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trapped nerve in shoulder (I think) am in constant bloody pain!

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sallystrawberry Sun 16-Mar-08 19:18:10

and have been all week sad

I can't take ibuprofen as I've just found out I'm allergic to it, although I have been using ibuprofen gel but its not very effective, paracetamol isn't touching it, neither is heat.
There are small areas along my shoulder blade that are excruciatingly painful even to a light touch (as dh just found out when he was rubbing the ibuprofen gel into my back).

Any suggestions its driving me nuts, the pain keeps travelling up the back of my neck to my head and sometimes round to my jaw, so travelling upwards not down towards my arm (Right shoulder). I'm thinking its to do with my trapesius as the pain is from my shoulder balde all the way up into my neck. It seems to get gradually worse throughout the day, even a truckload of alcohol yesterday didn't numb it.

NorthernLurker Sun 16-Mar-08 19:19:04

how old are you - roughly?

sallystrawberry Sun 16-Mar-08 19:19:46

roughly 33
really 33

saythatagain Sun 16-Mar-08 19:21:26

No advice - but I've been there. sad
Strongest painkillers you can get your hands on, which is no good at 7.15pm I know. It's giving me the chills just reading this.

NorthernLurker Sun 16-Mar-08 19:21:42

no other symptoms - sick? sweaty? dizzy? short of breath?

sallystrawberry Sun 16-Mar-08 19:22:51

not its deffo muscular and/or nerve related nothing else

NorthernLurker Sun 16-Mar-08 19:24:45

ok - I haven't a clue then sorry - just checking you weren't having a heart attack and not noticing grin

If heat doesn't work - have you tried an ice pack - or frozen peas? Ring for an emergency GP appt tomorrow - maybe you could do with some physio?

sallystrawberry Sun 16-Mar-08 19:28:34

no deffo not a heart attack but thankyou smile

am going to try cold now, am desperate its really fecking painful sad

Miggsie Sun 16-Mar-08 19:29:07

Find a good osteopath.
I had just the same thing, the muscles in my arm had contracted and pulled the shoulder blade out JUST enough to hit a nerve, grinding agony plus pins and needles, then a sharp shooting pain between my fingers...and then up the back of my head and into my eye!
The pain will cause your jaw to contract and lock and that makes it worse as a tense jaw apparently tightens up all the muscles down your spine! It's really really bad, I almost threw up with the pain.

My osteo did a bit of manipulation and 2 weeks on I have no problems at all

sallystrawberry Sun 16-Mar-08 19:31:09

ok Ive now got a bag of frozen broad beans on my shoulder

fingers crossed

bonkerz Sun 16-Mar-08 19:32:09

please gop to doca if it doesnt feel any better by tomorrow. Im only saying and dont want to worry you but a good friend of mine had been having pains in arm, neck and shoulder for 3 weeks and went docs on tuesday last week because she had had enough of pain. She collapsed in doctors was rushed to hospital and had 3 heart attacks, she has had surgery to unblock 2 arteries and had blood clot that travelled to heart. Please get it checked. thankfully my mate is doing well now though but only because she went to doctors!

sallystrawberry Sun 16-Mar-08 19:32:37

yep I am clenching my jaw with the pain, which is probably not helping.

will try to find an osteopath tomorrowsad

sallystrawberry Sun 16-Mar-08 19:36:34

this is my right shoulder not left, I'm just about 100% positive its not my heart (although I do know people can experience pain on right side as well as left during a heart attack) smile.

sallystrawberry Sun 16-Mar-08 19:37:39

glad to hear your friends recovering bonkerz that must of been very scary.

sallystrawberry Sun 16-Mar-08 21:09:12

ok ice pack made it worse, am now on the paracetamol sad can't lie down, can't stand up, can't get comfy sad

NorthernLurker Sun 16-Mar-08 21:52:55

oh dear - sorry about that sad Maybe A&E? At least you'd get some good pain relief.

vxr Tue 14-Jul-09 13:32:37

is it better now, i see that was in march 2008?

bubbles60 Wed 26-Oct-16 17:00:44

Hi don't want to worry anyone..but my x hubby had pain in neck..for weeks was treated for arthritis.but after m r I scan it reveals he had a tumour..unfortunately it was a secondary cancer..he died 3 months insist with your doctor if dosent get better

hanban89 Thu 27-Oct-16 22:13:13

I know you said you were fine other than the pain, but I got very sick last year with pneumonia and sepsis, and the pain in my shoulder was unbelievable. I passed out with it. I then had pleurisy which was excruciating. I delayed going to doc because I thought I had a trapped nerve/pulled muscle. So definitely get your lungs checked by your doctor!

hanban89 Thu 27-Oct-16 22:14:11

March 2008!!!

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