on 3 stone each with the other 2. I lost what i put on quite easily but that still left me at 13 1/2 stone!
I then resolved I really had to do something but was really scared I would get anaemic/tired again for obvious reasons - 3 children are hard enough when you are at your peak!. I couldn't go to Weightwatchers etc because my husband works in the evenings and my attempt at an exercise class ended in a potentially serious accident.
So it was down to my own willpower. I gave up all snacks of any description including fruit because I had found that was a slippery slope - keep eating to meal times. I ate low calory cereal for breakfast and crispbread for lunch but made sure I ate a sensible evening meal each day i.e. protein, veg etc not some salad or a "diet" meal and often with bread or pasta but no potatoes or chips, no puddings, no "treats" of any kind!! I did let myself go at Christmas but by then to my amazement I had lost 2 stone and I have since lost another stone so now weigh less than I have done for about 20 years.
I had found that in my 3rd pregnancy I came to loathe chips and crisps and this has largely stayed so that helped; I am also no longer "addicted" to chocolate and actually find ordinary confectionary quite distasteful so you can change the habits of a lifetime ( in my case anyway). Beyond that I am still in shock that I succeeded!
I am posting this because I hope this will inspire someone - even after years of trying you can get there.
Good luck!

Madasahatter Tue 12-Jun-01 13:11:09

Bo, I feel like a camel when I'm breastfeeding. I simply cannot shift the weight - if I eat less I feel hungry and weak and cannot produce milk, unless I've been doing it wrong for the last 3 babes. Normally, I can only lose weight after I've stopped breastfeeding. The ideas suggested already are fantastic and an inspiration (for me at least - I'll print this off for when I'm b-feeding my next child - I admire the women who can lose weight while breastfeeding)

Give yourself a break, relax while you're breastfeeding and keep this special time free of worry about losing weight it's just another burden you maybe shouldn't be taking on right now. You'll lose the weight when it's the right time. Be kind to yourself - you deserve it.

Esme Tue 12-Jun-01 15:01:36

I lost very little weight after I had my baby and although exclusively breast fed my child began to put more weight on. By the time my child reached 9 months old and despite the fact that I was still breast feeding I decided that to boost my self confidence I had to lose weight so I joined weight watchers and have never looked back. I still breast feed (my baby is now 14 months old but have lost all but 7 pounds of my excess weight. The dieting hasn't affected the amount of milk I produce although this may be different for others. I wish I had decided to diet earlier and will do if I ever have another baby as it makes you feel so much better. I do think that any diet especially while breast feeding should be sensible and follow a well balanced eating programme. I also think you should allow your body some recovery period and make sure that feeding and milk production is well established before starting a diet.

Bo Tue 12-Jun-01 19:08:19

Thanks so much for all your ideas - some of them I've definitely taken on board. I'd love to join WW or something similar, but there isn't anything near me. Any low fat recipe books or any other good recommendations?

Ems Tue 12-Jun-01 20:11:12

Bo, you can actually do WW at home, call 01628 418 500. They have a 'Weight Watchers At Home' team and packs that they send out to you!

Crunchie Tue 12-Jun-01 20:56:07

Bo, You can also do Slimming World at home, they have a website, or you can do it by phone. However do try to find a class is there none at all near you??

Lizzer, Slimming World is not necessarily cheap, but it is worth it if it works. However it is no good joining a class if you cheat, you are only sheating yourself and therefore wasting money. I know people who go to class, but they don't seem to lose weight, I am sure it is because they cheat (well I know they do) To me there is no point.

Anyways costs are £10 ish first time (regestration and class fee) then £3.50 ish each week. I do a 10 week countdown that is about £30, it makes sure I go and gives me a discount. My goal was 20lbs in 10 weeks and I have lost 13lbs in just 5 weeks, so I'll keep going.

Each person has what works for them, but for me having a goal helps. Going to class gives me no excuses

Lizzer Tue 12-Jun-01 21:57:45

Yeah crunchie, I can see what you mean - paying for it would make me not want to give up. I can't believe you lost 13lbs in 5 weeks - fantastic - I'm going to their website right now!!!

Pj Tue 12-Jun-01 22:28:13

Slimming World looks brilliant, I have all the stuff passed on to me but cant quite get mysel;f to start - the reason?? Because I cannot believe you can eat what they say and still lose weight (do I sound like an ad?). Crunchie, can you really eat unlimited pasta or rice? I am a carbs addict but with the current trend towards high protein diets I feel guilty if I eat them in excess. Can I really eat until I am so full there is no room for more? I dont beleive it myself but would love to be conviced - it may be the diet for me. Anyone else tried Slimfast? My mother gave up after one meal and passed be a load of cans - I too gave up after one meal, thought I was going to pass out.

Lizzer Tue 12-Jun-01 22:45:09

No way! Just been on s/world website and there is a sample 14 day menu (loads of choices). I totally don't see how you can eat that much and lose weight either?!! I'll give it a go if only to prove it wrong, here goes....!!

Paula1 Wed 13-Jun-01 10:19:00

Lizzer, Slimming world really does work. So long as you stick to the diet. I actually only went to the class twice and then just did the diet myself. I found the class absolutely awful, but I'm not the kind of person who gets inspiration from a group of people. This is probably ver contraversial, but why would you pay to go to a slimming class, and then sit in a circle and talk about why you didn't stick to the diet???? Maybe that was just the one that I went to, perhaps they're not all like that?

Bo Wed 13-Jun-01 10:41:56

i don't live in UK, so ther's difinitley not a class of WW or SW, and I don't speak enough or the lingo to go to a local one, if there is one, What's SW's web site address anyone? I am determined but my hubbie doesn't agree with diets, and especially not while I'm breastfeeding, so I'm pretty much doing it in secret, therefore with no support. Yours is therefore really appreciated! I have lost a couple of kilos so far.

Suew Wed 13-Jun-01 10:53:50

I go to WW for the weigh-in each week but have rarely stayed for the pep talk.

It has been very positive when I have stayed - talking about new ways of doing fave recipes and reading labels for hidden fats or talking about what pulse rate you should aim for for fat-burning.

But as I get there fairly early to weigh in, I have ended up sitting around for 20-30 mins waiting for the talk. Well, in that time I could have walked 3km so I'd rather go and do that. My own time is precious to me and I don't want to waste it waiting for something to happen.

Paula1 Wed 13-Jun-01 11:12:46

Bo, I think that you can join both of them as a 'remote member' via the Web. I think they send you a pack in the post. I also think that they are both fine to do while you're feeding, as both involve sensible eating (not starving yourself). Particularly with slimming world - the amount you can actually eat and still lose weight is amazing.

Ems Wed 13-Jun-01 13:49:46

The good thing about WW is that you can follow day by day recipes and they suggest your 'shopping lists' if you are that sort of person. Or if you cant do it that way, then you can do your own and count your own points. It really is easy. (Go for it Lizzer! I've lost 2 stone)

Lizzer Wed 13-Jun-01 14:39:54

Thanks for the encouragement Ems! I really need to shift 2 stone if I'm honest with myself, I used to be 3 stone lighter in my wild 'n crazy student days - but then I hardly ate a thing! I would love to have the confidence that I used to have. My impending 'big night out' in Manchester is looming in a couple of weeks and I'm distraught already knowing that I'm going to be the biggest person in the restaurant and club! (Going out with 4 perfect size 10's doesn't really help matters!) I'm beating myself up about it and drowning in self pity - there has to be a better way! When I think of all the money I waste on utter rubbish every week I think I could quite easily spare £4 or whatever. It's really come to a head now as I spent all morning in tears and I'm not having my little girl grow up watching me like that - enough is enough. Sorry Bo I've totally taken over your thread - maybe we could update each other on our weight loss to encourage each other, what do you say?!

Ems Wed 13-Jun-01 16:54:30

Oh Lizzer, dont get in a state about it. Because you can do something about it. It seems like a huge task I know, but bit by bit week by week it comes off. And by going to get weighed each week, it really motivates you to keep going. I'd lost a stone in 8 weeks. I used to treat myself, I had a massage at half a stone, shoes at one stone and then got into the new clothes bit!!

Have you got a friend you can go with? That support helps too, although this place here is very supportive! You go to the gym/creche don't you? That helps too, it either helps speed up the weight loss or earns you more points. So you can go to the gym, earn 3 points and have a cadburys creme egg or 3 glasses of wine, the choice is yours!!

Lizzer Wed 13-Jun-01 18:53:50

Hi Ems, Yeah motivation is the key really I suppose. I can't believe I used to be the most confident happy-go-lucky person you could meet, it's shocking what a bit of weight can do to a person. I'm so determined to do it and I think having a structure would really help. Like you say Ems if I knew that I could have a bit of choc or wine or whatever that would keep me on the right path, as it is I'm depriving like mad then binging hysterically, it's really got to stop. Could really do with a bit of support but most of my friends are v v thin (unfortunately for me!), saying that 3 have had eating disorders so I'm not that jealous of them, would rather be healthy than go through what they have. The one girl who is in the same boat as me gives up at the drop of a hat and is not much good at encouragement rather becomes a bit of a sore point if she's not doing so well or vice versa - so don't want to fall out with her over it!! Hopefully it will help if I write a few things down here without trying to bore people to death!

Joe Thu 14-Jun-01 09:42:33

I didnt know it was ok to diet while breastfeeding, I have always been worried about not eating enough. I am now going to get my mums WW info off her and start. Due you have extra points while nursing??

Ems Thu 14-Jun-01 18:08:59

Joe give them a ring, or go to their website to check details, I dont know as I started after babe stopped feeding. I'm not sure if baby has to be a certain age, how many points or what extras they put in. They have separate details for feeding mothers.

Bo Mon 18-Jun-01 11:23:53

Lizzer - good luck. i'm finding it really hard because I have no self control! I have lost a little bit, but I've hardly eaten a thing during the day - gotta diet on the sly when dh is out, so I've eaten at night & the weekends. I just can't do things moderately. If I eat, I want to stuff myself! I find it really hard to just have a little bit. It seems to be all or nothing with me.

Lizzer what are you trying and how's iy going now?. Whatever, don't cry! I know it's easier said than done. My mother in law recently sent me a picture of me & ds when we last visited and I was so shocked how big I looked. I wish I could do something NOW, but like you said, we've also got to be careful about what we're teaching our kids about how to eat or not to eat. How much have you lost now? It'd be good to be a diet partner if you want - I could do with some encouragement too!

Lizzer Mon 18-Jun-01 15:54:00

Cool Bo,
I'd love to try and shift some weight with you! I'm terrified at the moment because I have a big night out this weekend and panic is setting in already. There is no way I feel comfortable or confident with this weight. I'm thinking of trying the slimming world plan - or weight watchers - I think they are the most balanced and varied diets of the lot from what I've seen. I'll give you a report of this week next week and you could do the same?! Good Luck....

Bo Mon 18-Jun-01 19:38:26

okey dokey Lizzer. Unfortunately I've just baked 12 fairy cakes for ds and eaten 6 ... No will power. Don't worry about your big night out, I promise it'll be fine. You could probably do with the break, if you're anything like me the chance doesn't come around too much! Enjoy!

Suew Mon 18-Jun-01 23:52:23

Bo, I worried too about the impression I would give my daughter by dieting - she's 4.5yo so pretty aware.

It's been good though - we talk about healthy foods and she asks about once every couple of days whether the food she is eating is healthy. If it is, I tell her so, If she's having fish and chips from the chippy i tell her the fish is healthier without the batter but a little of everything is okay as long as she's not having it every meal, every day.

I'm determined the words 'I'm on a diet' will not pass my lips, not even to a friend in daughter's presence. If she sees me writing down my food diary and asks, I tell her I'm making a list of all the healthy foods I ate today.

I love baking with her too but have decided anything that she's not likely to eat goes straight in the freezer or the bin! It might be wasteful but it's better in the bin than on my waistline right now.

I'e lost 2.5 stone so far and I don't intend to get it back!!!

Chelle Tue 19-Jun-01 05:39:12

Suew - keeping a food diary worked well for me too. I lost 12 kg in just under 6 months (sorry, not good at metric to imperial conversion!) by limiting the amount of fat I comsumed each day to about 30 grams. I also was doing Bodypump classes twice a week. I got "bogged" in January, lost enthusiasm have have wandered back (almost) to my old eating habits but intend to get back into the healthy eating regime again very soon (ha ha ha, I hear you all say!). I suppose the weight loss would have been faster if I watched the kilojoules I ate as well as the fat, but I'm a carbohydrate junky and decided that slow weight loss was better than none at all.....I didn't feel I could deprive myself of all my favourite food groups simultaneously!

Good luck to everyone struggling to get back to pre-pregnancy weights!

Debsb Tue 19-Jun-01 09:55:42

Bo/Lizzer, I've just started going to one of the Rosemary Conley Diet clubs. I went to WW 3 years ago, after my second, and lost 2 stone. Unfortunately I had glandular fever 18 mths ago, wasn't allowed to exercise for 6 months & have put 1 stone back on. I decided on the rosemay Conley because you also get an exercise class (failry gentle) when you go, so it gets you moving as well. The instructor reckons most people can lose their first stone in 6 weeks, if they stick to it, so I'll let you know.
It's a low fat diet, like ww, but more restrictive. You don't eat anything with more than 4% fat, unless its part of your daily treats, which shouldn't exceed more than 150 cals. Anyway, seems ok to me, so I'll let you know how I get on - I know from last time what a big difference shifting that 'baby fat' makes.

Bo Tue 19-Jun-01 10:32:52

thanks debsb & chelle - I'm really impressed with your stories. I's love to go to a 'diet' class but I just don't think they exist in my neck of the woods. chelle, your approach to 'dieting' and your daughter sound really good. I'm having a real problem with my son's eating (he's nearly 2), and it's stressing me so much, I think about it constantly, and the last thing I want to do is add any fuel to the fire by letting him see me having a battle with food. 12k in 6 months sounds pretty good to me!

Debsb Tue 19-Jun-01 12:26:25

Bo, where about do you live? The Rosemary Conley website will do a search on postcode. Other suggestion, take up one of the mail order offers, and we can keep in touch via e-mail to keep each other on the straight & narrow (or should that be the tall & slim).
BTW I never say I am on a diet, just that I am eating more healthy food. I stress to my kids that it's more important to keep active, but that I don't get as much chance to run around as they do so have to go to exercise classes.

Esme Tue 19-Jun-01 19:06:32

Jo It is ok to diet and breastfeed with WW. Health Visitors say its best not too but just eat sensibly but that is exactly what WW diet is anyway. You get extra points if you are breastfeeding so there is no need to worry that your milk supply would be deplited. I certainly did not have any problems breastfeeding and dieting although my baby was 10 months old when I started. Good Luck if you decide to do it, it definitely works and the weight loss makes you feel 10 times better.

Bo Wed 20-Jun-01 10:15:40

Thanks debsb. I don't live in the uk, so my problem is a language as well as weight one. You're right about healthy eating. No more cakes for me for a while. I can be really good all day but I have no self control after 6pm. Any ideas how I can save myself from this??? I'd like to keep in touch by e-mail - and Lizzer too if you want - the more help & encouragement the better.

Joe Wed 20-Jun-01 10:59:32

Esme - How many extra points did you have. I have spoken to WW they said there is a leaflet but didnt tell me how many. I could use my mums info if I could find out how many extra points and I could be on my way.

Debsb Wed 20-Jun-01 11:57:07

Bo, sorry I should have realised that as you have told us before. I don't want to post my e-mail address for public viewing as it's a works one. Any suggestions as to how I can pass this on privately (poss question for Justiner??).
As for the post 6pm nibbles, I know that problem. How about sorting yourself a big bowl of 'healthy' stuff, carrot sticks etc. I tend to find its more of a habit than a craving for a particular food. At least that way you can much without feeling guilty!

Debsb Wed 20-Jun-01 12:15:39

should have been 'munch' of course

Suew Wed 20-Jun-01 20:50:53

You might find Slimtime useful too. It's a website set up by a woman who wanted to lose weight. You can set up a journal there and make entries whenever suits.

Carriel Wed 20-Jun-01 21:06:50

Debsb and Bo. I'd be happy to put you guys in touch with each other if you email and let me have your details. But on the other hand think how much encouragement you're giving everyone else by swapping front line weight loss stories on this thread. If you can bear it, I know we'd all like to keep up with how you're doing and add our support and encouragement too!

Crunchie Wed 20-Jun-01 21:50:29

Bo, Lizzer, soory it's taken me so long to reply here I have had problems posting!

Anyhow Slimming World really does work, I've lost another 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks. That makes a total of 18lbs in 6 weeks!

And I really do eat unlimited free food. Today I had a huge plate of risotto at lunch (free food) and for dinner I had a potato gratin thingy (about 1lb of potatoes, also free) with a big green salad. Anyway I find it really works and I try to save my healthy extras (bread etc) for the evening when I am dying for something and toast really fills the gap.

Joe I believe you can have 7 extra WW points if you are breast feeding, that's what one of the girls in my post natal exercise class has.

I think this board will run and run as we all support each other. I have 13lbs to hit my goal of being the same weight as when I go pg, and then I want to lose another 1/2 stone to be at my favourite weight.

My ttips for anyone is to empty your cupboard of unhealthy stuff, therefore it isn't there if you get the urge. Since Slimming world has loads of free food I can then stuff my face on yoghurt, fruit, veg, cottage cheese etc and not worry. Also I don't need to go hungry so I find it is much easier.

Bo Thu 21-Jun-01 10:49:29

Can you believe I've gained weight even though I've been really strict? Slimming World sounds great - I think I'd really benefit from a class more than just trying to do it on my own - my experience the last couple of weeks vouched for that too! (The web site does look good though).
Anyway, I'm on holiday for a couple of weeks (Leave Saturday, so this might not be the last).
Lizzer - when is your night out? I hope you do enjoy it after all your worrying. Don't forget to say how it went.

Joe Thu 21-Jun-01 12:02:36

Crunchie - thanks for the info, I will get myself sorted this weekend and get going. I will let you all know how I am going, good luck to everybody else. Can we do it, yes we can (as good old bob the builder would say).

Ems Thu 21-Jun-01 12:36:51

I really agree with Crunchies tip, throw out what you know will tempt you and then DONT BUY IT.. If you buy it, believe me you will eat it. If your children have biscuits, buy the yukkiest ones for your taste, then you're not tempted, same with crisps.

Make a huge vegetable soup, throw it all in, this has no points and you can heat some up when you are peckish or have it as a starter for your meal to take away some of the hunger pangs. It really helped me.

Evening nibbles is a tricky one. Usually for those of us with a sweet tooth. Satsumas are great, eat each segment individually (instead of throwing it all in!) Look out for Snack a Jacks, 95% fat free rice cakes, they are big and are worth half a point I think. I used them when feeling peckish, caramel flavour for when I had to have something sweet. Or low fat nat yoghurt with some options drinking chocolate stirred through, very yummy.

The good thing with WW is it makes you aware of foods that are high in 'points' that perhaps you hadnt realised. And makes you think of alternatives etc. 1 tiny cube of cadburys dairy milk (should I say that here!!!) is worth about 3 points or something ridiculous - thats my lunch allowance! So you think 'is it really worth it'? Its not worth eating alot of cheese, thats so high, buy wafer thin ham/chicken, WW yoggies are yummy, chicken, tuna, jacket potatoes are all simple and easy. The WW magazine has lots of money off coupons in it. (plus some of the weight loss true-life stories are amazing and very inspiring.)

PS: Lizzer have a fab weekend, cheers to your first drink and enjoy yourself! x

Pupuce Fri 22-Jun-01 07:32:51

There are lots of very good advice in here - it seems that support and awareness of food is what you most need Bo.
I am a tall slim woman but with both pregnancies I gained over 20 kg (recommended is 9!)...luckily breastfeeding and yoga made me lose it all... but also I tend to eat NO or VERY little sugar.
If you buy ready-meals, they will always contain additives and sugar which will not help you dieting.
Here are my tips
Drink water only (if you can)
Eat a balanced diet of home cooked food without too much sugar, butter,....
Find alternative snacks - I know carrot sticks are far less sexy and tasty than crisps!
I also remember that when I was breastfeeding (only) my son developed eczema... and the homeopath suggested that I clean my body by eating only raw vegetables and fruits (and absolutely NOTHING else)... I hated it - did it a WE only but I can guarantee I lost weight!!!!
Also Liz Taylor said that she posted a picture of her (fat) self on the fridge to remind her everytime she opened the door!!

Lizzer Fri 22-Jun-01 10:21:17

Ems, you are lovely! I really will try and have a good time - just spent a fortune on new outfit and getting hair done this afternoon to get me feeling confident and in the mood!! I'm hoping to start slimming world next week and I'm going to email Bo for encouragement, thanks to everyone for advice and when I'm on the way, or if I'm totally floundering, I'll be posting here!!

Bo Fri 22-Jun-01 11:39:21

Pupuce - thanks for your good ideas. I sound really good if I say I only drink water (and lots of it), and never buy ready made meals, apart from the rare pizza. Its is honestly true. You're right though about being more aware. I looked at a friend's WW stuff a few weeks ago and I was shocked at the points for bread. I totally poo pooed it (WW) at the time - I thought I couldn't possibly survive on so little, but now I'm DESPERATE. I also need to eat smaller portions. Just a big fat greedy pig. As my grandma always said to me, my eyes are bigger than my belly!
Have a great weekend Lizzer (and everybody!)

Willow2 Mon 25-Jun-01 21:53:54

I swear by Muller-lite toffee yoghurts for when you get that sweet tooth attack - they taste as though they are very bad for you! Also trim the fat off meat, try to switch to low fat spreads (after a while you get used to them) and fry-lite (low cal oil spray), oh yes.. and buy decent balsamic vinegar and use instead of salad dressing.

Debsb Tue 26-Jun-01 08:53:24

I lost 4.5 lb last week! That seems a pretty good incentive to stick to it. I'm also wearing the trousers that got shoved to the back of the cupboard as they were too tight round the tops of my legs.

Lizzer Tue 26-Jun-01 09:48:44

Hi me again! Bo's on her hols for 2 weeks and I'm desparate to get cracking on the weight loss front, we're going to email each other for support so I'm really excited about it all. Actually feeling better 'bout myself in general - think the sunny weather helps, and my weekend away. What I was wondering was has anyone or does anyone know anything about wheat and dairy free diets, or detox plans? I am asking because I feel so run down and bloated at the moment and I was wondering whether to cut these things out to see if it makes a difference to the way I feel ( don't worry I'm not about to turn into Geri Halliwell or anything!)I have heard it can work wonders but don't know of anyone who's had success first hand. It's not so much for the weight loss I'd like to try it but I'm sick of waking up with headaches, having no energy etc and my blood tests came back all negative - what do you think?

Pupuce Tue 26-Jun-01 10:07:57

My MIL did one of these detox programme - she loved it (matter of speak). I think you need to speak to a nutritionist before embarking on one of these because they might recommend special teas to clean up your system etc.
Generally I limit my consumption of wheat (I am not allergic but I believe that with today's wheat quality... it isn't the best thing for you). I have swapped to spelt or corn pasta. I eat all kinds of breads but all contain NO wheat. And as I don't buy ready-made foods it is very easy to avoid it.

Ems Tue 26-Jun-01 12:55:22

Lizzer, I can tell you're on a roll now, on a definite weight loss mission. another tip I thought of is write down everything you eat in a day. You'd be amazed how many unecessary things you pop in as you walk through the kitchen! It's a tip also used for overspending isnt it. You can then see a nice pattern emerging, in my case nibbling and biscuits between the hours of 3.30 and 5.30pm. Whereas if I had a banana or a bowl of cereal it would be much better.

A friend of mine followed the new Carol Vorderman detox diet. At the end she was glad she did it, but be prepared to feel very grot at the beginning. Also double check with Dr if you're going to start a diet that does cut out major food groups.

