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threadworms: anything to relieve itching before medicine has effect?

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soyabean Sat 04-Jan-03 20:48:25

Hi Does anyone have any suggestions of ways to reduce the itching and misery caused by threadworms on the 'first' night, when they have just been spotted? I keep stocks of Ovex in the house now, but once the itching has started the kids continue to suffer (and me).(Someone once told me they put a plaster on the anus but that sounds too horrible and I dont think mine would entertain the idea anyway.) Is there any cream or oil or anything that can be applied? Grateful for any suggestions.

MandyD Sat 04-Jan-03 20:57:38

I remember having them as a child and a thick coating of Vaseline or nappy cream seemed very soothing at the time...

WideWebWitch Sat 04-Jan-03 21:25:13

soyabean, sounds awful. There was a thread (no pun intended!) on this recently, will see if I can find it. MandyD, you can *remember* that?! eeewww!

WideWebWitch Sat 04-Jan-03 21:26:29

The previous thread is here

maryz Sat 04-Jan-03 21:27:34

Try Eurax if kids are old enough - it's great for chicken pox and for itchy bums (from worms or otherwise!). Make sure they wear PJs though, as if they scratch with bare nails they reinfect themselves.

batey Mon 06-Jan-03 18:07:34

Anusol, piles cream, works wonders to relieve the itching. My dds have had worms a couple of times and this really helps on the "in-between" night. HTH.

Tinker Mon 06-Jan-03 19:13:08

LOL at the thought of a plaster on the anus!!! What if they forget to take it off? Sorry, know it's not funny but....

soyabean Wed 08-Jan-03 22:04:29

thanks everyone. Lets hope its a while till the next episode, but i will keep the Eurax etc handy

aloha Wed 08-Jan-03 22:22:48

Lanacane? Pile ointment? Ask your chemist?

Droile Tue 21-Jan-03 22:54:54

Has anyone else just not been able to get rid of them? This bout is over now (I hope), but it lasted a week after treatment commenced. Is this normal?

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