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my friend told me she has had threadworms for 10 years

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ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:46:54

She is a very strict vegan and won't kill them sees them in her ... every so often. OMFG I am so shocked felt like running away

Desiderata Wed 12-Dec-07 18:49:42

Ha ha ha! Sorry, but she won't kill them because she's a vegan? grin

Some people are just so bloody weird ...

Unfitmother Wed 12-Dec-07 18:50:26

Gross! shock

BroccoliSpears Wed 12-Dec-07 18:52:12

Hmm. I must admit that I won't kill spiders or bugs or anything like that. Just don't have any urge to end something's life. But threadworms I think I could kill - their noble sacrafice would be greatly appreciated by my colon, I'm sure.

ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:53:12

what long term effect do you think they have had can I ever see her again

Mincepiedermama Wed 12-Dec-07 18:53:24

What's her policy on nits?

Brandnewchristmaspyjamasgirl Wed 12-Dec-07 18:53:29

ewww wont it do her any damage?
does she ever scoot across the kitchen floor on her bum ?

noddyholder Wed 12-Dec-07 18:53:34

I( remember reading that some models in the US were selling them to each other to stay thin shock

Mincepiedermama Wed 12-Dec-07 18:54:14

Won't her home be absolutely heaving with worm eggs?

Are you having us on btw?

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:54:41

That is weird. Even if you don't want to kill them you can still get rid of them without drugs. Very difficult, but possible (super-pedantic hygiene and lots of housework for about 6w should do it).

ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:55:04

do you think I should give my kids some medicine OMFG

TwinklyfLightAttendant Wed 12-Dec-07 18:55:20

Reminds me of that person I knew who kept a nasty virus in a pot on the bookcase.

Oddos the lot of them. Give me a goldfish any day.

Vulgar Wed 12-Dec-07 18:56:16

I think it is tapeworms that make you thin.

threadworms just give you an itchy bum.


ShinyHappyStarOfBethlehem Wed 12-Dec-07 18:57:39

Thread worms can do you damage long term if left.. I read up on them when DS had them.

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:57:55

Your children are probably in no more danger from her than from any of their day-to-day contacts at school etc. That said, I don't think I'd let my LOs eat in her house, or spend much time there!

Vulgar Wed 12-Dec-07 18:59:56

I don't know how she can live knowing she's got those inside her.

I even freak out at pictures of those microscope creatures that live on your eyelashes. Blee!

zippitippitoes Wed 12-Dec-07 19:00:57

really is she bonkers?

onebatmother Wed 12-Dec-07 19:07:00

i would say so zippitippitoes.
oiy that is sooooo yucky.

onebatmother Wed 12-Dec-07 19:08:00

microscopic eyelash creatures?

zippitippitoes Wed 12-Dec-07 19:08:39

oh yes they make yourneyelashes fall out

onebatmother Wed 12-Dec-07 19:10:46

good grief

There are face mites, that everyone has. They're very small bugs.

They have no anuses (anii?) - they don't live long, so they just fill up with poo.

onebatmother Wed 12-Dec-07 19:14:33

good golly

I doubt there's much actual harm that threadworms do, anyway, they're just unpleasant.

I wouldn't have them for 10 years by choice, though. Or 10 minutes. grin

frostythesnowmum Wed 12-Dec-07 19:20:12

Dirty Bitch grin

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Wed 12-Dec-07 19:28:01

Yuck, treat yourself and your children. They are transferred from person to person really easily. All she has to do is touch her bum and not wash her hands properly, then touch a mug you're drinking from, or something else you touch then put to your mouth.
Does she have children?
I'd be fuming if she had children in my childrens class at school.

JingleBelgoHoHoHo Wed 12-Dec-07 19:31:28

lots of illnesses are caused by living organisms:

far more serious tapeworms

and loads more things.

coldtits Wed 12-Dec-07 19:34:23

That is utterly disgusting and I would be disinfecting my hands as we speak. It is one thing to unwittingly carry them and quite another to deliberately spread them around everywhere.

My God, I think I'd drink bleach!

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 12-Dec-07 19:57:03

ROFL at pyjamagirls 'scoot across the floor' . grin

You could tell her that by good basic hygiene, regular hoovering, bedlinen washing and damp dusting and washing fruit & veg properly she would stop ingesting the eggs and/or reinfecting herself and they would go away.

