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Has anyone tried compeed for coldsores?? Do they work..

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Fimbles5 Sat 11-Apr-09 19:07:03

I am new to coldsores, but now have my second one within three months Please somebody tell me how to clear them up quickly. A friend recommended compeed. Do they work?

nightcrawler Sat 11-Apr-09 19:23:43

Haven't tried compeed, I always use over the counter Zovirax (acyclovir). I go through horrid "cold-sore phases" IYKWIM. Also, whenever I was PG, I would get one after the other. Lovely, not. I find that when you have had a couple of these horrors, you recognise the signs - you get a definite tingle/sting on the lip area about 12 hours before it erupts and turns into a skanky, giant blistery lump which looks like some sort of STD, before turning into a huge purple scab which takes weeks to heal, whilst peeling in a nasty, wet kind of way in the meantime. After that, it leaves a mark that goes away only very gradually.
When I get the stinging thing, I plaster it in Zovirax five times a day. 9 times out of 10, the bugger gives up and goes away. The 10th is clearly a demon cold sore which refuses to die, but even so, the effects are far less, and shorter, than the full-blown horror.
Whatever remedy you choose, good luck in beating the menace. smile

Fimbles5 Sat 11-Apr-09 19:29:53

Thanks nightcrawler - Feeling so much happier now following your detailed account hmm So basically I am stuck with this for up to ten days (hunts for paper bag to stick over head). Heading out for Zovirax tomorrow. Will try anything.

HumphreyCobbler Sat 11-Apr-09 19:37:29

check out trigger foods on google

mine are caused by citrus and beans

now I know that I can avoid them mostly, otherwise I use Fenistil (works better for me than compeed or zovirax)

nightcrawler Sat 11-Apr-09 19:38:16

Check the local paper/websites for chemist openings for tomorrow is a religious holiday as well as being national chocolate day so opening times are limited.
Sorry about the graphic details, but this is what cold sores are like. IMO, they should have a much worse name to reflect their awfulness - Minging Lip Canker, perhaps?. Non-sufferers have no idea of how vile they are.

Bakersman Sat 11-Apr-09 20:39:16

Boots now sell this light treatment gadget which I think works very very well but isn't cheap. Will look for a link for you. They work much faster than Zovirax and hterefore better than Compeed too just by zapping this light machine at the area every 12 hours.
Off to google now....

Bakersman Sat 11-Apr-09 20:44:21

here is the link
Also this should let you know a bit more.
I find if I get the tingle stage (although not very good at recognising this) my machine gets rid of the cold sore in a day - if I wait until the blister is already forming it goes within 5 days. With Zovirax its a week minimum.
Good luck, they are vile!

luckylady74 Sat 11-Apr-09 20:47:37

Asda do a much cheaper, but same active ingredient (aclivor?}as Zovirax.
I don't think compeed work very well and unless you are very good at putting them on they look crap too.
Zovirax is ther best of what I've tried, but lightbox looks good.

Fimbles5 Sun 12-Apr-09 11:44:28

Thanks everyone for your replies and sympathy. Nightcrawler - at least you made me laugh for the first time yesterday, I definately have a minging lip canker, and no doubt thats what they will be known as from now on. I totally forgot the fact that it was a bank holiday weekend because I was so wrapped up with this nightmare, so doesn't look like I can get to the shops anytime soon. Therefore will plod on with compeed. I suppose anything is better than nothing. But will be heading to Boots first thing Tuesday to try the light treatment.

Surfermum Sun 12-Apr-09 11:50:59

I've suffered for years and the best treatment I've found is L-Lysine tablets and a compeed patch over the sore. Last time it had gone within 3 days. You can L-Lysine from a health food store. It's bloody brilliant.

navyeyelasH Sun 12-Apr-09 12:16:13

fentisil all the way for me, Zovirax doesn't touch it one jot. It depends on the type of coldsore you get I think? Mine are bubbly and blistery and wet type that spread so easily!

pinotmonster Sun 12-Apr-09 17:51:29

I agree - L-Lysine is fab! I get the 1000mg dosage and for the first few days I take 3 a day. Cleared mine up a treat and used tea tree on the actual spot. I used Zovirax and I was obviously allergic to it, my whole lip swelled up! not a good look!

MIAeatingeggs Sun 12-Apr-09 18:52:47

I have tried Zovirax and compeed with no luck, I found they went quicker by themselves. Will definitly try the electric zapper though bakers smile

Amaris Sun 12-Apr-09 20:42:44

I've found Zovirax fine - and I've used it with Compeed over the top though I'm not sure you're supposed to. I don't think Compeed actually helps with the healing but it does stop it feeling so sore I guess as it's not open to the air. I do feel a bit silly wearing it mind.

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