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Cerazette and bleeding again. I am beginning to hate this stupid pill!

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Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Feb-08 10:17:55

I just don't know where I am with it.
First couple of months I had very long periods, then the following couple of months I had period free months. I went for my pill check & was told that my periods would probably stop altogether, which they did for around 3 months, but then I get a full on period out of the blue last Saturday.
My period calmed down a few days back & had pretty much come to a stop, but today, one week later, I have lots of bleeding again.
Is this normal with this pill? Have others experienced the same kind of thing?
I am very fed up!

loopylou6 Sat 02-Feb-08 12:47:39

Yep, totally normal and very annoying, im on the other end of the scale, am beginning to get a bit concerned as i havent bled in MONTHS hmm

Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Feb-08 13:55:06

I didn't bleed for months, and the nurse told me that my periods would probably stop completely on this pill. She came out with something about how you can normally tell in the first 3 months if you're going to be a "bleeder" and how 70% of women have no periods at all with this pill.
Just as I was starting to get used to this no periods business, one landed right on me! Then just as I am putting my sanitary products away a week later, my period starts up again!!
You just don't know where you are with it, do you?

moaningminnie2020 Sat 02-Feb-08 15:59:43

I tried this for a while as I was BF and couldn't use my old combined pill - changed back as soon as I stopped BF as the constant, unpredictable spotting and bleeding was just too annoying - my sympathies.

CarGirl Sat 02-Feb-08 16:02:46

I never found a combined or mini pill that controlled my bleeding, just used to be random! I'm now on the mirena and lo and behold nearly 2.5 years later I still have periods, although at least they are very very light!!!!!!

Pinkchampagne Sun 03-Feb-08 11:21:20

It's driving me mad & I have a feeling it's affecting my mood too as I have been feeling more low than normal over the last week or so.

pirategirl Sun 03-Feb-08 11:28:36

I am on this and never have any periods, but my friend has hers as normal. I forgot to take ot for 2 days so am wondering if i will get one tho.

I do get those horrible boil like spots on my back tho. yet this pill also helps my spd/pelvic and back pain by regulating my hormones.
Thats why I really dont understand how it has such different results in different women. That the hormone can be so weak that periods stillhappen. My friend is getting fed up too and isn't sure of what would be a better solution.

Pinkchampagne Sun 18-May-08 13:42:16

Since starting this thread, my periods disappeared again, and then last night, with no prior warning, I started bleeding again!
Seems I am getting a period every 3 months or so. Goodness knows how long this one will drag out!

Raydar Thu 14-May-09 22:43:58

I started taking Cerazette on 18 April, the first day of my period. That period lasted about 5 days and I then had one week before another one started. This has been the most horrendously heavy period I have ever had in my life and it still going on.
The worst thing though has been the effect it has had on my emotions. I found myelf getting more and more upset for no reason over the time I have been taking it. After three weeks on Cerazette I was then bursting into tears for no reason. The worst day was 12 May when I started crying at work and could not stop - very embarrasing.
I stopped taking Cerazette that night. That was 48 hours ago and I already feel 100% better.
I know that it can take a few months for everything to settle down when you start taking a new contraceptive pill but I just could not stand it any more.
My only question now is when will the bleeding stop?
No wonder Cerazette has such a high success rate as a contraceptive. Constant bleeding and crying mean sex is the last thing you want!

NickiGirl Sat 30-May-09 16:06:25

I started this pill on 18th April and for the first four weeks I was fine. However, since starting my period agin on 18th May I just havent stopped bleeding. It's not like a normal period. Its like red then brown, then red again then brown and it seems to be heavier when im moving about during the day. I am getting a bit concerned now as I am constantly tired at the moment and im suffering from headaches more than usual. I also have period like cramps but ive never been on for this long before. Anybody else similar???

MimieD Mon 01-Jun-09 14:00:15

Hi Nickigirl, same for me! I stopped BF last month and ever since then I'm bleeding on and off, also since I started Cerazette in Nov last year I have regular headaches. I blamed the tiredness on my new DD but now she's sleeping through I still feel exhausted. Going to make an appointment with the GP asap to go back on my old pill...

missbell Sun 21-Jun-09 00:37:09

I am the same i have been bleeding now for five months and im just so fed up with it. like so many others it gets worse when im moving about, so i went back to my gp to see if there was anything they could and they turned round and said that the bleeding can last for 6 to 9 months but im going back because i dont think this is right.

kellie1632 Tue 13-Oct-09 17:02:35

ive been on this pill for around a year and a half and ive never had any problems...until about two months ago, i suddenly came on my period which lasted for around 2 weeks, and ever since ive been bleeding on and off. Ill bleed for around a week and then be normal and then it suddenly comes back. i stopped taking the pill around a week ago and im still on my period. i keep gettin headaches and i have very bad period pains. dont think ill be taking this pill anymore, time to look for an alternative.

Lifeisforliving Wed 14-Oct-09 20:08:07

Kellie1632, it's best if you start a new thread as this is an old one. Sorry no advice just didn't want to leave you

gingerkitten Tue 20-Oct-09 14:50:08

I've been on cerazette for a while now and my period became quite regular- 4 weeks off n then just a week of bleeding. all of a sudden I went without for 9 weeks (panicked i was pregnant) but have now been bleeding for 4 weeks starts of normal, stops almost then starts again. goes red/brown/red/brown. starting to do my head in!

SandyBoon Tue 27-Oct-09 19:48:31


I only started Cerazette a month ago and I already hate it. Mood swings galore, period starting again 2 weeks after stopping and constant light irregular spotting, my skin which used to be nice is now spotty, my hair gets greasy easily, I am constantly tired (ok I have a 16 months old baby but since starting that pill it's worse), I've been waking up with headaches in the morning and generally speaking I just feel pants. I have 3 pills to go to finish the blister I started but I decided to not even bother. I don't like being constantly irritable and feeling like I am suffering from PMS 24/7. I've just been reading online reviews of that awful pill and quite a few women are even saying they have been suffering from bouts of depression since taking it. I am still breastfeeding so can't take another one but that Cerazette is not worth it...


Mums89 Thu 12-Nov-09 10:29:44

i started taking cerazette 3 weeks ago after being changed from the combined pill becausde after taking that for a year besides the constant emotions, i weas spotting i was told that i was supposed to be checked out internally because it was a common occurance. but now im on cerazette for the first two day i was fine nothing to report but now 2 weeks after i feel like crap very down and now my emotions are thesame as when i was taking the pill my boyfriend thinks i dont like having sex with him because every time we have sex i cry like a baby afterwards and i dont jknow why i just well up with tears and its getting me down i cant enjoy something on the telly without getting all teary eyed. and then this morning i had gut ache and discovered that i was bleeding and clotting and i just gt more depressed, nbut saying that when i got the pill i read the side effects and i must say it doesnt look great i could become a fat bald purple blotchy person how fun i cant wait do any one feel the same?

carlyjo4 Wed 20-Jan-10 10:19:10

Im into my 8th week of cerazette now and thought everything was going great until the 7th week. Started bleeding and 10 days later, still havent stopped, its like others mention, its alot worse when im moving around. Getting spotty too and i feel like an emotional wreck!!! Alternating between crying and really stroppy. Having had problems with heavy periods in the past, my doctor told me they should stop with this pill, obviously not!! At least before i knew when to expect them and that itd be over in a week, with this, theyre totally random!