I was like you and had the awful lethargic feeling etc, blood tests came back clear. I think it is the time of year and the life we lead with these little 18month old horrors. I noticed I was drinking ALOT of tea and have stopped. I cant believe I've done it, it was like giving up smoking, cravings and having to do something else at the times I would ususally reach for the kettle etc! Mad but true. It's been a fortnight now, and I do feel better for it. Every health aricle you ever seem to read, always raves about how good it is to drop caffeine and I thought no way, it's my only vice - dont drink, dont smoke, just drink cuploads of the stuff! I had to have a couple of hot ribenas now and then, and now quite like camomile teabags, but now it is so hot, water, water, water.

Finally, another WW tip, start the morning with a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon in, not only does it cleanse the palate (!?!) it clears the skin and takes the edge off of sweet cravings throughout the day. Good luck!

Suew Tue 26-Jun-01 20:58:06

I understand Which? did a thing about diets recently which recommended only a very few and wasn't keen on the 'removing major food groups' ones. Sorry, I don't have more info but I agree you shouldn't do it with reference to a doc and some tests anyway.

Having said that:
A friend is doing a no carbs diet and loves that she can eat as much fat as she wants to without any problems. She's lost a lot of weight too but her expereince is that you cannot cheat one tiny, weeny bit or you have blown. Perosnally, that's way too strict. I enjoyed my three chocolate biscuits yesterday!! They cost me six points, almost a third of my daily allowance, but once in a while isn't going to hurt. :)

I've found exercise is great too. I'm definitely not a person who happy spending hours at the gym but I love my 3km walks. They clear my head no end (essential this week as I am about to move for the fourth time in 9 months!). I know it's not easy with a toddler though. Even if they will stay in the pushchair, they'll be chattering away and disturbing your peace :)

Good luck Lizzer

Lizzer Tue 26-Jun-01 21:17:34

Hi there Ems, Thanks for the tips - I am feeling a lot better about it,thanks :) I am pleased (sorry, that's the wrong word for it)that I'm not the only one who's felt like this. I thought I was cracking up. To be honest I sort of wanted something to come back in my bloods so it could get sorted out, when the receptionist told me they were clear I was like "oh, great, thanks" and she hung up, I thought "am I supposed to feel well again now or something?!" I may make another doctor's appointment but I am dead interested now in what you say about cutting down on caffeine - I admit that I drink a big jug of v strong coffee a day, if not more - ARGH!! I am like you were about thinking it can't be THAT bad for you, so I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and cut it out if it really helps. Oh the thought fills me with dread!! I didn't have a cup of coffee all morning once and had a splitting headache til I got one!
Pupuce - thanks for the advice, I fancy trying wheatfree for a while as I'm sure it doesn't agree with me (sore, bloated stomach) so bought some corn pasta today, what kind of bread do you get though?

Lizzer Tue 26-Jun-01 21:19:48

Thanks Suew, do you know if 'Which?' is online?

Willow2 Tue 26-Jun-01 21:28:38

Lizzer, don't know whether this was covered in your blood tests, but check to see if they did a thyroid function test. Your thyroid controls your metabolism so if it is underactive you put on weight very easily and find it hard to shift it.

Pupuce Wed 27-Jun-01 08:42:10


Rye bread and spelt bread . If you only shop in supermarkets you will notice that the organic ranges have different bread, just check the ingredients list - I find the Village Bakery (organic) VERY good.
Also I buy my bread in a small shop and they have no-wheat bread. By the way consider no yeast bread as well - sour dough is better for you.
Again check organic brands if you can.

You'll be amazed at the taste!

Lizzer Wed 27-Jun-01 10:41:25

Pupuce - mmm... going shopping in a bit so will check it out

Willow2 - yeah, they checked my thyroid in the tests, I did wonder if it could be as my aunt has underactive thyroid and it would explain a lot, however it was fine....

Esme Fri 29-Jun-01 14:16:40

Jo - I had an extra point a day for breastfeeding which doesn't seem much but I never felt particularly hungry on the WW diet except for the first week whilst my body was getting used to eating less. I lost weight gradually so I knew that I wasn't over doing it. Hope that helps.

Lizzer Fri 29-Jun-01 14:57:21

Mmmm...just bought some rye bread made by the village bakery, you are right when you say they are good, Pupuce!! I am doing v well so far this week, I have just changed my diet so I am not eating wheat, using very little milk (but have soya instead and I take a calcium supp. so feel I'm balancing it out). I have made sure I'm getting my 5 fruit and veg a day, drinking lots of water and cut out the processed rubbish (although I'm still drinking a couple of coffees a day - just couldn't live without it, Ems!!), but feeling full and well. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it but yesterday and today I have felt on top of the world (besides PMT making me want to perform torture on hairdresser who wrecked my hair last week!) I'm back to doing my exercises at home plus walking with the pushchair, and will go back to gym classes on Monday (have not been able to go for 4 weeks, I've felt so rotten) I'm BACK, and hopefully can carry on feeling good and dropping dress sizes - I still need you girls for moral support though (thanks) and if anyone needs any inspiration out there let me know - I've enough to share at the moment!! :)

Joe Fri 29-Jun-01 20:20:30

Thanks Esme, having just one extra point didnt effect your milk then. Crunchies friend had 7 extra points, are you going at the moment? Perhaps it depends on your weight

Ems Fri 29-Jun-01 20:30:20

Wow Liz! Sounds like lots has happened. You are sounding really focussed. Have a good weekend/week with it.

Lizzer Sat 30-Jun-01 20:08:25

Thanks Ems, I'm trying so hard! I will let you know if I've lost anything when I weigh myself on Tues morning -argh!

Pupuce Mon 02-Jul-01 08:57:16

If you don't lose weight after all of what you are doing ... then I'd give up (just kidding). I am really impressed with your efforts... go for it !
I am no expert on dieting but I have always heard that coffee doesn't make you gain weight - quite the contrary (all is in the moderation of course)...
I think the nice weather should also help you eat fresh veg and fruits in bigger quantities. So keep at it !

Spring Tue 03-Jul-01 10:25:35

Lizzer, have you weighed yourself yet?? Let us know !!!

I've been trying to eat more sensibly and drink less (wine) and walk more, I've lost 8lb in just over 3 weeks. 10 days of that was on holiday too so I know that if I really made an effort I could do a lot better. Today I've noticed a difference in how my clothes feel. My dd just turned 2 last week and I can't believe it's taken me this long to shift the extra stone, low priority in daily life I guess, you forget what 'normal' feels like............

Winnie Tue 03-Jul-01 15:09:41

Hi everyone, this thread has been really interesting to read? you are all doing so VERY well. However, I have a confession to make: I DON?T BELIEVE IN DIETS!

Fundamentally I object to conforming to the myth that beauty=thin; secondly I truly believe that the diet industry is dangerous and makes billions by playing on peoples fears, and thirdly ?diet food? sucks; it is largely full of preservatives and air and is about as tasty as? well?diet food!

However, before you all tell me to bog off (which would be fair considering the above) I have to tell you all that I really need to loose weight! If I was healthy and fat I would have less of an issue (or so I tell myself) but I am not a few pounds overweight; I am 5.5 stone overweight! You are all doing so well, I know you can help!

From other threads you will have gathered that I eat a healthy wholefood diet most of which is prepared by me. We are veggie and the amount of vegetables we consume is huge. I go for long walks several times a week and walk everywhere (as I don?t drive), I also practise t?ai chi but it is obviously not enough. Basically my weight has remained the same for many years (except when pregnant ? and then I returned to pre pregnancy weight in a matter of a month). I breast feed twice a day now and will continue to do so until my little boy weans himself. I do sometimes wonder about wheat content as it can make me feel incredibly bloated and whilst my diet is really healthy I bake all our bread and eat too much of it!

The crunch has come for two reasons; firstly my baby boy is so energetic that I can?t believe I?ll be able to keep up with him once he is a toddler and secondly whilst I had High Blood Pressure in pregnancy controlled by reflexology and meditation it is still not low enough and my GP wants me to take medication! Homeopathy is working, bringing my blood pressure down but it seems crazy to be taking prescribed drugs if all I need to do is loose weight! I owe I to my children as well as myself to get well otherwise I have a fear I?ll not be around for them? which sounds rather melodramatic but a possibility nonetheless.

You have inspired me so much and I do believe that, as someone has pointed out on this thread, one has to do what works for you? so rather than ?diet? I am embarking on a ?Getting fit Plan?? (a cop out I know). Can I ask has any one managed to loose weight without weighing themselves every week? I am wondering if it is possible to weigh less often, once a month say?

Cleansing your body for a period is something I?ve done in the past but I am not sure it is a good thing to do with a small baby as it can at least for the first day or so stop one in ones tracks with headaches and going to the loo due to the toxins being released.

Like Chelle I don?t think I could deprive myself of all the things I love all of the time and I certainly don?t want my daughter to cotton on to ?dieting? in the household she is already surrounded (at 11) with friends who are ?dieting?! I think I know what I have to do: I have to completely stop snacking throughout the day, eat three smaller portion meals and I have to increase my exercise levels! One tip of Jane Clarkes I read in The Observer recently is to split each day into three sections: morning, afternoon and evening. This way, if one has a ?bad? section the day is not ruined only the section and the next part of the day can be approached afresh? It?s amazing how much of the food thing is psychological!

I don?t want to become obsessed (but probably will). All advice greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading this, writing it all down has made me feel very focused!

Bugsy Tue 03-Jul-01 15:30:17

Winnie, I am also very against dieting. I think that although it works in the short-term that long-term it is not the solution. Personally, if I want to tone up and lose weight I step up the exercise. This means that your metabolism speeds up (slows down when dieting in order to conserve reserves) and that you gain muscle, which also burns more energy - it is a winner everyway you look at it. However, it does require a bit of dedication. I am currently a prisoner in my own home 5 nights a week as my husband works away from home, so I can't go to the gym or go out running (couldn't justify the cost of a babysitter), so I use exercise video tapes. I have a about 5 tapes and depending on what mood I'm in I try and do one 2 or 3 times a week. If I'm really trying to loose weight I jog with the pushchair, climb every stair I can, walk some of my way to work, go for a walk during lunch breaks rather than sitting at my desk or going for a coffee.
To me dieting is hell. I have done most diets, high protein - low-carb, high fibre, low fat, 3 day cleansers, cabbage soup and way back in the 1980s the Cambridge Diet. All of them worked in the short-term but the weight always went back on and usually a couple of extra pounds.
I don't want to be down on those doing diets - if it works for you - go for it and I know that some people find they have more energy for exercise when they loose a couple of pounds but personally I think they are depressing.
I hope you find something that works for you Winnie. Good luck.

Pupuce Tue 03-Jul-01 15:55:51


First suggestion : why don't you bake your bread without wheat - try spelt or rye... maybe you could find recipes for non-wheat bread on the web. By the way try sour dough !
Also pasta without wheat (easy to find but more expensive). See if that helps 9at least the bloating).
Good luck.
P.S. I do not diet either

Bloss Tue 03-Jul-01 19:52:03

Message withdrawn

Bloss Tue 03-Jul-01 19:52:04

Message withdrawn

Bloss Tue 03-Jul-01 19:53:07

Message withdrawn

Lizzer Tue 03-Jul-01 20:57:10

Hello, hello, hello! I'm here and guess what....("get on with it" I hear you cry!)...I've lost 2 pounds!! Yeah! I know it's not a great deal but I haven't been counting calories or denying myself that much (by that I mean I ate a whole green and black's plain chocolate bar last Friday - no, the huge one - 100g )Just have cut out the wheat and cut down the dairy (as I said before I have calcium supps and soya, incase any of you are tut-tutting )I'm totally into it, even though I've a long way to go. I've totally made an exercise program where I'm doing aerobic workouts 3 times a week (lovely gym has creche - bonus!) and trying to do weights at home, not much, maybe 10 mins a day. Plus this week the weather's been great and living in the Lakes I really don't have any excuses not to go for a walk (except F+M restrictions, but I need to take the pushchair anyway so can stick to the roads). So to answer your question Winnie I think you CAN do it with a 'get fit program' rather than a diet ( although that said I'm still thinking about slimming world - just to give me some structure)I'm certainly going to stick with this for a while longer though. I'm definitely feeling better, and my jeans are a bit looser and everything seems to be on the up. I'm sorry if my cheery optimism is the last thing you want to hear but I hope that I can do some good now as it does feel great to start tackling a problem that was really beginning to interfere with my self-worth. I'm sure I'll have some bad days/weeks too though.....

Winnie - great tip about the cutting days into 3 I'll try that! I think you are right about the snacking and portion control too. I always end up with a plateful of food that I could easily lose a third of and still be full. With snacks I found I still needed them and so I've been eating fruit and crackers and sucking sugar-free sweets (Sula) a lot! Plus my Friday night chocolate - it's, like, an important part of my life! Oh, and since it's been so hot instead of having an icecream (or 10!) I've been eating Tesco value ice lollies, there's nothing in 'em!!

Bloss - do you really think a food diary would make a difference?

Spring - well done you. I hope I can say the same in another two weeks!

Winnie Wed 04-Jul-01 07:44:03

Lizzer, Pupuce, Bloss and Bugsy thank you all for your advice and encouragement! Here goes... I will keep you all informed (hard luck!)...

Lizzer, well done on this weeks wieght loss...

Ems Sat 07-Jul-01 19:03:15

Well done Lizzer, sounds like its going really well. I find a food diary works when you are struggling a bit, it helps the 'focus'!!

I will also add to this thread that I dont believe in diets either, I believe in healthy eating and exercise, that is where the weight loss comes from and from doing it this way it stays off and becomes a way of life.

Lizzer Mon 09-Jul-01 19:18:54

Gah! I have the big weigh-in to report to you tomorrow. Feeling bad cos it was my birthday over the weekend and though I had a bad tummy bug which rendered me incapable of eating for 48 hours, I soon recovered and today am thinking "well, it WAS my birthday so therefore I'll pig out now because I couldn't then....!" Bad thoughts I know, but any excuse eh! Will try to not eat for rest of night now and redeem myself somewhat, hmmm....
Anyway I was wondering how you're doing Winnie, is it going alright? Also, I predict Bo will be back from her hols soon so can join in this thread - I'm probably boring you all to death with my ranting, but big thanks for your words of encouragement, I need them....:)

Winnie Tue 10-Jul-01 09:13:24

Lizzer, belated 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' - sorry you were ill but glad you are better!

In response to your question (and thanks for asking) it has been an interesting week! I've kept a food journal and it has been extremely enlightening. Bloss was definately right on one account; I think I eat one or two pieces of toast but actually eat three or four! I didn't think the dairy consumption would be the problem as we eat very little dairy food as a family. However, I have also noticed that I have a really bad habit of grabbing a handful of raisons or dried apricots. So, these seem to be my downfalls plus I am very bad at turningt o food when I am tired or stressed in the day time although never in the evening.

I've not had a good week - has anyone else found that following the birth of their baby they've developed PMT when they never had it before? I've found myself difficult to live with this week! Which meant that when my daughter baked flap jack on Saturday I ate 4 pieces almost without thinking!!!!! Ho hum, I am not weighing myself and was really simply trying to examine my eating habits throughout the last week but I do feel better about myself (despite the PMT making me feel so low) - I am not sure that I believe I can do it yet - but I am determined!

Talking to my partner about my weight (he is extremely active; football, gym, running etc.,) and he thinks that I have a metabolism problem as (despite the flapjack lapses) he can't believe how healthy my diet is and how I don't actually loose weight. Not that he is bothered one way or the other although he too is worried about the high blood pressure. I think what Bloss says about metabolism probably does apply to me and I simply need to up my exercise and start some kind of weight training! Urgh... I used to go to the gym but it was a women's only gym an we would go 3-4 times a week. A home work out might be a better idea for me. Maybe the fact that I have been extremely fit and have become unfit is part of the problem?

I've been trying to find a sourbread or rye bread recipe but they always seem so complex I might simply buy myself some rice cakes (although they never last long in this house every body loves them!).

Anway, Onwards and upwards. Look forward to hearing from you tomorrow Lizzer.

Marina Tue 10-Jul-01 11:05:57

Winnie, yes to the strange PMT. I get a really sharp craving for chocolate, which I have never had before. I like chocolate, but am not in the habit of eating it much normally. Urgh.

Is it too late to join your gang, Lizzer?

I have been reading this thread with admiration for your confronting the weight issue so amusingly and honestly, and taking stock of all the helpful suggestions. Well, I have about 4 stone to lose and like Winnie I was a fit and whippy 8.5 stoner until I got pregnant. I also eat fairly healthily - yogurt for pud, lots of veg, fish & lean meat, stir-fries rather than deep-fries, no chips etc.
But I have to shift those kilos and I know I need to take exercise to do it. It's finding the time when you work f/t outside the home, only take a 45 minute lunch break to make up your hours and don't live that close to a local gym.
I am determined to lose a couple of stone by Christmas and the rest of it by next summer, as I look really horrible in photos and am feeling very down and ashamed of myself. My husband, bless him, is cool about the whole issue, but he can afford to be. He has lost a stone and a half since our son was born...without the slightest effort.

Lizzer Tue 10-Jul-01 11:47:50

Hi Everyone - Well I've lost 2 pounds again this week so am chuffed to bits, obviously my binging was counteracted by my illness, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, would rather be 100 stone than go through that stomach bug again (and why doesn't anyone tell you how awful it is to be ill when you're a parent, no moping under the duvet all day feeling sorry for yourself is there?!)
Marina of course you can join us, the more the merrier - I hope that this thread can just act as a way of encouraging people because for me that's really what is needed, and it helps a lot!
Winnie, well done for keeping a diary - I haven't started mine yet, but I reckon it would be a help too. I don't think you need to weigh yourself at all (I'm only doing it because I know exactly where I want to get to, to be content) you could use a pair of trousers that you'd like to get into again, or just judge it on how you feel, which is ultimately the best indicator. I'm feeling better than ever and I know a lot of it will just be pyschological at this stage, but hey, it works for me! About your metabolism Winnie, you could try getting your thyroid checked, I had mine done when I wasn't feeling so great and it came back fine. But the doctor told me while I was there that the most common time for thyroid changes are when you are post-natal. So it may be worth a check.

Ems Tue 10-Jul-01 12:44:20

2 lbs, excellent work Lizzer. Well done. When you post your weekly weight loss, make sure you also tell us your total weight loss so far, otherwise we'll all be going up and down this thread adding it up, the rate you're going!! Plus adding it together makes you feel EVEN better. And dont worry, if some weeks if nothing has happened even though you've been really good, sometimes your body is just 'reshuffling', you may find you fit into something that hasnt fitted for ages although you are the same weight. Also just before periods/period time this sometimes adds. So dont get disheartened. Thought I'd warn you, as I didnt know the two above things when I started! And I've definitely noticed the period pattern.

Marina Tue 10-Jul-01 13:20:20

Well done Lizzer! And a belated happy birthday!

Crunchie Tue 10-Jul-01 13:52:10

This was posted on another board I visit, but I thought it was just what we all need!!

People are always on the lookout for a new diet. The trouble with most diets
is that you dont get enough to eat,(the starvation diet)you dont get enough
variation(the liquid diet) or youre broke (the organic diet).
Well now there's the new Toddler miracle diet.Over the years you may have
noticed that most toddlers are trim.Now the formula to their succes is
available to all in this new diet.
You may wish to consult your doctor before embarking on this diet, otherwise
you may be seeing him afterwards.
DAY ONE scrambled egg, one peice of toast with jam. Eat two bites
of egg using your fingers, dump the rest on the floor.Take one bite of toast,
then smear the jam all over your face and clothes.
LUNCH......Four crayons (any colour), a handful of crisps, and a glass of
milk (three sips only), then spill the rest.
DINNER....A dry stick, two pennies and a fifty pence piece, four sips of flat
BEDTIME SNACK.....Throw a peice of toast on the kitchen floor.

BREAKFAST....Pick up stale toast from kitchen floor and eat it.Drink half a
bottle of vanilla extract or one vial of vegetable dye.
LUNCH....half a tube of 'pulsating pink' lipstick and a handful of pedigree
chum (any flavour)
AFTERNOON SNACK....Lick a lolly until sticky,take outside, drop in
dirt.retrieve, then continue licking until clean again.Then bring inside and
drop on rug.
DINNER....A rock or uncooked bean, which should be thrust up your left
nostril. Pour squash all over mashed potato, then eat with spoon.

BREAKFAST......Two pancakes with plenty of syrup,eat one with fingers, rub in
hair.Glass of milk, drink half, then stuff other pancake in glas.After
breakfast, pick up yesterdays lolly from rug, lick off fuzz, put it on the
cushion of best chair.
LUNCH...Three matches,peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.Spit several bites
onto the floor.Pour glass of milk onto the table and slurp up.
Dinner....Dish of icecream, handful of chips, some red ketchup. Try to laugh
some ketchup through your nose if possible.
BREAKFAST.....A quarter tube of toothpaste, (any flavour)bit of soap and an
olive. Pour glass of milk over bowl of cornflakes, add half a cup od sugar,
once cereal is soggy, drink milk and feed cereal to dog.
LUNCH....Eat bread crumbs off kitchen floor and dining room carpet. Find that
lolly and finish eating it.
DINNER.Drop peices of spaghetti onto back of dog, insert meatball into
ear.Dump pudding into cola and suck up with a strw.
REPEAT AS NECESSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugsy Tue 10-Jul-01 14:12:41

Crunchie, that is fantastic - thank you. I was laughing out loud at my desk reading it.

Crunchie Tue 10-Jul-01 14:14:23

More problems posting, but finally it seems to be working!

So far I have lost 21lbs in 8 weeks with Slimming WOrld, and I am hoping to breakthrough into the 10st something category tomorrow. That leaves just the last stone to go. Overall when I finally get to 10st I will have lost 3 st 7lbs or 49lbs (WOW).

I have kept reading the posts and everyone sounds like they are doing great, but it is hard work. I find SW works cos I can eat losts of food. I was looking at another magazine and the portion sizes wouldn't have filled a mouse. However I do go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I do lots of aerobic exercise (at least 30 mins either running, rowing, stepping, or a combination) and do at least 2 lots of weights a week. This have started giving me real definition in my arms, less saggy, flappy upper arms. And my legs are really looking leaner. No I just have to get this cellulite under control, and a bit of a suntan and I will look great.

Oh and the food diary thing is soooooooo good. They encourage that at SW by giving you a sheet to fill in (if you want) and the one week I didn't fill it in 'cos I felt too guilty I had hardly lost anything. It is the major thing that has worked for me. I am now accountable for what I eat. Also if I write it down I do not feel guilty about eating it. I know that sounds weird, but our consultant says it is up to you what you eat, however the key to losing the weight you want to, and keeping it off, is to become accountable for what you eat, and therefore to lose the guilt. For me this means I make a desision whether to eat that chocolate or whatever, and once I have decided to eat it, I do, and enjoy it. This stops me craving 'bad' foods, as I eat them if I want. And it is slowly re-educating my mind out of the association of guilt and food. I have had bouts of bulimia and have used that to keep my weight down, or to lose a bit of weight before. ie - I know I can throw this up later so it doesn't matter if I eat the whole tub of ice-cream etc. I am saying it was not that bad, and I always knew what I was doing. But I often used to eat and eat until I felt really sick, and had to get rid of it.

This is the first time I have lost weight by eating plenty, doing exercise and actually changing the way I see food. So for me the classes are invaluable, not that I have mentioned any of this in class, but because I m finally learning to take control of my eating.

I'm not perfect and there are lapses, but the food diary has helped me there too. That other night I wasn't hungry, but I just wanted some food, so I had a huse bowl of museli (nothing much else in the house), and I felt really bad. But writing it down, and looking at what else I'd eaten that week made me not worry about it and actually to lose all that 'bad' feeling.

