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Mirena Coil removal - mood crash

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michelle2706 Tue 05-May-09 23:10:04


Has anyone had problems once their coil has been removed?

I got mine out 8 days ago after it being in for 6mths. Was constantly tired, spotty, headachey, nervous, depressed anxious, no sex drive...etc.

2 days after removal i was spotting. 4 days after I got a feeling like i was going to faint and be sick and this continued for 2hrs. Husband took me to a&e as i hyperventilated (didn't know this at the time) and brought on pins and needles in my arms and legs.

I have been so down then my period started properly on the saturday, full swing on sunday, but my mood is like a roundabout stops and starts very quickly and my tummy feels weird. Am used to having pms and cramps with my period, but this feels weird and it's horrible.

When will i feel normal, how do I know when I ovulate and will that make me feel better?

Any thoughts would be great!


FrankMustard Tue 05-May-09 23:18:16

Bump for you.
Have had Mirena removed and another fitted a few weeks later, but not experienced anything like your problems after removal, sorry.

Molesworth Tue 05-May-09 23:20:57

I've heard that a 'crash' is common after having the mirena removed - not sure how long it'll take you to feel normal again though because I think that varies from woman to woman. I had mine in for 4 years, and gradually felt better over several months once my cycle got back to normal and the side effects cleared. Sorry not to have been more helpful, but at least this keeps the thread bumped! Hope you feel better soon

morningsun Wed 06-May-09 10:30:24

not sure,but will watch as am having mirena removed soon
[hopes no crash of mood]

Chaotica Wed 06-May-09 17:01:54

Not sure either (sorry) but having mine out too because the side effects are awful. Don't actually think I can feel much worse than with it in.

Hope you feel better soon.

Anifrangapani Wed 06-May-09 17:03:18

I have had mine taken out - no side effects other than the period from hell this weekend.

christmasmum Wed 06-May-09 17:06:43

I had mine taken out and had similar mood crash but have only just realised what this was after reading this thread! Happy to say now feel much better 2 months later. Skin looks great (hoorah), sex drive finally back (DH v. happy) and in general life is good - hang on in there.

michelle2706 Wed 06-May-09 22:49:50

Thank you ladies...i feel so much better today 9 days after the 'devil' has been removed! :0

Still on a period that has turned light (i hope), but the doctors and the hospital have said the coil cannot possibly cause this 'malfunction' but after googling it up, thousands of women, who describe their after effects upon removal so graphically (half of them are me!), cannot possibly be wrong!

To chaotica, just be aware of the 'crash' and if you can manage this you'll be fine! good luck

To christmasmum, thank you thank you for your libido has returned, but unfortunately am not in a position to act on instinct yet...hopefully soon! blush


ILYM Mon 20-Jul-09 14:33:28

Just had mine removed today! WooHooo!!

Have had 2 in last 10 yrs -
Dh had vasectomy & been given all clear. Heres to no more artificial hormones!! Woop Woop!!
Just mild stomach cramps at mo but must admit feel v,v tired! Not sure if thats connected but will keep checking and will be interested in anyone elses symptoms that i need to look out for

SouthCoastGirl Wed 14-Oct-09 13:59:04

Feel so much better just reading everyone elses experience of the Mirena coil...! Thought I was going mad grin I had mine fitted around 12 months ago for nightmare heavy periods but I am permanently angry, dont feel like socialising, my hairs falling out, I get regular headaches and have no libido, and have put on about a stone and have gone up 2 bra sizes - all very alien to me. Now having read others experiences I have an appointment to get checked out. But do I want to go back to heavy periods Did anyone else have one fitted for heavy periods and have it removed? Just wondering if the heavy periods come back or are cured?

Lifeisforliving Wed 14-Oct-09 17:12:14

Hi, I had the MC fitted for heavy periods, after being talked out of having a hysterectomy, but had it removed 6mths later due to horrendous side effects.

I'm on the 1st day of 1st period since removal and I'm afraid to say it's hell, severe stomach cramps and the bleeding?....Well!!!
I've got a hospital appointment to discuss a hysterectomy this Friday, so will see how I get on.

I suppose you weigh up coping with the side effects of the MC to life with heavy periods, or like me alternative treatment.

Not very helpful....Sorrysmile

simpleme Tue 29-Jun-10 22:03:07

Hi I had the coil fitted in February of this year, since then I have suffered from very bad migranes, pain in my right leg in the bone.My appetit has increased. i constantly feel bloated which makes me feel very uncomfortable.My weight keeps bouncing up and down and this is making feel very low. I get mood swings. The weight gain is getting me really down. my clothes used to fit me and now my size seems to have gone up.I never suffered from weight problem before. I also found that my breast gets very sore and tender.recently I developed an infection in my right breast.I feel this is all related to the coil. I orginially had it because i suffer from endometrosis and heavy periods and cramp I wonder if it was worth it.i am really thinking of having it removed soon, even though I have not had it in for long. is it better to have a hysterectomy?Reading about the "crash" after having it removed is rather scary what do i!!

thatsnotmyfruitshoot Wed 30-Jun-10 11:25:54

hi there, I'm having mine removed next week for much the same reasons. Why do they not tell us about these side effects before we have this done??!! I'd really recommend going back to your GP, or making an appointment with your local family planning clinic if you'd prefer. Mine were brilliant - took lots of time to talk me through my options.

I'm swapping mine for a copper coil, but that doesn't sound as if it would be an option for you given your history.

simpleme Wed 30-Jun-10 22:04:00

I know it's irritating that they don't tell us these things before we have these things done to i don't feel like eating in the evenings because it just makes me feel so full and bloated, so i just eat at lunch times and sometimes skip breakfast.It's not right i know it's just the constant feeling uncomfortable with your own body.I thought the copper coil was not being used anymore due to it being it safer and how different is it to the mirena.let me know how you feel.

muffint Wed 30-Jun-10 22:23:23

I've had one in for only 6 weeks. I now have acne (at aged 42), a bloated belly and constant bleeding. To top it all they cldn't find it on the check up so I'm going for an ultrasound in a couple to days. I'm pretty sure it's there somewhere - I don't think i'd have acne otherwise. Anyway, totally agree, when GP told me i was "an ideal candidate" for one of these am beginning to feel like a right mug. Pls tell me there are some success stories with these? And does anyone know, can you have it removed if they can't find it? Sorry to intrude on thread.

thatsnotmyfruitshoot Thu 01-Jul-10 12:00:03

simple, that's me too! I feel constantly as though I've eaten an enormous meal, yet I eat a healthy diet and exercise every day. It's so depressing seeing the scales creeping up even though I'd normally be a stone lighter with the amount of running I do.

Just had a really frustrating appointment with a GP who thought I was making up my symptoms. Started an AIBU thread to vent!

Copper definitely still being used, will let you know how I get on with that. Fingers crossed!

simpleme Thu 01-Jul-10 18:47:44

i sympathise with the spots. i too never suffered from spots, now i get them so upsetting. i used to bleed too for the last two months,since i had was bleed, then stop then spotting.seems asda was making money with me buying S.T's.however this is my first proper period since the constant bleeding.i will wait n see how long it carries on for.i found that the palm of my hands n feet constantly tell the truth am fed up with this feeling. i will try n hold on till my appointment. I am seriously thinking of having it taken out n go for u put on weight again once u have a hysterectomy.wat r the benefits of this..anyone. good luck with the cooper one.keep me informed.

mole1 Sat 03-Jul-10 22:39:56

I had the Mirena out in Feb. PMT has returned worse, the first period was very heavy but since then, they have been normal. I haven't managed to lose any of the weight I gained and my boobs are still 2 cup sizes larger than before!! But I think my hair isn't falling out as much. Wish I had never agreed to the damn thing!