GolfingGirl Fri 05-Mar-10 07:50:17

Ive been on Cerazette for 7 months, im taking my 8th pack now, didnt have any periods until this pack. Im just finishing the pack but i'm confused as to why its only started now. Its making me really down and although my boyfriend says it doesnt bother him, I know it does. Any suggestions??

bellissima Fri 05-Mar-10 08:27:23

My sister was on it - no periods at all for about 4 months and then had to rush out of a meeting at work because of what can only be described as 'flooding'. Needless to say when the doc mentioned the mini pill to me I said no thanks.

duggy79 Mon 08-Mar-10 11:40:38

I have been on Cerazette for 6 months. The first month was as I would expect, I had one period, which lasted 7 days. The next month my period came as expected. However one week after this had finished another came. This was really heavy and unpleasant. Alot of cramps and clotting. I would be using a Tampax Super Plus and find I was having to change it after 90 mins, sometimes less!!!! This went on for the next for months. I am curently experiencing a period which started 4 weeks ago and shows no sign of letting up. I was put on this pill, because I have gained weight and my bmi was too high for me to be put back on Cilest (which have never had any trouble with). Does anyone know if the Contraceptive Injection is suitable for someone who is overweight, because I really don't know how long I can stand Cerazette.

LittleLady18 Fri 12-Mar-10 23:26:20

Im 18 and im on cerazette cuz all the other contraceptive pills gave me headaches but im experiencing exactly the same, ive been on for nearly a month but its jus the end bit of the period, im abit worried but i think its just the way the pill works, tbh its a right pain..had any1 else been on for this long? confused xxxx

KerW Mon 12-Apr-10 13:53:06


I came off the Depo injection 3months ago after 8 years on it and was told because i didn't have periods or any problems I was to go on Cerazette.

This is a nightmare!!!

I forgot to take it 2 days about 14 days ago not consecutive days though, i had nothing for the first 3 days whilst i was still taking it and then lo and behold my period started this then lasted until last Friday (so i had been on a total of 12 days) i then had sexual intercourse on sunday night and now my periods have come back with an avengence (sorry i can't spell!). I'm really confused i don't understand why they have come back when i'cve been taking it regularly again!

any advice on this would be helpful, but as I see with the posts this is a regular thing with this pill?

Tiredmumno1 Mon 12-Apr-10 15:24:26

I was on this for years, i didnt have periods, but then out of the blue my body seemed to have a mind of its on, bleeding on and off. So i went to the docs she said she couldnt understand why i was on that anyway, so she changed me to microgynon and i seem to be having more probs with this, my last pill out my last pack was last tuesday, and no period yet, so going to docs later. kerw maybe you should see the doc too just to be sure.

lady24 Fri 21-May-10 14:30:02

i am 21 and i have been now on cerazette for about 10 days. my doctor recommended cerazette because i am breastfeeding. i started this pill a week and a half ago during my period i had a 7 day bleeding free break and now i am bleeding again and it doesnt seem to be stopping. i'm loosing my mind from all this bleeding i think this is what is causing my depression and anxiety. is this normal? help!!!

Nellybell Fri 11-Jun-10 09:07:21

This thread is really reasuuring as I feel the same as a lot of you. I'm in my 5th week of cerazette and have had a period now for 10 days, it seems like its coming to an end and then suddenly gets heavier again. I've also got spots when I never had them before and I'm really tired too which i just put down to having a lot on but maybe it is the pill. Do you have to finish a blister pack before stopping?

michelle71 Sun 27-Jun-10 22:46:24

i started cerazette 4wks ago period started 2wks ago and still bleeding going from very light to a little red,but it does'nt seem to get heavy but just ongoing,went to gp and said it could take at least upto 3mths to settledown,it is just so annoying especially with sexual relationship with my husband,as having to put on hold till bleeding decides to stop.

linkinparkfan Wed 18-Aug-10 09:05:07

Finally, a thread online where people are bleeding!! On the second packet, one of the Docs in my Practice said I was too old for Microgynon 30 now (44) which had been a breeze taking. Now, bleeding, clots, stringy stuff, ugh, giving it anothet week and asking to see a different doc, this is as someone said, a brilliant contraceptive. No sex at all haahaa

von81 Wed 18-Aug-10 14:35:57

I was spotting on it constantly, drove me mad felt like id been bleeding forever, same with implant and depo!! Changed to copper coil 4 weeks ago and my moods/ anger/ stress are all much better!! Nasty pill! angry

linkinparkfan Thu 19-Aug-10 08:37:17

Doc has put me on Micronor, sure had that before and same thing happened. So annoyed I went up there now.

bleeder Tue 05-Oct-10 19:27:28

I was on Micronor but had constant bleeding so docs put me onto cerazette 3 months ago. The first month was great - back to normal for 3 weeks without bleeding then a light period. Second month, same - normal period, third month and i have been bleeding now for 3 and a half weeks! Went back to docs who told me to stick with it, but its ok for her to say that! I'm getting sick of this constant bleeding with no sign of stopping and am on the verge of coming off it completely!

piratecat Tue 05-Oct-10 19:31:29

hi i know this is an old thread, ( i even posted on it back 2008 lol) but I started having probs with it aswell, after 2 yrs of no periods.

My gp has just given me micronor, to try. TBH I am just thinking it will be the same. eg I will get all this irregular bleeding, or heaven forbid actual periods. Seems as tho the mini pill is a pita really allround.

mumelro Wed 27-Oct-10 18:46:17

I'm fascinated and releived to read these posts about this pill. I was put on Cerazette at my 6 week check having previously used combined pill before both pregnancies. Started on day one of first period, bled lightly for 5 days, then, 10 days later started bleeding really heavily and have no stopped since - 8 days later! The more I read about this pill the more I realise it has horrid side effects - I've never lacked confidence or cried easily but in the 2 weeks or so I've been taking this I've felt truly awful. Am stopping tonight!

Sallypoo Thu 28-Oct-10 15:32:07

Wow, thought I'd just have a look on Mumsnet to see if anyone had had problems with Cerazette as I had had a 2 week long period which stopped on Tuesday and have started bleeding AGAIN today.

This is my first pack and tbh the only reason I'm taking a contraceptive is because I want to have sex with my husband without having more babies!

As several of you have said, it's a great contraceptive, because there isn't actually any days in the month when you can have sex!

Think I might be giving the Dr a call.

Just out of curiosity, have any of you tried the minerva coil? I'm suspecting that if I bleed with a progesterone pill I will with a progesterone coil?

Don't want go down that route if my theory holds...


Sallypoo Wed 03-Nov-10 10:38:32

sorry should of said MIRENA COIL.

Has anyone used both... did you bleed on both. Into 3rd week of bleeding so have stopped cerazette!

Please give me your stories....


cournflower Sat 20-Nov-10 22:10:27

I've been on it for just over a month, i started taking it on the 4th day of my period, a few days later than normal i got my next period which usally lasts 7 days but i've been bleeding hevally for about 15 days? I wanted to go on to having the implant which is a lower dose of cerazette but am worried about the long bleeding? My mood seems fine but i think my swet stinks more? I'm going to go to the docter tolook into changing it.

cournflower Sat 27-Nov-10 00:05:18

So i decided to come off it, as was bleeding for 16 days and was worried i might become anaemic. Even when i came off it i bled for 5 days? then stopped then started. I'm going to get the non hormone coil fitted.

cournflower Sat 27-Nov-10 00:08:30

After i came off it the doc said to me oh didn't anyone tell you you would bleed for 3 months before normalising? And yes she said you could become anaemic. confused

SparklyJules Sat 27-Nov-10 00:16:07

I've been on it for 2yrs without a bleed.

merrywidow Sat 27-Nov-10 12:22:53

me to bleeding all over the place, light bleeding for weeks on end then stops never know where i am

BellyBaby Wed 05-Jan-11 13:05:15

Began taking Cerazette on the 11th November 2010. Started my period on the 30th November, and have been on it ever since (its now the 5th January). So thats 5 weeks and counting that I've had a constant period. Its not like a normal period either, its really nasty and syrupy, somewhere between light and heavy.

Is this normal? Is it gonna end anytime soon?

I want to do what the doctor said and take them for the whole 3 months, but I'm finding it pretty hard to be honest. I'm also finding I'm irritable, have acne and its killed my sex drive.