Sorry to ramble, but this board is a good place for that.

Good luck this week everyone.

Marina Tue 10-Jul-01 15:26:10

Crunchie, cheers for both. One deeply silly, one inspiring. Well done you.

Bloss Tue 10-Jul-01 18:42:02

Message withdrawn

Willow2 Tue 10-Jul-01 21:14:27

Crunchie, toddler diet is a classic. Have a harrassed mum version somewhere which will try and find and post. Re slimmers world, got weighed tonight and have finally hit the 2 and half stone mark. Joined last November, the first 2 stone came off really quickly but this last half has been a real battle. Think I got a bit blase about the whole thing - and didn't appreciate just what a difference stopping breastfeeding would have either. Hopefully I am back on the wagon now. Want to shift at least another stone before my tenth wedding anniversary in January as I can't stand the thought of looking a million times rougher than I did then! Got any good tips for quick meals for one anyone? (Hubby often works evenings and can't be arsed to spend hours cooking just for me).

Lizzer Wed 11-Jul-01 09:38:10

Crunchie and Willow2 Well done, I'm completely jealous of you losing so much! I can't wait til I'm saying that I only have a little bit of the 2 stone left - but that said it's no longer 2 stone, it's 1 stone and 10lbs now, hurray! I love hearing success stories it keeps you really focused, I'm still really thinking about joining slimming world - I think I'll wait til I've used up all my own motivation and when (if) I start struggling I'll go then...I'm starting a food diary too, you all seem to recommend them so much.
Exercise wise, I agree with Crunchie that since I've been doing a little free weights work on my arms and back I have definitely got so much more definition, especially on the triceps, back of the arms - at last I feel confident enough to venture out in sleeveless tops (I managed to avoid them last summer), how typical that the nice weather has disappeared into thin air now!!

Ps Crunchie, v v funny toddler diet - but worryingly not that far removed from the truth!

Joe Wed 11-Jul-01 10:05:09

You lot are making me feel really guilty. I wrote on here I was going to start my 'healthy eating plan' a few weeks ago and still havnt (got a nice plain chocolate bounty in my bag). I am going to start on Monday, after I have been shopping this weekend, and will let you know.

Crunchie Wed 11-Jul-01 13:38:11

OK todays class and I am sooooooo pleased, 10stone 12lbs!!! Only 12lbs to go.

Suew Wed 11-Jul-01 22:34:27

Well done Crunchie!

Lizzer Thu 12-Jul-01 17:59:33

Well done Crunchie, I'm having bad day as I went to a conference and they MADE me eat a three course meal...honest!Also went to cinema last night and had huge box of popcorn, choc and pringles - boo hoo :(
I'll try and make up for it tomorrow without feeling too guilty as I may well start a 'I don't care' binge v soon and lose the plot entirely,I knew this would happen sooner or later,how do you remain focused?!!

Willow2 Thu 12-Jul-01 18:40:01

Lizzer, so you had a bad day.... so what my love! Try to be perfect for ever and you will either die of boredom or, more likely, give up all together. Don't do either - just accept the fact that some days you are going to enjoy yourself as much as you want and then keep things moderate the rest of the time. That way you will lose weight slowly and it will be more likely to stay off. That's what is good about the Slimmers World plan (not that I am a zealot honest, I like my chocolate and red wine as much as the next harassed mother)as it builds in allowances for the things you like that aren't good for you and accepts the fact that if we all try to live on cottage cheese and ryvita we will all go bonkers. So chill out and don't fret. life is too short.

Joanne Fri 13-Jul-01 00:56:06

Just adding in my 10p's worth to this discussion -I lost 4 stone after being pregnant (without dieting) and am also a life coach specialising in helping people to become healthier and fitter.

Two points which might help you are
1. It takes the body 20 minutes to realise you're full, so the slower you eat the less likely you are to overeat. Doing stuff like not eating in front of the TV, not eating standing up, starting with a small amount but with the proviso that you can go back for seconds in 15 minutes if you really want it etc will help.
2. Your stomach's capacity is about the same as your hands cupped. Next time you've got a big meal in front of you, cup your hands and notice the difference.

IMHO diets rarely work and just leave you feeling deprived and a failure when you can't keep it up. What I did instead was concentrated on healthy eating (at least during the week - still had pizza, chocolate etc at the weekend), drank lots of water and exercised 3 times a week. My motivation was that I want to be the best mummy I can, and that includes being fit, healthy and having energy.

When I coach clients who want to lose weight we usually work on sorting out other aspects of their lives and raising their self esteem and confidence levels. So I have this question for you - if you woke up tomorrow and you'd lost all the weight you wanted to, what would you be doing differently? Would you travel, write a novel, get a job, run a marathon, make new friends? Now, what's the easiest step you can take which would move you closer to that goal? (I have a client who's just started the novel she's wanted to write for 30 years and is losing weight effortlessly) We often think that if we lose weight we'll be happier. I prefer to go straight to the being happy bit because that builds confidence and will help you become the person you want to be.

Good luck to everybody & come and visit me on my website

Bo Fri 13-Jul-01 14:04:02

Exercise is definitely the answer - but how do you manage that with young kiddies and no one to help to look after them?

Joanne Fri 13-Jul-01 17:53:08

You still have options. Here are some I've explored, I'm sure others can think of more
1. Exercise with your kids - power walk whilst pushing buggy, energetic running round the park etc. As long as it gets you a bit out of breath for about 20 minutes then it counts.

2. Exercise whilst they're asleep. Get an exercise video you can use during naptimes or hire a personal trainer for a few sessions who can teach you a routine you can do at home.

3. Find exercise facilities with childcare. Many gyms & leisure centres have creches.

4. Accept that if you want to exercise you'll have to arrange some sort of childcare. For me (with no available babysitters apart from partner)this meant offering him the chance for some special daddy time with his daughter at the weekends whilst I went and exercised. I also got him to commit to coming home by 8pm at least one night a week so I could go out running. If you haven't got a partner, is there another mum you could swap childcare with? If you don't know anyone now, what can you do to find someone?

I honestly believe that lack of childcare is a bit of a red herring, it's more a question of lack of energy. But if you make the effort to start some exercise, you'll find that it'll give you energy. If you want to discuss this further feel free to get in touch through my website

Lizzer Tue 17-Jul-01 10:29:45

Good morning everybody! (from that you can tell it's good news!) I have weighed in and can I just say that it's sooooo helpful having to do this every week, it means I'm aware of everything I eat each week and even if I've had a bad day (or a postponed breakfast brunch like on Sunday) I know that I can get back on track easy enough. I have lost another 2lbs -nothing if not consistent, eh?! - that makes it 6lbs in three weeks, yay!

So then Bo, Winnie, Crunchie, Marina and anyone else starting out, how's it going for you this week?

Bo Tue 17-Jul-01 10:49:57

Yesterday I was really miserable and decided to cheer myself up with 3 mini lemon swiss rolls and a giant bag of maltesers - so i daren't look!

Ems Tue 17-Jul-01 10:51:11

Well done Lizzer, you've nearly lost half a stone, thats brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!

Bo Tue 17-Jul-01 10:51:35

well done Lizzer 2lbs is really good - and that late brunch sounds really lovely too. Hope you enjoyed it with no guilt

Joe Tue 17-Jul-01 10:57:02

Well done Lizzer. I dont have any scales so I dont know how much I weigh but I have tried to be careful and have been doing a little bit more and I was able to fit into a pair of jeans that I havnt been able to wear since becoming pregnant. I have decided to carry on watching what I eat and go on a diet for the last bit when I have finished breastfeeding.

Chippy Tue 17-Jul-01 11:30:14

New to mumsnet - trying but usually fail to remember I'm supposed to be watching what I eat like last night eldest off at 9.30pm then 1 year old off at 11.15pm just like bro used to be. So far lost 2lbs put on 4lbs! depressed tired and weighing more than I did when I gave birth!!! Being careful as breastfeeding so should not diet, but should not eat so much fattening foods either! Well done Lizzer and thanks for pointing out this section. I'll think of mumsnet when I next go for the cake :-)

Suew Tue 17-Jul-01 11:55:01

Well done Lizzer - you must be feeling extremely proud of yourself and rightly too. :)

Marina Tue 17-Jul-01 12:17:07

Well done Lizzer, good for you! I am still waiting for those nogoodniks at the gym to ring me back with my "nautilus Expressway" induction time.
At this rate I will have three goes at this 24 minute total body workout and then I will be going to France, home of the crepe, the tarte au citron and the steak frites for two weeks. I think I will date my proper regime from AFTER my holiday. Don't want to spend it sipping tisane and snapping at my husband.

Lizzer Tue 17-Jul-01 17:41:14

Oh you guys are great, thanks!

Marina, sounds like you'd be in a better frame of mind to start after your hols, I reckon it's best to start when you either have a goal in mind or nothing to spoil your plans...

Joe, well done, wish my pre-jeans would get round my behind soon!

Hello Chippy and welcome, there's loads of advice on this thread if you need it, I'm just cutting down in general on fat, wheat and dairy and so far it's working - what I'm not doing is cutting out everything, so still have choc and biscuits so don't really feel on diet, it's great! It honestly helps to post on here, so join us!

Bo, I'll mail you in the week and we can catch up.

Crunchie Tue 17-Jul-01 20:27:45

My weigh in is tomorrow, and after I wrote all that inspirational stuff I have had one hell of a bad week diet wise. I weighed in last Wednesday and was so happy about the latest weight loss, but for some reason I went off the rails this week. I managed to avoid putting on weight I think, and I may have lost a lb. But it took me 4 days of eating crap to get things under control. However, and I am proud of this, I decided on Sunday that I wouldn't let it bother me and had chip shop chips and a huge ice-cream (we were at the seaside) and made yesterday and today count. So even though my eating was a bit erratic I managed to get my head around the guilt trip after 3 days of eating cr*p, and had one day of eating yummy stuff without the guilt in the knowledge that I could be good for the next few days/weeks.

This was the first time I really 'fell of the wagon', but I have proved to myself I could get excited again about this diet. I went to Slimming World website and looked at the recipe boards which really inspired me.

So once again I am looking forward to tomorrows weigh in and if I haven't lost weight I have gained self-belief. (god that sounds smug, but I hope you know what I mean)

Crunchie Wed 18-Jul-01 14:41:25

OK I can't believe this, but according to her pesky digital scales, andother 2lbs has been lost!!!! I am sooooo lucky and I was sure that this week was really bad. I don't want to risk it again, so I will be good this week.

Marina Wed 18-Jul-01 15:07:37

Weight loss and self-belief (and chips). Well done Crunchie!

Willow2 Wed 18-Jul-01 20:32:48

Chrunchie and Lizzer (and anyone else I have forgotten) well done! I got weighed last night and have lost another 1 and 1/2 lb - and I thought I'd had a bad week too. Lots of vodka and a plate full of party food on Saturday night which I was sure would equal out having being good during the week. It's weird how some times you have what you think is a bad week but the weight still comes off. I think sometimes it helps to have a bad day or two as then the body doesn't think it's being starved and doesn't decide to hang on to those extra pounds just in case you forget to feed it again (as if).

Winnie Thu 19-Jul-01 07:09:14

Well done everyone! Just to let you all know that it is all going well. The food diary is a great help. I am not weighing myself (although I did when I started this... I may go into Boots and weigh myself once a month ...not sure yet)but my clothes definately feel different on me already. I am exercising to a video every other day this involves cardio exercises and specific toning exercises with weights. It is bizarre how my love of exercise has been rekindled!!! The thought of exercising had been horrid for sometime! Also continuing with the speed walking in between days (am having Sundays off). Fingers crossed! Keep up the good work everyone!

Chippy Thu 19-Jul-01 09:43:36

Hi everyone, just managed to read all the messages I've missed in this section as my daughter was asleep.

Just quickly, it's great to read so many messages about breastfeeding and dieting/sensible eating and so I feel more inspired to try while breastfeeding. Suew's tip re walking instead of waiting 30 mins for the slimming club pep/advice talk will help if I ever make it through the club doors as I feel I keep trying and getting nowhere fast so I must venture to WW or Slimming World prefered SW in past but WW only local club that has a time that might suit us.

Loved reading the bit by Lizzer about the extra help you get from breastfeeding so I'm going to print that bit out and keep a copy in my bag, by my bed, in the kitchen etc etc!

Since my first message - usual story of doing okay til can't get time to eat/evening when child no 2 (!) will not go to sleep before 10.30pm.

Good luck to everyone... hoping not to let the side down!! Or I guess more to the point me down - isn't that what I should be thinking?!

Crunchie Wed 25-Jul-01 22:04:32

Cooo It's nearly a week since people have posted here. Is that a good or a bad sign?? Either people are doing so great they don't need the support, or they are too embarrased to post with abject failure.

Well surely that's what this is here for, so I am posting another sucess!!!

OK I'm doing great, but I can tell you it is a real fight each day at the moment. I have lost another 2lbs this week, but I am finding things really tough. Each time I go to the supermarket those cream cakes are calling my name! (I mean surely it doesn't count if you eat them before you get home, it's like calories you eat when you are standing up, they don't count either, do they!)

Anyway after 12 weeks of dieting I am having to force myself each day, in fact each hour of the day to stick to the plan. I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday, size 12!! for the first time in a couple of years I can get these over the bum. I need to lose 8lbs more (to reach my goal) and then they will fit better, but I couln't resist half price jeans that fit properly onto the waist, and not leave that gaping hole at the back!!

So these jeans are not to be worn until I have lost another 4lbs, that is my next goal, and hopefully in 2 weeks they will be gracing my nearly pert bum.

Keep going guys, and keep posting, it is a real help to know others are having these internal battles all day long too.

Winnie Thu 26-Jul-01 08:26:05

Crunchie, well done you. Keep at it. It is tough but it is worth it! I haven't yet given in an d weighed myself but I am eager to. I don't have to squeeze myself into my jeans anymore which is a good sign and I am certainly not feeling deprived. How is everyone else doing?

Suew Thu 26-Jul-01 08:34:04

I'm due to weigh in tomorrow but it's my turn to be duty parent at Kinder and I won't get out until it's too late to get to my alternative meeting either. Yikes - this is the first weigh in I've missed since I started and I shall be trying to get up early on Sat morning to get to that one instead.

The good news is that I went shopping today and bought myself a size 14 pair of capris and a fitted shirt. Complete lack of modesty here but they look fab.

Sadly an Australian 14 is more like a UK 16 but it's a lot better than putting on an Australian 20 as I was back in January! :)

Willow2 Thu 26-Jul-01 10:00:48

Lost a paltry half a pound this week - but suppose better than putting it on. Not surprising really, was doing great until last Saturday when a girlfriend had a girlie dinner for her hen night. Vast quantities of alcohol, sausages and mash, brie, and pavlova (not all on same plate) consumed. Got to bed at 4.30am, son Joe woke at 6am. Aaaagh. The only way to get through the following day was to binge on carbohydrates and coca cola. So I suppose half a pound isn't too bad all things considered!

Lizzer Mon 30-Jul-01 18:35:09

Sorry folks, have been busy decorating and then went away for a wedding at the weekend so have not posted my weight loss for last week, which was another 2lbs. Felt really good being 8lbs lighter at wedding, nice to feel better about getting my arms and cleavage out now they are more toned and you can see my collarbone again - yay (suit trousers were actually bagging around my bum a bit though and kept having to pull them up!) but as all eyes were on the bride no-one said anything! I dread to think how much weight I put on there with all the free food, think I ate my own weight in canapes! I'll leave it til later in the week to weigh in as I have been so tired and snacking on sugary stuff to keep me going since Saturday - must try harder! Hope you are all doing better than me....!

Crunchie Tue 31-Jul-01 13:10:09

Oh bummer!! An early weigh-in this week and no weight loss. However this is the first week that I aven't lost weight and I know why. Firstly the weigh-in was Monday, not Wednesday, and it was in the evening, not at 9.30am. Now we all know we weigh heavier in the evening, and miraculously lose about 2lbs in our sleep (perhaps I should sleep more, chance would be a fine thing!). So I'm not to worried, I'll do my own weigh-in at home tomorrow to cheer me up.

Anyhow, I hope everyone else is doing OK. In this hot weather it is easier to lose weight, just drink loads and loads of water, and who can be bothered to cook.

Good luck and well done Lizzer, Willow2, Suew and Winnie keep up the ggod work

Crunchie Tue 31-Jul-01 13:21:09

OK I forgot! To dispell the myth once and for all that you cannot diet whilst breast-feeding I spoke to my brother, a Doctor, who told me about new studies that show dieting when breastfeeding is absolutely fine. A moderate diet is what it is all about, and that's what will change your long term eating habits anyway. In his opinion a healthy balanced diet when you are breastfeeding is much better than a diet full of fat and rubbish food that we all shovel down out necks 'because I'm breastfeeding, I'm not allowed to diet'.

I did ask him before I started on the Slimming World plan and he said it was fine, but there has actually been some new researched published to that effect.

Also in my opinion dieting straight after having a baby has been really positive for me. Firstly the weight has dropped off (average 2 - 3 lbs a week), secondly I am happier when I am thinner so there has been no chance of baby blues. Thirdly I feel sexier, and not like a lumpy, dumpy whale that I felt for the last 9 months. And lastly I am using my diet and this period of maternity leave to indulge myself, ie eating fantastic fruit, going for saunas and to the gym (I njoy this so it is a pleasure not a chore), and pampering myself with pedicures, facials etc when I lose a certain amount. I wanted to do this before I went back to work, otherwise none of my suits would fit ad I would have felt uncomfortable.

So for me it's been good, and now there is research that backs this up, so no more excuse that I can't diet whilst breastfeeding. It's not about going mad, just eating healthily.

Bells1 Tue 31-Jul-01 15:07:23

That's good to hear Crunchie. I have been a stone and a half overweight since my first baby. I am now 26 weeks pregnant with No. 2 and am very pleased that I have (as yet) put on very little weight above and beyond the baby and associated bits. I am determined to shift my excess weight after the birth and will also be breastfeeding. Shall certainly be thinking of you during my maternity leave. Keep up the good work!.

Winnie Wed 01-Aug-01 07:10:30

Hi everyone. Keep at it! 1/2 lb or no weight loss is much more preferable to a gain... well done everyone! It isn't easy though is it?

I've added swimming (without the children) to my activities. Getting out early in the morning on a Saturday on my own to swim in a relatively empty pool has been bliss... and means that the weekly swim with the children is all about the children and I don't feel like I should be trying to get a few lengths in whilst my partner keeps them entertained!

Finally gave in to the temptation of weighing my self (threw own scales out several weeks ago)... I got on the scales at the leisure centre and horror of horrors (I know I've lost weight by how my clothes fit me) but I was 7lbs heavier than when I started this!!! Tried not to be too despondant as I realise my own scales were obviously not working properly and have decided to weigh on the leisure centre scales once a month. Onwards and upwards everyone...

Bloss Wed 01-Aug-01 08:42:59

Message withdrawn

Willow2 Wed 01-Aug-01 12:33:41

missed my weigh in last night as old friend I hadn't seen for months came over. Shame as I think I had quite a good week...went shopping yesterday and found that I am now a size 14 (and a 12 in some places!) actually bought clothes that I wouldn't have felt comfortable wearing the year before I got pregnant, from shops that I wouldn't have even thought of going in to, so regardless of what the scales might say at next week's weigh in I feel pretty good!. (Not least because this time last year I was a size 20). Re dieting while breastfeeding, slimmers world actually allows for this by letting you have a bit more of certain foods - and I totally agree that a healthy diet is far better for you when breatfeeding than non stop vanilla slices , although possibly not quite as much fun at times.

Suew Wed 01-Aug-01 12:42:19

I got to weigh-in on Saturday morning instead of Friday. Sadly I had put on 1lb :( but have already put it behind me and moved on.

This week has been much better and I expect to see a reasonable loss on Friday when I check in.

We went for a Thai meal this evening with some friends and I really enjoyed my veg soup and steamed fish with ginger and steamed rice. Sounds very boring but was very light and didn't leave me with a stuffed feeling.

Suew Sat 04-Aug-01 22:24:29

I feel rather indulgent posting again but this week I lost 2.2 kgs!!!!!

I have now lost 20kgs or almost 3.5 stone since I arrived in Australia. I fly back to the UK on Friday and I hope I can continue my success in the UK.

Another 4kgs will put me in my healthy weight range - I already feel much, much better than I did at Christmas. Loads more energy and life is a lot more fun now I can run around.

Bloss Sun 05-Aug-01 09:02:55

Message withdrawn

Winnie Sun 05-Aug-01 09:44:37

Suew... fantastic! You are doing so well. Brilliant!

Winnie Tue 07-Aug-01 12:06:55

Hi everyone how is it all going? I am feeling really positive about the weight loss and getting fit as I can really see the changes at the moment. Hope it is all going well for everyone else too...

Lizzer Tue 07-Aug-01 18:28:40

Hello there,
I'm soooo impressed with you Suew, I wish it was me. Though I shouldn't really complain, it's just that I seem to be stuck at the moment. I've lost just a pound this week and that's after leaving it for a week and a half after the wedding weekend. So must find ways of not crumbling under the pressure of thinking 'well, if I'm not losing any then I may as well eat what I like'. I don't feel to bad just yet but I'm going away for a week next week and I don't want to go with the wrong attitude. Yeah, I know it's a holiday and I'm not going to calorie count everything but I don't want to end up giving in to it all. Argh, the pressure...!

Actually I'm reading a really interesting book at the moment called "The Diet Cure", has anyone read it? It aims to combat the emotional causes of over-eating and binging to stop the repetitive cycle of dieting and re-gaining weight. It has some unusual stuff in it about using amino acids to regulate your brain chemicals and information on thyroid problems, PMT and allergies. I'm not sure if I'm going to begin buying copious amounts of amino acids, but it seems to make sense in a very scientific (ie - I have to have a lot of patience to read and re-read it!) way...

Hope everyone's keeping healthy and happy :)

Bo Tue 07-Aug-01 19:24:03

hi everyone - it's been ages since i posted on this, but I've had a pretty bad 3 weeks or so, and I've gone completely the opposite of someone on a diet - I've gone sweets-chocolate-quiche crazy. I've put on loads of the (not very much) weight that I worked so hard to get rid of in the first place. I am pretty much back to square one, with lots of effort (and encouragement ) needed. I'm going on holiday in a few weeks to see an old friend, who hasn't seen me since I was pg, and I'd LOVE to feel I lookes amazing - ha. Anyway, I am determined (again). I have put post-its on the fridge door. Help!!!

Willow2 Tue 07-Aug-01 20:17:06

Lizzer, you've lost a 1lb - why are you caning yourself when you should be celebrating! Weight loss slows down after a while and what is important is that you lost it rather than gaining it. When I started I lost 4lb in my third week - now it's a 1lb here or 1/2lb there. But it's coming off not going on so I'm still happy. Think positive.
On another note, does this book you mention say anything interesting about underactive thryoids? I've had one for the past fifteen years or so so would be interested to know if you think book worth buying for this information alone.

Lizzer Wed 08-Aug-01 19:24:42

Willow2, yep the book is full of info on hypothryroidism and thyroiditis. I was wondering if I had an underactive one myself but my test results came back fine. However, in the book she (author: Julia Ross) explains that there are a number of more acurate tests than the standard one they use in regular blood tests and as I have doctor's appt. tomorrow (for yet another smear - joy!)I was thinking of asking about them, when the lists of how you feel sounds so like me 24/7. I dunno, maybe I want it to be the easy option but I just don't feel great. Anyway, it's definitely worth a read for the in-depth sections on the thyroid alone. I have skimmed the pages of so many diet books in the past, but this is very well written research rather than mindless drivel. See if the library has it, maybe?
Oh, and thanks for cheering me up on the weight loss front, I know it's going to slow down a lot now, but I just wish I could stay focussed...