She would not be killing them - she just wouldn't swallow their eggs in the first place.

Is it the hare krishna who have had trouble reconciling their position on not killing anything with the discovery that you kill living things everytime you move your foot/scratch your hand/electrocute a mongoose etc.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 19:58:17

I can't stop thinking about this. It's so mentalist.

Is your friend mad in other important respects ineedapoo?

Has she lost her disgust reflex elsewhere too?
Do you suspect that she is secretly pleased bcs thinks that these are teh ones that keep you thin?

utter madness.

Blandmum Wed 12-Dec-07 19:59:54

Tape worms don't make you thin either.

This is a loda crapola!

Maidamess Wed 12-Dec-07 20:00:30

You probably have them! So yes, dose everyone up with Ovex or whatever. Crazy woman! (Your friend, not you)

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 12-Dec-07 20:01:08

Ooh it's MB.... <here comes the science bit> smile

JingleBelgoHoHoHo Wed 12-Dec-07 20:03:08

martianbishop, I was hoping you'd come to this thread!

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:05:15

oh maidamess missed yours re scooting - yes, with legs fully extended in front!

I just tried it and d'you know, it's terribly difficult.

Do you think she scratches her bum?


Did you eat food there?


ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 20:06:22

Right I am mad have just put onrubber gloves and unwrapped our pressies from her and re wrapped them after wiping them down yuk yuk. She is a bit extreme

ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 20:06:56

yes have had cofffee etc there no more

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:07:25

it's not actually that they are so disgusting that I can't deal with it - have suspected ds had them and dosed him, looked for worms coming out of his bum etc..

it's just so bizarre that she would CHOOSE WORMS that my whole world view has been rocked.

are all vegans mad? or just this one?

HaveYourselfaNortyLittleXmas Wed 12-Dec-07 20:09:51 you won't go to the loo in her house again....oh how revolting!

frostythesnowmum Wed 12-Dec-07 20:09:56

How does she sleep surely her bum itches all night long shock

coldtits Wed 12-Dec-07 20:10:01

she wouldn't be teasing you, would she?

TinyTimsGangGawdBlessUs1andAll Wed 12-Dec-07 20:10:08

She must have ingestested a threadworm egg at some point to have them in her in the first place.

She ate a worm egg and she calls herself a strict vegan?! hmmgrin

Myrrhcy Wed 12-Dec-07 20:10:46

Somehow I don't believe your friend.

Does she have any children?

geordiemacminxpie Wed 12-Dec-07 20:10:59

Its making my bum th just thinking about it...URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 20:11:41

perhaps she sees it as a act of mercy as she didn't kill the egg but gave loads of generations of eggs a home yuk

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:12:05

lol tiny threadworms are murder!

Peachy Wed 12-Dec-07 20:13:04

Duchessofnorks, that's the Jains isn't it? The laypoelpe have to boil any water etc to kill the organisms because the monks and nuns can't do it (not just for the beings but also the fire dwelling beings etc)

Can't walk anywhere in rainy season, or eat things with lots of seeds or that grew within the soil beciuase of the amount or beings killed in that ahrvest (so no apples or potatoes etc)

Some wear cloths over their mouths to stop them inhaling beings as well. They can't fly or anything like that if they're monks or Nuns, unless they have special dispensation (met a few Nuns last year at Uni)

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 12-Dec-07 20:15:13

onebat - step away now or you will have nightmares later.


onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:22:01

<eyes very very wide, shoulders hunched, absolutely motionless>

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 12-Dec-07 20:22:43

peachy - thanks for that, I really couldn't remember and you're more up on this stuff than me.

Blandmum Wed 12-Dec-07 20:23:13

You can inhale the eggs and get infected btw

Vulgar Wed 12-Dec-07 20:24:35

I feel even more queasy now.

and what a knowledge lot you are.

i would have rather been unenlightened.


Vulgar Wed 12-Dec-07 20:25:06

knowledgable, even!

TinyTimsGangGawdBlessUs1andAll Wed 12-Dec-07 20:25:13

Inhale them? shock

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:27:18

by ... breathing?

oh jeezum that is hideous.. HIDEOUS!!!

really really?

how do they get from lungs to arse?

TEUCHywithallthetrimmings Wed 12-Dec-07 20:27:36

good marketing campaign for veganism though...


hmm hmm

No, sorry...I would be bum-checking at this very moment if I were you...