Maitacap Mon 09-Aug-10 14:04:04

Beware the copper coil!! I had it for 6 months last year and it was HELL! First of all, expect very long and heavy periods: they literally take over your life! But the really horrible side effect I experienced was that, for about ten days before my period was due, I got severely depressed, felt hopeless and even hallucinated a couple of times! I normally have mild PMT but the copper coil made it, like, a thousand times worse!! I know some might things that something else was causing the depression, but apart from those premenstrual days, I was a very happy bunny!!! If you want my advise, steer clear from the copper coil. The Mirena is marginally better in that it doesn't send you loopy but there are annoying side effects such as migraines and weigh gain

louise24x Mon 06-Dec-10 13:54:00

Ohh MY!!
Everyone makes it sound awful!
I had mine removed after nearly 5 yrs on Friday!! feel fine up to now!just light bleeding! Had no problems with it while in either and always had a monthly period! just lighter! Just hoping all goes back to normal quickly! so can start trying for second

jadesayo Mon 07-Feb-11 00:37:20

I have never posted on a forum before but I feel I really must as a result of this evil contraceptive called the Mirena Coil.
Thankfully, I only had it in for 8 months & to think that in that time, it turned me from a happy person into a monster, who was starting to think there was nothing in life to live for (bearing in mind, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children!).
As well as depression, which I had never suffered from, i gained over 1 1/2 stone in weight - which no matter what I did could not be shifted due to a monstrous appetite for sweet & sugary food.
I had a constant bloated tummy, which led a parent at my kids school to ask when I was expecting child no. 4!
Complete and utter loss of libido, to the extent that I thought I no longer loved my husband & might therefore have to consider divorce!
The last straw was when I started to suffer from debilitating back pain - such that I couldn't get out of bed without being in agony or get into the car, without my son lifting my legs in.
I only connected all these ailments to the coil after only accidently coming across posts, through researching what was causing the back pain.
In my opinion, there appears to be what could be termed a conspiracy by GPs refusing to believe that in some women the coil produces some distressing & debilitating side effects. I was practically bullied by my GP into having the coil inserted in the 1st place & then he refused to remove it when I asked him to - I had to bypass him by getting the nurse to remove it!
Have only had it removed for 4 weeks now, but already bloatedness has gone, feeling happier, although sex drive still low, not eating as much & my back within days of having the evil thing removed, started to get better!
Ladies, for some the MC works fine, for others like myself, it can become a living nightmare - all I ask is if you are thinking of having it inserted, that you at least be aware of its potential side-effects & are not caught unaware. I didn't read the info leaflet given to me after insertion - in fact I threw it away as I did not expect something recommended by my GP as safe to cause me so much pain & heartache.

Please, we are intelligent women, who know our bodies better than anyone, doctor or no doctor, so lets listen to it, when its not happy!

kle29 Wed 13-Apr-11 20:16:52

hi im new on here..just wondering if anyone had pains after having the mirena coil removed. Yesterday i had the coil removed, had it in since october 2009.(didnt hurt at all) not as much as putting it in....(that felt like i was in full blown labour, i was curled up on my bed for nearly a day), i had no problems with it at all....periods stopped had slight spotting for about a day per month...nothing major. But since having it removed my womb feels like its being stretched....have to take it easy sitting down getting up....coughing...and breasts are a bit tender.....not sure if this is normal?? sorry to hear some of you have had a bad time.

onessa Wed 13-Apr-11 21:56:08

A lone voice here who LOVES the Mirena!
I have had a Mirena for 4 years now and will be having a replacement one when this expires.
I had ridiculously heavy periods for 20 years but put up with it as I knew no better. My periods were soooo heavy that I would use an extra heavy tampon, plus nightime towel but by the time I walked down the stairs I would need to change everything again--sorry if too much info!!.
It seriously affected my life, only got worse with having children, resulted in severe anaemia. I went for an internal scan,thinking I had fibroids and might need a hysterectomy.
Luckily the consultant suggested a Mirena. After trouble getting an appointment to fit the mirena---due to stupid appointment system at my GP practice which could not accomodate my 2 /3 weekly periods--I took the mirena to my local STD clinic and the doctor there fitted it without difficulty, I took paracetomal beforehand and barely felt it being fitted. I thought I could 'feel ' the Mirena for the first 2 days in my lower abdomen but after that I have honestly had no problems. 'Spotting' of blood for first 3 months when periods where due but then NO periods since--thats no periods for nearly 4 years.
I have had NO side effects what so ever, and am truly so pleased with the Mirena , it really did change my life.
I am not a Mirena sales woman-- but just wanted everyone to know that there are 2 sides to the Mirena and although some people obviously feel that the Mirena is responsible for many side effects, this is not the case for everone and every woman may react differently to it. Here's to my next Mirena!!

WhipMeIndiana Wed 13-Apr-11 22:07:13

Ive had mine in since last sept, going to get it checked nxt week as think the string has got longer - has anyones actually fallen out? reading the leaflet it seems to suggest 1 in 10 can fall out!
had a bit of minor tummy ache at first, continuous light bleeding for first 3 months, now it's fine, I get migraines on the pill but not with my mirena, doc told me they prescribe it to people who get migraines on the pill as the dose is far lighter; havent really put on weight, I do feel very stressed easily though, not surer if thats due to the coil or a stressful life?

timefliesby Mon 25-Apr-11 22:56:33

I have had no problems with the mirena coil. I think it's brilliant. I don't know it's there, it has a better pregnancy prevention rate than the pill or condoms. I had it fitted straight after the birth of 2nd child & I lost all my pregnancy weight quickly so I have no issues with weight gain or bloating! My consultant said the hormones were unlikely to affect me as it is local & focused on the cervix rather than taken like the pill. The pill does affect me & the mini pill did (which I tried with my first due to breastfeeding) was so awful I came off it & immediately got pregnant with DD! I totally recommend the coil, so don't be put off reading the above stuff.

vronx Thu 29-Dec-11 09:55:20

I had no problems with mirena in other than strings disappearing! Worked well for me, very light occasional spotting, no mood swings, no weight gain. Since having it removed in Sept I'm like a bear with a sore head, mood swings, faint, tummy cramps, bloated, pains in arms and legs, nausea, depressed, little sleep, craving sweet food. Is this due to hormones?

twooter Thu 29-Dec-11 10:33:33

Got another mirena dilemma - my husband feels the threads during sex - says it's like being jabbed with needles, so he's not particularly enthusiastic, ahem, during sex. I've also have put on a bit of weight - or at least not lost what I should have, considering a dramatic increase in exercise.

I've been thinking about getting it out, but it has improved my pmt, and I love not having periods. Btw, I was on the copper coil first and my periods were ridiculous - I'd leak after two hours, even with a mooncup and fat sanitary towel ( sorry for tmi ).

Shanster Sat 14-Jan-12 23:15:54

I just had mine removed yesterday after 7 months. At first, I bled for 6 weeks everyday, then the bleeding stopped and I haven't had a period since. But I felt per-menstrual every day, and I had really bad cramps on a daily basis. I had the device taken out yesterday, and the ultrasound was normal apparently. I felt sick with the pain of having the ultrasound, but then this morning I started throwing up and feel like I have a terrible hangover (didn't have a drop to drink last night either). I have a headache, and it does feel like I am having some kind of withdrawal effects. Hoping this ends soon....

Fitzroy Sun 22-Jan-12 15:37:20

I have had the mirena coil removed 9 days ago, but I am feeling so anxious, and so sick, no energy, can;t think straight. I am really frightened about my feelings, and am pannicky about getting back to work. I have been off sick with all this.... any help or advice appreaciated. I have lost 6 lbs in weight, through not eating, and I know I am drinking too much at night, as that is the only time I feel like myself...... so frightening....

Seona1973 Sun 22-Jan-12 15:49:22

twooter, I think you can get the strings shortened so that might solve the problem (rather than getting the whole thing removed)

Fitzroy Sun 29-Jan-12 11:53:58

HOw long before these blooming hormones get out of my body, I still feel awful, can't stop crying, instead of getting better, I feel I am getting worse???