Bo, hope things have gone well for you today, keep looking at those post-its!

Ems Wed 08-Aug-01 21:23:37

Lizzer, think of the TOTAL loss, not the weekly loss!! Stay positive, you are doing really well. Would write more but I'm too tired! Up the stairs I go ...

Dorisday Wed 08-Aug-01 21:41:43


Crunchie Wed 08-Aug-01 22:50:47

Lizzer as my SW consultant would say, 1lb is 8 sausages!!! (off your bum!) when put like that it seems even better.

I'm now on that hardest bit of all - the last 1/2 stone!! I started out this diet wanting to get down to the weight I was when I got pg, well I've done that now, and the baby is 2 days shy of 5 months! However I now feel that I could get rid of that last 1/2 stone that I never shifted between babies. This would put me just into the nine stones range (9 st 13 lbs) and I would be thinner than I have been since I got married. This time I know I can do it, as I have already lost 3 stone. Also I have decided a way of keeping the weight off will be to run next years London Marathon. I know that seems a bit drastic, but I the last 4 months I have gone from unfit and 13 st 7 lbs to being able to run 6 miles (I did that on Sunday in just 1hr). Since the maraton is next April,I need to stay fit (and get much fitter), and I will be raising loads of money for charity, I can't put the weight back on.

This will give me a goal to work toward even in the middle of winter when I don't feel like exercise, and when I have a goal to work for I always do much better.

Anyway, the exercise will keep the weight coming off and the bum from wobbling too much when I go back to work in 20 days time (boo hoo) At least I'm going back thinner than they've ever really seen me, because although I weigh the same as when I got pg, I am much more toned and therefore thinner!!!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO

Winnie Thu 09-Aug-01 07:00:17

Crunchie your hard work really has paid off. Well done you... what an inspiration! The marathon is a great goal to work towards. I am going to think of something similar. I used to run but it was a long time ago and the thought of it right now makes me cringe but maybe sometime soon... as for your 1lb = 8 sausages...thanks for that... MMMMmmmmmurgh...will keep that in mind everytime I am tempted to lapse.

Lizzer, you are doing so brilliantly keep looking at the overall picture...

And Bo, keep at it, it is hard but you obviously want to make a difference. I try to keep in mind that if I change my eating habits and loose on average 1.5 lbs a week, in the length of time I was pregnant (42wks) I can loose 4st 7lbs!!!!!!! Which really does put the effort involved into perspective because whilst pregnant it seems to last forever but once the baby is here how quickly the pregnancy falls into history!!

Winnie Thu 09-Aug-01 07:01:47

Dorisday, welcome on board and good luck!

Ems Thu 09-Aug-01 08:55:31

Crunchie what a great goal and fantastic achievement that would be, well you've got LOADS of potential sponsors here!

Love the 1lb, 8 sausages....

Bo Thu 09-Aug-01 11:10:36

i'll be dreaming of sausages now...
The post-its have fallen off the fidge, and hubbie is out tonight. I've got nothing 'naughty' in the house, but I need to go to the shops for some milk, I just know I won't be able to retrain myself.

I've been better ( in the food dept) the last couple of days, so my shorts are feeling a bit looser thanks goodness.

I bought some trainers yesterday - so full of good intentions. I want to take up jogging, but I'm definitely not up to the amazing standards of Crunchie, but there we go. maybe next year :-)

Tigermoth Thu 09-Aug-01 17:05:31

An acquaintance of mine, wanting to shift the last of her post pregnancy weight gain, started running a month or two ago. In just this very short time, she has got noticeably slimmer and more toned, and, knowing her, she is not a healthy eating or fitness fanatic.

Makes me want to give it a go, but how do I organise running after 9.00 pm, when children are in bed, in a not exactly law-abiding bit of SE London? Especially when it gets dark?? I suppose I could do it on some quiet country lanes in my lunch hour (I work in a village). But how much would I need to do to make a difference?

Dorisday Sat 11-Aug-01 22:01:44

thanks for the welcome winnie, it takes a bit of getting into -this website -i'm starting to feel more at home now! the diet started today after a 1st meal out after the baby (last night ) and a last meal out due to diet .hubby and i are on a crash(healthy though) diet -andrew has put on 6 stone since we met 7 years ago-he now is a healthy 19 stone! fortunalely he is the chef in our household-as i cannot cook -left home and moved straight in with him(he's been married before and done the student away from home thing!) sorry i'm going on -i feel invigorated having had our first (tasty) diet meal-tagliatelli, tuna, tomatoes,garlic , chillis, peppers,red onion, spring onion, tomato paste-yummmmmmy! i just need the personal trainer now !!!

Bo Mon 13-Aug-01 11:24:34

I've actually been running - me! I must say I hoped noone say me, but I guess the pushchair makes you a bit more noticable. I just hoped they thought i was running for the bus or something. It has had a positive affect on my eating - I didn't fancy anything too bad & undoing all my hard work, but then it's only the first time, so I need to keep myself motivated. Intead of just weighing myself too I found in the chemist one of those body mass things which tell you what % fat you are - I'mm 33% (apparently my ideal is between 17 & 27%0 I can't believe that 33% of me is fat. We're supposed to be 30 % water too aren't we, so it doesn't seem to leave much for important things - better get exercising & get rid of some of that fat!

Miti Mon 13-Aug-01 12:48:35

Although I'm not postnatal, I just had my monthly check-up (currently 5 months pg) and to my horror discovered that I'd added 3 kilos this month. I got the pre-eclampsia speech and all from the doctor and felt absolutely dreadful.
We (dh & I) went grocery shopping immediately afterwards and it was as if I had blinkers on as I by-passed all the naughty foods. He thought it was quite amusing until he realised how upset I was.
I guess an overall (so far) gain of 5 kilos isn't too bad is it?
Any advise welcome on how to be good. I eat fairly healthy foods, drink copious quantities of water and although I don't exercise every day I don't lead a sedentry life either (usually forced on me by situations such as the lift breaking down - we live on the 4th floor!)

Bells1 Tue 14-Aug-01 12:59:51

Miti I am 28 weeks pregnant and have so far gained 5 kilos which I am quite pleased about as it is a lot less than last time. Off the top of my head, I thought the normal weight gain during pregnancy was around 12-15 kilos in total so it doesn't sound as though you have anything to worry about.

Jj Tue 14-Aug-01 15:43:08

Miti, I've gained 6 1/2 kilos so far (I'm 33 weeks) but my weight's been up and down. Actually, over two months (months 4 - 6) my weight went up 6 kilos and the doctor wasn't concerned. In fact, we were talking about it on my last visit and he said weight gain is vastly overrated. If you gain too much, it'll be harder to lose it, of course, but that's about it (or so he said). Also, I've found with the weird British weather, my clothes and shoes can account for some of the weight changes.

Crunchie Tue 14-Aug-01 20:27:59

Hey you guys worrying while you are pregnant, blimey!! I ate like a pig, did no exercise and that's why I put on about 60lbs (!) while I was pg. Hence I am now having loads to lose. If you check out my earlier posts I found myself 5 weeks after giving birth 3 1/2 stone heavier than when I got pg, I couldn't blame it on the baby then! Now at 5 months post nantal I am 2lbs less than when I got pg, but it has been a hard slog. I have still got about 7lbs to go to reach my ideal weight and that will make a total loss of 4 stone.

Any how weigh in tomorrow am, and more running I think. I have filled in my marathon entry form, so I've got no excuses. My husband is doing it too, so together we will support each other.

Joe Wed 15-Aug-01 06:23:41

Good for you Crunchie. I have always thought about the marathon and we have also talked about doing it together, husbands work committments wont allow it for next year, maybe the year after. My midwife told me you cant diet while pregnant so dont worry you can soon get it off afterwards. I suppose I would like to lose another stone, its coming off slowly but surely.

Suew Wed 15-Aug-01 15:38:23

Good for you Crunchie - that's fantastic.

I weighed in today at UK WW effectively halfway through my normal week and just four days after a 22 hour flight and was delighted to find another 1.5lbs gone.

I still can't get into running, even though that's my ultimate aim, but it was fun racing my daughter round the park yesterday - her on her bike and me running, albeit only a short burst of about 100m.

Lizzer Tue 21-Aug-01 19:56:34

Hello everyone! I'm back from my hols and had a lovely relaxing time! Stayed at a holiday village near-ish Dublin which had holistic therapist on site so got reiki and massage - heaven. Retail therapy in Dublin was also good - spent small fortune but it was my holidays! Well I went a full week without knowing my weight but didn't over-indulge in the slightest, just got into eating v healthy stuff - and many potatoes, being in Ireland! Also long walks and fresh air hepled my state of mind. I am amazed but pleased to annouce that I shook off another two pounds and the really good news is that I now after doing this on mumsnet and including weight that I have lost before I have dropped from 14 stone 4 (in Feb this year) to 12 and 13 pounds!! Yay! I am 5'10" so I really look good around the 11 and half stone mark (any less and I look a bit drawn) so I know I've got a lot more to go but seeing as I was 16 stone after giving birth 20 months ago - I'm not doing too bad! :) :) :)

Anyway after all that blowing my own trumpet (and I know I was telling a few fibs about my previous weight loss, but had been stuck at my weight for ages before starting this time and kept yo-yoing for a while so I didn't count everything that had gone before it and really am only counting that I have lost 11lbs, it makes me feel more motivated that way!)

Good luck to everyone else this week, after all my healthy holiday de-tox I'm about to thoroughly RE-tox with a glass or 4 of wine, catch you all later.........!!

Winnie Wed 22-Aug-01 15:47:21

Lizzer, your holiday sounds great! Glad you had a good time. Fantastic that you managed to continue loosing weight whilst on your hols!

I am really getting into my get fit regime now and I am beginning to feel less exhausted!! Will way myself on Saturday and let you know of the progree over the last month. How is everyone else doing?

Winnie Wed 22-Aug-01 16:11:21

Did I really write 'way'...? so much for being less exhausted!

Bo Wed 22-Aug-01 19:57:51

Lizzer - well done - I feel very pleased for you & totally jealous of you!
As for me, I have been running a few times now and am still enjoying it which is great, BUT I just can't seem to stop eating and eating and eating. I just can't stop myself - why is this??? It's been a lot worse in the last few weeks. It's so frustrating. I just want to eat all the time. So despite taking up exercise & sticking to it - 2 weeks now - I've eaten my way fatter bigger & heavier. What am i going to do with myself? Jaw wiring seems a little drastic, but becoming temptine. Does anyone know how to invent self control when it is completely lacking - I nearly gave in to temptation & have my first cigarette since pg but I didn't - only because of the earache I would have got from dh. What is happening?

Dorisday Wed 22-Aug-01 20:16:45

i've lost 2 lbs!! i'm starving tho'-any tips on healthy -hole filling(i've tried grapes-they're not too bad)

Joe Thu 23-Aug-01 03:23:16

Well done Lizzer, wondered where you were. You will have to tell more about your holiday, we would love to go to Ireland and it sounds like you have found a great place to visit.
Im still losing weight (well I think I am, I dont have any scales), but at a much slower rate than most of you, but I plan to stop breastfeeding in the next few months so I will be able to really get down to it. I know I can diet while feeding but I like to be strict and would worry while feeding. Good luck everybody for next weeks weigh in

Lizzer Thu 23-Aug-01 10:57:18

Bo, don't get disheartened, it's normal for your body to need food while breastfeeding and I think it's hard because you get used to eating so much and when baby is cutting down on milk you carry on eating the same amount as when they were on millions of feeds a day! I felt so hungry when I was b/feeding but I found that eating little and often really helped - and eating the 'right' things of course. The book I was reading recently 'the diet cure' has really helped me because I've stopped worrying about calories and started listening to my body more - if that makes sense. I'm also eating loads more protein and good fats (olive oil, nuts, avocados etc)that I ever ate before because I thought they were full of calories (which they are but it really doesn't matter). I used to snack on carbohydrates to fill me up but I found that they filled me up but once they were out of my system I craved more, so now I eat them only at mealtimes and have cut out all wheat flour - which has helped so much. I had a slice of bread when I was away and my stomach became so distended and uncomfortable that I realised I didn't miss that feeling at all! I am back eating dairy products though as I have found they agree with me just fine. One thing not eating wheat has helped me with is I have to make far more concious choices about what put in my mouth - I can't just run to the shop and grab a sandwich or cake - and that's helped me to understand why I'm eating in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I am not holier than thou angel by any strech of the imagination, only last night I watched a video and scoffed my way through half a packet of popcorn, frozen yoghurt and pistachio's but I'm not feeling guilty like I used to. I really hope that this has been a change forever and I'm not going to revert back to my old habits in the future. I can only hope, but it's nice to feel I'm in control of my eating for once in my life!

Thanks for all your encouragement again :)

Bo Fri 24-Aug-01 10:42:08

thanks for your encouragement too Lizzer!

I don't know why I feel so hungry at the moment and once I start I can't stop, and I NEVER snack on the 'right' things - it's always sweets, cake, crisps & chocolate.

I haven't worked out how to overcome this. Why is wheat so bad? How can I find out what are the 'right' & 'wrong' things to eat, apart from the obvious apple vs mars bar? How do I retrain myself? I have no will power at all at the moment. I suppose if wheat is bad then beer/lager is too - is wine - not that I drink barrels & barrels you understand!

Anyway, I'm starting to weigh myself on Mondays - you're Tuesdays aren't you? I'm still running, still eating, still gaining weight. Hope you have a good weekend.

Ems Fri 24-Aug-01 13:17:16

Bo, try Snack a Jacks, various flavours I love the caramel, come in little sizes or big rice cake sizes! Very yummy and great at shooing away the cravings!

Fill yourself up more at each meal with vegetables or salad. I actually ate more on my plate when I was losing weight and being sensible.

Cut out as much bread as possible, if you have it at breakfast as toast, try not to have it at lunch too, have a jacket or a salad for example.

I like the Weight Watchers magazine for good recipes and good common sense advice. Plus you look at the real life stories and think, well if they can do it, then so can I!

Twink Fri 24-Aug-01 17:57:45

Bo, I really sympathise about the chocolate etc. I only put on 7 pounds during my pregnancy but in the year I was breastfeeding , I gained well over 2 stone. In my case it was due to going for pram walks which led to trips to the baker's for cream cakes, preferably with chocolate too - obviously if I'd gone for a walk I 'needed' to maintain my strength... I was also told that eating lots of carbs following pregnancy could help to stave off PND - hence all those 'medicinal' cheese sandwiches..
Eventually I realised that at 5'4" and nearly 13 stone I had to do something so tried to lose weight. All my initial attempts led to an increase in weight (told you I understand) and until I started writing every mouthful down, I couldn't understand why. Part of it was my attempts to encourage my daughter to eat ie I'd demonstrate how nice her dinner was (and then finish what she didn't eat) and the other was lager !
I've now switched from lager to drinking an inch of white wine topped up with mineral water and trying to follow a low fat diet (Rosemary Conley style) and never (almost never) eat leftovers. Thanks to this thread I've kept at it (thanks to you all !) and lost 1.5 stone so far. If I get the munchies I hit the fruit bowl or occasionally a packet of Skips. The other thing that helps me is that I subscribe to Choc Express chocolate tasting club - they deliver one box per month, I don't buy any other chocolate so it rations how much I can possibly get through.

Sorry to go on, just hope it might help a bit.

Crunchie Fri 24-Aug-01 18:40:09

Twink, That chocolate club sounds good. Like you say, one box a month stops the cravings and ultimately means you eat less of it, and you probably get nicer chocolates in the end.

Well I'm doing Ok, 10st 1lb now, just 2lbs to see reach original goal!!! However this week has been very difficult. I think it's because I am so nearly there I get the 'what the hell' thoughts!! However I am determined to get there. I start work on tuesday, so I'm already working out my best options. I used to have a scone every day from the railway cafe for breakfast, and I know they don't do any healthy stuff, so I guess a banana will have to do until I get to the office (no time before I leace home) and then a box of weetabix kept at work? or more fruit?

I am also running more so I need to find a route for lunchtimes.

And Bo I do find the SW plan works for me because I am eating loads of carbs I am not hungry for snacks. However as we all know snacks are not to relieve hunger, they are for many other reasons - habit, depression, with a cup of tea, 'cos you fancy it, because you are shopping, comfort, Rikki Lake is on TV etc etc. I have found this week hard not because I want to eat snacks due to hunger, but because I am stressed about going back to work, I am craving chocolate simply because I don't 'need' it and so yeaterday my 'snacks' included : 2 huge bowls of cereal, one portion of chip shop chips (I was driving past and I caught the smell, one galaxy ice cream bar, large pack Revels and 2 glasses wine. OH DEAR. However today I decided that was yesterday, and so I've simply got back on the plan (so to speak) and found that I seem to have got it out of my system. I think some days you need to do it! I also cheered myself up by trying on all my clothes for work and found they fitted and some were too big. I know it seems hard, and I know I've found it difficult, but I have found a way of re-educating myself to lose the guilt, that is the destructive force, not to actual food we eat when we binge. I eat for England yesterday, but made the desision not to feel guilty, and therefore enjoyed the rubbish I ate, but didn't feel the need to repeat that today.

I have never been in control of my eating before, I have fooled most people including my husband, he thought it was since I met him that I yo-yoed in weight!! (Men think they are the cause of everything) But I feel I am finally strong enough to have that one cream cake, enjoy it and not eat the whole box of six - and hate myself, feel sick and not enjoy eating one bite.

Whether this feeling will last, who knows, but I hope so as I know I can lose weight, I've done it before, but I don't know I can keep it off. That's the hardest thing I've yet to find out!!

Good luck everyone

Suew Fri 24-Aug-01 20:12:12

I used to work with a woman who did tri-athlons and she would cycle to work then eat a bowl of the cereal she kept in her desk. At lunch she swam every day in a local pool and ate her lunch whilst she worked in the afternoon.

Obviously she cycled home and I've no idea what she did when she got back there.

Bo Sat 25-Aug-01 09:21:53

twink -your mail has inspired me & made me feel much better. I have woken up today full of resolve. Let's hope there's at least a glimmer of encouragement from the scales on Monday1 I went to the hairdressers and even resisted the bakers next door on the way home - and I was starving too, so I do feel impressed with myself, and it's the weekend now, so i can't go crazy in front of hubby anyway, so here's hoping. Cheers. The lager tip was great too. No more for me - or at least not as much. I really really do feel positive about this. Maybe it was the haircut that did it!

Good luck to everyone else out there!

Bo Sat 25-Aug-01 09:26:47

wow twink - just to go on some more - I can relate totally to the walk ending in cakes senario, and post natal weight gain - that is me! i thought I was the onlt one. One and a half stones- that's so fantastic. well done. One day soon I may be able to say the same!

Winnie Sat 25-Aug-01 10:53:57

Hello I am back from my swim and the usual Saturday morning madness that is town! The good news is I have lost weight the bad news is: only 2lbs!!! 2lbs in 4 weeks!!! I know 2 lbs is better off than on... I will simply have to try harder! What is most discouraging is the fact that I was feeling so much better and my clothes are so much looser! I am doing 3 x 1hour aerobics/weights/toning workouts and 30 minutes constant swimming each week. I also walk miles. so fingers crossed for next weigh in... Glad you are feeling much more positive Bo...IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

Twink Sat 25-Aug-01 17:24:01

Winnie, don't despair, from your description of the amount of exercise you're doing you must be losing inches not weight. Apparently as muscle develops it weighs heavier than fat so you might be getting smaller but the scales don't reflect it. If you're not convinced, every month try measuring the usual bits plus circumference of upper arms, thighs, and that yucky bit between waist and hips which seems to collect all the post-natal fat and see if that's the case.

Suew Sat 25-Aug-01 21:06:29

Winnie, not much help now unless you intend to go further with inch loss but you might have found it useful to check out your body fat before you started doing all the exercise. It may well be that now you have much more lean muscle and may have dropped a few % points in body fat. It's obviously doing something for you if your clothes feel looser :)

I went for a gym assessment yesterday which was much improved on the last time I was there two years ago (ouch! - I was mortified when I realised how long it was since I've been although I had done swimming there fairly reguarly until I went to Oz).

I've worked out a new programme with the instructor which involves treadmill, bike, ellipse thing and weights. I accept this means I mightn't lose weight quickly but I'll be working on aerobic fitness (my lung capapcity came out poor for my age), body fat as well as the eating which I'll continue to do through WW.

I've still got targets of honing my bod and running (as opposed to walk-run) 3 miles bfore Xmas and I really think there's a chance I'll achieve it now. I want to enter 2002 a different person physically than I was on 1 Jan 2001. Then I might get some new quotes for life insurance!

Lizzer Tue 28-Aug-01 16:21:05

Hello Everyone and guess what - I've shifted another 2 pounds on today's weigh in, yay! I am trying not to let it get to my head, but I feel so much more alert and alive than before and, like Crunchie, I feel I'm in control of my eating for the first time in a long time. I'm not wanting to binge and am listening to my own body a lot more (which I remember people telling me was the thing to do but could never quite get the concept) I don't know what's happened (an epiphany?!) but I'm feeling great. I also think that weight loss is very personal to that individual and I'm hoping I've found something that really works for me. For example giving up wheat worked wonders for me and so did giving up hardcore aerobics for toning exercises and swimming, and now I know I don't have to have be on a low-fat diet for me to lose weight - just healthy fats.What I'm saying is I think everyone has their own ideal diet and exercise and I'm pleased to have found mine at last. I hope you all are having a good week, I'm off again this thurs to stay at friend's in Norfolk so I won't be around til 10th Sept, so in the meantime keep up the good work everybody...

Bo you sound v motivated at the mo - good for you, and Winnie - you're really going for it aren't you - well done, and suew is right about the body fat thing, so think of all the toning going on in your bod!!

'See' you all soon! :)

Mummy Wed 29-Aug-01 07:22:15

just read all your messages on weight loss.Congrates to you all.I wasn't going to go to the gym this morning but you've all motivated me to go to my 'total body toning' class. Chat to you all later

Bo Wed 29-Aug-01 11:50:36

well done lizzer. I too am still feeling great & enthusiastic!
I have in the last week lost very little weight but it's the first week i've not gained any for a while, so I'm pleased. Plus, I've been running loads - and enjoying it! Plus, I've even convinced my chubby hubby to do some exercise too, so I've vvv pleased about that!

I actually feel energetic and enthusiastic about lots of things this past week - housework hear I come (see disorganised chaos thread if confused) I'll feel REALLY good though when I can get back into those trousers I bought about a month ago - or less? - they were only a bit tight in the shop, but a couple oof days later I expanded so much & so rapidly I haven't even been able to get into them!

Still early days for me, but I feel I have finally cracked it too!

Good luck all

Enjoy your other break Lizzer - I would be jealous, but now I've got ovens to clean & cupboards to declutter I'm glad to be here! (smiley face would be here if I knew how to do it)

Willow2 Wed 29-Aug-01 20:09:07

"Forgive me father for I have sinned. It's been five weeks since my last weigh in and I must owe you a fortune in back fees"

"in fact it would be cheaper if you just rejoined" said the SW rep!

Oh the shame....

Anyway, have put on a 1lb. Not much I know, but had hoped to have shifted something in over a month rather than going other way. Problem is last four weekends have been choc full of social do's - best friend's wedding, in-laws 40th wedding anniversay dinner and party, dinner out with friends/my parents/etc etc etc. So while I have been v good during week and shifting the lbs come the weekend I've been putting it all back on at drop of a hat. Ate one measly chinese meal the other night (and a small measly one at that) and had put on 2lb by next day. Aaaaagh! Am back on wagon now but concerned that weight goes on so quickly if I so much as put a foot down on the ground.

