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Cradle cap removal without hairloss

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Hilary Thu 23-Sep-04 20:00:07

Can anyone offer any advice as to how to get rid of cradle cap without any of the baby's hair falling out? Ds1 lost all his hair when I did the oil overnight trick, ds2 just kept his hair and his cradle cap (!) and dd now has a lovely crop of hair but also cradle cap. I'd love to treat it but really don't want her hair to fall out. She is 6 months.


discoinferno Thu 23-Sep-04 20:05:17

I find a generous slick of E45 does the trick. Put it in at night then wash it off in teh morning.

Twiglett Thu 23-Sep-04 20:11:04

message withdrawn

eidsvold Fri 24-Sep-04 10:36:43

there is a shampoo for cradle cap- can't remember what it is called - dentinox (?) perhaps - I just washed dd's hair with it and it was brilliant.

MiriamR Fri 24-Sep-04 11:15:28

For ds2 I used a nit comb ( supplied free by ds1's school when he first started) to get rid of the scales from the cradle cap - worked a treat

MiriamR Fri 24-Sep-04 11:20:38

Sorry - should read 'nit' comb - (local slang - no offence intended

Sandi102 Fri 24-Sep-04 14:44:43

hair loss while their young is common. It'll grow back, but for the cradle cap, I used capasal on ds2 and this cleared the cradle cap within 4 weeks. You can get it on prescription from you're GP

pabla Fri 24-Sep-04 14:56:00

I tried baby oil and cradle cap cream on my latest but the only thing to really clear it up was the Dentinox cradle cap shampoo. I think hair loss would happen anyway and not due to removing the cradle cap?

eldestgirl Sat 25-Sep-04 11:07:04

I read somewhere that you should wash their hair every day to avoid a build up of the oily secretions that cause it. Otherwise, a mixture of olive oil and shampoo followed by a comb through got rid of it.

Uhu Sat 25-Sep-04 12:25:23

I've used grapeseed oil which worked for twin 2 who had mild cradle cap. Twin 1 had more severe cradle cap and HV gave me a shampoo called capsal if I remember corrrectly and this worked for him.

Bozza Sat 25-Sep-04 12:53:12

Have cleared DD's up with some cradle cap cream from Boots and lots of brushing. The cream made her hair a bit smelly for a few days. To avoid it coming back I occasionally massage her head with almond oil before bathtime (ie then wash it off).

shalom Sat 25-Sep-04 21:21:45

dd had it and i din't treat it properly so her hair fell ou. DS had it and i used detinox i only used it a couple of times and it cleared it immediately.

Lonelymum Sat 25-Sep-04 21:28:41

If dd has lots of hair, is it necessary to treat the cradle cap? It does go away eventually without doing anything.

Anchovy Sat 25-Sep-04 22:17:13

DD had the worst cradle cap imaginable - her head was so scabby she looked like something out of star trek. My doctor - who I think is very good -recommended arachis oil (note peanut based if you have allergy concerns but he didn't and I didn't). He recommended putting it on mid-afternoon and washing it out in the evening (and he recommended dentinox shampoo for this). Apparently cradle cap is a build up of keratin which the oil dissolves. So washing is definitely recommended (preferably with a rough flannel). He said olive oil was second best. Boots were really sniffy about arachis oil, and said they couldn't get it so I went into an independent chemist where the pharmacist said - oh do you have a baby with cradle cap -its brilliant for that, ordered some for the same day and I think it cost about £3 for enough to last for ages. That - and the judicious use of a hat - sorted her out beautifully!

Chandra Sat 25-Sep-04 22:26:27

Mmmh... interesting I always thought they were independant of each other....[confused emoticon], it's common for babies to shed their newborn hair with ot without craddle cap, it looks like the craddle cap is causing it because hair sticks to the flakes.

soapbox Sat 25-Sep-04 23:34:34

I know this will sound utterly bizarre - but I promise it does work...

Make a paste of bicarbonate of soda with water (not too stiff) and spread on the affected area. It will fizz up a bit on contact with the cradle cap. Leave for 20mins and then wash off. It does really work!

Also I have found that my DS(4!!!!) loses some of his when he goes swimming - I think the chlorine must help.

woodpops Mon 27-Sep-04 08:55:57

Another vote for Dentinox. It was the only thing that worked for ds who had it really badly. It smells really nice as well.

moosh Mon 27-Sep-04 15:49:35

Dentinox shampoo and I used a little bit of baby oil and a soft baby brush and used circular movements to remove it. It worked a treat and cleared up within a week.

teabelly Tue 28-Sep-04 12:14:50

Can I join in - my ds (2yrs 3mths) will not have his hair's all I can do to get it done once a week, and he's got loads of cradle cap (has had since he was 6 weeks). Lots of hair now covers it but it doesn't look to be getting any less. Anyone got any tips on how to make him happier about washing his hair?? Have tried those face guard thingys, letting him do it, just sponging it, using watering can (fav bath toy!) but it really it a battle every time...

happymummy1 Tue 28-Sep-04 16:43:48

Hi do you know if that detinox shampoo is safe if you're child has excema?

teabelly Wed 29-Sep-04 09:16:46

Happymummy my ds has ezcema too and the dr & pharmacist both said dentinox was 'safe' but it was better to use some of the milder cradle cap / dry scalp shampoos(boots do an own brand one that's quite mild - sensitive range). The dr highly recommended oilatum junior bath for washing them with instead of your usual Johnson's type stuff.

happymummy1 Tue 26-Oct-04 22:29:18

Thankyou teabelly

princesspeahead Tue 26-Oct-04 22:41:40

happymummy, mine had terrible eczema and cradle cap and the shampoos definitely made it all worse. once I had taken him to see a dermatologist it became apparent that half of what I thought was cradlecap was actually infected eczema and it wasn't until he was put on oral antibiotics that his whole head and cradle cap improved as well. if that makes sense! I'd stick to olive oil and a very soft toothbrush, and if you see any red angry skin as well as the crusty stuff, take him to a dermatologist.

and avoid oilatum with eczema babies, you can get something called diprobath in boots which is much much better(expensive - £12 a bottle but it is big and you only need a capful per bath). many/most people find oilatum/junior oilatum fairly drying.

hope that is helpful!

Fran1 Tue 26-Oct-04 22:53:20

My dd had pretty bad cradle cap, and i did nothing to it and by 10mths it was all gone.

I used to wash her hair nearly every day, and give it a good scrub with my finger tips - dunno whether that helped!

Teabelly - my dd also hates having her hair washed, i have resorted to being tough mummy, i use a cup and just chuck the water over her head, and get the whole process over and done with in less than a minute. Since i have used this minute she often doesn't bother to cry, she'll attempt a wail but before she knows it i'm drying her eyes and its all over.

I used to try the look up at the lights, hold flannel on head etc etc but it all prepared her to start crying and fighting me.

lilsmum Wed 27-Oct-04 12:00:01

i always used olive oil and then gently tried to lift the flakes with a comb and my dd hasnt lost any hair. i used dentinox and i found it a load of rubbish but alot of people on here it has worked for so i not sure about that one i just know it didnt work for me and was quite expensive for a small bottle. normal baby shampoo was ok for my dd. after her bath i use a comb and comb in all different directions and that shifts alot of it.

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