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still having problems after gall bladder removal

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Babyramone Sun 30-Dec-07 22:51:57

Hi have posted about this before.
Had my gall bladder removed in august since then have had 3 attacks similar to when I had gall stones. Had the 3rd atttack on friday and it was awful. Nearly phoned NHS24 but after taking both cocodamol and diclofenac got it under control. Anyway will be visiting G.P tomorrow but wondered if any onw else has experienced this.
I googled (bad idea i know)and there is a condition called Post Cholecystectomy Syndrome.
Has anyone had this?
I seem to remember someone mentioning this on a previous post, may be wrong though.

catsmother Sun 30-Dec-07 23:20:25

I had my gallbladder taken out almost a year ago and within a week experienced a dreadful "attack" as if was still there, pain in exactly the same spot, inability to breathe (though this could have been a panic attack!) and vomiting. I ended up going back to hospital in an ambulance and had loads of morphine because it was so excrutiatintg.

It turned out .... after much dithering about for 3 days ... that I had a "collection" of fluid (no explanation given) which had built up around the removal site and this was responsible for my symptoms. There was talk of draining it etc but it was apparently reasonably inaccessible and I ended up instead with various drugs to shrink it (literally came home with a carrier bag full). I had dull pain thereafter for about a month, especially when I inhaled but it did go.

I'm not sure if that's what you mean but that was my experience of post-op problems.

JackieNo Sun 30-Dec-07 23:23:04

Funny you should say that, babyramone. I had my gall bladder removed about 6 years ago, but this year on Christmas Eve I had an attack that felt exactly like the ones I used to get. Only lasted for half an hour or so, but was excruciating while it lasted. Probably won't do anything about it unless I get more, but would be interested to hear what your GP says.

Babyramone Sun 30-Dec-07 23:33:36

Thanks not sure what this is but will let you know tomorrow.

08aGreatYearForCarmenere Sun 30-Dec-07 23:38:32

I have Post Choelsystectomy Syndrome, attacks are managed by buscopan and cocodomol. The good news is that they have gotten less frequent and now happen rarely but I always carry the drugs with me if i travel.

lisad123 Sun 30-Dec-07 23:50:15

I had mine removed 2 months ago and had an attack about 2 weeks later, but nothing since. My doctor did explain you can still get gall stones even if gall bladder tremoved but they form some other way!! Odd huh?

Hope your ok. Did anyone else lose loads of weight after op? I dont mind but wish my clothes fitted

Alsowhat advice were you given about diet? One doc said low fat forever, the other said normal??


catsmother Mon 31-Dec-07 01:06:28

I was told I could eat a normal diet !

JackieNo Mon 31-Dec-07 10:12:26

Lisad123 - no, I didn't lose any weight after the op - I was told I could eat a normal diet too.

Babyramone Mon 31-Dec-07 11:39:00

Just back from appointment. Had bloods taken (have traumatised DS 4yrs in processblush)and getting sent for scan to see if anything there. May be irritation, inflammation or some sludge hmm left behind. Niiice.
I don't think was given any dietry advice re removal. Was on low fat before though.
08 Take it it's just got better on own.

JackieNo Mon 31-Dec-07 12:32:24

Thanks for the update - what a lovely thought about the possible sludge left behindshock. Hope you don't have any more attacks.

Babyramone Mon 31-Dec-07 13:15:22

I know I keep imagining that dark green slerry stuff you sometimes see. BLEURGH!!!

hstockers Wed 02-Jan-08 13:00:40

Hi. I'm so glad I found this.... Had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago, and had another attack New Years Eve. Nice! Thought I was going mad.
Phoned dr's this morning. I've to go for an ultrasound too, but there doesn't seem any urgency about it.
I'll be really interested to hear how you get on.

debbiewebweb Wed 02-Jan-08 15:15:54

I had the same thing, gall bladder out august 06, dreadful attack august 07 - exactly the same as with gall bladder - v.painful, passing out etc - had all blood tests and dr says it was infection / inflammation don't know why but could be stone left behind shock. If it happens again am to go back to consultant. Will watch this thread smile.

caturner7 Wed 02-Jan-08 21:15:03

Had my gallbladder out 18th Oct 2007, was still having the same crushing pain in the upper rib area, even before leaving hospital. This is still happening every day in varying degrees, from just uncomfortable to agony, it doesn't seem to matter what I eat. Even if I go without food, eventually the pain still comes.
Off the shelf pain killers are useless, a lot of the time even prescription pain killers don't help. Still seeing the consultant surgeon, waiting for an MRI Scan at the moment, suspected stone in pancreatic duct. All my blood tests have come back normal so far, and no change in bowel movements, also not turning yellow, so no jaundice. Anyone had the same symtoms.

lucyellensmum Wed 02-Jan-08 22:07:08

catsmother, it sounds like they spilt some bile, it does tend to be reabsorbed. The nice young man who removed mine came and told me that was why i was screaming for morphine when i came round, as i moved, so the bile swished around - nice!

I sometimes get a nagging pain there too, went back to doc, she said do a blood test in case stone in bile duct, i never went back as it seemed to clear. Do get a twinge from time to time, especially if i eat high fat content foods. Doctor still told me i shouldt get any post op problems hmm

hstockers Fri 04-Jan-08 22:21:17

Doc sent me up hospital today just to check everything was ok.
Bloods came back fine, and they really can't understand why I would get the same pain.
They'd be really surprised if there was a stone left because this was checked when I was having surgery.
The only other explanation they can give is that there was a little bit of debris left from one of the stones, that I passed.
Will be getting an ultrasound done to check for stones (yep, still waiting.....), so going to try not to worry about it anymore, and have been told to eat normally. (Chocolate - mmmmmmm smile)
Will watch this thread to see how everybody else gets.....
Good luck!

rosmerta Fri 04-Jan-08 22:29:16

Just come across this, I had my gallbladder removed a couple of weeks ago as well but nobody said anything about possible problems afterwards shock, according to them everything would be sorted!

Oh well, hope it gets sorted for you though.

hstockers Fri 04-Jan-08 22:33:32

Thank you. I'm feeling positive and I'm sure it's all going to be fine.
I believe the vast majority of people don't get any further problems, so don't let it worry you - just enjoy eating normally again!

caturner7 Tue 08-Jan-08 12:00:27

Check out Sphincter of Oddi, seems to cover all the syptoms

Babyramone Thu 10-Jan-08 23:39:18

Hi everyone. Got my blood results back and they're clear.
G.P kep asking if I get heart burn (I do)and seems to think it's what's causing the bilary colic attacks. I've been prescribed Lansoprazole for 1 month to see if this helps.
Unsure but worth a try.
Googled that Oddi thing and will maybe mention at next visit.

Rosemerta don't worry I know a few girls who had their gall bladders removed and none have had problems. You'll prob be fine.

Hstockers your symptons sound so siimlar to me. Keep me posted on how you get on.

hstockers Fri 11-Jan-08 16:38:09

Hi Babyramone. I've had lansoprazole. Absolutely fantastic, if that's what the problem is, so fingers crossed.

My blood results came back clear too. Have been in hospital since with another attack, and bloods were all over the place. It would seem that they calm down quite quickly, so best to get them done when you're not at your best (which hopefully won't happen again).

Anyway, ultrasound didn't show any stones/debris, so they've done a sphincterotomy on me (basically cut the bile duct to allow any sludge/stones to pass through easily).

That was done Wednesday. Home the same day and feeling ok since, so fingers crossed.

Keep me posted on how you get on - I'll do the same. Here's hoping....

susandrea Fri 01-Feb-08 13:02:53

I'm feeling relieved to read that others have had the same problems as me. I had my gall bladder out last August and last week had, what I could only describe to Doctors as, a gall bladder pain type attack. I was in absolute agony and had to phone for an ambulance. It was only after taking a double dose of co-codemol that the pain subsided (typically when the ambulance arrived!). Anyway the doctors checked my heart and did a blood test and since everything was fine said I must have been suffering from heartburn. They prescribed Gaviscon which doesn't really seem to help much as I still have mild to moderate discomfort especially between the shoulder blades. I'm having a scan next week and in the meantime I'm making sure I have co-codemol with me all the time.

janetaldc Thu 07-Feb-08 12:42:30

Just read all your comments. Had gallbladder removed 27th dec 07 just had very painful attack of what I can only describe as gallstones pain. Admitted to hospital for 3 days then told 80% of ops are successful but 20% of people continue to get pain. Told me to take painkillers feel very depressed now.

By Janetald

Gunnerbean Fri 08-Feb-08 23:17:58

Very dispirited reading this thread sad

I finally had an ultrasound done yesterday, after suffering years of painful attacks, which confirmed my gall bladder contained loads of small stones. I have now decided to go ahead and have it out and assumed it would be the end of my periodic painful attacks.

Now, after reading your stories here, I'm not so sure about getting it done anymore hmm

My GP told me that if the scan showed up stones that I would be able to "consider my options", i.e. get it done or continue to live with it and manage the pain when it came in the knowledge that I would at least know what was causing it.

I have read about post-op "pooling of bile in the gut" which is supposed to last for 2 or 3 days until things settle but wasn't aware that symptoms similar to an attack could continue even after the wretched thing had been taken out shock

I was so happy today too, thinking that after a fairly routine op and a short recovery I would be pain free. I've even got a scan picture of my gall bladder complete with all its stones that the radiographer kindly gave me, which I've been proudly showing all and sundry today. Oh well, I'll just have to hope that I'm in the 80% who are lucky enough to be problem free after the op!

This thread makes very interesting reading though and I hope that all of you ladies manage to get your problems solved at some point in the very near future. I know how hideous these attacks can be - I've spent more sleepless nights than I care to remember over the years doubled up in agony with my GB!

Get well soon all.

sassygirl33 Sun 10-Feb-08 11:47:04


I had my gallbladder taken out on 9 Jan. Was rushed back in on 15 Jan, had all the tests which showed nothing, but I was in intense pain. I ended up having an ERCP and they found 4 stones in my common bile duct. They said they checked me out on the operating table first time round and there wasn't anything???? YEAH RIGHT! The doctor who did the ERCP(camera down your throat) reckons the stones had been there a good while. Don't be convinced that all is ok, if you have a clear U/S(as did I) as it was obviously wrong. They aren't as conclusive as other tests. I have been having the same side and back pain though - which is strange. I spoke to an out of hours doctor today(about my daughter initially) and he said that ironically a third of people who have their gallbladder taken out suffer with this pain>

hstockers Wed 20-Feb-08 16:50:34

Hi all

Just to update you...
Am eating EVERYTHING!!! Have put on half a stone (needed to), and, touch wood, all seems ok now.
I do gets aches in the same places I had the pains, but a breeze compared to what they were before - maybe would help if I wasn't eating half the rubbish I do, but need to prove to myself that I can at the moment.
Keep perservering with the docs if it doesn't succeed first time, it's worth it.
I wish everyone all the luck in the world.

ktnanna Sat 23-Feb-08 20:22:00

hi, just read all the posts re gallbladder and having just experienced another attack , it seems i need to return to docs, had gallbladder out feb 2007,, was fine after no probs at all, which was a relief after four years of the pain.

three nights ago, i had what i can only say was another attack, well four actually in one night!, took pethedin which i still had , but it didnt even touch the pain of the second attack, was far worse than i had expereicned before, since then ive eaten very little as im very scared it may happen again, the other thing is i notcied in themorning i had some blood in my pants, had only finished period two days prev so dismissed it, but im not sure, trying to get appt at docs, but they are like gold dust here lol. Things can only get better, and on a plus, with not eating, my clothes are getting looser! kate x

bolshiera Mon 03-Mar-08 16:54:05

These posts are so familiar! shock
I had my gallbladder out in Nov 2007. The pains were intense and caused 9 admissions to A&E b4 surgery. Apparently it is over production of bile and cholestrol during pg that can start this off - my attacks started 2 weeks after the birth of my son. Anyway, i am suffering again lately with backpain and coliky pain too. I saw the surgeon last week who said I need to wait a few motnhs b4 they'll see me again to see if i am still recovering from the op. if not, she said in very rare cases the sludge could be reforming! i have been so feeling so down since. the delay in the surgery, as i was diagnosed quickly, was down to finding a problem with the electrics in my natural heart pacemaker and junction box - seems this delay may hhave caused slow recovery as the gb was stuck to the liver bed. thought this was over and done with but at least i don't have to deal with that awful gb pain again! i reckon its worse than a contraction!!