The ironic thing is that I only went on it as my periods were too regular ; I don't even need contraception as I'm not in a relationship. Oh well, guess the 11th February isn't a lifetime away in any case...

relieved121 Sat 08-Jan-11 10:44:31

I am so relieved to be reading that so many others are experiencing the same problems as me. I've been on Cerazette for about 6 weeks now, and have only had about 4 days when I wasn't bleeding. Not necessarily heavy, but disgusting all the same. I'm more irritable, especially with my children and husband, and have no sex drive whatsoever, which is causing friction between me and my husband. All of which adds to my huge mood swings where I can't decide if I want to scream or cry!!!!
I am definately going back to Doctor after reading all your posts and realising that it's not just me. I WANT TO FEEL NORMAL AGAIN!!!!

Have been taking cerazette for 3 months. Am now on 23rd day of heavy period.

Feeling awful (just posted on another thread about it). Like a black cloud is following me around, can't get excited about anything, feeling like tears are just below the surface all the time.

Family & Friends asked me to back to GP, as they thought I just wasn't myself anymore.

Have been yesterday and they have put me back on the combined pill (which I was on years ago).

Hope it starts working soon, and I feel better. Am so bloody miserable at the moment.

Zoe2244 Sat 29-Jan-11 18:59:17

I had the mirena pill for 3 years then after having my son I had it again for 5 years, I didnt bleed at all and never had a period. I went back for it again and had constant spotting and had to get it removed, this was odd seeing as i had had it twice before and was fine. I started the cerazette 7 days ago and have been bleeding heavy since and i cant continue it so am stopping today, but u could be fine with the mirena, as like I say I was on 2 occasions so its worth trying it and its easily removed. Think I may have to try it again myself but its very painful while getting it!!

Abbey25 Sun 20-Feb-11 11:06:38

It's such a relief to read these posts. I was on cerazette for 6 years before stopping for 6 months or so last year. I had no problems and stopped bleeding after a few months when i first started, aged 18. I restarted in november but it has been a nightmare. I bled for a week, then had 5 days off, then bled again for 8 days. I was willing to wait it out, then I noticed with horror that I had started to smell down below... Disgusting fishy odour and discharge. Looked it up online and saw bacterial vaginosis can be caused by excessive bleeding. So so awful, I wanted to hide in the ladies all day at work. Stopped taking cerazette and, over the next month, gradually stopped smelling and returned to normal, and didn't bleed again till normal period was due. Thought maybe I had started cerazette on wrong day of cycle (didn't wait for first day of period in november), so decided to re-start on first day of period. Restarted 10 days ago, finished period, then today (5 days later) am bleeding again, that horrible bleed others have described (stringey and brown- red blotchy) and painful too. Am stopping cerazette immediately and going back to gp. Have others experienced nasty smelly side effects too as a result of too much bleeding? I feel like a freak.

boo18 Tue 17-May-11 21:07:15

hey. im almost 18 and ive been on cerazette for about a year, the last two months i missed four pills in total and doctors thought i had a good chance of being pregnant because of the dates. so the doc advised me to stop taking it. that weekend i had massive stomach cramps so bad that i could hardly move. so i decided to listen to the doctor and i stopped taking my pill. after 2 days the cramps settled and i had 2 weeks of spotting on and off. i went up the doctors week after week doing preg tests and they all come back neg. they even sent me for a blood test to see if i was preg, but that came back neg as well.
now, a month and a half later, i still havent had a period. i dont know if this is my body telling me that i am preg, or if it is the pill mucking with my periods.
also while taking cerazette i have felt down, not all the time but when i feel down it feels alot worse than it use to before i started the pill. almost every time me and my boyfriend have intercourse i break down crying for no reason, and i feel so bad about it because it makes him feel like he has done something wrong.
i feel better in myself since i stopped taking cerazette and my skin looks alot healthier. its just confusing me that i havent had a period yet. is this normal?

sally001 Mon 13-Jun-11 17:49:04

just come back from the doctors. i was made to feel like i was the only person to have problems on this. i have suffered none stop bleeding, which is very heavy. i am so pleased ive now found im not the only one. after reading these posts i also now understand exactly why ive been so down! i was put on cerazette because of my age (ripe old age of 37!) and the fact i smoke. really not impressed with my doc, hes told me the only answer to my problem is to have a coil fitted, which i find a bit extreme to say i didnt have a problem before taking this pill! (i'll just add that i am a big baby when it comes to anything medical and there is no way i will have one fitted) even after i suggested sending my hubby for the snip he said that wouldnt stop my bleeding, but surely if i wasnt taking anything my body would just return to its normal state? after a bit of debate i finally managed to get a different brand of mini pill prescribed (which i am looking up next) but cerezette is definately going in the bin!!!!!

auntyt Mon 20-Jun-11 02:17:38

where can i start, after reading these messages i hate this pill even more. i was prescribed this by the doctor for period pains, and to be honest i would much rather suffer with the pains! i was on my period when i started, and therefor my period stopped the next day and i have been having very light bleeding about twice in 1 month which lasted less than 5 hours... which i find very strange. i also find it weird that its possible for your period to not come at all.. i never wanted to stop my periods, i just wanted an end to painful periods. anyway that aside, i have been the moodiest person on the planet since i started this and im even starting to hate myself... i cry almost everyday for absolutely NO REASON! it is getting quite ridiculous.. if im not crying im shouting at my partner or picking a fight with anyone in my sight again for NO reason. the mood swings im having is enough to stop me from taking this pill ever again!

xGeex Sun 26-Jun-11 23:12:08

I've been on this pill for about a year & never had any problems. Over the past week I had slight spotting. A week past on Saturday I had sex and I've been getting cramps on and off since then, has anyone else experiences this?

Rilith Wed 06-Jul-11 22:33:23

I had my baby on the 9th June and waited the 21 days before starting cerazette... I have been on it 6 day and already I feel miserable, I had only just stopped my post birth bleeding before the bleeding started up again. I feel the huge black cloud of depression above me, I cry at the slightest thing, I am constantly angry and my poor DH is constantly asking if I am OK.

I struggle with hormone based contraception anyway (hence me just having had baby no 6) I was on depo before any of my babies, and I was totally fine on it, but since my babies I have suffered long term depression which I now know is the contraception I use. When not on any I am only miserable the week leading up to my period (very very erratic mood swings, but only for one week) this pill is making me feel crazy ALL the time.

I am booking in to get sterilised, but how I feel right now I want them to just take the whole hormone producing parts out of me completely.

lisas7177 Tue 19-Jul-11 11:25:15

Iv been on it for 2weeks now and my period lasted the same but yesterday I started bleeding but it was not much and today its a lot worse clots aswell anybody the same?? I don't have clue if its ment to appen or not but I'm stopping them till I find out for sure and if it is ill not be taken them again I couldn't be bothered with the bleeding my doctor never said anything about it

paul41 Sun 31-Jul-11 14:41:06

Hi I started taking cerazette 16 days ago after having a normal bleed and now I am bleeding again, sorry to be disgusting, but the consistancy is different to any other bleed I have had, browny red and watery, has anyone else experience this? Going on holiday in 5 days and hoping it would have stopped by then. On the up side though my appetite has changed, I would spend each day obsessing about what I would eat, making sure I had 3 meals a day, now sometimes I don't even realise I've missed meals. I will persevere for the 3mths and see what happens

Snozzers Sun 07-Aug-11 23:04:45

Been having conversation with my friend a out cerezette and she feels like me. I am still breast feeding and been on pill for1 month. I bled heavily for 9 days, stopped for 5 and heavy again sad my mood is terrible and skin And hair greasy soafter reading above comments Ive stopped taking it as of now.
Having marina coil Instead. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

FeeMac007 Fri 19-Aug-11 19:00:53

Lol ... I went on Cerazette because my natural periods were irregular and had been for the last 10 years .. nothing wrong hormonally, though I am now 45, but the bleeding is horrendous. I get to see my boyfriend, if I am lucky, every 8 weeks and I am bleeding, lots of tissue and yeugh :-( maybe it works for the elite few but certainally not for me and periods last up to 5 or 6 weeks .. get a few weeks grace and then bam .. here we go again .. so I totally sympathise with everyone .. this pill is "mince" and I am going back to "au naturale" methinks

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Sat 01-Oct-11 14:55:31

Thank goodness I found this thread. I have taken cerazette before and bled a lot, but thought I would persevere.