Crunchie Thu 30-Aug-01 11:51:01

Ah but Willow2 you know you shouldn't be weighing yourself everyday!!! Easier said than done. I was reading in my SW magazine this month a useful bit of info. It was about recognising your weaknesses and finding out the habits that cause you to eat. One of them said about weighing on their scales every morning, if they weighed 'light' they would feel justified in having that extra snack, and if they weighed 'heavy' they would try to cut back so much that day that they would end up binging anyway! Now that souns logical to me, I weigh myself and if I weigh light I do sometimes think great I'll have extra XYZ today, and if I weigh heavy I'll try to be extra good. In fact last week I didn't think I would be able to get to class, but before I went I weighed myself 4 or 5 times that day to decide if it was worth going!! (ie if I had lost any weight) How stupid can you get.

Oh well I'm now back at work and slowly getting into things, all I need to do if keep up the good work. In fact everyone has commented on how great I look and how much thinner I look than even before I got PG. I am thinner now than I was before I got PG 1st time around. I just want that extra few lbs so all my 'thin' clothes fit me well.

Spring Thu 30-Aug-01 14:18:10

Crunchie, how did you find it going back to work? I bet losing all that weight gave you an extra boost. Are you back full time? I've been back 18 months now and am nearly back to my pre-pregnancy shape, it doesn't take much to sway me though. I find I have so much to do, so many different stresses, so little time, I often end up thinking to hell with it. It's too easy to relax with that extra glass of wine, order a takeaway when you realise there's not a lot in the fridge/freezer to make a meal you fancy. I don't think it gets easier, you just get more used to it!! I'm making a determined effort to get the last 10lb off so that I've done it before I have to start thinking about Christmas. All that shopping and planning.............

Janeyfran Fri 31-Aug-01 22:13:36

Hello, can I join the gang? I had my 4th child in May and as this will be the last (and I really mean that this time!) I now need to lose all that weight! Actually, I'm already back to my pre-4th pregnancy weight, it's just that I put on about 2 stone with mt first pregnancy that I never lost. Having all this scrummy food around for the kids makes it really difficult to be good, I could do with some support!

Jane - moderator

Winnie Sun 02-Sep-01 00:46:07

Hi Janeyfran, welcome on board and good luck!

I'd like to ask everyone how they deal with 'comfort eating'? I've had bad news today, bad news that is going to take time to deal with... in fact I feel as if I am going through a grieving process (hence the time of this post and my inability to sleep...) Whilst my 'diet' has been going okay and I have been breaking bad habits my reaction today was to simply eat... and whilst I was doing it I was saying to myself this really won't help... but it didn't stop me. I know I have to move on from today 'diet wise' but I know I am in for a rocky time ahead any suggestions for dealing with it without resorting to cake and bread?

Crunchie Sun 02-Sep-01 14:15:17

Winnie It's intersting you should ask that. I was reading in my latest Slimming World mag (sorry I seem to always quote them!) all about comfort eating. Now if I can remember the gist of it...

If you are comfort eating due to a shock of some kind or other (as opposed to boredom eating that we all say if comfort eating) then go right ahead.

'the first ting that happens when you have a shock or bad news is that the body pumps out adrenaline, which causes a blood sugar slump. You then correct that by eating something sweet or fatty. During the period that follows bad news, the adrenaline surges and blood sugar lows continue to occur, prompting you to continue to reach for chocolate etc. When that adrenaline flow stops, you are likely to feel a sense of loss and emptiness and it's then that a pattern of comfort eating can take hold'

The article explains that if you are comfort eating during the first early stages, than it is like 'first aid' for the body. It also says stop and decide what you want to do. You have the choice to eat what you like and worry about the weight gain later, or to realsie that this is very short term and to try to eat healthily a much as possible. You sound like you are doing well, so just don't feel gulity. There are loads of top tips in this article (Sept/Oct issue) so it may be worth getting, but some of them include.
-Don't let yourself get hungry, make sure you eat well at mealtimes are are not reaching for those snacks
-Fill your house with healthy snacks if poss. I find exotic fruit feels much more exiting than an apple and if often really sweet. Try kiwis, mango, passion friut, pineapple etc. They do help me
-Allow yourself the chocolate when you really need it. This is my thing that has meant I think I am conquering the binge eating. If I crave a food, and crave it enough to get in the car and have to go and buy it, I eat it. If I try to 'be good' and not have it, I still fall victim to the craving and then eat twice as much as I would have if I just ate it anyway. ie I want a cream cake, I will have one. I used to try not to, and then eat a whole box!
-Accept that this maybe a time when you don't lose weight; you may even gain some. This is not a failure. You will get back on track if you don't panic.

Good lick and I am sooooo sorry for whatever it is that is causing the grief.

Lizzer Sat 08-Sep-01 16:33:09

I'm back (again)!! That's it now for my summer madness, I'm starting college (also again, but this time really meaning it!) I have come back from Norfolk happy but was worried about getting on scales (friend had none so wasn't tempted) I did this morning and found I had put on a pound :( but really given the amount of food we put away it could've been worse (ie a whopping £38 on a Thai takeaway meal for two - gah!!!)I didn't go totally off the mark and was pleased that I had control enough to know when I wanted to let myself go it wouldn't ruin everything (my usual 'what the hell' attitude to food). So we made up for it by eating lots of fresh fruit and veg to balance out the takeouts and even when we had them (only twice) we went for the more nutricious stuff!! So here I am again ready to take on the colder months with renewed optimism. Does anyone agree it's much harder to eat less in winter, especially when a chunky sweater will cover up all the hideous bits?!!

Winnie Sun 09-Sep-01 17:18:19

Crunchie, thanks for the advice. I've had a terrible week emotionally and as a result the eating has gone slightly to pot & as I've started a new job my exercise routine has gone out of the window... haven't been near scales either. Will try to do better... there is so much inspiration can I not be spurred on? good luck everyone. Keep at it!

Robinw Sun 09-Sep-01 21:01:35

message withdrawn

Marina Mon 10-Sep-01 09:21:29

Winnie, I'm only really getting underway myself after a busy summer (I've bought an exercise bike from our local charity shop! £15! in full working order, unlike me...) and pedalled my way through that ridiculous Fay Ripley thing last night.
How's the new job? How are you doing generally?
Keep thinking about how well Rhiannon and Crunchie are doing, we can do it too...

Winnie Mon 10-Sep-01 19:09:32

Marina, thanks for the words of encouragement. The new job is fine and the military operation to keep everything running smoothly is working so far but I am a morning person and trying to remain motivated in the evenings with regard to an exercise routine is ...hard! I think I am gradually coming to terms with my recent bad news but sometimes I just become utterly overwhelmed with 'it all'...I am taking various bach remedies but I know I need to be doing t'ai chi every day really. Ho hum... onwards and upwards. Food wise I am getting back on track so thats my glad thing for the day.

Ems Tue 11-Sep-01 06:44:05

Winnie, I saw that you mentioned Bach Remedies, have you been into them for a while, and do you find them very effective? I've always been intrigued by them, but never known anyone whos taken them.

Lizzer Tue 11-Sep-01 09:52:31

Ems, I used Bach's rescue remedy when I was going through a stressful time at work a couple of years ago and I'm convinced it worked to calm and focus my head. I always meant to try it on dd when she was tiny (because you can use them on animals and children)to soothe her if she was hysterical, but always forgot - might try it on one of her temper tantrums soon (that would be a test and a half, wouldn't it?!!) I was reading an article on them recently, it is fascinating how they came to be produced, and there is no medical evidence whatsoever to back up the claims - but millions of people use them to effect...

Winnie, I'm glad you are feeling a bit better about things - I think that when you've lost control over one part of your emotions it is easy to try to over compensate by being stricter with yourself in other ways- try not to let this happen with your eating, your weight loss is not as important as your state of mind (so says the nutter!)...Take care:)

Marina - Exercise bike for 15 quid, bargain! Has it got a calorie counter on it? I love those, oh the effort it takes to pedal off a Kit-Kat, frightening!!!

Bo - how's it going? cleaning ovens is excellent arm exercise y'know!!

Good luck to everyone else on board the express train to Slim-town!! :)

Lizzer Tue 11-Sep-01 09:55:32

Ems, I used Bach's rescue remedy when I was going through a stressful time at work a couple of years ago and I'm convinced it worked to calm and focus my head. I always meant to try it on dd when she was tiny (because you can use them on animals and children)to soothe her if she was hysterical, but always forgot - might try it on one of her temper tantrums soon (that would be a test and a half, wouldn't it?!!) I was reading an article on them recently, it is fascinating how they came to be produced, and there is no medical evidence whatsoever to back up the claims - but millions of people use them to effect...

Winnie, I'm glad you are feeling a bit better about things - I think that when you've lost control over one part of your emotions it is easy to try to over compensate by being stricter with yourself in other ways - try not to let this happen with your eating, your weight loss is not as important as your state of mind (so says the nutter!)...Take care:)

Marina - Exercise bike for 15 quid, bargain! Has it got a calorie counter on it? I love those, oh the effort it takes to pedal off a Kit-Kat, frightening!!!

Bo - how's it going? cleaning ovens is excellent arm exercise y'know!!

Good luck to everyone else on board the express train to Slim-town!! :)

Lizzer Tue 11-Sep-01 09:57:19

Ooops :)

Joe Tue 11-Sep-01 10:41:33

I used rescue remedy when I went to Australia as I was worried about the flight, it seemed to work.
Yipeeee Ive got into my trousers from before being pregnant (size 14). 1 size to go to get to the size I feel happiest and my leather trousers. Just got to get my sit up rolling thing out to get rid of my middle and put the peanuts away. Good luck all and keep going. What does everybody think of Kate Winslet and her 4 stone weight lose? I thought she was always happy with herself.

Ems Tue 11-Sep-01 11:03:26

I cant believe she lost 4 stone, from where? And she did it all by facial analysis, weird or what? Weight Watchers is much simpler. Well done to everyone, this is a great board!

Winnie Tue 11-Sep-01 15:56:11

Ems, I've been using Bach remedies for 18 years! Long before they were available in Boots! I would highly recommend them although you do need to be quite objective about yourself in order to be able to prescribe the appropriate remedy. When it is beyond me - as it has been this week - I get very good friends to help me. Both my children have used bach remedies, we use them on our pets and even on houseplants! We always carry a rescue remedy with us wherever we go and they are completely safe to take whist pregnant or breastfeeding. It has been suggested to me that they have a placebo effect but my response is 'how do they work on babies and pets'? Hope that helps.

Ems Tue 11-Sep-01 17:57:34

Thanks Lizzer and Winnie. Do you dilute yours, drops in a drink or do you use it neat? Because from what I can remember you can do it both ways.

Willow2 Wed 12-Sep-01 10:58:09

Weighed in last night and lost another 2 and a half pounds - last week lost 2. Most pleased with myself. Think that getting back into my gym routine is helping as, while I've been pretty good, I have indulged every now and then. The running machine must be equalling it all out. Only problem is am off on holiday at weekend. Would be happy to stay the same weight but not sure what ten days in a hotel will do to my will power!!

Crunchie Wed 12-Sep-01 13:01:34

Willow2 well done that's great, just keeping up the exercise means you can indulge occassionally and enjoy it too.

I had my weekly weigh in today and I'm 1lb below target!!! I couldn't belive that I lost weight again this week, but I am trying to ease up slowly so I don't go overboard on my eating habits again. Everyone says it's easy to lose the weight, it's keeping it off that's hard. Well so far so good. I think setting myself the next goal of the marathon should help, I'll have to keep fit and this will help my weight. I also think it will be a way to ease off being obsessed by the scales. I have never weighed myself so much in my life!! I need to hide them away for a week and see how I feel then :)

Anyway keep going to you all, and Winnie I hope things are a little better now. Bear in mind what you are aiming for is long term healthy eating habits which will last, not short term fixes, so the odd wobble is fuine.

Good luck

Janeyfran Thu 13-Sep-01 22:07:01

You're all doing so well, I'm very impressed. I've lost around 3-4lb in the last week I think. It's a bit tricky to tell because our scales are a bit erratic and the bathroom floor is uneven - I can get readings varying over about 7lbs depending on where I put the scales! I try not to cheat, and I end up weighing myself about a dozen times in various places around the bathroom to find the most consistent weight!

My big problem at the moment is how to resist weighing myself every morning. Any tips?

Jane - moderator

Suew Fri 14-Sep-01 08:11:34

Well done on the loss Jane.

My scales lived in the kitchen for a while and I got on them every time I passed! I was surprised at how little my weight actually varied across the day.

I've moved them into the utility room now so I don't get on them anywhere near as regualarly. I don't adjust my food intake though according to what I weight and I don't eat any extra points I gain through exercise either, unless I'm desperate at the weekend and want a couple of extra points for a takeaway/couple of glasses of wine.

I'm exercising pretty much daily now - CV work at the gym or long walks with a friend and it's seems to be paying off - lost 3lb this week and 2lb last week. :)

Keep up the good work everyone.

Ems Fri 14-Sep-01 09:59:07

Jane, my best advice is throw away your scales, you say they are more or less useless anyway. Remove the temptation! You will know how well you are doing by your clothes fitting better. If you want to see it in black and white, go to Boots, to their weighing machines (try and make it same time of day when you go). Or join SW or WW, where you will be weighed same time - same place etc!

Honestly, ditch the scales! And good luck.

Lizzer Fri 14-Sep-01 14:59:22

Hi Jane, I have to say that I love the scales at Boots as they are always much kinder than the ones at home! If you really have an urge to stand on them every morning ( and I know how you're feeling!) try and cut back to a couple of time's a week first by being strict with yourself and thinking that you won't really get an acurate reading of your weight-loss. As to where to put them to get a consistent reading - try my old favourite, putting them in the bath!

Oh and well done for last week, I'm thinking I might have reached a bit of a plateau at the moment but I'm so thrilled at the weight I've lost so far I'm not feeling bad at all. That said, in a few weeks I'll probably have the opposite opinion if I've not shifted anything! Still it's nice to know I've got somewhere to come to have a good old whinge about it all!

Lizzer Wed 19-Sep-01 15:01:57

Ok I'm a day late with my weigh-in, I totally forgot to be honest. I lost the pound I put on on my holidays last week and this morning I've lost another 2lbs. Wasn't thinking it would happen this week for some reason (well, quite a few chocolate reasons if the truth be told!) But I'm back on track so I'm glad to see it's paid off.

Winnie, going back to our earlier discussion, have you tried Australian Bush remedies as an alternative to Bach's? I saw them in my local health food shop yesterday and the assistant was raving about how effective they were - you can buy them ready blended to combat various ailments and mental states. Hope you're feeling better...

Can't weight (groan!) to hear from you all this week, hope it's going ok for you all.....

Suew Wed 19-Sep-01 18:48:19

Well done Lizzer.

I was disappointed this morning as I'd only lost 1.5lbs which seemed lousy considering the amount of time I've spent in the gym over the past week. My instructor caught me sitting and reading the paper there yesterday and told me 'that's not in your programme'!! But honestly I do work out *before* I sit down and read the paper.

Admittedly, the extra exercise has made me hungrier though. I've been eating more but still not going over my WW points - I just haven't been saving a couple each day like I normally would in case I want a blowout at the weekend. And I've never (well rarely) eaten the extra points I gain through exercise.

I've an assessment next week so I hope that will cheer me up, telling me my lungs are bigger, stronger, etc and my grip stronger and my stamina and resting heart rate much improved. And my body fat ration lower!

Crunchie Wed 19-Sep-01 18:51:56

Well since I'm at target, but I still go for the weigh in I can say I put on a lb! but last week I went one below target, so I'm spot on where I should be. All I need do is keep it that way!

Rhiannon Thu 20-Sep-01 18:44:20

I'm pleased to report that I've lost another 2.5lbs this week with W.W. That's 11lb in 3 weeks. I am sticking to 18 points a day to allow for any stray biscuits or sweets! Hope this inspires someone. R.

Ems Thu 20-Sep-01 19:15:24

Rhiannon, that is absolutely fantastic, well done!!!!!

It does work if you follow it, I'm now on maintenance and getting the hang of keeping my weight the same, so far so good.

I loved the points system, saving them for a weekend treat or meal, earning them at the gym or whatever. I think its a really good system, glad to hear its working for you too.

Lizzer Thu 20-Sep-01 22:41:07

Wow, Rhiannon that's fab! I'm amazed - kind of wished I'd started WW now, when I hear people doing so well! Ems, do you have to go every week still now that you're at target?

I have to share something with you all that I think is helping me shift the weight. I am not recommending this to everyone, but it I think it works for me. I started taking sea kelp tablets as a supplement which contains iodine (you can't have them if you are pregnant, b/feeding or have thyroid problems - that well and truly rules you out Bo, sorry!) I was taking 4 in the morning with water (and all my vitamins, e'primrose oil etc - I swear I rattle around the house for an hour each morning!) Iodine is needed for the functioning of the thyroid gland. Then I started on a course of amino acids (I'd been reading up on them in my 'Diet cure' book and got them from Holland and Barratt - they work too, in a mentally stabilising way, I'll tell you more if anyone's interested...)

Anyway, one of the amino's I'm taking is L-tyrosine - which is said to 'focus the mind and give you energy' - great. Then I did some more research into amino acids in a book called 'the amino revolution' and I found a section where it states that Iodine, Tyrosine and the cofactors of vit C and B6 (in my daily supps) together make thyroxin (in the thyroid gland) and therefore raise the metabolic levels of the body. Now, I've had a blood test that said my thyroid was within the 'normal' levels, but I'm wondering if this *may* be assisting my body in burning off some energy i.e. fat from my body. I have been feeling really great in general, in the mornings especially, and don't suffer the kind of dips in energy I used to have or sluggishness. This may be down to the healthier diet I have now though too.... Like I say this is pure speculation based on some facts I have read. I have no biochemistry degree (unlike my brother who, kind of nodded in a 'well yes I see your point, but I can't believe we're related' kind of way when I asked him excitedly about my new 'findings'!!) If anyone has any greater knowledge of this I'd love to hear it. I wouldn't want anyone thinking it's a quick fix trick in any way, shape or form and the weight may be coming off because I have dramatically changed my eating habits (would make more sense). I'll know for certain when I have finished the course - I've told myself not to buy anymore to see if it really does make a difference as I'm aware of these things being an expensive, unnecessary habit......
Sorry v long winded post there...hope it makes sense....

Ems Fri 21-Sep-01 12:24:15

Hi Lizzer, no I dont go every week any more. With maintenance you go for 6 weeks and get weighed and re-adjust your points if necessary, check where your body is happiest!

Then you are on 'maintenance', after that I think you just have to weigh in about 6 times a year (if that). I try to go monthly just to keep a check of it, I've kept my exercise level the same. Doing well so far, you are allowed 5lb either side of your 'goal weight'.

I had my WW friend over for lunch today, we started together, she is still there, and has lost 36lb so far, which I think is incredible, she is doing so well. The WW cookbooks really help her when she is feeling low and unmotivated.

I thought I was rattling round with vits this week; I got the supradryn (mentioned on another board) great for energy levels, was it you Hmonty?, anyway I'm on Day 3 and I am waiting with baited breath to be a new woman!!

Bought my echin-wotsit, BEFORE you mentioned the other morning about packs where you have to take millions, and that was what I bought, 2-3 3 times daily! So I take them when I remember. Found the echi drops for children in Holland & Barrett this morning, hope my two dont notice them in their drink.

Have a nice weekend ..

Rhiannon Fri 21-Sep-01 19:09:32

Thanks for the compliments ladies. I can't believe I've done it. I've stuck to it like glue for 3 weeks now and intend to continue until Christmas when I will look like Cindy Crawford (with a bigger nose!). My secret is to keep the fridge well stocked with things you can eat and to wear clothes like jeans that are still too tight so I don't get that comfy feeling with my elastic waistbands.

Lizzer Wed 26-Sep-01 10:15:29

It takes forever to get to the bottom of this thread now! I'm reporting in to whoever may be interested (really I'm sure you're all bored by me by now!) I have lost another 2lbs - nothing if not consistent eh?! I *think* that makes 17lbs lost since I started on here - yay! I can totally feel it everywhere and I'm trying to exercise more to tone up (especialy stomach - when it was flabbier the stretch marks from pregnancy looked more spread out - now I'm resembling an A-Z of central London - gah!!) :)

How's everyone else?

Joe Wed 26-Sep-01 12:18:50

Go Lizzer.

Crunchie Wed 26-Sep-01 12:36:28

Fantastic Lizzer. We are not bored with it all, the point is keeping going and having us here if you need us. Just think 13 weeks until Xmas and so another stone (if you need to lose it) and you'll be 2 1/2 stone lighter than when you started!!

Marina Wed 26-Sep-01 12:50:36

Hear hear Crunchie, well done Lizzer. I am ashamed to say I've stalled as it is the busiest time of year at work for me. It's all I can do to crawl home in the evenings and answer my son's 200 x questions "what's that noise?" "where's that man going?" etc.

Suew Wed 26-Sep-01 20:03:02

Well done Lizzer.

I too am down another 2lbs this week. :)

Rhiannon Thu 27-Sep-01 14:09:03

I've got my WW weigh in tonight. Have lost 11lb in 3 weeks. I'm desperate for another silver tick but don't think I'll get one. Will check in later.

Star Thu 27-Sep-01 15:25:15

Rhiannon- it sounds like you are doing great. I only went to weight watchers that once and haven't been back since. Not that I didn't want to do it I just can't find any motivation to start.I think it's too soon after giving up smoking maybe.

Lizzer Fri 28-Sep-01 16:00:44

Fingers crossed for you Rhiannon, you've already done so well though. If only I could shift 11lbs in 3 weeks!

Rhiannon Fri 28-Sep-01 18:35:44

Thanks Lizzer, have lost another 1.5lb. Now 12.5 lost and I'm determined to get to a stone next week.

WW have free registration at the moment, go along and stick to it.

I've still got a couple of stone I'd like to lose but I'm sticking to it.

Joe Fri 28-Sep-01 21:00:17

Well done Rhiannon. I still havnt gone, Im on holiday from tomorrow so will have to wait until I get back now.

Suew Sun 30-Sep-01 08:13:35

Star, glad to hear you've continued to be a non-smoker.

I joined your club yesterday. I woke up thinking 'I'm going to stop smoking today' and I've now managed around 36 hours without a cigarette. Long may it continue. :)

Star Sun 30-Sep-01 15:31:34

Yes, there is life after cigarretes. Well done Suew- you won't regret it. Stick to it and just do one day at a time. I had loads of false starts before I can finally say I'm a non smoker.
Now for the next step- loosing all the extra weight I've piled on trying to stop smoking.
Actually I'm celebrating today as I've just completed my first year studying with the OU. Now all I have to do is wait to see if i have passed!
Oh happy day I'm on my way oh happy day...

Suew Sun 30-Sep-01 21:44:07

Congrats Star. Hope you have passed.

Lizzer Fri 05-Oct-01 15:43:23

HELP! I've put on 2lbs and I'm not suprised. Something has happened, I don't know what but everything feels different. I'm feeling tired again instead of buzzing with energy most of the day and getting headaches. I am really craving sugar and carbos so am eating more of them. I'm struggling to keep up with my exercises as I feel so lethargic. I'm not feeling at my best at all and to make things worse everyone is commenting on how different I look and I'm fitting into size 14 (previously 18) so I should be over the moon I know, but the total weight loss is over-shadowed by me feeling this rubbish, why? I feel exactly like I did before I started and I know I should remain positive and try to look at the whole picture but I really hope I can get feeling motivated and happy again. I'm hoping it's not the onset of winter that's forcing me to feel like this, I was pre-menstrual earlier on in the week so was bound to feel lousy for a while but I should be bouncing back now. I was wondering if anyone who is losing (or who has lost) some weight has had a spell like this, what I really need to know is is it going to go away soon? Any tips?

(Sorry, I really hope I get back on form soon and can stop my whinging!)