LittleBella Mon 03-Mar-08 17:04:54

I had mine out 5 years ago but have had 2 attacks since as a result of taking codeine for something else. So maybe those of you getting attacks afterwards should ensure you record what food you ate/ drugs you took beforehand? I now know that there is no way I can ever take codeine without it setting off an attack and perhaps there's something which is the trigger for an attack for some of you guys which you could avoid.

It's a bummer, I was told that the attacks would totally end. They tell patients f*king nothing, do they? angry I mean, I know there's nothing they can do about it, but I would have appreciated being given correct information.

fazergirl Thu 06-Mar-08 16:04:09

Just back from 3 days in hospital with my 4th post op attack of gall bladder pain. Interesting that someone has said codeine triggered it as my first attack pre the op did follow on only an hour after taking Codeine. Op was Sept 06, one attack later that year, 2 early last year and then nothing until Monday which was the worst of the lot. Bile duct dilated, liver function tests abnormal, amalyze levels up too (sign of panreatitis) and now awaiting a private MRI scan as I was so fed up at the inefficiency of the NHS (it took 2 days just to get the ultrasound done after my emergency admission and I had to fight for every little piece of information which was different from one doctor to another). Hope to have final diagnosis next week and reading this thread has given me plenty of questions to ask the consultant!

Kimi Thu 06-Mar-08 16:27:17

wish I had not read this.... waiting to have mine removed sad

Gunnerbean Thu 06-Mar-08 20:35:54

"seems this delay may have caused slow recovery as the gb was stuck to the liver bed".

The gall bladder is attached to the liver bed - not just in you, in everyone. It's an anatomical fact.

bigrob301 Fri 16-May-08 15:17:34

Hi everyone I've been having problems with my gallbladder and was scheduled for surgery on 5/13/08 at the VA hospital in Wash DC. I was so nervous needless to say i got all the down the operating table hooked up to everything and i couldn't go through with it. I did not want to be put to sleep and i freaked out when they restrained my arms it felt as though i was being put to death. It wasn't until I told them to stop did they tell me I could have been sedated first by that time the psychological damage was already done.Now i have been having panic attacks worst then gallbladder attacks. Strangely enough i would rather be awake.Does anyone know if this has been done before thanks.

shoogirl Tue 20-May-08 18:40:30

I found a lot of these comments very interesting. I had my gallbladder removed 4 years ago and have suffered a handful of similar attacks since. Initially I went back to the doctor who sent me for another scan to check if any stones were stuck in the bile duct. Everything came back clear but the doctor told me that the brain can sometimes take a while to realise the gallbladder is no longer there and some symtoms can re-appear. Sounded logical at the time but after reading the comment littlebella posted that sounded more realistic. I too have had some issues with taking medication containing codine which I always compared to the same pain as the gallbladder problems. I know realise it was probably due to finishing off the pain killers they gave me for period pain etc. I do find if I eat when taking codine it doesn't affect me in the same way.

I would say to anyone waiting to have their gallbladder removed that it's the best thing to do as I'd rather have attacks 6 times in 4 years than 6 times in one week. I did lose a lot of weight afterwards but unfortunately it did creep back on when my body got used to not having the gallbladder!

bigrob301 Wed 28-May-08 13:51:44

quick update i just had my gallbladder surgery yesterday at the Southern Maryland hospital in Clinton,Md. My experience was much better than the nightmare at the VA hospital in Wash.,DC. The staff at Southern,MD was professional friendly,understanding and very organized.After my bad mishap at the VA Hosp. I sought out a civilian doc that was great. He still recommended surgery but he gave me avelox (antibiotic) and prescribed xanax for axiety which worked very well. My biggest fear was being put to sleep. I remember moving to the OR table and the anestiaologist saying your going to feel a little sting in your Iv i thought he was putting more medicine to sedate me but it was the real deal the next thing i woke up in the recovery room it was beutiful. The surgeon said it was a good thing i had it done my gallbladder was full of stones. I haven't had any diariah all in all it was ok i recommend anyone in the area to have it done at Southern Md Hosp thanks

rachgeorge Wed 28-May-08 16:03:47

I was so glad to find out that others had experienced similar problems to me although very sorry for you all as I know how awful it is!!!
I was suffering gall bladder attacks during the end of my pregnancy and they continued after having my baby. Within 7 weeks of having him I had been in hospital twice and to the doctors more times than I care to remember - I then had my gall bladder removed under the impression that it would take away that awful pain that was a million times worse than labour - it didn't sad! You can imagine my shock when just 4 days later I wake up in the middle of the night with that exact same pain! I went to the doctors the next day and they said it could just be after pains from the op! 3 weeks later I had another attack and ended up calling an ambulance - by this time they must have got sick of seeing me in the hospital - I was sick of seeing them! I've had it 4 times since. It just seems to come on from no where the only saving grace is so far it hasn't lasted in as long bursts as before the op so easier to look after a new baby!!!
Get no answers from the doctors they have no idea - all they can come up with is that my liver function tests are still down and need doing to check - again!!!
Hopefully it will ease off in time but you don't know how much better I feel knowing it has happened to others because I was starting to think I was going crazy and it was in my mind as the doctors have no idea what it can be!
Good luck to all about to have the op and hope you have a speedy recovery without any pain!!!!!

zoem02 Sat 14-Mar-09 09:28:01

hi, i had my glalbladder removed in november08 ever since then i have suffered from what the doctors r saying is irritable bowel and heart burn shock still i get mild pain in the area where i had the pain of the gall stones, after reading other comments i feel reasured that im not the only person having these starnge but clearly common after affects of gall bladder romoval, i feel that mayb ppl shud have these 'common affer effects' explained if i new i was going 2 have so many problems im not sure if i wuld have bothered with the surgery, ne body who is having similar problems i culd do with some support!! grin

deepat Fri 10-Apr-09 08:52:25

Hi my name is diane, i am suffering th exact same pain as before my op every single day it doesn't matter what a eat or don't eat.
My Doctor keeps saying that it just post op but it's been a month since my op a was the same 3 days after getting out of hospital i was in agony, does anyone know what foods to eat to minimise the pain. keep in touch anyone who can help!

Ettenna00 Wed 15-Apr-09 23:03:00


I googled "back pain after gallbladder removal" and found this thread

I had my gallbladder removed in 2006 and have been on lanzaprozole ever since (great stuff).

Over the last few months I have been getting random twinges in my back. I just put it down to being overweight or needing a new mattress. However in the last week it has been getting worse and is in the upper right quadrant (just as before) but not as severe but enough that I can't reach up for things or bend over, etc. I also have got pain when I eat and when I swallow the pain gets worse in the back.

After reading some of the experiences on here I think I will definitely see the GP asap.

Chesjay Wed 22-Apr-09 16:00:42

Hi, I had my gb removed in Sept 09 since then I've had hardly any trouble - until a month ago! I've been getting the same sort of pain I was having before and after going to see my gp he has put me on Lansoprazole! i;m not sure why though as I'm not having any acid or digestine problems, I've had a blood test to check liver and pancreas and am waiting for results. I'm fed up with the pain and my inconsistent trips to the loo,blush don't want to go into to much detail but my bowel movements drive me mad and I feel so bloated! My family must think I'm such a mardey cow
I'm thinking of taking my Buscopan again to see if that helps, any advice would be really appreciated

kirzo Thu 28-May-09 21:33:19

Hey all, I recently had my gall bladder removed after a drama of misdiagnosis with one hospital and ending up in another one! I looked like something out of the simpsons! However, I haven't really had any pains like I was getting before, however, this is kinda embarrassing! I've noticed I'll go to the toilet to pee and it's really intense; like I've been bursting for hours on end, and it's kinda painful. Also after I've been for a pee, 10 mins later I feel like I'm bursting again but there's nothing. I'm going off my head with it. I'm really embarrassed about talking about this to people. It was bad enough being in hospital having people poking about me! Any ideas?

EvenBetaDad Thu 28-May-09 22:07:09

kirzo - I had my gall bladder out last year and have had really intense urinary pain as well as significant 'gall bladder type' pains and acid feelings in my stomach. The bladder pain actually started about ten years ago and was diagnosed a few years ago as interstitial cystitis. I am convinced all these symptoms are related to food I eat and acid production in the stomach/bowel.

I take Gaviscon for the stomach pain which seems to work. Recently I started a gluten free lactose free diet and my symptoms are significanty reduced both in the stomach and my bladder, I have lost a lot of excess weight and I feel great.

You may be suffering from interstitial cystitis which does affect women more than men.

It is a very embarrasing condition and almost ruined my life. It was undiagnosed for years and I gave up my career believing the pain in my bladder was due to stress.

I manage now with diet, working from home and also by occasssonally wearing incontinence pants if I need to go to long meetings. I am not incontinent but the feeling of needing to rush to the loo all the time (even though there is almost no urine in the bladder) is very distressing and wearing the pants just gives me confidence and after that I just live with the pain and reduce that as much as I can by diet. Sadly there is no cure.

I wrote extensively on another thread about it to someone who has a DH suffering from a similar bladder problem that his doctors are telling him is stress.

If I starve myself I get no bladder pain at all. I know it is also linked to IBS - which again suggests it is related to food.

kirzo Fri 29-May-09 16:56:16

turns out i've picked up a urine infection from my surgery, nothing too serious though :]

Pheebe Fri 29-May-09 22:09:21

evenbetadad sorry to butt in but the symptoms you describe sounds very much to me like a condition called overactive bladder, especially the sense of urgency (need to pee).

I'm not a medic but do work in medical communications and have in the past done lots of work in this area. GPs are startlingly ill informed about the condition and often misdiagnose it as stress or urinary tract infections or indeed cystitis.

It is VERY treatable with a daily tablet (antimuscarinic - can't remember drug names off hand but I think ditropan was one, there are a few approved by NICE now).

Anyway, thought you might appreciate the heads up. Might be worth a trip to your GPs. Personally I'd push for a 3-6 month trial anyway (they can take a few weeks to really kick in)

EvenBetaDad Sat 30-May-09 12:07:46

Pheebe - you are right that my condition is very similar symptomtically to overactive bladder. For that reason interstitial cystitis is very difficult to diagnose as it is often confused with several bladder other conditions. I have taken ditropan (oxybutinin) and it stopped my bladder working completley - twice. Being emergency catheterised with an extremely full bladder after 6 hours was pretty close to hell on earth.

The problem I have is inflamation in the bladder wall. No one is really sure why it happens - 'a sort of allergy' or 'acid irritation' is the nearest I can get most doctors to go and that is why I think it is related to gut and gall bladder.

Thank you for the suggestion anyway. Very few GPs know much at all about bladder issues except to say 'its stress' or 'may be prostate'.

Pheebe Sat 30-May-09 17:28:07

OK, you seem very clued up. Hope you don't think I was sticking my nose in. I hate to think of people suffering especially when something I might have said might have helped.

EvenBetaDad Sat 30-May-09 19:40:24

Pheebe - no you were not sticking your nose in at all. It was very nice and thoughtful of you to respond.

Frankly, I think if MN had been around a decade ago I might well have got to an answer quicker with help from the collective knowledge of people like you. I do now feel I know more than most GPs about bladder conditions and really quite horrid tests that go with each of them grin.