I am bleeding on and off, but the worst thing is the depression. I suffer from this anyway and am on AD's but have been worried about feeling so low. I was thinking about increasing my AD's but am going to stop the pill first and see how that feels.

fryer3 Wed 05-Oct-11 13:34:31

I am 19 and been on this pill since Feb and i had maybe 2 periods but last week i woke up to some bleeding so put on a pad assuming my period was happening, but that night and the next day there was nothing. Then the day after that i had some bleeding again but then it just disappeared again. So i was fine till 6 days later when i had some heavier bleeding so i thought for definite ive got my period but then i woke up today to nothing, has this happened to anyone else or anyone know why this is happening?

Volatilevixen Tue 11-Oct-11 22:52:34

Hi all I'm not a mum but upon Reading this feed get I still had to join as Reading this has been a great help. I have been on this stupid cerrazette pill now for around 18 months. Things seemed to be going ok had a period few months after then periods appeared to be havin five month gaps and lasting about 2 weeks, but just keeps being more awkward. I had some bleeding bout 2 week ago thinkin oh it's period slightly earlier lasted bout a week and went until tonight it's back yet again. And as for the ever increasing lowness, depression, anger and lack of intrest in most things is getting beyond a joke. But they won't really give me ought else till I lose more weight. I was on microgynon 30 was great, then due to weight changed me to something else that I can't remember name of and was fine on that. Why can't they leave what's not broken alone!

rach21 Wed 12-Oct-11 09:09:31


I've been on cerazette for just over a month now but before was on noriday. I switched pills as I've been having problems with breast lumps. I was fine on cerazette but the last couple of days I've had cramping with a very tiny bit of spotting. I haven't had a period for a year so I'm not really sure what's happening. Does anyone know if this is normal?

brighthair Wed 12-Oct-11 13:37:24

I have random spotting on it. I don't actually mind as it's never really heavy and only occasional

Yazzy90 Wed 12-Oct-11 18:17:36

i was on the micg pill for 2years had to come off it then they put me on this one. been on it for 2months and now just come on how long will this last and what should i do anyone heklp plz x

theonlyhb2 Thu 13-Oct-11 14:50:35

ah, i guess its good I found this! stupid cerazette. I cant remember the last time a period lasted so long and was so heavy!! started taking it 3 weeks ago (7 weeks after birth, no period beforehand, started 2 weeks after taking it). i hate the pill. i got pmt too. grrrrr.

chocolatchaud Thu 13-Oct-11 14:55:37

Haven't read the whole thread, so am probably repeating what everyone else has said - sorry!

I was on Cerazette for around 6 months - I had periods every other week and I nearly went to talk about starting anti-depressants as my mood was so awfu - I hadn't realised what was causing this. I stopped taking it because of the bleeding, but within 2 weeks I was restored to my usual, jolly (!) self.

It has totally put me off any hormonal contraceptive, particularly those that are less easy to stop than the pill.

BethJenn Thu 13-Oct-11 16:03:09

i'm 18 and ive been on Cerazette for about 7 months now, and it's just been hell. i started taking the pill so that i was having safer sex. turns out that i can never really have sex cause im always on my period! in 1 month im on about 3 times maybe more. it's driving me crazy! everything else is fine no mood swings no sickness nothing. i can't take any other pill either because i suffer from migranes and headaches. and i don't want to come off the pill because i don't trust condoms on there own.
i'm just hoping that i will soon be periodless!

rach21 Thu 13-Oct-11 22:59:41

Have you been getting pain as well or just bleeding? Im thinking the best thing will be to stop this pill. Have read lots of bad experiences with it, and ive had the cramping maybe a week now and starting to get very depressed.

Rach23xx Mon 17-Oct-11 14:33:39

Im 23 been on Cerazette for 3 months now and its driving me insane! So much so I am going to the docs tomorrow to have the implant fitted as I cannot stand this pill any longer! The first month of taking it was fine I had the odd light bleed but nothing to major. For the past 2 months I have not had a bleed at all. My mood swings are terrible and causing issues between me and my partner big time! I am constantly tired and never have any energy. I get angry at the smallest things and cry for no reason the same as alot of you have mentioned. Cramps are the worst thing about this pill sometimes im in so much agony that I cant even move! A few weeks ago I was so convinced I was pregnant on this pill, I had all the signs going and worried myself sick. Did a test which came back negative but still feel exactly the same. I will be so glad to get rid of this pill as it has made my life a living hell! Cant wait to get back to being the normal me!

sf80 Tue 18-Oct-11 22:37:53

Google brought me to this thread! I'm not a mummy but hopefully we'll get to work on that next year smile

I was searching for info on coming off Cerazette and have realised that this horrible pill has been seriously sending me loopy!! Every horror story I've read about this pill I can relate to now looking back!! The weight gain, acne in my late 20s, hair loss, low sex drive, always hungry and the tendancy to become a complete and utter monster because the slightest thing has annoyed me....this list goes on and I'm so pleased to now know the reason for all of these problems!!

Until I read other peoples stories, I thought this pill was a miracle as I hadn't had a period in the 5 years I've taken it and haven't missed them one bit! It never occurred to me that the problems listed above were down to Cerazette - I thought it was just how I am!!

I took my last pill on Sunday and looking forward to getting back to normal - whenever that may be!!!

MissSFatbum Sun 13-Nov-11 17:40:32

I'm so glad that others are having this problem!
Ever since I started my periods when I was about 13, the bleeding was very heavy, very painful and very irregular. They put me on a mini pill for a few weeks which regulated me just fine. A few years later, I went on the combined pill because I also needed a contraceptive and it was spot on; no pregnancy, hardly any period pain and the periods were accurate to the hour and lasted about 5 days. Unfortunately, I got a blood clot after being on it a couple of years and (as it is one of the possible side effects) the doctors assumed it was because of the pill and not because I was a lazy bum who's idea of exercise was lifting the TV remote. I had to come off the pill but my periods remained pretty good (not too much pain, lasting about 7 days and always on time).
Anyway, getting to the point.
A year after the clot I got active, lost a lot of weight and went to the doctors for advice of a pill that comes with a reduced risk of thrombosis as i'm a bit mental and constantly need sex, but I don't constantly need the worry of a split condom etc.
The doctor suggested Cerazette which I started on the 5th day of my period. That one finished fine, but when it came to the next month's one it was very painful and lasted about 15 days...very inconvenient! I started to get insane back aches, breast pain/swelling, head ache and the mood swings are ridiculous! ( I cried because a colleague offered to make me a coffee confused)
The second month made the symptoms worse, I was either super happy or stupidly depressed and, again, the period was really long and had a tendency to stop for a day and then start up again.
It's my third month and I finished my period 5 days I came on yet again! angry The pain is far worse than I remembered it to be last month and i've got a feeling that it'll just get worse rather than better, so i'm stopping this pill tonight.
Quite frankly, i'd rather have to buy and use condoms again and run the risk of pregnancy than have this unpredictable bleeding that won't let up, feel as though my head is in a vice and be laughing one minute and crying the next.
My whole reasoning for going on this pill was to have safer i'm lucky to have sex in general because i'm either bleeding (and having a mood swing over the thought of the mess it would make) or crying...neither of which are very sexy. No wonder it's such an effective contraception!
To summarise: if Cerazette was a person, I would repeatedly punch it in the face.