Ems Fri 05-Oct-01 15:51:09

Lizzer, dont dont worry, its normal not to lose weight week after week, sometimes bodies just stall, the shape moves around but the weight doesnt alter or adds on a bit. I used to put on around period time and got used to the pattern. It would make me feel lousy, but get me going for the following week, to be determined to lose it.

But I know what you mean about the lethargic yukky feeling, Ive got it too, dont know if its autumn or what it is. Ive got nothing to feel mis about, yet feel really un-go-gettery. Like you, I had the pre-menstrual miseries but I've STILL got them. Stopped taking the vitamins and Supradyn, that I was hoping would make me a new woman, wondered if they were giving me the headaches etc.

Anyway grizzly toddler and chicken poxy 6 year old, oh happy weekend here we come.

Hope you feel better soon, I'm in full sympathy with you. (Chunky kit kats need to be kept under lock and key this week!)

Lizzer Fri 05-Oct-01 16:25:43

Ah thanks Ems! I just need some sympathy right now, but I still think we quite uncannily lead similar lives! I'm hoping the pmt from earlier in the week is still lingering for me too, at least that way I have an excuse!

I didn't take my vits for 2 days this week and so I'm trying to convince myself that it's made all the difference and that I shouldn't forget to take them again. Did you really start getting headaches with yours though? Sounds a bit suspect...
I hope your eldest gets over the chicken pox quickly, poor thing. Do you think no. 2 will pick it up, or are you trying not to think about that scenario (sorry)?!
Yes, I am determined not to let everything spiral out of control but you know the feeling when you're on the brink of saying 'Oh sod it!'And why did you have to mention chunky (drool) kit-kats (drool)!!! Take care, byeeee :)

Suew Fri 05-Oct-01 17:15:20

Lizzer, I'm having a bad week too, although I lost 1.5lbs on Wed weigh in.

But my motivation is much decreased :( I am still doing fine on the food, gave up smoking last Saturday and today squeezed into a size 12 leather skirt (but it was about 1.5inches too long so I didn't buy it, even though I know I'll get there within a couple of weeks).

I had a chat with my gym instructor because I am finding exercise boring (I can now run at 8kmh for 20mins compared to four weeks ago when I was running 2 mins, walking two mins). There are so many positive things I can list here but I can't shake the doldrums off. I wonder if it's a reaction to world events and the constant talk of war, etc. which has set off an an unconscious feeling for me of 'What's the point?'

Anyway, my instructor suggested changing my exercise routine and doing a couple of classes instead of just doing the CV and resistance work. I'm very hesitant of starting classes (co-ordination problem!) but have booked in for one next Friday and may do another couple before then.

I hope you feel better soon and get a grip on it.

Try some positive thinking - every time you think about your weight or food make a conscious effort to switch your mind to something else e.g. a door handle. Focus on it, noting everything about it's desgin shape, colour, way it catches the light etc for 15 seconds. Then close your eyes and take four deep breaths. Concentrate on something positive (how nice it is to feel a warm breeze on bare shoulders in the summer; how wonderful it is when your child smiles) and hopefully you#'ll be past it by the time you've finished.

Ems Fri 05-Oct-01 17:55:44

Suew, I was wondering if that was it too, just feeling down because of what has been going on etc.

I have just started a beginners aerobics class, as opposed to the high speed, tight lycra, scary aerobics class and have really enjoyed it, I go to the gym twice a week, but this is nice because its quite calming really and we do alot of stretching and breathing. Maybe I need some Yoga in my life. But the morning after I did this class, I woke up in the morning and felt great, I didnt ache and felt really good. So to keep motivated I think its important to change your workouts, your goals etc.

Lizzer, sorry to mention the KK, I meant it in the 'you're not the only one'. And its OK to have the occassional treat, my losing weight worked by not banning anything, just thinking before you put it in your mouth! Go and buy some nice cheap treats this week, see whats on offer in the supermarket, 3 for 2s, nice fruits etc, look at some easy recipes, feel inspired that its autumn, and positive that we're going into the next season of the year.

Fortunately the excitement of England vs Greece is taking cherubs mind off of any itching and spot-spotting at the moment.

Rhiannon Fri 05-Oct-01 21:39:41

Cheer up guys, hope you're feeling better. As they say at WW don't let a bad day turn into a bad week. I'm afraid I'm 'up' as I've lost another 2.5lbs this week. I'm down 15lb in 5 weeks now and can't believe the difference it's made. Think party season - short sparkly dress (or something like that). Nearly bought some size 12 jeans in M & S today (lovely sequins sewn on them)but resisted the urge (they won't fit for at least another 10 weeks!) R.

Bexi Sat 06-Oct-01 07:59:03

Lizzer - don't get disheartened, you're just having a bad few days I'm sure. You DO look great (I'm jealous) and even DH commented the other day how much weight you'd lost (and he never notices anything!)

Lizzer Tue 16-Oct-01 10:53:12

Hello, I am crawling back here on my knees full of regret and shame! No, not really, but I haven't been posting quite as much as I should and if you're wondering if the reason is as obvious as it looks, you'd be right! I have been TERRIBLE this last week or two, not to the absolute point of no return but just slipping back into the 'eating for the sake of it' frame of mind I thought I'd got rid of. Well, no more I say, from this week I'm being angelic once more (hmmm...) I have weighed myself and haven't put anything on - thankfully- but really I could have lost another 4-6 lbs by now and it's just not good enough! I was hoping to hear from anyone who knows what it's like to get really near your goal (I'm about 8lbs away from it) and to really have to struggle to get rid of the rest both mentally and physically. Any tips on how to encourage the weight to drop off, should I double my exercises or be more strict with food do you reckon?

Ems Tue 16-Oct-01 11:50:46

Lizzer, go window shopping and find something you REALLY REALLY like, but wouldnt normally buy, you'd feel guilty etc etc.

My goal was a dress from Monsoon; gone are the days of yummy clothes shopping for me, but I thought I deserved it, plus buying an item of clothing in a new size makes you feel fab!

That and more exercise (another gym session or swim) really pushed me in that last half stone.

Go for it! You have done so well and got so far.


Suew Tue 16-Oct-01 21:00:08

I agree Ems.

I've seen some nice things in the FCUK and Morgan concessions in Allders up here. I *will* get into them before Xmas!

Go for it Lizzer. Says me, who has pigged out this week and slipped off the slope dreadfully and will suffer tomorrow at WW. And after last week's 3lb loss, I thought I had it licked!

Lizzer Wed 17-Oct-01 11:05:35

Thanks Ems and Suew, I'm more positive already! I weighed myself today and have lost a pound so at least the scales are going back in the right direction again now! I'm definitely stepping up the exercise a notch. I have a goal in my mind now, the 1st December when I go to London for the weekend (toddler free - can you remember the fuss I made about leaving her the 1st time Ems, and now its like 'yay freedom!') Anyway, I'm catching up with old friends and meeting Mumsnetters on the Saturday so I'm going to be really focussed for that and try and lose the 8lbs (7 now) for then. Then treat myself to a 'going out' outfit for the Saturday night. I need your help too though so keep harrassing me if I go quiet on here! Thanks again, how's everyone else doing on their plans?

Willow2 Wed 17-Oct-01 18:40:25

Lost a 1lb at last night's weigh in - wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't put on 3 and a half over my holiday. But then what are holidays for if not drinking vast quantities of alcohol? (At least I ate quite healthily while I was away!). Finding it hard to get back on track - am either really good or completely rubbish so yo-yoing back and forth. Aaargh.

Suew Wed 17-Oct-01 21:47:06

In spite of my worries about being on the slippery slope I was delighted to find this morning that I had lost another pound.

Onward and downward :)

Crunchie Thu 18-Oct-01 20:07:56

I certainly found there was a middle point of my diet that I almost gave up. I knew I had done so well, and it was like 'I am bored, bored, bored of eating all this healthy stuff' My taste buds were craving something else. I found what helped me was going back to look at my recipe books and finding a new recipe to try (adapted where necessary). I had got into too much of a rut of the same foods, and this way I tried 3 or 4 new things over a week or two and it spurred my interest again!

Also buying a pair of jeans that did up, but would look better with 1/2 stone less on the bum!

Winnie Fri 19-Oct-01 08:13:28

Lizzer, keep at it... you are doing so well! Personally I confess to avoiding this thread for a while. Haven't gained any weight but haven't lost any either. Life has changed beyond all recognition in the last eight weeks and simply finding the time to get on Mumsnet has been difficult let alone find the time to exercise... but I really miss it and feel remotivated now that other things in my life are settling down again. Need to loose alot of weight but would really like to loose a stone by Xmas as a start. So I will endeavour to keep posting. I am seriously considering going on a sponsered slim but wonder if it will become another stick to beat myself with. Has anyone ever done such a thing?

Lizzer Fri 19-Oct-01 15:33:22

Must....try....harder....!!! I'm turning into Homer Simpson now and craving doughnuts in a big way...

OK I admit it I've already had 2 - DOH!! :)

Jj Fri 19-Oct-01 20:43:02

Mmmm.. forbidden doughnut.

This post is to out me as a weight loss wannabe.

I'm now 4 weeks postnatal. WW will take me in two weeks and I've been on a walk almost every morning. I'd love an exercise video to do as well- any suggestions?

The next step to successful weight loss is probably to stop eating chocolate biscuits while at the computer. :)

Crunchie Sat 20-Oct-01 15:18:36

Lizzer, I just remembered another bit of adice my SW consultant said, and I really think it helped me. She said that sometimes, some people subconsiously (SP?) sabotage their diets just at the very last point. This is because they are afraid to be slim. They have spent so long not being happy with their weight they don't know how to handle it. Therefore they set themselves up for failure just at the last minute. I am not saying this is you, but I know for myself I got very comfortable in the end, being a size 14 (I never got less than that between my 2 pregnancies). I was a size 10 when I met my DH and about a 10/12 when we got married. I nearly stopped when I got into all my work clothes as this had been my original goal. However I realise that 'No' I could be the size 10/12 again, and all I needed to do was see myself as that. This really helped me, and what is so funny, no-one at work has seen me this thin EVER! so that are all amazed and jealous. That's another great thing when you reach your goal, everyone is jealous and says things like, 'I couldn't do that I have no willpower!'. Well I just smile smugly and think they are not to know of the secret binges when I had no willpower! But my need/desire to be slim was stronger in the end than the power of that doughnut (or whatever).

Go for it and in just a few weeks, you can start to feel very smug indeed!

Jj, I dieted straight after having my baby (I had put on 4.5 stone!) and I breastfed throughout. All I can suggest is start getting into good habits (like you are doing with your walk), drink loads of water, and start to eat 3 meals a day, and say one snack mid-afternoon. I know that sounds odd, but I found the first few weeks getting into the habit of eating regular meas, and avoiding snacks (bar fruit), meant that one I then swapped the types of food I was eating it was easy to be full (if that makes sense) I didn't want snacks. Good luck and keep us posted. It took me about 5 1/2 months to reach target (about 1 stone less than when I got pg!)

Jj Sat 20-Oct-01 16:02:05

Thanks for the advice, Crunchie! Unfortunately, I read it just after finishing some Ryvitas with egg mayo. Will try harder tomorrow. :)

Lizzer Sun 21-Oct-01 13:24:08

Crunchie (by the way I think it's almost sadistical the way I have to type the name of my fave choc bar every time I message you! :)) What you're saying is so true. I was just saying to my friend last night how I'm sure I'm trying NOT to get to my goal because then I'll have to admit that all the stupid things I thought about losing weight (ie having perfect life, finding perfect man, feeling totally self-confident) will not actually come true and therefore I'll almost make myself NOT hit target because then I'll realise everything I believed in will (obviously) not come true. So I hope that if I can take your advice on board and actually visualise what it will feel like if I lose the weight I'll keep things in perspective. Ok, I'm NOT going to turn into my perceived idea of 'perfect' but I am going to look *bleep* hot in my new 'going out' pants for Christmas. Cheers crun....(that word again!) :)

PS welcome aboard JJ!

Willow2 Mon 22-Oct-01 13:28:13

JJ - at least it was Ryvita and not sultana bread! Welcome to the gang by the way.

Pupuce Mon 22-Oct-01 20:57:26

I have given advice on this thread months ago... but now I should be on the receiving end... I am 10 weeks postnatal and I have another 20 lbs to loose (I gained 40 during my pregnancy)... during the first pregnancy I got back to my original weight after 4 months (size 10) but it seems like my hips are going to have a bigger challenge this time.... I blame the breastfeeding for all the cravings,.... I "must" eat enough for the baby to have all its vital elements... including sweets. The hard part is that I use to NOT have a sweet tooth before my pregnancies... now it's a different story.
I use a Yoga tape (Barbara Curie?) for my exercises... but I am a bit lazy and don't do it often enough.

Crunchie Tue 23-Oct-01 20:18:20

Pupuce, well they do say you take 9 months to put it on, so it shoul take 9 months to come off again! My only advice to you is to try to find something to combat the sweet tooth. I found expensive tropical fruit was a great one for me. I felt like it was a treat having mangos, kiwis, passion fruit etc, I also made the excuse that it was good weaning foods! But the sweetness of these (OH and grapes and pineapple) and the fact that they weren't boring old apples or bananas seemed to do the trick. Also made up into beautiful fruit salads (who on earth has the time! Shop bought if necessary) seemed to do the trick. Also I found 0% Greek yoghurt pots (Total) with a small spoon of runny honey (I bought the expensive greek stuff, but it was for a treat) seemed to hit the spot as well.

Good luck and keep us posted

Jj Sun 28-Oct-01 17:34:32

Did you think I meant I was going to start right then? Noooooo.. the weight loss starts tomorrow. :) Not an ideal week, unfortunately. My little scale does say that 0.2 pounds has been lost. Of course, my hair is falling out in clumps, so maybe that's it.

Lizzer Mon 29-Oct-01 10:50:51

I've had such a bad week myself, I'm going to be angelic from now til christmas, I promise :)

Lizzer Tue 06-Nov-01 12:40:08

Callie, I'm over here!! Right I need some positive thinking action plans, too. Everyone knows how to diet and what works for them. I really need to inject some fun into it all if that's possible! So I'm going to stop talking about it and start doing it! I've not lost any weight from the last time I posted it, which must be a good few weeks ago now so anyone else interested in a quick action plan for Christmas. My aim is to lose 8lbs - not too ambitious and totally fine for me.I'll post every week from now on as that really was working for me for a few months back then. Anyone else got an aim in mind??

Callie to answer your point on the other thread, for exercise I do a walk of about 3 miles when dd has her nap in the pushchair in the afternoon, I *try* and do this 3 times a week, but it all depends on the weather - therefore its not as often at the moment. I also go swimming once a week with a friend and try and do as many lengths as I can manage (ie not many!) I also do toning and weights at home every night (only for about 20 mins) trying to concentrate on a different part every night eg tummy, arms, back etc... I have found this to be great for defining muscles and it hardly requires any effort, its easier for me to do them just before bed on the bathroom floor but if you pick a time of day and place and stick to it you can get yourself into a routine. Now when I don't do them I feel lazy and can tell if I've not toned up for a few days as my flabby bits get larger - honest! The best ones are the bum exercises where you kneel on all fours then raise your leg up behind you for as many as you can manage (I've worked up to 50 - very slowly though!) I hope that helps you... :)

Selja Tue 06-Nov-01 15:00:04

Help its three weeks until my Dad turns up for my son's second birthday and five weeks until I go to Spain for a month and I haven't lost any weight. I did great whilst I was pregnant and breastfeeding it was just when I stopped breastfeeing I forgot to stop eating as much! Now too much chocolate and wine down the line and I'm three stone overweight. This thread has been very inspirational though. I'm going to put in a real effort now and hopefully I can post losing a few pounds each week. I can't go to WW or SW because my husband doesn't believe in all that he just lectures me on the beauty of exercise. All very well but after looking after a very active toddler all day its all I can do to heave my bulk off the sofa on a night. I think I'll go and dig the Cher step workout from its box (hidden under the bed!). Wish me luck.

Pamina Tue 06-Nov-01 21:13:08

Time for me to join in this thread..have been reading it with interest (and jealousy at the success stories!) but till now have put off joining in as that might mean I'd have to make an effort. Well, Christmas is getting closer and I no longer need my excess layers so it's time to lose them.
Here's a tip from me: keep a supply of low cal hot chocolate drinks ready for when you get chocolate cravings. It's not the same but it might help a bit.
Lizzer, you want some fun - how about us collecting a list of those wonderful sayings about diets eg "a moment on the lips means a lifetime on the hips" and "fridge pickers wear big knickers".

Lizzer Wed 07-Nov-01 10:39:22

LOL Pamina, great idea! I have never heard the fridge pickers one! Oooo, going to have to get my thinking cap on for this...

Welcome aboard Selja, its definitely a good way to keep on track by posting your weight loss. Its totally helped me through the summer.

I have just weighed myself today after *trying* to be *good* for a week and I'm pleased to say its paid off and have lost two pounds, so only 6 to go -yay! I hope I can stay on track, its definitely harder in the winter months for me, I'm craving stodge, stodge and more stodge!

Willow2 Wed 07-Nov-01 13:17:07

Not been to be weighed for a few weeks as entire family has been ill, but made it last night and have lost another 2lbs. Hardly a drastic difference, but better off than on.

Callie Wed 07-Nov-01 20:06:03

I loved reading this tread its given me lots of ideas and made me determined to start a healthy eating plan. You see thats my problem Iv been thinking *diet* and just starving for a few days losing a pound or two then reverting to old ways and putting it back on. Its a vicious circle.

I should know this already as i have succsessfully lost 3stone a few yrs ago .I went from 10.7 to 7.7 in about 6mths. I threw myself into going to the gym and eating healthy. I had no choc but still had kfc every saturday!

It was bliss I felt full of energy i could fit into a size 8 SOB those were the days LOL.

I stayed this weight until i got preggo 2yrs later then Whoosh ifed my face stopped going the gym and at 9mths weighed 10.7 again.

I kidded myself it would fall off. NO chance!

Straight after the birth I was 9.7 then during the next 2mths went down to 9stone without trying.
(to tired to be bothered)

Now Im still 9st occasionally acouple lbs less.
I long for the old days and just dont feel myself.
Some days I dont care. other days ido. (usually when Iv got something coming up)
My problem is I love FOOD!

Btw Lizzer and Suew . How old are your children?

Chanelno5 Wed 07-Nov-01 23:59:01

Pamina - I've got a magnet on my fridge with the old 'Fridge pickers' saying on it. Does it stop me picking? No, of course not, I just wear the bigger Knickers!

Pamina Thu 08-Nov-01 20:44:27

Well, ladies, how was the diet day today? Yet again I'm spending evening time on the computer to stop me from raiding the cupboards. I'd only find a few stale rice cakes but that wouldn't stop me. I'd better hope I never get a taste for baby porridge or I'll really be in trouble :)
My real problem is that I'm the classic yo-yo dieter - got to my ideal weight (again) last summer, only to promptly fall pregnant. So all the clothes I had bought myself (jeans, little tops etc) are sitting redundant and hardly worn in the cupboard. And of course I didn't learn from experience and ate like a pig whilst pg because I reckoned I could. And ended up 4.5 stone heavier (!! :() I've lost 2.5 stone since but would love to lose at least 1.5 if not 2 stone.
So yes, Chanelno5 it's the big knickers for me too (and big bras and jumpers and shirts etc etc) But at least I'm not in my maternity gear any more...

Chanelno5 Thu 08-Nov-01 21:25:40

Diet today = :( (need I say more!) But last night, I went to the gym for the first time in.......ever!:):) Did 10 mins on bike, 1500 m on rowing machine (no joke!) and 13 mins fast walking on treadmill (dread to think what I looked like from behind!) I think I did more exercise than I've done in my entire life:) My reward - 2 G&Ts in the bar so promptly undid all the good work:( (just like to add, I didn't go to the bar by myself, incase you were thinking what a sad old drunkard!). I've also got a fair few pounds (stones!) to lose the result of having 3 kiddies in quick succession and not losing the weight in between. Pamina, what was your trick for losing the 2.5 st? I'm thinking of going back on Slimfast as I would like to look fairly reasonable for Christmas.

Jj Fri 09-Nov-01 08:16:20

My first WW meeting was Tuesday. It's great because I'm breastfeeding so I get more points. Yay! Even with massive numbers of points yesterday didn't go so well.. :( But I've been doing walks with the little one in the buggy most mornings.

So I've officially lost 0 pounds. Will let you know how next week goes.

Pamina Fri 09-Nov-01 09:43:40

Chanelno5, The 2.5 stone was lost with a combination of breastfeeding and the fact that with a baby on my hands I couldn't possibly eat as much as I had done when pregnant! Also, because of b/feeding I wasn't really drinking (how standards have slipped since then!!) I also banned all goodies from the house eg crisps, ice cream, chocolate, as if they are there then I HAVE to eat them. Will post again later - off to a meeting!

Chanelno5 Fri 09-Nov-01 10:09:00

The trouble is Pamina, I have to have a plentiful supply of crisps, biscuits, chocolate etc. in the house to bribe my little darlings to behave! (of course, they don't actually get much because Mummy always gets her hands on it first!). Also, I would do more walking because I quite like it (yes, honestly!) but in order to get them all to school/pre-school on time I have to drive. Perhaps I'm just destined to be the 'mumsy' type!

Pamina Fri 09-Nov-01 12:53:42

This may be asking the impossible but is there anything that your kids like that you don't? I've been racking my brain to think of anything that I could get (in future) as a treat for dd but that I wouldn't like - so far I've come up with marzipan...can't stand the stuff...but fairly likely she won't either.
To try to stop my chocolate cravings I stock up on Options hot chocolate in various flavours to try and kid myself that I've had some chocolate. If it's the only thing available then it seems like a bit of a treat and for only 40 calories. I also pig out on rice cakes like there was no tomorrow. It's a bit like eating polystyrene at first but you soon get used to them.

Chanelno5 Fri 09-Nov-01 13:56:08

There aren't many things that I don't like to eat - that is my problem. I too detest marzipan, unfortunately so do the kids! I think my only hope is to exercise it off - back-packing around the world on foot should suffice! Seriously though, I 'like me grub' it keeps me buoyant (both mentally and physically!) also I've convinced myself that I must eat like a horse to maintain my stamina when looking after the kids. Also, I like a drink! Am I a hopeless case?

Pamina Fri 09-Nov-01 21:47:02

My problem too - I have too many vices - chocolates, sweets, biscuits, ice cream, crisps, takeaways, chips to name but a few! It's really hard to get yourself going but I think once you have lost a few pounds and start to feel the benefit it does in a way become easier. Trouble is, it's so easy to just stay the same. Also, I always start off with good intentions and something happens - a stressful day at work, relatives coming to stay etc and I go right back to my bad habits.
Have been eating Snack a Jacks tonight - the jumbo sized ones - cheese are about 30 calories and caramel about 50 calories. Not too bad really and so far haven't succumbed to a drink...but am going out for a big blow out get together with the girls on Sunday night so need to be good till then.
Another thing we could collect on this thread is weighing rituals - mine is this: I only weigh myself first thing in the morning (pre breakfast, post wee) or when I get in from work (long time since lunch). Have to be nude so that there are no extra lbs from clothes. Only do it if I haven't had a large meal the night before/at lunchtime. My scales are set to read at least 2lbs less than they actually should, just to make me feel better, and I always move about on them to get the lowest reading!! Sad, eh? How about you??