Thank you again.

lsuann Sun 04-Oct-09 14:23:07

Hi - I had my gallbladder removed over 25 years ago: what i would like to know is: is there an alternative for codeine if you are suffering from sever pain>? Tks

lsuann Sun 04-Oct-09 14:24:17

Hi - I had my gallbladder removed over 25 years ago: what i would like to know is: is there an alternative for codeine if you are suffering from sever pain>? Tks

stressedbutluvem Wed 14-Oct-09 22:03:58

Hi Had mine removed June 07 had an attack of pain Nov 5th 07 then weight loss nausea etc.Remember it made me really really down at the time. Had a gastroscopy -lovely! Consultant explained that because the bile now flows freely instead of being controlled there is a lot of it about and it can reflux back up the common bile duct and cause inflammation I also had gastritis from the bile. He prescribed a very old drug called antepsin which basically coats the lining not nicest med in the world but definately worked. Gp's would probably look at you sidewards if you mentioned it these days but I still get it prescribed. There are probably others that the do the same thing it is just aobut protecting the lining. I would still have a cholecystectomy if I had gall stones now.I wouldnt wnat to go back to gall stone pain again and this has been sortable and now very very rare and only very mild. good luck everyone

Buba2000 Sun 08-Nov-09 21:32:57

Hi everyone,

I am new here. I had my gallbladdr removed in March 2003, after years of suffering. Since then I have had pain on and off, sometimes mild sometimes really severe, worse than giving birth and I did'nt think anything could be worse than that. I have been back and forth to GP over the years and the last time I went, he actually asked me if I needed counselling as the pain might be all in my head. To be honest I'm sick of going to see my GP and constently moaning about this bloody pain, its driving me mad. Seem to have it every time I eat now, gets alot worse if I take anything for the pain i.e Gaviscon or Codeine. GP has now given me Lansoprazole, been on it for a few weeks, hasn't really done much. Pain always seems be worse around the time of my period, don't know why. I've had so many test done including a scan a few months ago all came back clear. Don't know what to do anymore just want the pain to go away.

alypaly Mon 09-Nov-09 09:23:54

had mine out in june after collapsing with what had been diagnosed as IBS for 3 years.ha ha ...kept telling them it wasnt that..

had awfulproblems afterwards ,after being told i would be able to eat normally.
after the op everything i ate caused me severe..and i mean severe pain to the point where i just couldnt eat.
i lost 20lbs in total and i really thought i was dying or that somthing had gone wrong.

i was in more pain than prior to the op.
all i was drinking was high calourie fruit juices on prescription.
Consultant said a stone can get lodged in common bile duct a they dont flush them thro as common practice any more. The reason for that is that you can flush them into the pancreas and then you are into a totally new and life threatening ball game.
So iwas worried i had pancreatitis as i have had it once before due to the gall stones ,but then suddenly after 6 weeks i started to eat properly and thankfully have never looked back.
Unfortunately i have put back all the weighthmm
get little niggles every now and then but nothing worrisome.

alypaly Mon 09-Nov-09 09:26:04

OMG i must read the date of the original posts.....which was 2007

still here tho buba 2000smile

hotcrossbunnyonabonfire Mon 09-Nov-09 09:39:58


My mum had her gall bladder out a few years ago, and had pain thereafter. Again the drs thought it was psychosometric etc etc, she was even accused of being an alcoholic when her liver results were abnormal. After the third time she was rushed to hospital my dsis and I went in and talked to argued with the consultant. They then did tests/better scans and lo and behold she had three stones lodged in her common bile ductshock She had an ERCP and the pain is so much better.

Don't let them fob you off - you know your body isn't right and it's their duty to help you.

hotcrossbunnyonabonfire Mon 09-Nov-09 09:42:21


alypaly Mon 09-Nov-09 09:45:57

i prefer psychosometric.....its good.grin

hotcrossbunnyonabonfire Mon 09-Nov-09 10:02:57


jennygrouse Thu 29-Jul-10 11:27:51

Hi I've noticed no-one has written for a while but I thought I'd contribute anyway. My story sound so similar. Had my first episode of gallbladder pain 2 weeks after my son was born and then 2 more within a fortnight. Had US scan which confirmed hundreds of tiny tiny gallstones. Had cholecystectomy 11 weeks after my son was born. Felt really very ill day after but was sent home anyway. Called ambulance as pain was so severe when got home - they refused to take me to hospital saying I had wind!! Pain continued for 4 days, awful deep knawing pains then finally then pain was so bad I couldn't bare to take a breath in and my husband called an ambulance again. I was told in A&E that I had indigestion and sent home with a bottle of Gaviscon. That night started vomitting so husband took me back to A&E. Was by now severely jaundice, had deranged blood results etc. Finally admitted to hospital an had ERCP week later and a sphincterotomy where they removed a 4mm stone from my duct - it had caused pancreatitis and had been left there after cholecystectomy. Since this awful business I have been back to A&E 3 times over the space of a year with the same excruciating pain - they cant find anything wromg at the time. Referal privately to a gastroenterologist who had done many tests inc MRI and endoscpoies. He has diagnosed Sphincter of Oddi spasm. The little sphincter that controls the flow of bile into the duodenum goes into spasm, causing bile to back up in the ducts and mimics the original pain of gallbladder disease. At worst in can cause pancreatits if it goes on too long. Nothing can be done at the moment - maybe another sphincterontomy through ERCP to cut it so it can't spasm shut, but that's risky. I feel like I'm a living time bomb and get so anxious just anticipating the pain. I'm told that codeine can make it go into spasm so avoid it. I want another child but am scared in case things flare up while I'm pregnant. Would love to hear some of your thoughts.

crlench Tue 21-Sep-10 18:11:23

Hi. I had my gall bladder removed 7 yrs ago and had no problems till last night, when I had all the symptoms of gall stones again. I still had the pain when I woke up this morning and threw up too, just like I did before.
I went to my GP this afternoon only to be told that she thinks i have heartburn/indigestion. HA HA I don't think so!!!!
She also said that if I go to A&E today, they will prob take some blood and then send me home, so maybe it would be better if I wait till the morning to see if it goes away.
I'm now stuck on what to do as I have just started back at Uni and can't afford to be off sick already.
What do any of you suggest I should do?

alypaly Wed 22-Sep-10 19:52:03

i had similar pain after my gall bladder was removed. I wasa really ill for over 2 months with excruciating pain. Thankfully my doc knew that codeine caused problems with the sphincter of Oddi ,so she gave me pethidine which is much safer in terms of causing no spasms.

really sympathise.

IM still being fobbed off after 3years. I too had pancrestis after they sent me home to await OP date, even though I was very unwell.
I get pain when i eat, pain when dont eat, feel sick everyday and have acid pretty much daily. I also have diahorra most days and horrible pains in bowel aswell as stomach. GPs just give me tablets and tell me IBS. Can anyone help? I know some of it may be stress related too blush

estelle13 Tue 28-Sep-10 19:38:54

Had my gallbladder removed via laproscopy three weeks ago,since then have had an emergency admission to hospital for sickness,diahorrea,persistant pain similar to prior removal,temperature,shortness of breath.Consultant has now diagnosed Post Cholecystectomy Syndrome,anyone any ideas on foods to eat/avoid,supplements to take just to ease this condition a little bit?Would also like to hear from anyone who has got this or has had it?

mcbosher Thu 03-Feb-11 08:45:21

This is a bit strange i know as im not a mum im a dad and i am looking for information on some issues that i have and i found this site quite usefull. i have had my gall bladder removed 4 years ago and ive noticed that everyone is talking about gall stones being an issue as well as bile etc which is quite common but still suffering pain after removal, the thing is and i only want to help or add some other possibilitys as to the pains people are suffering. i found out a year or so after my gall removal that it was not needed if diagnosis was correct in the first place.I had other tests done as i would not leave my doctor alone and kept pressuring him to do more tests and i would not stop untill i found out what is REALLY going on and to my horror i found out that i had h`pylori. the pains i had radiated from the same area as my gall bladder, just outside my stomache`s exit to my bowel. and for 2-3 year after removal this continued..
again it was down to not being treated correctly. after a punishing 2 week course of stomache lining stripping drugs it was eventually cleared which led me to belive my gall bladder should not have been removed in the first place and my gp should have done all of these checks before advising me to have the operation to remove my gall bladder.
the trouble is i now suffer from the operation that i had to remove my gall as i now have scar tissue that is causing a knock on effect that stops my food going around my bowel correctly and in some cases not beig able to go to the loo for 2 weeks but i was not constipated all was soft.. it also gave me problems eating as there was no where for my food to go so i ended up loosing weight as a result. the point of my blog is to get people to get a test for h`pylori before considering gall removal as it may not be the reason for your pain in that area as i found out the hard way and im still suffering as a rsult to this day and i have another appointment with my doctors on monday where i now have to find out why im now suffering from pericarditis due to some viral/poisoning that is now going on ever since i had my gall removed due to the back up of food etc that will not go anywhere thanks to the operation for gall removal.
hope i have helped in some way and my intentions are not to scare you but to informe you pre-op.

alypaly Fri 04-Feb-11 00:49:09

Babyramone sassy.........had mine out 18months ago and was really ill for 2 months afterwards. I was in worse pain than the gall stones to the point where i thought i was on my way out. lost 2 stone as it hurt to eat anything. ended up on liquid food supplements from the doc. Eventually it settled but have had a recent recuurence ofpain and ended up in hospital for 10 days in nov 2010.

i was told that you still produce stones even though you havent got a gall bladder.They just have nowhere to collect and get bigger so they get flushed down the duct straight away which can cause pain. Also when they remove it, they do not flush out the duct because this can cause the stones to get pushed into the pancreas which will cause even more havoc.

locket80 Mon 07-Feb-11 23:01:27

i know this is a older thread but very useful. im going foor my pre op for gallbladder removal. it started when i was 29 weeks preg they found out i had gallstones. my son is now 10 months and now have only got an appt to get it removed.
but im seeing problems and wonder if it is actually worth it?
im on dihydrocodeine, morphine as the pain is so much worse than labour!
yeah im paranoid as i want a long life and more kids and im wondering if it is worth going through it?

alypaly Fri 25-Feb-11 22:19:31

although i had alot of probs with pain for 2 months after the op. i am ok now. every stone that is in your gall bladder could (could) cause pancreatitis f it shoots out and gets lodged in the pancreas or common bile duct.i can eat normally and have no diaorrhea problems.

my friend had an infected gall bladder due to a dleay in getting hers removed and she was in agony.
but i guess its up to you.

spandau1980 Wed 02-Nov-11 19:11:41

Dear All, im hoping for some answers and support as i m at my wits end as a single mum and in so much misery!
Basically i had my gallbladder out 5 weeks tomorrow, i have had since i woke up right sided pain in my breast area and in my back and shoulder blades. 2 weeks after my op i had an "attack" of some sort as never had full blown gb attck(mine was infected) i assumed it was acid.. it went on for 4 hours then since then ive had what i thought was acid reflux? so took pantoprazole to no avail... i have pain right ALL the time and increases if i eat, i also hav a pain in the centre of my sternum area.. luckily no Heartburn which is odd... anyone have at a loss, pain is so bad in shoulder some times i cry and pain relief doesnt help... scheduled for endoscopy soon... PLEASE any one had these sympoms and found an answer or resolved in time! I WAS TOLD ID BE BETTER OFF POST OP BUT IM TEN TIMES WORSE OFF AS NOW IN PAIN 24/7 OH and i have stomach ache alot and bloating, no diarreah (sp) and feel like ive not eaten for 6 months each morning my stomach hurts so badly... im so deperate for answers and advice.. DOCTORS are USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yogabonkers Fri 11-Nov-11 21:28:28

hi spandau, god, this is a bit of an unhappy revelation reading this thread. i had mine out just over a week ago, and have had attacks like what you describe. i have avoided the docs so far as just so depressed at thought of going back. i was actually told before op by surgeon that pain did still occur for lots of people but decided to go ahead as the attacks were so frequent and was worried about (eg) pancreatis and other problems.
i HAD an endoscopy before the surgery to rule out other stomach problems, and it was clear. thank god, or i'd be even more worried. sometimes it feels like the inside of my stomach is on fire. though no heartburn either. but do get that centre sternum pain too.
am gutted. was looking forward to xmas meals and stuff.
found interesting american website called "". but of course, theyre trying to flog you products.
so depressing.

spandau1980 Sun 13-Nov-11 15:40:52

hiya yoga, this is crap isnt it? only a week ago well hopefully urs ll settle down mine is still bad on week 6! had endoscopy which was awful and that was clear so off to see consultant again tomoz.. he NEVER mentioned me feeling worse i only had aches under rib cage b4 the op so wish id not had it done but here i am... how you feeling today? x

yogabonkers Sun 13-Nov-11 22:24:24

actually yesterday i had a good day, but today i had the stomach pain again. took 1 co-codamol and it helped. prob if i took 2 they would have taken it away, but they make me hyper and i dont like that either!
might try that beet juice recipe from that american website!

