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Lockjaw from a tooth abscess !!!???

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Pheebe Thu 02-Apr-09 20:22:34

Yes, apparently I have lockjaw from a severe tooth abscess shock

Had root canal redone (not completed last time and has been grumbling for a couple of years) last week as we knew it was as possibility the infection might flare again. Hopefully that should be the end of it as there shouldn't anywhere for the little bugs to hide anymore and the Abs are clearing the infection nicely.

However...I can't open my mouth and the dentist said its trismus, like lockjaw! Has anyone had it, how quick did it clear up. Its really achey and annoying but nor really painful as such. Will I be like this forever sad

candyfluff Thu 02-Apr-09 20:41:13

sympathise with you i had a failed filling ,an abcess and then tooth extraction followed by dry socket and raging infection but did'nt have lockjaw must be so uncomfortable ,have you tried so ice pack wrapped in a tea towel on the affected area ?
sorry i cant be more help to you.

Pheebe Fri 03-Apr-09 08:25:18

Thanks candy

Its seems a little better this morning and ds1 has his first ever dentist appointment today so I'll quiz him again then. Will try the ice pack too

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