Crunchie Fri 09-Nov-01 23:01:55

Well ladies(!!!) this post has just got hot again, and to think I was back therelike all of you trying to get rid of those post pregnancy stones. All I can say is stick at it. I did SW (Selja - tell your DH to stuff it!) nd I can honestly say hvaing thought I would hate to do a class, that it was the first time that I have ever dieted and reached the goal I set myself (infact less) This is due to a combination of things, but I think my main help was knowing I had to go to class, couldn't dance around on my scales as we all do (if I stand on one leg on tip-toe it always weighs light!). It also made me take responsibility for my eating that I never have felt before. 'It's not my fault, my Dh persuaded me' 'I couldn't help it, I had to have chocolate in the house' etc etc. I always made those excuses, I also used to be a yo-yo dieter, I aslso pu on 4 1/2 stone whilst being pg. I can only say what worked for me,

1) drinking masses and masses of water (BORING!) but after a couple of weeks it really helped and became a habit.
2) Getting rid of all that crap food from the house, sorry, the kids can suffer too. Perhaps bribery with a non food toy/magazine etc could be put in place.
3) Exercise, I started slow but am now planning on that marathon next year.
4) Goals, each half stone to start with meant a new nail varnish or lippy, a stone meant a meal out (and ate what I liked because I'm worth it!) and a target to be reache, by a certian time (BE REALISTIC)
5) STICKITIVITY. Basically willpower! It isn't easy, life sucks when you feel fat, life sucks when you feel you can't eat what you want but life feels great when you can be all smug as you take back a size 12 that you thought would fit, because it's too big!

I am off to my class on monday, so far I have stayed at target for nearly 3 months, but we went away this week to Centre Parcs and I ate and drank like a trouper, knowing that a week or two of SW plans will get me back on track, I think I put on a couple of lbs, but we are still 'on holiday' until tomorrow so I had a huge chinese takeaway this evening.

I would recommend a class for anyone who loves food, especially SW where you really can eat unlimited quanities of food such as pasta! I changed my cooking habits and learnt new recipes which are now the norm, this ensures I don't get bored and can stick to my target weight. Also SW has loads of 'free branded foods'. These are supermarket or brands like heinz etc, that you can eat as much as you like of. This means as long as your cupboards are full of 'free food' if you are hungry there is always something very quick to grab. I am now addicted to canned curries!!

Anyway as they say 'I was so impressed I bought the company' with SW I was so impressed I have gone for a job with them as district manager (a full time salaried position, but working from home), not because I am evangelical abut the company, but I want too stop the commuting (2hrs each way).

Seriously, I haven't been aound this week, but I am happy to help in any way possible, so I will be here, posting, hassleing you all, and doing a Christmas countdown! I was going to suggest we start a new post as this one is just soooooooooo long!

Chanelno5 Sat 10-Nov-01 08:28:10

Great tips Pamina and Crunchie. LOL - you on those scales, Pamina! Crunchie - you know, I was thinking about trying SW as the idea of 'free' foods is right up my street! Can you have sweet free foods aswell, as I've got a bit of a sweet tooth? It's good to hear from someone who it has worked for, Crunchie, and does act as an incentive for me. I will ask around my friends and see if anyone will come to a meeting with me, otherwise I'll bite the bullet and go by myself - there is a group very near to me I think. Thanks for the advice, Crunchie, now I know where to come. If you start a new thread (ie. Crunchie's Dieting Clinic) I'll be there! Pamina - what do you think, shall we try to resist the lure of 'lardy' food and set ourselves the target of losing a few pounds before Christmas?

Pamina Sat 10-Nov-01 14:37:37

I'm all for losing a good few lbs by Xmas - got to get into that slinky LBD for the party season!

Chanelno5 Sat 10-Nov-01 14:52:38

Have you thought about joining SW, Pamina? Don't you think the bit about 'free' foods sounds rather tempting?

Pamina Sat 10-Nov-01 21:18:40

Yes I have thought about going to WW - a friend did it and found it really good, also my mother has done it a couple of times. Don't know much about SW although not too convinced about being able to eat all the pasta you want - I can eat masses of it and that must add up...but if it works then I guess it's worth giving a go. Only trouble is, getting to a meeting on a regular basis, what with demands of work and home..I know with WW you have to pay for every meeting regardless of whether you go or not - I reckon I'd end up missing quite a lot through no fault of my own and being penalised for it and made to feel like I was playing truant!!
By the way, the bar opened in our house at 6pm tonight after a stressful day with a sick dd who refused to eat much and spewed all over the place due to her bad cough. 2 margaritas and half a bottle of wine later I'm sitting here at the computer merrily typing away. Oops - better not weigh myself starts on Monday again, I promise! (PS don't tell anyone but I also scoffed the remainder of the caramel Snack a Jacks - well, it would be rude not to) :)

Chanelno5 Sun 11-Nov-01 07:53:20

Hope dd is feeling better this morning! I hate it when they get all phlegmy and it makes them sick (I'd rather change the worst, pooey-ist nappy in the world than clean up sick!) I too, had my Smirnoff Ice (x I lost count of how many!) last night, but feel ok this morning (that's the beauty of vodka!) Have also been pigging out on Maltesers this morning (yes, already!) An open packet of them to me, is like a red rag to a bull! Yes I know, that most decent people couldn't even look at a bar of chocolate at this hour of the morning, but the diet starts tomorrow so today I must cram in as much chocolate as is humanly possible! Have already got some cans of Slimfast in the fridge chilling in readiness for tomorrow morning (I can hardly contain myself :().

Pamina Sun 11-Nov-01 10:13:11

Hi Chanelno5 - unfortunately dd still barking like a seal so we're off to Boots in a bit to stock up on stuff (the vaporiser sounds good from recommendations on this site). Tonight is a big meal/drinks with the girls then from tomorrow I'm going to be sooooo good (unless I've got a hangover, in which case it doesn't count).
Did you ever see that e-mail about diets, it was really funny - things like: food eaten standing up has no calories, broken food (eg biscuits) have no calories, if you eat food from someone elses plate it has no calories, if you eat less than the person you're with then your calories don't count etc etc. There was also a fantastic diet which went something like this:

Breakfast: special K with skimmed milk. Orange juice

Mid morning: fruit

Lunch: chicken salad

Mid afternoon: just one chocolate biscuit

Teatime: a couple more biscuits

Supper: salad...a whole Sara Lee chocolate cake, the rest of the packet of biscuits, a family sized pizza etc etc

It's funny but also too true in my case - evenings are the worst for me.

Enjoy your last day of chocolate freedom and maybe I'll join you on the slimfast tomorrow!!

Winnie Sun 11-Nov-01 10:24:49

Here I am again, not doing well at all but excusing myself with 'the stress of life'. Dh and I have agreed to get fit together, as we are both exhausted by our toddler and worried that we are going to be burnt out before he is five!!!! On top of this I have health issues that are probably not being helped by the extra weight I am carrying! So, hopefully, having dh on board will make it easier. I have also decided that despite my previous hatred of scales they are a necessary evil. I am planning to loose a stone by Xmas as from today. Will let you know if I have any success. My main problem is, as you will know from previous posts, before I returned to work I really got into exercise and it helped a lot. Now however with two jobs I find it almost impossible to set aside time for myself to exercise. I know I am going to have to be ruthless! Good luck all, keep at it.

Chanelno5 Sun 11-Nov-01 13:21:59

Yes, Good Luck to us all. I'm sure I wouldn't feel so tired if I wasn't carrying around so much extra weight, afterall, it is probably like the equivalent weight of a 2 year old child - and you wouldn't want to be carrying one of those around 24 hours a day! Yes Pamina, I do remember that e-mail, it was great, but unfortunately I took it as gospel! Enjoy your night out!:)

Crunchie Sun 11-Nov-01 15:35:39

Well I will just give you the run down on SW 'Free' foods.

Firstly you have to choose whether you are doing a 'grren' day or a 'red' day. Green is mainly carbohydrate and red is mainly animal protein (meat etc). If you are on a green day free foods are: pasta (not fresh), rice (all types), couscous, other 'grains', all vegetables including potatoes, all fruit inc. bananas, eggs, tofu, quark, very low fat cottage cheese, vlf fromage frias, vlf youghurt, quorn. Also there are a massive variety of 'branded' foods such as supermarket curry etc. Red days free foods are: All meat (fat and skin removed, all poultry (not fat/skin), all fish and shellfish, vegetables excluding potatoes/sweetcorn/parsnips, all fruit inc. bananas, and dairy stuff as green day, eggs and quorn.

Then you add 'Healthy extras', these you have to weigh and they include breakfast cereals, bread and cooked fruits (only raw are free, don't ask why explaination is way to confusing), also milk or cheese and animal protein on a green day and carbohydrate stuff on a red day. (you confused yet!)

Lastly you have a limited number of sins. these are for all other types of foods. so you can choose to have a couple of glasses of wine, or 5 cadbury's finfgers or a pack of crips and a jaffa cake etc.

I kow the unlimited pasta idea is odd, but irt is really what you put on it. You can make suaces out of all the veggies (inc canned tomatoes) etc, but with only a little meat. Since I am veggie I found all this perfect as all I ate was tonnes of pasta, rice, couscous with healthy veggie stews etc and the weight dropped off.

Good Luck!

Suew Sun 11-Nov-01 20:22:48

ChanelNo5, I remember hitting the weight loss point where I had lost the equivalent of my 4yo's weight - she is 20kgs.

It was amazing to think that I had been effectively carrying her around for months. I've now lost over 30kgs so half as much as her again and it's hardly surprising I now find it a lot easier to run along the road with her and her friends! And I no longer have the deep dread that if a child in my care made a run for it, I wouldn't be able to catch them before they got into danger.

Chanelno5 Sun 11-Nov-01 21:00:09

Well done, Suew! Any tips?

Selja Sun 11-Nov-01 21:05:26

Oh God Suew you saying about losing the weight of your 4yo it made me realise I've got to lose my ds weight - he's 3 stone. That really depresses me how do you stop thinking about failure on a diet before you even start? Why does it take so long to come off? And why is everything that I enjoy (wine and chocolate) what you're not supposed to eat? I've got to start again tomorrow and I'm already depressed about it. I've got no willpower and I've got to stop talking myself out of failure before I start otherwise I'll never succeed. In this day and age of inventions isn't it about time they invented wine and chocolate which tastes good and isn't fattening?

Crunchie Sun 11-Nov-01 23:09:14

Selja, as you say in your post, you have got to stop talking yourself out of sucess. You say you have no willpower and that before you even start you feel doomed to failure. Well to be blunt, you will fail if you are dreading losing weight. I mean what is the point of living if you can't enjoy it. I wish I had a mgic wand to help you feel like you are sucessful, I don't mean to be a bore but that is why classes help so much (and others who have been to classes will back me on this one) When you start losing weight you feel so good, and get the support of the class that it lifts you for the coming week and helps you through the bad points. Also you know there are others who feel just the same who are alos struggling. I saw that your dh doesn't believe in classes and thinks that exercise will do the trick. Well yes in theory you can lose weight that way, but it is so slow, and difficult to fit into a busy lifestyle with children. I went for the 2 pronged attack of diet and exercise because that is the fastest way to get rid of those lbs. I am lucky that I lost the first stone quite quickly (within 5 weeks) and this spurred me on to lose the next 1/2 stone. Then I felt I was half way there, which was a great achievement which made me feel better stiking to the plan. Also with a class you can discuss things properly (I only know about sw) and we have flexible days that when you know you have a special occassion that there is no way you can stick to the plan, that you use. This way you are still in control. For example my birthday I wanted to go out and have a lovely meal, so I did. Knowing that I could eat and drink all I wanted without the gulit made me stick to the plan the next day and not go off the rials due to a bad day. Does this make sense? It is all about taking responsibility for yur eating and deciding that I wanted to eat anything I felt like, meant I was making a positive choice, not just bingeing and then feeling bad about it. So now I use this every day, I decide if I want to have something, and if I do i eat it without guilt. This way I enjoy my food, and when I think something isn't worth it I stick To the plan, keeping the weight off.

But hey there is nothing worse than a sucessful dieter, we are more preachy than an ex smoker!!

Good Luck

Lizzer Mon 12-Nov-01 13:05:44

Oooo, goody I have been away for a few days (visiting my Grandma and her chocolate biscuit stash big enough to feed a small 3rd world country for a week!) and return to find this thread alive and kicking, just what I need to get me through the winter of discontent I am facing!
I had to weigh myself after being away and have not put anything on (or lost any but I'll live with that after the choc binge - actually I resisted more than you'd think, but then they were being offered on the hour, every hour with a steaming cup of tea, Grandma's are great!)
So back to the reality of Christmas approaching, I have been reading your posts with interest and am getting a great feeling of solidarity among our ranks again! I just hope this time I can stick with it :)

Good luck this week everyone :)

Willow2 Mon 12-Nov-01 14:16:09

I'm sure I've suggested these before, but for anyone with a sweet tooth and no will-power (eg: me) stock up on Muller Light toffee yoghurts. They are scrummy, taste like they are full of cals but aren't and help take the edge off cravings.

Ems Mon 12-Nov-01 15:57:51

The Weight Watchers yoggies are yummy too, pack of 4, two toffee and two vanilla. I used to save them for my sweet evening cravings.

Failing that, half sachet of chocolate options in low low fat plain yog, yum.

Pamina Mon 12-Nov-01 20:58:54

Well, how was everyone's day? I had a day off from work so met up with friends for lunch - but wasn't too bad. It's terrible being at home though because the temptation to pick at food is so great, but managed to resist apart from a couple of apples, which can't be bad. Had a huge veg curry tonight (home made, so without oils/fat) so feeling full and fairly virtuous.
Was watching This Morning (which of course is what SAHMs always do!! ha ha ONLY JOKING!!!!) and there was a woman on who was being shown by Paul McKenna how to stop her chocolate addiction. He had 5 points for her to follow (not sure I can remember them all)
- enjoy every mouthful
- stop when you're full

erm..dd was playing up at the time so can't remember any more. Ah well, when I next succumb to chocolate I can blame it on dd for not letting me concentrate!!
Phew - off to collapse now with a low cal Options hot chocolate - looking forward to an easier day tomorrow being back at work - and I'm serious this time!! Have been run off my feet all day!

Suew Mon 12-Nov-01 21:40:01

OKay, I'm sure I've said it before but I don't think I have deprived myself at all on this eating plan.

I have a glass of red wine, at least one, almost every night. I eat chocolate almost every day. I keep a bar of Lindt Excellence 70% choc on a shelf where it's difficult to reach, so it's not in my face every time I open the cupboard/fridge.

Whilst we were living in Australia, I went out for lunch with girlfriends every week. I went to a steak house and had grilled chicken and salad with a baked potato and a glass or two of wine and enjoyed the company of my friends . Or I ate pasta with a tomato based sauce rather than a cream one.

I eat crisps and cheese.

I have cut out butter (and haven't replaced with low fat spread), croissants, sausages, sausage rolls, although I will occasionally eat all of these but only a small amount.

I give myself at least one night off a month - where WW points go out of the window and I eat and drink whatever I want. The following morning, I get up and start a new day.

This philosophy has run over into the rest of my life - each day is a new one so little point in worrying about what has gone before.

Yes, we ex-heavies defnitely are worse than ex-smokers (and I'm one of those too!).

Good luck - you can do it - all you have to do is believe in yourself.

Crunchie Mon 12-Nov-01 22:06:56

Yeah Suew it is the enjoyment of food that I think needs to be relearnt. This what I pfund so hard, I was too busy feeling guilty for eating whatever that I only ate more. No I make the choice, and have evenings where I eat and drink all I like, and then go back to the plan the next day. You need to lean how to eat like a thin person (!) By this I mean eating what you want, in moderation and enjoying it. This seems to stave off the binges because they only happen when you are feeling deprivied or denied. By allowing yourself chocolate or wine or crisps means you have a moderate portion, enjoy them and then move on. Eating eventually becomes a pleasure again. I am finally learning guilt free eating, and so I have a bar of chocolate if I want, just a normal sized one, not a family sized that I used to eat. Crisps are normal bags, again not jumbo packs and a bottle of wine will last a few days, because I know I can have it!

Does this all sound weird?

Well all I am saying is decide for yourself and take control of your eating. This doesn't mean strict diets, more a different mindset. If you fancy chocolate have a little, because we all snack through boredom, habit, stress etc not true hunger. Take your mind off food. I found long baths in the evening worked a treat. You can't eat crisps in the bath! Grab a good magazine, lots of bubble bath and lock the door for at least an hour (OK not easy, but once the kids are in bed, instead of slobbing in fornt of the sofa) I also found painting my nails (you can't eat with wet nails), going on the PC (suddenly an hour or three have gone). OK all silly ideas, but you'll have great nails, fab glowing skin from all the moisturizer you'll smooth on afterwards, and mumsnet will be really busy.

So today's tip is change your routine in the evening to avoid temptation/boredom!

Chanelno5 Tue 13-Nov-01 19:19:03

Quick diet update - Day 2 - Not going too bad. Have kept myself busy, so haven't really had the time to be tempted and start picking. After being on Mumsnet tonight (that's very true Crunchie, going on Mumsnet does while away a few hours in the evening, especially at the speed I type!) have got a massive pile of ironing (school uniforms for tomorrow so got to be done) to do whilst watching telly. Not doing too badly avoiding the choc, but still have to have a little 'night-cap' in the evenings. Does anyone know how many calories a large G&T (with slimline tonic:)) has got in it?

Selja Tue 13-Nov-01 20:15:51

Have been quite good these last two days. Just a little chocolate at work. Work/daytime is when I snack. Night I don't have a problem with. One tip that works for me is to clean my teeth after my tea then I'm loathe to eat anything else. Its so easy to sit at work and munch that said if I didn't take anything in with me I wouldn't be able to do it. There who needs you lot to solve my problems ha ha!!! Seriously you're doing a great job at encouraging me and letting me read your thoughts on such a wide range of subjects. Have decided to join SW after Christmas (can't before as I'm going to Spain for a month and am too tight to pay for classes that I'm not going to be able to go to). Here's to tomorrow and another good day.

Pamina Tue 13-Nov-01 21:10:14

Hmmm.. was good up till about 7pm tonight when the only food we had in the house was a ready meal that I'm sure was full of calories (didn't dare look at the packaging or even the description). Hoping to have a better day tomorrow. It's good to be able to admit to failures and successes on this site - if I make myself be honest about my lapses then hopefully I will be ashamed to admit them and it might stop me! Off to have a long soak in the bath in a minute to keep myself away from the kitchen! Good luck everyone else - keep up the good work!

Lizzer Wed 14-Nov-01 10:55:03

Am trying soooo hard, it better be worth it. Managed a 4 mile walk yesterday and the day before so legs feeling nice and tight (well, tight-er) Lapsed by having a few chips and a hot choc last night but not the end of the world. Sun is shining today so want to get out and about with pushchair again, am supposed to be writing 1200 word essay though - boo, best get off here and get some work done eh?! :)

Channelno5, If you want to know about g&t cals, nip to local newsagent, look for slimming mags, find a 'complete guide to calories' book and have sneaky look - if you dare!!! :)

Good luck everyone...

Pamina Wed 14-Nov-01 13:33:36

Hey Chanelno5, you've been rather quiet on this thread lately...hope you're not cheating!!
I think I'll start a new thread for the new us - see you there :)

Crunchie Wed 14-Nov-01 13:39:53

A normal pub measure of gin is about 50 cals, therefore a large one, depends on how large! One tip we were told this week in SW class, is to be really anal and buy a pub measure thingy (can get them from Robert Dyas type shops) Then you can be sure what you measure. I find that once it's a double it doesn't seem to get much stronger f I add more gin, so a measure can work. So saying I only drink G&T on holidays, and DH and I get through a bottle of duty free in a week!!

OK Todays tip!

Food Diary's. Write down what you ate, BE HONEST, don't bother working out the calories, but any food consumed outside of normal mealtimes put an emotion down (why you ate it, were you bored, is it a habit etc) Plan to do this over a week to start with, and then try to commit to doing this for a month.

I found this worked really well for me, it wasn't the calories, it was the reasons why I reached for food that needed addressing. After 4 weeks of this I was too embarrassed to see in Black and White what I ate, so I didn't bother eating 'bad' foods or only 'boredom/comfort snack'. This helped me change the habits I had had for years!

Chanelno5 Wed 14-Nov-01 13:50:25

Hello Pamina - I'm still hanging around like a bad smell, it's just now I've cut back on the choc, I'm too weak to type! Not quite that bad (yet!). Really I've been trying to keep out of the house/fridge as much as possible to avoid temptation, also have to fight off kids to get a chance to go on the computer to let you know my progress (in the loosest sense of the word, of course!). But have also spent a couple of evenings at the gym (don't laugh!) although admittedly most of the time is spent in the bar - got to keep the morale up, you see! Do you spell loosest like that - or is lack of choc now affecting my brain aswell? Anyway, don't worry about a little slip up here and there, I have too, I'm just not admitting to it, so that way it doesn't count - cunning eh! Saw on local news yesterday, a woman who had lost 12 stones in 12 months - unfortunately she was only having about 500-600 calories a day, so I won't be following that plan. I'm rambling again - so anyway, did you have a good night out the other night?

Jj Thu 15-Nov-01 11:40:42

Diet update for me: lost 1/2 pound according to WW this week. We were out of town for a long weekend, so everything got put on hold. And for the past two days, rice has been my downfall. I should have looked up the points first!

The food diary has been working for me, too. No chips last night because I didn't want to write them down when I got home! Too bad it didn't work for the second pint. :)

What pub foods are the best to have? Any ideas?

Crunchie Thu 15-Nov-01 22:22:06

Jj well done, a weight loss with a week that's been messed about. And like you say, didn't want to have to write down the chips!

Best Pub Food, hmmm, It depends if it is a 'foody' pub or more traditional. Assuming traditional. Steak (trim all the fat off first, with a jacket potato (careful on butter though), Jacket potato and a 'wet' filling like beans or veggie chilli (no need for butter). Grilled Fish, Gammon and pineapple (if it's grilled). All I would suggest is to ask how things are cooked and avoid the obvious chips, butter, extra bead, cheee, etc. If you make sensible choices you can just enjoy that glass of wine or whatever.

OK Todays tip??? Hmm run out of ideas....OK here's one. Take a large can of baked beans and carry it around with you all day. I bet you'd be pissed off with it and after a while it will become heavy. Well that's approx. 1lb. So imagine how a little loss of 1lb makes a lot of difference even if you can't see it!!

Winnie Fri 16-Nov-01 10:38:00

4lb since Sunday! Hurrah! I conceded and bought bathroom scales. It might prove to be the best incentive, despite my previous antagonisms.

My biggest battle is, as ever, bread and picking at leftovers. I am going to have to start giving the baby really gross combinations so that I stop doing "one for for mummy":)

Still, better week than I've had for a long time foodwise... onwards and upwards (or should that be downwards?)everyone.

Crunchie, I agree, thinking of the weight in terms of actual things does make one realise what one has achieved (or has to achieve - depending on ones perspective at the time). How about thinking of half of a lb in terms of a block of butter! Urgh!

Pamina Fri 16-Nov-01 13:12:50

Well done Winnie! I reckon I've lost about 4lbs too, but not counting my chickens because it's the weekend...have despatched dh to stock up on Snack a Jacks for us to eat whilst watching Children in Need..hope he doesn't buy anything else! No doubt some wine will go the wrong way but who cares, I've been really good all week and deserve a treat. Yesterday popped into the supermarket for a few things and reached out my hand for a 6 pack of French Fries, but then decided that it wasn't just the case of one packet = 100 calories, rather that 6 packets = 600 calories, so didn't get them after all. (I'm an all or nothing girl unfortuntely, if they're in the house I HAVE to eat them).

Chanelno5 Fri 16-Nov-01 15:57:32

My diet has gone horribly wrong, so will restart again tomorrow or Monday (depending how I feel tomorrow morning!) You've all done really well, so I feel even guiltier, would drown my sorrows with a G&T, but have to drive later (to the gym for another review, will have to wear my tightest, 'holdy-in-est' big pants tonight, I think!) Oh well, best go and cook the kids' tea, it's shepherd's pie, so I can easily resist that - no choc in it you see!

Tigermoth Fri 16-Nov-01 17:10:45

Can anyone here give me the lowdown on Rountrees fruit gums? The ones that come in a long yellow tube.

