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3 year old fainting/fitting

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ucm Sat 17-Mar-07 12:40:47

A few days ago we were walking along the road and my DS age 3 was a bit quiet but ok. All of a sudden he collapsed. I thought he was mucking around. My friend said 'ucm something is wrong' as she was holding onto his hand at the time. I picked him up and he was completely limp. I shook him awake and thank god, he woke up. Called an ambulance which arrived very quickly and they took his pulse, blood sugar, blood pressure in the ambulance. All normal. The advice from the PMs was to see my gp as an emergency. We did and he now has to go for a blood test on monday.

I am scared to take him to the park/beach in case it happens again whilst he is up the slide etc.

Has anyone else had any experience of this. He wasn't rigid, didn't wet himself and nothing like this has ever happened before.

Kbear Sat 17-Mar-07 12:43:21

did he have a temp? Surprised the hosp discharged him so quickly really but I suppose they can only work on what they see at the time to a certain extent.

Did he just fall to floor or did he have a fit, shaking, etc?

Sounds scary. My son had convulsions due to high temps so I understand how you must be feeling.

ucm Sat 17-Mar-07 12:48:57

Kb, he just conked out. It was hot on Wednesday but he was wearing a t shirt. He didn't have a temp, didn't shake or roll his eyes back. He just fell to the ground out cold. He has been very tired recently.

The paramedics did all of these tests roadside. Their opinion was that as he was fine at that time, A&E can only treat what is happening there & then. They suggested that a gp would refer him straight to the childrens ward.

morningpaper Sat 17-Mar-07 12:50:55

I'm surprised they didn't take him in there and then

Poor you, how worrying

No idea but I hope he is okay

lulumama Sat 17-Mar-07 12:51:08

how frightening, hope he is ok xx

belgo Sat 17-Mar-07 12:58:35

My dds have both had convulsions. It's very scarey.

DD1 has something called reflex anoxic seizure. A fright, bump or emotion causes her to stop breathing and her heart stops beating. The fail safe mechanism in her brain restarts her heart and lungs, but she remains unconcious and has a fit.(once I resuscitated her myself). She has had a load of tests, all clear. She is three years old, and has been clear of these fits for a year.

DD2 is 18 months and last month had a febrile convulsion, due to her temperature raising very quickly.

My dh is prone to fainting, and I'm sure this has got something to do with my dds convulsions.

Hope they do all the relevant tests for your ds, and I hope it was a one off.

ucm Sat 17-Mar-07 12:58:39

TBH so was I. I am glad they did the blood sugar test to rule out diabetes. But as you can imagine, I am thinking of all of the horrors you can imagine from anaemia to Leukemia.

He is extremely pale, with purple circles under his eyes. I actually made an appointment with my gp the week before but cancelled it as he picked up from whatever infection it was he had. Catches every cough/cold etc going.

belgo Sat 17-Mar-07 13:00:39

ucm - my dd2 was slightly aneamic, she looked very pale and caught everything going, as well as having the febrile convulsion. Iron supplements were all that were needed, and she's a lot stronger now.

ucm Sat 17-Mar-07 13:06:14

Belgo, did they always convulse as such?

I am just looking at the blood test leaflet for the hosp. They are testing for


and a fasting glucose test.

belgo Sat 17-Mar-07 13:11:45

The first two times my dd1 didn't convulse, she stopped breathing and lost concsiousness. Four times it's happened with a convulsion as well.

Does your ds eat well? My dd2 was aenemic due to not eating very well. aenemia is fairly common.

Those are all fairly standard blood tests that you would expect them to carry out, both my dds have had the same blood tests.

They'll more then likely also do a full blood count to check for aenemia.

Rantum Sat 17-Mar-07 13:20:15

Could he have picked up a funny virus - or even chocked on something?

ucm Sat 17-Mar-07 13:22:57

Yes, I forgot to add that one Belg, full blood count is crossed as well.

Also I don't know if DS stopped breathing as I had him in my arms and was using one hand to shake his face.

NO HE BLOODY doesn't eat very well. DS eating habits are the bane of my life at the moment <<breathe>> I was convinced if only I could get him to eat more regularly with hidden veg etc - he would get better and not catch everything going; tiredness would improve etc.

Did your LO sleep alot. DS goes to bed around 7pm and he wakes up at 7am. At weekends and on non nursery days he has a 2/3 hour sleep in the afternoon.

We have had to stop him going to nursery every day because he goes to afternoon sessions and when he came home at 3.30, he wants to go to bed.

I will learn with DD as she will not have a granule of anything with sugar in until she is about 18. Before then it's broccoli, spinach, pulses and steak.

ucm Sat 17-Mar-07 13:25:15

Rantum, the Paramedic did say that there are lots of horrible things going around at the moment.

To an extent I just have to wait until Monday.

Hopefully it was a one off. I am just terrified to let him out until he has had some tests which is awful for him really as the weather is nice and he wants to go to the park even though he isn't really well.

He is curled up on sofa at the mo. Sleeping.

belgo Sat 17-Mar-07 13:29:03

know the feeling about getting them to eat properly! I felt extremely guilty when they told me dd2 was aenemic. She doesn't sleep too much, but was certainly very pale and tired looking. I'm also trying to give her vitamin supplements as well as the iron, but they're very hard to get in her as well.

Does he drink a lot of milk? Sometimes, if a child constantly drinks milk, that can inhibit the absorption of iron.

3andnomore Sat 17-Mar-07 13:53:40

UCM, you poor thing,
my es and ys both had something similar to teh reflex anoxic seizures (which are by the way not really seizures as in epelepsy)...they had a mixutre of blue and pallid breatholding, and that was scary enough!
Want to second, if your lil one drinks lots and lots of milk then that can inhibit iron apsorption, leading to anaemia...!
Here is the link to Stars thye have lots of info on things like syncopes and reflex anoxic seizures, etc....!
Oh, and if it is anaemia, or you have general problems with your childs eating, maybe you could try Juicing...I just boguth a Juicer and a Jason Vale book and I am completely sold, does make sense that proper, not treated raw juice will be easier digested and therefore things like Iron, etc...are easier absorbed...!

ucm Sat 17-Mar-07 14:06:10

Blimey, I forgot that, 3&NM, I have a juicer in the cupboard gathering dust & the Jason Vale book somewhere. What a good idea. Ta.

He doesn't drink alot of milk. I have been giving him Bassets jelly vits. Of course he loves those, he positively queues up for his tabalet !!

3andnomore Sat 17-Mar-07 18:24:40

lol UCM..there you go...get that juicer out and get juicing...!
My boys favourite so far is blinking plain freshly juiced Applejuice, lol...they just haven't the palate for some of the more adventurous concations ...YET...sure it will come...!
Anyway, I hope you get to the bottom of this...I can totally sympathise with you...i.e. you mentioned your worries about this being something like leucaemia...!
Even though my es did the blue breatholding, when ys started doing it, it freaked me out so much, he was younger when he started and did it so regularly, over a timespan of a month, at one point, he did it almost daily and someitmes more then, teh apttern was completely different to es, who did it only occasionally...but bloodtest didn't find anything, and he hasn't done it in a fair while!
Really hoping it's something that is quick and easily treatable!

danceswithaSPRINGinherstep Sat 17-Mar-07 18:28:55

Oh UCM! How scary for you. Please keep us updated on his progess. I hope it's something simple to resolve.

belgo Tue 20-Mar-07 07:36:10

UCM - how did it go yesterday?

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