I have decided today to go back to the GP tomorrow. I had my Gall Bladder out 4 years ago and still have excruciating 'attacks'. One today has lasted over 6 hours and the pain has had me on the floor at one point in all fours unable to breath properly.

I am sitting in such a way at the moment that it is passable but I can't bear it any longer and will have to go to GP.

spandau1980 Mon 14-Nov-11 12:30:02

stomach ache i have more right sided like somethings stuck pain that makes me wanna cry.. and it urts in shoulders too sad

sparkle to hear after 4 yrs your still like this is not cheering me up at all sad((

Sparkle - the sitting position that helps; is it leaning forward? When you get an attack, do you feel as though you are swelling up, and that it really hurts to breathe in? (these are all symptoms I've had)

Hope your visit to the GP went ok today.

Bearskinwoolies - it have to sit in such a way as to take all the pressure off the affected area. The pain can suddenly be excruciating if I lean over the sore are in any way like bending over or to the side. It does feel as though it is swelling though and hurts to breath. I went to the GP today and he is going to organise a scan for me at our surgery and if that does not show anything up then refer me back to the specialist.

Spandau I guess nothing is certain in life and things can go wrong after surgery when we expect them to fix things for us. Fingers crossed yours will settle down soon smile

Sparkle - there is a resting position (sitting or standing) that involves taking the pressure off the affected area, generally leaning forward, that is a known sign of pancreatitis.
So very glad you are going to get a scan...hopefully that will point the way to sorting things out for you very soon. Are they going to do blood tests, and have they given you adequate pain relief?

Bearskinswoolies - that is very interesting....I developed Acute Pancreatitis just prior to have my Gall Bladder out...I wonder if I am still occasionally having it...don't know enough about it really.

Sparkle - it is possibly that, and if they've done bloods before, they may have checked your pancreatic enzyme levels; it's worth finding out if this is the case, and if so, what they are.

My amylase is raised, and has been slowly getting higher since I had my op in 2007. I had an attack of acute pancreatitis within two days of being discharged - the consultant believed it was because of a small stone being dislodged during the op and blocking the common bile duct. Unfortunately I went on to have more attacks that year, and infrequent ones since.

After enough tests and scans to glow in the dark, my diagnosis is borderline chronic pancreatitis - and I recognise all my symptoms in your post above.

I'd really recommend having a chat with your gp; they'll be able to give you more info and sort out blood tests. I would also say that if the pain does get that bad, go to your A&E, they have access to all sorts of wonderful pain relief.

BambinoBoo Thu 17-Nov-11 16:59:40

I posted another thread on this but perhaps some of you might be able to stop me worrying. I went in to have lap chole yesterday, was put under and they went in thru keyhole but closed me back up as common bile duct was inflamed as was my gallbladder. They have referred me for a ercp but having googled - so stupid I know- I am in tears thinking I am going to get an infection and then that will be the end of me. I'm so frightened. I can't remember if the surgeon referred me as an urgent case as I was groggy from general. I now know that I have had classic symptoms of this over the past few weeks but all the docs I saw said was to wait till gallbladder came out as I wasn't yellow and sent me away. Only one bothered to do a blood test. Having looked on nhs website, being yellow isn't even the most common symptom. I'm recovering from an op that achieved nothing and am so stressed waiting for a call about the ercp and thinking I'll get an infection in the meantime. All I can think of is my little boy.

spandau1980 Fri 18-Nov-11 12:18:18

you will be fine hun... you may get an infection BUT they will know tht is possible and keep a CLOSE eye on you... try not to worry big hugs xxx

institches65 Mon 21-Nov-11 10:11:12

I had my gallbladder removed November 2010 and it contained fish gravel size stones. Extremely painful, very relieved to see it go! In May 2011 I had an attack of pain which I could only liken to gallstone pain - hospitalized for 4 days whilst they found nothing wrong, though liver level tests high and unexplained. Another attack in July 2011 - again with high liver levels. Had MRI, CT, PET Scan - many tests and could not fault the NHS, but they could still find nothing wrong and no explanation for pain or high liver levels. Was discharged 3 weeks ago, although was given blood cards to take just in case I had another attack and to get blood tests done whilst attack happening if possible. 5 days later another attack - took me completely by surprise - blood taken and, once again, liver levels high. Couldn't stop being sick and back ache was horrendous. Anti-sickness tablets and tramadol got me through that episode. Anyway, a fantastic doctor at my local hospital called me in within a few days for an ERCP and diagnosed Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction. He cut the sphincter muscle on Thursday last week during the ERcP and although still recovering from the op the doctor believes it will be curative and I should have no further attacks. As I understand it the sphincter muscle had seized up and was not letting bile through, which was then backing back up in my body causing the pain and sickness. By cutting the muscle he has released it and bile should now flow through. The only test for this is ERCP - I was heavily sedated and was unaware of the whole procedure. Apparently it is a rare condition, but can occur after gall bladder surgery, but not always. Your GP/medic may or may not have heard of it - my GP hadn't until I told her about it! If you read on the internet about it there are loads of scary stories about pancreatitis after an ERCP - I didn't have a chance to research until after it was over - but I would still have had it done. Living with the knowledge I could have an attack at any time for no reason - it was not linked to anything I ate or drank - was horrible.
Hope this helps !

murfy Wed 07-Mar-12 19:00:27

I had my gallbladder removed 7 weeks ago after having stones and a very bad infection had to have antibiotics in hospital for 5 days and they couldnt get the inflamation down so removed it through keyhole felt like i was recovering for the following 4 weeks and then had a very bad attack as though it hadnt been removed been in hospital 3 times since bloods and water showing no infection but showing blood in my urine had continious pain since under ribs in lower back upto shoulder. pain which is present all the time but getting daily severe attacks of shooting pains from side around to back upto shoulder unbearable pain had ultrasound scan came back clear waiting results for mri scan but think this maybe clear because they havent rushed to send report back dont know what to do now people can clearly see im unwell as im very pale with very dark eyes and im also unable to work but feel like im making it up dont know if i should ask for the camera down my throat if the mri comes back clear can anyone advise me please dont know what way to turn now

weeclairey Thu 15-Mar-12 21:06:25

hi, i just had my gallbladder removed 2 days ago and was sent home with no follow up appointment needed and no advice on what to eat afterwards, does anyone know what kind of things you can eat or can you just continue with your usual diet, also feeling very dizzy and lightheaded with some nausea is this normal aswell? any feeback is truly gratefull x

BambinoBoo Fri 16-Mar-12 10:20:39

weeclairey if everything has gone as planned, you are usually advised to return to your normal diet. However, I have heard some say that post-op, they were unable to tolerate food very high in fat as it went through them pretty quickly. Do you have a nutritionist at your GPs who might be able to advise or work with you on a meal plan.

With regards to feeling light headed, that could be the after effects of the general. Again, no harm in going to your GP just to be on the safe side. I am assuming that your op was keyhole. Whenever people talk about keyhole, they say oh it's just keyhole and you are out the same day, but a lap chole is still major surgery so make sure you get lots of rest and keep hydrated.

weeclairey Fri 16-Mar-12 20:22:50

thanks for getting back bambinoboo yeah it was keyhole that i had and everything went according to plan, yeah going to see the nutritionist on monday so get a meal plan set up, ive just been confused as i had asked the docs n nurses about what diet i should have now and they didnt tell me anything just that the gallbladder is something you can live without and i will be fine with plenty of rest apparently thats what most patients got told aswell, just feel as if no one really wants to answer questions about gallbladders and seem to brush it to the side,

Broady26 Sun 18-Mar-12 20:10:14

Hi, I had my Gallbladder removed 8 weeks ago, come round from keyhole surgery in intense pain across my stomach and in the right side of my back, I had an overnight stay(as planned) and was sent home the following evening.I was in alot of pain for the days after and thought this was normal as I had just had surgery, but after 2 days at home I collapsed and was rushed into hospital with a very high temperature too, because I still had the pain in my stomach and bloods showing an infection of some sort they decided to open up the incision at my stomach (as it was red on the surface but no leakage or bad smell) to find that the badness of an infected blood clot just came pouring out. I was in hospital for 5 days on IV antibiotics and sent home with antibiotics aswell. the hole was originally 7cm deep and I have to have it packed and redressed every day it is now at 3.5cms deep and has been for about 2 weeks, I am also still experiencing a dull pain in the right side of my back and am dreading the thought that this is a further problem. Has anyone else had this experience or similar and have any information, thankyou.

SiMPL3M3NT3Y0 Sat 31-Mar-12 03:38:17

Hi, I just got my gallbladder removed in January of this year and today I began to feel small pains where my it used to be and as I researched I found it to be more and more common. I still have a worry I haven't found any case where the pain came back so soon, if anyone could help me.

stoolie Tue 17-Apr-12 13:54:52

I had my gallbladder out in Nov 2007, found out it had been gangrenous . was given no specific info on diet or anything and have been mainly ok, however had 2 bad reactions in the last few Weeks where my mid back has hurt like hell and been throwing up bile. Linked it rotating pork as I know high sat fat food doesn't go down well. Anyone else have particular trigger foods??

ohdobuckup Mon 30-Apr-12 22:54:21

a friend of mine had gb removal four years ago and gastric band surgery, not for being overweight but to stop reflux She has had constant pain, stomach ache, burning sensations in mouth, nose, other symptoms as listed in above posts.
Consultants and juniors very off hand and still not able to take this shit on board, in the meantime she still in terrible pain most days.

Has anyone had any success with any diet, medication, anything at all, to reduce acid production or found ways to ''mop up'' the acid or line the stomach effectively after gb removal?