oscarmay Thu 01-Dec-11 06:31:58

My GP put me on cerezette to try to stop my periods completely. I have suffered from pmdd for years and could not cope with it any longer, tried antidepressants but they didn't really help. I am now trying the mini pill. I have found that since starting the pill, I have bled for a month and the bleeding just isn't stopping? How long do I give it? This is so embarrassing as I have a new man and I really want to........ but I have to keep putting him off lol. Yes it is hilarious that this pill is a great contraceptive, but the reason is that not only do you lose your libido, but u can't have sex unless you like blood sports; )) The only positive is that mentally and emotionally I feel great, no sleepless nights, mood swings and all the other symptoms of pmdd, which I have suffered for for years!

spikejack Fri 20-Jan-12 01:28:34

Absolutely CANNOT believe this!!
I thought I would just see if anyone else had had problems with Cerazette!
I'd been taking Microgynon since I was 16 (am now 33) and had no problems at all with it. I always knew where I was, could plan things, knowing when I was due to have a period.
Anyway, I read that it isn't good for a woman to take the combined pill much into her 30s and having run out of the Microgynon, I thought I'd just stop taking it for a while. That was in about July 2011 and that 'while' turned into about 6 months, during which time I discovered a whole new person inside me. I felt a lot more chilled out, less stressed and irritable and more interested in my Husband. Anyway, after a pregnancy scare and then a period which came and then went after a week and then came back for 2 or 3 days, (I have 2 DS's and don't plan to have any more at this point), I visited the nurse. I'm a bit squeamish about a coil, as I've had to have a colposcopy once before so I get nervous at the thought of volunteering to have 'things' put where they shouldn't naturally be (!!). She suggested Cerazette and I took the first pill and settled back, smugly thinking that I'd probably stop having periods.

Around 3 weeks later I had watery brownish stuff, which I was so shocked at (as it was completely not the normal colour) I was quite concerned because I'd naievely expected to never see a period again. It lasted around 7-9 days and then it stopped. Then it came back for 2 days. I'm expecting another one anyday now because that was about a month ago. (Its typical because I'm going on a Spa day on Tuesday so 'it' will almost certainly happen at an embarrasing moment).

Basically, with this strange coloured now-you-see-it, now-you-don't period, My hair is greasy within about 12 hours of it being washed (I had no idea this was linked - I've even changed to a mild shampoo). I'm getting mood swings like I have never had before. I can hear my own voice shouting at my young children over completely irrational things..."WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'VE LOST YOUR GLOVES???!!! YOU ARE SIX YEARS OLD!! THEY ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!" (I'm not proud of that outburst sad. (and the gloves were actually in the boot of the car).
Plus, I have absolutely no interest in my Husband and can't feel positive about anything at the moment. My Husband even played the 'if you don't want to have sex AGAIN, we have a relationship problem' card yesterday!! I threw the 'possible side-effects' paperwork at him that is in my Cerazette pack and decided that I'd see if this is a common problem.....apparently so!!

So, once the Spa day is over (and hopefully the potential embarrassment is over) I will be re-visiting the Nurse. I'm dubious as to whether anything else would make a difference though. I had no interest in sex whilst on the combined pill and its even worse now. The only time I've felt like me is when I've not taken anything.

I don't want another baby so would worry about having no pill at all, but nothing is worth bellowing at my children for :-(

Looloubelle Mon 23-Jan-12 18:22:35

Thank goodness its not just me!
I was put on this mini pill 2 years ago as a cure for my v painful periods, I had been on Microgynon for years but my blood pressure went up and so I was taken off it and sent for scans etc and to see the gyne she put me on this as it had no effect on blood pressure.
I have had about 3 periods with no pain in the last 2 years...Brilliant I was hailing it as a wonder drug! Ha!
Period started on the 9th Jan and it has stopped and started ever since, pains and clots and reading other blogs much smellier sweat, headaches and moodier! As I am nearly 44 and I have had painful periods since I was 14 I am off to see GP on Weds to get something done.
Unfortunately my 17 year old daughter is also on this pill and is experiencing similar symptoms including spots! Not sure what to do about that one! Will see what the doc says. ;-(

Challen Tue 29-May-12 23:58:16

Cerazette potentially kickstarts anaemia? I have had this in the recent past and the cotor didn't think twice about prescribing it anyway? hmm
Ever feel like some drugs despite the necessary clinical trials are still being guinea pig tested on people after general licensed release?

My experience is that after being on it a week, I had sex for the first time with my new partner and bloodied his bedsheets and bathroom rug sad
My breasts are as sore as when I was pregnant.
I am snappy and teary.

Previously, I never had Pill side effects (Femodene combined pill in my 20s/30s), irregular, light periods and no PMT symptoms whatsoever. (I always dreamt of blood the night before my period, which is a random but interesting fact!)

Now aged 43, I'm not looking forward to what I have so far read on this pill. I just hope it all pans out uneventfully for me.
I am beginning to wonder if my new partner of my same age has ever thought about the big V, given that I suspect he probably doesn't want children, because my goodness I deplore putting these hormones into my body every day, I feel as if I am poisoning myself sad

vickyjane28 Mon 04-Jun-12 19:18:56

ive been taking this pill now 5weeks and bleeding since day two ,the doctor has said keep taking it im so fed up,any advice please

BramblyHedge Sat 30-Jun-12 09:16:25

All this is ringing true for me. has anyone also had significant weight gain. i seem to be piling it on despite eating less. am so fed up with this. still bleeding after two weeks, moody, headaches.

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Mon 02-Jul-12 16:45:15

Dd 15 has been on it for 5 months due to heavy unpredctable periods.
How ironic.
She has had a period since The beginning of May.
I told her to come of it's getting ridiculous and also expensive!
We have a drs appointment on 24th july shock so hopefully things will have settled a bit.

dc1986 Fri 27-Jul-12 06:02:07

I just started Cerazette a 3 weeks ago after changing from a combined pill. Because of the change there was a 1 week lag between ending my last pill and starting this one, as i didnt get it in time. The first 2 week were fine but for the last 1 week I have been bleeding a lot.. deep redish almost brownish clot like discharge.
I did have sex the day I started the pill and a few times after that.. does this mean I could be pregnant??!?!! OR is this normal?

2o12 Tue 04-Sep-12 18:37:50

i started cerazette nearly 7 years ago when i was 16 and i never bled on it, i came off it whilst i was pregnant and started it up again about a year ago and it has been fine up until a month or so ago when i started spotting for a day here and there and now iv been bleeding for the last 8-9days! is this normal or should i speak to my doctor????

tonismith Tue 18-Sep-12 15:30:30

I've been on cerazette now for 2 months. I went on it coz I chickened out of the implant, and the clinic told me that its the same hormone. They then told me I would get a very light bleed after 4 weeks that wld last a day or two. But no. I was away on holiday and it started all of a sudden while I was out. It was very heavy for 11 days. I then came off to my relief,but it didn't last long. I had a week of no bleeding and bam, niagra falls all over again. I have read about cerazette quite a lot and I'm finding that 9 out of 10 women r suffering these same symptoms. Its rediculous. As soon as thursday comes I am going back to the clinic and going back on my old pill, coz this is just stupid. Get off it as soon as u can. I no I am

Smt92 Fri 29-Mar-13 16:09:36

I started taking cerezette a week ago straight after I came off my period I was on microgynon before but it gave me headaches so the nurse changed me. I've only took it for 5 days as after the 3rd day of taking it I had headaches, nausea and the worst pains in my legs It felt like I'd been in bad accident or something they were so painful sad I've not took it for 3 days I really don't like it and have come on again confused ahh so confusing! I've made appointment with the nurse but that's only in 2 weeks I have under active thyroid aswell, has this happened to anyone else?

pissedoffwithcerazette Mon 08-Apr-13 22:45:19

I was doing great after many years on Microgynon then my doctor said I had to come off it at 35. Took cerazette for 18 months without a period. Did a few pregnancy tests along the way as I kept getting jittery about the lack of periods but really I loved not having any! Anyway, after 18 months, I got a period 4 weeks ago and now it wont stop! My boobs are absolutely killing me and even putting a tampon in has started to hurt. I dont know what to do as I know he won't let me go back on Microgynon, there's no way I'm having a coil fitted and I hate condoms. They make me itch and I don't trust them. sad

2Cupcakesmummy Mon 15-Apr-13 18:29:47

Well, I've been taking Cerazette for 6 weeks. Have bled for past 17 days. Uncontrollable bleeding for past 4 days. I am now sat on a hospital bed waiting for a blood transfusion due to acute anaemia from the heavy bleeding. Wonderful drug!! Not.