TinyTimsGangGawdBlessUs1andAll Wed 12-Dec-07 20:29:22

By breathing in near a bum though? <interested in a horrified way>

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:30:44

ye-es. I see your point.

oh bollocks though i did that to ds the other day in an 'is it bath-month' kind of way..

Blandmum Wed 12-Dec-07 20:30:52

Thread worms lay their eggs around the anus.

The eggs cause itching, you scratch, bit your nails and re-infest yourself. This is one method. Ditto kids passing the eggs round in the sand pit.

Once one member of the family has them, the eggs can be passed from person to person via the lungs.

The eggs are microscopic and fly into the air when you make beds, sort clothing etc. You breathe in the eggs, which go down deep into the lungs.

There are tiny hairs in the lungs called cilia when beat dirt and dust , bacteria, and eggs which get trappen in mucus produced by goblet cells (great name eh??) up and up the bronchi and trachea until the mucus and crud tips into the oesophagus (this happens all the time btw, we just don't sense it happening).

The eggs pass into the stomach, and are protected from the acid. they then pass into the alkali small intestine, where the hatch, and the whole merry process starts all over again.

Some female thread worms actually allow themselves to dry out at the anus, so they explode and send their microscopic eggs floating in the air!

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:32:09


TinyTimsGangGawdBlessUs1andAll Wed 12-Dec-07 20:32:24


onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:33:08

now that really is what i call a bombshell

TinyTimsGangGawdBlessUs1andAll Wed 12-Dec-07 20:33:46

A bumshell even grin

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:33:59

bloody good luck i don't make beds or sort clothing as well as not bathing batlings

Blandmum Wed 12-Dec-07 20:34:06

Well, you did ask!


TinyTimsGangGawdBlessUs1andAll Wed 12-Dec-07 20:35:13

Thank you MB...I've said it know.....tooo much!

TEUCHywithallthetrimmings Wed 12-Dec-07 20:35:41

ffs!! forget the bum-checking!!

This is much better than the bbc thread...

sallystrawberry Wed 12-Dec-07 20:36:10

nice one MB grin

so how does Ovex work?

ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 20:36:24

right i am going to ring her and ask if she was serious

Blandmum Wed 12-Dec-07 20:39:14

The last bit I knew, this I did have to google

In vitro and in vivo work suggests that mebendazole blocks the uptake of glucose by adult and larval forms of helminths, in a selective and irreversible manner. Inhibition of glucose uptake appears to lead to endogenous depletion of glycogen stores within the helminth. Lack of glycogen leads to decreased formation of ATP and ultrastructural changes in the cells.'

In other words it starves the little feckers to death.



Peachy Wed 12-Dec-07 20:39:30

Doesn't ovex work by paralysing the worms so they can be passed without them laying eggs?

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:39:32

dyou think ineedapoo is screaming down phone right now, or quietly stating her case that friend might be slightly irresponsible wafting arse eggs around?

frostythesnowmum Wed 12-Dec-07 20:40:26

Ask her if you can post a pic of her on here I need to see what this womwn looks like grin

ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 20:40:45

she is engaged my friend and her wormery are on the phone

sallystrawberry Wed 12-Dec-07 20:41:02

thanks MB grin

expatinscotland Wed 12-Dec-07 20:41:47

i shouldn't have opened this thread whilst eating.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:42:26

lol frosty
martian you are an excellent resource.

zippitippitoes Wed 12-Dec-07 20:42:48

oh yuk makes mentsal note to avoid all congregations of small people for wever

zippitippitoes Wed 12-Dec-07 20:43:12

and batty unhygienic oldewr ones

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:45:40

oh i see inap, it's an ethical living thing?

have compost.. don't use plastic bags.. ecover etc..


onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:46:24

batty zippi?

Blandmum Wed 12-Dec-07 20:46:53

Thank you!

Then my evening has not been wasted! grin

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:49:25

I think we can all safely say that we will leave this thread richer than we came to it.

zippitippitoes Wed 12-Dec-07 20:50:25

lol yes batty or is that er not allowed smile

reindeermum Wed 12-Dec-07 20:50:45

she is a selfish bitch to knowingly carry this around and not treat it - as already said it is very very contagious and can be very unpleasant and even very painful in some kids. IMO like someone with VD shagging around with no condom.

sallystrawberry Wed 12-Dec-07 20:52:17

yes when it spreads from the back to the front on girls it can be nasty hmm

HeppyChick Wed 12-Dec-07 20:52:43

Your friend, THE wormery, surely...