Fitzroy Thu 02-Feb-12 13:31:34


bepe11 Tue 21-Feb-12 02:25:12

I was a big fan of the Mirena. Had the kids late (@40 and 43) and persevered with condoms until my periods got heavy and too frequent. Had Mirena fitted Feb 08, so it has lasted 4 years. After some initial pain and spotting, my periods stopped entirely. Last few months, though, I've had general cramping and more spotting. Gyn advised having it out and waiting to see how my bleeding returns before deciding whether to fit another. Despite being 49, he says I'm definitely not menopausal. It came out last week.
I had no idea about the 'Mirena Crash' that affects so many of the people I've read on forums. Now, I'm normally very upbeat and busy. But I have had a hellish week of weeping, overall tiredness, depression and inability to get on top of it all.
One other thing. I'd always been 'large'. But the past four years have seen my weight creep up to beyond my full-term weight with No2. OMG. I put it down to work pressure/sedentary. Am now back at WW and lots of exercise. Hoping that one of the post-Mirena side effects isn't weight gain, or my WW leader will think I've been slack! Seriously hoping these overwhelmed feelings won't last, though.
Anyone had any success with multivitamins - and if so, which ones?

Fitzroy Tue 21-Feb-12 12:12:40

I am still trying to recover, and I only had the coil for about 2 months, but before that was treated with Sandrena gel, twice the dose you normally get. So I was on both for about 2/3 months, and on the gel for about 6 months... I am on ad and diazepam, and attending a counsellor... off work as well

Sera83 Sat 17-Mar-12 17:21:24

I haven't had the coil removed yet, but it was due to be removed 3 weeks ago. And I have been experiencing similar things to you. My moods are constantly up and down I go from being fine to being really angry, to crying for no reason. It's really affecting my abilities to cope as a parent and also effecting my relationship. They really should warn you about these things

ChildofIsis Sat 17-Mar-12 17:27:01

I've had my mirena in for 5 years and am due to have it replaced next week. It has been a fantastic success for me. I wouldn't use anything else now.

Jsl1966 Sun 18-Mar-12 00:09:48

Hi everyone ,

I'm single.. Recently divorced ,
I had mirena coil in for 5 years , had it renewed and was using for 9 years 2 months..i thought it was fantastic .. No periods & never thought i was having problems with it until i decided that I may as well get it removed as I'm single..
I was looking on internet to see if i would lose weight if it were removed .... I couldnt believe what i was reading and realised that i have had problems whilst having mirena ...Huge belly, that the mirena is probably cause of hair loss, thrush , smelly discharge , sugar cravings , eating loads , headaches...

Iwas petrified when reading about the possible crash after having Mirena removed ... I still went ahead though and had it removed.

I would like to join this thread and let everyone know my experience after having mirena removed ... Hopefully will help someone that is going to go through the same experience ...
Hopefully , I won't have to ask for help myself and will sail through it all....!!!!!!!

I had it removed friday at 4.30pm.. It took 2 seconds no problem..
I got home and felt a little light headed and dizzy, slight cramping and alittle bit of spotting.
As the night went by I was feeling better.... Happier , headache that i had for about 3 days had gone and felt wide awake...

I had quite a late night and spotting had stopped...
Got up saturday morning...and WOW... I felt euphoric , best I'd felt in a couple of weeks....and my scales said that I had lost 3lbs !!!!!....( Overnight )

The euphoric feeling lasted well in the afternoon...then i just felt really spotting , sometimes felt a little cramp as if it were period pain...

I don't watch much tv normally ... Actually had a normal night watching tv till late .. That really is unknown for me.. Better concentration perhaps ? I hope so

Will come back and let you all know whats happening very soon x

MsKittyFane Wed 16-May-12 17:06:47

Scared to death reading this thread as had mine taken out yesterday!
Please don't let me crash!

ladydepp Wed 16-May-12 17:18:36

I have had an MC for 2 years and I love it. I initially had a couple of months of on/off bleeding but now I have no more periods, hurrah! I got it for contraception reasons only and it has been brilliant. No weight gain, spots or bloating. I do still feel a bit pmtish sometimes but certainly not any more Thani did before.

I have several friends who are big fans too. One friend is planning to have hers removed as she is not hapoy with it but she is a raging hypochondriac and blames all her health issues on the MC, even the same issues she had before it was fitted!

Just thought I would balance out the negativity a bit, I know when I first researched it I found it hard to find anyone with anything good to say.

I hoped i don't suffer the crash in 3 years time! Doesn't sound fun....Hope those who are going through it get through it quickly...

Harri1711 Tue 22-May-12 09:14:48

I am in tears reading this thread!

I had the MC fitted about 10 months ago, when my little one was a year old and I felt fully recovered from the pregnancy and birth. Since it was fitted my hair has halved in thickness to the point I am embarassed by how awful it looks and it really worries me. I've also had really bad mood swings to the point where my husband and I have been on the point of leaving each other as I saw everything in such a negative and angry way. Some weeks i just cry! My hips hurt, my legs... feels like the bones hurt. Thought I was getting arthritis... or had a DVT at one point. I have psoriasis develop on my chest. I don't want to socialise or talk to friends anymore as feel so hopeless and worthless. I have migraine like headaches that put me in bed to sleep off. I'm sooo tired and lethargic.

Had several trips to the GP suspecting it was the Mirena but was told it couldn't possibly be. Have been tested for Thyroid problems, anemia, diabeties etc. Was told it was most likely post natal depression and I was struggling to adjust after the birth... yet I was fine in the year after the birth until I had the coil fitted.

I adjusted my diet and started taking multivitamins and fish oil supplemnts as I thought perhaps my lack of energy was because I was so busy looking after LO that I wasn't eating properly but it made little difference.

Had an appoitment to get it removed but the nurse managed to convince me my symptoms aren't symptoms of the Mirena so still have it.

Have got another appointment today to remove it as I'm convinced the coil is causing all these problems! Just read about the 'Crash' here and can't believe that having it out may not be the end of it! Am soooo nervous : (

Jsl1966... did u stay symptom free after removal?

MsKittyFane... how did it go?

pippa23 Thu 06-Dec-12 15:39:04

For those of you having the Mirena coil removed after 45 years of age, especially if you have been period free, it is worthwhile getting your estrogen levels and LH levels checked. My doctors said I couldnt be menopausal, Im too young and that it is only the mirena stopping my periods. I was given the Mirena 18 months ago (2nd time)like a lot of you to control frequent and heavy periods, however I have been having menopause symptoms on and off for 8 years since my daughter was born. I insisted my doctor checked my levels and true enough I have the estrogen levels of the average man! (no wonder Im so grumpy lol). I am not just menopausal, I am post menopausal at 36 years of age. My Coil is coming out tonight and my GP has prescribed Ovestin cream and norithisterone tabs. The ovestin should help with menopause symptoms and prevent bone loss and the norithisterone will prevent the "crash". I will be weaned off them slowly.

The first Mirena I had 15 years ago when they were a "new" thing. Had no probs at all, prob cos I had enough estrogen to counteract it.

Listen to your body, don't take no for an answer with GP's and get your levels checked. Ladies! we were not born to suffer. If you don't feel right chances are your hormones are not properly balanced.

juwie Sun 07-Apr-13 03:16:36

I signed up just to post on the mirena threads, It is an evil vile thing, roll on may 31st when I get mine removed, this will be the third attempt in a year and i'm having it done under anaesthetic at my hospital after two failed attempts one from my nurse and a horrific first attempt at my local family planning clinic. I have had it for just over 3 years and its been a nightmare, severe migraines, abdominal pain, massive weight gain, terrible mood swings (sorry to my 3kids&long suffering other half) lethargy, brain fuzziness,and general feeling of yuck. And yes i have had all bloodwork done and various other tests they all came back clear its not the coil mind you according to my dr what do they know they aren't me. I am now counting the hours until its gone. If you have a mirena and feel ill all the time get it out, if you're considering having a mirena do some research first and listen to what others have to say before having it inserted. thanks to all who have shared their experiences good or bad you've made me feel so much better that i'm not alone. Sorry its such a long one but it makes me angry these damn things are still in use and thers such a denial about the side effects. ok i'm done now.xx;)xx

offbeatmum Sun 09-Jun-13 19:08:59

I just wanted to come on and add my personal experience of the evil, evil Mirena Coil. Ladies, please think twice before you have this thing inserted. Doctors will not tell you how it can make you feel or tell you what happens when you have it out because I honestly believe they don't know; there is not enough research about this thing, we are the guinea pigs!

