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How long does it take for chicken pox to stop being contagious?

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DS1 got his first spot on Friday. Since then, he's become covered in them and more and more keep appearing. They don;t seem to be bothereing him yet. He's pretty much fine - he was quite poorly on Saturday - he was sick a lot and he had a high temp, but orther thasn that, he's OK, if a bit lethargic.

Anywaym the chicken pox hasn't stopped him being a little so and so, therrefore I am desperate for him to ge back to nursey (as is he) He's meant to be going back tomorrow, but I know this is extremely unlikely. How long do you reckon? I sholuld be at work now, but he can't go to the cms at the mo.

DS2 doesn;t have it. Yet

More time off for that, I suspect. I'm so goingn to get the sack.

TotalChaos Mon 25-Feb-08 09:40:32

Oh no what a pain re:work.

It's when the pox all get crusted over - usually about 5 days IIRC.


Shitting hell

I am def going to get the sack.

Racers Mon 25-Feb-08 09:49:00

Doc told me it's when no new spots are appearing but nursery had 5 day exclusion anyway

Well, he's getting more spots by the hour, so he def won;t be going tomorrow

<imagines P45 on desk>

squeaver Mon 25-Feb-08 10:04:31

When my dd had chickenpox in november, the GP told me that the contagious period is 7 days from the first spot appearing so that would be Thursday for you. Sorry not to have better news..

Mind you, Gp also said that they're at their MOST contagious in the 3 days BEFORE the first spot appears.

At our nursery we say at least 5 days from when the LAST spot appeared, and the last one needs to be cruste over. They can be contagious from 2 weeks before the spots appear, & up until they stop weeping.

TBH it's more about the child having adequate rest at home to heal & not feeling grotty & itchy.

No -one you can call on to come & sit with him for a few hours so you can at least show willing to work or is it not that sort of job?

Difficult for you.

I haven't got anyone who can come and sit with him, unfortunately

I am supposed to be working from home instead, but we are at the point in the printing schedule where most of my stuff needs to be done in the office.

So I am sta on my fat arse doing nowt.

I just know as soon as DS1's spots are crusted, DS2 will get it.

largeginandtonic Mon 25-Feb-08 10:11:55

Mine have chicken pox too at the moment. They have caught it from one of the twins (age 9) who had Shingles just recently. I was in with him for 2 weeks, then my husband got chicken pox, followed by the baby and now the 3 year old has just come out in spots too! I will be in for 5 weeks.

My other 4 have had it before, this particular strain is very odd, could be as it is from Shingles. The spots are coming out slowly, until day 5-6 and have taken another week before they start to go.

DH went back to work a week after his first spots and they sent him home again for another week! (he is Navy so was seen in sick bay)

Send him over here, i'm stuck in anyway!

i read somewhere that this exclusion policy does nothing to prevent the spread of chicken pox anyway for nursery children. The 3 days in which the children are contagious but asymptomatic are enough for them to spread it to every other kid who is going to get it.

jeangenie Mon 25-Feb-08 10:14:53

we've got them too - DD2 got first spot on Saturday night. No doubt DD1 will come down with them as soon as DD2 goes back to nursery...I feel your pain

I'm goping to ring nursey tomorrow ands ask them whey they think (They aren;t open on a Monday)

G7T, what a nightmre! lUckily, both me and DP have had it, or we could be lying low for a few weeks! (DP got it at 29, he said he felt horrendous - How has your DH coped with it)

largeginandtonic Mon 25-Feb-08 10:30:52

DH was dying, he was was mostly ill before the spots came out. I was watching him nervously as i knew that Shingles is the same virus as the pox. He came in to me very early in the morning with a 'what the hell' look on his face. He was absolutely pickled they were everywhere!!!! It was terrible, the itching was driving him insane, I think i got through about 2lb of bicarb!

The 3 year old has abviously been brewing it for nearly 2 weeks... oh the joy hmm

<< hands over some carrot cake >>

Where are you? I am Portsmouth, happy to have him for you!

I'm in Bath, G&T - tis a bit far, I'm not that dedicated to my job grin

Bless you anyway

Yes, my DP was really really ill when he had it hmm He did milk it for all its worth, I felt

largeginandtonic Mon 25-Feb-08 11:00:32

Dont they all....

Never mind. I may end up in Bath before long, dh looking at Abbywood for next posting. Love bath, oh the lovely shops grin

Oooh, how exciting!

With a name likle largeginandtonic, you and I will get on just fine wink

Anyway, I shall go back to CrustWatch and keep you posted. I'll ring nursery in the morning hopefully, he will be back there by the end of thew week.

DS1 is in denial about it, he keeps saying"I'mm not a chickjen! I havent got a pock! I haven't got any spots on my tummy"

largeginandtonic Mon 25-Feb-08 11:13:04

Do you know what is really funny...

We got chickens just a week before the pox started... go figure.

Good luck and happy spot watching!

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