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how did you treat an infected umbilical stump?

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foxcub Tue 24-Apr-07 20:33:22

My baby is 7 weeks old and his naval has become smelly and slightly red. My GP has given him anti bacterial cream, but I think he may need something stronger. I want to avoid oral anti biotics as we have a candida problem when using ABs.

Anyone used that pweder - is it called silver nitrate? DD had an infected stump and we were given a powder which worked a treat but I can't remember the name of it...?

pickledpear Tue 24-Apr-07 20:34:43

they used to sell a powder begininig with Z zurdak(sp) powder or something but i have a feeling they took it off the shelf

contentiouscat Tue 24-Apr-07 20:37:57

My midwife or health visitor gave me a powder which worked a treat, sorry not much help though I cant remember what it was

mistersmum Tue 24-Apr-07 20:44:40

We just had the fucidinic acid cream (not sure on the spelling) but seemed to work ok, but DS did have a mild case.

foxcub Tue 24-Apr-07 21:12:19

I remember DD had the powder, but I was wondering about fucidic acid cream too...

mears Tue 24-Apr-07 21:16:17

Sterzac powder used to be used but not anymore.

Silver nitrate used to be used for stumps that had not healed.

The antibacterial cream you have been prescribed should do the trick TBH

Try washing it with tea tree oil and salt in water.

foxcub Tue 24-Apr-07 21:23:37

Mears - its called "Bactroban (mupirocini) 2% ointment". I'd never heard of it before, which is probably why I'm skeptical as to whether it will work!

Anyone else used this cream for LO's infected navals?

mears Tue 24-Apr-07 21:26:48

It will probably be effective as it treats staphylococcal infections which umbilical stump ones usually are.

foxcub Tue 24-Apr-07 21:41:41

Mears - thanx for that - do you work in the field of medicine? You sound as though you have some knowledge of bacterial infections?

mears Tue 24-Apr-07 21:48:29

No, just a midwife who knows about stumps

pickledpear Tue 24-Apr-07 21:53:51

mears - why do they not use sterzac anymore?

mears Tue 24-Apr-07 22:17:26

look here at a paper written by a friend of mine.

foxcub Wed 25-Apr-07 12:36:42

Thanks for all your advice. Its is his tummy button rather than the cord (cord dropped off and he's 7 weeks old now) but I guess its all the same issues/bacteria?

mears Wed 25-Apr-07 14:11:15

Yes, same bacteria issues.

Cord care article was for pickledpants really.

You should see an improvement within 3 days of using ointment.

foxcub Wed 25-Apr-07 14:24:08

brill - thanx for the advice Mears - very reassuring

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