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:54:17

is this the threadwormthread?

and are we threadwormthreadworms?

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:55:30

oh sally god it just gets worse and worse!
you must kick your friend ineedapoo.

Blandmum Wed 12-Dec-07 20:55:48
onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:57:47


ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Wed 12-Dec-07 20:59:10

I would run for the hills and never ever see her again.

I've had to deal with this 3 TIMES with ds2 and no fecking way would I go into someone's house who knowingly had them and was doing nothing to treat them.

Cause all the rest of her family is infected to by now.

Her poor kids.


ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Wed 12-Dec-07 20:59:33

And I would dose myself and the family.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 20:59:34

The crack that waves back lol
the articulated arse

TinyTimsGangGawdBlessUs1andAll Wed 12-Dec-07 21:01:31

I am sitting here eating handfuls of Ovex like peanuts.

reindeermum Wed 12-Dec-07 21:03:43

You should put it to her that if that is her argument - (the vegan excuse), does that mean she never takes antibiotics EVER EITHER as they kill bacteria which are also living organisms?????
Selfish bitch.

TinyTimsGangGawdBlessUs1andAll Wed 12-Dec-07 21:04:54

Or wash. That might kill a family of bacteria.

itscoldtoday Wed 12-Dec-07 21:06:37

Threadworm infection can be treated solely by meticulous attention to hygiene for 6 weeks. The worms in the intestine will die within this time, and if no eggs are swallowed, no new worms will replace them. Hygiene measures alone may be considered when drug treatment is not wanted or is not recommended (e.g. during pregnancy).
• Hygiene measures require every member of the household to do the following:
o Wear close-fitting underpants or knickers at night.
o Have a bath or shower, wash around the anus each morning, immediately on rising.
o Change and wash underwear, nightwear, and (if possible) bed linen and towels each day
(avoid shaking them as this also spreads eggs). Avoid the use of ‘communal’ towels.
o Keep fingernails short.
o Wash hands and scrub under the nails first thing in the morning, after using the toilet or changing nappies, and before eating or preparing food.
o Put toothbrushes in a closed cupboard, and rinse them well before use.
• Eggs can be removed by daily damp dusting of surfaces and washing the cloth frequently in hot water. Good ventilation and reduced humidity both help to reduce the viability of eggs. Daily vacuuming of all carpets is advisable, as eggs can survive for up to 2 weeks on clothing, bedding, or other objects

It can be done without being cruel hmm, but she's still nuts.

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Wed 12-Dec-07 21:10:13

It actually sounds like she's grown fond of them... hmm

In all seriousness though threadworm infection can cause sleeplessness, irritability, weight loss among other things. They are NOT innocuous beings. They are parasites ffs.

ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 21:10:44

she doesn't see a problem was being serious says we should embrace all living things. Do I see her again or just avoid her

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 21:11:41

who's going to start a thread inviting vegans to prove they are not utterly, irredeemably insane beyond the help of man or the love of god?
<thinks> who is the most argumentative person on the threadwormthread.

CoteDAzur Wed 12-Dec-07 21:13:56

If ever there was a reason to strike a friend off your phone book shock

itscoldtoday Wed 12-Dec-07 21:17:26

Surely embracing one's own threadworms would make one a contortionist??

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Wed 12-Dec-07 21:19:28

onebat - I'm sure you're not referring to me.

ineedapoo - avoid avoid avoid and tell her why.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 21:26:50

good lord no kerry.. but will you?

Califraunkincense Wed 12-Dec-07 21:45:16


Desiderata Wed 12-Dec-07 21:48:51

But what on earth are those poor little worms living on?

You'd have thought she'd throw them the odd sausage every now and again, seeing as she's that fond ...

jammydodger Wed 12-Dec-07 21:52:09

Oh god, I'm sitting here crying; this is one of the funniest threads I have read on mumsnet in over three years....

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Wed 12-Dec-07 21:53:17

how does she know she's got them?
if they're vegan worms they'll all be terribly pale and wan.. almost invisible, one would think?