Pinkprincess73 Tue 01-May-12 18:46:26

Hi, I had my gallbladder out in July 2010. I have pain now and again after eating but usually my biggest problem is having the runs after too much food or anything really fatty. I really have to wait for my food to go down otherwise I get an upset stomach, I couldn't eat and then dash out or I would be dashing to the loo!! I have been suffering though since Saturday night, my partner cooked salmon with a rich sauce (I haven't had salmon since my op) and I also had a few glasses of wine which sometimes gives me indigestion. Sure enough I had indigestion but I woke up in the night with pain just like a gallbladder attack, across my stomach ribs and back, the problem is, it isn't easing. In the morning I had bile in my mouth (nice NOT) I'm going to give it until the end of the week and if not I'm going to see the doctor - anyone else had similar experiences????? I struggle with bacon and anything really fatty. Anyone reading this pre-op please please please don't be put off I'm so glad I had mine removed as I was so ill with gallstones I lost 3 stone, couldn't eat a thing and was throwing up constantly and in pain, just because some of us experience problems later it doesn' mean you will.

dondon33 Wed 02-May-12 13:56:10

Ohdobuckup- I have taken Lansoprazole daily since I had my GB removed, deals with excess acid and bile. However, I like many others on here continue to have trouble.
I had my op in 2001, when I was 22. Pregnancy hormones were blamed at the time for speeding up my symptoms and pain of Gall stones as I had none at all until I was around 2-3 months gone. By the time they diagnosed me I was around 7 months and too late to have it treated. I remember a Dr explaining to me a tool that they would use to help diagnose Gall stones, he called it the 5Fs= Female, Forty, Fat, Fertile and Flatulence lol (I only fit the female and fertile at the time)
I had my op 6 mths after giving birth and was led to believe it would be the end of it.....The op itself went well and I was home the same day, I had a few niggles over the next few days but on day 4 post op I had just eaten a cheese sandwich and boom the pain came like never before. To cut a long story short my GP and the surgeon both said it was fluid causing the pain and it would die down, until eventually another few days later I got myself to the GP surgery( as they wouldn't give me a home visit!!) and demanded to be looked at. I could barely walk because of the pain, my tummy looked like I was 6 months pregnant again, I was shaky and actually collapsed and passed out on the GP's floor, an ambulance was called and I was re-admitted to hospital. A few hours later I had turned completely yellow, my skin and my eyes and was vomitting litres of now they believed there was something seriously wrong. After lots of prodding and poking, scans and tubes they found that my bile duct was damaged so I had to endure another surgery to fix it. All was well until last year when the pain suddenly returned, resulting in 2 trips to A&E for shots of morphine to relieve it, my first thought was that the stent they had put in my bile duct to repair it had came out/moved. They found proof of neither and were reluctant to operate for a third time. So I have to suffer the odd bout of torturous pain and basically get on with it sad It's rubbish really and not acceptable to me and many other people who thought that by getting the GB removed would be the end of their suffering.

wizbit93 Thu 03-May-12 17:45:50

Ohdobuckup - I am another fan of lansaprozole, and have taken it daily since August 2011.

I had my gallbladder removed in Jan 2011 but was still having problems until the doctor prescribed this. I have had to modify my diet though, and although I can pretty much eat anything now (had chip shop chips for lunch today :-) ) I have had to cut out coffee (am ok with decaf though), wine, mayo and peanut butter. I also have to make sure I don't eat too late.

One thing I have noticed is that I have to lay on my left side in bed, with the bed raised ( a brick underneath the head end). If I lay on my right side I get reflux feelings. Apaprently it is to do with the position of the stomach when you lie down or something.

Hope that helps your friend. I do have the odd day when I feel 'refluxy' but I can usually put it down to an excess of a food type.

dondon33 Thu 03-May-12 22:12:05

It's a god send isn't it wizbit? Have you ever stopped them? I had to twice and within 2 days the acid was back with a vengeance lol
I find if I need any extra help (usually after eating anything citrus) then a swig of cold gaviscon does the trick.

wizbit93 Fri 04-May-12 17:19:03

Dondon33 - I'm too scared to stop them! Between having the op in Jan 2011 and going on them fully in the Aug I tried them for a few weeks at a time and whenever I stopped I got the awful pain again. In the end the Dr said I needed to go on them for a year and let everything calm itself down. I really hope when I go back in August she will let me carry on with them - eek!

I just remembered another thing I've had to give up - polo mints! (well, any mints). If i have them I get the refluxy feeling back.

dondon33 Fri 04-May-12 19:52:57

Wiz- if you feel you still need them and Dr agree's it's possible that if you are on 30 mg daily now they will just drop you to 15mg to see how you go. I was Ok on them, noticed a little difference, a little more acid but nothing bad. I got put back to the 30's after the bad pain flared up again, so still on them for now.

Aww not mints- I love all things mint but agree it can be a bit acidic. Have you tried peppermint tea? I know it sounds as if it could cause you misery but it's really relieving to the stomach especially when cold. Oh another thing I find a great reliever is Kefir- my BF introduced me to this one (being Polish) it's like natural yogurt but more like a milk,The natural yogurt works well also.

BambinoBoo Fri 04-May-12 19:53:06

I am a bit of a weird case in that, I went to have my gallbladder out last Nov. They started the op then stopped as my gallbladder was inflamed and bile duct was 1.5cm dilated (my crapola GP had failed to notice the signs in the lead up to my op, despite me bugging him about constant pain and brown wee - sorry TMI). Anyway, after many scans and tests at another hospital, I had a Spincterotomy through ERCP 6 weeks ago where they made a cut at the bottom of my bile duct and removed a 9mm stone. I am now back on the waiting list to have my gallbladder out.

One thing I have noticed since they cut the duct is that I do seem to feel gurgling in my stomach where the bile duct pain used to be - almost feels like those first flutters of pregnancy - and I wonder if that is reflux as they did warn me about it, but said it would be well into the future!! I am on a mega low fat diet - nothing over 3% fat at any one meal, so I haven't had any bad gallbladder attacks for a while but the bile reflux concerns me particularly in the long term as the ERCP procedures are relatively new (I think they've only been doing them since the the late 70s). It sounds like once you have problems in that area, you always will. Having said that, I can't wait to have my gallbladder out as the constant fear of attacks and general feeling of not being quite 100% really drags you down.

dondon33 Fri 04-May-12 20:55:59

Hi Bambino, Aw what a shame about your postponed op, I bet you were looking forward to relief from that pain sad but good you have a little relief from the GS
I know what you're describing with the flutter feelings, I get them too but its more like my stomach lurches or squeezes itself....very strange feeling :@
Some people don't suffer any after effects after having the surgery, I just wish they would inform better about what could happen...maybe they are starting to now. I don't think I would have decided against having my Op- what was the alternative? keep the damn gall stones, no bloomin thanks smile
I couldn't even manage to eat a small amount of fat, I was pregnant at the time they started and I could literally only eat apples, dry toast and jellies. I was ordered to take lots of vitamins and I could force a shake (kind of like a build up drink to give the baby nutrients )so I would try to force a minimum of one down daily and hope it didn't kick off the pain. It felt like I couldn't do good for doing bad- I needed the shakes for my baba but when the pain started from them I felt guilty that I was stressing him out by my being in so much pain sad Luckily I have big bruiser babies or god knows how small my son would have been if I didn't as I lost masses of weight.

After your ask about medication straight away, I was given the lansoprazole or it may have been omoprasole when I left the hospital and I hope they do your op soon for you, good luck next time x

dondon33 Fri 04-May-12 20:57:41

after your OP that last paragraph should begin smile

BambinoBoo Sat 05-May-12 19:58:53

dondon you poor thing suffering all that when pregnant. Bloody hell, it must have been so worrying on top of all the usual pregnancy stresses.

The way you have described the reflux is spot on. Like the stomach squeezing itself, although when mine does it, it's like I can feel bubbles going upwards. It's such a weird feeling. I will definitely ask my consultant about it when I finally go in for the lap choly - whenever that will be!!!! Thank you for he tip about the medication too.

dondon33 Sat 05-May-12 20:30:35

You're welcome Bambino smile and yeah it was absolute hell at the time. People - obviously those who've never experienced Gall stones pain- think I'm nuts when I say I would happily give birth twice in a row than have the pain from GS, horrendous just doesn't come close to describing it sad
Hope you don't have to wait too long, take care xx

wizbit93 Sat 05-May-12 20:58:04

Dondon33 - I'm actually only taking 15mg and generally feel ok (with the odd blip!). I've never really thought to try the natural yoghurt. I find that when I am feeling refluxy a cup of tea usually does the trick (must be the milk I guess).

Thanks for your help/chat xx

dondon33 Sat 05-May-12 21:32:26

no probs Wiz smile so if you still feel acidy when you return to GP tell them, maybe they would give you the 30's for a while, it could make a big difference to you.
I quite like natural yog anyway but I use it like medicine for my tummy if I know I'm eating something that's likely to hurt...3 big spoons before the meal and 3 big spoons after smile
Take care x

alwaysme Sat 05-May-12 21:39:11

dondon - the lurching, squeezing feeling, is that at the top of the stomach, where the gall bladder pain used to be?

I had my gall bladder removed April 2011, then was promptly hit by pancreaitis where they had missed 4 stones in the bile duct. ERCP to remove them and so hoped that was the end of problems.

A week later this strange sort of spasm started, right where the pain used to be. Just two fast spasms, not exactly painful just uncomfortable and odd feeling. Doctor put me on omeprazole which didn't get rid of them but they were less noticeable. Last November I had the bright idea that perhaps I might not need them anymore and stopped them on a Monday. All was well until Wednesday evening. Had just finished a meal, stood up and two really sharp spasms promptly followed by bad pain right where gall bladder pain had been.

Took the omprazole again real fast!! Was another 3 days of pain before they started to work. Haven't dared stop them again since!

Seems like we are stuck with this and with no answers to what causes it. Doctor just kind of scratches his head and says just one of those things. Real helpful, not !!

dondon33 Sun 06-May-12 13:35:22

Hi Always, I feel it more in the middle, just under the middle of my ribs. It's like, you know when you're really really starving and your stomach makes those big growls and feels so empty (hopefully that's not just me lol) well it's a similar feeling but with an actual spasm/squeeze. Like when a baby kicks it feet up there.
Ouch at pancreatitis, not nice sad It's crap isn't it, having to rely on medication for long periods but unless we want problems then we must. The thing is though, if you research the Lanzop and the Omep - they are proton pump inhibitors- they drastically reduce the amount of acid your body produces- you will see they are not good for very long term treatment, which is why often Gp's will insist you reduce dosage or stop them, even for a break period.
I have been put on Zantac before (I fell preg and Lanzop is not safe to use, I later had a MC and returned to Lanzop again) but they were OK, they do the same to stomach acid as what we take but they don't change our cells and enzymes in the same way, but you do need a high dose of them that can only be prescribed, not what you can buy OTC at pharmacies.
I think GP's are starting to realise that there ARE problems after the op a lot more now, my own said that increasingly more, especially younger people are having GB removals due to GS now (for which they blame our bad diets over the last 20/30 years) it's not just the older generation that previously used to need these kind of ops- and they could put any after probs down to their age etc....They'll have to take a lot more notice and find out exactly what happens in some people after they have this operation, it's not acceptable to be fobbed off all of the time.

Shellski86 Sun 20-May-12 20:14:36

I had my gallbladder removed in sept 2010 when my son was 9 months old. I developed gallstones whilst pregnant and spent 6 months being told i had indigestion and to just keep taking gaviscon. Once i had had my son and the pain continued i was turned away from three seperate GP's that offered no help andd put my pain down to affects from my C-Section!! Finally after being rushed to a&e by my family doctors looked into my family history and booked me an appointment with my GP to confirm my gallstones. Since i have had them out i have experienced at least 6 attacks that have been just as awful and cripplingly painful as when the gallstones were still present. I have found pork fat to be the worst item for setting off the pain but otherwise like before there seems no pattern. I have an appointment with an Osteopath next week who is confident that she can help prevent any further attacks so fingers crossed she'll hold the answer.

dondon33 Sun 27-May-12 22:00:22

Hope you get sorted Shell, it's shite to still be in pain sad
Yeah they tried to say I had indigestion or heartburn when mine started too (was also pregnant) it wasn't until my liver started causing problems that they took it the time they pissed around and confirmed it, was too late to operate. Apparently... under 5 months and they could have removed the gall bladder but over...not a chance as womb was too high.
I find any oil other than olive oil a killer also any food that sucks lots of fat MIL makes gorgeous potato cakes and other delish Polish food but I can't even look never mind eat sad It's crazy, you say there's no pattern, I agree....I can eat something many times with no probs then all of a sudden it causes me agony????
Do you take Lansoprazole already? they do help.

