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Bad bang on back of head - signs to watch for??

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niceglasses Sun 20-May-07 17:41:36

Daughter nearly 3, fell out of toy pram and banged head quite badly - I wasn't there but with dh. Has come up like and egg on back. She wanted to sleep but managed to keep her awake. Seems okay - but what shoudl I be looking for? Will she be okay to put to bed around 7.30???

Many thanks in advance....

cornsilk Sun 20-May-07 17:43:16

I would take her to a and e if you're worried - a nightmare I know, but will put your mind at rest.

fryalot Sun 20-May-07 17:44:15

drowsiness is a sign of concussion or something - I would definitely take her to A & E.

It's probably absolutely nothing to worry about, but I would take her just to be on the safe side.

SaintGeorge Sun 20-May-07 17:45:23

Egg on head is a good sign, means swelling is likely to be external rather than internal.

Signs to watch for:

Nausea, vomiting, headache, confusion, unexpected tiredness. It is ok to let her sleep but check at (no more than) hourly interbals that she is rousable. A little tickle or nip to get a reaction is all that is needed.

Any doubts at all, straight to A & E.

SaintGeorge Sun 20-May-07 17:46:02

intervals of course

niceglasses Sun 20-May-07 17:48:33

Oh wow thanks - got the 3 of them and want to take her to a & e but might just get thru tea and see how she goes.

SaintGeorge Sun 20-May-07 17:50:51

Forgot to say, need to watch her carefully for at least 48 hours.

DS1 is a regular head banger and this is all the recent info given to us at A & E.

Hilllary Sun 20-May-07 17:50:52

If there was a big bump then the swelling went outwards but if no bump then the swelling went inwards, Watch out for, nausia, confusion, tiredness, bloodshot eyes(good indication).

Poor little mite.

katelyle Sun 20-May-07 18:09:00

I was told at A and E that children often want to sleep after a bang on the head and it's actually a good idea to let them, BUT rouse them every hour to make sure that they are really responsive

Hi niceglasses. I used to run a first aid company, the things to look for are:

Concussion - Pale, cold clammy skin, rapid shallow breathing, rapid weak pulse, nausea, loss of memory.

A far more serious condition which can follow a concussion a couple of days later is something called cerebral compression:

Symptoms are opposite of concussion,
red hot flushed skin, slow noisy breathing, slow pulse. Not meaning to sound alarmist or anything, but if you notice these signs and symptoms get her to hospital asap.

I would add, is your DH sure that she wasn't knocked out. Even for a nano second, if she was then she needs to be seen at hospital.

I'm sure she will be fine, but if you are in any doubt at all then take her to see a doc.

Let us know how she is and how you get on.


niceglasses Mon 21-May-07 09:53:06

I wanted to say a big thanks for all the replies.

In the end she ate some tea and seemed her normal impish self. I will keep and eye - its certainly the biggest 'egg' shaped bang I've seen in all my motherhood days. Got quite a scare........

Thanks again you lovely lot

I'm so glad she's ok niceglasses

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