Sputnik Wed 12-Dec-07 21:55:56

Reminds me of someone I knew who enjoyed having scabies, as the scratching gave him somthing to do and kept his mind off being depressed hmm

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Wed 12-Dec-07 21:57:55


ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Wed 12-Dec-07 21:58:36

that's alright onebat - I have been accused of being argumentative in the past...grin

her kids must be riddled

<<<<<<<<<<<< am lurking on thread but trying to resist posting just in case threadworm eggs can worm (get'tid?winkgrin) they way thro internet connections hmm>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

seriously funny, am wheazing from laughing so much!

ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 22:01:49

Do you think it is wrong to slip ovex in a vegan cake so I can still see her

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Wed 12-Dec-07 22:03:16

No cause you have to redose in 2 weeks and make sure everyone in the house eats it as well and if she is such a slattern she's bound to get reinfected again in no time.

Vulgar Wed 12-Dec-07 22:08:59

ineedapoo. - couldn't you ask her over for coffee or dinner and put the Ovex in her food? grin

it must be quite palatable if children have it.

i did read a couple of months ago, that people were taking worm medicine to get high. hmm

Vulgar Wed 12-Dec-07 22:13:18

Ah, I see you've already had that idea.

cake is a good one as they could eat it every day

Get baking girl!

christywhisty Wed 12-Dec-07 23:49:44

Hasn't there been research recently that show that some worm infections prevent allergies?

The worms secrete something that dulls the immune system, so the body doesn't attack them.

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Thu 13-Dec-07 00:10:24

well that certainly wasn't the case with ds2

Anywho those worms are specific to Africa iirc and not your garden variety threadworm.

maximummummy Thu 13-Dec-07 00:19:02

o m g i nearly peed my pants reading thisgrin

You can get rid of them easily if you are scrupulous (sp?) about washing your hands. Probably not possible with young children though.

ruddynorah Thu 13-Dec-07 12:30:05

OMG. i feel sick and itchy all over from this. never knew, never knew...

ruddynorah Thu 13-Dec-07 12:30:43

i actually can't stop grimacing.

awayinamuppet Thu 13-Dec-07 12:40:30

I am still retching at the thought of the female exploding threadworm giving herself up for the sake of her children...

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 13:21:25

her unborn children..

awayinamuppet Thu 13-Dec-07 13:55:29

grin yes, an interesting juxtaposition that the female threadworm should choose death in order that life can continue...

KITTYmaspudding Thu 13-Dec-07 13:56:18

O M G shock

How absolutely filthy

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 14:08:30

so now we have the full text of the ad mentioned earlier.

Choose veganism
Choose life

louii Thu 13-Dec-07 14:08:41

Filthy mare.

lisalisa Thu 13-Dec-07 14:14:15

Message withdrawn

TooTickyDoves Thu 13-Dec-07 14:28:57

I have heard that worms can be beneficial - they consume what the body doesn't need and what may be harmful.

Having said that, I have not had worms.

But I am a vegan grin

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 14:30:54

perhaps so.

nevertheless the new info that mb supplied re LUNGS and exploding suicidal females has irrevocably shifted my world view.

ChubbyStuckForAFestiveNameBurd Thu 13-Dec-07 14:45:12

I cannot fathom how someone can have such strong vegan principles as to tolerate an itchy arse for a decade. I say drop her - apart from the boak-factor she willingly volunteered this info which confirms her as a complete loon. (Which, one might argue, was already evidenced by her vegan tendencies [runs for cover]).

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 14:56:08

yes, pale, wan, and mental
<shoves chubby out from cover and takes her place. waits.>

awayinamuppet Thu 13-Dec-07 17:03:54

<still bringing up furballs at the thought of suicidal exploding females>

FrannyandZooey Thu 13-Dec-07 17:22:20

I did know a hippie with headlice in his dreadlocks who refused to treat them

he said they had a right to life like anything else

god his head crawled with them, you could see them from across the room

In defence of vegans I am not sure he was vegan, just stoned and mad

PMSL at this thread (worm)

themoon66 Thu 13-Dec-07 17:32:32

This reminds me of my previous neighbour who's rat infestion was spreading over my way. She just said 'well they've got to live somewhere' shock

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 17:40:21

frannyandzooey shock at hair with mobility!
themoon66 shock at social liberalism for Rats!

CrushWithEyeliner Thu 13-Dec-07 17:42:21

does she have kids? I feel so sad if she does how disgusting and unnecessary in this day and age.

EricScrooge Thu 13-Dec-07 17:42:46

That is the craziest thing i have heard.