I had mine in for just over three years. During this time, like many others, I gained weight, completely lost interest in sex, was permanently bloated with IBS and cramps to the point of exploratory surgery and a hundred tests that all turned up nothing. I had severe migraines, back pain and nerve problems which were bad enough to send me to a neurologist plus crippling anxiety and low moods which made life hell for me and my family. Not one doctor (and I saw many) ever suggested it might have something to do with the Mirena, despite my symptoms featuring as side effects in that piddling little leaflet they give you.

Finally I began to get severe period type cramps at all times during my cycle, I started flushing and over-heating at night and I began having palpitations (plus many other symptoms that could easily be mistaken for the menopause) and so decided to get it removed.

The Mirena Coil pretty much stopped my periods, which was great, but, it is not enough of a benefit to put up with everything else. I have been Mirena Coil-free for four months and EVERY single symptom has disappeared. No migraines, no bloating, no pain, no flushing, no anxiety and a massively renewed libido!! I have had my hormones checked and I am not menopausal. I feel - quite seriously - that I have wasted three years of my life. It has been hell. My relationship broke down and my work suffered. I feel utterly conned and used. To say it was mis-sold is an under statement.

The only downside of removal is I now, predictably, have very heavy periods with some scary clotting. Five days are heavy (night time pad/tampon changes every few hours, every hour during the day) then another three days just manageable. I am on my third period since removal and monitoring things closely. My periods were not this heavy pre-Mirena but they are now very regular with no mid-cycle spotting. If they do not improve, I will be visiting the doctors for a serious chat. Despite this, I am so, so glad I don't have that insidious thing inside me anymore. I would rather live with heavy periods and iron pills than go anywhere near a Mirena again. I wait to see if it has caused a permanent change.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone else who is four months+ post removal and having any problems or anyone interested in finding out more about why we weren't warned.

jacey01 Tue 11-Jun-13 00:15:52

Well this is all so interesting to read all of these side effects... I have had the marina coil for 4 years now and have suffered unexplained anxiety... Blood pressure all over the place really high at times 190/110 andy was always 120/980..... I was convinced that this was due to the marina coil so I have had it removed today... I will let you all know what happens now with reference to the Blood pressure and the crashing symptom...
I will post again in a month or so.....

Sarahdjs Wed 31-Jul-13 09:44:16

I have always suffered from pms and extremely heavy periods, after keeping a diary and comparing to a menstrual calender my symptoms are worse when estrogen levels are high so my GP suggested a marena coil. I had it fitted in February and initially it was ok then from may my life has been hell, I have suffered from extreme anxiety, had heart palpitations everyday so bad that I have a cardiology appt today, mood swings and dizziness, strangely i have lost weight rather than gain it, i have been back to GP numerous times and kept being told to give it 6 month. It has been 6 month now and I want it out although I'm a bit worried now reading the problems people have been having after removal. I always suffered palpitations around my period, but since the marena they have been constant has anyone else had this problem.

bacon Wed 31-Jul-13 11:05:53

I have to voice another "fantastic' voice for the coil - I love it! Never had any problems with the pill either.

Hardly any periods - only light spotting on the odd occasion.

JohnStuartMillions Sun 04-Aug-13 23:53:16

Since I had the Mirena fitted I have had severe bloating, the doctors thought I might have coeliacs disease but my blood tests were neg, also I have an extreme thinning of my hair you can see through my hair, my scalp shines out at you. Enough to make my doctor concerned. It started too long after I had my ds so could not be post-partum hair loss.

After numerous blood tests, which pointed out i'm actually a very healthy 23 year old, my Doctor suggested hair loss may be due to the mirena coil! My doctor admitted it (she is my new doctor too and this is the first thing she said). I had it removed 3 days ago, it will take 3 months to see if it is what affected my hair. Fingers crossed it grows back! Women should be told about this!

I have felt soo tired since having it removed, in that hormonal PMT way.

Good Luck everyone, I hope those of you that suffered with the Mirena get better. smile

trishveryhormonal Fri 16-Aug-13 21:01:10

had mine removed after on 9weeks felt terrible in constant pain and low mood and non existent libido, day 2 of removal feeling v low tearful and nagging ache down below- feel like iv been kneed between the legs- any one else feel like this also put on 7pounds in those 11 weeks -good riddance I say .

trishveryhormonal Fri 16-Aug-13 21:02:45

had mine removed after on 9weeks felt terrible in constant pain and low mood and non existent libido, day 2 of removal feeling v low tearful and nagging ache down below- feel like iv been kneed between the legs- any one else feel like this also put on 7pounds in those 11 weeks -good riddance I say .

trishveryhormonal Fri 16-Aug-13 21:03:50

had mine removed after on 9weeks felt terrible in constant pain and low mood and non existent libido, day 2 of removal feeling v low tearful and nagging ache down below- feel like iv been kneed between the legs- any one else feel like this also put on 7pounds in those 11 weeks -good riddance I say .

Mitzy13 Wed 21-Aug-13 09:48:15

I had the Mirena fitted 3 months ago in an attempt to deal with the complete physical and emotional exhaustion I feel on the first day or two of my period. At first I experienced side-effects; a period of terrible anxiety (which I didn't help by late-night googling of the Mirena coil and finding horrific stories documenting years of terrible depression!); a week or so when my boobs were really sore; spotting. But they all passed and I was delighted to resolve the problems with my periods. No spots, no weight gain, no pains, no PMS - in fact my mood has been more balanced. Unfortunately, a side effect which didn't pass was the hair loss. In fact it has got worse, and, fearing baldness, two days ago I went back to my doctor and she removed the coil. Interestingly, she was unfamiliar with hair loss as a side effect (which is odd as it is mentioned again and again on this thread) and had to look it up.

So, now I have period pain, heavy bleeding and the familiar feeling of tiredness. Overall, the main conclusion I have come to about all this is that, for women, hormones and hormone fluctuations are the bane of our lives. It seems we can't win.

bunnibear Wed 04-Sep-13 10:48:26

I am 44 and had the MC fitted 14 months ago due to very painful periods and the pill no longer doing its job.

I have been back to my Dr 3 times to ask her to remove it and she has everytime refused and said i need to leave it longer. By month 11 it had settled down, after going through months of still bleeding (only lightly) but i never knew when it would happen and it was frequent. The pains werent as severe but were much more frequent. Breast pain was pretty rough though. I have also noticed more bloating than normal and strangely thickening of my hair as apposed to everyone else hair thinning.

The final straw for me is i recently noticed one breast is now quite a bit larger than the other. 2 weeks ago i found a lump. I have been for initial tests and they think it is not cancerous but are not sure what it is (i get biopsy results tomorrow), however the Dr said he could see the lump amd the breast enlargment just by looking at me, he also said there were lots of them in both breasts, both having lots of lumpiness and thickening. I believe this to be down to the hormones from the coil, so im going to the Drs today to get it removed ( im sure she will try to convinve me again not to).

I am dreading going back to periods and passing out from the pain evry 3 weeks but its better than a cancer scare. It does say in the leaflet that it can cuase these lumps and eventhough not cancerous they can become so.

