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allergic to plasters

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candyfluff Fri 09-May-08 21:56:44

my two ds's are allergic to plasters .what else is there to cover cuts and grazes?

nancy75 Fri 09-May-08 21:57:44

cant you get hypoalergenic plasters? its usually the glue and i think they do make them with different glue.

lilyloo Fri 09-May-08 21:58:33

micropore and lint dp is allergic too

There are large wound dressings which are good for large grazes etc - called Melolin I think? They're sort of soft fabric and would have different glue.

Also spray on "plasters" - just spray overy the wound - I've bought some but never used it, so don't know for sure if it works well.

vixma Fri 09-May-08 22:02:54

I am intrested in this thread as a first aider. I have been told there is allergic reaction to some with plasters, what are the signs. We have been told to ask children are you allergic, is it rash to the area (hard to acknowledge with plaster applied as it pulls at the skin.... intrested in advice! However first time allergy, and child unaware of allergy, what are the signs?

lilyloo Fri 09-May-08 22:05:32

dp gets rash / raised bumps on the sticky area

I think just a rash/itchiness where the plaster is - my mum always reacts to plasters and has a raised red weal for a few days when she has worn one. (You'd think she'd stop using them, but no...)

KatyMac Fri 09-May-08 22:07:19

My toe puffed up - filled with pus & had to be lanced.....the first time

Subsequently joint swell, the skin can crack & ooze & become infected quite quickly

On unbroken skin (as a test) the area around it swells/itches/becomes painful within 5 minutes

JackieNo Fri 09-May-08 22:08:39

Micropore and lint, as lilyloo says. DH has this problem too.

I've never heard of anyon having a full-blown allergic reaction to them, so it's just something to check if they're aware of, rather than a major health worry.

KatyMac Fri 09-May-08 22:08:49

eg a plaster on my knee at age 5 in afternoon play, meant I couldn't walk by hometime as my knee was so swollen - despite telling the teacher I couldn't have a plaster

X-posted with KatMac there blush - can be more serious than I realised!

rachaelsara Fri 09-May-08 22:10:38

I'm allergic too, even to hypoallergenic stuff, so don't use plasters if I cut myself. If I must, then waterproof are better, fabric ones are awful. I get a bright red rash, almost a weal, and it itches really badly. A midwife ignored me after a blood test and put a fabric plaster in the crook of my elbow, I was too polite to say, and took it off as soon as I left. My skin still reacted really badly, and strangely, if I reacted to another plaster (hypoalergenic tape on a sprained ankle) my elbow would itch and react in sympathy in a perfect square!

rachaelsara Fri 09-May-08 22:11:38

Blimey! I'm quite lucky then!

KatyMac Fri 09-May-08 22:11:50

I guess it depends how allergic you are

Be careful with shoes if you (or your lo) do have this allergy - trainers, cheap shoes and wellies have all caused me significant trouble (as have condoms - but that's not an issue for children blush - but my mooncup is fine)

rachaelsara Fri 09-May-08 22:12:52

Latex dentists gloves make my lips swell up too.

KatyMac Fri 09-May-08 22:20:00

I also react to
Metal (including titanium)
Adhesives (esp in shoes)
Some perfumes
Most bubble bath
Virtually no shampoos hmm
Sterling Silver (but not always)
non-sterling Silver (but not always)
Most plastics/paints

Gosh I'm odd

Twinkle21 Fri 09-May-08 22:27:54

My DH can't use plasters of the usual variety either (red itchy, bumpy rash, etc). However he can use bandaids, which use a different sort of glue apparently. They are a bit of a job to find, Boots don't sell them but they are available on line. Needless to say DH guards his box and will only use one if he is gushing blood!

candyfluff Sat 10-May-08 21:29:39

thanks all
only ever had to use one plaster as ds is 22 months so i wasnt sure if he would be allergic,my ds 10 yrs is allergic too but my dd7 yrs isnt?
it came up after i took it off and looked like a weal in a perfect square which got worse after a few days now it looks llike dry skin in a perfect square!!!
both my boys are allergic to vicks vapor rub coming up in a rash

Tiggerish Sat 10-May-08 21:35:43

I get this too - red pus-filled bumps that itch like crazy. I also react to cheap shoes with plastic toe caps inside, Katymac.

I can use any plastic plaster but no fabric ones. Micropore is fine.

It's good to know I'm not the only one.... my dh thinks it's a really weird thing to be allergic to! Mind you I get hayfever really badly so it may be something to do with general sensitivity to things.

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