BambinoBoo Tue 29-May-12 14:37:42

Hi everyone.Hope you are all ok. I got a cancellation through and finally had my gallbladder out 12 days ago. Dressings off yesterday - healing beautifully my nurse said. Other than feeling tired, I feel ok overall. I'm still getting those weird stomach squeezes, just under my bile duct, but much less since I had the GB out. When I described the feeling to my consultant, he said he'd never heard of it. It's not painful, just odd. Strange. Haven't had much diarreah (sp) either and zero heart burn, but then I've not gone mad on my diet and am still sticking to very low fat.

dondon33 Thu 31-May-12 05:06:45

Ah great Bambino, glad its gone smile
Consultant - GRRRR sad there's too many people on here and in the RW that I know have this spasm/squeezes for them to just brush off.
Good you are still eating low fat but when you do eat something of high fat you probably will get some symptom like acid but more likely diarrhoea. I still get bouts now sometimes some 12 years later (but I'd rather it than pain)
It's another weird one as in the foods you would expect it to happen with, it often doesn't e.g I can eat a little bit of kebab (I know, I know why would I want to lol) and get nothing, even though its got HUGE fat content.

BambinoBoo Thu 31-May-12 10:10:29

TMI but I had terrible trapped wind last night and I got a massive tummy squeeze. It feels like my stomach is empty and stuff is rolling around it in waves.

The food thing is so random and weird dondon. Like, roast potatoes made with olive oil. Agony. Salsa Verdi made with olive oil - probably more than in the roast - perfectly fine. Maybe my gallbladder liked a bit of posh nosh.

I am really looking forward to trying some baked salmon this weekend. I haven't been able to eat it for about 9 months.

dondon33 Mon 04-Jun-12 21:01:54

The trapped wind is quite common post op Bambino, hope it sorts itself out for you soon.
Yup I give up now trying to work out what food will hurt me and what won't lol what I do find is the food that sucks the most fat in like pan fried things and roasties. I put oil on salads and have zero symptoms??? like I said I GIVE UP smile
Ah I hope you enjoyed your salmon x

spandau1980 Wed 06-Jun-12 20:38:22

hiya all some things that have defo helped mesmile if you have SOD
USE tramadol or patches (bunorphene) in small doses for pain to avoid spasms!
Walk around if you get an attack.. I KNOW NOT EASY but a brisk walk helps me no end even if i walk like a spastic lol anythings better than that pain!!!!


Slippery elm tea
dgl chewable tablets
natural yoghurt with acidophulus in plus 3 billion acidophulus capsules mixed in x2 a day
green tea
make sure you take sublingual b12 for a good few months post op

dont over do the fatty foods but do have some fats to build up getting used to eating it...
ive gained 10lbs im over the moon...
my shoulder pain is now intermittent and my acid has come under control if I STICK TO WHAT I CAN EAT!!! this takes ages to work out... im now 8 months post op and to begin with it was misearble hell!!!
a few postive steps ive had to work out myself doctors/hosptial/consultants F$$ckin useless im afraid...
smile hugs to all shazz xxx

spandau1980 Wed 06-Jun-12 20:40:13

ps i can eat chips but not chocolate i can eat mayonaise but not tomatoes its very weird and individual but i had to sufert eh pain to realise this.. ps cheese and eggs are a NO NO!!!

Schezza Sun 17-Jun-12 10:36:55

I have read this thread with great interest and much sympathy. I feel your pain,as they say.
I had my gall bladder out 18 months ago following several years of pain and the ultimate discovery of a few gallstones. I was really looking forward to being free of the pain. Sadly this was not to be the case. I made a great recovery from the op but unfortunately after a couple of weeks the pains returned.
I went back to my gastroenterologist and had a lengthy series of tests, endoscopies and scans. Having pretty much mapped my gastrointestinal tract from top to bottom they found nothing.
As you might imagine, I have read widely on post cholecystectomy syndrome and sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, aptly named SOD for short. Without quite risky sphincter surgery which might not work anyway, the bottom line is that I need to get on with it and mnage the pain.
Like some of the posters above, certain , apparently random foods set it off so I am developing an ever growing list of foods it is best not to eat. I suspect that it will remain a bit of a mystery how it all works, bu I am getting better at managing it.
The food sensitivity is part if the picture, and the pain associated with that is bad but more or less tolerable. But the worst bit of the syndrome is the apparently randomly occuring severe spasm pain.
The worst episodes usually happen in the middle of the night. The pain wakes me up as it starts and works up to a crescendo. By this point the pain is so bad I am dripping with sweat, my pulse has slowed right own and I am beginning to lose consciousness. (Classic vagal response to pain) I often vomit at some point during these episodes. ( give me labour pains any day!)
Taking pain killers at this stage is pointless, because the likelihood is that they will not stay down, and by the time they would start working the pain has usually gone.
Anyway, quite by chance, I think I might have discovered a very simple way of stopping the spasm. A glass of water.
At the beginning of one of these episodes of pain, for some reason- probably thirst, I had some water. The pain pretty much stopped in its tracks. I have subsequently tried drinking water each time the spasm pain starts and so far it seems to work.
Just last night, not long after I went to sleep, I was awoken by the pain, which was shaping up to be a bad one. I now always keep a bottle of water handy so I gulped some down and the pain went. I think what is happening must have something to do with stretching my stomach and setting off peristalsis, which may somehow cancel out the spasm in the sphincter. I really have no idea but it seems to work anyway. It might be worth trying for some of you out there with a similar problem. I think it will only work if you drink the water as soon as the pain starts. I suspect that once the spasm takes hold there will be no stopping it - plus there comes a poimt where it would probably be impossible to drink anything without it coming right back.

Of course, I fear this technique would not work with the pain brought on by certain foods, but I am gradually working through that one. smile

alwaysme Mon 18-Jun-12 21:52:59

dondon33, just found this again, missed your reply! Yes, that's exactly where I get the spasms. I made a mistake saying same place as gall bladder pain, should have said where the pancreatitis pain was. Still have the spasms but don't know if I am just getting used to them or if they really are getting a bit less frequent.

I've been taking the omeprazole for a year now, just keep putting in for a repeat prescription. I keep expecting the doctor to review things but so far not a word. It seems to be the only thing that stops the spasms turning into that awful pain. But, they just reduce the acid so I'm puzzled, never had this problem at all before gall bladder/pancreatitis ops.

I find it so hard to believe that doctors/surgeons (including mine) don't seem to be aware of this or so they would have us believe!!

Schezza Finally I've come across somebody who deals with it the same way as I do; except that I drink milk instead of water. I don't know why it works, or how, but I'm so bloody grateful that it does!

Just as a by the by, once it really kicks off, I've found that opening a tramadol capsule and sprinkling it on my tongue helps pain-wise (something to do with absorption by the mucous membranes).

spandau1980 Thu 05-Jul-12 14:25:03

Oh sod
i have that!
I can't take any pain killers or im puffing on the floor like im gonna die for 1-2 hrs!!!!
I found walking around briskly helps if i stay still its unbearable! Avoid codiene!!!!!!!!

lullabybaby Sun 23-Sep-12 15:15:24

Hi gall bladder sufferers! I looked at this thread before deciding to have my gall bladder removed. In the end, I had no choice as I could barely eat anything at all and the attacks were getting worse.
Now here is some good news, nearly a year later I feel great, so much better than before. Also, I have lost weight, an unexpected bonus. (I eat a very low fat, vegetarian diet.)
I am really very sorry for those of you who are still suffering after having gone through the surgery (which is most unpleasant) But to those of you who are considering whether to have your gall bladder removed or not, be aware that the surgery can have positive outcomes and is sometimes a life saver.
It may be that I will have related problems in the future, that's a risk of course, (and alas, no more chocolate for me) but I wouldn't have my gall bladder back if you paid me!!
Good luck to those of you still suffering, I hope you find help with your problems.

Popeye150 Thu 14-Mar-13 17:13:01

Thank you for posting your experiences, you've just eased my mind considerably! I had my gall bladder removed with a handful of stones 5 years ago. I eat already ate a healthy, low fat diet with plenty of fruit and veg. so I couldn't change my diet, apparently I was just unfortunate to have developed stones. Attacks seemed to be quite random, like Schezza, they were frequently at night when the pain woke me up and grew worse. After my op. all has been fine, I've continued to eat well avoiding too much fat. Then, last week I had a chinese takeaway and had what I can only describe as gall stone pain shortly after! Just like before,the only way to handle it was to curl up in a ball and wait for hours for it to gradually dull. Since then I've felt nauseous with abdominal pain evey now and then. It seems I'm not alone! It's really comforted me to see others have had the same thing, whether it's Post Cholosystectomy Syndrome or not, I think I'll just watch what I eat rather than having any more interference by Doctors. By the way, thanks for the posts re codein, don't think I'll be taking any of that!

MagMay63 Sat 16-Mar-13 20:32:46

Hello everyone, thank goodness I found you! I had my gall bladder removed on 6th March, hadn't had any of the usual symptons, just a very low grade pain in my side, but a scan revealed stones and so it was removed. No problems with the operation and all well in respect of recovery but I keep getting a terrible pain in my breastbone area running through to just under my right shoulder blade. I had it after the op and the nurse described is as phantom gall bladder pain but I didn't expect to be still getting in 10 days down the line. Not sure if its linked to anything I'm eating, am very overweight but keeping to a low fat diet. Not sure whether I need to see my GP again, will monitor for a wee while then might need to see advice.

OhDearieDearieMe Sat 16-Mar-13 22:36:16

MagMay63 - 6th March? In the grand scheme of things that's really not very long at all. Try to take it easy on what you eat - your body needs time to get used to the new arrangement and your weight will benefit from you eating more sensibly. I'd say give it at least another couple of weeks before you worry too much.
By the way I'm now over 6 months post OP and after massive and invasive investigation my continuing pain has been put down to a nasty dose of duodenitis! So it may not be gallbladder related at all! The pain is very similar!

greeneyed Mon 18-Mar-13 16:25:06

Wow this thread has been enlightening! I had mine removed three years ago and have pain all the time. I am on lanzaprazole and everytime i stop it for a few days i have really bad gastritis again. The worst episode I had, on floor unable to move was after I had taken Codeine for tonsillitis. I then had bloods done and had raised lft results ( fine a week later). i did think the codeine was just a coincidence- will avoid in future Anyone know why it has this effect? Sorry i know it's an old thread!

OhDearieDearieMe Mon 18-Mar-13 22:44:32

greeneyed - sorry about your ongoing problems. I've become a bit of a keen researcher into all of this! I suppose it's mainly because I read/heard of so many people who had the operation and were back to work in a week! Well - I think they are the exception and not the rule because those of us who suffer on afterwards tend not to go on about it. We feel that we've had the problem removed and should just keep quiet! DH is a nurse and works closely with the region's top gallbladder man. It is much more common than you'd think for problems to continue.
Firstly - see if you can get off Lansoprazole - it's a cheap crappy drug and they always try you on that first and wait for you to complain. Complain!! Ask for Omeprazole.
Try cutting or greatly reducing acid foods from your diet - this has helped me quite a bit.
If you smoke - don't! Or try to cut way down. I'm trying!
Codeine leads to constipation - bad for people like us. See if GP will give you Tramadol and Movicol. I'm using both of these and it helps.
Good luck and keep posting here!

PoppyWearer Mon 18-Mar-13 22:48:21

greeneyed I had my gall bladder out last year and have found that taking co-codamol since then gives me crippling "colic" and makes me vomit. After vomiting I feel better. This has happened twice, it's not a coincidence and I will not be taking co-codamol again.

Which is crap if, like you and I, you have other health stuff requiring heavier-duty pain relief. Mine is back/shoulder pain.

