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Losing circulation in my fingers

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pageturner Fri 07-Nov-08 15:59:21

For the third time in 3 days I've lost the circulation and feeling in several of my fingers. On Wednesday, about midnight, I was about to go to bed when I realised that I'd lost feeling in the middle and ring fingers of my right hand. They were white and icy cold and tingling badly like pins and needles, but it took ages for them to warm up and I was asleep before they were 'right'. Next day, they were absolutely fine and I didn't think about it at all.

Last night, about midnight, just about to go to bed, and i realised it had happened again: white fingers, numb with pins and needles; but this time it was middle finger of right hand quite bad, ring finger of right hand, but only a little bit and middle finger of left hand. I went to bed with a hot water bottle and they warmed up. Fine today, but maybe a slight awareness of faint tingling, though i might be imagining that!

Today, had just been to the shop, all fine, popped home and it's suddenly happened again, same right hand fingers and with a bit of tingling in the index finger and tip of right thumb.

It is really weird and annoying (it's taken ages to type this - sorry for any typos!). Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? Should i be worried?

deanychip Fri 07-Nov-08 16:03:15

Raynards possibly?
Could be a number of things.
I wouldnt recommend hot water bottle if you have lost sensation though.
Go to the Docs and ask about it.

psychomum5 Fri 07-Nov-08 16:03:47

this sounds like reynauds syndrome.

southeastastra Fri 07-Nov-08 16:04:16

i got this quite bad, but it was caused by leaning on my elbow alot whilst surfing the net, i was referred to a specialist who told me to stop before i'd cause permanent damage.

do you have any elbow injuries?

ermintrude13 Fri 07-Nov-08 16:05:12

Sounds like Reynaud's syndrome. Not rare, most common in women, esp women over 35. The blood vessels in your extremeties constrict, making fingers/toes white and thin, and when you warm them up they can become purple/florid as the blood flows again.

Varies in severity and isn't usually a sign of anything more sinister but worth checking at the doc's.

They'll probably advise keeping gloves on in the cold, not handling frozen food etc. It's no coincidence that this has come on in winter although the symptoms can happen at any time of year. There've been times I can't get my key in the door because my fingers are so numb and useless! Check it out on the web.

I get that often,esp when it's cold

I've heard there are drugs they can give you to improve the circulation to your extremities, if it's raynauds (I have it in my nipples, not fun)

In the meantime the advice I read is to wear gloves almost all the time, keep them warm and moving (typing on MN!)

Have just started taking nifepidine for my raynauds. I have it bad enough that even when my fingers are warm I can't feel the difference between hot and cold and my chilblains on my feet have ulcerated.

Have had two days worth, no real improvement yet and I am very dizzy, tired and woolly headed. Have been told that will improve.

pageturner Fri 07-Nov-08 16:23:01

Sorry, trying to give crumpets to the 7 children I have in the house with numb fingers smile, though they're starting to regain feeling now. Still slightly sore though.

southeastastra - no, no elbow injuries. But I am a woman over 35! great to hear it lots of you saying the same thing and that it's not to serious. Will dare to google now.

thanks you!

pageturner Fri 07-Nov-08 16:24:09

Bloody fingers - can't type properly! blush

Not sure about the drugs. this has never happened before, but I suppose once it's started it might get worse.

pageturner Fri 07-Nov-08 16:44:15

Have just read the NHS Direct article on Reynauds, and it sounds just like it. better go to doctor. Don't like the sound of this bit though: 'Usually all fingers on both hands are affected in primary Raynaud's. In secondary Raynaud's, symptoms may first begin in just one or two fingers on one hand.'

Cranberry Fri 07-Nov-08 17:02:05

PG - I posted a similar thread yesterday about cold numb fingers tips, I think I might have this too

pageturner Fri 07-Nov-08 17:08:21

Hi Cranberry - have just checked your thread. It seems to be quite common, doesn't it? I'd never heard of it. i think I'm going to go and see my GP, because I'm slightly worried about that paragraph that said it was more likely to be secondary if you only have it in some of your fingers, which I do. Are you?

snorkle Fri 07-Nov-08 18:53:16

Is it the whole of the ring finger or just the middle finger side of it? It could possibly be carpal tunnel (squashed nerve in wrist) if so.

pageturner Fri 07-Nov-08 22:24:16

it's the whole of the fingers, snorkle. I had carpal tunnel, actually, with ds2 6 years ago, and i was wondering whether there was a connection. The sensation is similar.

snorkle Fri 07-Nov-08 22:38:59

You can get squashed nerves further up the arm (usually in in the elbow or shoulder) that can produce similar symptoms I think. The carpal tunnel nerve definately only affects half the ring finger, so that makes it quite easy to spot. I think you should see a doctor really & get their opinion.

uberalice Fri 07-Nov-08 22:45:50

Sounds like trapped ulnar nerves. As far as I know these nerves are in the elbow and can cause numbness in those fingers if you keep your elbows bent for too long. I have this, and have to take care to sleep with my arms completely outstretched. Also, I had to stop wearing my wedding ring.

pageturner Sat 08-Nov-08 10:13:48

Some great suggestions here, thank you. I've had it in both hands, but particularly the right; middle finger is the worst. I haven't had it since yesterday afternoon, but the joints in those two fingers feel stiff and sore. Definitely a trip to the docs. sad

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