I know some people who the MC has worked well for though, so it does appear to react different for different people and it could be that my breast lumps are coincidence, but i really think not!

bunnibear Wed 04-Sep-13 11:06:12

Forgot to add other possible side effects i have had , lower back pain and general nausea, more often in the morning (no im not pregnant)

Kathrynwest42 Sat 07-Sep-13 15:00:47

I have had the mirena for 12 years for treatment for severe endometriosis until it was removed yesterday morning. The pain and other problems I was suffering were getting out of hand and my quality of life has been badly affected for a long time. Now it's out and I've had no bleeding or major pain, a little niggle in my lower back but they did have problems removing it so I'm probably a bit battered and bruised. I'm starting the mini pill instead on Monday as I can't be without treatment. The MC worked brilliantly for about 7 years so would not discount it for others, but be aware of side effects that could flare up further down the line.

sylve2013 Mon 09-Sep-13 23:17:12

I had my mirena coil removed today after 3 years of feeling depressed. I dont know if it psychological but i felt better straight away. Despite cramping i feel emotionally better within hours. I feel lighter in mood and quite happy and if i have to put up with cramping for a few months i prefer it to feeling down. Since having it fitted it did what it was meant to do. lighten my periods but i didnt look forward to anything or get excited about things i normally would. It is only supposed to let a little hormone out into your womb but i think it affects brain chemistry. Three of my friends have had them out and feel better already. I lost my libido so what was the point!

MaggieJ5 Thu 12-Sep-13 15:30:32

I'm one of the very few who seem to have got on fabulously well with the Mirena Coil. I had it fitted as an alternative to hysterectomy on the advice of my gynaecologist and I'm so glad I did. After years of nightmarish periods where I couldn't leave the house for up to two weeks at a time, I was suddenly normal again. PMT disappeared, yay no more crazy woman! Only problem now is that it seems to have displaced and I will need to have it removed and fingers crossed they will put a new one in. Really concerned about experiencing low mood and bleeding when it's removed though.

bepaal10 Sun 15-Sep-13 08:20:14

Hi , I had the merina for 5 years and it was great for me. Not side effects at all. I had it removed last month and I feel my moods have change completely. I feel also I am putting on lots of weight. Hope things will be back to normal soon. Anybody with the same experience?

4kayoss Mon 23-Sep-13 11:46:48

Hi, after reading through this thread thought I had to post my story.
I had the mirena coil fitting dec 2009, I was a size 14, have upped my exercise and reduced my food intake since having it fitted (it was fitted to stop me falling pregnant so wanted to shift the excess baby weight) and still I've managed to go up to a size 22!!!! Yes you read that right - a 14 to 22! Several times I went to the doctors about my weight gain and always had the same response, THE MIRENA DOES NOT CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN! go on a diet, join a gym blah blah I did it all and the only time in the just shy of 4 years the coil was in that I managed to lose any weight was when I fell ill with swine flu. So I'm sorry lovely precessional doctors but for me, it does cause weight gain, I'm in no doubt about it! Anyway,
Mood swings - oh yes they are horrendous! I've been a right moo for years now, extremely depressed, anxious, moody, stressy, you name it I've been it. I no longer feel like me! My poor children have been stars putting up with me and well the husband - well erm... Yes he's barely around now cause I've been the wife from hell. I tried getting the coil removed many times and refused every time so we moved town, I went to a sexual health clinic old the nurse I wanted another baby and she removed it no questions asked. Relief!! Then this demon devise puts the final boot it, 2 days of exhilarating pain absolute agony! Then the bleeding begins - tmi (I'm sorry) but I'm having to 'sort myself out' every 20 minutes, it's so heavy! School runs are incredibly difficult (I really wish I stocked adult nappies) I have 'the flu' really bad chest infection from hell, nobody else even has the sniffles so my only guess is yet another side effect, huge blood clots etc etc called the clinic and told its 'normal' hmmm.... Normal being unable to walk down a flight of stairs and feeling like your waters have just gone?! Well thanks for telling me that before you removed it!
So to summarise,
I barely bled for 4 years!
I'm now bleeding 4 years worth of periods in one hit (think ill be needing a transfusion soon!)
No sex drive once fitted - cant have sex after removal due to above problem!
Mood swings
Weight gain
Abdominal and back pain

Not all women experience problems with this coil but if you're thinking of having one fitted please think about the REAL side effects rather than the ones they put on paper. Never ever again for me, I'm hoping to gradually lose the weight now it's out (the large chest is welcome to stay though) go back to being me, the happy me without the devils device inside me controlling every aspect of my

fluffball1 Thu 26-Sep-13 22:05:59

Hi I've registered today in order to add to this discussion. I'm nearly 48 and have had the Mirena Coil in for over 10 years! I'm overdue for removal or replacement of my second cycle. I had been pleased with my coil as it stopped my horrendous heavy periods, but I have also suffered with terrible weight gain and acne! I put on so much weight actually that I had weight loss surgery to help me lose it, extreme but necessary!

I am now a size 16 and feeling better with my weight but my acne is really getting me down, I never suffered with spots before the Coil except at time of the month. So my dilmma.. do I have the Coil removed and risk very heavy periods coming back, or have a final 5 year cycle which should take me through to menopause.. the thing is what if I'm already in menopause? I don't know as I don't get periods? I also have sex drive problems and it's something I didn't realise was linked to the MC!?

I am strongly erring on having it removed, but I really can't bare the thought of very heavy periods again. Also as I've had the coil for much longer than most of you, what will the side effects of removal be for me? I'm not long out of major weight loss surgery.. can't really cope with other problems! Any advice very much appreciated, thanks.

Michelemc Mon 04-Nov-13 16:23:22

Had coil for constant bleeding 8 years ago, had replacement after 5 years which fell out after 3 days. Had new one put in a few weeks later. Just had that removed to start ivf. Had spotting for a week after removal and now heavy painful period with pain like never before! Hopping not to bleed continuously like I did before I tried the coil! Watch this space!!

sylve2013 Fri 08-Nov-13 00:14:23

It has now been 2 months since i had my coil removed. My bloated stomach has reduced significantly and for 3 weeks of the month i feel alot happier. I have one bad week a month hormones wise which is worse than when i had the coil as i felt a bit down all month with the coil in. I bleed heavily for 2 days but it is worth it. I eat an iron rich diet for 2 weeks prior to menstruation and avoid alcohol as this exacerbates my moods during that time. I feel a lot more positive about everything. My concentration is better at work and i have regained a sense of humour. Obviously the contraception side of things and light bleeding were a good thing. The coil is suitable for alot of people. I am having a 6 months trial without but really think i am alot better off without it.

Juneyrhubarb Fri 15-Nov-13 19:01:57

I had the mirena for roughly 15 months

Got it removed on Wednesday as it wasn't working for me.

Was constantly bleeding (very lightly)
Constant irritations (felt like infections)
Felt depressed and anxious

Today is Friday and I almost went to A&E today the bleeding was worse than after giving birth!! I have worn a pad since the removal (just in case) and today I'm so lucky I was wearing a pad otherwise there would have been a puddle under my desk at work!! In addition I had a palm sized clot that resembled a placenta come out of me - scary stuff!!!!

I wasn't warned by the nurse who removed the coil so I began wondering whether this is normal period or possibly a wound caused by removing it!! Will see how I go over the weekend and if I'm still bleeding like this I will have to go back.

Be Warned!!!

MrsT1984 Tue 19-Nov-13 18:28:39

I've just had my Mirena Coil removed today after having it for 15 months. In that time I have gained weight, got depressed and anxious, and anti-social to the point where I can't face leaving the house. On top of that, bloating, constant spotting where I'm having to wear a pad every day just in case, low sex drive and sharp pains on my left side. Oh and crap hair and crap skin. So far I've been bleeding a bit with some discomfort, when the doc had a look she said my cervix was a bit inflammed and bloody, (lovely), but they always deny any of these things are anything to do with the coil! Not looking forward to this 'crash' that's been widely reported on here I have to say, especially with hubby working nights, mind you he is an A and E nurse so at least he'll be there if I get 15 months worth of bleeding in one go! Bloomin heck, trying not to panic muchly!

misslisalo Thu 06-Feb-14 12:31:02

I think I have just found my sanity again!! Thank you all. I have had the Morena coil in for 4 months and in that time I have had severe headaches, anxiety, depression, mood swings. Just on Sunday I had to have an ambulance phoned for me as I took a panic attack, couldn't breathe properly and got pins and needles in my arms and legs blurred vision and very confused, this lasted for over 3 hours and was told it was a utine infection after being on ECG for a while. I was then discharged from hospital with a course of anti biotics for a urine infection which I have been told from the doc today I did not have. My mum suggested it could be the side effects of the coil but the doctor quickly dismissed this. I have came home and googled it and got brought here, which all comments suggest the exact same as what I have been experiencing. I actually thought I was going mad until now. Just want to say thank you and have arranged for the coil to be removed tomorrow x

misslisalo Thu 13-Feb-14 14:37:47

Just a quick update here from my last post. I removed the coil myself and did not feel any pain at all. Since removing it, its been 6 days and I am now back to my happy bubbly, confident self. Doctors still insist it was not the coil that was causing all my problems, but after blood tests, ecg tests and swabs everything has come back clear. Such a coincidence since I have removed the coil that I have had none of the symptoms I described in my earlier post. Best thing I done was to take it out.

tazmania10 Sun 16-Feb-14 04:56:48

hi i'm going in to have my mc removed next week after 7 years ( yes 2 years over due) been worried sick about having it removed...does it hurt? but reading some of the comments it sounds like i have more things to worry about..and i'm not a worrier....but all said and done the mc coil is the best thing to happen to me i was having heavy periods for 15 days and it all stopped once i had the coil, i bled for 2 days and only lightly....when they remove the mc will they put another in straight away or do i have to wait.