Buggedoff Mon 15-Apr-13 19:51:37

Oh Cupcakes that is really awful for you. I hope the transfusion makes you feel a little better, and that the doctors can come up with a better long term solution for you.

vlgill88 Mon 22-Apr-13 22:23:01

I was on loestrin 20 (combined) for about 7 years but started with really bad anxiety attacks/depression and irregular blood pressure. I asked for a change to my pill and the doctor suggested cerazette (pop) - I wanted to see if reducing/removing the oestrogen 'calmed' me down; I would get het up over nothing! Anyway after a month or so on cerazette I'd calmed down, my periods were coming every 6 weeks and lasting 5-6 days (the 7 day break on loestrin was great, I knew when to expect my period, and knew it would last 3-5 days) then suddenly it has all gone hay wire - two months off, on for a week, off for two weeks, back on for two weeks ...etc. I have now been on for 4 weeks!! I'm losing my mind. It's brown/red/brown/red and stop-start (so glad others have had this! I was worrying) and I'm getting annoyed.
Other worries/problems: weight gain, headaches, spotty back (not normal for me, don't know if it could be related), no sex drive and cramps! I never get/got cramps.
I'm getting married in 9 months, I need our love life to improve, I'd like to deflate a bit and know when I'm likely to be bleeding - ie not on the wedding day! (Or honeymoon). my sister in law was on cerazette and within a month of stopping it she got pregnant. Now would not be the best time for us to get pregnant!
Generally getting fed up now, any suggestions for alternatives?

WozzaHP Mon 29-Apr-13 00:53:11

I was originally put on Microgynon when I was 16 due to seriously heavy, anaemia inducing periods, and Mefamanic acid (think that's how you spell it) didn't do much, but when I went to the Doctors about my migraines I have suffered from since I was little he took me off it.
When the bad periods returned I was put on Cerazette as apparently it's not as bad for inducing migraines.
I've been on it for over a year and had periods roughly every 5 weeks, up until now. For the past 5 weeks I have been on my period 4 times, each one week long and only 1 day in between the first two, pretty sure I restarted my period whilst still on the second one, then I had a week free and here I am again. Before this 5 week period, I only had just over a week since my last one.
I just don't understand why it's started to do this now. Boyfriend wants me to go to the doctors, but from here it sounds like they don't do much about it.
Am worried I'm loosing too much blood. Is there any other type of pill to go on besides these two, as I don't fancy an implant, coil or injections?

How come this pill is screwing with so many of us? Funnily enough, I went on it to help me stop getting anaemic, as my bleeding, non-pill, was horrendously heavy and clot-tastic. It did help with that, as The bleeding is much lighter, but it's on and off (more on) all the bloody time!

Previously got pregnant on Micronor, bled constantly and wanted to kill people while on the implant...I'm not having much luck. I would go artificial hormone-free, if it weren't for the resulting heavy bleeding.

Found out today that I have an ovarian cyst measuring 8cm. No idea if cerazette is implicated there, or if the hideous bleeding should have been investigated sooner, rather than have drugs thrown at it. My consultations with Dr Google are in their infancy.

42em Wed 17-Jul-13 18:08:05

I have actually joined Mumsnet just join in on this!
A few years ago I had the implant (which was horrendous) and given Cerazette to control the constant bleeding the implant inflicted. Worked alright! Some random bleeding but it was nothing compared to what the implant had been putting me through.
Anyway I started taking Cerazette again about a month ago for heavy, lengthy periods and pains. I did the quick start so I had a couple of weeks of nothing which was wonderful. Period started on time, nice and light, painful still but a great improvement. Then it was the heaviest and most awful thing I have ever experienced for a couple of days, then my normal period for the rest of the week, stopped for 12 hours at most, and now no pain but I'm bleeding again.
It's been two weeks! Completely inconsistent in colour and texture and it's all vile and unfair! My mood is terrible. No sex. Depressed. We've been having a great summer and I haven't been able to wear shorts or dresses. I feel like I can't do anything! My poor boyfriend has been suffering just for being in the same room as me! I know it's early days, but I have a holiday coming up soon. I don't want to spend it miserable and on constant toilet trips! I want to stop taking it and try again in a month or so, has anyone stopped taking it whilst still bleeding? I really don't know where I'm at with this bloody thing! (No pun intended :P )
(Condoms are £12 a pack in store. That's not a realistic price for a student!)

kazziejayne Thu 18-Jul-13 15:25:24

Also joined just for this newsfeed. I was put onto this pill after 10 years on the cilest was gives you a break n a period after each blister, this was fine no probs but they suspected high bp. I've been on cerazette for 2 years periods instantly stopped. I then decided to see if the pill was contributing to my weight so I stopped taking it. It took 3 weeks for a period to appear and during this time my weight stayed the same-i prob didn't give it long enough but I decided to start taking the pill again. So wish I hadn't tried this experiment!!! Now I have spotting every month and this month it's been on n off all month long :-( It worries ya that something else medical is wrong. Think as I'm due for a pill check n review I will ask to change but to what? Readin this makes me also think my low moods n huge spots which appear on my neck ever now n again n the hate I feel just because a person is in the same room as me is all this pill. My high bp was provided incorrect so maybe back to the original pill. Mmmmmm

kazziejayne Thu 18-Jul-13 15:32:25

Also joined just for this newsfeed. I was put onto this pill after 10 years on the cilest was gives you a break n a period after each blister, this was fine no probs but they suspected high bp. I've been on cerazette for 2 years periods instantly stopped. I then decided to see if the pill was contributing to my weight so I stopped taking it. It took 3 weeks for a period to appear and during this time my weight stayed the same-i prob didn't give it long enough but I decided to start taking the pill again. So wish I hadn't tried this experiment!!! Now I have spotting every month and this month it's been on n off all month long :-( It worries ya that something else medical is wrong. Think as I'm due for a pill check n review I will ask to change but to what? Readin this makes me also think my low moods n huge spots which appear on my neck ever now n again n the hate I feel just because a person is in the same room as me is all this pill. My high bp was provided incorrect so maybe back to the original pill. Mmmmmm

shazevo Sat 20-Jul-13 09:38:48

I was on cerazette for a year and a half and I had terrible bleeding, I would bleed for 6 weeks straight and the thing that annoyed me the most was that I never knew when my periods were coming, I would have about 3 weeks no bleeding and then bleed again, I had to change my pill as the nurse was concerned that I could become anaemic, I am now on microgynon 30ED and its fab! I have not bled at all unless I have the week break, but you can miss the period if you want to, plus its very effective, im not a mum but for as long as ive been on the pill ive never got pregnant as long as you remember to take it at the same time every day then you will be covered! I am so glad I finished cerazette, did more hars than good

Champagnebubble Sun 21-Jul-13 18:34:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VintageRaspberry Mon 05-Aug-13 11:31:30

Wow. This makes for pretty grim reading and my story is not going to make it any better- had a great 3 years of no periods on Cerazette but for the past 11 months now, my periods have come back with a vengeance- and its getting worse! I'm getting a few days off and then they start up again. Some are light but others are the 'change the tampon every hour' kind. I am also experiencing insane mood swings with serious irrational anger and a tummy that swells up to a beach ball before and during bleeding. Interested to read about the greasy hair/spots/hunger thing as I thought this was just part of me as I have had them for years, but maybe its this beastly pill?! Yuk. I can't take the combined pill, any suggestions??