I guess the liver can't cope with codeine on its own?

greeneyed Wed 20-Mar-13 21:33:13

Thank you ladies, that's really helpful advice from you both, will see if I can get change of stomach drugs and will definately not take co-codomamol again x

andy631 Sun 31-Mar-13 20:59:19

hi here's my story, i had my gallbladder removed in nov 2012, in feb 2013 i collapsed in work due to severe pain where the gallbladder was, i was rushed to hospital had ultrasound scan and ct scan, nothing showed up. i was discharged but two weeks later was rushed in again as the pain wiped my off my feet, again blood tests normal etc, i was discharged being told i had Costochondritis, i visited my GP who said he was not convinced, he put me on diclofenac after me asking for them, i also told him i feel like i am cracking up as there is no diagnosis. after 2 weeks on diclofenac the pain is a little easier except when i eat it hurts like mad. i am going back to my GP on friday next week. i am also being referred to a chronic pain specialist, but that is not the answer i want to know what the problem is! so to my fellow suffers i know what you are going through!

andy631 Sun 31-Mar-13 21:00:45

oh by the way i am also taking omerprazole twice a day to counter act the diclofenac!

<watching in interest as im due to have mine out this year> confused

just realised this thread is years old blush


OhDearieDearieMe Sun 31-Mar-13 23:49:36

It is years old grin but still relevant I think. Will you keep posting andy - I'll be very interested to hear your outcome. I'm still in pain - although not 'fall down and collapse' kind of pain and I also went through all those tests like you did. I was also told I'd have to see the chronic pain consultant because there's no reason for my pain.
GP keeps chucking Tramadol at me - can't take NSAIDs because of the duodenitis.
It's wearing me down so I'm very interested to see what happens in your case.

andy631 Mon 01-Apr-13 09:51:57

OhDearieDearieMe: hi yes i will keep you informed, i know the feeling of dragging you down, i did suggest to my GP that he send me to a shrink cos it must be in my head, he replied it was not but they do not know what it is. i am allergic to tramadol, morphine, codine etc so i am a nightmare to treat anyway!

andy631 Thu 04-Apr-13 19:56:32

Schezza: i have had a few attacks this week and tried your drinking water tip, and i can say yes it does help, my attacks have not been major but the water has helped, i'm going to tell my GP tomorrow and see what he has to say about it!! probably poo poo it but i'll let you know. thanks for the tip. andy smile

andy631 Fri 05-Apr-13 18:34:13

ok update again, i've been back to the GP who is slowly agreeing with the hospital's diagnosis as the anti-inflammatories are working, i mentioned drinking water and he said its because the muscles go into spasm and the cold water releases the spasm, makes sense to me. as for certain foods giving me an attack he again said its the muscles spasms, gave me milk of magnesia to try when i get an attack instead of water to see if that has the same effect. he was interested in the water theory though. good luck fellow sufferers i hope you all get sorted soon. Andy grin

NUFC69 Fri 05-Apr-13 19:24:35

I had my gallbladder removed in May last year and within a couple of days I was back in hospital with the same pains. These kept on coming and going for the next few months - in fact I was having them more often than before I had the gallbladder removed. In November I went for an MRI scan which showed that I had two gallstones stuck in the bile duct. In December I went for an endoscopy and then, to quote the doctor, they inflated a balloon and used it like dyno-rod to push the gallstones out and also to slightly widen the opening to the bile duct. Result! No more episodes since then and am feeling fine.

Don't know if this information will help anybody - but good luck to all of you!

meme08 Thu 09-May-13 21:58:52

i had my gallbladder out 8 years ago. after 2 years of the pain and going back and forth the GP, with them passing me off with "it must be gas" causing the pain i ended up being rushed into hospital after having an attack (of pain) and not recovering from it. turns out that after the hospital taking loads of tests and ruling out i wasn't an alcoholic, a stone got into my pancreas giving me Pancreatitis. they told me that the GP didn't think to test me because i was to young to have them, guess not. its hereditary mainly in the women of the family. i was in hospital for 16 days recovering and then had an emergency op to have the bladder removed. i have suffered a few times over the years with the pain. went back to the GP, they told me to stop taking pain killers with an anti-inflammatory or codeine ie co-codamol in them as they produce acid that can cause the pain, i was also given Omeprazole. this seemed to work for a long time.
last month i had the worst attack since and it happened while i was out. it only ever happened in the night because i was lying down. i have been back to the GP an have had blood tests. They came back with what ever test they done on my liver it is 2 levels above normal. they said its nothing to worry about but they want to know why. im now waiting for more blood test results. i got a feeling i will be fobbed off with another reason other than something to do with having the gallbladder out. my GP don't know why im having the pain again because my liver shouldn't be causing me pain.
its like telling a brick wall sometimes. i have goggled around and i might as well of told him what is wrong with me. the DR's has never said to me that stones can be left behind or a sludge can block ducts. i know they can form again and don't need the bladder to do this, and i have told them this. i think after reading this forum i will be demanding i see a specialist as i cant end up in the state i was in 8 years ago again.

Dahlialover Fri 10-May-13 16:24:06

I would ask to be referred to a hepatobilliary specilist. I am not sure the local general surgeons who take gall bladders out really know about the rest of it... They seem to err on the side of treating 'conservatively', ie nothing sad

plane67 Sun 12-May-13 11:16:03

hi is anyone still experiencing pain after gallbladder removal, i had mine removed march 2010 and still got pain my stomach is still big i still burp and have severe pain and wind still. I also had pancreitis aswell which had to be treated aswell. i have been put on omeprazole one twice aday andfor the pain mebeverine. I do not sleep and tired all the time.Any advice would be welcome. thanks

lobsterkiller Mon 13-May-13 21:56:06

Had my GB out in Sept 2010, no stones but biliary dyskinesia...enjoyed being pain free but 3 months ago i started with stitch like discomfort lasting 3 days at a time and also feeling like there is pressure building up where the gallbaldder used to be. Went to the GP today, he has prescribed buscopan but has also said will refer me back to the surgeon. After reading the thread i feel grateful to get this far so quickly.

tb Tue 14-May-13 17:33:31

I had my gall-bladder out in November 2012, after not really having problems before. Had put the pains under my ribs down to stress, and spent several years trying to ignore them.

2 weeks after the operation, I developed 2 hernias on the line between 2 of the keyhole incisions which were extremely painful, to put it mildly.

I'm now having frequent low level pain, not to mention horrible burning diahhorea which strikes without warning.

I'm almost wishing I'd not had the operation....

tb Tue 14-May-13 17:34:15


andy631 Tue 21-May-13 16:39:04

hi guys me again, well i'm still in pain but was prescribed Domperidone last week, by gosh they worked the pain went immediately but i'm having bad side effects so back to the gp on Thursday i want the same thing but going to ask to try another make, the domperidone make the food go down the oesophagus quicker i could not believe i was pain free after being in pain for 6 months solid!

Oioioi Wed 12-Jun-13 08:19:27

hi, newbie here but experiencing same. had gallbladder out 6 months ago, then had a massive attack 2 weeks ago (lipase 750) after gastro on preceding day. was treated as having pancreatitis in hospital. surgeon was a complete ass, refusing mrcp/ercp to check for retained stones. been to checkup just now and he's changed his story and thinks all I had was gastro. am pretty upset at all this. any advice?

Yummymummy3maz Fri 14-Jun-13 22:07:28

Hi guys
I thought I'd add to this. I had my gb out nov 2012 after 2 horrible attacks which had me in hospital for days. Anyway had the op, felt great very short lived after 4 months had horrendous pain like gb pain took some rinitadine (spelling wrong I know,) calmed down then had migraine attack so was popping nurofen like no ones business then wam bad bad pains again lived off gaviscon all day every day then had ear infection 4 lots of anti biotics and co codemol and its back every day worse than ever. My diet is good low fat as always on a diet!!! Docs tried me on emprozole didn't work now she's tool bloods and put me on osomeprazole 40mg day 2' hoping they work - bad feeling its this bile reflux. Am I ever gonna be normal again???? Can't enjoy wine anymore fear of attack no idea what it is new job to start in 2 weeks feeling really sorry for myself and low :-(
Thought after gb out I would be grand!!!!
Was lucky enough to have my op privately. Surgeon said all went well I had over 20 stones (big ones!) praying its not one stuck somewhere

IsabellaPasta Fri 14-Jun-13 22:23:56

I posted the following on a separate thread but got no replies. This thread might be a better place for it.

I had my gallbladder out a year ago after 8 months worth of tests, waiting, and finally an ERCP with sphincterotomy to release a stone stuck in my bile duct. Shortly after, within days actually, I started to get what I can only describe as fluttering and like my tummy was rolling from the inside - felt vey much like a baby moving about. I also got spasms in the same spot as the pain was when the stone was stuck, so the bile duct area. At first the spasms and fluttering weren't painful at all, just felt weird, but as time has gone on, the spasms have got more intense and rather painful. They mainly happen when I'm hungry and last no longer than 2 or 3 minutes but this still doesn't feel right and I get them every day. I am finding that I need to snack on the hour to avoid them. To my shame, I have been on Dr Google and the sphincter of oddi dysfunction describes my symptoms to a tee. I wondered if anyone had been through the same, particularly after a sphincterotomy - which ironically is the treatment for oddi dysfunction! Obviously, self diagnosis isn't the ideal way ahead so I intend to ask my GP to refer me back to the team that did my ERCP and lap chole, but I have a feeling that because I am not in chronic pain, I may not be taken seriously and fobbed off wth drugs. Really wondered if anyone had any advice for me or any experiences to share. Many thanks.

alwaysme Sat 15-Jun-13 01:23:00

Hi Isabella, are you me? !! I could have written your post word for word. I had my gall bladder removed in 2011 and then ERCP to remove 4 stones stuck in bile duct. Within days after ERCP I suddenly got those flutterings and spasms right at the top of stomach where the pain was before ERCP. They gradually got worse so that instead of discomfort it became pain.

Doctor put me on Omeprazole and although I still get the fluttering and spasms, they don't turn into pain. I seem to have to keep eating frequently or the spasms get worse. I did attempt to give up the omeprazole, big mistake. Was fine for 4 days and then the spasms were followed by real pain again. Took 3 days back on the pills to get it under control.

I did Dr Google and came up with the same answer as you re oddi dysfunction. I've had two hip replacements since this all started, just recovering from last one now so have just left this problem for now. Not much help but at least you know you are not on your own with this. If your doctor does suggest omeprazole it might just help if your spasms get really painful, mine certainly did.

If you do get anywhere with answers from your doctor please come back and say. Feel I have been stuck with this for ever.

IsabellaPasta Tue 18-Jun-13 22:25:39

Thanks alwaysme I thought I was going abit bonkers and trying to describe the spasms to other people is often met with > hmm. I am glad I had my gallbladder out as the pain was immense and if it had stayed, I'd no doubt have far more problems due to stones on the move etc. However, Post-cholesystectomy syndrome - as I understand is the collective term for all of these issues - is so rarely acknowledged. I am going to try the doctor for the omeprazole as I sometimes get a warm feeling in my stomach too which is no doubt caused by the constant presence of bile, and will insist that I am referred to a specialist, even if I have to go for a private referral. I will let you know how I get on and share anything I hear that may be of interest. Look after yourself, you sound like you've been through the mill.

TattooAddict1986 Wed 03-Jul-13 15:27:04

Hi everyone im new here, I canny believe how many people are all having the same problems after GB surgery. I had my first GB attack when I was 19wks pregnant and ended up in hospital bent over in agony being really sick. After an ultra sound they found small stones in my GB but said it wasn't that and said I had bad acid reflux so put me on Ranitadine, and i took milk when I was having an attack which started to happen every 2/3wks.

After giving birth to my daughter the attacks continued and after a ct scan with die put in through a drip and blood tests they finally said i should have my gall bladder removed and milk was probably irritating it more so I switched to water, it really helped stopping it lasting so long.