People shock me on a daily basis.

Let her keep her internal zoo going then if she is insane enough to want to nuture them.

Surely that can't be healthy?

Must be about 20 foot long by now.


<<starts retching>>

FrannyandZooey Thu 13-Dec-07 17:45:02

To give the other side of the argument, I am guessing in the days before Ovex a huge proportion of the population would have had them constantly?

They revolt me as well but I think we are probably a bit precious about it, do you know what I mean?

ineedapoo Thu 13-Dec-07 17:49:17

Right spoke to my friend today she says they started in her twenties and she was repulsed to begin with but then got used to them and now quite likes the tickling OMFG

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 17:49:25

fanz i'm sure there was some lye-based thing with mercury and lead in it that sensible people would swallow in preference to poo that moves.

ADDICTEDtosayingHAAAAAAAPYxmas Thu 13-Dec-07 17:49:28

i had worms once. they didn't itch. maybe that's how she's lived with it for so long?

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 17:50:29

ineedapoo you are definitely winding us up now!

FrannyandZooey Thu 13-Dec-07 17:50:33

inap I think you are having a little joke with us

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 17:51:20

sex aid worms!!!!!?

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Thu 13-Dec-07 17:52:29

worms are NOT beneficial. They robbed ds2 of all his strength and vitality and made him an irritable horror show. His breath literally smelled like SHITE. He would itch and cry all night. There were black circles under his eyes and he was losing weight despite his stomach being distended.

Anyone who says they are beneficial is mad.

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Thu 13-Dec-07 17:52:38

worms are NOT beneficial. They robbed ds2 of all his strength and vitality and made him an irritable horror show. His breath literally smelled like SHITE. He would itch and cry all night. There were black circles under his eyes and he was losing weight despite his stomach being distended.

Anyone who says they are beneficial is mad.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 17:59:12

ah well ineedapoo you've made me laugh/cry/gag.. and what more can a girl ask for in these difficult weeks before Christmas?

Vulgar Thu 13-Dec-07 18:41:21

i really hope this woman lives a long way away from me.

i would not be able to be near her knowing she has itchy worms coming out of her bum.

Utterly foul!

TooTickyDoves Thu 13-Dec-07 19:19:41

ISSKKN, maybe it varies from person to person. Sorry your ds had such a bad time.
However, expressing a view you don't agree with doesn't make somebody mad.

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Thu 13-Dec-07 19:29:00

It's not a "view". I just looked and the only parasite being investigated for benefit is the whipworm for the possible treatment of Crohn's disease.

Perhaps you have reference to where threadworms are beneficial?

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 19:40:46

kerry i'm thinking we do the vegans.. tonight.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 20:52:40

I'm liking this new scary batmother

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 20:56:25

who makes everyone vaaaairy <whispers> quiet.
So quiet, you could <whispers even more quietly> hear a worm....

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 20:58:13

and i'm thinking <voice barely audible> this would make excellent childcare strategy in a loud and chaotic batcave. Fear.

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Thu 13-Dec-07 21:11:52

are you high?


If this were a friend of mine then it would be Bye Bye Wormy Wendy now you scoot along and share a faecel platter with your dirty wormy friends.

The woman is a human wormery ffs!


this is the funniest thread I have read for ages..

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 21:30:32

High? Hiiiiiiigh?
You must be confusing me with someone interesting.

it all went a bit quiet and I was enjoying the idea that I had ..<whispers> intimidated everyone with my vegan-bashing.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 21:33:40

<looks around anxiously>
tho some of my best friends are vegans..
<nose grows>

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Thu 13-Dec-07 22:18:13

LOL @ onebat.

I'm actually a vegetarian and did go through a kill nothing phase but FFS I NEVER would have said that about worms LIVING IN MY FREAKING BODY SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME!

Crazy woman!

EricScrooge Thu 13-Dec-07 22:20:43

This has got to be a wind up surely.

I just can't bring myself to believe it.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Thu 13-Dec-07 22:47:09

i believe you are right EricScrooge
Though FrannyandZooey's post about lousy dreadlocks seems to suggest that anything's possible.

ineedapoo Fri 14-Dec-07 12:35:52

right I have dosed us all up with ovex and won't be seeing her again feel really sad

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Fri 14-Dec-07 19:40:43

You should write her a note and explain why needapoo.