I am under the impression that a whole tube of fruit gums is just 80 calories. This is what I read years ago in a 'count your calories' book. Since then, I have used them as a compromise whenever my sweet tooth tendencies get too out of hand. Especially useful at work. Typing and chewing, that's me.

In my teens they formed a big part of my doomed 500 cals a day diet. However, I did lose quite a lot of weight while dislodging countless tooth fillings.

Today's fruit gums are far less ferocious. They are softer, without the tendency to form a limpet-like hold on the teeth. But is a tube still 80 calories?

If this is so, could they be a chocolate substitute for the desperate?

Chanelno5 Fri 16-Nov-01 19:28:59

Thank you Tigermoth, for offering a glimmer of hope to us sad choc/sweetie-aholics - I'll be straight down the shops tomorrow to check!

Crunchie Fri 16-Nov-01 23:33:21

OK well according to my fat and calorie guide Nestle fruit Gums (do they own Rowentree?) are 134 cal per tube. Looking at the best chocolate/sweets for us we have

Curly Wurly (put it in the fridge and it takes ages to eat) at 125 cals
Finger of fudge (yuk) 115 cals
Candy Floss (!) 60 cals per medium stick!
Tic Tacs 63 cals per pack
Ferrero Rocher 74 cals EACH!
Galaxy Ripple 176 cals (not bad for pure chocolate)
Maltesers 183 per bag
Revels 173 per bag
Starburst juicy gums 139 per pack
Ftuit pastilles 147 per pack
Kit Kat 107 per 2 finger bar
Polo fuits 114 per tube

However if you allow yourself something as a treat you should be OK

My tip for the weekend! Do yourself and your family a favour and don't buy all the c**p food that you know you can't resist. I have a rule that we don't have crisps, chocolate, ice cream, chips, biscuits etc in the house. However I will buy just one pack for Poppy when we go out shopping. This way she eats oads of fruit, breadsticks or veggies as snacks at home, but I don't mind buying her a treat when we are out. I know it's harder when you have older children in the house, and maybe more expensive if you have to buy these things in single packs, but it's cheaper inthe long run as you won't be eating so much. My weight loss really started to work when I had bugger all to eat in the house that broke my diet. Since SW has loads of free food, I could always eat something if I was hungry, but since there was nothing nice to snack on, I didn't snack. I know it takes willpower, and occassionally I would end up eating a huge bowl of cereal if I needed to snack. But that didn't ruin my diet.

Good luck for the weekend,

Just to let you all know I am not feeling so smug atthe moment, I have been eating like a pig all week and I daren't get on the scales this week. I think I'll make a good effort at the weekend to be good, and then try to get to class on Monday. If I know I have to weigh in on Monday, I'll be too scared to eat crap at the weekend because I don't want to go over target!

Chanelno5 Sat 17-Nov-01 08:46:40

Thanks for all that info, Crunchie, you're a little gem and much better than a slimming mag!!

Pamina Sat 17-Nov-01 13:12:58

Don't give up Chanelno5, just keep going. Treat each day as a new start, forget about the bad day yesterday. (well, it sounds good anyway!!) I had a couple of glasses of wine last night and got stuck into the Snack a Jacks (getting rather addicted), woke up this morning feeling rough as a dog - thought "I can't have a hangover after a couple of glasses of wine" but no, it was a lovely cold, just right for the weekend. So feeling v sorry for myself and sniffling away, must attempt not to stuff myself with chocs for comfort.

Crunchie Sat 17-Nov-01 16:21:53

You guys will begin to think I am obsessive! and that I know nothing else but calorie counting and losing weight! I just happen to have all the books etc because I have tried so many times. Now I am the biggest fan of SW and I've got an interview with them next week for a District Mangares job which will make me even more a fan! If I get it it will mean an end to 2hr each way commuting as I will be working from home and in my local district (about 1hr drive to anywhere). I am keeping my fingers crossed as I am finding the commuting is really ruining my life at the mo.

Chanelno5 Sat 17-Nov-01 19:11:52

Hope the interview goes well, Crunchie. If anyone really deserves the job, it's you. You have a really good knowledge of calories and handy tips for dieters. Also, because you have been through the weight-loss process yourself, you really understand the highs and lows of dieting, so could provide alot of empathy and support to others who are still going through it. Which region would you be working in? (I'm hoping it might be near me, you see!)

Oh Pamina, you poor love! Sorry to hear you're feeling grotty. It's really hard caring for children when all you want to do is stay in bed. Have you got dh at home today to help? Sometimes when I get a really bad cold, I lose my sense of taste aswell, so this helps to reduce the urge to comfort eat. However, unfortunately my sense of taste is working only too well at the moment, and have been tucking into the choc today. Well, MIL has come to stay and brought M&S choccy biscuits with her, so it's not really my fault when temptation is put right in my face like that, is it!

Tigermoth Mon 19-Nov-01 14:29:07

So, the advertising IS true - Maltesers really aren't that loaded with calories. Only 50 or so calories more than a tube of fruit gums, too. Crunchie, you're a star! your list has made my afternoon.

Good luck with the interview - ask SW to look on here if they want proof of your ability and knowledge!

Lizzer Mon 19-Nov-01 17:26:04

Crunchie, good luck, you really know your stuff so I'm sure they'll be more than happy to give you the job - do you think you could wangle cheaper rates for us lot in our areas if you get it??!! :)

Crunchie Mon 19-Nov-01 20:31:07

Thanks you guys, but I don't know if it's a case of knowing my stuff dietwise, but more a case of also being a high powered (!) business women with responsibility for a team of consultants and team managers!

However so you all realsie I am not a smug git and crowing becase I have reached target, I had a really c88p week last week and although I took it each day at a time, each day went very wrong! However I have learnt to take each day at a time and know that I can get myself back on track (I gained 3lbs in a week!) So i have promised myself 2 weeks of sticking to the plan and everyting will become hunky dory again. I think I was trying to see how far I could push it and go back to my old eating habits. So today I am just stuffing my face with a huge plate of veggie couscous (home-made so I know there's just 5 sins in a saucepan full) and I think I'll put my feet up with a glass of wine (5 sins) so there's my 10 sins for the day!

Jj Mon 19-Nov-01 23:45:32

Good luck, Crunchie. I've been thinking about that can of beans. Is 1 pound also 8 sausages? I've been trying to imagine where those will come off.

Winnie and Pamina, wow! 4 lbs in a week is amazing. Ok, so I can make it through the rest of the night without having a snack. I'd be too ashamed to eat that piece of bakewell tart right now. :)

Joe1 Tue 20-Nov-01 11:42:10

While shopping this week I was reminded of a breakfast I used to have which always helps me get through the morning and keeps my sugar level up. Really good for all of you with a sweet tooth and not high in points or calories.
Cinnamon and raisen bagels toasted with honey and mashed banana, lovely, had one this morning.

Lizzer Tue 20-Nov-01 15:41:12

Had a very pleasant suprise today, I've been using the scales at Boots but haven't used them for about a month, instead have been hopping on the bathroom sclaes every now and again. Today I did it properly and went in to see how much I'd lost and to my amazement I'd gone down 7lbs!!! I'm not joking, so either the scales were knackered or I've actually done it. Its there in black and white on a printout though. On 3rd March this year I weighed in at 14 stone 4 and today its 11 stone 9 - yahoo! My goal was to be 75kgs (right weight for my 5ft10 build apparently) and translated into kgs I'm now 74.6!! So what now?? I'm stunned, of course I feel thinner, fitter and generally great. But I don't look how I imagined at all. My Bum's still big and my tummy's still wobbly - what do you think I should do everyone? I'm thinking another half a stone might do it but I don't want to get caught in the 'diet trap'. Its really annoying because I imagined myself to be super confident and fantastic looking at this point and I'm neither, oh somebody help, am I always going to be miserable then...?!!! :) (sorry, not trying to play for sympathy here, honest, its just do any of you have any idea how to keep sane through this?)

Joe, that was one of my all time faves, but sadly since giving up wheat (and feeling so much better for doing so) I'll not be able to participate, boo hoo, but thanks for reminding me of such pleasures. I allow myself a 'wheat treat' every now and then (even though am in stomach cramp hell for a couple of hours afterwards)so will probably make it now that I'm drooling over it...!

Pamina Wed 21-Nov-01 08:58:50

Well done Lizzer! What a fantastic achievement! Now don't rush out and celebrate with a big box of chocs and let all that good work go to waste!!
I'm with you on the ideal weight vs how you actually feel thing. Like you I'm tall (5'9") but I have found on diets in the past that when I have reached my so-called ideal weight I am still flabby in certain parts. My "problem" (if you could call it that) is that I have skinny arms and legs - therefore I can afford to have more flab on my torso and still be at the "right" weight. However, I look out of proportion unless I've got my flabby belly down a bit too, which means generally that I have to be about 10-10.5 stone and no more. Oh well, won't start worrying about that until it becomes imminent!
All I can suggest is perhaps trying a few toning exercises (they've been recommended on this site already) and hopefully you'll get a nice taut tummy (well, we can all dream, can't we?)
Once again well done and make sure you give yourself a nice (non fattening) treat!

Lizzer Wed 21-Nov-01 13:58:57

Pamina, thanks for your support. I think you sound like a similar body shape to me, my ankle ans wrists are so tiny compared to the rest of my body, but I have a really large frame. Its a nightmare! I have been doing my toning exercises for ages now and they are working - but the problem I have is that the skin and flab around my tummy are so 'baggy' they don't look they'll ever disappear completely, even though I can feel the taught muscle underneath :( I think I'll try and go down to 11st and then I'll stop for good. I've been the weight I am at the monet and because its within my height/weight guidelines I don't think I look too out of proportion (skirting round the word 'fat' there!) I'm going to give Christmas a miss though, I don't want to deny myself the pleasure that eating gorgeous food brings at that time of year!

Chanelno5 Wed 21-Nov-01 22:40:26

Oh, you two are sooooooooo tall, you make me feel a right midget at 5ft 4. The problem I have is, that although I only have the frame of a 5ft 4 woman, I have the appetite of a 6ft 4 man! You can just see how the problems arise can't you. Anyway, on a more positive note, went to the gym tonight, so am now feeling totally knackered, perhaps even too knackered to eat, well miracles can happen!

Suew Thu 22-Nov-01 12:12:32

Lizzer, are you sure you're not my sister?

She is 5'10" and has very slender limbs but carries more weight on her torso I think as she seems to stay a larger size than me in clothing although I weigh more - I'm 5'9" and don't have long, slender anything. :)

I'm having problems getting motivated at the mo. I put on a pound last week and again this week so I am now back where I was a month ago. I'm going to sort out my gym membership so I can go after work in the evening (about 8.30pm) when hopefully it won't be too crowded. I haven't been there for over two weeks except for an hour on Sat which is obviously not helping the weight loss.

Congratulations on the huge loss since March BTW, Lizzer. It must be quite thrilling to compare your two printouts. Do you have before and after pics too?

Winnie Thu 22-Nov-01 12:56:26

Don't know how I've done it but I've lost 2lbs this week. Thought I'd had a bad week as so much has been going on I've not eaten properly, my daughter had her birthday so there was cake in the house and I've drunk wine almost every night!!! Maybe on the run I just don't pick so much...

Pamina Thu 22-Nov-01 13:07:23

Here's my thought for the day....last night on the train home I was sitting opposite an overweight woman. I looked at her and thought "God, I hope I don't look like that" and then "I hope other people looking at me don't feel the same way I do when I look at her". This got me to thinking - I always hate it when people comment on someone else "She/he's put on a lot of weight" and I think it's because it always makes me think that people must have said that about me (several times!!) in the past. And obviously what I'd rather they said is "She's lost a lot of weight". So with that thought in mind I had a munchies free evening and feel better for it.

Pamina Thu 22-Nov-01 13:17:25

Ooooh, this is SOOOOOO unfair - 2 people who work near me have just arrived with their lunch - delicious smelling takeaway pizzas.....I've already had my "lunch" if you can call it that, but my mouth is watering....why does pizza smell sooooo gooooooooood?

Crunchie Thu 22-Nov-01 14:13:39

Becuase it is unfair that Pizza, Chip shop chips, fesh bread etc are just so yummy, you'd think they would need to smell good too!

I think my postings are being deleted off this thread, I am sure I said well done Lizzer! I looked back through this thread and it is truely inspiring. Add together all the weight we've lost and there's at least one extra person!

Lizzer Thu 22-Nov-01 23:39:22

Suew, I thought I was the only one with such annoying measurements! I know how your sister feels, and its really annoying being a 'big' size in clothes even when you've lost loads of weight, I'm now only a 14/16, and if I was a 10 I'd have to be stcik insect woman, it really wouldn't be a pretty sight. The worst thing is that's what most smaller people dream of being, but I would never squeeze into one ever! And yes I do have before and after shots, anyone who's going to the 'do' on 1st Dec will be bored stupid by them!

Pamina, even you just mentioning pizza has set my taste buds flaming - thanks a bunch! :)

Cheers Crunchie, can you imagine what our Frankenstein creation of wobbly bits would look like though - eew, gross!!

Well done Winnie, and good luck for next week girls...

Ems Fri 23-Nov-01 09:31:15

Lizzer, congratulations, well done, good on you, FANTASTIC! You've done so well and lost so much.

Just in time for Christmas, ie have December off and start again in January!

Lizzer Fri 23-Nov-01 11:28:15

Thanks Ems, you have been such a source of inspiration to me, as has everyone else who posts here. Was just looking through an earlier post of mine from June, "I really need to shift 2 stone if I'm honest with myself...I would love to have the confidence that I used to have". Well, I AM getting the confidence I used to have back and I HAVE lost over 2 stone. This is honestly the best form of dieting I have ever done. Having to report back here and getting msgs of support has done me the world of good. BTW, I'm still going to bore the pants off you all though, even though my quest is drawing to an end! :)

Crunchie Sat 24-Nov-01 17:06:13

Well I had the interview, and i have decided even if I was offered the job I wouldn't take it. There is just too much evening and weekend work, tht any benefit from working from home is totally negated by the added stress of needing childcare at odd times. It would work if DH had a 'normal' 9 - 5 job, but since he's an actor and sometimes away, at other times working eves and weekends, life would be even more complicated.

I am still looking, so if any of you know of a job that's really well paid, that I can do from home, or within an hour of Colchester, with a car etc let me know!

Oh well never mind.

Anyhow Lizzer it is so interesting reading back through this board, sometimes I feel we should start a new one, but this one has so many ups and downs that any newbies couldn't fail to be inspired by what we have achieved. We set out our goals atthe beginning, and here we are near Christmas having done it! Others are also getting really close, and some have come and gone. Lets hope 2002 can do the same for more mumsnet members.

Chanelno5 Sun 25-Nov-01 09:46:52

Sorry to hear that, Crunchie, you would have been great for the job as you are so supportive and helpful to us would-be slim Mumsnetters, but I'm with you on putting your family first.

Lizzer Mon 26-Nov-01 11:57:49

Crunchie, yeah its a shame that the job didn't work out for you, hope you find something soon...

I think its an excellent idea re-staring the thread, perhaps on the 1st Jan, for the new year ahead?? It does seem to take forever to get down to the bottom of it doesn't it?!

Selja Mon 26-Nov-01 22:27:25

Well I had been doing OK - wine still a problem but thats another thread then I weighed myself and between yesterday and today I've put on nearly 3/4 of a stone. Yes you've guessed it the dreaded wrong time of the month (or the week before anyway). Don't know why I weigh myself at this time of the month as its always depressing. I've got my Dad coming down tomorrow as well for ds' birthday and he's always commenting on my weight and how much I've put on. More wine going down my throat. Oh well can start again on Thursday when he's gone. Got to cheat anyway as I can't not have any of Ciaran's birthday cake can I? Its a yummy chocolate one from Nigella Lawson's Nigella Bites book.

Pamina Tue 27-Nov-01 12:59:16

Selja, I'm with you on that one - I've got the same problem at the moment. So depressing when you think you've been good but the scales tell you otherwise.
Actually, I've not really been very good as I drank far too much on Thursday night (stress of the in-laws arriving!) and then was v hungover on Friday. Therefore just had to eat lots of choccie biccies as that was the only thing I could stomach. Had a takeaway on Saturday night and then have eaten lots of crisps since...It's definitely a stress thing as I had been managing fine before the in-laws arrived (also to do with having crisps/biscuits etc in the house for once). They're here for another week (eeek!) so will just have to keep struggling on. Unfortunately it's likely that we'll have at least one more takeaway and a couple of meals out..

Chanelno5 Tue 27-Nov-01 13:57:55

Since I fell off the diet wagon, I've been unable to get back on again. However, am still going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, infact I sat on the bike for 25 mins last night (maybe next time I'll pedal aswell!) Legs feel like lead today though, that'll teach me.

Pamina - I totally understand how having the in-laws to stay drives you to drink and eat, mine are exactly the same, but I've just got rid of them. However, I've now got my Nan to stay for a couple of days - Is there no rest for the wicked?

Lizzer Tue 27-Nov-01 13:58:18

Tried a wonderful new diet at the weekend, called 'tummy bug', it was great, didn't eat for 3 days, shame I can't do it every weekend (urgh!)

Funnily enough I haven't lost a pound, dammit! :)

Lizzer Tue 11-Dec-01 21:55:52

Not giving up the ghost of this thread just yet!! I was wondering how everyone was doing? I have just lost another 2 lbs but its been ages since I went down. Still feeling good though, except the thought of Christmas being practically here (!) is worrying. I don't want to stick on half a stone as has been the case in previous years. But I don't want to get into feeling guilty at every mouthful (by this I'm obviously discounting the main days ie 24th,25,26,31,1st!) But is there any tips from the experts on moderating the rest??! (If this has been covered on different thread plaese just redirect me!)

JJ Wed 12-Dec-01 08:03:37

Sorry, no tips, but I'm still here! Last week was the first I've lost no weight. But I didn't gain any either!

Crunchie, don't you have some holiday tips? I miss the weekly tip.

Twink Wed 12-Dec-01 08:42:42

I'm still here using you as inspiration (although put pound on last week so hopes of getting rid of the remaining 3 before Christmas seem remote..)

The only advice I can give is to avoid pastry, nuts, chocolate and other high fatties as much as possible and have them in moderation on the main days. Sounds easy in principle but in my case willpower is inversely proportional to the amount of wine consumed. Now if I could only get a grip on that...

winnie Wed 12-Dec-01 09:47:35

Hi everyone, I haven't lost any weight for a couple of weeks so I've upped my exercise... fingers crossed...although I have to say, with Christmas around the corner motivation is definately flagging!!

TigerMoth1 Wed 12-Dec-01 11:20:40

Go for the exercise, Winnie! A number of my work colleagues have taken up running in their lunch hour. Some have dieted as well. Others, like me, definitely havn't - but everyone looks a bit slimmer. I don't ever weigh myself, so I can't tell you what weight I've lost, but I calculate by the looseness of my clothes that I've gone down about half a size in eight weeks. Other poeple have commented, too. That's on three 20 - 40 minute jogs a week, and I'm still eating my normal quota of chocolate.

Willow2 Thu 13-Dec-01 20:55:36

Aaargh! Haven't been on this thread for ages. Mainly because have completely lost the plot recently. Seem to get to within a pound of losing three stone, and then put four pounds back on again. Am fed up with this yo-yoing, but can't even blame it on a "plateau" - more like a gateaux. I'm just not being good enough for long enough! Loads of reasons, mainly stress - when the going gets tough the tough reach for the biscuit jar in my house. The ridiculous thing is I don't even really enjoy these "treats" as I know they're stopping me from shifting more weight, but I still do it. Seem to have lost all willpower, although admittedly am much better than I was before I started losing weight. Then I'd have eaten the jar as well.
Haven't been to weigh in for so long (ds been ill, I've been ill, ds been ill again) that I'll have to rejoin as it will be cheaper than paying all my missed weeks. If I've got any sense I'll do it next week before Christmas hits as at least then I'll have a reason to keep an eye on my mince pie consumption.

ChanelNo5 Fri 14-Dec-01 10:49:06

Willow2 - don't worry, I've totally lost the plot too! Will start again in the New Year as there are too many temptations for me to resist at the moment - wimp that I am! Not too concerned as I can still fit in my black party trousers (at a push, as long as wearing big, support pants and not breathing all night!!)

Lizzer Fri 14-Dec-01 11:32:27

Willow2 - oh my sides are splitting, 'not a plateau more like a gateaux' - fantastic phrase!!

pamina Sat 15-Dec-01 23:03:15

Don't worry Willow2, we've all lost the plot what with Christmas on the way (well, I certainly have ) I can't see much point in trying to be good, what with Christmas lunches, drinks, choccies everywhere. But come New Year, I'm going for it big time..ha ha seriously I AM!!!!

ChanelNo5 Sun 16-Dec-01 18:52:54

Bought a copy of Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution from Waterstones today. It describes it as 'The no-hunger, luxurious weight loss plan that really works' on the front cover (that was the bit that caught my eye!) I might give it a go in the New Year, if I ever get a chance to read it, that is!

jasper Tue 18-Dec-01 00:26:34

Chanel no5 you have touched a subject close to my heart, and one I am not often able to discuss in public. Many years ago when I was just a few pounds overweight, and convinced that a few weeks of "sensible eating" was all that was required to lose it if and when I felt like it, I heard about the Atkins diet and dismissed it as dangerous faddy nonsense.
Fast forward to two kids and two stones heavier, numerous attempts at sensible low fat eating, lots of exercise , losing and regaining pounds ad nauseum,but basically remaining FAT I took another look at the diet. In fact despite my misgivings I actually went on it ( all against my better judgement that diets were not something you should be going "on" in the first place)
Well the bottom line is it worked where all else had failed. It was not easy, it requires a total mindshift from any other eating plan, and I did modify it a bit, but I lost about two stones in three or four months and regained my sanity.
I would recommend you try it. Read the book from cover to cover, look up Atkins diet on the internet, there are lots of supportive websites. Be prepared for criticism.
It may or may not suit you. I have two friends in their forties, both about four stone overweight, who have struggled all their lives with diets and they are so happy on it, and losing a lot of weight.
Best of luck. I will be joining in this thread post partum in March!

ChanelNo5 Tue 18-Dec-01 19:37:28

Jasper - Thanks for your comments I think I will give it a go in the New Year, simply because 'conventional' diets don't seem to work for me as basically I have no willpower and I suppose I'm a comfort eater too. I will try to read the whole book as it does seem to be quite interesting. I've just got a couple of questions though, which you may beable to answer:- Does eating the all the fatty foods put you at increased risk of heart disease, or doesn't the diet work like that? I find that bit quite confusing as it goes so totally against the grain. Also, after you lost the weight on the Atkins diet, when you went back onto 'normal' eating, did you find that you put weight back on again easily? Thanks! Hope everything is going well with you and baby!

jasper Tue 18-Dec-01 23:25:48

Chanelno5 the one about the heart disease is the million dollar question. The book gives a very robust and convincing rebuttal of its critics in this respect, but my skeptical side says well the book would, wouldn't it?
However it is pretty fascinating reading, all those case histories of taking baseline blood readings for various nasties and comparing them after few months on Atkins.You also have to wonder how good it is doing your heart to be carrying around an extra two or three stones. My sister is a GP and a very overweight patient of hers went on Atkins and she monitored his cholesterol etc and not only did he lose a lot of weight, all his blood readings changed favourably too.
As for what happens if you go back to eating "normally" again. I think the trick is never to return to the diet (in its broadest sense) that made you fat in the first place. I think if you lose two stones on Atkins , Rosemary Conley, WWatchers or whatever works for you, you will regain equally fast if you revert to your previous " I am a reckless comfort eating fatty" ways.
Check out ;. The chat room is particularly good, and full of support.
But don't even THINK about any of this until Jan 2nd!