Izzyjm Sun 16-Feb-14 20:07:31

I had my mirena removed on Tuesday after six months of feeling bloated, bad tempered, putting on half a stone in weight and for the first 4 months being really spotty. The removal took about 30 seconds and was like a smear test maybe a little bit more of a pinch but so worth it. No headaches, dizziness or cramps that some others have experienced just a normal period that started 3 days after the removal. My mood is better and I have rediscovered my knee caps that disappeared in the bloating which has also gone, just hoping the weight drops off too.

Laurenrocks Fri 28-Feb-14 22:04:40

Hi, I was just doing some reading and found this thread. I had my mirena removed on the 10th of Feb after having it in for 4 years. I have had a really bad period since. I've had a couple of days with no bleeding (not together) but it has been pretty much non stop. I'm on a new pill. Should I go back to the doctors? Or do you think it will pass?

Seasidemother2014 Sat 08-Mar-14 07:43:39

I thought I would post my experience as reading those of others has been helpful. I had MC fitted in mid December due to heavy periods. In the 9 weeks that I had it, I got very spotty, unexplained mood swings (which I never had), retaining weight despite running three times and week and watching diet, bloated stomach and sore breasts and I bled to some degree or another every day except for 5 days.

When I went for my gynae check up I told the gynae the symptoms and she tried to persuade me to keep on for a few more weeks to see if the bleeding sorted itself out but I said that due to all the other symptoms, this wasn't going to work for me. They are the same symptoms I got on the pill years ago (13 years ago). I agreed to have the MC as I understood it was a low dose hormone that would stay localised. That clearly wasn't the case for me.

The doctor took it out at that same appointment - didn't feel a thing and only took a minute.

That was 8 days ago since when I have been bleeding a lot and having what feels like a proper period. I am hoping that this will stop soon (please - 3 months bleeding is enough thank you) and I will start to feel the benefit of the exercise and healthy eating. It seems that for me, I will just have to put up with heavy periods. At least I knew when to expect them and could plan life around that.

From this thread there are clearly many people for whom the MC has been great but for me, the hormones that it pumps into you and the effect of them just doesn't work and outweighs any of the benefits (I hadn't found any yet!).

jaxx36 Mon 10-Mar-14 01:03:18

I thought the merina was a brilliant,for 8 years i had no periods or period pains but I had bad emotional Pmt each month for about 5 days but I never once thought the Merina was to blame just thought it was the norm.I also would get occassionl mysterious illnesses like extreme joint pain but again never once thought the coil was the cause. Then after 8 years I got 3 very slight periods in a row and after that I never seemed to be as emotional or angry again but I started to feel physically ill at times, swollen leg, heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, Shortness of breathe, sleep apnea of some kind but blood tests would be all clear and so on, so eventually I gave uP going the doctors and started to believe I was turning into a hypercondriact because it would always pass! Its very hard when not having periods and its something that's not happening every month to realize what's wrong.

February 2013 I decided for some strange reason to switch to the contraceptive implant Nexplanon(which releases the same one hormone like the marina, due to health risks I can't have combined)Again I had no periods..great!! But I started to get the common and natural stabbing pains mid cycle which I had never had ever before and for 2 weeks of every month I'd find my concentration was to be low, my legs would hurt etc, then in October I felt really Ill again as before severe palpitations, leg swelling, I went to the doctors, he basically told me I was just stressed, a few days later I had a period and felt marvelous after, that's when the penny finally dropped and each month since its been the same symptoms but without the period so I got the nexplanon removed nearly 3 weeks ago as after 11 years without a break I want to find out what my hormones are like and if the implants have helped or made it worse.
BUT what I didn't understand or expect was what I'd go through after removal, on the first night I slept for 12 hours without waking, I then went over the next few days with hot flushes, dizziness, stomach cramps,anger, doom, bloated stomach, feeling pregnant, visiting the toilet on average 15 times a day, even after I had a period I felt awful, stabbing pains in my back, the list goes on, a shaky feeling like a drug addict might feel trying to get clean! But I am happy to say that it seems to have all just gone, 2 days ago! I feel great, ok I won't know until my normal periods return if my pmt will be any better but what I can say is that right now I feel better than I have felt in years because if you think about it these implants/ius slowly release a hormone into our bodies and in some ways we become dependant so I guess what I experienced was some kind of withdrawal or crash!

jaxx36 Mon 10-Mar-14 01:34:07

Still have bloated thou...urgh!!

jaxx36 Mon 10-Mar-14 01:34:31

Still have bloated thou...urgh!!

blackorchid1959 Wed 12-Mar-14 12:44:44

hi just had mine removed after almost 8yrs . I recommend not leaving in so long lady's . should be removed after 5yrs as it really isn't doing much after that .the hormone is basically gone . had mine removed 1hr ago. I was unfortunate that it had bedded into my womb ! was a very painful experience. pls don't do what I did and leave in so long . resting now with painkillers .

madchocolatemum48 Sat 15-Mar-14 07:49:28

Think I may have removed the MC myself last night.
Had it in for heavy periods 4 years ago, after about a year my periods stopped, About 6 months ago I started bleeding again on a regular monthly basis, definitely not heavy but there.
I also started noticing an odour that was extremely unpleasant no matter how often I washed.
I had been bleeding for 3 weeks and yesterday I was so aware of something being not right so last night I had a feel about for the strings thinking it may have dislodged. Usually I can just feel the tip of a string but last night I could actually grip it.
So I pulled, very very slowly, thinking if it is still in then I should feel a twinge and I would stop. No twinge, didn't feel anything and out it came. Not bleeding, no cramps or pain YET
I actually feel elated that it's gone.
I have been reading up on the MC and yes the lack of a period is one of it's primary jobs and for that I was grateful
The more I have been researching up on all the additional emotional baggage that no one seems to be warned of is astounding.
I have had the depression, weight gain, zero sex drive, apathy, feeling of dread, the list is endless.
I will wait and see if I start feeling better in myself but I doubt if I will have the MC refitted.

madchocolatemum48 Sun 16-Mar-14 12:06:01

Update on me removing the MC on friday night.
The horrible stench has gone. grin
Within 24hrs of removing the coil my vagina doesn't smell as though something crawled in and died there anymore. blush
Still no bleeding or pain either.

Kelkel1980 Sun 16-Mar-14 14:20:59

I suffered with extremely heavy periods was changing sanitary wear ever 15-20 minutes it was affecting everything i did and was ruining my life
I had the coil fitted a year ago but now want it taken out to try and start a family with my partner
Has any one with heavy periods like this have it out and successfully have children as this is really worrying me and the doctor isnt that helpful and just says having a baby will help with the bleeding

SuperMum84 Fri 21-Mar-14 21:28:17


I had my coil removed 7 days ago. It was in for 2 years, my 2nd coil, the first was in for 4/5 months as I had a bartholin cyst & blamed the coil. The 2nd coil I had fitted also caused a bartholin cyst a few weeks later so I think they're definitely related.
I have put on a stone since having the coil, I was feeling bloated, grumpy, lower back pain, cramping around my c section scar area, I'd had spitting for the first 3 months of getting the foil fitted but that was all.