That way at least she'll know. And who knows, maybe she'll try to do something about it.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Fri 14-Dec-07 21:10:51

KerrysMum do you think this is a wind-up?
I fear it is.

blushingm Fri 14-Dec-07 21:47:03

he he he he he he he he he he he never mind ineedapoo - ineedawee after laughing at this

shoshaliteupthetree Fri 14-Dec-07 22:07:12

pmsl really did this thread is so funny

MB that link sent me over the edge. grin

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Fri 14-Dec-07 22:27:44

onebat - do you think? Hadn't occurred to me....

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Fri 14-Dec-07 22:32:13

have a look back KM? V irregular posting for such a terribly gripping thread?

ineedapoo Fri 14-Dec-07 22:34:09

not a wind up strange but true. How do you think I should word a letter to her saying I can't see her anymore. DD has tummyache after the ovex

gomez Fri 14-Dec-07 22:35:09

A new Mumsnet Classic - utterly, utterly fucking hilarious!

EricScrooge Fri 14-Dec-07 22:42:24

Wasn't there an Irvine Welsh novel that covered this issue already?

The worms were talking to him and making him go mad from what i remember.

Maybe stay away from her if i we're you. grin

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Fri 14-Dec-07 22:43:46

tummyache can unfortunately be normal part of it. we use vermox here in Ireland though. There should be copious amounts of poo to follow (unfortunately) and you could check this poo for expelled worms to know for sure.

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Fri 14-Dec-07 22:43:57

nooooo ineedapoo, not so fast!
give me more details.. re relationship with the walking wormery.

ineedapoo Fri 14-Dec-07 22:46:06

kerry sorry to be gross will the worms be passed in the next day or so. OMFG

Onebat met her at a toddler group 2 years ago got friendly meet up every so often for coffee and a chat

HOLLYviaelanasmum Fri 14-Dec-07 22:50:14

Im feeling a bit sick and itchy nowsad

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Fri 14-Dec-07 22:56:23

new thread, I'm about to press send.. what do we think?

Chat: Vegans, Are You All Mental?
.. or Is It Just One Wormy Apple Spoiling It for the Rest Of You?

Oh my life. MB thanks, I'm sitting here feeling well hacked off at having to do overtime for my ungrateful bosses, logged onto MN for a little unwind, and discovered the crack that waves back. My laptop will never be the same again - because I spat tea all over it choking with laughter.

Explain that one to my office techie!

EricScrooge Fri 14-Dec-07 22:59:26

My best mate was a vegan.

He wasn't loopy at all - he was the most sane person i ever met.

They are not all fruitcakes.

(Most are though)

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Fri 14-Dec-07 23:01:05

should pass in next day or so. Won't just be one poo though, could be passing in many.

first time ds2 was INFESTED with them (I didn't cop on straight away what was wrong with him). EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW

If you DO find any in anyone's poo (have adults, examine their own) then you're going ot have to do a thorough house clean in case there's any microscopic eggs around (which can reinfect you)

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Fri 14-Dec-07 23:01:48

go on onebat you know you want to


ineedapoo Fri 14-Dec-07 23:02:51

Oh no I really hope I don't see any. i have a dyson so will run it round the house tomorrow and clean toilets etc OH no

There's a worm in the bottom of my girlfriend
And his name is wiggely woo

Sorry - its the shock........

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Fri 14-Dec-07 23:11:19
ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Fri 14-Dec-07 23:14:13

boil wash all bedding

ineedapoo Fri 14-Dec-07 23:16:25

and towels i presume

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Fri 14-Dec-07 23:17:40

this is the most underrated bloody fantastic band I have ever heard. The singer's voice! [swoon].

Best gig I EVER EVER saw and some of you may know that I've seen a LOT!

This isn't their best song but there aren't many to choose from on You Tube.


I have never come across anyone else who ever heard of them (except friend who turned me onto them and the fellow gig attendees) They have a large cult following though.

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Fri 14-Dec-07 23:18:12

Feck, wrong thread!

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Fri 14-Dec-07 23:18:44


onebatmotherofgoditschilly Fri 14-Dec-07 23:19:26

which is the right thread btw?

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Fri 14-Dec-07 23:21:30

HAVE you onebat?


