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Does anyone know if you can get shingles rash behind your knee ?

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fakeblonde Mon 05-May-08 10:42:39

Because my friends daughter went to out of hours doctor and has been told she has shingles.
Worse than that she now thinks her 16 year old daughter caught it from my son ! and she has her gcse`s this month.
I know she cant have done though.
I honestly dont think it IS shingles because i have never heard of the rash being behind a knee and i`ve seen a few.
Isn`t it usually nerve pathways like face trunk groin shoulder ect ?

He`s put her on anti virals too which are pretty strong .
POh and she only has 2 spots too - i behind her knee and another a little further up her thigh.

littlepinkpixie Mon 05-May-08 10:46:54

You cant catch shingles.

avenanap Mon 05-May-08 10:47:30

It normally travels along the nerves in the spine. Has small, yellow vesicles, nomally on the back, side or front of chest or all three.

Can get eczema at the back of the knees, can look like a red, itchy rash.

Friendlypizzaeater Mon 05-May-08 10:50:22

Its not contagious - DH had it under his arm and down to his waist

shelleylou Mon 05-May-08 10:52:24

You can only get infected with shingles from another person if you literally rub the rash repeatedly. Doctors and nurse told me that when i enquired about it as ds's nan had shingles.

If shes 16 shes quite young to have shingles iirc

littlepinkpixie Mon 05-May-08 10:54:56

You can not get infected with shingles. if you catch Herpes Zoster (the virus that causes chicken pox and shingles) from someone else, then it is chicken pox you develop first.
Shingles develops later on, after the virus has remained dormant in your body.

Blandmum Mon 05-May-08 10:57:13

You don't catch shingles.

When you get chicken pox the virus never totally leaves your stays dormant in the nervous tissue (like the cold sore virus which it is 'related to).

When you are very run down/ stressed/ have anther illness, the virus can come back, but this time it only affects the area around the nerve that used to be its refuge...this is why it tends to go in lines.

Any age can have it, as long as they have already had chicken pox. My son had it when he was about 4, unusual but not unheard of, and he is a boy of riotous good health, in the main smile

fakeblonde Mon 05-May-08 10:59:29

Thanks.Iknow your cant catch it you can only have it reactivated at certain times in your life.
But has anyone aver heard of it behind a knee ?
This girl has know taken herself to bed and she exams next week.I think she has been given a wrong diagnosis .Anyway her mum will take her to her own gp wed but she will have had a full course of antivirals by then.

shelleylou Mon 05-May-08 11:02:09

Sorry I did mean if you'd already had chicken pox. Ds distracted me and forgot to check what i had written.
I know you can get it whilst still young. My mum had it several times as a child/teenager. Its just more commen when your older due to the stress/run down etc from what i was told..

clayre Mon 05-May-08 11:06:09

when my dd (4) had shingles last year she had it all over her left shoulder and back but she had a few blisters behind her right knee, but she had a big patch of her back covered in it. How is the girl? when my dd had it she was ill, couldnt move couldnt eat couldnt sleep, also the anti viral drugs made her halucinate, she still has scarring on her back too.

Blandmum Mon 05-May-08 11:08:59

ds had his as a patch at the top of his thigh

littlelamb Mon 05-May-08 11:24:10

I had this when I was about 9 and stil have the scar as proof - it is behind my knee, like a circle of shiny spots. I was told different things by two different doctors- one said it was shingles, one said it was ringworm. tbh I have no idea which one was right! The most important thing is for her not to scratch. I am self conscious about the scar even now and its really not that big

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