I've had it out 7 days, I had some spotting on the Friday it came out, mood swings Monday, what seemed to be a very light period tues-fri, I've always had clear skin but I'm on my 3rd spot since the coil came out, not even a small spot, a beasty! My back is less achy but my breast are tender and sore, I used to get this when I was on my period or due on. I'm really tired but that may be stress from other things. I'm going to give my body a break and see what happens, I suffered really bad with heavy periods before the coil was fitted, super heavy tampax and changing every 15 mins! Hoping they stay away!

YankNCock Sun 23-Mar-14 16:16:04

I had a copper coil fitted when DS2 was 8 months, due to not wanting hormones. Unfortunately, this caused really heavy periods, where I was scared to leave the house due to needing to empty my mooncup every hour! So doc suggested swapping to Mirena. I had it put in about 5 weeks ago and I've not stopped bleeding since.

I had terrible headaches the first week, then mood swings and irritability, then acne (I'm 37 FFS!), then swelling in my hands so bad that I've had to remove my rings. Constant tingling/numbness in my hands too, like I experienced with both pregnancies. And I've gained about 4 kilograms, even though I am fairly sure I'm not eating differently--assume this is water weight.

I phoned up the clinic crying, asking if they could take it out asap, but there are no appointments till Tuesday when my 6 week check is scheduled. I asked if I could have it out then, and the receptionist hemmed and hawed and said it was up to the doctor! Surely if I want the fucking thing out it should be MY choice???

I'm ready to yank the thing out myself. Was promised 'the hormones are localised' and 'no side effects except your period disappearing!'. FUCK the FUCK off stupid lying wankers!

<disclaimer: I am very very moody and irritable now, see above for evidence.>

BitchPeas Sun 23-Mar-14 17:22:05

I'm so glad I've found this thread.

Had my mirena coil out 1 month ago as wanted to give my body a break before ttc in November.

While I had it in I gained 1.5 stone.

When I had it out I bled for two days, but since then nothing but I have continuously felt like I'm about to come on, I'm spotty, pale, nauseous, my boobs have gone from a C to a DD. My stomach in so bloated I look 5 months gone, it's also rock hard and tender, I ache all over, I cry at everything, I'm so short tempered and depressed, my hairs falling out and I veering between diarrhoea and constipation every few days blush

When will this stop? When will my period come back properly? I'm sick of feeling like this! Has anyone lost the weight they gained?

Hannah636 Fri 28-Mar-14 11:11:09

Hi, ive had my mirena coil in four years now and had severe depression for three, low sex drive , abdominal pain and pain and bleeding after intercourse. I have an appointment to have it removed in a weeks time at the hospital as the strings are no longer visible. I was just wondering if anyone could explain how they go about removing it and if its painfull and also how long it was before you return to your normal self ? Thanks

Tanya1973 Sat 19-Apr-14 10:42:15

I had my mirena taken out after three years,it was very good ,but for last few months before taking out it was hurting. I now am experiencing a crash.its been out a week,and i had a light bleed for four days then nothing for a week.i had a really moody day at work and felt so tired in the evening i wandered,whatever is going on here?By the next morning i had a blood clot and bad cramps thought i was on a period,that night i had heart palpitations,my belly felt sick and nervous,i had insomnia the whole night i woke up like every hour and felt so much anxiety. The next morning i had a headache,no bleeding no cramps but a sore feeling.I hope this is not gonna take long to sort out .so IM going to take women's essence from Australian flower remedy to see if it will help regulate it quicker

Square1 Thu 24-Apr-14 01:32:43

I had my MC removed today.
I had it put in 6 months ago for heavy periods. Since then I have developed severe anxiety ( I am on antidepressants, beta blocker and sleeping tablets and receiving therapy)!
My eyes are out of focus - not blurry but as if I'm about to get a migraine constantly and I have vertigo symptoms. I have had blood tests and been back to dr but everything normal. I happened to put in mirena coil symptoms and up came all my symptoms! I've felt like I've been going mad. I'm hoping these symptoms will now go! Has anybody else experienced these and if so how long until I'm feeling better? Like many others I read the info leaflet after insertion!

mads82 Sat 26-Apr-14 08:46:52

My first advice would be that everybody is different & what works for one may not for another. You will only know by trying.

I just had the MC removed this week after 18 months of use & have had no crash, in fact I feel like the old me & back to being bouncy & happy immediately. Though it's only a small amount of hormones, after 20 yrs of trying various methods I have now decided I am a much happier & better person without any false hormones. I had the copper coil for 2 yrs before the MC & whilst that was brilliant in terms of I felt well within myself, the cramps I would get regularly became too much. I had to weigh up the options & went with the MC - which was the exact opposite, no cramps (though period took about 5 months to settle, & then stopped) but I was depressed, sad, angry, crying for no reason - all the really bad PMT affects but constantly.

I was on various different pills for 10 yrs & never knew how much the false hormones affected me until I came off them. I tried the implant (fine for 18 months) but deep down, the happiest I've been as a grown woman was when I wasn't on anything. So have told my partner of 6 yrs that we are using condoms from now & he agrees, he's seen the affect these hormones have had on me & wants me to be happy. Frankly I couldn't give a damn if we use condoms & the thought of going through all that hormonal emotional trauma just so the man can enjoy sex more is insane. Wish I had made a stand sooner! Good luck ladies x

exodus1414 Fri 02-May-14 11:53:36

Dear Michelle,
Thank you for posting your post mirena 'crash' here as it has helped me understand what is going on in me at the moment. I had a MC in for 5 years and had a replacement last November..which didnt go I had it removed on April 16th...I had bleeding for3days after 2days and now 10-14 days later I am suffering with anxiety, low appetite, nervousness, feeling down and unmotivated. Please could you let me know how you are and how long these symptoms persisted with you. kind regards xxxx

Just72 Thu 08-May-14 13:06:30

Hello I had the marina coil fitted for very heavy periods ... I had it removed yesterday after 7 months of being on a permenant period... It varied from being heavy to spotting - but my mood, libido & general well being where all affected.. I have never known such fatigue & depression & I'm so glad I've had it weight stayed the same but my hair was falling out, my skin was breaking out in spots, it just didn't agree with me at all..I'm not sure what my periods will do but it can't be any worse than when I had the coil in.

Just72 Thu 08-May-14 13:09:33

Hi, I had mine moved yesterday... I was asked to give a good smokers cough & it was out... Pain free & simple.
I hope I will return to normal soon... I'm feeling very tired & not in the best of moods but I'm sure it will pass. Good luck!

roddel84 Fri 16-May-14 07:19:28

I get married in September this year and we was going to try for baby number 2 more or less straight away. I'm a bit worries now to have the coil removed as we go away the day after the wedding. It would have been great to get caught after on the "honey moon" but I'm dubious now as I don't want all this trouble for my wedding or holiday.
Also the wires that are meant to be felt haven't been there since day one although a scan shows the coil is still in place. I'm a bit worries how they are going to remve it? :-/ is it a local and a bit of surgery or down to bare basics and gonna be seriously uncomfortable!

roddel84 Fri 16-May-14 07:20:52

Do you feel any better a week or 2 on?

bee4ilph Sat 17-May-14 20:40:06

Had my MC removed 3 days ago. Had it in for 7 months because of heavy periods. Did it work? Yes and No... Bleeding was much lighter but I was bleeding for 3 weeks out of 4. I gained weight, I was severely depressed and had no libido whatsoever,but worst of all: I have Addisons disease and I'm also hypo thyroid. Since having the MC my other conditions have become more and more difficult to manage. None of my drugs which I had been taking for the last 12 years seemed to work for me anymore. My blood pressure is all over the shop and I've had to give up work for the time being as I am totally unable to function. And then a couple of weeks ago I started having problems with my heart. An echo scan showed "diastolic dysfunction". I've been keeping a diary since the day I had that bloody coil fitted and there is no doubt in my mind that I have steadily deteriorated ever since.