NachoAddict Wed 07-Aug-13 20:53:52

Oh no, I googled cerazette after being prescribed it today and this thread is not giving me much hope.

I have been prescribed it to try and stop the bleeding I have had for the last 5 weeks but it seems this pill has the opposite effect.

Roxana79 Mon 19-Aug-13 12:25:27

Hi all. I know people do not join forums and sites unless they have things to complaing about and I have read that a few of you up here have been on Cerazette for the past 2 years or more and never joined to say how happy you were about it before the bleeding started a month ago, but I wanted to share what I think it's a similar pattern to a few of you i.e. I've been put on Cerazette this month and started taking the pill on the 4th Aug. Bled till the 9th (which is more than normal for me), spotted on the 10th, nothing on the 11th, then spotted again on the 12th then nothing for 5 days and then spotted again yesterday and today downright bleeding with clots and really bad cramps.

I feel so tired and I just want to be in bed and not at work. And what others were saying up here, I do not mind the bleeding, I do not even mind the pain let's say but I hate having to always have pads and tapons with me all the time and wear boxers at all times just in case I get a period when I'm out! The thought itself is so tiring and stressing and it really isn't about me being a control freak, it's just me being constantly worried that I might end up in a very embarrassing situation one of these days which I have never been in before - not in this department anyway!

I have my servical screening check-up this Friday and I won't even be able to have it if the bleeding does not stop. But they are the people who prescibed Cerazette as well so I might have a word with them about it. Although I bet they'll say:' you need to wait up a few months and see how you get on'. It's so frustrating and I feel so down... My bf says I should come off it if it makes me so miserable but I don't know if I should wait the 3-4 months or just ask them to put me on another one? I'm 34 and non smoker.

What I'm trying to find out here is if the 6-8 day bleeding, 5 days break and then another bleeding is a sign that you will be a 'bleeder' or if any of you experienced this and then had period-free months after that? Saying that, I know everybody is different, just trying to figure out if there is still hope that I'll have period-free or at least regular periods with the symptoms I have so far?

Thanks all

P.S. Apologies for the long post....

loopylafunmum Thu 12-Sep-13 08:16:23

Hi There.., I was prescribed Cerazette when my son was 6 weeks old as I was told it is the only pill that can be taken when breastfeeding. All was fine for the first 9 months and no bleeds. I am now suffering the same symptoms described by others. I seem to have a period every other week, have been getting boils (not spots) and have no libedo. I am still breast feeding my 11 month old son which I want to continue until he is fully weaned. Should I be concerned that these symptoms have just started? I assumed it was the hormone changes that occur when baby feeds less (he doesn't need the boob that much these days). Are there alternative pills? If there are other pills suitable for breast feeding then then what are they called as I'd like to do a little research before going back to the GP. I'm not prepared to stop breast feeding for the sake of a different contraception, I hate this pill and at the same time I'm not ready to come off it and risk conceiving baby number 2 just yet! Aaaargh!! Rock and hard place springs to mind!!

Wonderwoman0151 Tue 17-Sep-13 22:59:28

Oh i am sooooo glad i googled " cerazette " & read the posts on here. Iv been to the doctors todsy & she has managed to frighten the life out of me.
I'll start from the beginning.... Been on cerazette since February, didnt have a period for the 1st month but after that iv been on & off constantly. More ON than OFF!
Im now into my 4 th week of bleeding.... Which ranges from bright red which just comes from nowhere & seems to pour out of me,, then its watery brown & then its dark nearly black clots. This will stop for a few hours & then start again. I have headaches every morning when i wake, have spots appear on my neck,, feel really low most days & have no interest in doing anything. I have no energy & just feel like i could sleep all the time.
I went the doctors today & she told me she wants to do a smear & look at my cervix as its not normsl to bleed this long. She also wants me to do a urine sample for chlamidya!!!!!!!!!!! As bleeding is sometimes a symptom! I nearly fell off the doctors chair as i certainly know i havnt got an STD, its definitely this horrible Cerazette thats causing all my symptoms. I came out the surgery frightened to death..... Came home & found this website. Im so glad i did,, all these women having the same symptoms as me has totally calmed me down. Thank god us women share these things with each other.
As of tonight i am stopping taking this nightmare pill.... I am also not worrying too much about the doctor & what she said. I will get myself checked out as she suggested.. But im 99% sure she is barking up the wrong tree. I might get her to read this thread!!
Thanks everyone. :-)

Sarahlouiseis33 Sun 22-Sep-13 17:53:09

Erghhh... I remember my 3 months on cerazette, I bled heavily the entire time, my back was covered in spots and my hair fell out loads. Not a good experience. Put me off hormonal birth control for life.

donnalou42 Sun 29-Sep-13 10:15:18

42 years old mum. 17 year old son. Husband has vasectomy so not on anything for contraception since my 20's. Periods always regular and no problems. Suddenly very heavy painful periods for the last year. And in last couple month only 2 weeks apart. Finally went to doctor as interfering with work and life in general with tiredness, mood swings, and body itch all due to lack of iron when on period. Prescribed daily iron tablets and tranexamic acid tablets to take 3 times daily on days 1-4 of period only. Supposed to reduce what is produced. Took for 3months but heaviness and pain still bad. So back to doctor who this time prescribed cerazette to try stop me having periods as they are so bad. And referred me for an ultrasound scan which I'm waiting for. Been on cerazette a month now. Bleeding constantly all the time since. No sex. No life. Anxiety. Crying. Panic. Moods. Anger. My poor husband. Hair started falling out this week. I'm not taking it any longer to see if it might work out or not as I've gone through enough this past year already without all this too. Will continue to take iron and get the scan to see if any endometriosis or fibroids. and this week will go see doctor and probably show her this thread and tell her what she can do with her cerazette. Its only been a month but i aint even going there after reading this and already seeing what its doing to me. I would end up in th mental institution. Gonna look into more natural ways to balance periods and moods etc like diet and vitamins and herbal natural stuff. Hope you all get sorted. I really identify with you all. Take care and best of luck to everyone xxx

tiredandiwanttogotobed Tue 29-Oct-13 00:02:59

Phew! I'm normal and it's cerazette that's not.

I was put on it in April, 6wks after my daughter was born as I was bf. I had bleeding every 5-20 days until July; my GP even sent me for an ultrasound to check everything was normal and no placenta had been left (I'd had an emergency C-section). Then the bleeding stopped until I started to wean from bf in September, at first it was a period every 3 days, now it's constant and has been for 3wks. I've been getting boils on my back, greasy hair, low libido and a terribly short temper blush It's a very effective contraceptive hmm. Me and DH don't want anymore DC so I'm booked to be sterilised in two weeks and having read this post, I think last night's pill is the last one I'll be taking.

joey1985 Tue 28-Jan-14 16:34:12

Hi guys really glad to have found this thread. IM 28 and i started taking cerazette a little over two years ago. I had no bleeding until three weeks ago i have recently moved house i thought it might have been the stress but not too sure now. The weird thing is i have spotting for a day or so then it goes away the a week later its back again for a day then gone. Has anyone else had this? I will admit that during the time i was on the pill and had no bleeding i still had cramping. Really feed up feeling headachy and crampy all the time. Should i go to docs for check up?

Tealfinch Sun 16-Feb-14 13:34:40

Can't believe how many of the replies on this thread match my situation! Started taking Cerazette 18 months ago. Had infrequent, light periods until this month. Have been bleeding for 2 weeks non stop and it's the same red-brown-red-brown mentioned by several of you. I've got bad cramps too and, similarly to what some of you have said, it's seems to be heavier when I'm up and active.