I've never met anyone else who digs them.

ineedapoo Fri 14-Dec-07 23:23:08

Right off to bed will report on the worm situation at some point tomorrow

EmsMum Fri 14-Dec-07 23:28:56

Oh dear. She's going to be living up to her name. I foresee far TMI...

onebatmotherofgoditschilly Fri 14-Dec-07 23:39:48

yees em.
But do you really think tmi? We've come this far for a penny, in for a pound etc.

MB's link was a turning point for me. Nothing can scare me now.

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Fri 14-Dec-07 23:43:12
EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:06:21

Ok - please enlighten me.

How the feck do you manage to get a worm growing inside your body?

I have no concept of this at all.

(this is from someone who also thinks lice are a strange and disgusting phenomenom - so be gentle............)

Astrophe Sat 15-Dec-07 00:14:02

you eat its eggs eric, it hatches in your guts, and then you poo out its eggs, scratch yer bum, get the eggs on your hand, pass them on to somebody else, who eats them, and so it goes on. Gentle enough?


This thread is SO hilarious, rofling so much DH has shouted down from the bath asking if I am mad.

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:17:33

That is disgusting.

i can't imagine getting that at all.

How the hell do you ingest eggs in the first place?

I'm still confused as to the whole thing to be honest.

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:20:08

i'm sorry - "scratch your bum, get eggs on your hands and pass them to someone else"???????


Are you lot living in a manky farm brothel or something?

I just don't get this at all.

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:21:20

Is this like when you scratch your bum and sniff your finger?

But with eggs?

<<runs off to toilet>>

Astrophe Sat 15-Dec-07 00:24:37

I'm not living in a manky farm brothel - I said you scratch your bum eric, not me.

I think its usually kids who get them from each other, does that help?

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:27:02

No - not really.

I have never heard of this before.

I think you are all manky buggers.

I shall retire to my four poster bed now and purge myself of the thought of peasants passing eggs round on shitty fingers.

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:27:30


Astrophe Sat 15-Dec-07 00:29:51

are you serious, you have never heard of someone having worms?

Astrophe Sat 15-Dec-07 00:31:19

they are microscopic eggs, btw, not like marble size...does that help?

ineedapoo Sat 15-Dec-07 09:13:39

ds has .. no worms observed going to wash bedding anyway

awayinamuppet Sat 15-Dec-07 11:09:45

now I am retching at the thought of adults poking around in their own poo

exploding suicidal females is SO yesterday

DarthVader Sat 15-Dec-07 11:22:02

what other parasites does this friend have I wonder

Blandmum Sat 15-Dec-07 11:23:33

Eric, I've cut amd pasted my own posting on this, to save you hunting for it. It explains how easy it is to ingest microscopic eggs

'Thread worms lay their eggs around the anus.

The eggs cause itching, you scratch, bit your nails and re-infest yourself. This is one method. Ditto kids passing the eggs round in the sand pit.

Once one member of the family has them, the eggs can be passed from person to person via the lungs.

The eggs are microscopic and fly into the air when you make beds, sort clothing etc. You breathe in the eggs, which go down deep into the lungs.

There are tiny hairs in the lungs called cilia when beat dirt and dust , bacteria, and eggs which get trappen in mucus produced by goblet cells (great name eh??) up and up the bronchi and trachea until the mucus and crud tips into the oesophagus (this happens all the time btw, we just don't sense it happening).

The eggs pass into the stomach, and are protected from the acid. they then pass into the alkali small intestine, where the hatch, and the whole merry process starts all over again.

Some female thread worms actually allow themselves to dry out at the anus, so they explode and send their microscopic eggs floating in the air! '

HTH grin

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Sat 15-Dec-07 17:16:37

onebat what happened to your vegan thread?

awayinamuppet Sat 15-Dec-07 18:23:02


mb WHY did you HAVE to go and paste in the expoding suicidal females drying out at the anus ffs

I thought I had moved on from it... but no


ineedapoo Sun 16-Dec-07 17:17:42

we appear to be all clear

susiecutiemincepies Thu 20-Dec-07 21:34:13

so, so far, we have :

a mad vegan with a wormary living up her anus

kamikaze worms infecting the world with their wormy eggs

people scratching and sniffing other peoples botties

this is a gut wrenchingly wretchworthy thread. I am feeling ITCHY all over. please, someone help me...

Why oh why did I read on.... sad


jane32123 Thu 29-May-14 18:19:48

i saw a _threadworm_ once after going loo about 2 months ago bu tnever seen one since

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