Well, it's out. I've been bleeding a bit since then but I have felt a lot less anxious already. My boobs have been a little sore since yesterday and I have had a mild headache since I woke up this morning. Feels a bit like the period headaches I used to get. I'm guessing it's going to take a while for the synthetic progesterone to to disappear out of my system.

Magicmum1978 Wed 21-May-14 11:30:08

This thread has been a breath of fresh air! I thought I was slowly going mad, I had my MC fitted 21 months ago as I can not use the pill due to horrendous migraines, and I already have 5 children. I spoke to the doc on several occasions about my options and this coil seemed the best choice for me, I was advised it would take 6 months to settle well that was not the case it took about 14 months, my periods were a lot lighter but no pattern to them, they can last a day or 3, then stop and start again without warning, I also have period pains and pmt with no bleeding! I have been trying to loose weight for over a year, I swim 4 times a week and have cut our surgery foods and carb and a glass or 2 of wine and have lost nothing and some days put on weight!! Extremely frustrating!! After reading this thread and seeing other symptoms I have nearly all of them, weight gain, very moody (my poor kids!!) depressed, hair constantly falling out (which I blamed on my thyroid as I had a lump growing on it, I had the left lobe removed in jan 14 and hair still falling out!) acne, bleary eyes etc
I am having it removed tomorrow so fingers crossed I don't experience to many of the after effects, but do think I will be so much happier once it is out of me! I will not be putting any more hormones in to my body they really don't suit me!! My husband is very supportive of my decision, he likes me better when I am pill and coil free!!! It hasn't effected my sex drive, and unlike the pill I have not suffered from anxiety and paranoia or migraines/headaches.

Magicmum1978 Mon 26-May-14 11:21:46

Well had my MC removed 4 days ago and have already lost 2lbs! I am not as bloated, and feel so much better, my moods have defo lifted and do not feel anywhere nearly as irritated as I did! It came out in seconds didn't hurt at all, only had a little bleeding on day 3 no pains! I feel free now it has gone!!

Trigeroo00 Wed 25-Jun-14 08:00:10

Hi, just had my mirena removed yesterday. No pain as yet so hope it stays like that. Had a coil for the last 14 years and never really thought it was causing problems but reading on here mood swings weight gain palpitations just thought I was getting old I'm 42. Me and partner would like a baby so had it removed will see how things go. Thanks got this thread

Corrie3344 Wed 16-Jul-14 13:08:41


Just wondering how long it took you to get back to normal? I am also 23 and experiencing the horrible side effects.
I am a month post removal!

CJW123 Thu 24-Jul-14 12:12:59

I have just registered as I feel so compelled to share my experience with the mirena coil after hearing all your stories.

I had it fitted 4 years ago to reduce my heavy periods. My periods were so heavy I was loosing too much blood it put me in A&E twice . After tried and tested every other contraception this was a last resort, the idea being that the hormones in the coil are locallised to the womb meaning that side effects compared to the pop are lower as there is less hormone in the blood stream. The procedure wasn’t too bad but I had the following day off with severe cramps (may have been ok in an office based job though).

After a few months my periods stopped all together. I was GREAT for 2 ½ years and didn’t miss the debilitating periods!

Then 18 months ago I started to feel bloated all the time. I changed all my clothes so they were baggy, stopped having sex as I didn’t feel sexy anymore. The IBS symptoms got worse and I had permacramps to the point where I couldn’t exercise anymore. I then got depressed, which is a severe mental health issue that should never be overlooked and I would not wish it on my worse enemy. I nearly lost my job and stopped eating for over 2 months.

I saw 9 doctors, none of which believed it was the coil. Yes there were other factors in my life that contributed to the depression and a year later I am finally recovered, however I have had colonoscopys, scans, blood tests and been on several diets to discover what has been causing the bloated. 4 more doctors later I begged for the coil to be removed. Instant success!

Its been 2 months out. My mood is constantly better and although the periods have returned with vengeance I feel great. I am taking herbals (agnes castus, anyone else tried?) to try and reduce heaviness but will never have the coil put back in.

The last doctor said that because the coil can stop ovulation that “yes of course the bloating is likely to have been caused by the coil”. But the bloatedness has come back again recently. I am hoping it because my periods have not regulated yet again, however I am BEGGING for any response from anyone with regards to timeframes post coil removal as to how long it takes to get back to “normal”.

Fellow coil users, I cannot thank you enough for your messages and feedback, this thread has really helped me (sorry for long msg).

RadicalRunner Thu 24-Jul-14 12:19:33

Oh no - had mine removed yesterday and going on holiday on Saturday hope the crash doesn't hit me then. I echo everyone else, it was the single most destructive factor in my life! I have gone from happy, easy gong to low moods, depression, anxiety, bloating and many of the other issues described above. I shall be prepared for the crash!

passion3flower Tue 29-Jul-14 00:38:26

There's a very informative site with lots of information on how to lose weight and get rid of the mirena iud side effects and find other natural birth control options. Check out: Her detox has also been immensely helpful to my recovery and I seriously recommend it

livelovelife Tue 19-Aug-14 18:00:54

Hi I've been on this site at various different stages reading about the coil and it's side effects and I find it harrowing to read some of the experiences and the possible mood crash also after removal.
I have had the Mirena for just over 3 years now and it's served me well for preventing pregnancy, no periods and been very convenient as I was living and traveling abroad for 2 1\2 years and this would have been very tricky if I was on the pill. I'm happy that I've had it for these reasons but from time to time have worried about how it's affecting me. I've gotten used to it I think and have not had severe problems like some but all in all in the last 3 years I have seen that I've suffered with mood swings, ache, weight gain or constant bloating feeling.

I eat healthy though my appetite has increased and I'm even more addicted to sugary foods hence the weight gain, I look after my skin and have never had bad skin though some hormonal time if the month spots previously. My weight gain is only about 1\2 stone but enough for me especially as I do loads of exercise so it's quite frustrating.
Today I saw my nurse about it after returning home, she does not believe these side affects r fully Morena but then they could be as all women react differently, in the leaflet she gave me they say they are common side effects!!?? She told me to way up living with some spots small weight gain with having a good form of reliable contraception but also went through a dozen different pills etc to consider and also the new jaydess coil which is smaller and has less of the hormone in it compared to Mirena so likely to have a period but not regular and again it's a lottery is what she basically implied. She was understanding but cannot predict how it will affect me changing etc and really recommended me staying on it esp for pregnancy protection as I don't want a baby right now. I like the coil for the convenience and no period but not sure if actually it feel better in my own body if I didn't have it? I'm 34 don't need ache and don't need this extra few pounds or bloated feeling sad what other contraception have others considered who have had the coil removed and have experience similar to me?

Any thoughts much appreciated x

deee23 Sat 23-Aug-14 22:52:24

I had my coil removed 2 months ago as was getting stomach cramps and my partner had been given the all clear on his vasectomy, so no need to keep it in, I have noticed some weight loss, which is good and that I do feel better in myself. I bled for about a week after removal, which was pain free, then had a month with no bleeding but am now on the start
of the 3rd week of bleeding, which has at times been very heavy, with large clots which I had never had before so caused a panic! The bleeding isn't constant, it's heavy for couple of days then eases off and I think it's ok to not wear a tampon, then it comes back really heavy. Getting really fed up with it now and its making me feel quiet down about it but suppose I need to just see how the next few months go and hopefully it will just go back to a normal period, fingers crossed! x

SailorGirl4 Mon 25-Aug-14 22:50:26

I am having mine removed tomorrow after 6.5 years. Heavy periods stopped, but the weight gain, hair loss ( around 50%), tiredness, insomnia, foggy feeling, numbness of mind, angry outbursts, inability to enjoy life ( previously was the life and soul ) are just not worth it. I feel like I have lost 6 years if my life. Hate, hate, hate it. I do concur tho' that for some women it died indeed work - just not for me!

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