I hadn't connected the following to the pill, but I have been more irritable/stressed/low/tired over the last few months. I am going to stop taking this pill immediately! Thanks for sharing everyone. I'm not a mum but I found this thread when I googled my problems. Joined before posting. What a fantastic website!

Alicia1208 Mon 17-Feb-14 08:36:08

So glad I found this thread. I've been taking Cerazette for a few years now I've had some spotting but apart from that I've been period free for most of the time while taking it up until now I've had periods browny/red with cramps and back pain normal period symptoms. Really annoying as I can't predict when they will be.
May consider changing to the coil although I hear that can make bleeding worse.. Perhaps I'll hold out for a few more months and see how it goes.
So strange how we've all got the same issues with this pill, but I'm glad I'm not alone! Good luck everyone.

deebbee Thu 06-Mar-14 11:54:00

Been to the GP today for blood test result as my period was so heavy til I wet my bed at night. And constipation with bloated feeling too. I was scared because of cancer and all that, fortunately it was cleared. GP thinks this nasty pill cerazette caused all this. Since I take cerazette a few months ago, every month become a waiting game for me, will or won't I get period this month? I hate it...GP asked me to stop using this pill straight away and suggested coil to me. It's been roller coaster time with this pill and am relieve I'm out of this!

kazzawazzawoo Tue 11-Mar-14 16:54:23

Glad I found this thread. I started taking cerazette 6 weeks ago. I didn't wait for the first day of my period, but started straight away, as I couldn't bear the thought of another painful period. Anyway the next period came on time and was just as painful, lasted 7 days as usual. Then a week after it stopped I started bleeding again, just spotting, until my next period, that also lasted 7 days but wasn't as heavy and wasn't painful. Hurrah. Well, that should have stopped last Friday, but I'm still getting spotting, then today I have a full blown period again, only four days after the last one should have finished. It's not painful though.

I'm hoping this won't continue all the time. I'm happy to wait a few more months to see if it settles.

If it doesn't settle and I try another minipill, is it likely to have the same effect?

kazzawazzawoo Wed 12-Mar-14 18:46:54

And today I am bleeding really heavily, changing a super plus tampon every 2 hours! I haven't had such heavy bleeding in all my life apart from following childbirth hmm

Kazzawazza I found that switching to another mini pill for 3 months helped to regulate my periods. I then had to switch back to cerazette as they discontinued the other one but I've been fine ever since.

kazzawazzawoo Wed 12-Mar-14 19:12:14

Thanks WillYou, I think that's what I'm going to ask my gp next week. I can put up with on and off bleeding, but not as heavy as it's been today hmm

abi3009 Wed 14-May-14 11:43:19

Thought I'd add my issues with Cerazette too...

I've been on it about 4 months and in that time have had 5 periods, each lasting a minimum of 10 days, then this last one was 14 days, one day off then back on again yesterday. Same red/brown/red/brown everyone else seems to get, some black clots, period pains (which I've never had before) extreme moodiness and very emotional...

Local family planning specialist GP is calling me today to discuss as I can't stay on this much longer. I'm considering trying Mirena, the hormonal coil as it's said that that can help minimise/regulate periods or stop them all together. To be honest I wouldn't mind having my regular periods back, as long as I know roughly when to expect them and that they'll only last 5 days.

Just started a new relationship and only see eachother every other weekend, at the moment every other time I've seen him I've been on. Bless him he's not bothered and we still have sex, but it does get me down and I don't enjoy it as much..

Will see what the doctor says later today and report back!

abi3009 Wed 14-May-14 12:58:53

Just spoken to GP and made an appointment to have mirena fitted. She said it releases the equivalent dose of 2 micronor pills a week (I was on micronor before getting pregnant, as apart from getting pregnant on it (my fault as I took 1 pill too late), it was awesome for me, regular, normal length periods, no pmt) so that's what sold it for me!

I think Cerazette was just too high a dose for me, so have high hopes. Not looking forward to having it inserted, but if a little paid means it works and I don't have to think about contraception again for 5 years, then I'm happy!!

monikagabi Mon 07-Jul-14 21:36:49

Hiy.m glad m not alone in this.i tought my downs r bcs m getting thru divorce.l8ly m really depressed.shouting on kids for little stuff...crying when i see something really romantic(n m not that type of petson) n my period stoped...first i tought i am pregnant.thnk good false alarm.but i wont change it n defo not for sister had it n first she bled for about year n half n then she stoped bleeding but she had loads of clothes inside her womb n doctor had to suck them out with big thick needle without any anestetic which was painful nearly as giving birth...m glad i dont need to go thru this...

Jinxette Thu 10-Jul-14 17:31:55

I'm on my second pack of CERAZETTE and so far have still been having regular periods. I'm hoping they're 'phantom periods' with no eggs to back them up...
Anyone got any answers..?

dmlj Wed 13-Aug-14 21:54:27

Ive been on Cerazette for about 9 months now and I have no idea what is going on. My periods have always been regular but since starting this I have no periods then a two week period and now none at all. Then a bit of spotting in between???

Before I was on the combined pill and had no problems but due to finding out after losing my first son that I had Factor V Leiden I have been told I should have never been on the combined pill.

Would love to go back on it as I knew exactly where I was.

Surely having no periods cannot be good for you??? Have spoken to doctor and nurse but they don't seem to be bothered.

But recently have found myself very emotional and my poor husband can not do anything right ever. He sort of got used to one week a month to keep away but this is something else. Also sex drive is non exisitant and I just feel irritable all the time.

Any suggestions??????

immortalwife Wed 13-Aug-14 21:57:25

Same problems pretty much as everyone else so I use the ultra new nuvaring. Its a plastic ring full of hormones that you put up yourself, it stays there and you take it out after 21 days. I love it. Its brill.

amyraee6 Sun 24-Aug-14 20:08:57

I've just started the mini pill and had 2 periods In 2 weeks I'm really scared is this normal?

crazykat Sun 24-Aug-14 20:15:12

I had four periods in six weeks with cerazette. It can take 6 months to settle down and irregular bleeding to stop but I was starting to get really run down. It can help to take it at the same time each day but this never made a difference for me.

I kept with it for the 6 months but it was still no better so I went back the GP and was given micronor which is much better. It has to be taken at the same time each day or within 3 hours of the same time IYSWIM in order to be effective. I've set my alarm for lunch time and always have a spare pack in my bag if I'm out at that time.

Sometimes you need to try three or four different mini pills to find one that works for you.

CP92 Mon 08-Sep-14 21:05:16

Okay so I've been on this pill for over a year now. The first few months were great! I had the occasional spot but that lasted a day if I was lucky!

But after a few months I started to have periods which was weird as the nurse said I probably wouldn't get them with this pill. They usually lasted a week and there would be no pain.

But on occasion I find if I'm stressed or anxious or nervous I come on for a few weeks which I have no idea why?

I came on the 25th July (my friend was getting married the next day and I was bridesmaid so I was nervous) and I've been on ever since. I have light days and then heavy days and its also been red/brown/red/brown.

Although it sounds mean I'm so glad other people get this trouble with this pill. I phoned family planning and now I'm getting an appointment (which makes me more anxious). Argh will this end?

shazzaford Sun 12-Oct-14 15:08:40

How soon after you’ve stopped taking it does bleeding stop? I was only on it for about 15 days – prescribed it in order to stop periods completely because I have unmanageable menorrhagia (which I can never spell) – and instead my periods started as usual & won't stop. I’ve had them 6 days and they’re as heavy as when I started and I’m about to go on the holiday of a lifetime with really heavy bleeding. This is going to totally ruin my holiday. Why would they prescribe me something that’s going to make my problem even worse? Can anybody help or suggest something???! I’m not using them for contraception.

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