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Sinisitis and a nose that makes a 'popping' sound when im asleep?

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shatteredmumsrus Mon 25-Feb-08 19:28:54

Hi, my partner tells me that my nose makes a popping noise when i am sleeping. It sometimes wakes him up, he is a light sleeper.I have recently had sinisitis and still have. Started off with a sore throat, constant nose blowing and then a cold and pain in my forehead and cheeks. Got erothromycin from the doctors, this was 9 days ago and still bunged up and nose blowing and generally feeling rough!Anyone got any previous experience of 'popping' nose noises?Am i an alien?

poodlepusher Tue 26-Feb-08 20:51:54

It does sound like a sinus infection. You may need another course of antibiotics.
Nasal spray helped me when nothing else would - Bercanase(spelling?) which is about £3 over the counter.

singyswife Tue 26-Feb-08 20:54:14

ROFL at Am I am Alien?? Brilliant. Sinus infections are shit. Sounds like you need more ab's. Hope you are better soon

southeastastra Tue 26-Feb-08 20:55:53

beconase is £3? oh no i got some on prescription £6 odd grr.

beconase is good, also salt water. i've had erothromycin too for sinisitus, ended the course a couple of weeks ago and still feel bunged up a bit. think it takes a while to clear.

poodlepusher Tue 26-Feb-08 20:57:08

You might have had a "big bottle" of beconase?

shatteredmumsrus Thu 28-Feb-08 13:54:01

Sorry to annoy you but my doctor said ' ill give you 2 to save prescription charges'! I couldnt believe it either. My doc said that abs dont work just make the patient feel like they are doing something.

Mistymoo Thu 28-Feb-08 13:57:45

The beconase that is sold over the counter is different to the beconase that you get on prescription. My pharmacist checked it out for me last time I needed it.

southeastastra Thu 28-Feb-08 13:59:38

oh confusion!

my sinus has cleared but i still have a bit of pain when i touch my cheek. guess it just takes ages to clear. it's so horrible.

cheeryface Thu 28-Feb-08 14:02:16

i have been having the same trouble. i was feeling so awful i got ab's off the doctor and i feel much better now but, when i wake up in the morning i can feel/hear snap crackle and pop in the top of my nose!!,

shatteredmumsrus Thu 28-Feb-08 19:03:39

oooh its painful i had popping ears and nose. A horrible illness, knocked me for six. Had it over 2 weeks now. Anyone else got or had a popping nose? All the time not just when ill?

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