I finally got my surgery Jan 2012 when my daughter was 9mths. The surgery went really well and I recovered relatively quickly. Apart from the occasional bloated stomach and aching I was all good. Well until Jan this year I was hit with another agonising attack and another one a few weeks ago, again only water helps to relieve it.

Now for the past 3 days I've had mild pain under and around my ribs on the right side. I'm so fed up with it all now and at a loss. X

widgets80 Thu 08-Aug-13 13:33:35

I had my gallbladder out over 8 years ago and my partner is currently in hospital after having surgery on Tuesday but has had a load of complications which is how I stumbled on this site. I suffer from Bile Salt Diarohhea which is an uncommon side effect, not very pleasant but can be managed. But the pain a lot of you have talked about on here is something I also experienced. I was so bad, the doctors put me on pethidine to manage the pain as it used to feel like I couldn't breathe! I had on and off occurances for 2 years after my surgery - I had scans, including an endoscopy, was prescibed Omeprazole and many other things until I figured it out and I stopped taking anything with codeine in. Yummymummy3maz I also suffer from migraines and this is how I discovered the link between my pain and codeine. I usually took migraleve for a migraine but since my gb removal, it made me worse - vomiting, severe pain and feeling like I can't breathe. Initially I put it down to being a very severe migraine until I made the connection. Look for migraine tablets that do not contain codeine in as most of them do. I use Sainsbury's migraine relief now or the nurofen one which only contains ibruprofen and lysine - both of which seem to be ok for me.

For everyone and anyone who is suffering pain after gb surgery whether it was one month or 20 years ago. It may not be what is causing your pain but check for any relations between any drugs you are taking and the pain. The liver is what processes many medications and the absense of a gallbladder and therefore the "store" for bile seems to cause an effect. Codeine is definitely one to avoid - once I discovered my migraine tablets were causing the problems and then realised it was specifically codeine, I have been pain free since smile now 6 years. It may not be everyone's cause but hopefully this will help some people stop suffering.

DolphinZiggler Sun 25-Aug-13 23:38:23

Hi guys, so Im 29, I had my gallbladder removed n 06/07, I was pain free but in the last couple of years I was experiencing the pain I had before the GB was removed, however this time it was more sharp than before like able to take my breath away.

I found by accident that vomiting can relieve the pain somewhat but obviously this isn't a decent enough solution, I've been to my GP who gave me Lanzoprazole (sp?) It has made the vomiting less acidic and painful but still hasn't stopped the pain in my upper right abdomen which radiates through to my back and up to my right shoulder.

So after badgering my GP they took 2 lots of 4 sets of blood samples which showed my liver enzymes were raised, I don't have hepatitis or any other auto immune diseases, but my GP is no closer to coming up with an answer and I've got an ultrasound appointment on the 29th hopefully they'll see something they can tell me about.

StevenTomer Mon 09-Dec-13 21:01:56

I want to post this for anyone that has this incredibly frustrating problem.

My wife had daily pain attacks, all in the upper-right quadrant. They lasted between 5 minutes and an hour, and could be incredibly severe. She had already had her gall bladder removed.

All the imaging she had came back as normal.

After substantial effort and MANY gastroenterologists, including one at the Mayo Clinic, we were able to come up with a solution - it is biliary microlithiasis. Essentially, small calcifications in the bile that flow through the common bile duct from the liver get stuck at the Sphincter of Oddi (where the bile duct enters the duodenum).

Imagine a grating where water is flowing through, but small rocks and pebbles are flowing also. Normally, these rocks and pebbles can pass through the grating, but if enough of them come at once, they can stop the water flow.

When this 'sludge' or these calcifications build up behind the Sphincter of Oddi, this causes pressure, and the pressure causes pain. Eventually the pressure pushes the calcifications through, which relieves the pressure.

Essentially you're feeling a gall bladder attack without the gall bladder.

And every GI doctor we went to thought the problem was IBS or nerve pain or just in her head. Incredible. But there is a medication that can make it go away!

We've found the drug Ursodiol to be a godsend. Ursodiol dissolves the calcifications as they pass through the bile duct. It's relatively inexpensive, we haven't noticed any side-effects. And it's like turning on or off a light bulb. If she's not on it - pain attacks extremely frequently. If she's on it, it's about 99% effective in removing the attacks altogether.

Please ask your doctor about this, if you have these symptoms. We are amazed how well it works!

StevenTomer Mon 09-Dec-13 21:03:28

I forgot to mention this - she had also had an ERCP with sphincterotomy, and yet the pain continued. Try Ursodiol!

filbs711 Wed 18-Dec-13 18:03:16

Hello Guys, I had my gallbladder removed 4 weeks ago and was fine no problems at all, back on normal diet and was fine then I over did the fat content i mean by miles so silly and ever since have been in so much pain as if have gallstones again, i feel as if been punched in stomach.
I went to doctors and he gave me pain killers and gaviscon even though I am on Omprozol (spelling could be wrong) which i take twice a day.

I am still in so much pain, can anybody help or suggest what to do? I've already gone back on low fat diet and water and still no reprieve

lobsterkiller Wed 18-Dec-13 19:18:53

Well just to update, I had a scan and there has been damage to the bile duct, which is quite normal from a GB op and causing my bile duct to spasm so it feels like an attack. I decided to experiment and cut out gluten as a starter for ten.....I've had no more "attacks". Hope this helps.

I had my gb out on 30th nov.
I sadly got a chest infection post op which I am sure hasn't helped but I am getting horrendous back, rib and shoulder pain sad
I go back to see the cons on jan 8th..any tips? I don't want to take heavy pain killers and I have 2 young dc but it's pretty grim.
I am also trying to cut out wheat slough I have to say up to now it hasn't helped sad

Lancs1 Thu 09-Jan-14 11:07:24

You may find this abstract useful, published in the medical journal Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in 2008. Bear in mind that this is a small study and would need to be further investigated with a larger study.

BACKGROUND: Microlithiasis has been identified as a cause of idiopathic acute pancreatitis in patients with an intact gallbladder. Microlithiasis has also been identified in the bile of some patients who have undergone cholecystectomy. However, it is unknown whether bile microlithiasis causes postcholecystectomy pain.
OBJECTIVE: To identify bile microlithiasis in patients with postcholecystectomy pain and to investigate the therapeutic effect of ursodeoxycholic acid (urso) on such patients with microlithiasis in the bile.
DESIGN: Prospective randomized trial.
SETTING: Tertiary medical center.
PATIENTS: Patients with postcholecystectomy pain and bile crystals.
INTERVENTIONS: Urso treatment.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASUREMENTS: The severity and frequency of right upper-quadrant abdominal pain were compared with and without urso treatment, and before and after urso treatment.
RESULTS: A total of 118 patients with postcholecystectomy pain were screened for the study. Twelve patients (10%) were identified with bile crystals. In the first phase, 6 of these patients received urso treatment, whereas the other 6 patients did not receive urso treatment. In the second phase, the latter 6 patients were given the urso treatment. After using urso for a few months, their biliary-type abdominal pain significantly improved or resolved. In the control group, there was no improvement in symptoms. There was a significant difference between the 2 groups (P = .01).
LIMITATIONS: Single-center, small number of patients.
CONCLUSIONS: This study provided evidence that supports the hypothesis that bile microlithiasis is indeed a cause for postcholecystectomy pain. Patients with such postcholecystectomy pain may benefit from a microscopic examination of bile for crystals or microlithiasis, and urso treatment if bile crystals are identified.

nadarayon Fri 28-Mar-14 13:40:06

i had my gull bluder remove 15 years ago and still having the same attack horrible pain,,ive been in the hospital many times ,blood test always shows inflame in the Pancreas,last week i had a Hysterectomy,sinse 3 days each time I eat or take my medication im having same attack before my gol bluder remove with vometing,im in alot of pain im scard to eat or take antibiotic ,,,i liv in fear

Bethyboos Fri 04-Apr-14 23:35:51

I am writing this I case it could help anyone.

I had ERCP and then gallbladder removed last September. From about November last year I started getting the same pain as before gallbladder removed. The first pain lasted about 2 hours. After that I had the pain about twice a week and I learnt that if I kept drinking water and burping and lean forward then the intense (labour like) pain would go after about 10 minutes. The pain normally comes after eating large amounts of food or ice cream or margarine.

Saw GP and he gave me omeprazole but it didn't help.

Saw private consultant and he told me this intense pain is not normal after GB removal. Had scan and MRI and it turned out to be a stone in bile duct. It is not blocking duct but travelling up and down. Must have got there after last ERCP but before GB removed. Have to have ERCP again.

Bethyboos Sat 05-Apr-14 00:02:33

I want to add that the ultrasound scan did not show the stone but the MRI did so make sure you push for an MRI.

nannymary1 Sat 17-May-14 17:35:54

Thank goodness others have had problems after having their gall bladder removed, I thought I was going mad! I am unable to toleratevery much fat, if I do the outcome is not pleasant and very swift. It is over 6 years since my op and I have just had the most miserable holiday with really severe pain. I am due to hae a scan in a couple of weeks but in the meantime I have been perscribed Buscopan which does seem to cut down the time of the attacks.

Qhuier18 Wed 11-Jun-14 08:22:23

hello is anybody here knows about the urso treatment ? i wanna know about it .

1 month ago i undergo surgery (gallbladder removal) due to ihave full of galstones , 1 week after the surgery i found out that the pain that i'm having before the surgery is still there , until now i'm having the pain almost everyday and im tired of it. then i found this thread and read about the urso treatment research and been thinking of theres anyone else knows about it ? i really want to solve this pain . it kills me everyday i am a mom of two kid. its sad that i cant even took them care because of this pain .

claire12004 Sun 05-Oct-14 16:20:39

hi guys i had my Gall bladder removed in feb 14 wish i had kept the damn thing had first attack in nov 13 thought i was having a heart attack. back pain stomach pain sickness sweats i had never experience pain like it. finally had it removed in Feb thought great get my life back to normal. little did i know nearly 1 year on from first attack i`m still in agony cant work due to stomach pain bloating constant diorreha. i have just had a colonoscopy everything was normal, was prescribed omesprozle for acid back in Aug this year absolute waste of time. i cant even eat a roast dinner (without gravy) after 2 mins of eating im on the toilet, if i knew then what i knew now i would never had the surgery. now i have to see yet another consultant to see if i can have endoscopy (camera down throat) all blood test have come back normal( liver, kidneys pancreas ) anyone else having these problems? i was on Tramadol and diclofenic which i stopped after surgery as i didnt want to get depended on them and they made like a zombie lol. please help if anyone has these same problems.

rivetinla Sun 12-Oct-14 19:09:27

I just had gallbladder removed 9 days ago and everything has been fine until today. I am experiencing excrusitating back in my lower lumbar on both left and right. Deep breaths or any movement makes the pain worse. Anything I should worry about or will this pass?????

PinkSparklyElephant Mon 13-Oct-14 13:01:56

claire could the omesprozole be causing problems? I was put on lansoperazole after I had my gallbladder removed and it made me feel constantly sick, tired and generally ill. My GP was going to send me for an endoscopy but I decided to try coming off the lansoperazole and I feel a whole lot better and didn't have to have the endoscopy.

MNL0515 Mon 08-Dec-14 12:25:57

I had my gallbladder removed in April of this year. Found out I had gallstones while pregnant and had the removal surgery shortly after giving birth. I was one of the ones that had hundreds of tiny stones. I was in and out of the emergency so much while I had gallstones I didn't know what to do. And now that my gallbladder has been removed, I'm still having the same attacks as when I had it. I'm currently typing this while having an attack. I don't know what to do. My GP has put a referral in for me to see a GI doctor but I don't know what to do in the meantime to help with these episodes. I just want some relief and to be pain freeblush

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